re by Carl Nagel




A Modern Grlmolre by Carl Nagel


The author states that the Black Magick rituals in this book are safe to perform. We would, however, suggest that, as a matter of common sense, persons of an unbalanced emotional disposition should not attempt to perform these rituals.
Views expressed herin are {hose of the author and do not neccessarily reflect the views of the publisher.


To the Powers behind the writing of this book

Magick and witchcraft have been practised for centuries by those "special" individuals seeking mysterious ways for improving their lot in life. The vast majority of all witches and magicians are what can only be termed as loners - failing to attain fulfillment in affairs of the heart, lacking money to buy a fe<Vluxuries of life, and suffering from poor health they turned to an ancient spell or ritual and found a magickal solution to their problems. The many Benefic Beings and occult forces evoked through ritual can also be classed as the witch's or magician's friends, friends who are ever ready to lend a helping hand while they bathe us in rays of mystic power. Yes, it can be truly said of the magician or witch that he/she is never alone in an unfeeling world such as ours. As you read through this book of magick, remember there is absolutely nothing to fear about the natural forces evoked by



witchcraft and the occult. It is as natural and pure as the air we breathe every day. Desire. The dictionary defines desire as "an eagerness to obtain or enjoy; longing; a request to obtain." Is there a special quality of manner, situation or material possession you have always longed to attain - yet seemed doomed to remain forever unattainable? Occult power, both black and white, and the ultimate effectiveness of one's implementation of it in day-to-day affairs is relative to the amount of genuine desire within each individual person to bring about changes in situations - be they emotional or purely physical. ~esire then can be accurately described as the driving force behmd the age old pursuit of occult wisdom - an ancient wisdom which can help you to realize your true potential as an intelligent and thinking creature. There now follows the nine magickal desires which are the motivating force behind every physical action in life: The The The The The The The The The desire desire desire desire desire desire desire desire desire for for for for for for for for for Love Fulfillment Financial Security Good Health Material Success Personal Recognition Sexual Satisfaction Peace of Mind Revenge Protection from Harm

ABOUT MYSELF AND MY EARLY EXPERIENCES Hello. My name is Carl, and when I was very young, I can remember - as if it were only yesterday - happily running down the side of the family home and, upon rounding the corner on my left, suddenly coming face-to-face as it were with a grey and shapeless mass. The memory of standing rooted to the spot unable to scream is still quite vivid in my mind. Revealing this unexpected encounter brought only laughter from my elders and suggestions that I had imagined it. During the ensuing years I researched ancient grimoires and books of occult knowledge, and -slowlyrealized that much was unknown to me. Knowledge of weird occult sciences began to fill my consciousness, knowledge which could be helpful to not only myself, but others as well. So I opened myself to the mystical influences of invisible spirit entities. This once secret knowledge is now being passed on to the world, in special ways, through the pages of this and other books. THE POWER BEHIND MAGICK A great many people wrongly think that magick and the occult are the tools by which Satan and his minions trap the unwary soul in a web of eternal damnation. Of course, nothing could be further from the truth! Magick is safe and no harm whatsoever can befall you by using it in the manner described step by step in the pages of this book. In fact, you will be util!~ing the beneficial powers and influences of kindly spirit enunes - who only want to help you. DOES MAGICK WORK? The simplest way of answering that question is to tell you of my own experiences and those of others. Not so long ago, I was a nobody without any prospects. Having never 5

This grimoire reveals the once secret spells and rituals of witchcraft and the occult, and how to perform them so as to experience the nine magickal desires of life. When you once know the secret rites and ceremonies used by the witches and magicians of ages past, you will possess the knowledge with which to begin to attract money, love, power and protection into your life. So mote it be.

finished my schooling severely restricted my chances of finding a "normal" job. My health was poor. I never seemed to have enough money, and was without a friend in the world. Yes indeed, I appeared doomed to a very gloomy future. In my spare time, my thoughts turned to the ancient wisdom contained within the occult teachings of ages past and so commenced an all-consuming study of the multifaceted world of the occult power. This ancient power has, in one form or another, brought me money, improved health, new friends, and every material possession I have ever desired to own in my life. I can truly say I am now just what I have always wanted to be - a happy and contented man. In short, I've never looked back. The power is there, waiting for you to release it into your own life.

where you will be free from distractions of any kind during the performance of the chosen magickal spell or ritual. Nothing can ruin the chances of magickal success than the sudden interruption of the spell by an unwelcomed intrusion from the outside world.

Perhaps the most important ingredient of any witchcraft spell is the use of candles, for these act as a point of focus for the magickal forces you will be evoking. Having said that, let me say that wherever possible, the use of candles has been dispensed with altogether. Two versions of certain spells shall be given: the more traditional, and a more streamlined version that doesn't require the use of candles. It will be entirely up to you, dear reader, to choose which version to use. If at all possible, magick should be worked by candle light or subdued lighting so as to create the proper atmosphere.

Although the following is not absolutely necessary, it all helps to improve one's chances of magickal success. For a period of no less than one hour prior to the commencement of any witchcraft ritual or magick spell you must, for extra strength, abstain from all forms of sexual intercourse. Also, if possible, urinate immediately prior to commencement of any magickal operation. This will help with the purification of the body. During this period of magickal preparation, fill your mind and soul with the object of your desire. In this way you will be attuning yourself to the occult powers you will be evoking.

The difference between spells and rituals that work and those that don't work is invariably the level of faith, or lack thereof, instilled into them by the magician. Never for one moment doubt the power of magick to produce, in one form or another, the desired results. In this way you will maximize your chances of magickal success.

The initial stages are now behind you, and the fun part of magick and the occult is about to begin. Have fun!

Although the magick spells and witchcraft rituals can be performed anywhere, it is advisable that you select a room 6


TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction...... PART ONE: MAGICK FOR EVERYDAY USE The Magick of Love To Win the Love of a Woman To Punish an Unfaithful Lover To Bind a Lover To Win the Love of a Young Girl To Make a Man Love You The Making of Mischief To Be Free of Persecution To Destroy Insincerity To Punish an Enemy To Prevent a Person's Return To be Rid of a Neighbour To Drive a Person Mad To Take Away Another's Luck To Drive a Person Insane To be Rid of Your Husband To Destroy an Enemy Miscellaneous Magick To Discover the Identity of an Enemy Magick Symbols and Shapes Magical Gemstones

5 11

PART TWO: THE ART AND PRACTICE OF INFERNAL EVOCATION 27 Black Magick Seduction Spell The Power of Demonic Seals The Evocation of Surgat The Evocation of Lucifer The Evocation of Frimost The Evocation of Astaroth The Evocation of Silcharde The Evocation of Bechard The Evocation of Guland Creating and Using Your Demonic Seal Black Magick Spell to Cause Trouble Between a Husband and Wife PART THREE: META MAGICK POWER RITUALS .. 46 How One Man Used the Ancient Powers of Witchcraft to Achieve Sexual Success Releasing Meta Magic Power The Five Gates of Meta Magickal Power How to Relax Physically Turning On the Light The Power Circulation Ritual Ancient Invocation to Increase the Creative Force of Meta Magick Power How to Use Meta Magick Power The Titanic New Meta Magick Power Wish Fulfillment Ritual Examples of How to Use the Wish Fulfillment Ritual What Will Happen During the Ritual? How to Get What You Desire Out of Life CONCLUSION 58



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Astrological Symbol of Saturn Astrological Symbol of Jupiter Astrological Symbol of Mars Astrological Symbol of Moon Astrological Symbol of Sun Astrological Symbol of Venus Astrological Symbol of Mercury The Demonic Seal of Surgat The Demonic Seal of Lucifer The Demonic Seal of Frimost The Demonic Seal of Astaroth The Demonic Seal of Silcharde The Demonic Seal of Bechard. .. . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. The Demonic Seal of Guland The Five Gates of Meta Magickal Power


Love is as old as man. Magick and the magician have long been associated with the search for this most elusive of emotions. In ages past, the local magician or witch was called upon by all strata of society for help in securing the object of one's affections. In the often painful search for love one will try anything which promises success in winning the heart of another. If you truly desire to attract your soul mate, to win that person's own love, then all you have to do is to perform one of the following magick and witchcraft spells for love and, so claims occult lore, you will succeed. 11


TO WIN THE LOVE OF A WOMAN On a Friday, during the third hour after the sun has set, take a pink candle and make nine evenly spaced notches in it. Burn the candle for nine consecutive nights. Allow the candle to burn down one notch each night. As the candle burns softly chant: "Anael help me, Hagith help me Capture the heart of (person's name) And bring her swiftly to my side." Repeat the first two lines of the chant all the while the candle is burning. Occult lore states that on the tenth day, the lady's affections will belong to you and only you. For those not wishing to use a candle, simply visualize a beautiful ray of pink light shining down upon you from above. Try to imagine that you are this light. Take a few deep breaths and breathe it into you. Then recite the chant, as already described, for a full five minutes for nine consecutive nights. As you end the chant, imagine the light to be slowly dissolving into the ether. TO PUNISH AN UNFAITHFUL LOVER

if the two of you are lovers of oral sex you risk swallowing the copper coin!

TO BIND A LOVER If you are a girl and wish to keep the love of your life forever true, here is a method popular with magicians and witches alike for just such a purpose. Buy a new mirror, being careful not to see your reflection in it, and hand it to your boyfriend, asking him to look into it. When you are alone and unobserved, smash the mirror into tiny pieces and bury it in your backyard, then wet the spot with some of your own urine and softly say: "Y ou are mine forever And forever shall you stay Never free to roam" The young man can, it is said, never leave you for another. Any inexpensive mirror will suffice for this purpose. For the young man wishing to secure the affections of his female the procedure is exactly the same, with the only difference being as follows: Before purchasing the mirror , obtain three locks of the young girl's hair and proceed to visit a crossroads at any hour of the day or night, and toss one lock of hair over your shoulder, place one in your pocket and one beneath your pillow at night. Then purchase the mirror and proceed as before. The results for both man and woman are said to be exactly the same, and cannot be reversed. If you happen to live in a flat like I do, then obviously it's a little hard for you to bury the pieces of mirror in concrete. So, obtain a flower pot, fill it with dirt and dispose of the broken mirror in this.

If you suspect your lover of infidelity, here is an ancient witchcraft spell for punishing the person in question. The very next time the two of you have intecourse, put a copper coin in your mouth and suck it all the time. The unfaithful lover will soon after become sick as punishment for his unfaithfulness. This is supposed to be infallible and will not hurt an innocent person. However, one should use their own common sense before engaging in such forms of witchery. The one drawback with this particular piece of witchery is that

TO WIN THE LOVE OF A YOUNG GIRL This spell is a particular favorite with practising magicians seeking to gain the favours of young girls. If this is what you desire above all else, and a young girl is known to you, then by all means try this spell- it just might prove to be the best thing you ever did. Obtain small but equal amounts of cheese, flour and salt. Mix them well together and sprinkle the love potion around the room where the young girl sleeps, all the while chanting: "With this power shall you become mine." This ancient spell is designed to procure the love and goodwill of the girl in question and is the simplest of spells, for you more than likely already have the needed ingredients for the love potion in your kitchen. TO MAKE A MAN LOVE YOU On a Friday, three hours after the sun has set, take equal parts of honey and sugar and mix well together in a small receptacle. Next, write both your name and the name of the man whose love you desire to win on a piece of plain white paper in red ink. The woman's name must be written first. Take a pink candle and make nine evenly spaced notches in it. Burn the paper with the names written upon it in the candle's flame. Allow the candle to burn down one notch each night. As the candle burns, softly chant: "Anael help me Hagith help me Capture and enchant the heart and soul of (person's name) Bring him swiftly to my side Anael help me Hagith help me."

The candle must first be placed in the container of honey and sugar and burned in this. For those not wishing to use a candle etc, simply visualize a beautiful ray of pink light shining down upon you from above. Try to imagine that it is a part of you. Take a few deep breaths and breathe the light into you as you inhale. Then recite the chant for a full five minutes for nine consecutive nights. As you end the chant, imagine the light dissolving. THE MAKING OF MISCHIEF The mischief-making spells given in this section of the book are designed to punish only those persons deserving of punishment, and will not harm innocent people. Some are quite fun to perform. TO BE FREE OF PERSECUTION
If you are unlucky enough to be the victim of some jealous or evil person's persecution, here is a magicial formula for freeing yourself forever of this, the most terrible of injustices. At noon, on any day of the week, remove yourself to a secluded spot far from the prying eyes of the idle curious. Having arrived at such a place put before you one white candle, a candlestick, a slip of white paper, and a pen, plus a box of matches. Take up the pen and write upon the slip of paper the words:

JEHOVA TETRAGRAMMATON Place the candle in the candlestick, light it and burn the slip of paper in the candle flame. As the paper burns, recite: "0 Great and Powerful Jehovah Tetragrammaton, I beseech thee to deliver me from the evil persecution of 15

(name of enemy), who is making my life one of misery. Make him/her flee in terror from thy anger, chase him/her far, far away. I promise thee, Great and Powerful One, to glorify thy powers to those around me, now and forever more. Amen." After reciting the above incantation, take a handful of salt and throw it to the four winds, north, south, east and west, while repeating the above words of power. . Repeat the entire Ritual at the same ume, every day for nme consecutive days. For those not wishing to use the candle etc, simply recite the incantation three times at sunrise, facing east. This can be done at home if you wish.

TO PUNISH AN ENEMY This Voodoo hex is designed to be used against a known enemy and the final outcome, as with any form of destructive magick, will depend entirely upon how much genuine hatred you can arouse within youself for the intended victim. Proceed as follows: At midnight, on the night of a new moon, take either a photo of the victim or a drawing of same, and place it face up on a small table. Place a bowl, half filled with sugar, on the photo. In the bowl place one black candle and burn it all night long. In the morning take what is left and, being careful, throw it over your left shoulder into your enemy's backyard. TO PREVENT A PERSON'S RETURN

TO DESTROY INSINCERITY When you suspect someone of being insincere in their dealings with you, then perform this simple spell when you next expect to be in the presence of the individual in question. Being careful not to be seen, burn some pap~r ~nd t~ke the ashes to form them into a cross beneath the chair m WhIChthe intended victim will sit in your home. Next, take a sharp pin and stick the point of it into the centre of the cross, while saying: "I conjure and command thee, by all the spirits of the Bottomless Pit, in the name of Belzebuth, Grand Master of all evil things, that your insincerity will become apparent this very minute. Amen." The person, if he or she is in fact insincere, will then unwillingly give themselves away by saying or doing something which will reveal their intentions towards you.

When a person you do not like is about to embark upon a journey, and you do not wish them to return, scoop up the dirt from where he or she has walked and throw it into running water, all the while saying: "Return not, to this place." The person, according to occult lore, can never return to annoy you. TO BE RID OF A NEIGHBOUR To successfully employ this particular spell in your affairs, you will need to acquire one fresh egg laid by a black chicken. How will you obtain such is a bit of a problem I agree, but obtain it you must. Having gained possession of said egg proceed to print, with utmost care, the words: "It's all over, friend" on its four

sides. Then somehow get your neighbour to handle the egg. Once this has been accomplished, the egg should then be taken away and thrown over your left shoulder without looking back. . The person towards whom the spell is cast will, it IS claimed, soon leave the area. . I apologise. I know that thi~ ~s the.mos.t co~phcated spell in the whole grimoire. My Spirit GUIdes Just SImply refused to give me a streamlined way of casting it.

One of the more simple hexes. Take a photo of the victim and throw it into running water. The person goes crazy. Well, at least that's what the witches say ... maybe they're right.

If you are husband, witchcraft husband. Proceed a married woman and have grown tired of your or have found yourself a younger man, this spell can help rid yourself of your unwanted as follows:

Being careful not to arouse suspicion, walk sof~ly behind the intended victim of this hex. and take a sharp kmfe and cut out the impression of his/her left shoe or footprint from the toe to the heel along both sides then with intense and calculat~d hatred, slash and gouge it up. Then take some of the dirt from the middle of the print and throw it into running water. The victim is then said to become worried in mind.

Sprinkle some ordinary table salt across the threshold of your bedroom, cursing your husband as you do so, and sweep it up before it can be walked into the carpet. Your husband, it is said, will be driven away never to return. This particular spell could be called Divorce: Magick Style.

This simple piece of mischief-making enemy's luck and give it to you. Proceed as follows: Take a photo or drawing Then say:


This curse, although not causing actual physical death, can do a lot of harm and should only be used as a last resort when dealing with a known enemy. It is also important that you know for sure that the victim against whom you are using the curse is indeed your enemy, for this particular bit of nastiness can hurt an innocent person as well as a guilty one. Proceed as follows: Go to your local butcher and purchase one fresh beef heart. Write upon a piece of plain white paper the name of the intended victim. Do this for a total of nine times, using red ink. Burn the paper in a dish. Cut a slit in the beef heart and rub the ashes into this slit, saying: 19

is said to take away an

of the victim and spit on it.

"Luck, luck go away Flow into my hands this day." If you do not possess a photo and do n?t ~ish to ~raw a picture, then simply write the name of the vicnm on a prece of plain white paper, and spit on that. 18

IIWith Satan Lucifer and Belzebuth as my witness I name this heart of flesh and blood (name of victim)."

Next stick nine new pins into the beef heart. With each new 'n.~rtitlO, scream out your hatred for the vic~im. When the nine pinNhave been inserted, place the heart m a shoe box and burn it lind the box to a crisp. As you place the box on the f1rc, •• y:
"As this, the double of your black heart, is consumed in the flames of my hatred So shall your own, (name of victim), be torn asunder by my fury, and the everlasting fires of Hell." Turn around and leave the area without looking back. MISCELLANEOUS MAGICK

Gaze into the water's dark depths and say: "Waters of darkness Waters of the night Reveal to me who is behind my plight." Allow your mind to go blank and the image of your secret enemy, if indeed you have one, will seem to appear in the water. If an image does appear, release all your pent up hatred for the per.son by.stabbing the water with the knife or dagger all the while cursmg your enemy and damning him/her to Hell. If no image appears, it is assumed that you have no enemy or enemies. Sometimes, the identity of a secret enemy can be unpleasant. For those w~o do not wish to go to the trouble of purchasing candles etc, simply close your eyes and let your mind go blank. Then recite the chant for a total of three times aloud. The image (or images) of your secret enemy will the~ appear in your mind.

There now follows a selection of various magick spells and beliefs for your benefit and interest. TO DISCOVER THE IDENTITY OF AN ENEMY

MAGICK SYMBOLS AND SHAPES When you suspect that you are the victim .of a .calculated campaign of evil hatred, yet do not know the identity of your enemy, this witchcraft ritual should reveal all you need to know. Proceed as follows: Cover a small table with black cloth. Place one black candle and one white candle to the rear of the table, black on the left and white on the right. At the centre of the table place a bowl of water. Into the water pour some s?luble black ink. Place a sharp knife, or an ornate dagger If you have one, to one side of the bowl of water. 20

Listed below are a number of symbols and shapes which have certain magickal qualities attributed to them. Their powers are derived, it is claimed, from their association to symbolic happenings. You may obtain ready-made good luck charms, but occult tradition holds that it is an advantage to make your own, and thus instill it with a part of you. A piece of any natural material will suffice for this purpose. ACORN: The shape of an acorn will bring ultimate Success and wealth. AXE: The shape of an axe brings freedom from worries. BEE: The shape of a bee will bring reward for efforts. BEETLE: The shape of a beetle brings great and lasting good luck.

MAGICKAL GEMSTONES Gemstones to attract the beneficial influences of the planets they represent are engraved with mystic symbols according to your individual desire. These symbols have their origin in ancient magickal rites and ceremonies from the Middle Ages. Planet: Sun; Gemstone: Diamond; Symbol: Astrological; Effect: Wealth. Planet: Moon; Gemstone: Opal; Symbol: Astrological; Effect: Changes. Planet: Mars; Gemstone: Ruby; Effect: Vitality. Planet: Mercury; Gemstone: Agate; Symbol: Astrological; Effect: Work.
yl.n2"'i1tY. ~'O.pb.'t"i.·,~itYlfJ1CO"h<;;,

Symbol: Astrological;

Astrological Symbol of Saturn

~"h'P~;ir,~! ~'}%\m,l;, 'b~<},~<}'~~'-Il.t ~ .., .

Effect: Gambling Luck Planet: Venus; Gemstone: Emerald; Symbol: Astrological; Effect: Love. Planet: Saturn; Gemstone: Onyx; Symbol: Astrological; Effect: Necromancy. Obviously many of these gemstones are beyond the reach of many, and should you find that you are unable to obtain the traditional gemstone for the planet, then by all means use a stone of a similar colour along with the proper astrological symbol of the planet. Astrological Symbol of Jupiter

23 22

Astrological Symbol of Mars

Astrological Symbol of Moon 24

Astrological Symbol of Venus



THE ART AND PRACTICE OF INFERNAL EVOCATION There is little doubt that the strongest and quickest working form of magick practiced in the world today is . . . Black Magick. From my own personal experiences I know for a fact that Black Magick, and the various powers associated with it, can produce results within 24 hours of it being implemented in one's affairs. Satan, to my own way of thinking, is the most powerful of the Infernal Spirits, and it will be to his demonic influence that we will be calling, and beseeching to influence affairs in our favor. The Demonic Seals contained in this section of the book are traditional, but the method by which their demonic influence can be attained, with no risk to the magician, is entirely new and unique to this book - being as it was given to me by so-called evil spirits.

Astrological Symbol of Mercury 26

The same is true for the spells contained on the following pages. They will not be found in any other book of black, white or grey magick. Each one has been personally tested by the authour, and I can assure you that - given the right state of affairs - they most assuredly do work! You are now on the threshold of working true Black Magick in your own life. BLACK MAGICK SEDUCTION SPELL This spell can be performed on any day of the week during the hours of darkness. You will require one red candle and a photo or drawing of whomever the spell is being directed at. Place the photo on a small table and the candle on top of the photo. Turn off the lights and, if possible, remove your clothes and stand naked before the altar. Raise your arms up in worship, and say in a loud and decisive tone of voice: "Satan! I call Thee forth Send Thy servants to assist me in this And all my ventures." Then say: "Powers of Darkness Powers of Night Powers of Lustful Delight. I summon and command thee by the Power of these words and invocation, to assemble thyselves in my presence this night. Make thy presence known by granting me that which I desire." Light the Candle. Bending your arms at the elbows, turn the palms of your hands toward the candle and say: "Light the flame Bright the fire Red is the colour of desire!"

Cross your arms across your chest and rest the palms of your hands on your shoulders. Repeat the conjuration of lust. Bending your arms at the elbows, turn the palms of your hands toward you so that your left palm is looking over your left shoulder, and your right palm is looking over your right shoulder. Repeat the conjuration. Then raise your arms in worship and say: "I call Thee again, Satan Bring him/her to me And I shall worship and glorify Thy Name forever more." Leave the room without looking back and allow the candle to burn down and out. This spell will send out an irresistible demonic force to bring you the person you desire to be with. When this occurs, take every opportunity to touch and fondle the person in question. Satan wants you, and your partner too, have a good time! THE POWER OF DEMONIC SEALS You are just a few short steps away from learning how to evoke the aid and assistance of Lucifer, and six other powerful Infernal Spirits, to help make you a winner in life. I know what your thinking: "Must I be an experienced black magician and practicing satanist before I can receive the blessings of Lucifer, etc?" I can assure you that no previous experience is needed to get the powers and virtues of the seven seals contained in this section of the book working a thousand treats for you. Only maintain a sense of absolute faith in their ability to connect you with the powers of the Infernal Spirits which they symbolise. Neither should you possess any undue fear as regards dealing with these forces. Nothing in the least untoward will happen to you.



THE EVOCATION OF SURGAT Surgat is evoked on a Sunday, during the hours of darkness. His Seal is most suitable for persons seeking to attract more money into their lives. Proceed as follows:

"I conjure thee, 0 Surgat, by all the names which are written in this book, to present thyself here before me, promptly and without delay, being ready to obey me in all things. And I conjure thee to be submitted in thine own person to do and accomplish my will and all that I shall command of thee, namely that thee consecrate this, thy Seal, with thy own Infernal Powers and Virtues, without harm to me or to anyone, so soon as I make known my intent."

The Demonic Seal of Surgat
30 31

THE EVOCATION OF LUCIFER Lucifer is evoked on a Monday, during the hours of darkness. His Seal is suitable for persons wishing to acquire a deeper understanding of the magickal arts and sciences. Proceed as follows:

The Demonic Seal of Lucifer

"I conjure thee, Lucifer, by the living God, by the true God, by the holy God, Who spake and all was made, Who commanded and all things were made! I conjure thee by the Ineffable Names of God, ALPHA and OMEGA, ELOY, REX ELOYM, YA, SADAY, LUX, MUGIENS, SALUS, ADONAY, EMMANUEL, MESSIAS; and I adjure, conjure, and exorcise thee by the Names JEHOVAH, SOL, AGLA, ELOY RIFFASORIS, ORISTON, ORPHITNE, PHATON, IPRETU, OGIA, SPERATON, IMAGON, AMUL. PENATON, SOTER, TETRAGRAMMATON, PREMOTON, SITMON, PERIGARON, IRATATON, PLEGATON, ON, PERCHIRAM, TIROS, RUBIPHATON, SIMULATON, PERPI, KLARIMUM, TREMENDUM, MERAY, EL, and by the most high Ineffable Names of God Gali, ENGA, HABDANUM, INGODUM, OBU ENGLABIS, do thou make haste to corne, and consecrate this, thy own Seal, with thy own Infernal Powers, being also powerless to hurt me, or any person whomever, either in body or soul."

THE EVOCATION OF FRIMOST Frimost is evoked on a Tuesday, during the hours of darkness. His Seal is suitable for persons wishing to acquire more energy and vitality. Proceed as follows:

The Demonic Seal of Frimost 34

"I conjure and command thee, Frimost, by all the names wherewith thou canst be constrained and bound! I exorcise thee, Frimost, by thy own name, by the virtue of all spirits Infernal and Celestial, by all characters, by the Jewish, Greek and Chaldean conjurations, by thy confusion and malediction, and I will redouble thy pains and torment from day to day forever more, if thou come not now and accomplish my will, namely that thee consecrate this, thy own Seal, with thy Power and virtue, being completely powerless to harm me, either in body or soul."


THE EVOCATION OF ASTAROTH Astaroth is evoked on a Wednesday, during the hours of darkness. His Seal is suitable for persons seeking the friendship and favour of persons holding positions of authority. Proceed as follows:

The Demonic Seal of Astaroth

"I conjure thee, Astaroth, wicked spmt, by the words and virtues of God Almighty, by the powerful God, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, unto whom thee, and all demons are submitted, Who has conceived of the Virgin Mary; by the mystery of the Angel Gabriel, I conjure thee; and again in the names of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost; in the name of the glorious Virgin Mary and of the most Holy Trinity, in Whose honour do all the Archangels, Thrones, Dominations, Powers, Patriarchs, Prophets, Apostles and Evangelists sing without end; Hosannah, Hosannah, Hosannah, Lord God of Hosts, Who art, Who wast, Who art to come, as a river of burning fire! Neglect not my commands, refuse not to come. I command thee, by Him Who shall appear with flames to judge the living and the dead, unto Whom all is known, all is honour, praise and glory. Come, therefore promptly, obey my will; consecrate this, thy own Seal, with thy Power of Infernal Majesty; fail not to obey me, and give honour to the Holy Ghost in Whose name I command thee."

THE EVOCATION OF SILCHARDE Silcharde is evoked on a Thursday, during the hours of darkness. His Seal is suitable for persons seeking an abundance of all good things. Proceed as follows:

The Demonic Seal of Silchardc

"I conjure thee, Silcharde, by the image and likeness of Jesus Christ our Saviour, Whose death and passion redeemed the entire human race, Who now wills that, by His providence, thou come forthwith to this place. I command thee by all the Kingdoms of God. I adjure and constrain thee by His Holy Name, by Him Who walked upon the asp, Who crushed the lion and the dragon. Do thou obey me and fulfill my commands, namely that thee consecrate this, thy own Seal, with thy Powers and Virtues Infernal, being as powerless to do harm unto me or any person whomsoever, either in body or soul."

THE EVOCATION OF BECHARD Bechard is evoked on a Friday, during the hours of darkness. His Seal is of particular interest to those persons seeking luxury and self-indulgence. Proceed as follows:

The Demonic Seal of Bechard

"I conjure thee, Bechard, and constrain thee, in like manner, by the Most Holy Names of God, ELOY, ADONAY, ELOY, AGLA, SAMALABACTAY, which are written in Hebrew, Greek and Latin; by all the sacraments, by all the names written in this book; and by Him who drove thee from the height of Heaven. I conjure and command thee by the Most Holy Eucharist, which hath redeemed men from their sins; I conjure thee to come without delay, to do and perform all my biddings, namely to consecrate this, thy own Seal, with thy Infernal Powers, without any prejudice to my body and soul, without harming my book or doing injury to those who accompany me."


THE EVOCATION OF GULAND Guland is evoked on a Saturday, during the hours of darkness. His Seal is suitable for persons seeking esoteric knowledge. Proceed as follows:

The Demonic Seal of Guland 42

"I conjure thee, 0 Guland, in the name of Satan, in the name of Belzebub, in the name of Astaroth, and in the name of all other spirits, to make haste and come unto this place. Come, then, in the name of Satan and in the names of all other demons. Come to me, I command thee, in the Name of the Most Holy Trinity. Come without inflicting any harm upon me, and without injury to my body or soul, without maltreating anything which I use. I command thee to come unto this place without delay, and accomplish my commands and be submitted to my will, namely that thee consecrate this, thy own Seal, with thy Infernal Power, and in no way depart until thou hast fulfilled my desire in all things." 43

CREATING AND USING YOUR DEMONIC SEAL There are two methods by which one may partake of the powers and virtues of the Seven Demonic Seals contained on the preceding pages of this book. The first, and most traditional, requires the seal to be drawn upon parchment in red ink, and then carried on the person at all times of the day, until the desired outcome has been achieved. The second, and more simpler method, involves visualizing the chosen seal on an inky black background. The seal should be imagined to be pulsating with an enormous amount of red kinetic energy. This visualization should take place, whenever possible, three times a day: once in the morning, once at noon, once at night. Whatever method is finally chosen, the evocation of the Spirit Force associated with the seal must be spoken aloud when the seal is created or visualized for the first time. Whilst creating the seal, keep clearly in mind why you are using it and what you hope to achieve with it. BLACK MAGICK SPELL TO CAUSE TROUBLE BETWEEN A HUSBAND AND WIFE This spell can be performed on any day of the week during the hours of darkness. You will require one black candle and a slip of paper upon which has been written the two names of the persons concerned. Place these items on a small table, with the candle positioned above the paper. Then switch off the lights and, if possible, remove your clothes and stand naked before the table. Raise your arms up in worship, and say in a loud and decisive tone of voice: "Satan! I call Thee forth Send Thy servants to assist me in this And all my ventures."

Then say: "Powers of Darkness Powers of Night Powers of Everlasting Hate. I summon and command thee by the Power of these words and invocation to assemble thyselves in my presence this night. Make thy presence and authority known to me by granting me that which I desire." Light the candle. Bending your arms at the elbows, turn the palms of your hands toward the candle and say: "Fuss and fight, day and night Till your love is dead and gone!" Cross your arms over your chest and rest the palms of your hands on your shoulders. Repeat the conjuration of hatred. Bending your arms at the elbows, turn the palms of your hands toward you so that your left palm is looking over your left shoulder, and your right palm is looking over your right shoulder. Repeat the conjuration. Then raise your arms in worship and say: "I call Thee again, Satan Destroy this marriage And I shall worship and glorify Thy Name forever more." Leave the room without looking back and allow the candle to burn down and out. This spell will send out a destructive demonic force, and the husband and wife will soon begin to quarrel about the least little thing. Repeated casting of the spell could cause a permanent separation. If this occurs at aU, have not the slightest feeling of guilt or sadness.. 45

The following is an extract from a letter that is in my files. will let it speak for itself, in the writer's own words: I


"First of all I decided on the sex ritual because I needed a woman purely for sex to fulfill my frustrations so I used the sex ritual as I'm shy, and within a week a lady telephoned me who I have only known for only three hours, which I met six weeks ago. She got into my car when meeting her asking for a kiss, after a drink she wanted me to make love to her which she asked, and I didn't have to say or do a thing, this I could not believe that this could happen and no way is she the type that slept around." Signed: R.G., Epping, Essex, December 1985. Note: The witchcraft power force used by this man is utilized in the Meta Magick Power Rituals contained in this section of the book.

This power has the potential of becoming one of the most dynamic forces in man's arsenal of occult and metaphsyical powers. It is based upon ancient teachings of both witchcraft and ritual magick. This amazing power - which unifies the miracle working powers of magick and witchcraft into an incredible whole - is now yours to try! First, you will learn how to control this power to work apparent miracles. Then you will be shown how to use it for your own personal benefit, and to help others as well. You are now on the threshold of joining the ranks of the Ancient Ones. Many of you wjll have expected at this stage of the game to be instructed to give all your worldly possessions to the poor, suppress all sexual desires, live in seclusion whilst contemplating your navel, or some equally difficult form of occult discipline. Nothing could be further from the truth! The most basic and important factor in releasing and controlling magical power is the development of the relatively simple ability to relax both mind and body. Occultism teaches that the mind and body are linked. A tense body will ultimately cause a tense mind. Since the mind is the controlling equation behind the success or failure 47


of Meta Magick Power, it is most vital that you learn to relax both mind and body into a tranquil sea of contentment. This is not as difficult as you might think. Regular daily sessions of the relaxation method which follows will soon slip you gently into a state of deep relaxation - free from all tension and worry. Once you have achieved this perfect state, known as atraxia, you should begin to find yourself suffering less from tension induced pains, and the few worries you now have will no longer seem so bad.


"~... '. J.""'·.I~", .../


. , ,..

~. ..... .

'0/·····" "
I : ;

' .' ...,. ... .,.....

.... ..
: .. .•... . '.~...




THE FIVE GATES OF META MAGICKAL POWER Meta Magick Power is, as the name implies, a metaphysical power force existing beyond the physical plane. Before it can begin to work wonders, it must be allowed to "materialize" into our world. The illustration of the gentleman in Figure XYZ looks for all the world as if he is standing behind five brightly glowing balls of light. They're the traditional gateways through which Meta Magick Power will flow. These gateways are normally totally closed due to muscular tension, but the relaxation technique will open these gates just a fraction to stimulate the flow of Meta Magick Power into your life. Once this occurs, you are able to actually feel Meta Magick Power flowing through you from the Inner Planes of the Spirit World.

. :r..


.l .. r: "' .J..(., .. ...

.-"., ......~\
,,' }

/' "

HOW TO RELAX PHYSICALLY The relaxation technique, which you wiII find on the next few pages, has been carefully designed to enable you to relax physically by removing each bit of tension from every muscle

Figure XYZ

each day. All that is required of you is the correct frame of mind and the desire to succeed as you sit reading or listening to a series of "magick commands" which your mind will respond to by completely relaxing every muscle within your body. Just accept that these commands work - and they most assuredly will! The deeper you relax, the greater the flow of Meta Magick Power into your life, and as the influx of power grows the deeper you will relax. Thus, you create a mystic circle of everlasting power. Select at least ten minutes of your time each day to perform both the relaxation technique and the Meta Magick Power Rituals which will be revealed, in full, a few pages from now. Ideally it should be at the same time on each day, in the same room, seated upon the same piece of furniture. This all helps to create the proper atmosphere of solemn ritual. You are now ready to begin.

in your body, and it will take just a few minutes of your time

Relaxation Technique ~it in a co~fortable chair in a darkened room. Loosen any tight clothmg you may be wearing. Close your eyes and softly speak the following words to yourself. (If you have a tape recorder, you can make a tape of the words and listen to the recording with your eyes closed). "I am now beginning to relax each and every part of my mind and body, allowing myself to slip into a gentle state of deep relaxation. "The tension is leaving my body. My feet are becoming loose and limp, totally relaxed, tension free, and I am sinking deeper and deeper into an all-enveloping state of complete relaxation, becom50

ing more and more like a graceful swan upon a tranquil pond. ' "My legs are becoming relaxed and rested, free from tensions of every kind, allowing my mind to sink deeper and deeper, drifting further and further into a state of complete relaxation. My bottom and stomach relax and let go. I am free from tension, breathing easily and deeply, totally relaxed and tranquil. "Sinking deeper and deeper into complete relaxation. "My chest and back are becoming relaxed, the tensions are flowing out allowing my mind to sink deeper and deeper into tranquil relaxation. "Breathing easily and deeply. "My arms and shoulders, the back of my head and neck are becoming relaxed and free from tension, allowing me to drift deeper and deeper into complete and everlasting relaxation where every desire and wish is fulfilled." Remain in this passive state of occult reverie for two or three minutes, allowing your thoughts to run free, before proceeding on to the next stage.

TURNING ON THE LIGHT As you sit relaxed and peaceful after completing the relaxation technique, you are opening the five magickal gates through which Meta Magick Power shall flow into your life. Then as you perform the magickal rituals, chants, incantations, and invocations that follow, you are calling upon the Mystic Masters of Ages Past to assist you in your quest for happiness and wish fulfillment. What follows is based upon genuine ancient magick and the results that you can achieve could amaze you. Simply and 51

automatically, your every desire, goal and wish could manife in your life for you to enjoy. When you have reached the end of the relaxation techniqu remain seated and relaxed and proceed as follows: Visualize a pinpoint of bright white light hovering a scant few inches above your scalp. As you visualize this pinpoint of light, say "Aum" a total of three times. The word is pronounced: 0 OOOMMMMMmmmmmm. As you say this Arcane Word of Power, "feel" the first magickal gateway begin to open and expand. Next, imagine the light to be flowing down and around your head, then as it reaches your neck and throat area, repeat the Arcane Word of Power for a total of three times. As you recite the word, "feel" the second magickal gateway begin to open and expand. Imagine the white light is flowing down and around your chest. Repeat, for a total of three times, the Word of Power and "feel" the third of the five magickal gateways begin to open and expand. Visualize the light flowing down and around your body until it reaches the genitals. Recite the Arcane Word of Power a total of three times. As you chant the magick work, "feel" the fourth gateway begin to open and expand. Finally, imagine the light plunging down and around your feet. Repeat the Word of Power a total of three times and "feel" the fifth magickal gateway begin to open and expand in tune with the preceding four. You have now opened the Five Magickal Gateways of Meta Magickal Power.. Now you will learn how to circulate this power for even greater miracles of occult manipulation.

THE POWER CIRCULATION RITUAL In your imagination, you are sitting completely bathed in bright white light. Now you must take the next step in increasing the power of the Light to work apparent miracles of health, wealth and happiness, in both your life and those of others. Remaining completely calm and relaxed, take five deep breaths. As you inhale, imagine the white light is being drawn into your body through the pores of your skin. Then, as you exhale, imagine the white light becoming brighter and brighter until its glow seems to illuminate the room. From this point on in the Ritual you will begin to experience physical sensations of magickal power. A great warmth will fill your body, and a prickling sensation will be experienced in the hands and feet as your mind and body become attuned to the Mystic Vibrations of the Cosmos. You are now filled to the brim with the amazing force of Meta Magick Power and you can now bring this pulsating source of occult power to an overflowing peak by reciting the following Invocation aloud.

ANCIENT INVOCATION TO INCREASE THE CREATIVE FORCE OF META MAGICKPOWER "0 Eternal! 0 King Eternal! God ineffable! Thou Who hast created all things for love of men, and by a secret judgement for the health of man, do Thou now deign to look upon me, (your name), Thy most unworthy servant, and upon this, my intention. "Vouchsafe to send unto me the Power to order and command Thy subjects whom Thou hast made, 0 Thou Almighty Lord, Who hast been, Who art, Who shalt remain eternally, that in Thy Name all things shall be made subject unto me."

Those words have a magickal power all their own. They are a genuine ancient magickal Invocation to Higher Spiritual Beings and the creative force of the Universe. As you read them slowly and with respect, you are, in fact, blending your mind and soul with the Ancient Ones of ages past, and the omnipotent powers of the Spirit World. HOW TO USE META MAGICK POWER All of what you have been doing so far is known as the Meta Magick Ritual of Power; and as you finish reciting the above Invocation, you can proceed directly to the magickal working of your choosing. No doubt if there were not some area of your life in need of help you'd have not elected to spend some of your hard earned cash in buying a copy of this particular little textbook of magick, so now is the time to start using Meta Magick Power to bring the things you want in life. Stop for a moment and consider just what it is you desire most out of life, or what negative condition you wish removed. Then begin to use the creative power of Meta Magick to bring you material and emotional desire fulfillment, or to banish the negative aspects out of your life forever! On the next page you will find a table which lists the Seven Mystical Spirits of Meta Magick Power, the affairs those spirits govern, plus the mystical colors associated with each spirit.


GOVERNING AFFAIRS MYSTIC COLOR Emerald Green Love. Social Affairs. Beauty. Friendships. Red Gold Orange Silver Black Blue


Asmodeus Sexual gratification. Solarus Raphael Lunarus Aratron El Money. Good Health. Success. Harmony. Business Matters. Messages. Writing. Women. Magick. Reconciliation. Agriculture. Secret. Knowledge. Death. Gambling Luck. Long Journeys. Ambition.

Glance through the list above - somewhere within that list will be a word or phrase which fits your own individual desire. The only thing you need to know is which Spirit Force to call upon and the mystical color associated with the spirit. Thus the gold of Solarus would help to bring extra cash, while the orange of Raphael would help you in any business in which you worked. A desire for new friends would be satisfied by Anael. If your desires are more physical by nature, then Asmodeus should be called forth. If you wish to become skilled in the Occult Sciences, then Lunarus has to be summoned. Warning: The names of the Seven Mystic Spirits are secret and ultimately powerful. Treat those names with 55


respect. Under no circumstances should you reveal them to a non-believer. You have been warned. THE TITANIC NEW MEGA MAGICK POWER WISH FULFILLMENT RITUAL ~erf~rm .the entire M~g~ Magick Ritual of Power. In your ImagInatI.on, you are. srttmg bathed in brilliant white light. Now ~Imply imagine that the white light is changing into the mystical ~olor as~oclated with the Spirit Force whose help you are evoking, w~Ile at the same time repeating the spirit's name aloud. Begin and end each uttering of the name with the Arcane Word of Power, "Aum". You are now. call~ng.upon the Mystic Beings of the Spirit ~orld fo.rhe~pIn bringing your every desire to you. Select a ~me WhIChIS the most convenient and perform the entire ritual every day until, in one way or another, your desire is fulfilled.

Suppose you wish to help a friend who is at the moment in financial difficulties, and would like him to receive some cash to help overcome his problems. Perform the entire ritual, using the mystic color of gold, and the Mystic Name of Solarus. As you imagine the white light changing to brilliant gold, and recite the Name of the Mystic Spirit three times, visualize your friend receiving the desired sum of money. Those two examples should show you how simple it is to use Mega Magickal Power to help both yourself and others. When you wish to attract happiness, visualize your desires coming to you - when you seek to help another imagine the good fortune happening to them.
Sending Money to Another.

WHAT WILL HAPPEN DURING THE RITUAL? A great deal, in fact. You should start to become filled with a sense of power and magnificence. There may be a strong tendency to sway from side to side or backward and forward as you sit upon your chair. There may even be, and I stress may, a sensation of "movement" within your body. Have no fear for this is merely the physical sensations associated with the influx of a metaphysical power force. Fear will cause you to become tense. Fear nothing during the course of the ritual, and you will gain the potential of working apparent miracles in your life. Some of you may become aware of a pleasant smelling fragrance which will seem to permeate the entire atmosphere of your chosen ritual room. Others may sense a gental caressing of their arms and faces by invisible hands. Or you may feel a vibration along the spine coupled with a prickling sensation in various areas of your body. You may see multi-colored lights flashing before your eyes, or even that mystical sensation of hands placed upon your shoulders. You may hear a soft voice whispering ancient mysteries.

Winning the Love of Another. Let us assume that you desire to bring love into your life. Studying the list on the previous page, you will find that Anael is the Spirit Force governing love and romance and to make it manifest, the mystic color of emerald green has to be used. Perform the entire ritual, imagining that the white light flOWIng around and through you has turned to brilliant emerald green, while reciting the name of the Mystic Spirit three times, aloud. . Then, as you sit enjoying the positive vibrations of the ntual,.pretend that the perfect partner has already appeared in your life, as he or she most assuredly will. 56


M W~at~v~r.sensation you experience, it is a sure sign that the 'dYdS~ICmt Force you are evoking is moving to do your p bI mg.

by Marcus T. Bottomley
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She vl.u.IIHd buying .xpen.1ve cloth ... " H.rrocla, 17 cIIIys I.tll It happened - .nd It didn't coat h... • ~ . 8M perfonned • ritual to find. nit, five clayllater.he lIot It, Whllalln an out-of-body attt. Ihl IIW how .hl m.y ba .bll to II" • heMe. Very 100ft afterWlrda the moll .xtr.ordlnary thlnll happ.ned: .h. WI. given. hUge .mount of IIICIMY In CIIII to buy • hOUM of h ... ownl How these seeming 'miracle,' hippenad are explained 1n detail by Mill

catkins. She succeeds cOllllnUOU$/y.




TheH amulna events .re tor re.1. 'MIRACLES CAli! AND 00 HAPPEN', sheseyal I believe her Implicitly. I have s .. n plOOf ot these things In my own IHe. But remember,lt aIW8ys like tills. She states franklY that for two years




she got no I8SUIs whaIsoeYar. No F1nban' booI( helped her et alii But she kept on bacauee she knew In her heart ot hearts
that mind power and occultism nonsen... are not

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in'orma~on from your dreams.


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