Cognizant Technology Solutions Salaries (Posted anonymously by employees and employers

Total 71 Salaries of Cognizant Technology Solutions

Salaries Salary in Lacs per annum Avg. Salary

Cognizant Technology Solutions
10 Salaries Rs.6.1L Rs.4.5L Rs.8.5L

Project Manager
1 Salaries Rs.11.5L Rs.11.5L Rs.11.5L

Test Lead
1 Salaries Rs.4L Rs.4L Rs.4L

Senior Associate
5 Salaries Rs.9.2L Rs.7.2L Rs.12.5L

Senior business analyst
1 Salaries Rs.11.3L Rs.11.3L Rs.11.3L

Business Analyst
1 Salaries Rs.6L Rs.6L Rs.6L

Programmer Analyst
14 Salaries Rs.3.8L Rs.3L Rs.7.4L

Senior Architect
2 Salaries Rs.19L Rs.18L Rs.20L

Programmer Analyst Trainee
6 Salaries Rs.2.9L Rs.1.2L Rs.4L

Architect Technology
1 Salaries Rs.14.5L Rs.14.5L Rs.14.5L

15.4L Rs.7L Rs.8L Rs.4.15L Rs. Rs.22.4.Wipro Technologies Salaries (Posted anonymously by employees and employers) Total 193 Salaries of Wipro Technologies Salaries Salary in Lacs per annum Wipro Technologies Test Lead 2 Salaries Rs.9L Rs.1L Rs.8.4.9L Senior Project Engineer 4 Salaries Rs.8L Rs.5L .15L Technical Lead 10 Salaries Rs.4L Rs.12.1L technical consultant 2 Salaries Rs.8L Senior Architect 1 Salaries Rs.6L Rs.10L Rs.4L Program Manager 4 Salaries Rs.15.4L Rs.3L Senior Project Manager 3 Salaries Rs.5L Rs.9L Rs.22.3L Rs. Rs.11L Senior Business Development Manager 1 Salaries Rs.5.8L Rs.3L Rs.8L Rs.13L Business Analyst 3 Salaries Rs.8L Editor 1 Salaries Rs.3.11.

18L Research Analyst 1 Salaries Rs.5.2L Rs.Rs.4.2L Program Manager 3 Salaries Rs.18L Rs.14.3L Global Program Manager 1 Salaries Rs.7.5L Rs.12.16L Rs.4L Rs.5L Rs.10L ABAP Consultant 1 Salaries Rs.5L Siebel Developer 1 Salaries Rs.4.4L Rs.14L Rs.4.4L Rs.5.4.5L Rs.2L Rs.5L Rs.17L Business Analyst 5 Salaries Rs.4.5L Rs.4.5L Rs.5L Rs.4.5L Senior Project Manager 2 Salaries Rs.18L Cognos Developer 1 Salaries Rs.4L Rs.4.8L Rs.4L I T Analyst 1 Salaries Rs.5. Salary TCS Asssistant Manager 2 Salaries Rs.4L Rs.4.5.4L .14L TCS Salaries (Posted anonymously by employees and employers) Total 275 Salaries of TCS Salaries Salary in Lacs per annum Avg.18L Rs.9.9L Rs.

9.7L Rs.10.6L Technical Lead 7 Salaries Rs.8L Rs.5L Rs.29L Global Program Manager 1 Salaries Rs.2L Rs.17. Salary Infosys Senior Associate Consultant 3 Salaries Rs.5.3L Rs.20L Product Technical Architect 1 Salaries Rs.9.17L Program Manager 2 Salaries Rs.5.8.6L Technology Lead 22 Salaries Rs.3L Rs.21.13.17L Rs.12L Rs.21.6.17L Rs.9.8L Rs.1L Rs.3.7.3L Senior Project Manager 4 Salaries Rs.14L Rs.17L .5L Rs.12L Test Analyst Team Lead 2 Salaries Rs.21.21.1L Business Analyst 2 Salaries Rs.6L Rs.7.4L Rs.5L Rs.1L Rs.7.8.5L Rs.6L Lead Consultant 4 Salaries Rs.2L Rs.Infosys Salaries (Posted anonymously by employees and employers) Total 295 Salaries of Infosys Salaries Salary in Lacs per annum Avg.15L Rs.6.

5L Rs.4.3.20.Accenture Salaries (Posted anonymously by employees and employers) Total 143 Salaries of Accenture • Salaries Salary in Lacs per annum Accenture Senior Programmer 8 Salaries Rs.3.2L Rs.9.8.6L Rs.5L Senior Software Engineer 16 Salaries Rs.7L Rs.5L Rs.10.3L Business Analyst 1 Salaries Rs.3L Rs.22.3L Rs.16.8L Rs.6.9L Rs.9L .8L Project Lead 1 Salaries Rs.8L Rs.7L Associate Manager 14 Salaries Rs.4.26.13L Associate software engineer 13 Salaries Rs.7L Rs.11L Assistant Manager 1 Salaries Rs.8L Developer 1 Salaries Rs. Rs.4L HR Manager 2 Salaries Rs.4L Rs.5L Rs.4L Manager 9 Salaries Rs.10L Rs.2L Rs.13L Rs.4.13L Rs.6.1L Rs. Salary IBM Regional Manager 1 Salaries Rs.1L Rs.5L Rs.5L Rs.5L Program Manager 4 Salaries Rs.29L Advisory System Analyst 1 Salaries Rs.7L Rs.6.1L Rs.9L IBM Salaries (Posted anonymously by employees and employers) Total 128 Salaries of IBM • Salaries Salary in Lacs per annum Avg.4L Rs.5L Associate 1 Salaries Rs.6.10.19L Rs.7L Rs.20.20.19L RnD engg 1 Salaries Rs.1L Rs. Rs.5.5.29L Rs.35L team lead 1 Salaries Rs.1L application developer 1 Salaries Rs.Rs.5.7L Deputy General Manager 1 Salaries Rs.5.21L Rs.5.29L Rs.1L Rs.4L Senior Managing Consultant 1 Salaries Rs.6.5L Rs.5L .4L Rs.5L Rs.1L Application Architect 1 Salaries Rs.5L Rs.

MA From Goodrich – 12 days ago Hewlett-Packard Salaries Program Manager 100 Hewlett-Packard Salaries Marketing Program Manager 35 Hewlett-Packard Salaries Engineering Program Manager 36 Hewlett-Packard Salaries More Hewlett-Packard Program Manager Salaries » $110.209 Salaries: 1– 10 of 1.381 Companies Salaries in USD Microsoft Salaries Program Manager 987 Microsoft Salaries Program Manager II 307 Microsoft Salaries Senior Program Manager 190 Microsoft Salaries More Microsoft Program Manager Salaries » 1.10.875 $67k $155k $50k $160k $72k $160k . CA From Vendavo – 5 days ago • Program Manager Goodrich – Chelmsford.5L Program Manager Salaries – Salaries posted anonymously by employees and employers 6.527 $110.187 $65k $150k $80k $120k $85k $145k Looking for a job? See featured jobs below or try Program Manager Jobs • Program Manager Vendavo – Palo Alto.227 $103.Rs.833 Salaries for 49 Job Titles Sort by þÿ $60k $90k $120k $150k Avg.10.5L Rs. Salary $89.442 $99.069 $114.

648 $115.243 $123.801 $130.276 Salaries for 22 Job Titles Expedia Salaries Program Manager 65 Expedia Salaries Senior Program Manager 12 Expedia Salaries Senior Project/Program Manager 6 Expedia Salaries More Expedia Program Manager Salaries » 92 Salaries for 8 Job Titles $87.733 $74k $110k $95k $112k $106k $120k IBM Salaries Program Manager 47 IBM Salaries Senior Program Manager 22 IBM Salaries Senior Marketing Program Manager 5 IBM Salaries More IBM Program Manager Salaries » 91 Salaries for 12 Job Titles $98.981 $103.571 $78k $137k .091 $100k $175k $85k $151k $105k $160k Cisco Systems Salaries Program Manager 64 Cisco Systems Salaries $110.971 $111.557 $106.800 $57k $139k $83k $173k $87k $150k Sun Microsystems Salaries Senior Program Manager 45 Sun Microsystems Salaries Program Manager 25 Sun Microsystems Salaries Program Manager IV 11 Sun Microsystems Salaries More Sun Microsystems Program Manager Salaries » 130 Salaries for 18 Job Titles $132.

Inc.182 $110k $172k $84k $130k Amazon.Senior Program Manager 20 Cisco Systems Salaries Manufacturing Program Manager 11 Cisco Systems Salaries More Cisco Systems Program Manager Salaries » 163 Salaries for 19 Job Titles $132.869 $87. WA From Salaries Technical Program Manager 56 Amazon.890 $ Salaries More Amazon.700 $76k $135k $93k $128k $85k $125k Intel Corporation Salaries Program Manager 21 Intel Corporation Salaries Senior Program Manager 12 Intel Corporation Salaries Marketing Program Manager 5 Intel Corporation Salaries More Intel Corporation Program Manager Salaries » 47 Salaries for 7 Job Titles Looking for a job? See featured jobs below or try Program Manager Jobs $102. – Salaries Technical Program Manager II 17 Amazon.895 $110. • • • • .030 $ Program Manager Salaries » 127 Salaries for 14 Job Titles $99. Salaries Senior Program Manager 10 Amazon.494 $106.280 $72k $140k $85k $148k $70k $121k • Program Manager II Expedia.

design or solution to be able to usefully manage these. CA From Dolby Wipro Salaries Program Manager 30 Wipro Salaries $91. the Program Manager needs this in order to be comfortable that the overall program goals are achievable. . Typically in a program there is a need to identify and manage cross-project dependencies and often the PMO (Program orProject Management Office) may not have sufficient insight of the risk. or as a sounding board for ideas and approaches to solving project issues that have program impacts. possibly by providing a decision-making capacity that cannot be achieved at project level or by providing the Project Manager with a program perspective when required.908 $60k $130k Program management or programme management is the process of managing several related projects. The Program manager may be well placed to provide this insight by actively seeking out such information from the Project Managers although in large and/or complex projects. a specific role may be required. issues. However this insight arises. In practice and in its aims it is often closely related to systems engineering and industrial engineering. often with the intention of improving an organization's performance. requirements.044 $74k $150k US Air Force Salaries Program Manager 19 US Air Force Salaries $89.• • • • Program Management Project Specialist Dolby – San Francisco. The Program Manager has oversight of the purpose and status of all projects in a Program and can use this oversight to support project-level activity to ensure the overall program goals are likely to be met.

7.Post Graduation Not Required Industry Type: IT-Software/ Software Services Role: Program Mgr Functional Area: ERP.Graduation Not RequiredPG . 5.11 Years Location: Gurgaon Education: UG . 6. Manage Billing for the voice domain.Managing SLA for Voice Infrastructure.Managing the customer accounts in terms of delivery.Any Graduate .Any Specialization. Conducting regular Reviews with Clients. 2. CTO) 3. Drive SIP (Service Improvement Plans).Any Specialization.Any PG Course . Customer reviews. 4. CRM Posted Date: 02 Jun Desired Candidate Profile Roles & Responsibilities 1. Customer satisfaction.(VP.Program Manager 1 Opening(s) Wipro Infotech Apply Button will redirect you to recruiters resume management system Apply Summary Experience: 7 . renewals/ enhancement of business. Drive Projects and Ensure timely completion. Convert Customer Complex Business problems into Innovative .

technology Solution. CMS. aspect). .Should be possessing strong knowledge on 2-3 Voice technologies like Dialers (Aspect). . 8 Build a strong Execution Team of 30-40 Engineers and supervise assigned operations to achieve operational success Job Description Job Description Ideal Candidate should have .Should be able to drive Automation and identify Cost take-out Opportunities.Handled a Virtual team of 30 resources spread across multiple geographies.Should be able to drive multiple projects at a team worth $ 1Mn.Should be able to communicate to CXOs during Crisis and Critical Incidents. . Intelligent Call Routing (Geotel) . Avaya Call Center Technology. . Call Recording (Nice.

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