Reli, Jr. Michael Sablan, Allen Samonte, Kenneth Vitug, Marines Valencia, Lyann Angel 1. Given: A = W XY(W + Z) . Determine the output of the circuit A if W=0, X=1, Y=1, and Z=0. (November, 2002) a. 0 b. 1 c. 2 d. 10 2. A sum term is that contains all variables in completed form is called: (November, 2002) a. minterm b. maxterm c. product term d. none of the above. 3. Four cascaded toggle flip-flop divide the input frequency by: a. 2 b. 4 c. 8 d. 16 4. Registers and counters are similar in the sense that they both: (November, 2002) a. count pulses b. store binary information c. are made from an array of flip-flops and gates integrated on a single chip d. are, in fact, shift registers 5. The scale of integration of an IC depends in the number of ________ in the package. (November, 2002) a. transistors b. diodes c. gates d. pins 6. The number 144.4410 is what in octal? (November, 2002) a. 220.348 b. 908 c. 49.568 d. none of these 7. If the inputs to an RS flip-flop are R-low, S-low, Enable-high, Preset-low, Clear-high, the output will be: (November, 1997) a. high b. low c. undetermined d. illegal inputs combination 8. An OR gate can be constructed by connecting: (November, 1997) a. an AND gate is cascaded with NOT gate b. one or more NOT gates inputted to an AND gate c. one or more NOT gates inputted to a NOR gate d. one or more NOT gates inputted to a NAND gate 9. In a parallel adder: (November, 1997) a. all bits are added simultaneously b. all bits are added sequentially, LSB first c. all bits are added sequentially, MSB first d. the bits can t be added 10. An astable multivibrator has: (November, 1997) a. one stable state b. no stable state c. two stable states d. three stable states

decoder d. For an RS flip-flop made of NAND gates that race conditions happens when (Sept 1984) a. Comparator b. S=R=0 9. OR gate c. Lower power dissipation 4. Essentially no current flows for logic zero and logic one input c. Mary Wella 1. NAND gate a. The output pulses of a logic pulser _______. Binary zero 6. R=1 d. Full logical zero and one levels are presented at the output b. Increasing the input frequency. Jett Nuqui. decreases the power dissipation d. S=R=1 c. Greater fan out c. Timer d. ex-NOR c. Can be used to overdrive logic nodes high or low 3. Greater packing density b. Counter b. buffer 2. A CMOS with series PMOS and complementary parallel NMOS is equivalent to logical (Nov 2008) a. Gate b. For devices of similar dimensions PMOS is lower than NMOS 3. An encoder is an MSI (medium scale integration) circuit that (Nov 1996) a. Lower propagation delay d. Are too narrow for the logic probe to respond to c. Which is not an advantage of CMOS over TTL logic family? (April 1997) a. flip-flop c. Which is not true regarding a CMOS inverter? (April 1998) a.Laxina. A circuit that detects bit errors in a binary word is called a (November 1990) a. static RAM d. A CMOS with parallel PMOS and complementary series NMOS is equivalent to logical. register c. Carlos Javier Valiente. John Ernest Yalung. NAND gate d. Which of the following is the probable output if all inputs of a TTL gate are binary one? (Nov 2008) a. OR gate 2. parity checker Group Maricar 1. S=1. Clock c. NOR gate 5. (March 1996) a. The memory element used in clocked sequence logic circuit is (March 1996) a. AND gate b. S=0. Can damage logic circuits b. (Nov 1997) a. AND gate b. Provides for delivery one of two or more inputs to an output d. Binary one b. (March 1996) d. dynamic RAM 10. Register 8. Selects a given output on binary input code b. Provides a storage of a certain number of binary bits c. R=0 b. Provides an output that corresponds to which a set of input line is true 7. flip-flop d. Interminate c. Can only force high nodes to low d. Determinate d. Gate b. _____ refers to a circuit that stores pulses and produces an output pulse when a specified number of pulses are stored. A single digital word storage device is called: (Sep 1984) a. NOR gate c. Godofredo Roxas. What do you call a circuit that changes pure binary code into ACII? (March 2006) .

What is the reason why more cells can be stored in a given area with dynamic cells (Mar 1996) a. How many symbols are used in octal digital number system? (Nov 1997) a. Bit error rate c. makes decision Group Rachelle 1. (Nov. Even when power is not applied to the memory c. AND gate b. generates clock signal c. They are larger d. 1024 b. shift register c. 1101 b. 8 d. 4 c. binary counter 8. NAND gate c. Speed of a logic circuit is normally expressed as (1996) a. Magnetic disk b. 2 6. Bits per inch d. character d. Bit stuffing rate b. 1110 c. memory word c. 8BC8 d.a. Bits per second 6. Stores binary data b. code converter 4. The density of data recorded on magnetic tape is measured in (Nov 1996) a. ________ refers to BCD counter. magnetic bubble d. Logic levels b. relay data d. They travel faster 3. What is the equivalent of decimal number 11 in binary? (Nov. 8CB4 b. Static memory will store information (Nov 1996) a. They are smaller c. OR gate 7. (November 1995) a. When power is applied at regular intervals 2. 884C 10. What is the is decimal 36020 equivalent to hexadecimal? (Nov 1997) a. propagation delay d. (Nov 1996) a. _________ is a single bit comparator. 88BC d. Decade counter b. Magnetic cores 5. 1997) a. which depends on the magnetic polarization of domains. ______________ is a byte data stored in a memory location. 256 c. 4 bits 9. Exclusive NOR 5. (Nov 1997) a. 8 bits b. 1011 a. As long as power is applied to the memory b. _________ are non-semiconductor devices still used in digital memories. flip-flops c. They consume less power b. Wired OR b. Relay d. not determined by sets of input 7. As long as power is applied and the memory is refreshed periodically d. Exclusive OR c. A solid state device which only gives a 1 output if all inputs are also 1 is called (1995) a. encoder c. 1111 9. frequency divider d. 1996) d. (Nov 1995) a. 16 b. 512 d. What is the function of a flip-flop as logic element? (Nov. Gates b. A memory circuit that has 9 addresses has how many storage locations? (Nov 1996) a.magnetic core c. magnetic drum 4. A _______ is a solid state memory device. 1997) a. power consumption 8. speed immunity c. Decoder b. demultiplexer d. NOR gate d. What is the equivalent of hexadecimal 1A in decimal (Nov 1996) . usually in a garnet type material. NOR gate d.

November 1995) a) Binary b) Byte c) Bit d) Word . 27 b. Jesmark Anthony Figueroa. Daryl De Guzman. Mallari. not determined by no. of inputs Cura. What does ALU which carries arithmetic and logic operations process? (Guidebook in Electronics Engineering. What is the smallest part of a computer language? (Guidebook in Electronics Engineering. Mendoza. (Guidebook in Electronics Engineering. A memory circuit that has a 9 address inputs has how many storage location? (Nov 1996) b. (Guidebook in Electronics Engineering. Juriel Jr. Harmond 1. March 1996) a) Output unit b) Memory unit c) Control unit d) Input unit 3. 256 a. 512 c. November 1996) a) Binary coded decimal b) Hexadecimal numbers c) Octal numbers d) Binary numbers 5. Refers to the increased use of data conversion circuits as a result of increased application. 40 c. Refers to the part of computer that performs mathematical operations. March 1996) a) CPU b) Flip-flop c) Assembly language d) ALU 4. 26 d. November 1995) a) Op Amps b) Linear circuit c) Computers d) Digital equipment 2. What is a group of circuit that provides timing and signals to all operation in the computer? (Guidebook in Electronics Engineering. Marlon O.a. Mallari. 1024 d. Arvin Cedric Q. 42 10.

Multiplies by two b. Divides by two c. Decrease by ten d. In binary number. What level is used to represent logic 0 in negative logic circuit? (Guidebook in Electronics Engineering. Arman Jose Sicat. November 1997) a) 21 b) 49 c) 7 d) 14 10. shifting the binary point one place to the right (November. 0111 . 1997) a. Fides marie Nunag. Christian Alex David. Increase by ten 2.6. Kathleene 1. Which of the following is not used in hexadecimal digital symbols? (Guidebook in Electronics Engineering. What is the equivalent of decimal 7 in octal? (Guidebook in Electronics Engineering. November 1995) a) High level b) Low level c) Negative transition level d) Positive transition level Cunanan. March 1996) a) 16 b) 4 c) 8 d) 32 8. A digital word consisting of only four bits is called a (Guidebook in Electronics Engineering. The 2 s complement of 10002 (November. November 1997) a) A b) C c) H d) F 9. March 1996) a) Dibit b) Quad c) Pixel d) Nibble 7. 1997) a. How many symbols does hexadecimal number system used? (Guidebook in Electronics Engineering. Mark Voltaire Manaloto.

Information of time c. Solve for x in the given (152)8 = (211)x a. 8 b. with high output if any or all inputs are high. One-third Yabut. 1997) a. What time is it .3. The output of a toggle flip flop is a. Four larger b. 4 2. Three smaller c. A bit of information stored in the flip-flop b. 1000 d. 0101 c. Much larger the frequency of its input. 1997) a. 32 d. March 1996) a. Can handle negative numbers easily d. In excess-3 code. 1997) 5. In shift registers made up of several flip-flops. b. Avoid direct subtraction 3. Half c. each coded number is a. 1997) a. Gate b. Simplifies their circuit b. 1001 The 15 s complement of ABBA16 (November. 1997) c. OR gate c. Three larger d. 255 b. BABA16 b. 4. 4 What is the logic circuit having two or more inputs but only one output. ________ is a device that stay on once triggered and store on or two conditions as a digital circuit (Nov. integer d. with low output only if all inputs are low? (Guidebook in Electronics Engineering. latch c. (November. oscillator 2. 20 c. 544516 d. Alex Group 1. 6 in the BCD code. Thrice d. 9 d. (November. 5. 123416 c. The chief reason why digital computers use complement of subtraction is that it (November. 1997) 4. None of these The number 128 is equivalent to decimal (November. AND gate b. the circuit signal indicates (Nov. 1995) a.7 c. 10 d. NOR gate d. NAND gate How many bits are required to represent an 8-digit decimal number in BCD? (November. 12 b. 1995) a. 256 a. 1. Is a very simple process c. Twice b.

10. binarize b. 6. feedback What is the process used to describe analog-to-digital conversion? (Nov. linear d. Power consumptions d. Half-duplex b. D d. digitize d. 5. The clock pulse at 50% of its low or high levels What is the higher voltage level in digital gates and flip-flop circuits (Apr. The high level to the low level b. synchronous d. 4. combinational b. the following must be true. latch c. Logic levels b. 1997) a. Noise margin c. analogize Which is not a type of flip-flop? (Apr. (Nov. Yes or no Refers to the digital interface in which data characteristics are individually synchronized an may be sent at a time (Apr. 1998) a. The low level to the high level c. The information must have been stored in the buffer d. 7. asynchronous c. The output enable must be true c. simplex To cause a three-state buffer to output 0=1 levels. The signal OE must be at logic 1 Refers to the class of logic circuit containing flip-flop (Nov. RS b. 9. When to shift a bit of data from input of the flip-flop to the output When a logic circuit rejects an unwanted signal. sequential c. Yes or One b. 1998) a.1997) a. this is termed as (March 1996) a.1998) a. 1997) a. Similar points in the clock waveform d. 1996) a. 8. Propagation delay Clock periods are measured from (Nov. d. One or zero c. Register . The output enable must be false b.3. linearize c. Zero or no d.

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