“Engineered Solutions for the Pipeline Pigging and Flow Assurance Industry”

are used in the manufacture of polyurethane parts. joint testing and isolation equipment which includes: > Foam. The Company has invested in the latest CNC production equipment and processes to meet the most demanding delivery schedules of the industry. providing unrivalled wear resistance and tear strength. We do not offer the closest equivalent off the shelf product. . to ensure the maximum effectiveness. These designs are then transferred to our computer aided manufacturing system for timely manufacturing and assembly. safety and the economic importance of oil & gas. to ensure that the product will provide the most effective service.Selection of Pipeline Pigs Standard Products P ro du c t s e ng ine e re d to m e e t a rang e of p i p e l i ne re quire me nts Pipeline Engineering manufacture a wide range of pigging. the products are tested in simulated pipeline conditions. Selection of Spheres Pipeline Engineering’s unique “Omnithane®” chemical formulations. designing each item to meet the customer’s specific needs. Metal Bodied (Mandrel) and Solid Polyurethane Pigs > Spheres > Pig Signallers (intrusive & non-intrusive) > Pig Tracking Systems > Pipeline Profiling Tools > Closures > Flange & Joint Testers Non-Intrusive Pig Signaller At Pipeline Engineering. Delivery plays an important part in our business. we take the approach that no two pipelines are alike. but review each project enquiry as a unique requirement. Where required. our products are tested to exacting standards before packaging and shipping. In view of the critical nature of a pipeline and its component parts with respect to the environment. The solution is then built up of modular component parts on our 3D SolidWorks ® CAD system.

Proven time after time in third party trials. Where possible. This enables us to produce products for pipelines and other general engineering requirements.Bend Limiters Polyurethane Products Polyurethane expertise for pipeline and engineering requirements Pipeline Engineering. during pre-commissioning operations. trading under the name of Polyurethane Engineering. the wear resistance and tear strength offered by this range of materials are unrivalled in the pigging industry. has developed expert knowledge in the manufacture of polyurethanes. to withstand the harsh conditions found in all types of pipeline systems. Track Pad Filtration Screen . Pipeline Engineering has a policy of using environmentally friendly chemicals and avoids the use of hazardous chemicals such as MbOCA. with pigs having travelled up to 840km in a dry gas pipeline. specifically developed for the pipeline pigging industry. in a single run. These include: > > > > > > > Specialist Pig Components Pipeline Bend Stiffeners/Limiters Filtration Screens Pipeline Clamps Track Pads Cable Protectors General Polyurethane Components Bend Stiffener Polyurethane Expertise Omnithane® is Pipeline Engineering’s own unique range of polyurethane formulations.

polyurethane moulding. pipeline profiling and inspection and other related pipeline activities. Pipeline Engineering is also able to offer a full flow assurance service to help maximise the flow in a pipeline. during pipeline operations. Specialist pigging and flow assurance services offered by this engineering team include: > > > > > > Project Management Engineering Consultancy Specialist Design Prototyping Trialling Deployment These services are supported by machining. Our team of design engineers are capable of producing innovative ideas which can save time and considerable sums of money for the operator. prior to inline inspection. or at decommissioning. Further details on the SureStreamSM initiative are given on their website www. fabrication. Areas where Pipeline Engineering has become a market leader include: > > > > > > Multi/dual diameter and long distance pigs Pigs for low flow lines Black powder removal Hyperbaric welding pigs Automated pigging systems & subsea traps Specialist polyurethane products for offshore applications Flow Assurance • Halliburton • Pipeline Engineering • Intertek Westport • Subsea 7 • Granherne • KBR Working with our partners in SureStreamSM Flow Assurance .surestream-fas. testing and other facilities available at our Corporate Headquarters. This could include chemical or thermal cleaning. Such assignments might be carried out at the FEED stage of a project. which cannot be resolved using standard products or which requires an integrated project management approach.Completed Pig Run Engineered Solutions D e si g n i n g a nd d e v e lo ping e n g i ne e re d sol ut ions f or pi g g i ng a nd flo w a ssura nc e Using our global experience in pigging and flow assurance. to support pipeline commissioning. Pipeline Engineering’s Solutions team is able to resolve clients’ specific pigging and flow assurance problems. intrusive intervention along with analytical services.

Accurate Machine Work and Fabrication Quality Q ua l i t y a nd p e rfo rma nc e is re f l e c t e d th ro u g h o ut a ll a re a s o f o ur bu si ne ss Pipeline Engineering’s products are designed and manufactured to ISO 9001:2000. minimise costs and reduce wastage > Quality. Quality is adopted throughout all business areas to give our clients best value in performance. effectiveness and efficiency. Polyurethane Testing To meet our quality objectives. we will ensure: > Our processes and procedures maximise efficiencies. This ensures high standards are maintained and also sets the benchmark for all other company activities. cost and other efficiency measures are promoted. delivery. monitored and controlled to improve customer satisfaction and company performance > The most suitable materials. resources and suppliers are used in the provision of products and services > Good communications are maintained with customers and suppliers to ensure our customers requirements are properly understood and conveyed > The highest levels of health and safety are maintained Material Testing .

we pride ourselves in our sense of urgency and purpose in meeting our customers’ expectations and our team of people have been chosen to meet both the existing industry requirements and future expectations. Computer Aided Manufacture Development of our own people remains a high priority and our in-house training procedures ensure our team keep pace with the latest developments and remain focussed on developing ‘best fit’ solutions for projects they are working on.Industry Training People A range of skills to meet different industry challenges Pipeline Engineering works with industry colleagues to ensure that we give a high level of support. At Pipeline Engineering. We provide field based and office based training for clients to further enhance their understanding of our products and services. This support can only be provided due to the expertise and knowledge of our people. Product Testing .

but also help improve the health. Whether at the design phase in specifying the pipeline geometry. Pipeline Engineering is here to help with your flow assurance issues. It is our intention to differentiate ourselves within the industry by offering engineered solutions for customers’ unique requirements rather than offering the nearest off the shelf fit. safety and environmental issues surrounding their operations. reduce operational and maintenance costs and increase revenue through flow assurance products and services is substantial. prototyping of alternative solutions and trialling to find the most suitable method of operation. “Engineered Solutions for the Pipeline Pigging and Flow Assurance Industry” . we are able to make substantial savings for our customers. at the construction phase laying the line. By careful analysis of the problem. during the operational phase of cleaning lines and maximising flow or during pipeline inspection. being flexible and open in our approach. At Pipeline Engineering it is our objective to help our customers throughout the world to not only capitalise on this flow assurance opportunity.The potential for pipeline operators to improve their production.

com w: www. Ltd 2006 .Pipeline Engineering Gatherley Road Catterick Bridge > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > Abu Dhabi Algeria Brazil Brunei China Egypt France Germany Greece India Iran Iraq Italy Japan Korea Kuwait Libya Malaysia Mexico > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > Netherlands Nigeria Norway Oman Pakistan Qatar Russia Saudi Arabia Singapore South Africa Syria Thailand Turkey Trinidad United Arab Emirates United Kingdom United States of America Venezuela Vietnam “Engineered Solutions for the Pipeline Pigging and Flow Assurance Industry” PE/CP/01 © Copyright Reserved Pipeline Engineering & Supply Co. North Yorkshire DL10 7JQ United Kingdom Tel: +44 (0) 1748 813 000 Fax: +44 (0) 1748 813 501 e: sales@pipelineengineering.pipelineengineering.

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