For Bob Dylan Aficionados Resting in the Fields: the way Larry kidded on the Jew

For film-maker Jesse Dylan and his brother Jakob–both of them stretched-out orphans–to ‘unravel’ and shrug their shoulders over (in imitation of the paternal voice):
The Bobcats recovered from the Eighties frost and spew— And now the grass is springing rich and new. High clouds go sailing in a sky of Thunder Laughing like Hell. And it’s no bloody wonder— (The way Ratso kidded on the Jew!)

But did Larry realize he was kidding? Intertextuality on the ‘muddiest superhighway in the universe’. Remember how Dylan shrugged his shoulders over the ‘Minoan snake goddess’ interpretation of ‘born with a snake in both of your fists’? I can’t locate that just now. But for Larry’s making of the JOKERMAN video, click here (even though you can’t).

Larry & Larry in evolution. At the Tangled Up in Jews website Larry rises up and says goodbye to no one - just like a (Caribbean) jumbi:
When the sun sets on Saturday evening, you rise up and say goodbye to the Sabbath. To no one? Well, there's nobody there, nothing real, nothing concrete. Is this a befuddled description of Jewish practice by a naive narrator? Is this a Christian mocking Jewish rituals? Or is this the song of someone observing the Sabbath and the parting havdalah ritual, but full of doubt and uncertainty?

Blown if I know, Larry. Which rituals? Mystery quote from Blind Willie McTell in Saint James Street:

I feel that we have no reason to be proud of our discovery that music is traceable back to the imitation of the paternal voice. The discovery has long been extant in the popular saying: 'As the cock crows the chicks twitter'.

Children cry for mother. I told them mother took a trip.

Copyright 2011 Paul Kirkman, ‘Messianic’ Dylanologist

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