I don’t believe in miracles. Or in magic or fate. Or even that everyone has a soul mate out there. I believe in Reality. Parents murdered. Siblings Dead. I’m alone … That’s what I thought until I was dared to go into an abandoned house to show everyone I’m not a coward. In the end I found out it wasn’t worth it because guess what I found? An undead prince saying that I’m his long lost Queen!


I came home late one night after partying with some friends, to find my door hanging off its hinges.
“What the hell.” Who did this, oh I bet it was my obnoxious little brother. He’s always playing with his stupid little Thor hammer. When I see him were going to have a little ‘chat’. Thinking about it now, why don’t I hear my parents yelling or matter a fact why don’t I hear any noise or voices coming from the inside of my house. I opened the door eagerly, only to be confronted by a terrible stench. Sick! What is this!? I turned the corner, entering the living room only to be met by my parents lying on the floor, mutilated. I screamed and I screamed. I think my voice shook the whole neighborhood. I dropped to my knee’s trying to find my mom in this sea of blood. Oh god! Where is the bottom half of her body? I started vomiting and vomiting. My stomach was on fire by the time I finished. I suddenly shot up thinking where are Max and Emily? I ran up stair’s, checked my parents room, their room, and even my room. Where could they be? I started running towards the steps but saw a light coming from the bathroom. I ran to it. That was a mistake … They’re lying across the floor was my two five year old brother and sister soaking in blood.

Chapter One



ne year later

My life is hell. I have but one friend and to tell you the truth I wouldn’t even call her that, she’s an acquaintance. She only speaks to me because I get a weekly 100 dollar allowance from the state. It’s supposed to compensate for my food for the week. Anyways today is the one year anniversary of my family’s death. The priest of my church had conducted a small memorial for them. A few people from my school came. And by few I meant almost all of the ‘popular’ kids. They didn’t come because they wanted to, but because their parents forced them to. The whole time they were there they just talked and talked. It was so disrespectful, I mean my family is dead and all they had to say was “where are you going tonight” or “I think bobby ,might like me, maybe I’ll get lucky.” I would have walked over there and said “Maybe you’ll get lucky if you shave that scruffy ass mustache off your face” but I wasn’t going to lose focus of this day. I wasn’t going to ruin my family’s memorial. So I let it go. The memorial was over and I was heading out to my parents grave when someone grabbed my arm and jerked me back. “What the hell” I said angrily. I turned around to see ‘The Ashley’s and the Jocks. That’s what people call them at school, because you could get “messed” up if you called them by their real name. I wasn’t scared of them. I would’ve called them their real names, but I seriously didn’t care what hideous names they harbored. “Where do you think you’re going Rose” she said while grinning at me like a hyena. “What does it look like? I’m going to my family’s grave you dumb bitch.” I said getting in her face. Seriously, where at my parent’s memorial, in a cemetery where does it look like I’m going? Off to space! Jeez the people that walk this earth. “Relax, I was just wondering” she said backing up. “Well go wonder somewhere else.” I started to stalk off but she said “Look! Wait I just brought a peace offering” I stopped and turned around. She had red roses in her hand. Whoa! Is she really being nice? I went to grab them from her, but she took a step back and threw the flowers on the floor, and then she started to stomp on them. “You’re the dumb bitch to think I would ever be nice to you.” ~4~

OH NO SHE DID NOT! I raised my fist and it was just millimeters away from colliding with her hideous face when and arm reached out and stopped it mid-air. Who’s stopping me from dismembering her face? I turned around and started to say “Who the fu...” but stopped because just behind me was the priest himself. “Oh ahm… I mean” he cut me off “You young lady better take your friends and leave before my hand magically slips and Ms. McHale here mashes her fist into your face.” He said with a deathly glare. They scattered like fleas. “Ahm... I’m sorry priest Rolland I didn’t mean to start a fight, they were just, I mean I just started to ...” “It’s all right child just go to your parent’s grave and say your prayers” I nodded and ran off. I first went to my brother and sister. They were buried next to each other. I knelt down and I said a few prayers. Oh how I missed them. With Max and his stupid Thor hammer and Emily with her Hannah Montana dolls. I used to hate them with a passion, but now, now I can’t even sleep without having one of them in my arms. I left before I started crying. I visited my parents. It was a brief visit because I knew that there were no remains left in the coffin. It was just an empty box. I started to walk away, but noticed a light in my peripheral vision. I turned and looked into the neighborhoods ‘abandoned mansion’. I squinted my eyes to see if it was just the light gleaming off the snow, but before I knew it the light or whatever it was, was gone. Guess it was nothing. I turned around at started my long journey home, but before I left I looked up to the sky and screamed out loud “Why me! Why do this to me! I lost everything, everything. Why!” A single tear dropped from my eyes. I turned around and left.

Chapter Two

I woke up screaming and sweating. I had another one of 'those' nightmares. This happens every night.
Every since that day, that dreadful, horrible day these nightmares penetrate my dreams. It starts out with me sitting at the dinner table eating, and then all of a sudden knifes, spoons, and cups fall and I look around to see that everyone is dead. Everything turns red and then, then comes the smell. I push the last few images I have left of the nightmare to the back out my mind. I don't want to think about it anymore. I take a shower, get dressed and head downstairs to get breakfast. Every step I take you hear a loud echo. This house is so vacant and empty you can literally hear a pin drop. My aunt never comes home, some legal guardian she is. Even though I despise her company, right now all I want is for someone to just be here, with me. I made some quick eggs, munched it down and walked to school. About 20 minutes later I arrive. My school looks terrible, it can probably depress the happiest people in the world. With all the taxes we pay, why they can't afford to paint it a different color other than the dry looking grey. God only knows. My day went like usual. First through fifth period I had to deal with The Ashley's bitching on and on about how I was never gonna get friends or a boyfriend blah blah blah. Then sixth through ninth just blew by, and the next thing I know it's the end of the day. TGIF! I was heading to my locker; when all of a sudden I was bombarded by my money hungry 'friend' Lucy. "Hey Rose. What's up?" "Nothing mu ..." She cut me off "So do you think I can borrow 30 dollars?" Whoa she's never asked for this much before. "That's a lot! Why do you need so much?" She looked like she was in a hurry to get somewhere. "Because The Ashley's asked me to come with them to the mall after school today" Ugh, really why do I keep her around if all she's going to do is fraternize with the enemy.

"No" I said bluntly "Are you serious!?" "As a heart attack." I said ~6~

"Fine! You know they were right about you. You really are a stuck up selfish bitc ..." She didn't even get to finish her last syllable because I had slapped her. "How dare YOU of all people call me that! Who was the one who was there for you when they spilt your lunch all over your new clothes? ME! Who was the one who stood up to them when they called you a slut in class? ME! And now you go around and run to them when they call. Your PATHETIC!" I said all in one breath. I turned around and stormed off. I hurried out of the school building so no one would see the tears that were already pouring down my face. I guess NOW I have no friends.


Chapter Three
I awoke to a loud thundering noise. I bolted straight out of bed and headed to the source of the noise.
It came from the front door, I walked over. I hesitated before opening it. I twisted the door knob and popped open the door. I was expecting a mass murderer, but instead I found my aunt Helen. “Ahm ... Hey Auntie Helen why ...” “Don’t just stand there and gawk child, let me in” she said cutting me off. “Oh yes. Sorry” I let her pass. I couldn’t help but ask her why she’s here. “Auntie why ...” “Am I here?” she said while finishing my sentence. “I’m here to give you a check. I will be leaving for a few months, so this should compensate for your food.” “What?!?” I shrieked. “Don’ yell child; you’ll blow out my ear drums. I’m only here to drop off a 100 dollar check.” “100? That won’t feed me.” I said. “Obviously you’ll have to get a job. You’re an, for lack of better words, an attractive girl. I’m sure you can find somewhere to work.” She said with a smug look. She planted the check in my hands. “But …” I didn’t even finish, before she was out the door. What an eventful week. I had flowers thrown in my face, I lost my only friend and now my aunt was leaving. Great! I ran up to my bathroom, hopped in the shower and cried for the gazillionth time. As soon as I stepped out, I brushed my teeth but was stopped by my reflection. My jet black hair looked washed out; my supposedly sky blue eyes looked grey and sad. And my face looked oh so pale. I stared at it for precisely a mille-second before I got too disgusted. I got dressed and decided I was going to take a visit to my family’s grave site.



After saying my goodbyes to my family I started to walk to the cemetery entrance but was confronted by the queen Ashley and her friends. Are they stalking me now? “Hey Rose” she said “Get out of my way Ashley” I said, gritting my teeth. “Hey now, don’t start to get angry. Listen I’ve decided to stop bullying and tormenting you if …” “Bullying and tormenting! Ha I thought I was the one doing that to YOU” “Just listen Alright. I’ve told everyone that bullies you to stop, if and only if you spend a night in the abandoned mansion” “Are you joking?” is she serious, that’s her condition. “Nope, and if you do we’ll leave you alone forever.” Forever? That’s a long time. I mean it would be nice not to have to put up with their B.S every day. All I wanted was to be left alone. Before I knew it I had blurted out “I’ll do it!”


Chapter Four
I’m positive that when I passed the large gate that opened up to the mansion property one of the
Ashley’s said “I bet she’s not even gonna last a minute in there.” Oh really! I’ll show them. I started to make my way down the long drive way that led to the mansion. Why is this drive way so long? It felt like I’ve been walking for miles, but finally I reached the front door. The mansion looked like something out of the middle ages. It would have been beautiful if it had some color. I lifted my hand to knock, but then thought twice. This house is abandoned, why would I knock? It’s not like I’m expecting someone to open it. So I just turned the door knob. I was a bit surprised that it opened; I thought the people who locked it down would of at least boarded the doors up. Ah well. I entered and was shocked to see how clean the inside of it looked. It looked like someone was keeping it maintained. I headed to the steps. Scratch that, the grand steps. They twirled and twined up like vines on a branch. As I headed up them, I thought I heard a noise; I turned around, but thought better. There’s no one here. Why am I getting paranoid? The mansion had about 3 stories. When I got to the first and second all I found was just rooms, lots and lots of rooms, but when I reached the top, I was surprised to find just one grand room. I went inside and stopped dead in my tracks because the room was so beautifully decorated. And oh the bed, the bed was so big. I ran straight for it and jumped in. I couldn’t help but wonder why the sheets smelled so good, and why there were even sheets in the bed. That’s weird, but Instantly forgot about it because the bed was so soft and comfy. Okay then! I’ve decided to stay in this room. I got dressed in my night gown and jumped on the bed. I was so close to falling asleep, when I heard something like glass fall. “What the …” ~10~

I got up and ran down stairs. I think I was on the second floor, but I couldn’t tell. Everything looked the same. I was about to turn the corner when I heard someone say “Jesus Jack you’ll wake her ...” Oh my god! There are people in the house. I didn’t stay long enough to hear the rest of what they had to say because I bolted downstairs, but I stopped again because just before me was a crowd of people, dressed like they were going to a funeral. I screamed. I turned around and ran all the way back up to my room. I ran inside the room and locked the door. Oh shit, oh shit! What are all those people doing here? What if The Ashley’s set this up? They wanted me fail the dare, so that they could still torment me. Of course! I’m so stupid. Fine! I’m not playing there stupid little game anymore I’m getting out of here. I ran towards the window and looked out of it. Holy shit the ground was so far down. I would die if I tried to jump. Why did I chose the highest floor to sleep on, I mentally slapped myself. I almost gave up until I saw that a tree was right across from my room. Yes! I think I could make it if I jumped across. Okay. So now I had a plan. I started to back up, getting ready to jump, when I heard a knock on the door. A deep voice said “Rose, I know you’re in there. Please open up darling.” Darling! Who the hell is this guy? I shouted back “I’m not any ones darling buddy. So leave me alone!” The guy sighed. “Rose, please just come out and listen” “No. you could be a crazy murderer for all I know” I yelled back “Come out NOW! Or I’m coming in for you” he shouted. Who the hell does this guy think is, bossing me around. “HELL NO!” I’m getting out of here, I whispered. I started to run for the window but in the process I heard a loud crash and footsteps.


I was 2 feet away from the window, when I jumped. While in mid air I felt two arms wrap around my waist. I was pulled back into the room and dumped on the bed. I looked up to see the monster that had pulled be back, but all I found was this beautiful boy. He was probably the best looking guy I’ve ever seen. He had black hair with golden eyes. I think anyone could get lost in them if they stared too long. And his body. Wow his body was so toned, and muscular. Even though he was wearing a tuxedo I could spot every muscle hiding under it. Ugh! I shouldn’t be thinking about him like that, I don’t even know him. I scooted to the other side of the bed. “Who are you?” I said “I’m your true love, and you are my queen” he said. It would’ve sounded corny, but coming from him it sounded romantic. Ugh there I go again. “Listen I just want to leave okay. I’m sure you can find another true love somewhere else” I said getting off the bed and walking to the door. In a flash he was in front of me blocking the door. I muffled a scream. “How did you get over here so fast?” “Simple, I have super speed. I can get anywhere in just seconds” he said smirking Oh god he’s some type of freak. I started backing up towards the window again, but his hand shot out and grabbed my arm. I tried to pry them off but he was holding it so tight. “Your …Hurting... Me” I said in between breaths. “I’m sorry love but I can’t have you running off, on the day of our wedding.” “WEDDING!” I screamed. “Wha ... What wedding. I’m not getting married” “Yes you are, to me” he said while staring at me with such intensity. In a flash he had me in his arms, and we were speeding down the stairs. He let me down in front of... of a minister. Oh god I think he’s serious. “What the …” “Do you promise to love this woman? Do you take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife, to love and cherish her?” the minister said cutting me off. “I do” he said Hold up! Don’t I get a say in this?


I tried to step back, but the boy still had my arm and he had an iron grip. “Now you may kiss the bride” The boy turned to me and slowly moved his face towards mine. I really didn’t want to kiss him, but his lips looked so good. I started to lean in too, but my lips contacted nothing, just air. Before I could realize, the guys face was nuzzled in the crook of my neck. “What are you doing?” “This might hurt a little love.” What might hurt...? I couldn’t even finish because I felt this immense pain go through my body. What is he doing to me? I don’t really remember what happened after that because I had passed out.


Chapter Five

Rose why don’t you go out tonight” my mom said.

“Why mom? I thought the family was having movie night.” “Honey I just want you to have fun. You barely go out anymore.” I didn’t really complain, but as I headed out the door I heard her whisper “I don’t want you to be here for when it comes.” I turned around and said “Did you say something Mom” She said it was nothing and then she gave me a kiss on my forehead. “Well then bye” “Bye honey. Oh! And I love you okay. Always remember that” she said “Yea I know.” I smiled and left, but as soon as got outside I remembered that I forgot my keys. As soon as I got in the house I saw a figure move in the shadows. It started to make its way over to me. It had blood covered hands and his mouth was ajar. I tried to scream but nothing came out. Then I tried to move, but my feet wouldn’t budge. It was like I was frozen in time. The thing was in front of me now, staring, just staring. Then it bent its head and attacked.

I woke up sweating. The dream was so vivid, it felt so real. I started to tear up, when I felt someone move next to me. “Rose are you all right? You’re weeping” the voice said. I scrambled out of the bed remembering what had conspired. I got married, I got married. Oh shit! “Rose it’s alright. Your one of us now, you don’t have to be scared, of anything anymore.” “What am I?” my voice cracked “You’re a vampire, but not just any vampire, you’re my queen.” A queen. I’m not fit to be a queen.


“How do I know you’re not crazy and that this is all fake” he started to rise from the bed. He was by my side in seconds. He opened his mouth, but that was enough for me to see his fangs. They looked so sharp. I bet they could cut through wood. I guess I believe him now. “I don’t want to be your queen. I’m not fit for it. No one would take me seriously. I mean look at me I’m ug …” he was in my face within seconds. “Don’t ever insult yourself. You ARE beautiful. You have the most beautiful blue eyes and a perfect body. You have such full lips. Every time I see you it takes all my strength to not kiss you. And your voice, your angelic voice, could probably save dying men or cure a thousand diseases. I’m sure anyone would fall in love with you, just by seeing you.” Wow. That was really sweet. I’ve never had any one say things like that to me. I didn’t know what to say, but by brilliant reply was “Ah … Thank you” I regretted it as soon as I said it. He didn’t seem to be offended though, because he said “you’re very welcome Rose. I will tell you everyday if you wish.” I wish you would, but I don’t think I can stay here and burden him with all my problems. He would probably be disgusted with me if he found out my past. “I don’t think I can stay ahm … I don’t even know your name.” “It’s Jace.” “Well Jace I have school, and ... And well I just need some time to think about all this.” I didn’t wait for his reply; I just bolted out the door, then out the house. I didn’t hear any footsteps coming after me, so I guess he understands. I headed straight home. I was passing the cemetery when I stopped and looked in. Sometimes I wish I was home the day they were killed. I’d rather be there with them, than out here in this harsh world. I continued on my way home. As soon as I got home I checked the time, it said it was 7:00 am. Shit, I had to get ready for school. *** When I reached school 1st period was all ready over and 2nd had started. I sighed, that means study hall with all the Ashley’s and Lucy. As soon as I walked into the classroom, everyone stopped and stared at me. What are they looking at? I started to feel a bit self conscience so I looked down. Maybe it was what I wore. I was wearing normal blue jeans and a burgundy long sleeve. Was it the shirt, is it too bright or something. After class I was bombarded with questions, like “did you chicken out” or “I bet you ran home as soon as you got inside”, and this one surprised me the most “you look really beautiful today Rose.” I turned around to find out who it was. I was surprised to see that it was from Erik Hayes. ~15~

He’s probably the most popular guy in school. I looked behind me to check if he was talking to somebody else, but I found no one. It seemed as soon as he said it everyone stopped talking and started staring at me too, and then they too were saying “Wow you’re like glowing” and “Did you use a new face cream or something” “What are you guys talking about, I look the same” I said a little confused. “No you look beautiful. I can’t believe you don’t notice” Erik said. The Ashley’s just stood there staring, and me dirty looks.” “Ahm … Thanks, well I got to go.” I said while turning away The whole day I kept getting whistled at, and asked out by the guys. Whoa, what’s their problem, one day they all hate me the next they love me. Make up your mind. It was the end of the day and I had to throw out about 10 numbers from these unknown boys. How my life has taken an unexpected twist. I was exiting the school when someone grabbed my arm. I turned around to find Erik smiling at me. “Hey do you mind if I walk you home.” He said “I would say yes, but I’m on my way to the cemetery and I don’t think you would want to join me there.” I said while giving him a sorry look. “I still want to come with you, if that’s alright” “Ahm … sure” I said leading the way. “So Rose how’s life treating you?” “Not very well. I mean everyone avoids me like a plague.” “Yea I’m sorry about that. I’ve seen you around by yourself, but I’ve never had the courage to say hi or even wave. You always seemed … intimidating” “Intimidating! Really I thought I was just weird” “No! no of course not. You were just hard to approach” after that it was like the awkward air was lifted. We began talking and by time I knew it, we were at the cemetery. “So here we are” I said


“Here we are” “I guess I’ll be on my way now” I started to turn around but he grabbed my shoulder and started to move his face closer to mine. This is a little fast. I don’t want to kiss him; I mean I barely know the guy. But I was frozen, I awaited his wet lips to touch mine, but nothing came. I opened my eyes to see Jace holding Erik up by the neck. Oh My God he’s going to kill him! “Jace. Jace! Put him down.” “NO! He tried to kiss you. Who the hell does he think he is, trying to lay his filthy mortal hands on you. I will murder this boy.” His eyes were turning red. He’s really gonna do it. “Shit Jace put him down now or I will never speak to you again. I will leave you.” I yelled. I know I got him with that last part because immediately he put Erik down. Jace looked in Erik’s eyes and said “You will never speak of this again, if anyone asks you where you were today, you are to tell them that you went home. Now get the hell out of my face before I change my mind.” Erik ran away like there was no tomorrow. Jace turned around and looked at me like I was his next victim. “What do you think you’re doing? I let you get some space and you go off and start kissing random guys.” “I wasn’t kissing random guys, he was the one who was trying to kiss me” his started to make a fist.”And plus you’re not my father, you can’t tell who to kiss and not to kiss.” “I am your husband, of course I can tell who to kiss. ME! And only me. If I ever catch a guy touching you, or even looking at you I will kill them, so you think twice about who you ‘kiss and not kiss.” He said. He looked really pissed. “Look I’m sorry, but I told you already. I can’t be your wife or queen, I’m not ready.” Before I could blink he had scooped me up, and started running. When I opened my eyes we were in his room. He put me down and started to say “please just give me a chance. I know you could learn to love me, as I have done for you.” He looked as though he was going to cry. I caved. “I will try, but I give you no guarantee. So don’t get disappointed when it doesn’t work out.” I thought I saw a light shine in his eyes. “Ok so what do we do now” I said. I don’t exactly know how to ‘love someone, so this might be difficult for me. ~17~

“I’ll tell you something about me and you’ll tell me some things about you.” “Okay well I have a question first. Does sunlight really hurt us, and do I have to sleep in a coffin and OH MY GOSH I forgot about blood. Do I have to drink blood?” I started to hyperventilate. “Calm down Rose. One, you already answered your first question. You went to school today, and you didn’t complain. Two, No you don’t have to sleep in a coffin, that’s why there are beds in every room. And three, you do have to drink blood to live. It’s not all we eat, but without it we will die.” Oh god, I can’t drink blood. I can’t, I just … can’t. I gulped “Okay next question, what’s your favorite color?” I asked “Red, yours?” “Red.” At least we have one thing in common. I yawned “It’s getting late Rose maybe you should get some sleep.” “Yeah, you’re probably right” I said heading for the door. He was next to me in a flash. “Where do you think you’re going?” “Im going home, to sleep. Isn’t that what you just suggested?” “No I suggested you sleep, here, with me.” “With you? As in the same bed.” “Yes” he said while smirking “Well I don’t have anything to change into.” He went to his closet and pulled out an oversized shit, and handed it to me. “Thank you” my voice shook a little. I went in to the bathroom, and got changed. I stared at myself in the mirror. To my surprise, I looked really … well really beautiful. Even in Jace’s two sizes too big shirt. I did notice one thing that surprised me. There was a golden ring around my eyes. I looked magical on me. It kind of made my eyes POP! I exited the bathroom to find a half naked Jace lying in the bed. He looks like a Greek god. As soon as he spotted me his eyes widened.


“You know you look beautiful in my shirt” I blushed. I just walked over got in the bed and faced away from him. He chuckled. He pulled the sheet over both of us and closed the distance, by scooting his way over to me. He wrapped his arm around my waist and rested his head on my back. I went rigid. “Just relax Rose. Go to sleep” I closed my eyes and did exactly what he said. I thought it was going to be difficult to fall asleep, but it was like I was sleeping on a cloud. He was so warm and cozy. I think I could get use to this.

Chapter Six

I felt something shift next to me. I opened my eyes and found Jace. He looked so cute when he sleeps.
I started to rise but his hand around my waist tightened. He’s like a little baby sleeping with his teddy bear. It took me a few minutes to pry his hands off my waist, he was seriously strong. I’m surprised he didn’t wake up with all the grunts I was making. Finally, I had a little lee way so I slipped out, but had to replace the empty space with a pillow. He grabbed it and started to hug it, and by hug I mean crush. I chuckled. I put my jeans on, and gathered up my belongings. I have school in a few hours, so I left Jace a note saying goodbye and that I left. I placed it on his nightstand. Soon after that I left the mansion, and headed home. I couldn’t help but think about how nice it felt to sleep with him. I think that was the first night I didn’t have nightmares. I smiled to myself. As soon as I reached home, I took a shower, brushed my teeth and got dressed for school. I don’t know why but I’m in a great mood, so I decided to wear something a little different. I put on an off-shoulder black and white long sleeve, American eagle dark blue jeans and some knee high black boots. After that I headed downstairs, to make some breakfast. I micro waved some hot pockets, and got a water bottle. Before I could even open it my front door burst open. I looked to see who it was, and was surprised to find Jace. “What are you…?” “Why did you leave me Rose? I thought you were going to give us a try” “What are you talking …?” “I mean you left that note, and I almost died.” “Wait Jace I think you’ve …” “Please rose, whatever I did. Ill fix it; I’ll make you happy, I promise.” “Jace! Just listen to me” I yelled. That shut him up “I had to get ready for school, so I left you a note saying I had left. Okay! So you can relax, I’m still giving us a try.” His shoulders relaxed, and he stopped panting. Was he that scared that I’d run off. “How did u get in here, I thought I locked the door.” I said. “Oh ahm... Sorry, I kind of knocked it down.”


“What?!? You know you’re going to fix it right.” Geez, men these days. When they find out your leaving them, they knock down doors. I sighed “Rose, can I ask you something. I know it’s a little fast but I still have to ask.” “Yeah sure. What is it?” “Can you meet my parents?” I just stared at him. Is he mad, me meeting his parents. That’s well… well just insane. “I don’t know Jace. I mean were not even dating yet.” “Please Rose, they ask about you and it will make me so happy” he started to give me his puppy dog face. I always thought that face made people look ridiculous, but when he does it my heart melts. “Alright, alright. But you have to take me on a proper date first.” “Deal” Within seconds I was in his arms and we were racing through streets and neighborhoods. When we stopped I looked around to check my surroundings and found that I wasn’t in my town anymore. Actually it looked liked I wasn’t in Michigan anymore. “Where are we?” I asked “In my kingdom.” “Wow! It’s beautiful.” There were flowers everywhere, and they sky was such a clear blue. While marveling at the sky, I saw something like dark smoke. “Jace what is that smoke?” his face dropped “That is the smoke of burning burning bodies.” “Burning bodies? Why would there be burning bodies” “Because Rose, we are at war. Whenever we catch traitors we kill them and burn their bodies.” He wasn’t looking at me anymore. He was staring at his hands. “Oh. Do you want to talk about it?” I asked “No, not right now. Not when were supposed to be having our date. Let’s just go.” He didn’t even wait for my reply, he just scooped me up and we were on our way again. The next time he put me down we were next to a lake. I turned around to tell him how beautiful everything was but he was nowhere to be found. I was spinning in circles. “Are you done?” someone said laughing. I stopped turning and saw Jace with a picnic basket in his hand. “Yeah” I blushed. We sat down and he opened the basket. I never knew that much food could be stored in such a small basket. ~21~

“Why is there so much food in there?” “I didn’t exactly know what you liked so I packed different varieties.” It was his turn to blush. He looked so cute. “So… Rose tell me about yourself. I couldn’t help but noticed that in your house there were no pictures of your family.” I knew that it would come sooner or later. I sighed “If you don’t want to answer, it’s alright. I didn’t mean to pry …” Might as well tell him now before he finds out somewhere else. “My family was murdered.” I said looking down “I’m so sorry Rose I didn’t know.” “Listen I don’t want sympathy okay.” I said “I don’t sympathize you Rose. Is it so bad that I hurt when you do?” I’ve never heard it put like that before. “I guess not” I said quietly. “Do you want to talk about it? If it hurts too much you don’t have to.” “I’ve never told anyone my feelings about what happened. It’s kind of been harboring in me, so yeah I guess I do want to talk about it. Okay …” I sighed and jumped in. “My family was murdered January 21st last year, I was just sixteen. I came home late one night after partying with some friends, and found my parents lying on the floor dead. Everything was so red; I couldn’t believe any sane person would kill so ruthlessly. After that I went upstairs to find my brother and sister also dead. They were just five, how could someone kill kids. They were just children.” I took a breath. “After that day it got around the neighborhood that my family had been murdered. People started avoiding me and talking behind my back. People even started to say that death was following me. I think it’s true sometimes, because if I hadn’t gone out that night I would be dead. There would be and empty casket in the ground for me too. No one wanted to get close to me because they thought that they might get cursed or die or whatever the rumor said. After that I just stayed by myself. I was my only friend.” I didn’t tell him that I cried every night or that I would visit there grave site every Saturday. That was just too personal. I stopped and looked at him. He didn’t say anything; he just got up and gave me a bear hug. I think that was the best response anyone has ever given me.


Chapter Seven

A fter I let all my feelings out, I felt so much better. I looked at Jace to see if he was having as much
fun as I was, but he looked as if he was in deep thought. "Jace are you alright" he didn't respond. "Jace!" I started to wave my hand back and forth in front of his face, but all I got was a blank stare. So I said "Fine, I guess since you don't want to talk to me, I'll go talk to Erik." I started to rise, but was pulled right back down by two strong hands. "Your not going anywhere." He said while looking at me intensly. I didn't know he would get so serious, guess I have to remeber never to play jokes on him again. "Jace you were staring off into space." "Yeah, sorry about that. I was thinking about something." His face became all serious like again. "Well what is it. It has to be important for you to be so out of it." He hesitated for a second. "Rose, I don't think you want to hear what I have to say." "Well I think I do. So spit it out." There was a long break where we were just staring at each other before he said "I think I know who killed your family. I'm not sure, but I think I got the right guy." My body went stiff. "Who?" My voice was as cold as ice. "I think it was one of the escaped prisoners. And he wasn't just any ordinary prisoner, he was the general to our enemy army. I think it was him because his style of killing usually results in a lot of bloodshed, and he usually doesn't leave much of a body for people to recognize. Although ..." I zoned out. I didn't want to hear anymore. A vampire murdered my family ... "Why did he choose my family." I spit out. "I don't think you were his specific target, I think they might have just been in the way." So my family was killed becuase they were "just in the way". I felt tears coming. I didn't cry becuase I was sad, it was becuase I was angry.


"So my family was murdered all becuase some stupid general thought they were in the way. You speak of it so lightly, as if I wasn't robbed of a family!" I half-yelled, half-screamed. "Rose I ..." I didn't let him finish. "They were murdered becuase of your stupid war." "Rose listen ..." "NO, you listen. Do you know what I've been through all becuase some asshole murdered my family. He has some nerve. And you ... You had the audasity to turn me into a vampire, matter a fact a monster! The deal is off. I don't want to see your face." I could literally hear his heart break. I couldn't stop the words that were coming out of my mouth, I know it was hurtful. But I was hurt. it was like word vomit, It just kept on coming. "I don't want to be married to you anymore, its over." I stood up, and so did he. He held out his hands, trying to reach for mine, but I retracted them. "Rose its not my fualt" he said. "Yeah, bullshit" I didn't wait for a responce, I just sped off with amazing speed. Never once looking back. ***

When I reached home I ran straight up to my room and cried. I couldn't believe a vampire killed my family. I don't know if Jace thought it would give me clousure, it didn't. It made matters worse. My tears were like a waterfall now. I stripped all my clothes off, ran into the shower and cried some more. "How could this have happened." I dropped to the shower floor. I'm so alone and scared and I feel so weak and ... " "WAIT!" I'm a vampire! How could I forget, I mentally kung-fu'd myself. I stood up abruptly. How could I call myself a McHale. I would put my parents to shame if they saw how I was acting now. They didn't raise any cowards. Our modo would always be 'Fight on, even when you think your gonna lose.' Well I'm going to fight back. I'm going to find that vampire, and avenge my family, even if it kills me.


Chapter Eight

This is definitely not how I planned things. I was supposed to just go into some dark alley way, or
some bar and just find the vampire. Instead all I found were humans and drunk people. It wasn't a complete loss becuase, I found a new power of mine. When I entered the bars it was like I was hit with a ton of new smells. For example I can tell if a persons human or not. It was amazing at first, but then I could also pick up the smell of garbage and trash cans. I'm going to need to figure out how to control that. Anyways, here I am sitting in this cafe drinking a strawberry milk shake. From all that running around I was hungry, but for some reason every time I ate something, no matter how big. I was still hungry. This was my third milk shake. The waiter came back over and said "Anything else ma'am" "No. I think I'm done stuffing my face." "How will you pay?" She asked "Credit card." I started to reach for my wallet but she said "We don't take credit cards here." "What! How can you ..." "I said we don't miss, so how 'else' will you pay?" I didn't have any change on me. What kind of cafe doesn't take credit cards, I puffed. "Listen, I'm sorry I don't have any cash on me." "Well you can't leave with out paying. You come in here and order about everything on the menu, then you say you can't pay. Who do you think you are!" If only she knew. "Relax, I'll just go to an atm and get some cash." "No ma'am, I can't allow you to leave." I don't have time for this, I have to keep looking for the vampire. "You know you look oddly familiar. Oh! Of course now I remember you. Your that cursed girl. Didn't your family get murdered. I heard they were killed because of you got in some trouble with local gang members. You know ..." I stood up, and had her by the throat. How dare she talk about them like that. I looked in her eyes and said, "If I ever hear you even breathe a word about my family, I will hunt you down and kill you. Do you understand." She nodded her head. "Your.. Your eyes are turning red. How is that possible." "That doesn't matter. Now what I want you to do is get me another milkshake to go, and since I don't have any money, your going to pay for my meal. And lastly, you are going to forget everything about my eyes turning red, or even that we had this conversation." Her eyes seemed to dialate, and when I took my eyes off her she said, ~27~

"Ma'am thank you for buying here, hope you come again. And If you wait one second I'll go and get your milk shake. On the house." She smiled. She acted as if nothing had just conspired. I didn't think the look-her-in-the-eye trick would work, but after seeing Jace do it, I gave it a try. After about five minutes she came back with my milk shake. I left and was once again on my way.


Its been about thirty minutes after I left the cafe, and nada. I've found nothing. I was about to head home when I heard a noise, or better a scream. It was coming from an alley way. I walked over and looked. I had to stifle a scream because right there in front of me was a vampire sucking the life out of some poor woman.


Chapter Nine
Before I could even process what was happening my feet started running. Not away but to the
vampire. I pushed him and he went flying into a wall. I took that as my chance to look at the woman. She would have been beautiful if her face wasn't as pale as chalk, and her eyes as hollow as a ditch. I looked her in the eyes and said "Miss are you all right?" She nodded right to left, then she started to cry. "Okay, I want you to run away and go to a local hospital." She stared at me with terrified eyes, poor thing. "Please miss" I begged. With that she took off running. Phew, thank god she's not-" I was knocked into the wall behind me. "Who do you think you are girl" I looked up at the guy and he seemed to realize I was no ordinary girl. "So your a vampire, huh. Don't you know the rules? You don't interrupt a vamp when he's eating." "You didn't look like you were eating. You were killing her!" He smirked. He moved his hand to my cheek. He started to gently stroke it. I hadn't realized until now that his body was so close to mine. "Get off-" he crashed his lips onto mine. He started to roughly push his tounge down my throat, but I pushed him before he could succeed. "What are you doing." I screamed. ""Kissing a beautiful girl. Is that a crime?" He started to move towards me again. "I'm married!" I blurted out. "Then I guess I'm going to have to change that." Who does this guy think he is. He started to lean in again but I said "I'm married to the prince, and if he finds out you've been kissing me he'll kill you." That sure stopped him in his tracks. His face looked angry and disgusted.


"Don't ever speak of him again" he spat. "Excuse me, and why not?" "Because he's my brother and I hate him. That's why." I just stared. Only now do I see the resemblance. He had the same golden eyes. Their posture was the same. He had the same beautiful sexy muscles. The only thing different was that he had brown hair. When I finally looked back up to his face, he was smirking. He must have noticed me checking him out. I blushed. "What's your name?" I asked. "Christian Balcescu, and yours?" "Its Rose" I said. "Rose what?" He gave me a questioning look. "Mc Hale" "What happened to the last name?" I didn't know if I should tell him that I ran out on his brother but"You ran out on him, didn't you." "How do you know that?" I looked at him shocked. "I can pick up what your thinking." "Wow that's-" I couldn't even finish because I started to feel dizzy. I started to fall, but two hands caught me. "Have you eaten?" He asked. "Yeah, I had a few milk shakes-" "No I mean blood" "No, why?" He mumbled a few curses under his breath. "When did he change you?" He asked. "About a week ago." "Jesus! And he calls you his wife. Didn't he tell you that you would die without it?" "Yeah but-" I could finish because I started to see black dots. "Shit, your going to pass out. Rose I need you to drink some of my blood." ~30~

"No! I'm not ready." I said panting. "Rose your going to have to be ready now, or you'll die." He looked at me with the same intensity as Jace. He didn't wait for my reply. He bit his hand, and blood started to seep out bit by bit. It smelled so good, but I can't drink blood. If I do then I'd really be a monster. "Stop being stupid and drink" he said. "Don't call me stupid-" he stuck his hand on my mouth and it was like my instincts took over. I felt a pain erupt from my mouth and realized it was my fangs. I started to drink, it tasted so lovely. I took his hand and pushed it closer to my lips. "Alright that's enough. You might drain me if you take that much." He dragged his hand away from my mouth. I wanted more! "Don't worry the blood lust will go away. You just need to learn some self-control." Blood lust? What if I can't control it and I start killing people. "You won't, I'll personally make sure of it." He winked at me. Ugh, what a flirt. I stood up and dusted myself off. I looked up and caught him staring at me. "So why are you really out here?" He asked. "Oh ahm... I got lost on my way to my friend's house." I lied. "Stop the bullshit. Your looking for someone." I sighed, him and his stupid power. "I'm looking for a vampire, but I'm not telling you who or why." With that I walked off, but was pulled back and slammed into the wall. He smashed his body to mine. He put his face next to my ear and whispered, "What if I say I can help you." I tried to push him away, but his body was like an iron wall. "I don't need your help!" I said while looking away. "Yes you do because one, you don't know how to control your powers and two, you won't find your guy around here. That's for damn sure." I stared at him. Of course he would know all of that I thought sarcastically. But he is right. I sighed. "Fine, but you can't get all touchy-feely with me when were alone." "I can't promise you anything" he planted a kiss on my cheek then got off me and walked off. "Come on princess, let's go find your vampire."


Chapter Ten

So, where should we look first?" I asked Christian.

"I don't know" he shrugged. "What?!?" I screamed. "I'm just kidding, relax. Where going to my house first." He said with a hint of a smirk. "Why your house?" "So I can rest, duh." Seriously don't know why I even asked. He's so lazy! "Whatever then, I m going home." I spun around and started walking in the opposite direction, but he grabbed my hand. "Not so fast. I need to show you something." "And what is that?" I looked at him skeptically. "It's nothing bad. I need to show you how to get to our world." I never thought about how to get there. It was always a wonder to me how Jace was just able to speed right into his world. "How?" I asked. "Simple, there are these breaks in space, there almost like portals. When you step through them it transports you to wherever you want to go in the vampire world. You just have to know where they are. The closest one to you is in the forests by Jace's mansion." "So how come no humans have stumbled upon one?" "Because it's been glamoured. A human would just walk right through it." Glamoured? I wonder how much other things I don't know about their world. "Thanks for the information Christian. I'll head home now." I turned around again, but he hauled me up bridal style and started speeding down the street. I see he shares some characteristics with his brother. As soon as we reached our destination, I jumped out his arms and screamed "Why did you do that?"


He raised his hand up in a defensive motion. "I didn't want to leave a pretty lady to walk home by herself. It's very un-gentleman like." "Oh so you just pick me up without my permission, and run off?" I said. "Sorry, I knew you wouldn't allow me to pick you up if I asked, so I did the honors." Some gentlemen he is. I looked around at my surroundings, and I noticed that we weren't by the alley way anymore. I was in his world now, well my world now too. I sighed. I don't know if I could handle all the new expectations of becoming a vampire. The drinking blood, the new rules, It was all too much. What if I become a terrible vampire? What if I don't know my own strength's and I hurt people. What if I become like the man who killed my family... I felt a tear escape my eyes. "You're crying Rose." I spun around, I didn't want him to see me cry. It was too embarrassing. "Rose please look at me." I didn't, I couldn't. "I'll be right back, I just need a moment." I started to walk off into the woods. Christian grabbed my arm and spun me around. "Rose what's the matter. I know you wouldn't just start crying without a reason." I didn't respond. I didn't want to tell him anything about my past. "Rose look at me, please" I couldn't, not without bawling. I shook my head in refusal, but he spun my head around so my eyes met his golden ones. I could already feel the mass amount of tears ready to pool out of my eyes. "I...I just-"I stuttered. "You don't have to explain anything to me Rose. If it makes you feel any better, I promise you that I will help you look for this vampire." I smiled, is he really trying to comfort me? I would've never expected it from him. "Thank you" I replied. He leaned in and gave me a bone crushing hug. I was surprised at first, but I fell right into his arms. He smelled wonderful. It was a combination of fresh earth, and a hint of magnolia flowers. I could get lost in him forever, but just when I felt myself deepen in his touch he pulled us apart. I instantly snapped myself out of my trance. I looked up at him, and he had this confused face as if he was trying to decipher something. I could almost see a hint of a blush rising in his cheeks. No, it couldn't be, Christian wouldn't be blushing. I was staring at him and he was staring at me. The air started to get a little awkward so I said "So, lead the way, I'm starting to get a little tired." "Oh yeah, I almost forgot." He said while still staring at me. After about a minute he turned around and walked away. I followed. The whole way there we both didn't utter a word. I just looked up and stared at the back of his head. Why is everything so awkward now?


After about twenty minutes of dead silence we arrived at his house. I would call it a small cabin, but I'm positive I would've offended him if I did. We walked up to the front door and he opened it, as soon as I entered, my mouth hanged open literally. His house was so clean, I would've thought that an obnoxious, Casanova like him would be living in a dump. But no, his place looked as If it was ready for visitors. ALL the time. "Wow you're place is beautiful. I would've never thought-" "A guy like me living in such a clean house. Well I do, I don't like living in filth. And if you're wondering which I know you have been, why I live in such a small house, is because unlike my brother I don't want to show off how much money and status I have." His face turned into a scowl. I wonder why he hates him so much. I would've asked, but this didn't seem like the right time. "Oh..." I said. He made a small chuckle. "Sorry about that, I don't want to burden you with my family troubles. I'm sure you have enough to worry about." He started to motion me to follow him, which I did. He led me to the spare room he had, which I have to say is probably as big as my living room, and my living room is huge. "This room is huge! Why didn't you make the spare room your room?" I asked. "It is my room, but I'm lending it to you. I'll be sleeping in the spare room." "Why? I could stay in the spare room. I mean I couldn't put you out." I started to exit the room, but he put his hand up so that it was blocking my way. "No, I want you to stay in here." After he said that he left. I turned around and sat on the bed, I couldn't just put him out like that, but since he was so insistent I guess I'll stay. I didn't bring any clothes with me, so I snooped around Christians draws and found one of his shirts. He didn't seem to like wearing loose fitted shirts because all of them looked like they would stop at the middle of my thigh. I sighed. I found a black one that said 'bite me, if you dare', typical Christian. I went into his bathroom and changed. After my clothes were on I looked myself in the mirror and wondered if what I was doing was the right thing. I mean it could be dangerous. What if we spend years and years looking for this vampire and never find him. Or what if I do find him, what will I do then? Kill him? I'm not exactly a fighter, and I can't possibly ask Christian to fight him for me. I put my face in my hands, I can sense this ending badly, but when it does I will get my answer to the number one question. 'Why did you kill my family?' With that I exited the bathroom. As soon as I got out I was hindered speechless because there in front of me was a half naked Christian in just a towel. He turned around and had a surprised look on his face too. His eyes travelled down my body. I looked down too and remembered I had his shirt on. "Oh I'm sorry. I didn't mean to take one of your shirts. I didn't have-"


"No, no it's fine it looks ... good on you" his eyes were still lingering on my body. I started to feel a little uncomfortable, I think he noticed too because he said "Sorry I barged in here, I just needed something." And with that he zoomed out the room. I swear I could see dust coming from his feet. After that I jumped into bed thinking about what had just conspired. Why was he acting like that? Boys are so confusing. I hope he's back to normal by tomorrow, I yawned. I was just millimeters away from laying my head on the pillow when ...


I shot up, what was that?


I jumped out of the bed. It took me a second to realize that it was raining and thundering outside. I'm deathly afraid of thunder.


I ran into the bathroom and closed the door.


I covered my ears and closed my eyes. I could feel my heart beat speed up.


I closed my eyes even tighter. Why did it have to thunder now? When I was younger my mom would be here to comfort me, now who will? I started to cry, but was interrupted when I heard something like a ~35~

door break. I looked up and realized it was Christian. He ran to me and picked me up then brought me to the bed. I was still covering my ears, when I felt him start to move in the bed with me. He started to hush me. "It'll be alright I promise, you don't have to cry. I'm here, I'll always be here." I looked up at him and he kissed me on the forehead. "Christian why are you-" "Don't worry about it alright, just go to sleep." He pulled the sheets over us, and I nuzzled my head in the crook of his neck. I tightened my grip around his body and so did he. By then my legs were entwined with his. I was so close to him that I could feel his bare chest move up and down, synchronized with mine. He started to rub his hands up my body, first my thighs, then my back and when he reached my face he stopped, he just looked at my lips. He leaned in and so did I. When our lips touched it was like a thousand electric bolts shot through my body. He tasted so good. His kisses started out gentle but then they became rough and intimate. His tongue asked for entrance which I gladly gave. His kisses ventured from my lips to my neck, then back to my lips again. When he finally separated his lips from mine, we were both panting. He gave me one last kiss on the lips and then he said "Rest Rose, we have a big day tomorrow." I closed my eyes and rested my head on his chest and fell asleep. But before I could completely lose consciousness I wondered how Jace would react to me sleeping in his brother's bed AND kissing him.


Chapter Eleven
I awoke feeling refreshed and comfy. I looked next to me and found my angel. The way his hair shone,
even when there was no light hitting it. And how his lips looked moisturized and ready to kiss. He really is handsome; more than handsome he was a god. I stared at his bare chest, as it rose up and down. I decided to be brave and graze my hands over his sculpted chest. It was so smooth but rock hard all at the same time. I took it a bit further and decided to rest my hand gently on the side of his cheek. I got up and put my lips close enough where I could give him a peck on his mouth. I pulled back, but a hand grabbed me by the waist and pushed me back down. Now I was back where I started, with my lips to his but this time he was awake. His mouth started to move with mine. It was intense; I started to really get in to it but then he separated his mouth from mine. We were both breathing hard, then out of nowhere he rolled me over, and the roles were reversed. He was on top of me now. He started to trail small, but aggressive kisses down my body. Whenever his lips left my skin I felt this burning sensation. He started to reach for my bra strap and that’s when I started to panic. I’m not ready for sex or whatever he was going to do to me. I mean I’m not going to lie, I loved what he was doing, I would love it even more if he didn’t stop, but I’m not ready for sex … not yet. I quickly made up an excuse and said “Uhm … I have to use the bathroom real quick.” I softly pushed him off me and sped off. As soon as I closed the bathroom door I started pacing. I started thinking and everything started to come to my awareness. What am I doing going to sleep with Christian? I know we literally didn’t sleep together but still, it’s Jace’s brother. I can’t believe I let him get so close me. What if he’s only doing this to get back at Jace? Oh god, Jace! If he ever finds out about this, all hell will break loose. I groaned. I exited the bathroom and within seconds Christian had me pinned against the wall. “You made me wait” he whispered in my ear. He started to nibble on my neck, I could feel his teeth starting to extend. It felt so good, I almost gave in. Almost. “Jace … ah I mean Christian.” Shit! I didn’t mean to do that. He stopped what he was doing and took a few steps back. “What did you just call me?” Ugh, I’m so stupid. I quickly came up with a response. “It was a joke, ha ha get it?” I gave a stiff laugh. “Oh was it, because I’m not laughing.” He looked down at me with such loathing. “I-”


“You know what it doesn’t matter. I don’t even know why I kissed you, oh right! I remember now. I feel sorry for you. I mean I bet you’ve never been kissed or even better I bet you’ve never had sex. Your definitely still a virgin with your-”I slapped him. I couldn’t take anymore insults, especially from him. “Hell yea I’ve never been kissed and your damn sure I’ve never had sex. I’m saving that for someone special, who fortunately is not you! You’re such self-righteous, egotistic asshole.” I could see the pain in his eyes. He looked like he regretted every word that he said, well it’s too late he can’t take back what he said. “Rose I’m-” “Don’t say anything.” I whispered. I quickly grabbed my jeans and ran out his house and into the woods by his house. After about 15 minutes of me trying to escape his presence, I stopped. I realized even vampires get tired. My feet hurt; I bent down and looked at them. They were sore and bleeding. I sighed. It took me another second to realize that I had no pants on. I quickly wrapped my hands around the bottom half of my body. Great! If anyone saw me they would probably think I was some hussy. I quickly pulled my jeans on. Wait a minute! Don’t tell me. Oh yes, I left my shoes at Christians place. Awesome! I guess I’m going barefoot, because it would be too embarrassing to go back now. I looked around, turning in circles looking like a complete idiot. It took me a moment to grasp that I was lost. Can it get any better? My life is seriously like a roller coaster, one minute it’s disastrous, then blissful and then back to being horrid. I don’t know what to do anymore. The only thing stopping me from breaking down and crying my eyes out is because I don’t want to waste anymore of my tears for I feel like I would go dry. I sighed. How could he say those things about me, I thought we had a connection or flare or maybe even a spark. I guess not. I picked a random direction and started walking. It sucks that Christian’s house is surrounded by only woods. It felt like I’d been walking for hours, even though I know it’s only been for a couple of minutes. The woods are a scary place; it’s so frightening and quiet, and to make matters worse it’s getting dark. I’m surprised I haven’t seen any wildlife yet. “Sss …” speak of the devil. My second godly fear is of snakes. I turned around expecting some small ground snake, but instead I found a huge python, it looked ready to spring. I screamed, I’m positive a flock of sleeping birds woke up, startled and surprised. They started to fly around in alarm; I took this as my chance to run. I didn’t care what direction I was running in, my mind was in overdrive. Every step I took it felt like it was gaining on me. I was so focused on running that I didn’t realize the huge wall that was about to knock me flat on my ass. I was about two feet away when I brought my feet up and made contact with the wall. So now I was running up the wall and when I was half way up I did a back flip and ended back on my two feet. Shocked, I looked at myself then at the wall then back to myself again. ~38~

How the hell did I do that? It was amazing. I started walking along the sides of the wall. That was so mind blowing; it was like my body new exactly what to do when faced with danger. I was so lost in my thoughts that I was oblivious to someone calling me. I blinked trying to refocus my attention to this person. I found a man dressed in all black. He was strikingly handsome. “Miss who are you and what are you doing out here?” he asked. “Oh I’m sorry I got lost. I don’t know where I am-” “Miss you are trespassing on royal property. I’m going to have to take you in for evaluation.” Evaluation? What the hell is that? “Uhm … okay, but I have my ID with me” I reached into my pockets and the man was on me within seconds. “Miss I do not appreciate you withdrawing weapons. You’ve made a grave mistake.” “But I wasn’t-” I felt something tingly on the back of my neck and before I knew it the world went black. ***

I awoke to an increasing pain in my cheek. I opened my eyes and was confronted by a man slapping the be-Jesus out of me. “Good your awake, lots of questions for you.” Questions? He looked back at his partner and said “Let’s get this done before his majesty comes.” The man looked back at me and said “Do you work for Fidatov?” “Who? I don’t know who that is.” He turned to his partner and said “Jack she’s playing dumb. Maybe you should try out one of your powers. Maybe then she’ll talk. I mean seriously they send a girl and a simpleminded one at that.” He sighed. “When will they ever learn?” The man named Jack hopped off his stool and slowly approached me. Oh god, they’re going to kill me. I’m going to die! He raised his hand and placed it a few inches away from my face. His hand started to glow and I swear I could feel the heat radiating from it. Before his hand could contact my face he said “I usually don’t ask names, but since you’re the only girl that’s ever been in here, I’ll be a gentleman and ask.” What is it with vamps and there so called gentleman ways. “Ha! Some gentleman, you didn’t even hear my side of the story.” I yelled. “Now now don’t yell. Forget I even asked-” ~39~

“Fine fine … my name is Rose McHale.” His eyes widened a little. “Wait …Are you Jace’s Rose-” the door burst open. “So where’s the prisoner …” Jace stopped talking, and looked from me to the man, to Jack then back to me. He made a fist and it looked like he was bleeding from all the pressure he was putting on it. He took a step forward, and then another and by then he was at full speed. He punched Jack straight through the wall and the other guy Jace just stared at him and said “I want you to run around the whole god damn forest barefoot for two weeks straight, and if you dare stop before I tell you, you’ll be doing it forever.” The man’s eyes widened a little and he replied “Yes Sir” and was off. I think I understand Jace’s talent now. He can make a human or vampire do anything he asks just by looking in their eyes. I was so caught up in watching Jace command the guy that I didn’t realize that Jace was carrying me in his arms and running down the hallway. He carried me into his room. Which I must say is much more luxurious than his other room in the mansion. He rested me on the bed and then knelt down beside me. “Rose are you alright. I swear I’ll kill them for harming you.” He started to caress my face. “Please look at me Rose” He pleaded. I hadn’t even realized that he was speaking to me because my eyes were still glued to the direction of where we just came from. I felt befuddled, and slap-happy and I couldn’t figure out why. “Rose please look at me” Jace put his head in my lap. I looked down and started to run my hands through his hair. “It’s alright, I’m fine.” I don’t know why I’m so calm. I should be angry at those guys, but I’m not. Weird. I started to rise, but he pushed me back down. “No, just … just stay here, with me.” He kind of sounded like me, well my old self. I looked down at Jace, and realized how much he cared for me, how much he truly loves me. Christian never cared for me; he was only using me to get back at Jace. I suddenly looked back up because my insides were burning with guilt. I kissed his brother. Jace would be devastated if he knew. I felt a tear escape my eyes. The whole night we stayed in that position. He seemed to have fallen asleep, but I was awake, soaking in my transgression.


Chapter Twelve
It’s been a good two days and Jace still refuses to let me out of his sight. I mean every corner I take
he’s there with “what are you doing?” or “where are you going?” Seriously, I need to breath. So here I am hiding in one of his many rooms. I’m literally hiding behind a lamp shade because I just had to pick the room without closets. Although I’m stuck in here by myself it gives me the opportunity to think about what I’m going to do with telling Jace about my little adventure I have planned. I don’t think he will take it well. I mean look at him now, he wouldn’t let me out of his sights. I was too busy thinking about what I was going to do that I didn’t realize the door bursting open. And guess who it was! “Rose why have you been hiding from me?” Jace asked. I made up a quick lie. “Oh ah… I thought we were playing hide and seek.” “Oh are we.” In seconds I was pinned against the wall. He put his face by my ear and said “If I knew we were playing I would of found you the minute you said go, but since you were cheating you have to be punished.” He started kissing, matter a fact sucking on my neck. I closed my eyes in pleasure. I think I let out a moan. He seemed to use this as the opportunity to move his body closer to mine. Close enough where I could feel his manhood. He started to move his lips closer and closer to my mouth. He was so close until I remembered what I had done with Christian. I can’t do this to Jace. I pushed him off me with a little bit too much force. He went flying and would have hit the wall, but being Jace he stopped himself just feet away from the wall. “Shit! I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to push you that hard. I’m sorry-” “It’s alright Rose. I know you can’t exactly control your powers, you don’t have to apologize.” He so understanding. I bet if that was Christian he would had a bitch fit… Christian. “Rose you look upset.” “Oh …its nothing.” “Are you sure?”


“Positive. I’m a little bit hungry though.” “Okay, let’s go downstairs and eat then.” He grabbed my hand and led me downstairs. I felt like a puppet being dragged around. I was so out of it. Did I really miss Christian that much? Nah, it’s not possible. I don’t like Christian and he doesn’t like me, so why am I so worked up? I need to stop thinking about him, starting now. When we reached the dining hall, we were served almost immediately. The first thing they gave me was a goblet of blood. I’ve learned over the past days to suck it up and just drink it, and I’ve actually come to like it. Yeah I know, its sick but I’ll die without it so I have no options. While I was gulping down the blood I happened to catch Jace staring at me. I put the cup down and wiped my mouth. I bet I look like a slob right now. “Sorry, I know how I must look-” “No you look beautiful, always. I was just wondering how someone like me could be lucky enough to be with you.” “Ha, I should be saying that about you.” I smiled at him. “You know Rose when you ran away from me that day, it almost broke my heart. I looked for you everywhere. Your house, your school but you were nowhere. I thought you actually left me… for good. And then when I saw you with Jack I blew up. Thinking about it now I’m getting pissed.” He clenched his fists. I didn’t think he actually came looking for me. Its sweet. “I didn’t know, I just automatically thought you gave up.” “I will never give up you Rose… never” He had this possessive look in his eyes. For a second it looked malicious, but then his eyes returned to its normal loving golden eyes. He reached for my hands, and entwined our fingers together. He started to lean in when someone burst through the door and ruined our almost perfect moment. I looked to see who it was and noticed that it was Jack. Whoa, his arm was in a cast and he still had some bruises on his face. I felt a little sorry for him. “Your majesty.” He bowed. “Can I speak with you for a second? It’s about the recent attack on one of the local villages.” “Yes Jack, I’ll be there. Just give me one second with my wife.” Wife? I almost forgot we had gotten married. I’m his wife… his wife. I know I should be ecstatic to hear him say that but I’m not. He turned to me and said “I have urgent matters to attend to. Please do excuse me.” He gave me a peck on the cheek and was gone. I rubbed the spot where he kissed me. It almost didn’t feel right. I lost appetite, so I decided to explore a little. First, I went to the library. It took me a good twenty minutes to find it, and once I got there it took another good half hour to get to the fiction section. It was


just that big. After my little escapade with that, I wondered outside. Awaiting me was this huge garden. Garden is such an understatement, it looked like a meadow. I’m not one to fancy flowers and gardens but this was so beautiful. I never new colors like this existed. I mean it looked like it came out of a skittles bag. ‘Taste the Rainbow’. I giggled to myself. I walked around until I found a bench. I decided that I would lie down, and look at the sky. 10 minutes of looking at random shaped clouds, my eyes started getting heavy; I was so close to falling asleep when I heard a twig snap. I bolted straight up, and looked around. “Who’s there?” No answer. “If it’s you Jace, just come out.” Nothing again, I was about to turn and run when I heard footsteps walking towards me. Oh God! I started to see the outline of someone. I couldn’t make out who it was; I took a few steps back. Then the figure started to come into sight and … and, is that Christian? “Christian?” “Hey Rose.”


Chapter Thirteen

Who’s there?” No answer.

“If it’s you Jace, just come out.” Nothing again, I was about to turn and run when I heard footsteps walking towards me. Oh God! I started to see the outline of someone. I couldn’t make out who it was; I took a few steps back. Then the figure started to come into sight and … and, is that Christian? “Christian?” “Hey Rose.”


Why is Christian here? As soon as he came into view I noticed how tattered he looked. His shirt had rip marks in it and he had dirt spewed all over him. “Christian what happened, you look like hell?” No response. He just walked over to me and said “You left your shoes at my place.” He handed them to me, took a few steps back and just watched me. My anger started to pool back up to the surface now. “Is that all you have to say to me?” I couldn’t lie, I was a bit hurt. He dropped his head, and stuck his hands in his jeans pocket “I- I didn’t mean those …” “Rose! Are you out here? Oh there you are … What the- Christian what the hell are you doing here!?” Jace yelled. He reached for me and grabbed me so that I was now behind him. He was guarding me as if the armies of hell were before us. Christian took his hands from out his pockets, and took a few steps forward. “Don’t grab her like that!” “Answer my question! What the hell are you doing on my property?” Christian just stared at him and gave him a malicious smirk. “Your property? Ha- last time I checked I was royalty too. Or did you forget brother?” Jace had made a fist now. “You might well still be royalty, but I am king- not you! Now I’ll ask you one more time, why are you here?” I didn’t know this Jace. He looked so different, and… and sinister. It was scary. ~44~

“I came to see Rose” Jace let go of my hand and in a blink of an eye was holding Christian up by the neck of his shirt. “What the hell do you want with my wife?” “Wife?” Christian looked to me, and he expression changed from angry and loathing to hurt and confused. “I had the impression that you guys were just going out, not that you had actually gotten married. I thought it was a joke when you said you had a husband .” He mumbled the last part to himself all the while still watching me. “Yes wife, now what do you want with her you abomination.” Jace spat. Christian rustled out of Jace’s hold, and when he was free from his grip he tried to walk towards me but was pushed back by Jace. Christian flew back a few feet and for the first time took his eyes off me and rested them on his brother. “Didn’t she tell you? She’s out on some little adventure looking for the man who murdered her family.” Jace took his attention from Christian and towards me. “Is it true Rose?” he took a step forward, and I instinctively took a step back. “Yes it’s true. I have to do this Jace. I just have to-” “No you don’t!” his voice boomed. I took another step back. “You’re not going anywhere. I just got you back, I can’t lose you again. I forbid you to leave me or this castle; you are to go on no journey!” He looked me straight in the eye. I felt a bit tingly and … Oh my god is he trying to use his gift on me. He is! But oddly enough I don’t feel compelled to do anything he said. I can’t believe he would try to compel me, ME! His so called wife. I think I’ve become a bit soft after being turned into a vampire, but I’m not going to hold back my tongue anymore, I don’t care how strong he is or how hurt he might become. This is one thing I am going to do, and I’d rather die than not fulfill it. I made a promise to my family and I intend to keep it. “Jace I don’t care what you say I’m doing this, and I know you might not like it but Christian is going to help me.” I turned around and was heading back to my room when I was harshly yanked back. I turned around and saw Jace holding my wrist. “Jace let me go” he didn’t look at me he just said “NO! You can’t leave me, and you definitely can’t go with Christian. He’s dangerous Rose!” “Speak for yourself” I heard Christian mumble. “I don’t care if he’s dangerous or not. He’s promised me that he would help me and I believe him, now Jace I’m asking you one more time to let go of my wrist.” He didn’t reply, he just raised his head and looked me in the eyes. “NOW!” I shrieked. His eyes dilated and he immediately let go of my wrist. I took this as my chance to flee. I turned around and swiftly walked away. As soon as I was out of sight I sprinted to my room. As ~45~

soon as I reached it I locked the door and leaned on it. What I did back there, it was odd. I as in me compelled probably the master of compeller’s to let me go. How did I do that? I wonder what other gifts I have. My thoughts were rudely interrupted by a loud thundering noise coming from behind the door. Who could it be now? “Who is it?” “It’s me Christian. Can you let me in” he said. “No. Are you crazy, why would I let you in?” “So stubborn” he muttered to himself. I don’t have time for him right now. Something very weird just happened and I don’t want to have his negative energy around me. “Just leave me alone Christian. I don’t want to talk right now.” I walked away from the door and headed to the bed. “I know what you did back there Rose. You can’t hide anything from me.” I didn’t realize what I was doing until I had already done it. I had sprinted to the door, unlocked it and was now facing Christian eye to eye. “How did I do that Christian?” he took this has his opportunity to enter my room. I closed the door behind him. “So how did I do it” I repeated myself. “I’m not actually sure.” He said while jumping in my bed and kicking off his shoes. “What are you doing? Get out of my bed and answer my question.” “Oh sorry, I forgot you asked me something. Silly me” He got off the bed and stood so that he was facing me. “I’m not sure exactly what you did but all I know is that you have a very powerful gift.”


Chapter Fourteen
ChristianI’m such an idiot; I can’t believe I said those things to her. It was just my first reaction to hearing her
call me Jace. Now she’s run off, and is probably never going to speak to me again. I paced around my room for a good ten minutes when I noticed that she had left her shoes. Unbelievable! What an idiot, leaving her shoes here. I started to get a little worried because she’s probably out in the cold forest by herself with no shoes on. What if she steps on something or what if something tries to attack her? Ugh there I go again, thinking about her well being. I don’t even know why I care. But maybe I should just go and check if she’s gotten herself killed. I grabbed by jacket and flew out the door. The sky was already turning its usual grayish black; it’s already starting to get late. I literally scaled every tree looking for her, but nowhere. Where is she? It’s been a day now and still haven’t found her. I would be exhausted but vampires don’t have to sleep on a regular basis like humans. I can’t believe I’m even out here looking for her. It’s like I’m whipped. I mean I don’t even think I like… I think, but there’s this … connection or pull I have towards her. I can’t explain it, but I know I can’t give up looking for her. If she was hurt somewhere out there I couldn’t forgive myself. I started walking, and before I knew it I was by the palace. I can already feel my brother’s presence. God I hate him. After what he did I can never forgive him. My thoughts were interrupted by someone. I looked up and noticed that it was Jack. “Who are you and what are … Christian is that you. What happened to you? You look like you’ve been to hell and back. And you know you shouldn’t be on the property, Jace would have a bitch fit if he saw you.” “I don’t give a rat’s ass if Jace catches me out here. Anyways have you seen a girl, short with black hair?” “Ah yeah, last time I saw her she was heading to the garden-” I sped off.


Before I knew it I was in the garden. I looked around until I spotted her angelic body lying down on a bench. She’s so beautiful, before I could protest my feet were already on the move towards her. I was trying to be stealthy but failed because I had stepped on a stick. She quickly got up. Crap! “Who’s there?” she said. I didn’t reply. “If it’s you Jace, just come out.” I still didn’t say anything. I saw her turn and started to leave. I didn’t want her to leave so I started to walk towards her. As soon as I got in sight her eyes widened. “Christian?” she said “Hey Rose.” I said lamely. “Christian what happened, you look like hell?” I didn’t respond. I just walked over to her and said “You left your shoes at my place.” I handed them to her, took a few steps back and just stared at her. I could feel her aura changing from a relaxing blue to a steaming red. “Is that all you have to say to me?”She said looking hurt. I could feel a pain in my heart. Just seeing her upset had me crumbling inside. I dropped my head, and stuck my hands in my jeans pocket “I- I didn’t mean those …” I mumbled. I was interrupted by someone calling “Rose! Are you out here? Oh there you are … What the- Christian what the hell are you doing here!?” Just perfect, Jace is here. I saw him reach for Rose and grabbed her so that she was now behind him. I took my hands out of my pockets and took a step forward. I started to get angry. “Don’t grab her like that!” I yelled. He wasn’t fazed, he still held on to her as if I was some demon. “Answer my question! What the hell are you doing on my property?” he yelled at me. I just stared at him and gave him a smirk. I really do hate him. “Your property? Ha- last time I checked I was royalty too. Or did you forget brother?” Jace had made a fist now. Like he could fight me, he knows I could kick his ass. “You might well still be royalty, but I am king- not you! Now I’ll ask you one more time, why are you here?” his face turned into a scowl and so did mine. “I came to see Rose” I said. I saw him let go of her hand and in a blink of an eye was holding me up by the neck of my shirt. I was about to knock the living day lights out of him when he said “What the hell do you want with my wife?” “Wife?” I looked at Rose, and my face dropped. “I had the impression that you guys were just going out, not that you had actually gotten married. I thought it was a joke when you said you had a husband.” I mumbled the last part to myself, I was still watching her. How could she be married, this changes everything.


“Yes wife, now what do you want with her you abomination.” Jace spat. I rustled out of Jace’s hold, and as soon as he released me I tried to walk towards her but was pushed back by Jace. I flew back a few feet and for the first time took my eyes off her and to my brother. If Rose wasn’t watching right now I would’ve killed him. “Didn’t she tell you? She’s out on some little adventure looking for the man who murdered her family.” Jace took his attention from me and towards Rose. “Is it true Rose?” he took a step towards her, and instinctively she took a step back. “Yes it’s true. I have to do this Jace. I just have to-” “No you don’t!” his voice boomed.“You’re not going anywhere. I just got you back, I can’t lose you again. I forbid you to leave me or this castle; you are to go on no journey!” I knew as soon as he locked eyes with her that he was trying to compel her. I clenched my fists, who the hell is he to be doing this to my woman. Wait… did I just say that. I could see that she was starting to get angry. “Jace I don’t care what you say I’m doing this, and I know you might not like it but Christian is going to help me.” She turned around but was yanked back by him. I took a step forward. I’ll murder him for touching her like that. “Jace let me go” she said. He wasn’t fazed “NO! You can’t leave me, and you definitely can’t go with Christian. He’s dangerous Rose!” “Speak for yourself” I mumbled. “I don’t care if he’s dangerous or not. He’s promised me that he would help me and I believe him, now Jace I asking you one more time to let go of my wrist.” She’s standing up to him. I was impressed. She then looked him in the eyes and I felt the air change. “NOW!” she shrieked. Jace’s eyes dilated and he immediately let go of her wrist. She took this as her chance to flee. What was that just now?! Her aura changed from red to a magnificent rainbow. I had a bad feeling about this. It didn’t feel natural. I walked past Jace and it seemed as if he was in some sort of trance. I followed Rose to her room. As soon as I reached I knocked on the door. “Who is it?” she asked. “It’s me Christian. Can you let me in” I said. “No. Are you crazy, why would I let you in?” “So stubborn” I muttered to myself.


“Just leave me alone Christian. I don’t want to talk right now.” She said in a tired voice. “I know what you did back there Rose. You can’t hide anything from me.” She opened the door in a blink of an eye and said “How did I do that Christian?” I took this as my opportunity to enter her room. She closed the door behind me. “So how did I do it” she repeated. “I’m not actually sure.” I said while jumping in my bed and kicking off my shoes. I wanted everything to look normal because I didn’t want to let on how confused and scared I was for her. This gift of hers is going to lead to a lot of trouble. “What are you doing? Get out of my bed and answer my question.” Her aura started to turn red again. “Oh sorry, I forgot you asked me something. Silly me.” I got off the bed and stood so that I was facing her. “I’m not sure exactly what you did but all I know is that you have a very powerful gift.” A powerful gift that could get her killed.


Chapter Fifteen
A fter Christian and I finished talking, I kicked him out because one I needed to think about things
and two it was just too awkward to be around him. He acted as if everything was fine, like nothing happened between us. I guess he truly doesn’t care about me in ‘that way’. I walked sullenly to the bed, flopped in it and went to sleep. That night I didn’t have nightmares of my family’s death, but of my own.


I awoke to a thundering noise. Ugh who could it be now? I got up, headed to the door and opened it. Without an invitation Christian waltzed right in. “What do you think you doing?” I asked while rubbing the sleep out of my eyes. “I think I have a lead on the vamp you’re looking for.” He said smiling. I couldn’t help but feel a window of hope open up in me. I must’ve looked like an idiot because my smile reached the corners of my eyes. I can’t believe we have a lead. That means I can finally have closure. “We have to leave by tonight, so pack your shit.” He said, turning his smile into his normal nonchalant face. What?!? Tonight? It’s so soon. I couldn’t help but feel scared. “Do we have to leave so soon? We can’t wait another week or so?” “Are you serious? We finally have a lead on this guy and you’re talking about staying in this bullshit castle for another week. I guess you aren’t serious about this …” “Of course I’m serious about this! Christian this is my life, I’m just a little …” I don’t think I can tell him I’m scared. He would probably laugh at me. “Just a little what?” “Nothing, your right. Just give me an hour or so to pack my things.”


“Ok, and about Jace, I think you shouldn’t tell him that your leaving.” I nodded my head. It would probably be best if he doesn’t know. I don’t want him stressing over me when he has a kingdom to run. After Christian left and I packed my things, I plopped on the bed. This is it! I might actually find this guy, but when I do what am I going to do about Christian. I don’t want him in the line of fire when I confront this vamp. I thought about it for a long time and I figured that when I get the information I need, I’m going to sneak off without Christian.

*** It was approximately twelve O’ clock on the dot. This was the time Christian said he would meet me in the center of the garden. “Where is he? I can’t believe he would choose this occasion to be late for. What a douche …” “No need for foul language Rose.” I turned around and found Christian smirking. Great, he’s been there watching me talk to myself like a lunatic. “Ok let’s go Rose. I don’t want any of the guards to catch us out here.” He led the way and I followed. “Ok coming up is a hole in the fence, and be careful when crossing it. I know you can be a klutz.” I didn’t even respond. He went under first; he made it seem like a breeze. The fence’s edges looked as sharp as a knife. It was my turn now, and I placed my foot through it and I was so close to getting my whole body through, when I was dragged back. I started kicking and screaming, but my efforts were futile, because the stranger put his hand over my mouth, and spun me around so I was now facing two golden eyes. Jace!? “Rose it’s me. Don’t scream when I move my hand ok.” I nodded. As soon as he removed his hand I slapped him on his arm. “What do you think you’re doing? Scaring me like that. You could’ve given me a heart attack.” “I’m sorry” he said while laughing. I looked at him for the first time and wondered why he’s not upset at me for sneaking out. I took the liberty to ask. I opened my mouth but was cut off by him saying “I know what you’re about to say. Why am I not angry, well one I can never be angry at you and two I’ve decided that if you won’t stay with me, then I’ll just have to go with you.” “But who’s going to run the kingdom? You can’t just up and leave …” “Don’t worry about it; I have someone who’s fully capable of running a kingdom in my absence. Plus now I can see firsthand why there have been so many uprisings.”


“Ok, but what about Christian. I’m positive he won’t like this idea –” “Rose where are you?” “Speak of the devil” Jace muttered. As soon as Christian made eye contact with Jace and me, he sprinted towards us and pushed Jace into the fence. I ran to Christian, and tried to separate his hands away from Jace’s throat. “Christian stop! He’s here to help.” Christian still didn’t let go. Jace’s eyes started to have a foggy look. Jesus! He’s killing him. I couldn’t take it anymore. “Christian let Jace go NOW!” I yelled. Without hesitation Christian released him. I ran to Jace and helped him to his feet. I looked up at Christian and said “What is wrong with you. You almost killed him!” His eyes burned through me. “Is there something wrong with that? Whatever, if you’re still coming let’s go. Or do you want me to just leave the two love birds alone.” “Were not …” I didn’t know how to finish the sentence. I did like Jace, but I also liked Christian. Without waiting Christian walked away, and didn’t even give me a second look. I sighed. I looked down at Jace and he seemed to be coming to. “Jace are you ok?” “I’m fine Rose, the only reason that mongrel had the upper hand was because I haven’t eaten yet.” He shot to his feet and said “Let’s go.” He then picked me up bridal style. “Wait what are you doing?” “I’m not about to let you crawl through that fence like a dog.” “Then what-” I couldn’t finish my sentence because Jace had jumped about 20 feet in the air. I clung to him for dear life. I hadn’t even realize we had landed until Jace said “Rose were on the ground now.” I opened my eyes and realized he wasn’t lying. I was about to jump out his arms, when I felt this dark energy. I turned my head around until my eyes found what I was looking for. It was Christian. I wonder how I must look to him right now. As soon as I jumped out Jace’s arms, Christian turned and started walking. This is going to be one eventful adventure. I sighed and followed.


Chapter Sixteen

U gh! How much farther do we have to go? This is insane Christian! How much longer? Are we even

close to our destination? Are there any houses nearby? I’m thirsty and …” “WILL YOU SHUT UP ALREADY! We’re not going to get there anytime soon, so be quiet and just WALK!” Sheesh, I didn’t know I was being such a bother. It’s been a whole day and we haven’t spotted any houses, shops or well anything but trees. Christian led us to a hidden pathway through the forest, and he says it’s going to lead us to where we need to go. I don’t see how. I mean all it is, is a dirt road. He makes it sound like it’s the yellow brick road and it’s going to lead us strait to Oz. I looked behind me to check up on Jace. He had to walk behind me and Christian had to walk in front of me because one they can’t be trusted near each other. It would result in World War III and two because I needed to be guarded from attacker’s front and back. As soon as he caught me watching he smiled. I smile back and turn around. I wonder what he might be thinking about. I didn’t think much of it so I started looking around and seeing if I might catch something to appeal to my un-enthusiasm. I look to my right, nothing. I look to my left and AHA! I found something shiny (I have my childish moments) and sharp. I look up and noticed that Jace and Christian had both stopped for a water break. So I tiptoed my way over and sought out the lost treasure. As soon I laid my eyes on it, I made a small gasp. It was a dagger. I’ve never seen a dagger before. Well maybe at party city, but that doesn’t even compare to what I’m seeing now. The handle had a beautiful gold and silver lining, and it was as big as my forearm. The body of the dagger was a radiant silver. I held it up like how the monkey in The Lion King held up baby Simba. "Rose, stop playing with the grass and let’s go.” Christian yelled. I quickly stashed the dagger in my little bag. I know it will come in handy somewhere along the line. “Alright coming” ***


“Ok were gonna rest here for the night.” Christian had led us deep within the forest where we found a small area away from the path. I dropped to the floor tired, and sweating from all the walking. I looked up and saw that the boys were missing. I immediately shot up. “Where …” “Relax sweetie, we just went to get some wood.” Jace said leaning in for a kiss. I dodged him so that his lips made contact with my cheek. As soon as I looked up I caught Christian’s death glare. I quickly looked away. “Sweetie, I need to go back out so I can fetch us some dinner.” He said smiling at me. He looked at Christian and said “Behave or else” and with that was gone. I could already feel the hate seeping out of Christian. Wait! Did I just say I can feel it? That’s weird. I must be mistaken; I mean a vampire can’t have two gifts. Can they? “Christian, can a vamp have two gifts?” he turned and looked at me. “Of course not, it’s impossible. A vamp can barely manage one let alone two.” “Oh…” “But I only know of one tribe of vampires that can have multiple gifts. They are the original vamps, the firsts, but I heard that all their descendents have died off.” “And how do you know that?” “Because they were like gods to vampires, they were loved by many but also hated by many. They say that if you suck the blood from the heart of an original, you will become all powerful. Basically an immortal.” “Immortal?” I said to myself. “Why did you want to know?” he looked at me while raising an eyebrow. “Oh no reason. I just wanted to catch up on my vamp studies.” I said while smiling. “Weirdo” he said. As soon as his back was towards me, I dropped my smile. How can I have two gifts? Maybe… maybe it’s nothing. I mean Christian has so much hate towards his brother I bet every one can ‘feel’ it. I must’ve dazed off for a while because as soon as I looked back up Christina’s shirt was off and he was chopping wood. Oh lord, I was gonna faint right there. He was so sculpted, and muscular. His abs, oh god his abs had a perfect 8-pac. I hadn’t even realized that I had gotten up and started to walk towards him. I was so close to touching him when I quickly snapped out of it. I can’t touch him; he’s the one who says he doesn’t want me. So what good would it do if I go and touch his beautiful body. I took a step back, then another. ~55~

He doesn’t want me. Jace does. By now I was back to my original spot. I looked up at the dark sky and prayed to god that I would get through this without being tempted. “I’m back!” Jace yelled, while zooming his way up to me. He had about ten fishes in one hand and three rabbits in the other. “Amazing Jace! How did you catch so many?” “My mad skills” I laughed. “I love when you laugh Rose. You should do it more often” I blushed. He took a step forward and I took one back. He took another step, and then I bumped into a tree. I know what’s coming, he’s going to kiss me and then Christian will get angry and … Wait! Why do I even care about what Christian thinks? He doesn’t even want me in that way, and I know he doesn’t care about me. I took a step forward and collided my lips with Jace’s. Our tongues entwined and I placed my legs in between his manhood. I felt his arms tighten around my back. This felt good, but … not right. It didn’t feel like Christians kisses. Ugh! There I go again. I decided to forget about him and push myself deeper into Jace. Then out of nowhere there was no more Jace. I opened my eyes and found Christians back to me. “Christian what the hell are you doing!” he ignored me, and continued to stare daggers at Jace. I could feel the hatred coming off him again. “Christian…” “I’m going to get more wood for the fire, Rose will you join me.” “What- wait why are you pulling me.” What is wrong with him? He interrupts me and Jace kissing and then he takes me away with him to go get wood? Has he taken a sip of crazy juice. “Christian let go, you’re hurting me.” His hand didn’t even budge. I’ve had enough of this shit! “CHRISTIAN LET GO!” I could feel him struggle with my compulsion, but in the end he did as told. “I don’t know what came over you. Dragging me out here like some dog.” “What do you expect me to do, when you’re slogging down my brother’s saliva!” he made it sound like I was doing something dirty.


“So what! It’s none of your business what your brother and I do. We’re together, that’s what couples do!” “It is my business when you’re doing it right in front of me.” “Why do you even care, just turn your back and don’t look.” He looked flustered. “I don’t care! It’s just the thought of you kissing disgusts me.” No he didn’t! At first I thought he might be jealous, but I guess I thought wrong. “YOU ASSHOLE! You’re such a jerk! All this time I tried to spare your feelings, and I even shunned Jace away when he tried to kiss me so that it would never get awkward. To think that I actually cared about you. Don’t ever speak to me again!” I turned around and stomped away. The tears already falling from my eyes. How could he?


Chapter Seventeen
A fter the fight with Christian, I took a walk around the forest. I had to cool down. After punching a
few trees, more or less I felt a little better. He must hate me. I mean what other explanation could it be. After 10 minutes of walking aimlessly around I noticed I was by a lake. Wow! It’s beautiful. For some reason I felt the urge to jump in. I stripped off my jeans and t-shirt, and ran into the crystal clear water. It was cold at first but after a while it was nice and warm. I dived under and swam. I don’t know if it was for my new accumulated vampire powers, but everything was in full color. I could see everything. As soon as I broke the surface, I felt refreshed. I pushed the water around with my hands, thinking that if Christian hated me that much then I guess that’s just how it’s gonna be. I’m not going to force him to like me and I’m sure not going to force him to help me find this vampire. I dived back under and when I came back up I floated on my back. I closed my eyes and reminisced the times when my family and I went to the beach. I had to teach Emily and Max how to swim. It was an epic fail, but we had fun. I abruptly opened my eyes, because I had heard something rustling in the bushes. “Who’s there?” No reply. I bet it’s Christian, trying to scare me. “Christian I know it’s you.” Still no reply. I swam over to my clothes. As soon as I got out of the water, the hairs on my back rose. Someone’s here. I spun around, and just caught the glimpse of something move in the shadows. Crap! I suddenly felt self conscious because I was standing in just my underwear and bra. I turned around and walked straight into a something hard. I bounced back but was caught by a hand. I opened my eyes and came face to face with a monster. He was hideous, and he reeked of fish. I started to struggle out of his grasp but it just made him hold on tighter. “Let me go!” I screamed. He immediately covered my mouth with his. Oh God! He tasted disgusting. I started to cry. I kicked and punched him but he still didn’t move away.


When he removed his sticky lips from mine, I kicked him in the groin and sprinted. If I make it into the forest maybe Jace will hear me. I was just inches from entering the shelter of the trees when I was thrown back. When I hit the floor I heard something crack. I screamed out in pain. The thing seemed to like hearing me scream because he smiled. He barely took a step and he was in front of me. He grabbed my leg and squeezed. I screamed. The pain was incredible. “That’s so you don’t run away from me.” He laughed in a raspy voice. He picked me up and threw me over his shoulders. I didn’t even have the energy to scream out, and I couldn’t compel him because I need to have eye contact. Shit! How could I already get captured, when the journey barely even started? I’m such an idiot! I wanted to cry, but there was no point. No one would come. Christians mad at me, he wouldn’t come even if I called, and Jace is probably sleeping. This is it. I closed my eyes and awaited my fate. Suddenly I heard a familiar voice. It said “PUT HER DOWN!” I couldn’t tell who it was. I felt the monster take a step back, and then he started to run. All the moving around made my arm hurt. I think it’s broken. All of a sudden I was thrown in the air, I closed my eyes and awaited the ground, but it never came. Someone caught me. “Rose, please open your eyes. Please!” I slowly started to part my eyes. My vision was blurred, it looked like Jace. Of course, it was Jace. Christian wouldn’t come – “Rose it’s me Christian.” Wait! Did I hear correctly? Christian! I reached for his face, but he suddenly he gently laid me down and started to run. I looked to where he was going, and realized he was going to the monster. They started to have an all out battle. I winced every time that thing hit Christian. I started to get up; but he noticed and shouted “Rose sit back down! Or I’ll make you” “But you need help Christian. I’ll use my compulsion.” “NO! You need to rest” “But-” I didn’t finish because the monster was suddenly on top of him, throwing punches. Shit! I immediately got to my feet. As soon as both my feet touched the ground I knew that one of them was broken.


I limped slowly over to Christian. He looked like he was losing consciousness. I knew I couldn’t get over there in time. “Christian! Please just run away” I screamed. Tears making its way out my eyes. If I didn’t have my vampire hearing I’m positive I wouldn’t have heard him say “Never” I closed my eyes. I heard a scream, at first I thought it was mine but realized it was the monsters. I opened my eyes and saw Jace punch the lights out of the monster. It went flying back, and just by the way its head dangled I knew it was dead. “Jace! Help Christian!” he looked at me than to his brother. He knelt down picked him up then ran over to me. “Rose, I’ll be right back. I just need to get him by a fire.” He looked me in the eyes and whispered “I’m sorry” then he was gone. I dropped to the floor and laid on my back. I looked up at the stars and within minutes I lost consciousness.

Chapter Eighteen

C hristian! You don’t have to do this. Please!” I saw the monster draw his claws out.

“Christian!” The monster ran his hands straight through his heart. I screamed.

I bolted straight up. I could feel the sweat dripping from my forehead. That dream was so vivid. I looked around and saw Jace sleeping just a few feet away from me. He looked so sad, and his eyes were red. Has he been crying? I looked next to him to see Christian’s empty sleeping bag. I jumped to my feet. Where is he? Is he alright? I mean he can’t survive out there by himself. Not when he’s injured. I quietly yelped out a scream of pain. I just remembered that my foot was broken, and the pain in my arm started to escalate. It was giving me a migraine. I put my head in my hands. I wish the pain would go away. Before I knew it I started to tilt backwards, I awaited the hard ground but all I felt was a hard but comfy chest. “You know you should be resting?” he said. At that moment a rush of emotions started pooling out. Christians alright! I felt so relieved. I spun around and hugged him as tight as I possibly could. I felt that if I didn’t, he would just disappear and I would never see him again. “Rose-” he chuckled. “You’re hurting my-” “I’m sorry Christian. I didn’t mean for you to get hurt-” Tears started to escape my eyes. “I’m such an idiot. I know you must hate me now, and I’ll accept it, but I just want you to know that I’m sorry-” Before I knew what happened his lips collided with mine. I was so surprised. He grabbed my waist and pulled me closer to him. He smelt wonderful. Everything felt so right. I could kiss him forever. I wrapped my arms around his neck, only to wince because of the pain in my arm. He immediately removed his lips from mine. “You should rest. Your arm will heal in a couple of days, but for now you need to take it easy.” I nodded. “Oh and Rose, I don’t hate you. Actually the opposite, but don’t worry about that now. We’ll talk in the morning.” With that he walked over to the already blazing fire, and used his uninjured hand to put wood in it.


I looked after him. Did I hear what I think I just heard? He doesn’t hate me. For some reason I could feel my heart flutter a little. He stood, walked over to me gave me a small kiss on my forehead then went into his sleeping bag. I could feel the redness rising to my cheeks. I started to feel hot. I took this as my cue to go to bed but this time with a smile. ***

Why do I feel like I’m being rustled? I opened my eyes to come face to face with the back of Jace’s head. “What are you doing?” “I’m carrying you. Do you really think I was going to let you walk with your broken leg?” “Oh, thanks. Where’s Christian?” “He’s right behind you.” I looked behind me and saw Christian smiling, I smiled back. He’s so cute. My smile dropped immediately after seeing his arm wrapped up in some type of manmade sling. “How’s your arm?” I asked “Already healing. Don’t worry about it, we vampires heal fast. I’ll be better than new tomorrow.” I nodded my head. I still thought it was my fault that he was in that condition. “Rose, it’s not your fault. If it’s anyone’s fault it’s mine. I knew these types of forests had monsters in them. I wasn’t being careful; I should’ve smelled him from a mile away.” “Yeah, it is your fault.” Jace said with a smirk. “You shouldn’t be talking Mr-I’m-so-strong-and-princely.” Christian chuckled. The air between them started to change. Their actually talking to each other without being hostile. I smiled. “Rose is that a smile I’m seeing.” Christian said. “Shut up.” I laughed. “Don’t get defensive; it’s just that I haven’t seen you smile in a while. It’s kind of refreshing.” I blushed. “He’s right sweetie.” Jace said. My smile faltered a little. I forgot Jace and I were an ‘item’. Things just got a whole lot more difficult. “Christian where are we headed now? I don’t think we can stay in the woods any longer.” “Where almost to the underground society. It should be another hour or so.” ~62~

“WHAT?!?” Jace and I said in unison. “Why are we going there?” I asked. “Because that’s where we can get information to finding this vamp.” “If I knew this was where you were taking my Rose, I would’ve never agreed to this. Christian that place is dangerous. With all the smugglers and stealers-” “No one asked you to come. If you don’t like it you can leave.” In seconds Jace had put me on the ground and was face to face with Christian. “You little-” “Stop!” I yelled. They didn’t even budge. “Why don’t you leave rich boy. Nobody wants you here-” “Why don’t you leave? Me and Rose can do this alone.” I started to rise from the ground. I can’t let them fight. They just started to get along. “Guys-” I winced because my foot wasn’t completely healed. Both of them were by my side in the blink of an eye. “Are you alright darling?” “You shouldn’t be walking on that yet.” “Christian let her go. I’ve got her.” “Hell no. Why don’t you-” “Please stop fighting! Shit! If you guys keep acting like this, I’ll find the vampire by myself.” That shut them up. “Sorry” They said together. Christian looked at Jace and Jace looked at Christian. What is this a staring competition? “Ok you take her, since my hand is messed up, but when you get tired which I know you will hand her over to me.” “Psh, like you can even lift up a leaf.” They shot daggers at each other. Christian let me go and Jace picked me up bridal style, and then we were back on the road. I sighed. What idiots! Fighting over whose going to carry me. I seriously don’t understand guys.


Chapter Nineteen

O kay were here!” Christian yelled with enthusiasm. I looked around and saw nothing except an

empty vacant forest. “And were exactly are we.” Jace said with a little sarcasm. “Were at the underground society.” Christian said. “I don’t see anything, but some raggedy ass trees Christian. I knew we couldn’t trust you. I bet were lost! We are aren’t we-” “Shut up Jace. You’re supposed to be king and you can’t even tell when there’s glamour.” Jace looked embarrassed. I took a closer look at the forest and found that the image of the trees looked a bit cloudy. “Alright let’s go, but before I do, Rose do not speak to anyone. Especially the gypsy’s, there full of shit, everything that they say is crap.” Gypsies? “Oh and Jace don’t wonder off, I know you might be tempted but try to keep your childish instincts at bay.” I giggled. “Christian shut it.” “Ok lets go” I said trying to break the ice. I took a few steps forward and was pulled back by two hands. I turned around to see Jace and Christian. They had their I’m-serious-face-on. “Let Christian walk in front” Jace said. “And Jace will walk in back. We don’t want anything to happen to you.” Christian said. In that moment I could see or better, I could feel what he really meant. He didn’t want me getting hurt like I did before. I smiled at him. “Ok let’s go” Jace said interrupting our moment. I nodded. Christian went first. Once he went through the forest it was my turn, I took one step at a time until I passed the invisible wall. It felt like I was being splashed with cold water. As soon as I came out on the other side, a commotion of noise erupted. I looked around to see if anyone else noticed. All I found was the giggling faces of Jace and Christian. “What’s so funny?” “Your face.” Jace laughed. “Don’t worry about the noise you’ll get used to it” Christian said. He turned and started walking. I looked around and marveled at the place. It was like a huge town, with a ton of stores and shops thrown in.


All of a sudden something floated by me. I looked up to find someone or something flying. They had these beautiful purple and blue wings. “Christian what is that?” “That is a fairy. There are all types of magical creatures here. Werewolves, witches and almost anything else you can imagine.” “It’s amazing.” I said in awe. “Don’t be fooled by their looks Rose. Some of them are evil.” Jace said grabbing on to my waist. I saw Christians clench his jaw. “Ok lets go.” He said grabbing me away from Jace. Awkward much. *** After an hour we arrived at an inn. It was owned by a witch. I had asked Jace if we could trust her. He said she’s a white witch, and there usually peaceful. “I presume you will be needing two rooms” she had asked us. “No, we’ll share one room.” Jace said. “I don’t think so. We have a strict policy with men in one room, and women in the other. Prince or not, policy is policy.” She didn’t even wait for a reply she just opened her palm and there appeared two sets of keys. She then led us upstairs to our rooms. “Here are your rooms. I hope you enjoy your stay.” With that she disappeared. Literally. Jace and Christian turned to me. “Rose are you sure you don’t want to share a room with us?” Jace asked. “No, I’m a big girl. I can handle sleeping by myself.” “Are you sure?” Christian asked with pleading eyes. “Positive.” I turned around, and entered the room. Why do they always baby me? I mean seriously. I walked over and jumped in the bed. It feels like forever since I’ve been in a comfy bed. I closed my eyes for approximately zero point two seconds before I heard a knock on the door. “Ugh!” Who could it be now? I got up and opened the door, only to find no one on the other side.


Weird. I shut the door, and headed to the bed again when I heard another knock at the door. This time I sprinted to the door and opened it, but still no one was there. “What the hell is going on?” I was about to close the door when I heard the faint playing of a flute. I stuck my head out the door and looked left to right. There was no one there, so I took a step out. Without warning my door closed by itself. I quickly spun around and tried to open the door knob, but it wasn’t budging. What the hell? I decided to head to Jace and Christians room, when I heard a whisper. It called my name. I spun around and yelled to nothing in particular. “Who’s there? …Hello.” “Rose follow my voice.” It called. It was like I was in a trance; I couldn’t stop myself from following the voice. My feet lead me down the steps and out the inn. I was walking mindlessly through the still packed streets. Abruptly I stopped walking, and snapped out of the trance. I looked around confused. I had no recollection of coming here. I looked around until I spotted something to my left. It was a shop. I don’t know why but my feet started walking towards it. I wasn’t in control of them anymore. Once I stepped through the beaded door I was confronted by an old woman. Then and there I knew what she was. She was a gypsy. I took a step backward. This is a trap, it has to be. I didn’t want to come out here, she made me. “Don’t be afraid child. I won’t hurt you.” She raised her finger and my feet immediately started moving forward. “How are you making me come to you” my voice wavered. “Magic, now sit down.” She motioned her hand for me to sit down, and my body responded instantaneously. “Now I’ve brought you here to give you a warning, and an ultimatum.” “Who are you?” I asked. “Not important.” She snapped. “Now here’s your warning. Stop this silly adventure of yours and your life and your friends will be saved if not … You will be hunted down and killed.” She smiled. “And my ultimatum?” I don’t know what she’s getting at with this bullshit, but I might just humor her. She really is full of shit. ~67~

“Join our side, meaning James and I, and your friends will live. Simple isn’t it.” “Who’s James?” “He’s is the enemy of your oh so beloved Jace. Oh and I almost forgot to mention that you will be betrothed to him. If you agree he will give you the closure you need from the murder of your family.” “Why do you want me so bad? Why doesn’t he get another betrothed?” “Because he has requested you and only you. And when his majesty wants something, he gets it. And of course because of your special gift.” Special gift? “What are you talking about?” “I’m a bit disappointed you haven’t picked up on it yet Rose. You absorb gifts. It’s quite amazing; you’re probably the only living vampire who can do that. With you on our side the kingdom will be ours.” I stood up then. Why should I believe this crazy old hag? She could be lying for all I know. “You’re lying. Jace told me not to trust you and he’s right. All you do is spout out crap.” I spun around and headed for the door. “You don’t believe me?” I stopped in my tracks, not because I wanted to but because she made me. “You’ve seen me control your body, now you have that power. Why don’t you give it a try?” She released me from here power. I didn’t turn around. “I still don’t believe you.” “Fine then your friends will die. Every single one of them-” I hadn’t realized what I did until I did it. My hands were raised as if I were choking something. I looked and realized that it was the old woman. My hands didn’t make direct contact with her neck but I felt the power in my hands. I was killing her. I immediately released, and ran out the gypsy’s shop. I don’t know where I was headed but I had to get out of there. Something weird was going on and I didn’t know what. All I know is that I don’t want Jace and Christian getting hurt.

Chapter Twenty

I don’t know what to do.
I don’t want to marry James, but if I don’t he might kill Jace and Christian. Shit! Then again if I do they’ll be safe. I walked around for I don’t know how long, but I had made my decision. At midnight tomorrow I would sneak out and leave. It’s my only option. I started biting my nails; it’s a nasty habit of mine when I’m nervous. I started to wonder if maybe it would be better if I left. I mean now Christian can go back to his normal life and Jace can actually find someone worthy of his love. I think it would be best for everyone. I suddenly stopped in my tracks because what the gypsy said started to sink in. I can absorb gifts. I looked at my hands. How could someone like me have such amazing power? I decided to test them out. I remembered the white witch at the inn teleported. I wondered if I could do it. I closed my eyes and thought of the inn. I wanted to see Christian so bad. Today was going to be the last day spent with him. I felt a rush of wind, and when I opened my eyes I was right in front of the inn. “Wow” it’s true. I really can absorb gifts, but I can’t tell Jace or Christian. They would freak. I walked through the inn doors and was immediately hit with a bucket load of yells and screams. “WHERE WERE YOU?” Jace screamed. “I went-” “WE WERE SO WORRIED ROSE! WHY WOULD YOU RUN OFF WITHOUT SAYING ANYTHING? I was about to rip apart this whole town looking for you.” Christian yelled. “I just-” Suddenly Jace attacked me with a bone crushing hug. “Jace you’re squeezing me.” he immediately let go. “I just missed you so much. Don’t leave me again Rose. You have to promise me.” I couldn’t look him in the eyes. “Jace-” his lips were on top of mine within seconds. I didn’t know how to react, I just stood there frozen.


Once his lips made contact with mine, I could feel the rage coming off Christian. I felt Jace’s body being ripped away from mine’s. Christian was in front of me now. “Christian what the hell is you doing!” Jace yelled “What does it look like idiot.” “Listen you imbecile I’m starting to think you’re jealous of my relationship with Rose. Every time I get near her you’re there trying to break us up. I’m tired of it and next time you do it were gonna have a real problem.” Jace oozed anger. “Your gonna have to deal with it because I have feelings for Rose and I refuse to let your greasy lips touch hers, and if I ever see you touch her again WERE going to have problems.” They were at each other’s throats. I have to break this up. “Guys! Listen I’m sorry that I disappeared like that. I … I just wanted some fresh air. Okay, I’m sorry.” With that I turned around and ran up to my room. I don’t think I can stay with them any longer. It seems like all I do is cause problems. There always bickering because of me. I shouldn’t of led either of them on like that, now there’s some fucked up love triangle and I’m the cause of it. I packed up the few things that I had, and was ready for my escape. With my new power I can just transport myself to the gypsy’s shop. I said my silent goodbyes and was about to make my escape when *KNOCK* I walked to the door and opened it. “Christian? Why are you-” “Rose where did you go today?” he said letting himself in. “I told you already, I went for a walk.” “Stop the bullshit Rose. I could tell you were lying. Your aura was wavering, and it was a faint purple. So I also know that you were scared, but you were trying to hide it from me. Why?” “I don’t know what you’re talking about Christian.” I laughed shakily. Shit, how could I forget his gift? He could see right through me. I looked away. “Rose.” He grabbed on to my arm and spun me around so I was facing him. How could I meet his gaze, when I was about to betray him and his brother. Within seconds he pinned me to the wall.


“Rose why won’t you look at me. What are you hiding?” “I…I can’t tell you.” “Rose-” “Everything’s fine Christian. Don’t worry about me… I’m fine.” I felt the waterfall ready to make its way from my eyes. Curse my stupid crying glands. He lifted his hand so that it was caressing my cheek. He slowly wiped the tears away. “Christian don’t.” It felt so good to be touched by him but it was making matters worse. I guess me getting all riled up from his touch made one of my powers go off, because all of a sudden there was this huge gust of wind in the room. He removed his hands and looked around trying to find the source of the commotion. When he didn’t find it, his eyes started to move back to mine, when he went rigid. “Rose whose bags are those?” Aw hell. He found my bags. I cursed myself. “Oh! Ahm those are mine. I just forgot to unpack my things, so there still in the bag.” “You’re lying.” He looked at me, his eyes boring holes into mine. “Where are you going?” “No where Christian.” His eyes seemed to soften but I could still tell he was suspicious of me. Slowly He rested his lips on mine, I couldn’t fight the temptation. I kissed back. It was so sweet and passionate, but I knew it couldn’t last forever. I knew this was the time to leave before I changed my mind and stayed here forever in his arms. As soon as I had room to talk I said “Christian I order you to leave me.” He looked up at me with confusion and hurt in his eyes. “What are you talking about-?” “LEAVE! And don’t look back.” I could see him fighting my compulsion. He reached out to me, but it was too late. His feet were already moving to the door. He paused for a second and was gone. I ran to my bags and teleported out of there before anyone else came. When I opened my eyes I was in front of the gypsy’s shop. Inside of the shop I could feel something dark, but I held my head high and walked in. “I’m here.” I said. “I know child. I could sense you.” “I see. So when am I gonna meet this majesty of yours” ~71~

“Sooner than you think.” I heard loud footsteps approaching me. I turned around I met the darkest most beautiful black eyes. His face matched as well. It was carved like an angel, but I knew that behind that pretty mask held something horrible. I could feel it. “Hello beautiful.” He grabbed my hands and gave it a long and intimate kiss. “I’m James.”


Chapter Twenty-One
W ithout hesitation I snatched my hands away from his. I saw him give me a little smirk.
“I’m sorry I made you uncomfortable Rose, but you are my wife now, and I have all the right to touch you in places that make you uncomfortable.” I looked him dead in the eyes and was astonished to realize that they were no longer black, but a crystal blue. “Your eyes, there not black anymore.” “You’re correct.” Is all he said. For the first time since he came he took his eyes off me and rested them on the gypsy. “Gypsy, thank you for delivering my dearest Rose, and as promised I will give you your reward.” He raised his hand as to give her something, when all of a sudden his hands went from being normal and smooth to shooting fire balls. He shot about five of them at her and she turned to ash. I backed away from him, but his hand shot out to grab my own. I tried to pry them off, but his grip was unmovable. “Why did you just …” “Kill her? I despise gypsies. To think I had to work with her, only makes me cringe, but it was all worth it because now I have you.” Looking at him I could see his malicious and evil smile. What if one day he gets tired of my company and starts shooting fire balls at ME! Now everything started to come into focus. I shouldn’t be here. I should be with Christian and Jace. This I wrong, I can’t marry him. I had made my resolve. I have to get out of here; this man or thing is dangerous. When his eyes were off me I took a chance and teleported out of his grip. I don’t know where I teleported, but all I know is that it was away from him. I thought of Christian the whole time, so I was expecting to show up at the inn, but unfortunately I was about 4 blocks away from it. “Shit!” I took off running. I was just a block away when I saw a figure appear in the distance. I couldn’t make out the face, but I hoped to god it was Christian or Jace. I stopped running, so I could get a better look. ~73~

It looks like… like, oh shit. James! I turned the other direction and took off running, but was immediately pulled into the arms of someone. “Let me go! I changed my mind; I don’t want to marry you I-” “It’s too late for that Rose. I want you and nothing is going to change MY mind.” He stared at me, and it felt like his eyes were eating me alive. I started kicking and screaming, when he spun me around and pushed me into a wall. “I don’t want to hurt you Rose, but if you keep this up I just might.” I didn’t care if he hurt me I just wanted to get away from him. “HELP!” I screamed over and over until he crashed his mouth to mine. He tried to stick his tongue down my throat, but I refused to let it happen. He moved his lips from my mouth to my neck, and he started to suck on it. I pressed my hands to his chest fighting to push him off but it was impossible. He was like an iron wall. I took my chances and tried to teleport away from him. This time I was right outside the inn. As I ran to the door I screamed “Christian! Jace! Someone help me!” I was so close, when a gush of wind slammed me backwards. I fell into someone’s arms. I looked behind me hoping that it was someone I knew or anyone other than “James!” “Yes it’s me Rose. I actually find this quite amusing. You running away, thinking that you can escape me. You know I always liked a good cat and mouse chase” He bellowed a laugh. “But I am getting tired so let’s go.” I tried to squirm my way out of his arms, but it was useless. He wasn’t letting go. I closed my eyes, and thought how stupid I was. I shouldn’t have come on this stupid journey, look where it’s gotten me. Maybe this is for the best; I mean I’m never going to escape him… ever. He turned around and started heading in the opposite direction from the inn.

Christian “Why would she leave Jace? Why?!?” I put my face in my hands. How could she do this? “Christian have you tried looking for her-” “Of course! What you think I would let her go and NOT go looking for her. Don’t be stupid Jace!” “Whoa don’t get snippy with me, I was just asking a logical question-” ~74~

“Just shut up. I don’t need to hear your mouth right now.” I shot daggers at him. I could rip anyone apart right now. I got up and started to walk away when Jace said something that surprised me. “She’s the one, isn’t she.” I stopped in my tracks. “What are you talking about?” I knew exactly what he was talking about. “She is your soul mate isn’t she?” I went silent. I didn’t want to think that I had just found ‘the one’ and then lost her as quickly as I got her. “Yeah she is.” I said, with a sigh. Jace went silent. . “You know I’ll never stop fighting for her love.” He gave a small chuckle. I guess he was trying to lighten the air. I gave a small smile. “I know, but first I need to find her so I can tell her.” My face went humorless. “And know this I WILL find her.” “Yeah, yeah I know, you’ll die trying-” I cut him off. “Did you hear that?” “Hear what? Wait I think I do. It sounds like… like… ROSE!” I didn’t even stay to hear him finish. I bolted downstairs, opened the door and saw my beloved in the arms of… James?!? I didn’t even care the reason all I knew was that she should be in my arms NOT his. “ROSE!”

Rose P.O.V “ROSE!” I peeked over James’s shoulders to see a running Christian. “What the-” James was cut short because Jace had knocked into him, throwing me in the air. I closed my eyes and once I reopened them I was face to face with Christian’s beautiful golden ones. I wrapped my arms around his neck and hugged him. Oh how much I missed him. I heard a loud crash, so whipped my head around to see James lying on the ground with a scratched face. He looked horrified. “How dare you mongrel scratch my beautiful face. You’ll regret this, and Rose WILL be mine.” With that he disappeared into a black mist. ~75~

“So dramatic.” I said, with a little chuckle. I was soon cut off when Christian brought me into a bone crushing hug. “You don’t know how much I missed you.” He whispered. “Alright I guess this is my cue to vamoose.” Jace had said. I looked at him astonished. He wasn’t mad that I had feelings for his brother? “Jace are you okay with this.” I asked. “Hell NO, but he already claimed your heart so I can do no more, but don’t think this is stopping me from loving you.” He gave me a small smirk and was gone. I turned around and found Christian staring. He looked like if he took his eyes off me I would disappear. “We have some catching up to do” he said. “Oh do we?” I laughed. “You know I love when you laugh.” He said nuzzling his head in the crook of my neck. “Do you? I guess I’ll have to do it more often.” I hugged him. He zoomed us up to my room and locked the doors. Then he gently laid me on the bed. He had his serious face on. “Christian what’s wrong?” I asked, starting to get a little nervous. “Nothing, it’s just that I never realized what I had until I lost it.” I gave him a confused look. “I mean when you left me, I felt my heart break into a thousand pieces. I don’t mean to sound corny or cliché but I love you Rose and I never want to lose you again. I don’t know what I might do-” I crashed my lips to his. He loves me! To hear him say it meant so much. “I love you too Christian. I didn’t know if I could love again but you proved me wrong.” I gave him a kiss on the cheek. “I’m going to take a shower, and when I come out I’ll show you exactly how much I love you.” With that I left an anxious Christian, waiting for my return. As soon as I got in the shower, I wondered where Christian and I would go from here. Is he my boyfriend? Maybe, but right now I’m getting a little antsy. I know Christian is experienced in ‘that’ department, so would he want an inexperienced virgin like me. My thoughts were cut off when I heard the shower curtains open. I turned around to find a naked, but sexy Christian. “What-” ~76~

“I couldn’t wait any longer.” He replied, with lust in his eyes. I didn’t even hear the bathroom door open, and I’m 99.9 percent sure I locked it. He took a step towards me and brought his lips ever so gently to mine. He was slow at first then he became very fast and intimate. He moved his mouth from mine and brought it to my neck. He was trailing light kisses all over. He looked up and asked “Rose I want you so bad. I don’t know if I can control myself.” “Mmm.” Was my reply. “I’m going to mate us.” He said. “Uh huh” was all I could muster out. I wanted to be with him forever. He brought me into his arms and within second we were on the bed. He started trailing kisses down my body. “This feels good. I said. “This isn’t the best part” he murmured. I could feel his hard manhood, pressing against me. “Christian do it!” I screamed with pleasure. Once he put it in, my eyes instantly shot open. “It hurts, take it out take it out!” “Don’t worry baby, the pain will go away. I promise.” He started to ease his way in and out in and out. It started to feel good. “Harder.” Without hesitation he went harder and harder. Once we had reached maximum, he stayed in me. “I don’t want to leave you Rose. I feel as though we are one.” He planted a kiss on my mouth. He stared at me in with his beautiful eyes which were a dark purpley color. His eyes trailed over my body, mesmerizing every detail. “I want you to mate us Christian.” “Rose this means that we will be bonded for life. Are you ready for that?” “As ready as I’ll ever be.” He smiled, and rested his head in the crook of my neck. He kissed it first, then his mouth breached my skin and he began to suck. I thought I would hurt, but it felt like I was on cloud nine. I brought my arms around him and pushed him closer to me. ~77~

My instincts took over and I brought his neck to my mouth, and then I too began to drink from him. After we were done he whispered “I love you.” “I love you too Christian.” I said, smiling. He gave me a smirk and said “Round Two.” I laughed. “You bet.”


Chapter Twenty-Two
A s soon as I woke up I looked to my right, expecting to see Christian but I didn’t find him. I bolted up.
I started to worry. I got out of bed, but was stopped when I saw a note with my name on it on my nightstand.

RoseI just went to go talk to Jace. He’s having a meltdown since he knows we’ve been mated. So don’t freak out, which I know you have. Be back in ten. -Christian

I let out a breath of air I didn’t know I was holding. I fell back in the bed, remembering what happened last night. I feel all giggly, and I’m positive I’m glowing. I laughed. If this is the aftermath of having sex, I need to do it more often. After five minutes of smiling to myself, I got up and headed to the shower. Once I was done I got ready in some regular skinny jeans and a tee. I was in front of the mirror trying to fix my hair when I felt two hands snake around my waist. I turned around expecting to see my beautiful Christian, but came face to face with… James! I backed up on to the mirror. “Rose, I see your still beautiful as ever.” He said reaching for my face. “Get away from me! Why do you keep coming back, leave me ALONE!” I screamed. He had this possessive look in his eyes.


“I’ll never leave you alone Rose. YOU. ARE. MINE. Now, I’ll be coming for you in ten days. Be ready.” He turned and headed to the window. “Oh and you won’t mention this anyone, especially Christian. It’s not a question it’s an order.” With that he disappeared. What worried me was his look of possessiveness. “Honey I’m home!” Christian burst through the door smiling. I gave him a nervous smile. I have to tell him. “Christian I have something to tell you.” I walked up to him. “What is it babe?” “Christian… Christian…” I grabbed my throat. I couldn’t tell him. The words wouldn’t come out. It was like I was under a spell. I couldn’t utter James’s name. What did he do to me? “Rose what is it?” “Oh nothing, just that I had an amazing night yesterday.” He walked over to me and hugged me. “I did too.” Once he couldn’t see my face, I turned my smile upside down. There always has to be that one thing that ruins a good day. I sighed. “So what do you want to do today? We don’t have to leave until tomorrow.” He asked me. “Oh I don’t know-” “Good, cause I want you to meet some of my friends.” I gave him a really? Look. “Oh common! There not that bad. Let’s go.” He said grabbing hold of my hand and dragging me out of the inn. “What about food?” I really didn’t want to go. I wasn’t in the mood. “Don’t worry; we’re going to a barbeque.” “Vampire’s barbeque?” I gave him a sidelong look. “Of course we do.” He said with a chuckle. “Rose, you know you’re a character.” “Ha ha.” I said with weariness. After about ten minutes we arrived at his friends place. It was a mansion. “I didn’t know you had rich friends?”


“Of course I do. I know you might’ve forgotten but I am royalty.” He said dragging me to the front door. He opened the door and we were instantly bombarded with noise. A whole bunch of people approached us; by us I mean Christian. They started having a full blown conversation, dismissing my presence. Really? I gave a small cough. “Oh I’m sorry, guys this is Rose. Rose these are the Guys.” They all turned to me for the first time. I gave them all a warm smile. I realized that all of them were an attractive bunch. One of them stepped out and kissed my hand. “Hello I’m Everett. It’s very nice to-” he didn’t get to finish because Christian was already dragging him away. Christian looked back and called out “Rose go mingle, find some girlfriends.” Then he was gone, as well as the crowd of people. He was like a magnet for attention. I looked around trying to find some girls to talk to, but it seemed as though all of them were tailing Christian. “What whores.” I guess it doesn’t matter if you’re human or not, whores will be whores. I decided to go take a look in the backyard. Once I took a step outside I was dumbstruck. It was beautiful. I spotted some magnolia flowers, so I went over and took a long sniff. I must’ve looked like a crack addict with all my sniffing because some said “What are you doing?” I quickly stood up, composing myself. “I’m sorry I’m Rose, I was just smelling the magnolia flowers.” I looked up and saw a short girl with brown hair, and these amazing big brown eyes. She looked about my age, but you can never tell with vampires. “Oh ok. Well I’m Emilia, Everett’s sister. I’m sure you know him, he flirts with every pretty girl.” I laughed. “Yeah I’ve met him, and I’m not that pretty-” “You’re beautiful. I wished I was as pretty as you.” She said with her big eyes gleaming. “You are-” “Stop the bullshit. You don’t need to lie to me. I know I’m ugly, but let’s talk about something else kay.” “Sure.” She motioned for me to follow her. She led me back into the house and up two flights of steps to her room. As soon as we got inside she said “So who do you like. Sorry for being too forward, but I always wanted to say that. I don’t have many friends.”


“Neither do I, but who I like is… Christian Balescu.” Her eyes looked like they were going to pop out of their sockets. “Are you serious? Every girl wants to be with him, he’s like a god. Well good luck with that…” “Well we already mated.” She screamed so loud she almost broke my eardrums. “AHHH! Are you serious? Oh my god you’re so lucky.” “Thanks. So what about you? I’m sure you like someone.” Her faced dropped a little. “I do, but he would never go for a boring girl like me.” “How do you know? Have you told him you liked him?” I asked her. “No but still-” I cut her off. “You have to tell. Even if he doesn’t have the same feelings as you, it’s always better to say it. So who’s the lucky guy?” “Jace Balescu.” Uh oh.

“Oh.” was my brilliant response. I had to change the subject quick. “Let’s go get something to eat Em, I’m starving.” I got up and headed to the door. “You called me Em.” She said. I looked back and her eyes were watering. “Oh I’m sorry. If you feel uncomfortable-” “No no, it’s not that. It’s just that no one’s ever given me a nick name before.” “Well that’s what friends do. Right?” “Yeah.” She gave me a huge smile. “Alright let’s go.” We headed back downstairs where everyone was gathered. I started to search for Christian, but had no luck. “Em can you get me a drink?” I asked her. “Sure, be back in a sec.” I nodded and she was off.


I started to walk over to the huge crowd, when someone grabbed my arm. I was on high alert so my instincts took over and I ended up twisting the person’s wrist. “Ouch.” He said. I quickly let go. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to.” I recognized the face as Everett. “It’s alright babe. I like a hard chick.” He said rubbing his wrist. He started to get closer to me. So I took a step back but just got pushed back into him with all the dancing people. He grabbed on to my waist, and pushed us even closer. “Listen Everett I’m with Christian. So just let go of me.” He didn’t. “That’s alright. I’m sure he’ll share.” Ugh! Jerk. I raised my hand to slap him, but someone beat me to it, with a hard punch. “Ouch man-” “Don’t ever touch her again, or I’ll kill you. Friend or not.” Christian grabbed my hand and dragged me out of the house. “Thanks Chris-” “Did he touch you anywhere? I swear if he did I’ll go back in there and-” “I’m fine Christian. I’m fine.” I kissed him on the cheek. He looked like he was ready to kill. “Let’s go.” He said. As we started to walk out I heard someone call my name. I looked back to see who it was and I was pleasantly surprised to see Emilia running towards us. “Rose meet me at my house tomorrow. Anytime will do.” I was about to say yes when Christian decided to speak for me. “No she will not. Not while Everett’s there, plus I want her all to myself tomorrow.” “Christian we see each other every day. Stop being so possesive.” I turned to Emilia. “I’ll see you tomorrow.” She smiled and ran back to her house. I looked to Christian, to find him giving me his puppy dog face. “I’m going tomorrow Christian.”


“Fine, I guess that means we’ll have to spend ‘quality’ time together when we get home.” He said winking at me. I laughed. My boyfriend is such a freak.


Chapter Twenty-Three
I woke up around ten O’ clock, groaning and dragging my feet. If I was going to meet Emilia I wanted
to do it early, so that we can have the whole day to do ‘girl stuff’. For some odd and sick reason I felt like wearing a dress. I’m not your typical girly girl, but since I was meeting my new friend I wanted to look the part. As soon as I left the bathroom, a hand stopped me. I looked and saw that it was Jace, he seemed depressed. “Hey what’s up Jace?” I gave him an up and down look. He just stared at me, and then his eyes traveled down my body noticing the dress I was wearing. This is awkward, I thought. “So …” I was in a hurry and If all he was gonna do was stare, I might as well leave now. “Jace if you don’t have anything to say …” “No! I do.” He ran his fingers through his hair, still looking as beautiful as ever. “I just had to see you. I know you’re with Christian and all, but I was just…” I ran to him and gave him a humongous hug. I understand what he’s trying to say. I started to feel the weight of how much pain I caused him. I mean I was his first love, and his first wife. He loved me and what did I do with that love? I took it, smashed it into a thousand pieces then handed it back. I feel horrible. “Look Jace I’m really sorry that I left you, but I had to follow my heart—” “Yeah yeah I know, but it still hurts.” I looked at my feet, avoiding his eyes. Then all of a sudden the wheels in my head started turning, and then a light bulb went off. “Jace, I’m going over to Everett’s house today, how about you stop by?” “Yeah sure.” I didn’t show it but on the inside I was grinning like a fool. *** ~85~

After getting lost twice I finally found Emilia’s house. I walked up to the door and was about to knock when it swung open. “Rose! You actually came!” Emilia screamed. “Of course I did.” She led me inside, where I saw that the house wasn’t completely empty. There was a mini party going on. When we got to her room, I couldn’t hold back the good news I had. “Jace’s coming by later!” I burst out. She stopped what she was doing and stared at me. I was expecting a little more reaction … *SCREAM Yep there it is. I laughed. She started walking around in circles. “What am I going to do? No! What am I going to wear? Holy shit, my hair!” I laughed. “I’ll help you, but you don’t need to worry Jace will fall head over heels for you. You’re a nice girl and that’s what counts.” She gave me a shy smile. “Thanks Rose.” She gave me a long hug. After our hugging session, she started to change into a pretty, but not too girly dress. She looked like an angel. “Muy bien.” I said, using all the Spanish vocabulary I know. “Okay, now let’s put on a little makeup.” I got an eyes shadow brush and started to work my magic. Then I got an eyeliner brush, some mascara and some lip gloss. Surprisingly Emilia had all these makeup tools, but never used them. After ten minutes of being beautified, I took her hair out of her ponytail and said go check yourself out. When she reached the mirror she stood there stuck in time. She grabbed her face, and said “Is this a dream, or do you have magic fingers.” “I don’t, but you’re just naturally that pretty. Let’s go show you off.” I grabbed her hand and raced downstairs. I don’t think she noticed but, Jace had just walked in. Muhuwahahaa! My plans are coming together. “Hey Emilia, let’s go get us some drinks.” ~86~

“Sure.” As we walked over to the drinks I yelled to Jace. “Oh Jace! I didn’t see you over there, come have a punch with us!” I could feel Emilia tense up. “Hey Rose-” I cut him off. “This is my dear friend Emilia.” I moved aside so he could see her. His eyes widened and he moved towards her, took her hand and kissed it. “It’s my pleasure to be in the presence of such a beautiful lady.” Emilia blushed. I took this as my cue to leave the premises. Before I did I told Emilia that I was leaving, she just gave me a nod and continued talking with Jace. I should be a match maker, seriously. I patted myself on the back. As I opened the door and took one step out, someone grabbed my arm and pulled me back. I already knew who it was. Everett. “Why are you stalking my life Everett?” I said in a bored voice. He laughed, seeming amused. “I wasn’t stalking you dear. I just wanted to talk.” “Okay how about, get the hell out of my face. There we just had a talk!” I spun around and headed out the door, only to be pulled back again. “Listen you don’t have to be a bitch, I just...” I stopped him right there. I had to laugh a little. He’s calling ME a bitch! Ha! “Listen the only bitch I see around here is you. I’m going to give you a little advice, get a dog because it’s so obvious you need some lovin’ in your life. After that maybe you should get a little some called I don’t know a tooth brush and tooth paste. It really works miracles.” I patted him on the back, and with my vampire speed, I ran all the way home. As soon as I entered our room, Christian was lying on the bed fast asleep. I wonder where he’s been all day? I jumped in the bed, expecting to wake him, but all I got was a little groan. So much for a romantic night. I looked at the ceiling and remembered that today was our last night here. Where going to be headed god knows where. I sighed. Will this ever end? I rolled on my side. I can’t help, but feel that danger is coming our way. I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep. ~87~

Chapter Twenty-Four

W e were back on the road before I even had a chance to say good bye to Emilia, but I was happy to
leave that god forsaken place. We were back on the trail. Christian said that by the afternoon today we were going to meet up with someone who could give us some leads. I couldn’t help but feel like there’s this gap between us. He hasn’t said much to me since yesterday and frankly it’s bothering me. I walked up close to him and was about to grab his hand when he said water break, and sped off. What the hell is going on? I walked over to Jace. I almost forgot to ask him about his little chat with Emilia. After he came home that day he had a huge smile on his face. I nudged him. “So what happened with you and Emilia?” A blush seemed to rise to his cheek. “Oh nothing, we talked.” I rolled my eyes. They obviously did more than ‘talk’. “Stop bullshitting me Jace.” I laughed. “I know you like her.” He nodded. “I do I’m just a little bummed I won’t be seeing her for a while.” I felt like it was my fault he was hurting. If he didn’t have to come on my little journey, he could be with Emilia all the time. I sighed. My fault. “I’m sorry Jace. You don’t have to come...” “No! I made a promise to you, and I’m going to fulfill it.” His eyes seemed to pierce through me. I gave him a hug. “What’s going on here?” Christian asked. I quickly let go of Jace. “Nothing we were just hugging.” I said looking at bit confused at his anger. “You’ve been cranky lately.” “I have not. Let’s go.” He said dismissing our conversation. What happened to him, he was acting like his old self.


I walked in the back of the group. One minute I’m as happy as a clam, the next I’m sadder than a dying bird. It’s frustrating. Once we passed a bridge Christian informed us that the guy was meeting us halfway. Thank god! I didn’t want to walk any more. I took my backpack off and took out one of my full bottles of blood. I drank the whole thing. “Ah.” I said in delight. I took a seat and waited for this guy to come. It was a good hour before I saw a figure walking towards us. I stood up, as well as Jace and Christian. As soon as the guy came into view I couldn’t help but blush. He was beautiful. He had golden hair and eyes that sparkled in the light. “Christian.” The guy said. “Daniel it’s nice to see you.” Daniel turned to Jace, and shook his hand. Then he came over to me and just stood there. I guess I need to introduce myself. “I’m Rose.” I put my hand out for him to shake, but instead he took it and kissed it. “I’m Daniel. It’s my pleasure to meet you.” He dropped my hand, but still maintained eye contact. I could already feel the jealousy coming from Christian. “So Daniel, you said you had leads. Let’s hear it.” Christian said raising his voice a little. “Oh yes. I almost forgot.” He finally broke eye contact and turned so that he was facing all of us. “So his name is General Claude. He’s very dangerous, as I’m sure you all know. Usually he’s very hard to find, but fortunately for you he’s not located far. Actually pretty damn close for my liking.” Just the name of the general, I started remembering something. What was it again? Oh no! I completely forgot what James had said. He was coming for me in ten days, and it’s already been a week. Shit! I sat down. No one seemed to notice the crisis I was in. When I looked back up, Daniel was staring at me. I quickly looked away. After the guys finished talking, they went to sleep leaving me to drown in my melancholy. “Rose I see your struggling with some things.” I looked up at Daniel. He was so beautiful, but it was a scary kind of beauty. “Yeah, it’s nothing.”


“I rather think not. Why don’t you try telling me?” I sighed. Even if I tried, the words still wouldn’t escape my mouth, but what the heck. Might as well give it a try. I looked at him opened my mouth and said “James threatened that he was going to take me away in ten days and it’s already been a week.” I quickly slapped my hand over my mouth. How did I do that? I looked up at him and he was smiling. “How was I able to tell you that? I wasn’t supposed…” “I’m a seer. That spell doesn’t affect me.” “A seer, what’s that?” I looked at him aghast. “I see the future, or what might become the future. I know what might or might not happen, it’s my gift.”I looked at him opened eyed. He gave a small chuckle. “So can you tell me my future?” He nodded. “But do you want to hear it?” I blinked about a thousand times before I responded. What if it’s a scary future, or what if it’s no future at all? Even so, I still want to know. “Tell me.” He had my hands in his instantly; he sat down beside me and closed his eyes. I watched him; his brows seemed to knit together. Is that bad? Like a bat out of hell, my eyes began to flutter and then everything went black. When the black faded away what I saw amazed me. It was my house. I walked over and opened the door, only to see my brother and sister running around. I tried to reach for them, but my hands went straight through. I retracted them immediately. What is this? I ran into the living room to see my parents drinking coffee, like normal. I waved my hands in front of them expecting an eye twitch or something, but nothing. “Mom! Dad! What’s going on? Why are you alive?!?” I was invisible; they couldn’t hear nor see me. I felt tears streaming down my face. Then abruptly the door swung open, and a person that I didn’t recognize entered. I tried to look closer, but the face was clouded. My parents stood up. “Max, Emily! Upstairs NOW!” My mom screamed. Wait, what’s going on! Who is this man? “Why are you here?” My dad asked with a horrified look. “I’m here to collect.” It said in a scratchy voice.


“She’s not here, and you’ll never get her!” my mom yelled. The man took two steps raised his hands, and then everything went black. “ROSE! ROSE! Wake up! Rose!” I opened my eyes to see three pairs of eyes on me. “Thank god. She’s conscious.” I couldn’t recognize whose voice that was, but had worry in it. “Mmm…” I mumbled. I sat up slowly, with the help of someone’s hand. “What happened?” Christian asked. “We woke up and heared you screaming and when we came over to you; you had a faraway look in your eyes.” I looked at Daniel. Oh no, don’t tell me I have his gift. He seemed to know exactly what I was thinking. “Rose will you take a walk with me.” He said. Christian put his hands around me in a protective embrace. “No! She’s staying here.” “Christian it’s alright.” I said standing up. When we were far enough away Daniel stopped and said “What did you see?” “My family. The day they were murdered, but I didn’t catch the guys face.” I brought my hands to my face to wipe away the tears. “Rose do you know what this means. If anyone finds out you have THIS gift. You’ll be like the only gold piece left on earth.” He ran his fingers through his hair. “I saw something in my vision as well… You have a big decision to make in the future. And when it comes down to it listen to the old woman.” What old woman? “But Daniel…” he was gone. Just like that he was here then not. I walked back to our resting grounds. As soon as I was in sight they ran up to me. “Are you alright?” They said in unison. I wasn’t in the mood to explain what crazy stuff happened tonight. So I gave them a small nod and sunk into my sleeping bag all the while thinking how scared I am of what’s to come.

Chapter Twenty-Five

I awoke the next day with the biggest head-ache. Even so by mid morning we were back on the road. I
didn’t know if I could go any further, I felt terrible but I sucked it up. By the afternoon we reached a village. If I wasn’t so terribly sick I would have enjoyed the cozy feel it gave off. Christian got us rooms in a cute little inn owned by a nice old woman named Rosa. Once we got our rooms, I excused myself. I wanted some air. “Rose, do you need company?” Christian asked. I didn’t want to say yes because I felt so sick, but I haven’t spent any alone time with him. “Yea sure.” He grabbed my hand, and we left. Once we were a few houses away from the inn he pulled me into an alley way. “What are you doing?” I asked. “Listen I want to apologize for the other day. I was ignoring you and…” he ran his fingers through his hair. Just that one motion reminded me why I love him so much. “I was just a bit jealous that you spent the day with Emilia and not me. Yeah I know I’m such a child, but I can’t stand to be away from you.” He’s so adorable! I grabbed him by the neck, and brought his lips to mine. I feel like we haven’t kissed in forever, even so this felt so good and by that I mean WONDERFUL. Once we separated I could see his beautiful smile. How I missed it. He gave me a kiss on my cheek and the said “let’s get out of here.” I nodded. I mean an alley way is far from romantic. Once we escaped the alleyways horrific stench Christian pulled me inside of a shop. It didn’t seem to have a theme because it sold all sorts of things. From brooms to soap to jewelry. I walked away from Christian, because something in the store caught my eye. When I reached it, I saw that it was two old antique amulets. One had a beautiful blue rhinestone smack in the center. And the outside was shaped like the sun. It was beautiful. The other looked like it was carved from bark and it was a rusty brown. It was NOT beautiful. I reached out to touch the pretty one when a voice nearly shook me out of my shoes. “That’s a beauty you’ve picked out there. Isn’t it?” I looked over my shoulder to see a hunched back old lady. I almost cringed. “But the other is prettier, don’t you think?” she said pointing to the hideous one. “Ahm, I wouldn’t call it pretty but how much is for this other one.” I said pointing to the one with the blue rhinestone. She raised an eyebrow. ~93~

“Too expensive, but for you the other one is free. Take it.” She reached for the brown amulet and shoved it into my hands. I tried to push it back at her, but she just shoved it back into my hands. “Miss I don’t want this-” “Some things no matter how old they are never lose their beauty. While the pretty ones, just fade and disappear. Look past the glamour and you will find your answers.” With that the old woman turned and left. What is she talking about, look past what glamour? Whatever! I took the stupid amulet and waited outside for Christian. Once he came, we headed back to the inn. When suddenly he stopped me. I looked at him and he had the cookie monster grin on. I giggled (and I never giggle). “Why so smiley smiley?” I asked. “Oh it’s just that I got you a surprise.” “Wha-” “Close your eyes.” He said cutting me off. I did as told and five seconds later I felt something cold wrap around my wrists. I opened my eyes and looked down to find the cutest little bracelet. It had all types of roses hanging from it. “It’s beautiful Christian!” I said in awe. “I know, I mean I picked it out.” He said jokingly. “But seriously when I saw this I couldn’t stop myself from buying it. And crazy enough it has your name engraved in it. It’s like it was waiting for you.” I blushed. This is the sweetest thing anyone’s ever done for me. Well it’s not like people do sweet things for me, so it’s the FIRST time someone’s done something sweet for me. I grabbed him and kissed him. I could feel him lift me up and I already knew our destination. The bedroom. Once he busted through the door he laid me on the bed and started trailing kisses down my neck. “Christian…” I mumbled. He started taking off my clothes one by one. Once I was bare, he just watched me. If this were anyone else I would feel embarrassed, but it was Christian. My Christian. I felt a small blush rise to my cheeks; sex is still fairly new to me so I’m still a bit nervous. “I’ll go slow don’t worry.” He said smiling. I know he would. He would never want to hurt me. He bent down and started caressing by body with his hands.


I moaned. He got on top of me and I knew he was about to push ‘it’ in so I grabbed on to him and pushed him closer to me. “Do it” I whispered, with a little too much lust, because he seemed to get riled up. He dug himself in me; slow enough where it was enjoyable, and intimate. In and out, slow and then fast. You could hear the bracelet he gave me jingle a couple thousand times. Once he slowed down, he came to my ear and whispered “I love you.” I smiled and whispered back. “I love you to.” He gently started to kiss my neck. I felt his teeth start to extract. He slid them into my neck and began to drink. You would think that getting bitten by a vampire would hurt like a bitch, but you thought wrong. It felt like I was having sex all over again, but a thousand times more pleasurable. I brought his neck down and started to drink. All the while thinking that he was forever mine. I love Christian. ***

The next morning I felt like jelly, but a good just had sex jelly. If that makes sense. I felt Christian rustle, drawing me closer to him. I was practically pinned to his hard chest now. I sighed. I had to pee, and it would take literally forever to escape his iron grip. *TING That was the light bulb going off in my head. I could teleport to the bathroom. Duh! I thought of the bathroom and when I opened my eyes I was in front of Christian, next to the bed. I really need to work on my transporting skills. I quickly grabbed a pillow and stuck it in Christian arms. He grabbed it immediately and started to squish it. To think that was me. I silently laughed on the way to the bathroom but immediately stopped once I saw what was on the counter. It was the brown amulet the old woman gave me. I was positive I left it in my jeans pocket. I walked passed it, but something whispered my name.


“Rose...” It said. “Put me on, quickly.” I don’t know why I did, but I felt like I had to. Once I finished my business I went back into Christians arms, all the while wearing the brown amulet. I didn’t know it then but, I had listened to the old woman. Daniels vision had come true.


Chapter Twenty-Six
T he next day once we were awake we were back on the road. I was walking minding my own
business when Christian stuck his arm out, stopping my movement. “What is-” he quickly brought his hands over my mouth. He motioned for us to follow him in the confides of the trees. As soon as we were in the shadows of the forest a man on horseback rode by. He stopped suddenly, looking around as if to find something. Once he realized nothing was out there he went on his way. Once he was out of sight, we walked out of the shadows. “That was one of General Claude’s men. If he had seen us, we would be in real trouble.” Jace said. I started to feel a shiver through my spine. I turned around, positive someone was watching me, but I saw nothing. Must be the wind I thought. “We should make camp here tonight, and tomorrow we’ll try and go into Claude’s compound.” Christian said. Jace and I nodded simultaneously. After I pulled out my sleeping bag, I told the guys that I needed to take a quick wash. I felt dirty. “Do you need company?” Christian said pulling me close to him. I blushed. “Although that sounds tempting, I’d rather wash all the grime off in private.” I said pulling away. He frowned. “Fine, but if you’re not back in thirty minutes I’m coming for you.” He said with a serious face. “Ok.” I said and headed to go find the nearest lake. Once I did, I realized it wasn’t a lake at all. It was a beautiful but miniature waterfall. “Wow.” I said in awe. I reached to pull my shirt off, when I heard or better yet sensed a presence. I quickly pushed my shirt down. I already know who it is. James.


I knew he would come, that’s why I left the guys. I wanted to get rid of him myself. I held both my hands out. I remembered how James had summoned his fire balls. Once I opened my eyes, I saw two fire balls, one in each hand. I smiled in amazement. A figure came out of the shadows. “I see you’ve taken my gift.” James said with a smirk on his, hideously beautiful face. “I’ve taken a lot of gifts, and with them I’m going to kill you once and for all.” I said aiming my fire ball at him. Once I released it, he moved his head and the fire ball went right past him. “Don’t fight me Rose, you won’t win. I can destroy with my pinky finger.” “Really? You can’t fight me by yourself pretty boy.” I shouldn’t have said that. A woman with blazing red hair walked out from the shadows of the trees. James smiled. “This dear is an absorber. Just. Like. You. If you wish to fight, then she is your opponent.” I took a step back. I thought I was the only absorber. Whatever I was thinking didn’t matter. I had to kill James now, before Christian came to get me. In a flash I teleported behind James, and pinned a knife to his neck. I thought he would be shaking in his boots, but all he did was laugh. Like greased lightning, something so powerful had me twisting in pain. Then a godly force pinned me to the ground, crushing the living daylights out of my body. I couldn’t scream, my voice had failed me. I looked up and met the red haired woman. “James, I thought you said she was powerful.” While her back was towards me, I raised my hand and shot the biggest fire ball, right into her back. Her hold over me immediately was gone. I sprung up, and walked over to James. “Your turn.” I said out of breath. I looked him in the eyes and said “You will not move.” I saw him go rigid, but his smiling expression didn’t falter. When I was about five steps away from him, I raised both my hands ready to fire when I was knocked to my knees. I couldn’t move. I looked up to see the woman, staring at me with rage. I tried to get up, but she closed her hands, and I screamed out in pain. It felt like someone stuck there hands into chest, and was crushing my heart. She flipped me over on my back with her feet, and raised her hands. I could feel the heat emanating from it. I closed my eyes and waited death. “That’s enough Luna.” James said. He walked over to me and picked me up. “I want her alive. Let’s go.” He motioned for Luna to follow him. They took two steps when … ~98~

“ROSE!” I knew that voice. It was Christian! He can’t come, she’ll kill him. “Luna take care of him.”James said, still walking away with me. She nodded. The woman Luna raised her hand and aimed at Christian. “NO!” I screamed. With all the strength I had left I made Christian teleport somewhere far from here. As soon as his body vanished the fire ball Luna had shot landed where he would have been. Once I knew he was safe, I let the darkness take me. I fainted.


“Rose. Wake up… wake up darling.” Someone shook my body. I cracked my eyes open. As soon as I did I felt something wet collide with my lips. My eyes shot open. James was kissing me! With all the strength I could muster up, I pushed him off me. “Feisty.” He said wiping his mouth. I shot up, and looked around. “Where am I?” I looked down and saw that someone changed me. I was wearing a white sun flower dress. “What have you done? Why couldn’t you just leave me alone!?” I started to cry. He wrapped his arms around me, and without delay I sprung out the bed. “Don’t touch me!” I yelled. “Rose don’t be like that love.” He said reaching for me. “I said don’t touch me.” I said looking in his eyes. Without hesitation he took a step back. “I see your compulsion is as strong as ever. That’s good.” He said smiling. “Now to business. Tomorrow we will wed, and as for today I have arranged for you to take a few tests.” Without another word he left. With his exit the woman named Luna entered. “I am to be your escort. Let’s go.” She said. Once we got to the door, we both reached for the door knob at the same time. As soon as our hands made contact, my eyes began to flutter, and I knew immediately that I was having a vision. ~99~

At first there was darkness, and then everything started to become clear. I was in a village. Kids were running around, and playing. I walked down the road, passing stores, and shops when I spotted something. It was Luna. She was young about eleven or twelve. She looked happy, and then all of a sudden the sun went away, and in came the gray clouds. In a flash there was blood everywhere. Bodies were planted in every corner. I looked back at Luna and saw her crying. He parents were lying in front of her masked in blood. She fell to her knees. I reached for her, but knew better. I can’t touch her, she can’t even see me. Suddenly out of nowhere James approached her, he held out his hands and said “Come with me. I’ll be your family now.” She blinked away a few tears, and went with him, but before she left she turned to me and stared me dead in the eyes. “Look beyond the glamour.” She said. With that my vision cleared and I was in the present. “What just happened? You had a faraway look in your eyes just now.” I blinked a few times. “Oh ahm… it was nothing. There was a fly in the distance.” I said trying to cover my ass. She rolled her eyes and opened the door where she led me down a thousand doors until we stopped at one humongous one. “What is this?” “Just get in.” she pushed me in and closed the door. Once inside, I saw two chairs that looked ready to electrocute criminals, and two people in lad coats. “Good you’ve brought the subject.” One of the guys said. “Put her in the chair.” Luna started pushing me to the chair, but I was resisting. I don’t know what these people are going to do, and I sure as hell wasn’t about to sit in that death chair. “No! I’m not-” Luna punched me in the stomach knocking the words right out my mouth. She placed me in the seat, and strapped my feet and hands down. She sat in the other one, and then one of the lab coat people strapped her down. “Now Luna we’re going take her gift and send it to you. This will double you strength and power level. You’ll feel a wave of nausea at first but that’s normal.” She nodded. WHAT?!? Take my gift. “YOU CANT!” I screamed. “I’m sorry miss, but that’s orders.” The lab coat guy said. He reached for a headband type thing which had a bunch of pins on the inside. He placed it on my head rough and hard.


I screamed in pain. I could feel the blood fall from my face. They did the same to Luna, but she didn’t cry out in pain. “Once the procedure is finished Luna, we advise you not to use your powers until tomorrow. Now let’s begin.” The lab coat person said. He reached for a button and once he pressed it I thought I would die. I screamed aloud. It felt like I was being sucked dry. My energy was slowly wilting. “Stop… please.” I tried to muster out. They increased the power, and I couldn’t keep my eyes open. While falling into darkness I couldn’t help but think that the next time I woke, I would be powerless.


Chapter Twenty-Seven
T he next time I awoke it was to the feeling of water being splashed in my face. I abruptly shot up. I
looked up and saw Luna. “Get up, we have to get you ready for the wedding.” I rose and walked into the bathroom. I felt so empty, almost like a ghost. I have no more energy to argue or protest. When I got out there were a ton of people in the room. They all stared at, me. I didn’t even give them a second glance as I absently put on the gown. It was a strapless, long, almost too long white wedding dress. It had a purple ribbon across my abdominal area. I looked at myself up and down. Every-one thought it was the most beautiful dress they’ve ever seen. Even Luna commented. I, on the other hand thought it was hideous. But I kept my thoughts to myself. The only thing I had on that was mine, was the stupid necklace that old woman gave me. Oddly enough it didn’t clash with the dress. “Ok every leave the room.” Luna said pushing every-one out. Once they left, I dropped in the bed. Tears ran from my eyes. “You shouldn’t cry. Your makeup will run.” I just stared at the ceiling. How dare she tell me NOT to cry? I was in some shit hole, about to marry some shit prince. They are going to have to pry open my mouth before I saw ‘I do’. Before I go into silent mode, I had to ask her one thing. “Why did you join forces with such an evil person.” I looked her straight in the eyes. She got silent. “He promised a better life for me. He promised me a family.” “Does your family order you around? Or tell you to kill people?” she went silent again. Of course they don’t. She’s been clouded. I walked out the room, and headed down the direction to the ceremony. Once I reached the doors, someone stopped me and gave me a bouquet of dead Roses. I cringed. The person said “When the music sounds, Luna will escort you down the aisle.” I completely ignored the guy.


I wasn’t marrying James. I’m going to have to make a quick escape plan. I scanned the area. The wedding was outside, so I couldn’t possibly escape once I reached out there. They would catch me in the blink of an eye. My instincts were tell me to transport out of the place, but I remembered I had no powers. I sighed, feeling even more drained than before. Fortunately for me when I looked up I noticed a window. It was a bit small, but I’ll take what I got. I started to take a step back, when a hand pushed me forward. Someone leaned in and whispered in my ear. “I hope you’re not trying to escape. There are two vampires outside that window, and if you were even to touch the railings they would be on you like white is on rice.” I knew that voice. It was Luna. I closed my eyes in defeat. I heard the music play. That was my cue to walk out. Luna started pushing me to the door. “No!”I yelled. She gave one big shove and I was out the door. Heads turned, as I stumbled out. I quickly composed myself. Luna looped her hands around mine, and we began our descend. I decided if I was going to marry him, might as well make it as long as possible. I took the tiniest step man could ever take. The person playing the song had to slow down the music to my pace. I laughed internally. From the alter, I could see James getting angry. Good! Luna didn’t dare push me to go faster, because if I did she knew I would trip and fall. Then James would get upset with her. She’s always trying to please him, so I knew she wouldn’t try it. From where I stood I could see the muscles in James’s face tense up. I cracked a smile. I saw his eyes widen. I think he realized that I was doing it on purpose because he took two large strides grabbed me by the wrist and dragged me to the altar. He looked at the reverend (if there is such a thing as a vampire reverend) and said “Skip the rest, and get to the I do’s!” So much for my slowing down things. “Will you take Rose to be your lawfully wedded wife?” “I do.” He said watching me. I looked away. “Now Rose will you take James to be your lawfully wedded husband?” “I…I …” I stuttered. “Say ‘I Do!’” he whispered slash yelled. He was compelling me to say yes. ~103~

“I…” I grabbed the necklace I was wearing. My eyes began to flutter and I saw flashes of the old woman. She was blurring in and out but I heard one crucial thing… “No one can ever take away your powers.” My eyes focused and I was looking at James. I smiled. “No!” at the same time the crowd drew back in a scream. I looked to see right before my eyes was Christian, Jace and… and an army?!” He brought an army for me! “I will never give up on you Rose!” he yelled to me. I took a step forward ready to jump into his arms when James brought me to his chest, and held a knife to my neck. I heard Christian let out a snarl. “Every-one back up or I’ll kill her!” How dare he hold a knife to my neck! I felt the anger rising in me. I spun around and with a fist of fire I punched him in the face. He staggered back looking dumbfound. He reached for his face, and looked at me. “How did you do that? I took your powers away!” he shrieked. “No you didn’t.” I said in triumph. “You can never take them away!” “Then how …” I raised my hand again, this time I had called upon the wind. I used the wind power to drop gravity’s force on James like a ton of bricks. In the distance I could hear Christian yell “Go men! We will finally end this war!” All hell broke loose. Every-one was fighting. I looked at James, as his pathetic body tried to rise. I raised my hand and dropped it down. In response his body was slammed back on the floor. “I’m not finished!” I yelled. He looked at me with hatred in his eyes and screamed “Luna!” She was by his side in seconds. His words to her were “Kill her!” She rose, and walked to me. “You will not move!” she said. I stood still, while she made her way towards me. She raised her hand so that it was in my face. “I’ll make this quick, just because I like you.” “Rose!” I heard Christian scream. I waited... and waited. Luna looked at me, and I could see her wondering why I was still alive. I laughed and smacked her hand out my face. “You have no power Luna!” I said in her face. She withdrew her hand, and looked horrified.


“How… why?” she said shrieking. I grabbed her by the neck. “While you tried to take my powers, in the end it was ‘I’ who took yours.” “But how?” she yelled. I pointed to the necklace. “A witch’s necklace? How did you get that?” I smiled. “Simple. She gave it to me.” And with that I made her black out. She fell to the ground. I didn’t want to kill her. She was just a misguided soul, she wasn’t evil. I walked over to the barely moving James. I picked him up by the shirt, amazed at my newly found strength. I looked him in the eyes, and without warning I had a vision. I was at my parent’s house and they were talking to the shaded person. “Max, Emily! Upstairs NOW!” My mom screamed. “Why are you here?” My dad asked with a horrified look. “I’m here to collect.” It said in a scratchy voice. “She’s not here, and you’ll never get her!” my mom yelled. I took a step closer, and voices started ringing in my ear. ‘Look past the glamour’ ‘Look past the glamour’. I took a closer look at the person and I gasped. It wasn’t General Claude, It was James! “James!” I screamed. The figment’s face came out of the shadows and looked at me with black eyes. James! Without warning I was back in the present staring in the eyes of my family’s killer. “It was you!” I said. He looked at me and his eyes were pitch black. He gave a small chuckle. “You caught on, smart puppy you are-” I don’t know what came over me, but I blanked out. The only thing I could remember was setting James on fire, with my bare hands. As his falling body fell to the ground, suddenly turning into ash I dropped to my knees. I pounded the ashes, until my knuckles started bleeding, and still I kept pounding. How could he? I pounded even harder, until someone had to pull me away screaming. “Let me go! Let me go!” “Rose it’s me. It’s me Christian.” He spun me around and embraced me in a bear hug. I hit him, so he could let me go, but he never did. Finally I calmed down and I broke down and cried into his arms. ~105~

“Shh...” he said while kissing the top of my head. When I went dry from crying my eyes out I looked up at him. I opened my mouth the say something, when he put a finger over it. “You don’t have to say anything.” He gave me long kiss on the lips. After we separated, he watched me with loving eyes. “I love you Christian.” I said. He smiled, and before I knew what was happening, he got on one knee, brought out the prettiest ring and said “Will you marry me Rose McHale?” I brought my hands to my mouth. “Yes!” I yelled. “Yes!” He stood up, grabbed me and started kissing me. We broke apart when we heard the applause coming from behind us. I looked and saw Jace and his army, all applauding. The war is finally over, and now Christian and I can be together forever.


“D o you take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband?”
“I do.” I said “Do you take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife?” The minister asked. “I most definitely do.” Christian said, with a smile. “Then you may kiss the-” Christian grabbed me and embraced me in a long kiss. The crowd applauded. After the ceremony Christian and started to head to the car for our honeymoon, when he pulled me into an empty room. As soon as I got in the room I knew his intentions. “Aren’t we supposed to wait till were on the honeymoon?” I said with a smirk. “I can’t.” He said with a growl. He grabbed me and started kissing me all over.


I awoke sweating. I bent over in pain, and then suddenly I was hit with nausea. I pulled the sheets off, jumped out the bed and headed to the bathroom. I headed straight for the toilet and threw up. When I was finished I went to the sink and mouth washed the living daylights out of my mouth. I heard a knock on the door. “Rose are you all right? Is there someone else in there with you?” he yelled. I looked around confused. No one else was in here but me. “No.” I said while opening the door. As soon as I did he barged passed me and took a look around the bathroom. Once he noticed no imminent threat he turned back to me, but stopped in his tracks. He was staring at my stomach. I looked down. ~107~

Did I gain weight or something? I put my hand on my stomach and I felt a presence. I brought my hands to my mouth. “I’m… I’m pregnant?!” I took a step back. Pregnant! I looked back up to Christian to see him smiling. “I couldn’t ask for anything better.” He said. “But are we ready for a child? How are we going to take care of it?” I said panicking. He placed his hands on my stomach. “Don’t worry about it Rose. I asked my parents if I could come back into the kingdom. They said yes and granted me my position back. Since I’m the oldest, Jace has been dropped down to being just a prince again. I’m the king, and as for the baby, it’s a blessing.” He’s a King again, wait does that mean I’m a… “Queen.” He said finishing my sentence. I couldn’t help feel excited. My life took a huge turn for the better. Thinking about it now, I’m glad I went into that abandoned mansion. And surprisingly I owe my life to the Ashley’s. If they hadn’t dared me, I wouldn’t have met Christian.


Look For Absent Dreams Coming Soon


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