May 5, 2011

Lisa Madigan

MAY 0 2011
Public Access

Attorney General Tola Sobitan
Counselor Assistant Public Access

100 West Randolph Street

Chicago, Illinois 60601

OMA Request for Review— 2011 PAC 12839

Dear Ms. Sobitan:

Enclosed is a brief summary of the information you have asked for concerning Mr.

Logan' s allegations toward Mr. Conderman and the Lee County ad hoc Committee.
As you will read, it was made quite clear at that these meetings the members were simply

to evaluate the current Lee County windmill conditions and ordinances. There was public


8th, 2010 Zoning Board of Appeals meeting to bring fourth any and all

concerns that the public wanted the ad hoc committee to review.

At that meeting, over two hours was devoted to public comment. You might consider

asking Mr. Robert Logan whether he was present and whether he stated his opinion and his concerns. All present were told that the ad hoc committee was formed for the express purpose of studying the existing ordinance to determine whether— if at all—it should be

The Zoning Board of Appeals will begin processing the ad hoc committees' findings at
their June, 2011 meeting, to make their recommendation to the full Lee County Board. handle the public comments aspect of our open meetings, particularly the time to be
allotted for public comment and the limit ofpeople that can speak.
Sstincer ly,

These meetings will be open to the public for anyone wishing to express their opinions.

We are presently awaiting guidance from you Ms. Tola Sobitan, as to the way we should


Lee County


Freedom of Information Officer

Robert E. Logan

137 N. State Street
P. O. Box 265
Franklin Grove, IL 61031

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