Jones Family

School Schedule 2008-2009
7:30 7:45 8:15 Wake up and Bible for Older Girls/Prayer book for younger girls/ Mama's prayer walk and Bible Chore Time Breakfast- Clear breakfast/ Prep. Daily work at table (Gather Bibles and Notebooks) Circle Time (30 minutes Bible/ 20 minutes remaining activities) 1. Family Bible Time with Pa (OT reading and discussion) 2. Family Prayer and Worship (Prayer for others; known needs + pre-prepped pagesExtended family, Leaders, Missionaries and Neighbors) 3. PE Activity (Aerobics or Quick Activity) 4. Bible Memory/ Pictures from Proverbs- 1 per week Core Work for Faith, Michaela and Sarah (20 minutes instruction per student/ girls can rotate with Lydia*) SWR Intensive phonics instruction (M, T, W, Th) Saxon Math hands on lecture and one-on-one work (T, Th)/ Building work- dittos (M, W) Vocabulary Building- Word of the Day/ SWR Word Bank (F) *Lydia to work on Rod and Staff Workbooks, Pre-school dittos, Evan-Moor hands on activities,
Sequencing puzzles etc.



Lunch/ Older children clear table, do dishes, sweep floor/ Mama reads to littlest ones (Wee Lambs, Pearables, Grade 2 Science or History); Lydia goes down for nap _________________________ 12:30-1:30 Read aloud time to cover Science (Answers in Genesis: Answers for Kids II: The Seven C’s of History and “God’s Design for Science” Curriculum Set); History (Mystery of History, Timeline and copywork); Hope Chest Series (Pearables); Character books (Lamplighter and Keepers of the Faith) 1:30-2:30 Music Practice (assigned piece)/ Related Arts Rotation (20 mins. Per activity) Related Arts Include: Centers (Draw Write Now, Geography, Math, Literacy, Seasonal Writing Prompts, Shape Books); 50 States Work- Faith) Private Reading Time/ Penpal day (W)



Alternate Schedule for 12:30-3:30 Timeframe- “Fine Arts Fridays”- Home taught Gymnastics and Keyboard (AugustDecember)/ Home taught Keepers Club and Keyboard (January- June)

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