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Navigating Netflix 01_The Experiment_notes and References

Navigating Netflix 01_The Experiment_notes and References

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Published by: 8thestate on Jun 18, 2011
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Navigating Netflix episode 01: “The Experiment” (Starring: Adrien Brody and Forest Whitaker) Analysis by: James Evan Pilato

(of Media Monarchy), Paul Verge (of Remedy Radio), Lisa Arbercheski and Richard Grove (of Tragedy and Hope) Notes, References, and Links for further study: 1. Navigating Netflix episode 01: “The Experiment” a. Stanford Prison Experiment (1971) on Wikipedia b. Stanford Prison Experiment on YouTube c. Stanford Prison Experiment on Google Video (BBC Documentary) d. “The Experiment” (2010) trailer on YouTube e. “The Experiment” (2010) on IMDB f. “The Experiment” (2010) on Wikipedia g. Dr. Philip Zimbardo h. Office of Naval Research (sponsor of 1971 Stanford Prison Experiment) i. Stanley Milgram j. Milgram Experiment @ Yale University (1961) k. Milgram Experiment on YouTube l. Psychopathy Checklist by Dr. Robert Hare m. Snakes in Suits: When Psychopaths go to Work, by Dr. Paul Babiak and Dr. Robert Hare n. Vatican pedophilia blamed on “hippies” and 60’s generation i. L.A. Times coverage ii. N.Y. Times coverage o. Outcome-Based Education on Wikipedia p. Dumbing us Down by John Taylor Gatto q. John Taylor Gatto dot com r. Amptssprache (bureaucrat speak) 2. Invitation to the Tragedy and Hope online community 3. Peace Revolution primary site (2009-2011) 4. Peace Revolution backup stream (2006-2011) 5. Tragedy and Hope dot com (all of our media, free to the public) 6. www.StartPage.com (It uses Google’s search algorithm, but doesn’t collect your private info and search history) a. StartPage search engine Firefox add-on


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