Computer System Organization

1. (a) Explain Von-Newmann Model. (b) Explain 8085 Pin Configuration. 2. (a) Briefly Describe Register Transfer Language (RTL)with examples. (b) Explain various Addressing Modes. 3. (a) At Memory Address 200, two word instruction, Load to AC is stored with a mode bit as a most significant bit at location 201 the address stored is 500. At location 202 next instructions is stored. The following numbers are stored at different memory locations as shown ahead:MEMORY LOCATION (ADDRESS) 399 400 500 600 702 800 MEMORY CONTENTS 450 700 800 900 325 300

If the contents of PC is 200,while the contents of register R1 is 400, index register XR is 100. If all the numbers and address are in decimal number, find out the contents of AC and the Effective Address for the Addressing Modes given below : i)Direct Address ii)Indirect Address iii)Relative Address iv)Indexed Address v)Register Indirect Address (b) What are Micro-operations? 4. (a) Explain Hardwired Control Unit. (b) Describe Flag Registers.

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