Gaurav verma Partho banerjee Somnath Parmod kumar Parmeshwar mahato Yograj

voltage.. a. p. . to d.What is Substation?  The assembly of apparatus used to change some characteristics (e.)of electrical supply is called a substation.c.f. .g.c.freq. etc.

Substation Layout flowchart Incoming line Lighting arrester CVT Wave Trap Circuit Breaker Current Transformer Bus 1 or bus 2 Isolator Isolator Potential Transformer .

5 MVA t/f Bus Coupler Capacitor Banks 28.Isolator 100MVA t/f Bus 31.8 MVAR Isloator Bus 1 Bus 2 Outgoing lines .

Ratings of Equipments       Two 100 MVA t/f 220/66kv.5 MVA t/f 66/11kv. Capacitor Banks of 28. Three 31. 76kv. SF6 type CB DC supply of 220V. CT ratio 300/150-5A.8 MVAR. .


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