Message from Christine Blower It is clear that the Government has no intention to continue negotiations on pensions in a serious and

open manner. Today Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Danny Alexander, announced that you and your colleagues must pay 50% more for your pensions and then, when you retire at 66-68, your pension will be indexed only to the lower CPI measure of inflation. In other words: there is no shift in the Government's position. We must pay more, work longer and get less.

Strike action is always a last resort for the NUT. However, it is hardly surprising that, because of the Government's position, we are far from alone in feeling that we have no other option than to go on strike.

Today, colleagues from the National Association of Head Teachers (NAHT) became the 4th teachers' union to decide to ballot for strike action.

The NUT welcomes this decision. We will work closely with fellow teacher unions - NAHT, ATL and UCU - to persuade the Government to carry out the latest valuation of our pension scheme. Without this valuation the Government will continue to put forward proposals on an uninformed basis.

Teachers' pensions are affordable. To take away teachers' pension rights will see many leave the scheme and also the profession. Now is the time to protect our pensions. If you haven't already, please email your MP now at

Please ask non-union members to join the union and join the action on 30 June. Together we can make a difference!

With best wishes Christine Blower

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