Interrupting Anti-Semitism & Anti-Arab Racism

A hands-on workshop from Jewish and Arab Perspectives

The Olympia Food Co-‐op presents


June 26th



This event is for current

Legislative Room
621 South Capitol Way


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This event has limited capacity and is first come first serve

Our Facilitators

Selma Al-Aswad Dillsi

Socket Klatzker

is a Palestinian American activist and social worker who uses radical activism as a means of challenging systems. Selma is passionate about using media as a tool to educate and transform and has a particular interest in the intersections of race, queerness, and popular culture. Selma is active in Palestine solidarity campaigns locally and abroad and sees anti-racist organizing as central to the work that she does and pivotal to breaking down borders and binaries of all kinds. Selma currently resides in Seattle, WA.

tor for radical collectives. She is currently earning her Masters in Counseling at Saint Martin’s University. Socket is a trained anti-oppression organizer who adores hands-on and expressive techniques for working towards personal and collective liberation. She is a self-loving, practicing Jew and a Palestine solidarity activist who believes in justice, dignity, and healing for all. Ashkenazi, American Jew. She currently lives in Olympia, WA.

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