Chapter II Review of Related Studies and Literature Computers nowadays are widely used in every transaction processes.

Computerizationmakes it easy for a company to do their internal and external transactions. Payroll and Financial monitoring system is one of the many transactions that are being worked on computer. The proponents worked on a custom-made payroll and financial system done for the specific need of the company. The proponents searched on related literature that would aid in developing an effective payroll system as one of the research processes followed. The related literatures are as follow.

Related Studies These are investigation that are unpublished materials like thesis, manuscript and dissertations that are conducted before to which the present study has similarity. Local Studies AHNEX Builders Network ² Based Payroll System Dayrit, 2007, AHNEX Builder Network ² Based Payroll System was designed for the newly set-up AHNEX Builders. The company is currently using Microsoft Excel in computing net pay which is time consuming. This proposed system will help in the work of the users in an easier process. Visual basic 6, Microsoft Access, and Crystal Report 9 were used for designing and creating thesystem. This was designed to meet the requirements of the company for a better and moreenhanced system. Keeping track of record of employees, computing the salary and wages of each employee and generating reports were included in the proposed system. This automatically computes

2000.the basic pay of each employee. JBC Engineering specialist·s Payroll System A. update and retrieve data items from a database organized as single logical and physical unit. keeps track of files and information. A database was added to the system so that the company would not have to rely on papers to store valuable information about an employee. Contributions like PAG-IBIG. The proponents were able tomodernize their system by computerizing their manual tasks such as record keeping and computing their payroll. Another advantage of the new payroll system is in generating the payroll slips. The proponents are to design a system that generates report. The payroll slip contains all the information on how the . The proponents found out that computerization of the payroll process of all payrolltransactions in the company including the maintenance module are feasible. and computes employees·monthly salary. They use Microsoft Excel in computing net pay that makes the computations time consuming.JBC Engineering specialist·s Payroll System was created by the proponents in order for the company to have a better way in computing their payroll. Philhealth. The proponents would like to help the management and accountant for well-organized and efficient payroll. withholding taxes were also included in computing the payroll. The related studies about AHNEX Builders· payroll showed a common problem. The database system interfaces with an operating system to set-up. whichis printed out by the computer. This also helps them track of the progress of anemployee. The main objective of the proposed system was to develop a system in a more accurate efficient and secured data. Reyes. The proposed system includes the deductions of withholding tax and GSIS contributions/remittances.

the proponents· objective is to make the company·s current system more efficient with the aid of the computer technology. easy to understand. The system also boasts of security maintenance so that only limited people are given access to the files. Included in the system is the security module that gives access to the priority user of the system and that a certain user will have featured designated to him/her. 2007. The proponents created a database the can easily be selected. But it boasts of security maintenance that ensures limited and regulated accessibility. updated and deleted. The proponents· main objective in developing the system is to make the company·s current manual system better and more efficient with the use of computer. Network Based Payroll for Citimotors Las Piñas L. Treasury Office. That is why a Network-Based payroll system for the CitimotorsLas Piñas was proposed to facilitate fast and easy preparation of its payroll. It assures that its features and functions are simple hence. Furthermore.computation arrives on the Net Pay amount an employee receives. it has an array of disadvantages. The proponents made sure that the system would be user friendly. the current payroll system of Citimotors Las Piñas is prepared manually. inserted. ´ The proponents created a computerized payroll system that will add a database into thesystem which is likely the same as with JBC Engineering specialist·s Payroll System. so maintaining their system will be a breeze. They added a print friendly reports generated through the system like pay slip for example. The system lessens the use of paper outputs and paper filings. Gawaran. The proponents developed a system that is a network based payroll system that willlink/network 3 offices that handle the whole payroll processes namely the HRMO. and the Accounting Office so that it will be easy for the 3 offices to . Noticeably.

Dasmariñas Municipality Payroll System L. Gawaran. The Dasmariñas Municipality Payroll System (DMPS) was designed to address the existing inefficiency and inaccuracy of its present system. the system created was from manual tocomputerized system. storing. Lardizabal .0.transfer information and files. The language usedin making the system was Visual Basic 6. The advantage of the system is to set up. There are problems encountered like loss of files and data. Another advantage of the new payroll system is generating the payroll report slips and other forms included in the system. The main objective of the DMPS was to provide the municipality with a more convenient and more reliable system of recording. difficulty in retrieving and maintaining of records. The proponents· study focuses on Noveleta Municipality payroll system. slow process of salary computation. The proponents made sure that the system would be user-friendly. In comparison with Dasmariñas Municipality Payroll system. vulnerability of the data to be lost or misused. making the municipality·s current system better and more efficient with the use of the computer. and retrieval of data needed to efficiently run the payroll of the employees correctly and accurately. update and retrieve data items from organized database. the proposed system is a networkbased feature and its design is developed with userfriendly interfaces and has all the features that meet the specific need of the company. Accessing the system will be easy to give an efficient help. The system also boasts of security maintenance so that authorized people will only be given access to the files. The proponents created a reliable. and overall security of the payroll process. 2006. which will be printed out by the computer. secured and convenient payroll system . In comparison with the system done by J.

Foreign Literature Biometric Time Management & Payroll Software http://www.Biometric devices or keyboard. depending upon environment and working practices. absenteeism. TimeTrax is a comprehensive.from a manual system for a government office need to have this kind of system so that they can give additional focus on more important activities to be transacted. taxes and deductions to generate Security is a main function because the information in the system should be kept in its confidentiality.leaves. Track employee attendance from any location. . Each individual'sarrival and departure time is recorded automatically via input devices such as Card Readers. shift scheduling & rule based penalties are thefeatures included. Centralized payroll processing is for slow process of salary computation and difficulty in retrieving and maintaining records. even from the convenience ofyour home. automatic calculation of hours. Fingerprint. RFIDand Magnetic swipe card devices integration. vulnerability of the data to be lost or misused. anytime. and overall security of the payroll process.timetrax. Followingare some of the advanced features that TimeTrax has to offer: Hand geometry. overtime etc. integrated yet easy to use employee's Time ManagementSoftwareSuite that enables employees to record their arrival and departure providing managerswith detailed information about attendance records. The system created by Lardizabal shows common problems with the proposed system that are normally experienced from a manual system such as loss of files and data. Overtime. late arrivals & early departure reports. 2007.

After analysing SpinePayroll.0) Payroll Management Software http://www.asp.P. for the employees and allformula for P.htm. F. Payroll systems have changed for the better. Profession Tax. Spine Payroll is very simple.F.C. The proponents had an idea in the computerization of the payroll. you can log on to our payroll system anytime. flexible and user-friendly Payroll Management softwareespecially for INDIA that takes care of all the requirements relating to accounting andmanagement of employees· payroll. Sure Payroll http://www. computing all allowances and leave rules etc. Spine Payroll is only salary processing software withgood no and wide-industry range of client based in Mumbai. generating If you'd prefer to focus on growing your small business rather thanon the tedious tasks of payroll. With online payrollsystems. and generating all reports. are definable andchangeable at User's end. E. 2004. they considered adding complete records of the employees. we can help you save time. SurePayroll is the best way to eliminate payroll worries. It offers very highflexibility in defining various allowances. etc.F.. deductions. 2000.4. Spine Payroll stores complete records of the employees.surepayroll. PF TRUST. generates Pay-slips and Attendance Register. consider outsourcing payroll to SurePayroll's online service. INDIA.Spine Payroll (ver9. Asthe nation's leading supplier of online payroll services. like SurePayroll. anywhere and you'll bedone with payroll in minutes. Income Tax. .S.I.000 we process each month.. Simple. Do you have between 1 and 100employees? Let us prove our passion for payroll to you! Add your payroll to the more than30.spinetechnologies.. save moneyand stay in control of your payroll. computes all allowances and deductions andgenerates all Statutory and MIS reports.

com/products. proven Microsofttechnologies. meetour clients' requirements and are of the highest quality. SurePayroll is the national leaderin online payroll processing.The proponents created an effective design for business thatis developed in . there are more than a few payroll systems in themarket already. Our system design anddevelopment are client and test driven to ensure that the resulting applications are flexible. Smart. We are building our products using the agile software development process that putsboth clients and testing.html. Agile Payroll Systems has similarity with the proposed system in terms of its features.reliable. the highest level of quality basedon multi-level testing.Convenient.Net technologies. Let's face it. and weprovide a SIMPLE. We focus exclusively on small business payroll solutions. helping you to provide thehighest level of customer service. developed in. The Agile Payroll System will change your business. But few were built to address your business needs for scale. scalable and secure Microsoft SQL database systems. We are building the finest payroll system using state-of-the-art. The system also generatesPay slip and attendance Register. The proponents focused on simple and convenient process ofcomputing deduction such as taxes and more. 2007. a team with years of payroll operations. CONVENIENT and SMART way to process payroll and file taxes. efficiency andreliability.agilepayroll. front and center in the development process. Agile Payroll Systems http://www. This system has a commonality with the proponents proposed system in storingemployee·s record and ways in processing payroll and deductions. efficiency in design that allows you to bemore effective in your business. support and developmentexperience and we work with you. as partners to help you succeed. and for Microsoft's latest . Here are some of theadvantages we offer: An interface designed by users.

This will be convenient for employee to view their salary particulars including from gross pay.Microsoft SQL database that will address efficiency and reliability. net pay and deductions. Related Literature .

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