Hengratana Sary Diet 111 (Herbal Product) Ms.

Vivian Brake 11/13/10

Herbal Product
Ginseng has been recognized as one of the most effective types of drugs for treatment throughout the far eastern countries including Korea, China, and Japan all the way to countries such as: Russia, Greek, and the North America. Ginseng s value has mainly been promoted and believed to be effective in curing for cancer. However, thanks to the American Cancer Society in 2007, there is no reliable scientific evidence that Ginseng is beneficial in preventing or treating cancer in human beings. Nonetheless, there is, at the same time, no evidence that substantiates the claims in ways that satisfy conventional medicine; in other words, there is no benefit of Ginseng at all. Various reasons advocating Ginseng are as followed. Firstly, the production of Ginseng has to incur the mix with other several herbal remedies, so it is hard to judge the side effects of Ginseng by itself. Secondly, the amount and strength, existing in Ginseng, are not standardized as there is wide range of doses used. Lastly, researchers inadequately reported that it is difficult to analyze the effect. For example, according to American Ginseng Treatment for Multiple Sclerosis Related Fatigue, after Ginseng has been tested in clinical trial underlying the claim of being able to treat MS fatigue, researchers found no published clinical trials addressing the effects of Ginseng. It is also partly used as tonic to help body achieve balance, ward off damage from diseases and other stresses while containing Adaptogen that allows the body to adapt to volatility such as turning body temperature or blood pressure into normal condition. In conclusion, based on the above evidence, we have not seen any bad effects from using Ginseng though research has not proved any advantages of consumption of Ginseng. Given the facts that, it contains herbal product and particularly stores Adaptogen that benefits the body, we do not rule out any objection towards its usage though clinical consultation is still compulsory when having to use it.

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