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Tems Pocket 11.0 Datasheet

Tems Pocket 11.0 Datasheet

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Published by: ekaoke on Jun 20, 2011
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rollout. Its combination of small size and powerful testing features makes TEMS Pocket a unique product and the ideal tool for use in the different stages of the network life cycle – network planning. TEMS Pocket and TEMS Investigation can be analyzed using TEMS Discovery. TEMS Pocket generates data collected with the same level of detail as TEMS Investigation and can be connected as a UE device as well as to TEMS Investigation. This can be done while using TEMS Pocket as a regular phone. It allows the tester to test as user. site acceptance and service testing. it isn’t always practical to obtain network information with drive-test solutions. Its combination of small size and powerful testing device makes TEMS Pocket a unique product * Already an estimated more than half of global wireless voice and data traffic is generated indoors. trains.* Using TEMS Pocket. operators can easily test locations such as inside restaurants. Wireless operators need to collect data from their networks to test and measure its coverage and quality. TEMS Pocket is powerful enough to capture a range of data which only a few years ago would have required laptops or even larger tools.0 A VERSATILE. Analysys Mason anticipates this number to grow to over 80% for data traffic by 2016. . but by people throughout the operator’s organization. Small enough to fit in your hand.2 TEMS™ POCKET 11. Because TEMS Pocket is designed as an integral part of the phone. it can be used continually. not only by engineers and technicians. The tool collects measurement and event data for immediate monitoring or for processing by TEMS™ Discovery or other tools at a later time. However. shopping malls. as well as during task such as installation. event venues – anywhere that people go. particularly with more than half of today’s estimated data traffic and calls generated from indoor environments. subways. boats. POWERFUL TESTING DEVICE BUILT INTO A CONVENTIONAL PHONE TEMS Pocket is a phone-based test tool developed for measuring the network performance and quality parameters of wireless networks. creating a full solution. troubleshooting. tuning. A complete solution TEMS Pocket works with TEMS™ Investigation to provide the most complete solution for network optimization.

and idle mode measurements. and interference to serving/neighbor cells and RF configuration parameters.TEMS™ POCKET 11. robust measurement application that runs on Android™based devices. Various data analysis products are available to process TEMS Pocket 11. lightweight. The TEMS Pocket phone screen with some unique GUI/MMI functionality has been specifically designed to give users the best access to measured results. FTP.0 enables testing of GSM/EDGE/WCDMA/HSPA networks in virtually any location. TEMS Pocket 11. This simple yet powerful tool provides users with engineering trace records and real-time visualization of measurement data on the display screen.0 3 PRODUCT OVERVIEW A compact. as the subscriber would. Users can set up the desired connection such as voice and data calls. signal quality. The TEMS Pocket Professional package comes equipped with automatic mobile application tests. instantly accessible anywhere in the application. The engineer perspective is also assessed. including voice. and covers data ranging from signal level. TEMS Pocket 11. including premier post-processing solution TEMS Discovery. The important radio trace records and Layer 3 information are then recorded during the connection sequence. One example is the display of important RF parameters through intuitive indicators.0 is installed on the high-end Android smartphone Xperia™ arc from Sony Ericsson .0 data. The built-in GPS can be used in conjunction with TEMS Pocket to give accurate position information. This information is essential for effective troubleshooting and network optimization. HTTP.

11 b/g/n Qualcomm 1GHz MSM8255 Max Data Transfer Connectivity Sony Ericsson Xperia arc Chipset Ascom Network Testing Inc.2 inch.1 and newer. multi-touch Integrated aGPS LT15i UMTS 900/2100 GSM GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900 LT15a UMTS 800/850/1900/2100 GSM GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900 GSM GPRS 86 kbps.8 Mbps) UMTS HSDPA Cat8 (7. 1943 Isaac Newton Square Reston | VA | 20190-5006 | USA www.www.ascom.1 and newer.1. Post-processing in TEMS Investigation 12.2011 TEMS POCKET 11. GSM EDGE 237 kbps UMTS HSUPA Cat6 (5. and TEMS Discovery 2.3 OS ƒ High-performance smartphone ƒ Scripted tests – HTTP – FTL DL/UL – Voice – Idle ƒ Automated logfile upload ƒ Context sensitive data views Same detailed logging as TEMS Investigation. i. 1.com/tems . All rights reserved.ascom. | NT11-7495 Ver.0 Uen | Photo: Fotograf Paulina 04. © Ascom 2011.0 SPECIFICATIONS Feature TEMS Pocket 11.0 Mobile phone Operating System Screen Positioning Networks Sony Ericsson Xperia arc Google™ Android™ 4. TEMS is a trademark of Ascom.2 Mbps) Bluetooth 2. All other trademarks are the property of their respective holders. including L3/L2 and chipset diagnostics data..e.com/tems KEY FEATURES ƒ Android 2. WiFi 802.

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