Questionnaire related to Cash Management 1. Which ERP system do you use?


Do you use a treasury management system? If yes, please provide the name of the TMS. If TMS is different from your ERP system, is it fully interfaced (ERP => TMS and TMS => ERP?) with your ERP? Which areas does your TMS support / do you use it for? positioning; loans management etc.



• Cash management – if yes, which areas: cash flow; cash • FX – if yes, to what extent i.e. deal capturing; revaluation; pricing etc. 5. Does the TMS provide you with the full scope of your requirements in terms of functionality? If not, do you use any complementary systems and / or Excel for the missing functionality? If you do, can you elaborate on what complementary means are used and for what purpose? 6. Does our department need to apply to be authorized as a cash collection point? 7. What is a “draft capture system” for approvals? 8. How can our department receive a copy of the dishonored check list? 9. How can our department obtain an endorsement stamp? 10. Can our department use a generic receipt book?

11. 12. 13. 14. 15.

Is it necessary that our employees have a police background How many employees does our department need in the cash What information should we be recording in our department's Does our department need to use a secured bag when making Our department plans to make deposits directly to the bank,

check? handling process? check log? deposits? how do we go about obtaining armored car service?

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