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Huawei People

Huawei People

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Published by: ebad.ullah on Jun 20, 2011
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华为 - 报纸与社区

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Issue 227 (2011年01月31日)

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2010, Internalizing Core Values

Our delivery and service team of Etisalat key account UAE subnet believes that Huawei's position in the world today owes to the guidance of its culture and core values, and these core values can also lead to success of individuals if we can practice it in daily work. In 2010 we conducted a workshop on Huawei Core Values and here are some of our reflections. Customer centricity - Our success relies on Customers' success · Customer demand is the driving force behind Huawei's development. In order to serve our customers better we should improve our skills and abilities on troubleshooting. (Huangshengxi) 下载PDF文件 公告 稿件征集:三八妇女节--她们的美丽 《华为人》合订本,记录我们的2010 好消息——《华为文摘》第10辑再次征订了! 长期征集:色彩·旋律·华为 关于《管理优化》“回音壁”栏目 更多信息 · Always think about the success of our customers, partners and family. Help or lead them to the way of success, finally we will succeed. The WinWin situation is the final target. (Libin) · Put you in the shoes of the other, otherwise you cannot understand what he really wants. (Wangjingqi) · Always take it as challenge and that's the secret behind Huawei's success. (Ebad) Dedication - Professionalism brings us success · We can get respect and trust from customer by our dedication, sincerity and commitments. Dedication is not only with hard working but with smart working and thinking. (Huangshengxi) · To dedicate on one thing, think and do what you can do; seek help from others and go to your team leader if the situation is beyond your control. (Xuqing) · Think ahead and widely, prepare yourself or help someone. Efficiency and think widely gives us more opportunities in the future. (Libin) · Everyone does the normal work, but the real success comes from dedication. There is no alternative for dedication and hard work. (Javed) · Success comes from professionalism. (Yangjie) · What I experienced in Huawei is that we need to keep our dreams alive. Remember all things are possible for those who believe. (Ebad) · Being fearless in the face of difficulties, overcoming any obstacles with limited resources and time, trying hard to accomplish tasks, and pursuing excellence. With Huawei, I am serving mankind by providing ease and comfort in everyday life for common and important people. (Abid) · Only through dedication can we gain respect from customers. (Zhangwei) Continuous Improvement - No best, only better · Self improvement and improving overall environment, we can't be best but can make ourselves better. (Huangshengxi) · We should not just take salary, we need think more about our ability improvement through the daily work. (Baber)

water will converge to be a sea. (Liuhui) · Take an initiative and be open to ideas and you will reach the ultimate success. gradually I felt no fear. even no way can be broken. (Abid) Teamwork . there are GTAC and R&D supporting us. social behaviors. teamwork can open a world. at that time. Do not promise your customer if you can't complete it by your effort. You initiate to climb it. (Libin) · Great thing about Huawei being a multi-cultural organization is that we always get to learn and improve ourselves from people belonging to different cultures. Together. and that is sincerity and integrity. water will break a way. even there is no way. I hesitated to start this game. while I saw many staffs finished this game happily. (Javed) · The basic virtue of a person will also build the integrity of a society or an enterprise. Improvement will lead us higher. (Liuxiao) · Team work is important for success. and our minds. (Libin) · To give real service we must add something which cannot be measured with money. (Jinhanlin) . One person can be a door. (Abid) · Individually. (Javed) · There is one big Huawei team. Think that what possibilities that customer may ask the support/queries. and love to keep my eyes on different things. work closely in both good and bad times. at last I could walk as usual with my eyes covered.What is vaster than sky is my ambition · Be conditioned to summarize and happy to share. (Ebad) · The process of improvement comes through learning from failures and the constant struggle to climb to a higher level. We should work honestly and keep our promises and never break the trust on us from customers. I also made a attempt. unlike our bodies. You have to take initiative to get the win. (Javed) · The purpose of Continuous Improvement is growth in all aspects of life. and then some others will hold his/her arm to walk in one rugged road blindly. Then I nerved to walk forward. Openness and initiative made me feel very well about my daily life in different conditions. Different product lines also share the information. we have self-honesty to admit where we are wrong.华为 . From technical support. region and religion. (Abid) · I always ask myself: what am I living for? Money? Family? Knowledge? Love or . sharing.I always feel curious about the world around me.Together everyone achieves more · Team work is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results. First I felt uncomfortable when I was blind. (Huangshengxi) · "If you speak one lie you have to make 100 lies more to defend that single lie". can continue growing as long as we live. one should take initiative to know customer's potential demand. move on. Just act as an empty-cup... we are your eyes". we are an ocean. (Abid) Opening and Initiative . we are one drop. (Ebad) · There are two ways to climb an oak tree. (Ebad) · Communication. (Zhangwei) Integrity – Footstone of an Individual · Share the problems and do not over-promise. countries. and also I feared to move forward. (Libin) · I felt very fresh about one game in Huawei: eyes of the person were covered by one gauze. (Ebad) · We must have courage to face the truth. (Jiangmeirong) · Focusing on the new technology and converting to business can create more values. but we never compromise for anything less than excellence.报纸与社区 Page 2 of 3 · Improvement is everywhere. It is a famous proverb that "There is no 'I' in team". helping. At the beginning. improve our skill. (Huangshengxi) · Even water knows to find a short way to go to the sea. inspiration. personality. or you can sit on an acorn and wait for it to grow. and give them constructive advice. my partners held my arm and encouraged me: "Don't worry. (Javed) · Don't wait for your ship to come in. when we came to obstacle my partners would remind me. swim out to it.

What is vaster than sky is our ambition! (By ET UAE Subnet Delivery and Service Team) 245 我给文章打分 j k l m j k l m j k l m n 5分 n 4分 n 3分 n 2分 n 1分 j k l m j k l m 评分 推荐给好友 员工评论 目前有0条 暂无评论 更多员工评论 游客评论 目前有0条 暂无评论 更多游客评论 发表评论 评论内容不能为空且长度不能超过2500字 5 6 c d e f c d e f g 隐藏我的评论 g 隐藏我的身份 发表评论 版权所有 © 华为技术有限公司 1998-2010。 保留一切权利。粤A2-20044005号 . good performance from one team is multiply.华为 . (Lichunjun) This is only the first step of a long journey that we inherit and internalize Huawei Core Values.报纸与社区 Page 3 of 3 · Good performance from each person is plus.

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