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Was Jesus Really Resurrected

Was Jesus Really Resurrected

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Published by Shawn Gustin

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Published by: Shawn Gustin on Jun 20, 2011
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What Happen to Jesus Body?

There are several theories and only one true answer to the idea of whether Jesus was truly resurrected. They are as follows: the Jews stole the body, the Romans took the body, the disciples themselves took the body, or Jesus had truly been raised from the dead. First off there is no reason to really believe it was in the best interest of either the Jews or the Romans to take the body out of the tomb after only three days. In fact, it would have been better for them if the tomb had been found with the body in it, because Jesus had in no way hid the fact that he truly believed that in three days he would rise from the grave. Second off if either of these parties did have the body of Jesus; they could have easily at any time brought it out for a showing to squash the Christians and their beliefs of a resurrected God. The next idea that the disciple stole the body to form some great conspiracy, throughout the ages has not merit either. To prove this the first two things we have to look at is the event of that morning. They would have never have sent women out. Women in this time period would have had very little if any authority to testify, also why would they have risked going out to the tomb, to prepare a body they knew was not there, only to come up against the Roman Guards who might be in a mood to want answers. The next evidence that the disciples did not take the body of Christ can be found in the story itself and in their story. The disciples never recanted or changed their story, throughout their life time even after being beaten, jailed, and threat of death. The other thing is there are just too many sightings to just be written off as fabrication. You have the women at the tomb, the two men on the road to Emmaus, and the several other accounts of Jesus after the resurrection. The other proof that Jesus was resurrected can be found in what happened just as he died on the cross. Matthew 27:51-53 clearly states that as Jesus died on the cross several Holy people who had died came to life and came out of their tombs. If the death of Jesus could cause such event, then would not it stand to reason that Jesus himself would have the power to be resurrected?

So. In Luke we are told this happen the very same day as the women at the tomb and only seven mile outside of Jerusalem (Luke 24:13-16. The disciples did not believe them either Mark 16-13. It was only after the blessing and breaking of bread did they realize who Jesus was. These two men Cleopas and an unnamed person met with not realizing who Jesus was and walked with Jesus until late in the evening. Yet. when they asked him to stay and eat with them. Jesus also predicted the betrayal of Peter in the next few verse to follow. Jesus knew when it came time for the crucifixion they were going to scatter He says so in Matthew 26-31.Why did Jesus appear to four others before the disciples? Jesus was giving them a chance to redeem themselves. The second chance at redeeming themselves comes later that day with the two men walking to Emmaus. yet they all did. description in the Bible at the breaking of first light. He told them that on this night they would fall away on the count of me for it is written I will strike the Shepard and the sheep of the flock will be scattered. that is exactly what happened Peter denied Jesus three times and the rest ran and head like scared sheep. NIV). Yet in the same set verse he tells them he clearly states once again he will rise from the dead and will meet them in Galilee. here is where the first chance of being redeemed comes in. He clearly states once again he will rise from the dead and will meet them in Galilee. At this point the only thing that stuck in their heads was the idea that there was no way they would betray or fall away from Jesus. the women who are on their way to prepare the body of Jesus for burial come across an open tomb and find that Jesus had risen. He tells them to go back to the disciples who are still hiding in Jerusalem go instruct them to go to Galilee (Mark16:6-8 NIV). So they two men get up and run back into Jerusalem and told the disciples what they saw. So what do the disciples they did not believe (Mark 16:9-11 NIV). At this point the only thing that stuck in their heads was the idea that there was no way they would betray or fall away from. This happens first thing in the morning. Look at the fact they are still in Jerusalem after being told before the crucifixion by Jesus himself that he . So the women do as instructed they go back and tell the disciple what they have seen and been instructed to do.

and then once again by the women stating that Jesus told them to instruct the disciples to go to Galilee and where are they still hiding in Jerusalem. Showing that in the two instance and by appearing people other than the twelve.will rise in three day and that they are to meet him in Galilee. Jesus was giving them a chance to remember and correct their past mistakes. . NIV. It is only after Jesus appears to them and rebukes them for their lack of faith in him and the refusal to believe those who had seen him and been sent to tell them (Mark 16:14.

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