Technology Lesson3

Title of Activity: Class or Grade Level: Subject: Time Allotment: Objectives: The student will


Cultural Achievement 3-5 Social Studies/Technology 45-60 minutes

Research a Tennessee writer. Illustrate a poem. Explain the cultural significance of the poem.

Materials/ Resources:
Computer Internet Social Studies Textbook Pg30


Marilou Awiakta Website: Image: Smoky Mountains:

Standards: 3.1.04 Understand the contributions of individuals and people of various
ethnic, racial, religious, and socioeconomic groups to Tennessee.

1. The student will select a Tennessee writer and visit the websites. 2. The student will research information about the author. 3. The students will use Kerpoof to illustrate one of Marilou Awiakta¶s poems. 4. The student will paste the poem into the picture. 5. The student will explain how Marilou Awiakta¶s poetry reflect her culture and Tennessee¶s culture.

The teacher may assess through observation for accuracy. Extension: Students may create their own poem about their grandmother¶s/grandfather/guardian¶s culture.

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