Dear Respondent, I am student at Lovely Professional University, and I am conducting a study on performance appraisal of employees as per my summer internship

project. This tool is intended to know the various insights regarding the performance appraisal of the employees and getting their response about their job. I am interested in your experience as a employee of this organisation, so I have enclosed a questionnaire which asks you to respond to series of questions and statements. I want to stress that your participation in this study is volu ntary and your identity, details and the information will be kept confidential and will be used for my study purpose only. Your participation will be greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Bharat Chandra Gupta Lovely Professional University

please specify. Do you think the core skills are relevant to your job? a) Yes b) No . Are you satisfied with your Performance Appraisal? a) Yes If no.Name Age Gender Q1. When was your last Performance Appraisal carried out??(Please mention date and gap between the recent and last appraisal) Q4. Which Department do you work in? Finance Technical Other. Do you think the Performance Appraisal documentation is easy to complete? a) Yes b) No Q5. why? b) No Q3. please specify Human Resource Operations Marketing Q2.

If carried out regularly. do you think the Performance Appraisal process would benefit you in your current role? a) Yes b) No If no. please explain why?? Q9.Q6. were these followed up? (i. If training needs were identified for you this year. Do you know what happens to the information from Performance Appraisal discussion when complete? a) Yes b) No Q7. did you attend training as a result?) a) Yes If no. What suggestions do you have for making the Performance Appraisal process more effective?? .e. please specify with reasonb) No Q8.

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