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Therefore, Republicans must “compromise” and bend to my desire for higher taxes to expand government. Despite what I promised as a candidate, I will shut down state government for a tax increase Minnesota can’t a ord to pay. to me that Republicans raising taxes

you to raise taxes. !"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!# !"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!# you you

(not true) (no details) * (Note: A Spring 2011 MN Dept of Revenue tax incidence study detailed who would pay higher taxes under Dayton’s tax plan: “Some of the burden would be borne in higher prices, some in lower wages, and some in lower returns to business owners.” not !"!!!!!!!!!!!!!# increases on job creators. nothing (proving no details, no negotiation) (unknown-NO details) $2.4 billion

by one-quarter to $2.4 billion. *(Note: Further attempts to attain details using a legislative commission to ask questions of the Governor’s Revenue and Budget commissioner - were unsuccessful.)


I will not agree to any education proposal unless it includes raising taxes, even if you agree to my level of funding. (misleadingoverlooks non-LGA recipients and local decisionmaking)



!"!!!!!!!!!!!# (no details) quarter

I repeat, if you compromise and agree to the second highest income tax rate in the nation, I will compromise some of the spending that I won’t provide details for anyway and Minnesota cannot a ord.

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