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Educational Kinesiology

Educational Kinesiology

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Published by: Sandra Smith on Jun 20, 2011
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and to take control over their own learning by giving them strategies which will enhance their performance. .What is Kinesiology? ‡ Movements and exercises that stimulate the function of both hemispheres of the brain. ‡ Activities that give our students the freedom to access parts of the brain that might be blocked.


E X A M P L E S .

The cross crawl This exercise benefits spelling. writing. . listening. and physical activities. It also benefits hearing and vision. It improves coordination for sports. reading and comprehension.

Calf pump This exercise helps with the ability to complete assignments and follow through. increased ability to communicate and respond. creative writing. improved social behavior. listening and reading comprehension. better attention span. .

It activates brain and improves: ‡ eye-muscles coordination ‡ connection between hemispheres ‡ bi-ocular and peripheral vision ‡ reading speed .Lazy eights The activity consists in drawing horizontal eight's in the air with your hands.

and long-term memory ‡thinking ability . It improves: ‡listening comprehension and attention ‡short.The elephant This movement activates the inner ear for improved balance and so integrates the brain for listening with both ears.

It activates brain for: ‡hearing one's voice ‡short-term memory ‡inner dialogue and thinking .The thinking cap This activity helps the student to focus attention on hearing. It also lessens tension in skull bones. They start from the top of the ear. massage them delicately and end on the lobe. The student gently pulls ears backwards and unrolls them with his/her fingers.

Then they interlace fingers and bring them near the chest. sitting or lying down. breathe deeply for a few minutes and relax.The hook-ups The exercise can be done while standing. Students cross the left ankle on the right one. They close their eyes. Then students free hands and legs and finger tips touch gently while they keep on breathing deeply. Hook-ups help: ‡mind and body relaxation .

It improves these learning skills: ‡understanding of writing symbols ‡spelling accurateness ‡Math calculations .Double doodle This is a bilateral drawing activity which consists in sketching two images with both hands.

and spelling ‡Math ‡Coordination ‡Self confidence and self esteem ‡Concentration ‡Overcoming hyperactivity and Attention deficit ‡Communication and performance skills ‡Stress release and achievement of goals ‡Motivation and personal growth . handwriting.By using simple movements students can improve in the following areas: ‡Reading comprehension ‡Writing.

Basic principles Body and Mind are one .inseparable There is no learning at all without movement The whole brain needs to be stimulated for maximum learning to take place .

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