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Advanced Technology and ERP Security

Advanced Technology and ERP Security

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Published by: Stefan Dostin on Jun 20, 2011
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Advanced Technology and ERP Security

Chapter 10

• IT affects ERP systems:
– – – – PDAs and Pocket PCs Wireless systems for connecting these devices Mobile computer access Other technologies that expand our ability to work

• Early ERP solutions – inherently secure as they were focused internally • The need to “open up” ERP systems

• Consider different views of future ERP development • Present the idea of middleware to allow enhancement of ERP • Discuss trends toward open ERP systems • Discuss security aspects of ERP

ERP advances
• Broader use of web-enabled systems to support closer coordination, especially in supply chains • Greater AI driven systems supporting more powerful advanced planning
• Greater ERP presence in midrange manufacturing, with more stable technology enabling less time and money for installation

ERP advances (2)
• More flexible, modular systems (the best-ofbreed concept)
• More third-party applications (bolt-ons) to perform specialty applications accessed by middleware

Open-architecture and ERP Bolt-ons
• Bolt-on – 3-rd party application
• Employ client-specific business rules to meet unique needs. • Component: separate, encapsulated soft. easier to manage, upgrade, and connect to host systems. • Components make open systems possible!

Open-architecture and ERP Bolt-ons (2)
• Drivers for open-architecture:
– The need to not necessarily select from a single vendor – The need for additional functionality (through components) – Shift from internal design coherence to communication with external software.

Bolt-on products
• See table 10.1

Example of an optimization Bolt-on
• A powerful tool that planning systems sometimes include as a feature.
– See “Optimization add-on at Kellogg”

• Other types of bolt-ons:
– Auction mgmt soft. – Shopping cart mgmt soft. – Credit authorization soft., etc

• API – code at low level, which is time consuming, costly, and difficult to maintain. • Middleware – enabling engine to tie applications together. It removes the need for APIs.
• Web-delivered ERP systems and the concept of the portal (See tables: 10.2, 10.3)

Security and ERP
• See table 10.4 • Real Application: Dow Corning and Middleware

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