Role of AYUSH in modern healthcare

Dr. Kedar Upadhyay

y Ayurveda y Yoga & Naturopathy y Unani y Siddha y Homeopathy

AYUSH in hospitals«.WHY???
y India has largest network of traditional healthcare y Age old acceptance y Forms first line of treatment in many of the diseases y So called ´alternative medicinesµ y The trend is being changed gradually

Role of AYUSH in Hospitals
y Preventive role y Curative role

Preventive role
y Day regime y Season regime y Good conduct y AshtangYoga and six kriyas y Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy medicines y Suvarnaprashana y Panchakarma y Geriatric care y Prevention in epidemics y Hospital fumigation

Curative role
y Cure of chronic disorders y Quick recovery and wound healing y Cure of acute disorders through medicines of Siddha and

Homeopathy y Cure of disease by practicing traditional or neo-naturopathy and Yoga

y Awareness of kitchen remedies y Awareness of common breathing techniques y Awareness of certain Asanas and its right techniques and

implications y Awareness of identification of certain herbs and trees along with implications y Awareness programs on daily and seasonal regimes

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