Chapter Creation Format: I. II. III. Founded a. Unknown Reason a. Strategic Prognostication Geneseed a. Raven Guard b. Purity i. Pure c.

Geneseed Deficiency i. None Demeanour a. Brothers in Battle Characteristics a. Strength and Cunning Founding Fathers a. Figures of Legend i. Chapter Master b. Deeds of Legend i. Stalwart Warrior against Chaos, Slew a Daemon Prince Homeworld a. Hive World b. Terrain i. Ice c. Rulership i. Distant Organization a. Codex Combat Doctrine a. Armored Assault Special Equipment a. Prefers to ride into battle in Thunderhawk Transporter deployed Rhinos, Razorbacks, and Land Raiders Beliefs a. Revere the Primarch Current Strength a. Nominal Friends and Enemies a. Chapter Friends i. Navigators b. Chapter Enemies i. Tyranids Chapter Name a. Steel Hawks

IV. V. VI.





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