Mammography Screening - Is It Important? Is Mammography really necessary? This question is still unanswered.

For 11 years a research was conducted in Cancer Research Institute of London that tracked 160,900 women. These participants were divided in 2 groups - Study group for the age of 40+ and Control group for the women ages 50+. Both these groups were offered annual mammography screenings. The deaths of the young women suffering from this disease have reduced to 17 percent, which doesn’t look like a positive figure. However, the study also established the fact that in this group of women 23 percent of them had at least one false-positive result, compared with 12 percent of older women. One major drawback of Mammography Screening is that it is been said that the women are at risk of breast cancer from the radiations coming out of the screening. Therefore, the question still gains more weight age whether it important for everyone to go through Mammography screening. Manu researchers have concluded that regular X Rays and screening raises the risk of breast cancer in women with the breast cancer gene mutations BRCA1 or BRCA2 conducted by France's National Institute of Health and Medical Research. As per the researchers other researchers the yearly mammography screenings remain too doubtful to conclude that a net benefit accrues to women in the age-group of below 50.

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