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11 Universal Laws
It is vitally important to understand how universal laws work. Only by complying with these laws will you effortlessly achieve health, happiness, love and abundance. Upon compliance with natural laws you will notice that problems solve themselves if you do not worry about them and that life becomes so much easier and happier. By working with laws and not against them, you will get into the flow of life, and no big worries or problems will visit you. Once you understand these laws you will be able to get rid of fear because you will know why fear exists. You will understand every cause and effect of whatever task you undertake. Therefore you will cause only positive effects to manifest in your life. Universal laws work all the time, and if you break them you will suffer lack, negativity and depression. Only by working with the laws you will become successful, motivated and happy. These universal laws will give you power to be in complete control of your life and the ability to change whatever you do not like in your current situation. Lush nature is the best example of prosperity and joy that compliance with universal laws brings. Grass, flowers and trees grow effortlessly, there is no struggle involved. Yet instead of thinking only about goodness and enjoying present moment, some people emerge themselves in thoughts of lack, anger and depression. That causes the manifestation of all the diseases, problems and lack of all kind there is. Finally, it leads to something tragic like accident or even death. That does not make any sense, especially when you start understanding universal laws. You realise that to achieve everything you wish is so easy, you just need to work together with the universe. 3

you will experience happiness. depressed or hopeless. It is easy to notice when you are going against the laws of the universe. You will never go back to your old ways of thinking. you will be changed for ever. you cause your consciousness to expand because you are getting closer to the truth. Although your ego will protest.Once you understand the truth. That is the price they pay for not complying with universal laws. There are many universal laws. 4 . This is. If you do not comply with the laws. but it is important to know the main eleven laws. Whenever you feel sad. When you overcome challenges by the application of the laws. It is like a test that you have to pass so that you could experience all the goodness of this world. this is a sign that you are going against the flow. will you experience happiness. The rest are just confirmations of the main laws or are very similar to the main ones. abundance and everything this world has to offer. love and find the purpose of your life. angry. Why do such laws exist? They exist for the purpose of growth. not the case. these laws were created for us to experience growth. It only exists because people do not understand and go against the workings of the universe. Once you master the laws. As we are all one consciousness. over twenty of them. You start realising that everything is governed by these laws and that gives you empowerment and motivation to be the best you can be. but it is self-inflicted. Your emotions are the best indicators of your understanding of the laws. you start consciously living in the present and making every action you take into a success. and the consciousness is meant to expand itself. By mastering the laws you will allow your consciousness – one consciousness there is – to work through you and make you into the person you always wanted to become. you will feel that everything is out of your control and that life is unfair. You start making sense of everything that happened to you in the past. abundance. Once you fully understand the causes of your current reality. only by letting the consciousness express itself through you. of course. There is a lot of suffering in the world today.

by knowing this law alone you can succeed in everything you do. love and happiness. 11) The Law of Sacrifice explains that you cannot have two opposite things at the same time. If you learn to cause only good effects. By forgiving you will be able to have great health and positive mental state. as if you are grateful for something (action) you always receive more of it (reaction). 5)The Law of Supply explains that by paying attention and thinking about the things you would like to have.teaches that only by forgiving you will be able to release the negative emotions which make you unhealthy. It also explains the law of Cause and Effect. 3)The Law of Receiving states that you can receive your desires only by learning how to be ready to receive them. 4)The Law of Increase states that you can receive all your wishes only by being grateful for what you have now. 6)The Law of Thinking explains that your main mental state is constantly manifesting in the outside world and it will also determine your future. It teaches that like always attracts like. Everything is received by sacrificing something you have at present.The eleven laws that are vitally important are: 1)The Law of Attraction – the most important law. 10) The Law of Oneness states the truth of the universe. 8)The Law of Obedience states that by obeying the laws you will live the life of truth – the life of abundance. and that your current surroundings are the expression of your inner state. 5 . We are all one consciousness manifested in different expressions in this world. you are sure to receive them. because by doing so you will receive even more of them. 7)The Law of Cause and Effect teaches that every cause has an effect. your life will be a success. If you obey universal laws you will become courageous and confident because you will know that nothing negative can happen to you. 9)The Law of Forgiveness . Conclusion By taking time to learn these laws you will achieve everything you want in your life. 2)The Law of Non-resistance teaches that you should never fight against unpleasant circumstances and events in your life.

6 .By being completely aligned with the universe you will avoid trouble. danger and uncertainty. You will realise that nothing negative is going to happen to you if you don't initiate that with your thinking.

the quicker you are able to bring your desires into manifestation. but you should look out for that too. Negative thoughts can really slow down or even cancel your desires coming into manifestation. 7 . Do not worry if you forget to visualise one day. You will not stop the manifestation process. Try to visualise your desire in detail and you should spend at least 10 minutes visualising your goal every day. Therefore it is vital to get rid of your negative thinking by using meditation. I got the feedback of one visitor who wanted to find out more about me and he said that my 'About' page does not say anything about who I am. The less negative thoughts you get in your head. to prepare yourself for the law of attraction. you should start looking for clues and signs of your desires coming into manifestation. get clues and signs. you should concentrate on clearly visualising what you want to have. but you may also get reassurance that your desire is coming into manifestation by the feeling of assurance or by thoughts of assurance.The Law of Attraction I am deeply grateful to the universe for the law of attraction. I will give you an example how the universe responds to your wish. Mostly people. I did not even have a proper 'About' page. As at the moment of writing this article my website is very new. including me. I will give you more information about that later on. Once you get rid of the negative thinking. That happens quite rarely. for example. you will not even need to visualise any more. Once you get good at attracting things to you. do or become. When you have visualised what you want and you can bring the image of your desires to your mind at any given time. you may just slow it down. It is so easy to attract everything you wish into your life by complying with this amazing law.

It does not work this way. so you should start from visualising smaller desires. You should state to the universe what you want and strongly believe that the law of attraction is bringing it to you. I know that some people give advice that you should straight away try to manifest very big goals. try to convince yourself that you already have what you want.Therefore I asked the universe if I need to create a proper 'About' page. In fact. That may be hard to do if you are just starting off. You should always look out for clues and signs of your desire. you will not be able to believe that you are truly in the possession of a huge desire. I started to read it and the post was about the structure of websites. After an hour of my request I was reading one blog. rather than lack. So be careful not to do that and start from small things first. 8 . Another very important thing to do is to expect and be ready to receive your desires. You cannot get anything from the universe if you ask for something but then do not really believe that you will receive it. or should I leave it as it is (I have an audio and picture of me explaining a little bit about me anyway). you can move on to bigger ones because you will be more assured that your desires sent to the universe always bring back the manifestations of them. At first it will be much easier to believe that you already possess small desires. Once you manifest them. I noticed that the blogger just published a new post. If you send a wish to the universe but you cannot make yourself believe that you already have your desire. But that usually does not work because if you have not consciously manifested anything. It was written in that post that it is crucial to have a good 'About' page because visitors want to find out who you are! This way I 'got the message' from the universe and created my 'About' page straight away. This will give you an advantage because you will come from an abundance state of mind. you will only manifest lack because you will approach the universe with the mindset of lack. You have to strongly believe that you are about to receive what you want.

Leave this job to the universe. That is completely normal because you are just getting to know the whole process of manifestation. the higher and thicker the wall you are building to prevent yourself from getting your desires. The more you emerge yourself into worry and thoughts of lack. If you want to manifest love. You should be happy and expecting. you may lose a belief that "Only by working hard you can succeed" because you will see that the opposite is true. especially at early stages. peace of mind and so on. I cannot stress the importance of being ready to receive your desire. Negative thinking is like a brick wall preventing you from receiving your manifestation. Also. You should completely open yourself and surrender to love. But never worry about that. For example. You should not tell anyone about what you want to manifest because some of your friends may express disbelief and that will impact you. Just trust that the universe will bring love in the most perfect and unexpected way. It will take longer for your desire to manifest if this is your first or second time consciously applying the law of attraction. than mp3 player. It was really exciting to see how I can gradually progress from small things to bigger and bigger ones. Just let the universe find the best way the manifestation to reach you. 9 . Once you manifest one goal. do not try to get involved in the manifestation process. some of your limiting beliefs will disappear because you will prove them wrong by getting what you want. This will not resonate with your goal. It has the ability to completely mess up or even prevent you from getting the law of attraction working on your side. Also you should try not to be impatient. During the manifestation process you should never dwell on negative thinking. than happiness. which really slow down the process of attraction. You need to entirely trust the universe without trying to find out how love will come into your life. you might still have some limiting beliefs left in you. looking to receive love. for example. you cannot go about your day being grumpy.I remember my first manifestation was a cup of coffee.

It is important to visualise your goals because it quickens the process of the law of attraction. Also I will tell you the biggest mistake that people make in trying to manifest their desires.You will start doubting the whole process of the law of attraction and this way you will block yourself from the manifestation reaching you. Also. The more you become good at consciously using the law of attraction. the universe is more than happy to supply you with. But the main state of mind is more important than visualisation! It is illogical to think that you will receive your desire by being grumpy most of the time. When you become good at making the law of attraction work for you. and it will come very soon. you will eliminate the worst emotion that you can have – fear.. the less time you need to wait for your desire to manifest. but then they carry on with their lives being bored. They spend ten minutes visualising their goals and being happy about it.. Be ready and completely believe that you are receiving your manifestation. There will be no reason for you to fear anything. you are taking energy away from it. if it is still just in the process of manifestation. behave or think opposite to what you want the law of attraction bring to you. there will be no need for visualisation. All you will have to do is to tell the universe (even in your mind) about what you want. 10 . You will feel like you are so much loved by the universe. You will feel the love of it because of all the things it gives to you. You will not! You should guard your mind the best way you can so that you would never talk. and as long as you do not introduce negative thoughts. Whatever you want. You are in complete control of your destiny. nothing negative can possibly happen to you. I still did not tell you the best part of this process. This leaves little energy for the manifested desire to reach you. because you will know that only you can decide what you will experience. So you may get your desire after a long time or not get it at all. Once you get a proof that the law of attraction always works. whenever you tell about your desire to others. disappointed or feeling helpless.

If you want to manifest love in your life. you will start attracting external abundance in no time. These are all signs of abundance in nature. Thank you for reading so far one of my longest articles:) If something in this article was unclear to you. If you want to manifest happiness. I would appreciate your contribution. I know it might be hard not to do that if this is your current reality. you should never feel hate or boredom. a natural state of everything in this universe. 11 . Even if you only see evidence of abundance by looking at plenty of flowers in the garden or many clouds in the sky. If you truly obey the law. please let me know by contacting me. I wish you all the best in making this process work for you. By observing abundance you will start feeling wealthy although you may still have no proof supporting that. you should never feel or think about lack. advice and warnings of applying the law of attraction. only pay attention to abundance. By looking at the manifestations of abundance you will be able to bring out the feeling of abundance in yourself that was hidden away by your thoughts of lack. You can surely change that by changing your current state of mind. Conclusion I have given you the main process. you cannot let yourself have discouraging and limiting thoughts about how hopeless or unlucky you are. But keep in mind that you created such reality because of the mistakes you made in the past. I can guarantee that you will achieve everything you want. If you live in lack. This way I can make this article the best resource for people to learn about the law of attraction. If you want to manifest abundance. But once you feel this way.

This lets you see the situation in the best way possible – for what the situation truly is. What you resist always persists. The problem may even appear too big to be solved. Why? Because by acting from the state of acknowledgement you are giving only positive energy to the action you are taking to solve a problem. You make it stronger therefore it affects you more negatively. Struggle always shows that you are going against the flow. Whatever action you take from such acknowledgement will be the correct action. By that you are saying to yourself 'I know that I have the problem in my life'. 12 . You start feeling disempowered and you lose hope that you can overcome such situation. By acting this way you disobey the law of non-resistance. This happens because you use your energy to resist the situation. You should change the direction whenever you notice that you always struggle with some situation in your life. This way you make the problem increasingly harder to solve. and you have no or little energy left to actually overcome it. You should see the situation for what it is. After acknowledging it you should take action from the present moment. and not neglect any aspect of it. The first sign of resisting any situation is when you start struggling with it. rather than from over-thinking.The Law of Non-resistance The law of non-resistance teaches that whenever you resist some situation. you are giving more power to it. you completely surrender to it. This is because by resisting something you are directing negative energy to that object. Whenever you acknowledge the problem. How to make the law of non-resistance work for you The best way to approach any problem is by firstly acknowledging it.

Whenever you feel that there is something constantly preventing you from overcoming some obstacle. This way you will make the law of non-resistance work for you. When you come back to it. Going with the flow There is only one reason why some problems cannot be solved. This is the price you pay for struggling and failing to correct your course. you receive positive energy back. But that will only happen if you leave the problem unsolved with a peaceful mind rather than worrying about it throughout the day. if you constantly meet misfortunes in your current business (no clients although business was established for 6 months. So when you take a positive action to solve a problem.Whenever you give out positive energy. you will notice that the problem was solved by someone else or you will get ideas in your mind that will lead you to the solving of a problem. you are heading towards your life's purpose. your should start thinking what other options you have. For example. 13 . But you will see that the outcome does not make you happy or that it is not what you expected. and the ignorance of this universal law brings struggle and suffering. By doing that you will stop yourself from going further away from your life's purpose. They indicate that you are going against rather than with the flow of life. If you see no way to solve a problem. you will get a solved problem in return. you should leave it for a while. you should start thinking of selling/liquidating it and starting another company or doing something else. You should always take positive rather than negative action. Whenever you encounter big problems that cannot be solved. for example). If you try really hard and finally overcome such situation (I am talking about years here rather than moments of your life) you can achieve your desired outcome. When you go with the flow. By doing this you ignore the law of non-resistance. it means you have just turned upstream trying to paddle against the flow.

they are just heading the wrong way. it means that you are going with the flow – you are using the law of non-resistance to your benefit. Acknowledge it. someone else solves them for you or you easily overcome them. 14 . This way the action you will take will always be the best way to solve the problem. Conclusion Whenever you encounter some difficulty you should never fight it. When there is no way to overcome some difficulty. unaware people consider themselves 'lucky'. surrender to it and take action from the present moment. This not luck. it means you are going against the law of non-resistance and you should change the direction instead of struggling with your current situation.Whenever you feel that everything is going great and that obstacles solve themselves. it is just the correct path they are taking. And those 'unlucky' ones that only meet misfortunes are not really unlucky. When that happens.

brighten up. But that may happen after a while. if you want to be in a relationship and you think you are ready for it but all you do is sit at home. say. You should truly show to the universe that you are ready: look the best you can. Wrong mindset There is another reason why you just seem not to be able to receive your desires. For example. There might still be some limiting belief left in you that prevents you from getting your desires. Although this might seem obvious. you should be open to get them. That often relates to money. Deep down you know that with wealth comes much bigger responsibility and you might not be ready for that. or that it makes people worse off or that you are not ready to be wealthy. ten years time. You can only prove that you are ready to receive a relationship by going out and being ready to meet someone. So it is better to really open up to all the possibilities of getting your desires manifested. You should make it as easy as possible for the universe to grant your wishes. Someone might just knock on your door and that's the person of your dreams. I am completely ready to receive my desire!' and the relationship comes into your life.The Law of Receiving The law of receiving states that for you to be able to receive your desires. 15 . Deep down you may still feel that money is actually bad. it means you are not ready to receive it. Universe will try to find a way to get you what you want even if you sit at home with your wish. many people do exactly the opposite. dress up and go out to meet your future partner. This way you are saying to the universe 'Can you see.

everything positive effortlessly comes to you. by wishing so specifically. If you want to manifest money. Nothing happens by chance! 16 .Yet you are not willing to bring this fact out of your unconscious mind. you should not be too specific as to what you want. If this is the situation you are in. you should remember that these limiting beliefs are all created by you and they can be overcome. However. Or you can use another method for eliminating limiting beliefs. which are positive affirmations. Affirmations should be repeated daily and you should select a completely opposite statement to that of your current limiting belief. like wishing for some person you know to enter your life. you will need to really question yourself about what kind of limiting beliefs may be holding you back. or personalise it and say 'I feel so much better by having plenty of money!' or something like that. you should not confuse this with other types of desires. By too specific I mean extremely specific. Whenever you are completely aligned with the flow of life. This will overwrite your old program of limiting beliefs and you will be able to use the law of receiving to your benefit. but that happens only because you did something really positive in the past and this is a manifestation of your previous good work. However. Some things just drop onto you lap. and add up to the sum you requested. It is not the same as asking for a specific person to come into your life. However. So if you think that money makes people evil. So you get all kinds of problems and situations preventing you from the free flow of abundance. It is better to leave the opportunities wide open because the universe might just be sending something so much better than the current person you have in mind. you should say that money makes people good. it is good to be specific because money can come in different currencies and sums. whenever sending your desire to the universe. you are preventing that great person from coming into your life. Being too specific Also.

17 . he sees himself as getting more overweight. do not get frustrated. just waiting for you to be ready.exercise and see in your mind yourself getting thinner and thinner. As if it was always there. That especially applies when you eat. Look out for clues and signs of happiness so that you would know that you are on the right track. To become focused/goal oriented . the teacher will appear. When you master the law of receiving. You should keep being ready no matter what you do because your desire can reach you at any moment. you do not have to struggle or work hard any more. Sometimes it takes time for your desire to manifest. Usually when an overweight person eats. That is such a big mistake! You should see yourself getting thinner even whilst you are eating.Life feels like a dream when you are using the law of receiving to your advantage.every day write in a notebook (or a separate gratitude journal)how grateful you are for the universe for your ability to become better and better at focusing and accomplishing goals. When the student is ready. people giving you money and finding money on the street. To lose weight . That's a whole point! See yourself as losing weight as often as you can. Final observations and advice on the law of receiving When you do not notice the results of your intention. To be happy . As soon as you are completely ready to receive your desire.say to the universe that you are completely ready to receive happiness and be aware that it can come at any time. The same applies to the law of receiving. See your body as very fit and healthy. and that is absolutely normal. Examples of how you can use the law of receiving To manifest money – be ready and expecting all kinds of income sources. This acts as an affirmation and starts a change in you. it will come in no time. You should say to the universe: 'I am completely ready to receive plenty of money into my life' and be happy and truly ready to receive it. You just need to be ready to receive what you wished for.

Gratitude is an action you take and the manifestation of more things you are grateful for is the natural reaction. This never changes. It is the natural reaction of the universe to manifest more things you are thankful for. but you may list less than that. you are sure to get more and more related thoughts. I am not sure if it is the same with other people. It is very beneficial to have a gratitude journal. I usually list around 15 things I am grateful for. If we would not advance and grow we would stagnate and then death would settle. It is as certain as the law of gravity. But what if you want something you do not yet have? Then you should thank for things that you have at the moment that you appreciate. if you do not like where you live. and as a response. you are sure to receive more of it. 18 . As soon as you get a thought. growing and multiplying. we advance in our education and knowledge. This is because you are sending your gratitude to the universe. Everything is always expanding. We naturally know this and constantly move forward. I had mine for a long time. I have noticed that I receive more of what I am thanking for instantly or after a short while. For example. The law of increase not only explains the gratitude. or even more if you like! When you feel grateful you raise your vibration. Our desires grow. This will bring you better surroundings. but also how the whole universe works. at least be grateful that you have a house or a place to sleep. However.The Law of Increase The law of increase explains that whatever you are grateful for. This makes you a vibrational match for what you are grateful for. and every day I feel so happy and excited to list all the things I am grateful for. it sends back more things you are grateful about.

you can also use it consciously. However. Gratitude triggers response from the universe to manifest more things you are grateful about. We get more and more knowledge. 19 .Also. That will quicken the manifestation of your desire. The law of increase will benefit you greatly and it can be applied instantly to your advantage. you can also thank for that vision of what you want. There is evidence of the law of increase everywhere. Technology advances every minute. you should feel as though you already have what you wish. Human desires always get bigger. In nature flowers and trees grow and blossom and seeds spring into life. Although the law of increase works naturally. To use this law consciously requires gratitude. if you visualise well and can convince your mind that you already have your desire.

You should be happy about this new request and imagine as though you already have as much money as you would like to receive. The universe has a natural tendency to supply you with whatever you need. be sure to do that if it feels right.The Law of Supply The law of supply simply states that for every demand there has to be a supply. All you should do is state your desire to the universe and expect to receive it. yet the logical thinking does not know any other way of accomplishing things. you should thank for the money you currently have and express your desire to have more of it. So to many people it seems natural that if they want something they have to initiate some action to receive it. but obvious once it happens. It is not necessary to do that. 20 . When such signs show that you need to accomplish some tasks. It will have a certain energy attached to it. you should believe and be ready to receive what you desire. Look out for synchronicities and other clues that will unexpectedly show up in your life. you should be grateful for what you currently have and state what you would like to receive. How the law of supply works Firstly. After this request you should check for signs that the money is coming. For example. Not knowing the law some try to manually create supply for every demand. Without belief and readiness you will not receive what you wish because you will block yourself from the supply. It cannot be any other way. Universe is the creator of the supply for every our demand. Therefore you do not need to worry if you have enough resources to survive or anything like that. if you would like to have more money. Finally. You will feel that the sign is a call to action when you get it. Hard to describe.

If you want to be happier. Or you can form a question “How can I be more happy?” That sends a request to the universe for more happiness. look out for clues. They trust the universe that if they need something. Birds. you should never ask the universe to supply you with something from the state of lack. their needs will always be met. and you are supplied with more lack. In some countries you see the lack of natural resources or money. Some individuals complain because of the lack of love. they are unnatural states. 21 . However. You can see in nature a clear example of the law of supply. thoughts or suggestions of others about how to become happier. you should feel happiness that you currently have. you are creating more and more lack. It is as if you are asking for lack. These states are created by people themselves. As a result you will receive ideas. thank for it and ask for more. You deny supply by the constant affirmation of lack. the more evidence of disempowerment and negativity you will get in the external world.The wrong use of the law of supply The disobedience to this law causes lack. happiness or excitement. act on them and be ready to receive your desire. You should simply state what you want. This will all come as a natural response to your request. insects and other animals never worry about things like food or shelter. If you say: “I do not have enough money” you are sending the message to the universe: “not enough money” so you are supplied with not enough money! The more you affirm disempowering and negative thoughts. A very simple law You may see that there is nothing complicated about the law of supply. If you complain or think every day about what you do not have.

22 . Once you have faith in the universe and are ready to receive your desire. They do not burden themselves with artificially created worries and they always live in the now. it will come to you in a very short while. Conclusion If you wish to make the law of increase work to your benefit. you should never try to approach it by thinking logically about what to do to get your needs met. We got so disengaged from the nature and its laws that we forgot that life is very simple. It helps that they do not have logical thinking and that they act from instincts. We just need to obey some laws that govern our lives. Animals trust that the universe will supply every need they have and their needs are always met. The law of supply works all the time and the best example to see it working is by observing the nature. Yet they discover it in various places whenever they have the need for it. That would be like trying to artificially create the supply that would come naturally anyway. Whereas people tend to over-think and complicate simple things.Birds never know where they will find food.

The same applies to words.)Prevent yourself from getting stuck in problems 3. Your surroundings is the best measurement to show what your usual mood is. it will be reflected in the external world.)Produce only great outcomes 5.)Consciously create your reality 2. you will change your reality. If you change your state of mind. you will be surrounded by positive friends and family and your life will be full of positive experiences. If you entertain depressing and fearful thoughts.)Understand the causes of your current results 4. If your thinking is mainly positive. You should never say anything aloud that you do not want to manifest.)Improve health as a result of the positive state of mind How to use the law of thinking Now as you know that thinking affects your external world. The benefits of the law of thinking By using the law of thinking you will: 1. it means that your life is quite positive and mainly positive events happen in your life. If you are very happy. then your external reality is a reflection of that. If you are an angry person. You should not dwell on negative thoughts because they will manifest at some point in your life. 23 . you will encounter many angry people and your surroundings will be unsatisfactory. you will try not to entertain negative thoughts. Try to dwell only on thoughts that you would like to come into your reality.The Law of Thinking The law of thinking states that whatever your main state of mind is. You can do that by trying to consciously control what you are thinking about.

If you are not doing well. That is very easy to understand once you take a close look at the way they live. Law of thinking in daily living Some people undertake daily tasks with boredom and unhappiness. When you encounter some problem. I know it sound harsh. If you need to solve a problem quickly and have no time to leave it aside. But that is why their reality is boring and unhappy. You only see negative aspects of a situation because you are negative. you will be in a positive or neutral state of mind. Try to catch yourself in your daily activities to assess from what state of mind you are working. If you interact with external world being in the positive state of mind. in turn. just leave it alone for a while. you will not encounter any big problems and you will be in the flow of life. it is you to blame. It does not only apply to the daily tasks but to your whole behaviour. If you encounter some problem and are unable to solve it. 24 . That is why it is true when some say that only you are responsible for your results. When you come back to it with a fresh mind. If you do not like your current situation. This is because by understanding the situation and not resisting it. You will be surprised how quickly the change will happen and that situation will be solved. If you interact with external reality by resisting and fighting. then try this technique. but that is the reality. you can change it by changing your inner state of mind. will give only positive energy to any action you take. The reason why you cannot solve any problem with negativity is because your anger and frustration block you from seeing some of the crucial aspects of the problem that would solve it. you will encounter many difficulties and think that life is unfair.How to consciously solve any problem When you try to solve a problem with frustration you will get results that will create more frustration. Therefore whatever way you try to solve the problem will be the right way. the problem will either be solved or you will be given a new way to view the situation. That. acknowledge exactly what kind of problem you are experiencing and completely surrender to it.

When you become positive. you will no longer get unsatisfactory results or suffer from problems that you cannot overcome. 25 .Conclusion The law of thinking is one of the most important universal laws because by consciously applying it your life can change instantly. The law of thinking gives you an opportunity to consciously create life full of happiness and success. All it requires from you is to stop dwelling on negative thoughts and focus on positive thinking instead.

If you hold something back and do not give everything you can. “What goes around. comes around. That is surely not going to bring them success. learn new skills and create value. The cause was their negative state of mind. if your business is not profitable. With time those negative effects will disappear and you will be left only with good effects. it means that you did not provide enough value. Everything starts with your mind therefore you can say that every effect was partially or completely caused by your state of mind. this is because they caused such life. You cannot get anything for free. everything comes with price. There are broad and small causes to every effect. For example. others will treat you exactly the same way.” 26 . some profits will be held back from you too. You can use this law to your benefit if you understand what actions produce positive results. For every specific effect there is a specific cause. If you think you are doing everything right but you still don't see positive effects. They refuse to get into good habits.The Law of Cause and Effect The law of cause and effect teaches that for every action there is an equal reaction. By having such knowledge you will only cause positive effects in your life. Maybe in the past you were negative and now you are still suffering negative effects that you caused. When people complain that their life is unhappy. it could be because you are outgrowing your past mistakes. You are paid equally for the value you create. Because if you treat others unfairly. The law of cause and effect also explains that you should never do something to others that you do not want to experience yourself. Some people want to be successful but they refuse to give everything they can to succeed.

If you donate money with the hope that your donation will improve someone's life. That. Maybe not instantly. but later on something will happen in your life that will compensate you for your fairness. The law of cause and effect is especially clearly seen in money matters. Every good cause will produce positive results. if you want to be very successful. Working hard is the worst way to work. and which will bring negative ones. you will be returned much more than you have donated. Whenever you are about to take some action. You will effortlessly create value if you are doing what you love. The more enjoyment. then you will be poorly paid. Whereas the person that wronged you will be wronged at some point too. It only drains your energy and makes you struggle. Also. try to quickly assess if that action will bring positive or negative effect to your life. you should try to cause positive effects that many people will benefit from. That is why pursuing passion is the best way to live. in turn. energy and heart you will put into your work.It is easy to tell which causes will bring good results. the more successful you will become. You will notice that whenever you create something “to the highest good for all”. 27 . the less obstacles you will experience. This is because working hard does not produce any value. you will only be rewarded. If someone is treating you unfairly. It will be as though you are completely in the flow and everyone is there to help you. you will be paid abundantly for that. If you put all your heart into your work. You should enjoy your work and put your heart into it. produces poor results. The more people you can benefit from what you create. the more successful you will become. This is exactly opposite to the hard work and struggle. If you try to find shortcuts or produce poor results because of your attitude. but you always respond fairly. Some people misunderstand the law of cause and effect and cannot realise why they are not successful although they work hard. produce value with love. The law of cause and effect makes no exceptions. Whenever you spend money with faith that more is coming in. you will receive money slower or no money at all. the quicker you will receive even more than you spent. Whenever you spend your money with the scarcity in mind.

Conclusion The law of cause and effect can change your life dramatically only if you understand the effects your actions will bring. The more positive actions you take. the more successful your will become. will produce positive results. but to make every single action perfect. 28 . working in such state of mind.Therefore if you are about to undertake some project. The law of cause and effect never fails. It is better to take less actions. If you take many mediocre actions it will result in poor results and no success. You will gradually eliminate such causes and only positive results will be evident in your life. These are only consequences of your past mistakes. This will save you from poor performance. you can ask yourself if. but you feel lazy. You should not worry if you still get negative results although you take only positive actions. It is easy to understand which causes will produce good results because every positive cause will always bring positive effect.

it does not matter if you understand them or not. it also means that you disobey the law of non-resistance. If you work hard but see no success. You sin not because someone will judge you for that. There are many kinds of suffering caused by the disobedience of natural laws.The Law of Obedience The law of obedience simply states that you can only achieve success if you obey universal laws. you should follow the law of cause and effect. it means that you do not follow the law of attraction. Laws always work in your life. so it is crucial to know them. 29 . If you live without any knowledge of natural laws. These are the laws that govern our lives. If you encounter many problems and obstacles no matter what you do. it means you are not familiar with the law of thinking. If you suffer from bad health. If you think that you are a victim. It is easy to see what laws you ignored depending on what you suffer from. When you learn the laws you will be able to consciously create your reality and improve every aspect of your life. you will not understand why you encounter problems in life and you will not realise how to change or improve your current circumstances. but because you will suffer from the consequences your disobedience will bring. If you are generally not satisfied with your life. they can work to your disadvantage because you may unconsciously disobey them. it means that you disobey the law of nonresistance. but I think I made the point that it is very important to know universal laws. The law of obedience teaches that if you are not familiar with the laws of the universe. It is a sin to disobey the laws of the universe. or that everything is out of your control. I could go on for longer about the causes and applicable laws.

You can find all laws explained in the universal laws section. Just scroll down and you will see a list of 11 laws. The law of obedience explains that if you get unsatisfactory results or are unhappy. Click on each of them to learn more about each of the natural laws. 30 . You will be successful in everything you do. You will feel empowered and happy. you will go through life smoothly and you will be able to solve problems effortlessly.You will know that you are 100% in control of every circumstance in your reality. When you study and understand all the main universal laws. Conclusion The law of obedience simply teaches that you need to obey the laws if you want to achieve success and avoid trouble in life. it means that you are not familiar with some law that is applicable to your circumstance.

To prevent negative feelings from manifesting you should forgive the people that made you angry or made you suffer. Meditation removes most of the diseases if practised regularly. Another way to eliminate suppressed feelings is through meditation. It may not be in this lifetime though. If you have some health problems it always means that you do not follow this law. By forgiving you will be able to escape the consequences of hidden resentment and hatred. However. The law of forgiveness teaches to forgive everyone who caused you pain and suffering. whilst reading this article. it is better to obey the law of forgiveness and prevent such feelings from arising in the first place. They are on a low consciousness level and sometimes they do not realise what harm they cause. The more suppressed feelings you have. Of course. the worst illness will manifest. those feelings get suppressed and produce some kind of illness. you realised that you have suppressed feelings inside you. Whenever you keep negative feelings inside you (when you do not forgive someone). You should realise that those people were unconscious of what they had done. They are unconscious in the sense that they are not aware who they really are.The Law of Forgiveness It is important to know the law of forgiveness if you want to have good health and positive mental state. you can prevent them from manifesting in several ways. How to get rid of suppressed feelings If. because they immediately do a lot of harm to your well being. such people will raise their awareness someday. 31 . That is the essence of the law of forgiveness.

This happened because she completely identified herself with her limiting beliefs and she considered an attack on her beliefs to be the same as an attack on her as a person. When you suppress feelings. Another technique you can use is being aware of the arising feeling. She was a good person. Why would you want to suffer horrible consequences because of someone that was negative towards you? Usually people that are hard to deal with had difficult past and they just find it hard to express themselves in any other way. become aware of the negative feeling that arises in you. but she saw life through a negative lens. Therefore they see any situation worse than it really is. The reason why I am telling you this is to show that suppressed feelings cannot just suddenly disappear. Eventually they will manifest as a disease. she thought that she was being attacked. you benefit yourself and others. you are disempowering the emotion therefore it cannot hurt you as much. they just did not know how to consciously deal with choices they were given throughout their lives. As soon as you encounter a person you feel resentful towards.You may even feel the cleansing process of your body whilst meditating. They are not bad in nature. She would always think that she was right and if someone disagreed with her. This process takes place if you feel itching or pain in some area of your body. Because she held so many suppressed feelings. she manifested cancer and died. Never hold any kind of negativity towards another person. Negative people filter all the information through their negative lenses caused by limiting beliefs. 32 . When you are conscious from the start of the negativity. Do not let that happen to you. you are hurting yourself. Learn to forgive Learning to forgive may not be easy. I have explained more about why people are negative so that you would find it easier to forgive them. I will tell you a short story about my grandmother. When you forgive. but it is essential for good health.

do not worry about that – they will. They will eventually get ill. it cannot happen any other way. If you still feel some unpleasant feeling as soon as you hear the name of that person or as soon as you think of that person. it means you still hold suppressed feelings towards him/her.How to tell if you hold suppressed feelings It is easy to tell if you still feel negative about some person. Just think of a person you dislike or who caused you pain. So if you are worrying whether they will have to pay for their wrongdoing. 33 . Every negative cause always produces negative effect. Negative people will pay for the damage they did to others. get involved in accidents or other misfortunes will happen to them.

The law of oneness states that if you do harm to others you will suffer from that because by doing so you will harm yourself. If you see the truth. If you treat others badly. Yet people who fail to see the truth think that everything is out of their control and that every success is based on luck. This is certainly not true. you will receive love and happiness from others. We are all one because we come from the same source. will empower and inspire you to become the best you can be.The Law of Oneness The law of oneness explains the relationship between everything in this world. After some time you will be paid for this in the manifestation of some accident or mistreat. if understood properly. We are all one. you will clearly understand that everything depends on you and that only you create your own life. If you are positive and and truthful. so you should treat another person the way that you want to be treated. We are the most powerful beings there are. You will be rewarded for that for sure. We create our reality with our thoughts and words. Some people do not understand the law of oneness because they think that there is some external power controlling them. This law. There is no luck involved in our lives because our lives are governed by never-changing laws. If you spread hatred and depression. We are so powerful that only because of our mental state the whole external world forms around us. you are lowering all consciousness there is. If you spread love and happiness. you will receive more of such negativity from those surrounding you. you are raising consciousness in all beings. We are all divine and therefore we are very powerful beings. We are different manifestations of one consciousness there is and part of that consciousness is in each of us. 34 .

changes would take place gradually but for certain. we attract negative people and surroundings. 35 . Yet if they could shift their focus for what is bad to what is positive in their environment. all intelligence there is.If we are positive. you will be able to see how powerful you are and you will feel that you are connected with everything in this world. When we are angry. To let the consciousness express itself means to do what feels good and only dwell on positive thoughts. Many people do not realise how powerful they are so they do not bother trying to change their circumstances. Higher consciousness is unlimited intelligence. and you can never go wrong if you follow what is good. Only then you will see that we are all connected and that law of oneness is a fundamental law in each of our lives. you are able to create the reality that you want to experience. All they do is complain and get stuck deeper and deeper in their unwanted circumstances. It is wiser and much more beneficial to let the consciousness express itself fully through you. If you let your consciousness express itself through. If you still see yourself as a completely separate being. it means that your ego has full control over you. The law of oneness is the main law because it teaches us the truth – that we are the creators and we are all related to each other. we attract positive events and places in our lives. This law makes you understand that because you are part of the consciousness. These are clear signs of our divine nature. Nothing else can influence your life apart from your own mind. whereas your thinking is limited by beliefs and experience that only you had. You do not let your mind rest and thoughts block you from receiving information from higher consciousness. What is good always points to the truth.

It is better to willingly give first to receive what you wish than to lose something you did not expect. but you miss times when you did not have to compromise with anyone and were completely free. you may consciously decide to give something away for you to receive wealth. This law applies to absolutely every aspect of your life. That would be the best option because you will consciously choose what to give away. However.The Law of Sacrifice The law of sacrifice teaches that for you to get something new you will always have to give something away. Another example could be about wealth. you felt lonely and wanted love. So you may give your time. these things always have negative and positive sides. you could do whatever you liked without having to compromise. The law of sacrifice always works so you have to lose something because you gained something new. No matter what new you gain or what you lose. passion and value creation for you to receive wealth in return. By being single you had more freedom. Let's say you start a new relationship with someone. it means that you accumulated debt for the universe. effort. Because you disobeyed the law of sacrifice and you received something without proper pay for it. even if you become wealthy. By being in a relationship you feel loved and you are with someone. If you know the law of sacrifice. If you want to become wealthy and try to take shortcuts to receive it. Therefore you lose the status of being single. 36 . You now have something extra in your life – a partner. I know it can be tricky to get your head around this law so I will give you several examples as to how it works. you will suffer consequences.

When you want to have better health. you sacrifice money to get a new car. If you want to buy a new car. if they show that the person suddenly became very rich they fail to mention years spent working to get to such stage. or half of the truth. depression and blaming in the world is so pointless. This happens because they unconsciously know that they would not be willing to sacrifice what they currently have for them to receive something new. You may also spoil yourself because of such wealth. That is why all the anger. What is shown on TV is far from truth.Debts always have to be repaid. your wealth will be temporary and you will be much more unhappy than you have ever been. More obvious examples of the law of sacrifice would be paying for something you want to get. This makes them depressed and they start complaining how unfair life is. Money will be required to buy healthy food or food supplements. it did not fulfil you or you may lose wealth because you did not put proper foundation for it. wealthier and more successful. Such so called news confuse people and make them believe that money can be acquired only by luck. reading about how to become healthy or talking to some expert about it. money and effort to receive it. you pay money to receive it. So after some time you will repay such debt by understanding that wealth was not something you really wanted. it just reinforces the fact that most people are not ready to sacrifice what it takes for them to change their lives. For example. Time can include visualisation about you being healthy. People mostly disobey the law of sacrifice because media confuses them about the workings of universal laws. you may sacrifice time. Or when a person won a lottery they fail to mention what happened to him/her after that. In general. 37 . it cannot happen any other way. You will put effort into exercise and willpower to become healthy. if you try to make money without putting any effort. In other words. It does not help anyone. The law of sacrifice clearly explains why people are stuck in their current conditions although they would love to be healthier.

you will become free and your willpower will strengthen. To obey this law means to be aware that in order to receive something new one must give something away. Conclusion The law of sacrifice is a universal law therefore it always works. Fortunately. it is quite obvious. this is not the case. When such understanding comes. you will avoid owing to the universe therefore your newly acquired possession will stay with you for a long time. You will realise that you are completely responsible for your experiences and that you have the power to change every aspect of your life. you will find enough strength to take necessary actions and spend required time for you to achieve your goals. Because of so many negative influences in peoples lives (TV. advertising. The law of sacrifice is very empowering and eye-opening. Sometimes obvious should be stated many times for a major change to take place. If you consciously choose to give something away before getting something new. limiting beliefs. Yes. 38 . but it is easily ignored.They would rather blame someone for their misfortunes than decide to accept the fact that it will require time and effort to change. accepted standards in society) sometimes it is possible to start believing that everything is out of our control and our lives are based on luck. As soon as you accept that you are 100% responsible for everything in your life.

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