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Blueness in Neonate

Blueness in Neonate

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Published by Utkarsh Bansal

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Published by: Utkarsh Bansal on Jun 21, 2011
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left radial.rt brachial. ) and post ductal(left brachial . lower limb especially posterior tibial) Difference=preductal pao2. By measuring difference of pao2(arterial) simultaneously in preductal ( Rt arterial . Take ABG (arterial) at room air to measure pao2(for base line) 2. By calculating difference in saturation of preductal (right hand) and postductal(left hand or lower limb) supplied area by pulse oximeter simultaneously . 1.if difference of saturation is >10% it is significant. some cyanotic heart disease test don’t failed eg .post ductal pao2 Difference >15% (predutal>postductal) is significant. 2. 3. ** In methemoglobinemia pao2 is normal while spo2 is lowinvestigate cause for methemoglobinemia and plan to start methylene blue and vit c . In massive intrapulmonary shunt from lung disease (but with normal heart) don’t passed hyperoxic test RIGHT TO LEFT SHUNT TEST: This test is done for persistent pulmonary hypertension.*HOW TO DO HYPEROXIC TEST: 1. 2. Take ABG to recheck pao2 after oxygenation #Limitation of hyperoxic test 1. TAPVR due to large pulmonary blood flow. Ventilate baby with 100% oxygen with hood for 15 minute.

Note - Hyperoxic test should not be done by pulse oximeter. .

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