Introduction .

cheaper and effective herbal plant-based vapor rub or ointment which is expected to be much accessible and convenient to use and have due to it s low projected cost because of the abundance of the materials to be used in making this product specifically ginger. This study aims to develop and produce an environment-friendly.BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY The researcher observed a class for almost a month and found out that most of the students suffers from nasal congestion or difficulty in breathing through the nasal openings and headache. .

Aside from this. In addition to this. Almost half of the world s population depends on these for fast relief for it had been the most reliable and proven effective reliever for quick-time usage. making this proposal might be the answer to burden that could be brought by the expensive vapor rubs and ointments to the people by making an ointment with less expense materials. chemicals from the vapor rubs might cause heart burn and can burn the skin s cuticle coating if overused. Synthetically made vapor rubs and ointments are much higher in price or much expensive than that of the natural one.SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY Nowadays. . Hence. vapor rubs or ointments had been one of the world s most wanted first aid medicine for common illnesses. too much vapor rubs can cause respiratory illnesses to infants.

Promote the usage of herbal plants here in the Philippines globally which can also increase the country s economical status.Objectives General Objective To research on the properties of Zingiber Officinale Roscoe (Ginger) that could make the plant vulnerable in treating Headache and Nasal Congestion. 2. Specific Objectives This aims to: 1. . Help the citizens who can t afford to buy commercial ointments for headache and clogged nose. 3. Find out the feasibility of Zingiber Officinale (Ginger) as an Effective Ointment for Headache and clogged nose.

Review of Related Literature .

Andrew Lockie. http://www. with (-)-zingiberene as the main component. It s medicinal use dates back to ancient times as indicated by early medical texts in India. antiinflammatory. Smaller amounts of other sesquiterpenoids (-sesquiphellandrene. Extracts and active constituents have shown potent antioxidant.Zingiberaceae]. bisabolene and farnesene) and a small monoterpenoid fraction (-phellandrene. cineol and citral) have also been identified which makes the plant vulnerable for aroma therapy purposes that can also be used in treating the said ailment. Ginger.html Traditionally.stuartxchange. Certain studies shows that ginger can be useful in unclogging nose and might have the properties that can ease a person from pain due to headache such as the essential oils found in the ginger s Zingiber officinale Roscoe [Fam. According to Dr. antimutagenic. . Southeast Asian countries and Arabia and is widely cultivated in the Philippines. Greece. Based on an internet website. anti antimicrobial and possible anticancer activities. ginger is used for treating flatulent colic and indigestion. Rome. is a popular spice use around the world. China. Ginger contains up to three percent of a fragrant essential oil whose main constituents are sesquiterpenoids.

Certain studies showed that Olive oil is also an effective binder for preparing herbal plantbased ointments or vapor rubs because it softens the mixture s texture. though it is important to ensure that the nostrils are not blocked by the jelly.Some use of Petroleum Jelly -When applied to the nasal openings can assist in providing protection against irritation. Olive Oil -Popularly used around the world as a condiment for cooking. .

Methodology .

Ginger 15g.MATERIALS 25g. Olive oil Laboratory Equipments: Mortar and Pestle Knife Strainer Medicine Dropper Measuring Cup Mixing Bowl Weighing Scale Heating Pan Packaging Bottle . Petroleum Jelly 5mL.

Then it must be removed away from heat and will be stirred until the mixture had cooled. . Then. The pan will be heated. The cooled mixture will then be packed in a sanitized bottle and will be kept in a cool. The mixture must be stirred until all the components combine. After the jelly and oil had mixed. and then the petroleum jelly and olive oil will be mixed afterwards. dry place. the ginger extract will be added gradually. the ginger must be thoroughly washed and will be minced so that it would be easier to pound and extract.Procedure: First. the materials will be prepared and sanitized. The ginger extract will be strained to remove the impurities and ginger pulps.

Preparing all the Materials needed Washing the Ginger Cutting and Mincing of Ginger Heating the Pan Straining the Ginger Extracts Pounding and Extracting Ginger Liquefying the Petroleum Jelly with Olive Oil Heating the Ginger Extract with Petroleum Jelly and Olive Oil Simmering the Mixture Bottling and Packaging of the Mixture Cooling Mixture .

Itemized Project Expenses Ginger Sanitized Bottle Petroleum Jelly Olive Oil (5m Php. 5.00 FREE .00 15.

2010 July 20. Proofreading and Printing of the Proposal 12. 2010 Date Finished July 2. 2010 July 6. 2010 July 8. 2010 July 12. 2010 July 13. Listing the sources for Bibliography 11. 2010 July 5. 2010 . 2010 July 4. Buying the materials needed 8. Date submitted Date Started July 1. Making the Methodology 7. 2010 July 6. 2010 July 11. 2010 July 7. Researching about the possible Binders/ Oils for the ointment 6. 2010 July 26. 2010 July 9. 2010 July 18. Making the Product 9. 2010 July 14. Choosing of Title 2. 2010 July 15. 2010 July 7. Research about the Review of Related Literature 3. Making of the Significance of the Study 5. Research about the Disease/Ailment (Background of the Study) 4. 2010 July 3. 2010 July 10. Editing. 2010 July 17. Making the Abstract 10. 2010 July 8. 2010 July 16.Schedule of Activities Activity 1.

1995 Magic and Medicine of Plants. Felipe Landa www.htm 1985 Perspectives on Natural Health: An Anthology of Holistic Medicine by Dr.P.umm.medicinenet. 2001 Folk Medicine in a Philippine Municipality. 1994 A Manual on Some Philippine Medicinal Joseph de Ubaldo. Dr Andrew Lockie & Dr Nicola Readers Digest Assoc.BIBLIOGRAPHY BOOKS y y y y y y y Homeopathy: The Principles & Practice of Treatment. Botanical Society. DK Publication. 1990 Healing Wonders of Herbs by Herminia de Guzman-Ladion..html en./22-wonderful-uses-for-petroleum-jelly . 2003 Alamin Ang Ating Mga Halamang-Gamot by Julio Silverio. 1977 INTERNET y y y y y http://www. U.wikipedia.htm

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