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7 Ways to Approach Women

7 Ways to Approach Women

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Published by Gito Novhandra

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Published by: Gito Novhandra on Jun 21, 2011
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7 Ways To Approach Women I have a real big secret to tell you about approaching women… You ready?

Everything works! That’s right, there is no one special magical way of approaching women that’s superior or better than others. In fact, I know guys who all have completely different ways of approaching women, and they all get amazing results. So I’ll share the top 7 ways i’ve identified as working with women.

1. The Playa What does it mean to be a “playa”. I’ll let you think this over for a while… Do you have an answer? Wrong! Now, obviously I have no idea what you said, but experience tells me that 99.99% of guys have a very bad perception of what a playa is. The short answer is “a guy surrounded by women”… That’s it. All the other stuff is variations. But what does have to do with approaching women? Plenty! See… women have this incredibly strong biological drive to be attracted to guys who are popular. She can’t resist it, heck, she sometimes even resents it, but if a guy walks into a place surrounded by girls, she automatically is more attracted to him than another guys. So how do you use this to your advantage? Simple… Instead of going out with a “wingman”, go out with female friends, and then approach women, WITH your female friends beside you. Sounds weird? That’s coz most guys don’t get how powerful this is. This is the playa approach. Its indirect, and it works. You approach the woman and just introduce yourself, and introduce her to all your other female friends. Guess what happens? Yep, cat-fighting ensues – over you.

2. The Cool Guy This is an approach that one my friends invented, and its very sneaky (in a good way). It requires a bit of a set up, and actually building the background for it. What my friend did, is he thought to himself “hey, why not make it very easy for girls to say yes? what is the coolest thing you can offer to a girl when you approach her, that guarantees she’ll like it?”… And then he got it! Party invitations! He started organizing and throwing parties every friday, and his only approach to women was “Hey, you look like a cool person. Listen, I’m in a kind of a hurry, but I’m throwing a salsa party at such and such bar on Friday, you look like you might be fun. If you’re interested, call me at this number, and I’ll arrange spots for you and your friends”. And that’s that. He doesn’t linger, he doesn’t try to impress her, he doesn’t try to convince her to come. He just honest-to-goodness just offers her a cool offer. And guess what? Almost every single woman he approaches thinks its a really really cool thing and feels flattered… And guess what? When they come to that party, her friends are often even hotter than she is… and you no longer have to do ANY work. You have a party full of hot women, and they’re all coming in, running up to you, and introducing you to their hot friends. This is one of my favorites honestly.

3. Shy, but honest This is a nice method of approaching women that I once practised until I overcame my shyness, and I still share it with a lot of guys. It works pretty darn well. Here’s how it works. You see a woman you like, you approach her, excuse yourself and just honestly say something like “Hey, I’m kind of shy and I’m trying to get better at meeting people, you look like a friendly person”… What can she say “NO! I AM NOT FRIENDLY!”? Not really, they tend to react pretty well, and this approach gets you used to the fact

that most women are friendly and nice. The key is making sure that you communicate that you’re not a threat, and you don’t want anything from her. Do not use this approach as a “trick” to get her. You have to genuinely not want anything more from her than to just introduce yourself. That’s it. A lot of times it leads to more, and sometimes she’s so flattered that she moves things forward, but don’t count on it. This approach is mostly to get you out of your shell, not to “get her”.

4. The Cocky Bastard This is a method that I never mastered myself, but there’s a lot of guys out there who do it well. This is where you approach women with some sort of a sarcastic or backhanded compliment, or a sort of an overarrogant, but joking style. The way you do is saying something like “Hey, I noticed you staring, that’s ok, I know I’m hot but you gotta say something”. You do this with a sort of a joking/friendly energy where its clear you’re just messing with her. This is almost the opposite of the “respectful” approach below, because its for it to misfire and end up badly, but when it works, its really ON, because it has that edge to it. It has drama and all kinds of tension built into it, and if you’ve ever read a romance novel, you’ll know that’s a good thing.

5. Complimentary & Respectful I really like this approach because it literally never ever fails. Unless she’s the most insane person on the planet, this always ends up in a good conversation. Now, the reason it works is because you’re showing you’re not a threat, you’re not forcing yourself on her, and you’re respectful. You’re just giving her the chance to meet a new guy… if… she… is interested.

Here’s how most guys do this: You see a woman across the street, in the supermarket aisle, at the gallery, and you walk up to her and say something like:”Hey, I saw you standing here and I you looked like a cool person, so I thought I’d come over and introduce myself, if you’re not in a hurry or something”. Now, that’s not the exact wording, but the point you communicate is, hey, I’m here, and if you’re interested in meeting someone, i’m here, just let me know. If you’re not, that’s fine too. Now, this approach sometimes doesn’t “build attraction” with some women, because a lot of women have this stupid bad-boy complex and find this “too nice”, but this approach ALWAYS, and I mean always, 100% of the time gets you a good reaction. At the very least, you’ll get used to getting good reactions from women.

6. The popular guy (approach without approaching) I already revealed this secret to you in the “playa” approach, but seriously, one of the best and strongest biological impulses in women is to be attracted to the popular guy. And this is something a few of my friends capitalize on. What do they do? They simply befriend and talk to EVERYONE they come into contact with. They joke around with the cashier, they talk to the old guy at the busstop, the talk to the granny in the supermarket aisle. And what does this have to do with approaching women? Here’s the tricky part… if you talk to EVERYONE in your vicinity, guess what, that means some of these people happen to be a super-hot woman. And why would you waste time talking to everyone if you just want to approach hot women? Here’s why… Because women RESENT being hit-on. Unless you’re brad-pit or her exact type, most women don’t like just some random guy coming out of nowhere and hitting on her… If however she sees this happy, go lucky, popular, social guy talking to everyone, then hey… its “destiny”… You’re not singling her out, you’re talking to her just like another person. And this is where she feels the need SHE needs to seduce YOU.

7. Let her come to you Yes, I know it sounds impossible, but yes the female species are known to sometimes approach the male species, and no, its not a fluke of nature. In fact, one of my best friends has gotten to the point where he has turned it into a science, he can go out and get approached by women consistently. And no, he doesn’t look like a model (although that does help). What does he do? Simple, he just plays the “eye game”. Now, unfortunately this article is too small for me to expand on what the eye-game is, but its basically where you flirt with and “approach” women without saying anything. There are plenty of women who have no problem approaching a guy, they’re just waiting for a signal that its ok to do so. And its your job to give her that signal. This really ties in with the popular guy approach, in fact, it works 10 times better if you are the popular guy walking into a club and introducing yourself and being friendly to everyone. When women all notice you, and start wondering “who is this guy”, just pick a woman you like, and keep glancing her way and SMILE. If you’ve built up enough popularity in that place, she will eventually approach you.

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