The Symptom Masquerade


Complexities of

Lyme Disease
Joy Sakonyi, N.D.

Dr. Joy Sakonyi

• Fastest growing infectious disease in US • Borrelia Burgdorferi
– Spirochete – Cyst – Cell Wall Deficient

• Co-infections • Biofilm

Presenting Symptoms
• Neurologic • Rheumatologic

Presenting Symptoms
• Endocrine
– Male/Female – Pancreas – Adrenal

Presenting Symptoms
• Gastrointestinal • Immune • Skin

BioEnergetic Assessment
• Causal Factors
– Biological toxin
• • • • Bacteria Parasite Fungus Virus

– – – – –

Allergy Chemical Heavy Metal Emotional/psychological Genetic

• Nutritionals • Spagyric Botanicals • Homeopathics:
– Drainage Remedies
– Sarcodes – Nosode Detoxifiers

• Digestive Support
– AminoGest, GALT-immune, Flora 12+, Flora Synergy, Catalyst-7, Catalyst-U, SpectraMin

• Filtering Support
– Drainage-Tone, Liver-Tone, Core Burdock Blend, Core Gen 2 Blend, Pure Body Clear, Colon Clear

• Neuroendocrine Support
– Hypothalmapath, Spagyric Greens, ReHydration, Adrenal Force, AdrenalTone, Relax-Tone, Phyto Cal-Mag Plus, Core Valerian, Core St. John’s Wort, Seratran, Fields of Flowers, Rescue Calm, Core Maca Gold, Core Cohosh Blend, Core Dong Quai Blend

Elimination of Causative Factors =
• Nosodes:


Homeopathic Nosode Detoxifier + Homeopathic Drainage + Spagyric Botanicals
Bacteria-Chord, Viru-Chord, Mono-Chord, Para-Chord, Amoeba-Chord, Neuro-Chord, IBD-Chord, Metal-Chord, Chem-Chord

• Drainage:

Drainage-Tone, Lymph-Tone (I, II, III), Inflamma-Tone, Relief-Tone Core Sarsaparilla, Core Olive Leaf Extract, Core Berberine Blend, Core Cat’s Claw, Core Mycelia Blend, Core Pau d’Arco Blend, Core Artemesia Blend, Core Para-V Blend

• Botanicals:

• Homeopathic Sarcodes:
– Metabopath, Lymphopath, Endopath-F, Endopath-M, Adaptopath, Adrenopath

– InflammaForce, PancreaForce, XenoForce, CoQ10, Phyto Rad Antioxidant, Alka-C, Liquid Vitamin D3

Sample Treatment Plan
AminoGest Flora Synergy Core Gen 2 Core Olive Leaf Bacteria-chord Drainage-Tone Lymph-Tone Inflamma-Tone Relax-Tone Core Maca Gold Lymphopath

Case Study #1
• • • • • • 48 year old female CC anxiety Chronic sinusitis Hormone imbalance Food sensitivities Hypoglycemia

RX for Case Study #1
Neuro-Chord Core Olive Leaf Adrenal-Tone Drainage-Tone Lymph-Tone I Core Gen 2 Blend Phyto Rad Antioxidant Flora Synergy Catalyst-U

Case Study #2
• • • • • • • • • • 33 year old female CC panic attacks, anxiety Diarrhea Temperature dysregulation Muscle weakness Internal tremor PMS Thyroid dysfunction Joint pain, inflammation Hypoglycemia RX for Case Study #2
Hepata-Chord GB-Tone Core Black Radish Drainage-Tone Hypothalmapath Endopath-F ReHydration Relax-Tone Phyto Cal-Mag Plus AminoGest Seratran Bacteria-Chord Amoeba-Chord Lymph-Tone Core Berberine Blend Flora 12+ InflammaForce PancreaForce Core Cohosh Blend CoQ10

Case Study #3
• • • • 5 year old male CC emotional lability Eczema Abdominal pain RX for Case Study #1
Amoeba-Chord Drainage-Tone Lymphopath Olive Leaf Extract Glutamine

• Lyme Disease Remedy Combining Guide • Creating Individualized Protocols for Lyme Disease Webinar • Lyme Disease iPhone app for patients • Under Our Skin (

Next Steps
• July Webinar:
– Integrating Chinese Medicine and Homeopathy: One Practitioner’s Remarkable Approach – Iris Chen AP, MD, PhD – Submit questions to

• BioEnergetic Methodologies Courses
– Atlanta, San Francisco

The Symptom Masquerade -

Complexities of

Lyme Disease
Joy Sakonyi, N.D.

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