presentations.What is Google Documents? Online workspace Word processing. spreadsheets Invite collaborators to share: ‡ Viewing documents ‡ Editing documents .

. Mozilla Firefox. and Netscape  With the reliability Google Provides you be rest assured that your data will be available to you most of times of need. simultaneously  Changes/edits are seen by everyone immediately  Automatically saves  Can ³revert´ to previous versions  Multiple browser Supported -.Microsoft Internet Explorer.Google Docs Advantages Advantages  Work on docs from any computer with Internet connection  Collaboration²multiple editors. So work without the skepticism of data loss.

require enough bandwidth for smooth operation.Google Docs Disadvantages Di t Some limit tions on export formats Less feat res t an our esktop program.  ll facilities ecomes internet ( eb) based. .  ata will be under oogle control (Securit issue ± we have to trust oogle).

Google docs handle revision management (and collaborative edit) better . each library contribute Develop/revise procedure manual Develop agendas for meetings Collaborative projects²organize. manage Committee work Keep your own documents ³handy´ for access from any Internet computer Google docs is faster to setting up.Why should we Use Google Docs? Newsletter²share the authorship! Co-authored blog posts County budget presentation. you don't have to install anything.


Get Documents In New (create in Google Docs) Upload (from your computer) E-mail in (as attachments) .

New document .

Editing a document Edit by yourself Invite collaborators ‡View only ‡Edit .

Share a document .

Edit a document .

Word. html. ods.Getting Documents Out Print E-mail Export (save to computer. pdf. xls. etc.) Documents: html. pdf. rtf. text Spreadsheets: csv. Open Office. txt Presentations: pdf Publish .

Other features E-mail documents to your Google Docs Upload²scroll down to see unique e-mail address for your Google Docs Post docs to a blog RSS feeds of your public Google Docs .

Some Numbers« 10 people can edit a document or presentation at one time.  50 can edit a spreadsheet at one time Limits: 1000 documents per account 1000 images per account Docs: up to 500 KB each Presentations: ‡10 MB from computer ‡2 MB from the web ‡500 KB via e-mail Spreadsheets: ‡up to 1 MB .

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