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Antarctic Museum at Christchurch

Antarctic Museum at Christchurch

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Published by: Jonn Smalberg on Jun 21, 2011
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Fri, 18 Feb 2005 22:38:47 -0500 Connie called Rags & Richie's caretaker today, and all's well with them

. We promised a good loud, long "greeting howl" when we return.

At Christchurch we toured the Antarctica Center at the airport, just across from the USA Antarctica Staging area. Saw USA C-130's with "ski" landing gear.

Then we toured the Art Museum, Arts Centre, and Cathedral Square.

At the New Zealand Antarctica Center saw lots of Antarctica memorabilia, biology geology, meteorology -- well, lots of science stuff. I found the tourist brochure for the cruise to Antarctica, Connie thinks she'll go (if someplace extra-terrestial freezes over.)

Here is an example of creative architechure by builders not on the level.

Across from the Art Museum a noisy Art Fair with an entertaining street Acrobat from Australia drew our attention. Getting ready to drive north, on the east coast to Kaikoura, where whales, dolphins, and seals hang out. (No sharks??!!) Supposedly we can swim with the dolphins. We'll see. We've been kept up-to-date on Aunt Ann's condition, Tillie, and my Mom through response emails. Haven't heard from Heather yet. Connie will call everyone next week, from Los Angeles. As you know, we are one day ahead of you, so we can't call you, since you're one day behind, and then our calls would be lost in that great unknown,but email hangs around. I'll explain later, I think?


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