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there members that sleepwalk? Hiroto: When I woke up, I was on the balcony. Shou: What do you mean? Hiroto: I usually sleep, but it seems like I drank milk in the middle on the nig ht, the empty milk bottle had fallen over, and I had slept leaning against the w all of the balcony. When I woke up I could see the sky, I thought that I had die d for sure (laughs). That kind of thing often happens. Like I'd be around the re fridgerator, and there'd be empty bottles around me. The likelihood that I wake up in front of the refridgerator is high. Tora: Hiroto really does suddenly get up in the middle of the night. When we use d to share a room, he'd suddenly get up and look around, patrolling, then he'd s uddenly sleep again, I was shocked, wondering what had happened. Nao: When I drink, I'm at home without realizing it. Although when I ask the sho pkeepers they say "You just went home normally". Shou: Isn't that just being drunk? Nao: Well I guess it's not sleepwalking. Saga: I wake up and shower, make proper preparations then leave the house2, and then I wake up. But, I'm late for work (laughs) Shou: Saga-kun is seeing the future. Saga: Sometimes I hate making preparations again, and go back to sleep (laughs) Shou: I don't sleepwalk, but it seems like I sing while sleeping. It seems like I sleeptalk alot. Like while I'm sleeping I say "No smoking!" Once I had slept i n and got confused, and when my manager called me, Kagrra's Izumi-san was like " Shou-san, what's wrong?". The manager of that time had the same kanji as Izumi-s an, and because I was half asleep I was mistaken. Tora: I don't sleepwalk~ I don't sleeptalk, but I often laugh in my sleep. I oft en wake up to the sound of my own laughter. Shou: Tora often sleeps with an amazing sleeping posture in front of us. He look s like Tutankhamun (laughs) Hiroto: Saga-kun is also quiet when he sleeps. When he sleeps, he doesn't even m ake the slightest movement. Shou: When you're in the same room, he's so quiet to the point that you can forg et that he's there. -Arena37c; Vol. 336 (Sep 2009)