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The New Healthy Attitude - Essentials Shopping Guide

The New Healthy Attitude - Essentials Shopping Guide

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Essentials Shopping Guide for eating healthier by www.newhealthyattitude.com and www.thehealthyscoop.com
Essentials Shopping Guide for eating healthier by www.newhealthyattitude.com and www.thehealthyscoop.com

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Published by: Ingrid Alvarez Desai on Jun 22, 2011
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Healthy Essentials Shopping Guide

Broccoli Cauliflower Collards Greens Kale Swiss chard Spinach Asparagus Brussels Sprouts Cabbage Cucumber Squash Beets Carrots Tomatoes Mushrooms (shitake, rishi, oyster, maitake, cordiceps) Sweet Potato Avocado Bell peppers Seaweed Onion Garlic

Blueberries Blackberries Raspberries Strawberries Apples Cherries Pineapple Pomegranate Papaya Figs Oranges Grapefruit Lemon Watermelon Cantaloupe Banana

Nuts, Seeds, Dried Fruit
Sprouted Flaxseed Walnuts Almonds Pistachios Brazil Nuts Cashews Sunflower Seeds Pumpkin Seeds Sesame Seeds Hemp Seeds Chia Seeds Dates Figs Prunes

Omnivores and Pescatarians
Grass Fed Beef (Organic if possible) Chicken (100% Organic, Pasture-raised or Free- range, Antibiotic-free, Hormone-free, GMO-free feed) Eggs (same as chicken) Yogurt (100% Organic, Grass-fed, rGBH/ Hormone-free) Salmon (King, Coho, Sockeye, always wild) Flounder (always wild) Oysters Sardines Anchovies Mussels

Almond Butter Organic Dijon Mustard Organic Salsa Hummus Nutritional Yeast Apple Cider Vinegar Umeboshi Plum Vinegar

Non-Dairy Milk (Hemp, Almond, Oat, Rice) Green Tea Mint or Ginger Tea Coconut Water Aloe Organic Cherry or Pomegranate Juice Sparkling Water (only as an alternative to soda or alcohol)

Dry Beans and Grains
Chickpeas Black Beans White Beans Lentils Adjuki Beans Kidney Beans Black-eyed Peas Quinoa Brown Rice Black Rice Wild Rice Buckwheat Farro Spelt Berries Oats Chickpea Flour Rye Flour Whole Wheat Flour

Herbs and Spices
Cayenne or Chili Pepper Black Pepper Cumin Turmeric Cinnamon Parsley Cilantro Cloves Thyme Sage Rosemary Basil Sea Salt or Himalayan Salt Bold = Always Buy Organic

Cooking Oils:
Olive Oil (low-med heat cooking) Avocado Oil (high heat baking) Sesame Seed Oil (any heat) Coconut Butter (any heat)*

Raw Sugar Stevia (SweetLeaf) Brown Rice Syrup Molasses Organic Vanilla Extract Cacao Beans Raw honey (not for pregnant women or
children younger than 2 yrs of age)
* Although coconut butter is a saturated fat, it is thought by many to be a heart healthy oil with many health benefits, due to its medium-chain tryglycerides, and high content of lauric acid.  This is still disputed so for now, don't use it if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure.

Condiment Oils: (not for cooking)
Extra Virgin Olive Oil Flax Seed Oil Hemp Seed Oil

Donʼt forget your reusable shopping bag!

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