Law What to Study

Multiple Choice (25 30) Define (including landmark cases) and explain the significance o R. v. Keegstra o Cases that have had a significant impact Case Studies X 2 o One on case itself o One sentencing case study Essay Choice of 2 o Criminal Law o Youth Criminal Justice Law



Chapter 1
Intro to Law notes Rule of Law Article and Questions Cod of Hammurabi Timeline of Canada Purpose of Law

Chapter 2
Charter of Rights Cases Rights vs. Freedoms Resolving Infringements of the Charter Cases that have Changed Society Oakes Test The Current Podcast

Chapter 4
Mens Rea/ Actus Rea Handout Worksheet Putting Police in Harm s Way What is a Crime? Introductory Note

Chapter 5
Different Types/ Levels of Crimes Crime Statistics Articles Crime Stats Podcast

Chapter 6
Downside of High

- Cannabiz Drugs and the Law Essay Zero Tolerance to Harm Reduction Chapter 7 Bringing the Accused to Trial Chart Chapter 8 Courtroom Layout Assignment Job Advertisement Defense Case Studies Jury Selection Chapter 9 Objectives of Sentencing Sentencing Options Sentencing Case Studies Mock Sentencing Cases Chapter 10 When Kids Get Life YCJA Articles Few Notes of Chapters on Wikispaces Law in the News .

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