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1-2 .'.'..'.....'..'..'.." and Chassis PaintGodes " NumberLocations'..'.'.1-2O ldentification LabelLocations'..'..'1-21 Warning/Caution Emissions Under-hood ......1'25 Label.......... Control Lift and Support Points 1-21 Stands.'..".'..'..'.'.'.".' Lift and Safety 1'28 ....,.................. Jack Floor '.'....'1-29 Towing

and PaintCodes Chassis
U.S.1996Model l2-door Hatchback)




D16Y7: 1600SOHC16-valves Sequential Multiport Fuel-injected Engine

A4RA:4-speed Automatic Transmission S40 : s-speed ManualTransmission

H: AllistonPlant, Ontario, Canada Destin.iions

GY-16P NH-503P NH.583M R-97

Midori GreenPearl Granada BlackPearl New VogueSilverMetallic RomaRed

Vehicle ldentification Number and FederalMotor Vehicle Safety Standard Certification

Paint Code




U.S. 1996Model {4-doorSedanl

J H ME J 6 2 * T S 0 0 0 0 0 1 5
D16Y7: 1600SOHC16-valves Sequential Engine Multipon Fuel-injected VTEC16-valves Sequential D16Y8; 1600SOHC MultiportFuel-injected Engine D16Y8 1300001JAPAN:D16Y7. U.S.A : D16Yt,D16Y8- 1500001-

Lino, Body 8nd EngineTyp€ EJ6: CIVIC4-door/Dl6Y7 EJ8: CIVIC4-door/D'16Y8 Body Typo and TransmissionType Manual 5: Sedan/s-speed

Automatic Transmission A4RA:4-speed ManualTransmission S40 : s-speed ManualTransmission S4C : s-soeed

A4RA {U.S.A.) : 5000001(JAPAN): 1000001S40. SaC
3: DX with Ay'C 4: DX with ABS,EX 5: DX with ABS and A,/C 6: LX 7; LX with Ay'C 8: LX with ABS 9: LX with ABS and A,/C Ch€ckDigit Model Year T: 1996 L: EastLibertv. Ohio Plant,U.S.A. Japan Plant.Mie Prefecture, S: Suzuka H: AllistonPlant, Ontario, Canada

B-73M G-82P NH-538 NH-503P NH-583M R-95P

BlueMetallic Cyclone CypressGreenPearl FrostWhite BlackPearl Granada New VogueSilverMetallic lslandCoralPearl


Vehicle ldentification Number and FederalMotor Vehicle Safety Standard Cortification



Chassis and PaintCodes
U.S. 1996Model (2-doorCoupe)

l H G E J 61 2 * T L 0 0 0 0 0 1

Lino, Body and EnginaTypc EJ6; ClvlCz-door/D16Y7 EJ7: ClVlC2-door/D16Y5 EJ8: ClVlC2-door/D16Y8 Body Type and Tranrmission Type

D16Y5: 1600SOHC WEC-E16-valves Sequential Multiport Fuel-injected Engine Dl6Y7: 1600SOHC16-valves Sequential Multiport Fuel-injected Engine D16Y8: 1600SOHC VTEC16-valves Sequential Multiport Fuel-injected Engine JAPAN:D16Y5 1300001U.S.A.: D16Y7. D16Y8 15OOO01-

3; OX with ABS, HX with ABS 4: DX with Ay'C, with Ay'C, HX EX 5: DX with ABS and Ay'C, with ABS HX and A"/C with ABS EX ChockDigit Modol Year T: 1996 L: EastLiberty, Ohio Plant,U.S.A.

A4RA : 4-speod Automatic Transmission S40,S4C:s-speed ManualTransmission M4VA ; Continuouslv Variable Transmission(CVT)


s40, s4c
M4VA: 1000001-

Vehicle ldentification Number and FederalMotor Vehicle Safety Standard Certification
G-82P NH.5O3P NH-538 NH-583M B-81 R.95P CypressGreenPesrl Granada BlackPearl FroslWhite New VogueSilverMetallic MilanoRed lslandCoralPearl



1 -4

1996 Modell2-door Hatchbackl CANADA a
2 H GE J 6 3 2 * T H0 0 0 0 0 1 D16Y/ 1700001

Line, Body and EnginoTyps EJ6: ClVlC3-door/D16Y7 Body Type and TransmissionType

A4RA:,t-speedAutomatic Transmission S40 :s-soeedManualTransmission

CheckDigit Modol Ysar T: 1996 H: AllistonPlant, Ontario, Canada GY-T6P NH-503P NH.583M R-97 Midori GreenPearl Granada BlackPearl New VogueSilverMetallic Roma Red

Vehicle ldentification Number and CanadianMotor Vehicle Safety Standard Certification




Chassis and PaintCodes
CANADA 1996Model (4-doorSedan)

lHG EJ653*TL 800001

D16Y7: 1600SOHC16-valves Sequential Multiport Fuel-injected Engine

Lino, Body and EnginoTyp6 EJ6: ClVlC4-door/D16Y7 Body Typo and TransmissionTypo 5; Sedan/s-soeed Manual

4; LX with ABS 5: LX with ABS and A,/C 6: EX 7: EXwith ABS CheckDigit Model Year T: 1996 L: EsstLiberty, Ohio Plant,U.S.A.

A4RA;4-speed Automatic Transmission ManualTransmission S40 : 5-soeed A4RA:5000001S40 :1000001-

Vehicleldentification Number MotorVehicle andCanadian Safety Standard Gertif ication

B-73M G-82P NH-503P NH-538 NH-583M

Cyclone BlueMetallic Cypress GreenPearl Granada BlackPearl Frost White New VogueSilverMetallic






CANADA 1996Model (2-doorCoupel

1HG J6 2*TL 000001 E 1

Lins, Body and EngineTypa EJ6: ClVlC2-door/D16\'/ EJ8: ClVlC2-doo./D16Y8 Body Typ6 and Transmi3sionType

1600 SOHC16-valves Sequential Multiport Fuel-injected Engine 1600SOHCWEC 16-valves Sequential Multipon Fuel-injected Engine

Transmission Number
A4RA- 5000001
Transmissionl A4RA I 4-soeed Automatic Transmission s40, s4c:s-soeedManualTransmission

3: Si with ABS 5: DX with ABS ChockDigit Model Yeat T: 1996 L: EastLiberty, Ohio Plant,U.S.A.

SerialNumbor A4RA :

s40, s4c:

Vehicle ldentif icationNumber MotorVehicle andCanadian SafetyStandardCertification

G-82P NH-503P NH-538 NH-583M R-81 R-95P

CypressGreen Pearl Granada BlackPearl Frost White New VogueSilverMetallic MilanoRed lsland Coral Pearl




Chassis and PaintCodes
U.S. 1997Model (2-door Hatchback)

D16Y7i 1600SOHC16-valves Sequential Multipon Fuel-injected Engine

2 H GE J 6 2 * V H 1 0 0 0 0 1 3
Type ol Vohicl€

Lino, Body and EnginoTypr EJ6: ClVlC3-door/D16Y7 Body Typo rnd Tranrmission Typc

3: CX with Ay'C 4: DX 5: DX with Ay'C 6: DX with ABS 7: DX with Ay'C and ABS Chcck Digit Model Yoar V; 1997 H; AllistonPlant, Ontario, Canada

A4RA:4-sDeed Automatic Transmission B4RA:4-speed Automatic Transmission S40 : s-speed ManualTransmission A4RA: 600000'lB4RA:6000001S40 : 1000001-

NH.503P NH.583M Pg-l 4P R-97 Granada BlackPearl New VogueSilverMetallic DarkAmethyst Pearl RomaRed

Vehicle ldentification Number and FederalMotor Vehicle Safety Standard Certification

Paint Code



U.S. 1997Model l4-door Sedanl

J H ME J 6s 2 * V S 0 0 0 0 0 1
Dl6Y/: 1600SOHCl$valves Sequentisl Engine MultiportFuel-injected D16Y8:1600SOHCWEC 16-valvesSequential Engine MultiportFuel-injected JAPAN:D16Y7, D16Y8 2300001- 2500001U.S.A.: D16Yt,Dl6Y8

Lino, Body snd EngineTypo EJ6: ClVlC4-door/D16Y/ EJ8: ClVlC4-door/D16Y8 Body Typo and TrsnsmissionType Manual 5: Sedan/s-sDeed

A4RA: 4-soesdAutomatic Transmission B4RA: 4-spe6dAutomatic Transmission Transmission Automatic M4RA:4-speed S40 :s-speedManualTransmission

(U.S.A.)6000001: A4RA B4RA {U.S.A.) 6000001: 2000001M4RA UAPAN): S40(JAPAN) : 10000013: DX with Ay'C 4: DX with ABS,EX 5: DX with ABS and Ay'C 7: LX with Ay'C 8: LX with ABS 9; LX with ABS and Ay'C ChockDigit Modol Ycsr V: 1997 L: EastLibertv, Ohio Plant,U.S.A. Japan Plant,Mie Prefecture. S: Suzuka Canada H: AllistonPlant.Ontario,

B.73M G-82P NH-538 NH-503P NH-583M R.96P

Cyclone BlueMetallic CypressGreenPesrl Frost White Granada BlackPearl New VogueSilverMetallic lnzaRed

Vehicle ldentification Number and FederalMotol Vehicle Safety Standard Certification

Paint Code



Chassis and PaintCodes
U.S. 1997Model (2-doorCoupe)
Vehicle ldentification Number
'tHG E J 61 4 * V L 0 0 0 0 0 1 Manutaqturer,Make and Type ol Vehicle lHG: HONDAOFAMERICA M F G ,I N C . , HONDAPassenger vehicle Line, Body and Engine Type EJ6; ClVlC2-door/D16Y7 EJ7: ClVlC2-door/D16Y5 EJ8: ClvlC2'door/D16Ya Body Typ€ and TransmissionType 1: Coupe/s-speed M an u a I 2; Coupe/4-speed Automatic, CVT Vehicle Grade 2: DX, HX 3: DX with ABS,HX with ABS 4: DX with A,./C, with A,./C. HX EX 5: DX with ABS and A,iC, with ABS HX and A'lC,EX with ABS Chsck Digit ModelYear V: 1997 FactoryCode L: EastLiberty, Ohio Plant,U.S.A. Serial Number

D16Y5 2300001
EngineType D16Y5: 1600SOHC WEC-E16-valves Sequential Multiport Fuel-injected Engine D16Y7: 1600SOHC16-valves Sequential Multiport Fuel-injected Engine D16Y8: 1600SOHC VTEC16-valves Sequential Multipon Fuel-injected Engine Serial Numb€r JAPAN:Dl6Y5 - 2300001U.S.A.: D16Y7, D16Y8 2500001-


Transmission Number
A4RA- 6000001 TransmissionType A4RA: 4-speed Automatic Transmission B4RA: 4-speed Automatic Transmission S40 :s-speedManualTransmission M4VA:Continuously Variable Transmission {CVT) Serial Number


Vehicle ldentification Number and FederalMotor Vehicle Safety Standard Certification

A4RA 6000001: B4RA 6000001: S40 :1000001M4VA: 2000001-

G-82P NH.5O3P NH-538 NH.583M R-81

Cypress GreenPearl Granada BlackPearl Frost White New VogueSilverMetallic N4ilano Red

Paint Gode



CANADA 1997Model (2-door Hatchbackl

2 H GE J 63 2 * V H 0 0 0 0 0 1

D16fr: 1600SOHC16-valves Multiport Sequential Fuel-injected Engine

Line, Body lnd Engin€Typo EJ6; ClVlC3-door/D16Y7 Body Type and TransmissionType

A4RA:4-speed Automatic Transmission Automatic Transmission B4RA:4-sDeed S40 : s-sDeed MsnualTransmission

Canada H: AllistonPlant,Ontario,

Vehicle ldentification Number Motor Vehicle and Ganadian Safety Standard Certification

NH-503P NH.583M PB-74P R-97

G.anadaBlackPearl New VogueSilverMetallic DarkAmethyst Pearl RomaRed

Paint Code




and PaintGodes Chassis
CANADA 1997Model (4-doorSedan)

1 H GE J 6 5 3 + V L 8 0 0 0 0 1

D16\.t: 1600SOHC16-valves Sequential Multiport Fueliniected Engine

Lino, Body and EngineTyps EJ6: ClVlC4-door/Dl6Y7 Body Type and TEnlmLrion Type 5: Sedan/s-soeed Manual

4: LX With ABS 5: LX with ABS and ly'C 7: EX with ABS 8: EX with ABS and !y'C

A4RA:4-speed Automatic Transmission 84RA:4-speed Automatic Transmission S40 : s-sDeed ManualTransmission

L: EastLibertv, Ohio Plant,U.S.A.

Vehicleldentification Number andCanadian MotorVehicle SafetyStandard Certif ication

B-73M G.82P NH-503P NH-538 NH-583M

Cyclone Metallic Blue Cypress Green Pearl Granada Black Pearl Frost White NewVogue Silver Metallic

Paint Code




CANADA 1997Model (2-doorCoupel

l H G E J 61 2 * V L 8 0 0 0 0 1

Lino. Eody and Engins Type EJ6: CIVIC 2-doorlD16W EJ8: ClVlC2-door/D16Yg Body Type lnd Tran3missionType

D16Y7: 1600SOHC16-vslves Multiport Sequential Engine Fuel-injected WEC 16-valves D16Y8: 1600SOHC Multipon Sequential Engine Fuel-injected

3: Si with ABS 5: DX with ABS 6: OX with ABS and Ay'C 7: Si with ABS and Ay'C

44RA: 4-speedAutomatic Transmission Transmission B4RA:4-speed Automatic S40 :s-speedManualTransmission

A4RA: 6000001B4RA: 6000001S40 :1000001-

L: East Liberty, Ohio Plant. U.S.A.

Vehicle ldentif ication Numbel Motor Vehicle and Canadian Safety Standard Certification

G-82P NH-503P NH-538 NH-583M R-81

Cypress GreenPearl BlackPoarl Granada FrostWhite New VogueSilverMetallic MilanoRed

Paint Code



Chassis and PaintCodes
U.S. 1998Model (2-doorHatchbackl

2HGEJ632 *WH 1 00001

D16Y7: 1600SOHC16-valves Sequential Multiport Fuel-injected Engine Line, Body and EngineType EJ6: ClvlC3-door/D16Y7 Body Type and TransmissionTyp€

B4RA;4-speed Automatic Transmission S40 : s-speed ManualTransmission 3: CX with Ay'C 4: DX 5: DX with Ay'C 6: DX with ABS 7: DX with Ay'C and ABS CheckDigit Mod€l Year W: 1998 H: AllistonPlant.Ontario. Canada B4RA:7000001S40 : 1000001-

NH.592P NH-583M PB-74P R-97

Flamenco BlackPearl New VogueSilverMetallic DarkAmethystPearl RomaRed


Vehicle ldentification Number and FederalMotor Vehicle Safety Standard Certificataon

Paint Codo



U.S. 1998Model (4-doorSedanl

J H M E J 65 2 * W S 0 0 0 0 0 1 EnginoTyp€ D16Y/:'1600 SOHC16-valves Sequential MultiportFuel-injected Engine VTEC16-vslves S€quential D16Y8; 1600SOHC MultiportFuel-injected Engine D16Y8 3300001JAPAN:D16Y7. U.S.A : D16Y7, Dl6Y8 - 3500001-

Line, Body and EngineType EJ6: CIVIC4-door/D16Y7 EJ8: ClVlC4-door/D16Y8 Body Type and TransmissionType Manual 5: Sedan/5-speed

84RA: 4-soeed Automatic Transmission Automatic Transmission M4RA:4-sDeed ManuslTransmission S40 : s-soeed

(U.S.A.) 7000001: B4RA (JAPAN): M4RA 3000001' S40(JAPAN) : 10000013: DX with A"/C 4: DX WithABS,EX 5: DX with ABS and Ay'C 7: LX with A,/C 8: LX with ABS 9: LX with ABS and Ay'C

8.73M NH-578 NH-592P NH.583M R.96P

BlueMetallic Cyclone CypressGreen Pearl TaffetaWhite Flamenco BlackPearl New VogueSilverMetallic lnzaRedPearl

L: EastLiberty, Ohio Plant,U.S.A. Plant,Mie Prefecture, Japan S: Suzuka H: AllistonPlant, Ontario, Canada 000001: JAPAN,U.S.A. 500001: CANADA

Paint Code


VehicleldentificationNumbel and FederalMotor Vehicle Safety Standard Certification



Ghassis and PaintCodes
U.S. 1998Model (2-doorCoupe)
1 H GE J 6 1 2 + W L 0 0 0 0 0 1

D16Y5 3300001
Engins Typ€ D16Y5: 1600SOHCVTEC-E t6-vatves Sequential Multipon Fuel-injected Engine D16Yr:1600SoHC 16-valves Sequential Multiport Fuel-injected Engine D16Y8: 1600SOHC WEC l6-vatves Sequential Multipon Fuel-inject€d Engine Serial Numbor

Lin., Body and EnginaTypo EJ6: ClVlC2-door/Dt 6y7 EJ7: ClVlC2-door/D16y5 EJ8: ClVlC2-door/Dt6y8 Body Type and Transmbsion Type

1:Coupe/s-speed Manual 2: Coupe/4-speed Automatic. CVT
3: DX with ABS,HX with ABS 4: DX with !VC, HX with A,/C. EX 5; DX with ABS and Ay'C, with ABS HX and Ay'C. with ABS EX ChackDigit Model Year W: 1998 L: EastLiberty, Ohio Plant,U.S.A.

JAPAN: D16Y5 3300001U.S.A. D16Y7, : 016Y8 350OOO1-

B4RA: 4-speed Automatic Transmissron S40 :s-speedManualTransmission M4VA:Continuously Variable (CVT) Transmission

Vehicleldentification Number and Fedoral Motor Vehicle SafetyStsndardCertifi cation

B4RA;7000001S40 :1000001M4VA: 4000001-

NH-592P NH-578 NH.583M R-81

CypressGreenPearl Flamenco BlackPearl TaffetaWhite New VogueSilverMetsllic MilanoRed




CANADA 1998Model l2-door Hatchbackl
2HGEJ632 *WH 000001
Manufactur€r.M!ke and Typ€ ot V6hicle 2HG: HONDAOF CANADA MFG.,INC. HONDAPassenger vehicle Lins, Body 8nd EnginoTypo EJ6: ClVlC3-door/Dl6Yt Body Typo and Transmi$ion Typ6 3: Hatchbacld5-speed Manual 4: Hatchbacl(4-speed Automatic Vchiclo G18d. 2: CX 3: CX-G Chock Digit Modol Yoar W;1998 FactoryCodo H: AllistonPlant, Ontario, Canada Sarial Number

D16Y7: 1600SOHC16-valves Sequential Multiport Fuel-injected Engine

B4RA: 4-speed Automatic Transmission S40 :s-speedManualTransmission B4RA: 7000001S40 :1000001-

Vehicleldentifi cation Numbsr and Canadian Motor Vchicle Srfoty StandardCertification
Paint Code

Flamenco BlackPeafl New VogueSilverMetallic DarkAmethyst Pearl RomaRed




Chassis and PaintCodes
Vehicleldentification Number
2HG EJ6 53 +W H 900001
Manutacturei. Make and Type of Vehicle

CANADA 1998Model (4-doorSedan)
, \-

2HG: HONDAOF CANADA M F G .I N C , , HONDAPassenger vehicle JHM: HONDAMOTOR CO.. LTD. HONDAPassenger vehicle Line. Body and Engine Type EJ6: ClVlC4-door/Dl6Y7 Body Type and TransmissionType 5: Sedan/s-speed Manual 6: Sedan/4-speed Automatic

D16Y7: 1600SOHC16-valves Sequential Multiport Fuelinjected Engine

3750001-: U.S.A. 3700001-: JAPAN

Transmission Number
B4RA 7000001
TransmissionType B4RA: 4-speed Automatic Transmissron M4RA:4-speed Automatic Transmission S40 : s-speed ManualTransmission Ssrial Number

Vehicle Grade 0: EX 3: LX
4: LX with ABS 5: LX with ABS and A,/C 7: EX with ABS 8: EX with ABS and Ay'C ChockDigit Model Yoar W: 1998 FactoryCode H: AllistonPlant,Ontario, Canada S: Suzuka Plant,Mie Prefecture, Jaoan SerialNumb6r 800001-: JAPAN 900001-: CANADA

(U.S.A.) 7000001B4RA : (JAPAN):3000001M4RA S40(JAPAN) : 1000001-

B.73M G.82P NH.592P NH-s78 NH.583M

Cyclone BlueMetallic CypressGreenPearl Flamenco BlackPearl TaffetaWhite New VogueSilverMetallic

VehicleldentificationNumber and CanadianMotor Vehicle Safety Standard Certification

Paint Code


1-18 t

GouPe) 1998Model (2-door CANADA a
1 H GE J 6 1 2 * W L 8 0 0 0 0 1

Line, Body and Engin€Type EJ6: ClVlC2-door/D16Y/ EJ8: ClvlC2-door/D'16Y8 Body Type and TlansmissionTyPe

D16Y7: 1600SOHC16-valves MultiPort Sequential Fuel-injected Engine WEC 16-valves D16Y8: 1600SOHC Multiport Sequential Engine Fuel-injected D16Y7: 3750001D16Y8:3780001-

Vehicle Grade 2: DX, Si 3: Si with ABS 5: DX with ABS 6: DX with ABS and AVC 7: Siwith ABS and A,/C CheckDigit Modsl Yoar W: 1998 Ohio Plant.U.S.A. L: EastLibertv,

Automatic Transmission B4RA: 4-speed M l S 4 0 : s - s p e e d a n u aT r a n s m i s s i o n

700000184RA: S40 :1000001-

VehicleldentificationNumber and CanadianMotor Vehlcle Safety Standard Gertification

G-82P NH-592P NH-578 NH.583M R-81

GreenPearl Cypress BlackPearl Flamenco TaffetaWhite New VogueSilverMetallic M i l a n oR e d




ldentification NumberLocations
V6hicl6 ldontification NumborlVlN)



Transmission Numb6r


*:., Y-


LabelLocations Warning/Caution







Warning/Caution LabelLocations











' Exc6mCANADACX E: SRSINFORMATION: U.S. modol {96,9? mod.l)





' CANADA CX f: PASSENGER AIRBAG CAUnON U.S.rnodol mod.l) 198





Warning/CautionLabel Locations


Under-hood Emissions ControlLabel(19!16, 1997modell
Emission Groupldentification

Engineand Evaporative Families
Engine Family:
Model Ysar T: 1996 V; 1997 Manufacturer H N :H o n d a Di3placomont V H N1 . 6 V J G K G K


V: Light Duty Vehicle/Passenger Car Fuol Systsm and Numbsr of Valvo3 J: Electronic Sequential Multipon Injection (threeor more valvesper cylinder) Fuol Typ€ G: Gasoline Standard F; 49 or 50 States Tier 1 K: 49 or 50 StatesTier 1 1: California Tier 1 2: California TLEV 3: California LEV 4: California ULEV Catalyst E, F, G, H: Three Way Catalyst

FAM|LY ls90.F}q? ENGlrlE vHNl6vJcrcr D.SB-ACEME{T O0 CIVIC EvApoMtrvt FAMrry vHNroTTByMAc p:9

CATALYST rwcHo2s{2)sFl 'N.oRMA

OBD K - T: OBD Equipped Evaporative Family:
V H N 1 0 7 7B Y M A C


e+l rr _9.,.'



H0N0A MOTO8 tTD. C0.,


T: 1996 | V:1997 ] Manutaqturer HN: Honda Storage System 1:Canister Canirtor Wolking Caprcity lgrEmsl CanisterContigurstion A: Plastic Housing(Closed Bottom) B: Plastic Housing{OpenEottom) Fu€l System Y: FuelInjection
Fuel Tank



M: Metal Standard A: Current Evap E: Enhanced Evap Wild Card



modell Emissions ControlLabel(1998 Under-hood
(cont'd) Emission Groupldentification
Model Y6ar

Families Engineand Evaporative
W: 1998 Manutacturer H N X :H o n d a


W HNX V 01.6JL2

V: LightDutyVehicle/Passenger Car Displac€ment SequenceCharaqters


Evaporative Family:
Mod€lYear W: 1998 Manufacturar HNX:Honda Type E: EVAP CaniaterWork Capacitylgrams) S€quoncaChrract6ls

W H N X E0065 AAD

two1r02s1?tEcR/sFt/0B0 E0 | cEBTtF






R a i s e t h e o i s t a f e w i n c h e ( c e n t i m e t e ra n d r o c k t h e v e h i c l e t o b e s u r e i t i s f i r m l y s u p p o r t e d . hatch. Place lift blocksas shown. Sinceeachtire/whe€l assembly weighsapproximately lbs {14 kg). Raise hoisttolull height. . NOTE: . h s 3. the REARSUPPORT POINT (cont'd) 1-27 . 1.and inspectlift pointstorsolidsupport. spar6 tir€.Lift and SupportPoints Lift and SafetyStands When heavy rear compon€nts such as suspension. and trunk lid ara to bo @ romovod. the s) 2 . Whon substantial woight b ramovod from the r6a1 ot thc vohlcle. placingthe front wheelsin the luggageareacan 30 assistwith the weight distribution. placa ldditional woight in the luggage rrea before hoisting. fu€l tank. Usethe samesupportpointsto supportthe vehicleon safetystands.tha center of gravlty mty changa and can caussthe vehiclo to tip forwsld on tho hoist.

LIFT PLA REAR: Center the jack b. Alway3 u3a safoty stand3 whcn working on 01 undol anv vchiclo that b 3upportod by only a iack.then lower the vehicle will be approximately onto them.Lift and SupportPoints (cont'dl FloorJack l.acketin the middle of the jack lifr plattorm.put the gearshift lever in reverse (Automatic transmission/CW in E position). When liftingthe rearof the vehicle. Nover attompt to uso a bumper iack for lifting or supporting tho vohicl€. Set the parkingbrakeand blockthe wheelsthat are not beinglifted. Center the jacking bracket in the middle of the jack lift platform. Adjust and place the safety stands so the vehicle level. k- 1-28 l l . Raisethe vehicle high enough to insert the safety stands.

the . Release parkingbrake. The bumpers are not d*ignod to support tho vohicl6'3 weight. Turn off the that go underthe tires (frontor rear)and liftsthem o f f t h e g r o u n d . lnd kosp tho sp€ed bdow 35 mph (55 km/h).The tow truck uses metal cables with hookson the ends. It is best to tow tho vshicls no farthol the following: ManuslTransmission CVT and . . Trying to lift or tow your vehicle by ths bumpeB will causa sorious damage.The operator loads the vehicle on the backof a truck. Wh6d Lift Equipmont.your v€hicl9 mu3t be trang portod on a ffot-b€d. then E position.n 5{t mibs (80 km).t h e v e h i c l e m u s t b e t o w e d w i t h t h e f r o n t wheelson the ground. Front: TIE OOWN HOOKS Roar: TOWING 1-29 . lmproper towing propantion will damsgo the transmi3sion.lf due to d a m a g e . Sling-typ6 Equipm€nt. Em6rgencyTowing Thereare threepopularmethodsof towing a vehicle: Flat-bedEquipment.Thesehooksgo aroundpartsof and the cableslift that end of the frame oJ suspension. Startthe engine. Shiftthe transmission neutral(CVT E position). it lf the vehiclecannotbe transported flat-bed. the .The tow truck usestwo pivoting a. should by be towed with the front wheelsoff the ground. . Release a professional Nevertow the vehiclebehindanothervehiing service.This is the bestway oftransponing the vehicle. cle with just a ropeor chain. It you cannot 3hift the lransmission 01 start th€ engine (automltic is very dangerous. to to Transmission Automatic . suspension and the vehicleoff the ground. CAUTION: . Shiftto lpl position.T h e o t h e r t w o w h e e l s r e m a i no n t h e ground.The vehicle's damagedit this methodof towing body can be seriously is attemDted.Towing towIt the vehicleneedsto be towed. Follow tho above procodur€ €x6ctly.

.. ... . S .Specifications Standardsand ServiceLimits . . 3-18 .. .. .. Body Specifications .s . . . . . ...3 .. 3-2 D e s i g n p e c i f i c a t i o n... 5. 1 ... . . .. ..... . ... .. . . .. ..

112) (2.19(0.05.53(0.53(0.46(0.003) t r 3-2 .28) D.002) (Cold) Valveclearance Valvestem O.15(0.2157 0.77411.0.48.218) IN 17.29911. 0.0{0.0(2.009} EX 0.079} 53.22{0.219} { Rocker arm Arm-to-shaftclearance (0.5269) IN Primary 36.s5(0.0020) 0.D.007 0.31) IN 5.0.009 0.I6Y8 IN 58.51.0021 iEi.512.734 0.002 0.217 0.21111.89 L 5.45.9(2.11(0.49Q.06511.35(0. 1 9 3 i1.45.003) 0.18.55(0.17 53.05.0r7.85.50681 Socondary 37.002 0.002 0.psi) STANOARD {NEW} SERVICE UMIT / '1.112) EX 53.004) 1.093 2.05(0.25 1.08(0.0007 ) 0.21341 0.001 0.061) IN 53.D. 5 1 2 9 ) IN 4l S€condary 3 2 .17.64 57.722) (0.4678) Primary 38.r(rrr o MEASUREMENT Compression 250 rpm and wide open throttle kPa (kgf/cm'.53.1.089(0.2al Cylinder h6ad Camshaft Warpage Height Endplay oil Camshaft-to-holder clearance Total runout D16Y7 Cam lobeheight D16Y5 D16Y8 o* .04(0.5.24111.003) 0.0061 0.5.267 38.0.703 0.2146 0.0021 0.270 184) Nominal {13.rtnut 5.063) 2.217 0.15 0.12 10.08 ( 1 1 .135) Minimum Maximumvariation 200 Q.5.219) 5.218) EX 5.9(2.7(2.0.2161) EX {0.Section 6 Cylinder Head/Valve Train .66gt 0.2150) IN 0.093 2.003) IN 0.02.02) (0. clearance Stem-to-guide widrh height Stem installed Vslvespring Freelength Valveguide l.221 EX 57.08{0.006) 0.4592) 38.27(0. Installed height Dl6Yt D16Y5 IN 56.0111 IN 5.00070.00811.4479) Mid 38.033 0.03(0.08(0.65 19.15 IN EX 0.and ServiceLimits Standards .754) 18.002) EX 0.55{0.or ta.045) EX 1.arr r.0.28) EX 58.122) 53.6(0.3897) EX 37.018 0.51. 0 1 ) m a x .0.054 10.0.1221 (2.4964) IN 0. 930 (9. 0 lN 35.004) 0.050 .5{0.15(0.

3.002) 0.035 0.018. D16Y8 SERVICE LIM]T Capacity f (uS qt.70 (0.psi) at idle at 3.976 55. 2.747} 48.230 (0.9)for oilchange.0..35(0.970 0.000rpm (0.0001)max.o'tur ooos to.006) 0.954) 75.13 (0.024 0.89) 0.45(0.03{0.18.028) 0.00'14) (0.0010.D.05 {0.0004 0.041) (0.98 {0.03 0.0015) pin Piston Connecting roo o.0. including filter 3.000 -1.00140.0006 0.07(2.3(4.040(0.014.07 (2.001) max. 0.040 {0.EngineBlock.85 (0.020.02 0.Seaion 7 MEASUREMET'lT Cylinder block Warpageof decksurface Eore diameter Bore taPer R€boring limit SkirtO.9520 2.3)for engine overhaul 3.028) .9516) 74.990t2.03r) Pislonring 0.000(0.055 {0.0008 0.8)tor engineoverhaul 0.50) min.003) 7 0( 0 .30(0.1. 1 and 5journals N o .2s (0.02 74.006 0.'15 3-3 .002) 0.000/.746 0.60 (0. 2.3 (3.05 { 0.220 2.012) (2.006) 0.20.0002) 0.8.80(0.005) 0.04(0.0 (3. 7 .976 45.0024) 0.0406) (0.2.0009) 0.014) 0.13 0.7 (3.05 (0.05 (0. 0.1104 0.0.003) max.994 (0.008 0.007) 0.2)foroil change. 2 .1654) 54.042 0. 0.14 (0.005) 0. 3.012) 0.05(0.7478 0.0016) 1.010 't.005 {0.008) 0.012 0.0.45 {0.15.001 0.30(0. 3a n d4 j o u r n a l s Rod bearing-to-journ8l cl€arance oil ororo.6(3.0022) 0. 0.1110) 2.0(1.0.002) 0.0009 0.17171 44.0012 0.030(0.953 2.0017) 0. 0.0016) 18.20 {0. 3.D.1701 (0.6)Ioroil change.002) Bearings EngineLubrication Engine oil Soction 8 MEASUREMENT (NEW) STANDARD D16Y7 Dl6Y5.03610.30.2.002) 0.9)for oil change.10(0.805 0.002) 1.0484) 1. at 5 mm (0.0.5. 340(3.022 0.2in) from bottom of skirt in Cloa16nce cylindor Groovewidth {tor ring) Top Second oil Ring-to-grooveclearance Top Second Ringend gap Top Second oil Unitot length: mm (in) STA]TDARD INEWI (0.0.0025 (0.024) 0.0480 0.0201.20{0.70 (0. including filter 3. withoutfilter Oil pump Reliofvalve lnner-to-outerrotor radial clearance Pumphousing-to'outer rotorradialclearance Pump housing-torotor axial clearance Pressure settingwith oil temperature176'F (80'C) kPa (kg7cm.0.18 0.95241 0.038(0.049) 1.008) (0.006 0.001) 75.08(0. lmp ql) 4.820 SERVICE UMIT 0.142.5(0.112) 2.0040. 0.060 {0.018) 0.ooort Crankshatt 0.9.030 0.940.0001) m6x.0007 0.10 0. Pin-to-piston clearance Pin-to-rodinterlerence Small end bore diameter Largeend borediameter Nominal End play installedon crankshaft Mainjournaldiameter Rodiournaldiameter Taper Out-ot'round Endplay Totalrunout Main bearing-to-journal clearance oil No. withoutfilter 3.05 (0.018) 0.00 75.3 (3.0004 0.5.7480) 18.010 0. ' 1 0 ) m i n .0025 0.16.02) Piston (2.

0(3.13t161 to floor 83 t3 r/4) to carpet 44(1 3/4)min.6{0.35lmpqt.2.221 0." 3-4 .3(4. 3 1 1 m i n .95 1. 2. 700I 50 700r 50 700f 50 Canada 670r 50 670I 50 670I 50 0.2 (4.6)tor overhaul change 3.5.2.s.3 1. 9 ) M/T (neutral) Fuoltank Engine Pressure with fuel pressureregulatorvacuum hose disconnected kPa {kg7cm'. 9 . 3.psi) CaDacity / (USqal.s.42 qt. '196 203 (91 .C) "F (.7)tor coolsnt change D16Y/ 4.5 1/2) 12. 0.5.0(0.8)tor coolantchango 13.001) max.80) 194(90) 8 .04) ti.1 m€x.38 .Reterence max. US Mll Nf STAiIDARO INEWI 4.2(0. 169.0.123{0.01) 5.2.8)for oveIhaul 3.07) 8. 0.3.3 (4.7.25. 016Y5 D16\.03 0.2 (3.3.36) (0.psi) Start to opening 'F ('C) Fullyopen 'F ('C) valve lift al tully open Thermoswitch"ON" temperature Thermoswitch"OFF" t6mperature fan Cooling .} SERVICE UMIT 0.3.1 (3.176(76 . line and reservoir Rosorvoircapacity: 0.1{0.3.46) 1 5( 1 1 .8} 93 .5 17.9{0. 0( 0 . cooling including engin6. 750r 50 750i 50 750+ 50 750r 50 L .(X)61 1. 0. lmp qt) heater.8)foroverhaul 3.95) "ON" temperatur€ Subtract5 .5.310 (2.A.F (.21l1t2.3.02} max.C) 11 FuelandEmission Section MEASUREMENT Fuel pr6ssu16 regulator STANDARD {i{EWI 260.05{0.2 (3.A. Clutch.' D16Y8 ldleCO % Canada u.3.lmp gal) ldle speed rpm M or CVr (E or E position) u.6)torcoolant D16Y8 4. (US qt.41 (0.Section 10 MEASUREMENT Radiator Enginecoolantcapacity .005) clutchdisc plat€ Pressure 1.3.15(0.05 0.8)for coolantchange 4. 9 .7)tor overhaul 3.33 0.Standardsand ServiceLimits Cooling.8) from actual L i CVT Radiatorcap Thermostat Opening pressure kPa (kgf/cm'. 130 140(5 1.2.15 (0.Section12 MEASUREMENT Clutchpedal Pedalheight Stroko Pedalplay Disengaggment height Clutchsurfac6runout Rivet head depth Thickness Warpage Diaphragm springfingersalignment STA'{DAND INEW) (6 1/2) 165 to floo.510.1 (4.2.15 (3 .

1901.05.35 0.0018 0.3380 1.550r0.9(2.70910.1(0. oilchangs SERVICE T Ui (0.930(0.06 0.4510 1.02) Reverse shift fork (0.258' 31.98932.36 o.ooot 0.1921 (1.61451.016) to roonr 1.0034) 0.D.08{0.73 1.86560.07 0.013 0.7 13.15 (1.93 22.53 23.993 33.007) 24.254) 31.291 0.023 0. Endplay Thickness Diameterof needleb6aringcontactarea A Diameterof 1st gear contactarea B Diameterol ball bearingcontact areaC Runout 0.2 .2117.517) 13.5(0.1791) (1.095 0 .042' I8.990 11.1811 1.05 ( 13.009) Shiftarm A Shift arm B 0.'t3 0.180 o.260t 32.D.59'120.000 22.002 0.070 {0.98.42 28.4173) 24.22{0.24(0.014-0. Endplay(When tightened lhe specifl€d by torque) Thickness t.008 0.r4 (0.05{0.025t1. 1.7113) 18.0020.35.020 0.0221 1.198) (1.007) 0.9840) max.001) Mainshaft and 3rd 4th gears t.97314.5350 1.1-36.002 0.6)fo.043 t0.8634) (1.594) 0.336) 33.21{0. 29.35 {0.289) 7.18 (0.006) (0.077{ 1.5'l) 12.012 (1.014} 0.27 11.002 0.01 27.926 0.0602) 26.197 1.025 t1.6. Diameterof ball bearingcontactarsa A (Transmission housing sids) Diameterof 4th.006) 0.917 25.5512} 0.012) 0.15711 37.0009 0.0 0.0622 1.35(0.0.015 35.0040.33 {0.03 0.2521 6.006) 0.7@81 18.07 (0.004) (0.50812.2992 1.535.009 44.7.045 0. 0.05 0.025 0.0051) (0.56 {0.898) 23.05 0.9835 0.6 (0.02441 't2.1 1O.93 (1.24.016 15.899 0.013} (0.16(0.008) 0.065) (1.183) 30.5364) 0.0022) (1.950 {1.3011 (1.000 Adjust 21.D.23 (0.980 26.004} 0.85 33.11 {0.50 0.006) idlergear Reverse Synchroring Shitt fork t.05{1.025 {1.01018.12 {0.06311.07) 0.96 -33.02(0.06 0.17 .3358) (1.993(0.02526.2598) 31.195) 30.000{1. Endplay Thickness Mainshaft5th gear 3rd 4th 3rd 4th Unit of length: mm (inl STANDAND INEWI 1.93 (1.261 1.000(1.0r0 fi.00227.4(0.33861 33.22 30.002) 41.7103 (0.086 0.989 (1.5358 '1.5.15 Adjust with shim 3-5 .009) (1.81(0. 0.617) 0.0021 0.987 22.0.000fi.06 (1.98151 0.25941.043) (0.0.51(0.2810.0028 0.0.006} .0030) (1.4167 1.05 '13.262) 32.37.930(1.2.028 0.6152) 41.001) 39. Length t.3381 1.012) 0.02461.44 30.055 0.83 22.8(0.91 3'1.057 t0.514 0.D.020) (0.930(0.07 {1.928) 15.19 {0.0.4146) 35.007) 30.0205) 25.032.1161 28.5(0.19{0.9.930 24.984 3.65(0.17 .'r8 O.014) (0.2996) 33.002 0.0.3386) 33.187) 30.@5) (1.D.07 0.188) 30.03 32.000 {0.02321 25.119 1. Length 4th 5rh ath 5rh (1.5031) Finaldrivengear Differentielcarrier Pinion shaft boro diam€ter Carrier-to-pinion shaft clearance Driveshaftbore diameter CarrieFto-driveshaft clearance pinion Backlash Differential gear Piniongear bore diameter Piniongear-to-pinionshaft cl6aranca Set ring.0005 0.31 (1.ogu to.1(0.04 0. 1.0.299) 0.D.002 0.000 30.130 {0.735) 44.35 Countershaft Countershaftlst g€ar Countershaft 2nd gear Spacer collar (Countershaft 2nd g€ar) Spacercollar (Mainshaft4th and sth goar) l.r1-0.000 -39.926) 15.533) 3{'.06 0.002 0.459) 37.62(0.o.r) 38.1.0028) 0.066 {0.15{0.9 13.029 0. o.ManualTransmission Section 13 MEASUREMET'lT Transmission oil Mainshaft Capacity f (US qt. lmp qt) Endplay . Endplay(When tightened the spociti€d by torque) Thickness LD.009 39.7333) 44.0037) 0.538) 39.05(0.04 fi.'t2 30.1817) 30.0627) 26..256 1.009} (1.8661) 21.86 t0.5922) 0.046) 0.0254) 26. sth gear contactarea B Diameterof 3rd gear contactar6aC Diameterof ball bearingcontac't area D sidel lClutchhousing Runout t.02 {0.04s (0.9(X)) 23.257) 31.001 0.0013 0.00941.8(1.980.930t1.10{0.0 0.78 (0.41 30.026) 0. gear shaft clearance Gear-to-revsrs6 Ring-to-gear clearance{Ring pushedagainstgear) Forktinger thickness lstnnd 3rd/4th Fork-to-synchro sleeveclea16nce Fork pawl groove width Fork-to-rev€rse idler gear cl€arance L-groovewidth Fork-to-5th/reverse shift oi€c6oin cl6a16nce Inner diameterof shift arm C contactpoint Shift arm A-to-shiftarm C clearance Inner diameterof shift arm B shaft contact point Shift arm B-to-shaft clearance Shift arm B-to-shittpiece clearance Diam6terot shift Diececontact Doint Backlash (0.009 0.000 (1.989 34.002) (1.512) 0.07 0.920 max.0635) 27.007r) 0.15 7.1211 t1 (1.7)for overhaul 1.4 .7326 1.31 (1.

0.8.9(0. 1 8 ) { 2a. 0.112 0. 5 .55.142 0.st1.130) '124) 800.0-21) with linear solenoidconnecledto batteryvoltage SERVTC€ UM]T L { 110) 780 (8.c t l .089 0.0(1. 5 2 1 ) .r06) 2. B4RA Transmission) 2.5 fi.9.2.4-2. 2 1 ) with linear sol€noid to connectecl battery voltage 2.2. t t t t t 14 Section t . 120with linearsolenoid connector disconnected ( 0.r08.0.3(0. 4th lst 2nd. Mark 10 3.2.000 rpm in lQl posi' at 3.122 0.2.3rd.3.0 .134 0.80(0.000rpm in Pll position .6s .098} 2.1. 110) with linsar solenoid conn€ctordisconnected 1 5 0{ 1 .8.4th lst 2nd.3.860 (8.2.{5 . . 830.6 (0.150 0.2nd clutch pressureat 2. with lin€ar solenoid connectedto baftory voltage 760 (7.d and4thclutch tion with vehicle levelground) on Stallspeedrpm (Ch€ck Clutchinitialclearance Clutch Clutch return spring free longth {A4RA.130 0.1.091) 2.r .102 0.26) 30.88 2.8.094) Mark 4 Mark 5 2.016 0.2.150) 3 0 .15.2 (0.3.083) M a r k1 2 2.1 (0. 2nd 3rd.0. lmp q0 rpm in E or E position Line pressureat 2.081) Mark 1 2.2.106) Mark8 2.138) Mark'16 €.850 (8.12) wornout Untilgrooves Discoloration Discoloration I I Discoloration Discoloration L ( I l Discoloration \- 3.3.3rd.093 0.079) 1. 1 2 2 ) Mark9 (0.5(1.081 0.6.95 2.0-21) with linear solsnoidconnectedto batteryvoltage 810.22) 30.2.130) M a r k1 l 2.5{0.5{1.85.70(0.146 0.8.102) Mark 4 11.146) Mark 18 3.4{0.6 .550.7{2.20(0.4 (0.OOo lst clutch pressureat 2.40.12) ( 2 9 .00(0.094) Mark2 2.087) Mark 3 2.106 0.098) Mark3 2.114 0.000rpm in E position STANDARO {NEWI 5.90(0.0. 4 t h 1.2 ( 0.102) Mark6 Mark7 2.20) 31.40(0.30{0.118) 8 Mark8 3 .2.134} Mark15 M a r k1 4 3. l MEASUREMENT Transmission fluid Hydraulic pressure (kgtcm'.074 0.098 Clutchend platethickness Transmission) {M4RA 32.138 0.1' 18 125) with linear solenoidconnector disconnected 0-150(0-1.20) 1. 1 s ) 28.2)toroverheul 5. psi) Capacity f {US qt.083 0.7 (0.8 (0.085 0.450 pressure 2.35. 1( 0 .094-0.077 0.087) Mark13 2.110) 2.10(0.5 . 1) 11 with linearsolenoid connectordisconnocted 1 5 0( 1 .0 .}lorfluidchange 2.8 (0.Standards and ServiceLimits Automatic Transmission-.100 0.6.126 0.55 1.110) Mark5 Mark6 2.5.700 lst.065) lst 2 n d .079.114) Mark 7 2. 11 .7 (0. 760 (7.3( .114) Mark9 Mark1 2.2.096 0.0 (0.7.60(0.9(6.104 0.510.60( 1 1.3.B4RATransmission) (M4RA Transmission) Clutch disc thickness Clutch plate thickness Clutchend plate thickness (A4RA.85 (0.087 0.033) 0.6(0.9.1421 Mark 17 3.083) Mark2 2. 3 r d .4th 0.880 (8. 01 . 2.

0.39.D.5683) 14.002 0.25 1.05 1.99' (1.991(1.020(0.4163 r.042 2.5 ( (1.005) (0.20 1.22.538 1.991 -31.525 1.10.102) unit of l€ngth: mm (in) LIM]T SERVICE Wearor damage Wearor damage Wearor damage W€ar damage or wuu.533) 38.004 0. Mainshaft4th gear collar l€ngth Mainshatt4th gear collar flange thickness Mainshatt gearcollarlength 1st distancecollar length Countershaft STANDAND NEWI 22.434 0.004 0.61481 41.4180) 36.0r6(1.000 38.975.4961 1.002 0.1.000 41.'t 1.4967) 38.39.15 21.5311 38.185 0.65 20.530 1.00 1.2998) (1.25(0.6(0.575) 2.2589 1.0.007) 0.5 14.993(0.069} 38.18(0.5676 0.020) 0.0.6142 1.102) 14.92.O00 27.541) 39.90 45.996 (1.063 1.2589-1.000 27.545) 39.4165 1.05.0€) 5r.38.537) 39.546 1.007) 0.9047 0.0638) (0.70 {0.003 0.51.19{0.980 27.539) 0 39.571 0.007) 0.3780 1.97.094 0.7089 0.0.543) 39.5508 0.016 (1.2.021(1.20 20.975 31.7094) -29.2595) 31.17(0.2195.4.000 38.833 0.016 (1.771.975 30.773) (0.000 35.825) 14.980.97s 3s.6{0.016 33.4.15 {1.2201l(1.017 (1.0630 1.30 1.542 1.000 (1.38.0't6 (1.007) 0.27.993 -31.12 39.544 1.10.4172) 1.22.AutomaticTransmission Section 14 MEASUREMEifl Transmission Diameterof needlebearingcontsct arsa on mainshaftstator shaft bearing 2nd gear On mainshaft On mainshaft4th gear collar 1st On mainshaft gearcollar On countershaft(left side) On countershaft3rd gear collar On countershaft4th gear On countershaftr6versegear collar On count€rshaftlst gear collar On reverseidler gear shaft lnside diameterof noodlebearingcontactarea On mainshaft gear 1st 2nd gear On mainshaft On mainshaft4th gear on countershatt1st gear On countershaft3rd 96ar On countershaft4th gear On countorshaftreversegear On reverseidler gear On stator shaft (ATFpump sid€) On stator shaft (statorside) Reverse idler gear shaft holder l.05.18(0.14111.05.2595) ] (0.536 1.534 1.'1.5 14.99'l(1.07.43671 38.00 45.000 41.547) (0.D.13(0.0071 0.813 0.1021) 27.03 fl.094 0.540 1.0.000 38.15 1.532 !.6148) 41.4967) 38.'17 39.6(0.30.416 14.178' l) 4.14221 29.08.5512) 13.1746 0.39.010) (2.6{0.004 0.000 33.075 0.2589 1.571 0.007 18.004 36.2992 r.9052) (1.4961 1.4169) 3s.2.002 0.6142 1.975 31. o.00 27.535) 39.87.3786) 35.435 4.95 1. '97 models '98 model Countershaft reverssgear collar length Countershaltreversegear collar flange thickness Countershaft1st gear collar length Countershaft1st gear collar flange thickness Wear or damage Wear or damage (cont'd) 3-7 .016 18.4961 r.87.2595) 31.4175 1.01311.003.980 35.990 14.835) 21.0. Endplay Mainshatt gear 1st Mainshaft 2nd gear Mainshaft4th gear Countelshaft1st gear Countershaft gear 3rd Countershaft4th gear Reverse idler gear Countershaftreversegear Selectorhub O.575) 2. du-"n" Wear damage or Countershaft gear collar length 3rd '96.

980 13.339 83.160 0.095 o"r to.000 35.5508) Wearor damage r3. 1 n ) a n d3 5 m m ( 1 .010 18.213} or otherdefect lWear 37.234) 7.066 (0.010 {0. Mainshaftleed pipe A.024.12 4.0254) 0.97 5.D. Shift tork shaft valvo bore i.05 0.164 0.166 0.313) 1. l.7113) 18.0625 14. Carrier-to-driveshatt cloaranco (0.07 (0.018 6.974. Carier-to-pinioncle616nc6 Driveshaftcontscl 8re LD.95 3.(at 15 mm (0.006) (0.97 8.000 9.0022 0.30 (0.03 (0.158 0.5516) 37.D.015 {0.55040.6254 2.3782) 5.05 0.071) 6.078) (0.172 1.082) (1.5525} Wearor damage (0.025 t1.32 4.7091 0.000 8.' t67) 4.171} -0.990 18.1325 {0.045 {1.0.25(0.59in}trom €ndl Mainshattsealingring thickness ( 2 9m m ( 1 .7098) 0.3780 1. ATF pump gear side clearance ATF pump gear-to-bodyclearance ATF pump driven gesr l.0350 0.D.2350 0.005) I Differsntla catnot Diffsrential piniongear Eacklash l.025 2.01614. O.98(0.D.0.€ .15 10.1751 SERVICE UMIT Wearor damage MEASUREi'ENT Mainshaft2nd g€ar thrust washgrthicknegs 1 I Wear or damage I Thrust wash6r thickngss Mainehsfl ball boaring loft side Mainshaft 1st gear Counte6haft3rd g€arsplinedwasher '96.1131 4.177) 4.40 {0.(at 30 mm {1.316) 2. gear-to-pinion Pinion shrftclearance Set ring-to-bsaringout6r race clearance 0.0034} 0.197) 4.354) 5.685 66.12{0.004) 0.97 7.002) 0.282r) (2.00'140.3799) 35.03(0.D.086{0.4582) .59in) trom end) Mainshaft foed pipe B.""i":.50 (0.034 {0.0052} (0. Wear or damage W€sr or damag€ 8.D.353 0.057(0.D.000 14.170 0.04218.97{0.2.1(0.00(0.r050 0.D.0.D.D.171-0.365 {3.87 r.20(0.80{0.1950.5512 0.15 4.00(0.002 0.045 {1.030 9.3543 0.D.15 .D.1010.000 37.015 {0.039(1.r56. 4 n ) ) i i Mainshaft bushing l.{at 15 mm (0.371.31380.2374) 6. Pinion shaft contactaroa l.006} Adjusr {0 L .157) 4.31500.08 (0. Reverse shift fork finger thickhoss Parkingbrakopawl Parkingggar Shift fork shaft bore l.274.124.23590.'97 models '98 model One-wayclutch contactarea Countershaftlst gea.098) (0.0246 1.6259) 66.95 5.161) 4.17 4.98 1.4567 1. Mainshaftsealingring goovo widlh Sealingring contactargo LD.050 Rogulstor valve body Shifting deviceand parking br6kecontrol Servo body s.0740.D.D.05(0.15t0.4585} ATFpump Drive Drivan 0.71030.04171 2. Couni6rhaft bu6hing l.003) 0.07 4.075 35.0.":".3156t (0. Mainshaft bushingl.3549) 8.055 0.2in)trom end} Countershaft feed pipe O.356) 8.95(0.159) 4.168 0.00 83.163) 4.0. t651 4.0025) 0.162 0.3s2) 5.15(0.00t 0.50 0. Parkinggear O.90 6.1750.98t0.02s 26.2354) (0.0022) 26.95 (0.05{0.00410.698 8.236) 14.120) (0.2810 3.023.1691 4. O.10(0.0009 0.3142) 7.0797 0.95 (0.55180.224.0037) 0.ooot 0 .00r8.0.2380) 9.028 {0.1162.045.Standards and ServiceLimits Automatic Transmission {cont'd} Taansmission Section 14 STANDARD INEWI 3.35{0. ATF pump driven g€ar shaft O.045(0.03 0.0962.232 0.

402} r7.0 1.028) 0.028) 0.500rpm in Lll position Lubricationpressureat 3.2441 89.031) a1.5( 1.2.302) 7.020 0.8(3.584) 9.6(0.6 (0. 2 8 1 0 1 1 1.858) 36.7(0.815) 35.4961 37.2 2.2 13.00(0.075 0.110) 1.0(0.087) 2.0(1.024 0.3s8) 3 r . 3.035) 0.030) ( 30.6(0.370) ('1.677) 73.9(0.5.4{0.035) 2.Seqtion ltt (NEWI STANDARD MEASUREMENT Springs Regulatorvalve spring A Regulator valvespringB Stator reactionspring Modulator valvespring Torqueconvonercheckvalvespring Coolerreliefvalvespring Relielvalve spring 2nd orifico control valve spring 1-2shift valve spring 2-3shiftvalvespring 3-4 shift valve spring 1st accumulatorspring 4th accumulatorspring B 4th accumulator springA 2nd accumulalor springA springA 3rd accumulator springI 2nd accumulator 3rd accumulatorspring B 2nd accumulator springC Lock-upshilt valve spring Lock-uptiming v6lv6 spring Lock-upcont.8 1.089 1.7(0.3 17.4751 52.262) 6.4251 39.0 (0.076 0.8.535) 89.1 {3.5 t1.626) 4'1.4(0.A.6{0.4 t1.077 0.342) 6.2 {0.5 1.4 .028) 0.3 17.7{0.074 0.9{4.4 11.055) 1.039) 1.6(0. 01 1 .322) 5.334) 8.1571 1.093} 2.177) 1.2421 87.3(0.6 6.2 2.00{0.3 57.95 2.09r) 2.O79J Until groovesworn out worn out Untilgrooves Oiscoloration Discoloration Discoloration (cont'd) 3-9 .6(0.4(0.75114.6 20.0(0.350.0{0.7 12.6(0.262) 7.203 2531 1.039) 1.8 0.1{0.90 2.331) 33.610.1 1.4)for fluid change 1.35{0.5 11.5 18.9(1.2331 SERVICE LIMIT Capacity f (US qt.500rpm in Lqlposition Transmiasion fluid Hydraulic pressure MPa (kg7cm.500rpm in E position Drivgn pulley pressureat 1.4(0.374) 8.8(0.9 32.636} r0.3 23.4(1.3(3.7(0.4 13.3021 8.0 26.1 (0.039) 1.1 2. qr) Forwardclutch pr€ssureat 1.1(0. E.071) ( 1.4 22.0(2. 203.0(1.1{2.081) -0.9{1.381) 35.06{0.5161 20.ol valve spring 3-4 orifico controlvalve spring Servo control valve 6pring CPCvalve spring CPBvalve spring Unit ot length: mm {in) 1.2.3(15.9{0.331) { 37.6)for overhaul 3.576} 7.94 2.1t0.302) 7. 1 ..262) 8. B positions Clutch Clutch initisl clearance Clutch return spring lree length Clutchdisc thickn€ss Clutch plate thickn€ss Forwardclutch Start clutch Reversebrake Forwardclutch Start clutch Reversebrake Forwardclutch Stan clutch Rovers€ brake Forwardclutch Start clutch Roverse brake 1 0 .100 28.508) 0.0811 0.122) 38.88 2.-0 .302) 16.0(0.5.8{1.079) 1.211.5{0.0 .1 (0.25.031) 0.024) 0.210.9 15.6(0.1.6 (0.4s7) 44.043) 0.8 26.079) 2.071) 4.6' t0) 29.6(0.0.05(0.r77) 38.102) 2.s(0.9(0.1(1.8. 71 2 .334) (2.035) 0.407) 9.695) 9.732) 30.0 13. 218. lmp.00(0.75 114.8(1.5(0.0 45.Automatic Transmission .8 14.0.035) 0.480) 47.5.03s) 0.074 0.7{0.8(0.1 21.051) 12.081} 1.3 19.0(1.676) 29.9{0.8 14.152) 17.083) 2.322) 6.382) 68.2441 57.3(1.063) 2.094) 2.000 0.0(1.9 10.9(0.2(0.9 8.223) 8. 2.378) 33.531) 27.6{0. 2 2 0 ) 14.8 13.7(3.30) Above0.079) 1.3' 19) 6.2{0.9021 80.75(0.000rpm in E position with vehicle on levsl ground) Stall sp€6d rpm {Ch6ck E position E.018 0.5 cw Sostion14 MEASUBEMENT STANDABD INEWI 6.800 3.461) { 34.028) (0.6{2.500 3.500 in El position rpm Reverse brake at Drive pulley pre$ure at 1.193) 35.4 (6.9(0.0 0. psi) pressur€ 1.1 (0.650 2.0.433) 16.2.4(1.334) 8.9(0.45.201) 40.5.6{0.4 5.6.0351 14.4(0.8(0.0 12.88 2.0 t2.1.

4.0.85(0.150 0.95.004:)) 0.026} 0.7315 1.0020) (0.142) 3.138 0.3933) 9.169 0. 1 5. ATF pump body bushing LD.55.5(0.0.4.flvwheel side Input shaft .Standardsand ServiceLimits CvT {cont'dl . Driv€ g€ar shaft Drivengearshaft ATFpump gearsideclearance ATF pump gear-to-bodyclearance Drive gear Orivengear Transmission Diameterof needlebearingcontactare lnout shaft .0014-0.171 0.035 0.370 0.007 24.3937 0.forward clutch side Drive Dullevshaft .946) 0.169} 4.r 10 (0.175) 4.65 (0.8.45{0.015 t0.050.1s4) 3.0020 0.020(0.4.134 0.7.4 .000 10.981 43.8 (0.0014}{0.1s(0.0{0.D.020(0.650 {0.2s(0.199) .35.forward clutch side Thrust clearance Carrier and ring gear Driven pulley shaft and start clutch hub Input shaft and ATF pump drivon sprocket Secondarygoar shaft and flywheel ball bearing loration Disco Woar or damaged Wsar or d€mag€d Wear or damaged W6ar or damagad 0.r42.4.r63.r46) 3.3943) 0.161 0.987 20.035 {0.005) (0.006) SERVICELMTT Disco loration \-- { Discooralron Reverse endplate brake thickness Disco otalton U::I I vlark 3 vlark4 Vlark5 vlark6 t4ark7 vlark8 ATF pump ATF pump drive gear shaft O.007 24.1591 4.t67) 4.000.7869 0.0 .1831 4.3.165) 24.flywheel side Drive oullev shaft .r56.98 9.start clutch side Drive pulley shaft . 0 .015(0.4.173 0.5.000(0.55.0505 {0.r81.6.1731 {0.9.' 177) 4.0021 Wear or damaged Wear or damaged Wear or damaged Wearor damagod Wearor damagod L { L 3-10 ( .3{0.4.000 0.3.165 0.7874) 43.3.85(0.9.991 {1.2(0.4(0.00 0.945 0. 1 6 1 ) 4.1.0505 19.0006 0.7874) 19.7(0.177 0.187 0.3929 0.5(0.7319) 24.r79.015-0.945 0.'|44) 3.Section 14 MEASUREMENT Clutch Forwardclutch end piate thickness Mark 1 or 15 vlark or'16 2 Mark3 or 17 Mark4 or 18 Mark5 or 19 Mark6 or 20 M a r k 7o r 2 l Mark8 or 22 N4ark or 23 9 Mark 10or 24 Mark11or 25 Msrk '12or 26 Mark13or 27 STANDARD IiIEW} 3.000.3933} ATF pump drivengearshaftO.1911 4.19s 0.146 0. t ( 0 .3937 0.140 0.9(0.185) 3.2.7869 3.6(0.1€ .157) 7 4 .015 0.0.130(0.3929 0.150) 3.r81) 4.138) 3.3943) 10.

0470 0.65 {0.138 (0.083) 24.00.25x 31 mm thickness Cottelslhickness or damaged Wearor damaged Wear or damaged Wearor damagsd ATF pump drive sprocketthrust shim. 1 1-40 .98(0.122) 3.072) (0.0537) (0.68(0.274 0.80 2.00 3.00(0.615 1.0454) 1.48 8.8.95{0.104) 88.0510) 1.10{0.5s 10.120) 3.30 1.274) (0.3.0553 0.75(0.0.1100.40(0.5011 2. 1 9 0 .'t2 2.30 3.0640. 1-6 1 .945.065 0.1441 3.265 1. 1 2-20 .0498 0.645 (0.2756 0.015 {0.3.043 0.54(0.755 1.0703) .3.D.an3mission Thrustshim.015 {0.277) (0.9510.1321 3.82 (0.47 11.0830.37 2.155 (0.2.085) 2.0648) 1. 1 1 6 ) (0.02 1.40 2.055) 1.117 0.37 1.47{0.r30 0.05s 1.09 1.D.500 ' t1.20 3.50.545 1.000 7.12 1.126) SERVICE UMTT or oamageo _.25 (0.0663 0.225 (0.0565) 1.70 3.3.37 1.715 1.48 (0.405 1.87 2.0440.094) 2.20(0.041) 1.2.030(0.048 0.946) + I I Wearor damaged or damaged or oafiaqeo Input shaft l6ed pip€ O.518 9.500 11.020(0.030 10.58.1260.65 .128) 3.533 6.50 3.1180.0691 0.1420. Start clutch f66d pipe (right side cover side) Drivenpulleyteed pip€ Start clutch feed pipe (flywhe€lhousing side) DrivenpullsyshaftbushingLO.87 1.40 3.72 1.95(0.057 0.354) 7.97.27{} 1 1 .79 !.352} 7.4528 0.62 1. 9 0 2 .105) 2.97.2171 (0.3s4 sealing Shifting device and parking brakecontrol Parkingbrakocone Parkingbrakepawl gear Parking 6.15 (0.15 (0.062 0.075) r.0740.97.17.D.454) 1'1.015 (0.4520) 11.45351 11. 4 5 1 ) { 8.80 3.900 88.90 (0.146 (0.140) 3. Drivs pulloy leed pipe Forwardclutch feed pipe Inputshaftbushingl.118) 3.007.098 0.6.0482) 1.10(0.125 0.40 1.0.0s26 0.050) 1.040 0.61{0.4516 0.97.335 1.136t 3.575(0.065) (0.0608 0.454) 11.45' I) 11.0540.685 1.1500.12(0.114) 2.65{0.112) ( 2 .044) ' 1 .98 (0.105 Wear or damagsd W6ar or other defect Wear or other daf€ct Wear or other defect (cont'd) 3-11 . 0 4 7 ) ( 1.4520) 11.65 1.655 Wear or damaged (0.0.05 ( 3 . Drivepull€yfoed pipebushing Forwardclutch feed pip€ bushing Drivenshaft teed pipe O.D.4535) 11.05(0. 22 x 28 mfi thickness Secondarygear shaft thrust shim.051-0.26(0.0415 0.0620) (0.355) 2.518 6.1521 3. 1 50 .98(0.054 0.75 10.066) 1.055) 1.0443 0.4528 0.04st 1.60 3.070 0.365(0.093 0.0.45 10. Start clutch feed pip6 (right side cover sidel Drive pulley feed pipe Stan clutch feed pipe (fl)'wheelhousing sido) ring groovewidth drivengearsealing Secondary Stan clutch e-ndplate l.000 9.0s9 0.505 1.052) 1.0636 0.3561 (0.085 (0.500.2762) 7. 1 2 4 ) (0.000 conld) Saction 1 4 MEASUREMENT mm (in) Unit of length: STANDARO INEWI 1.113 0.435 (0. 25 x 35 mm thickngss (0.47 11.0427) 1.079 0.24. 1 0 3 .061) 1.2.2756 0.0593) 1.275) (0.D.07.44 1. 4 50 . 9 50 . Inputshaftsealing ring groovewidth ring Drivepulleyshaftl.0 .2762) (0.353 0.0675) 1.4516 0.121 0.6.45 7.068 0.295 1.134 .935(3. 0 4 6 .063) 1.475 1.1.083) 2.148) 3.275) (0.125 1.195 1.785 {0.058) 1.90(0.23 1.33(0.274-0.533 9.03 (0.85 {0.51 1.85 6.0580 0.069) -' 1.35 .

024) 5.15 0-0.D.075) 16.045 0.067) 13.3{0.5511 4.8) 0 .055} 8.6(0.'176} wirh new belt M/S: Manual steering.051) 13.90.039) 10.0.5(0.880 (75 .2 t0.4(1.010 18.1. lmp qt) Reservoir Powersteering belt* Deflectionwith 98 N ('10kgf.I Standards and ServiceLimits CW {cont'd} .00220.D.4.4(0. CarrieFto-pinion cl6arance Drive shaft contactarea l.528) (0.057(0.7{1.039) 7.0.528) 1..35) 10.025 26./speed: min.035) 7.902) 10. Dia.005) 0.55. Longth No.17.71030.0.4 39.6(0.5 .6{2.0.4{1.2211 9. adjust deflectionor tensionto new values.75) disassembly at 0.7(0.343) 13.4{0.7481 {0.7.1(0.8 41.0.71r3) r8. 5 . 920.8 0.6 Steering.370) 31.psi) power steeringtluid Recommended Fluid capacity f (US qt.0034) SERVICE LIMTT 0.15 (0.4{0.0{0.oout ( 0-0.400(65.086(0.4(0. gear-to-pinion clearance Pinion shaft MEASUREMENT Set ring'to-bearingouter raceclearance Springs PH 169ulator valve spring PH control valvo spring PL 169ulator valve spring PH-PL controlvalvespring Clutchr€ducing valvespring Lubrication valvespring Shift valve spring Shift control valve spring Start clutch control valve spring Pitot regulatorvalve spring Start clutch valve accumulatorspring Rgverse control valv6 spring Shift inhibitor valve spring (0.400.1 0.028 0.0018 0.D.6 1.0037) 0.0 (0.391) 1.7098) 18.006) 0.031} 11.066 (0. 2 .710.80.023.0246 1.5) 2015" 20 Max 0.Section 17 MEASUREMENT Steeringwheel Play at steeringwheel circumference Starting load at steeringwheel circumference N {kgt.75.047) 1.3(0. 88 .5.3 (0.2 48.6 13. 170.29r) 19.1 0 .90.3.lbtin) M/S Pump pressurewith valve closed 40'C (105'F) {oiltemp.4{0.047) 29.7091 0.006) Adjust Wir.780 {65.Runthe enginefor 5 minut6sthen turn it off.760} 0. 3.0 31.110)with used belt 816A2Engine Typeonly 740. 2( 6 .Sectaon14 MEASUREMEiTT Diffe rontiaI carier Pinionshaft contactarea l.5.6 1.0 (0.540 (40.661} 8.3) 29 {3.4'l.0 1. 0.042 18.14.55)with usod belt 7. 143.9(0.12 . 4 2 ) 0 6.05s 0.P/S:Powersteering *: When using a new belt.2 8.490 (35. 6 .045.004) L i Differentialpinion gear Backlash t.85(0. FJ.476) { 6.1 2 .3{1.10.3{0.2 9.0009 0.D.1(0.0 1.161) 12.4(1..0(0.1.6. 22 lbt) betweenpulleys (NEwl STANDARD 0-10{0-0.327) {0.8('t.30. Do not run for morethan5 seconds).0022) (1.4 t0.0. of Coilt 1.200)with new belt Othor EngineTypes 640 .7{5 .0254) 26.120)with used belt OtherEngin€ Types 340.2t0.4) 15(1. lbf) 816A2 EngineTyp€ only 390 .1 .0 (0.0(0.14.9{0. the 3-12 .42. o. kPa{kgflcmr.063) 51.0471 9. lbf) lvlanualsteering Powersteering Engine running Angle of rackguide screw loosened M/S trom lockedposition Preloadat pinion gear shaft N.236) 11.5751 (0. Readjust deflectionor tonsionto used belt values.5.051} 10.283') 14.016) 4.070) \ - l G6arbox Pump Powerstee ng fluid HONDA PowerSteering Fluid-V S or 0.2(0.0(0.s20) 1.4dle.323) 34.236) 8. 77 .354) 25. Carrier-to-driveshaft clearance STANDARD {NEW} (0.39)with new belt Tonsion measuredwith belt tension gauge N (kgt.1(1.095 nru to.0{0.4 i'1.0020.173) 12.374) 5.m (kgf.

0(0.002) 0.0021 2.9 notchos (6.5*' 19.490 (35 .830 (70 .0 {0.P13.08t 1. Lining thickness drum *1.6.004) (0.30. .5{0.0.37)with used belt 5.(0.16) 156. 2056Stamped the caliper body.4(0.03) (0 1.20.02) Front Front Rear Frontand rear Front 20.00' l '1" 1.05} 2.0.04) 0.5 { 45 112f3.A01l{Forretrigerant (R-134a}) HFC-134a 20 l2/3 0. lmp 02) Fieldcoil resistance 68"F{20'C} o at plate clearance Pulley-to-pressure Deffection with 98 N (1Okgf.10(0.5 . 3-13 .5.0t 2. adjust deflectionor tensionto new values.7{ r 0. on 2000 .0.0.3) 5.06) (0.911 2. 5410Stamped the caliper on body.lmp oz) Evaporator Line or hose Feceiv€r Lubricanttype: SP-10 Lubricantcapacity mf (ll oz.0.0 (0.85.05(0.D.86) 9.0(1/16 1/16) t In 2.08) Rearbrake t. 0 .015 1.0 . 1.6 201(7.4.04) (0 1.6 {0.llT (withfloormatrefioved) hoight Pedal play Free cl€arance Piston-to-pushrod Discthickness Oiscrunout Discparallelism Padthickness M/T A.8(0.006 ) 7. 77 .P13.9.'110) 690 .0(0.61 10 (1/3.5r 0. *2.08) 1./T.7(0.020 0. lbf) Measuredwith belt tension gauge STANDARD {l{EW) .AoIAH or 3889 Lubricanttype: SP-'10 Condenser Lubricantcapacity m? lll oz.26)wilh new bolt with usod belt 340 . In 1.4) 1 0( 1 / € .82 0.004) 0.Suspension Sestion18 MEASUREMENT Camber alagnment Caster Totaltoe Frontwheelturningangle Inwardwheel Outward wheel Aluminumwheel Rim runout Steelwheel Wheel bearing Endplay Front Rear Front Front Rear Unit ot lgngth: mm (in) STANDARD EWI I 0. CW 0 .5 {0.40' r 1.0.1s.6.03) 0. 0. 44 lbfl lover force STANDANO INEWI To be lockedwhen pulled 6 .a7l 4.Run the engin€tor 5 minutesthen turn it off.75} 0.06) 1.0. 4 ) Compressor (4 130 1s0 r/3.0:i3 {1/1611/15) 39"50' 33'10'(Reference) SERV|CE UitlT Axial Radial Axial Radial Front Rear 000000- 0.5 161(6 5/16) 1-5(1/16-3/16) SERV|CEUi.06) Brakes Section 19 MEASUREMENT Parking brake lever Foot brake pedal Master cylinder Disc brake Play in strokeat 196 N (20 kgf.0.r0.50.0 3.0.05(0.5(0.9. 150.0.22lbtl betweenpulleys Belt tension N (kgf.9.190)with new b€lt Compressor belt* *: When using a new belt.05-3.16) 22 Air Conditioning Section Conditioning MEASUREMENT (P/N38897.0(0. Roadjust deflectionor tension to used belt values.00061 0.0 .15(0.5r1 8.

22lbf'l 8.016 0.agl 1qnro76l 300.6 12.) Ar idle 12+2 " BTDC (Red) with usodbelt Oetlection with 98 N 11okgl.0.33)withnew belt betlveenpulleys Belt tension N lkgf.8 22.5(1.77 S€condarywinding resistance 68'F (20"C) kO at HITACHI 22.5 SERVICE UM]T | 22.7 (1.5v at hot A (rotor) at 68'F 120"C) k0 Coil resistance Slip ring O.33.020) 0 .2(0.1.083) 11. 1 0. adjust deflectionor tensionto new values.6 15.5 (0.ngth Brushspringtension(new) N (ksl. 1 0 6 ) 15.63.26 ( 2 2 8 .87) | .4. Brush l.3.2 Resistance 68"F(20"C) k0 at 1-3-4-2 Firingorder Tvpe Seesection23 _i Gap 1.19.15(0.4.5{0.006) 0.4.64) 15.45.7 17.165) with new belt (NEWI STANDARD Alternator (MITSUBISHI} Output 13.flun the enginelor 5 minutes then turn it off.55 I TEC 0.05(0.D.210.0.0{0.20) t 5.5 (0.4.1 .0. { L { 3-14 .50. 1 1 .75.0kw 1.0) 3.02 (0 .43) Startermotor (MITSUBA 1.60 1.4. lbf) 3.0.62 0.002) 27.450(10.7 t'.110) with usedbelt Measuredwith belt tension gauge 540.80.10.41) 6. 0 2 8 .2kW) *: When using a new belt.Section 23 MEASUREMENT lgnitioncoil Ratedvoltage V Primary windingresistance 68'F(20'C) 0 at 12 STANDARD INEWI lgnition wire Sparkplug lgnitiontiming Alternatorbelt* HITACH 0.D.Standards and ServiceLimits Electrical. 121.8 16. .0. Readjustdeflectionor tension to used belt values.490(35. lbf) 340.31 0.0 8.77 .9) Gear reduclion 0.1(0.' 0.740 (55. Brushlength Brushspringtonsion g (oz) Type Commutator mica depth Commutator runout Commutator O.0(0.043 oo.

0cu-in cm3 1 9.2 kw 12V 30seconds from gearend Clockwise vigwed as (cont'd) 3-15 .290 3. EX M/T 4-door Sedan EX A/T METBIC 4. SOHC valveper cvlind€r Forcedand wet sump.54in 75.540kg wat6r-cooled.DesignSpecifications a I Unit ot lengthi mm {in) lTEM DIMENSIONS OverallLength 2 door Coupe/+door Sedan 2-door Hatchback {1996. trochoid pump 33.1 5.: Dl6Y7 *3:Dl6Y8 *+:D'|6Y5 (CANADA) WEIGHT ENGINE Cylinder Arrangement Bore and Stroke Displacement D16Y7. DX with ABS (1998)sMT 4AT 4-door Sedan OX.3 qt. SOHCWEC-E*1 transverse Inline 4-cylinder.800engine rpm Water Pump Displacement at 6.290lbs rbs 3.1/58. {1998) DX LX.170 4.570 kg 1. 2.1997) (1998) OverallWidth OverallHeight 2-door Coupe/2-door Hatchback tl-door Sedan Wheelbase FronvRear Track GroundClearance Seating Capacity GrossVehicleWeight Rsting {GVWR) DX.000engine rpm FuelRequired STARIER Type/Make NormalOutput NominalVoltage HourRatino Directionof notation gA Gearreduction/MITSU 1.0mm 1 '1.4 9.47511 mm .6 in 67.495 kg kg 1.1in in 54.180 mm 1.0 in in 164.445mm mm 4.510 kg 't. Dl6Y5 Compression Ratio 016Y8 ValveTrain LubricationSystem at Oil Pump Displacement 6./T with ABS.6 4 Beltdriven.95x 3.1 in in 58.620 mm 1.SOHC gasolineengine VTEC'3.705 mm mm 1.2 164.4lmpqt)/minute US 1251(132US qt.0x 90.175 '150 mm ENGUSH '175.505 kg 1. 110lmp qt)/minut€ gasolinewilh 86 Pump UNLEADED Octane Numbsror higher *. HX M/I 2-door Coupe HX A.560kg 1./T EX HX CVT(1996) HX CVT(1997) 1997) 2-doorHatchback CX. EX GrossVehicleWeight Rating{GVWR) DX (1996) 2-door Coupe DX (1997) si(1996) si(1997) cX-G (1996) 2-doorHatchback cX (1996). CX-G(1997) cx (1998). LX M/T.390 mm 2.460lbs 1.330lbs 3.'1 54.220 tbs 3.7in 103.500 kg 1.330 tbs 3. LX Ay'T LX A.DX (1996.+stroke SOHC*'.0kw.510 1.375 1.285 tbs tbs 3.440 3.590 (m/) 97. 1.29. cx (1997).9in NOIES (USA) WEIGHT 3.330lbs 3.510 kg 1.4f {35.300 lbs 3.

926 0.4kg 7. 1 reverse Direct 1 : 1 Engine typ€ D16Y5 3.250 0.Speed LubricantCapacity Type L J 14. METRIC Mlf CW ENGLISH NOTES CLUTCH Clutch Type Clutch Facing Area TRANSMISSION TransmissionType CW PrimaryReduction TRANSMISSION Manualtransmission GearRatio 1st 2nd Jro 4th 5th Beverse Gearratio G€artYPe 3.153 D16Y8 FinalReduction Automatictransmission GoarRalio 3.000rpm '130 mf 4 1/3ll oz.530Kcal/h cw Low .250 1./12V at 68'F (20'C) (R-134a) HFC-134a 6sohs 22. 6 l m po z | fin Corrugated Corrugatedfin Ian Sirocco 200w112v 4-speedvariable 460 m3/h 16.102 3.000 BTU/h Scroll/SANDEN u5. | 4 .7 11. single plate.034*' 22'' Single helicalgear 3. diaphraomspring Torque converter Multi plateswet sanp.702 3. Revelse SecondaryReductionGear Ratio FinalRgduction GearRatio Gear Ratio AIR CONDITIONING Cooling Capacity Compressor Type/Make No.954 4.I6Y' 2. 1 reverse 4-speedautomatic.0.638 1.909 0. and 4-door Sedan Engine type lst 2nd 3rd 4th Reverse Gear ratio Geartype D.466.975 0.2kW 1.102 3.909 0.zz cu-rn/rev 10.250 1.0.182 1.466 4. of Cylinder Cspacity Max.357 3.O. hydraulic 25 sq-in 160crn' | Synchronized 5-speedforward.600 'L468 0.153 4.250 *1: 2'doorHatch oacx *2: 2-doorCoup6.742 1.638 1.722 0./ mt/tev I i.909 0.250 1.5 tbf Single plate dry.153 3.909 1. Capacity Type PowerConsumption Type Ouantity Tgmp€ratureControl CompressorClutch Refrigerant L 3-16 { .poly-V-belldrive 40 W max.9 -laoz sP-10 Condenser Evaporator Blower Type Type Motor Input SpeedControl Max.722 L ! D16r' 3.172 0.954 1.172 0.200 cu-Vh | Dry.35"1 D16Y8 2.357 Final Reductaon Singlehelicalgear 2.DesignSpecifications (cont'dl |TEM (cont'd) STARTER Weight MITSUBA 1.1 reverse Non-stage speedforward.449 2.D.

8 4 W .i nx 2 Unit:mm (in) 5. 5c m .00' 1'40' I n 1 .C X G { C a n a d a ) P 1 7 5 t 0 R r 3 8 2 S :D X ( U S A ) . x 2 l. 6 .8.5 A.Lock-to-Lock Wheel Dia.+3 12V-21W 12V 5W moonroof) 12V. E X ( U S A ) . D X ( U S A ) .d o o rh a t c h b a c k .110 Stamped on ths 2 0 5 6S t a m p e do n t h e caliper body O r u m l . 1 2 W . lmp qt) USAmodel model Canada DX Except OX Batt€ry Staner I n U n d e r d a s h F u s e / R e l aB o x y In Under-hood Fuse/RelayBox In Under-hood ABS Fuse/RelayBox HighAow Headlights F r o n tT u r n S i g n a l / P a r k i nL i g h t s g R e E r u r n S i g n a lL i g h t s T Brek€/Taillights I n n e rT a i l l i g h t s * ' H i g h M o u n t B r a k €L i g h t Back up Lights License Plate Lights C e i l i n gL i g h t T r u n kL i g h t s G a u g eL i g h t s Indicator Lights l l l u m i n a t i o n n d P i l o tL i g h t s a Heater Control Panel Lights 12V 21tsW 't2v . 80 A 7 . ( C a n a d aC a r sw i t h o u t A B S ) T 1 1 5 / 7 0 D 1 D X ( U S A ) . 8s q .0 .0) 12 V .x 2 6 .7. 4 0 A 12V-60AsW TIRE Size Front and Rear 2-door Coupe 2-door Hatchback 4 .4.6. 4. D .4W.5 {4.4sq-inx2 7 .i nx 2 5 0 . ) 2 .assisted self-adjusting solid disc 3 7 . 10 A. 4 ) 2 . 2k W 12V-154 7 . 4 ' d o o r S e d a nE X ( C a n a d a ) . : 1 8 0( 7 . : 2 0 0( 7 . 40 A. 5 ( 4 . 1 M 380rnm 15in i I n d e p e n d e nd o u b l ew i s h b o n e .Unit of length mm lin) ITEM STEEBING SYSTEM Type OverallRatio Turns. 2c m . 20 A. 54 . 15 A.d o o rC o u p eS i ( C a n a d aC a r s with ABS 2-doot coupe 2. 6 . M/S:Manualsteering *l: 2-doorCoupe *2: 2-doorHatchback *3: 4-doorSedan *4: USA (HAM).. 5 ( 2 .i nx 2 4 4 . 1 . 2c m . Steering SUSPENSION WHEEL ALIGNMENT Type S h o c kA b s o r b e r Camber Caster TotalToe Front and Rear F r o n ta n d R e a r Front Rear Front Front Bear P/S M/S METRIC ENGLISH NOTES P o w s r a s s i s t e d r a c ka n d p i n i o n .2) 2 4 . 1 0A . 9 ) D r u m l . 2 0 A . 4 d o o r S o d a nL X .2.L X ( C a n a d a ) Pl85/65R1485S: LX/EX (USA).30 A. (HCM) produced Canada *5:JAPANoroduced 3-17 . 9 4s q . / S :4 . 2 0 A 7.5 l. 8 . 4 1 W 1 2 V .38AH/5HR 1 2 V .3W 1 2 V .4W P/S:Powersteering.3 P / S : 3 .d o o rC o u p eD X ( C a n a d aC a r s with ABS T 1 2 5 r 0 O 1 4C a r sw i t h A B S 2 d o o r C o u p e .d o o rS e d a n S p a r eT i r e t WASHER RESERVOIR ELECTRICAL | Capacity (uS qt. 1 c m ..S .8 W (With 12V-5 W (Witholtmoonroof) 12v-1. H X ( U S A ) . 8 s q . 0m m I n 2 .1 . 0k W .lt4/Sr20. ' ! ) Rear Parking Brake Type 6 7 . 1 5A .lechanicalactuating. 0m m l / 1 6i n I n 1 / 1 6i n BRAKE SYSTEM Rear Power-assistedsel{-adiusting ventilated disc Powe.S i (Canada) T 1 0 5 t 0 D 1 42 ' d o o r C o u p eE X ( U S A ) .S i ( C a n a d a ) 85 P 1 7 5 t 0 R 1 38 2 S :C X . \ 2 5 .1 .21W 12V-21/5W 12V5W 12V_ 18W*" 21Wrl. S a c ka n d p i n i o n P/S:17.d o o rC o u p eE X ( u S A ) .4 ' d o o r S e d a nL X l U S A ) . 5 A .2. x 2 10.0} 2 . D . 0. 4 1 W 12V-1.c o i l s p r i n s t T e l e s c o p i ch y d r a u l i cn i t r o g e ng a s f i l l e d .2.rear Nvo wheel brakes P 1 7 5 D 0 R 1 8 2 S :D X 3 P 1 8 5 / 6 5 R ' 1 4 S :E X .21 4'door Sedan 4. EX (canada) T 1 0 5 / 8 0 D 1C a r sw i t h o u t A B S E x c e p t 3 2 .

Body Specifications L 2-door Coup€: U n i tm m ( i n ) : L 3-18 .

\. 2-door Hatchback: lr'tgl91e'l 3-19 .

Body Specifications(cont'd) L r ' 4-door S6dan: Unit:mm (in) L ( 3-20 .

.....4-12 NormalConditions . Conditions Severe for Maintenance Schedule 1997Model 4-8 .....4-2 Lubrication Points for Maintenance Schedule 1996Model ...............4-4 Normal Conditions 4-6 ... NormalConditions 4-10 .............Maintenance ........ Conditions Severe for Maintenance Schedule 1998Model ...4-14 Conditions Severe ...........

:5: Alwsys use Gonuine Honda Pow6r Stooring Fluid-V or S. Using a non-Hondabrakefluid can causecorrosion and decressethe life ot the system. No. \- I 2 Transmission Manual Automatic CW 3 1 c 6 7 I o 10 11 12 13 l'[ 15 16 17 BrEka Ling clutch Lin€ Pow€r ste€ring gesrbox Shift leverpivots{manual transmission) Release tork (manual transmission) Steering boots Tailgate hinges and latches(2-door Hatchbackl ball joints Steering Shift lever (sutomatictransmission) P6dallinkage Braks mast6r cylind6r pushrod Trunk hingesand lstch(. Makesure it says "For Gasoline Engines. *2. 13. piston Throttle cable end (dsshboardlower Danel) Pow6r st66ring system (for cars with P/Sl Air conditioning comprsssor Genuine HondaMTF*1 GenuineHondaPremiumFormula Automatic Transmission Fluid(ATF)*. Overhaul.etc. *2: Always use GenuineHondaPremiumFormulaAutomaticTransmission Fluid(ATF). Using other fluid csn aftecttransmissionoperationand may reducetransmissionlif6.9002) grease Multi-purpose Honda White Lithim Grease L q 18 19 20 21 22 23 21 25 26 grease Multi-purpose grease Silicons Genuine HondaPowerSteering Fluid-V S'5 or Comoressor oil: SANDEN: SP-10 38At .l: Always uss GenuineHonda DOT3BrakeFluid." SAEViscosity: Se6chart below. Using 8ny other type of pow6r stssring fluid or sutomstic transmission fluid can causeincr€ass w€ar 8nd poor steoringin cold weathsr. r. 'I LUBRICANON POINIS Engine LUBRICANT API ServiceGrade:Use SJ 'Energy Conserving" grade oil. *3: Us6 Genuin6HondaCVTfluid only. Replacement.|-door Sedanand 2-door Couoe) Door hinges upper and lower Door opening dstents Hood hings and hood latch Fuelfillor lid Clutch m8st6r cylinder pushrod Throttlecabl€ond and thronl6linksge Rear brakg shoe linkages Steering wheel (backside) Caliper piston seal.P13-A01AH or3@9.Installation.--i------ t Engine viscosity oil for ambrent tempe€tureranges ( 4-2 . *4 and 15 on above chart details for 1997model.)contained in each section. ffi r .P13-A01 P/N (ForR6frigsrant: (R-f HFC-1348 34a)) Recornmendod Engine Oil API SEFVICELABCL API CERTIFICAIIOII SEAL NOTE: Th€ following information as marked *1.Using motor oil can causestiffer shifting becauseit dogs not contain the propor additiv€s. The oil containerm8y alsodisplsythe APICenification mark shown below.dust seal. GenuineHondaCVTFluid'3 Hond8DOT3BrakeFluid*. rsfsr to the lllustrated Index and various work proc€durss(such as Asssmbly/Reassembly. Il: Alwsys use GenuineHonda MaoualTransmission Fluid (MTF).Points Lubrication For th6 details of lubrication points and types of lubricants to b€ applied. Genuine Genuine HondaDOT3BrskeFluid'a grease 08733 8070E P/N Stesring Gressewith molvbdenum disulfide Super High Temp Urea Grease{P/N08798. caliperpin. Usinga non-Honda ATF can affect shift quality.--.

latches all and locksoncea year.n) @ NOTE:Lubricate hinges. In corrosive more frequentlubrication necessary. is We recommend HondaWhite LithiumGrease.d. s. areas.\ @ (4{oo. 4-3 .

3 .. N + r g > E i I a E i 3 3 E 6 6 E 6 3 . F 9 9 .E'9gg . . E E :)lll l i?:iJ . E .:= : : ..r !: 5 : Ed * 1 5 "lN I :6e 9fa .9 .E:: E : . € @ : :at * E1 ! t $ = F . EE.o . t i .-9 :3:3E 9 .2 : 6 E q =N< .qc) E e9fr9E | .E .E 3 : . o o ( . s9 .ji--F" 5 P 4 s . q.. )ta= 5: ! { . ..3 .i(* -.j \ .6 ct ci ci :. + r . = q a=l 3 6 X i ... : F l ni r-' . i 5 irid o * E 355 '6 E. l .ig = E i |S d EN.9Q dci6 BE E= f . . E : : * .. E E .I MaintenanceSchedulefor 1996Model NormalConditions c + t _Ni.. x . if . 9 6 6 €66 ! c = + r+ . *qF tr < > E ci. eE .:: i * .-. : 6 6 -.. :.9 E I ' 5 L 4-4 t. . e 3 E Etzl .99 . EI +.z i E z '6 . 3EF5FF €:i€EEE l9 E E L E - 5 3 '6 : . .-: r-= q : 8E S 3 i S e EEEEEE } . €e = > : * s E E= q 3 E* =' E .-6"? Ex.E '6 RE 6o I P . : 6 E E 3. *2*29 F .i E u * B ? .! 3 b. .i =? .i . ctz] qqr'?c?: !:a: I i ". ..! ^.

I i i q * Y c E e k €8f ..i i F ir.! q ' **6E ..i : .+ 6 [ 3 a a : . i . E:E : .E -P : F > n o q i D I F E . Ei 9tE. Y = - .E = Y 612 i cr?' 6 t r u 6'E g b o o -.: ':5 .9 3 P v F o E (')i E E a '9 E . 5 P $.3 *lr! E E.9 o E tr 9 6 Y 4-5 .! r .i ! t : .95 . a EE 9E ' F :o: 9 2 ir . E. e : X .Ei ': F - Eg E.9 ! t a i 6 : a I ! F . Eb 6 ! =. ! 6 5 .EE g E E r 5 I E 6 . 6 36 g E3 *9 . i 6.9 * E 3 a 92 ' = Y 5 z 6 6 .: 6 o F c o 6 6 P ! o : - : r G .e" E::E : = o E . P = .\ d F o r g-o e li E. ! . F e.|]. !Eg 1 5 6 a q : .E o i b 3o o X = P .L z 9oll 5. E . d 6 o : r E or: 8 E I I t I rE9 tIt=^ : e3x5 ! . = c i R = E E g F 6 or .6 6 9 rr : ! - I : :!! 6 ..-- gFx i r E F i 6 o c E '. Y 3 _x.d H.E 9 F 6 : . >:. h > B .E :-9 . C o I ! 3 o€ .9 o 6n . c b g : E m . . 5 ?li JqE E€€ -3:: I E 9 .

-e r'3.6 qJ:c.i : 'i .9i8 F F*y(<(o 6 : = Es ! : €.|:aiqjooct .Y-fi B E. E 6 - P F E " g a+5 -+o: a r:'q = ii .tz L F 'Za := o .6E t:i5r6. c zt ..E q dl t .!J.E on r -!p 3O t 6 o ! P 'E 3 . :EE E.: aqqe.+ 9 6 =E5t E 6 . + + 32 < ot g r s E i 3 3* * .:s > kP . ry." -! 9 n EE RXEF .-i . +-o i^ . q60a{u? EN.9 .9p . E -.EX 6 _ 9 6 6 E ! HEPbsi >5 .*> €. 9? : ts ii n.)oo d 6! 3 -E E :. t^ .: j: F : 5 rir3 F.. .ni:o :- n 6. ii?:iJ a=h : c ' n3 F 9 ? o 9l . { .. n..2 I . > ' ". a (.q"i *s*e3 r2*Ze 2620 F > l Ee = ( D T i .9 :. t b.?ci9 : 9 9 r .i E .9 z + .: E : b { . ! E!F:E + ?. 3 E :t . E .o: s eg. +5$5 Y .9 .: i E9: Ett E& r- 9rErts E '6 r. | :. .F>.o 6_9 6.>5 iE* 9 t d . .IP ! 2t E. osQQ 389<.dee ? a < . i t(:! . E g a z E E E 9 -9 E E . R 38 3 3 + + . E i i ! ! s.. . 6 9 . ' S : i6=E.I MaintenanceSchedulefor 1996Model Severe Gonditions \* r'{ r i € E 5 * <F 3 : ' : 5 J A :. L id6 .< 6 6 0 ( .P E>>sr6a 9 > L *cc) Fq r..

7 ..r! : : : '*= -> . ". .9 .6 c E i '!* .. : = 1 zd- a a 4-7 .* z Qoli 5!- g€ I t .9 E q E 9 \ k ^.! ..j:q ! ! J 9 : a i :t j ' i - rF -. d F .F t * .9 I . . i 3 c z.i.' |! E B r ii o ) = I E a a 9tf oo. ah . X E Et:l c c HI.-! 9:.9 q = h-E 6.: o - E 5 z 6 o .5'i 99! 'x 0) > ! @ 6 d E d * E 3 ". '6 E c . C a * l? ..:' .9 3 P t i F X . : E ii:E 6 F ! -eeE e.- ! 9 3 .Y = ' " o . fi 3 6 > ! o (J ngt:9 E 9'. : o i i 9 iJ-a Ab o :P i E Fc F s : . t o z 3 a E Fc o. '6 9 2 . F EgE rEb { .89 F .9 .i 5 -0 c tE h : : d .=.* EE8 t!! r + P ?_ bi: E.. ' J : E q <Y 6 .> o c t .: 6 ..= q.'r 6. x .0 i.q . I i..> . z 6 (J (J c 'tr . 9 F g i > i 2 - 'd * t s ! E 6 _9 (!) .i. E . 6 h6 P e . E : o = > ! e 3 . ! EE 6 i = 6 ! 9lo E E :z E E. . E 6 to < > . - a a . : 3 *b o . : ! 9'i ' E ieeE' ".o. ! : : x 6 h ' a h o > € .EG .a i: 6 r !Y ' F i q 6 .t (. . r i : > X = E E ': '. . .: F . 5 .

.E a=h a o.n > E*ifia. i'i t o ? P .l( 355 a a !.2 'a t @ tSor I c n g3 e 4-8 . e 5 t € E3 Ei€:oa 6Ezi. ' =o . o ii Btfi a g5F 5* :!E^bo?b P t F = *: .g.E ! . rh 6 ! .r N q ! 6 ..t o a E E .s : d .l6. : Ee i Z I > a uF -o . : F l ' 5 F i .9 .: a t a a a a E :2 a . * *= g ! o i '5E . NEi9 :T:Eg.o .€ E r: P* E"rq ..: ! o z EE tsct ZTE9. E > 5 . ..5i3 9 9 E 9 et . E-'r' E.g'6 F J e aae€ ::::6 = !r!r Etzt | .MaintenanceSchedulefor 1997Model NormalConditions z 9o14 2 N+x -Nii L :Jj E . . 6 F k 1 F E : : t p c !?. o o ( 9 :r> €(o: \at O d r 6 ^i.t:.5 rJX..S N sE.9 u) rh rr. o :. _9 rpl .: :3 i .c)dP :3e ':j :" d.9 . .:.z E a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a - e o E B. .. oP I 9> E'.g a a L .a a = o-P 9 q e E a E a a a a a a a a a a a a a o a a a :> ' L l .r'. 9 6 o -E _9 .6e 9:) a? 6 €c . j: Q i Eb N 6x.F . E crc'E sN E . : =': : i H i !i E +5+ ..g * a HEi g 1 .1 r g's\-3e ..9 E Ae66FF 9L! cEl L .E F E e':l E: E S'q E E:o('(.9. ' a?1c? a? x 9EZAE 9 ... :o ii.. :XE6E. i* . 9o 0.ei !v .. zt7 . 6 E66 36 a a a 6 : 5 E5 EFEE (. . ^.":l : ? .:. =I E . E PE .

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E6^bo?b rr*l(6.. .F .. .ii 3 e. qb r . e> 6.eE z d t o g .is!E 3tsEE -.9 a .E f- 6 E r Pt: EE : l U PE u?-a 1 iE o .a.. .o t s 6 i a a a a 9.c F. : .. j 6 l t 1- E .j s d g E ! 4-12 L .9 I ?_ . L. 9 . -Y6C l ) : : F: 6 * . '.i €5E.! > -.26t 9 . > F > EI .9 :-: :.9< €.g 3 .rdsux Q@6A 6 ci ci ci a. x sln> o o ( 5 E. l . E iaE : = E .. o ? i ! .! I F F F E €> . FgP 5 P *! j S s : *is : CEE] EE -o'i '!= 3 F -vq : Y .-dat 9rq . t-9' : .d9 i ! I o .:+ 9 ? ^ : .':qqo9: ij.:.E€ 69ts oX o 66!t . + + l v E6 i q i('j6 . i B./ for Schedule 1998Model Maintenance NormalGonditions ol L r { 99.6 € E E5 EPEE 9 R rE 3 sia5i 6 5 .' E . 9:-. 6.9 E-P o >ci ooo .E 6 E 6 . o ) .2 ! + s 3 :t ^ 9: : b t^ N6N6. Nq E ! :N } xzlt l9 23.= .. E.0i55 I i : F8€6s4 g t ii 0 .JX z 9o14 o95 EET I . €3 E*iC5: .._e s ii eiEi a a $s1o :3 . '5?. .F IbE . Eo -6 o o € a . .: s :. : ' .i a E 'i \ a a _9 a E a o a a a a a a a a a a a a : E ().F E z En9 '.! a a a a a a E c. g a a a a a a a a a a E .. 6 . $ : E ' Ai6E-39 6 6 d : 6 = + ra . - a a a a a a a a . .6.€ g : . : 'ii : s E:t "'I.E a=h o.

liE h E .2 =li >q o F c o -63 .9 t -9 oai . . E v c E E . F i 5 5 B) o o t = a F a a PEE s E t g o a !-e 6 i ? a : 't o o o !E > c.v ooo (J(J E .|5 E E E(! o o d)-- c () c h 6 O i F k6E ('t E .g o) c 6 F E 6 '. E r d R! .if c x .!! E c 6 . id. (J(J fr: 9! d aa 6' i !i 5 < ciE *". t ! E I 6 i . I .: t-- ut ET : ::* ltl a aic z : 6 4 s .9o -9 x: . = J(* a d x.6E : }. x t B o o.6. K O . FII U' o !i i 4-13 .E E a a :R . .if 6 E .! z eEll HET U' E 3.E E 2 = i o lt ID b E I g'6 o E E R.: t q .

a55 r i. E .E . a EE ! E ctzt ctzl E g E Y F d :!z9!z cE. 5 i 3 rg gg .9 ' d F F. -9ii: .Jciooo ! E . i € = ^. q ] 3 :) (-) E F 5. i ' j o A .g .F_ E X .. l:l' e:re1 r:iao ? . o.:: E ' E -o-v J e l: . E9 fr9fr93 Es* 9fq 6oqc4 € @ : 6oiz6 i ? z o E .. -9 :r 6 E !) g F a a a a a a a e . = i6 6 +.t E r. a .. i :E P. .E E ! . l €E : . n i + + t + t + l !P=:P: 1i.€ o z Er< $ ssNc -:JF 3 o d) o F. E O€ .I for Schedule 1998Model Maintenance Severe Conditions z L o+9 N.* E e =e : E* i=" .r**F* 6 P +.. E_E b e ? " F9v '.rEn .:.s .: d s 3 e5€ 4-14 .bii: '|! E . .z o ^: F RoE 6 d l F. E a a a a a a a E a a .9 E EE.?:- q 9oll o95 .. E : i i F ' . o * E >oo I 6>> 355 z 2 E .. o.. 6 2 .3 3 E56F 3 6E5 9 E -6 6 .: 3 JJ -e 3E:3 3 E i 4 : o a .3li3.: a a d d a a o o ( . *.g . i i t i ' q i > 6t v1 a O 6g.4 E >E>f lrE : L.!.2 I E E e E i a a o 5 € a a a a a o a a E a o a a a = : E - = = : 6 6 a a a a a a a z .E i g . 6 0 ! 8993-.Es.{ . - ^ F \ 6 ': . o i '3'o -ii .Ele : 5 e .YP 6 Y <6 1*f *= g K a9 3 E s '.=9 E E E .e = !-::('!= .-E '5=.. : ? . E F^ 8.? *.EqF * 6g o: a- t*>)*.:+ .rs:€\ .Eaa=.:. I 1 -E u-F iE : s d . c.i9 9 F('dctc? 6 t i : ! 6 b{ =. ..9 5.

E EE €r : O E 'tr "E.o!.iE ?.12 i- 3 5 E :-X i! 99 E t. e : I 9 : 3 : . .E i € : N F oa aa aa g E F- O a o I siI E : t? t H. .i. .E 9..e .9 3 : ' ' a .9o g ! c € r9 E } o q 6> tEi .' .} a x c :3 5.E E o . c :E i. : . E: e " . E E E o 6 E !E E .E : r E ? { 9 si < . . . 60 !- i5 E s >o: i: 3 -9 o !4! P. ! 3 '- 'o J o- 7 6 9 a E o . = N = : o : o Y g r .EP c 6 P .!P."8 [Ei.I z tt o_LlJ ir F< b ' 9 .E H a ) E c c _9 E '6 c ! E E E s * * gi : E *E 63.9p 6 6.i.E:€ .e i 9 E 7 : . : s F' Z i E ao oa 3 o a F a E a I! :i ia € ...P 9-. <i 6 . i 5 i 9 o O .6 E i 3 .> > < 9.6 o . : ' .: i E € o F Fo) (J(JO oo (J O : t :i. 3 ..9n 6 E 5 E E O . ( 2 . .9 -9 'i .P€ a a 6 E .r oa E a a cn l li a 'Z 9 . 6 .E ! - fe F . s . c . 3 5 > z ! : d:q 9= .:.: " E 5 . -E>-9. E. :E : ! 5 E * ! i € 6 ot : 3 huE d€ 3 o @ €: :56.'= F z 4-15 . . : ' L -e= P.: E E 9F .::T.u o) I E p .. P E 3 s ao E o E -9 ao F o EF . .9 tiJ 3: .

......'... Engine ... 5-1 Removal/lnstallation Engine 6-1 Train ."... lntakeManifold/Exhaust 10-1 ........'..........'....'7-1 Block.'. 8-1 Lubrication Engine 9-1 System ..'. Gooling ..".Engine ..'...... Head/Valve Cylinder ............'.......

....5-12 ...Engine RemovaUlnstallation Removal fnstalfation .5-2 ...

m.r it. Disconnect connectors the CABLES BATTERY I ( connsctor. the 2.m l2. .. I x 1. from the ECM/PCM. CAUTION: . Remove the battery and battery base. be sur6 that thoy do not contact other wiring or hos€s or interf?ro with othor parts. 4. Uso tandar covors to ayoid damaging painted surface. Disconnectthe battery cables from the under-hood fuse/relaybox and battery positive terminal.25mm 21 N. . Secure hood as oDenas possible. . 17 lbf-ftl { Mako surs iacks and 3atety stands ar6 placed properly and hoist brackets aro attached to ihe corroct positions on th€ engine. Disconnect main wire harness the HARNESS MAINWIRE CONNECTOR TERMINAL ECM/PCM { 5-2 .1kgl. Mrrk all wiring and hosss to lvoid misconnoction. Abo.EngineRemovaUlnstallation Removal @ . the positive 3. Disconnect batterynegative the terminalfirst. 1. Unplug the wiri||g connoctorscarefully whilo holding the conn6ctor poiion to ayoid damago. then terminal. will not roll olf rtands and fall Mako surc the brehiclo whilo you are working und.

INTAKE AIR OUCT 6x1. AIR CLEANER (cont'd) 5-3 .0kgt.2lbt.7. Remove intakeair duct and air cleanerhousing. (lAT)senDisconnect intakeair temperature the sor connector.m {1.0mm D16Y5. Remove resonator the and intakeair duct.ft) INTAKE AIR DUCT L RESONATOR IAT SENSOR CONNECTOR o. Disconnect the engine wire harnessconnector the leftside of the enginecompartment. Dl5Y8 engines: a. remove air cleaner then the housing. t.\} 7.2lbtft) 8.0 kgf.t h e n removethe intakeair duct and air cleanerhousIn g . 6x1.0mm 9.m.0mm 9.m. 6x1. D i s c o n n e c t h e I A T s e n s o r c o n n e c t o r .8N.8 N. the D16Y7 enqine: a.m 11.

m.Drainfuel only into an approvedcoDtainer.EngineRemoval/lnstallation Removal (cont'dl (seesection11). 2s tbf. Kogp open flams or spark away from tho work arga. Removethe evaporativeemission (EVAp)control canister hoseand fuel feed hose D16Y7engin€: 11. Relieve fuel pressure uo not smot(ewhde working on th€ tuol !@ system. D16Y8engines: FUEL FEED HOSE Dl6Y5. D16Y7 engine: VACUUM HOSE Dl6Y5.m(3. D16Y8engines: BANJO EOLT 33N.fuel return hoseand vacuumhose. Remove the brakeboostervacuumhose.ftl 5-4 . 9. 10.4 kg{.

4kgf. . 17 lbf.ftl Dl6Y5.m (2. Adjustthe throttlecablewhen installing (seesect i o n 11 ) . R e m o v et h e g r o m m e t a n d w i r e h a r n e s sc l a m p s . Remove mounting the boltand lockbolt.then remove (P/S) pumpbeltand pump.m. the powersteering NOTE:Do not disconnect P/Shoses. 6x1.ftl 17 (cont'd) 5-5 .I 12.m. then pull out the ECM/PCM connectors. D16Y8engines: LOCKNUT [ocK aoLT 8 x 1. D16Y7 engine: 1 3 . then slip the cable end out of the accelerator link age. NOTE: a Takecare not to bend the cablewhen removing it. Remove the throttlecableby loosening the locknut.m(2.4 kgf.0mm LOCKNUT 1 4 .25 mm 24N. the NUT MOUNTINGBOLT 8 x 1.25mm 24 N. lbt. Always replaceany kinkedcable with a new one.

R e m o v et h e c l u t c h s l a v e c y l i n d e r a n d l i n e / h o s e (M/T). 6 tbr.0 kgt m. 5. Remove shiftcable(CVT).m (t. .1 kg .5 ksf. Do not disconnect pipe/hose the assembly. . IOLER PULLEY CENTER NUT 10 x 1. L o o s e nt h e i d l e r p u l l e yc e n t e rn u t a n d a d j u s t i n g bolt. 22 lbtft) HOSECLAMP PLASTIC GROUNDCABLE SHIFTCABLE \ .0mm 18. assembly NOTE: .r N'm 14.t N.m.1kgr.ftl 1 7 .m l2. Takecarenot to bendthe line.m.EngineRemoval/lnstallation (cont'dl Removal 1 5 .33 lbl. Do not operatethe clutch pedal once the slave cylinderhasbeenremoved. 6x f.m {3. Remove the transmission g r o u n d c a b l ea n d h o s e clamp. then remove the air conditioning(A/C)compressorbelt. the WASHER LOCKNUT 29 N.ft) 17lbnftl 1 6 . 6x1.6 . 8x1.25fifi 21N.0mm .m.25mm 4.

m. 23.m (1. Remove the radiator cap./C the hoses. 17 lbf.8 N. Remove front tires/wheels splashshield.ft) A/C COMPRESSOR SHIELD (cont'd) 5-7 . Raise hoistto full height.r N.2 rbl. the and the 22. Reinstall drain bolt using a new washer(seepage8-5). Reinstall drainplug the 24. Remove shift rod and extension (M. the 25. 2 1 .0mm 9. Remove A.m(2-2 compressor. 27./C use care when removing the radiator E@@ cap to avoid scalding by hot coolant or steam. rod 26.1 9 .m {2. the SHIFT ROO 20.Loosen the drainplug in the radiator.a n d r e m o v et h e w i r e h a r n e s s clamp.{ kgf. 7. mm 8 x 1.ft) 22 N.14)./T). the NOTE:Do not disconnect A. D i s c o n n e c t h e p o w e r s t e e r i n g p r e s s u r e( P SP ) s w i t c h c o nn e c t o r . Drain the engine coolant (see page 10-6). 8 x 1.m.0kd m.25mm 2. fluid.16lbf. Drainthe transmission usinga new washer(seesection13.ft} 6x1.25 kgf. Drainthe engineoil.

4kgtm.LOCKING 10 x 1.m.m.25mm 5{ N. D16Y7 engines: 8 x 1.LOCKING 8 x'1. Adjust the shift cable when installing(see section14). Always replaceany kinkedcable with a new one. the NOTE: . Remove shiftcable(A.m (2. 16lbtft) SELF-LOCKING 8 x 1. { Dl6Y8 engine: 6x1.25 mm 16 N.m 12.6 kgt.25 22 N. Takecare not to bend the cablewhen removing it.m (1.25 m m 22 N.m12.m 11. EXHAUST PIPE A NUT SELF. NUT SELF.6kg'i. 29.'12lbf'ftI Replace.LOCKING NUT 10 x 1.25 mm 22 N. 25 tbt.ftl Replace.25mm 16 N.m.25m. 16 lbl.Engine Removal/lnstallation (cont'd) Removal 28. D16Y5. \ 5-8 .2 kgd.n 33} Replace.m.ft) 8 x'1.5kgt.4kgf. . 10 lbf./T).2 kgt m.2 kgf.ftt Replace. 12 tbf'ft| Replace.m. L l mm I x 1.10lbf. PIPE A SELF.0mm 14 N. 16lbtftl GASKET Feplace.m (3..m {5.m.m {1. Remove exhaustpipe A.

the CAUTION: o Do not pull on the driveshaft. R e m o v e h e u p p e r a n d l o w e r r a d i a t o rh o s e sa n d t heaterhoses. Remove driveshafts. HOSE RADIATOR 35. Use care when prying out the assembly.f i n i s h es u r f a c e s i t h d cleanengineoil. . w N O T E . C o a t a l l o r e c i s i o n . R e m o v e h e A T F c o o l e rh o s e s . Tie plasticbagsover the driveshaft enos. HOSES (cont'd) 5-9 .30. h e n p l u g t h e ATF t t coolerhosesand Dipes(Ay'T). D i s c o n n e ctth e s u s p e n s i o no w e r a r m b a l l j o i n t s l (seesection18). Lowerthe hoist. Remove damperlorks (seesection'18). the CV ioini may com€ apart. 34. Pull il straight to avoid damaging the difterential oil seal or intermediats shaft dust seal. the Jt.

Attachthe chainhoistto the engine. 5-10 .25mmbolr.Engine Remov aUlnstaf lation (cont'd) Removal 36. HOISTING BRACKET lnstall on the cylinder head witha8xl.

a n d r e m o v e i t f r o m t h e car.fuel and coolant hosesand electricalwirino.37. Remove uooerbracket. Remove left and riqhtfront mount and bracket. Remove the rear mount bracket. R e m o v et h e t r a n s m i s s i o nm o u n t b r a c k e t . the the 39.t h e n removethe transmission mount. C h e c kt h a t t h e e n g i n e / t r a n s m i s s i osnc o m p l e t e l y i free of vacuum hoses. TRANSMISSIOt{ MOUNT TRANSMISSION MOUNT BRACKET FROI{T MOUNT/BRACKET Replace. Slowly raise the engine approximately 150 mm (6 in). Check once again that all hoses and wires are disconnectedf rom the engine/transmission 43. 5-11 . 42. T 4 1 . 38. R a i s et h e e n g i n e a l l t h e w a y . UPPER 4 0 .

m.m.m.m {4.ft) 10 x 1. D16Y8 engines {M/T): STIFFENER Tighten boltson the stiffener the in the numbered sequence shown as ALTERNATOF BRACKET 10 x 1. 17 lbtft) EXCEPTD16Y5.m {4.25mm 24 N.m {4.m {4. 33 rbtftl 8 x 1.ftl \ { O 10 x 1.5 kgf.25mm 44 N.5 kgf.4 kgf.25mm 44 N.25mm 44 N.5kg. 17 rbf.25mm 44 N.5kgf.m.t' EngineRemovaUlnstallation Installation BracketBolts Torque Specifications: 10x 1.4kgf.25mm 24 N. 33 rbf.m.m.14N.m (5.25mm /t4 N.25mm 44 N.m. a0 lbf.5kgf.m {2.4kgf.m {i1.ftl I (M/Tl: D16Y5.25mm .m 12. 17 tbf. 33 tbtft) 8 x 1. 17rbt. 10x 1.m.25mm 24 N.m. O16Y8 engine3lM/Tl: FRONT STIFFENER 8 x 1. 33 tbtft) { c-tz E 4 6 .m {2.ftl 10x 1. 33 rbtft) (O-O).m.m (4. e)8x1.5 kgl. 33 rbtft) 10 x 1.ft.5kgt m.4 kg[.25mm 54 N. 33 rbf.m(2.m {4. O16Y8 enginGs REARSTIFFENER 10 x 1.5kgf.25mm 24 A/C COMPRESSOR BRACKET D16Y5.

and reducebushinglife. tightenthe boltson the frameside.then tighten the nuts in the numbered sequence shown (O .m 13.m.Engine Installation: Installtheenginein the reverse orderof removal.5 m. lnstall the upper bracket.28 lbf.9 t 2.m 17.25mm 74 N.ftl 38 N. 17 tbt. 54 tbf. 54 rbf. I n s t a l lt h e t r a n s m i s s i o n o u n t a n d b r a c k e t t h e n m .5 kg{.@).m{7. CW: Except Cw: TRANSMISSION MOUNT 1 2x l 2 5 m m 64 N.ftl kgf.ftl UPPER BRACKET TNANSMISSION MOUNTBRACKET (cont'd) 5-13 .25mm kgt ?4N.5kgf. (il 12 x 1.m. Reinstall mount bolts/nuts the followingsequence. 1. the in Failure follow these procedures to may causeexcessive noiseand vibration. NOTE: Do not tighten the bolts/nutson the transmissionside.ftl (412x1.m.m {6.

@). T i g h t e nt h e b o l t / n u t s n t h e t r a n s m i s s i o n o u n t o m bracket the numbered in sequence shown (Ot.5 kgf.m. 61 tbf. 59 N.m Replace.m 16. € tbf. 4 .ftl 5-1 4 I - .25mm kg{.zsmm 54N.25 O 12x t. 59 N.5 kgt.0 m. lbtft) 5il kgt'm. cvT: O 12 x 1.m.25mm 74N.m. O 12 x 1.O). Except CVT: O 't2 x 1.m. then tightenthe bolts in the numbered sequence shown (O .m 16.25mm kgJ 59 N. CW: O14xt.ft) Replace.m{7. O to x t.ftl Replace.0 a:l lbt ft) Replace. 47 tbtftl 5.5mm tB N.0 $ tbt.@). Tightenthe boltson the rightfront mounvbracket in the numberedsequence shown(O .EngineRemovaUlnstallation (cont'd) Installation Install the rearmount bracket.m (6.m (6.25mm 64 N. mm 12x 1. 12x 1.5 kgt. (} rbtfrl Replace.5 kg{. /r0 lbf.0kgJm.m 18.25mm 59 N.m15.

Adjustthe cruisecontrolcable(seesection23).m.O) O 1 2 x 1 . Bleedair from the coolingsystemwith the heater valveopen(seepage10-6). 43 lbf'frl Replace. (cont'd) 5-15 . tion two or threetimes.m (8.m.m 14. Cleanthe batterypostsand cableterminalswith to sandpaper. a a a a a 10 x L25 mm kgf.. 61 44 N'm 14. Inspect fuel Ieakage for the tuel line. Refillthe enginewith engineoil (seepage8-5). Adjustthe throttlecable(seesection11).25mm 59 N. Perform following: the and the Cleanthe areaswhere the driveshaft(s) (difintermediate shaft contactthe transmission ferential)thoroughlywith solvent or carburetor cleaner.m. Refillthe radiatorwith enginecoolant(seepage 10-6). Check that the set rings on the ends of the driveshaftclickinto Dlace. Adjustthe shift cable(seesection'14. (seesection11). 14).turn on {ll)the igniAfterassembling the so tion switch(do not operate starter) that the two seconds fuel pump runs for approximately Repeatthis operaand the fuel line pressurizes.m. and drv with compressed air.ftl @ 12 x 1.5 kgt. 2 5m m 83 N.m 16.5 33 tbt f0 Tightenthe bolts/nuton the left front mount in the numbered sequence shown (O . a4 N. then apply grease prevenr corroston.Except CVT: 7. 33 rbf. Refillthe transmission with fluid (seesection13.then checkfor fuel leakage at any point in the fuel line.0 kgt. shaftand intermediate CAUTION: Use new set rings. assemble them.5 kgl.

m (4.m (8.m (6.5kgf.m.ft) D : 1 2x 1 . 2 5 m m 83 N. \ SIDEENGINE MOUNT RIGHTFRONT MOUNT 5-16 . 2 5 m m 44 N.25 mm 64 N.33 lbift) C : 1 2x 1 . 43 lbl.5 kgnm.EngineRemoval/lnstallation (cont'd) Installation Mount and Eracket Bolts/Nuts Torque Value Specifications: A: 10x '1.0kgt m.47 lbnft) B r 1 0x 1 .ft) Replace.5 kgf. 2 5 m m 59 N.61lbl.m (6.m.


mm 5.43 o @ @ @ @ @ 6-8.P07010A 07406 0020201 1A OTMAJ PY4O1 OTMAJ PY4O120 07406 0070300 07742 0010100 Description ValveGuideReamer. mm 50 Pressure GaugeAdapter A/'I PressureHose A"/T Pressure Hose. No.J @ @ @ @ \ @ a 6-2 .Tools Special \ Rel.001010A 07JAA 07JAB. 42 I orO-1 andO-2 @ o o e='T------_ts o \ ..*' .0010204 . 5 .0010404 07NAJ.5 Socket. mm 17 Holder andle H Air Stopper HolderAttachment. OTLAJ PR3O2OB 07NAB.2. m m 5 G oty PageRetsrsnce 6.10 6-4 6-4 6-4 6-4 6-4 6-41. g Tool Number OTHAH PJTOl OB .210mm A/T PressureAdapter A/f Low Pressure GaugeW/Panel V a l v e u i d eD r i v e r .

ON 2. ls there continuity? fleplace the VTEC pressrre switch. 2. 3. 3. Check tor poor conneqlionsor loose wires at VTEC oressure switch. Checkfor continuitybetween pressure VTEC switchconnector terminalNo.12V? YES (To page6-4) (cont'd) 6-3 . Do the enginecontrolmodule (ECM)/powertrain control mod (see ule (PCM)ResetProcedLrre section 11). Do the RoadTest. Turnthe ignition switch OFF. Disconnect the VTECPressure swrtchconnector. 2. lf the DTC P1259is not repeatedduring the first road test. sub3titute a known-good ECM/PCM rnd rech6ck. Startthe engine.000 or rpm (D16Y8 engine). VTECsolenoid valve and ECM/PCM.VTECControl System g Troubleshootin Flowchart (DTC) toolindicates Diasnostic Trouble Code Pl259: problem theVTEC A in Pressure Switch circuit or ---tFl2Egl Il"-:1"". Turnthe ignition switch (ll). Measure voltag€between the pressure VTEC switchconnec' tor No. 2. 1 and No. Intermittent failure. system is OK at this time. The MIL has beenreportedon. fll \3-l /Ta {sr-ulelrt I {9) Y -L Inspect for an open oa short to ground in the wir€ betweon tho VTECpressureswitch and ECM/ PCMtCls). Warm up the engine normal to operalingtemperature(coolingfan comeson). Holdthat enginespeed at least for two seconds.* l s D T C P 1 2 5 9i n d i c a t e d ? * RoadTest: A c c e l e r a t en l s t g e a r t o a n e n g i n es p e e do v e r 3 . 0 0 0r p m i (D16Y5 engine) 6. 1 and body ground. l e n o r d a l v e VItC So V crrcuit. I I WIFE SIOEOF FEMALE TERMINALS ls thereapprox. DTCP1259is stored. Refer to page 11 38 through 11'55 before troubleshooting. SIDEOF MALE TERMINAL TERMINALS vTM T6st the VTEC Pressur€ Switch Wi16: 1. VTECPRESSURE SWITCH CONNECTOR Test the VTECPresslre Switch: '1. 4. repeat thistesttwo moretimes. It the wire is OK. Checkthe VTECControl System: 1.

ll the wire ia OK. Disconnect VTECsolenoid the valveconnector. Startthe engineand check oil pressureat the following D e e n g i n es p e e d : 1 6 Y 5 n g i n e engine5000 3000rpm. 3ubstilut€ a known-good ECM/PCM . 07406-O070300 IOW PRESSURE GAUGE WPANEL HOSE A/T PRESSURE 07406.then reinstall pressure switch. 5 .nd rochock. Turnthe ignition switch 2 .-.nd A/T PRESSURE ADAPTER OTMAJ PYO12O ls the pressure above:D16Y5 kPa engine:250 (2. ls thereapprox.5kgflcm' . the VTEC (seesec3.0020201 A/T PRESSURE HOSE. WIRESIDEOF FEMALE TERMINAL Test the VTECSolonoidValve: OFF. PRESSURE GAUGE ADAPTER 07NAJ . Test the VTECSolenoidValvel 1.0kgf/cm' . R e m o v et h e V T E Cp r e s s u r e switch and installthe special tool as shown. PRESSURE GAUGEADAPTER 07NAJ. Startthe engine. 5000rpm.PY4O11A and A/T PRESSURE ADAPTER OTMAJ PY|{}l20 .5kgvcm?. 2-210 mm 07MAJ .VTECControlSystem Flowchart(cont'dl Troubleshooting (From page 6-3) SWITCH VTECPRESSURE CONNECTOR Tost the VTEC Pt.ssure Switch Wire: the Measure voltage across VTEC pressure switchconnector. 3.P07010A Insoectihe VTECsolenoidvalv6. kPa enginer390 36 psi).210nn 07MAJ . 1.57 psi)? In3oocttha VTECsolonoidvalve. Checkoii pressure the folD16Y5 lowing enginespeeds: e n g i n e :1 0 0 0a n d 3 0 0 0r p m . 2.12V? Ropair open in the wire batwe'€n VTEC Dr€66ureswitch and A10 or A23 ot tho ECM/FCM.PYlOltA .7psi)? A/T LOWPRESSURE W/PAiIEL 07406-0070300 LHOSE A/I PRESSURE 07i106 0020201 A/T PRESSURE HOSE. at 6.-t t N O T E :K e e pm e a s u r i n g i m e a s s h o r t a s possible engineis runningwith no because load(less than one minute). ls pressurebelow 49 kPa {0. Attach the baftery positiveter minal to the GFNIYEL termi' nal. the 4.P07010A (Topage6 5) 6-4 . D16YB rpm. Turnthe ignitionswitchOFF. 4..D16Y8 (4. Connect tachometer a t i o n1 1 ) . 2.W a r m u p e n g i n et o n o r m a l (cooling temperature operating fan comes on). 3000and Dl6Y8 engine:1000.

e: Checkfor continuity betweenthe VTECsolenoid valve connector terminal No. grouno. 4. 6-5 . Turn the ignitionswitchOFF. 3.lf symptom/ indic. 2.I Tosi tho VTEC Solenoid Valv€ Wi.tion goo3 away. 1 and bodyground.sure Switch: 1. ls there14. '12 above V 5. WIRESIOEOF FEMALE TERMINALS VTECSOLENOID VALVE CONNECTOR Tost tho VTEC Solenoid Valvo Whe: Checkfor continuity between the VTEC solenoidvalveconnector termin6lNo.000rpm? WIRESIDEOF FEMALE TERMINALS R€plac€the VTECpressureswitch. t--l I I I r5' Y ls therecontinuity? WIRESIDEOF FEMALE TERMINAL Sub3tituto a known-good ECM/ PCM and roch6ck. I andA8. VTEC SOLENOID VALVE CONNECTON Testth.30 O? l[-]f-r I I-L I TERMINAL SIDEOF MALE TERMINAL ReDlace VTECsolonoid valve. the VTECSOLENOID VALVE CONNECTOR ECMCONNECTOR A (32P1 tT-----. originel ECM/PCM. Turn the ignitionswitchOFF. With the batterypositiveterminal connected the VTEC to solenoidvalve. Checkfor continuitybetween the VTECsol€noid valve conneclorterminal 1 and body No. Staftthe engine.23 ls thsre approx.oplace th. .lFrom page6-4) ECMCONNECTORS c (3rP) A (32P1 T6t lhe VTECPr6. Reconnectthe VTEC pressure swrtchconnector. ws {GRN/YELI ls therecontinuhy? R€pair open in the wiro botweon the ECM/PCM{48} and VTECaotenoid valvoconnoclor. 2. VTECSolenoidValve: 1. r= I RoDair 3hort in the wire betwoon rho €cM/PcM (A8land VIEC sot€noid valv6 connoctor. 3. Disconnect batterypositive the terminalfrom the VTECsolenoidvalve.measure voltage betweenC15 and A'10or A.

2 ksf.and checkthe VTECsolenoidvalve filter for cloggrng.0mm 12 N. Measureresistance betweenthe terminaland body grouno.0mm 12 N. t a n dt h e e n g i n e i l .30 O 14 4. .8.m. Resistance: . lf the VTECsolenoidvalve is normal.m {1. 2.8. is removethe V T E Cs o l e n o i dv a l v e a s s e m b l y r o m t h e c y l i n d e r f head.7 lbtftl lf the resistance within specifications. 6x1. .7 lbf.push the VTECsolenoid valvewith your fingerand checkits movement.m (1. 6x1. l f t h e r e i s c l o g g i n g r e p l a c eh e e n g i n eo i l f i l t e r . If the filter is not clogged.2kgtm. o VTECSOLENOID VALVEASSEMBLY VTECSOLENOID VALVEFILTER Replace.VTECSolenoid Valve Inspection '1. Disconnect 'lP the connectorfrom the VTECsolenoid valve.checkthe engineoil} { o-o .

Remove cylinderheadcover. 3 . primary and secondaryintake rocker armsas an assembly check and thatthe pistons in the mid and primary rockerarms move smoothly. Remove cylinderheadcover. Setthe No. 2. MID ROCKER ARM SECONDARY ROCKER ARM . l f t h e i n t a k e m i d r o c k e ra r m d o e s n o t m o v e . 1 c y l i n d em a n u a l l y . lf any rockerarm needsreplacing. lf the intake rocker secondary arm does not move. . lvlove the intakesecondary rockerarm on the No. lf any rocker arm needs replacing. Setthe No. Pushthe intakemid rockerarm on the No.VTECRocker Arms ManualInspection(D16Y5 engine) 1. Check that the intake mid rocker arm movesindependently of the primary and secondaryintakerocker arms. of 2.mid. I pistonat TDC. replace prithe maryand secondary rocker armsas an assembly. removethe primaryand secondary intakerocker armsas an assembly and check that the pistons in t h e s e c o n d a r y n d p r i m a r yr o c k e ra r m s m o v e a smoothly. . . (D16Y8 ManualInspection engine) '1. removethe mid. Push pull. Checkthe intakemid rockerarm of each cylinderat TDC. 6-7 . 1 pistonat TDC. r Checkthat the intakesecondary rockerarm moves independently the primaryintakerockerarm. I cylind e rm a n u a l l y . the NOTE:Referto page 6-46when installing cylinthe der headcover. the NOTE:Referto page6-46when installing cylinthe der headcover. and ROCKER ROCKER PBIMARY PBIMARY ARM ARM SECONOARY ROCKER ARM C h e c kt h e i n t a k es e c o n d a r yr o c k e ra r m o f e a c h cylinderat TDC. and secondaryrockerarms as an assemoly.replacethe primary. .

Arms VTECRocker (D16Y5 engine) Inspection Using SpecialTools CAUTION: . Loosenthe regulatorvalve on the valve inspection tool and apply specifiedair pressureto the intake rockera. P u l l t hd i a a n d e l turnto adjust. tool. SpecifiedAir Prossure: 250 kPa {2. 10 x 1.. Plugthe reliefhole with the special Y' OTLAJ_ PR3O2OB l0 x 1. 57 psil. 1. . . 36 psil 6-8 .PR3O2OB Remove cylinderheadcover. the the NOTE:Referto page6-46when installing cylinder headcover.5 kgt/cm. Checkthe intakepdmary rockerarm of eachcylinderat TDC. a tnspectthe valve clearancebgfore rocker arm inspectlon. make sure that the air pressuregaugs on the air compressor indicatesover iloo kPa {4 kgt/cm'. Eelore using the Valve Inspection Tool.0 mm ADAPTER TNSPECTTON HOLE VALVEINSPECTION TOOL (Commercially available) . 14lbf'ft} AIR STOPPER OTLAJ. Coverthe timing belt with a shop towalto protect the belt. 3. Remove the sealing bolt trom the inspection hole and connect the Valve Inspection Tool.m timing piston.0mm BOLT SEALING 20 N'm {2 0 kgf'm.

W i t h t h e t i m i n g p l a t ee n g a g e dn t h e g r o o v eo n i t h e t i m i n g p i s t o n . The synchronizing pistoncan be seen in the gap betlveen secondary the and primaryrockerarms.the synchronizing pistonwill snap backto its originalposition.lettingthe returnspring move pistonto its originalposition.push up the timing plate. TIMI]TG PLATE TIMII{GPLATE TIMII{G PLATE SPRII{G --il. the synchronizing .5. Visually checkthe engagement the synchronizing of piston. After inspection.the synchronizing piston will pop out and engage the intakesecondary rockerarm. Remove special the tools. A|R PNESSURE $ PRIMARY ROCKEB ARM TIMING SYNCHRONIZI''IG PISTON TIMINGSPRING 6-9 . it releases the timing piston. Stop applyingair pressure and push up the timing plate. NOTE: . check that the malfunction indicator lamp (MlL)does not comeon. When the timing plate is pushedup. . Visuallycheckthe disengagement the synchroof nizingpistons. otL PASSAGE ROCKER PRIMARY ARM TIMINGSPRIIIIG SECO'{OAFY ARII ROCKER RETURIT SPRI G SY CHRONIZING PISTON TIMING PISTO SECONDARY ROCKER ARM 1. Replace intakerockerarms as an assembly the if eitherdoes not work correctlt. With the specified pressure air applied.t h e p i s t o n i s l o c k e di n t h e pushedout position. NOTE: . 6.

57 psi). .0kgt.. 1. tion. Y ' HOLE RELIEF OTLAJ PR3O2OB \ TOOL (Commercially available) . \ q 6-10 . P u l l t h e i a la n d d turn to adlust.I VTECRocker Arms Inspection Using Special Tools(D16Y8 engine) CAUTION: . Before using the Valve Inspection Tool. a Inspectthe valve clearancebelore rocker arm inspec.ln 12. Cover the timing belt with a shop towel to protect the belt. . and connect ValveInspection the 1 0x 1 . Checkthe intake primary rocker arm of each cylinder at TDC. Plugthe reliefholewith the special tool.m. make sure that the air pressuregauge on the air compressor indicales over il00 kPa (4 kgt/cm. 0m m SEALINGBOI-T 20 N. Removethe sealing bolt from the inspectionhole Tool. 14 lbf. the NOTE:Refer page6-46when installing cylinder to the neaocover. 3.ft) Remove cylinderheadcover.

5 kgf/cm. 6-11 . U s e a 1 0 m m d i a m e t e rr o d t o d e p r e s se a c h l o s t motionassembly throughits full movement. Loosenthe regulatorvalve on the valve inspection tool and apply the specifiedair pressureto the rocker arm synchronizingpistonAVB.. 36 psi) PRIMARY ROCKER ARM MIDROCKER ARM SECONDARY ROCKER ARM Remove special the tools. replacethe rockerarms as a set. checkthat the MIL does not come on. 7. SDecified Prsssure: Air 250 kPa {2. Replace any lost motion assemblythat does move smoothly. TIMING PISTON SYNCHRONIZING SYNCHRONIZING PISTON A PISTON B Make sure that the intake primary and secondary rockerarms are mechanically connectedby the piston and that the mid rockerarm does not move when pushed manually.4. ASSEMBLY After inspection. lf any intakemid rockerarm moves independently of the primary and secondaryrocker arms.

0.0. and TDCmarksshould align with the cylinderhead surface. Dl6Yg engines: INTAKEand EXHAUST VALVE LOCKNUTS 20 N.8kgt m. '1. 5.m.retorquethe crankshaftpulley bolt (seepage6-16). Remove cylinderheadcover.3 o.18. Intake: 0.m 12. 13 lbf. 1 cylinder. and turn the adjustment until the feeler gauge slides back and forth with a slight mount f drag.23.011inl Adiusting 3crew locations: INTAKE No. Remove uppercover(seepage5-19).RefertopageG46wheninstalling cylinder neaocover. VALVE INTAKE ExHAUST and LOCKNUTS 18 N. Adiustvalveson No. V a l v e ss h o u l d b e a d j u s t e d n l y w h e n t h e c y l i n d e r o (38"C).27mm (0. the Do rockgrarms are madeol aluminum. the the NOTE. the "UP" mark on the camSet the No. shaft pulleyshouldbe at top. Alter adjusting.Valve Clearance Adjustment NOTE: .ftl \ { "UP" MARK TOCMARKS D16Y5.22mm 10. screw Loosenthe locknut.2 \ "/ o-tz t6 at^ . 1 pistonat TDC. 14 lbnft) { 4.009 0.0kgf.007 0.m (1.4 No. a o D16Y7 engine: CAUTIONT not overtighten the locknuts. is headtemperature lessthan 100"F .009in) Exhaust: 0.

B o t h T D C g r o o v e sa r e onceagainvisible. 2 pistonto TDC. 2 cylinder. (camRotatethe crankshaft 180"counterclockwise shaftpulleyturns 90"). Repeat adjustment necessary. 4 cylinder.Adjustvalveson No.UP'MARK -UP" MARK 6-13 . 4 p i s t o nt o T D C .6. R o t a t et h e c r a n k s h a f t1 8 0 " c o u n t e r c l o c k w i s t o e b r i n g N o . 3 cylinder.and checkthe clearance again. .The "UP" mark should be on the intake side. Tightenthe locknut.Adjustvalveson No.The "UP" mark shouldbe on the exhaust side. 9. Adjustvalveson No. FEELER GAUGE 7. the if 8. Rotate crankshaft the 180"counterclockwise bring to No.

1. 7.Pump air into the cylinderto keep the valve closedwhile springsand removingthe valve keepcompressing ers. Remove fuel injectors with the tool. Alway wear approved eye protection when !@ usingthe in-carvalvespringcompressol. mount Uslngthe 8 mm bolts supplied t h e t w o u p r i g h t st o t h e c y l i n d e rh e a d a t t h e e n d T c a m s h a l th o l d e r s . lnsertan air adaptorinto the sparkplug hole. Position the lever arm underlhe crossshaft so the leveris perpendicular the shaftand the compresto sor attachmentrests on top of the retainerfor the spring being compressed. 4 hole of the leverarm with the speedpin supplied. 'l Turn the crankshaft that the No. 5.o nY A 8 8 4 5w i t h YA8845 2A7l8" attachment). Remove cylinderheadcoverand the rockerarm the assemoty. and the No. shown below applieswhen usingthe inThe procedure c a r v a l v e s p r i n g c o m p r e s s o r( S n a p .T h e b o l t s w i l l k e e pt h e h o l d e r s . R e f e rt o p a g e 6 3 0 f o r r o c k e r a r m a s s e m b l y removal. N O T E : P u t s h o p t o w e l s o v e r t h e o a l p a s s a g e st o prevent the valve keepers from falling into the cylinOIL PASSAGES lntake Valve Sealsi 6. NOTE: . q OIL PASSAGES 6. 4 so pistonsare at top deadcenter(TDC).Use the front position slot on the leveras shown.and fastenthe attachment the No. 3. attachSelectthe 7/8 in diametershort compressor to ment.Valve Seals (Cylinder head removalnot required) Replacement N O T E :C y l i n d e rh e a d r e m o v a li s n o t r e q u i r e di n t h i s procedure. h e u p r i g h t sf i t o v e r t h e c a m shaftas shown. t W h e n r e m o v i n go r i n s t a l l i n gh e r o c k e ra r m h a s s e m b l yd o n o t r e m o v et h e c a m s h a f t o l d e r . the and the wire harness. COMPRESSOR SPRING IN-CAR 2.1 4 L . s b o l t s . Referto page 6-46 when installingthe cylinder headcover. p r i n g s and rockerarmson the shaft. Insertthe cross shaft through the top hole of the two uPflghts.

and the keepersin 1 8 .the retainers reverse orderof removal. Installthe springs. the 1 6 . compressthe valvespringand removethe keepers from t h e v a l v e s t e m .Use the front position slot on the leveras shown. 1 9 .the retainers reverse orderof removal. 15. t N O T E :P u t s h o p t o w e l s o v e r t h e o i l p a s s a g e so prevent from fallinginto the cylinthe valvekeepers der head. Remove valveseals(seepage6-38).J 9. 1 7 . lnstallthevalveseals(seepage6-43).and fastenthe attachment the No. S l o w l y r e l e a s ep r e s s u r eo n t h e sPring. Position the lever arm underthe crossshaft so the to leveris perpendicular the shaftand the compressor attachmentrests on top of the retainerfor the spring being compressed. the in and the keepers 1 2 .2 hole of the leverarm with the speedpin supplied. Repeat steps6 to 18 on the othercylinders. COMPRESSOR IN. attachSelect the 7/8 in.CABSPRING A 7/8 in SHORT 6-15 . S l o w l y r e l e a s ep r e s s u r eo n t h e spnng. Install valveseals(seepage6-43. ExhaustValve Seals: t5. comfrom pressthe valvespringand removethe keepers t h e v a l v e s t e m . Remove valveseals(seepage6-38). 1 4 . Installthe springs. diametershort compressor to ment.. Using a downward motion on the lever arm. the 1 0 . Using a downward motion on the lever arm. 1 1 .

Torque: 20 N'm (2. TIMING BELT GUIDE PLATE Crankshaftpull€y bolt siz€ and torque value: 14 x 1. lil lbf'ft] + 90" NOTE:Do not usean impactwrenchwhen installing.Crankshaft Pulleyand PulleyBolt Replacement W h e n i n s t a l l i n g n d tightening the pulley.0 kgf.icate CRANKSHAFT 1. 14 lbf. 3. C l e a n .) MARKING \ o-to L- t^ at^ . a n d l u b r i c a t ep o i n t s s h o w n below.m.0 kgf'm.ftl Use a felt tip pen to mark the pulley bolt head and wasner.DER HANDII o'JAB. mm 17 o'JAA .r e m o v e a n y o i l . }IOI.m (2. O: Clean x: Remove any oil a: Lub. mm 50 07 AB .tD1020A HOLDER ATTACHMENT. SOCKET.25mm 20 N. follow the a procedure below.ihbl.00100A EMBOSSING MARKS Tightenthe pulleybolt an additional 90'.rcillly rv. Tightenthe pulleybolt to the specified torque.@1010Aot lComm.

0 kgf. . the . damaged deterioraled.25mm 20 N. Replacethe camshaft seals and crankshaft seals if there is oil leakage.0mm 9.Timing Belt lllustrated Index NOTE: .25mm Replace.ftl 6-17 .ftl Applyengineoil to the bolt threads. page6-16 Do not use an impact wranchwhen installing.m (3. Mark the direction of rotation on the belt before removing.trl RUBAER SEALS Replace when damaged or deterioratod.8 N. CYLINDER HEAD COVER Referto page6 46 when installing. lia lbf. Clean the upper cover and lower cover before installing. Referto page 6-16 before installing the timing belt. 6-18 page6-18 Adjustment. 2 k g l ' m . O.m. Refer page to for 6-20 howto position crankshaft pulley the and before installing belt.27 lbf.8 kg{. . 1. LOWER COVER RUBBER PLUG CRANKSHAFT PULIEY page6-16 Replacement. 4. HEADCOVER GASKET Replace when leaking.0 kgf.ft) + 90' Replacement.1 2 N m 1 1 .m {4.0mm 9.0kgl.m {2. UPPER COVER 6x1. 33 lbtft) 8. 0 m m 10r 1.m.m.2 tbl. CRANKSHAFT FLUCTUATION SPEED ICKF)SENSOR page6'22 Replacement. @y @ TIMINGBELT page Inspectaon.1N.m 11.RING 6 x 1 . page6. 7. or Applyliquidgasket at the tour corners the of recesses.25mm 37 N.2 tbtftt TIMINGBELT DRIVEPULLEY page6-16 Replacement. 8 x 1. a .7 lbf. page6-19 Removal.5 kgf.m. PULLEY BOLT 1a x 1. 6x1.8 N.m ll.20 lnstaliation. Do not use the upper cover and lower cover for storing removed items.m.

bolt. NOTE: .m {4. . Remove uppercover(seepage6-19).5kgf m. on the camshaft 7. Remove rtppercover(seepage6-19). Setthe No.Timing Belt Inspection 1 . the . to NOTE: . Tightenthe adjusting pulleybolt the crankshaft After inspecting.R o t a t i n g t c l o c k w i s e may result in improper adjustmentof the belt tension. Remove any oil or solventthat gets on the belt. the ? Inspect the timing belt for cracksand oil or coolant soaking.retorque the crankshaftpulley bolt (seepage6-16). . Replace belt if oil or coolantsoaked. retorque (seepage6-16). Refer page6-46when instslling. \ . the to five or six revolutions set Rotatethe crankshaft the belt. 1 pistonat TDC(seepage6-2'1). to TensionAdjustment CAUTION: Always adiust the timing belt tension wiih th€ engine cold. Alwavs rotatethe crankshaft when counterclockwise i v i e w e df r o m t h e p u l l e y s i d e . Remove cylinderheadcover. counterclockwise three teeth Rotatethe crankshaft pulley. the . BOLT ADJUSTING 44 N. Refer page6-46when installing. Remove cylinderheadcover. and inspect After inspecting. Inspectthe timing belt beforeadjustingthe belt tenston. Loosen adjusting the bolt 180'. 33 tbtft) Rotatepulley belt. the . The tensioneris spring-loaded applytensionto the to after makingthe following adjustbelt automatically menr. 4. 1 . 5.

8N.m.ft) LOWER 5xl.8Nm(1.A.2 tbt.25mm 24 N.m.Removal NOTE: .m. a Make sure to place a cushion between the oil pan and the jack.ftl MOUNTINGNUT 10 x 'l.0mm 9. In very low temperatures {under-20"F.m l2.4 kgt. 7. 8. replace timing belt at 60. 43"C).m. Remove splashshield(seepage5-7). Remove upperbracket the NOTE: . 17 lbf.5ksf. Replace timing belt at 105. UPPER COVER 6x1.m./C) compressorbelt (seepage 5-6).000 (Canada). Usea jackto supponthe enginebeforethe upper bracketis removed.m {1.25mm 24 N m {2. .m.-29"C). 17 lbt. 17lbnftl kgf L o o s e nt h e i d l e r p u l l e yc e n t e rn u t a n d a d j u s t i n g bolt. Remove crankshaft the pipe. .25mm 44 N. Inspectthe water pump before installingthe timing belt {seepage10-12). lf the vehicleregularyis driven in one or more of the kgf. .) 100. 33 tbtft) (cont'd) 6-19 .25 mm 24N. then remove the air conditioning(A. (seepage6-29). Turn the crankshaft pulley so the No. 7.ft) IDLER BRACKET 8 x 1.25mm 2ir N.000 the miles{168.4 m.m 12. the Loosen mountingbolt and lockbolt. Removethe dipstick. P/S PUMP BELT 7. pulley(seepage6-'16).m(2. km . then removethe upper cover and idler pulleybracket. In very high temperatures (over110'F.000 th€ miles(U.2 6. Remove lower coverand dipstick the NOTE: Do not use the lower cover to store removed tems. 17 tbt.m (4.4 kgf.ft) 5. the powe. 8 x 1.2 1 ) . 1 . ALTERNATOR BELT LOCKBOLT 8 x 1. Loosen mountingnut and lockbolt.then remove the the alternatorbelt.0kgf. NOTE: Do not use the upper cover to store removed |tems.then remove the (P/Sl pump beltand pump.0kgf.S.0mm 9.steering MOUNTINGEOLT 8 x 'l.000 km) (normalconaccording the maintenance to schedule ditions/severe condition). 1 piston is at top dead center(TDC)beforeremovingthe belt (see p a g e6 .

Align the TDC marks on the camshaft pulley to the cylinder head surface.Pushthe tensioner t o r e m o v e t e n s i o n f r o m t h e t i m i n g b el t . Loosenthe adjustingbolt 180". 1 pisAlign the grooveon ton is at top deadcenter(TDC).2 kglm. Remove timing belt. Set the timing belt drive pulleyso that the No.m.trl 1 0 . 2.7 tbt. KEY Set the camshaft pulley to TDC. ADJUSTING BOLT +l N. 33 tbtftt 11. Remove CKFsensor the from the oil oumo.5 kgl. the .Timing Belt (cont'dl Removal 9. TIMING BELT ORIVEPULLEY Clean.m 14. here. TDCMABK FOINTER 'i 12 N. the timing belt drive pulleyto the pointeron the oil oumo. Only key pointsare described 1. Installation Install timing belt in the reverse the orderof removal. 8. t h e n retighten adjusting the bolt.m lr.

See section22 fot NC compressorbelt tension adJustment. Installthelowercoverand uppercover. Seesection 17for P/Spump belt tensionadjustment.then tightenthe pulley Installthe crankshaft bolt (seepage6-16). on Then reinstall timing belt. 7. Adjustthe timing belt tension(seepage6-18). remove the timing belt and adjust the positionfollowingthe procedure page 6-20. Checkthat the crankshaft ley are both at TDC. pulley about five or sjx turns Rotatethe crankshaft counterclockwise that the timing belt positions so on the pulleys. pulley-)@Waterpump pulley'-r@Camshaft N O T E :M a k es u r et h e t i m i n g b e l t d r i v e p u l l e ya n d camshaft are Dullev at TDC. belt tensionadjustSee section23 for alternator ment.a 3. l f t h e c a m s h a f to r c r a n k s h a f p u l l e y i s n o t p o s i t tioned at TDC. the ' It . TOC MARK '10. After installation. . pulley and camshaftpul9. adjustthe tensionof eachbelt. CRANKSHAFT PULLEY: (WHITEI PULLEY: CAMSHAFT "UP" MARK Loosenand retightenthe adjustingbolt to tension the timing belt. N O T E :C l e a nt h e u p p e r a n d l o w e r c o v e r sb e f o r e installation. the j@Adjusting oTiming belt drive pulley(crankshaft) pulley. 6. 6-21 . . pulley. . Install timing belttightly in the sequence shown.

the NOTE:Refer page6 46 when installing.0mm kgf. 6-22 .2 8.m {'1. Remove crankshaft the ( R e m o v et h e u p p e r c o v e r a n d d i p s t i c k / p i p e s e e p a g e6 1 9 ) .m. R e m o v et h e l o w e r c o v e r a n d i d l e r p u l l e yb r a c k e t (seepage6-19). 12 N. the then remove the CKFsensor. Remove cylinderheadcover. Disconnect CKFsensorconnector.7 tbtftl 6.SpeedFluctuation Crankshaft (CKF) Sensor Replacement 1. InstalltheCKFsensorin reverse orderof removal. CKFSENSOR CONNECTOR CKFSENSOR 6x1. to pulley(seepage6 16).

25 mm 24 N.6 N.. Apply liquidgasket at the four corners ofthe recesses. damagedor det6riorated. 6x1.m.0mm 9.then remove any soapsudsafter installing rubberseal.0kgf.ftl CYLINDER HEAD GASKET Replace.m (2. OISTRIBUTOR Seesection23. Applyongin6 oilto the threads.m 16.4 kqf.m. 17 lbfft) OOWEL PINS {cont'd) 6-23 . wait until the engine coolant temperature drops below 100"F138'Clbetore removing the cylinder head.m.7. a9 lbf. 17 tbf. When handling a metal gaskel. Replace when damaged or deteriorated.m (1. CYLINDER HEADBOLT 10 x 1:25mm 67 N.when installing headcover. NOTE:Usenew O-ringsand gaskets when reassembling.0 kgf.2lbtft) Applysoapsuds threads to and cylinder head contactsurfacewhen replacingthe rubber seal. RUBBER SEAI. To avoid damage.CylinderHead lllustratedIndex CAUTION: .25mm 24 N.8 kgt. 8 x 1.m {2.m. CYLINDER HEAO COVEB Beferto page6-46.ftl page&46 Tightening. take care not to told it or damagethe contact surface. WASHER Replace when damaged or deteriorated. cylinder HEADCOVER GASKET Replace when leaking. CYLINDER HEAD 8 x 1. .

0 kgf.ft) Applyengineoil to the threaos. page6-41 page6.ftl Applyengineoil 10the 6x1. dry to D16Y7 engine: I x 1. Replacement. them and applylubricant any contactparts.25 m m 20 N. page6-43 Installation.m. ROCKER ARM ASSEMELY page6-30 6-40 Valveseatreconditioning.m 12. VALVEKEEPERS c " OIL CONTROL ORIFICE Clean. EXHAUST VALVE page6 27 Removal. . Warpage.0mm 12 N. 27 tbt. 8.43 Reaming.2kgf. INTAKEVALVE page6-38 Removal.reassembling.Cylinder Head lllustratedIndex(cont'dl Priorto.m (1.7 lbf. VALVESPRING SEAT EXHAUST VALVE GUIDE page6-39 Inspection.25mm 37 N.8kgtm.ftl Applyengineoil to the threads. 6-24 . O-RING Replace.m. page 6-40 page6 45 Installation. page6-35 Inspection. cleanall the partsin solvent. B AKE VALVE SPRING AKEVALVESEAL ReplaceVALVESPRING SEAT INTAKEVALVE GUIDE VALVEKEEPERS RET SPRING EXHAUST VAL SPRING EXHAUST VALVE SEAL Replace. 8 x 1. 14 lbf.m (3.

EXHAUST VALVE INTAKEVALVE Removal. VTECSOLENOID VALVEFILTER Replace. 6x1. 14 lbf.m 13.8. 37 N.0 Apply engineoilto the threads. VALVE SPRING SEAT INTAKE VALVE GUIDE CAMSHAFT PULLEY VALVEKEEPERS RETAINER SPRING EXHAUSTV SPRING EXHAUST VALVE SEAL Beolace.0mm 12 N.7 rbt. page 6-40 page6-45 Installation.2kgf.7 lbf. HEAD page6'27 Removal.D16Y5 engine: 8 x 1. OIL SEAL Replace. (cont'd) 6-25 . OIL CONTROL ORIFICE Clean.m.page6-40 Valveseatreconditioning. ' VALVE SEAT Replace. GUIDE page6 39 Inspection.ftl VALVEKEEPERS SPBINGRETAINER wEc solENoro VALVE VALVE INTAKE SPRING INTAKEVALVESEAL Replace.m. 6x1.m.m 12.2 8. page6-34 Inspection. ROCKER ARM ASSEMBLY page6-30 Removal. Warpage. page6-43 Reaming. 8 x 1.8 27 lbl-ltl Applyengineoilto the threads.m {1.page6-38 page6-43 Installation.m 11. CAMSHAFT page6-36 Inspection.25mm kg{. page6-41 Replacement.0mm 12 N.ftl Apply engineoilto the threads.25mm kgf.ft) 20 N.

page6 30 Inspection. page6.m (1. page6-27 Installation. page6-39 Replacement. page6 36 VAI-VEKEEPERS "E F WEC SOLENOID VALVEFILTER Replace.2kgf m. SPRING RETAINEF INTAKE VALVE SPRING INTAKEVALVESEAL Replace. page6-34 6x1.43 page6 40 Warpage.m 13.8 kgtm.fil CAMSHAFT lnspection. LOSTMOTION ASSEMBLY ROCKER ARM ASSEMBLY Bemoval. INTA(E VALVE EXHAUST CYLINDER HEAD Removal. them and apply rubricant any contactparts. 1 4 l b f f t l Apply engine oil to the threads.page6-45 6-26 . Valveseatreconditioning. creanallthe partsin sorvent. page6 38 VALVE Removal.0mm 12 N.m 11. VALVESPRING SEAT INTAKEVALVE GUIOE \$ OIL CONTROL ORIFICE Clean. 21 tbt.7 tbf.0mm 12 N.'ation. VALVEKEEPERS SPRING RET EXHAUST VALVE SPRING @ 8 x 1. page6-41 page6-43 Reaming.2 8.25mm 37 N.25mm 2 0 N . m { 2 . dry to D16Y8 engine: I x 1.ftl A p p l ye n g i n e i l t o o the threads_ EXHAUST VALVE SEAL Replace. 0k g f .7 lbl ft) Applyengineoil to the threads. O-R|NG EXHAUST VALVE Reptace cUtDE lnspection. m . otL Replace. page6'40 lnsta. 8. 6x1.CylinderHead lllustrated Index (cont'd) 'E Priorto reassembling.

Remove radiator the capto speeddraining. Adjustthe throftlecablewhen installing tion11). {cont'd) 6-27 . Drainthe enginecoolant(seepage10-6). then remove the air conditioning{Ay'C) compressor belt (seepage5-6). Remove the throttlecableby loosening the locknut. t h e n removethe alternator belt (seepage6-19). L o o s e nt h e m o u n t i n g n u t a n d l o c k b o l t . Takecarenot to bendthe cablewhen removingit. 8. . Alwaysreplace kinked any cablewith a new one. L o o s e nt h e i d l e r p u l l e y c e n t e rn u t a n d a d j u s t i n g bolt. Turnthe crankshaft top deadcenter(seepage6-21).or interferewith other parts. 7. Make surs lacks and safety stands are @ placed properly and hoist brackets are aftached to the corrcct positions on ihe engins. . . then slip the cableend out of the throttlelinkage. Also. CAUTION: . t h e n remove the power steering (P/S) pump belt and pump (seepage5-5). R e m o v et h e m o u n t i n g b o l t a n d l o c k b o l t . . 1 pistonis at . To avoid damaging the cylinder head. (seesec. pulleyso thatthe No. Remove P/Spump bracket the {seepage5-12).Removal for Engineremovalis not required this procedure. D16Y7 engine: LOCKNUT Removethe intakeair duct and air cleanerhousing (seepage5-3). wait until the e n g i n e c o o l a n l t e m p o r a t u r od r o p s b e l o w 1 0 0 ' F (38"G) before looseningthe retaining bolts. NOTE: . Unplug the wiring conneqtorscarefully while holding th9 conngctol portion to avoid damage. Inspect the timing belt before removingthe cylinder head. L Disconnect negative the terminalfrom the battery. Uso fonder covers lo avoid damaging painted surfacss. NOTE: o Mark all wiring and hoses to avoid misconnection. be surethat they do not contactother wiring or hoses.

ft) PCVHOSE 6-28 .m 13. Keep op€n flame or 3park away from th9 work area. Relieve fuel pressure Do not smokewhile working on the fuel E@ systgm.4kgf.m. D16Y7 engine: 11.CylinderHead Removal(cont'dl (seesectionl1). D16Y7 engine: WATEBBYPASS \ BANJO BOLT 33 N. 9.fuel feed hoseand breather hose. 25tbtftl BREAIHER HOSE D15Y5. D16Y8 engines: BANJO BOLT 33 N.fuel return hoseand vacuumhose(seepage5-4). 10. 12.m. Remove the brakeboostervacuumhose.m{3. 2s tbf. Removethe water bypasshose and positivecrank(PCV) caseventilation hose. Drain tuel only into an approved containgr.4 kgf. Removethe evaporativeemission (EVAP)control canister hose.

heater hose and water bypass hose.l 6-29 . ldle air control(lAC)valveconnector (cont'd) '. Remove the upperbracket.ftl UPPER BRACKET WATER BYPASS HOSE UPPER RADIATOR HOSE HEATER HOSE c a 1 4 .5kgt m. the nector a ECTswitchconnector a ECTgaugesendingunit connector a Throttlepositionsensorconnector ( p M a n i f o l da b s o l u t e r e s s u r e M A P )s e n s o rc o n nector P r i m a r yh e a t e d x y g e ns e n s o r( p r i m a r yH O 2 S ) o connector S e c o n d a r yh e a t e do x y g e n s e n s o r ( s e c o n d a r y (D16Y7 HO2S) connector engine) (EGR) valve lift sensor Exhaustgas recirculation (D16Y5 connector engine) VTECsolenoid valve connector(Dl6Y5. engrnes. R e m o v e h e e n g i n ew i r e h a r n e s s o n n e c t o r s n d t wire harness clampsfrom the cylinderheadand the intakemanitold.25fim 7{ N. a Fourfuel injector connectors ( a E n g i n ec o o l a n tt e m p e r a t u r eE C T ) e n s o rc o n s 17. 12x 1. NOTE: . M a k e s u r e t o p l a c ea c u s h i o nb e t w e e nt h e o i l pan and the jack. D16Y8 engrnes) D16Y8 VTECpressure switch connector(D16Y5. .m (7. 1 5 . 16. 54 tbf. Remove cylinderheadcover. U s e a j a c k t o s u p p o r tt h e e n g i n eb e f o r et h e is upperbracket removed. R e m o v e t h e u p p e r radiatorhose.1 3 . R e m o v e h e s p a r kp l u g c a p sa n d d i s t r i b u t ofrr o m t the cylinderhead.

m.the springsand the rockerarms on the shaft.m {3.0mm 8 x 1. 22. Removethe cylinder head bolts. the pulleyand backcover. CYLINDER HEADBOLTSLOOSENING SEOUENCE: Unscrewthe camshaft holder bolts.The bolts will keep the camshaftholders.8kgf. Remove timing belt (seepage6-19).f'In:J$::'"''n" 2. Remove camshaft the CAMSHAFT PULLEY when installing. not do removethe camshaftholderbolts. . in a crisscross ing the valvesor rockerarm assembly.CylinderHead Removal(cont'd) 1 8 . Remove the intakemanifold(seepages9-2thru 4). then remove the rockerarm assembly. 2't tbftr) f:.25mm 37 preventdamag time. When removingthe rockerarm assembly. Unscrew camshaft the holderboltstwo turns at a pattern. NOTE: . 20. repeat the sequence until allbolts are loossned. CAMSHAFT HOLDER SOLTSLOOSENING SEOUENCE: 6-30 . (seepages and9-6). Clean Rocker Arms Removal 1. Remove exhaust the manifold 9-5 21. unscrew the bolts in sequencel/3 turn at a time. ADJUSTING SCREWS \ 6xl. 1 9 . Loosen adjusting the screws. then removethe c y l i n d eh e a d . r CAUTION:To prev€nt warpage.

3CAMSHAFT | No.. springsand rockerarmson the shaft. them and apply lubricant any contactpoints.corl INTAKE ROCKER ARMA la pl. Inspect rockershaftsand rockerarms (seepage6-35). .Bl n] [n.c$l INTAKE ROCKER i I I ROCKER SHAFT COLLAR 14placesl ofr ffi* dT*. INTAKE ROCKER ARM B (4 pl. in .2CAMSHAFTIl | B A \ " A HoLDER Lal HoLDER [6] i _ t . When removingor installingtherockerarmassembly.Disassembly/Reassembly NOTE: . not removethecamshaft holderbolts. to Priorto reassembling. .l "' r' lJll-No. ldentifypartsas they are removed ensurereinstallation originallocations. to in . dry D16Y7 engine: Letter "8" is stamped on rockerarm. UTU " l ^ SHAFT R(rcKER SPRING (4 plac.The boltswill keepthe do holders.\ft t G t I . Rocker arms must be installed the samepositionif reused. cleanall the partsin solvent.d"h] H \d*hl a A B I ru (cont'd) 6-31 .

. .The boltswill keepthe holders. /E P r i o r t or e a s s e m b l i nc l . a t SHAFT INTAKE ROCKER \ D16Y5 engine: ROCKER ARMS ROCKER SHAFT COLLAR No. Inspect page rocker shafts rocker and arms(see 6-34). springsand rockerarms on the shaft. When removingor installing rockerarm assembly. a n l l t h e p a r t si n s o l v e n td r y t h e ma n da p p l yl u b r i c a n t t o n yc o n t a cp o i n t s . Letter "A" is stamped 6-32 . Rocker arms must be installed the same positionif reused. in . ldentify pansastheyareremoved ensure reinstallationoriginal to in locations. not removethe camshaft the do holderbolts. 5 CAMSHAFT HOLOER [u Hlw € l 'l I I EXHAUST ROCKER ARM 8 {4 placesl EXHAUST ROCKER SHAFT EXHAUST ROCKER ARM A 14placesl IR SHAFT Letter"8" is stamped on rocker arm. ge a .Rocker Arms (cont'd) Disassembly/Reassembly NOTE: .

fxll^\ rvni< NO. 3 CAMSHAFT HOLDEB fla H+nllf{ - lu!4ut Etue J No. 4 CAMSHAFT HOLDER No.\ EXHAUSTROCKER SHAFT Letter "B" is stamped Letter "A" is stamped 6-33 .LDER I l -t r-{W l-Jf FOCKEB SHAFT SPRING (4 place3) ARM B I )rJfiF t v t \ €XHAUST ROCKEB A8M {4 placesl fll \ No.-o" .1 CAMSHNFT HI H.urtg I l- ] . 2 CAMSHAFT HOLDER tre / 0lluIJllt LF rs.D16Y8 engine: INTAKEROCKER SHAFT ROCKER SHAFT COLLAB ROCKER ARMS INTAK€ BOCKER ARM ASSEMBLY RUBBER AAND / coLLAR "o._.

Test it by pushingthe plungerwith your finger. \ RETURN D16Y5 engine: PRIMARYROCKER ARM TIMINGPISTON TIMI G SPRING SYNCHRO ENG PISTOI{ CAMSHAFTHOI. Inspection D16Y8 enginesl t N O T E :W h e n r e a s s e m b l i n gh e p r i m a r y r o c k e ra r m .replace it. a Bundlethe rockerarms with a band to preventthem from separating.l f t h e l o s t m o t i o n a s s e m b l yp l u n g e rd o e s n o t move smoothly.lf it does not move smoothly.DER D16Y8 engine: . the . 1. { 6-34 . . Inspect rockerarm piston.replace the rocker arm assemory.Pushit manually. o t a c a r e f u l l y p p l y a i r p r e s s u r eo t h e o i l p a s s a g e f t h e rocker arm. Apply ojlto the pistons when reassembling. Removethe lost motion assemblyfrom the holder and inspectit. D16Y5 engine: NOTE:Set the timing plate and returnspring as shown \.Rocker Arms and Lost Motion Assemblies (D16Y5.{ 2. ARM MIOROCKEB Pu!h PRIMARYROCKER t MOTON ASSEMBLY LOST sYt{cHRof$ztlrlc PISTON A NOTE: .

054mm Exhaust: 0. 6-35 .050mm (0. on .RockerArms and Shafts lnspection Clearance Measure both the intakerockershaft and exhaustrocker shaft.0020 in) . Zerothe gaugeto the shaftdiameter. 1. Measure the diameterof the shaftat the first rocke.0007 0. Inspect rocker arm Reoeat thesemeasurements all the rockers.017 0. replace nce lim the rocker shaftand all overtolerance rocker arms.08mm (0.0007 0. 3. tocauon.018 (0.lf the cleara is overthe service it. RockerArm-to-Shaft Clearance: Standard lNew): Intake: 0.0021in) Service Limit:0. Measure the insidediameterof the rockerarm and checkfor an out-of-round condition.003 in) 2.0.

6 mm bolts: 12 N. Replacethe c a m s h a f ti f a n y l o b e s a r e p i t t e d .ft) Apply engine oil to the th. 6 mm bolts:@.m 14 lbf'ft) Apply engine oil to the threads.then removethe camshaftholders from the cvlinderhead. .m 8.006in) ServiceLimit: 0.Place plastigage a strip acrosseachjournal. @ Seatthe camshaftby pushingit toward the rear of the cylinderhead.o r excesslvely worn. Push the camshaftback and forth. and tightenthe boltsto the camshaft the soecified torque. Spocifiodtorqu€: 8 mm bolts: 20 N.Cleanthe camshaftbearingsurfaces the cylinin der head.0 kgf.2 kgf.then tightenthe boltsto the specified torque. Camshaft Inspection NOTE: .m 12.r.m (1. @ @. .5 mm (0. Zerothe dial indicatoragainstthe end ofthe camshaft.Lift the camshaft out of the cylinderhead.7 lbf. Install holders.15mm (0. Remove the rockerarms and rockershafts.then set the camshaft backin place. s c o r € d .0. Camshaft End Play: Standard{New):0. Do not rotatethe camshaft during inspection.g Removethe bolts. L Put the camshaftand the camshaftholderson the cylinderhead.002. and .02in) 'u . 6-36 .ead the end olav. then inspect the lift ramps.eads.wipe it clean. .05 0. .

replace cylinderhead.050.77411.SEC: Secondary cam lobe. 5 1 2 9 ) (1. CamshaftToial Runout: Standard {N€w): 0.45921 37. still out of tolerance.T/B:Timing belt.0.274 (1. - lf the total runout of the camshaitis within tolerance. Remove the camshaft holders.A n d t h e c a m s h a f th a s a l r e a d yb e e n r e p l a c e d . lN: Intake.001in) max.267 4l 36.5269) 38.006 in) Sorvice 8. Botatecamshaft while measuring.44191 (1. 4 2 71 .4678) 35.002. Check cam lobe heightwear.D16Y8engine C h e c kt h i s a r e a f o r w e a r .5068) 38. the . MID:Mid cam lobe.193\1.3897) 37. on Oil Camshaft-to-Holder Cloarance: Standard {New}:0.784 32.t mm {0.281 ( 3 8 . ServiceLimit: 0. Exhaust EX: PRIMIDSEC 7. the 6-37 ./a EX tN EX + Dl6YS engine IIB .6.15mm (0. you must replace cylinderhead.then measurethe widestportionof the plastigage eachjournal.0.0'004 in) Limit: 0. the U n i tm m ( i n ) EXHAUST Cam lobe heightstandard {New) INTAKE D 16Y7 engine D16Y5 engine PRI sEc (1.065 PRI D16Y8 MID engrne PRI:Primary cam lobe. first check on the total runout with the camshaftsuDDorted V-blocks.089mm {0.4964) 38.002in) .008 (1.03 mm {0. lf is camshaftand recheck. the bearingclearance replace cylinderhead.lf the camshaft has not beenreplaced. is lf the camshaft-to-holder clearance out of toloil erance: .299 {1. the replace the lf the total runout is out of tolerance.

Remove the valve seal.emovethe valvekeeper. Install valveguidesealremover. PLASTICIIIALLET 3. 1. VALVE SPRING COMPRCSSOR SnlD-on CF7'lI or KD-383 rYlth t32 JAWS 6-3 8 . and .ValveSpringsand lalve Seals Removal N O T E :l d e n t i f yv a l v e sa n d v a l v e s p r i n g sa s t h e y a r e in removedso that eachitem can be reinstalled its original position. the SEAL REMOVER VALVEGUIDESEALREMOVER LISLEP/N 57900or KD3350 available) VALVE SEAL SOCKET 4. socketand plasticmalUsing an appropriate-sized to let. \ Compress the spring Installthe spring compressor. lightlytap the valve retainer loosenthe valve keepers beforeinstalling the valve spring compressor.Valves.

1.90 mm .026inl ExhaustValve Dimensions A St8ndard(Newl: 10.D.'16mm (0.635 in) C Standard {NBw): 5.004 in) 6-39 . .037 in) .045inl D ServiceLimil: 0.623.11mm from the l.1mm i { 1 .521in1 14. service Int8ke Valve Stem-to-GuideClearancs: Standard (Nsw): 0. measured with a micrometer.16mm {0.02 1.35mm l0.512 C Standard {Newl: 5.9.002inl ServiceLimit: 0.16mm (0.Takethe measurements i n t h r e e p l a c e sa l o n g t h e v a l v e s t e m a n d t h r e e places inside the valve guide. then replace valveand guide. t r recheckusing the alternatemethod below.2146 necessary. 10 Intake Valve Dimensions A Standard(New): 29.15mm {0.053inl D ServiceLimit: 0.0.65 mm (0.003inl Service Limit 0.001. the NOTE:An alternatemethod of checkingguide to stem clearance to subtractthe O.02.1mm (1.72 mm (4.30.D.45.0.05 mm {0.213.9.:I l f t h e m e a s u r e m e ne x c e e d s h e s e r v i c el i m i t . Intake Vslve Stem-to-GuideClearance: Standard{Newl: 0.08 mm ( C ServiceLimit: 5. l f t h e m e a s u r e m e nits n o w w i t h i n t h e s e r v i c e in) ServiceLimit: 0.2150 inl C ServiceLimit: 5.of the valve is stem.2146in} D Standard (New): 0.60 114.10mm (0.002 0.2157 0.0.reassemble usinga new valve.4.'18 5. 1 8 1 .0.t5mm {0.49 mm in) 10. The differencebet w e e n t h e I a r g e s tg u i d e m e a s u r e m e n ta n d t h e smalleststem measurement should not exceedthe limit.00i1 0.0. 1 9n l B Standard lNewl: 117. t t recheck usinga new valve.of the valve guide.ValveGuides ValveMovement Measurethe guide-to-stem clearance with a dial indicator while rockingthe stem in the directionof normal thrust (wobblemethod).009inl Valveextended mm out from seat. 117.[ in] D Standard (New): B Standsrd lNew): 114.08 mm 10.006 inl ExhaustValve Stem-to-GuideCl€arance: StandardlNewl: 0.004in) Service Limh: 0. measuredwlth an inside micrometeror ball gauge.95mm (0.22 mm {0.05. l f t h e m e a s u r e m e ns t i l l e x c e e d s h e l i m i t .003 in) ExhaustValve Stem-to-GuideClearance: Standard (New): 0.

the seatseveral 6-40 .6 mm {0. lf warpageis lessthan 0. 3. 2 m m ( 0 .05 mm (0. Cylinder Head Height: Standard {Nowl: 92.0. 0 0 8i n ) l basedon a heightot 93 mm (3.15mm 10.0 mm {0. Bevelthe upperedge of the seatwith the 30'cutter and the lower edge of the seatwith the 60' cutter.05mm (3.05 mm (0.1.15 in) Exhaust 1.1.4 1 )b e f o r e c u t t i n g t h e valveseats.0/l!'.then lift and snap it closedagainst times. Valv€ Seat Width: Standard lNow): Intake: 0.\O o --\ .0.061in) ServiceLimit: Intake: 1.55mm (0.25.66i1 inl 5.002in) and 0.GylinderHead Warpage ( N O T E : l f t h e c a m s h a f t . is lf warpage is between 0. lf the camshaft-to-holder clearances within sDecioil are fications.002 cylinin).o :-e> C a r e f u l l yc u t a 4 5 " s e a t . the Make one more very light passwith the 45" cutter to removeany possibleburrs causedby the other cutters.669. r e m o v i n g o n l y e n o u g h materialtoensurea smoothand concentric seat.t o .66inl.95.h o l d e ri l c l e a r a n c e s s e e o page6-36)are not within specification. VALVESEAT CUTTER available) lCommercially s /-.06i1 inl Exhaust: 2.93. and threeways across center.008 resurface cylinderhead.3. the M a x i m u m r e s u r i a c ei m i t i s 0 . Check width of the seatand adjustaccordingly.079in) Measure alongedges. in).. inspectfor even valve t B A s e a t i n g : p p l y P r u s s i a n l u ec o m p o u n d o t h e valve face. and insertthe valve in its originalloca tion in the head. NOTE: lf the guides are worn (seepage 6-39).85. After resurfacingthe seat. r e p l a c et h e m ( s e e p a g e 6 . ValveSeats Reconditioning 1. der headresurfacing not required. Renewthe valve seatsin the cylinderhead using a valveseatcuner. checkthe cylinderheadfor warpage.2 mm (0.033 0. cylinderhead the cannotbe resurfaced.

ExhaustStem Installed Height: Standard{Newl: 53. To avoid burns.122in) lf the valvestem installed height is over the service limit. (cont'd) 6-41 .43inl s7 mm i'2. its still over lf t h e s e r v i c el i m i t . 7. on .5 mm 077i+2 0010100 guides. CAUTION: .89mm (2.W3 2.17 53. Monitorthe temperature with a cooking thermometer. Use a hot plate or oven to evenlyheatthe cylinder headto 300'F(150'C). you must make a second cut with the 30'cuuer to move it up. you must make a second cut with the 60" cutter to move it down. lf it is too high (closerto the valve steml. it may warp the head.112inl ServiceLimh: 53. use heavy gloves when handling the heatod cylinder hoad. then one more cut with the 45" cutter to restoreseat width.In most cases. t- 87 mm -]+| 13. Do nol use a torch.24 inl tr_r 1 O . excessivehaai may looson the valvc seats. Intako. Select properreplacement the and chillthem in the freezer section of a refrigerator for about an hour.5. r e p l a c et h e c y l i n d e r h e a d . replacethe valve and recheck. NOTE:The final cut shouldalwavsbe madewith the 45' cutter. As illustratedbelow.t h e valveseat in the headis too deeD. then one more cut with the 45'cutter to restoreseat width. the same procedure can be done using the special tool and a conventional hammer. VALVE GUIDE DRIVER (Commercially available) 5. Do not gst the head hottor than 300'F (150'C). use a commercially-available air-impactvalve guide driver attachmentmodified to fit the diameter of the valve guides.42inl or VALVEGUIDEDRlVEn.3 mm VALVE SEAT PRUSSIAN BLUECOMPOUND I ! The actualvalve seatingsurface. lf it is too low (closer to the valve edge).as shown by the bluecompound.6i1mm 12. shouldbe centered the seat. . Insertthe intakeand exhaust valvesin the headand measure valvestem installed the heioht. 8m m 10.ValveGuides Replacement 1.

6. CAUTION: Drill guides only in extremo cases.then try again. as vou needthem.1in} towards the combustionchamber. 6-42 .15 Exhaust: VALVEGUIDE lf a valve guide still won't move.65 19. Apply a thin coat of clean engineoil to the outside of the new valve guide. .and drive the guide out toward side of the head. Turn the headover.734 0. You could damag€the cylinder head il the guide breaks. drill it out with a 8 mm {5/16in) bit. time. you may haveto reheat the head.722inl lntake: 17.703 0. use the specialtool to height. one at a Removethe new guidesfrom the treezer.use the driver and Workingfrom the camshaft an air hammerto drivethe guideabout2 mm {0.85 18. Valvo Guide Install€d Height: mm 10. the camshaft 7. GAUTION: . Installthe guide from the camshaftside of the head.lf installed drivethe guide in to the specified you haveall 16guidesto do.ValveGuides (cont'd) Replacement side. Always wear safety gogglesot a tacs shieldwhon driving valve guides.35 mm (0.754in) 18.This will knockoff someoJthe carbonand makeremovaleasier. Hold the air hammer ditectly in line with iho valve guido to prevent damaging tho driver.

1. Coat valve stems with engine oil. NOTE: Make sure the valves move up and down smoothly. Check clearance with a valve(seepage6-39).5 OTHAH PJ'OIOB (cont'd) 6-43 ______--- . C o n t i n u et o r o t a t e t h e r e a m e r c l o c k w i s ew h i l e removingit lrom the bore. 2. 3. I n s t a l l h e v a l v e s e a l su s i n gt h e v a l v e g u i d e s e a l t installer. Insertthe valves in the valveguides.For new valveguidesonly. 3. Installthespringseatson the cylinderhead. Thoroughlywash the guide in detergentand water to removeany cuttingresidue. Installation l. mm 5. Rotatethe reamer clockwisethe full length of the valve guide bore. NOTE:Exhaust and intakevalvesealsare not interchangeable. 2. WHITE SPRING BLACK SPRING Turn reamerin clockwise direction INTAKEVALVESEAL REAMER EXHAUST VALVE SEAL VALVE GUIDE SEAL INSTALLER (Commercialtv KD2899 avaitable) NOTE:UsesmalltD end ot o-. 4. Coat both the reamerand valve guide with cutting orl. the Verifythat the valve slides in the valve guide without exenrngpressure.Valves Reaming NOTE.:) -c REAMER.

h e n Compressthe installthe valve spring compressor. Mske sure that all rockers are in alignm€nt with theil valves whon torquing ths rockor a3semblybolts. surface Sealhousing Applya lightcoat of oil to camshaft a n d i n n e rl i p o f s e a l . To prevent the rocksr arm as3ombly tlom coming apart. OIL CONTROL ORIFICE I SPRING COMPBESSOR VALVE available) {Commercially CF711 KD.l u b r i c a t e o t h s u r b facesand installthe camshaft. . 1 piston TDC). j o u r n a l si n t h e c y l i n d e rh e a d .Valves lnstallation (cont'd) t I n s t a l lt h e v a l v e s p r i n g a n d v a l v e r e t a i n e r . SEAL CAMSHAFT shouldbe dry. Valve locknuts should be loosgngd . Arms and Camshaft/Rocker Seal/Pulley Camshaft lnstallation CAUTION: . Clean and install the oil control orifice with a new O-ring. 3. After wiping down the camshaft. .383 or Snao-on with *32JAWS Lightlytap the end of each valve stem two or three times with a plasticmalletto ensureproperseating of the valveand valvekeepers. \' 6-44 . NOTE:Tap the valvestem only alongits axisso you do not bendthe stem. springand installthevalvekeepers. Turn the camshaft until its keyway is facing up (No.nd sdiusiing screws backed off belore installation. NOTE:Place the end of the valvespringwith closely wound coilstowardthe cylinderhead. camshaftsealand 1. leavs the camshaft holder bohs in the holde6.

m (1.Apply liquidgasket the shadedareas. 5 camshaft holders. to Installthecylinderheadin the reverse orderof removal: NOTE: . Clean the upper cover and lower cover before instaltaton. No. 1'l lbf.CylinderHead Installation 4. 1 1 . '1and of No. . 5 mm bolts: 12 N. . Installthe backcover.0 kgf. " UP" markon the camshaft pulleyshouldbe at the top. Turn the crankshaft the No. Cylinder head dowel pins must be aligned. @ @ o o + € /6\ o PINS 't 7. Cleanthe oil controlorificebeforeinstalling. (cont'd) 6-45 . @.m (2. n .8. .7 lbf. @. Alwaysusea new headgasket. CYLINDER HEAD Set the rockerarm assemblyin place and loosely installthebolts.ft) Apply engineoilto the threads. C y l i n d e rh e a d a n d c y l i n d e rb l o c k s u r f a c em u s t b e clea . . a Do not use the uppercover and loweacoverto store removeorlems. 6 mm bolts:O.then installthe camshaftpultey. Spocitiedtorque: I mm bolts:20 N.2 kgil.m.Makesurethat the rocker arms are properlypositionedon the valvestems.m. 1 pistonis at TDC(see so p a g e6 2 0 ) . (PartNo.ft) Apply engine oil to the threads. 08718 0001or 08718 Apply liquidgasket 0003)to the head maling surfaces the No. . Tighten eachbolt two turns at a time in the sequence shown belowto ensurethat the rockers not bind do on the valves.

I n s t a l lt h e e x h a u s tm a n i f o l d b r a c k e t . . . (seepage6-20). PartNo.0 kgf. Seatthe recesses or the f camshaftfirst.beginning crisscross with the innernuts (seepages9-2thru 9-4).@ 20 N. When installing.0003. Install timing belt lsee page6-20). reapplyliquid gasketafter removingold residue. Apply liquid gasketto the headcover gasketat the four cornersof the recesses. . NOTE: . o 67 N. 14 lbl.@ 67 N'm 16. . then work it into the groove around the outsideedges. Alwaysusea new intakemanifoldgasket.m.and retighten from the 1ststep. loosen bolt.0 kgt'm.I n s t a l lt h e pipeA andthe bracket. thd 6-46 . Installthe intakemanifoldand tightenthe nuts in a patternin two or three steps. . the Adjustthe valveclearance {seepage6-12).m.m {2. make sure the head cover gask e t i s s e a t e ds e c u r e l y i n t h e c o r n e r s o f t h e recesses wrtn no gap. it the CYLINDER HEADBOLTSTOROUE SEOUENCE: 7 . When using a preset-type torque wrench. Check that the matingsurfaces cleanand dry are beforeapplyingliquidgasket. W e r e c o m m e n du s i n g a b e a m . Alwaysusea new exhaustmanifoldgasket. Use liquidgasket. lf a bolt makes any noisewhileyou aretorquingit. 49 lbf ftl .t y p e o r q u e t wrench. Position camshaft the correctly Tightenthe cylinderhead bolts sequentially four in steps. 49 tbt.lth step: o. exhaust then install cover.beginning a crisscross with the innernut (seepages9-5 and 9-6).m. o After assembly. 3.@ 49 N.8 kgf. NOTEI .m {5. CORNERS OF THERECESS HEADCOVER GASI(ET rxe iicess covER 1 0 . 36 lbf. Installthe exhaustmanifoldand tightenthe nuts in patternin two or three steps.ftl NOTE: .m (6. 9. Installthe head cover gasketin the groove of the cylinder head cover. wait at least30 minutesbefore fillingthe enginewith oil. h o r t t oughlycleanthe sealand the groove. lsr step: O .ftl 3rd srop: O . . 08718 0001or08718 . Do not installthe parts if five minutesor more h a v e e l a p s e ds i n c e a p p l y i n g l i q u i d g a s k e r . Instead.CylinderHead (cont'dl Installation 2.8 kgf. be sureto tjghtenslowlyand not to overtighten. B e f o r ei n s t a l l i n g h e h e a d c o v e r g a s k e t .fr} 2nd step: G) .

11. Settho sparkplug sealon the sparkplug pipe. NOTE: . in sequence. . O n c e t h e c y l i n d e rh e a d c o v e r i s o n t h e c y l i n d e r head.m (1. SEAL 6-47 .In the final to step.8 N.2lbf. Take care not to damage the spark plug seals when installing cylinderheadcover.0 kgf. hoses and connectorsare installedcorrectly. hold the headcovergasketin lhe grooveby placingyour fingers on the camshaft holder contacting surfaces (top of the semicircles).wail at least 30 minutes beforefillingthe enginewith oil. 9. the .8 N. Replace the washer when damaged or deteriorated. 7. 12.ftl 9.7. Visually check the sparkplug sealsfor damage. .0 tl After installation.2 lbf. NOTE: After assembly. When installingthe cylinder head cover.m.tighten all bolts. Do not touch the parts where liquid gasketwas aDolied. 6x1. Tightenthe nuts in two or three steps. check that all tubes.0mm kgf.clean w t h e c y l i n d e r h e a d c o n t a c t i n gs u r f a c e s i t h a shop towel. Beforeinstallingthe cylinder head cover.m 11.slidethe cover slightlybackand forth to seat the headcovergasket.ft). .m.

......... 7-15 Piston Rings EndGap .........7-11 Ring-to-Groove Clearance ..........7-2O Oil Pan fnstaffation ...........................7-12 Installation ..................... 7-8 Connecting Rod Bearings Clearance ............... 7-9 |J Pistons and Crankshaft Removal . 7-B ^ Selection ......................................... 7-17 Repfacement ............7-2 lllustrated lndex .................... 7-9 Crankshaft fnspection .......7-11 Pistons fnspection .... 7-16 Connecting Rods Seleetion ............................... 7-18 Crankshaft Oil Seal Installation ............... 7-3 Flywheel and Drive Plate Replacement ..7-24 .............. 7-14 lnstallation ................................... 7-18 Alignment ....... 7-15 Inspection ................7-G Connecting Rod and Crankshaft EndPlay ............ 7-13 BoreHoning ................. 7-19 Crankshaft fnstaffation ........7-22 Oil Seals lnstaffation ...7-11 Piston Pins Removal ...7 Selection ... 7-6 Main Bearings -7 Cfearance .................I Engine Block Speciaf Tools ..... 7-20 Cylinder Block lnspection ......................

1 4 .6570500 07973. Tool Numbor 07LAB PV00100 07749.15 l-14.25 7-24 7-'t9.P800200 07973 PE00310 07973.0010000 079i17 S800200 07948 S800101 07973.PE00320 0t913 . 5 1 7.25 7-1415 . L t-1 ! .15 o @ @ @ @ @ I o o @ @ @ @ o @ o \ 0 o o @ @ c.5570600 DBcription RingGearHolder Driver SealDriver Driver Attachment PilotCollar PistonPin DriverShaft Piston Pin Driver Head Piston Pin Base lnsen Piston BaseHead Piston Base PistonBaseSpring (Ny 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 I Pag6 Rotorence 7-6 7 -19.15 l-'14.PE00400 07973 S800100 07973. 5 1 7-'t4. No.SpecialTools Raf.15 7-'t4. 7-14.

lor 6 x 1 . .ftl 6 x 1. BR€ATHINGPORT COVER MOUNT BOLTS 6 x 1 . 8. page8-10.ilJ . part No.m (1./ fR. Removal/lnspection.1 kgf. CRANKSHAFT page7-'11 lnstallation.0mm 1 1 N . Apply liquidgasketto these points. Applyliquid gaskettothe mating surfaces ofthe rightsidecover oil pumpcase and before installing them. 8 tbt.5 kgf.lllustrated lndex D16Y7 engine: I Lrori""t" "tl internalpartswith engineoil during reassembly.m {1 . WASHERS Groovedsides face outward. MAI BEARINGCAP MAIN BEARINGS Selection. m 1 1 1 kgt. .oksf'm.f-%S FLYwHEEL covER .m (4.ft) OII SCREEN 6 x 1.m. Om m 12 N.. GASKET Replace. (cont'd) 7-3 .'' Hii.m. m l 1 .87 rbt'ttr @ff OIL CRANKSHAFT SEAL OIL PUMP page8-9 Overhaul. Om m 1'l N. Cleanthe oil pan gasketmatingsurfaces beforeinstalling it.*"'" I ><-BL "i'.\ lnstallation. 08718 0001or 08718 0003.1 kgf. .2 kgf.m kgt.m.3E Applyengineoilto the bolt threads. DRAINBOLT 44 N.1 kgf. 6x1.0mm 12 N.0 mm 1 1 N . 0m m 1'l N.ftl RIGHTSIDECOVER Apply liquidgasker to m6ting surface.t/. 5m m 51 N. DOWELPIN CRANKSHAFTSEAL /.m. Om m 11 N. 1 1x 1 . 8 7 lbt'ftl .m (5. NOTE: .7 lbt. turn the crankshaft to check binding.page7-8 NOTE:New main bearings must be selectedby rnatchingcrank and block identilicationmarkings. a lbt.m. NOT€: After torquing each cap.::::T:^I y"::::ffi::: I o[ rlt cnsrer \ 'y" \\ $5. 33 lbf.m. 1 kgf. I lbt.ftl DOWELPIN O-RING Replace.ft) Apply liquidgasketto the bolt threads.ft) OIL PAN Refetto page7-22 when installing. 8 lbf.r' gNliJ'J.m (1. NOTE:Ihrusr washerthickness is fixed and must not be changed by grindingor shimming.pages7-24--rS) Replace. 8 tbr.2kgt m.m (l . pages 7-19and 7-25 \{ePlace 6 x 1 . 6 x 1 . Use liquidgasket.

m .PAN Reler page7-23 to wheninstalling. 54 lbf. NOTE:Aftertorquing each cap. D16Y5. turn crankshaft to check binding.lllustrated Index (cont'dl I . 38 lbf. OIL PUMP Overhaul.m 14.m kgt 15. DRIVE PLATE COVER lA/T or CVTI 1 2 x 1 .f!) \ WASHER Apply liquid gaskerto these potnts.0mm 1 1 8N . Dl6Y8 engin"".m (7. .fr) DOWEL PIN BREATHINGPORT COVER MOUNT BOLTS 6 x 1. rubricatealt internalpartswith engineoil duringreassembly.ft) (A/T or CVTI DRIVE PLAYE Check cracks.0 mm ' 1 1N . m .trl 11x1.0mm 11 N.2kgf'm.{t) Applyengineoilto the bolt threads. 8. NOTE:Thrust washerthickness is fixed and must not be changed by grindingor shimming.m. lor MAIN BEARING MAIN BEARINGS page7-8 Selection.m. NOTE:New main bearings must be selectedby matching crank 12 x 1. f r l OIL SCREEN GASKET Replace. 08718 0001or 08718 0003.O kst. CRANKSHAFT SEAL pages Installation. \% 12 N.m {1.5 m m 51 N. page 8-10 Apply liquidgasket to mating surface. for 6 x 1.m (1. m (12. 39 N. \ 7-4 .1 kgf. 1k g t . RIGHT SIDE COVER Apply liquidgasket to mating surface. 1 k g t .8 l b f . pan No.m. Cleanthe oil pan gasketmatingsurfaces beforeinstalling it. 8 tbf. ! . FLYWHEELCOVER IM/T) \ 6r1.7 lbf. OII. '1 6 x . Use liquidgasket.-. 7-24 a n d8 . 87 lbl.1 1 Feplace. NOTE: Apply liquidgaskettothe matingsurfaces ofthe right sidecoverand oil pump casebeforeinstalling them.5 kgf.2 m.0kgf'm. DOWEL PIN THRUSTWASHERS Groovedsidesface CRANKSHAFTOIL SEAL pages 7-19and 7-25 Replace. m 1 1 1 k g f . DnAtNBoL. Om m 74 Apply liquidgasketto the bolt threads. 6 x 1. m { 1 .0 mrn 1 1 N . m .0 mm 1 1 N . 8 lbf. m 1 1 .page I 9 Removal/lnspection. 29 tbf.omm \.ftl \s FLYWHEEL IM/TI OIL PAN GASKET Replace. I lbt.

7-18 ) PISTON page7-12 Inspection. RODCAPNUT CONNECNNG 8 x 0. Cylinder borehoning. page7-'10 Removeridge if necessary. page7-6 S e l e c t i o n . m .ft) Applyengineoil to the bolt threads. page7-16 7-9 Inspecttop of each cylinder bore or for c6rbonbuild-up ridge before removing piston. PISTONRINGS pase olisnment. t l INTAKE w. Removeridge il necessary. NOTE: Belore removing piston. 2 k g f . NOTE: After torquing each bearing to cap.p a g e 7 . rotatecrankshaft check binding.up or page 7-'10 ridge. page7-15 Installation. - l .^t . Selection. CONNECTING ROD End play. PISTONINSTALLATIONDIRECTION: EXHAUST l o 4\A6\/A o v\y\7v l t .page7'14 CONNECNNG ROD BEARINGS page 7-8 Clearance. page7-'13 Warpage inspection.1 5 ENGINE BLOCK page7-13 Cylinder boreinspection. *al @ PISTONPIN page7-14 Removal.NOTE:New rod bearingsmust be selected matchingconnecling by rod assembly and crankshaft identification markings (seepage7-9). tl.75mm 3 1N m ( 3 . Lubricate all internal parts with engine oil during reassemblv. inspectthe top of the cylinder borefor carbonbuild. NOTE: Installcaps so the bearing recessis on the same side as the recess in the rod. tor 7-5 . CONNECTING ROOBEARING page7-20 lnstallation. 23 tbt.

Thrust washersare installedwith groovedsidesfacing outward. tightenthe bolts in a crisscross RINGGEARHOLDER--4T-1 07LAB. lf still out-of-tolerance. and zerothe dial againstthe end of the crankshaft. . 7 -6 . 0m m 74 N.PV(x'l00 Automatic Transmission: Remove six drive plate bolts. on pans as necessary.45 mm (0.30mm {0. dial readingshouldnot exceed servicelimit.012inl ServiceLimit: 0.After installation.Flywheel and Drive Plate Replacement Manual Transmission: Removethe six flywheel bolts.0 kgtm. t pattern. tighten the bolts in a crisscross oattern.87 lbl.016inl Htr ENGINEBLOCK 12 x 1.A f t e r i n s t a l l a t i o n . ll out-of-tolerance.004.0. I I .0lit in} ServicELimit: 0. inspectthe thrust wsshers and thrustsurface the crankshaft.0mm 118 N.then separate drive the the platefrom the crankshaft flange.0.5kgf m. Then pull the crankshaft firmly backtoward the indicator.ftl RINGGEAR Inspect ring gear teeth for wear or damage.0. replacethe crankshaft(see pages7-9 and 7-20). lf end play is excessive. installa new connecting rod.[|)mm {0. then separatethe flyw h e e l f r o m t h e c r a n k s h a f f l a n g e .54lblftl NOTE:Thrustwasherthickness fixed and must not be is changed eitherby grindingor shimming.006 0.35 mm {0. RINGGEARHOLDER 07LAB.. Pushthe crankshaft firmly away from the disl indicator.15.10.PV00100 Gonnecting Rod and Crankshaft EndPlay Conn€Gting Rod End Play: Standard(New):0. Replace 1 2x 1 .m 112.m {7. CrankshaftEnd Play: Stsndard {N€w): 0.018inl .

002inl too wide or too narrow.0. Installa new.j o u r n a li l c l e a r a n c e .t o .018.Main Bearings Clearance 1.[2mm {0. cannot be obtained NOTE: lf the oroper clearance largeror smallerbearings' by usingthe appropriate and startover. Main Bearing-to-JournalOil Clearance: Standard lNew): No.0017in) Ssrvice Limit: 0-05 mm {0. 0.5 Journals: inl 0.and checkagain. NOTE:tt the engineis still in the car when you bolt the the main cap down to checkclearance. weight and flywheelwill flattenthe plastiof the crankshaft gage further than just the torque on the cap bolt. C l e a ne a c h m a i n j o u r n a l a n d b e a r i n gh a l t w i t h a cleanshop towel.+ i[ Jou]nals: No.m.m 12. and measure the widest pad of the Plastigage.036mm (0.try the next largeror smallerbearing(thecolor listedaboveor belowthat one). 38 lbf'ft) during inspecNOTE:Do not rotatethe crankshaft tton. or sqape the bearings or the caps to adiust clearance. 3.0.t h e n t o r q u e t h e bolts.0009 0. CAUTION: Do not file. removethe and removethe upper half ol the bearcrankshaft.2. acrosseach main jourPiaceone strip of plastigage nal. 1. u p p o r tt h e c r a n kw i t h a j a c k u n d e r t h e s c o u n t e r w e i g h t a n d c h e c ko n l y o n e b e a r i n ga t a s time.5kgf'm. shim. o T o c h e c k m a i n b e a r i n g . the and recheck clearance. 18 lbf'ft) Final step: 51 N'm 15. and give you an incorrectreading. removethe main capsand bearinghalves.0007 0'001. ing. R e i n s t a ltlh e b e a r i n g sa n d c a p s . Removethe cap and bearing again. 7.2kgl. is shows the clearance still incorIt the plastigage rect.0. completebearingwith the same color code (selectthe color as shown on the next page).02/t.For an accurate r e a d i n g . the replace crankshaft . measures lf the plastigage (remove the engineif it's still in the carl. lst step: 25 N.

a n d c h e c kc l e a r ance gain.0015 in) ServiceLimit: 0. removethe upper half of the bearing. 3.0008 0. Use them. Remove connecting cap and bearinghalf. 4.try the next largeror smallerbearing(the color l i s t e da b o v e o r b e l o wt h a t o n e ) .m (3. shim.Main Bearings Selection CAUTION: lf the codes are indeciDherable becauseof an accumulationot dirt and dust. I I Main Joulnal Code Location(Numbers) I PLASTIGAGESTRIP g Bearin ldentification Colorcodeis on the edge of the bearing.020 0. Torque 31 N.(X)2 in) t Crankshaft Bore Code Location Letters have beenstampedon the end of the blockas a codefor the sizeof eachof the 5 mainjournalbores.m. Place strip of plastigage a across rod journal.038mm (0. completebearingwith the same color code (select the color as shown on the next page).een Brown Black Elack + tn t + Smaller main journ8l Smaller bearing (thicker) t l t. 7.3 .a n d t o r q u et h e t nuts. crankoore B lf the plastigage measures too wide or too narrow. .installa new. the R e i n s t a l lh e b e a r i n gh a l f a n d c a p . ConnectingRod Bearings Clearance 1.ftl NOTE:Do not rotatethe crankshaft during inspectton. or scrape the boarings or the caps to adiust clearance. lf the plastigage shows the clearance still incoris rect. a NOTE.05 mm (0. replace crankshaft the and stan over. 23 lbf. Remove the rod cap and bearinghalf. 2. and the numbersstamDed the crankshaft on (codes main choosethe correctbearfor inos.2 kgf. lf the prooer clearance cannot be obtained by usingthe appropriate largeror smallerbearings. Smaller bearing {thicker) Il f-i--l l --Jl I l Red Pink Gr€en Green G. c D CAUTION:Do not t Green Brown Blue \ 7-8 . the rod C l e a nt h e c r a n k s h a frto d j o u r n a la n d b e a r i n gh a l f with a cleanshop towel.and recheck the clearance.and measure the widestpart of the plastigage.Clean them only with solvent or detergent. do not scrub them with a wire brush or scraper. Conn€ctingRod Eearing-to-JouJnal Clearance: Oil StandardlNewl: 0.

Pistonsand Crankshaft Selection becauseof CAUTION:lf the codes are indecipherable an accumulationol dirt and dust.. do not scrub them with a wire brush or scraper. Brown Black Gr€en Brown Blue 7-9 . Use (codes them.l Red Pink Pink Green Green Green Erown Black O-RING RePlace 4. Remove the oil pump. the Remove right sidecover.-. Remove oil pan assembly. r lr+ r Smaller rod iournal Smaller bearing (thicker) l l B o r l l l l ll . and the lettersstampedon the crankshaft to for rod journalsize). Removal 1.------. Halfof the numberis stampedon bearing capand the other hall is stamped the on rod. choosethe correctbearlngs.ll I I Corlll | | l . Larger big end bore 2 3 4 bearing Smaller {thicker) I F. the ConnectingRod Code Location Numbershave been stampedon the side of each connecting rod as a code for the size of the big end. RIGHT SIDE COVER connecting Rod Journal code Locations lLettersl OIL SCREEN B€aring ldentif ication Colorcodeis on the edge of the bearing.'l I r I l D o .Clean them only with solvgnt or detorgent.

it may damage tho plstons as they are pushed out. rgpoat the sequenco until 8ll bolts ara loosonsd. rod CRANKSHAFT 1 3 .being careful not to damagejournals. you lf canfeela ridgeof metalor hardcarbonaround t h e t o p o f e a c h c y l i n d e r . CAUTION: lf the ridgo is not removed. Remove the boltsand the bearingcap. Reinstall main capsand bearingson the engine the In properorder. unscrew the bohs in soquencel/3 turn at a tims. 12.Pistonsand Crankshaft (cont'dl Removal indicatesthe rod bore size. Mark each piston/connecting assemblywith its rod cylindernumberto avoid mixup on reassembly.Follow the reamer manufacturer's instructions. Lift the crankshaft out of the engine. Reinstall connecting the rod bearings and capsafter removingeachpiston/connecting assembly.r e m o v e i t w i t h a r i d g e reamer. \ 7-10 . NOTE:The existingnumber on the connectingrod does not indicateits position in the engine. 't1. Removethe rod caps/bearings main caps/bearand ings.Keepall caps/bearings order in 7. Use the wooden handle of a hammer to drive the pistonsout. '10. MAIN BEARING CAPBOLTSLOOSENING SEOUENCE Removethe upper bearing halvesfrom the connecting rods and set them asidewith their respective caps. CAUTION: To prev6nt warpago.

Grankshaft Inspection . .0025 mm (0.005mm (0. Alignmont .04 mm 10.0001 max. CrankshaftTotal IndicatadRunout: Standard {Nowl: 0. round at middle. in} SorviceLimh: 0. Measureout-o{-round the middle of each rod at and main journalin two places. .0025mm (0. ServiceLimit: 0.03 mm 10.0001inl max. JournalTaper: Standard{Newl:0. . Cleanthe crankshaft passages oil with pipe cleaners or a suitablebrush. The differencebetweenmeasurements each on journalmust not be more than the service limit. Out-of-Roundand Tapel . The differencebetlveenmeasurements each on journalmust not be more than the service limit.005mm 10. Suppon with lathe lype tool or V-blocks. M e a s u r er u n o u t o n a l l m a i n i o u r n a l st o m a k e surethe crankis not bent.001 max. Checkthe keywav and threads.0002 in) 7-11 . . The differencebetweenmeasurements each on journalmust not be more than the servicelimit. Measuretaper at edges of each rod and main journal. .002 in) Journal Out-ot-Round: Standard (Now): 0. in) ServiceLimit: 0.0002inl DIAL INOICATOR Rotate lwo complete revolutions. Measure laPer at edges.

49mm 12.970 mm {2. Check the pistonfor distortionor cracks.75.74.2in) Piston Diameter: Standard (N€w): 74. 0.9720in) 7-12 .0i|()mm (0.990mm oversized pistonmust be used. M e a s u r ep i s t o n d i a m e t e ra t d i s t a n c e t r o m t h e A bottom of the skirt.Pistons Inspection 1.002inl 2.010.9520 2.21mn (2.952itinl ServiceLimh: 7i1. A: 5 mm (0. NOTE:lf cylinderis bored. Oversiz€Piston Dismatel -75.48.9716 2.000'l.9618 2.50:75. Calculatethe difference between the cvlinder bore diameter(seepage7-131 and pistondiameter.990. inspectthe piston and cvlinderblock for excessive wear.25175.0016inl ServiceLimit: 0. Piston-to-Cylind€r Clearanca Standsrd {New): 0.9516in} SKIRTDIAMETER lf the clearance near or exceeds is the servicelimit.05 mm {0.9622inl 0.

020in) 2. in) ServiceLimit: 0.07 mm (0.00.9732in1 0.25t 75. .002in) Engine Block Warpage: Standard(New):0.003 max.07mm {2. Measure wear and taDerin directionsX and Y at th ree levels eachcvlinder shown. lf measurements any cylinderare beyondthe in Oversize BoreService Limit.9721-2.75.004 in) PRECISION STRAIGHT EDGE 7-13 ). Check top of the blockfor warpage.9626 2.02mm (2.27mm (2.75.refer to PistonClear(see anceInspection page7 12)afterreboring.75. m6nt) 0. .Scoredor scratched cylinderbores must be honed.95.replace block.1 in) S€rvicoLimit: 75.05 mm (0.963. in as .52mm 12. SURFACES 8E MEASURED TO Cylinder Bore Size Standard {New): 75.[in] .25.Cylinder Block Inspection '1.2.955inl OvsFize O.50 Bore Taper Limit (Differencebetwoen tirst and third measure. the lf the block is to be rebored.50:75.10 mm 10.953.50 mm (0. the Measurealong the edgesand acrossthe centeras shown. ReboringLimit: 0. NOTE.

Only a scoredor scratched cylinderbore must be noned.1in) as shown.GylinderBlock BoreHoning l. Honecylinderboreswith honing oil and a fine (400 grit) stonein a 60 dagreecross-hatch pattern. the makesure that the recessed ponionofthe pistonaligns with the lips on the collar.cleanthe cylinderthoroughlywith soapy waler. pin out with the specialtools and a hydraulic 7-14 .or equivalent. Piston Pins Removal 1. After honing. will only redistribute it the grit on the cylinder walls. Assembleand adjust the length of the piston p t n driverand shaftto 53 mm (2.t h o r o u g h l yc l e a n t h e engine block of all metal particles.. Assemble the specialtool as shown.lf the blockis to be reused.PE00310 PILOTOOLLAR 07973. . . CYLINDER BLOCK CYLINDER HONE E.6570600 W h e n h o n i n g i s c o m p l e t e . Use only a rigid hone with 400 grit or tiner stone such as Sunnen. rr*. honethe cylinders and remeasurethe bores. Do not usestonesthat are worn or broken. rebore the cylinderblock. Wash the cylinder bores with hot soapy water. to NOTE:Neverusesolvent. Measure cylinder boresas shownon page7-13.SB00100 f t PISTONPIN BASE INSERT 07973. Placethe piston on the specialtool and press the press. 2."o 079?3. Ammco. NOTE|Usea hydraulic When pressing pin in or out. NOTEi . press.PE00a00 g g\ Y . PIN HEAD PISTON DRIVER 07973 PE00320 Pres3 + PISTON PIN DRIVER SHAFT 0?973. NOTE:Some light vertical scoringand scratching is acceptable it is not deep enoughto catchyour finif gernailand does not run the full lengthof the bore.rro")". lf scoring or scratches are still presentin cylinder bores after honing to the service limit. PISTONBASEHEAD 07973.PE00200 53 mm(21 in) NOTE: . then dry and oil immediately preventrusting.

The arrow must face the timing belt side ol the engineand the connecting rod oil hole must face the rear of the I PISTOI{ DRIVER P|r{ HEAD 07973.3.SB(xtl (xt 7-15 ) .lt's on then stampedwith a number 11.2. PistonPins Installation 1.09 PISTO PII{ DRIVERSHAFT 07973-PE00310 ffi--Z PFroI{Prr{ PILOT COTLAR 07973. be sure you position the rscessed on the piston againstthe lugs flat on the baseattachment.0009in). Usea hvdraulic Dress installation. or 4 in any o engine. or 4l indicating 2.PCOO400 PISTOI{BASEHEAD 07973 .0 mm (1.PEOO320 Adjust the length of the piston pin driver to in) 53 mm (2.0002 in) incrementsl depending the sizeof its big end bore. for a When pressingthe pin in or out. 3.PEq)200 PISTOI{PINBASE I SERT 07973 . You may lind any combination l 1. in 0. the Inspect connecting for cracks rod and heatdamage.89inl NOTE: Reference numbeG are for big end bore sizeand do NOTindicato positionof the rod in the engine.024mm (0 to + 0.Rods Gonnecting Seleetion Eachrod falls into one of four toleranceranges(from 0 to + 0.006mm (0.18. the ran9e. Normal Bore Size: .

r e m e a s u r e s i n g a n o v e r s i z e d i s t o n p i u pin. 2.7.PistonPins Inspection '1. Measure pistonpin-to-piston the clearance.0009inl \ { betweenthe pistonpin diameCheckthe difference rod ter and the connecting smallend diameter.0006 0. or NOTE:Check pistonfor distortion cracks. the is than 0.u9 .040mm inl 10. NOTE:All replacement 3.7{80 inl 18.003 OveIsiz€: in) {0.0016 7-16 . Measure diameter the pistonpin.000mm (0.997 19.014. 0 0 0 9n ) .0. to Piston Pin-to-Connecting Rod Int€rferonc€: Standard (New): 0. Piston Pin-to-PistonClsarance: Standard {Newl: pistonpins are oversize.022mm {0. Zerothe dial indicator the pistonpin diameter.078 the ot Piston Pin Diamcter: Standard (New): 18.024mm lf the piston pin clearance greater ( 0 .

0.15.028inl Oil Ring Standard lNewl: 0.012in) ServiceLimit: 0.PistonRings EndGap 1 . Measure pistonring end-gap the with a feelergauge: . do not installnew ringsyet. in) .recheck cylinderbore the diameter against wear limits on page7-13. Piston Ring End-Gap: Top Ring St8ndardlNswl: 0. the lf the bore is over the servicelimit.039 wide.checkto see if you have the properringsfor your engine.006 0.. CAUTION:Do not uso a wire brush to clean ring lands. Secondring grooveis 1. lf the gap is too small.l5mm {0. Using a piston.70 mm (0. . Top ring grooveis 1.018inl ServiceLimit: 0. .0.031in) NOTE: .012 0. RINGEXPANDER {Commercially available) Replacement 1 . removethe old pistonrings.8 in) trom the bottom. lf the gap is too large. Installnew rings in the proper sequence and position {seepage7-18).2mm (0. Cleanall ring groovesthoroughly. U s e a s q u a r e d ' o f f r o k e nr i n g o r r i n g g r o o v e b cleaner with bladeto fit pistongrooves. push a new ring into the cylinder bore 15.6 -O.0.008. O i l r i n gg r o o v ei s 2 . 2. NOTE:lf the pistonis to be separated from the connectingrod.30mm {0.70 mm {0.20 mm (0. 8m m ( 0 .20. in) .024 inl SecondRing Standard lN6wl: 0. 1 Ii n )w i d e .028inl SorviceLimit: 0. NOTE:Do not reuseold pistonrings.0.80 mm (0.0.8 inl 7-17 . or cut ring lands doeperwith cleaningtool.60 mm 10. Filedown the bladeif necessary. Usinga ring expander. the cvlinder blockmust be rebored.30.047 wide.6. . 15-20 mm {0.0mm (0.

PistonRings Clearance Ring-to-Groove After installinga new set of rings.0012 0.005inl Servic.> SECONO 7-18 .060mm {0.0014 0.0 mm (0.orrrno--"-@ RING.035.030.10 in) B: 1.0.0024in} Limit: 0. Install the ringsas shown. measurethe ring-togrooveclearances: Top Ring Clearance Standard lNew): 0. SecondRing Clearance Standard (Now): 0.0/t Second Ring {Standard): A: 3. TOPBINGlchromo) Piston Ring Dimensions: r-T- I I | .0022io) inl ServiceLimit: 0.005 Alignment 1.12inl B: 1.13 mm (0.05inl NOTE: The manufacturingmarks must be facing upward. .0mm (0. .13 mm 10.6 mm {0.2mm (0.0.055mm (0.! A l r ' I ' f Top Ring (Standatd): in} A: 2.

Rotatethe rings in their groovesto make sure they do not bind. Apply a light coatof oil to the crankshaft to and the lio of the seal.5 0 . Confirmequal clearance the way around with a all feelergauge.0 .02 0. Clearance: . oil DRIVER 07749. Position ring end gaps as shown the 1. The sealsurfaceon the blockshouldbe dry. NOTE:Drivethe crankshaft sealin squarely. Drivethe crankshaft seal into the right side cover oil usingthe special tools.Oil Crankshaft Seal lnstallation 2. 90" TOP RINGGAP sny ring gaP DO NOTposition in linewith the pistonpin hole. any rrnggap DO NOTposition at pistonthrustsurfaces.8 mm {0. 7-19 I .0. OIL RINGGAP Installseal with the part numberside facing oui. 5. 8 m m in) 10.02-O.03 NOTE:Referto pages'I-24and 8-11for installation oil of the oil oumo sidecrankshaft seal.0010000 RINGGAP SECOND Approx.03inl 0.

so Holdthe crankshaft the rod journalsfor cylinders No. Installthe ring compressor. \' Lineup the markswhen rod installing connecting the cap. 1. 2 .2 Apply engineoil to the bolt threads.2 kgf.3 are straightdown. seat journals into Rotatethe crankshaft rods No. Position Distons top deadcenter. RING COMPRESSOR (Commercially available) Torque: 31 N. 3 .m.ti) 31 N. Insertbearinghalvesin the cylinderblockand connectingrods. Stop after the ring compressorpops free. 1. engineoil to the main bearings and rod bearings. Set the crankshaftto BDCfor each cylinder.then torquethe capnuts.and slip short sectionsof rubber hose over the threadedends rod of the connecting bolts. all at The arrow must face the timing belt side of the engjne. and torquethe .m (3. lf the crankshaft is already installed: Crankshaft lnstallation the apply a coatot Betoreinstalling crankshaft. engineoil to the ring groovesand cylinder bores.23 lbf. 4 journal of the cylinderblock. N o . NOTE:Installthe caps so the bearingrecessis on in the sameside as the recess the rod. I n s t a l l r the rod capsand nutsfinger-tight. Removethe connectingrod caps. 2 and No.m. . .---1l t--l rrn )-'--tllf -l ltll THRUST WASHERS Groovedsidestace L { clockwise.23 lbf.n s t a l lt h e t then positionthe piston in the ring compressor. d 7-20 . l. o handle f a hammer. 2. R e m o v e h e r o d c a p s a n d b e a r i n g s i.4. and journal aligncheckthe connectingrod-to-crank ment beforepushingthe pistoninto place. with plastigage(see Check rod bearing clearance page7-8).Pistons lnstallation the applya coat of Beforeinstalling pistons. Installthe rod capswith bearings. Installthe thrust washersin the No. nutsto: ksl.then positionthe piston i n t h e c y l i n d e r a n d t a p i t i s u s i n gt h e w o o d e n . lnstallthe rod caps connecting and nutsfinger-tight. 1 and No. checkthat the bear ing is securelyin place.m 13. .ft) Apply engineoil to the bolt threads. . cylinderand tap it in usingthe woodenhandleof a hammer. RUBEER NOTE:Maintaindownwardforce on the ring comp r e s s o rt o p r e v e n tr i n g s f r o m e x p a n d i n gb e f o r e the entering cylinderbore. into the block. numbers on the connectingrod NOTE: Reference are for big-endbore toleranceand do not indicate the positionof the pistonin the engine. \ { . is lf the crankshaft not installed: .seatingthe rod Lowerthe crankshaft j o u r n a l si n t o c o n n e c t i n go d s N o .

To preventoil leakage.5 kgf'm. Checkthat the matingsurfaces cleanand dry are beforeapplyingliquidgasket . Fi6t st6p: 25 N'm (2.b6ingcarefultocover allthe matingsurface. apply liquidgasketto the innerthreadsof the bolt holes.0003. 6 x 1. Use liquidgasket. Insteadreapplyliquid gasketafter removingthe old residue. 18 lbt. MAN BEAHNG CAP BOLTSTIGHTENING SEOUENCE 8. After assemblv. . Apply liquidgasketevenly. Apply liquid gasketto the block mating surfaceof the right side cover.ft) Secondstsp: 5t N. it is neces3ary aft6r roassemblyto run the ongino at idling spood until it reachesnormal operating temperalure.ftl DOWEL PIN (cont'd) 7-21 . Do not install the parts if five minutes or more haveelapsed sinceapplyingthe liquidgasket. then install it on the cylinder block. Checkclearanceswith plastigage(see page 7-7). 08718 0001or 08718 .m. 1kgl. . NOTE: . .ft) NOTE: Coat the thrust washer surfacesand bolt thresdswith oil. 8 tbt. part No. RIGHTSIDECOVEB CAUTION: Whenever any crankshaft bearing or connecting rod bgajing is rgplacad. m { 1 .m. then tightenthe bearingcap bolts in 2 steps. wait at least 30 minutes before fillingthe enginewith oil.7.2 kgf. . 38 lbf.m (5. Installthemain bearingcaps.0mm 1 1 N . thon continuo to run it for approximalely 15 minutes.

6 x 1.m {'l. wait at least30 minutes before fillingthe enginewith oil. Apply liquid gasketto the oil pump mating surface o f t h e b l o c k t h e n i n s t a ltl h e o i l p u m p o n t h e c y l i n . part No. 8 lbf. . der block. Apply liquid gasketon the oil pump and right side covermatingareasas shown below.m {1. . O i l Pa n Installation O16Y7 enginc:} O-RING Replace. .0mm 11 N.0003. ..0mm 11 N. Apply liquid gasketas an even bead.i n s t a l t h e o i l p u m p w h i l e a l i g n i n g h e i n n e r l r o t o r w i t h t h e c r a n k s h a f tW h e n t h e p u m p i s i n .m {1. Check that the matingsurfaces cleanand dry are beforeapplyingliquidgasket.m. NOTE: .i .08718 0001or 08718 . DOWELPIN 6 x 1. After assembly.Crankshaft (cont'd) Installation 9. Apply grease the lipsof the oil seals.1kgf. 1 0 .m.r i n g sa n d a p p l y o i l w h e n i n s t a l l i n g them..t .1kgf.clean any excessgreaseoff the crankshaft.. I n s t a ltlh e o i l p u m pa n d o i l s c r e e n .0mm 11 N.1 kgl.m. a tbt. 6x1. r -zz . apply liquid gasketto the innerthreadsof the bolt holes.{t} OII. Do not installthe parts if five minutes or more h a v e e l a p s e d i n c ea p p l y i n g h e l i q u i d g a s k e t . { . Use liquidgasket. s t Insteadreapplyliquid gasketafter removingthe old residue. U s e n e w O . NOTE: . centered between edgesof the matingsurface. gasket Apply laquid alongthe broken CYLINOER Br_ocK OIL PUMP HOUSING Apply liquid gasket to these pornts. the . place. to t T h e n . lo preventoil leakage.SCREEN L DOWEL PIN Apply liquid gasket to these pornts. . Apply a light coat of oil to the crankshaft and to t h e l i po f t h es e a l . then check that the oil seallips are not distorted.

NOTE: . 0003. Do not installthe parts if five minutesor more haveelapsed sinceapplying the liquidgasket. t I n s t a ltlh e o i l p a ng a s k ea n d o i l p a n . . Tightenthe bolts and n u t sf i n g e rt i g h ta t s i x p o i n t s as shown below.8. part No. Tighten boltsand nuts. to these 3. clockall wise in threesteps. OIL PAN GASKET Replace.ft) (cont'd) 7-23 . Use liquidgasket.2. After assembly. 08718 0001or 08718 . t I n s t a ltlh e o i l p a ng a s k eo n t h e o i l p a n .2kgl.m. NOTE: . Check that the matingsurfaces cleanand dry are beforeapplyingliquidgasket.m (1. Replace. Torque:12 N. . D16Y8 engines: 1. . To preventoil leakage apply liquid gasketto the innerthreadsof the bolt holes. OIL PAN PAN GASKET points. Usea new oil pan gasket.starting from boltO. o A p p l y l i q u i dg a s k e ta s a n e v e n b e a d . reapplyliquid gasketafter removingthe old residue. wait at least 30 minutesbefore filling the enginewith oil. Install the oil pan no morethan five minutesafter applyingliquidgasket. the . OILPAN Apply liquid gasketto these poants. .c e n t e r e d between edgesof the matingsurface.7lbt. Instead. D16Y5. NOTE:Excessive tighteningcan causedistonionof oil pan gasket and oil leakage.

o a o 4. The crankshaft sealhousingshouldbe dry. drive in the timing pulley-end sealuntilthe driverbottomsagainst oil pump. 1.cleanany excessgrease and checkthat the oil seal lip is off the crankshaft not distorted.Oil Pan (cont'd) Installation 2. Usingthe special tool. Tightenall boltsand nuts. Oil Seals Installation NOTE: . NOTErExcessive tighteningcan causedistortionof oil pan gasket and oil leakage. . oil Apply a light coat of greaseto the crankshaft and to the lips of the seals.7lbl.starting from nut O.A p p l y l i q u i dg a s k e t o t h e l shadedareas. Apply liquid gasketto the block mating surfaces.2kgf'm.ft) t-z+ .m (1.8. Engineremovalis not required. Tighten the nuts finger{ight at six points as shown L 07947-SB00200 lnstallseal with the part number side facingout. OIL PAN 3. t h e n i n s t a l t h e o i l p a n . the When the seal is in place. Torque:12 N. clockwise in threesteps.

8 mm (0. NOTE:Align the hole in the driver attachment with the pin on the crankshaft. 07749-0010000 DRIVERATTACHMENT 07948-S800101 lnstallseal waththe part numberside facing out.03in) (seepage7-191. 7-25 .Usingthe special tool.0. Measure the flywheel-end sealthickness and the oil seal housingdepth.020. drive the flywheel-endseal into the rear cover to the point where the clearance betweenthe boftom of the oil seal and the right side cover is 0.2.5 .

IHI I / .

No.SpecialTools t Ref.52 55 mm Driver Oil FilterWrench Oty 1 I 1 PageRoforance a-12 a-12 8-7 o a2) o \ I 8-2 { . I Tool Numbel 07746 0010400 07749 0010000 07912 611000' ] Description x Attachment.

CHAMBER 6x1. O-RING OIL BREATHER Replace. 8.33 lbtftl Do not overtighten.ft) GASKET Replace.RING Replace. Apptvtiquidqasket ro 8lbf ft) rhesepoints. . .m.1kgf.8ksf m.m. CAUTION: Do not overtighten the drain bolt.m (1.2kglm. OILPAN GASKET Replace.m 14.1kgl. Apply liquidgasket to thesepornts. 6 x OIL FILTER Replacement. Inspectaon. D16Y7 engin€: OILPUMP page8-9 Overhaul. page8-7 O. Clean oil pan gasket the matingsurfaces beforeinstallIn g .lllustrated Index NOTE: o Usenew O-rings when reassembling. 13 lbf. BSPT Standard PipeTaper) 2Slhreads/inch.0mm 12 N m (1. 8 tbf.m. . ENGINE OIL PRESSURE SWITCH 18 N.Part No.m. Apply oil to O-ringsbeforeinstallation. 1 kst. 6x1. . m{ 1 . 08718.ft) (Eritish 1/8in. 8-10 page Applyliquidgasket to the matingsurface of the block.m {1. 6x1. Apply liquidgasketto the recesses the oil pan gasof ket (seepage7-22). (cont'd) 8-3 .0mm 1l N.5kgf. Use liquid gasket. 8 lbl.ftl DRAINBOLT 44 N. Use properliquidsealant. PAN Befertopage7 22 when installing.0mm 11 N.0mm 1 1 N .7tbf.0001 or 087180003.m {1.

m. plN Applyliquidgasket to the matingsurface of the block.m.ttl 6x1.ft) (British 1/8in. 6x1.m 11. 8 tbf. D16Y5.m.m 11.7 Replacement.m 11.ftl OIL PAN Refer page7-23 to when installing.1 kgf. kgt 8 tbf. ENGINEOIL PRESSURE SWITCH 18 N.0001 or 087180003. 29 lbf.ftl urr. D15Y8 engines: CAUTION: Do not overtighten the dlain bolt.1 kgl.1 m. 12 N'm 11. page8-10 DOWEL Inspection. Apply oil to O-ringsbeforeinstallation. OILPUMP page8-g Overhaul. .ftl page8. .1 kgf. Use properliquidsealant.o-*tn 8-4 . .lllustrated Index (cont'd) NOTE: .ft) OILPAN GASKET Replace.m 11.8 kgf.8.r. Use liqu.0mm 11 N. Usenew O-rings when reassembling.Part No. 8 tbf.m.0mm 11 N.m 11.7 lbf.0mm 11 N. 8 tbf.0kgl.ft} Do not overtighten. ing.0mm 11 N.2kgl. BAFFLEPLATE SCREEN 6x1.d gasket. 08718. t. Clean oil pan gasket the matingsurfaces beforeinstall.m. 13 lbt. 6x1.m. BSPT StandardPipeTaper) 28 Threads/inch.m {. I 39 N.

Warm up the engine.Dl6Y8 6ngines: Beplace. 1. BOLT DRAIN a. Parkthe vehicle on level ground. Replacement CAUTION: Removo lhe drain bolt car€fully whilo tho engine is hot.5 kgt'm. 33 lbf.ft) Do notovertighten. (cont'd) . 29 lbt frl Donot ovenighten. 2. add oil until it reaches uooermark.m14.l N. D16Y5.Allow the oil a few minutesto drain back into the oil pan so the dipstickwill show the actual level.m (. the CAUTION:Insertthe dipstickcarefullyto avoid bending it. Make cenainthat the oil level indicated the dipon stickis between the upperand lower marks.En g i neO il Inspection 1 . tho hct oil may cau36scalding.1. Drainthe engineoil. and turn off the engine. DRAIN BOLT 39 N. lf the level has droDpedclose to the lower mark.0 kgl'm.

run the enginefor more than three minutes.3 0 i s p r e f e r r e df o r improved fuel economy and year-roundprotectionin the car. 5 S q t .6f (3. Reinstallthe drain bolt with a new washer. API ServiceGrade:Use an "Energy Conserving" gradeoil or an SJ "Energy Conserving SH gradeoil.2US qt. 3.9US qt. The numbersin the middle of the Apl Servicelabel tell you the oil's SAE viscosityor weight. and refill the enginewith the r€commend€d oil.5US qt. Selectthe oil for your car according this chart: to Fill the enginewith oil up to the specified level.3 tmp qt) afterengineoverhaul.3. 3 1 ( 4 . oil filter shouldbe replaced the at eachoil change. D16Ytengine: 3. D16Y8 engines: 3. 3.5US qt.7/ (3.8US qt. including filter. Every7.750miles(6.You may usea 10W.9 lmp qt) at change. Ev6ry3.3f (3. API CERTIFICATION MARK Requirement Capacity 62\"' API SERVICE LABEL Change NOTE:Under normalconditions. Dl6Y5.30 preferred. 2. 8l m p q t ) U afterengineoverhaul. You can alsousean oilthat bearsthe API CERTIFICATION mark. Ambienl Temperature -30 20 A n o i l w i t h a v i s c o s i t y o f 5 W . 3 .6 lmp qt) at change.EngineOil Replacement {cont'd) 3. 2. then check fof oil leakage. 4 . 3. \ 8-6 .9 lmp qt) at change.30 oil if the climatein your area is limited to the temperaturerangeshown on the chart. at Undersevere conditions.3/ (3.including filter.000 or km) 12 months(Normal Conditions). ll" SAE 5W . without filter.0/ (3.000 km) or 6 months (Severe Conditions). 3. without filter.2 lmp qt) at change. oil filter should be the replaced everyotheroil change.500miles (12. 2.

perature is very high.2kgf. Aft€r the engine has been run.ftl Remove oil filter with the oil filter wrench. 8-7 .16lbt. be careful when working around the exhaust pipe. Burns can result becausethe oil tem. Afterthe rubbersealseats. Wipe oif the seaton the engineblock. 1.m (2.then apply a lightcoat of oil to the new filter'srubberseal.m.Oil Filter Replacement Installtheoil filter by hand. the exhaust pipe will be hot. Be careful when loosening the drain bolt while the engine is hot. the Inspect threads the and rubbersealon the new filter. Apply oil to rubberseal beforeinstalling. 2. tightenthe oil filterclockwise with the oil filterwrench. Tightening torque:22N. NOTE: Use only filters with a built-in bypass sysrem. Tighten: 7/8 turn clockwise.

Afterinstallation. a Remove engineoil pressure the switch.. 4.C1 EngineOil Pressure: Ar ldle: 59 kPa10.7 kgf/cm. 1) Makea markon the oil filterbaseunderthe num. orl pressure \ ENGINEOIL PRESSURE SWITCH MOUNTINGHOLE 7. Numberwhen rubber sealis seated Numberaftertightening 8 2 4 3 5 4 6 5 7 at 6 7 ADAPTER {1/8'r28. Numberaftertightening. and install an gauge. 2. is inspect p t h e o i l p u m p( s e e a g e8 1 0 ) . BSPT} (Commercially avsilable) OIL PRESSURE GAUGE lCommerciallv available) CAUTION:Using any procedureolher than those shown could r€sult in seriousengine damsge due to oil leakage. is replace the oil pressure switchand recheck.. 2) Tightenthe filter by turning it clockwise seven numbersfrom the markedpoint. 50 psi) minimum lf oil pressure within specifications.if a markis madeunderthe number2 whenthe rubber seal is seated.10 psi) minimum At 3. run for then checkfor oil leakage.The pressure shouldbe: EngineOil Temperature: 176'F(80. ber that shows at the bottom of the filter when the rubberseal is seated. For example. Allow the engine reachoperating (fan to temperature comeson at leasttwice). Connect tachometer. Shut it off immediately the gauge if registers oil pressure. the engine morethanthreeminutes.€ turn clockwise.t0 kPa (3.5 kgt/cm.000rpm: 3. lf oil pressure NOTwithin specifications. Stan the engine. no Repair the problembefore contrnurng.Oil Filter (cont'dl Replacement Usethis procedure tightenthe filter if eight numto bers(1 to 8) are Drinted the surface on ofthe filter.checkthe engineoil level.lf the oil levelis cor rect: 1. the engine fill with oil up to the specifiedlevel. 5. filter shouldbe tightened the point. untilthe number1 comesup to the marked Oil Pressure Testing lf the oil pressure warninglight stayson with the engine running. 8-8 . MARK Numberwhen rubber seal is seated.

INNERROTOR page8_10 lnspection. .Hwlsren E - -/SEALING BOLT 39 N. PUMPHOUSING 8-10 Inspection.l{o kgf. 6x1. 5 lbt'ft) OUTERROTOR page8_10 Inspection.7kgf m.0 0 0 3 . Page Applyliquidgasket to mating surfaceof block the cylinder when bore. page8-1 1 Installation. SPRING g @ .0 0 0 o r 0 8 7 1 8 . . 1 . Valvemust slidefteely in hous. 8 lbt.0mm 7 N.ft) OIL SEAL Replace. . checkthat the rotorsmove without binding. DOWELPIN PUMPCOVER O-RING Feplace. 0 8 7 1 8 .Oil Pump Overhaul NOTE: a Usenew O-rings when reassembling. The rotorsmust be installed the samedirection. to .1 kgt m. Apply oil to O-ringsbeforeinstallation.. 6x1.m (0. After reassembly. U s el i q u i dg a s k e tP a r tN o .0mm 11 N.m. 29 tbtftl 8-9 .m (1. it Replace scored.

replacethe set of inner and outer rotorsand/orthe pump housing.0. 1t INNER ROTOR Cneclithe housing-to-rotor axial clearance the on pump rotor.001 0.Oil Pump RemovaUlnspection/lnstallation 'L 2.a i r c o n d i . t o Turn the crankshaft and align the white groove on pulley with the pointeron the lower the crankshaft cover. the Remove drive pulley. D r a i n h ee n g i n e i l . the R e m o v e h e p o w e r s t e e r i n g u m p b e l t .then separate housingand cover. Inner Rotor-to-OuterRotor RadialCl€arsnce Standard(New):0.006inl ServiceLimit: 0. Removethe screwsfrom the pump hausing.08mm (0.20 mm {0.003inl Service Limit: 0.RING Replace. Remove cylinderheadcoverand uppercover.008in) OUTER ROTOR 6. Checkthe inner-to'outerrotor radial clearance on 3. 4.0. the DOWEL PIN O. Remove timing belt. t p tioner beltand the aiternator belt.006 in) OIL SCREEN 9. the 1 1 .03. 8. lf the housing-to-rotor axial clearance exceedsthe serviceIimit. ROTORS \ 8-10 . 1 0 . Housing-to-RotorAxial Clearance Standard(New):0.001 0. r e p l a c et h e i n n e r a n d t ourerrorors. the Remove oil pan and oil screen. the pump rotor. Remove the oil pump. Remove crankshaft pulleyand removethe lower the cover.15mm {0.14mm {0.02.lf the inner-to-outer rotor clearance e x c e e d s h e s e r v i c el i m i t . 7.

Installthe two dowel pins and new O-ringon the oil pump. a narrowbeadcen teredon the matingsurface. . 52x55mm 07746. After assembly.a p p l y i n g h r e a dl o c kt o t the pump housingscrews. Do not installthe pans if five minutes or more h a v e e l a p s e ds i n c e a p p l y i n g l i q u i d g a s k e t .008in) HOUSING ' 1 7 . 1 4 . apply liquidgasketto the innerthreadsof the bolt . the NOTE:The oil seal alone can be replacedwithout removingthe oil pump. Apply liquidgasketevenly. ing or otherdamage.0003 . 1 9 . Check that the matingsurfaces cleanand dry are beforeapplyingliquidgasket.13.18mm (0. 1 8 . . Insteadreapplyliquid gasketafter removingthe old residue. NOTE: .OutorBotor RadialClearance: Standard {New):0. the to. It the housing-to-outer rotor radialclearance exceeds the servjcelimit. Use liquidgasket.R e a s s e m b lte e h o i l p u m p . 2 1 . Inspect both rotorsand the pump housingfor scor- partsif necessary. Usingthe special tool.0010i100 (cont'd) 8-11 . replacethe set of inner and outer rotorsand/orthe pump housing Hoqsing. Apply a light coatof oil to the seallip.10. wait at least 30 minutes before fillingthe enginewith oil.007in) ServiceLimit: 0. gentlytap in the new oil seal until the driverbottomsagainst pump. Replace 1 5 . . Remove old oil sealfrom the oil pump.20 mm (0. PartNo.0. Check that the oil pump turnstreely. DRtvER 0?7i190010000 Apply liquidgasket alongthe brokenline.0. To preventoil leakage. Check housing-to-outer radial the rotor clearance. Apply liquidgasket the cylinderblockmatingsurto faceof the oil pump. 08718 0001or 08718 . 20.

2 2 ) . kgf I rbt.ftt 6 x'l. 8 tbt. o NOTE:Clean the oil pan gasketmatingsurfaces. Install oil pump on the cylinderblock.Omm 11N'm(1.m(1.O il Pu mp RemovaUlnspection/lnstallation (cont'd) 22.1 m. Whenthe pump is in place. l n s t a ltlh e o i l s c r e e n .ftl 11N.0mm 11 N.m 11. to Then. 24.1 kgtm. 6x1. 8lbfftl 23.m. I n s t a l l t h e i l p a n( s e ep a g e7 . the Apply grease the lip of the oil pump seal. 8-12 .1 kgf. grease cleanany excess off the crankshaft and checkthat the oil seal lip is not distorted.installtheoil pump onto the crankshaft.

............ 9-9 HeatedOxygenSensor{HO2S) Replacement ............ -........... Exhaust Pipeand Muffler ........................................IntakeManifold/Exhaust System lntakeManifold Replacement ............ 9-9 ............................... 9-2 Exhaust Manifold 9-5 Rep|acement .................................................. 9-7 Replacement (TWC) ThreeWay Catalytic Converter Inspection ..........

2kgl. 1? tbt.ftl INTAKEMANIFOLD ERACKET E x 1.m 12.IntakeManifold Replacement NOTE:Use new O-ringsand gaskets when reassembling.m (2.25mm 23 N.m.25mm 2a N.25mm 22 N. Ch€ckfor lolds or scratcheson the surtaceof the gasket. 8 x 1.m./t kgf. CAUTION: .m. 17 lbtftl g-2 .m 12. D16Y7 engine: 8 x 1. Replacewith a new gasket if damaged. .3kgt. 16lbfftl INTAKEMANIFOLO Replace crackedor if it matingsurtaces are oama9eo.

25mm 21 N.m.25mm 22 N.m l'1.m.m (2.2kgt. 16 tbt tr) (cont'd) 9-3 .8.m {2.25mm 23 N.0mm 12 N.m 12. 16 lbf.3kgf.25mm 22 N.7 lbtftl EGRCHAMBER INTAKEMANIFOLD Replace crackedor if if mating surfacesarc oamageo.m (2.ftl INTAKE MANIFOLD BRACKET 8 x 1. 15 tbf f0 INTAKEAIR CONTROL IIAC}VALVE (M/TI EXHAUST GAS RECIRCULATION {EGRIVALVE 8 x 1.1 kgf. 17 8 x 1.2kgf.D16Y5 engine: 6x1.m.m.2 kqf. 8 x 1.m.

INTAKEAIR CONTROL {IAC)VALVE(M/T) N $"^ GASKET Replace. . I x 1.Intake Manifold (cont'dl Replacement NOTE:Usenew O-ringsand gaskets when reassembling. Replacewith a new gasket it damaged. 17 rbt.25mm 23 N.m {2. CAUTION: . Checkfor folds or scraichss on the surfaceof the gasket.ftl INTAKEMANIFOLD BRACKET 9-4 .3 kgf.m. D16Y8 engine: INTAKEMANIFOLD Replaceit crackedor il mating surfacesare oamageo. THROTTLE BODY See section 11.

ft} PRIMARY HEATED OXYGEN SENSOR HO2SI {PRIMARY 44 N.ExhaustManifold Replacement nutswhen reassembling.1kgf. {cont'd) 9-5 ) . NOTE:Usenew gaskets and self-locking CAUTION: .m.5 kgf.m. D16Y7 D16Y5.25mm 31 N. 10 x 1.ft) Replace.2kgf.m 14.5kgf.ftl GASKET Feplace.m {2.m (1.ftl page9-10 Beplacement.5 kgt. engines: I x 1.25mm 44 N. . 33 lbl.4 kgtm. 17 lbf. 33 lbt. THREEWAY CATALYTIC CONVERTER {TWC) page9'9 Inspection.8lbtft) MANIFOLD BRACKET SECONDARY HEATED OXYGEN SENSOR ISECONDARY HO2S} 4zlN. 23 tbt.0mm 11 N. 6x1. 33 tbf.m (4.ft) page9 9 Replacement.25mm 24 N. Replacewith a new gaskei if damaged.m 13.m.m 14.m.m. 8 x 1. Checkfor folds or scraicheson the surtace of lhe gasket.

m.ExhaustManifold Replacement(cont'd) NOTE:Usenew gaskets and self-locking nutswhen reassembling. CAUTION: . PNIMARY HO2S 14 N. 33 lbt.2 kgf. Checktor lolds or scratcheson thg surfac6ol the gaskgt.33 lbf.ft) page9-10 Replacement. o Replacewith a new gasket if damaged. t7 tbf. EXXAUSTMANIFOLD BRACKET 10 x 1.ft) L E x 1.25 mtn 2a N.m (4.m.m 14.5 kgt.25mm 44 N.ft.m.m {2.25 mm 3l t&m13. 23 tbt'ftt R€placs.m. D16Yg sngine: 8 x 1.5kgf. 9-6 .4 kgf.

tt) Replace.0mfi 9.naling side-to-side. (cont'd) 9-7 ) . side-to-side.ftl HEAT SHIEI.m.m.6kg . NUT SEI.m 13.0kst'm. 7.4 kgtm.25mm 22 N. NOTE:Use new gaskets and self-locking D16Y7 D16Y5.m {2.I-OCKING 8 x 1. engines: EXHAUSTPIP€NP MUFFI.2kgf.m (1. GASKET Replace.ExhaustPipe and Muffler Replacement nutswhen reassembling.------------ Replace.m.EN.m {1. 7. 12 lbf.ft (1. akernating ------------->@ Replace.8 N..0 m. 25 tbt ftl Replace.ER 6 x 1.f.2 lbf. alt€.LOCKING 10 x 1.25mm 33 N.m 12.m.I) "e*.n 9..0 kgt. 8 x 1.25mm 16 N.2 kgt..2 lbl'ftl s 8 x 1. Tighten boltsin the steps. 16 tbf.. NUl SELF. 16 |bfftl Replace.25mm 22 N.. Tightenthe bolts in steps.

m {1.m {1.LOCKING l0 x 1.m (2.25mm 33 N.8 N. 6x1.4kgf. -6r1.5 kgtm.m 15. 7. 16 N.4/ GASKET Replace.ft) Replace.6kgl. 7.ftl HEATSHIELD 8 x 1.40 tbtftl Replace.ft) Feplace.LOCKING NUT t0 x 1.ftl page9-10 Replacement. Tighten boltsin steps.8 N. 8 x 1.0mm 9. \ 9-8 .0kgf.ftl Replace.m. Tighten boltsin the stePs. GASKET Replace.m. alternating side-to side.25mm 22 N.m.25mm 22Nm12.m. GASKETS Replace. the alternating side-to-side. 12lbt.m {3.2kgtm. EXHAUST PIPE A SELF. SECONDARY H()2S a4 N. 16 lbf. Dl6Yg engine: MUFFLER PIPE EXHAUST TIP I o. 33lbf.m {1.m. TWC page9-9 Inspection.0mm 9.ftl L EXHAUST PIPE NUT SELF.5kgf. 25 tbt.m.2 lbt.2 lbf.2kgt. 16 tbt.m (4.25mm 54 N.ExhaustPipe and Muffler Replacement(cont'd) NOTE: Use new gaskets and self-locking nuts when reassembling.0kgf.ft) Replace.

Disconnect the primary HO2Sconnector. 33tbtftl 9-9 . Remove the primaryHO2S.TWC Inspection 1.m 14t kgf.m. Remove primaryHO2S. a/) D16Y8 engine: FLASHLIGHT b.25 2ilNm12. D16Y7 enginss: HO2S Replacement Primary HO2S: 1. the D16Y5. mm 8 x 1.4kgt'm. Usinga flashlight. then removethe cover. meltingand cracking the catalyst. I A I l (cont'd) PRIMARY H02S 44 N. D16Y7 engines: a. of D16Y5. makea visualcheckfor plugging.

Dl6Y5.ftl 2.5kgI. D i s c o n n e c t h e s e c o n d a r yH O 2 Sc o n n e c t o r .m. Dl6Y7 engin6: a. SocondaryHO2S: 1. then removethe secondary HO25. ()2 SENSOR WRENCH (Commercially PRIMARY HO2S 4.0N. D16Y8 engine: a. lnstall Drimarv the HO2Sin reverse orderof removal.m {4. Remove secondary the HO2S. Disconnect the primary HO2S connectorthen removethe primaryH02S.then disconnectthe secondary HO2Sconnector. SECONDABY HO2S CONNECTOR \ 9-10 . the and pullout the secondary HO2Sconnector.HO2S (cont'dl Replacement Dl6Y8 engine: a. Remove grommet. 33 lbt.

m. Remove secondarv HO2S. 33 lbf.5 kgf. I n s t a l lt h e s e c o n d a r yH O 2 S i n r e v e r s eo r d e r o f 2. 9-1 .a b. the WRENCH 02 SENSOR available) lCommercially SECONDARY HO2S {rr N.m (4.

.'....... flfustrated Radiator "...." Replacement .........10-12 fnspection 10-12 ..10-10 Testing TemPerature EngineGoolant (ECT) Switch ."".' Bleeding 10-8 .'..'......Cooling "................'..'..............".'...........'....... 10-9 Replacement ".'.......'." 10-2 lndex...". lllustrated ...'... 10-10 Testing WaterPump ......'.........................." .. 10-11 Index ......' CapTesting .... ...........'.." " I 0-5 Replacement and Refilling Coolant Engine 10-6 .10-8 Testing Thermostat " "...

ftl \ \ \ \ -ECOOLANT RESERVOIR UPPEN RADIATOR HOSE 5x0.m.8mm 5.0mm 9.0kgt m.3 tbf. .page10-8 jointsand Inspect soldered seams leaks.f0 LOWER CUSHION DRAIN PLUG Refer sectionl4 to when installing. 7l m p q t ) 4 .55 kgtm. 8 l m p q t ) * ' 4 . 3 . lf insects.are clogging radiator. Checkall coolingsystem hosesfor damage. 7.0lbffi} 6x1. 7. 6 l m p q t ) * 1 4 . if . 4U S q t . 3 ..35 lmp qt))l: M/I Afi CVT 4 .41 (0. rinse it off immediately. To avoid danger of releasingscalding enginecoolant. Use new O-rings when reassembling. 3 . NOTE: . 3 f { 4 . 3f 1 4 .73 5.4N.2 tbt. page10 6 Leak test. O-RING Replace.removethe cap only when the engineis coor. 6x1. CAUTION:lf any engine coolantspills on painted portions ol the body.. 4.m {0.leaksor if deterioration replace necessary. 5U S q t . 10-2 . Page10-8 RADIATOR Engine coolantrefilling and bleeding. Checkall hoseclampsand retighten necessary. 1 i ( 4 . and .12 qt. 3 .2N. Total Cooling System Capacity ncluding heater and reservoir US {0. 2f ( 4 .lllustratedIndex !@@ when the system is under high pressure engine is hot.m {0.m (1. 3U S q t . for Blowout dirt from between corefinswith compressed air.0mm kgJ.0.8N. 8l m p q t ) U * 1 :D 1 6 Y 7 n g i n e e x 2 :D 1 6 Y g n g i n e e BADIATOR CAP Pressure test. 5 S q t . washthem off with low pressure water. etc.

l 10-3 .EngineHose Connoction3: Dl6Y7 engin€: IACVALVE HEATER HOSES HEATER VALVE (cont'd) ..

HEATEB VALVE H€ATER HOSES 10-4 .RING Replace.lllustratedIndex (cont'dl EngingHosgConnections: D16Y5. BYPASS WATER HOSE IAC VALVE IM/T) O. THEBMOSTAT HOUSING \ \ \ rn \ / CONNECTING PIPE O. D16Y8 engines: tAc vAtvE IA/T) CONNECTING PIPE Replace.RING Replace.

2 tbl. 7. Drainthe enginecoolant. 5.3 RESERVOIR TANK LOWEB CUSHION DRAINPLUG O. 2. R e m o v e h e u p p e ra n d l o w e r r a d i a t o rh o s e s .m. then pull up the raqtalor. F i l l t h e r a d i a t o r i t h e n g i n ec o o l a n ta n d b l e e d w the air. 6x1.0kg[.m.m (1.0mm 7. Removethe fan shroudassemblies and other parts from the radiator.m (0. Install the radiatorin the reverse orderof removal: NOTE: . RAOIA ATF COOLER HOSES {A/TI Referto section when installing. n d t a ATFcoolerhoses. Setthe upperand lower cushions securely.2 N. the Remove the radiatorupper bracket. Disconnect fan motor connector. 4. LOWER RADIATOR HOSE 10-5 .trl 3.8 N.RING Replace. 5.0mm 9. UPPER RADIATOR HOSE 6x1.73kgt.Radiator Replacement 1 . .

0kgl m.Fill the tsnk halfwayto the MAX mark with water. 7 . Make sure the engine and radiatorare cool to the touch. be sure to shut the rolay box lid and not to let coolant spill on the sl€cirical parts or thc paint.drain and reinstallthe reservoir.then reinstall the bolt with a new washer and tighten it securery. the MAX MARK </on 7E N. ll any coolant spills. the ORAINPLUG Apply liquid gasketto the drain bolt threads. Loosen drain plug. 4. 3. Remove radiator the cao. and drainthe coolant.Radiator EngineCoolantRefillingand Bleeding CAUTION:When pouring engine coolant. control lever to maxi Slide the heatertemperature mum heat.then up to MAX the markwith antifreeze. Remove drain bolt from the cvlinderblock. 2. Remove. rinse it off imm€diatslv. Tightenthe radiator drain plug securely.m 18. 58 lbf ft) 10-6 . 1.

8. Coolantconcentrations than less 5 0 % m a y n o t p r o v i d e s u f f i c i e n tp r o t e c t i o n againstcorrosion freezing or . US M/I 3 .rust produsts. Pour coolantinto the radiatorup to the baseof the filler neck. 3l m p q t ) 3. Do not use additional rust inhibitors or anti.4f 10. 4l m p q t ) * . 1 0 . NOTEI . 10-7 ) . Startthe engineand let it run until it warms up (the radiator comeson at leasttwice).r o u n d t y a 50% minimum. Do not mix differcd brands of antifreeze/coolants.the coolant conc e n t r a t i o nm u s t b e m a i n t a i n e d e a r . 0U S q t . fan 1 1 . A/T CVT *1:D16Y7 ngine e * 2 :D1 6 Y 8 n g i n e e add coolantif needed. 1 S q t .9US qt.3.then run the engine againand checkfor leaks. 1U S q t . 9{ ( 4 . Turn off the engine. CAUTION: . 8{ { 4 . thcy may not be compatible with the coolant. C o o l a n tc o n c e n t r a t i o n g r e a t e rt h a n 6 0 % w i l l s impair coolingefficiency nd are not recoma menoeo. For best corrosion protection. Engine Coolant Refill Capacity Iincluding reservoir (0. . 3 . 4l m p q t ) U 9. 0.35lm' qt)ll.42 qt. 3 . Mix the recommended ntiJreezwith an equal a e amountof water in a cleancontainer.3 lmp qt)*' 3 .7/ (3. 3 . 3 . 9/ ( 4 .and installthe radiator cap looselv.Checkthe level in the radiator. Put the radiatorcap on tightly. . Useonly genuineHondaantifreeze/coolant.

123kPa(0. coolant. wet its seal with engine tester.25kgflcm' .25kgt/cm?. Wait until the engine is cool.replac€ cap.op in pressure.1 8p s i ) . of .95 1. 10-8 . 14 for Check a d.95. then installit on the Dressure Testing '1.1. drops. testerto the radiatorand apply Attachthe pressure a pressure 93 . then carefullyremove t h e r a d i a t o rc a p a n d f i l l t h e r a d i a t o rw i t h e n g i n e coolantto the top of the filler neck.'14 of 18 osi). Remove testerand reinstallthe the NOTE: Checkfor engine oil in the coolant and/or coolantin the engineoil. radiatorcap. the lf the pressure for Inspect enginecoolantleaksand a drop in pressure. Removethe radiatorcap. Profile) Apply a pressure 93 . RADIATOR ADAPTOR (for32 mm neck. 4.Radiator CapTesting 1. low profile) PRESSURE RAOIATOR TESTER (Commercially available) ADAPTOR low {for32mm neck.123 kPa(0.

m.7 tbtft) 10-9 . RUEBER SEAL THERMOSTAT THERMOSTAT HOUSING TEMPERATURE IECTI swtTcH 24 N.m 11.8. 17 lbl.2 kgf.m.{ kgt.m 12.0mm 12 N. THERMOSTAT pin Installwith up.ftl 6xl.Thermostat Replacement NOTE:Usea new O-ringwhen reassembling.

w M e a s u r el i f t h e i g h t o f t h e t h e r m o s t a t h e n f u l l y open.80"C) Startsopening: 169'. 1.Checkthe temperatureat which the first opens. Suspendthe ECTswitch in a containerot water as shown. and checkthe temperaturewith a thermometer. Measure the resistance betweenthe A and B terminalsaccording the table. THERMOMETER Removethe ECTswitch from the thermostathousing (seepage10-9).176"F (90'C) Fullyopen: 194"F 4. THERMOSTAT tl Heat the water. and checkthe temperaturewith a thermometer.15.0 mm (0. to Terminal \ Op"r"ffi ON SWITCH 196". Heat the water.and at which it is fully open.8"C) O F F lower than the temperaturewhen I goeson 10-10 . CAUTION:Do not let lhe thormometertouch the bottom of the hot container. ECTSwitch Testing Removingthe EcT switch while the engine @ is hot can causethe coolant to spray out. Always let the engine and radiator cool down betore removing the ECTswitch.203"F O_ B (3" 5" .31in) (75". NOTE:Bleedair from the coolingsystemafter installing the ECTswitch{seepage10-6}. the To test a closedthermostat: 'L Suspendthe thermostatin a containerof water as shown.Thermostat Testing if Replace thermostat it is open at room temperature. THERMOSTAT STANDARD Lift height: above8. seriouslyscalding you.F . thermostat CAUTION:Do not let the thermometertouch the bottom ot the hot container.

.. ...1 ..... .... 1f -59 Power Stoaring PressurcSwitch Signal ... .............. ... System Description..... . .... 11-'112 Barometric PressureSen3or 1t-113 11-115 ElectricalLoad Detectol CKFSensor 11-117 EGM/FCM InternalCircuit .. ....... .....1.. ... ldle Control System ldle Air Control Valve 11-126 ....29 SystemConneqtors ... ...........60 TroubleshootingFlowcharts EnginoControl Module/Pow€rtrain Control Module 11..... Fuel Pump PGM-Fl Main Relay ..............10 t Sensor. I 1-15i1 FuelPressure .. ..... Troubleshooting Troubfsshooting 71.......... 11-137 11-139 ClutchSwitch Signal ..... 1........Fueland Emissions SpecialTools Component Location3 .. ....... I 1-178 Evaporative Emission Controls.......... ..... .. 11-171 PositiveCrankcase Ventilation System .......... 11-122 Troubl€shootingFlowchart3 ........... ....... . .... 11-53 How to ReadFlowcharG...1 1 ..-.. .....135 A/T Gear Position Signal . .11-130 Starter Switch Signal . .......11.. .... ......_....... .........1 . 11-8'l Socondrry Hoat€d Orygon Sonsor 2)........... .. . .. .......-......... ..1 2 4 ....... 11-121 Fuel Supply System Fuel Lines t 1-1i[5 F 11-117 Fusl Tube/Ouick............ 1......8 Electricrl Connaqtions 11-19 I 1... ........... .... 11-95 lSensor HeatedOxygen Sensor Heatel 11-98 Fuel Supply System 11-103 Misfire Detectod in One Gylinder 11-105 Random Misfire 11-108 Knock Sensot 11-109 CKP/TDC/CYP 1 1 . l . ..... ................. AirConditioning 11-131 Signsl ...................1......1 1 .... VehicloSpesdSensor.. ............... . ... . . .. ldle SpeedSetting 11-141 PGM-FlSystem Systom Description 11.. 1t-150 11-150 Fuel PressurG.. ..(x' Msnifold Absolute Pre3sure 11-67 Sen3or..5 .... 11-2 ldle ControlSystem System Description . ...........42 Procoduro!........... ... .........Connect ittin9s. . t1-133 Brake Switch Signal 11-13i1 lndex ...... ........ .9 11-7 Prim8ryHeatedOrygen Sensor(Sensor1) ..1 6 0 ........ ...... ........................ .. .... ..-.-............. ... .. .... Intake Air System System Description t1-161 Emission Control System 11-167 Syst€m Description 11-167 Tailpipe Emission Three Way Catalytic Converter 11-167 11-169 Exhaust GasRecirculation System ..... ....-. ........1 1 . Intak€ Air Temp€raturoSensor 11-73 EngineCoolant TemperatureSensor ...... . 3 Systom Description Vacuum Connections 11.............5 Fuel Fiher . 11-152 Fuel Iniectors ....... ........... ...1... ...... ........... ...1 5 7 FueTank..... Regulator. ........... .. 11-120 A/T Sisnal[rvlA/TMB] .. EngineContlol Module/Poworftain Control Module Terminal Arrangement 11-'19 Diagnostic Troubl€CodeChart ........-...6 ... . AlternatorFRSignal .............. ........ 1I-76 ThrottlePositionSensor . .......1 5.................. ....

145.0040001 07406.1 9 2 . 112.9 3 1 11-42 11-44 1 1 1 .192.30 in.193 1 1 .6x 15 mm Oty 1 1 1 a 1 1 { I o 6 o PageRefel€nc€ 't1-171.0010008 07PAZ 0010100 07sAz . . 11./.1 5 0 . 186.Hg 0 Vacuum/Pressure Gauge.0010004 07406.5 r .4 in.2 . No.Hg SCSService Connector Backprobe Set FuelPressure Gauge FuelPressure Adapter.Speci a l To ols t SpecialTools Rsl.0040304 Description 0 VacuumPump/Gauge. 1 5 4 11 . u @ ). Tool Number _ A973X-041 XXXXX 07JAZ. .188.1 5 0 I (^ .

MANIFOLD ABSOLUTE PRESSURE IMAPI SENSOR page'l 1-67 Troubleshooting. 11-126 EXHAUST GAS RECIRCULATION IEGR'CONTROL SOLENOID INIAKE AIR TEMPERATURE IIAT} SENSOR page11-73 Troubleshooting. ELECTRICAL LOAD DETECTOR IELD){USA model) page11-1 Troubleshooting.g e1 1 .ComponentLocations lndex D16Y5 engine: THROTTLE POSITION ITPI SENSOR page11 79 Troubleshooting. KNOCKSENSOR {KSI CYLINDER POStTtON (CKP/TDC/CYP} (Buikinrothe distributor) T r o u b l e s h o o t i n g . paget 1-168 Troubleshooting.1 1 0/ pa . (cont'd) 11-3 . EXHAUST GAS NECIRCULATION VALVEand EXHAUST {EGR) GAS RECIRCULATION IEGR} VALVE LIFTSENSOR pagel1 170 Troubleshooting. WAY CATALYTIC CONVERTER ITWC} PRIMARY HEATED (PRIMARY SENSOR HO2SI 1) {SENSOR {M/Tt page1'1-88 Troubleshooting. 15 CRANKSHAFT POStTTON/ TOPDEADCENTER/ valvE tcwt page11 I70 Troubleshooting. IDLE CONTROL AIR IIACIVAI-VE {M/TI page Troubleshooting. 11-76 (IAC)VALVE IOLEAIR CONTROL tcwt page11-128 Troubleshooting. ENGINE CRANKSHAFT SPEED FLUCTUATION ICKFISENSOR page1'1117 Troubleshooting. EVAPORATIVE EMISSION {EVAP}PURGE CONTROL SOLENOID VALVE pag€11-190 Troubleshooting. SECONDARY HEATED OXYGEN SENSOR HO2SI ISECONDARY 2l {SENSOR page11-95 Troubleshooting. PRIMARY HEATED OXYGEN SENSOR HO2S' {PRIMARY 1t {SENSOR {CWl page11-84 Troubleshooting. TEMPERATURE SENSOR {ECT) page Troubleshooting. POWER STEERING PRESSURE swlTcH tPsP) {usal 1 = - page11-135 roubleshooting. (cw) page11-109 Troubleshooting. VEHICLE SPEED SENSOR page1'l 112 Troubleshooting.

MANIFOLO ABSOLUTE PRESSURE {MAPISENSOR page11 67 Troubleshooting. TEMPERATURE tEcTt sENson page11 76 Troubleshooting.--L------ --.. THREE WAY CATALYTIC CONVERTER {TWCI page1l'168 Troubleshooting. 190 POWER STEERING PRESSURE {PSP|SWTTCH {USA) page11-135 Troubleshooting. INTAXEAIRTEMPERATURE IIAT} SENSOR -73 page1'1 Troubleshooting.----: SEOONDARY HEATED OXYGEN SENSOB HO2S}{SENSOR 2I ISECONDABY page11 95 Troubleshooting. 11-4 . 1'l 128 PRIMARY I{EATED OXYGENSENSOR (PRIMARY HO2SIISENSOR 1} page11-84 Troubleshooting. 11-'l IDLE CONTROL AIR IIACIVALVE IA/TI page Troubleshooting."E SPEED SENSOR page11-112 Troubleshooting. t?\. CRANKSHAFT SPEED FLUCTUANON ICKFI SENSOR page 17 Troubleshooting.-- .. I1-t15 CRANKSHAFT POStTtON/ TOPDEADCENTER/ CYLINOEF POStTtON (CKP/TDC/CYP} SENSOR l8uilt into the distributori page11'110/' Troubleshooting. EI. EVAPORATIVE EMISSION PURGE IEVAP) CONTROL SOLENOID VALVE page11-185."ECTRICAL LOAO DETECTOR (USAI {ELDI page Troubleshooting. KNOCKSENSOR {KSI page11-109 Troubleshooting. IOLEAIR CONTROL IIACIVALVE {M/T} page11-126 Troubleshooting.Component Locations Index(cont'dl D16Y8 engins: THROTTLE POSITION ITP} SENSOR page11 79 Troubleshooting. VEHICI. Troubleshooting.==.

.- IDLEAIR CONTROL {IACIVALVE r o u b l e s h o o t i n g . THREE WAYCATALYTIC CONVERTER {TWC) page Troubleshooting.D16Y7 engin6: THROTTLE POSITION ITPI SENSOR page11-79 Troubleshooting. 11''1'!5 CRANKSHAFT POStTtoir/ TOPDEAD CENTER/ CYLINDER POSTT|ON SENSOR ICKP/TDC/CYPI {Builtintothe distributor) page11-110 Troubleshooting. i - --. (cont'd) 11 . MANIFOLO ABSOLUTE (MAP)SENSOR PRESSURE page11-67 Troubleshooting.5 . EVAPORATIVE EMISSION CONTROL IEVAP)PURGE VALVE SOLENOID page'l1-190 Troubleshooting.. SECONDARY H€ATED OXYGEN SENSOR HO2SI ISECONDARY 2t {SENSOR page11-95 Troubleshooting..p a g e 1 1 ' ! 2 8 CRANKSHAFT SPEED FLUCTUATION {CKF}SENSOR page TroLrbleshooting. pag€11-158 Troubleshooting. 11 117 ENGINECOOLANT TEMPERATURE IECTISENSOR page11-76 Troubleshooting. POWER SIEERINGPRESSURE SWTTCH {PSP) |USA} page11-135 roubleshooting. Selt-diagnostic page 11-42 t2Pl Procedures./T) PGM. PRIMARY HEATED OXYGEN SENSOR H02SI IPRIMARY lsENsoR 1) page11 84 Troubleshooting.FIMAIN RELAY page11-157 Relay Testing. Procedures. I 1-168 CLUTCH SWITCH{D16Y5 6ngine M. VEHICLE SPEEO SENSOR {VSSI page1!-112 Troubleshooting. INTAKEAIR TEMPERATURE {IATISENSOR page11 73 Troubleshooting. Self-diagnostic page11-42 ENGINE CONTROL MODULE IECMI/POWERTRAIN CONTROL MODULE{PCM} page11-63 Troubleshooting. ELECTRICAL LOAD DETECTOR IUSAI IELDI page Troubloshooting.

hatchback:8ll mod€lsl. FITTINGS page11-147 Precautions. FUELFILL CAP FUELTANK page11-160 Replacement. 11-6 .p a g e ' l 1 . sedan: KA. KL {DX) mod€ls. R e p l a c e m e n t . \ EVAPORANVE EMISSION IEVAPI CONTROL CANISTER VENT S}IUT VALVE page'l Troubleshooting.'96 Dt6Y7 lngin€. FUELPUMP page11-156 Testing. TIVE EMISSION IEVAP)TWO WAY VALVE page11 193 Testing. KC mod6ls. '97 D16Y5.'98-all all models: FUELVAPORPIPE FUEL GAUGE SENDING UNIT FUELFEEO PIPE Testing. '97 D16Y8engine (sed!n: KA. pageI 1-154 Replacement. '97 D16Y7 ongine (coupe:KA.' 1 8 5 FUELINJECTORS page11-152 Roplacement. '97 Dl6YBengine(coupo: models. {sedan). 11155 EVAPORATIVE EMISSION IEVAPICONTROL CANISTER page11-190 Troubleshooting. '97 Dl6Y7 engiDs(coupe:KL mod€|. FUEI REGULATOR page'll-154 Testing.CONNECT FUEL PRESSURE REGULATOR page11-154 Testing.1 5 4 FUEL FITTINGS page11 147 Precautions. KC. FUEL PUMP page11 156 Testing. page11 147 Disconnection. TIVEEMISSION TWOWAYVALVE {EVAPI page Testing. page1'1147 Disconnection. FUELTANK page11-160 Replacement. page11 148 Connection.p a g e 1 1 . TUBE/OUICK. page I 1-156 Replacement. page11-148 Connection.ComponentLocations Index(cont'dl '96 Dl6Y8 engine {coupe). KC mod€ls): FUELVAPORPIPE FUEL FUEL FILTER page Replacement. '96 Dl6Y5 engino. sedan: KL {LX) modell. page11-156 Replacement.'96 Dl6Y8 €ngin.sedan:KL modell.ngine. 1-185 EVAPORATIVE EMISSION IEVAP)CONTROL CANISTER page11-1 Troubleshooting. section see 23 FUELFILTER page11-155 Replacement. APORATIVE EMISSION {EVAPIBYPASS SOLENOID VALVE T r o u b l e s h o o t i n g . 11-193 TANKPRESSURE SENSOR page11-181 Troubleshooting.

163 Installation. 11-'162 page page11. 11-164 AIR CLEANER IACL) Replacement. D16Y7 engine: THROTTLE CABLE page Inspection/Adjustment.4 Inspection.D16Y5. THROTTLE BODY(TBI page'l1-16. p Removal. AIR CLEANER {ACL} page11-'162 Replacement. 1'l-162 page1l 163 Installation. D16Y8 engine: TITROTTLE BODY ITB} page Inspection. 11-7 . age11-165 D i s a s s e m b l y .p a g e 1 l 1 6 6 THROTTLE CABLE Inspection/Adjustment. page11 166 Disassembly. page11'165 Removal. VENTILATION VALVE {PCV} page I1-177 Inspection. RESONATOR POSITIVE CRANKCASE VENIILATION{PCVIVALVE page'l1-177 Inspection.












DltYgmdn.r {cont'd) 11 .ll mod./CPfiC8dUiE a|lrTCH ECr SW'ICtl CHEC|( .t 96 Dl6Y3.nein.neln. 13fUEL tlr$t lll Al r: h ii.i lco!p.12: DiCY5. 3t 6ta8fEi stol{^t '$ Ol6Y5 .6 at lndr. r?: CVTlDi6Y5 ooln. O i liIIEES UCHI n ..nsin. (@qp..Ll. XL mod. r5: El€Dt A/I.n: KL lLxl mod.nd O16Y3 .3oi tr. .. rt &lEr|{AlOi A?*i." t d.nd OioYt.UlCtt F€IAY lo A.d lr-/nld 5.l. Dr6Y8. 16 D16rt .n<l Dr6Y7 ft9ir.6!4.l 11l: Eropt M/r OlaY5 . '15: '9t Dl6lt d9ln. 37 Dl6Y3. O tAC( lr? lt.|.1 9 . ra:96 Di6Yadgln. t'|.l .. o xox tAtttl o rAt orct N.n9in.: K.hgl.1 .l ra: AfI.Electrical Connections -9 I ! lo C*iCA6OR Cl.aAl llo.d.2: AII ( t^a '10: M/I lD16Y5 mdn.

! DtaYE osl. aottlllxt VAIVE ! J: at||f @lvriol8OlIiIXt 2. ldD.iEAns{r(EilOrOV c: LOO(.: l(l n ..€iloD vAlvE I tt toc(.d. Olava rCDl ra: AfI .. dsa. '97 DtaYS .d..Ul.ot aot.: IL h.l + FUEL PACITST'R€ sEt{Bon gEN90fi EGN EGN tnAt(Ctt{ltcH { lo f.I P Ot Ltxt! SOt'lilOlO VAYE A lf...J 1t!r!]J l' ? l l6 ' r r D 11 | t..(t@ v^lvE A r SHfT @tvtioi..nsl.t 'ror M/r tDrat6 oCn l rll: Erc.dD rl5: It Oiart ddm ldrp..nd Dttr. DlaYa.)..d.|'|tu mort lr. 15: Espr A/T.lEnJOCK utrtt @fttiot VAIVE aorliloo A: EVA' tUiG€ clr||liol a: EvAr cotltioa c tr*slEi wm $(rr vavE qEv P av?ats aolEioo valvE O: CCi Coraliol Sotlltlolo VAIVE V IVE E: VIEC 6otli|oa IVE t: r. .r------t M/T lDlaYt .ndd r3: ga Ol6Y3 dct lcoup..'S Dlart odd { 11-20 .nd Dlart ddn.l '12: D'laY5.'r.l.n: xL lL]xlhodJ'.7: CVI iD'lav6milDl.nd DilV. st llll . A/t lolart.System Description (cont'dl Electrical Connections T:I ..

cl'!t EGi VAVE uF sENsoB l""fi""-_ stu l__.MAP S€i60f.!-sru/YEL s€ivtcE cHEcx cot{NEcToi I a6scoNriol u r. @l{t{€cToi (cont'd) 11-21 .

nd OlaYt .lr: Erc.2: a/t IOl6Yt.a: a/I .l . . .E|lo|D cror .SystemDescription Connections Electrical {cont'dl ro?aF c.l.n!in..amod.n!i.d Dt6r.l rl2: ol6Yt.'9aOl6Y5.nd DI6YS.l .10: M/t lDl6YE osin. !7 ol6Ya 6ci.d.n. Dl6Y.ldp. Xtmod.ngh.nciM . .n!ln.7: CW (Oia\6 ociml.t5: 9? D16Ytdgi. .n: ..l 8lx/YyHTl so2SHTC ltvwHT.'93 O|6YT. Dl6Yaogin...x PAIMANY sol. l.rt MtI lot5Y5 min. cl3r ca46 iED/YEL"I sEcotD aY HO2S iSE|!SOR 2l FOzSHTC..6 Esoi Art. lG ltxl mod.D.o{Fl.ll.: KL tcour:.3:'94 OlaYl ncin.nsim \i 11-22 . . t d.

dJ I I LT GAiYWHT CAI'IISTEA VEM SHUTVALVE{. {cont'd) 11-23 .__ _ _ '''-'- _ .Jl---l 1t+l clurcH swrrcHn.1 /ffi| | | 8LX'-1FJ L__. Ks"-I - aeo'-8rx-.i$ N C D /.:rva --f|:F-l wtfii l-._ __ __ - F--+.U ' ' _ _ _ .

nlln.E: Erc. OtSYt ..nrin.nsim lcoup. XL nod. . '0:'96Dl5Y0.37Di6Y3.a scr{90fi rDc s€t€ofi cr(? H?.3: C\/T tot6y6 net.nd Oi6Y'.13: DltYa osin.System Description (cont'd) Connectors Electrical .ll.. .nd DiOYs . Dr5Y3dsin.: |(!tlxlh..arA/t tDt6y8 dctn..{dp.l.ptA/T..n:Klmod.n!Nm l@p.l .7r CVt (Dl6V6 ."iI t30 BFN/IL(I BLX { BRN/BIXI BA/ alx1 r* ] &.d. .l.nC.ct M/I lD'laY5 osim) r12: OtaY5.9i D'16Y5 mgim l0: Mfl lDl6Y5.l.ll. . r1:USAmod . l L t lTop.'9aot6Y5.?.H.t .2: Arr tD'r6\r.rsitul .a: A/I .nelal . rla: DlaYt.natr.d.L.'!cDlaftosid { 11-24 ..nd Dl6r. 116:t7 Dl6ft .11: €r. ..

" BtU' t3 COUNT:RSHAFI SPIEDSENSOR- c121 ll l l el 3 I | (cont'd) 11-25 .MAINSHAFI SPEED SENSOf.

.lr. Alt ..l 'rA DiAY5.nCln..nd Dl6Yt .: KL mo.nsi.: .2 oll0 cSlta GRT/ATI: d YCL rr GFl{l ---Brx/Bru T I T*- w{F- FEo GRN -- l I uru.n: xt mod.l . cnr'-- --.ncitul . l6uD.8i'96 Ot6yt.10: Mlt loloY5.Dli\. xl lDo m.'96 ilr BLU/BEB-.1 l . r15: 'et Dl6rt oslo loop.1 fi a/r GE i fo6no|l swTcll NtEn|-OCX coifliot uttr .l.ll.'S olsYt.ll mod.ntin.Dl6Y3.n: ..nsin.. 97 Dt6Y3.nd Di6rr.<bll.t .d.d.a: A/T .n!in.t: Cw lol6Y5 6ein.ncitu rt: Erc.ngin.d D16YO .t melm U cr3r c/r46 '2: A/T (Dl6Y7.i'l: Erc. 11-26 ..Dr M/r ID|6Y5 ddn..ncln.- t'i - mffimi# arun:u--j' ro ^/c s$rcH . .System Description (cont'dl Gonnectors Electrical cr3r caa6 orrr c*.. f .

ISE/REI.AY BOX FCir-Fl I'AIN REIAY No. 3l STABTEn srct{ar (7.WHT/BLU lcr l/toal ]lonx tl6al A/C CTUTCH REIAY ["* --o_ Fr.5al 1-27 .

ll mod.gin..SWTTCX Hiriffi+€ .ngin.pi M/r {Dl6Y5.nd Dl€Yr. 11-28 '15:..) lnd ol6YE .ngin. .l .ngin.lcoup.ngln. . lcouo.97 O'16Y7 .f- System DescriPtion (cont'dl Connectors Electrical - tT GRn GR /ALK' o|or c555 ii F t- t YEUBI-U ITGRtsGA /a|.ngi.n: KL {LXlood.b.9: D16Y5.4: A/T ..'98 Dl6Yt msin. 37 '98 D16Y5 . F F F [t l " l clit5 BEAXf.d..5: Ex€Dt A/T tnd Exc. .x AUUWHI 3LU'- FED/ FED GRN VREFI t:l t"-l TT wxT/nED. Dl6Y8!.nsin.l 17rCW tDtoYs!ngln. '10: Mff lDr6Y5.ngin.€} . .o: Nl mod. '$O16Y8login.t2: .nein. r8:'96 Dl5Y8.5: A/T {D16Y8. Dl5Y8. .. .l .13: D16YE.ngin.ngin.2: A/T {Or6Y?.r XL mod.r . {coupol.nsin.l '3: Cvr {Dl6Y5.

SystemConnectors [FuelPumpl



E ffi

I"TGRN/BLxf'li-BN' -


tlr c793r3.rE *2: USA model A/T {D16Y7, D16Y8engine} *3: CvT {D16Y5enginel *4: A/T and Dl6Y7 engine *5: ExceptA/T and D16Y7enginc 16:A/T lDl6Y8ensine) *7: CVT {D16Y5engine}and D16Y8engine *8: '96 D16Y8 engine{coupel,'97 D16Y8 engine {coupe:all models,sedan:KL model), '98 D16Y5engine, '98 O'16Y7 engine '9: D16Y5 engine *10:M/T {D16Y5 enginel *11:Except M/T (D16Y5 engine) *12:D16Y5, D16Y8 engine *13:Dl6Ygengine '14: D16Y7.ngine *15:'97D16Y7 enginelcoupe:KLmod6l.s€dan: KL {LX)modell,'98D16Y7 en9in6







Different wireswith the samecolor havebeengivena numbersuffixto distinguish them (for example, YEUBLKI and YEUBLK, not the same). are O: Belated Fueland Emissions to System. - Connector (doubleoutline): with maleterminals View from terminalside - Connector with femaleterminals(singleoutline)r View from wire side (cont,d)


(cont'dl SystemConnectors [EngineGompartmentl
D16Y8 sngine: D16Y5,

11 - 3 0



oo .",t

c104 (Canada,



ItrlwHr/RED,--l Fl8iNiB.,. I Ec" 16lBLrr,f 1

l- Irl


.l lolwHr,nED" ttlBLvyEL ItlwHlBLrJ-






l€)lYEUsrK' I bIBLX/BLtl-







Different wireswith the samecolor havebeengivena numbersuffixto distinguish yEUBLKT them (for example, and YEUBLK, not the same). are O: Related Fueland Emissions lo System. - Connector with maleterminals (doubleoutline): View from terminalsroe - Connector with femaleterminals{single outline): View from wire side



System Description
(cont'dl SystemConnectors Compartmentl [Engine
D16Y8 D16Y5, engine:













a 8LK i9, B L K '

i?l8L|(YEL I

G) Y E U B L K ' @ YEVE!KI

surwHr f3-l-

.!3 E L K I !l B L K '










ti|wHr FED.__l I]l fiTGRN/BLF l-3_ELK.YELl]]l I

--__l lDlGRr,P lEl-Lur-- -


BLU 10 ElxrYEL



lDlFEp. I

c121" -_Et_

|6FED,--__-l l_l lSlwHl ;c;* l r l 2 l 3 l







I tilLr cnvwnl Il I-IBLKCi

l6lELU/vEL-l lETcRr^rHil

o l?lne ,






tiT l

l 1l , I t f ; l L4 6l;I;l
l2lBtK l6lwHT I3 GFN,ELK' 7 BL(' 8lqED" l4lwHl'


16]wHrigLa_--l l?liFN/BIK,I ---1 ItrItEUBLU

ll? GFN/BLKr I

----_--.l EBrx,r/yf,p I5T

lelBra-----l -1 F T _ -_j6FNF

I aTYELisLt -

l l2 wHTBLU I I3 ItH] GRN I 14 8-k I. *"' "co



wH si_l


o f6-wrr Rr

a w ' r TB . l r I l 2 9 WFTCFN I I1 10 | l! -1 BL-\/r| |u


6 BL'q^/rf__l
| I I

BtUl/vHT 7 WFIBLK S W H IG R N w H rB L K e wrrl l e rr c a r o


-.l fclBtKi,,iHr loleLK--'-l l]l 1olGRNFEo
NOTEI. Different wireswith the samecolor havebeengivena numbersuffixto distinguish yEUBLKI them (for example, and YEVBLK, not the same). are O: Related Fueland Emissions to Svstem. o - Connector (doubleoutline): with maleterminals View from terminalside - Connector with femaleterminals(single outline): View from wire side (cont'd)


11 - 3 3

System Description
(cont'd) Compartment] SystemGonnectors [Engine
D16Y7 engine:

V., J





C'loil {C.nada)


lSlwHr/RED;_l 16TBuNsLKr--l _-l EfBLUmEo.

r+ l 2 l | 1

-l 16lwHr/RED" ---1 ETBLX/vEr -'1 lTlwHrsru











/ 1 \

I6ERN--l ll Idfsr-r---

NOTE:o Different wireswith the samecolor havebeengivena numbersuffixto distinguish them (for example, YEUBLK1 and YEUBLK, not the same). are O: Related Fueland Emissions to System. a - Connector with maleterminals(doubleoutline): View from terminalside (cont'd) - Connector with femaleterminals(single View from wire side outline):


System Description
(cont'dl SystemGonnectors Compartment] [Engine
D16Y7 sngine:

11 - 3 6



IaIYEUBLK, I lb]-Bar<,jLu I










o '|




cl18 (A/Tl



c125 FF-' c126lA/T)
fiil RrD ,vHr-IdIGBIvBLK' I

c12A |dfil c141.r5

c12r lalf I





-t+-t IrI2l
I YEL--I ITTTBLI l.afcrll-NlrHT,ll

I l'lz
lEl LicRN^,Hrl l6fsar<'EL I

I6liHT/REo'-_-l ftERN/Br-r;_-l lElYEL;---_-l lolREo,YEF-_-l lofBr-r</YEL I lSlBLK/wHTi-l

lOlBEp. I

c35{*' l 1 l 2 l 3 l

16lBL&l"Hr__-l l6lBLK I
lO cRNiREo I



Different wireswith the samecolor havebeengivena numbersuffixto distinguish them (for example, YEUBLKT and YEVBLK' not the same). are O; Related Fueland Emissions to System. - Connector with maleterminals(doubleoutline): View from terminalside - Connector with femaleterminals(singleoutline): View from wire side


SystemConnectors lDashand Floorl



6 l 7 l 8 l e 0 t 1 1 12 t

12 1 3






l l . | 5 | 6| 7I l
ll BL(vEr. I


lr l, I
la FFo' I



TiTsuqv/ir---'l ---l ftl B.u,"Ep lOlwHr,€Lr I
t.8lx I



tilwHr/6RN I

': scu.rYarrmsFtem

11 YEL

0125 ct|:|5 lwnhout crui! contolt (wtth ctuir controll -FF€-


,| a 5 6 7 E 9 10 't2 1 3 t a 1 5 1 6 1 l 1E 20
't2 BLX'EL

I 1 LLT GiN 12 GnY lO cFNeHr'









Different wireswith the samecolor havebeengivena numbersuffixto distinguish them (for example, YEL,/BLK1 and YEUBLK, not the same). are O: Related Fueland Emissions to System. - Connector with maleterminals Vjew from terminalside {doubleoutline): (cont'd) - Connector with femaleterminals(singleoutline): View from wire side

11 - 3 9

SystemConnectors [Dashand Floor](cont'dl



C131 c446




t 't'l 12 l 3
5 6 7 I t0 l 5 1 6 1 7 ta 't9 20

lD16Y5, Dl6Ya.ngin6l


cr32 tEcM/PCM-A)
5 6 7 8

Ct33., (FCM-B) 9 t0 23


12 t 3 lit t 5 l 6 t t I E t 9 2l 25 27


2a 29 30

cr!5 tEcM/FcM-Dl

fiTwr/BrtTtltErnrx lfsri------l I]]l l -l

ItTniKrysr I-l I l-"rlcnN^v'tr Itmsrneo l f.. ErlwHr'--l



flwHrnEF l I aaFlBa(

a l 5 't2 1 3


E 9 't1 t 8 1 9




l-tlwr/nEdI;TcRN^,Nr--l lrfttK,/,/H lilBrx,v/Hr l



YEUBLK1 Different wireswith the samecolor havebeengivena numbersuffixto distinguish them (for example, and YEUBLK, not the same). are O: Related Fueland Emissions to System. - Connector wlth maleterminals(doubleoutline): View from termlnalside - Connector with femaleterminals(single outline): View from wire side


Procedures Troubleshooting
How To BeginTroubleshooting problem,usethe approprion. Indicator Lamp(MlL)has beenreported or there is a driveability Whenthe Malfunction belowto diagnose and repairthe problem. ate procedure A . W h e nt h e M I Lh a sc o m eo n : '1. Connect the HondaPGMTesteror an OBD ll scantool to the 16PDataLink Connector {DLC}locatednearthe left k i c kD a n e l . 2, Turn the ignition switch ON (ll).
Check the DTC and note it. Also check and note the treeze frame data. Refer to the Diagnostic Trouble Code Chart and begin troubleshooting.

NOTE: . Seethe OBDll scantool or HondaPGMTesteruser'smanuals specific instructions. for operating . The scantool or testercan readthe Diagnostic TroubleCodes(DTC), freeze frame data,currentdata.and other EngineControlModule(ECM)/Powertrain ControlModule(PCM) data . Freeze frame data indicates engineconditions the when the first malfunction, misfireor fuel trim malfunctior when troubleshootino. was detected. can be usefulinformation lt problem,reterto the SymptomCharton page11-46. B . Whenthe MIL hasnot come on , but there is a driveability Indicator Lamp(MlL)with the SCSservice connector conc. DTCS be indicated the blinkingof the Malfunction will by nected. is as Connectthe SCS serviceconnectorto ServiceCheckConnector shown. (The 2P ServiceCheckConnector Turn the ignitionswitchON {ll}. located underthe dashon the passenger's of the vehicle.) side






Procedure Reset ControlModule(PCM) EngineControlModule(ECM)/Powertrain will resetthe ECM/PCM. Eitherof the followingactions . memorv. Usethe OBDll scantool or HondaPGMTesterto clearthe EcM's/PcM's for operating instructions. NOTE:Seethe OBDll scantool or HondaPGMTesteruser'smanuals specific fuse/relay box for 10 sec. Turn the ignitionswitch OFF,Removethe BACKUP (7,5A) fuse from the under-hood onds. Make note of the customer's the NOTE:Removing the BACKUP {7.5A) fuse cancels clockand the radio presets. oresets vou can resetthem. so

(thisprocedure must be done afterany troubleshooting) lll. FinalProcedure if Connector it is connected. 1, Remove SCSService the storedin the ECM/PCM, MIL will stay the is and there are no DTCS NOTE:lf the SCSservice connector connected on when the ignitionswitchis turned ON (ll). Reset Procedure, 2 . Do the ECM/PCM Turnthe ignitionswitchOFF. (cont'd)


(cont'd) Troubleshooting Procedures
lf the inspection a particular for voltageor resistance removethe right code requires checksat the ECM/PCM connectors, Removethe ABS control unit if so equipped.Unboltthe ECM/ kick panel.Pull the carpetbackto exposethe ECM/PCM. PCM bolt. Turn the ignition switch OFF,and connectthe backprobe sets and a digital multimeteras describedbelow. the for listedon the followingpages. Check systemaccording the procedure to described the appropriate code(s)



How to Use the BackprobeSets patchcords,and connect cordsto a multimeter. the Connect backprobe adapters the stacking to the Usingthe wire insulagently slidethe tip into the connector tion as a guide for the contoured of the backprobe tip adapter, trom the wire side until it comesin contact with terminalend of the wire.

BackproboAdapter BACKPFOBE SET 07SAZ- 001000AlTwo

OIGITAL MULTIMETER {Commcrcially.vaitablelor KS-AHM-32-003

1 1-4 4

CAUTION: . Puncturingthe insulation on a wire can causepoor or intermittcnt elesttical connestions. . Bring th€ tester probe into contaqt with the terminal lrom the terminal sid6 of wire harnossconnectors in the enging compadment. For Ismale connectors,iust touch lightly with ihe tester probe and do not ingert the probe.






Troubleshooting Procedures {cont'd)
Symptom Chart Listedbeloware symptomsand probable causes problems for that DO NOTcausethe lvlalfunction indicator Lamp(MlL)to c o m eo n . l i t h e M I L w a sr e p o r t e d n , g o t o p a g e ' 1 1 - 4 2 . o Troubleshoot eachprobable causein the order listedlfrom left to right)until the symptomis eliminated. The probable pagereference be found below. causeand troubleshooting can SYMPTOM Engine will not start Hardstaning Coldfast idle too low
Cold fast idle too high

PROEABLE CAUSE 4 , 2 , 3 , 5 , 2 01 4 ,1 , 2,4.11,16,13,'t9 7, 8, 6, 16 7 , 8 ,1 0 , 9 7 , 8 ,1 0 , 9 Troubleshoot misfireon pages11-105, tor 108 2 , 9 , 1 0 , ' t 2 1 1 ,1 6 ,1 8 ,2 0 , 2 , 4 , 1 1 , 7 ,2 0 ,A , 5 , 1 5

ldle speedtluctuates M i s f i r e r r o u g hr u n n i n g o Low power Engine talls s OtherProbable Causes an enginethat will not start: for - Compression - Startingsystem - Intake leakage - Overheating air - Enginelockedup - Battery - Timing belt ProbableCauseList (Forthe DTCChart, see page 11-531

ProbableCause 1 Page
I t-oJ

System EngineControlModule(ECM)/Powertrain ControtModule(PCM) Fuelpressure PGM-Fl main relay lgnitionsystem Crankshaft Position/Top DeadCenter/Cylinder Position sensorcircuit, CKFsensor circuit Intake Temperature Air {lAT)sensorcircuit ldle Air ControlValve(IACV) ldle speedadjustment Throttle body Thronlecable (MAP)sensor ManifoldAbsolutePressure (TP)sensor ThrottlePosition

1' t - 1 5 0 ,s 1 1
1I -157

Section 23 1 1 - 1 11 1 7 0,

6 7 8

11-73 11-'t26,128 11-141, 142, 143,144 1t-164 11-162 11-67 1' t-79 1 11 1 3
11 -1 3 4

10 't1



(BARO) pressure Barometric sensor Section 1'l-139 A/T gear posilionsignal(seepage'1'l-137) clutchswitchsignal 14, or Brake switchsignal AirCleaner Intake pipe air 1l-168 11-181 Three Way CatalyticConverter(TWC) Evaporative emission(EVAP) control
Contaminated fuel

11-162 11 18 19


11-4 6

ECM/FCMData variousdata can be By connecting OBD ll scantool or the HondaPGM Testerto the 16Pdata link connector(DLC), the practice. The retrieved from the ECM/PCM. itemslistedin the table belowconformto the SAErecommended by The HondaPGMTesteralso readsdatabevondthat recommended SAE. of failuresor engineproblems. this Understanding datawill helpto find the causes intermittent NOTE: and a The "operating valuesand may be differentdepending the environment on values" given below are approximate vehicle. the individual "at in . Unlessnotedotherwise, idle speed" meansidlingwith the enginecompletely warmed up, A//T pe5ition@ or @, turnedoif. M/T in neutral, and the A/Cand all accessories Data Diagnostic TroubleCode (DTC) Description Operating Value FreezeData

lf no problemis detected, lf the Ecl\4 a /PcM derects problem,it will storeit as a four numbers. thereis no output. of code consisting one letterand an code (P0xxx) Depending the problem, SAE-detined on code (P1xxx) be outputto the will or a Honda-defined rester. The ECM/PCM computes enginespeedfrom the signals sentfrom the Crankshaft Position sensor. This data is usedfor determining time and amountot the fuel injection. pulsesignals from the Vehicle The EClvl/PcM converts SoeedSensor(VSS) into speeddata
Nearly the same as tachometer indication.


E n g i n eS p e e d


Vehicle Speed

Nearlythe sameas speedometer indication With enginestopped: Nearlythe sameas atmosphencpressure At idle speed: 24 - 37 kPa(180- 280 0 m m H g ,7 . 1- ' 1 1 . i n H g ) With cold engine: Sameas ambienttemperatureand IAT With enginewarmedup: '176 194.F(80- 90"C) 0 . 0- 1 . 2 5 V At idle speed: a b o u t0 . 1- 0 . 9V


pressure Manifold The absolute causedin the intakemanifoldby Absolute engineload and speed. (MAP) Pressure


into voltEngineCoolant The ECTsensorconvenscoolanttemperature The Temperature age and signals the ECM/PCM. sensoris a thermistor (ECT) changes with coolanttemperawhose internalresistance usesthe voltagesignals from the ture.The ECM/PCM fuel. ECTsensor determine amountof iniected to the Heated OxygenSensor detects oxygencontent the Oxygen The Heated gasand sendsvoltagesignals the to Sensor(H02S) in the exhaust (Primary, con ECM/PCM. Basedon thesesignals, ECM/PCM the Sensor ) 1 trols the airfuel ratio.Whenthe oxygencontentis high (Secondary {thatis. when the ratiois leaner than the stoichiometric Sensor2) ratio), voltagesignalis lower. the Whenthe oxygencontentis low (thatis, when the ratio is richerthan the stoichiometric ratio), voltagesignal the is hioher.


NO ( S e n s o1 ) r



(cont'dl Procedures Troubleshooting
Data HO2S Feedback LoopStatus Description as "open" or "closed". Loopstatusis indicated deteroutput,the ECM/PCM Basedon the HO2S Closed: the minesthe airlfuelratioand controls amountof injected fuel. refersto sigOpen:lgnoringHO2Soutput,the ECM/PCM to nalsfrom the TP,MAP,and ECTsensors controlthe fuel. amountol iniected Operating Value closed At idle speed: FreezeData


Shon Term F u e lT r i m

! 20% coefficient correcting for the The airfiuelratiocorrection is fuel when HO2Sfeedback in the amountof iniected Whenthe signalfrom the HO2Sis closedloop status. weak,shortterm fuel trim getshigher,and the ECM/PCM fuel.The airlfuelratio increases amountot injected the gets richer, gradually causinga higherHO2Soutput. and Consequently, shortterm lueltrim is lowered, the fuel. reduces amountot injected the the ECM/PCM This cvclekeeDs airlfuelratiocloseto the stoichiothe metricratiowhen in closedloop status.


LongTerm FuelTrim

from shortterm fuel Longterm luel trim is computed in changes occurring the fuel supply trim and indicates systemover a long period. r o l f l o n gt e r mf u e lt r i m i s h i g h e t h a n 1 . 0 0t,h e a m o u n t f lf injected fuel must be increased. it is lowerthan 1.00, fuel must be reduced. the amountof injected into voltintakeair temperature The IATsensorconverts When intakeair temperaage and signals ECM/PCM. the of ture is low, the internalresistance the sensor increases, the voltagesignalis higher. and pedalposition, opening the Basedon the accelerator anqleof the throttlevalveis indicated. angleset by the lgnitiontiming is the ignitionadvance matches ignitiontiming to the ECM/PCM. ECM/PCM The drivingconditions. from the MAP data. CLVis the engineload calculated

+ 200/o


InlakeAir Temperature (IAT) Throttle Position lgnition Timing Calculated LoadValue (CLV)

With cold engine: Sameas ambienttemperatureand ECT At idle speed: approx.10 % At idle speed:12't 2"
E' I UL Wtrn rne 5L5 Ser-



viceconnector connected. At idle speed: 15-35% At 2,500rpm with no load: 12 - 30%


Engine/Powertrain ControlModule Terminal Arrangement
1 2 a I N J 4 INJ3 INJ2 I N J l 1 2 't3 1 4 1 5







1 6 1 7 1 8 1 9 20 PCS FLR acc MIL AtTC tcM 25 21 2a E 30 vsv SLU

LG1 22 LG2

10 PGl


21 IGP2

Wiresideof femaleterminals


NOTE:Standard battery voltage t s


2 3



D r i v e s N o .4 i u e l n i e c r o r . Drives No. 2 fuel injecto.. O n v e sN o . 1 l u e l ' n t e c t o r Drives secondary h€ated oxygen sensor

W i t h e n g i n ef u n n n 9 : p u l s e s



W i i h i g n i l i o ns w i t c hO N ( l l ) : b a n e r y o t a g e v W i l h i u l l y w a r m e d u p e n g i n er u n n i n g : u t y c o n r f o t t e d d Wirh ignitio. swhch ON (ll): batery vohage W i l h t J l l / w a r m e du p e n g i l e . r 1 . n S .d J r \ ,, o r t . o l e o W n 5 E G Ro o - , d r ' n 9d u . i r S d i v i a g w r F . J f y w a ' r - d up engine: duty controlled W i l h E G Rn o r o p e r a t i n q : 0 V W i l l - F C F o p e r a f i n g u ' , n 9 d r ' v , rg w r h t u l l y w d n p d d ! p e n 9 r n ed u l y c o n t r o l l e d . r W l h E G Rn o t o p e r a t i n q : 0 V W i l h e n g i n ea t l o w e n g i n es p e e d : 0V Wilh enqine at hlqh enqine sD6ed:batre.vvokaoe L e s sl h a n I 0 V a t a r lr i m e s Wlth ignit on swilch ON (ll): batrerv vo taqe w i t h r g n n i o n w h c h O F F : 0V s W i l h e n g i n er u . n i n g : p u l s e s



Drives prihary heated orygen s6nsor

Orives EGF conto solenoid valve.



Drives VTECsoleno d valve. Ground for lhe ECi!4/PCM conlrolclrcuit. p G ' o u n d l o r t h e E C M / P C M o w e r( t r c ! f . Pow6rsource tor the ECM/PCMco.trol




Drives lhe IAC valve lnegai ve side). D ' i v e sI A Cv a l v el p o s r t r v € r d e ) . s Orives EVAP purge contro soleno d vaive. W l l h e n g i n er u n n i n g ,e n g i n ec o o l a n tb e o w 1 5 4 F (64'Cl: battery vohage Wilh engine running eng ne cocrant above 154'F {68'C): 0 V 0 v for ndo *(onds dier rJ .{ g 'gr't on sw ! h oN w r t h c o m p r e s s oO N : 0 V r Wth compressorOFF: battery vohaoe W i i h M l L r u r n e dO N : 0 V W i l h M l L t u r n e dO F F : b a t t e r y o h a s e v Wilh lully warmed up engine running: b.ftery voltsge Du.ingdrivingwilhsmallelectrcalload:0V With ignition switch ON (ll):baltery voltage W t h e n g i n er ! n n i n g : a b o u t 1 0 V ( d e p e n d i n g n o L o s s t h a n. 0 V a r a l l i i m o s l Wirh igniiion switch ON (lll: banery vohage W i t h i 9 n i t i o n w i t c hO F F : 0V s W i t h i g n i t i o n w i t c hO N ( l l ) : a b o L t V s 5 W i t h l g n i l i o ns w i l c h O F F : 0V Wiih radiato. f8n running: 0 V Wirh radialor tan stopped: banery vohaoe w n h i g n i t i o ns w t c h O N ( l t ) : b a l l e r y o t r a g e v With ignilron swilch ON lll): battery vohage W t h i s n t i o n s w i i c hO N { 1 1 ) a nb r a ( e p e d a l d d€pressed:batieryvohaae


Drvestue pump relay. D r i v e s A , / Cl u l c h . e t a y . c

Sends alle.nator cohtrol signa

20 22 23


rclvr 0GNrI|oNcoNTfloL t!'IODULE)
L G 2( L O G i C F O U N D ) G PG2IPOWER FOUND) G I G P 2( P O W E R O U F C E ) S ( VREF REFENENCE TTAGE) VO FANC iRAOIATOSFAN CONTFOL) 2WBS (EVAPBYPASS SOIENOID VALVE) VSV {EVAPCONTBOL CANISTEB VENI SHUT VATVE) (lNTEELOCK S!U CONTROL UNIT) Ground fof lhe EC^4/PCM conrrolcncuil p G r o u n df o r l h e E C M / P C M o w e f c i r c u i t . Powe. source fof rhe ECM/PCMcont.ol Provides rslerencevo ltage to TCM. Orives radiarorfan relay. Drives EVAP bypass sol6nord valve Drives EVAP control canisrer v6nish!t Derecb lnter ock convol unit sisnal.

25'3 27'r


*2: A/T (D16\./. Dl6YSensine) * 3 : C W ( 0 1 6 Y 5e n g i n e ) 14: A"/Tand D16Y7 ensine '5:Except A/T and 016\./ engine 16: AtlTlD16Y8 engine) r T r C V T( O 1 6 Y 5 n q i n e ) n d D l 6 Y B e n s i n e o a '8:'96 016Y8ensine {oupel. 97 Dl6YSensine (coupe:all modols, sd.niKl '98 D'I6Y5 sngin€,'98 016Y8 engine

r10:M/T(D16Y5 ngine) e . 1 1 : E x c e p lM / I ( 0 1 6 Y 5 n g i n e ) e i 1 2 : O 1 6 Y 5D 1 6 Y 8 n g i n e , e ' 1 5 : ' 9 t 0 1 6 Y 7e n g i n e( c o u p € : L m o d e s e d a n r L K K lLXl modet), , '98 D16Y7 engine




(cont'dl Engine/Powertrain ControlModuleTerminalArrangement

Wirg sideof female terminals

Telminal numoer

NOTE Standard battery voltage is l2 :
Terminsl De3cription Ground linear tor solenoid valve. Drives linearsolenoid valve. DrivesshiftcontrolsolenoidvalveA.

Wire color WHT






With ignitionswitchON (ll):pulses With ignitionswitchON (ll):pulses With enginerunningin 2nd,3rdgears: batteryvoltage With enginerunningin 1st,4thgears: about0 V With lock-upON: batteryvoltage With lock-up OFF: V 0 With lock-up ON:battery voltage With lock-up OFF:0V InEposition:0V In any otherposition: battery voltaqe Wath enginerunningin 1st,2nd: baftery voltage With enginerunningin 3rd,4th:about0 V With ignitionswitchON (ll)and brake pedaldepressed: V 0 With D. indicator lighrrurnedON:batter), voltage With E indicator lightturnedOFF: V O

4 5 8 1t



Driveslock-rrp control solenoid valveBDriveslock-up controlsolenoid gear positionswitch Detects A,/T srgnat.
Drives shift control solenoid valve 8.


Drives interlock controlunit. Drives indicator D4 light.



17 22 8LU GRN BLU 24 YEL

NMSG(MAINSHAFT Groundfor mainshaftsoeedsensor. SPEED SENSOR GROUND) NM {MAINSHAFT SPEED Detectsmainshaftspeedsensor SENSOR) srgnal, ATPR{!VT GEARPOSIgear position switch DetectsAy'T TIONSWITCH} signal ATP2(A"/T gear position switch GEARPOSIDetectsAy'T TION SWITCH} srgnal, NCSG{COUNTERSHAFT Ground lor countershattspeed SPEED SENSOR GROUND) sensor. NC {COUNTERSHAFT Detectscountershaftspeedsensor SPEED SENSOR} srgnal. ATPD4{A"/T GEARPOSITION SWITCH) ATPNPiAlT GEAFPOSITIONSWITCH)

pulses With enginerunning: InEposition:oV In any otherposition: voltage battery InAposition:0V In any otherposition: battery voltage

With ignitionswitchON {ll),and front pulses wheelsrotating:

gear position switch DetoctsA./T In El position: V O srgnal. In any otherposition: V 5 gear position switch DetectsA.rT ln m orE position:V O 25 LT GRN srgnal. position: ln anyother battery voltage *1: USA model '9: 016Y5engine *2: A,/T{D16Yr,Dl6Y8 engine) *10:M/T lD16Y5 engine) *3: CVT(D16Y5 *11:Except engine) M/T (D16Y5 engine) *4: A*/T * 12:D16Y5, and Dl6Yl engine D'|6Y8 engine *5: ExceptA,rf and 016Y, ongine *13rDl6Y8engine *6r IVT {D16Y8€ngine} i14: Dl6Y7engine *7: CW (D16Y5 *15:'97016Y7engine{coupe: model,sedan: (LX)model), engine) and D16Y8 engine KL KL '98D16Y7 * 8 : ' 9 6 D 1 6 Y 8 n o i n 6( c o u p e ) , ' 9 7 1 6 Y 8 e D ehgine {coupe:all engine '98 D16Y8 models. sedan:KL model),'98 D16Y5engine, on9ine

11 - 5 0




13 21

ACS sTs scs 1 4 15 16 1 7 18 vTM ALTf vss 25 Wire sideof femaleterminals




9 10 TMA vBu



30 TMB

Torminal numbot

NOTE:Standard batteryvoltageis 12 V,
Description Detects CKF sensor. Detects CKP sensor. Signrl W i t h e n g i n er u n n i n g :p u l s e s


2 3



pulses Withongine running:
With engine running: prils6s


ACS (P,/C SWITCHSIGNAL) STS {STARTER SWITCH SIGNAL) E S C S( S E R V I CC H E C K SIGNAL) ( K-LINE DLC) OetectsAy'C switch signal. Detects starter switch signal, Detectsservicecheck connector signal ( t h es i g n a l c a u s i n g D T Ci n d i c a t i o n ) a S e n d sa n d r e c e r v e s c a nt o o l s i g n a t , s D a t ac o m m u n i c a t i o n i t h T C M : E C M w c o n t r o l d a t ao u t p u t

puls€s Withengine running:
With,!y'C switch ON: 0 V With ,y'C switch OFF: battery voltage With starter switch ON (lll): battery vollage With starler switch OFF: 0 V With the connector connected: 0 V With the connector disconn6ct6d: 5 V W i t h i g n i t i o ns w i t c h O N ( l l ) :a b o u t 5 V W i t h i g n i t i o ns w i t c hO N ( l l ) :p u l s 6 s 8.ttery voltage at alltimos

1 8




Power sourc6 for the ECM/PCM control circuit. Power source for the DTC memory G r o u n df o r C K Fs e n s o rs i g n a l . G r o u n df o r C K Ps s n s o rs i g n a l . G r o u n df o . T D C s e n s o rs i g n a l . G r o u n df o r C Y Ps e n s o rs i g n a l . DetectsVTEC pressure switch signal.

14 BLK BLU/8LK ,I6




With engine at low6n9in6 sp€€dr0 V With engineat high engin€speed:batteryvoltEge At idle with steering wheel in sk6ight ahaad p o s i t i o n i 0V At rdle with st6€ring whsel at full lock: battery voltage


( P S P S W P / SO I L P R E S S U R E Detects PSPswitch signal. SWITCH)

17 18



Detects alternator FR signal,

Withfullywarmed 6ngine up running: 0V- battery voltage on {depsnding electrical


DetectsVSS signal. C o n t r o l sH O 2 Sp u m p c e l l . R e f e r e n c e o l t a g es u p p l y , v DetectsVS cell voltage. gear position switch signal. Detectspy'T Detects clutch switch signal. D a t ac o m m u n i c a t i o n i t h T C M : w E C Mc o n t r o ld a t a i n p u t

l P +( H O 2 SP U M PC E L L+ ) IP-, VS- {HO2SCOMMON)

W i t h i g n i t ' o ns w i t c h O N { l l ) a n d f r o n t w h e e l s rotating:cycles0V-5V W r t h r g n i t i o ns w h c h O N t l l ) :a b o u t 0 . 5 - 5 . 3 V With fully warmed up 6ngin6 at idle: about2.6-2.8 V W i t h i g n i t i o ns w i t c h O N ( l l ) :a b o u t T V

25* ta




InE orE position:0 V ln any otherposition: voltage battery With clutchpedalreleas€d: about5 V With clutch oedaldeoressed: V 0
W i t h i g n i t i o ns w i t c h O N { l l ) :p u l s e s



*1: USAmod€l +2rAlT (Dl6Yl,D16Y8 engine) '3: CVT(D16Y5 engine) '4: A,/T and D16Y7 engine '5: Except and Dl6Yl engine A,/T *6: Ay'T (D16YB engine) *7: CVT(016Y5 engine)and D16YB engine *8:'96 D16Y8 (coupel,'97 (coupe: models, engine D16Y8 engine all sedan: model),'98 KL D16Y5 engine, D16YB 98 ongine

* 9 : D 1 6 Y 5e n g i n e r10: M/T {D16Y5 ngine) e * 1 1 : E x c e p tl v l / T( 1 6 Y 5e n g i n e ) ' 1 2 : D 1 6 Y 5 , 1 6 Y 8e n g i n e D * 1 3 : D 1 6 Y ge n g i n e '14: O16Y7 ngine e * 1 5 : ' 9 7 D 1 6 Y 7e n g i n e ( c o u p e : K L m o d e l , s e d a n : K L ( L X ) m o d e l ) , '98D16Y7 engine



Engine/Powertrain (cont'dl ControlModuleTerminal Arrangement



13 11

15 EL

Wire sideof femaleterminals

ECM/PCM CONNECTOR (16P} D NOTE:Standard batteryvoltageis 12 V. Terminal





2 3


With throttlefully open:about4.8V With throftle tully closed: about0.5V With ignition switchON(U): about0.1- 4.8V (depending engine on coolant temperature) With ignitionswitchON(ll): about3 V At idle:about1.0V (dopending enginespeed) on
W i t h i g n i t i o n s w i t c h O N ( l l ) :a b o u r 5 V W i t h i g n i t i o n s w i t c h O F F r0 V

vccl (SENSOR VOLTAGE) Powersource MAPsensor. for
EKSW(BRAKE SWTCH) Detects brakeswitchsignal. Detects signal. KS Detectsprimary heatedoxygen sensor 1) {sensor signal. Detects LABEL resistance. Detects sensor IAT signal. Detects EGFvalvelift sensor sional.
P r o v i d e ss e n s o r v o l t a g e ,



With brakeDedalreleased: V 0 With brakepedaldepressed: batteryvoltage With engineknocking: pulses With thronlefully opened from idlewith fully warmedup engine: above0.6V Withthrottlequicklv closed: below0.4V With enginerunning: about0.3- 4.9V With ignition switchON {ll):about0.14.8V (depending intake on airtemperature) At idlewithoutvacuum: about1.2V With 27 kPa(200mmHg,8 in. Hg):about4.3V With ignitionswitchON(ll): about5 V With ignitionswitchOFF: V 0
L e s s t h a n1 . 0V a t a l l t i m e s



8 9* 10




ground. Sensor Groundfor MAPsensor. Ground for secondaryheatedoxygen sensor 2), {sensor Detectssecondaryheatedoxygen sensor(sensor signal. 2)

Less than 1.0V at alltimes



With throttle fully openedfrom idle with tully warmedup engine: above0.6V With thronlequicklv closed: below0.4V With fuel fill caDooen€d:about 2.5 V With parking lightsturnedon at idle:about With low beamheadlights turnedon at i d l e : b o u t1 . 5 - 2 . 5V a

(FUEL PTANK TANKPRES- Detects tankoressure fuel sensor, SURE SENSOR) EL (ELD) Detects ELDsignal.



*1: USA model *2: IVT {D16Y7, D16Y8ensine) *3: CW (D16Y5 engine) *4: ,VTand D16Y7 6ngine +5:ExceptAy'T and D16W engine *6: A/T 1D16Y8 engine) *7: CW (O16Y5 engine) and 016Y8engine 1 8 : ' 9 6 D 1 6 Y 8 n g i n e( c o u p e ) , ' 9 7 1 6 Y 8 n g i n e( c o u p o : l l e D e a '98 D16Y8 m o d e l s , e d a n : L m o d e l ) , ' 9 8D 1 6 Y 5 n g i n e , s K € engrne

r9: D16Y5 engine * 10rM/T (D16Y5 engine) *11:Excopt M/T (Dl6Y5engine) *12:D16Y5, D16Y8 engine *13:D16Y8 engane '14: Dl6Y7engine *15:'97 016Y7engine{coupe: model,sedan: (LX) KL KL modet), '98D16Y7 engine:


Diagnostic TroubleCode(DTC) Chart
DTC (MlLindicationr)
P0106*15 (5)

D€tection ltem ManifoldAbsolute Pressure C:rcuit Range/Performance Problem ManifoldAbsolute Pressure Circuit Low Input ManifoldAbsolute Pressure Circuit H i g hI n p u t Intake Temperature Air Circuit Range/Performance Problem Intake Air Temperature Circuit Low Input lntakeAir Temperature Circuit H i g hI n p u t Engine oolant C Temperature Circuit Range/Performance Problem EngineCoolant Temperature Circuit Low Input Engine oolant C Temperature Circuit H i g hI n p u t ThrottlePosition Circuit Low Input ThrottlePosition Circuit High Input PrimaryHeated OxygenSensor CircuitLow Voltage ( S e n s o1 ) r PrimaryHeated OxygenSensor CircuitHighVoltage (Sensor 1) PrimaryHeated OxygenSensor Slow Besponse {SensorI ) PrimaryHeated Oxygen SensorHealer CircuitMalfunction (Sensor'l)

. Vacuum connection . MAP sensor





Openor short in MAP sensorcircuit MAP sensor ECMiPCt\,4 TCM*I Open in MAP sensorcircuit MAP sensor ECM/PCM . IAT sensor





1 { P 0 11 1 + r ,*4 . 5 1 0 )

11-73 Short in IAT sensorcircuit IAT sensor ECM/PCM Openin IATsensorcircuit IAT sensor ECM/PCM . ECTsensor . Coolingsystem Shortin ECTsensorcircuit ECTsensor ECM/PCM Open in ECTsensorcircuit ECTsensor ECM/PCM Openor shon in TP sensorcircuit TP sensor ECM/PCM TCM*1 Openin TP sensorcircuit TP sensor ECMiPCM Short in PrimaryHO2S{Sensorl)circuit PrimaryHO2S(Sensor 1) Fuelsupplysystem ECM/PCM Openin PrimaryHO2S(Sensor circuit 1) PrimaryHO2S(Sensor 1) ECtVr/PCM . PrimaryHO2S(Sensorl ) ' E x h a u s ts y s t e m . Openor short in PrimaryHO2S ( S e n s o1 ) h e a t e c i r c u i t r r . ECM




P01' t3

















I 1-81













*: TheseDTCS will be indicated the blinkingof the Malfunction by IndicatorLamp (MlL)with the SCSserviceconnector connected * 1 : D l 6 Y 5e n g i n e C V T ) ( (cont'd) *2: Except Dl6Y5 engine(M/T) '97 model *14: * 1 5 : ' 9 6m o d e l *16:'98 model

11 - 5 3

TroubleCode(DTC) Diagnostic Chaft (cont'd)
DTC {MlL indication)
P0137 (63) Detection ltem

Probable Cause (Sensor circuit HO2S 2) Shortin Secondary HO2S 2) Secondary lSensor ECM/PCM Openin Secondary HO2S 2)circuit iSensor (Sensor HO2S Secondary 2) ECt\4/PCM
SecondaryH02S (Sensor2)

Page 11-95

Heated Oxygen Sensor Secondary Circuit LowVoltage (Sensor 2)
SecondaryHeatedOxygenSensor CircuitHigh Voltage (Sensor2)

P0138 P0139

(63) (63)


Heated Secondary Oxygen Sensor SlowResponse (Sensor 2)
SecondaryHeatedOxygen Sensor Heater CircuitMalfunction (Sensor2) SystemToo Lean

11-97 Open or short in SecondaryHO25 (Sensor 2) heatercircuit ECM/PCM Fuel supply system PrimaryH02S (Sensor1) lvlAPsensor fuel Contaminated Valveclearance Exhaustleakage Fuel supply system PrimaryHO2S(sensor1) MAP sensor Contaminated fuel Valve clearance



1 19 8




System Too Rich P0172 (45)


P0300*16 and someof P0301 P0302 P0303 l 7 3 l P0304 \741 P0301 P0302 P0303 P0304 P0325'3 P0335 P0336

Random Misfire


lgnition system Fuelsupply system MAPsensor EGR system IACvalve Contaminated fuel Lack fuel of
Fuel Injector Fuel Injectorcircuil lgnitionsystem Low compressron Valveclearance Open or short in KnockSensor(KS)circuit KnockSensor(KS) ECM/PCM Crankshaft PositionSensor PositionSensorcircuit Crankshaft ECM/PCM

11 -1 0 8

173 | \741

- Cylinder1 - Cylinder2 - Cylinder3 - Cylinder4 Misfire Detected KnockSensor(KS)Circuit Maltunction




Crankshaft Position Sensor Circuit Mallunction Position Crankshaft Sensor Range/Performance
ExhaustGas Recirculation lnsufficient Flow Detected

'1 -110 1

. Crankshaft PositionSensor . Timingbeltskipped teeth
. E G Rl i n e . Three Way Catalytic converter . SecondaryH02S




Catalyst System Efficiency Below Threshold *3r Dl6Y5engine (CVT) Dl6Y8engine and *4: D16Y5 engine *16:'98 odel m P0420 (67)



DTC (MlLindicationl

Detection ltem Evaporative EmissionControl System lnsufficient PurgeFlow

Probable Cause EVAPPurgeControlSolenoidValve Open or short in EVAPPurgeControl SolenoidValvecircuit EVAPControlCanister Vacuum lines ECM/PCM







FuelTank Pressure Sensor Circuit Low Input
FuelTank Pressure SensorCircuit H i g hI n p u t



Shortin Fuel TankPressure Sensor circuit Fuel TankPressure Sensor ECM/PCIV Openin Fu€l TankPressure Sensor cjrcuit Fuel TankPressure Sonsor ECM/PCM
VehicleSpeed Sensor VehicleSpeed Sensorcircuit ECM

11 -1 8 1

11 -1 8 3



P0501*13 (17) P0505 (14)

Vehjcle Speed Sensor Circuit lvlalfunction Vehicle Speed Sensor Circuit Range/Performance
ldle ControlSystem Malfunction Automatic Transaxle


Vehicle Speed Sensor Vehicle Speed Sensor circuit PCM
. IAC valve . Throttle Body

1 1112 11-124

P0700*E and some of P0715 P0720 (70)* P0730 P0740 P0753 P0758 P0700*1 and {70)* P0725

Section 14

AutomaticTransaxle Section 14



Barometric Pressure Circuit Range/Performance Problem Barometric Pressure Circuit LowInput
Earometric Pressure Circuit H i g hI n p u t

. bCM/PCM (tsarosensorl

11 1'13

. ECM/PCM {8aro sensor}


'| 14

. ECM/PCM (Barosensor) 11-1't4



Pl121+M.+16 17) P 1 1 2 2 * 1 4* 1 5 l 7 l * P 1 1 2 8 * 1 4 '.6 ( 5 1

Throttle Position Lower Than Expected
ThrottlePositionHigherThan Expected ManifoldAbsolutePressure Lower Than Expected Manilold AbsolutePressure HigherThan Expected

. TPsensor . TPsensor
. MAP sensor . MAP sensor

11-83 11-72


*: The indicatorlight and the MallunctionIndicatorLamp (MlL) may come on simultaneously. LD.j *1: D16Y5engine (CVT) *5j '96 D16Y5engine,D16Y7engine,Dt6Y8 engine (sedanl,,97 O1dy5engine,O16y7engine (coupe:KA, KC models,sedan:KA, KC,KL (DX) models,hatchback: models),D16yg engine (sedan:KA;KC models) a *6:'96 D16Y8engine (coupe),'97D16Y7 engine {coupe:KL modet,sedanrKL (LX) model),'97 D16y8 engine (coupe:all models, sedan:KL model), '98-allmodels *12: ExceptA/T (D16Y7, D16Y8enginel *'13:A"/T (D16Y7, D16Y8engine) +14:'97modet *T6: ,98 model


11 - 5 5

Chart(cont'dl Trouble Code(DTGI Diagnostic
DTC {MlLindication}
P1162*1 (48) Detection ltem PrimaryHeatedOxygenSensor (Senso1)Circuit r Mal{unction PrimaryHeatedOxygenSensor (Senso1)Circuit r Slow Response Probable Cause


. Openor shortin Primary HO2S lsensor1 . Primary (Sensor l) HO2S
PrimaryHO25 (Sensor1)






Primary Heated Oxygen Sensor 'l (Sensor) Circuit Range/ Problem Performance
PrimaryHeatedOxygenSensor (Sensor'1)CircuitRange/ Prob em Performance PrimaryHeatedOxygenSensor (Sensor1) HeaterSystem Electrical Problem PrimaryHeatedOxygen Sensor (Sensor1) HeaterSystem Malfunction PrimaryHeatedOxygen Sensor (Sensor )LABEL owInput 1 L PrimaryHeatedOxygen Sensor 1 H { S e n s o r ) L A B E L i g hI n p u t VTECSystem Malfunction

. Primary (Sensor 1) HO2S
11-92 PrimaryHO2S(Sensor1) 11-92 Open or short in PrimaryHO2S(Sensor'l) heatercircuit PrimaryHO2S(Sensor1| ECM/PClvl








(Sensor liVS+ circuit in HO2S Open Primary (Sensor Heater 1) Primary HO2S (Sensor HO2S 1i Primary
. Shon in PrimaryHo2S (Sensor1) LABEL carcuit . Open in PrimaryHO2S(Sensor1) LABEL circuit . Short in ground circuit VTECSolenoidValve Open or short in VTECSolenoid Valve circuit v I tL Pressure Swttcn Switch Open or short in VTECPressure crrcurt ECM/PCM Load Detector Electrical Electrical Load Detectorcircuit ECM/PCrvl Load Detector Electrical Electrical Load Detector circuit ECM/PCIV


P1 1 6 8 * ?











Electrical Load DetectorCircuit Low InPut Electrical Load DetectorCircuit H i g hI n p u t R a n d o mM i s f i r e



\ 74 l *7: D16Y5engine (M/T) *8: D16Y5,D16Y8engine *9: USA model * 1 4 r' 9 7 m o d e l ' + 1 5 r9 6 m o d e l

and someof P0301 P0302 P0303 P0304


1 7 I1


lgnition system Fuelsupply system MAPsensor EGR system IACvalve fuel contaminated Lack fuel ol

11 -1 0 8

11 - 5 6

'98-allmodels {cont'd) 11-57 . sedan: KL 1LX)model). CYPsensor 11-110 11-' '10 ] 11 1 1 0 CYP sensor CYP sensor circuit ECM/PCM F u e lf i l l c a p Vacuum connection Fueltank Fueltank pressure sensor EVAPbypasssolenoidvalve EVAP two way valve EVAPcontrol canistervent shut valve EVAPcontrol canister EVAPpurge control solenoidvalve Vacuum connection EVAPcontrol canister Fueltank pressure sensor EVAPbypasssolenoidvalve EVAP two way valve EVAPcontrol canistervent shut valve FuelTank EVAPpurge control solenoidvalve Evaporative Emission Cont. sedan:KL model). TDCsensor 11 117 1 11 1 9 1 11 1 0 P1362 P1381 P1382 (8) (91 (9) TDCsensor TDCsensor circuit ECM/PCM .ol (FuelTank System Leak Detected Area) P1456*6 (90) 11-185 Evaporative Emission Control (EVAP SystemLeakDetected Control Canister Area) P1457+6 (e0) 11.185 *6:'96 Dl6Y8 engine (coupe).DTC lMlL indicrtionl P1336 P1337 (54) Detoction hem Crankshaft Speed Fluctuation Sensor Intermift Interruption ent Crankshaft Speed Fluctuation Sensor No Signal .'97 D16Y7engine (coupe:KL model. CKFsensor Probable Cause Page 11 117 (54) P1359 P1361 (8) (8) Crankshaft Position/Top DeadCenter Sensor Disconnected Top DeadCenter SensorIntermittent Interruptron Top Dead Center SensorNo Signal CylinderPositionSensor IntermiftentInterruption CylinderPositionSensor No Signal CKF sensor CKF sensor circuit ECM/PCM CKP/TDC sensor circuit .'97 D16Y8engine (coupe:all models.

| . l12l Probablc Cause EGRvalve (with lift sensor) EGRvalve lift sensorcircuit EGRcontrol solenoidvalve (4. \12) EGRValve Lift Sensor High Voltage ldle Air ControlValve CircuitFailLrre ldle Air ControlValve C i r c u iF a i l u r e t EngineControl Module/Powenrain ControlModule lnternal (30) TMA./T) EGRcontrol solenoidvalve circuit EGRvalve circuit (M/T) ECIV P1498*./TMB Sisnal Line Failure AutomaticTransaxle EGRvalve lwith lift sensor) EGRvalve lift sensorcircuit ECt\4 IAC valve IAC valve circuit ECM 11 .5 8 .1 7 6 Pags 11-171 P1508*'0 (14) 11-126 P1s09*11 114) Open shon in IACvalvecircuit or IACvalve ECM/PCt\. *1: D'16Y5 (CVT) engine *4: D16Y5 engine 1N4/T) *10:Except andD'16Y7 A/T engine *11:A.Troubleshooting Diagnostic TroubleCode(DTC) Chart(cont'dl DTC lMlLindicationl Detection ltem EGRValve Lift Insufficient Detected P1491*. ECM/PCM 11'128 P1607 P1655*1 P1705 P1706 P1 7 5 3 P1758 P1768 P1785 P1790 P1791 P1793 P1870 P1873 P1879 P1885 P1886 P1888 P1890 P1891 11-120 Open or short in TMA/TMBcircuit 11-121 (70)* Section14 *: The[D!] indicator lightandthe Mallunction Indicator Lamp(MlL]maycomeon simultaneously../T D16Y7 and engine 11 .

lt simply meansa systemmay have had a failure. lf the Malfunction Indicator Lamp {MlL)on the dash does not come on.but not the way it's suoDosed to. the problemis intermittent {PC[/)and try to duplicate Diagnostic It and you can't duplicate the code. of this usuallymeanssomethingwon't (likeECM'S/PCM'S).An open is a breakin a wire or at a's likea map showingyou the can easilyget lost. Most of the troubleshooting flowchartshave you resetthe EngineControlModule (ECM)/Powertrain ControlModule the TroubleCode(DTC). can sometimes work at all. beware: to But lf you go off the "map" anywhere but a "stop" symbol. performa test. checkfor poor connectrons or loosewires at all connectors (seeillustration related the circuitthat you are troubleshooting to below). describes final repairactionand sometimes a directsyou to an earlierpan ot the flowchart confirmyour repair.but it checks out OK at this time. . possibly. . to jAcroNl QE!E]!!. do so will only resultin confusion To and.set up a condition etc. ISTARN {boldtype) Describes conditions situation starta troubleshootinq the or to flowchart. o "Open" and "Short" are common electrical terms. In complexelectronics this meansomething works.then sendsyou in the appropriate troubleshooting direction. LOOSE . needlesslv a reDiaced ECM/PCM. (bold type) NOTE: fsro-l The term "lntermittent Failure"is used in thesecharts. The end of a seriesof actionsand decisions. Asksyou aboutthe resultof an action. In simple electronics. short is an acciA dentalconnection a wire to ground or to anotherwire.How to ReadFlowcharts A flowchartis designed be usedfrom startto final repair. Asksyou to do not continuethoughthe flowchart.

the ECM/PCM cuts groundto the PGM-FI main relaywhich cutscurrentto the fuel pump.'97 D16Y7 engine KA. engine.l F*l | further modifiedby signalssentfrom varioussensorsto obtainthe final discharge duration.r*a"r.the ECM/PCM suppliesground to the PGM-FI main relay that suppliescurrentto the fuel pump. A knockcontrolsystemwas adopted which setsthe idealignitiontimingfor the octaneratingof the gasoline used. When the engine is running. IATSensor TP Sensor EGRValveLiftSensor*1 Primary HO2S Secondary HO2S VSS EARO Sensor ELD*' KS*3 Starter Signal ALT FRSignal Air Conditionjng Signal A.. ECM/PCM is the controlscurrentto the IACValveto maintain correctidle speed.'96 D16Y8 engine D16Y5 engine. 11-60 ./C CompressorClutch Relay Radiator Relay*' Fan Condenser Relay Fan ALT*? Tl. engine D16Y7 engine KL sedan: {LX) KL model)./T GearPosition Signal (lGN.'98'all models 15:Dl6Y5. for *3 .r"sc.up Fr*. D16Y8 ensine) *9:'96 Dl6Y5 (sedan).'97 {coupe: model. the lgnition Timing Co||trol . the transmission in gear. When the ignitionswitchis initiallyturned on. ECM/PCM tuel injectorduration the a 2. lgnitiontiming is also adjusted enginecoolanttemperature.PGM-FI System SystemDescription INPUTS CKP/TDC/CYP Sensor CKFSensor MAP Sensor ECTSenso. The ECM/PCM contains memorieslor basic ignition timing at various engine speedsand manifold air flow rates. When the engineis not runningand the ignitionis on. l6Y8 D engine *6:M/T(016Y5 engine) *7:CVT (D16Y5 engine) *8:A/T(D16Y7. Other Control Functions 1. model).il B""k. ldlo Air Control ldle Air ControlValve(lACValve) Whenthe engineis cold. FuelPumpControl .'97 (coupe: KCmodels.'l" ldb c-o-l*il g ""d Dr*i".the brakepedalis depressed.'97 all D16Y8 engine KA. E r""t'.or'sl FcM/PcM '1: D16Y5 engine *2:USAmodel *3rCW (D16Y5 engineland 016Y8 engine *4: '96016Y8 (coupe: models.'97 D16Y8 engine all sedan: KL {coupe}. The basicdischarge duration. sedan: (sedan: KCmodels) KA. to the . P/Sload is is the is high. PGM-FISystem The PGM-Fi systemon this model is a sequential multiportfuel injection system. . StaningControl provides rich mixtureby increasing Whenthe engineis started. hatchback: models). the ECM/PCM suppliesgroundto the PGM-FI main relaythat suppliescurrentto the tuel pump for two seconds pressurize fuel system.h*J--r---l Fr"*il] rcM EVAP PurgeControl Solenoid Primary HO25Heater Secondary H02SHeater EGRControl Solenoid Valve*7 EGRvalve*6 EVAPBypass Solenoid Valve*a EVAPControlCanisterVent Shut VTEC Solenoid Valve*5 DLC Lock-up Control Solenoid Valve*3 ShiftControl Solenoid Valv6*3 Linear Solenoid Valve*3 Effi.'96 D16Y7 engine.or the alternator charging. (LX) KL models.1) Baftery Voltage Srake SwitchSignal PSP SwitchSignal FuelTankPressure Ssnsor*a VTECPressure Switch*t Clutch SwitchSignal*6 Countershaft SpeedSensor*3 Mainshalt SpeedSensor*3 ( E N G I N E O N T R OM O D U L EE C M ) i C L (PCM) POWERTRAIN CONTROL MODULE OUTPUTS FuelInjectors PGMFl Main Relay {FuelPump) MIL IAC Valve A. Fuol inisstor Timing and Duration The ECM/PCM containsmemories the basicdischarge for durationsat variousenginespeedsand manifoldair llow rates.'. afterbeing readout from the memory.the Ay'C compressor on.

control idle system./C compressor clutchon and intakeair temperature above 160"F141. Two (or Three)DrivingCycleDetection Method A "DrivingCycle"consists startingthe engine. Alternator Control The systemcontrolsthe voltagegenerated the alternator accordance at in with the electrical load and driving mode.FuelCut-offControl .900rpm (D16Y5. ECM/PCM the groundfor the MIL and storesthe DTC supplies in erasable memory.regardless the positionot the throttlevalve. of the Ay'C Compressor ClutchRelay When the ECM/PCM receives demandfor coolingfrom the air conditioning a system. the ECM/PCM storesit in its memory.the fuel injectors controlled a back-up are by circuitindependent of the systemin orderto permitminimaldriving. Exhaust GasRecirculation ControlSolenoid Valve*? When EGRis required controlof oxidesof nitrogen(NOx)emissions. 5. Fuelcut-offactionalso takesplacewhen enginespeedexceeds 6. 3. ECM/PCM is the controlsthe EVAPpurgecontrolsolenoid valvewhich controlsvacuumto the EVAPpurgecontrolcanister.ECTsensor. currentto the fuel injectors cut off to improvefuel economyat is speeds overthe {ollowingrpm: .the ECM/PCM informsthe driverby lightingthe MlL. D16Y5 enginelCVT).beginning of closedloop operation. protect enginefrom over-rewing. D'16Y8 engine(Canada M/T):1. (EGR) 6. D16Y8 engine(Canada M//T). easetroubleshooting. TWC deterioration detected or is during three consecutive drivingcycles. Dl6Y7 engine(Canada):990 rpm . When an abnormality occurs. D16Y8 engine(USAM/T)r920 rpm ' D16Y8 engine(USAA.D16Y8engine: 7. functionis to this cancelled when you jump the servicecheckconnector. Back-up Function When an abnormality occursin the ECM/PCM itself. 3. (cont'd) 11-61 . easetroubleshooting. ECMcontrolsthe EGRcontrolsolenoid for the valvewhich supplies regulated vacuumto the EGRvalve.C)1.000rpm). Dl6Y7 engine. which reduces engineloadto improvethe fuel economV. 7 . The MIL will then blink immediately when an abnormalitv occurs. Duringdeceleration with the throttlevalveclosed. Two Trip Detection the Methodis usedfor the HO2S. The MIL will then blink immediatelv when an abnormalitv occurs. enriches mixtureto assure and the smoothtransition the Ay'C to mode. Self-diagnosis Function Indicator Lamp(MlL)] [r4alfunction When an abnormalily occursin a signalfrom a sensor. Dl6Y7 ensine(USAA"/T):910 rpm . 4. to 2. the €CM/PCMFail-safe/Back-up Functions 'L Fail-safe Function when an abnormalityoccursin a signalfrom a delaysthe compressor from beingenergized.000 rpm . (EVAP) Evaporative Emission PurgeControlSolenoid Valve*a Whenthe enginecoolanttemperature (68"Ci. D16Y5 engine(M/T): 850 rpm . Evaporative Emission PurgeControlSolenoid Valve+s Whenthe enginecoolanttemperature above '154.EGRsystem and EVAPcontrol systemself-diagnostic functions.lf misfiring that increases emissions detected is duringtwo consecutive drivingcycles. function to this is cancelled when you jump the servicecheckconnector. (EVAP) 5 . However.When the ignitionis initiallyturned on.the ECM/PCN4 ignoresthat signsl and assumesa pre-programmedvaluefor that sensor that allowsthe engineto continue run. the ECM/PCM turns the l/lL on.F (68"C). above 154"F intakeair temperature above32"F(0"C)and vehictespeeo above 0 mile 10 km/h)or [A. Two Trip Detection Method To preventfalse indications. and stoppingthe engine. fuel metering-related./T).When the same abnormality recursafterthe ignitionswitch is turned OFFand ON (ll) again. ECM/PCM the controls EVAPpurgecontrolsolenoid the valvewhich controlsvacuumto the EVAPpurgecontrolcanister. the ECM/PCM suppliesgroundfor the MIL for two secondsto checkthe MIL bulb condition.

beforecombustion 11-62 .PGM-FI System (cont'd) SystemDescription LoanEurn Control(D16Y5 enginer CVT) \. lf crankshaft angularacceleration exceeds This system improvestuel economyand driveabilityby controllingthe amount of iniectedfuel in the lean burn range immediately startsto deteriorate. air-fuelratiolevel). monitorsenginespeed. SENSOR TDC/CKP/CYP MAP SENSOR CKFSENSOB of Comparison currentair fuel ratio to target ratio SelectionoI basicfuel iniection duration ECM which occursin increase crankshaft in angularacceleration The lean burn controlsystem is basedon the characteristic when the air-fuelratiogets leaner. crankshaft The CKFsensor. falls lf angularacceleration below which is mountedon the crankshaft. amountof injected the fuel is reduced.the amountof fuel is increased. a certainlevel(target this level.

ted at tho tharmostat housinglthrt had more th. ECM/PCMCONNECTOR (32P} A PGl {BLKI Rgpair short or open in tho wire betwo. a poor connectionat ECN4/PCM terminal Al8. ECM/PCMCONNECTOR {32PI A ls the MIL on? - Repai. lI symptom/ indicetion goo3 away. 2.5 A)tu. wire betweon ECM/PCM the Turnthe ignitionswitchON (ll). NOTE:lf this symptomis intermittent. Wire sideof femaleterminals Repair opon in thc wi.nd gaugc a$ombly.. Turnthe ignitionswitchON (ll). Wire sideof femaleterminals (cont'd) .l ECM/PCM. lf 3ymptom/ indication goo3 away.0V? Substitute . Turn the ignitionswitchON (ll). Connecthe ECM/PCMon c nectorterminal 418 to body groundwith a jumperwire.0V. 3. known-good ECM/ PCM and rechock.s on {even to. 25 (METER) (7. 25 llrETER A) in the for 7. tent openin the GRN/ORN (Al8) and the gaugeassembly. Substituto a known-good ECM/ PCM and rechsck.. open in tha wire3 betweon ECM/PCM(A181 .n 1. check a looseluse No. Measurevoltage between body ground and ECM/PCM connector terminalsA10 and A23individually. replaco the odgin.n No.5A)fusc rnd gauge r$omblv. or an intermit. rcplac6 tho o.. Ch6cklor an open in the wiros (PGlineslr 1. two secondsl . Turnthe ignition switchOFF.l3) botwe€n ECM/PCM and c10l lloc.5 underdash fuse/relaybox. Repleco No. Reolace the MIL bulb.25 IMETERI 17. Lamp {MlL) nover com. ls therelessthan 1. Checkfor an open in th6 wire or bulb lMlL lino): 1.tter ignition i! tutned on. ls the low oil pressure light on? Try to stan the engine.EngineGontrolModule/Powertrain GontrolModule{ECM/PCM) The Maltunction Indicato.iginal ECM/PCM. 2.

Stop the engineand turn the ignitionswitchON (ll). ON 3. V? 5 Repair 3hoft to body ground in th€ wire botwoen ECM/PCM{C7) tnd se ice checkconn€ctor. Connect SCSservice the con' n e c t o rt o t h e s e r v i c ec h e c k connector. Doesthe MIL indicate any DTC? C ECM/PCMCONNECTOR I31PI scs (BRNI Try to stan the engine. Does enginestan? the terminals Wiresideof female (To page11-65) C h e c kl o r a s h o r t i n t h a w i r e ISCSlinel: 'L Disconnectthe SCS service 2. Go to troubl6hooting proc€dures. (A18)and the gauge An intermittentshort in the wire between the ECM/PCM (D4l the An intermittent short in the wire between ECM/PCM and the MAP sensor the the An intermittent short in the wire betweenthe ECM/PCM {D10}.'97 '98-tllmodels) '97 D16Yg sedan: model). check forl . N4easure voltagebetween the ECM/PCM connector terminal C7and bodyground. TP sensor. 016Y8engine(coupe).PGM-FI mainrelay . Readthe DTC with the scan tool or HondaPGMTester.A looseFl E/M{15A) fusein the underhoodfuse/relay box . 3.ocedure. (Topage11-65) 11-64 . Turnthe ignition switch {ll). pag611-53) {3ee Ch6ckthe DTCby MIL indication: 1. 3. Connect scantool or Honda a PGMTester. 2. Turnthe ignition switch (ll).PGM-FI System (cont'd) ControlModule(ECM/PCMI EngineControlModule/Powertrain The Malfunction lndicator Lamo lMlLl stays on or comos on after NOTE: . When there is no Diagnostic Trouble Code (DlC) stored. sensor ('96 EGRvalve lift sensor (D16Y5engine)and/or the Fuel tank pressure KL Dl6Y7 engine(coupei model. 2. all .A l o o s e o . ls thereapprox.sedan:KL (LX)model). Turnthe ignitionswitchOFF.1 3 F U E L P U M P f u s e ( 1 5 At)h e u n d e r ' d a sf h s e / r e l a y x u bo in N . (s6epage 11-531. KL enginelcoupe: models. See the O8D ll scantool or HondaPGMTesteruser'smanuals specific for operating Instructrons.An intermittent (C7)and the service check the shortin the wire between ECM/PCM T C h e c kt h e D i a g n o s t i c r o u b l e Code(DTC): 1. ON R€pair opon or short in wire between the EcM/PcM {c8) and Oata Link Connector. serviceconnectoris connected . lf this svmptomis intermittent.the MIL will stay on if the SCS and the ignitionswitch is on. Go to troublashooting p.

ReplaceNo. replace the original ECM/PCM. 13 FUELPUMP 115 luse. Roptir ahort to body ground in th6 wir. 3hort in the wirc {MlL linol: 1. Turn tho ignitionswitchON (ll). Turn the ignition switch (ll). 3.en Fl E/M 115 A) luse and PGM-FIm. Disconnect 3P connector the from eachsensor one at time: .ck to. 13 FUEL PUMP {15 Al tus6 and PGM-FIm. ' 9 7 D 1 6 Y 7e n g i n e ( c o u p e : K L m o d e l . R. Substitute a known-good ECM/ PCM and rech. ON 2. F u e lt a n k p r e s s u r e e n s o r s ('96 D16Y8engine {coupe). Turnthe ignitionswitchOFF. (From page 11-64) Inspect E/M ('10 fuse in the Fl A) undeFhood tuseJrelay box.s e d a n : a KL model'98-all models) (Topage11-66) {cont'd) 1-65 .in iolay.e. TPsensor . b€tw. Disconnecr ECM.twoon the ECM/PCM lAl8l snd MlL.prir 3hort in thc wi.' 9 7 D 1 6 Y 8e n g i n e ( c o u p e : l l m o d e l s . EGRvalve litt sensor{Dl6Y5 engtne) . .(Frompage11-64) Ch.. s e d a n :K L ( L X ) m o d e l ) ./PCi!4 the connectorA (32P). Fl E/M (15 A)fu. ll 3ymptom/ indication goes away. Repair short in the wire betwoen No. 13 FUEL PUMP115 A) fuse in the undeFdashfuse/relay box. Inspect No. b. retay. A) Ch€cktor a short in a son3or: '1.

Tert lho PGM-FImain r.ngin.l. Checkfor continuitybetween body ground and ECM/PCM connectorterminals D4 and D10individually.PGM-FI System (cont'dl EngineControlModule/Powertrain ControlModule(ECM/PCMI lFrompage11-651 ECM/PCMCONNECTOR {16PI D Does the MIL go OFF? \ Rapbce the ranaor thrt cau3od th6 light to go out. wire3 llGP linosl: 1.lve lift son.ymptom/ indic. Check lor poor connaction3 or loo3.l ECM/PCM. wire batwaon ECM/ PCMlD4l snd MAP s. D 3.I IGP (YEL/BLK) 2 a t5 t 5 1 1 t8 25 21 20 2A 29 30 a 22 l0 11 12 t 3 2a IGP2 (YEL/8LKI Rapail opan in the srire{31 botwo. 3odan: KL lLXl modcll. PGM-FI main ralay. 3.3l: 1.ound in th. Check tor en opcn in th.witch {ll).e botwoen ECM/ PCM lD10l. R.nd PGM-FI mrin roby. Wire sideof femaleterminals A ECM/PCMCONNECTOR I32P} . VCC1(YEL/RED) Chect tor r short in th6 wiras {VCClin. TP sensor. '97 D16Y8ongino lcoupc: all model3. N 4 e a sru v o l t a g e b e t w e e n e body ground and ECM/PCM connectorterminals A9 and A22 individually.titute . '98all modobl. 2 .tion 9o€.'97 D16Y7 6 n g i n 6 { c o u p o :K L m o d e l .pair .lay l3ecpag611-1571. T{rrnthe ignition switchOFF. D i s c o n n e c tt h e E C M / P C M connector (16P). lf .t th. Sub. Reconnect the ECM/PCM connectorD (16P).0 V? Rapair op. LGl IERN/ BLK} a 12 t 3 t a t 5 t 6 7 7 t 8 t9 20 E !l to 23 !l 2a 21 2A 23 3 0 LG2 IBRN/ BLKI ls there lessthan '1. 2. Turn the ignitionswitchON (ll).or {D16Y5 .0V. wirc! . Turn the ignitions. Reconnect sensorconnecall rors.n in the wiro(rl b€tween ECM/PCM lA9. ('96 D16Y8 onginc {coup.hort to body ground in tho wi.l tsnk pra33u. 3.n ECM/PCM (A11.l: 1. known-good ECM/ PCM and lochock.n. A22l and G101that had morothln 1. awry. Disconnect fuel inioctors the and IACvalveconnectors. 11-66 . ON 4 .escnso. roplace the origin. th. Measurevoltage between body ground and ECM/PCM connector terminalsA11 and A24 individually. Repair ahon to bodY g.or. A24l . Wire sideof female terminals Check for an opon in the wirg! ILG line.seden:KL modol.l and/or thc Fu.the EGR v. 2.

25 30 lin.000 rpm for one minutewith the transmis. 2. Turnthe ignitionswitchOFF. ls there leakageor blockage? Checkthe MAP sonso. OTCP0106is stored. Check the MAP with the scan tool. 10 . rs. 2.0 - o The MIL has bo6nr€poned on. OUTPUI VOLTAGE tvt3.5 3. Ch6ckthe MAP sensoroutput: 1. Checkthe MAP with the scan tool. 2. Hg) GAUGE 3(x) i(X. sion in P or I position(M/T in neutral).0 2. Stopthe engine. Do the ECM/PCM ResetProcedure. outputr 1.O 1. 5OO 600 7ql READI'{G lln]n Hgl I Problemverilication: 1. Turnthe ignitionswitchON (ll).5 1. Start the engineand keep enginespeedat 1. Or from ProbableCauseUrt.5 2. 3.(MAP)Sensor ManifoldAbsolutePressure The scan tool indicatesDiagnostic problem (vacuumleak) in the Trouble Code (DTC)P0106: mechanical A (MAP)Sensor ManifoldAbsolutePressure svstem. ls DTCP0106 indicated? C h e c kf o r v a c u u m l e a k a g eo r blockage betweenthe MAP sensor and throttle body. . The MAPsensorconverts pressure manifoldabsolute into electrical signalsand inputsthe ECM/pCM.5 lqt 2|x) tq. Turnthe ignition switch lll). (To page11-68) {To page11-68) (cont'd) . ON 3.

12.(MAPISensor(cont'dl ManifoldAbsolutePressure (Frompage11-67) lFrompagel1-67) Check{or poor r6ponse: 1 . S t a r t t h e e n g i n e . 3. S t a r t t h e e n g i n e . 1 2 .0 kPa 1300 mmHg. roplace the originsl ECM/PCM. tral untiltheradiator comes lan on. 0 i n . 11-68 .0in. Ch6ckfor poor response: 1 .000rpm with Iy'T in E or E] position. 2. 3.Hg) lessindicated within or one secondafterstartingthe engine? Substitute a known-good ECM/ PCM and recheck.H o l d t h e engineat 3.000rpm with lVT in M/T in neu' E or E position.It symptom/ indication go6s awsy. 2. ls a MAP of 40. then turn the ignition switchOFF.H o l d t h e engineat 3.0kPa{300mmHg. Check th€ MAP with the scan tool. Checkthe MAP with rhe scan tool. ls a MAPot40. H g )o r l 6 s s i n d i c a l e d w i t h i n one second after startingthe engine? The MAP sensor is OK at this tims. Stanthe engine. then turn the ignition switchOFF. Start the engine. M/T in neutral untilthe radiatorfan comes on.

Checktor .ilure. 2 terminal.5V? Repair opeo in the wire b€twoen ECM/PCM ltxl and MAP 3€mor. Problemverilication: '1. svslem b OK at this tirne. 2. Disconnectthe MAP sensor 3P connector. (To page11-70) (cont'd) 11-69 . Checkfo.e {VCCI lin6l: M e a s u r ev o l t a g e b e t w e e nt h e MAP sensorconnector No. ON 2. 1 ter minaland No. poor connactionsor loose wiroa at C111 IMAPs€nsorland ECM/PCM. ManifoldAbsolutePressure The MIL has b€6n reooned on. MAP SENSOR CONNECTOR 3P ICTI'tI vccl Checktor an open in wi. Turnthe ignition switchOFF. 3. 4. Disconnect 22Pconnector the from the TCM.The scan tool indicatesDiagnostic Trouble Code (DTC)P0107: low voltage (high vacuum) problem in the A (MAP)sensor. Turnthe ignition switch (ll). Check the MAP with the scan tool. Check the MAP with the scan tool. 3 . short in the TCM: 1. an open or short in th€ MAP sensor: 1. {YEL/REDI Wire sideof femaleterminals ls thereapprox. 2. DTC P0107 is stored. Turnthe ignition switch {ll). Intermittent f. Check the MAP with the scan tool. T u r n t h e i g n i t i o ns w i t c hO N flr). Chock to. Turnthe ignitionswitchOFF. ON 4.

Checkfor continuitybetween the MAPsensor connector 3 No. 11-70 .iginal ECM/PCM. 2. terminaland body ground.PGM-FI System (MAPISensor(cont'd) ManifoldAbsolutePressure MAP SENSOR CONNECTOR 3P IC111} C h o c kl o r . MAP (RED/GRNI Wire sideof female terminals ReDair 3hort in the wire bstween ECM/PCM{D3l and MAP sensor. replaco the o. and rechock. Turnthe ignitionswitchOFF. Disco nect the ECM/PCM n connector (16P). It norrnal MAP b indiceted. s h o r t i n t h o w i J e (MAPlinel: 1. D 3. Substitute a known-good EGM/ PCM.

30. OTCP0108is sto. 'l and No. Measure voltagebetween the MAP sensor3P connector terminalsNo.Hg} or higherindicated? {RED/GRNI JUMP€R WIRE Wire sideof temale terminals vccl (YEL/REDI Check Ior an open in wirs (SGl linel: 1. ls 10'1 (760mmHg. Remove iumperwire. S t a r t t h e e n g i n e .0 kPa in.nd rechock. Turnthe ignitionswitchON llll. Check the MAP with the scan tool. Problemverification: l .nd MAP. Ch. ON 4. D i s c o n n e ctth e M A P s e n s o r 3P connector.Hg) or higherindicated? Intormittont lailwo. MAP SENSOR CONNECTOR 3P {CI11I Check for an open in the MAP 1.H o l d t h e engine at 3. 3. . V? 5 Repairopen in tho wir6 bctwaon ECM/PCM lDl2l . ls thereapprox.Hg) or higherindicated? R. 2. Check the MAP with the scan tool.2. (cont'd) 11-71 .3 andNo. C o n n e c tt h e E C M / P C M o n c nectorterminalsD3 and 012 with a iumPerwire. ls 101kPa(760mmHg.The scan tool indicates Diagnostic TroubleCode (DTC)P0108: high voltage (low vacuum)problem in the A (MAP)sensor.nd MAP sonror.30. 5.then let h idle.onsor.0 in. 3. Installa jumper wire between the MAP sensor3P connector terminals No. 3yst6m ir OK at thia timc. Turnthe ignition switch (ll). CCM/PCMCO NECTOR I16PI D JUMPERWIRE Check for an open in lhe wire IMAPlinel: 1.pair op€n in tha wir63 botwocn ECM/PCMlD3l . 4. Turnthe ignition switchOFF. MAP IRED/GRNI sG1 {GRN/WHTI Wire side of femaleterminals Substitute a known-good ECM/ PCM .ck tor poor connoctions or looaa wira! at Cllt (MAP!€nrorl and ECM/PCIV|. Turnthe ignition switchOFF2 .ed. 2 .000rpm with no load (Ay'T E or E position.30. Checkthe MAP with the scan tool.2.0in.ll normal MAP is indicated. ls 101kPa{760mmHg. ManifoldAbsolutePressure Tho MIL has b€€n reported on.oplace the originel ECM/PCM. in M/T in neutral) untilthe radiator fan comeson. the 2.

PGM-FI System (MAP)Sensor(cont'd) ManifoldAbsolutePressure (MAP)lower than The scantool indicates Diagnostic TroubleCode (DTC)P1128.eoorted on.0 in. ON 2. DTCPl'129is stor6d. 16. DTC Pl128 is stored. S t a r tt h e e n g i n e . Hg)or lessindicated? lntermittent failure. then let it idle. Check the MAP with the scan ls 54. Probl6mveritication: 1 . ls 43.3kPa{325mm Hg. The MIL h. Hg)or higherindicated? Intermittont tailurc. (MAP)higherthan The scantool indicates Diagnostic TroubleCode (DTC)P1129: ManifoldAbsolutePressure exoected. system b OK at thk time. Turnthe ignition switch lll). ManifoldAbsolutePressure expected./T E or E position.8 in. in M/T in neutral) untilthe radiator tan comes on.s beenreportedon.000rpm with no load (A. 3y3temi3 OX at lhis time.1kPa(406mm Hg. Problamv€rific. Check the MAP with the scan tool.tion: 1. 11-7 2 .H o l d t h e engine at 3. 2. The MIL hes been. 12.

Reolaco the IAT sensor. Checkthe IAT s€nsoroutput: 1.(lATlSensor IntakeAir Temperature problemin the lntakeAir 1 TroubleCode (DTC)P01 1: A range/performance Diagnostic The scantool indicates (lAT)Sensor circuit. Warm the IAT sensorwith a hairdryer. 2. Removethe IAT sensor. system is OK at this time. C. Temperature ot as resistor(thermistor). (cont'd) 1-73 . 4. switch (ll). Checkthe IAT with the scan tool. Checkthe IAT with the scan tool. from Probabl. Disconnect IAT sensor2P the connector. Reconnect IAT sensor2P the connector. Didthe IATrise2"F(1"C) more or from the ambient temperature? Interrnittentlailure.jl -20 0 20 /|o ao ao !00 t2o trcl II{IAXE AIR TEI/IPERATURE Reolace tho IAT sensor. RESISTAI{CE ft01 Probl€mvoritication: 1. 2. Turnthe ignition 7. Turnrhe ignitionswitchOFF. ON 6. O. Leavethe IAT sensorexposed to ambient temperature. 5. -a 32 X rO. DTCP011t is stored. t1a 212 24a t. 3. resistance the thermistordecreases the intake The dependant The IAT Sensoris a temperature increases shown below. as air temoerature Th6 MIL has€ List.

*2. Chackfor Door conncctions or looac wi. Checkthe IAT with the scan tool. 11-74 . * 1 : With HondaPGMTesterin Hondamode. --+-r l l l 2 + l IAT @ IRED/YELI = rermtnats Wiresideof female Sub3titute e known-good ECM/ PCM and recheck. 2.ification: 1.PGM-FI System (lAT)Sensor{cont'd} IntakeAir Temperature problemin the The scantool indicates Diagnostic TroubleCode(DTC) P0112: low voltage(hightemperature) A Intake Temperature Air circuit.d. RESTSTANC€ ll0l lo to I Problamvo. tra 2t2 a{ frt . . {lAT)sensor The MIL he3 b6en Eoortcd DTC P0112 b will be higherthan ambient temperature. and Rgpairlhort in tho wire betweon ECM/PCMlDSl and IAT sensor. tho IAT SENSOR CONNECTOR 2P {Cl12I Chockfor. 2. . 2. Turnthe ignitionswitchOFF. aa aa ro.2 bodyground. Checklor . short in the wiro llAT lin.lad.l: at C112 (lAT sonsorl . Disconnect ECM/PCM the connector 116P). ls 302'F (150'C)or higher (or H-Limit*1) indicated? RoplacG IAT senio.20 0 ro :|o ao ao t00 r20 tlcl ITTAXE EMPERATURE AN ls 302'F (150"C) higher (or or H-Limit*rlindicated? Replace the IAT sensor. Intormittent failurg.nd ECM/PCM. lfthe engineis warm. Checkthe IAT with the scan tool. Turnthe ignitionswitchON lll). Checktor continuitybetween the IATsensor connector 2P terminalNo. It normal IAT is indic. replaco the original ECM/PCM. on. Oisconnect IAT sensorconthe nedot. D 3. 3y3temis OK at thb tims..horl in the IAT s6nsot: 1.

Checkfo. replace the o.problemin the P0113: high voltage(low temperature) A TroubleCode(DTC) Diagnostic The scantool indicates (lAT)sensorcircuit. 3. *r With HondaPGMTesterin Hondamode. Turnthe ignitionswitchOFF.mittent lailura. D11)and IAT senWire sideof female terminals Substitute a known-good ECM/ PCM and recheck. Connect IATsensor2P conthe n e c t o rt e r m i n a l sN o . IAT(RED/YELI sG2 IGRN/8LK} JUMPERWIRE Repairopen in th€ wires between ECM/PCM(D8. Turnthe ignition 2. Checkthe IAT with the scan tool. 4. lntakeAir Temperature The MIL has beenreport€don. (C112) IAT SENSOR CONNECTOR 2P ----F-t sG2 ffi (GRN/BLn I I l I ' l r IAT l JUMPER (RED/YEL) wtEE Wire sideoI lemaleterminals ECM/PCMCONNECTOR (16PI D Checklor an op€n in the wires {lAT. ConnectECM/PCM connector terminals gand Dl1 with a D ON 3. Checkthe IAT with the scan tool. It normal IAT is indicated. . 2. DTCP0113is stor€d.2 with a jumperwire. Disconnect IAT sensor2P the connector. an open in the IAT sensor: 1. Checkthe intakeair temperature with the scantool. Checktor poor conneclionsor loose wires at C112 {lAT sensorl and ECM/PCM.iginal ECM/PCM. system is OK at this time. Turnthe ignition switch (ll). Ploblem veriticationi switch {ll).SG2 lines): 1. ON 1. ' l a n d No. Inte. 2.

DTCP0116k stored. With the scan tool. resistance the thermistor dependant resistor The of decreases the enoine as coolanttemperature increases shown below. 2. in M/T in neutral) until the radiator tan comes on.PGM-FI System EngineCoolantTemperature Sensor {ECTI The scan tool indicatesDiagnostic Trouble Code (DTC)P0116: range/performance A problem in the Engrne (ECT) Coolant Temperature Sensor circuit. lf the cooling alElam i3 OK. as RESISTANCE tkol THERMISTOR a 3 2 6 E1 0 a1 a 0 1 7 6 t 2 2 a 8( . then troubleshoot DTCP0116. replacothe ECTsensor.000rpm with no load {A"/T E or El position. system is OK et this time. Start the engine. checkthe ECT. Problemverification: 1. troubleshoot those DTCS first. Malfunction the coolingsystem in TroubleshootingFlowchart The MIL has b€en rcportodon.Hold the engine at 3. ECTsensordeterioration . Checkthe cooling Chock the cooling systom. r ) 2 -20 0 20 ao o I to !20 Ic) ENGINE COOLANT TEMPERATURE NOTE:lf DTCP0117and/or P0118 are storedat the same time as DTCP0116. then let it idle. The ECTSensoris a temperature (thermistor). 11-76 . Intermittent failure. PossibleCausa .

DTC P0117 is sto. Intormittent failure. Turnthe jgnition switch (lli. 2. in (cont'd) 11-77 .lvstem k OK at thi3 time. D 3. ON 2. {E ) C t The MIL hes b€en reooned on. Checkthe ECTwith the scan tool.scan Diagnostic TroubleCode(DTC) P0117: low voltage(hightemperature] tool indicates E n g i n e o o l a nT e m p e r a t u r e C Ts e n s o r c i r c u i t . Checkthe ECTwith the scan tool. 1 and bodyground. Wiresideof fomaleterminals Reoairshort in th6 wir6 botwoen ECM/PCMlD2l and ECTsensor. r6plac€ tha origin. Subrtituto r known-good ECM/ PCM and rochock. Checkfor continuitybetwoen the ECT sensor conneclor 2P ter minalNo. Problomveriticrtion: 1. Disconnect ECTsensor2P the 2. Chocktor a short in the ECTson1. f nolmal ECT i3 indicated. Turnthe ignitionswitchOFF.l ECM/PCM.ed.n3or)and ECM/PCM. *r With HondaPGMTester Hondamode.Ipfln7'l : problemin the A The. Disconnect ECM/PCM the connector (l6P). (150"C) higher(or ls 302"F or H-Limit*)indicated? ECTSENSOR CONNECTOR 2P {C122I Chock tor a sho. Checkfor poor connection3 or loo3o wirg! at Cl22 IECT3.t in the wire {ECTline): 1.

P.It normal ECT is indic. Turn the ignitionswitchON (ll). Chock tor poor connestions or loose wires at C122 sonsorland ECM/PCM. The MIL hrs boon reported on. the original ECM/PCM. ECT (RED/WHTI L t5 sG2{GRN/BLKI 6 1 ---l l 3 l a l I 9 to t6 12 l3 Wire sideoJfemaleterminals Repeiropen in the wires botween ECM/PCM{D2.splac. 3. svstem is OK at this time. .ted.2 with a j!mperwire. Checkthe ECTwith the scan tool. ConnectECNI/PCM connector t e r m i n a l s 2 a n d D 1 1w i t h a D 3. C o n n e c tt h e E C Ts e n s o r2 P connector terminals No.Dl1) snd ECTsen- Substiluto a known-good ECM/ PCM and rocheck. DTC P0118 is stored. Turnthe ignitionswitchOFF. 1 and No. Checkthe ECTwith the scan tool. 4. 2 .oblemveritication: L Turnthe ignition switch (ll). {ECT ECTSENSOR CONNECTOR 2P {C122I Checktor an opon in the ECTsen1 . 2. ECT {RED/WHTI WIRE JUMPEN sG2 IGRN/BLK) Wiresideof female terminals ECM/PCMCONNECTOR {16P) D JUMPERWIRE Checklor an opon in th6 wir6s SG2 linesl: {ECT. \ 11-7 8 . 1. Checkthe ECTwith the scan tool. *: With HondaPGMTesterin Hondamode. ON 2.PGM-FI System (ECTI (cont'dl Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor The scantool indicates Diagnostic TroubleCode{DTC) l8: A high voltage(low temperature) P0l problemin the (ECT) EngineCoolant Temperature sensorcircuit. Intormittent tailuro. D i s c o n n e c t h e E C Ts e n s o r 2P connector.

Checklor Door connectionsor loose wires at Cl10 ITPsenso. Turnthe ignition switch (ll). measure resistance betweenthe TP senNo. 3. TP SENSOF3P CONNECTOR {Cl1OI sG2 IGRN/BLK} vcc2 (YEL/BLU) Ch6ck for an opcn in lhe wire (VCC2linell 1.3. 2 sor terminals with the throttle fullyclosed. ON 2 . Checktor an open or 3hort in TP sensoa: 1. tFo-.90%when the throttle is fullyopened? Inlermittent tailure. OUTPUTVOLTAGE {VI 5 4 Problomve. No.As the throttlepositionchanges. Ware sideof femaleterminals D ECM/PCMCONNECTOR Il6PI ls thereapprox. Turnthe ignitionswitchOFF. Turnthe ignitionswitchOFF. is connected the throttlevalve shaft. Terminal sideof maleterminals (cont'd) .system is OK et this time. C h e c kt h e t h r o t t l e p o s i t i o n with the scantool- 1 0 THROTTLE OPENING FULL THROTTLE 10%whenthe ls thereapprox. 1 and No. (Topage11-80) Substitute a known-good ECM/ PCM and rechock. The TP Sensoris a potentiometer.ification: 1.4easure voltage between the TP sensor3P connector terminals 'l andNo. Turnthe ignition switch (ll). Disconnect TP sensor3P the connector. At the sensorside. It orescribed voltage is now available. V? 5 Repairopen in lhe wire between ECM/PCM(D10)and TP sonsor. ON 4. throttle lt to the positionsensorvariesthe voltagesignalto the ECM/PCM. SG2 (GRN/BLKI Wire side of female terminals ls thereapprox. V? 5 Checkfor an op6n in wire IVCC2 line): Measurevoltage betweenECM/ PCMconnector D10and terminals D1' ]. replac€ the originel ECM/PCM.ThrottlePosition{TPlSensor Diagnostic TroubleCode {DTC)P0122: low voltageproblemin the ThroftlePosition A scantool indicates . DTCP0122is stored. - - The MIL has been reDortedon.Tj_: t I l-l sensor crrcull. ECM/PCM. 2. 2. throttle is fully closedand approx.

3 withthe throftle fullyclosed.0. ON 3. Turnthe ignition switch (ll). 2 a n d No.5 YES CheckIor an open or short in the TP sensori Measureresistance betweenthe T P s e n s o rt e r m i n n a lN o . -l TPS (RED/ BLKI l tt" 1r 8 9 r0lrt l a 1 5 l lrG sG2IGRN/BLKI 12 ls thereapprox.0. R e c o n n e c t e T P s e n s o r3 p th 2.4.3. It oroscribed voltago is now availabl6. .5 whenthe throttle V . ON 4. Measurevoltage between ECM/PCM connector terminals D 1a n dD 1 l .9k0? 0.4. 3.6 5. aeplace the original ECM/PCM.5 whenthe throttle V is fullyopened? I Repairshort in the wire betwe€n ECM/PCM{Dll. ECM/PCMCONNECTOR Il6PI O TPS(RED/ BLKI l f f" h i 7 I sG2(GRN/BLKI 9 10 l l 12 13 l a ta ls thereapprox. TCM and TP s6n- 11-80 .PGM-FI System ThrottlePosition(TP)Sensor(cont'dl (Frompage1'1 79) ls thereapprox. Wiresideof t6m6leterminals (D16Y5 engine f Checktor a short in rhe TCM: L Turnthe ignitionswitchOFF. Turnthe ignition switch {ll).0.5 whenthe V throttle is tully closedand approx. 2. TP SENSOR CONNECTOR 3P ls thereapprox. Measure vohagebetweenECM c o nn e c t o rt e r m i n a l sD 1 a n d D11.5V when the throule is fully closedand approx.4kO? Terminal sideoI maleterminals Checklor an open in the ECM/ PCM{TPSline): 1 .s fullyopened? Sub3titute a known-good ECM/ PCM and recheck. Disconnect 22Pconnector the from the TCM.

3. Turnthe ignition switch (ll). 2.replace the original ECM/PCM. loose wires at C110 (TPsensor]and ECM/PCM. Checktor poor conneciionso.The scantool indicates Diagnoslic TroubleCode (DTC) P0123: high voltageproblemin the ThrottlePosition A (TP)sensorcircuit. The MIL has been. Wire side of female terminats Substitute a known-good ECM/ PCM and recheck. the ECM/PCMCONNECTOR I16P) D Chock for dn open in the wire (SG2line): Measure voltage between ECM/ P C M c o n n e c t o rl e r m i n a l s 0 1 0 a n d D]1. 11 .10%when the throttle fullyclosed is and approx. Turnthe ignition switch {ll).8 1 . C h e c kt h e t h r o t t l e p o s i t i o n with the scantool. V? 5 Repairopen in the wire between (D11) ECM/PCM and TPsensor. ls there approx. Disconnect TP sensor3P the connector. Turnthe ignitionswitchOFF. Problemveritication: 1. SG2{GRN/8LKI ls thereapprox. 90%whenthethrottle is fullyopened? Intermittent failure. Wiresideof female terminals ls thereapprox. V? 5 Replace thronle body. ON 4.eoorted on.ibed vohag€ is now available. ll presc. 3 . ON 2 . system b OK at this tim6. DTC P0123 is stored. TP SENSOR CONNECTOR lOI 3P ICl sG2 (GRN/BLKI vcc2 IYEL/BLU) Checklor en open in the TP sen1. At the harness side. 1 a n dN o .measure voltagebetweenthe TP sensor 3P connecter terminalsNo.

C h e c kt h e t h r o t t l e p o s i t i o n with the scantool. P1121 | The scantool indicates Diagnostic TroubteCode(DTC) The MIL has been reported on. DTC Pl121 is stor€d. 8D 1 6 Y e n g i n e i l 5 1 2 . * : 1 1 . ON 2 .PGM-FI System ThrottlePosition(TP)Sensor p'I12j:Throttleposition(Tp)lowerthan exeected. Problomve.2(D16Y8 engine) 11-82 . Turnthe ignition switch (lll. systam i3 OK at this time. 9 1 D 1 6 Yn g i n e ) e7 12.ification: 1. ls TP* % or higherindicated whenthe throttleis fully opened? Intoimiftent tailure.

P.oblemverification: 1. Th" """n tool indicates Diagnostic TroubleCode{DTC) P1122:Throttle Position The MIL hes been reported on. *r 16. ay3tem is OK at this time.D16YB engine) 16. ls TP* % or lessindicated when the throttleis f!lly closed? Intermittent tailurc. DTC P1122 is stored. C h e c kt h e t h r o t t l e p o s i t i o n with the scantool.5{Dl6Y5.[Fil22-l - (TP)higherthan expecred. 2 .9{D16Y7 engine) 11-83 . Turnthe ignition switchON {ll).

operation.. systom i3 OK at this time. Test drive with the A/T in E positionlM/T in 4th geari 4. stabilize the To the sensor's output. AIN. Check the Primary HO25 (Sensor1) output voltagewith the scantool during accelera taonusingwide openthrottle. 3. M/T in neutral) untilthe radia tor fan comeson.H o l d t h e engine at 3.the sensorhasan internalheater. Checkfor poor connections or loos€ wires rt C123 l P r i m a r yH O 2 S . Problomveritication: 1. 1) in HO25: ztRcoNrA SENSOR VOLTAGE {VI HEATER TERMINALS RICH.LEAN FU€L RATIO TroubleCode (DTC)P0131: low voltageproblem in the Primary Heated A tFor3I The scantool indicatesDiagnostic Oxygen Sensor{H02S)(Sensor circuit.. 2 . 6 n 3 o r 1 | a n d ECM/PCM. S t a r t t h e e n g i n e .PGM-FI System (Primary (Sensor (Except Primary Heated Oxygen Sensor HO2SI 1l Dl6Y5 (M/Tl) engine The Heated OxygenSensor(HO2S) detects oxygencontentin the exhaustgas and signalsthe ECM/PCM. The PrimaryHO2S(Sensor is installed the exhaustmanifold. Does the vohage stay at 0. the In the ECM/PCM receives signalsfrom the sensorand variesthe durationduring which fuel is injected.1 V or less? lTo page11-85) \- 11-8 4 .000rpm with no load (A/rfin E or E position. 1) The MIL has bo€nreportedon. Do the ECM/PCM Feset Pro cedure. DTCP013'lis storod. Intormittent failure.

Checkfor continuitybetween the PrimaryHO2S(Sensor1) 4 P c o n n e c t o tre r m i n a lN o . 2. Stan the engine and let it idle. Disconnect PrimaryHO2S the (Sensor 4P connector. 4. {cont'd) . 2. Substitut€ a known-good ECM/ PCM and rocheck.I--] f-l 1 2l 6 r l s l r l \z r__i_l L Wire sideof female terminals ls there continuityT R€pairshort in the wire betwoan ECM/PCM {D7)and PrimeryHO2S {Sensor11. replacethe original ECM/PCM. Check the Primary H02S lSensor1)outputvoltage with the scantool. nectorD (16P). Doesit stayat 0. 1l 3. 1 andbodyground.1V or less? PRIMARY HO2S(Sen3or1l aP CONNECTOR lC123l Check for a short in the wir€ line): IPHO2S 1.(Frompage11-84) Chockfor a shon in the HOzS: 1. 3. Pr{o2s T-{wHTrI. Turnthe ignitaon switchOFF. Disconnect ECM/PCM the con. Turnthe ignitionswitchOFF.It symptom/ indicstion goos awey.

Turnthe ignitionswitchOFF.0V or more? Repai. C o n n e c tt h e P r i m a r yH 0 2 S (Sensor1) 4P connectortermin a l sN o . Check the Primary H02S (Sensor1l output voltagewith the scaniool. lf 3ymptom/ indic.Sonsor 1) and ECM/PCM. n o p e n i n t h e w i r e line): IPHO2S 1. 2. 4.lP CONNECTOR Ch€ckfor an op€n in the Primary H02S: 1. 2 .0V or more? Intermittent failuro. PRIMARY HO2Slsensor 1l . DTCP0132 b stored. S t a r t t h e e n g i n e . 2 w i t h a 4.000rpm with no load {A. Checktor ooor connections or loose wires at C123 lPrimary HO2S. ls there1. Turnthe ignitionswitchOFF.tion goe3 away. open in thc wire betwoen E C M / P C M ( D 7) e n d P r i m e r y HO2S{Son3or1} . 3. Turnthe ignition switch (ll). D ECM/PCMCONNECTOR {16PI JUMPERWIRE PHO2S(WHTI sG2(GRN/BLKI ffi I l0 1 1 12 t3 t6 Wiresideof femaleterminals Subltituto . ConnectECM/PCM connector terminalsD7 and D11 with a 3.H o l d t h e engine at 3. ON 4. system b OK at this time. Problemvedfication: '1. 11-86 . Check the Primary H02S (Sensor1) output voltagewith the scantool. in M/T in neutral) untilthe radiator fan 2. known-good ECM/ PCM and roch. Test drive with the Arr in E position (M/T in 4th gear). 1l 3 . Check the Primary HO2S (Sensor outputvoltage 1) with the scantool duringdeceleration using completelyclosed throttle. lsthere1.PGM-FI System HO2SI(Sensor {Except 1) D16Y5 PrimaryHeatedOxygenSensor(Primary (cont'dl engine {M/Tll [FO13t : The scan tool indicates TroubleCode (DTC)P0'132: high voltageproblemin the PrimaryHeated A Diagnostic (Sensor circuit. Doesthe voltagestayat 1. HO2S) 1) OxygenSensor(Primary The MIL hes be€n reooned on. Turnthe ignition switch lll). Disconnect PrimaryHO2S the (Sensor 4P connector. ' l a n d N o . Do the ECM/PCM ResetProcedure./T E or E position. ON 5. replace the originel ECM/PCM.0V or more? PHO2S {WHT) sG2 {GRN/ BLKI Wiresideof female terminals C h e c kt o r .

MILcomeson and DTCP0133 P1'163* be stored. then troubleshoot DTCP0133.then troubleshoot DTCP1163. DTCP1'162.Sensor1) and ECM/PCM. the Whendeterioration beendetected has duringtwo consecutive trips. *: P1163 engine tD16Y5 1M/T)) 11-87 . in M/T in neutral) untilthe radiator fan comeson. ProblemVorification: 1. Connect scantool. Exhaust systemleakage TroubleshootingFlowchart The MIL has beenreoortedon. by a tain valueduringstabledrivingconditions. troubleshoot those DTCS first.H o l d t h e engineat 3. 1) (DTC) problemin the PrimaryHeated P1163: slow response A DescriDtion By controlling airlfuelratiowith a PrimaryHO2S(SensorI ) and a Secondary the HO2S(Sensor the deterioration the 2).55 mph (88 km/hl steady speed . T e s t .When the feedback periodof the HO2Sexceeds cer. 4.d r i v eu n d e r f o l l o w i n g conditaons. DTC P0133and/o. P0133: slow responseproblemin the PrimaryHeated OxygenSensor(Primary HO25)(Sensor Diagnostic TroubleCode P1163 The scantool indicates l OxygenSensor(Primary HO25)(Sensor circuit. of PrimaryHO2S{Sensor1) can be evaluated its feedback stored. P1163.PrimaryHeatedOxygenSensor(Primary HO2SI(Sensor 1l The TroubleCode(DTC) A tFols3-l scantool indicatesDiagnostic 1) circuit. P0132 and/orP0'135 storedat the same time as DTCP0133.A/T in E position(M/T in 5th gear) . Do the ECM/PCM ResetProcedure. Chgckfor pooa connections or loose wi. 5 . sysiom i! OK at this timo. 2. are troubleshoot those DTCS first. the or will NOTE:lf DTCP0131. Connect SCSservice the connector. lf P1168 and/orPl 169are storedat the sametime as DTCP1163. P r i m a r y O 2 S S e n s o1 ) D e t e r i o r a t i o n ( r H o PrimaryHO2SHeater (Sensor 1)Deterioration .000rpm with no load (A"/T E or E position. the 3 . sensorwill be judgedas deteriorated. PossibloCause .Until readiness code comes Intermittent tailur6. .ss at C123 lC1/|5)*(PrimaryHOzS. S t a r t t h e e n g i n e .

4. ls DTCP'l162 indicated? Intermittent tailure. Turn the ignition switch OFF.eported on. Problomverilication: 1. Inspectfor poor terminalto telminal contact at the Primarv HO2S lsensor 1) connectorand ECM.Hold in the engine speed 1. (Topage11'89) 11 .15) CONNECTOR c23. Wait at least two minutes. replace the PrimaryHO2S(Sensor1). NOTE:lf DTCP1162 storedat the sametime as DTCP1167.500 at rpm. Ch6ckfor poo. r ) Description over a wide airlfuelrange. is troubleshoot DTCP1162 The MIL has been. Check for an open in the wire (lP+line): 1. 3.S e n s o r1 ) a n d ECM. female terminals of female Iermrnats Repeiropen in the wire between E C M l C 2 3 )a n d P r i m a r y H O 2 S (Sensor1). 3. Disconnect ECM connector C ( 3 1 P ) f r o mt h e E C M . Startthe engine. system is OK at this time.PGM-FI System (Primary (Sensor (D16Y5 1l Primary Heated HO2SI engine Oxygen Sensor (M/Tt) Trouble Code lDTC)P1162: malfunctionin the PrimaryHeatedOxygen A The scan tool indicatesDiagnostic r y S e n s o ( P r i m a r H O 2 S ( S e n s o1 ) c i r c u i t . DTC P1162 is stored. Disconnect the 8P connector from the Primary HO2S (Sen'l sor ).then troubleshoot DTCP1167.8 8 . 2. Check for continuitv between the Primary HO2S (Sensor 1) 8 P c o n n e c t o rt e r m i n a l N o . Dothe ECMReset Procedure. 2.The PrimaryHO2S The PrimaryHeatedOxygenSensor(PrimaryHO2S)(Sensor1) operates ( S e n s o1 ) i s i n s t a l l e id t h e e x h a u sm a n i f o l d . ls DTC Pl162 indicated? Test'drive severalmiles with for the transmission 3rd gear. lf terminal conlact is OK. r n t SENSOR ELEMENT HEATER TERMINALS SENSOR TERMINALS first. connections or loose wires at C145 { P r i m a r yH O 2 S . 7 and ECM connector terminal ECMCONNECTOR 131PI C PRIMARY HO2S 1} {SENSOR 8P (C1.

c.1). Disconnect ECM connector C from the ECM. Chock tho ECM output voltage IVS+linol: Measurevoltage between ECM connector terminalsC25and D'11. 1 2 3 1 23 2a 25 5 8 t0 ?2 30 1 1 l 2 1 3 1 4 1 5 1 6 1 7 1 8 .ck. Measurevoltage between ECMconnector terminals C24 a n dD ' ] 1 . 2./ 21 2A a fr) {RED} R6pairshort in the wi. ls theremorethan0. Repl.l in tho wire {VS+ linel: 1. the 3. Check for continuity between b o d y g r o u n da n d E C M c o n nector terminal C25. Checkfor continuitybetween body ground and ECMconnector terminalC24. Turnthe ignition switchOFF. 1 1 12 t 3 1a 15 l6 11 18 27 2t 23 21 25 z) o-\ rP-/vs7 rneot Repair open in the wire between ECM lc24l and Pri'l mary HO2S(Sensor I. ECM input vohego {lP-/ VS. Turnthe ignition switchOFF2.lino): 1. 2. Disconnect 8P connector the from the PrimaryHO2S(Sen' sor'l). 2 Turnthe ignition switch {ll).ach. Disconnect ECMconnector C (31P)from ECM.5V? Checkfor a sho.{REDI 3 a 5 6 female terminals 1 8 9 l0 22 30 ls there more than 0. o {16P} sG2 {GRN/BLI(} IP-/VS. It symptom/indication goes awey.e between the Primarv HO2S{Sensor'l) and ECMtc24t.linel: 1.8 9 . {31P) 3. replacethe originalECM. Substitutea known-goodECM and . the Primary HO2S {Senso. ON 3.(Frompage11-88) ECMCONNECTORS c {31P} Chcck th. Turnthe ignitionswitchOFF. Checkfor continuitybetween b o d y g r o u n da n d E C Mc o n nector terminal C24.5 V? Ch6ckthe ECM: 1. 1 I 8 21 10 22 30 1 1 12 13 14 15 16 1 7 1 8 23 21 25 2a 8 O) vs* ! twHTt {cont'd) (To page11-90) (To page11-90) 11 . Chocktor s short in the wire (lP-l V9.

0V? Checkthe EcM: 1. replac€th6 originslECM.H o l d t h e engine at 3. Substitut€ a known-good ECM and recheck.. ls there2. then let it idle. S t a r t t h e e n g i n e . Check for continuity between body ground and ECM connector terminalC25.0V? Replace the Primary HO2S lSensor 11. replaco tho original ECM. Turnthe ignitionswitchOFF. C25 ls theremorethan 5. Measure voltagebetweenECM terminalsC24 and connector 01' j.".ia"or r e m a r el e t m t n a I R€pairshort in th6 wire between 1l HO2S{Sensor and the Primary ECMtC25). Disconnect the 8P connector from the Primary HO2S (Sen 2. Measure connector and D11.8V? 1 t 2 3 5 t5 t 6 t rl 9 10 Check the ECM output voltage {VS+ line): Measure voltage between ECM connectorterminals C25 and D'11.9 0 .6. lf symptom/indication goes away.linel: 1 .9 1 ) ( T op a g e1 1 .000rpm with no load (M/T in neutral) until the radiatorfan comeson. lf symptom/indication goes away.I System PGM-FI PrimaryHeatedOxygenSensor(PrimaryHO2SI(Sensor1l (Dl6Y5 engine (M/Tl) (cont'dl lFrompage11-89) Substitut€ a known-good ECM and rccheck. ls therecontinuityT Replacethe Primary HO2S {Sensor 11. voltagebetweenECM 3. 9 l0 22 I 2 3 6 l5 t6 11 1 E l 1 12 r3 r8 p lfi. Check for a short in tha wiro {lP+ linel: 1. Checkthe ECMinput vohago(lP-/ vS. 2.9 1 ) t5 16 11 . ls theremorethan 5. 2. 12 t 3 VS+ (WHT} 2 3 sG2 (GRN/8LKI to tl 't2 ( T op a g e1 1 .2. Disconnect the 8P connector from the PrimaryHo2S {Sensor'l). w.

2. Disconnect 8P connector the from the PrimaryHO2S(Sen sor'll.4V? YES Substiluta a known-good ECM and recheck. the 3.iginalECM. 2.o bstween E C M ( C 2 3 ) . replacethe original ECM. rcplacethe o. (GRN/BLKI Wire side of femaleterminals 2 3 a 1 1 12 6 15 16 1 7 t8 t I t0 22 r3 t a lP+ Checkthe ECM: 1. 23 21 25 I Check for an open in lh6 wire llP+line): 1. 3. lt symptom/indica' tion goes eway. Disconnect the 8P connector from the PrimaryHO2S(Sens o r1 ) .y. Substitute a known-good ECM and recheck. D t16Pl sG2 lP+ IBLK) ls theremorethan 0. 29 30 h IBLK) ECMCONNECTOR 13lPI C PRIMARY HO2S tsENsoR 118P coNNECTOR tCl{st lP+ IBLKI lP+ IBLK} femaleterminals NO Wire side of female termrnats R€pairopen in tho wi. Subsiitute a known-9ood ECM and rocheck.9 0 ) lFrompage11-90) ls thorelessthan 2. Checkfor continuitybetween the PrimaryHO2S{Sensor1) 8P connectorterminal No. Checkfor continuitybetween b o d y g r o u n da n d E C M c o n nector terminal C23. It symptom/indication goes aw.8V? Roplacothe Primary HO2S (S6nsor 11. Checkfor continuity between b o d y g r o u n da n d E C M c o n nector terminal C23. 16 11 18 29 30 6\ jjl lP+ {8LKl Replecethe Primary HO2S ls6nsor 1). n d P r i m a r yH O 2 S lsensor ll. 7 and ECM connector terminal c23. Turnthe ignitionswitchOFF. replacethe original ECM. c (3rP) Check the ECM output voltage llP+line): Measurevoltage between ECM connector terminals C23and D'11. Turnthe ignition switchOFF. 2 3 I 5 6 8 I 10 22 1 1 12 13 1 4 23 21 25 R.pair shon in th6 wirc b€tween th€ Primary HO2Slsonsor 1) and ECM{C23). Disconnect ECM connector C (31P)from ECM. 2. {cont'd} 11-91 .l F r o mp a g e1 1 . Checktor a short in the wir€ (lP+ linel: 1. lf symptom/indication go€s away.

nd ECM.sportod on. .Sensor 1) .H o l d t h e engine at 3. T€st-drivein 4th gear.3 be€n . 2. 2 . Sentor 1l . DTC Pl16il ii rtorcd.y HO2S. tho Primary HO2S (Sen3or 11.Hold the 6ngine at 3.Untilreadiness cod€ comes Intormitteni failure. Connectthe SCS servicecon nector.c. ProblomV. Do the ECMResetProcedure. Staning using at 1. connections or loos6 wire3 at C145 {Prima. 11-9 2 . sy3tam b OK at this time.55 rnph steadyspoed .ritidtion: 1. (Primary HO2S) 1) Heated OxygenSensor The MIL h.000rpm with no l o a d u n t i l t h e r a d i a t o rf a n 3. ProblGm Verific. connections or looso wiroa at c145 lPrimary HO2S. 4. sy3tsm ia OK at thia tim6. indicatod? ls DTCP1165 Rsplrc6 th6 Primary HO2S lsonaor 11. T e s t ' d r i v eu n d o r f o l l o w i n g conditions.PGM-FI System (Sensor (Dl6Y5engine (Primary 1) HO2SI Heated Sensor Primary Oxygen (M/T)l (cont'd) lptrEl : - problem in the Primary A Trouble Code (DTC)P1164: range/performance The scan tool indicatesDiagnostic (Sensor circuit.iion: '1.000rpm with no t l o a d u n t i lt h e r a d i a t o r a n 3. Ch€cktor poo. DTCP1165b 3to. accelerate wide op€nthrottlefor at least5 for seconds. Connectthe SCS servicecon4 . S t a r t t h e e n g i n e . Check tor poo. Start the engine.nd ECM.600rpm. Then decelerate at least 5 secondswith the throtclosed.ed. ls DTCP]164indicated? R€pl. Do the ECMReset Procedure.Transmission 5th gear in . 1) H02S) Heated OxygenSensor Th6 MIL has becn ooorlcd on. problem the Primary A The scan tool indicatesDiagnosticTrouble Code (DTC)P1165: range/performance (Primary (Sensor circuit. tle complot6ly Intermittent frilurc.

ported on. Disconnect PrimaryHO2S the (Sensor 8Pconnector1) 2. r6placeth6 original ECM.'.. Wire sideof femaleterminals LABEL IWHT} Check for a short in the wires (LABEL lin.nd rcchack. 2. DTC Pl168 is stored. Disconnect the ECM connector D (16P). 3. ls DTCP1168 indicated? IntermittGotlailuro. Ropair short in thg wir6 botweon tho Pfimary HO2S(Sensor1l and ECMtD7). 3yst. Problemvedficalion: 1.. The MIL has boon . Check for continuity betlveen ECM connector terminal D7 and body ground. (cont'd) 11 . Sensor 1) and ECM.The scan tool indicates Diagnostic TroubleCode (DTC)P]168:A low voltage problem in the PrimaryHeated lpi. ECMCONNECTOR {16PI D LABEL{WHTI Checkthe ECM: 1.9 3 ) . Substitute a known-good ECM . 3.l |gjgggg!ggg (Sensor LABEL OxygenSensor(Primary HO2S) 1) circuit. lf aymptom/indication goes swsy. Turnthe ignitionswitchOFF. Do the ECMReset Procedure. Startthe engine. Waitat least two minutes.m is OK al this tim6. Checkfor continuitybetween E C M c o n n e c t o t e r m i n a lD 7 r and bodyground.l: 1. 2. Chocktor poor conn€ction3 or loo3e wiros at C145 {Primary HO2S. ls therecontinuity? Replaceth6 Primary HO2S lsensor 11.

S e n s o rl l a n d ECM. Wait at least two minutes. Turnthe ignitionswitchOFF. at C145 { P r i m a r yH O 2 S . 11-94 .5V? Repai open in tho wir€s bstw€en the Piimary HO2Slsensor 1) and ECM(D71. ls DTCP1169 indicated? D ECMCONNECTOF {16PI . Measurevoltage between Primary HO2S(Sensor1) 8P connector No. Disconnectthe Primary HO2S (Sensor 8P connector. sideof le femaleterminals _l I . 2. DTC P1169 is stor6d. Turn the ignitionswitchON (ll).r.ol L]g The scan tool indicates Diagnostic TroubleCode {DTC)P1169: high voltageproblemin the PrimaryHeated A Oxygen HO2S} 1)LABEL circuit. system is OK at thi3 time. Do the ECMReset Procedure2. Disconnect ECM connector D (16P) from the ECM. Probl€mveritication: 1. Wire sideof femaleterminals Check for an op€n in thg wiro linel: ILABEL 1.Turnthe ignitionswitchOFF. 1i 3. PRIMARY HO2SISENSON 8P CONNECTOR 1} I145I Intormittent failure. 4 terminaland bodyground. 3. 3. Primary HO2S(Sen3or1l and ECMtD11l. Checkfor continujtybetween ECM connector terminal D11 and PrimarvHO2S(Sensor 1) 8P connector terminalNo.| 6 2 8 1 4 15 3 1 9 t0 1 l 16 12 sG2 IGBN/8LKI (11 \9 ls thereapprox.PGM-FI System (Primary Primary Heated HO2S) 1l Oxygen Sensor {Sensor (Dl6Y5engine (M/Tl)(cont'dl [ti. Sensor {Sensor {Primary The MIL hs3 b€en r6Dorted on. Check for an open in the wire lSG2line): 1. Checkfor ooor connections or loose wi.G2 {GRN/8LK} 1 2 6 3 8 Repairopen in the wire betwe€n th. Startthe engine3. 4.

check. C432r {located und.n. C125 (C782lt (Secondary HO2S)lsonlor 2l and ECM/PCM.SecondaryHeated Oxygen Sensor (SecondaryHO2S)(Sensor2l Diagnostic TroubleCode(DTC) P0137: low voltageproblemin the Secondary A Heated scantool indicates lTol3ji]l lh" .000rpm with no load {A/Tin E or E position. known-good ECM/ PCM and r. Intermittont failuro.3 bo6n reported on.000 at rpm.en ECM/PCM lDl4l and Secondary HO2Slsonsor 21. D 3.: HO2SI(Sensor circuit.9 5 . sy3tem is OK at thi3 time. M/T in neutral) untilthe radia tor fan comeson. With the scan tool. Do ResetPro the ECM/PCM cedure. *: D16Y8 engine (cont'd) 11 . replaco tho original ECM/PCM. Checkfor continuitybetween the Sgcondary HO25 (Sensor 2) 4P connector terminalNo. 3 h o n i n t h . 3. Discon ect the ECM/PCM n connector 116P). Turnthe ignitionswitchOFF. 2) Startthe engine. Substitute . S t a r tt h e e n g i n e . lf symptom/ indication go03 away. 2) OxygenSensor(Secondary The MIL h. 1 and body ground. H C h e c kt h e S e c o n d a r y O 2 5 (Sensor outputwith the scan 2) tool. Does the voltage stay at 0. SECONDARY HO2S(S.or 2l /aP CONNECTOR C7E2r) 1C125.H o l d t h e engine at 3. checkthe H 2 S e c o n d a r y O 2 S( S e n s o r ) outputvoltage 3. Problomveritication: '1. Disconnect he Secondary HO2S(Sensor 4P connector. C h e c kl o l . Wire sideof femaleterminals Rco. 2.3 V or less? Ch€ck fol a short in the Second!ry HO2SI Turnthe ignition switchOFF. Checktor poor connections or loose wiao6at C131' (locrtod under right 3ide ot 3hort in the wire bdtw. 2 . DTC P0137 is stored. w i r o {SH()2Slinel: 1.r middle of dashl.

M/T in neutral) untilthe radiaon.000rpm with no load (A/Tin E or E position. torfancomes 3. Turnthe ignition switch (ll).6V or more? sHo2sG (YEL/RED) (GRN/BLKP I sHo2slwHT/REol I JUMPERWIRE Wiresideof femaleterminals Check tor an open in th€ wire (SHO25 line): 1.C125 (C?82)*lsocondary HO2SSensor2) and ECM/PCM. Connect ECM/PCM Dl4 and D13with a terminals switch (lli. Turnthe ignitionswitchOFF. *: Dl6Yg engine u)t 11 . Wire side of female terminals D ECM/PCMCONNECTOR Il6PI ls there0.000rpm.H o l d t h e engine at 3. 2 . 3ystem b OK at this time. Do the ECM/PCM cedure./or SecondarvHO2S{Sensor2). C432i (localed undor middle ol da3h).System PGM-Fl 2l HO2SI(Sensor (cont'dl HeatedOxygenSensor(secondary Secondary Heated A P0138: high voltageproblemin the Secondary TroubleCode{DTC) Diagnostic The scantool indicates (Sensor circuit. DTC P0138 is stored.6 V sH02s IWHT/REOI sH()2sG (YEL/RED} (GRN/BLKIT Checkior an op€n in the Seclndary HO2S: 1.It symptom/ indicaiion goes away. HO2S SECONDAnY lsontor2) C125 4PCONNECTOR (C782lr JUMPERWIRE Does the voltage stay at 0. checkthe 2 H S e c o n d a r y O 2 S( S e n s o r ) 3. 2 . 1 a n dN o . (Secondary 2) H02S) OxygenSensor The MIL has been reDorted on. ON 4. Checkfor poor connections or loose wires st C131' llocatedundor right side of dashl. Turnthe ignitionswitchOFF. outputvoltageat Intermittent failure. Problemverification: Feset Pro1. Turnthe ignition H 4 . C h e c kt h e S e c o n d a r y 0 2 S with 2) {Sensor outputvoltage the scantool.9 6 . Repairop6n in the wire betweon D14}and ECM/PCM {D13and. replace the original ECM/PCM. C h e c kt h e S e c o n d a r y O 2 S ( S e n s o r2 ) o u t p u t v o l t a g e with the scantool. H 5 . 2 w i t h a iumperwire. Connect Secondary (Sensor2) 4P connectorter_ N m i n a l s o . D i s c o n n e c tt h e S e c o n d a r y (Sensor 4P connector. With the scantool. S t a r t t h e e n g i n e . ls there0. ON 3.6V or more? Substitute a known-good ECM/ PCM and recheck. HO2S 2) HO2S the 3. connector 2.

6 V tor two minutes? J 11-97 . system is OK at this time. DTCP0139i3 3iored. Do the ECM/PCM ResetProc60ure. C432' {locatedunder middle of dashl C125 {C7821* {Secondary HO2SI{Sensor2l and ECM/PCM.3-0. Intermittent lailure. checkthe SecondaryHO2S{Sensor2) outputat 3. Thc MIL haa bccn rcponed on.000rpm.ificalion: 1. Doesthevoltage staywithin 0.000rpm with no load (A"/T E or E position.obl6m vo.a problemin the Secondary The scantool indicates Diagnostic TroubleCode{DTC) P0139: slow response A Heated 2) OxygenSensor(HO2S) {Sensor circuit. in M/T in neutral) untilthe radiator fan comes on. 3. Checkfor poor connections or loose wires at C13'l* llocatedunder right side ol dash).H o l d t h e engine at 3. 2 . P. S t a r t t h e e n g i n e . With the scantool.

a problem in the Primary Heated An Trouble Code (DTC)P0135: electrical The scan tool indicatesDiagnostic OxygenSensor Heated P0141: problemin the Secondary A TroubleCode(DTC) Diagnostic tool indicates Problomvorification: ResetPro1.e stored. A t t h e H 0 2 S s i d e .. swtem i5 OK at thb time. Do the ECM/PCM cedure. DTC m135. YELI Il . Startthe engine. the 2. Disconnect HO2S(Primary or Secondary*) lSensor 1 or Sensor2)4P connector.System PGM-FI Heater HeatedOxygenSensor(HO2S) fFor35l (Sensor Heater engine(M/T))' D16Y5 svstem{Except 1) HO2S) OxygenSensor(Primary lFot+ilThescan HO2S)(Sensor Heater (Secondarv circuat. C432** {located under middle of d. Turnthe ignition 2. I 11-98 . (Cl23I 1) HO2SISENSOR 'P CONNECTOR PRIMARY lcl2s}* 2) sEcoNDARY HO2STSENSOR rP COI{NECTOR sozsxrc i|iru I t z leozsxrc.n.40 0? C h e c kf o r c o n t i n u i t y b e t w e e n b o d y g r o u n d a n d t h e H O 2 S4 P t c o n n e c t o r e r m i n a l sN o . lntermittont failure. 3 and No. 3 a n d No.ot l)]|P CONNECTOR PRIMARY HO2s (S6nto12)4P CONNECTORT SECONDARY sidoot maleterminals Terminal / ls therel0 . Turnthe ignitionswitchOFF. . switch (ll). 2) The MIL haa bgon teDorted on. Checkfot poor con' noction3 or loose wiros at C131** {located under right 3ide ol dashl. lP CONNECTOR so2sHTc (BLK/WHT) tG1 {BLK/WHTI (To page11-99) *r P0141 (To page11-99) **: D16Y8 engine Wire sideof lemaleterminals \.Sensor 1l C125 {C7821** lSecondary HO2S. 3 . 4 . oN 1./PCM.l T-IBLK/WHTI _l=.4._1 L--Cp Checkfoi an open or short in the lino): SO2SXTC* wire IPO2SHTC. and/or P0141a. C123 (P. \. Wi16 side of f6male terminals 2l Ho2slsENsoR sEcoNoAnY (C782)*. Checkfoi en opon or short in the HO2S: 1. Sensot 2)* and ECM. 2. Measurevoltage between the terminals HO254P connector No.m e a s u r e resistancebetween the HO25 terminalsNo.imary HO2S. 3 4P connector a n dN o . HO2S{ individually.

s Al tuso. 1 1 2 l . 15 ALTERNATOR SP SENSORI 17./PCM CONNECTOR I32PI Substituta a known-good ECM/ PCM and recheck. an open in the wire SO2SHTC* linel: {PO2SHTC. ls there0. so2HTClBtX/WHTtr FO2SHTCIBLK/WlfTl ls therecontinuity? ReDair short in tho wi.lf symptom/ indication goes away.lino): 1. Turnthe ignition switch (ll). Measurevoltage between the ECM/PCM connector terminals 46 andA10(A5andA10)*.r l t 3t { l L_r__.3 ( D 1 6 Y g n g i n eN o . Turnthe ignitionswitchOFF. A5lt and HO2S {Primary. ON 5.r. r€place the original ECM/FCM. {BLK/WHTI (v) Repairopen in the wire betweon ECM/PCM{46.l. (No.the No.Scnsot 2l+. RoDlac. Disconnect ECM/PCM the con nector (32P).S.9 9 .____J |BLK/ O) YELI Y Wire sideot femaleterminals Check fo. Subslitute r known-good ECM/ PCM and recheck.ry HO2S {Sensor1). SO2SHTC. Checkfor continuitybetween the ECM/PCM connector terminalA6 (A5)*and 3ymptom/ indication goes away. As*l and HO2S lPrimary.1V or less? SECONDABY HO2S 2I {SENSOR {P CONNECTOR tc782t*r IGl -l. 2. Y Wirosideof femaletorminals A ECM. Reconnect HO2S4P conthe 3.PRIMARY HO2SISENSOR ilP CONNECTOR 1) (cr23t SECONDARY HO2S(SENSOR irP 2l coNNECTOR(C12s)r Checktor an open or short in the wire (lG1linell M e a s u r ev o l t a g e b e t w e e nt h e HO2S connector 4P term. 4 )a n d b o d y e : ground- lcl Ropair open or short in the wire between Prim. A 3. '11 {Frompage 98} pozsxrc E/ IBLK/WHTI ^ so2sHrc r-----{vF I tBLK/wHn-J T-r 6 PG1 IBLK) ll rl lalglro 21 23 12 t 3 t5 t 6 27 ta t 0 20 2A a 3o 2a Wire side ol female terminals Chock lor a short in lhe wire {PO2SHTC.Secondary*1. Disconnect ECM/PCM the connector {32P).5A) tuie and SoconderyHOzS. 2. 15 ALTEBNATOR SP SENSORl7.condary. A 4. *: P0141 **: D16Y8 engine 11 .s bstween ECM/PCM(46. Turnthe ignitionswitchOFF. 1. replace the original ECM/PCM.

d DTCP1165b stored. 1 and No.PGM-FI System (HO2S) (D16Y5 Heater engine(M/Tll Heated Oxygen Sensor An The scan tool indicatesDiagnostic Trouble Code (DTC)P1166: electricalproblem in the PrimaryHeated HO2S) Heater system. A t t h e P r i m a r yH O 2 S( S e n s o r 1 ) . Turnthe ignitionswitchOFF. ls therecontinuity? Ch.Sonsor 1) and ECM. 3hort6d Primery HO2Slsensor 1): Checkfor continuity betweenterminal No. 7 and 8 individually. 4. ls DTCP1166 indicated? PRIMARY HO2SISENSOR 8P CONNECTOR 1} Chockth6 Primery HO2S{S6nso1 'll re3btance: '1. m e a s u r er e s i s t a n c e betweenNo. Replacctho Primary HO2S (Scnsor 11.3 bean reoon. Startthe engine. 2. Intermittent tailur.13 O? Check for a shortsd Prima. Disconnect PrimaryHO2S the lSensor1) 8P connector.m is OK et thii time (te3i drive may bo nccossaryl. t Problomveritication: 1. lor . Terminal side of maleterminals ls there2 . 3 . 3vt. 6.3. ( T op a g e1 1 .. Do the ECMReset Procedure. 2 ter mrnal. Chock for poor connoctions oa looie wkas bgtween C145 (Priftary HO2S.y HO2Slssn3or'll: C h 6 c kf o r c o n t i n ! i t y b e t w e e n body groundand eachterminal.1 0 1 ) 11-100 . 1 and terminalsNo. OxygenSensor(Primary Th€ MIL h.

wry. 1 and No. V Check ror a 3hort in the wire (PO2SHTC linel: 1. Repairopen in the wirc between ECM lA6l and the Prim.1 0 1 . At the engine wire harness. (cont'd) 11 . . Check for an open in the wire (PO25HTC lin. 3.-. 2.c€ the originel ECM. m e a s u r e v o l t a ge b e t w e e n 1 P r i m a r y O 2 S( S e n s o r i 8 P H terminalNo.echock. Substitute a known-good ECM and . A 2.nso. Start engineand keep engine rpm at idle. Chsck for en open'in th6 wire (PGlinel: Measure voltagebeNveen Primary ter' HO2S{Sensor1) 8P connector minalsNo. Disconnect ECNIconnector (32P) from the ECM. lf symptom/indication 90e3.2. 1 terconnector minaland bodyground.y. Gl01 llocated at thermostat 1. PO2SHTC (BLK/WHT) ls theremorethan 5 V? ls theremorethan 5 V? Ropairopen in the wire between thc HO2S.l: C h e c kf o r c o n t i n u i t y b e t w e e n ECM connector terminal46 and the PrimaryHO2S(Sensor1) 8P connector terminalNo..c€ the origin.'l).ck. lf symptom/indicelion goes rw. Turntho ignitionswitchOFF.' Iemaleterminals Repair3hon in th6 wiae between the ECM (A6l and the Primary HO2Sls. L Substiiuto .(Frompage11-100) 1l8P CONNECTOR PRIMARY HO2SISENSOR {Clirsl PO2SI{TC {BLK/WHTI ch6ck the Po2sHTc circuir: 1.l ECM. Checktor continuitybetween E C M c o n n e c t o r e r m i n a l4 6 t and body ground. known-good ECM and r. 9L 10 12 l 3 t a r5 l a 25 t 0 1 9 2\ 221 23 2a 21 2a 4 30 |. ECMCONNECTOR A 6 PO2SHTC IBLK/WHTI f) .ry HO2S lsen3or 'l ).

lf symplom/indication goes eway. 2 .--..d DTC P1167 b stored..-''. 8P 3. Oxygen Sensor (Primary HO2S)(Sensor1) Heatercircuit. PFIMARY HO2S(SENSOR 8P CONNECTOR 1) lClil5l Ch6ck for an op. 2.../T N or E position. Sub3tilute a known-good ECM and recheck.000rpm with no load 1A.. systom k OK at this time. Sen3or 1l and ECM. Turnthe ignitionswitchOFF.): 1. The MIL he! bcofl . on.. 6 and body ground. ls theremorethan5 V? check rhe EcM: M e a s u r ev o l t a g e b e t w e e nt h e ECMconnector terminalC25and body ground.H o l d t h e engine at 3.PGM-FI System HeatedOxygenSensor{HO2S) Heater(D16Y5 engine(M/Tl) (cont'd) scan tool in^dicates Disgnostic Trouble Code (DTC)P1167: system malfunctionin the PrimaryHeated A lTlLtl lh" .. leplaceth€ original ECM. Measurevokage between the P r i m a r y O 2 S( S e n s o r l 8 P H 1 connector terminalNo.oort. in M/T in noulral) untilthe radiator fan comeson. Do the ECMReset Procedure.. Problomveffication: 1.n in the wire {VS+lin.. Disconnect PrimaryHO2S the (Sensor'1) connector. ECMCONNECTOR {3.IPI C a 6 7 't3 t 4 1 5 1 1 6 1 l 8 1 1 12 1 1 2 8 9 r0 23 21 25 VS+ (WHT) 2i 30 Wire side of female terminals ls theremorethan 5 V? Repairopen in thc wire ECM{C25} and PrimaryHO2Slsensor 11. S t a r t t h e e n g i n e .. ls oTC1167 indicated? Intermittent failure. Checkfor poor connoctions or looie at C145 lPrimary HO2S. ON 4.. Turnthe ignition switch {ll). 11-1 0 2 .

n in the wire {VS+lin. Turnthe ignition switch {ll).PGM-FI System HeatedOxygenSensor{HO2S) Heater(D16Y5 engine(M/Tl) (cont'd) scan tool in^dicates Disgnostic Trouble Code (DTC)P1167: system malfunctionin the PrimaryHeated A lTlLtl lh" ./T N or E position.-''. in M/T in noulral) untilthe radiator fan comeson. Problomveffication: 1.. systom k OK at this time. 2 . ECMCONNECTOR {3.. Oxygen Sensor (Primary HO2S)(Sensor1) Heatercircuit. ls oTC1167 indicated? Intermittent failure. 8P 3. Sen3or 1l and ECM... Turnthe ignitionswitchOFF. Sub3tilute a known-good ECM and recheck. Measurevokage between the P r i m a r y O 2 S( S e n s o r l 8 P H 1 connector terminalNo.. Disconnect PrimaryHO2S the (Sensor'1) connector. S t a r t t h e e n g i n e . Checkfor poor connoctions or looie wi.. The MIL he! bcofl .. ON 4. ls theremorethan5 V? check rhe EcM: M e a s u r ev o l t a g e b e t w e e nt h e ECMconnector terminalC25and body ground. PFIMARY HO2S(SENSOR 8P CONNECTOR 1) lClil5l Ch6ck for an op. 6 and body ground.): 1.IPI C a 6 7 't3 t 4 1 5 1 1 6 1 l 8 1 1 12 1 1 2 8 9 r0 23 21 25 VS+ (WHT) 2i 30 Wire side of female terminals ls theremorethan 5 V? Repairopen in thc wire ECM{C25} and PrimaryHO2Slsensor 11. 11-1 0 2 ..--.000rpm with no load at C145 lPrimary HO2S.oort. lf symplom/indication goes eway. Do the ECMReset Procedure.H o l d t h e engine at 3... leplaceth€ original ECM. 2.d DTC P1167 b stored. on..

NOTE:lf some ot the DTCS listedbeloware storedat the sametime as DTCP0171 and/orP0172.D 1 6 Y 5 n g i n e e +. P1128-9*3. MAP Sensor P0135: PrimaryHO2SHeater P0137-8: Secondary HO2S P0141: Secondary HO2SHeater P0401: EGRFlow lnsufficient*1 P0441: EVAP SystemInsuificient PurgeFlow*6 P1259: VTEC System*. The I P0172 The scantool indicates D6scription By monitoring the LongTerm FuelTrim. PossibleCause D T CP 0 1 7 1 FuelPumpinsufficient flovpressure FuelFeedLineclogged. ]TO17il Th" """n tool indicates Diagnostic TroubleCode(DTC) P0172: fuel systemis too rich.'97 all Dl6Y8engine(sedan: KCmodels) KA.KC.then troubleshoot DTCP0171 andlotP0172.the MILwill come on and DTCP0171 and/orP0172 will be stored. longterm malfunctions the fuel systemwill be detected.'96 D16Y7 engine.sedanKA. P1491r EGRValveLift Insuflicient*l P1498: EGRValveLift SensorHighVoltage*1 * 1 . hatchback: models).'97D16Y/engine(coupe: KA. D16YB engine(sedan).KL (DX)models. PrimaryH02S (Sensor deteriorated 1) MAP Sensorrange/performance*a (too much flow)*1 EGRSystemmalfunction ValveClearance Exhaust leak FuelPressure Regulator clogged. troubleshoot those DTCS first.: D16Y5. leaking FuelPressure Regulator stuckopen FuelFilterclogged FuelInjector clogged. PrimaryH02S (Sensor deteriorated 1) MAP Sensorrange/performance+4 EGRSysteminsufticient flowrl EVAPPurgeControlSolenoid Valveleaking. stuckclosed FuelReturnPipeclogged FuelInjectorleaking Gasoline doesn'tmeetOwner'sManualspec. inclusion air Gasoline doesn'tmeetOwner'sManualspec.KC mod els. *5r P0106-8. D16Y8 engine *3:'97 model *a:'96 model *5:'98 model '96 *6:'96 Dl6Y5 engine.'97 D16Y5 engine.FuelSupplySystem Diagnostic TroubleCode(DTC) P0171: The fuet systemis too lean. stuckopened ValveClearance DTCP0172 {cont'd} 11 . in It a malfunction beendetected has duringtwo consecutive trips.1 0 3 .

within 12.d pipe. Checkthe P. Doesit stayat lessthan 0. 2.caaure reguletor and fuel rcturn pip€. YES Checkthe MAP sensoroutputl ON 1.e regulator.6V? NO Check for a sticking or leaking E V A Pp u r g c c o n t r o l s o l e n o i d With a vacuumpump. replacethe luel inlecto.PGM-FISystem FuelSupplySystem(cont'dl TroubleshootingFlowchart The MIL has been reoortedon. and fuel pressu. ls a MAPof40.0kPa(300mmHg. the l. Turnthe ignition switch ill). fuel lilter.H o l d t h e engine at 3.3V or morethan 0. Does it hold vacuum? Checkthe fuel pump. S t a r tt h e e n g i n e .0inHg)or lessindicated one secondafter startingthe engine? L Checkth6 valve clearance.imary HO2SI 1 .applyvacuu m t o t h e E V A Pp u r g e c o n t r o l s o l e n o i d a l v ef r o m t h e i n t a k e v manifold side. Checkthe EGRswt6m (D16Y5 en9inel. YES Check the response of the MAP Sensot: 1. Check tool. 2 .s. Check the MAP with the scan tool. in M/T in neutral) untilthe radia tor fan comeson. C h e c kt h e P r i m a r yH O 2 S ( S e n s o r ' l ) u t p u tw i t h t h e o scantool. It they are OK. Stanthe engine. ls the fuel pressure OK? ls the luel pressure high too Chock the fucl p. luel fe.A/T N or E position.000rpm with no load (. DTCP0171and/or P0172are stored. v 11-104 .4AP with the scan 2.

P1491. P0132: HO2S P017'1. sedanKA. the P0106r MAP sensor P0131. fouling. Then. ' 9 7 1 6 Y 7 n g i n e c o u p eK A . 119393-. Fuelinjector circuitopenor shorted . VTEC systemmalfunction D16Y8 engine) {D16Y5. P0336: CKFsensor P0401.KC. NOTE:lf some of the DTCS listedbelow are storedat the sametime as a mislireDTC. T Pl381. P0172t Fuelsupplysystem P0335. MIL will come on.1 Th"""untool indicates Diagnostic TroubleCode{DTC) P03O3r Cylinder3misfiredetected.malfunction . the lf misfiringthat increases emissionsis detectedduring two consecutive driving cycles.KL (DX)models. ' 9 6 1 6 Y B n g i n e s e d a n ) . ( 7 ( : 5 D e D e e D e KCmodels. Pl498:EGRsystem purgeflow*6 P044'l: EVAP systemInsufficient P 1 3 5 9P 1 3 6 1P 1 3 6 2 : D Cs e n s o r . . P0302.1 0 5 . .lhe is MIL will blinkduringthe time ot its occurrence. HO2S . to lf misfiringstrongenoughto damagethe catalyst detected. Distributor malfunction a Compression low . the MIL will come on. and DTC P0301.leaking .'97 D16Y8 all engine(sedan: KCmodels) KA. Valveclearance of spec out . DTC and P0301. I P0301 The scantool indicates I P0302 ths s636tool indicates Diagnostic TroubleCode(DTC) P0302: cylinder2 mistiredetected.then troubleshoot misfireDTC.troubleshoot those DTCS first. Fuelinjector clogging. Sparkplug carbondeposits. ' 9D 1 6 Y 5 n g i n e . hatchback: models). PossibleCause . l382: YP ensor P C s * 6 : ' 9 6D ' 1 6 Ye n g i n e . lgnitionwires open. P0302.Misfire Detectedin One Cylinder Diagnostic TroubleCode(DTC) P030'1: Cylinder1 misfiredetected. HO2S circuit )/ (cont'd) 11 . leakage air .afterthe misfirehasceased. fuel leakage. P0303 P0304 or will be stored. ' 9 6 1 6 Y 7 n g i n e . P0303 P0304 or will be stored. P0304 i ths 56sntool indicates Diagnostic TroubleCode{DTC) P0304: Cylinder misfiredetected 4 Description Mistiredetection accomplished monitoringthe crankshaft is by speedwith the crankshaft speedfluctuation(CKF) sensor which is attached the crankshaft.

ng.and listenlor a clicking soundat the fuel injector in the problemcylinder.1 0 6 .I t symptom/indicrtion goos aw. the Subslitute a known-good E C M / P C Ma n d r e c h o c k . Test'drive the vehicleseveral times in the rangeofthe lreeze oala. - Replace fu6l injoctoi. test drives under various conditions (To page11-1071 11 .y. Repairopen or short in the wire. lf there is no freezedata of misfir. Connect SCSservice the connector. just clearthe DTC. 3. rcplac€tho originsl ECM/ PCM.P0303.P0302. do the ECM/PCM ResetProceoure. 2. . After checkingthe freezedata. Problemvorilicationi 1.PGM-FI System Misfirein Detected OneCylinder(cont'dl Troubl€shootingFlowchart The MIL hra boenreDortedon. P0304i3 indicatsd. NOTE: 'lI thore is no lreezedata oI misliring. oTc P0301.o. I Chocktho luol injector tunction: Slartthe engine. 4. Check an openor shortin the for harnessbetweenECM/PCM and the fuel injector. Exchange sparkplug from the the problemcylinder with one of another cylinder.

etc. P0302. or P0304indicated? Intermittent mistire due to spark plug fouling./ {Frompage11-106} ls DTCP0301.lfiringis OK at this time). Doesthe misfireoccurin the othercylinder whosesparkplug was exchanged? Replace faulty spark plug. Test drive the vehicleseveral times in the rangeot the freeze data.Comoaession . E x c h a n g et h e f u e l i n i e c t o r trom the problemcylinder with one lrom anothercylin' der. T ls DTCP0301. NOTE|It there is no lreezedata of mis f. P0302. 3. Does the mislireoccurin the othercylinder whosefuel injector was exchanged? R€plac€ the faulty luel iniector. Letthe engineidlefor two minutes.test drives under variouscondi tions are necessary.lfiring is OK al this timel.P0303. lh6 Ch6ck for fuol injector malfunction: 1 .Crank3heft soeed fluctuation ICKFI3ensor 11-107 .P0303.Cylinderleak{own .ring.mittont misfiro due to bad contact in the fuel injector connecto. 2. or P0304indicated? Inte. Chockfollowing items .

troubleshoot those DTCS first. MIL will blink duringthe time of its occurrence. '97 model *4: '96 model *5: '98 model Troubleshooting By test-driving. Distributor malfunction .. blockage.then troubleshoot misfireDTC.some possible causesare fuel that doesn'tmeet owner. lf misfiringthat increases emissionsis detectedduring two consecutive driving cycles. IACvalvemalfunction*a ! VTECsystem malfunction*. MAP sensorrange/performance. . Dgscription Misfiredetectionis accomplished monitoringthe crankshaft by speedwith the crankshaft speedfluctuation(CKF) sensor which is attached the crankshaft.lackoffuel .Pl498:EGRsystem*r P0505: ControlSystem ldle P1253.. DTC is the and P0300*5 or and some of DTCS P0301 through P0304 will be stored. lgnitioncontrolmodulemalfunction . leakage . lgnitioncoil wire open.etc. H P0171..PGM-FI System RandomMisfire *' [Fo3oo o' fFl3oo "nd P0301 l*' l*'' The scan tool indicatesDiagnosticTrouble Code (DTC) P 0 3 0 0 * s r P 1 3 0 0 + * 1 a n d s o m e o f P 0 3 0 1.Then. NOTE:lf some of the DTCS listedbelow are storedat the sametime as a misfireDTC. in \ \. VTEC System*.lackof fuel. P0172t Fuelmetering P0401.P1382: CYPsensor P1508: valve IAC PossibleCauso . Fueldoes not meetOwner'sManualspec. EGRsystemmalfunction*r . Compression low . Fuelpump insufficient fuel pressure. on 11 . determine the conditionsduring which misfireoccurs. Pl361. section 23 tcM section 23 rAc Clearance Valve section 6 MAP sensor Condition Only low rpm and toao Onlyaccelerating Only high rpm and toaq 1l-170 1't-126 11-67 o ra\ @ @ o @ @ o o @ @ @ @ Not specific o @ @ @ @ U NOTE:lf misfiredoesn'trecur. Possible cause .after misfirehas ceased. on test in the order described the table below.P 0 3 0 4 : o 3 Randommisfire. and some of DTCS or P0301 through P0304 will be stored. MIL will the c o m eo n .the MIL will come on.1 0 8 .leakage . Pl491.. response*1 poor . carbondeposits sparkplug. the MAP sensor P 0 1 3 1P 0 1 3 2 : O 2 S .1 5 0 .smanual spec. FuelIineclogging. HO2Scircuit *1:D16Y5 ngine e *2: D16Y5. and DTC *a P0300*5 P1300*3. amountofflow . D16Y8 engine *3. \ E GR * 1 system Crankshaft Fuel Distributor and position(CKP) pressure lgnitionwires sensor section 6 11 .Depending these conditions. HO2S . Valves carbondeposit . to lf misfiringstrongenoughto damagethe catalyst detected. Fuelfilter clogging .Pl362:TDCsensor Pl381. Fuelpressure regulator stuckopen .

DTC m325 is stored. Chock lor an open in the wire (KSlinel: C h e c kf o r c o n t i n u i t y b e t w e e n ECM/PCM connector terminalD6 and knock sensor 2P connector terminalNo. 0 0 04. 16plac6 thc originrl ECM/PCM.J (KS)(Dl6Y5engine enginel Knock Sensor and D16Y8 {CVTI TroubleCode(DTC) P0325: malfunction the circuitof the KnockSensor A in The scantool indicates Diagnostic {KS). then let it idle. Discon ect the ECM/PCM n connector {16P}.1 0 9 . DIAPHRAGM Checktoi a shon in the wir. Disconnect the knock sensor 2Pconnector. Do the ECM/PCM Reset Procedure2 . (Ks linell 1. Repairshort in tho wire between ECM/PCMlD6| and knock sensor. Problemv6rification: 1. system is OK at this time ltest drive mev be ls DTCP0325 indicated? Ch6ck lor poor conncclions or loose wi. 3 .000rpm with no load (A/Tin N or E position. H o l d t h e e n g i n e a t 3 . 1.000 rpm for at least 60 seconds. Replace originalknock s6nsor. 3. Turnthe ignitionswitchOFF.nd knock sen- D (16P1 ECM/FCM COtrl]\|€CrOB KS IRED/ ALU) Wir€ side of femal€ terminals KS 2P CONNECTOR tcl37l KS IRED/BLUI ou1 € s ide of terlninit s l fgm al€ t 1 Substitutea known-goodknock sensor and recheck. Th€ MIL hes been reooned on. Rapairopen in the wire b€two6n ECM/PCMlD6) . lf symptom/ indication goos away. tho KS IREO/ BLU) 1 7 2 8 3 a 't0 1 1 16 5 12 13 1 a Substitute a known-good ECM/ PCM and r. Intormittenl tailure.check.H o l d t h e engine at 3. Checktor continuity between ECM/PCM onnector ermi c t nalsDOand body ground. 2. M/T in neutral) untilthe radiator fan comes on. S t a r tt h e e n g i n e .nd ECM/PCM. D between C137(knock sensorlKSl) . 11 .

P0336. Do the ECM/PCM ResetProcedure. Pl361. fFffi6l The scantool indicates Diagnostic TroubleCode(DTC) P0336r range/performance A problemin the Crankshaft (CKP) Position sensor circuit. P1381 and/orP1382 indicated? SENSORROTOR ROTOR ROTOR Intgrmittont failuro. b DTCm35. Disconnect distributor 10P the connector.nror: 1. Ot6y5ongin. MIL hs. Pi362. DISTRIBUTOR lOP coNNECTOR tC120t TDCP Chocktor an open in th.ce the di.1 0 1 - CYP P1381 P1382 . The CyF Sensordetects the positionof No. CKP/ TDC/CYP.700 O? R. 1 cylinderfor sequential fuel injection eachcylinder. Chockfor Door connections or loose wires at C120 ldbtributo.PGM-FI System position(CKp/TDC/Cyp) Grankshaft Position/Top DeadCenter/Cylinder Sensor The position(CKp) A il'oggsl scantool indicatesDiagnosticTroubleCode(DTC)P0335: matfunctionin the Crankshaft sensorcircuit. sensor TroubleCode (DTC)P1362: signalin the Top DeadCenter(TDC) No sensor tn362l The scantool indicatesDiagnostic circuit. P0336. P1361.l: lntermittent TroubleCode(DTC) interruotion the Top DeadCenter in tPr36r {TDC) tool indicatesDiagnostic I The scan circuit.: Di6y7. 2../PCM. b.tributor ignition ho6in9 (3Ge soction23). 3. Measureresistance between th€ lerminals of the indicated (rseetable). to The CKpiTDClCyp Sensoris built into the dastribu_ ror. The Diagnostic Troublecode (DTC)P1382: signalin the cylinder position(cyp) sensor No tPJ382l scantool indicates circuit. Turnthe ignitionswitchOFF. pl36. P1362. P1362.riticetion: 1. Stan the engine. The TroubleCode{DTC)P1381: Intermittent interruption the Cvlinderpositaon in tFtu8Tl scantool indicatesDiagnostic (CYP) sensorcircuit. The TDC Sensordetermines ignitiontiming at start-up{cranking) and when crankangle is abnormal.pi381 and/ P0336. P1381 . DTC P0335. S E N S O R oTc CKP CYPM{BLK) SENSOR ECMPCM W I R E ERMINALIERMINAL COLOR P0335 m36 P1361 P1362 2 6 c2 c12 8LU TDC 3 7 GRN cr3 c4 cl4 RED YEL BLK 11 .n roportld on. Doscription The CKPSensordetermines timing for fuel injection and ignitionof eachcylinderand also detects enginespeed.l and ECM.D16y8 ongin6: - Th. P1361. then troubleshootthose DTCS. troubteshoot DTC P1359first..nd/or P't382ero storod. CKP TDC SENSOR SENSOR CKP CYP SENSOR SENSOR ROTOR ROTOF Problcmv. sensor ls there 350 . systam is OK et this time. 2. NOTE:lf DTCPl359 is storedat the sametime as DTCP0335.

open in the indicated sensor wiles ('see tabl€). Reconnect distributor the connecror. lt 3ymptom/ indicdtiongo6s away. DISTRIEUTOR 10PCONNECTOR tcl20l TDC P IGRNI Replace the distributor ignition housing (see section 231. con2. C3 and/or C4 individually. TDC Terminalside of maleterminals ls there350. M Ropair short in tho indicated 3onsor wiros ('see tablel.v ( F r o m a g e1 1 . ls therecontinuity? {WHT) Wiresid6of female terminals Subitituto a known-good ECM/ PCM. Chock tor a 3hort in the wires linosll {CKP/TDC/CYP C h e c kf o r c o n t i n u i t y b e t w e e n body ground and EcM/PcMconnectorterminalsC2. P TDC cYPP CKP P IBLUI T 11-111 . Disconnect ECM/PCM the nector (31P).1 1 0 ) p Chock tor e 3hort in the CKP/ TDC/CYP 3en3or: C h e c kf o r c o n t i n u i t y t o b o d y ground on both terminalsof the i n d i c a t e ds e n s o r i n d i v i d u a l l y ('seetable). C between 3. CheckloJ an opgn in th6 wire3 linesl: ICKP/TDC/CYP 10P 1. ECM/PCMCONNECTORS {31P| C CKPP TDCP {BLUI IGRN} CYPP (YELI \. replecothe origin!l ECM/PCM. and recheck.7000? Repai. Measureresistance the terminals the indicated of con sensoron the ECM/PCM nector('seetable).

Jack up the front ot the vehicle a n d s i r p p o r ti t w i t h s a f e t y stands. Sensor(VSS) circuitlexceptAy'T D16Y8 engine)]. - vss. C 3. LP@ The scan tool indicatesDiagnostic Trouble Code (DTC)P0501: range/performance problem in the Vehicle A (VSS) SpeedSensor circuitlA/T (D16Y7.lf symptom/ indication 9o6s away. r urn Ine rgnrt|on swrtch ut-t-. 2. D i s c o ne c t t h e E C M / P C M n connector (31P).d r i v et h e v e h i c l e . 3ystem is OK at this time.way. ECM/PCMCONNECTORS A l32P) lcl IBRN/BLKI 1 12 l 3 t 5 15 E I ! 9 ls the correct speedindicated? Intermittent f. Problem verificationi 1 . replsco the original ECM/PCM. T e s t . Blockthe right front wheel and s l o w l y r o t a t et h e l e f t t r o n t 6. 2 . 27 t 3 t 9 20 2A 4 30 t0 2a ll 2a CheckIor an open in the ECM/ PCM: r. Measure voltagebetween the ECM/PCM connectorterminals C18 andA9. rest the VSS {seepag€23-120). The MIL has boonreDortedon. Repair open in the wire between ECM/PCM{C181 and lf wiie is OK. B l o c kt h e r i g h t f r o n t w h e e l and slowly rotatethe left lront 5. Turnthe ignitionswitchOFF. pulse0 V Doesthe voltage and 5 V? NO Bepair 3hort in the wire betwe€n ECM/PGMlC18)and Substitute a known-good ECM/ PCM and rech6ck. Checktor Door connections or loose wircs at C117 (VSS)and ECM/PCM. Turnthe ignition switch (ll). pulse0 V Doesthe voltage and 5 V? Substituto a known-good ECM/ PCM and recheck. replacetho originalECM/PCM.ilure.PGM-Fl System VehicleSpeedSensor(VSSI The scan tool indicatesDiagnostic Trouble Code (DTC)P0500: malfunctjonproblem in the VehicleSDeed A (D16Y7. vss (Btu/wHTl 11-112 . lf symptom/ indication90e3 . LGl (BRN/BLKI 6 I 12 t t E t 6 'It ! t 27 m 9 22 t0 2a tt 21 2t 22 30 3 5 6 a 9 l0 t 1 1Z l 3 t a | l 5 ] t 6 i 1 7 ta vss. ON 4 . Turnthe ignition switch (ll). Measure voltagebetween the ECM/PCM onnector ermi c t nalsC18and A9. 4. D16Y8 engine)1. Elockthe rearwheelsand set the parking brake. Check the vehicle speed with the scan tool.TcM. 3. c t3lPt I I tro 1t 12 13 t a t 5 1 6 t t I E VSS{BLU/WHTI Wire side ot f€ma16 tgrminals Check for a short in the ECM/ PCM: '1. ON 5. 2. DTCP0500or P0501is stored.

2 . Acceleratefor live seconds usingwide openthrottle. then let it idle. DTC P1106 b. M/T in neutral)until the radiator fan comes on. Do the ECM/PCM resetprocedure. I Subslitute a known-good ECM/ PCM end recheck. Problemveritication: 1. ll symptom/ indication goss away. 3. Connect SCSService the connefior. position 5.cplaco the original ECM/PCM. Th6 MIL has been rooortod on. ls DTCP1106 indicated? lntermitteni tailuro. S t a r t t h e e n g i n e .(BarolSensor Barometric Pressure problemin the Barometric A TroubleCode(DTC) 106: range/performance P1 The scantool indicates Diagnostic (Baro) Pressure Sensorcircuit. (cont'd) 11-113 .system is OK st this timo.000rpm with no load (A/T in E or E position.tor.d. .H o l d t h e engine at 3. 4. Test-drive with the A/T in E (M/Tin 4th gear).

PGM-FI System Barometric Pressure {BarolSensor(cont'd} lTilOil Th"""untool indicates Diag nosticTroubleCode(DTC) Pl107:Alowvoltage problemin the Barosensorcircuit. Substitute e known-good ECM/ PCM and r6check. 3ystemis OK at this time. The MIL has beenreportedon. lf symptom/ indication go€s away. T h e s c a nt o o l i n d i c a t e s i a g n o s t i T r o u b l eC o d e( D T C ) 1 1 0 8A h i g h v o l t a g ep r o b l e mi n t h e B a r os e n s o r D c P : l P . DTCPl107or Pl108is 3tored. il O C l crrcutl. ON ls DTCP1'107 P1108 or indicated? Intermittent tailure. replace the original ECM/PCM. Problemveritication: 1. Do the ECM/PCM ResetPro 2. 11-114 . Turnthe ignition switch {ll).

3 l Wire sideof lemaleterminals ) -T L l l 2 l 3 l f t . Startthe engine. Cil54{ELD}and ECM/PCM. Ifsyrnptom/ indication goes away. Checktor short in the ELO: Measurevoltage between body groundand the ELO connector 3P t e r m i n aN o . D 3. Check{or continuitybetween b o d y g r o u n da n d E C M / P C M terminalD16. 2. Ropairopen in the wire between No. O) IGRN/RED} Y ls thereapprox. svdam k OK at this time. Problemverificationi ResetPro1. Detector DTCP1297is slored.5Al tuse in thc undor-dash tuse/relaybox and ELD.e (EL linel: 1. A low voltage problem in the Electrical The scan tool indicatesDiagnostic (ELD) circuit. 15 ALTERNATOR SENSOR SP 17. roplace the original ECM/PCM.1 5 . tor terminal 1. o na n d h e a d lightsOFF.) Electrical LoadDetector(ELDI Load Trouble Code (DTC)Pl297. ON 4. Do the ECM/PCM cedure. 3. connector D ECM/FCMCONNECTOR (16PI ls therecontinuity? Repairshort in the wire betwcon ECM/PCM{D161 and ELO. (cont'd) 1 11 . Turnthe ignition switch (ll). Ch€ckto. Turnthe ignitionswitchOFF. Wire side of temale terminals t Substituter known-goodECM/ PCM and recheck. Turnon headlights. EID 3P CONNESTOR {qtsill Check for an op€n in the wire {lGl linel: 1 . 2. Disconnect ECM/PCM the connector (16P). 2 . poor connoctions or looso wir. D i s c o n n e ctth e E L D 3 P c o n nector. T u r n t h e i g n i t . Measure voltagebetweenbody ground and the ELD3Pconnec' No.s at C131 {locatedunder right 3id€ ot dashl.5 Checktor a short in the wi. 3. V2 4. ls DTCP1297 indicated? Intermittent feilure.

ECM/PCMCONNECTORS Wire sideof temaleterminals Does the voltage drop? Substitutea known-goodECM/ PCM and r€ch6ck. Check lor rn open in the wire (GNDlinell 1. Turnon headlights. Start the engine and allow it to idle. D i s c o n n e c t e E L D3 P c o n . 2 .e (EL line): Checktor continuity between the ELD3P connector terminalNo. lf symptom/ indication goes away. Reconnectthe ELD 3P con2. Checklor continuitybetween body ground and the ELD 3P connector terminalNo. loose wire3 at C131 (locrted undcr right side of dashl. replaco the original ECM/PCM. 2. Problemverification: 1. 2.1 6 1 L . Turn the ignition switch and headlights OFF. C354lEtDland ECM/PCM. Wire sideof femaleterminals nepair opcn in the wirc between El-Dconnectorand G4l)2. 3 and ECM/PCM connectortermi n a lD 1 6 . While measuring voltage b e t w e e n E C M / P C Mc o n n e c t o r t e r m i n a l s D ' 1 6a n d A 9 . Intermittent failuro. { 11 . Checklor ooor connection3 o.PGM-FI System Electrical LoadDetector(ELDI {cont'd) The scan tool indicates Diagnostic TroubleCode {DTC)P1298: high voltage problem in the Electrical A Load (ELD) Detector circuit. t u r n the headlightson (low). Startthe engine. 3. YES Chackfor an opon in ihe wi. 3y3tem is OK at thb time. th necror. 3. {D16) Wire sideol female terminals Chcck a malfunction tho for in ELD: 1. ls DTCP1298 indicated? ELD3P CONNECTOF lc3sil. Do the ECM/PCM ResetPro cedure. EL {GRN/REO) Repairopen in lhe wire betwo€n ECM/PCM and the ELO. 3.

system i3 OK at this time. Startthe engine.6 3. Chack for poor connections or loose wires ai C102 (CKFsensorl and ECM/PCM. M e a s ur e t h e r e s i s t a n c e between the CKF sensor 3P connector terminals No.and judgesthat an enginemisfireoccurredif the fluctuation goes beyonda predetermined limit. 1 and No.and mak6 sure CKF sensor mounting bolt is tigt|t.. 1 and No. Intermittont failure. - The MIL ha3 t€en reDortodon. CKF SENSOR 3P CONNECTOR f' ----i l iffil 1 1 l 2 1 3 l cxrrrr f--fc*r ls there1. T P.oblemvelitication: 1. 2. 3 . Description The diagnostic systemhasa pulserrotor on the crankshaft and a pulsepick-up sensoron the engineblock.The ECM/PCM monitorsthe crankshaft speedfluctuation basedon the CKFsensorsignal.3 indavidually- l--l I-T-- -1 lll 2 3ll CKF M {WHT) . Do the ECM/PCM Reset Procedure.a (CKFI Crankshaft SpeedFluctuation Sensor The scantool Diagnostic Intermittent interruption the Crankshaft in SDeeo tPtg36-lFluctuation indicates circuit. TroubleCode(DTC)P1336: (CKF) sensor Diagnostic TroubleCode(DTC) P1337: signalin the Crankshaft No (CKF) SpeedFluctuation tP-s37 The scantool indicates sensor circuit. DTC P1336and/or P1337are ltored. 2.dJ g/ |BLU) " Terminal sideof maletermanals Checkfo. a rhort in tho CXFson3('t: Check for continuity betwe€n body groundand the CKFsensor 3P connector terminals No.tX Y Y I I CKF P (8t_ul ( T op a g e1 1 ' l 1 8 ) {cont'd) 11-117 .3. Disconnect CKFsensor3P the connector. Turnthe ignitionswitchOFF. Checklor an open in the CKFsen301: 1.2kO? lwHrl L.

\. replacolhe origin. lf 3ymptom/ indicrtion 90e3away. end rech€ck.2k0? IT CKFM a 6 1 8 I 10 1 2 1 3 1 4 1 5 l 6 1 7 '18 23 21 25 21 2a z) 30 IWHT/RED} Ch€ck tor a short in the wire lin6): ICKF C h e c kf o r c o n t i n u i t y b e t w e e n conbody groundand ECM/PCM nector terminal C1.PGM-FI System (CKFI Sensor(cont'dl SpeedFluctuation Grankshaft p { F r o m a g e1 1 . Disconnect ECM/PCM the nector (31P). Reconnect CKFsensor3P the con2. C ECM/PCMCONNECTOR {31PI CKFP (BLU/REDI ls there1.3.n in the wires (CKF lines): 1.l ECM/PCM.1 1 7 } Chcck for an op.6. C Repeiropen in tho wire between (C1. C between 3. Measureresistance ECM/PCM onnectorermic i n a l s 1a n dC 1 1 . \4 11-118 . Wire sideof female terminals Ropairshort in the wire between ECM/PCMlcl) and the CKFsen- CKFP (BLU/REDI Substitute a known-good ECM/ PCM.Cl'll end the CKF ECM/PCM sensol.

lftheengine won't start. DTC P1359 is stored. lf symptom/ indication go6s awaV. C h e c kf o r p o o r c o n n e c t i o n s r o loose wires betweenthe distributor and the EcM/PcM_ I Substituto a known-good ECM/ PCM. Problemverification: 1. Stan the engine. rgplace ths original ECM/PCM. and recheck. The MIL ha3 been roportad on.nd ECM/PCM. Ch6ck for Door connection3or loose wires at C120 {distributorl . ) 11-119 .Crank for at least it 10seconds. system is OK.aEol The scantool indicates Ll=!g Center/Cvlinder Position {CKP/TDC/CYP) sensorcircuit. ls DTCP1359 indicated? Intermittem tailure. Do the ECMReset Procedure.I Crankshaft Position/Top DeadCenter/Cylinder Position(CKP/TDC/CYP) Sensor Diagnostic TroubleCode (DTC) P'1359: problemin the Crankshaft A Position/Top Dead TD. 2.

lf syrnptom/ indicationgoes away. v 1-120 .PGM-FI System Internal Circuit ECM/PCM Internal CircuitProblem. ls DTCP1607 indicated? Substitute a known-good ECM/ PCM and recheck. Wait 10 seconds. replacethe original ECM/PCM. P1607: ECM/PCM An Diagnostic TroubleCode(DTC) I P1607 The scantool jndicates The MIL has beenreportedon. Problemverilication: 1. 2. Turnthe ignition switch (ll). ON 3. is DTCP1607 stored. Do the ECM/PCM ResetPro' cedure.

2. Turnthe ignitionswitchOFF. Disconnectthe 22P connector from TCM. fcu22P CONNECTOR I ls there batteryvoltage? Chcck lor a short in the wire ITMA line): Measurevoltage betweenTCM 22Pconnector terminalNo. and the TCM. Dothe ECMReset Procedure. 2. Chock tor rn open in tho wir€ (TMB line): 1. Disconnect ECM connector C from the ECM. ls there batteryvoltage? RoDair short in the wire between lhe ECM{C9land th6 TCM. ON 4.e bstwe€n rhe EcM {c30) and rhe TcM.nd ECM. fcu 22P CONNECTOR ls there batteryvoltage? C h e c kf o . Repairopen in the wire between the ECMlcg. Turnthe ignition switch (ll). lt 3ymptom/indication goe3away. Turntho ignition switch (ll). M e a s ur e v o l t a g e b e t w e e n TCM 22P connectorterminal No. 29 30 TMBT {PNK) Wire sideof female terminals Repairshort in the wire between the EcM lc30) and the TcM. 7 and body ground. a 3 h o r t i n t h e w i r e {TMB line}: Measurevoltage between ECM connoctor terminalC30and body grouno.6 and bodyground.sysl€m is OK at this timo. 11-121 . Drive the vehiclefor several milesat varyingspeeds. Ch6ck tor an open in the wire {TMA linol: 1. Reconnect ECM connectorC (31P). 4. 3. roplacelhe original ECM. C4:t8{TCMI. Wire sideot temale termrnats ls DTCP1655 indicated? Intermittent failure. I P1655 iThe scantool indicates ECMCONNECTOR {31P) C TMA IGRY} Problomverilication: 1. {31P) 3. 2. Chockfor Door connections or loose wires at C131 (locatedunder right side of dash). Reprir open in the wi. Measurevoltage between E C M c o n n e c t o t e r m i n a lC g r and bodyground.l/ A/T Signal(TMA/TMB) engine(CVT)) {D16Y5 Diagnostic TroubleCode(DTC) Pl631:TMMMB signallinefaiture. ON 5 . Turnthe ignitionswitchOFF. { 23 21 25 6 1 8 I 10 11 1 2 1 3 l 4 1 5 1 6 1 7 l 8 Substitute r known-good ECM and rccheck.

U''j D16Y7 engine: vARtous SENSORS 11-1 2 2 .ldle Control System SystemDescription by The idle speedof the engineis controlled the ldle Air Control(lAC)Valve. T r ) .[i- <l.tJ T MAINRELAY VARIOUS SENSOnS aLk IROTARY} IACVALVE EIVGINE COOLANT ( D16Ys. D16Y8 ensine(M/T): I - . D15Y8 engine(A/T): D16Y5 INTAKEMANIFOLD . valveopensto maintain ECM/PCM.T. lhe Whenthe IACValveis activated. currentcontrolledby the to into the intakemanifoldin response electric The valvechanges the amount of air bypassing the properidle speed. :::/ __ BLK _< *f.litf.

ALT FRsignal(seepage11 133) ' Brakeswitchsignal{seepage1'l-134) ' PSPswitchsignal(except Canada model)(seepage11-135) . Hosesand connections . the (and the scantool does not indicateDTCP0505 P1508) lf the idle speedstill cannot be adlustedto specification or after IAC valve replacement. 11-123 .substitute known-good a IACvalveand readjust idle speed(seepage 11-141). substilutea known-goodECM/PCM and recheck. IACvalveand its mountingO-rings lf the aboveitemsare normal.1 3 1 ) g p l . air in to IOLE SPEED lrpml 176 80 Et{Gt1{E TEMPERATURE COOLANT (oF) toc) L 1. S t a r t es w i t c h i g n a ( s e e p a g e l l . A i r c o n d i t i o n i ns i g n a ( s e e a g e1 1 . A/T gear positionsignal(seesection'14. 1 4 1 ) ( p . symptom goes away. the IAC valve is openedto obtain the propertast idle speed. D16Y5 engine(CVT): p a g e1 l .1 3 7 ) . After the enginestarts.1 3 0 I r s l . When the idle speedis out of specification the scantool does not indicate and Diagnostic TroubleCode{DTC} P0505 or P1508. The amountof air is increased raisethe idle speed to about 150. Clutchswitchsignal(D16Y5 (seepage 11-139) engine(M/T)) . A d j u s t h e i d l es p e e d s e e a g e1 1 .300rpm.a 1 . When the coolanttemperature low. check followingitems: the . replacethe lf originalECM/PCM.The amount of is bypassed is thus controlled relation the enginecoolanttemperature.the IACvalveopensfor a certaintime.

. Throttlebody cioggedport. Intake hoselooseleakage air .-. ls it 550 rpm or less? (Topage11-125) * 1 : ' 9 6m o d e l n l y o { T op a g e1 1 . repair faultysenthe sol9!!9'llj:-. system is OK et this time. Possiblecause .l L 3 . lf they are not within the spec. checLtt e-l posilion Throttle shouldbe approx. improperadiustment r lntakemanifoldgasketieakage .H o l d t h e engine at 3. tne scan toot. IACvalvemechanical malfunction .1 2 5 ) 11 -1 2 4 .10%with the throt' tle {ully closed.then trouor troubleshoot DTCP1508 P1509 is or NOTE:lf DTCP1508 P1509 storedat the sametime as DTCP0505.205'F (90. bleshootDTCP0505. r e a r .E n g i n ec o o l a n tt e m p e r a ture shouldbe 194. *1 -Wi*i t2. and air defogger. V a c u u me a k l . S t a r t t h e e n g i n e . radiator M/Tin neutrali untilthe fan comeson..ldle ControlSystem ldle ControlSystem ldle P0505: controlsystemmalfunction. Problsm vorificationl 1 . radiator fan. conditioner not operating are (seepage11 139). TroubleCode{DTC) Diagnostic lT05O5l Th" """n toot indicates first.96'C). then let it idle./T E or E position. DTC P0505is stored. C h e c kt h e e n g i n e s p e e d a t idle with no-loadconditions: h e a d l i g h t sb l o w e rf a n . - ls the idlespeedOK? Intermitt€nt failure.-. ECTsensorincorrect output .000rpm with no in load 1A. ThrottlePosition sensorincorrect output*1 Tloubleshooting Flowchart Th6 MIL has beenreoortodon.

throitla valvc is complctaly closrd.nd ropair I necca3ary. 11-125 .. it'5 impo$iblo.placo It tha IAC Yalve..d (3€e pag.{Frompage11-124} (A... Chack for vacuum laakr. Dl6Y7 engine: Doeslhe engin€speed drop? Adiust tho idlo sp. Dl6Y8 ongin€: Adi6t thc lbasll idle 3pa6d ls6c p.9€ 11-1391./T and D16Y7engine) I Checkthc IACvrlvo: Disconnect 3P connectortrom the the IACvalve. make 3u. IAC valve: D i s c o n n e c tt h e 2 P c o n n e c t o r from the IACvalvo. Does enginespeed the drop or the enginestall? _ l Dl6Y5. 11-139).t Chcckth... impo$ible. it'.c th. ll cl6an th€ ports in tha throttle body. r.. UPPER lFrompage I1-124) Putyour fingeron the upperport in the throttle body. D'|6Y8engin€with M/T) . . ' {Dl6Y5.

and warm it up to normal operatingtemperature. Turnthe ignitionswitchOFF. Do the ECM/PCM cedure. M e a s u r ev o l t a g e b e t w e e n b o d y g r o u n da n d E C Mc o n A12. Disconnect ECMconnector A (32P). 4 .n open in tho wi. vat_vE indicated? ls DTCP1508 lntc.. connectorterminal 2. Turnthe ignition 4. Startthe engine.nd ECM.lvel . the IAC valve 2P 2. - The MIL has b€6n reDortgd on. Turn the ignilionswitchON lll). svslem i5 OK et thb time. Problomvorification: ResetPro1.d. Turn the ignition switch OFF the IAC valve and reconnect connecror. IAC VALVE2P CONNECTOR ICl38} Check to. 3. the 2. ON switch (ll). DTC P150a is stor.lzelnl/l | . Chacklor rn open o. The IAC Valve changes the amount of air bypassing the throttle body in response to a current signal from the ECM in order to maintain the proper idle speed. Measure voltagebetweenbody ground and the IAC valvo 2P No. Disconnect connector. t \ /T\'--'J rcpr 2 J - s rYCLrBtXl r$.mittent tailure.' Wire sideof femaleterminals (To page 11-127) 11 -1 2 6 . short in the wirc {lACv linel: 1.. nector terminal A ECMCONNECTORI32PI I 3 12 l 3 5 6 1 5 i 6 't. Check for poor connoction3 or 10036wirg3 st C138 llAC v.o llGPl lin6l: 1.Dl6Y8 enginewith M/T) A Trouble Code (DTC)P1508: problem in the ldle Air Control(lAC)valve The scan toot indicatesDiagnostic crrcurt.ldle GontrolSystem ldle Air Control(lAClValve(Dl6Y5. t l ! 1 9 t9 to ao 2a 2a tAcv IBLK/ BLUI $ lzsVlztl lz. 2. Y = Wire sid6ot femaleterminals ls there batteryvoltage? Reprir opsn in the wiro bstwcen IAC valvo and PGM-FImain rcltY. 3.

.tw€en ECM lA12l and IAC Checkthe IAC valvelunction: MomentarilyconnectECM conn e c t o rt e r m i n a l sA 1 2 a n d A ' 1 0 with a iumoerwire severaltimes. lt 3ymptom/indication 906 away.l ECM. Wire side of female t€rrhinals Doesthe IACvalveclickT Substitute . 11-127 . known-good ECM and rocheck.(Frompage11-126) ls ther€ batteryvoltage? Ropairopen or short in the wiro b.oplaco tho origin.

ed. ON ls DTCP1509 iodicated? SHAFT Intermittent failuro.ldle Gontrol System ldle Air Control(lAClValve (A/T and Dl6Y7 engine) lTi509l (lAC) TroubleCode(DTC) P1509:Aproblem inthe idleAirControl valvecircuit. replace the original ECM/PCM. 3. 8 10 22 23 1'l . Check for poor connections or 10036wires at C109 {lACvalve) end ECM/PCM. 2 a n d t e r m i n a l sN o . Problomverification: 1.l \3 Wire sid€ ol temale terminals Check the ECM/PCM inpul voltage: 1. M e a s u r e v o l t a ge b e t w e e n body ground and ECM/PCM connector terminalsA14 and A13+individually. 1 and 3 individually. Disconnect ECM/PCM connector A (32P) from the ECM/PCM3. *: IACV N line 11 -1 2 8 . Measure resistance between IAC valve 3P connector termi' n a l N o . ls therebaftery vohage? 2 I 1 2 l 1 3 a 1 5 1 6 1 7 t8 t9 1 tAcv N {oRNt. l O) m 3o 2a 27 28 29 IACVP IBLK/BLU} (Topage 129) 11 Check the IAC valve: 1. The MIL has beenreooned on. VALVE STOP?ER ECM/PCMCONNECTOR I32P} A Checkfor an open in the wires IPGlin6): Measurevoltage between body ground and ECM/PCM connector terminalsA10 and A23 individu PGl (BIK} ls theremorethan 1. 2. Th""""ntool indicates Diagnostjc v BIMElAL lo The (Rotary) IAC Valvechanges the amount ot air bypassing throttle body in response a currentsignaltrom the the ECM/PCM in order to maintain the proper idle speed.lf symptom/ indicalion goes away. svstem ia OK at lhis time. ON 4 . 2.28 O? IGP Terminal sideof male Iermtnals Substiluto a known-good ECM/ PCM and rocheck.0V? Repair op6n in lhe wires between ECM/PCM and G101 {locat6d ar the thermostat housing. Turnthe ignition switch (ll). Turnthe ignitionswitchOFF. Do the ECM/PCM ResetProcedure. Disconnect the IAC valve 3P connector. Turn the ignition switch OFF. Turnthe ignition switch (ll). IAC VALVE3P CONNECTOB IACV N IACV P ls there16. 2. DTCPl 5'lx)is sto.

IACV Nr linesl: Check tor continuity between b o d y g r o u n d a n d E C M / P C Mc o n ' nector terminals A14 and 413* individually. Checkfor an open in tho wires (IACVP. A13*1. I IACV N toRNl* ' t 2 3 IACV P IBLK/BLUI ECM/PCM A CONNECTOR t32Pl IACV P (BLK/BLU) E 9 Check tor a short in th€ wires (IACV P. replac€th6 o.p { F r o m a g e1 l . IACV N' lines): 1. 11-129 . 3 and ECM/PCM con' n e c t o r t e r m i n a lA 1 4 ( a n d betweenIAC valve 3P connector terminal No. con 2. Disconnect ECM/PCM the nectorA (32P). ': IACVN line t 2 t 3 lil t 5 t 6 1 7 l a t 9 20 tacv N toRNl. ON 4. 3. 2 and body ground. 7 lo tt 12 l 3 1 a t 5 l 6 1 7 ta t 9 2A 25 21 u 2a 2a 29 30 terminals Wire sideof female Repairshort in the wire between tho IACvalveand ECM/PCM 1A14. PCMconnector terminal Repairop€n in tho wire bctwoen the IAC v. Turnthe ignition switchOFF. At the wire harness.lve end ECM or PCM (A14. A13*). 3.1 2 8 } IAC VALVE3P CONNECTOR {CIOI} Check tor an open in the wire (lGPline): 1. Lry. Checkfor continuitybetween IAC valve3P connector termi nal No."*"YYO l. 2. I 3 a 6 a 9 t0 tl 24 Sub3titute a known-good ECM/ PCM and reched( lf syrYFtom/indication goes away. Turnthe ignition switch (ll).l ECM/PCM. measure voltage between IAC valve 3P connector terminalNo.igin. ls therebattery vohage? IGP {YEL/BLKI Repairopen in the wire betweon lh6 IAC valvo and PGM-FImain relav. Turnthe ignitionswitchOFF. 1 and ECM/ A13)*. Disconnect the IAC valve 3P connector.

31 STARTER SIGNAL (t. 31 STARI€R SIGNAL17. A/T: Transmission or @ posnion. ReDhcotho No.5 A1tu3. in E] M/T: in neutral No.31 STARTER SIGNAL17. ECM/PCMCONNECTORS Chockfor an open or ihort in the wire {STSlinol: Measurevoltage betweenECM/ PCMconnectorterminals Ag and C6 with the ignition switch in the start(lll)position..n the ECM lC6) and tho No. Al \. NOTE: . PGM-FI main relsy. v Rapair open in tha wire batwatan tho ECM/PCM lC6|and th. NAL {7. 31 STARTER StG.. A I:PPI LGl I c t3lPt E 9 22 't0 1' | sTstELu/oFNt 7 't8 t 9 t0 3 25 27 7 3 a t t 12 5 t5 t6 1 l t 2 l 3 t 4 1 5 1 6 t 7 ta r 9 20 23 2a r3 t a E ut 29 30 2a 2a 29 30 Wire side ot female terminsls Inspecttho No.rior switch sign. or th.5 Al lu3. 11-130 . St.5 tu!.ldle ControlSystem StarterSwitch Signal This signalsthe ECM/PCM when rhe engineis cranking.5A) fuse in the undeFdash Iuse/relay box. - Raplir rhon in thc wiro b.l b OK.

Measurevoltage between ECM/PCN4 nnector ermico t nalsC5 and A9. 2. A l32Pl LGl IBRN/BLK} 2 I 8 9 1 2 1 3 ta 't5 't6 1 7 t 8 1 9 a) 22 ECM/PCMCONNECTORS c t3lPl ACSIBLU/REDI l0 23 It 2a 1 I a 5 2 't'l 12 t 3 1 l t 5 t 5 1 7 t 8 23 2a 2a E 9 10 Check lor a ahort in th6 wir€ {ACSlinel: 1. 3. LGTIBRN/BLKI 1 2 3 a 12 l 3 t a 1 5 1 6 1 25 27 . Reconnect the A/C pressure switch 2P connector.5V? Chockfo. Turnthe ignitionswitchOFF. Checkfor continuitybetween body ground and ECM/PCM connector terminal C5. Turnthe ignilionswitchON (ll). insp€ction l.r l . ACS{BLU/RED} Repairshort in the wire botw€sn the ECM/PCM (Csl . 30 Wiresideof lemaleterminals ls thereapprox. 4. replace the original ECM/ PCM. Chock tor an open in the wire IACClin.ble. C 3. 3. Turnthe ignitionswitchOFF. See the sir condhione. lf proacribgd vohago i3 now aveil. Disconnect ECM/PCM the connector (31P).oc s.ction 22). - - Substitute a known-good ECM/PCM and r€chock. Disconnect the A/C pressure switch 2P connector(see sect i o n2 2 ) . 4. Turn the ignitionswitchON (ll). 2.Air Conditioning Signal This signals the ECM/PCM when there is a demandfor coolingtrom the air conditioning system. Momdntan'ly connect ECM/ PCM connectbr terminalsA9 and A17 with a iumper wire severaltimes. 25 27 2a xt 30 z. Turnthe ignitionswitchOFF. a short in the wire IACS linol: 1.nd the A/C pro3suraswitch. 2. l s l r Il s l s l ! o r r l l (To page11-132) ACC w-z- lnltslil/1zzl ze I z+ | wlRE JUMPER {cont'd) IBLK/REDI 1 1 131 .l: 1.

r e p l a c et h o o r i g i n a l ECM./PCM. - - Substiluta. 5 to body groundwith a jumperwire several times.1 3 1 ) p ls therea clicking noiselrom the A. Seethe air conditionerinspection (seesection22). ECM/PCMCONNECTORS LGT (BRN/ALKI I 6 c (31Pt ACSIBLU/REDI l0 23 tl I 8 I 7 8 9 22 'to 12 1 3 t a t 5 t 6 1 7 I E 1 9 25 27 E zo 30 2a t t 12 t4 2a 2a lf. A/C swhch. known-good E C M / P C Ma n d r e c h o c k ./C compressorclutch? Check for an open in the wir€ {ACCline): Momentarily connect under-hood fuse/relay box 9P connector ter minal No. 2. A (32Pt Check tor the operation of the A/C: 1.0V? R€prir open in tha wire bstween the ECM/PCM lcsl .l is OK.XOOD FUSE/RELAY BOX9P CONNECTOB tc3s2t t 5 JUMPER WIRE 2 6 / 8 3 a 9 ACC IBLK/RI IBLK/REOI Wire side ot female side ot tefmrnalS ls therea clicking noisefrom the A/Ccompressor clutch? See air conditioner inspection lsee section22).l I symptom/indicationgoes a w a y . ls therelessthan1. E C M / P C Ml A 1 7 ) a n d t h 6 under-hood tu3e/relay box 9P connector{C3521. 3. Startthe engine. Turnthe blowerswitchON.nd th. Turn the A"/C switch ON. UNDER. 11 -1 3 2 . Repairopen in the wire between i h . 1 7 't8 29 30 WiresideoI femaleterminals Check for an open in the wire {ACSlin6): Measurevoltage betweenECM/ PCMconnector terminals and Ag Air conditioningsign.ldle Control System Air Conditioning Signal (cont'dl ( F r o m a g e1 1 .

2. 3.V? 5 23 21 . Turnthe ignitionswitchOFF. Turnthe ignitionswitchOFF. to 3 . Measu e voltage between r E C M / P C M o n n e c t o rt e r m i c nalsC'|7and A9. ls therecontinuity? Repair shon in the wire between the the ECM/PCM {C17)end ALT. Turnthe ignition switch (ll). 4.nd the ALT. This signals ECM/PCM when the Alternator the lnspectionot ALI FRSignal. 3Pr -+r1 1 ffi 2| JUMPER WIRE 2 3 l 3 l ll rr-r r -lr JUMPER rwHr/(V) WIRE REot Y ALT F (WHT/RED' Wire side of female terminals ls thereapprox. ON 3.1 ) * a n d b o d y ground./T E or E position. 2. Disconnect 4P (3P)*con the nectorfrom the ALT.I Alternator(ALT)FRSignal (ALT)is charging. 2.1 3 3 . in M/T in neutral) untilthe radiator fan comes on. Disconnect 4P (3P)*conthe nectorfrom the ALT.V? 5 ':Canadamodel 11 ./ E 30 (wHr /FED) 0) ALrF Checkthe operation ot the ALT: '1. Measurevoltage between the ALT 4P {3P}*connector termi n a l N o . Checklor continuitybetween b o d y g r o u n da n d E C M / P C M connector terminal C17.H o l d t h e engine at 3. D o e s t h e v o l t a g e d e c r e a s ew h e n h e a d l i g h t sa n d r e a r d e f o g g e r a r e ALT FR signal i3 OK.replace the originalECM/PCM. 3. S t a r t t h e e n g i n e . Reconnect the ALT 4P (3P)* connector the ALT. It prescribed voltage is now available. 4. ECM/PCMCONNECTORS c t31Pl Wire sideot temaleterminals Check tor a short in the wire IALT F linel: 1. A t32Pl LG1 (BRN/BLKI Ch6ck for a sho. Turnthe ignitionswitchOFF. 2. C 4.000rpm with no load {A. Substitute a known-good ECM/ PCM and recheck.t in the wire {ALT F line): 1./ / . Measue voltage between r ECM/PCM connectorterminals Cl7 andA9. Disconnect ECM/PCM the con nector (31P). ALT F {WHT/BEO) 5 I 2 3 a 6 l 7| 8 9 't0 1 1 12 1 3 l 4 1 5 l 6 rlrl/ ls thereapprox. Disconnect negativebat the tery cablefrom the battery. 4 ( N o . Turnthe ignition switchON (ll). then let it idle. Repair open wire between the ECM/PCM {Cl7). ALT CONNECTORS lcloirl 4P Chec* lor an opeo in the wire IALT F lin€): 1.

ldle Control System BrakeSwitch Signal This signals ECM/PCM rne when the brakepedalis depressed. Inspcctionol &ak€ Swhch Signal. ECM. Depress brakepedal.ako lwitch.n in th€ wiro IEKSWlin6l: 1.k6 3whch and the HoRN l't5 A) tuse. Repair open in the wire bgtw6cn the brrke iwitch and thc HORN115Altuse. R.6 botween tha ECM/PCMlDs) rnd thc b. Measurevoltage betwoen ECM/PCN4 connectorterminals A9 and D5 with the brakepedal depressed.5Al tuse.placo the HORN{7. Check lor an op. 11-134 . Inspoci tho b. Wir€ sid6 of lemale terminals 8r./FCM CONNECTORS A t32P) taRn u 10 23 tl 21 I D tl6Pl 3 8 I BKSW IGRN/ WHT} 5 1 2 t I 6 8 I 1 2 1 3 1 4 't5 l6 1 ' l8 t9 20 22 25 27 2A a 10 1 1 16 6 12 a 30 13 t4 15 Rop.ake switch lsoe 3witch 3ignal ia open in the wi. the 2. Are the brakelightson without depressingthe brakepedal? Do the brakelightscomeon? Inspect the HORN('15A) fu6e in the under hoodtuse/ relaybox. - ngpaif shorl in the wire betwoen thc br.

2. Turnthe ignitionswitchOFF. M e a s u 1 6v o l t a g e b e t w e e n E C M / P C M o n n e c t o r e r mi ' c t n a l s A 9 n dC ] 6 . (PSP SW lin.. 1 a n d N o . Stanthe engine 2 . ECM/PCMCONNECTORS Ch.n op€n in lhe wire (PSP SW linol: 1.1 3 6 ) I (cont'd) 1 1 135 .whch tignal i3 OK. 1./PCM connectorterminals Ag and C'|6.ation ot th6 PSP rwhch. 3. PSP 2P SW]TCH CONNECTOB PSP tcBf{l SW ls therelessthan 1. T u r n s l e e r i n gw h e e l t o I u l l lock.n op. 2 . a Wire side of femalo terminals Chockfor .0V? JUMPER T-1 rJJ wrFE2/ GND IBLKI Wir€ sid6 of temale terminals t ls therelessthan 1. ls there bafteryvoltage? PSP . Turn the ignitionswitchON lll). 3. 5. Disconnect PSPswitch2P the connecror. the lNp€ction of PSP3witch rignal. 2 with a jumperwire. At the harnessside.) Switch Signal(USAI PowerSteeringPressure IPSP) This signals ECM/PCMwhen the power steeringloadis high.0V? - Ch6ck thc opo. Ropeir open in BLK wir€ b€tween the PSP 3wiich . Measurevoltage between EC 4. connect the PSPswitch 2P connector t e r m i n a l sN o .n in the wi.nd G101. Turn the ignitionswitchON {ll}. 4. { T op a g e1 1 .l: 1. Bepair opon in the wire betwocn th6 ECM/PCMlcl6l and the PSPswitch.d( for . Measurevoltage between ECM/PCM connectorterminals Ag andC16.

1 1 6 7 8 9 10 1 t 12 13 14 15 1 6 1 7 18 23 21 25 E 30 \- o PSPSW {GRN} ls therecontinuity? Rep. A ECM/PCMCONNECTORS Wire sideof femaleterminals Checkfor a shon in the wir6 {PSP SW linel: 1. Turnthe ignitionswitchOFF.lf p. 2. 2.ldle Control System (PSPISwitch (cont'dl PowerSteering Pressure Signal(USA) (Frompage11-135) u C h e c kt o r € s h o .escribed voltage is now available. Substitute a known-good ECM/ PCM and recheck.1 3 6 . t i n t h 6 P S P switch: 1. Turn the ignitionswitchOFF.replace the original ECM/PCM. Disconnect ECM/PCM the connector (31P). Disconnect 2P connector the from the PSP switch. ON short in th6 wire between the ECM/PCM{C16)and rhe PSP switch. Measu e voltage between r E C M / P C l v lo n n e c t o r e r m i c t n a l s 9 a n dC 1 6 . Turnthe ignition switch (ll). Checkfor continuitybetween b o d y g r o u n da n d E C M / P C M connectorterminal C16. 3. C 3. 11 .

Reconnect 26Pconnector the to the TCM.ation of th€ A/T gear position switch: 1. 4. M e a s u r ev o l t a g e b e t w e e n ECM connectorterminalsA9 a n d C 2 9w i t h t h e t r a n s m i s sion in E and E position. Turnthe ignitionswitchOFF. ECMCONNECTORS Ch6ckfor a short in ihe wir€ (ATP NP linel: '1. 2. Checkfor continuitybetween b o d y g r o u n da n d E C Mc o n nector terminalC29. Seethe A/T g6ar position indicator inspection{seesection 141. Startthe engine. Disconnect lrom the TCM. 2. (Topage11-138) I (cont'd) 1 1-137 . ls therecontinuity? Repairshort in the wire between the EcM {c29)and rhe gau96 assemblv. Checkfor a shon in the wire IATP NPline): 1.5V? 23 21 29 30 o I ATP N P I ILT GRNI Checklor .(CW) GearPositionSignal(D16Y5 engine) AutomaticTransaxle s T h i ss i g n a l sh e E C Mw h e nt h e t r a n s m i s s i oi n i n E o r E p o s i t i o n . Reconnect l4P connector the to the gaugeassembly. 4. the 26P connector 3.replacethe originalECM. Turnthe ignition switch (ll). Turnthe ignition switch (ll). 3. Disconnect the ECM connec' t o rC ( 3 1 P ) .ll prescribadvoltege is now available.n open in th€ wiro IATP NP linel: 1. I 5 7 8 9 10 1 1 12 13 1 a 1 5 16 1 7 18 ls thereapprox. 3. Moasure A c o n n e c t ot e r m i n a l s 9 a n d r ) Wire sideof Iemaleterminals ATP NP {LT GRN) c29. 5 . Disconnect 14Pconnector the from the gaugeassembly. Observethe A"/Tshift position indicatorand selecteach posi tronseparately. t Check the ope. ON voltagebetweenECl/l 5. Turnthe ignitionswitchOFF. Turnthe ignitionswitchOFF. Substitute a known-good ECM and recheck. 2. ON 2.

in ATP NP ILT GRNI Wire side ol female torminals ls there batteryvoltage? Repairshort in the wire between ECM(C291 and gauge assembly. Repair open in the wire between the gaugo assembly rnd the A/T gear position switch.1 3 8 . A/T gear po6ilion signel is OK.1 3 7 ) p Repair open in the wire b€tween the ECM lc29l and the gaugaa!3ombly.ldle Control System (CWl GearPositionSignal(D16Y5 AutomaticTransaxle engine)(cont'd) ( F r o m a g e1 1 . 11 . 0V ? Checkfor a short in the wire IATP NP linel: Measurevoltage between ECM connector terminalsA9 and C29 with the transmission gear. l s t h e r e l e s s t h a n 1 .

2. Measure connectorterminalsC29 and A9. 2. the Inap€ction of clutch . Depress clutchpedal.ClutchSwitchSignal(Dl6Y5engine(M/Tll This signals ECMwhen the clutchis engaged. MossurevoltagebetweenECM connector termin6lsC29 and A9. 2. clutch 3witch: 1.l: oN 1. Check lor a shorl in tha wire (CLSWlinel: 1. 1 5 7 8 9 't0 t t l 2 ! 3 1 a l 5 t 6 l 7 1E u cLsw a (REDI Ropairshort in the wiro botwe. 3.n tho ECM {C29} rnd tho clutch swhch. Disconnect the EcM connecthe tor C (31P)from ECM. Checklor continuity between ECM connectorterminal C29 and body ground.witch signal.. ll pGacribcd vohrge h now availabla. 3. {cont'd) 11-139 . Disconnect the 2P connector trom the clutch switch.SW lin. Turn the ignitionswitchON (ll). Measure voltagebetweenECM connector terminalsC29 and A9. Turnthe ignitionswitchOFF. the 2.replacothe otiginrl ECM. voltageb€tweenECM 4. {To page11-140} Subititute a known-good ECM and rcch6ck.5V? Checkth. Wire sid6of femaleterminals (REDI ECM COITNECTORS LGl IBRN/BLK} ls thereapprox. ls thereapprox. A t32Pl Ch.5V? Chock tor an opcn in the wiro (CLSWlinel: 1. Turnthe ignition switch ( for rn opcn in the wiro (CI. Turnthe ignitionswitchOFF.

t the clutch switch. Outch 3witch signal i3 OK. Turnthe ignitionswitchOFF. 11-1 4 0 . clutch 3witch snd G/O1. Turnthe ignition switch (ll).prir open in BLKwira batwaon th. Disconnect 2P connector the Irom the clutch switch. 1 and body groundwith the clutchpodaldepressed. Roplecothe clutch . 5 V? R.witch. LJ_J clsw (REDI 1.2 with No.0 V? CLUTCH SWITCH CONNCCTOF 2P lcillTl r-+-r Checktor an opon in the wiro: 1. 2. Terminal sideof male terminals Adiu. Checktor continuitybetween the clutch switch connector terminals 1 and No. 3.139) CLUTCHSWITCH2P OONNECTOR Chockthg clutch switch: 1.ldle ControlSystem ClutchSwitch Signal(Dl6YSengine(M/Tl) (cont'dl (Frompage11. ls voltage lessthan '1.\ Y I t l t 2 l Wire side of female terminals Rcpril opon in the wirc betwocn th6 EcM lc29) . Measure voltagebetween the clutch switch connectorterminal No.nd tha clutch switch. ON 2. the clutch pedaldepressed. ls there approx.

Air cleaner . 23). . lf the enginestalls.000rpm with in no load {transmission neutral)until the radiator fan comeson. NOTE: After adjustingthe idle speed in this step. ) N O T E :( C a n a d aP u l l t h e p a r k i n gb r a k el e v e r u p . Startthe engine.c h e c kt h e f o l l o w i n g items: . a Connect tachometer. then let it idle. blower fan. recheck ignitiontiming (seesection the lf it is out of spec. are engine. '1. Restart and idle the enginewith no-loadconditions for one minute.'97 D16Y5.The MIL has not beenreponedon.Hold the engineat 3. idle ldle speed should be: 8101 50 rpm NOTE:lf the idle speed is not within specification. Check idlingin no-load conditions: headlights.Sparkplugs . IDLE Turn the ignitionswitchOFF.then the do the ECMresetprocedure. radiatorfan.PCVsystem ) o ( C a n a d aP u l l t h e p a r k i n gb r a k el e v e r u p .if necessary. off. ldl€ 3p€€dshould be: il50 t 50 rpm 11-141 .ldle SpeedSetting Inspection/Adiustment '96.then checkthe idle speed.go backto step4. Disconnect IACvalveconnector. removingthe by cap and turningthe idle adjusting screw. ldl8 sp€€d should bo: 750 I 50 rpm 1 0 .'96-'98 Dt6Y8engine{M/T} NOTE: . l d l e t h e e n g i n ef o r o n e minute with heaterfan switch at Hl and air conditioner on.thencheckthe speed.and check idlespeed. ldle speed should be: 670 t 50 rpm {USA} 750 t 50 rpm lcanadal (Low) ldle the enginefor one minutewith headlights the ON.lgnitiontiming . S t a n t h e then check that the headlights off. the Adjustthe idle speed. then slowly release pedaluntil the engine the idles. B e f o r es e t t i n gt h e i d l e s p e e d .000. then checkthat the headlights are Startthe engine. and air conditioner are not operating. 1. (cont'd) seeSymptomCharton page 11-46. T u r n t h e h e a d l i g h t so f t . Reconnect 2P connectoron the IAC valve. rear defogger. 7 .restart the enginewith the accelStabilize rpm at the eratorpedalslightlydepressed.

lf not. rear defogger. es e t t i n gt h e i d l e s p e e d .000rpm with no load (A/T in N or E position. see SymptomCharton page 11-46.1 4 2 . '96-'98 Dl6Y8 engine lA/T) rnd '96-'98 D16Y7engine Adjustthe idle speedusing a HondaPGM Testerif possible.D16Y7engine (A/T).Sparkplugs . then checkthe idle soeed.blower fan. is t lf the idle speed is not within specification. ldle speed should be: Dl6Y7 engine: NOTE:When you removethe ACL housing. fan Checkthe idle speedwith no-loadconditions: not disconnect IAT sensorconnector. checkthe idle speedagain. .radiatorfan.if necessary. a Startthe engine. D16Y7 engine: A i t e r t u r n i n g t h e i d l e a d i u s t i n gs c r e w 1 / 2 . then let it idle. the MIT AIT 750t 50 rpm 750i 50 rpm {in E or E position) Adjustthe idle speed. Dl6Y8 .turn the idle adiusting screw1/2-turn again. 11. D16Y8 engine: Connect tachometer. B e f o . the l d l e t h e e n g i n e f o r o n e m i n u t e w i t h h e a t e rf a n switch at Hl and air conditioner on.PCVsystem 1. NOTE: Do not turn the idle adjustingscrew more than 1/2-turn without checking idle speed.lf it is out of spec.Air cleaner . or MN 810t 50 rpm A/T.t u r n . CVT 8 1 0 1 5 0 r p m ( i nE o r E p o s i t i o n ) NOTE: . Leave the IACvalveconnected. Do not turn the idle adjusting screwwhen the air conditioner on.ldle ControlSystem ldle Speed Setting (cont'd) '96. removingthe by c a p a n d t u r n i n gt h e i d l e a d j u s t i n g c r e w 1 / 2 .c h e c kt h e f o l l o w i n g items: .Hold the engineat 3.t u r n s clockwise counterclockwise. '97 Dt6Y5 engino {CvT). M/T in neutral) until the radiator comeson. and air conditioner not operating. . are ldlc speed should be: USA: Dl6Y5 engine {CVT). usethe followingprocedure: NOTE: .ngino lA/T): 700 i 50 rpm (in S or p position) Dl6Y7 engine{M/T): 670 I 50 rpm Crnada: D15Y8 engine.l g n i t i o ni m i n g t .The MIL hasnot beenreported on. D16Y5.

adjust the idle speed. ldle speedshouldbe: 810t 50 rpm l f t h e i d l e s p e e d i s n o t w i t h i n s p e c i f i c a t i o ns.Hold the engineat 3. After adjusting the idle speed recheck the ignition timing (see section 23). Startthe engine. l d l e t h e e n g i n ef o r o n e o minute with heatertan switch at Hl and air conditioneron. Connect tachometer. rear defogger.checkthe followIng trems. T o s t o p t h e p u r g i n gt e m p o r a r i l yr. |DLE Turn the ignitionswitchOFF. then slowly release pedaluntil the engine the idles.restart enginewith the accelthe eratorpedalslightlydepressed. a Disconnect IACvalve2P connector the and the EVAP purgecontrolsolenoid valve2Pconnector.Aircleaner . T u r n t h e h e a d l i g h t s f f .Inspection/Adiustmeni '98 D16Y5 engine(M/T) NOTE:Beforesettingthe idle speed. Restart for one minute. then let it idle. . ldle speed should be: 450 I 50 rpm 11-143 . lf it is out of spec.a i s et h e e n g i n e pedal. 7 .The MIL hasnot beenreported on. the Stabilize rpm at 1.l g n i t i o ni m i n g t . {cont'd) lf the enginestalls. to this meansthe EVAPsystemis purgingthe canister. radiatortan.PCVsystem 1 . by removing the c a p a n d t u r n i n g t h e i d l e a d j u s t i n gs c r e w . and air conditioner are nor operalrng.000rpm with no load (transmission neutral)until the radiator in fan comeson.000. l d l e t h e e n g i n eI o r o n e m i n u t ew i t h h e a d l i g h t s (Low)ON.000rpm with the accelerator the then slowly release pedal. go back to step 4. and idle the enginewith no-loadconditions 8 .then checkthe idle speed. Reconnect the 2P connectors the IAC valve and to the EVAPpurge controlsolenoidvalve. then check the idle speed. ldle speedshouldbe: 750 I 50 rpm 1 0 .Spark lugs p . e e SymptomCharton page11-46. 2.then do the ECMresetprocedure. . blower fan. lf necessary. EVAPPURGE CONTROL VALVE SOLENOID ldle speedshouldbe: 6701 50 rpm NOTE:lf the idle speed increases 810 t 50 rpm. and checkthe idle speed. Check idlingin no-load conditions: headlights. speed above 1.

Air cleaner . Leave the IACvalveconnected.and recheck idle speed.lf it is out of spec. go l f t h e i d l e s p e e di s 8 1 0 1 5 0 r p m .l g n i t i o ni m i n g t . a Startthe engine. to step 4.Sparkplugs .blower fan. the procedure complete. lan C h e c kt h e i d l e s p e e d u n d e r n o .c h e c kt h e f o l l o w i n g items: .turn the idle adjusting screw1/2-turn again.The MIL hasnot beenreponedon.Reconnect EVAP the purge controlsolenoidvalve 2P connector. the Turn the ignition switch OFF. Removethe cap and turn the idle adjustingscrew 1/2-turn clockwise counterclockwise. NOTE: Do not turn the idle adlustingscrew more than 1/2-turn withoutchecking idle speed.Hold the engineat 3. rear defogger. lf the idle speed is within the specification. Stan the engine. 'll2-turn.radiatorfan.000 rpm with the accelerator pedal. is .To stop the purgingtemporarily. . is lf the idle speedis out of specification. or IDLE 1. then do the ECMresetprocedure. t h i s m e a n sr h e EVAPsystem is purging the canister. go Disconnect EVAPpurge control solenoidvalve the 2P connector. the .l o a dc o n d i t i o n s : head lights.Slowly release the pedal. lf the idle speed is within the specification. 4. Afterturningthe idle adjusting screw check the idle speedagain. are ldle speed should be: 700 I 50 rpm . Connect tachometer. 6.000rpm with no load (transmission N or E position)until the in radiator comeson. ldl6 speed should be: 810 1 50 rpm (in @ or @ position) l f t h e i d l e s p e e d i s n o t w i t h i n s p e c i t i c a t i o ns.lf not. SOLENOID VALVE 1 1-1 4 4 . . raisethe enginespeed above 1.ldlethe enginetor one minutewith heaterfan switch at Hl and air conditioner then on.ldle ControlSystem ldle Speed Setting (cont'dl '98 D16Y5engine (CVTI Adjustthe idle speedusing a HondaPGM Testerif possible. B e f o r es e t t l n gt h e i d l e s p e e d . check the idlespeed. lf the idle speedis out of specification. to step5. usethe followingprocedure: NOTE: . and air conditioner not operating. the procedure complete. then let it idle. .PCVsystem l. e e SymptomCharton page 1l-46.

8 kgl m.leaksand deterioration..2kgl.fil (conr'd) 11-145 .and other components damage.ftl engin€:28 m N lD16Y5 2.n 12.Fuel Supply System FuelLines NOTE:Checkfuel systemlines. 21 lbf. tuel filter. 22 N. 16lbt. replace for and if necessarv.hoses.m.

FuelSupplySystem FuelLines(cont'd) NOTE:Check hoseclampsand retighten necessary.1 6m m 10.63 inl 11-1 4 6 . all if FUEL TUBE/ OUICKCONNECT FUEL PUMP PRESSUBE NEGULATOR FUEL TANK s\s\s\s\t\ Replace.39 0. Clampin the middle Clamp in the middle 1 0 .

) Fittings FuelTube/Ouick-Connect Plecautions Do not smok€ while working on the fu€l @ systom. lf the connector does not move. PIPE (cont'd) 11-147 . the . ACCESS PANEL RETAIiIERTAA CONNECTOR Press down. Kosp open tlamsg away from your work area. weldingor other heat-generating Disconnection Do not smoke while working on the luel @ systgm. . it bendor twist it excessively. lt is damsged. Do not usetools. Do not removethe retainerfrom the pipe. .1 5 0 . . not touch it with a shop towel which do Replace the was used for wiping batteryelectrolwe. e fittings for dirt. o The fuel tube/quick-connect fittings assemblyis not acid-proof.replacethe fuel pump or fuel feed pipe.5 1 ) . .c o n n e c i t t i n g s a s s e m b l y . . tuel tube/quick-connect fittings assemblyil it came into contact with electroiyte something or similar. and alternately the connector until it comesoff easilv. it is necesthe fittings. 2. Keepopen tlames away from your work aroa. once removed. Replacing tuel feed pipe.keepthe retainer pull and push tabs pressed down. lf the surface is rusty or damaged. e 1 1 R e l i e v f u e lp r e s s u r ( s e ep a g e s 1 .cleanit. t W h e n c o n n e c t i n go r d i s c o n n e c t i n gh e f u e l t u b e / q u i c k . quick-connect A disconnected fittingcan be reconnected. sary to disconnect connectthe quick-connect or Payattention tollowing: to . The fuel tube/quick-connect fittings assemblyis not h e a t . lt hasbeenremoved from the Dioe. with one hand and pressdown Hold rhe connector the retainertabs with the other hand.the retainermust be replacedwith a new one.then pull the connector off. the . e c a r e f u ln o t t o ft b Replace if damaged. 1. Check the contactareaof the pipe for dirt and damage. . lf the surfaceis dirty. but the retaineron the mating pipe cannot be reused the once it has been removed from the pipe.For removing or installing fuel pump and fuel tank. and Checkthe tuel quick-connect cleanif necessary. Replace retainer when ! Replacing fuel pump. fittings assemblyconnects The fuel tube/quick-connect the in-tank fuel pump with the fuelfeed pipe.e c a r e f u ln o t t o d a m a g ei t d u r i n g t procedures.r e s i s t a nb. NOTE: o Be carefulnot to damagethe pipe or other parts. PAWL LOCKING 3.

replacing the fuel pump.FuelSupplySystem FuelTube/Ouick-Connect Fittings(cont'dl 5. . CONTACTAREA PLASTICBAGS Insert a new retainer into the connector if the retainer is damaged.) 11 -1 4 8 . 1. . or after . To prevent damage and keep out toreign matter. Keepopen flames away lrom your work ars!. and cleanif necessary. NGw RETAINER (lnsert into the connector. Connection Do not smoke while working on the fuel @ systom. removing the retainer from the pipe. Checkthe pipe contact area for dirt and damage. c o v e r t h e d i s c o n n e c t e d o n n e c t o ra n d p i p e e n d c with plasticbags. replacing the fuelfeed pipe.

and checkthat there is no leakage the tuel supplysysten. Then pressthe quick-connect fittingsonto the pipe until both retainerpawls lock with a clicki n gs o u n d . Repeattwo or three times. NOTE:lf it is hard to connect.a n d f u e l p r e s s u r ew i l l r i s e . Make sure the connection is secure and the pawls are firmly lockedinto place. removethe old retainer from the matingpipe.Beforeconnecting new {uel tube/quick-connect a fitting assembly. Connectionwith new reiainer: I 11-149 .checkvisuallyand by pullingthe connector. Align the quick-connect fittings with the pipe. 4. in 3.put a small amount of new engineoil on the pipe end. With the tabs pulled apan.and turn the the i g n i t i o n w i t c hO N ( l l ) .T h e f u e l p u m p w i l l r u n f o r s a b o u t t w o s e c o n d s . and align the retainerlockingpawls with the connector grooves.romove and discard the retainer RETAIiIER New FUELIUBE/ OUICK4ONNECT FTTTING ASSEMALY Reconnect bafterynegativecable..

or .Faulty (seepage11-154).Pinched cloggedfuel returnhoseor line. service . special ('96 FuelPressure model) Relieving fuel pipes or hoses. fuel injectors. Use a box end wrenchon the 6 mm servicebolt at l t h e f u e l f i l t e rw h i l e h o l d i n gt h e s p e c i a b a n j o b o l t with anotherwrench. i Inspeqtion 1. turn it off. gaugecanbe attached the 6 mm at o A fuel pressure bolt hole.1 5 0 . inspect is lf the fuel pressure lowerthan specified. Keep open flames or sparks away lrom your work area. Be suie to relieve fuel pressurewhile the ignition switch is off. fuel pressure regulato. R e m o v eh e f u e l f i l lc a p .Attachthe tool. Disconnect batterynegative the tery negative terminal. 3 .00{0304 NEGULATOB with the the Startthe engine.6x15mm 07(}6 .Faultyfuel pressure regulator(seepage 1l-'lg).releasepresBeforedisconnecting sure from the system by looseningthe 6 mm service bolt on top of the tuel filter. turn the ignition switch ON (ll).0040001 Do not smoke while working on the fuel system.310 kPa (2.the fuel pump is OK.5kgllcm2. for: .T h i s s y s t e md e l i v e r s r e s s u r e . .r e g u and cuts the fuel delivery latedfuel to the fuel injectors w h e nt h e e n g i n e s n o t r u n n i n g . . Place rag or shoptoweloverthe 6 mm service a 6.46 psil 4.250 kPa l2-0-2. Alwavs reolacethe washer betweenthe service the serbolt and the specialbanjo bolt whenever vice bolt is loosened. fuel pump.28 . Relieve bolt on the fuel filterwhile holdRemove service the ing the banjo bolt with anotherwrench.lf the engine will not start. for: inspect . in-tank main relay. .3. bolt. Write down the frequencies the radio's preset for buttons.Clogged fuelfilter.FuelSupplySystem SystemDescription The fuel supply system consistsof a fuel tank. p a n d r e t u r nl i n e s . It fuel pump (seepage 11-'156). . PGM-Fl high pressure and fuel delivery fuel pressure regulator. FUEL PNESSURE GAUGE 07405 . fuel filter. PRESSURE FUEL AoAPTER. t 4. fuel pressure.38 .7. checkthe following: l f t h e l u e l p r e s s u r ei s h i g h e r t h a n s p e c i f i e d . regulator.2 kgif/cm'.Measure fuel pressure engineidling and the vacuumhoseof the fuel presfrom the fuel pressure sure regulatordisconnected regulatorand pinched.Fuelline leakage. wait for two seconds. Slowly loosenthe 6 mm servicebolt one complete turn. R e p l a c ea l l w a s h e r s w h e n e v e r t h e b o l t s a r e removed. then back on again and read the fuel pressure.36 psil first checkthe is lf the fuel pressure not as specitied. cablefrom the bat2. Pressureshould bs: 260 . 11 . '1. . vacuumhoseto the fuel pressure Reconnect Pressureshould b€: 200 . 5.

Use a box end wrench on the 12 mm banjo bolt at the fuel filter while holdingthe fuel filter wirh another wrencn.2. l f t h e f u e l p r e s s u r ei s h i g h e r t h a n s p e c i f i e d . turn it off. Keep open flames or sparks away from your work area.e regulatorand pinched. or 11-151 . Bo surs to relieve tuel pressurewhile the ignition switch is oft. 1. Relieve tuel pressure.2 kgf/cm. Pressureshould bo: 200 . Disconnect batterynegative the cablefrom the battery negative terminal. inspectfor: . wait for two seconds.35 psi) lf the fuel pressure not as specified.0101 4. or .PD6. the FUELPRESSURE ADAPTER BOLT. turn the ignition switch ON (ll). . rhe fuel pump is OK. lf check following: the .('97 FuelPressure and later modelsl R€lioving Betoredisconnecting fuel pipes or hoses. Reconnect vacuumhoseto the fuel pressure regulator. 28 . lf the fuel pressure lowerthan specified.7.310 kPa (2. Attach the specialtools.250 kPa (2.3. Remove iuel fill cap. Removethe 12 mm banio bolt from the fuel filter w h i l e h o l d i n gt h e f u e l f i l t e r w i t h a n o t h e rw r e n c h .Pinched cloggedfuel returnhoseor line.5 kgf/cm.Faulty fuel pressureregulator(see page 111541. .It the enginewill not start. 38 .releasepress u r e f r o m t h e s y s t e mb y l o o s e n i n g h e 1 2 m m b a n j o t bolt on toD of the fuel filter. Do noi smok€ while working on tho tuel system. is inspect for: .'15psil 4.Measure fuel pressure the with the engineidling and the vacuum hoseof the fuel pressure regulator disconnectedfrom the fuel pressu. Pressursshould be: 260 .Clogged tuelfilter. a Slowfy foosenthe 12 mm banjo bolt one complete IUIN. N O T E :R e p l a c e l l t h e w a s h e r sw h e n e v e r h e 1 2 a t mm banjo bolt is loosened removed.12 mm tgflDE . Write down the frequencies the radio's preset for buttons..Faultyfuel pressureregulator(see page 11154). Place rag or shoptowel overthe 12 mm banjobolt.Fuelline leakage. then back on again and read the fuel pressure.. is tirst check the fuel pump (seepage 1'1156). REGULAIOA 12 mm EANJO BOLT Stan the engine. Inspec'tior l 2. .0.

10. 7. from the fuel iniectors the 2. Disconnect fuel rail. from the intakemanifold. D16Y8 engine). V Y E Y SEAL RING Replace.then disa 3. CUSHION Replace. 4. Keep open flames away lrom your wotk alea.m. valve(D16Y5. 11 -1 5 2 . NOTE:lllustration showsD16Y8 i D16Y5 nginessimilar. ffi ffi E V O. Disconnect vacuumhosesfrom the fuel pressure the Disconnect vacuum hosesand 2P connectorfrom the EVAPpurge the connectit from the fuel pressureregulator. D16Y8 engine: engine. SEAL RING Replace. 11. 8. Coatnew O-rings into the fuel railfirst. Remove retainer the the 5.m kgf.2 8. 11.m kg{. Slidenew cushionringsonto the fuel injectors. Relieve fuel pressure the (D16Y7 the engine:Remove air cleaner).FuelSupplySystem Fuellnjectors Replacement !@ Do not smoke when working on the luel system. controlsolenoid nuts on the fuel rail.ft) engine: D16Y7 'r2N.7tbtfr) V EVAP PURGE CONTROL SOLENOID VALVE ffi ffi g g O-RING Replace. CUSHION RING Replace. and pressthem intothe intakemanifold.7 tbf.2 8. with cleanengineoil. 151). Insertthe fuel injectors Coatnewsealringswith cleanengineoil. the 6.RING Replace. Remove fuel iniectors D15Y5. (seepages11-150. 1. and put them on the fuel injectors. 9. Place shop towel overthe fuel returnhose. Disconnect connectors regulator.m. e 12 N.

't2. D16Y8 engine).thencheck this whetherthereis anyfuel leakage.but do not operate starter. then installthem in the intakemaniin fo ld.installthe tuel injectors the fuel rail first. two the fuel pressure the tuel line rises. Turn the ignitionswitchON (ll). Installand tightenthe retainer nuts. 11 . Connectthe vacuum hosesand fuel return hoseto the fuel pressureregulator. Connect the vacuum hosesand 2P connector the EVAPpurgecontrolsolenoid to valve(D16Y5.11. (D16Y7 1 4 . To preventdamageto the O-rings. Installtheconnectors the fuel injectors on engine:Install the air cleaner). in Repeat two or threetimes. the Afterthe fuel pump runsfor approximately seconds.1 5 3 . 1 3 .

2kg{.46 psi} {with the fuel pressureregulator vacuum hose disconnectedand pinched) Replacement Do not smoke while working on fuel sys@ tem. riseswhen the vacuum Check that the fuel pressure is regulator disconnected hosefrom the fuel pressure a g an . r I n s t a l lt h e f u e l p r e s s u r e e g u l a t o ri n t h e r e v e r s e orderof removal. 3.7 tbtft) 2. 2. 3.r e p l a c e h e f u e l d pressure regulalor. 1 . I t l f t h e f u e l p r e s s u r e i d n o t r i s e . 11-1 5 4 . Replace. Attachthe specialtool(s)to the servicepon on the f u e lf i l t e r( s e ep a g e s 1 ' 1 5 01 5 1 ) . Removethe two 6 mm retainerbolts and the fuel pressure regulator. fuel pressure then relieve the Disconnect vacuumhoseand fuel returnhose.3. 38 . Pressureshould be: 260 .310 kPa {2. and carefully Apply cleanengineoil to a new O-ring. 1.m (1. regulator. Keepopsn llame away from your work area. Keep open !@ tlamesaway lrom your work area. R e c o n n e ctth e v a c u u mh o s e t o t h e f u e l p r e s s u r e regulator. installit into its properposition. CLAMP FUEL PRESSURE TOR FUELPRESSURE REGULATOR 12 N.2 kgf/cm'. 1.FuelSupplySystem FuelPressure Regulator Testing Do not smoke during the test.m. 8. Place shoptowel underthe fuel pressure a (seepages11-150.7. 151).

4 kg{.m kgt 13.Fuel Filter RoplEcement . 27 tbtftl N.m. 27 tbf.46 psi)with the fuel pressure regu l a t o rv a c u u m h o s e d i s c o n n e c t e a n d p i n c h e d la f t e r d making sure that the tuel pump and the fuel pressure regulator OK. new washersas shown.8 ksf. are ' 1 . Relieve fuel pressure 151).2rbt. Place a shop towel underand aroundthe fuel filter.8 m. use . 7.38 .m. be careful to keop a safo distance betwssn battGry tgrminals and any tools.trl 11 . Remove he 12 mm banjobolt and the tuel feed t pipetrom the fuel filter. 9. T h e f u e l f i l t e r s h o u l d b e r e p l a c e d h e n e v e rt h e f u e l w pressure drops belowthe specified value 1260 310 kPa 12.ftl . C l e a nt h e f l a r e d j o i n t o t h i g h p r e s s u r eh o s e s thoroughlybeforereconnecting them. 1.2 shown.m {3. {seepages11-150.ftl 37 N.0 lg{ m.m. 25 tbf. While roplacing th€ tusl filtar. Remove tuel filter clampand fuel filter. the I n s t a l l t h e n e w f u e l f i l t e r i n t h e r e v e r s eo r d e r removal.7 3. K6op Do not open fbme away from your work area.m ll.ftt (3.while supponingit with the anotherwrench.8 N. and notetheseitems: .1 5 5 ..m . When assembling.2 kgtlcm.4 *gf.m (3.rn. 25 rbf.ftl r!@ smoke while working on fuel systsm.96 MODEL: 12 mm BAt{JO AOLT 33 N.97 AND LATERMODELS: 12mm BANJO BOLT 33 N.0 kg(.

2. the 4.a.1 6 . PUMP FUEL {YEL/ GRNI IGN 1 (YEL/GRNI JUMPERWIRE torminals Wiresideof temale betweenthe Checkthat batteryvoltageis available fuel pump connector terminalNo. 20). Y l----r FUELPUMP (YEL/GRNI 3.FuelSupplySystem FuelPump Testing Do not smoke during the test.lf the groundis OK. 1 and body ground whenthe ignition switchis turnedON (ll).checkit as follows: 1.6 m. Installpartsin the reverse L 5 11 . ground. Keep oPen @ tlame away trom you. work atea. 5 with a jumperwire. Disconnect 2Pconnector the Remove tuel pump mountingnuts. Remove seatcushion(seesection the panelfrom the floor. 1.1 5 8 ) .9N-m kgt 10. {. 2. the Remove fuel pump from the fuel tank. termimain relay7P connector Connect the PGM-Fl nal No.when it is ON (ll). check tuel pump the lf battery voltageis will hear fuel pump actually somenoiseif Vouholdyour earto the fuelfill portwith the The fuel pump should run for two fuel fill cap removed.then disconnectlhe fuel tank2P connector. checkthat the runs.lf the seconds fuel pump does not make noise. R€olacement Do not smoke while wotking on luel 3Y3!!@ tem. the (see checkthe wire harness lf there is no voltage. a lf you suspect problemwith the fuel pump. Remove access the Make sure the ignition switch is OFF. 5. 3. the Remove seatcushion(seesection20). CONNECTOR {c56sl tr: I I El d. p a g e1 ' l . orderof removal.ftl 7P {C. panelfrom the floor. 4 and No. Koopopen tlam€s away from your work area.replace fuel pump.|3) PGM-FI MAINRELAY CONNECTOR \. when ignitionswitchis first turnedON (ll). Wire side of female terminals from the tuei pump.3 tbr. Remove access the ACCESSPANEL 4.

It the engine starts andcontinues run. main relayis OK. .PGM-FIMain Relay Descliption The PGM-Fl main relay actuallvcontainstwo individual relays. 1 FUELPUMP No. 4 terminalof the PGM-Fi . To GROUND To ECM. To ST. lfthere is continuity. 5 terterminalto the No.replacethePGM-Fl main relay and retest. 3 minal and the batterynegative main relay.7 N o . go . the fuel injectors. to supplypowerto the fuel pump.FI MAITI RELAY '1. . FGM. .3 No. lf there is no continuity. on to step4./PCM A24} {A1'1.Then checkthat terminalof the PGM-Fl there is continuitybetweenthe No. 1 terminal of the PGM-Flmain relay.Then checkfor the No. 5 No. 1 main relay. main replace PGM-Fl the relayand retest. 6 terminalof the PGM-FI main relav.and when the engineis running. 6 terminal and the batterynegative terminalto the No. 5 terminaland main relay. 6 To BAT @ To lGN. Attachthe batterypositive terminalto the No. No. ll the fuel pump still does not work.Then checkthat terminalof the PGM-FI there is continuitybetweenthe No. whenever ignitionis on which the One relayis energized power to suppliesthe batteryvoltageto the ECM/PCM. Relay Testing NOTE: . lf there is no continuity. No. Attachthe batterypositiveterminalto the No. PGM-Fl the main relayis OK. lf thereis continuity. {cont'd) 11-157 .go to Harness Testingon the nextpage. on to step3. 2. lf thereis continuity. l b ignorethe terminalnumbersmoldedinto the relay. Remove PGM-FI the main relay. go . 7 terminaland No. This relay is locatedat the right side of the cowl. 2 terminal and the batterynegative terminalto the No. lf there is nocontinuity.the PGM-Fl to . 2 No. and power for the secondrelay. main replace PGM-Fi the relayand retest. SWITCH To ECM/PCM(A To FUELPUMP Attachthe battervDositive terminalto the No. U s et h e t e r m i n an u m b e r s e l o w .The for when the ignisecondrelayis energized two seconds tion is switchedON (ll). 5 terminaland No. No.4 tercontinuitybetween minalof the PGM-FI main relay.

sls IBLU/WHTI 3 a 5 E 7 2 ( T op a g e1 1 . - Checkfor an open or short in th6 wir€ (lGl line): 1. Ropair open o1 short in thg wire b€nrvo€n th€ PGM-FImain r6layand the No. 7 and body ground.FuelSupplySystem PGM-FI Main Relay(cont'dl Circuit Troubleshooting Engine will not siart. Repair open or short in tho wire b€tw6€n th6 FGM-FImain r6lsy and the Fl E/M 115Al fu3o. 2. 3.1 5 9 ) 11 .1 5 8 . Roolac€ the No. Measurethe voltage between t h e P G M .in relay and G101. M/T: Clutch pedal must be depressed. ls there battery voltage? - Checklor an open 01 short in the wi. Check for an open in the wiro IGNDline): 1. 13 FUEL PUMP{15A} tusc. Disconnect the PGM-FImain relay7P connector. 2 and connector body ground.e {STSline): 1. nectorterminal 3 and body ground. 2. ON 2.FI MAINRELAY CONNECTOR lca.Checkfor continuitybetween the PGM-FI main relay7P con' No.lay box. A"lT:Transmission E or in E position. 13 FUEL PUMP115 fus6 in th€ underA) dash fuso/rolay box.5 and body ground. Turnthe ignitionswitchOFF. Inspection ot PGM-FI main relay and relay harness. Measurethe voltage between the PGM-Fl main relay7P connectorterminal No. NOTE: . ReDleco Fl E/M l'15Alfus6 the in th6 und€r-hood tuso/r. Turnthe ignition switch (ll). Repairopen in the wire betweon m. Turnthe ignitionswitchto the ( STARTlll) position. the PGM-FI 7P PGM. .Bl Wiresideof female terminals Checkfor an open or short in the wire (BATlinel: M e a s u r ev o l t a g e b e t w e e nt h e PGM'Flmain relay 7P connector terminalNo.F I a i n r e l a y7 P m t€rminalNo.

. ON 4. wi. Checktor continuitybetween the PGM-FI main . Reconnect ECM/PCM the connectorA (32P).0 or less? V Ch.ble. Measur€voltage between ECM. 2. ECM/ PCM: '1. Chack for an open in the wiro3 {lGPl.a n d b e t w € e n A24and A10. A Roplecotho No.5 A} fuse in tho undor-dalh fu3o/rclaybox.nd thc PGM-FI main lolay.y lroo pagc 11. FLR IGRN/YEL) 2 12 I t PGl IELK} l s o l r l l e l e lr r l a l 5 t6 21 11 ta l 9 20 2a 30 221 23 2a ls there'1.PCM connectorterminals A 1 1 a n d A 1 0 . lGP2line3l: 1. 2.e betw.A24l . Sub.elay 7P connectorterminal No. ECM/PCMCONNECTOR t32Pl A 3 5 I ll t 5 l 6 t 7 ta t 9 20l. 1 and ECN4/ PCMconnector terminalA16. Turnthe ignitionswitchOFF. 3. IFLRlin6l: 1.titut./ 2A 4 l 3 0 l / 2t 21 22 23 2a Wirosideof lemalelerminals Raprir op6n in the wire bgtwaen t h o E C M / P C Ml A 1 6 ) a n d i h 6 PGM-FImain .nd tho No. nectorA (32P). 31 STARTER SIGNAL 17. ! known-good ECM/ PCM and . R. ECM/FCM {A11.l ECM/PCM. 31 STARTER SIGNAL {7. 7P PGM-FI MAIN RELAY CONNECTOR IC'4|II FLR rcRNNEL] 1 2 6 3 - o FLR IGRN/YEL) I 2 12 t l a Ch.check. 11 . Turnthe ignition switch (ll).(Frompage11-158| Fcprir opono.n the lhe PGM-FI main for sn opon in th.pair opon in th. tho PGM-FImain relay. an op6n in thG wir.1571. Oisconnect ECM/PCM the con. to.1 5 9 . Turn the ignitionswitchOFF.3hon in tho wirc baaw6. 2.€n th. Reconnect the PGM-Flmain relay connector..Fl main 6lry . lf orcacribod voltaga ii now rv.lay.5 tuso. rcplace thc origin. Measu e voltage between r ECM/PCM connectorterminals A16and A10whenthe ignition switchis firstturnedON (llltor two seconds. PGl (BLKI 5 8 9 l2 t 3 t5 t6 1 1 tl t 9 20 30 22 z tI r l IGP2 IYEL/BLKI n 2A 4 ls there batteryvoltage? Ch.

partsin the reverse 14. 147).m {5. TANK STRAPS DRAINBOLT 4t avoiddamaging them.m.FuelSupplySystem FuelTank Rsplacement @ 1. Disconnect 2P (C565) and 3P (C564) connectors KL the (LX) model). then twist hosesas you pull. Disconnect hoses(seepage 11-146). the Slidebackthe clamps.underthe tank.ttl 11 . Jackup the vehicle. Bemovethe drain bolt. Removethestrap nuts. 10. Remove access the (96 D16Ygengine{coupe)'97 Dl6Y7 engine(coupe: model. the panelfrom the floor.sedan:KL model '98-allmodels): sedan:KL engine all and 6P (C568) connectorl. the Remove seatcushion(seesection20). 3. 12. and supportit with jackstands. 28 tbtft) BASEGASKET Replace.0kgl. 7.'97D16Y8 (coupe: models. lf it stickson the undercoat lly the appliedto its mount. WASHER Replace. 13.m (3. 6. 9. a 11. Do not smokewhile working on fuel system.thencoatthedrain bolt with Noxrustl24B. the 8. Remove fuel tank. Install the drain bolt with a newwasher.or othersuppon.and let the strapsfall free. Place jack. Remove fuel tank cover('96.Keepopanflame away from your work aroa.9kgl.carefu pry it off the mount. 4. \ BASE GASKET Replace.m. 5.Allowthe Noxrustdryfor20 minutes. Installtheremaining orderof removal.'97 model)orthefuel hosejoint protector.1 6 0 . Relieve fuel pressure 151). (seepages11-150. 2. 38 N. Disconnect hoseand quick-connect the fittings(seepages11-146. 36 lbf. and drainthefuel into an approved container.

intakeair duct. Dl6Y5.From PGM-FI I MAIN RELAY D16Y7 sngin€: ORN BLK/ 8tu VARIOUS SENSORS BLK (ROTARYI IAC VALVE RESONATOR 11 .Air Cleaner of in additional silencing A Body {TB).From PGM-FI MAIN RELAY VARIOUS SENSORS BLK IROTARYI ENGINE IACVALVE COOLANT D15Y5 engine{CWl.IntakeAir System SystemDescription (ACL). resonator the intakeair pipe provides as air is drawn into the svstem.ldle Air Control(lAC)Valveand intakemanitold.Throttle The systemsuppliesair for all engineneeds. Dl6Y8 angine (M/Tl YEL/ BLK _ .lt consists the intakeair pipe. D16Y8 enginelA/T)' lrutne umrrrolo YEL/ BLK .1 6 1 .

112inl HOUSING Dl6Y7 engine: Dl6Y7 engine: LOCKNUT AIUUSTING DEFLECNON 10-12mm B l a .c conditionr: (Usenormalschedule except in dusty conditions) Replace every 15. fan 2.000milos (48.1/2in. D16Y5. Repair necessary. air dry Dl6Y5.then retighten locknut.000 whichever comesllrsl.Hold the engineat 3.then let it idle.lntakeAir System (ACLI Air Cleaner NOTE. Also checkthe throtaccelerator tle valve to be sure it returnsto the idle position you release accelerator whenever pedal. loosen the locknut. ThrottleCable Inspection/Adiustmont 1.12 mm l3/8.000 mil6s(48. the With the cableproperlyadjusted.1 2m m 13l8.000 or 24 km) months whichevercomes first. the L 11 -1 6 2 . Cable deflection shouldbe 10. It de{lection is not within specs.l. Do not cleanthe ACL elementit with compressed (except type). Startthe engine. as 3. D16Y8 engine: CABLE DEFLECTION 1 0 .000rpm with no load(ly'Tin E or @ position.D16Y8 engino: ACL ELEMENT Normal conditionsi Replacg cleanerelement every air 30.000 miles (24.000 kml or 24 months whichovercomes first. Check that the throttlecableoperates smoothlywith no bindingor sticking. Sovorocondhion3: (Usenormal schedule except in dustyconditions) Replace every'15. checkthe throttle valve to be sure it opens fully when you push the pedalto the floor. Sova. Checkcable free play at the throttle linkage. Mff in neutral) until the radiator comeson.1 1 2^ l i ACL ELEMENT Normrl condhion3: Replace cleaner air element every 30. turn the adjusting untilthe deflection as specinut is fied.000 km) or '12months whichevercomesfirct.

2 tbt'ttl Startthe engine.then installthe throttle .D16Y8 NUT ADJUSTING D16Y7 €ngine: ADJUSTING NUT 9. D16Y8 engine: CABLE LOCKNUT engin€: Dl6Y5.m {1. 5. D16Y5. in fan the radiator comeson. then let it idle. c a b l ei n t h e t h r o t t l el i n k a g e a n d i n s t a l lt h e c a b l e housingin the cablebracket. Removethe cablesheathfrom the throttle bracket. nut resetthe adjusting and tightenthe locknut. 11-163 . A S e t t h e l o c k n u to n t h e c a b l e b r a c k e t ./T E or E position.8 N.m.removingall slackfrom the caore. d j u s t t h e nut adjusting so that its free play is 0 mm. 4.Hold the engineat 3. Hold the cablesheath.0kgf.lnstallation 'L Openthe throttlevalvefully.000rpm with until M/T in neutral) no load(A. 7.

. Inspection 1 . 11-1 6 4 .) play in the Replace throttlebody it there is excessive the throttlevalveshaftor if the shaftis bindingor sticking. .T h e i d l e adjustingscrewwhich regulates bypassair is locatthe ed on the top of the throttlebody. It thereare any abnormalities. D16Y5.} D16Y7 engine: {Do not adiust. engine). Excessive wear or play in the throftlevalveshaft. checkfor: . Stickyor bindingthrottieleverat the fully closed position.d r a f t y p e ( D 1 6 Y 7 . C h e c kt h a t t h e t h r q t t l ec a b l e o p e r a t e ss m o o t h l y without bindingor sticking.Dl6YB engine: THROTTLESTOP SCBEW {Do not adiust. Clearance betweenthrottlestop screwand throttle leverat the fully closedposition.IntakeAir System ThrottleBody Doscription side-draft type The throttlebody is eithera single-barrel { D 1 6 Y 5 D 1 6 Y 8e n g i n e )o r a d o w n . The lower portionof the throttlevalve is heated b y e n g i n e c o o l a n t f r o m t h e c y l i n d e r h e a d .

ftt GASKET Repl6ce.Removal D16Y5. . adjustthe throttlecable(seepage11-162). 16tbf. The TP sensoris not removable. Do not adjustthe throttlestop screw.2*gl.m. o After reassembly. D16Y8 engine: D15Y7 engine: IAT SENSOR AIF CTEANEF IACLI MAP SENSOB 22Nm 12. CAALE THROTTLE NOTE: .1 6 5 . (cont'd) 11 .

TP SENSOR O-RING IDLEADJUSTING SCREW IAC VALVE kgf.IntakeAir System ThrottleBody(cont'dl Disassembly Dl6Y5.5 lbf.m 10.m.m kgf. 1.2. 10.m (0.21 1.m.1 N.21kgf.35 D16Y7 engine: 2.5N.1 N.ftl MAP SENSOR page'1167 Troubleshooting.1 6 6 .ft) MAP SENSOR p6ge11-67 Troubleshooting.5lbt.Dl6Y8 engine: 2.rn. 11 .5lbtftl 3.

Stan the engine.then checkthat the headlights are off.Ke€p E@ any open flam€ away from your work area. raisethe enginespeedabove 1. Dl6Y7 engine: ENGINE SIDE i TailpipeEmission Inspection Do not smoke during this procodure.Emission ControlSystem SystemDescription The emissioncontrol system includesa Three Way Cata(TWC). accelerator then slowly release pedal. CO metershouldindicate 0. a D16Y8 engine: Checkand. Stan the engine.000rpm with no load (Ay'T E or E position. adjustthe idle speed (see p a g el l .lf the idle speedincreases to 810 f 50 rpm. if necessary. fan Connect tachometer. the (cont'd) HOUSING 11-167 . ) N O T E :( C a n a d aP u l l t h e p a r k i n gb r a k el e v e r u p . and conven hydrocarbons oxides of nitrogen(NOx) in the exhaustgas to carbon (Nr)and watervapor. rearwindow defogger. NOTE:'98 D16Y5 engine. Warm up and calibrate CO meteraccording the the to metermanufacturer's instructions.The emis{EVAP) sion control system is designedto meet federaland state emission standards. then let it idle. dinitrogen Dl6Y5.and air conditioner off. this meansthe EVAPsystemis purgingthe c8nister.1%maximum. in N4/T neulral) in until the radiator comeson. stop the purgingtemporariTo ly. PositiveCrankcase system and Evaporative Emission Controlsystem.carbonmonoxide(CO). dioxide(CO?). 1. Checkidle CO with the headlights.000rpm with the pedal. lytic Converter ExhaustGas Recirculation {EGR) Ventilation(PCV) system*. heater blower.Hold the engineat 3. *: D16Y5 engine ThreeWayCatalytic Converter (TWC) Description The Three Way CatalyticConverter(TWC) is used to (HC). cooling fan.1 4 1 ) .

Test-drive 0 . Intelmitlent trilure. \ 11 . troubleshoot those DTCS first. P0138: Secondary HO2S(Sensor 2) P0141: Secondary H02S (Sensor Heater 2) PossibleCause .H o l d t h e engine at 3. DTC P0420b stored. 2 .t w o m i n u t e s . Do the ECM/PCM ResetProce' dure. 4. then troubleshoot DTCP0420. Problgmverfficationi 1. 3. ] P0420 I tne scantool indicates Description This systemevaluates catalyst's the capacity meansof the HO2S(Primary by and Secondary) outputduringstabledriving conditions. S t a r tt h e e n g i n e . ayrlom ia OK at thi3 timc. Then reduce the vehiclespeedto 35 mph. MIL comeson and DTCP0420 the will be stored. P0137. and try to hold it until the readiness codecomeson. deterioration beendetected lf has duringtwo consecutive drivingcycles. roplacethe TWC.000rpm with no load (A/Tin E or E the TWC {seesection9}.T h e n decelerate at least 3 sec for o n d s w i t h t h e t h r o t t l ec o m pletely closed. Ch. lf nocessary. TWC Deterioration .Emission ControlSystem (TWC) (cont'dl ThreeWayCatalytic Converter Diagnostic TroubleCode(DTC) PO42O: Catalyst systemefficiency belowthreshold. NOTE:lf some of the DTCS listedbelow are storedat the same time as DTCP0420.55 mph for 4 a p p r o x . Exhaust systemleakage TroubleshootingFlowchart The MIL hes beenreoortedon. Connect SCSservice the connector. M/T in neutral) untilthe radiator fan comeson.1 8 6 .

the ECMcuts curlf which is determined signalssentfrom the other sensors.EGRvacuumcontrolvalve. there is any difference by vacuumaoolied the EGRvalve. lt of valveand the intakemanifoldinto the combustion EGRcontrolsolenoid valve. to rent to the EGRcontrolsolenoid valveto reduce EGR CONTROL VALVE SOLENOIO cVT. BLK 4 EGRVALVELIFTSENSOR BLK I 1-16 9 . is composed the EGRvalve.ECMand varioussensors.System(Dl6Y5enginel Exhaust GasRecirculation {EGR) Description to exhaustgasthroughthe EGR The EGRsystemis designed reduceoxidesot nitrogenemissions {NOx)by recirculating chambers. The EGRvalve lift sensordetects The ECMcontainsmemoriesfor ideal EGRvalve litts for varyingoperatingconditions.The ECMthen compares with the idealEGRvalvelift betweenthe two. it to the amountof EGRvalvelift and sendsthe intormation the ECM.

DTC P0401b stored. Do the ECMReset Procedure. Clogging. Problomveriticetion: 1. Connect SCSservice the connector. FaultyEGR valve TroubleshootingFlowchart The MIL has been. Testdriveunderthe following conditions.Emission ControlSystem (EGR) Exhaust GasRecirculation System(D16Y5 engine){cont'dl The scantool indicates Diagnostic TroubleCode(DTC) P0401: Insufficient flow in the Exhaust GasRecirculation (EGR) svstem. of It deterioration has been detectedduring two consecutive driving cycles.)in the EGRline or EGRvalve is detectedby meansof the changesin MAP before and afterthe operation the EGRvalve. DescriDtion (clogging. 3. leakage the EGRline in . Clean the passag€inside the EGR valve with carburetor cleanerot toplac€the velve. sy3tcm is OK at thb time. .the MIL will come on and DTCPO4O1 be will stored..eoortadon. Cledn th6 intake mrnifold EGR port with calburetor deana.Withoutany electdcal load . Deterioration leakage. etc. PossibleCauses .Deceleratfrom 55 mph e {88 km/h)for at least 5 sec onds Intermittont tlilure. 11-170 . 2.

Hg A973X-fi1 -XXXXX ls there6ny vacuum? Check vacuum hose . Stanthe engineand let it idle. 4. 16 hose for l T o p a g e1 1 .eDortedon.000rpm with no load (transmissionin E] or E position) until the radiator fan tor a mrlfunction in tho EGRcomrcl lolonoid v. R€check the No. {EGR YES Ch. Conn€ctthe SCS serviceconnector. is Probl. CvT (M/T seepao€ 11-174): Tha MIL h'3 boan.m verificstion: 1.1 7 2 ) PUMP/GAUGE. D i s c o n n o ctth e E G Rc o n t r o l solenoid valve2Pconnector. VALVE Subrtitute a known-good ECM .y. EGR VALVE LIFTSENSOR #16 HOSE Ch. .outing ot the entirs EGR 3y3tom. S t a r t t h e e n g i n e . (cont'd) 11-171 .500 rpm range. DTCP1. r.191 sto. Checktor Door conngctions or looaa wire3 at.lf lymptom/indication goar aw. C144 vrlvol and ECM.od.: 1 .placa th6 oJiginll ECM. systom is OK at thb tirno.H o l d ! h e engineat 3. Dsconnectthe 16hosetrom No.eplsce the EGR control solenoidvrlve. 10 minutes. Intermittgnt in. C o n n e c ta v a c u u m p u m p / gauge the hose. th€ EGR valve. tor vacuum to the EGR Gas Recirculation P1491: malfunction the Exhaust A TroubleCode (DTC) Diagnostic The scantool indicates (EGR) system. 3 .nd r€check. 2.Try to keepthe enginespeedin the '1. 2 . to 3. lf hose routing is OK. Drivethe vehicleon the road for approx. Do the ECMResetProcedure.

With the engineat .30 PUMP/GAUGE.dle. 3 .2.1 7 1 ) p #16HOSE VACUUM Check tor a malfunction in the EGRvalve: 1. Turnthe jgnitionswitchOFF. Startthe engineand let it idte.0 in. 1 6 a n d N o . A t t h e E G Rc o n t r o ls o l e n o i d valve side. c o n n e c tt h e b a t t e r y negative terminalto the EGF controlsolenoid valve2P connectorterminal No.Hg) ofvacuum theEGR to valve. Reconnect vacuumpump/ tho gaugeto the No.Hg) vacuum of whhin l second? \ (Topage11-173) 11-172 . 2. .7kPa(200 mmHg. \ EGRCONTROL SOLENOIO VALVE 2P CONNECTOR li.El E el lo Terminal sideol maleterminals Checkthe vacuum ho3€a: 1.Emission ControlSystem (EGR) Exhaust GasRecirculation System(D16Y5 engineGWI (cont'dl ( F r o m a g e1 1 .Hg A973X-041-XXXXX *nj- . No.0 in.1 0 th hosestor leaks.8. I n s p e c t e N o .restrictionsor mrsrout|ng. 2.apply 26.7kPa{200mmHg. Movethe vacuumpump/gauge to the EGR valve. 26. 4 .0 in. 16 hose. W h i l ew a t c h i n g h e v a c u u m t g au g e . Doesthe engine stallor run roughand doesthe EGRvalve hold vacuum? Checkthe vacuum routing: 1. ls thereapprox.8. 2 . connectthe baftery positiveterminal to the EGR control solenoidvalve connectorterminal 1.w.

Bopair open in the wir€ betwoen tho EGR control sol€noidvalve and G101.2.( F r o m a g e1 1 1 7 2 ) p EGRCONTROL SOLENOID VALVE2P CONNECTOR {Cl42I Checkfor an open in the wire {E SOLlinel: 1. GND {8LKI Substitute e known-good ECM and recheck. the 2. Wire side of female terminals ESOL IFEDI ECM CONNECTOR A t32Pl ESOL IREDI Repeirop6n in lhe wire b€'twe€n the EGR control 3olenoid valv6 and the ECM lA?). replacethe originalECM. 2 and body ground. Check for an op6n in the wire (GND linel: Check {or continuity between the EGR control solenoid valve 2P con '1 nector terminal No. (cont'd) 1 1-173 . Checkfor continuitybetween l E C M c o n n e c t o t e r m a n a4 7 r and the EGRcontrolsolenoid v a l v e2 P c o n n e c t otre r m i n a l No. Wire side oI female terminals Ch€ck tor a short in the wir€ (ESOL line): between the Check continuity lor EGRcontrolsolenoid valve2P con nectorterminal No. Turn the ignitionswitchOFF. Disconnect ECMconnector A (32P)Irom ECM. the 4. lf symptom/indication goes away.e betwcen th€ EGR control solenoid valve and the ECMlA7l. Repril short in th€ wi. and body ground. Disconnect 2P connector from the EGRcontrolsolenoid the 3.

2. ry3tem i! OK at this timo.c{ion3 or looa6 wiros at Clil4 IEGRvllve) lnd ECM. 4. S t a r t t h e e n g i n e .wey.1 7 5 ) 11-174 . Wire side of fem. 2.a) 1 l s D T C P 1 4 9 1i n d i c a t e d ? 2 3 6 PNK IE. 3 ..6. Intermittont replaceth€ original ECM. Checktor poor conn. Disconnect EGRvalv6 6P the connector. Measurevoltage between th6 EGRvalve 6P connector termi nal No. EGR VA|V: 6PCOI{NECTOR lC14. Do the ECMReset Procedure.500rpm rang€. Connectthe battery positive terminalto EGRvalve6P con' nector terminal No.: 1.700 2.000rpm with no at load (transmission neutral) in untilthe radiatorfan comeson. 2. Turnthe 3. Wire side of mal€ torminals rr- EGRVALVE 5P CONNECTOR Chockthe EGRv. Probl6mvorification: 1. 4. Drive the vehiclo on the road for approx. 6.Try to keepthe enginespeedin the 1. Connect SCSservice the connector. 4. \ ( T op a g e1 1 . then conn6ctlh€ battery negative terminalto EGRvalve 6P connectorterminal No. Stan the engineand let it idle. 10 minutes. lf symplom/indication goe3.EGNI 1 G101 IBLKI Check tor r mallunction in the EGRvalve: L Startthe engine and let it idle.lo terminrls Sub3titute r known-good ECM and rcch.H o l d t h e engane 3.Emission ControlSystem Exhaust GasRecirculation SystemlD16Y5 enginel(cont'd) M/T: The MIL has be€nroportodon. 4 and No. OTCPl{)l is stor€d.

Disconnect ECMconnector the A (32Plfrom ECM. . EGR control 3ol€noid tha origind ECM.6. Turnthe ignitionswitchOFF. 't0 23 11 21 Wire side of female terminals Chock lor rn opgn in tho wir6 IGNDlinol: Checklor continuity betveen the EGRvalve6P connector terminal No. 2.nd rcchock. I E. the 3.3 away. (cont'd) 1-1 75 .(Frompage11-174) EGR VALVE 6PCONNECTOR tcla.lve and G101.EGF IorurrWire side E-EGR IPNKI of lemale tsrminals t32Pl 2 _j 8 3 a 12 1 3 1 4 t 5 t6 1 7 1 8 1 9 20 22 n a 30 25 21 Repairopon in tho wir6 betwcon tho EGRvalvc and tho ECM lA7l.apl.4 and body ground. ls therecontinuity? Repsir op€n in the wir€ b€twe€n th. Checkfor continuitybetween E C M c o n n e c t o t e r m i n a l4 7 r and the EGRvalve6P connector terminalNo. 1 2 3 { 0) ter-xt I G101 Subrtituta r known-good ECM .al 1 2 a Chockfor an op6n in the wire {E EGRlinel: 1. lt 3ymptom/indicalion go.

The MIL has boen reportedon. Turnthe ignition switch (ll). 3. Startthe engine. replac€the original ECM.cnsor. Chcck to. IEGR Check tor an op6n in the EGR valve lift sonso. vcc2 (YEL/BLUI sG2 (GRN/BLKI Wire side of female te.minals 11-176 . Measurevoltage between the EGRvalve lift seosor 3P (M/T: 6P)connector terminals No. wire3 at Cl/14 valv. Disconnect EGRvalve lift the sensor3P {M/T:6P)connector. DTCP14)8 is sto. 3 a n dN o .ed. ON 4. Measurevoltage between ECM connector terminals D10and D11.l and ECM. Wiro side of female teaminals €cM CoNNECTORtl6Pl O Substitute a known-good ECM and recheck. Turnthe ignitionswitchOFF. Problemvs. 2 . VALVE LIFTSENSOR lM/T: SPlCONNECTOR EGR 3P {Ct14l cw: vcc2 IYEL/BLUI SG2IGRN/BLKI ls thereapprox. V? 5 Ropairopon in th. wirg bctwoon ECM(D11) and EGRvalv. 2. lntermitt€fi failuro.litt. 3y3tem i3 OK at thL tim.iticstionl 1. V? 5 sG2 (GRN/ BLK} Chock tor opcn in the wire lSG2 linel. loo3. Do the ECMBeset Procedure.: 1.Emission ControlSystem Exhaust GasRecirculation System(D16Y5 engine) {cont'dl The scan tool indicatesDiagnostic Trouble Code (DTC)P'1498: high volrage problem in the ExhaustGas A (EGR) Recirculation valvelift sensorcircuit. 2.. ooor connoctions o. ll symptom/indication goe3away. vcc2 (YEL/ ALUI ls thereapprox.

When the enginestarts. Check the PCVhosesand connections leaksand for clogging.c h e c kt h e P C Vv a l v e s grommetfor cracksand damage. D16Y8 engine: Inspgqtion 1.Positive Crankcase Ventilation(PCV) System D€scription T h e P o s i t i v eC r a n k c a s e e n t i l a t i o n( P C V )s y s t e m i s V designedto preventblow-by gas trom escaping the to atmosphere.The PCV valve contains a spring-loaded plunger.lf the grommet is OK. the 11-177 . D16Y8 ongine: Gentlypinchhere. O16Y5. the plungerin the PCV valve is lifted in proportionto intakemanifoldvacuum and the blow-by gas is drawn directly into the intake manifold.replace PCVvalveand recheck. PCVVALVE D16Y7 engine: D16Y7 engine: Gently pinch here. :: ELOW-BY VAPOR e: FRESH AIR VALVE l f t h e r e i s n o c l i c k i n g o u n d .makesurethere is a clickingsoundfrom the PCVvalve when the hose betweenPCVvalve and intakemanifoldin lightly pinchedwith your fingers or olters. At idle. D16Y5.

The purgingvacuumis controlled the EVAPpurgecontrolsolenoid by valve. ' 9 7 D16Y8 engine(coupe: models./C COMPRESSOR CLUTCH ON and (41"C} INTAKE TEMPERATURE AIR ABOVE160"F \ C. EvaporativeEmission (EVAP)Control Canister An EVAPcontrolcanister usedtor the temporarystorageof luel vapor until the fuel vapor can be purgedfrom the is EVAPcontrolcanister into the engineand burned. KCmodels)l '97 D16Y7 l ' 9 6 D 1 6 Y 8e n g i n e ( c o u p e ) . ' 9 D 1 6 Y 5 n g i n e .s e d a n :K L ( L X ) m o d e l ) .Emission GontrolSystem (EVAP) Evaporative Emission Controls Dsscripiion The evaporative emissioncontrolsare designed minimizethe amount of fuel vapor escaping the atmosphere.h a t c h b a c k : l l m o d e l s ) .the valveopensand regulates flow of fuel vaporto the EVAP the controlcanister. all '98-allmodelsll ENGIN€ COOLANT TEMPERATURE ABOVE154'F(68"C) ENGINE COOLANT TEMPERATURE ABOVE154"F I68"C) INTAKE TEMPERATURE AIR ABOVE 32"F(O'C) ano VEHICLE SPEED ABOVE MILE(0 km/h) 0 or A. ' 9 6 1 6 Y 8 e D 7 e n g i n e( s e d a n ) . EVAPPURGE CONTROL SOLENOID VALVEDUTYCON. K L ( D X ) m o d e l s . engine ( c o u p e :K L m o d e l .sedan:KL model. to to The systemconsists the followingcomponents: of A. KC. TROLLED AFTER STARTING ENGINE e D I ' 9 6O 1 6 Y 5 n g i n e . ' 9 7 ' 1 6 Y 7 e D engine (coupe:KA. ' 9 6 1 6 Y 7 n g i n e . ' 9 7 a D16Y8 engine(sedan: KA. KC models. B.sedan: KA. 11-178 . FuelTank Vapor Control System Whenfuel vapor pressure the fuel tank is higherthan the set valueof the EVAP in two way valve. Vapor PurgeContfol System EVAPcontrolcanister purgingis accomplished dr6wingfreshair throughthe EVAP by controlcanister and into a pon on the intakemanifold.


KC models): enginelsedanl. D16Y5 engine.'97 D16Y7engine (coupe:KA.1 8 0 . KC mod6ls. D16Y8 EVAP PURGE CONIROL EVAP TWO WAY VALVE sot_ENotD VALVE MANIFOLD \ '96 D16Y7engine.Emission ControlSystem Emission Controls(cont'dl Evaporative '97 '96 D16YS '96 enginelsedan: KA. KC. MANIFOLD 11 .'97 D16YB engine. hatchback:all models): From EVAP PURGE CONTROL SOLENOID VALVE i:1" ----- No. 15 { ALTERNAToR SP SENSOR VARIOUS SENSORS BLK J- \. KL IDX) models. sedan: KA.*ro..

Turnthe ignition switch (ll).Hgl PRESSURE Problemvorilication: 1. ls thereapprox. (cont'd) 11 . sedan:KL (LXl modet). Disconnect fuel tank presthe suresensor connector.5 Ch€ckthe vacuurnlinos: C h e c kt h e v a c u u ml i n e s o f t h e fueltankpressure sensor misfor r o u t i n g .sodan:KL model.eported on. Turnthe ignition switch (ll).Hgl +t kP8 (50 mmHg. -2 in.and the ECM/PCM lD10l.'97 D16Y8 engins(coupe: allmodels. C568 llocatod under acce3s prnel). PTANK {LTGRN' Wiro side ol temale terminals FUELTANK PRESSUBE SENSOB 3P CONNECTOR tC792) vcc2 (YEL/BLU) Wire sideof femalet€rminals Repairopen in the wire belween tho tueltank pre3sur6sen3o. Monitorthe FTPSensorvolta g e w i t h t h e H o n d aP G M T e s t e r .5 ECM/PCMCONNECTOR Il6PI D Chockfor an opon in wire {VCC2 linel: 1.-daah tuse/relay boxJ. 2. C401 (located above unde. 2. the 3. The fuel tank pressure sensorconverts luel tank absolute pressure into electrical signalsand inputsthe ECM/PCM. I'96 D16Y8engine {coupe).FuelTank Pressure Senso.'97D16Y7€ngine (coupe:KL mod6l. Checktor ooor connections or loose wire3 at C131 {locatedunder right sid6 of dashl.o r m e a s u r ev o l t a g e b e t w e e nb o d y g r o u n d a n d ECM/PCM terminalD15. a clogging.5V? YES (Topage11-182) Intermittent tailur6. Turnthe ignitionswitchOFF. Do the ECM/PCM Reset Proce' dure. OUTPUT VOLTAGE tv) 4.1 8 1 . ls thereapprox. V? 2. ON 4. ON 5.l e a k a g eb r e a k a g e n d . 1 terminaland No.'98-all models)l: The scan tool indicates Diagnoslic Trouble Code (DTCI P0452:A low voltage problem in the Fuel Tank Pressure sensor.5 Th6 MIL has b€en . 3P 4. Measurevoltage between the fuel tank pressure sensor3P connector No. C792 (tuel tank pre33uresonsorl and ECM/ FCM.2 terminal. DTC P0452 b stored. Remove fuel fill cap.systom is OK at thb time. Are the vacuumlinesOK? -7 kPr (-50 mmHg. 2 in. 0. the 3. Reinstall fuelfill cap.

ReoairShort in the wire between the fueltank oressurcsensorand ECM/PCM tD15). V? 5 Wire sideof female terminals Check for a Short in the wire (PTANK line): 1.1 8 1 } FUELTANK PRESSURE SENSOR 3P CONNECTOR {C7921 PTANK (LTGRN) \ C h e c kt o r a s h o r t i n t h e w i r e line): IPTANK M e a s u r ev o l t a g e b e t w e e nt h e 3P fueltank pressure sensor connectorNo. replacethe orisinal ECM/PCM. 3 terminals 3P connector and body ground.EmissionControl System Controls(cont'dl Evaporative Emission p { F r o m a g e1 1 . Disconnect ECM/PCM the nectorD (16P). Checkfor continuitybetween sensor the fuel tank pressure No. 2 rermtnat. sG2 {GRN/BLK) ls thereapprox. Turn the ignitionswitchOFF. 3.ll symptom/ indicationgoes away. con 2. Sub3titut6 a known-good ECM/ PCM and recheck. 3 terminaland No. 11-1 8 2 .

breakageand cloggrng.2. age with the HondaPGM T e s t e r . 1 and No.5V? vcc2 (YEL/3LUI sG2 IGRN/BLKI Wir6 side of temale terminals Repai. C56Ellocatod undor accossD6ncl). Monitor the FTPSensorvolt. Turnthe ignition switch (ll). ls thereapprox.'97D15Y7ongins lcoupe:KL model.1 8 3 . the 3.all modelsll: The scantool indicates Diagnostic TroubleCode(DTC) P0453: high voltageproblemin the FuelTankPressure A sensor. Do the ECM/PCM Reset Procedure. Turnthe ignition switch (ll). ON 4. 2.o r m 6 a s u r ev o l t a g e b e t w e e nb o d y g r o u n d a n d ECM/PCM terminal015. sedan:KL (LX} model}.97 D16Y8 enginelcoupe:all models.!h}. Th6 MIL has beenroportodon. Remove fuelfill cap. poor connoctions or loo. the 3. Disconnect fuel tank presthe suresensor connector. Wiresidsof f6mals terminals FUEL TANK PRESSUAE SENSOR 3PCONNECTOR tC792) Chock for rn opon in the wire lSG2linol: 1.g wiros at C131 {locatodunder right side ol d.r-dash tuse/rolay boxl. op€n in thc wirc botwc€n the tuel tank pa633ure 36nsorend (D111. Are the vacuumlinesOK? ECM/PCM CONNECTORD (T6P} Problcmverificetion: 1. Chcck to. Turnthe ignitionswitchOFF. ECM/PCM Check tor an open in the wiro (PTANK linal: M e a s u r ev o l t a g e b e t w e e nt h e fuel tank pressure sensor con3P nector No. C401 llocrtod abovo und. Measure voltagebetween the fuel tank pressuresensor3P connectorterminals No.e.C792 (fuel tank prossurc s6n3or) and ECM/ FCM.2. s6dan:KL model.FuelTank Pressure Sensorf96 D16Y8ongine {coups). Chackthc vacuum lines: C h e c kt h e v a c u u m l i n e s o f t h e fuel tank pressure sensor misfor routing.'98. 3P 4. ls thereapprox. leakage. Reinstall fuelfill cap. sy3tem b OK at this tim6. ON 5.5 V? PTANK ILTGRNI Intermittont tailu. 2. ls thereapprox. V? 5 1 2 3 PTANK IGRN/NEDI sG2 IGRN/BLKI (To page11-184) (cont'd) 11 . 3 terminaland No. OTCP(X53 is stored.. 2 termanal.

lf symptom/ indicationgoes away. PTANK ILT GRNI SG2IGRN/BLK) Wire side of fsmal€ terminals Sub3litute a known-good ECM/ PCM .5V? open in th6 wir6 betweon E C M / P C M D 1 5 )a n d f u e l t a n k { pt033utesensol.ControlSystem Emission Emission Controls(cont'd) Evaporative (Frompage11 183) \ Check for an open in the wire {PTANKline}: Measurevoltage betweenECM/ P C M c o n n e c t o rt e r m i n a l sD 1 5 a n d0 1 1 . replaceth6 originalECM/PCM. 11-1 8 4 . D ECM/PCMCONNECTOR (16PI ls thereapprox.nd rech€ck.

ECM/PCMCONNECTOR I32P) A I 2 12 t 3 6 Doesthe valve hold vacuum? Check tho EVAP control crnialc.nbtet v.'97Dl6Y8 engine(coupe: modKL alt els. Fuelfill cao .sedan:KL {LX}modeU. R € m o v e t h e E V A Pc o n t r o l canister vent shut valvelrom the canister. EVAPControlCanister . Doesthe valv€hold vacuum? Roplrce the EVAP control cani. FuelTankPressure Sensor . 2. ON 4. The tool indicates Diagnostic TroubleCode tPl45?-l scan(EVAP detected controlcanister system).n reDoned DTCP1456or P1457i. ON 4.tcr vont rhut valvo. MIL has 3hort in the wirc betw€en lh6 EVAP control caniste.['96 Dl6Y8 engine(coupe]. EVAP ControlCanister VentShutValve . Throttle Body Troubl€shootingFlowchart Th. PossibloCauso . EVAPPurgeControlSolenoid ValveCircuit . 3. FuelTank .1 8 5 .Hg 4973X 041- xxxxx EVAP CONTROL CANISTER VENT SHUT VALVE O. Turnthe ignition switch (ll). to Doesthe valve hold vacuum? Chock tor a short in the wiro {VSV linol: Disconnect 2P connectorfrom the the EVAPcontrol canister vent Rop. Disconnect vacuum hose the from the EVAPthree way valve and connecta vacuum pumpto the hose. Applyvacuum tho hose.nt lhut valva: 1. FuelTankPressure SensorCircuit . EVAPBvDass Solenoid ValveCircuit . storcd. '98-all modolsll: tool Diagnostic (EVAP) TroubleCode(DTC) P1456: Evaporative Emission conlrolsystemteak tPEs6l The scan(fuelindicates detected tank system). ConnectECM/PCM connector terminal429 to body ground with a jumperwire. 3. Applyvacuumto the hose. Turnthe ignition switch (ll). vont 3hut valvo: 1. EVAPBypass Solenoid Valve .RING Replace. 2 . VacuumConnections . sedan:KL model. EVAP ControlCanister VentShutValveCircuit o EVAPPurgeControlSolenoid Valve .'97 Dl6Y7 sngine{coupe: model. Turnthe ignitionswitchOFF. v€nt shut valvo and the EcM/PcM la29l. a t5 t3 t t 7 a 9 to 23 ll 21 r8 t 3 20 a 4t 30 I 2 2a {LT GRN/WHTI JUMPERWIRE Wiresideof lemaleterminals (cont'd) {To page11-186) (To page 1l-186) 11 .0-30in. Ch6ck the EVAP control c. (DTCIP1457: (EVAp) Evaporative Emission controlsystemreaK VACUUM PUMP/GAUGE.

N O T E :E n g i n ec o o l a n tt e m peraturemust bo below 154"F (68'C)or Iy'Cswitch OFF. Turn the ignitionswitchON (ll). Disconnect vacuum hos6 th€ shown from the EVAPcontrol canrster and connecta vacuum gaugeto the hose. VACUUM PUII'P/ GAUGE. wi. Disconnect the 2P connector from the EVAPcontrolcanister v0nt shutvalv€. 3. Ouicklyraisethe engine spegd to 3. 2. Measurevoltage betwe€n the EVAPcontrolcanister vent shut valve 2P connectorterminal No. 4 .JAA_]{ Wiro sid€ ot lomsle t6rminals I -J- vsv (LTGRN^Vlff) Rapairop6n in thc wh6 batwaan iho EVAP control caniatar vant shut vrlvo end th. 15 ALTERNATORSP SENSOR {7. Ch6cktho vacuumwhan cold: 1.000rpm.2 and bodyground. tGl IBLK/YEL) Wire side of f€male torminal6 Rcpair opon in tha wirc batwoon tho EVAP control crnirtor vont lhut vdw rnd tho No. A ECrir/FcM @NNECTOfi {32P1 PGl (BLK) 2 12 l 3 '| t5 a rrlrrlllll @ l / l z l a l u l I ' l ' l I' l r l r l r o I r r I .n in th.ol canister vant rhut valva.5Al tu!.e (lG1linel: 1.Emission GontrolSystem Evaporative Emission Controls(cont'dl (Frompage11-185) (Frompage'1'l-185) EVAP CONTROL CANISTER VENT SHUT VALVE2PCONNECTOR {Cl41I Check lor an op. Turnthe ignition switch (ll). ON 4. 3.. ECM/PCM tA29t. Stan the engineand allow it to idle. Ch. Raolaccth6 EVAP cont. Turnthe ignitionswitchOFF.030in. 3.Hg A973X 041 xxxxx (Topage11-187) 8 11 . 2. 2.1 6 . Roconnect the 2P connector to the EVAPcontrol canister vent shutvalve. M e a s u r ev o l t a g e b e t w e e n ECM/PCM onn€ctor 6rmi t c nalsA29and A10. Turnthe ignitionswitchOFF.d( ior an op.n in tho wirr IVSV lin l: 1.

o. raplacc th. 4. Turnthe ignitionswitchOFF. 2 .000rpm. Wiro side ot temale t€rmrna|s Repairshort in the wira bgtween the EVAP purga control solonoid valvo and rhe EcM/PcM lA15l. Disconnect ECM/PCM connector A 132P). S t a r t t h e 6 n g i n e . Sub3titut. {PCSlincl: 1./ indication eoo3 away. 4 .ness side.000rpm with no loed {A/r in E or E position. Disconnect the 2P connector from the EVAPpurge control valve. Block the rear wheels and set the parkingbrak€. 3.cuum hoaerouting. (cont'd) {Topage11-188) (To page11-188| 11-187 . untilthe radiator WT in neutral) lan comeson. 3. 1 and body ground. Orricklyraisethe enginespeed to 3. It OK. Check for continuity botween the EVAPpurge controlsole' noid valve 2P connector terminal No. 15 ALTERNATOR SP SENSOR {7. Turnthe ignitionswitchOFF. Chcck for an opcn in th6 wire llcl linoll At the harnossside. tGl IBLK/YEL} Ropai. then let it idle. Ch6cktor vacuum at the vac' uum hos6 with lransmission in ge6r {A/T in B position. the EVAP purge control robnoid velvol 1.5Al fu36. replaco lho EVAP purge contrcl solonoidvalve. 1 a n dN o . 2 and body ground. Inspectv. Turnthe ignitionswitchOFF. Startthe engine. moasure v o l t a g e b e t w e e nt h e E V A P purgo control solenoidvalve 2P connectorterminsl No. 3. At the ha.olonoid valvoi l. Chcck tor a short in the wir. 2. roplace EVAP purg6 control solonoidv6lvo. Jack up tho front ot the vehicle and support it with salety slands. lf OK. 2. control . solonoid 2. 5. Ouicklyraisotho ongine sp66d to Chacktha vrcuum whcn hoti 1. Disconnect 2P connector the from the EVAPpurgo control solenoid valve and worm it up to normal operatingtom peratureagain it necessary. lf symptom. ls there batteryvohage? PCS {RED/YELI Intp€ct vacuum hoa! routing. a known-good EGM/ PCM lnd r.H o l d t h e engin€ at 3. Chock th6 EVAP purg. EVAPPURGE CONTROL SOI:NOID VALVE2P OONNECTOR lC11.000rpm. M/T in 1st gear) after starling the €ngine.(Frompage11-186) Ch.measurcvoltago b€twoenthe EVAPpurge control solenoidvalve 2P connector terminal No. ANdthC NO. ECM/FCM. open in the wiro lrotwean EVAPpurga control 3olcnoid valv.

Turnthe ignition to 2. EVAP TWOWAYVALVE Rooair3hort in tho wirc botween EVAP bypass 3ol. Disconnect vacuum hose the from the EVAPtwo way valve and connecta vacuumpump to the hose. Repl. \ Checkthe EVAPtwo way valvsl See EVAPtwo way valve test (see p a g e1 1 ' 1 9 3 1 . replace the original ECM/PcM. ON 3.ControlSystem Emission Controls{cont'd} Emission Evaporative ( F r o mp a g e ' 1 1 ' 1 8 7 ) |5 A ECM/PCMCONNECTOR {32P) PGI {BLKI (Frompage11 187) Check for an open in the wire {PCSline}: switchOFF. Applyvacuumto the hose. Turnthe ignition 3.1 8 9 1 \ 11-188 .good ECM/ PCMand ratest.€ I2WBSline): lrom the Disconnect 2P connector the EVAPbypasssolenoidvalve. O. PCS {RED/YELI wire sid€ ot female !ermrnatS Repairopen in the wire botween th6 EVAP purga cont.ol solenoid v. Measurevoltage between ECM/PCM connectorterminals A 1 5a n dA 1 0 . swhchON (lli.lve and the EcM/PcM lA15l. Does the valve hold vacuum? l T o p a g 61 1 .RING Replace. switch {ll). Turnthe ignition 4.c€the EVAPtwo way v. EVAP TWO WAY Subrtitute a known.Hg 4973X 041- xxxxx EVAPBYPASS SOLENOID VALVE Checkthe EVAP bypa$ solenoid 1. Reconnect 2Pconnector the the EVAPpurge controlsole_ noidvalve. 2. It symptom/indication goe3 away.0 in.noid valve and rhe EcM/PcM {A281. PUMP/ -30 GAUGE. Doesthe valvehold vacuum? U Check tor a short in the wi. 1.lve.

4. vacuum hososand connoctions PGl (BLK} = 12 l 3 6 t6 1a 1 1 tt 21 l r l l . 1 and body ground. 2. 2A 29 3 0 2WBS IBLUI JUMPER WIRE Does valve hold vacuum? Wire sid€ of femal6 terminals SOLENOID EVAPBYPASS VALVE2P CONNECTOR {C79i}l tG1 (BLK/WHTI Wire sido of lemale terminals Ropai. ConnectECM/PCM connector terminal A28and bodyground with a iumperwire.1 8 9 . ls there batteryvoltage? (cont'd) 11 . T!rn the ignition switch (ll).(Frompage11-188) Checkthe EVAP bypasssolenoid 1. Check the following part3 lor l e a k a g e t o a t m o s p h e r e . Measurevoltage between ECM/PCM connectorterminals A28andA10. Disconnect 2P connector the from the EVAPbypass sole 3. ON 4. Turnthe ignitionswitchOFF. Iuel tank pressuresensoa .lal za l yl -J-- a 2WBSIBLUI wirs side of female l6fmrn6ls Ropai. Measure voltagebetween the EVAP bypasssolenoidvalve 2 P c o n n e c t otre r m i n a lN o . Turnthe ignitionswitchOFF. 2. l e l r oI i r I tolal. Turnthe ignition switchON (ll).5 tu36.33 3olenoid valv. Turnthe ignition switch (ll). ON ECM/PCMCONNECTOR I32PI A 5 I 1 9 2A I lo 23 '12 t 3 r5 t 6 25 27 It tl 2a Check for an opon in tha wire llGl linel: 1. open in the wirc botwoon EVAPpurg6 control solonoid valve snd the No. 3. tuel vapor pipe . opon in the wiro between tha EVAP byp. Turnthe ignitionswitchOFF. EVAPbypasssolenoidvalve . Reconnect the 2P connector to the EVAPbypasssolenoid 3. . 15 ALTERNATOR SP SENSOR 17. A) A ECM/PCMCONNECTON (32PI Check for an open in the wire {2WBSlin6l: 1.p . EVAPcontrol canistcr vant shut valve .a n d repair or rcplaceit necessary: ' tucl till c. luel tank . EVAPtwo wav vslve .nd tho ECM/PCM lA28|. 2. EVAP pu196 control solenoid . EVAPcontrol cenkter .

". EVAPPurgeControlSolenoid Valve .A/T in $ or E position (M/Tin 3rd-5thgear) .r wir6 side of lemslo terminals 11 . 15 ALTERNA. Measure voltagebetweenbodv g r o u n da n d t h e E V A Pp u r g e control solenoidvalve 2P connectorterminal 1.'97 Dl6Y8 €ngine (sedan:l(A.'97 els. Chock for poor conn€ctions or 10036wir$ at C144 (EVAP purge control solenoid valve)andECM/PCM. KC models): The scan tool indicatesDiagnostic Trouble Code (DTC)P0441: Evaporative Emission(EVAP) control system I P0441 | .200 2. No.400rpm. . S t a r tt h e e n g i n e .Engine speed between 1.1 0 9 .Emission ControlSystem Evaporative Emission Controls{cont'd} '96 Dl6Y5 engine. D i s c o n n e ctth e E V A Pp u r g e controlsolenoid valve2P connector. \ Problsmve. 4.4') 15 mph 124 to km/h) ls oTC P0441indicated? Intorrnittenttailu. Turn the ignitionswitchON {ll).the ECM/PCM can detectinsufficient EVAPcontrol system purgeflow. KC modDl6Y5 engine. 4. KC. EVAPPurgeControlSolenoid ValveCircuit .1 9 1 ) r+_r' l ' l lrci rv) Y oixrv. Description By monitoringthe purge line vacuum with the MAP sensor.n"r11. 2 .H o l d t h e engane 3. EVAP ControlCanister . Turnthe ignitionswitchOFF. PossibleCause . EVAPPURGE CONTROL SOLENOIO VALVE2P CoNNECTOR tctla) Ch€ck for an op€n in the wir€ (lcl linell 1. Vacuum ines L . Ropair open in th€ wiEs botwoon the EVAP purgo control rolenoid valve and th.000rpm with no at load (A. Al { T op a g eI 1 . Do the ECM/PCM ResetProceoure./Tin N or E poskion. KL (DX)models.Decelerate from 50 mph (80 km. 3.. TORSP SENSOF17. hatchback:all models). 3wtem i3 OK at thi3 timo.'96Dl6Y8 engine enginelcoupe:KA.Withoutany eloctricalload .5 fuse. M/T in neutral) untilthe radia' tor tan comeson. No.'96Dl6Y7 engine.e.itication: 1 .'97D16Y7 {sedan}. ECM/PCM TroubleshootingFlowchart Tho MIL has b6onreportedon. sedan: KA. . 3. Test-drive underfollowingconditionson the road. 2.. Connect SCSservice the connector.nt ouroeftow. DTCP(X4t is stored.

breakage clogging.1 9 1 .nd ECM/PCM Ch6ckfor a shon in the wire IFCS lin€): 1. 2. Ar€ the vacuumlinesOK? 6 I E I 2 12 l 3 'l'a t 5 l 6 1 7 I E t 9 20 9 10 23 ll 21 25 27 26 A 30 t {To page11-192) O) Pcs {RED/YEL} (cont'd) 11 .ir 3hort in the wire! bdtween the EVAP purge control 3olgnoid (415). connector terminals A'15and A10 with a WRE JUMPER Wire sideoI tomaleterminals Does the solenoid valve click when the jumper is connected? Chockfol rn op6n or 3hort in th6 wirc IPCSlin6l: Measurevoltage betweenECM/ PCMconnector terminalA15 and bodyground.leakage. Turnthe ignitionswitchOFF. 2. A 3 . Disconnect ECM/PCM the connector {32P). and Ropair opon in the wires bstwson the EVAP purge control solenoid valveand ECM/PCM {Al5}. Checkfor continuitybetween body ground and ECM/PCM terminal A15.Reconnec t h e E V A Pp u r g e valve2P con controlsolenoid nector. D i s c o n n e ctth e E V A Pp u r g e valve2P concontrolsolenoid nector. 4. vtlve .p { F r o m a g e1 1 . ConnectECM/PCI.1 9 0 } D CONNECTOR(32PI ECM/PCM PG1 IALK) Chock tho EVAP purge control 30lenoidvalv6: '1. PCS{RED/YELI ls therebaneryvoltage? t ReD. connector ls therecontinuity? Chocktho vacuum lines: Checkthe vacuumlinesof EVAP systemIor misrouting.

Hg A973X.Hg 4973X 041 - VACUUM PUMP/ GAUGE. ConnectECM/PCM connector terminals 415 and 410 with a 4. VACUUM PUMPI GAUGE. replacethe original ECM/PCM.041 - xxxxx xxxxx Doesit holdvacuum? EVAPCONTROL CANISTER Checkthe EVAPcontrol canister: 1. Disconnect vacuum hose the from the EVAP controlcanister. 0oesthe EVAP two way valve Replace EVAPtwo way valve.0010008 VACUUM/PRESSURE GAUGE 0 . Dl6YBengine: Check the EVAP two way valve lseepage11 193). in. Check vacuum. Start the engine. 2. 0-30 in.Hg 07JAZ 0010004 11-192 .Hg 007JAZ.Emission ControlSystem Evaporative Emission Controls(cont'd) p l F r o m a g e1 1 . VACUUM/ PRESSURE GAUGE 4 in. D16Y8 Check the EVAP purge control solenoidvalve: 1.lf svmptom/ indicationgoes away. 3. Connect vacuumpump to the the hoseandapplyvacuum.30 in. Connect vacuum/pressure the to 9auge the purgeair hose. 0 .1 9 1 ) D16Y5 engine: €ngine D15Y7. the D16Y5 engine: Substitute a known-good ECM/ PCM and recheck. the ECM/PCMCONNECTOR I32P} D PG1IBLKI JUMPERWIRE Wire sideof femaleterminals D16Y7. 5. Reconnect vacuumhoseto the the EVAP control canister.

'96D16Y8engine (sedanl.sedan:KL (LX)model).Hg o?JAZ. 8. 0 .T h e v a c u u ms h o u l ds t a b i l i z e t m o m e n t a r i la t 0 .0010008 VACUUM/PRESSURE GAUGE 0 . the Slowly pressurize vapor line while watchingthe gauge.F|rTING T-FITTING while watch3. a 11 . 4i n . 8 k P a ( 5 m m H g .hatchback: engine(sedan: KA. 2. 3.n s t a la n e wv a l v ea n d r e t e s t .4 in.'98-all KL modelsll: 1 . p a f96 D16Y5engine.4 o p e n s ) t 1 . . Applyvacuumslowlyand continuously ing the gauge.0 .3kPa(10 mmHg.The pressure at shouldstabilize 1. 5. A p p l y v a c u u ms l o w l ya n d c o n t i n u o u s l y h i l e w w a t c h i n g h e g a u g e . 4 1 . 4. installa new valveand retest. m l Move the vacuum pump hose from the vacuumfitfitting. 0.Hg).3 in.(EVAP) Evaporative Emission Two Way ValveTesting Dl6Y8 engine{coupel.0 .3 5 m m H g . H g ) . H g ) t h e . 1k P a( 6. t 2. engine. . 2 i n .3. and move the vacuum ting to the pressure gauge hose from the vacuum side to the pressure side as shown. 7 2 . 0 .7 kPa(35 mmHg. 3i n .the valveis OK.30 in.'97D16Y8 1. 2 i n .1 5 m m H g . R e m o v et h e v a p o r l i n e f r o m t h e E V A Pt w o w a y valve. ll the pressure stabiljzes below 1.3 5 m m H g . H g )o r a b o v e 2 . install new valveand retest.The pressure shouldbe stabilize momentaril y a b o v e 1 . 1 k P a ( 1 6m m H g . 6i n . 0k P a( 5 . f-Ei Move the vacuumpump hosefrom the vacuumfitfitting. 6 y i n .'97Dl6Y7 engine(coupe: KL I'96 model. 2 0 . H g )o r a b o v e 2 . and connectit to a T fitting from a vacuum g a u g e n d a v a c u u m u m pa s s h o w n . l f t h e p r e s s u r em o m e n t a r i l ys t a b i l i z e s v a l v e o p e n s )a b o v e 1 . 7 k P a( 1 0. H g )i. 0 k P a ( 8 m m H g . H g )i. 0 . 0 -4 in. H g ) .'97D16Y7 KC models. 6i n . i ( . t R e m o v et h e v a p o r l i n e f r o m t h e E V A Pt w o w a y valve on the fuel tank.0010008 VACUUM PUMP/GAUGE.1 6m m H g . R e m o v eh e f u e lf i l l c a p . 2 0 .0kPa(8 mmHg. 7 k P a ( 5 m m H g . 3. 0 . 0 . 4 a in. and move the vacuum ting to the pressure gauge hose from the vacuum side to the pressure sideas shown. 0 ( l f t h e v a c u u m s t a b i l i z e s v a l v eo p e n s l b e l o w 0 . KC models)l: all modelsl.H g) . i l 4. 1. . and connectit to a T-fitting f r o m a v a c u u mg a u g ea n d a v a c u u mp u m p a s VACUUM/ PFESSURE GAUGE. l f t h e p r e s s u r em o m e n t a r i l ys t a b i l i z e s v a l v e l '1.'96D16Y7engine. H g ) .0 .7 kPa ( 0 .4 in.sedan:KA.'97 D16Y8 engine{coupe: all models.n s t a la n e wv a l v ea n d r e t e s t . 0 . valveis OK.Hg A973X-041-XXXXX T. 6n . The vacuumshouldstabilize moment a r i l ya t 0 .Hg 07JAZ. 3n . KL (DX) models. 0. . Slowly pressurize vapor line while watchingthe the gauge. KC. lf the pressure stabilizes below 1.4 . 0 k P a ( ' 1 5 m H g . ( l f t h e v a c u u m s t a b i l i z e s v a l v eo p e n s )b e l o w 0 . 0 . 0k P a( 8 m m H g .2 .'97 D16Y5 engine(coupe: KA.1 9 3 .4in. R e m o v eh e f u e lf i l l c a p .Hg)or above4. Hg).sedan: model.Hg).4.

. . ' ... ' .. .'. " " " " ' 1 3 .1 l .."""""' 14-1 Transmission Automatic 15-1 Differentia.Transaxle Clutch 12-1 "n M a n u aT r a n s m i s s i o . l 16-1 Driveshafts .. . ... . .

. . PressurePlate ." 12-5 Removal/lnstallation Slave Cylinder "" 12-6 Removal/lnstallation PressurePlate -'. .. . R e p l a c e m e n . . . . .. .. ' . . ) . . .. . ." . clutch Pedal .".t ."' 12-3 I f l f u s t r a t e dn d e x .. ."""'.12-10 . .I Clutch "". . .. ." 12-11 Removal/lnspection 12-12 lnstallation # rf.. .' l l .. . ." . ..-"" 12'4 Adjustment Clutch Master Cylinder '.".--. .. .9 Clutch Disc... Installation ReleaseBearing .. . . f . .'.'. . 12 .'.12-2 S p e c i aT o o l s ." 12-7 Removal/lnspection Clutch Disc . ." 12-8 Removal/lnspection Flywheel ' 12-9 Inspection .

1 1 . 32 x 35 mm Driver Handle Oty 1 1 1 1 1 1 I P89e Reference o l /6 @ . 12-10 12-10 1 2 . I Tool Number D€scliption Clutch AlignmentDisc Clutch AlignmentShaft Ring Gear Holder Attachment.SpecialTools Ret. 1 0 . @ 12-2 .1 1 .1 1 . No.A @ 1A OTJAF_PM701 OTJAF_PM7O124 OTLAB PVOO or 1OO o7924-PD20003 07746-0010100 07749-O010000 07936-3710100 't2-7 1 2 . 1 2 .7 S .7 8 . 1 0 .7 A . 1 0 .

2 lbt. 14 RELEASE BEARING page 12-11 Removal/lnspection.8 12-4 I x ' 1 .Ir) 8 x 1.m {12. Page CLUTCH PEDAL Adjustment. and twisting. a Inspectthe hosesfor damage. 12-9 CLUTCH DISC page 12_8 Removal/lnspection.11 lbf. page Replacement.clean and greasethe releasebearingslidingsurface.0kgf.m.m (2.Ir) \ .m (1.{r) 12-3 .lllustratedIndex NOTE: a Wheneverthe transmission removed. @ ASSTST /6t-^ @ *REsERvorR r t= ov / g*______-__= Fn *CLUTCHLIN€ 15 N. *CLUTCHLINE 15 N. FLYWHEEL page12'9 Inspection.' W.m.m. 19 tbf.ttl *SLAVE CYLINDER page 12-6 Removal/lnstallation. 11 tbt.rn 12.m ll.interlerence.9 kgl'} PRESSURE PLATE page 12 7 Removal/lnspection.5kgl. 6 x 1.*ra TCLUTCH LINE 19 N. 1 2 x 1 .leaks.m.ttl PEDALPIN \F fl \ 'CLUTCH MASTERCYLINOER '12 5 Removal/lnstallation. page 12-10 Installation.0 kgf.m {1. 86.m. page 12'1 2 lnstallation.8 lbf.2 kgf.0mm 9. 16 lbl. Om m 118 N. 7.6 kgf.m {1.m. is a It the parts markedwith an asterisk(*) are removed.25mm 22 N.the clutch hydraulicsystem must be bled (see page 12-6). page 12-10 Installation. 2 5m m 25 N.5kgl.

'10. '15-20 mm (O. 7.27 in) minimumto the floor o) {CLUTCHPEDALDISENGAGEMENT 12-4 .7. and turn the push rod in or out to get the specified stroke(@)and height(O) at the clutch pedal. Loosenlocknut A.83 in) includethe pedalplay 1-1o mm {0. and back off the clutch switch (or adjustingbolt) until it no longertouchesthe clutch oedal.m.8 N.8 N.m (1.m. Tighten locknut C. 7.1 4 0 m m 1 5 .2 lbl.79 positionand hold it there. LOCKNUT 8 9. a The clutch is sell-adjusting compensate wear.47-0.1 3 l b l . for to CAUTION: ll thefe is no clearance between the master cylinder piston and push rod.59 9 . in) from the tully depressed switch so Adjustthe positionof the clutchinterlock that the engine will startwith the clutchpedalin this postuon.Clutch Pedal Adjustment NOTE: a To check the clutch interlock switch and clutch switch. Loosenlocknut B on the clutch interlockswitch. f t ) : a @ ( S T R O K E t P E D A L )1 3 0 .50 in) to the flool ao |CLUTCHPEDALHEIGHT): 83 HEIGHT): mm| LOCKNUTC 1 8 N . 2. Tighten locknut -@{ {P/N PUSH ROO CLUTCH MASTER CYLINDER 5. Loosenlocknut C. in Threadthe clutch interlockswitch an additional 3/4 to 1 full turn. the leleaso bearingis held against the diaphragm spring.2 lbf. Turn the clutchswitch {or adjusting bolt) in an additional 3/4 to 1 full turn.m (1. 3. '1. 4.o4-0. Measure clearance clutch pedal with the clutch pedallully depressed.0 kgt.ttl INTERLOCK SWITCH CLUTCH SWITCH {or ADJUSTING BOLTI A LOCKNUT 9. 6.5 . 1 2 . T i g h t e nl o c k n u tB . 5 1 i n ) PLAYI:12-21 mm 1o.39 in) {fOrll Clufcx PEDALFREE €) 165 mm (6. R e l e a s t h e c l u t c hp e d a l e 0.0 kgf. see section 23. the betweenthe floor boardand 8. m ( 1 . which can resultin clutch slippageor other clutch problems. 1 1 . Threadin the clutch switch (or adjusting bolt) until it contacts the clutch pedal assjyear. 8 k g f . m .

hose from Disconnect the clutch line and reservoir the clutch master cylinder.Clutch Master Cylinder Removal/lnstallation CAUTION: a Do not spill brake fluid on the vehicle. 9 k g t ' m . wash it off immodiately with water. 9.4 lbf. 3 . The brake fluid can be removed from the clutch mastercylinderreservoirwith a syringe. m( 1 . 1. CLUTCHLINE 1 9 N . Pry out the cotter pin. NOTE: Bleed the clutch hydraulic system {see page12-6). CLUTCHMASTERCYLINDER 5 . if brake fluid does contact the paini. a Plugthe end ot the clutch line and reservoirhose with a shop towelto pleventbrakefluid from comingout.3 kgf. Removethe clutch mastercylinder. Installthe clutch mastercylinderin the reverseorderof removal.ftl 12-5 . Removethe nuts.m (1. 2. 14 tbI. (. NUTS 8 x 1 .ft) 4.m. and pull the pedalpin out of the yoke. 2 5m m 13 may damage the paint.

12-6 .1'l lbt. CLUTCH LINE 15 N. then slowly pumpthe clutch pedaluntil no more bubblesappearat the bleederhose.:. Using a non-Honda brakefluid can causecorrosion and dec. Disconnect the clutch line lrom the slavecylinder. it may damagc the paint. a Always use GenuineHonda DOT 3 BrakeFluid. 2.m. a Plug the end of the clutch line with a shop towel to prevent brake tluid from coming out.m (1. -. a Contirmclutch operation.2 k9l. a Refillthe clutch mastercylinderwith fluid when done.ttl SLAVECYLINDER (P/N 08798 -9002) -C. Install the slave cylinder in the reverseorder ol removat.?L. on NOTE: Make surethe boot is installed lhe slave cylander. Remove slavecylinder the from the clutch housing. '1.El: S u p e r H i g h T e m p U r e a G r e a s e { P iN 08798 9002).easethe liJeof the system. and check for leaking fluid. wash it ott immsdiatoly whh water. -=-t"*'. a Make surethere is an adequate supplyof fluid ar the clutchmastercylinder.5 kgf. a Attach a hoseto the bleeder screw. it brake fluid doos contact tho paint.m 12.25mm 22 N. 16 tbf'ttt . and suspend the hose in a containerof brake fluid. 8 x 1. 3. -=-s!!rqil (Brake Assembly Lubel Bleedthe clutch hydraulicsystem.]:].n.:Brake Assembly Lube or equivalentrubber grease.Slave Cylinder Removal/lnstallation CAUTION: a Do not spill brake fluid on th€ vohiclo.

the pressure Inspect and burning. Check the diaphragm spring tingers tor height using the specialtools and a feelergauge.0 mm (O. S€rvicoLimit: O.O3mm (0. Inspect Jingers the diaphragm the springfor wear of at the releasebearingcontact area. then removethe pressureplate. Installthe specialtools.0O6inl STRAIGHTEDGE CLUTCH ALIGNMENTOISC OTJAF_PM7O11A CLUTCH ALIGNMENTSHAFT OTJAF-PM7O12A HANDLE 07936_3710100 lf the height exceedsthe servicelimit.O4in) FEEL€R GAUGE platesurlacefor weaf. 6. Standard(New): O. Inspectfor warpageusinga straightedge and feeler gauge. unscrew the pressureplate mounting bolts in a crisscrosspattern in several steps.0O1inl max.6 mm (0. 12-7 . PRESSUBE PLATE service limit. ServiceLimit: 1.02 inl max. 3.replace the lf the warpageexceedsthe pfessureplate.15 mm (0. To prevent warping. replacethe pressureplale. plate at three NOTE: Measureacrossthe pressure points.PressurePlate Removal/lnspection 1 . cracks. StandardlNew): 0. RING GEAR HOLDER 071A8-PV00100 ot 07924-PD20003 ENGINE BLOCK OTJAF_PM7012A HANDLE 07936-3710100 GEARHOLDER NUT ADJUSTER BOLT 4.

3 . 3 6 i n l l ServiceLimit: 5.1 .replace clutch disc. Rivet Depth: (New):1 .01 inl S€rvice CLUTCH DISC 07936-3710100 Inspectliningof the clutchdisc tor signsof slipping or oil.22 in) CLUTCH DISC the lI the depthis lessthan the servicelimit.Clutch Disc Removal/lnspection 1. limit. 5 . Measurethe depth lrom the lining surfaceto the rivets.replaceit. Measurethe clutch disc thickness. 12-8 .9 .9 mm {0.reolace lf the thickness lessthan the service is the clutch disc. 4. Clutch Oisc Thickness: S t a n d a r dN e w ) : 8 .5 mm (0.0 . Removethe clutch disc and specialtools. lf it is burnedblack or oil soaked.2 mm (O.O5-O'O7in} min' Standatd Limit: O. 1 m m ( 0 . 3 3 . on both sides.

lf it is loose. The ball bearingshouldturn smoothlyand quietly.replace ball bearing. FLYWHEEL MOUNTING BOLTS RI[{G GEAR HOLOER 071A8 -PV00100 ot 07924-PO20003 2 . reolacethe flywheel. lf the inner race does not turn smoothly and q u i e t l y . lf the runout exceedsthe servicelimit. Push againstthe flywheeleachtime you turn it to take up the crank.C h e c kt h a t t h e b a l l bearingouter racefits tightly in the flyweel.15 mm (0. Remove flywheelmountingbolts in a crisscross the patternin severalsteps as shown. FLYWHEEL BALL BEARING {cont'd) 12-9 .r e p l a c et h e b e a r i n g . Inspectthe ring gear teeth tor wear and damage. NOTE: The runoutcan be measured with engineinstalled.006 inl Replacement tool. the Removethe ball bearingfrom the flywheel. Standard{Now}: O. and burning.OO2in) max. Measurethe flywheel runout using a dial indicstor through at least two full turns. and removethe flywheel. 2. Installthe sDecial FLYWHEEL 3. cracks.O5mm (0. ServicaLimir: O. . Turn the innerraceof the ball bearingwith your finger. shaft thrust washer clearance.Flywheel Inspection 1. Inspect the clutch disc mating surface on the flywheel for wear. 1.

Align the hole in the flywheel with the crankshaft dowel pin and installthetlywheel. Drivethe new ball bearinginto the flywheel using the sDecial tools as shown.PM70l2A HANDLE 07936-3710100 07924-PD20003 12-10 . 32x35mm 07746-0010r00 FLYWI{EEL (P/n 08798-90{'21 RING GEAR HOLDER 07LAB-PVOOIOO ot 07924-PD20003 CI.UTCH ALIGNME T SHAFT OTJAF_PM7012A BEARII{G 5 . Installthe pressureplate. Install the specialtool. Installth€ specialtool. 0 s t ' m .Installthemounting bolts fingertiqht. o. then torque the flywheel mountingbolts in a crisscrosspattern in severalsteps as shown. L clurcH olsc 07936-37ioioo ON|vER 07749-OOtO(xX) ATTACHMENT. m 1 1 2 . Flywheel Replacement(cont'dl 4. PressurePlate Installation 1. lnstallthe clutch disc using the specialtools. BOLTS MOUNTING k 1 1 8N .ClutchDisc. 87 tbf'ft) YWHEEL RINGGEARHOLDER oTLAB-PVOO100 ol 07924-PD20003 RINGGEARHOLDER oTLAB-PV00100 ol O7JAF.

6kgf. CAUTION: The lelease bearing is packed with grease.PD20003 HANDLE 07936. BOLTS @ MoUNTING 8 x 1 .19 tbt. 2 5m m 25 N'm 12.ft) R€LEASEFORK it bearing play by spinning by for 3 .Resqueezing release move the releasebearing. 12-11 .ReleaseBearing Removal/lnspection 4. 1 .m. Do not wash it in solvent RINGGEARHOLDER CLUTCHALIGNMENT oTLAB-PVOo100 OTJAF_PM7O12A ol o7924. the release Remove fork from the clutch housingby the fork set springwith pliers. patternas Torquethe mountingbolts in a crisscross shown. Tighten them in severalsteps to prevent warping the diaphragmspring. Remove the release fork boot from the clutch housing. Checkthe release hand.3710100 play. replace lf there is excessive the release bearing with a new one.

Install release the fork boot. 1.0 . 22 lbl. 3. 0 3o z } fork with the release 2 . and that it fits properlyagainstthe release the releasebearingslidessmoothly. (P/N 08798-9002) 0 .then pressthe release lork bolt sequarelv.0 kgf. Align the detentoJ the release fork overthe release {ork bolt. Wilh the release fork slid between the release bear i n g p a w l s .m 13. 29 N.makesurethe boot seals aroundthe releasefork and clutch housing.0 . 9 g { 0 .m. 12-12 .fr) --6i oa798-9002) 4. 3. 0 1 . i n s t a l lt h e r e l e a s eb e a r i n g o n t h e m a i n shaft while insertingthe releaselork through the hole in the clutch housing. fork rightandlelt to makesurethat Movethe release bearing.Release Bearing Installation NOTE: Use only Super High Temp Urea Grease (P/N 08798 9OO2).

.. . . ... .. . . . . . .. . . . .1 . .1 3 . . . 13-22 Disassembly . .1 3 Reverse ldler Gear . . . . I . . ... .. . . . 13-8 lnstallation 1. . . . . C l e a r a n cIe s p e c t i o . .. . .1 3 . .1 0 ld Transmission Housing . . .. .3 0 . . . . . O Back-upLight Switch .. . . .. . . . l l l u s t r a t e n d e x .. .. . .1 3 .3 2 . . . ... . . .1 3 ... . . . . .2 9 .. .. . . . Clutch Housing Bearing .1 4 Mainshaft Assembly I n d e x.3 .. . . . . . .1 3 . .... . . . . Overhaul . Inspection Shift Rod . ..1 2 . . . . . . B e a r i n g e p l a c e m e n t . .. .13-25 n . . B a c k l a s hn s p e c t i o n.3 .. .... . . . . . . .1 . . ... . .3 6 .. . . . 13-20 e f . . . . ... . . . ... . . . Countershaft. . . " . ..1 4 . . . .1 5 1. . .4 4 . 13-2 Speciaf Maintenance T r a n s m i s s i o ni l .. ...1 3 . .1 6 n n ... . Removaf Mainshaft. . .. .13-28 . . . ... . .. .2 1 . ... .. ... . .. 13-23 lnspection Reassembly . ..3 9 Reassembly OilSeals . . .3 0 l n d e x. .. .. . .1 3 .3 C l e a r a n cle s p e c t i o n. . ... . .. 3 . . . . . .Shift Fork Disassembly . .... . .2 6 MBS Shift PieceInspection .3 1 R . . .. . .1 3 . Adjustment Transmission .3 4 Replacement Mainshaft Thrust Shim . . . . C f a r a n c en s p e c t i o n.1 .. . .5 . . . . . Reassembly . . . . . . Removal Differential . . . .. .. . . .. . . 13-4 Transmission Assembly . . .-. . . .. . ...1 3 . . .. . . 13-27 SynchroSleeve.. .. . . .. 13-27 Synchro Ring.. . .1.3 . . Removal .1 3 . .4 3 Replacement GearshiftMechanism .. ....1 3 ..3 . . . ... .1 7 Disassembly Inspection . . . ... .. . . ... . . ..1 3 . . .1 9 CountershaftAssembly fndex. Gear . . . . .. .. 13-3 Replacement Troubfeshooting . . . . .. . . . .. . . . ..3 C l e a r a n cIe s p e c t i o . .1 3 . . ... .. 13-23 Shift Fork Assembly Index... .ManualTransmission Tools ... . . .SynchroHub Inspection/lnstallation . . .... . .. ... . .1 3 . ... . .1 .. . . . . . .. . FinalDrivenGear Replacement 13-31 T h r u s tS h i mA d j u s t m e n t... . .13-18 . .3. . . .. . ... . . ..3 Removal R e v e r s e h i f tH o l d e r S n n . . .1 . . .1 3 .. . ..

24 13-3435. 35 mm LD. 5 3 13-34. 5 3 13-19. 13-43 13-43 13-43 n Must be used with commercially available3/8 " -'1 Slide Hammer.D. 30 mm LD. Attachment.24.32 13-19. 52 x 55 mm Driver.24 13-19. Driver Driver Attachment Pilot.43 . 0 mm l. a /.42 x 47 mm Attachment. 31.35 13-34. 6 ll (1] at\ \. 4 Attachment. No. 26 x 30 mm Seal DriverAttachment Oty 1 1 1 1 I I I I 1 1 1 1 1 I Page Relerence o @ o .3) @ (j) (q) €) oTGAJ-PG20110 oTGAJ-PG20120 07GAJ-PG20130 07736-AO10004 o7746-0010300 o7746-0010400 o7746-0030100 o7746-0030300 o7746-OO30400 o7749-O010000 07JAD-PH80101 07JAD-PH80200 07947-6110501 07947-6110500 40 mm @ (.i o \ @ (9 13-2 . I Tool Number Description MainshaftHolder Collar MainshaftBase AdjustableBearingPuller. @ @ 13-38 13-37 13-37 13-34.@ .25 Attachment.Ref.

then reinstall the oil filler plug with a new washer.7 lmp qtl at overhaul Always use GenuineHonda Manual Transmission Fluid (MTF). the then remove the back up light switch connectorlrom the connectorclamp. 13-3 .9 t l2.ftl ProperLevel Back-upLight Switch Replacement NOTE: To test the back-uplightswitch.Using motor oil can causestiffershifting becauseit does not contain the proper addittves.O US qt.8 f (1.5 kgf'm.m. removethe drainplug oil and drain the oil. Connectthe back-uplight switch connector. Disconnect connector. lf it is below the hole. seesection23. 1. Removethe back-uplight switch. 1 .and refill the the transmission with the recommended to the oil properlevel. 1. add oil until it runs out. 18lbt. 25 N'm 12.9 US qt. plug.m (4. NOTE: The drainplugwashershouldbe replaced at every oil change.6 lmp qtl at oil change 1. 33 lbl. 1. OILFILLER PLUG 44 I{.Maintenance Transmission Oil oil NOTE:Checkthe transmission with the engine OFF and the vehicleon levelground. WASHER Replace. 2. lf the transmission is Replace. The oil level must be up to the filler hole. Oil Capacity 1. Reinstall the oil filler plug with a new washer. Reinstall drainplug with a new washer. then check the leveland conditionof the oil. Removethe oil fille. Installthe new washer and back-uplight switch.5 kgt. 3 .

l s i t 6 . the sth/reverse to shift piece. to the mainshaftcontinuesto rotate becauseof its inertia. Reolace the revsrso shift holder. 2 7 i n }o r m o r e ? Roplacethe MBs shitt piece. ls the gear noisepfesentwhen shilting into sth gear? Replacetho sth synchto hub and sEeve as a sel. Measurethe clearance between sth shift fork and 5th synchro sleeve{seepage 13 26).As there is no speeddifterencebetweenmainshaftand reverseidler may hear gear noise when !) you shift inlo reversewith the vehiclenot yet completelystopped i2) you shift quickly into reverseduring fast idling.there will be less gear noise. 8 m m { 0 .This causesthe sth synchro set to stop the rotatingmainshaft. 13 -4 .connected the shift lever. gear noise reductionsystem. gearnoisereduction shift holder.04 in) or iess? Measure the MBS shift piece pin ( s e ep a g e 1 3 .Troubleshooting Reverse Gear Noise ReductionSystem Wheneverthe clutch pedal is depressed shift into reverse. The resultingspeed differencebetween mainshaftand reverseidler gear producesgear noise. NOTE: This system is not a fully-synchronized Therelore.When shifting The reverse systememploysa cam platewhich was addedto the reverse into reverse. \ ls the clearance1.0 mm (0. Gearnoiseis presenlwhen shifting into reverseafler lhe engine rs slarleo.2 7 ) .rotatesthe cam plate.

2 lbf'ft) b ARTER 8t1.oll oft stands and lall on you whils working under it. wheels so cal will nol .5lbl.8 N. a Take care not to bend the clutch line.O mm 9.m (0. Remove wire harness the clamos. CAUTION: a Do not operate the clutch pedal once the slave cylinder has been removed. CAUTION: Use fender covers to avoid damaging painted surlacas.transmission groundwire and back-up light switchconnector. 6xl .clutch line clamp. 7.ttl 5.Transmission Assembly Removal @ 6. and slavecylinder.0 kgt.25 mm 8. Disconnect vehiclespeedsensor(VSS)connecthe tor. Disconnectthe negative(-) cable first.lion on the engine. Removethe clutch line bracket. Make sure jacks and satety stands are placed properly. (cont'd) 13-5 . intakeair duct and air (seesection5).m (1. oil Removethe intakeair tube.8 N.m. then the positive(+ l cable from the battery. vss CONNECTOR 1 . 7. cleanerhousingassembly Disconnect the starter motor cables. Draintransmission (seepage13-3). Apply parking brsko and block rea.9kgf.6.m. and hoist bracksts are attached to correct pos.

2 kgl'm.4 kgf. O 6 .4 ksl'm.m {4. 33 N. 12 tbf.25mm 24 N.25mm Replace. Replace.m 16. '| 7 tbl. 8x22mm SPRING PIN Replace. 33 tbhlrt 8 r 1. Dl6Yg onginos: COTTERPIN 12 x '1.-@ sELF-LocKrNG EXHAUST Replace.ftl L Remove exhaust pipe A.ftl D16Y5. 4 9 . m 1 1 . 2 5m m 43 N. PIPEA I x 1 . 25 lbI'ttl 8 x 1.25mm D16Y8 engine: 22 N'nt. 12 x 1 . Removethe shitt rod and extensionrod.m.25 mrn 36 43 tbt.m. finished with sur{aces NOTE: Coatall the precision Tie cleanengineoil or grease. m l 5 . SET RING 10. \ 1 l.4 kgl'm.m. 10 x 54 N.4 kgl.m 17 tbt.25mm 16 tbf. Removethe driveshafts(seesection 16).trl 13-6 .5 kgt. 2 5m m SELF.25mm 24 N.40 lbt'ft} 8 x 1.LOCKING Replace. 6k g t ' m . 2 5m m NUT SELF-LOCKING 1 6 N .m (4. Dl6Y7 engin€s: NUT 1 0 x 1 . Replace 10 x 1.Assembly Transmission Removal(cont'd) 8. plasticbags over the drivesha{tends. SHIFTROD DRIVESHAFT 1 0 x 1 .m (2.m. 0 k g f ' m .5 kgf.m (5.ft) 64 N.m (2.47 lbt.25mm 44 N. Removethe enginestiffenersand clutch cover' Dl6Y5. 12.m (3.5 9 N .5 kgl.trl COVER ruur. GASKETS Replace.

33 tbf'fr) 8 x 1.m.33 lbt. 16. 2 5m m 4 4 N . TRANSMISSION MOUNT TRANSMISSION RIGHTFRONT MOUNT/BRACKET 64 N.5kgl.m.m (2. CHAIN HOIST 1 5 .47 lbt.then lilt the engineslightly to unloadthe engineand transmission mounts.m.m 14. t 1 O x 1 .m (6. 5k g f. 17 ENGINE STIFFENER 1 0 X 1 . m . 2 5m m 44 N.4 kgf. m 1 4 .25mrh 24 N.ttl Installthe bolts in the cylinderhead and attach a chainhoist to the bolts. P l a c ea j a c k u n d e rt h e t r a n s m i s s i o n .5 kgt. Remove transmission the mountbracketand mount.O16Y7 engine: 1 4 .ttl ' 1 2x 1 . Bemove he splash hield. t s s SPLASHSHIELD (cont'd) 13-7 . R e m o v e h e r i g h t l r o n t m o u n tb r a c k e t . 2 5 m m BRACKET 13.

m. Remove threeuppertransmission the mounting bolts and the lower starter mountingbolt.make surethat the the crimped side of the ring terminalis facing out {see s e c t i o n2 3 ) . 2 5 m m 64 N.5kgf. m 1 6 . f b NOTE:Use only Super High Temp Urea Grease ( P / N0 8 7 9 8. 3 0 . 5m m 14 x a 4 N .5mm 84 N'm 18.0 kgt.m (6. m . 2 5m m 44 N. 2 5m m 29 N. N tPi 08798-9002) 22 tht.m. 9s { 0 . 6 1 t b f . R e m o v eh e r e a rm o u n tb r a c k e b o l t sa n dt r a n s m i s t t sion mountingbolts spEcrAL BoLT Replace. a Apply greaseto the parts as shown. then installthe r e l e a s eo r k a n d r e l e a s e e a r i n g . ' l . 4 7 l b f .m. t t l 12 x 1. 33 tbt. STARTER MOUNTING BOLT 1 0 x 1 .ft) '1 Pull the transmission away from the engine until it 9. 0 3 o z ) 1 WASHER SPECIAL BOLT Replace.t h e n l o w e r i t o n t h e t r a n s m i s sion jack. 14 x 1.trl 1 8 . check that the two dowel pins are i n s t a l l e dn t h e c l u t c hh o u s i n g .0 .47 lbt.m {3. m { a . i a When installing startercable. O.trl TRANSMISSION BOLTS MOUNTING 1 2 x 1. m . CAUTION: Take care not to bend the clutch line.25mm 6 4 N .m.m {4.9 0 0 2 ) . Installation in orderol Installthetransmission assembly the reverse removal. f t ) RELEASE FORK BOOT \ {P/N08798 RELEASE FORK 9002) lP/N08798-9002) 0 .tt) RELEASE FORKEOLT 1 2 x 1 .5 kgl. 5k g f . 13-8 .5 kgl. c l e a r st h e m a i n s h a f t . Sk g f . 61 tbf. a Beforeinstalling.Assembly Transmission Removal(cont'd) 17.

16 lbt. a Installthe clip as shown. FRONT gx22mm SPBING PIN Replace.25mm 22 N.ltl CLUTCH PIPE @ 1 2 x 1 .m.m 12. 2 sn m 64 N.0mm 9.m. A 1 2 x 1 . a Turn the boot so the hole is facing down.5 gf.m. 8 x 1.G | ^ /. BOD . then the negative {.8 N'm (1.) cable to the battery. a Check the clutch operation.m. a Shift the transmission and check for smooth operation. 2 5m m 22 N. Check the front wheel alignment (see section . NOTE: Use only Super High Temp Urea Grease ( P / NO 8 7 9 8 9 0 0 2 ) .r oown ). 7 .m 12.// EXTENSTON I -/:'.0kgt. 6 x 1. SHIFTROD 8 x 1 . Connect the positive (+ ) cable first.t***rrm"'i@ .c.2 tbt. 47 tbI. '18). a Make sure the boot is installedon the shift rod.m..m (6. k 54 lbt. a ) 1 2 x 1 .tt) a Check that the bushingsare not twisted or offset. 2 5m m 74 N'm17.a Torquethe mountingbolt and nuts in the sequence shown.5 kgf.ftl tP/N08798_9002) 16 tbt.2 kgt.m { a Apply greaseto the slave cylinderpush rod.m.2 kgl.z-s. 2 5m m 64 N.fl) Turn the breather cap so that the "F" mark pointsat the front of the car as shown. Retill the transmission with the recommended oil (seepage 13-3).5 kgf.

f I . liquidgasket{P/N0871 I .OOO3) ( s e ep a g e 1 3 .0001 or 08718 . housingis disassembled..6 d b + +v \" u 6 / 13-10 . all NOTEI use a This transmission usesno gaskets betweenthe maiorhousings.4 ' l ) . a Always clean the magnet@ wheneverthe transmission a Inspectall the bearingsfor wear and operation.lllustratedIndex disassembly/reassembly Referto the drawing below for transmission ail Cleanall the parts thoroughlvin solvent and dry with compressed I LuOricate the parts with oil belore reassembly.

PLUG @ OIL FILLER 44 N. @ @ O @ SH|M t'1) @ 72 mm THRUST 80 mm THRUSTSHIM {*2) page 13-33 Selection.uP swrrcH @ sETscREw 25 N.24in) STEELBALL (5/16 in) BACK. @ WASHER HOUSING @ TBANSMISSION PIPESTAY @ RELEASE @ OIL GUTTERPLATE LocK cAM @ REVERSE SELECT SPRING @ REVERSE L. l tbtft | lrs.m.5mm NEEDLE BEARING coLLAR @ SPACER @3lx3gxz3mm NEEDLE BEARING @ 4TH GEAR O SYNCHRoRING SPRTNG @ SYNCHRO @ 3RD/4THSYNGHRoSLEEVE @ 3RD/4THsYNcHRo HUB @ 3RD GEAR @34x39x27. @ OIL GUIDEPLATE @ WASHERReplace.5 kgf.2 kgl. @ 28 mm PLUGBOLT 54 N.5 kgt'm. 40 lbf.m (3.Torqu€ Value A .i€6 in) SELECT RETAINER @ REVERSE @ SHIFTARM c @ SHIFTARM B @ INTERLOCK @ COLLAR @ SHIFI ARM A @ SPBINGWASHER @ MAGNET @ SETEALL SPRINGBOLT 22 N. LrcHT @ BAcK. o* o * 1 1 .6mm (1.11 lbf.2 kgt.20 lbf.m (4. @ LoCKNUT + 108 0* 108 .27 N.23 lbf. ASSEMBLY @ DIFFERENTIAL Seepage 13-30 @ 14 x 25 x 17.5 kgf. @ OII DRAINPLUG 39 N'm {4. 18 lbt.m 14. 5 m NEEDLE BEARING Check wearand for ooeralton. 29 lbf.ft) (*1I O BALLBEARING ANGULAR BALL EEARINGIT2) @ sTH sYNcHRo HUB O 5TH SYNCHRoSLEEVE SPRING @ SYNCHRO RING @ SYNCHRO @ 5TH GEAR @32xazxz:.26mm (1. @ lsT GEAR DAMPER @ FRICTION @ sYNcHRoR|NG SPRTNG @ sYNcHRo sYNcHRoHUB @ 1ST/2ND GEAR @ REVERSE SPRTNG @ SYNCHRO FING @ SYNCHRO DAMPER @ FRICTION @ SPACER @39xllx2zmm NEEDLE BEARING @ 2NDGEAR @ 3RDGEAR @ 4THGEAR @ 5THGEAR {*1) @ EALLBEARTNG NEEDLE BEARING I*2I BEARING @ BALL WASHER @ SPRING Reptace.ft) PIN @ r4 x 20 mm DOWEL @ @ @ @ RoD @sHrFr @ BOOr PLATE @ oIL GUIDE @30xlzx2tmm ('1} NEEDLE BEARING 30x55x21 m m NEEDLE EEARING IT2) @ COUNTERSHAFT m @ 3 6 x 4 1x 2 5 . 16lblftl WASHER Replace.TH SHIFr FoRK 5TH/REVERSE sHIFT FoRK 52 mm SNAP RING 65 mm THBUST SHIMl*11 70 mm THRUSTSHIM l*21 page 13-36 Selection.428 inl @ SHIFTARM SHAFT @ CLUTCHHOUSTNG GUIDEEoLT @ INTERLoCK 39 N. 18 lbf.6 13-11 .2kgf.31.m.31 N.m.m. @26x42x7mmOlLSEAL Replace.m (2. 29 lbf. 0 g f .ft) @ OIL SEAL Replace. @35x56x8mmOlLSEAL Replace. SPRING L.ftl @ WASHERReplace.ft) SPRING @ 1ST/2NDSELECT L.UPLIGHT SWITCHHARNESS STAY HANGER @ TRANSMISSION @ 32 mm SEALINGBOLT 25 N.5 kgt.ft) 22 N.ft) B .0 kgf.m {1.m.e* o.D16Y8engines 3RD/.m (2. 33 tbf'ft) Reptace.m. 63. 36.m {5.79.0kst.5mm OtLSEAL Replace.m.m N k f r r .15 N.4 mm l2.ft) C .5kgf'm.5mm NEEDLE BEARING @ MAINSHAFT @ WASHER WASHER @ SPRING @ BALL BEARING Check wear and for operalron. @ 3RD/4THSHIFI PIECE @ sTH/REvEnsESHIFTPIECE @ MBS SH|FTP|ECE @ lsT/zNo SHIFI FoRK r 1 : D l 6 Y 7€ n g i n . 16 lbf. m .m. 12: D16Y5.m (2.m (2.ft) SHIFTHOLDER @ REVERSE IDLERGEAR @ REVERSE TDLER GEARSHAFT @ REVERSE @ 5 x 22 mm SPRINGPIN Replace.m (2.8kgim.

BOLT 32 mm SEALING SNAP RIIIG Removethe setting screws. Remove 32 mm sealingbolt. the ball Expandthe snap ring on the countershaft bearing.then remove a crisscross them. the light switch. 3 1 . Remove back-up transmission hanger. housingfrom the clutch the transmission Separate housing.and oil gutthe housing.washers.Housing Transmission Removal NOTE:Placethe clutch housingon two piecesof wood f t h i c k e n o u g ht o k e e p t h e m a i n s h a f t r o m h i t t i n g t h e workbench. and wipe it cleanol the sealant. and remove it from the groove using a pair of snap ring pliers. Remove TRANSMISSION HAt{GER housingattachingbolts in Loosenthe transmission pattern in severalsteps.and steelballs. 6 m m 1 1 .5/16in SPRING L .springs. Remove thrust shim. 1. 2 4I n l TRANSMISSIONHOUSING 13-12 . 5. ter plate{rom the transmission STEELBALLS D.oil guide plate. 2.

replace the reverse shift holderwith a new one. O 5 . 8 m m ( 0 . 3 5 m m ( O . 5 1 2 i n ) : REVERSE SHIFTFORK SHIFTHOLDER REVERSE REVERSE SHIFTHOLOEB lf the widths of the grooves are not within the standard.5-1.1 3 .35 mm (0. S t a n d a r d : 0 . S t a n d a r d 1 2 . Measure clearance the between reverse the shiftfork 3.O .02 inl Measure clearance the between reverse the idlergear a n d t h e r e v e r s e h i f tf o r k . replacethe reverseshift holderwith a new one.5 mm {0. v i c e i m i t :1 . lf the width is within the standard.0 . lf the width is not within the standard.15. Standard:7. O O 2 .281. 0 7 i n t L IDLEB REVERSE G€AB REVERSE { REVERSE SHIFTFOBK 2 .7. and sth/reverseshift Dieceoin.04 in} S e . O 1 4n ) i ServiceLimit: 0.ReverseShift Holder Inspection Clearance 1 . are measure widths of the groovein the reverse the shift fork. 7.289inl lf the clearance morethan the servicelimit. lf the clearances more than the service limit. 13-13 . lf the width of the groovesare within the standard.0. s Standardr 0. O m m ( 0 .1 mm {O. replacethe sth/reverse shift piece with a new one.02-0. 5 0 0 .measis ure the width of the reverseshift fork.0 .reDlace the reverse idler gearwith a new one.

Countershaft. SHIFT ARM8 ATTACHING EOLT SPRING WASHER CLUTCH HOUSING the idlergearshatt and reverse idler 2. REVERSE SHIFT HOLDER Mainshaft. WASHER SPBING WASHER 13 . Shift Fork Disassembly 1 . Tape the mainshaft sp nes. tect the seal. NOTE: Belore removingthe mainshalt and counterto tape the mainshaft splines proshaft assemblies.1 4 . BOLT II{TERLOCK GUIDE 2 .Reverseldler Gear Removal 1. Remove reverse geat. REVERSE IDLER GEARSHAFT Removethe mainshalt and countershaft assemblies with the shift lork trom the clutch housing. Remove the reverse shift holder. Remove the interlock guide boh trom under the clutch housing. Removethe shift arm B attachingbolt.

The 3rd/4thand sth synchrohubs are installed with a press. 3RD/4THSYNCHRO SLEEVE p a g e1 3 2 7 BALLBEARING {T1} ('2I ANGULARBALLBEARING Check wearand operation. cleanall the partsin solvent. . for Note the directionof installation. D16YB engines 13-15 .1 6 RING page 13-28 Inspection. SPACER COLLAR page 13-'t6 Inspection. 34x39x23mm NEEDLE EEARING Check for wear ano operalton. SPRING 3RO GEAB page 13'16 Inspection. CHAMFER MAINSHAFT I n s p e c t a op a g e 1 3 . .2 8 SPRING RING SYNCHRO page 13'28 Inspection. Install angularball bearing with the thin-edge the outer racefacingthe sth synchrohub. 4TH GEAB p I n s p e c t i o n . 34 x 39 x 27. SYNCHRO HUB sTH SYNCHRO SLEEVE page13 27 lnspection.a g e 1 3 . 5TH GEAR p I n s p e c t i o n . Installtheball bearing with the bsll cagefacingup.1 8 n. p a g e1 3 . them and applylubricant all contactsurfaces 3rd/i[th dry to the and sth svnchrohubs.1 7 NEEOLE BEARING Checkfor wear and operation.5 mm NEEDLE BEARING Checkfor wear ano operalron. SYNCHRO SPRING SYNCHRO RING Inspection. Ball cage faces up. Priorto reassembling. D16Y7 engine D16Y5.MainshaftAssembly Index Notethe followingduring reassembly: .a g e 1 3 .

1 8 6 -1 . q l \ \-.cltl-l tl-lll 3RD GEAB 5TH GEAR is lf the clearance morethan the seryicelimit.33 mm (O. 1 5 m m ( 1 . replacethe 3rd/4th synchro hub with a new one. 9 O 0i n } ServiceLimit: 22-81 mm (0.1 .measure distance@ on the spacercollar. replace the spacercollar with a new one.17 mm 1 1 .183 in) Standard: 4TX GEAR a lf the thicknessot 3rd gear is lessthan the service limit. replace4th gear with a new one. lf the clearance morethan the servicelimat. 0 6 . It the thicknessof 4th gear is within the service llmit.O . 13-16 . 8 9 8 .05 mm {1.27mm { 1 .19 mm (O. inl Standard: 0.measure the @ thicknessof 4th gear.31 mm {0. 1 8 7 i n l L Standard: 4TH GEAR stoE SPACEB COLLAR 3RO GEAR lf distance@ is lessthan the servicelimit. lf distance is within the service limit. 3O.012 in} 4TH GEAR : t l.MainshaftAssembly Inspection Clearance NOTE: lI replacement required. Standaid: 0 .898 in) 2 . 1 4 8i n ) Ssrvicelimit: 30.O .O . 1. O Oi8 } n Ssrvice Limit: O.06-o.replace 3rd/4thsynchrohub with a new one. 1 9 0 .12 30.22-30. replace3rd gear with a new onea lf the thicknessof 3rd gear is within the servrce the limit. O 0 2 . Standard: 22-82-22.O13inl 3.- --.86nm { 0 . Measurethe clearance between 4th gear and the soacercollar. is measure the thicknessof 3rd gear.OO2-O. 2 1 m m { O . 1 9 2i n l S e r v i c e i m i t :3 0 .always replacethe is svnchrosleeveand hub as a set.OO7 ServiceLimit: O. lf the thicknessof 4th gearis lessthan the service limit. Measure clearance the between2nd and 3rd oears. 30.l-LJ [nI € / /hm 2ND GEAR r[Jl] i r \.

926 in) Standard: stoE sTH GEAR 2. lf the thicknessof sth gear is within the service limit.O .51 mm (0. the } {cont'd 13-17 . 28. lf the clearance morethan the service is limit.35 mm l1 .31 mm (0.926-0. R e m o v e h e b a l l b e a r i n g s i n ga b e a r i n g u l l e ra s t u shown. replace5th gear with a new one.andpress main' the shaft out of the sth synchro hub as shown.56mm (0. lf distance@ is less than the servicelimit. i S t a n d a r d : O . measure thicknessof sth gear.replace 5th synchrohub with a new one. PULLER BEARING (Commercially available) 4TH GEAR DIAL INDICATOR t --t *3'4> sTH GEAR 1 . lf distance@ is within the servicelimit. 1 9 m m ( 0 . 1 2 1 n l i ServiceLimit: 28.O12 in) p 1 . replace the sDacer coliar with a new one. 23. 4th Support gearon steelblocks. O O 7n l S6rvicelimit: O.measure distance@ on the spacercollar. CAUTION: Remove the synchrohubs usinga piess and steel blocks as shown. 0 6 .O . 0 O 2 . l 16 in) Standald: sTH GEAR It the thicknessof sth gear is lessthan the service limit.53-23. Use of a.iaw-type puller can causedamageto the gear teeth.928 inl Servics Limit:23.Disassembly 6. 1 1 9 -1 . Measure clearance the between spacer the collarand sth gear.47mm ( 1 .42-28.

O. B. Standald: Ssrvico Limit: 0.1 .0232 inl ServiceLimit: A: 21.0O1in} max.0227 -'l . lf the runout is more than the servicelimit. mainshaft 13-18 . 2.0622. Inspecttor runout.8634 inl B : 2 6 .987-22.93O mm (O.984-34.MainshaftAssembly (cont'dl Disassembly 3. A: 21 .05 mm {0.0627 inl C: 33.O2mm {O.OOO mm ( 1 . Supportthe 3rd gearon steelblocks.990 mm 11. 3 3 8 6i n ) D: 25. 3 3 5 8i n } D : 2 5 . Inspectthe gear surtaceand bearingsurfacefor wear the mainshaftat points and damage. 0 2 0 5i n } Standard: tor Check wearanddamage is lf any part of the mainshaft lessthan the servicelimit. 0 6 0 2i n } C : 3 3 .8661 in} B: 26. it replace with a new one.and pressthe mainshaltout of the 3rd/4thsynchrohub as shown. 3 3 8 0 . 9 3 0 m m { 1 .980-26. Inspection I.then measure A. C. 9 2 0 m m { 1 .OOO mm {0.977-25. 9 3 0 m m { 1 . and D.993 mm 11.0O2 inl NOTE: Suooort the mainshaft at both ends as snown. replacethe with a new one.8656-0.1 .

07746 . for sequence. 35 mm LO. o7746-0030300 HUB sTH SYNCHRO 40 ORIVER.Reassembly CAUTION: When installing the 3rd/. mm l. Support 2nd gear on steel blocks. ATTACHMENT.lth and 5th synchro hubs. stopsof the 3rd/4thsynchrosleeve NOTE:After installing. 40 DRIVER. Installthe sth synchrohub using the specialtools ano a oress. NOTE:Refer page 13-15 reassembly to 1. D16YB engines 13-19 .0030100 ATTACHMENT.then install the 3rd/4thsynchro hub using the specialtools and a press. 30 mm LD. SYNCHRO SLEEVE *1: D'16Y7 engine *2r D16Y5.checkthe operationof the 3rdl4thsynchrohub set. and instsll the synchro hubs using a press. 2. I n s t a l l h e 3 r d l 4 t hs y n c h r os l e e v eb y a l i g n i n gt h e t and hub. mm l. o7746 -OO30400 2ND GEAR tools and a Install the ball bearingusingthe special press.D o7746 -0030100 3.O. support the shaft on steel blocks.

0 .lOgN.0 .6. FRICTION DAMPER lST GEAR p l n s p e c t i o n . 1 1 . D16Y8 engines 13-20 .on. page 13-21 FRICTION DAMPER SYNCHRO RING Inspection. 1ST/2NDSYNCHRO HUB SYNCHRO SPRING SYNCHRO RING page 13-28 Inspection. I n s p e c t i o n . OCKNUTReplace. 28 39x44x27 mn NEEDLE BEARING Checktor wear and operation.and sth gearsare installed The with a press. Snap ring groove laces up.4th. (* / BALL EEARTNG 1) (*2) BEARTNG I NEEDLE Check for wear and operation. 2 8 36 x 41 x 25. them and apply lubricant all contactsurfaces dry to exceptthe 3rd. 0k g f . 108-0.6 lbnlr I WASHER BEARING Checkfor wear and operation.m I 1 1 . SPACER COLLAR Inspection. m l | 79. 4th.a g e 1 3 . GEAR 4TH GEAR 3RO GEAR 2ND GEAR lnspection. 3 Prior_to reassembling..2 3 p *1: D16Y7 engine '2: D16Y5.and 5th gears.5 mm NEEOLE BEARING Check for wear and operation. cleanall the partsin solvent. page 13-28 SYNCHRO SPRING REVERSE GEAR page 13-27 lnspecta.79.a g e 1 3 2 1 . page 13-21.Gountershaft Assembly Index NOTE: 3rd.0.

O 3 .41-30.measis urethe thickness f 1st gear.0O9 in} 3.1 .01 mm l1 . lf the thicknessot 2nd gear is lessthan the servi c e l i m i t . 0 0 2 . 1 2m m ( 0 .r e p l a c e s t g e a r w i t h a n e w o n e .24 mm {0. 1 9 8i n } S e r v i c e i m i t : 3 0 .96mm inl 11. 0 O 10 .261.replace 1st/2ndsynchrohub with a new the one. measure the thicknessof 2nd gear. 1 9 7 . Standard: GAUGE 2.0 .always replacethe synchrosleeveand hub as a set. lf the thickness lessthan the service is limit.measure the thicknessot the spacercollar. o Standard: 30.91 31.85mm (1.r e p l a c e n d g e a rw i t h a n e w o n e . lf the clearance morethan the servicelimit. m S t a n d a l d : O .009 in) 3RD GEAR FEELER GAUGE SPACER COLLAR 2NO GEAR is lf the clearance morethan the servicelimit. 0 0 5 i n ) ServiceLimit: 0.256 1.44mm { 1 . 3 6m m ( 1 . 2 lf the thicknessof 2nd gear is within the service limit. lf the thicknessis within the servicelimit. M e a s u r e h e c l e a r a n c e e t w e e nt h e c o u n t e r s h a f t and lst geaf.Inspection Clearance is NOTE: lf replacement required. 0 O 4 i n ) ServiceLimit: 0. 1 lf the thicknessof l st gear is within the service limit.O . M e a s u r eh e c l e a r a n cb e t w e e n n d a n d 3 r d q e a r s t e 2 S t a n d a . 0 3 . O 4 .262 inl 11 ServiceLimit: 32. b t 1 . 13-21 .260 inl SPACER COLLAR 1 S TG E A B 5 .replace 1st/2ndsynchrohub with a new the one.22 mm {0.25i1in) Standard: Af / /-?:- 2rlDGEAR t - \ -N/ / l L'rz::---h_l t i I t h e t h i c k n e s s f 1 s t g e a ri s l e s st h a nt h e s e r v o i c e l i m i t .1. 1 O m ( 0 . 1 9 5i n ) L 3 2 . d : O . reDlace the spacercollar with a new one. 31.rvicoLimit:31. 0 6m m .3 2 .258 S.O .

WOODBLOCKS 3. Raisethe locknuttab from the groove of the countershaft. and press counthe tershaft of sth and 4th gearsas shown.Assembly Gountershaft Disassembly CAUTION: Remove the gears using a pr6ss and st€el blocks as shown. Suppon4th gearon steelblocks. 2. S e c u r e l yc l a m p t h e c o u n t e r s h a f t s s e m b l yi n a benchvisewith wood blocks. R e mo v e t h e b e a r i n g s s i n g a b e a r i n gp u l l e ra s u shown. BEARINGR'LLER 13-22 .then remove the locknut and the spring wasner. Use of a iaw-type pullor can damage the gear toeth. out 4TH GEAR Support 1st gear on steel blocks. 4. a 1 .and pressthe countershaftout of 3rd gear as shown.

930mm (1.9835 0. for Inspectthe gear surfacesand bearingsurfaces wear and damage.000mr' {1. 4th. NOTE:Check that the fingersof the frictiondamper are securelyset in the groovesof the 1sv2ndsynchro hub. in. and sth gea. replace with a new one. Installtheneedlebearingon the countershaft. support the shaft on 3te6l blocks and install the gas. 36 x 41 x 25. and C. NOTE: Referto page 13-20for reassemblysequence.015mm 7 { 1 .24.4167 1. Assemblethe Dartsbelow as shown. Standard: A: 30. lnspect runout. (cont'd) .000.30.930 Reassembly CAUTION: . 2. 1.002 I . the countershaft 3.9840in) S€rviceLimh: A: 29.5. Prcssthc 3rd. 2 D GEAR 39r44x27mm I{€EOLE BEARIIIG SPACERCOLLAB FRICTIOII DAMPER SY'{CHRO RING SYI{CHROSPNING REVERSE GEAB lST/21{D SYNCHNOHUB SY]TCHRO SPRING SYNCHRORING FRICTIONDAMPER 1ST GEAR 2. lf the runout is more than the servicelimit. When installing the 3rd.5 rnm NEEDLEBEARII{G COUNTERSHAFT Check oil passages for clogging. . and 5th gelrs on thc cour*crshaft whhoul lubrication. 1 8 1 i n l B: 35. .Inspection t. SorviceLimh: 0.41i[6in] mm (0. replace with a new one. 4th.05 mm 10.950mm (1.980. Installthe oarts on the countershaft. lf anv oart of the countershsftis less than the it service limit.9815inl C: 2/+. B.984.4r73inl mm C: 24.then measurethe countershaft at pointsA.r uring a prass. for Standard: 0.36.1791in) B: 35.001in) max. 1 8 1-1 1 .02 mm {0.91t3 10.

0 0 * 11.0kgf.79.O. 6. Install4th gear usingthe special tools and a press.40 mm l. 5.8 kN (8m kd. 35 mm LO.40 lnm 07746-0030100 ATTACHMENT.then stakethe locknuttab into groove.ft) LOCKNUT Replace. 13-24 . 07746-0030300 sTH GEAR a Installthe spring washer. 07746-0030100 ATTACHMENT. 07746 -OO30400 w *1: D16Y/engine +2:D16Y5. 35 mm l.m * 111.m.6+ 0+ 79.Assembly Countershaft (cont'd) Reassembly 4.O.tighten the locknut. LOCKNUT 108*0-108N. 07746-OO3O/IOO S e c u r e l yc l a m p t h e c o u n t e r s h a f t s s e m b l yi n a a benchvisewith wood blocks. Installthe bearings the direction in shown usingthe specialtools and a press. mm l.D. Installsth gear usingthe specialtools and a press. 40 DRIVER.786lbf). o7746-0030100 ATTACHMENT. D16Y8 engines TH GEAR Snapring faces up. Ball cage faces up. CAUTION: Install the b€arings with a maximum pr€ssureof 7. 7. 30 mm l.6lbf. DRIVER. DRlvER. 5.D. SuoDort countershaft a steelblockas shown the on and install 3rd gear using the specialtools and a oress.

them. all the partsin solvent.Shift Fork Assembly lndex ---'rl 'f to dry erlorto reassembling.andapplylubricant anYcontactparts clean 3RO/4THSHIFTFORK 5TH/REVERSE SHIFTFORK 1ST/2NDSHIFTFORK MBS SHIFT PIECE 5TH/REVERSE PIECE SHIFT 3RO/4lH SHIFTPIECE '13-25 .

5th: 6. lf the thickness the shift fork fingers is within of the standard.0{ in) 3.replacethe synchrosleevewith a new one.2.244.026in) ServiceLimit 1. Stsndard:13. 3rd/. Measure the clearance betweeneach shift fork and its matchingsynchrosleeve.7.520 0.299in) lst/2nd.0. Measurethe clearancebetweenthe shift oiece or shiftfork and the shift arm B. meais surethe grooveof the shift pieceor shiftfork.0. lf the groove of the shift piece or shift fork is not within the standard.4mm {0.fth: 7. meais surethe thickness the shiftfork finqers. replacethe shift pi€ce or shift fork with a new one.024ifin) ARMB SHIFT ". 1.2 .62 mm {0. lf the clearance more than the servicelimit.. of Siandard.f mm (0.65 mm (0.6.008. Standard: 0.2 . reDlace shift arm B with the a new one.6 mm {0.Shift ForkAssembly Clearance Inspection NOTE:The synchrosleeveand the synchrohub should be replacedas a set. 13-26 .4 .252in) lf the clearance more than the servicelimit. lf the groove of the shift piece or shift fork is within the standard.528in} SHIFTFORK lf the thicknessof the shift fork fingers is not within the standard.0.5 mm (0.0 mm (0.13.291. Standard: 0. reDlacethe shift fork with a new one.0.02 in) ServiceLimit: 0.

2aO in) Standard: SoryiceLimit: 5. 6.1 mm (O. replace MBS shift piece. Synchro Hub Synchro MBS Shift PieceInspection 1.Sleeve. CAUTION: Do not install the svnchro sleove with its longer leeth in the synchro hub slots because it will damagethe spring ring. N O T E : l f r e p l a c e m e n ti s r e q u i r e d . Measurethe width of the MBS shilt piece. I n s p e c tg e a r t e e t h o n a l l s y n c h r o h u b s a n d s y n c h r o s l e e v e sf o r r o u n d e d o l f c o r n e r s .9-7. TEETH LONGER 13-27 .8 mm (O. be sureto matchthe three sets of longerteeth (120 degrees apart)on the synchrosleevewith the three sets ol deepergrooves in the synchro hub. and check for freedom oI movement. a l w a y s r e p l a c e the synchro sleeve and synchro hub as a set.w h i c h i n d i c a t e lf the width of the MBS shift pieceis lessthan limit. the service the synchrosleeveand synchro When assembling hub.268 inl I n s t a l le a c h s y n c h r o h u b a n i t s m a t l n g s y n c h r o sleeve.272-O. SYNCHRO SLEEVE lnspection/lnstallation 1.

046inl ServiceLimit: 0. 2.Synchro Ring.Gear Inspection I n s p e c t h e s y n c h r or i n g a n d g e a r . . M e a s u r e h e c l e a r a n c e e t w e e nt h e s y n c h r or i n g t b a n dg e a ra l l t h e w a y a r o u n d . oo GOOO WORN D: Inspect gear hub thrustsurface wear.. makingsurethat it does not slip.O2inl l f t h e c l e a r a n cie l e s st h a nt h e s e r v i c ei m i t .029-O. A r I n s p e c t h e i n s i d eo f t h e s y n c h r o r i n g l o r w e a r . SYNCHRO SYNCHRO GOOOWORN C: Inspectthe synchro sleeve teeth and matching teeth on the gear for wear (rounded off). g Synchro Ring-to-Gear Clearance Standardi 0.-\.73-1. the for E: Inspect cone surface wear and roughness. \---l (rl 13-28 . NOTE: Holdthe synchroring againstthe gear evenl y w h i l em e a s u r i n t h e c l e a r a n c e ..4 mm (O.18 mm (0. s c o r i n gg a l l i n ga n dc r a c k s . .. the for F : I n s p e c t h e t e e t ho n a l l g e a r sf o r u n e v e nw e a r . Coatthe cone surfaceof the gear with oil. /\.R o t a t e h e g t synchroring.r e o l a c e s l the synchroring and synchrocone. 8: lnspectthe synchro sleeveteeth and matching teeth on the synchro ring for wear (rounded off). and place t h e s y n c h r or i n g o n t h e m a t c h i n g e a r . .

s 3 . Removethe shitt arm C attachingb o l t . 4 2 8i n l \ 28 mm PLUG BOLT 13-29 . Removethe 28 mm plug bolt and 1st/2nd select spring. 9 . spring.Y/ SHIFTARM B INTERLOCK L.and c o a r . SHIFTBOO \ \ '.shift Rod Removal N O T E :T h es t e e b a l l s a r e ao lf t h e s a m e s i z e ( 5 / 1 6 i n ) . 5 . 1 0 . a n dt h e i n t e r l o c kt.843 in) SHIFTARM A COLLAR 14x20 I RETAINER REVERSE SELECT S€LECT SPRING L. Removethe reverselock cam.)r. b 7 . 63. R e m o v eh e s h i f tr o d .t h e n r e m o v e h e s h i f ta r m A . 0 1i n ) DOWELPIN CLUTCH HOUSING ASSEMBLY DIFFERENTIAL 6p* \ ^s* \ ssrrrinru spnrr "r. "r*.r*o L ..h e n s r e m o v et h e r e v e r s e e l e c ts p r i n ga n d r e t a t n e r . n d s t e e lb a l l .".4 mm (2. Removethe diff. R e m o v e h i f ta r m sC a n d B . 2 5 .50 inl \s SET BALL SPRING BOLT SPRING L .*o \ OIL SEAL Replace. Removethe shilt arm shalt. R e m o v e h e s h i f t a r m A a t t a c h i n g o l t .4 mm {0. s e t s p r i n g . SPRING 21. t 8 . t NOTE: Be careful not to lose the s t e e l b a l l .rential assemory.t h e s e t b a l l t a s p r i n gb o l t . 2 6 m m { 1 .Removehe magnet. t 6 . l l 1. Removethe steel ball. 3 6 . REVESSE LOCKCAM SHIFTARM C . 6 m m 1 1 . 2.

0O2-O.Differential Index Backlash Inspection 1.Ul 2 . It the backlashis not within the standsrd.3 kgl.reolace the ditterentialcarrier.006in) 3 . 10x 1. 13-30 .15 mm (O. BALL AEARING Check lor wear and damage. Placedifferential assemblyon V-blocks.0 1 0 1 N ' m 1O. Measurebacklashof both pinion gears.91"*4w checktorwear^.m.and install both driveshafts. PINIONGEARS A :'ylT'Y:-1.05-O. 74.5 tbt'ft1 Left-hand threads Standard {Newl:0.

40 DRIVER. NOTE: The final driven gear bolts have left-hand threads. in a crisscross BALL BEARING 13-31 . 0m m B O L T 101 il.m (10. the bearingsare OK. Left-hand 7746. Installthe final driven gear by tighteningthe bolts pattern in severalsteps.3kg{'tn. NOTE: Drivethe bearingssquarelyuntil they bottom againstthe carrier.O. mm l. Installnew ball bearingsusing the specialtool as shown.BearingReplacement NOTE: Check bearingsfor wear and rough rotation. BALL BEARING 2. removalis not necessary.0030100 2. 1 0 x 1 . 1. PULLER (Commercially available) FINALDRIVEN GEAR diameterol Chamferon anside final drivengear faces carrier. Remove the bolts in a crisscross pattern in several steps. Remove the ball bearings using a bearing puller as Final Driven Gear Replacement 't . then remove the final driven gear from the differential carrier.74 5 lbl'tt) threads.

t a sh o wn . Usethe specialtool to bottom the differentialassembly in the clutch housing.Differential Thrust Shim Adjustment 1 . I n s t a ltlh e d i f f e r e n t i a ls s e m b l ym a k i n g u r ei t b o t a . l N O T E : I n s t a l t h e s a m es i z et h r u s ts h i m t h a t w a s l removed. 20 lbf. Tighten the transmissionhousingattaching bolts ( s e ep a g e 1 3 . 40 07746 -0030100 I n s t a l t h e t h r u s ts h i m . housing(seepage 13-41).m (2.D. Installthe transmission NOTE: Do not applyliquidgasketto the matingsurtace of the clutch housing. betweenthrust shim and bearMeasureclearance i n g o u t e r r a c ei n t r a n s m i s s i oh o u s i n g .4 2 ) . s t o m s i n t h e c l u t c hh o u s i n gu s i n g h e s p e c i a l t o o l s .to 5. 2 5m m 27 N. DRIVER. 6. 3 . 8 x 1 . mm l.8 kgt'm. n 13-32 .

O 6 8 9n ) i 4r441-PL3-800 41442-PL3 BOO 41443 PL3 800 41444-PL3-800 41445 PL3 800 41446. O 5 5 i1 ) n 1 . O 4 3 3n ) i 1. 6 5 m m { 0 . 3 5 m m ( O .A O O 41453-PL3-A00 41454-PL3 A00 41455-PL3-AOO 4 14 5 6 . O 4 9 2n ) i i 1 . O 5 5 i1 ) '1. 0 5 m m ( 0 .6mm (0.5 i m m ( O . O O 4 i n ) : 8 0 m m T H R U S T H I M :D 1 6 Y 5 . 0 5 9 1i n ) i 1. 0 4 1 3 i n ) 1.P L 3.0630n) 1 . 1 O m m l 0 .7. 0 m m ( O . 0 4 1 i n ) 1. Replacethe thrust shim selectedin step 7. 13-33 . 3 m m ( O . 8 m m ( 0 .PL3 BOO 41449-PL3. O 3 9 4n ) 1 1 m m ( O . 0 5 7 1i n ) 1 .800 41450 PL3-800 4 1 4 5 ' t. 'lO.PL3 800 41441 PL3 BOO 41448. l 5 m m ( O . 0 6 3 0n ) 1 .B O 0 41452 PL3-BO0 4 1 4 5 3 . O 5 m m ( 0 . 0 6 ' 1 0 n ) 1 . 4 m m { O . 15 m m ( O .Apply the bolts and transmission housliquidgasketto the surface the transmission o{ ing and reassemble.B O O 41454 PL3-BO0 41455 PL3-BO0 72 mm THRUSTSHIM: Dl6Y7 engine Part Number 4t441 41442 PL3 AOO PL3 AOO Thickness i 1. 0 m m ( O . 0 6 5 0i n ) '1 . O 4 5 3n ) i 1 .2 mm lO. 0 7 0 9i n ) 1.A O O 41457 PL3 A00 41456 PL3. 7 5 m m ( 0 .0 .selecta is t n e w t h r u s ts h i m f r o m t h e f o l l o w i n g a b l e . 4 1 4 5 ' 1 P L 3. S t a n d a r dO .0472 tn) n 1 . 0 7 0 9i n ) 3 1. 8 . 6 m m ( O . 4 5 m m { O .O472in') n 1 . 8 m m ( 0 . O 5 7 'i1 ) n i 1. 0 6 1 0i n ) 1 .D l 6 Y 8 e n g i n e s S Part Numbe? Thickness i 1 . O 4 5 3n ) i 1 . 0 6 5 0i n ) 1 . 0 6 6 9i n l 1 . .P L 3.AOO . 1 m m 1. 4 m m ( O . O 5 3 2n ) i '1 . 7 5 m m ( O . measured step 6 is within in NOTEr lf the clearance t h e s t a n d a r dg o t o s t e p 1 O . O 5 1 i2 ) n 1 . 2 5 m m ( O .PL3. O 4 9 2n ) i ' 1 .A O O 4 14 5 2 . Removethe bolts and transmission 9 . 0 4 3 3i n ) 1 . 3 m m { O . 5 5 m m ( 0 .B00 41457 PL3 BO0 housing. ll the clearance more than the standard. 7 m m ( 0 . O 5 9 1n ) i 1 . 4 5 m m { O .0 .2 mm lO. 6 5 m m { 0 . then recheckthe clearance. 2 5 m m { O .P L 3 . 5 m m { 0 . 5 5m m { 0 . 7 m m ( 0 . O 5 3 2n ) 1. Remove housing.AOO 41 450. 0 6 8 9i n ) 41443-PL3-A00 41444 PL3-AOO 41445-PL3-AOO 41446-PL3-AOO 41447 PL3 AOO 41448-PL3-AOO 41449-PL3. 3 5m m ( O .P L 3. O 3 9 4n ) ( O . 0 6 6 9i n ) 1 . 0 5 ' 1i2 ) 1 .

\J ATTACHMENT. R e m o v e h e b a l l b e a r i n g s i n gt h e s p e c i atl o o l a s t u s h o wn . 25-40 mm 07736-A01000A Drivethe ball bearinginto the clutch housingusing the specialtools as shown. CLUTCH HOUSING Replace. Drivethe new oil sealinto the clutch housingusing the sDecial tools as shown. 3. 13-34 .Clutch HousingBearing Replacement Mainshafl 1 . ) Remove the oil seal trom the clutch housing. 42 | 47 mm 07746-0010300 \ ' ADJUSTABLE EEARING PULLER.

07736-AOtOOOA * 1 : A T T A C H M E N T . tool as bearingusingthe special Remove the needle shown. then removethe oil guide plate. x 5s mm 52 o7746 -0010400 OIL GUIDEPLATE *1: Dl6Y7 €ngin6 +2: D16Y5. 2. p . BEARING NEEDLE ) GUIDEPLATE 25-40 mm PULLER. Dl6Yg onginos 13-35 . b t I n s t a ltlh e o i l g u i d e l a t e t h e nd r i v e h e n e e d l e e a r u i n g i n t o t h e c l u t c hh o u s i n g s i n gt h e s p e c i atl o o l s as shown.2 x 4 7 n n 4 07746-0010300 *2: ATTACHMENT.J Countershatt 1.

0 5 4 3i n ) 1 . s o S e l e c t h e p r o p e r h i mo n t h e b a s i s f t h e f o l l o w i n g calculatrons: N O T E : U s e o n l y o n e t h r u s ts h r m ( B a s i c o r m u l) F a ( B ) + ( C ) . 6 6m m { 0 . 11 m m ( 0 . 8 0 m m ( 0 . O 3 7 8n ) i O . 7 5 m m ( 0 . 0 5 0 8i n ) 2 . 4 1 m m { 0 . 0 5 m m ( 0 . 9 6 m m ( O . Measurethe distance@ between the end of the transmission housingand thrust washer.P L 3.P L 3 A t O 23959 PL3-A10 23960-PL3 A10 23961-PL3-A10 5TH SYNCHRO HUB o BALL EEARING o R T 3 . 0 4 3 7i n ) 1 4 m m O. 9 3 m m { 0 . 0 9m m ) @ = 2.PL3 A 10 23955 PL3 A10 23956 PL3 A 10 2 3 9 5 7. 5 6 m m ( O . 7 8 m m ( O . 8 4 m m 1 0 . O 3 9 O in 1 . a Measure at three locations and average the readlngs. 0 3 5 4 n ) i O . 4 4 m m 1 0 . 0 4 7 2i n ) l 2 3 m m l O . 0 6 9 7i n ) 1. 0 5 6 7n ) i 1 . a Measure at three locations and average the readings. 9 9m m ( O . A 1 0 23967-PL3-A10 2 3 9 6 8.0650 in) L 6 8 m m { 0 .0343 inl O . 0 6 2 6n ) i L 6 2 m m ( 0 . 0 6 1 4n l i . O 4 8 4n ) i L 2 6 m m { 0 . 0 4 1 3i n ) 1 .5 3 m m 0 . 1 7m m 1 0 . spacercollar. Remove thrust shim and oil guideplatetrom the the t r a n s m i s s i oh o u s i n g . 7 4 m m { 0 . 0 3 1 9i n ) i O .0673in) 1 . 3 5 m m { O . O 3 Oa n l O .0284 in) O . 5th synchrohub. 0 6 3 8i n ) ' t .0236 in} 0 . 0 2 8 3i n ) 0 . 0 7 0 9' n ) Measure distance between the the surfaces the ot @ clutch housingand bearinginner race. 0 5 2 0n } i 1 .P L 3 A 1 0 23969 PL3 A10 23970 PL3 A10 23971 PL3 A10 INNERRACEOF EALL BEARING 13-36 . 14 m m ) t 65 mm THRUSTSHIM: Dl6Y7 engine Part Numbet 23931 PL3 A10 B Thickness 0. 8 1 m m ( 0 . 0 8 m m ( 0 . 0 5 5 5i n } 1 . 9 0m m 1 0 . 0 2 6 0 .____ OIL GUIDE PLATE 1)/t' i': ''7 TRANSMISSION HOUSING Exampleof calculation: D i s r a n c e ( 2 . 0 Om m ) + D i s t a n c e ' e ( O .Installthe assemblyin the transmission housrng. 0 3 3 1n ) 0 .60 mm {0. 5 0 m m ( O .A 1 0 23963 PL3 A10 23964. NOTE: a Use a straight edge and verniercaliper. 0 2 7 2i n } 0 .PL3-A 10 23965 PL3-A 10 2 3 9 6 6. 9 5 = s h i mt h i c k n e s s :. 4 7 m m ( 0 . c HUB @ gnolcru sYncHRo THRUSTWASHER SPACERCOLLAR D E F H 23932 PL3 410 23933 PL3 A10 23934 PL3 A10 23935 PL3 Ar0 2 3 9 3 623937 23938 23939 PL3 A 10 PL3 A10 PL3 A10 PL3-A' t O J K L M N 2 3 9 4 0 -P L 3 A 1 0 23941 PL3 A10 2 3 9 4 2. O 2m m ( O . 9 5m m ) = t h e w h f e q u i r e dh r u s ts h i m ( 1. 0 4 6 1n ) i 1 .09mm ( s u b t r a c t h e s p r i n g a s h e r e i g h t 0 . 7 2 m m ( 0 . 3 8 m m ( 0 .P L 3 A 1 0 2 3 9 5 8. X 1 .P L 3 A 1 0 23943 PL3 A10 23944 PL3 A10 23945 PL3 ArO 23946 PL3 A10 23947 PL3 A10 23948 PL3-A10 23949 PL3-A10 23950 PL3 A10 23951 PL3 A10 23952 PL3 A10 23953 PL3 A10 23954.MainshaftThrust Shim Adjustment I. 0 3 6 6i n } O . 6 3 m m 10. ENDOF CLUTCHHOUSING AB AC AD AE AG AH AK AO 2 3 9 6 2. and thrust washeron the mainshaft. 0 6 6 1i n } 7 l m m 0. 0 6 0 2i n ) . NOTE: a Use a straightedge and depth gauge. O 4 Oi2 n 1 . 0 5 7 9i n ) . 8 7 m m 10. 0 4 2 5i n ) 1 . 5 9 m m ( O .O . 3 2m m { 0 . 0 6 8 5i n i 1 . 7 7 m m ( 0 .P L 3 . Installthe 3rd/4th synchro hub. ball bearing. 0 2 9 5i n ) 7 O . 0 4 9 6i n ) L 2 9 m m { 0 . 0 5 9 1n ) i . O 5 3 Ii n ) 1 . 6 9 m m { 0 . 6 5m m 0. n THRUSTSHIM 5. 4. n } 0 . 2 0 m m ( 0 .0449 in) 1 .

2 6 m m { 0 . 3 5 m m ( 0 . Tightenthe clutch and transmission severalI mm bolts. 0 6 8 5n ) i 1 . 8 0 m m ( O . 0 4 3 7 n ) i ' ] 1 4 m m ( O . 0 6 5 0n l i 1 . a.PL3. NOTE: a Clean thrustwasher. 20 lbf. 0 3 6 6 n ) i O . I x 1 . 0 3 9 0i n } LO2 mm {0.ftl 1 1 .BO0 23966 PL3 800 23967 .800 23956 PL3.800 23947 PL3 800 23944 PL3 800 23949 PL3 800 23950 PL3-800 23951 PL3 800 23Ss2 PL3 BOO 23953 PL3 800 23954 PL3-BOO 23955 PL3. 0 2 6 0' n ) 0 6 9 m m ( 0 . 0 5 0 8i n } THRUSTWASHER WASHER SPRING J M N 8 . 0 5 6 7n ) i 1 . 8 4 m m ( O . Checkthe thrust clearance the mannerdescribed below.70 mm THRUSTSHIM: D16Y5. 0 4 9 6I n ) l 2 9 m m { 0 ..BOO 23933-PL3 BOO 23934 PL3 800 Thickness 0 . a D E F G H 23935 PL3 800 23936 PL3 800 23937 PL3 B00 23938 PL3 800 23939 PL3 800 2 3 9 4 0. 4 1 m m ( 0 . 4 7 m m ( O . 0 5 9 1i n ) L 5 3 m m { 0 . 0 3 3 1n ) i 0 . T a p t h e m a i n s h a fw i t h a p l a s t r c a m m e r . 6 6 m m { 0 . 0 3 0 7i n ) 0 .PL3.8 0 0 23960 . 6 3 m m { 0 . 0 5 3 1i n ) 1 . NOTE: lt is not necessaryto use sealing agent between the housings. 7 7 m m 1 O ._ a'. 3 8 m m 1 0 . 0 3 7 8i n ) 0 . t h in 12. 9 6m m { 0 . THRUSTSHIM O I LG U I D E PLATE TRANSMISSION HOUSING CLUTCH HOUSING :---. O 5 m m ( 0 . housingswith 1O. 0 6 6 1i n ) . 0 5 7 9n ) i L 5 0 m m ( 0 . 0 6 9 7n ) i 1 .800 23971 PL3 800 AK AN AO 6. O 8m m { 0 ./ .800 23961 PL3 800 23962 PL3 800 0 . 0 2 8 4i n i O . 9 . 0 6 2 6i n } L 6 2 m m { 0 . 6 8 m m ( 0 . 0 5 5 5i n ) 1 .800 23957 PL3 800 23958 PL3-800 2 3 9 5 9.P L 3 . 6 0 m m { 0 . 8 7 m m ( 0 . 2 0 m m ( 0 . Slidethe mainshaftbase and the collarover the mainshaft. Installthe mainshaftin the clutch housing. D16Y8 enqines A Part Number 23931 PL3 BOO 23932 PL3.PL3.8 kgf. 0 2 9 5I n ) 0 . 7 5 m m ( 0 . 0 6 7 3n ) i 1 . 7 8 m m ( 0 . 11 m m ( 0 .m. 0 3 4 3i n ) O . 0 5 2 0n l i 1 . 4 4m m ( O . 8 1 m m ( 0 . 0 2 3 6i n } 0 .0402 inl 1.PG20't 30 COLLAR oTGAJ-PG20120 13-37 . 0 6 3 8i n ) 1 . 3 2m m { 0 . 0 5 4 3n ) i 1 . shouldbe made at room CAUTION: Measurement temperalute. 7 ' l m m ( O . 2 5m m 27 N'm (2. 0 3 1 9n ) i 0 . 5 9 m m { 0 . Installthe oil guide plate and selectedthrust shim in the transmission housing. Placethe transmission housingover the mainshaft and onto the clutch housing. '"9 MAINSHAFT BASE 07GAJ. 0 4 6 1 n ) i 1 . 7 2m m ( 0 . a Install the thrust washer. o o R S T z AB AC AD AE AG AH 1 .PL3 BOO 23968-PL3 BOO 23369 PL3 800 23970. 9 0m m ( O . 0 7 0 9n ) i 23963-PL3-800 23964 PL3. 5 6 m m { 0 . 9 3m m { O . O 4 8 4n } i 1 . 7 4m m ( O . 0 2 8 3n ) i 0 . 0 6 0 2I n ) . ---[ {cont'd} I "): i. 0 3 5 4 n ) i O . 0 2 7 2i n ) 7.BO0 23965. 6 5 m m 1 0 . Installthe thrust washer and spring washer in the mainshaft.spring the washerandthrust shim thoroughlybefore installation. spring washer and thrust shim properly. O 4 4 9n ) i 1 .P L 3 B O O 23941-PL3 BOO 23942 PL3 BOO 23943 PL3 BOO 23944 PL3 BO0 23945 PL3 800 23946 PL3. 9 9 m m { 0 . 0 4 1 i n ) 3 1 . O 4 2 5 n ) i 1 . 1 7m m ( 0 . 0 4 7 2i n ) L 2 3 m m { O . 0 6 1 4i n } 1 .

Zero a dial gauge on the end of the mainshalt HOLDEF MAINSHAFT -PG20t 10 07GAJ f . 1 8 m m { O . MAINSHAFT HOLD€R 07GAJ-PG20110 its turningwhen the dialgaugehas reached maximum movement. F i t t h e h o l d e r o v e r t h e m a i n s h a f ts o i t s l i p i s toward the transmission. 1 1 . on Seat the mainshaftfully by tappang the end with a Dlastichammer. Attach the mainshaltholderto the mainshaftas lollows: NOTE: holderbolt and loosenthe the Back-out mainshaft two hex bolts. Turn the mainshalt holderbolt clockwise. contactsthe wide surfaceof the mainshaft the is s . clearance rs correcr.O . d O . n S t a n d a .stop .0 . CAUTION: Turning tho mainshatt hold6t bolt mor6 than 60 dogroosatter the needls of the dial gaugs stops moving may damage th6 transmissioo. recheck lf the readingis not within the standard.The readingon the dial gauge is the amount ot mainshaltend play. at the insideof the mainshaft the hex bolts. lf the reading withinthe standard. O Oi7 ) : 13-38 . Threadthe mainshalt holderbolt in until it just base. O O 4 . MAINSHAFTHOLDER EOLT e. d . holder'slip aroundthe groove Align the mainshaft then tighten splines.-- MainshaftThrust Shim Adjustment (cont'd) b. the shim thickness.

Omm 31 N. 0m m 1 5 N . A:8x'l. SHIFTARM C 6 x 1 . 16 lbf. Install shift arm C in shitt arm A. then insertthe shift arm shalt.and set ball springbolr. Installthe reverseselectretainer and reverse select spring onto shitt arm shaft. 3 .843 in) SHIFTARM A -.Transmission Reassembly N O T E :T h es t e e b a l l s a r e ao lf r h e s a m e s i z e ( 5 / 1 6 i n ) . COLLAR -b K / REVERSE LOCKCAM REVERSE SELECTRETAINER REVERSE SELECTSPRING L. 5 k g t .\ INTERLOCK. 8 .ltl SPRING L.m.. f t l sHtFTARM " ___\.uK. S e t s h i f t a r m A o n t h e c l u t c hh o u s i n gt. 6 . I n s t a l t h e m a g n e ta n d r e v e r s eo c k c a m .50inl MAGNET SET BALL SPRINGBOLT 22 N.spring. 25.m 12.4 mm 12..m 13.. Installthe springwasherand shitt arm A attaching bolt.lnstallthe differentialassembly. m . Compressthe ball and insert the shift arm shaft.-.6 mm ('l. f!ir"--10. 1 0 .2 kgf. l l 1 . Install the collar. SHIFTARM SHAFT SHIFT ROD BOOT (cont'd) 13-39 . l l 2.1 1 l b l . 63.-.and steelballinto the case. 23 lbf. Insertshift arm shatt in the clutch housing 7 .2 kgt.TNTERLOCK. then set it on the clutch housing.m. 5 .-. Installshitt arm B in the interlock. 9 .h e n i n s t a l l the shiftrod. m { 1 . Installthe steelball.Ol inl CLUTCH HOUSING OIFFERENTIAL ASSEMBLY OIL SEAL Replace.spring.ft.

and shift fork assemblies. 23 lbl'ltl SPRING 1ST/2NOSELECT i L.Omm 15 N. WASHER 1 2 . REVERSE SHIFT 28 mm PLUGEOLT 54 N.Transmission (cont'dl Reassembly 11.Installthe mainshaft.ftl s 2 1 4 . s and interlockguide bolt. IDLER REVERSE GEAR SHAFT Tape the mainshaft splrnes. Position 36 mm springwasherand washeronto the the mainshaftbearing. 6x1.m. 36. I n s t a ltlh e 1 s t / 2 n d e l e c t p r i n g .m {5. 11 lbI.O O O 1o r of 08 7'l I 0003) to the threads the 28 mm plugbolt and interlockguide bolt. lnstallthe reverseidler gear and reverseidler gear shaft.5kgl'm.5 kgl.m {1.Irl GUIDEEOLT 39 N. Installthe reverseshift holder.m. MAINSHAFT/COUNTERSHAFT SHIFTFORKASSEMBLIES 15. N O T E : A p p l y l i q u i dg a s k e t( P / N0 8 7 1 8 .2kgl'm. 0m m 31 N'm 13.29 lbf.0 ksf.428n) GEAR 16. 8 x 1 .26 mm 11. 40 tbf.m 13-40 . NOTE: Align the finger ot the interlock with the groove in the shitr fork shaft. Installthe springwasher and shi{t arm B attaching bolt. 8 m m p l u g b o l t .countershaft.

m. lnstallthedowelpinsand the transmission housing. NOTE: . Installthe oilguideplateandthrustshimon the transmissionhousing.33 in) Liquid gasker 2 2 .6 -8.5 kgf.3 mrr| 10. Use liquid gasket (P/N O8718-OOO1 or o8718-O003). a lf 5 minutes have passedafter applying liquid gasket. Lower the transmission housingwith the snap ring pliers. the a Allow it to cure at least20 minutesafter assembly before tilling the transmission with oil. reapplyit and assemble housings. 21. t (cont'd) 13-41 . I n s t a lt h e 3 2 m m s e a l i n g o l t . a Removethe dirty oil from the sealingsurface.ttl OIL GUTTER PLATE TRANSMISSION HOUSING 1 8 . 32 mm SEALING EOLT 25 N. 18lbf.and set the snap ring into the groove of the countershaftbearing. l b t N O T E : A p p l y l i q u i dg a s k e t( P / NO 8 7 1 8 .18 0.O O O 1 08718-OOO3) o the threads.m {2. Apply liquidgaskel to the surfaceof the transmission housing mating with the clutch housing as shown. 4. NOTE: Checkthat the snap ring is securelyseated in the groove of the countershaftbearing. 1 9 .1 7 . I n s t a l t h e o i l g u t t e rp l a t e l 2O.

25 N.m.m. 18 lbf.m {2. 8 x 1. 20 lbl'fr) 2 5 .and set screws.m l'2. 2 5m m 27 N. Tightenrhe rransmission the numberedsequencein several steps shown oetow.8 kgt. 16 lbt.5 kgl'm.8 kgf. 3 1 .tt) 13-42 .UP LIGHTSWITCH HARNESS STAY le 24.I - Transmission (cont'dl Reassembly housingattachingbolts in 23.u pl i g h t s w i t c h a n d l r a n s m r s s r o n BACK. I n s t a l lt h e b a c k . 2 4 i n l SETTING SCREW 22 N. 20 lbf. Installthe steel balls. 6 m m ( 1.m. 8 x 1 .ftl SPRING L .2 ksf. 2 5 m m Totqnet 27 N'm (2.springs.t 12.

Removethe oil seal from the clutch housing. T 13-43 . 2 . Clutch Housing: 1. t DRIVER S€AL DRIVER ATTACHMENT 07947-6110501 ot 07947-6110500 OIL SEAL Replace. Installthe oil seal into the clutch housingusingthe soecialtools as shown.Oil Seals I Replacement Transmission Housing: L Bemovethe oil sealfrom lhe transmission housing. DRIVERATTACHMENT oTJAD-PH80101 otL sEAt neplace. Installthe oil sealinto the transmission housinqusing the specialtools as shown.

n^c\\ ffi)'o"o*h--:l+:l Y9 .Oksf.*tlp.m (0.\\ | 6 x 1 o mm 9..m. a Make sure the boot is installed on the shift rod..rr. \ HOLE 13-44 .8 N.or..ftl ) iiJ?t xx'tt" cuEr fl ffi U &_ e:---g EXTENSION exrrfusror noo I .1t'^- ExrENsroN END BUsHrr{c 3$i^\@ :r'.Nr". \\ exr.7.FrRoD J exrertror.\** iKlp-dffi :rr. sH. I ffiW NUr sELF.€i"r**.m.t{^ -' % se^LB fi+L-w^sHER \o Boor I 1 REARJo.r:.8 kgl._..r o.2 lbt.:n.8 N.5.. _ .8 lbf. replace worn or damaged any partsfor wearanddamage a Inspect whendisassembling.."""""""...i""YEo a^A .r .m l1.:1i"._ lii.LocKrNG Replace. \ f Ant. v EXTENSION BOLT SHIFTLEVER KNOB 7."1" i!l.GearshiftMechanism Overhaul NOTE: parts.zs. the a Turn the boot so the hole is facing down as shown..'"'iyss. \ 5ii_-.#""*. rubber a Install clip as shown.-.n Y ENocoLLAR cL'P r*H d""A'?''" .frl / /oown \ \a[ffi= :" CLIP t sinttc ptt't neoraci.ry @ r.

.'..... 14-161 t t .....'. 14-1 VariableTransmission Continuously (cwl .".AutomaticTransmission ....'...."' AutomaticTransmission...

. .......................40 {A/T ControlSysteml .. 14-119 Troubleshooting Flowcharts..... ......... ........... 14-98 Rea$embly........ .................[................... Transmission 14-96 TorqueConverter Housing/Valve Body ..............136 Hydraulic System .... 14... ......... 14.............. 1+117 Electrical System .... 14. 11-128 Test .... 14-135 Hydraulic Systcm B€aring Replacement . l .. Reassembly ......4 Installation ... .. ...................14-2 ATF Pump Description ..7 6 .. 1 4 ............ .... 14-71 One-way Clutch Repfacement .. .........-. ........ ....... ....... ..... ..... 14-23 Disassembfy/lnspection/Reassembly ... ................... 14-130 Reofacement .......... lil-158 Description .-............... ......-. lil-li[f Checking/Changing .. 1.. .126 Linear SolenoidAssemblV Disassembly...-... ....................1 .... ........... 11-112 Lock-up System ................. ... ............ 1il.. 14.............. ......anc€ .............. 1il-87 Mainshaft/CountGrshaft Bearings Transmission Repfacement -. ...... ................... ....... ........ ...........-.............................. 14-18 SecondaryValve Body Hydraufic F|ow...............123 Shift Control Solenoid Valve A/B Assembly Clutch Test ..... 14-150 Removal.... 14-109 PowerFlow .....-.......... ......1 ......14-42 Mainshatt Troubleshooting Procedures .......-........ Side 1+g4 Inspection/Adiustment ...... .. ...... ....7 5 lllustratsd lndex {A'lRA.-....................... l il-il8 Countershaft ElectricalTroubleshooting Dissssembly/lnspection/Reassembly ..................13 Disassembly/lnspection/Rea$embly ............................... 11-112 Transmission Reverseldl€r Gear R e m o v a................ 9 0 .......... 13 1{-'t Component Locations. 1/t-85 Mainshaft Bearing/OilS€al Replacement............. 14-3 Inspection ............. 1+13/t Repfacement .... 1.................... 11-77 Differential a Mainshaft/Counter3haftSpeedSensors lllustroted Index . .......... 1Gl24 Replacement ......... lil-75 lllustrated lndex IM4RATransmission) ...... .........1 1il.. 1i1"39 Servo Eody PCMCircuit Diagram Disassembly/lnspection/Beassembly .................-...............................50 Disassembly/Reassembly .... Lock-upValve Body PCMTerminsl Voltage/MeasuringConditions Disassembly/lnspection/Reassembly .-... alve ATF Cooler Hoses ......... .....1 4... 14-137 Stall SDeed Torque Converter Housing Bsarings Test ................ ..... ..137 RoadTest ......-... ... 1a-t5g Valve Body Shift Indicator Panel Repai.... ......... .. 11-74 Disassembly/lnspection/Reassombly .Automatic Transmission Special Toofs .......... l il-155 Torque Converter Housing/ValveBody Shift Cable Removal.. .......................115 A/T ControlSystem .--... ......................-.... ..........-....... .... ... 14-100 Transmission TransmissionHousing Installation ..... ..............{ ...... 14-121 Test ............. .........-. ......m Fluid Level CounteEhaftBearing Replacemsnt .t"116 Symptom-to-ComponentChart Inspection ........................................t-1......... ...........-.. 0 ..... 14-144 Right Side Cover TorqueConv€rter/Drive Plate ......... 14-110 Hydraulic Control .................. 14 14... ................................11-78 Oil S€alRemovsl .............. 14-44 Disassembly/lnspection Rsassembly ................. 14-157 Valve Caps Adiustment ..... 1+102 CoolerFlushing ..... . lil-86 TransmissionHousing Bearings Pressure Testing .1.................. .....-................ ..... 1+32 RegulatorValv€ Body EleqtricalSystem Disassembly/lnsp€ction/Reassembly ..................... ............ ....-.6. ... ... lil-l35 Symptom-to-ComponentChart Ditferential Carrier Replacement .... ... ...... . ............ 14-106 Shift Lever ...-. l+t/*l lllustrated Index Parking BrakeStop Transmission/Right Cover ........6 Main ValveBody Elestronic ControlSystem ..... .. 14-10i1 Removal/lnslallation ...... .......-.... 1i1.. 1+77 t Backlash Inspection ...................... 1+107 Adiustment ............ ... .... ......... . ..................... lil-li(| Transmis3ion Housing....... 14-120 Lock-upControl Solenoid Valve A/B Assambly fnspection ................1 ............................. .-. 14.......... . ................ ............. ......... 14-82 Oil SealInstallation/Side Clea.... 14-151 Removaf.................. .. ......... ....BitRATransmission}................ ............

. 3/8" o o I 1 1 1 I 1 I 'I I \.140.26 x 30 mm ClutchSpringCompressor Attachment @ SCSService Connector @ Backprobe Set @ A"/T Pressure Oil Hose.D. 137. mm 68 @ *Must be usedwith commerciallv-available .SpecialTools v Ref.01.40 mm 25 @Attachment.PH80200 07LAE PX40100 07PAZ 00'10100 07sAz . 135.'t31 14-103 14-139 '14139 14-124. I Tool Number 07GAB PF50101 07GAE PG40200 07HAC PK40' l0A 07JAD.131 l4-45 14-46 't 4-47 14-87 14-87 14-87 14-140. Edttltr-€ \l 6.14' 1 14-140. o @ g @ @ o @ @ @ @ @ @ t 14-2 . No. x 75 mm 72 @ Driver40 mm l. @ Driver @ DriverAttachment. 141.62 x 68 mm @ Attachment. 48 1 1 't 4-128. 14.0070300 07736 A010004 07746 0010500 07746 0010600 07746 0030100 07749 0010000 07947-611501 Description Oty 1 1 1 I I 'l 1 I Prgo Reforenc./TOil PressureGauge Set w/panel @ Ay'T Low PressureGaugew/panel @ Adjustable Bearing Puller.0010004 _ OTMAJ PY4O11A 07MAJ.PY40120 07406.PH80101 07JAD.0020400 07406. 138 14-139.16 slidehammer.2210 mm A.142 '14-121.Adapter @ A.142 14-'t40.'142 14-139 Mainshaft Holder ClutchSpringCompressor BoltAssembly ar HousingPuller DriverAttachment @ Pilot./TOil PressureHose.141.

and E positions.They are connected the engine of so crankshaft they turn togetheras a unit as the engineturns.power is transmitted of tershaft.the modulatorvalve.the regulator The valvebodiesinclude the main valvebody. 4th.Shiftingand lock-upare electronically side.a linear solenoid and four The PCMis controlled comfonable for driving underall conditions.the reliefvalve. the pressure regulator valve.Around the outsjdeof the torque converteris a ring gear The entiretorqueconverter assembly servesas a which mesheswith the starterpinionwhen the engineis being started. the Together with hydraulic control.and while the reversegear is integralwith the 4th gear). The transmission gearstor 2nd.and ATF pump gears. or internalhydraulic circuit.The secondary Back-up) valveand the CPC(Clutch body contains 2-3shift valve.Geats and Clutches in to The torqueconverter consists a pump. housing. includesthe 3rd clutch.sensors. solenoid valves. are valve.The regulator valve body contains Pressure Control) with the the controlvalve. E.the PCMoptimizes timing of mainshaft rotatesat the same as the enginecrankshaft. flywheelwhile transmitting The mainshaftis in line with the engine has two parallelshafts:the mainshaftand the countershaft.the 2nd orificecontrolvalve. trolledby the PCM. causing shift valveto move. are by valvesA and B and the linearsolenoid controlled the PCM. uo controlsolenoid t (cont'd) 14-3 . 4th. Theyare boltedon the torqueconverter separator lock-up valvebody throughthe respective . locatedbelowthe dashboard. 1st The gearson the mainshaft in constant from the are engagedby clutches. Lock-uoMechanism fluid is drainedfrom the backof the torqueconverter In E position. and the accumulators. the When lock-up controlsolenoidvalvesA and B activate. powerto the transmission mainshaft.The servo body contains servovalvewhich is integrated the coolerreliefvalve.The linearsolenoidand the shift controlsolenoidvalveAy'B boltedon the outsideof the transmission housing. 3rd and 4th.As this takesplace.the 4th exhaust the valve. Shift Control Mechanism valvethe PCMwill activate. to ElectronicControl The electroniccontrol system consistsof the PowertrainControl Module (PCM).the 1-2shift valve. The lockchanges. and in E positionin 3rd. modulatorpressure B.turbineand stator. and linearsolenoid.When certaincombinations gears in transmission to mainshaft the countershaft providep.the secondary plates.and the lock-up The lock-upvalve body containsthe lock-upshift valve and the lock-uptiming reverse shift fork. reverse.The countershaft with the mainshaft. mesh with those on the counare gearsfor 3rd.Fluidfrom regulator and the lock-upcontrolsolenoidvalve!y'B is boltedon the outsideof the torque converter fluid from their respective ieed pipes passes The clutchesreceive throughthe manualvalveto the variouscontrolvalves.Description controlled electronically is torque convenerand a dual-shaft The automatictransmission a combinationof a 3-element 4 forwardand 1 reverse.This pressurizes line Activating shift controlsolenoid a gear. valvesA and to controlsolenoid The lock-up valvescontroltherangeof lock-upaccording lock-up the lock-upmechanism. causing the lock-uppistonto be held againstthe torque converter through a fluid passage. and parking. underthe front lower panelon the passenger's HydraulicControl valvebody.the CPB(Clutch The main valve body contains valve valve. transmission which provides speeds automatic Torque Converter.the 3-4shift valve. housing.the servobody and the valvebody.assembled a singleunit.The shift controlsolenoid valvesA and B are conengaging that clutchand its corresponding to one of the clutches. which shift controlsolenoid located throughoutthe car determines Inputfrom varioussensors a a valvechanges modulatorpressure. pressurized in the cover.the torque convenercheckvalve.the servocontrolvalve.2nd and 4th clutches.the 3-4 orificecontrolvalve. E. crankshaft. Pressure the manualvalve. 2nd. reverse and 1st (3rd gear is integral The mainshaftincludes the 1st.

1st Clutch just behindthe right sidecover. Usefor enginebrakingor bettertractionstartingoff on looseor slipperysurfaces.2nd and 1ston deceleration stop. . reverse selector engaged with countershaft. The 4th clutchengages/disengages gear. NEUTRAL. The 1stclutchis suppliedhydraulic by 2nd Clutch The 2nd clutchengages/disengages gear. . in Usefor rapidacceleration highway at speeds and general driving.does not shift up and down.The Iock-up to mechanism comesinto operation E positionin 3rd and 4th gear.shiftsautomatically 2nd. P Position Description parkingbrakepawl engaged Frontwheelslocked.and is located the end of the mainshaft.The lock-up to mechanism comesintooperation in 3rd gear. on transmitting power. and is locatedat the middle of the mainshaft. and is locatedat the end of the countershaft. 3rd Cluich The 3rd clutchengages/disengages gear. gear Reverse. hydraulic by 4th Clutch gear. Power is then transmitted through the engagedclutch packto its gear.Description (cont'd) Gear Sel€ction The shift leverhassix positions: PARK. 3rd clutchis supplied 3rd The pressure its ATFfeed pipe within the countershaft.The 2nd clutchis suppliedhydraulic to throughthe mainshaft a circuitconnectby ed to the internalhydraulic circuit. All clutches released. Downshifts through2ndto 1ston deceleration stop. switch. 1stthrough 4th gear ranges. The lst clutchengages/disengages gear. clutches All well as reverse 4th at The 4th clutch is joined back-to-back the 2nd clutch.lockingthem so they don't slip.stansoff in 1st.3rd. with parkinggearon countershaft. Clutch€s gears.This presses frictiondiscsand the steel platestogether. 2nd gear. REVERSE.everse and 4th clutchlocked. lst at pressure its ATFfeed pipewithin the mainshaft. I 14-4 . The four-speed automatic transmission useshydraulically-actuated clutches engageor disengage transmission to the When hydraulicpressure introduced is into the clutchdrum. E PARK E REVERSE E NEUTRAL E] DRIVE (1st 4thl through E DRIVE (1st through 3rd) E SEcoND Startingis possible neutral-safety only in E and N positions throughthe useof a slide-type. . staysin 2nd gear.then 4th.and is located the middleof the mainshaft. the clutchpiston moves. starts off in 1st. through3rd.and they are free to slide past each other.Likewise. This allowsthe gear to spin independently its shaft.depending vehicle to on speed andthrottleposition.The 4th clutch is suppliedhydrauiicpressure its ATF feed pipe to by within the mainshaft. 2nd The 2nd clutch is joined pressure back-to-back the 4th clutch. no . pressure bledfrom the clutchpack. General driving. 1stthrough3rd E E E E E gear ranges. depending vehicle to on Downshift speedand throttleposition. Automatic TransaxlslA/T) Gear Position Indicatot gear positionindicatorin the instrument panelshowswhich gear has beenselected The Ay'T without havingto look down at the console.shiftsautomatically 2nd. up-hill and down-hill driving. hub-mounted when the hydraulic is the pistonreleases frictiondiscs the and the steelplates.then3rd.

FIDING LOCKING SPEEO CONDITION 14-5 . or 4th clutches/gears appliedin the D.with the parking to 1st between countershaft gearand the parking the The one. one way clutchdisengages the "speedrange" of the overrides locking the rotational This is because increased the speedof the gearson the countershaft with the 1stclutchstill engaged. E or @ position when the 2nd. LOCKING CONDITION OVER. and 4th gear rangesin the E.One-way Clutch gearsplined the gear.The 1st clutch way clutch locksup when power is transmitted and gearsremainengagedin the 1st.way clutchis positioned The onethe inner racesurface. '1st 1st from the mainshaft gear to the countershaft gear. The lst gear provides countershaft. and the parkinggear provides the outer racesurface. are However.Thereafter.2nd.WAY CLUTCH Splined wilh counter shaft The sprags engage/ disengageoutside and inside of the one way clutch.WAY CLUTCH INSIDEOF ONE. one-wayclutchfree-wheels 2ND CLUTCH 4TH CLUTCH 1STCLUTCH MAINSHAFT COUNTERSI{AFT ONE-WAY CLUTCH PABKING GEAR 3AD CLUTCH OF OUTSIDE ONE. the one-wayclutch..3rd. o or E position.3rd.

driving power is not transmitted the one-wayclutchslips. Doesn'toperate. o*' o*' o*1 x: O: Operates. \enr E E E D-a 3 R O 4TH 2ND [o] 2ND 3RD E o o o o o o o o a o o o o 4. and .2 o*i o o o o o o o o o*. o*! o*.tDescription PowerFlow 1STGEAR 2ND GEAR 3RD GEAR TOROUE 1sT 2ND 3RD CONVERTER CLUTCH CLUTCH CLUTCH 4TH GEAR CLUTCH REVERSE PARKING GEAR GEAR POSMON\. slipswhen decelerating. *1: Althoughthe 1stclutchengages. as *2: The one-wayclutchengages when accelerating. I 14-6 ..

is Hydraulic E Position to pressure not appliedto the clutches.El Position pressure not appliedto the clutches. Poweris not transmitted the countershaft is Hydraulic the is The countershaft lockedby the parkingpawl interlocking parkinggear. to Poweris not transmined the countershaft. TOROUE CONVERTER 1ST CLUTCH FINALDRIVE GEAR 3RD CLUTCH (cont'd) 14-7 .

Description Power Flow (cont'd) position) lst Gear {lP!lor .DRIVEGEAR PARKING GEAR COUNTERSHAFT 1ST GEAR FINAL DRIVEN GEAR 14-8 .2nd.which drivesthe final drivengear. 1. Hydraulic is causingthe mainshaftlst gear to rotate.which rotatestogetherwith the mainshaft.D3l tn [D. pressure appliedto the 1st clutch. to lst via 2. 3.] lal position. Poweris transmitted the final drivegear. Poweris transmitted the countershaft gear. to TOROUE CONVEETER MAINSHAFT1ST GEAR 1ST CI-UTCH MAINSHAFT ONE-WAYCLUTCH FINAI.according conditions selected to suchas the balance between throttleopening(engineload)and vehiclespeed.3rd and 4th gears.which drivesthe countershaft the one-wayclutch. optimum gear is automatically or the from 1st.

or or @ positionl is E Position providedto drive only 2nd gear. via and power is transmitted the 2nd clutchto the is mainshaft 2nd gear. Hydraulic pressure appliedto the 2nd clutchon the mainshaft. to Poweris transmitted the final drive gear.but sincethe rotationspeedof the 2nd gear exceeds is NOTE:Hydraulic of 1stgear. 2nd gear.Znd Gear {[0!. MAIIISXAFT COUNTERSHAFT 2ND GEAR (cont'd) 14-9 . TOROUE CONVERTER 2ND CLUTCH 3. that pressure also appliedto the 1st clutch.powerfrom 1stgear is cut off at the one-wayclutch. which drivesthe counterto Powertransmifted the mainshaft2nd gear is conveyedvia the countershaft shaft.which drivesthe final drivengear. 2. '1.

Hydraulic pressure appliedto the 3rd clutch.powerfrom lst gear is cut off atthe one-wayclutch.Powerfrom the mainshaft is 3rd gear is transmitted the countershaft to 3rd gear.but sincethe rotationspeedof 3rd gear exceeds NOTE:Hydraulic is that of 'lst gear.Description PowerFlow {cont'dl 3rd Gear ([ll or lg. TOROUE CONVERTER MAINSHAFT3RD GEAR MAINSI{AFT COUNTERSHAFT 3RD GEAR 3RD CLUTCH FINALORIV€NGEAB I 14-10 . 2.which drivesthe final drivengear. Poweris transmifted the final drive gear.l position) '1. to pressure also appliedto the 1stclutch.

which drivesthe final drivengear.4th Gear {[t] position) 1. 4th Poweris transmitted the countershaft gear. 4th causingthe mainshaft pressure appliedto the 4th clutch.which drivesthe countershaft. to that of 1st pressure alsoappliedto the 1stclutch. to Poweris transmitted the final drive gear. TOROUE 4TH GEAR 2.powerfrom 1stgear is cut off at the one-wayclutch.which rotates togetherwith the mainshaft. is Hydraulic gear to rotate.but sincethe rotationspeedof 4th gear exceeds is NOTE:Hydraulic gear. 4TH CLUTCH MAINSHAFT COUNTERSHAFT FINALDRIVEN GEAR (cont'd) 14-11 .

shaft gear. to TOROUE MAINSHAFT COUNTERSHAFT COUNTERSHAFT REVERSE GEAR REVERSE SELECTOR HUB REVERSE SELECTOR REVERSE SHIFT FORK FINALORIVEN GEAR SERVO VALVE 14-12 . 4. 2 Poweris transmitted the final drive gear. The reverse shift fork engages with the reverse selector.which drivesthe final drivengear.which moves the reverseshift fork to the reverseposition.Power is transmittedfrom the mainshaftreverseoear vta the reverse idler gearto the countershaft gear. reverse selectorhub. and the counte. reverse Hydraulicpressureis also appliedto the 4th clutch. reverse The rotationdirection the countershaft gear is changed the reverse of reverse via idlergear.Description Power Flow (cont'd) E Position l Hydraulicpressureis switchedby the manual valve to the servo valve.

for controlled comfortable valves.Shiftingand lock-upare electronically side. of controlsystemconsists a Powertrain The electronic The PCMis located driving underall conditions. PGM-FI Conirol Sy3tem A/T Control SFtem Shift Control Control Lock-uD (cont'd) 14-13 .Electronic ControlSystem a sensors. the front lower panelon the passenger's under belowthe dashboard. linearsolenoidand four solenoid ControlModule{PCM).

and activates lock-upcontrol solenoidvalveA and/orB accordingly. The combination driving signalsto lock-up of controlsolenoidvalvesA and B and the linearsolenoidpressure shown in the table below. Position Gear 1st Dr Dr Shil't Control Solenoid Valve A Shift Control Solenoid Valve B ON ON OFF OFF ON ON OFF 2nd 3rd 4th rq! l OFF ON 2nd Reverse ON ON E*See page 14-30for reverse inhibitorcontroldescription.or reducing or a speed.Description Electronic ControlSystem(cont'dl Shift Control The PCM instantaneously which gear should be selected varioussignalssent from sensors.the PCM determines whether to turn the lock-upON or OFF. determines by and actuates the shift controlsolenoid valvesA and B to controlshifting.a GradeLogicControlSystemhas beenadoptedto control shiftingin io. Also.ON ON Dutyoperation O F F* O N Linear Solenoid Pressure High ON ON H i gh duringdeceleration ON Low 14-14 . Lock-uoControl From sensor input signals. alf Lock-up.ull F LOCX-Up Lock-up Control Sol€noid Valve A OFF Lock-upControl Solenoid Valve B OFF Dutyoperation OFF.rposition while the vehicleis ascending descending slope. is Lock-up Conditions Lock'upOFF H Lock-up.

pressure the sensor. GradualOosconding mode .basedon the input trom the with drivingconditions actualdrivingconditions The PCMcompares controlshiftingwhile a vehicleis ascending descending the brakeswitchsignal speed. enginecoolanttemperature positionsensor.or reducing SIGNALSOETECTED Judgemenl ot Controlling ArGa OrivingRt3ktrncc {Fuzzylogicl ' GradualA3cendingmode ' Steop Ascondingmode . Si€ep Odcending mode (cont'd) 14-15 . throttle a or and the shift lever positionsignal. barometoric the the vehiclespeedsensor. D6c€nding mode . SYSTEM LOGICCONTROL GRAOE How it works: in memorized the PCM.. slope.

and between3rd and 4th gearsthat enablethe PCM'sIuzzylogicto automatically gearaccording the magnitude a gradient select the most suitable to of . DescendingControl When the PCM determines that the vehicleis going down a hill in E position. 14-1 6 .and between3rd and 4th gears. When the vehicleis decelerating from speeds above26 mph (41km/h). to of NOTE: . .lTH SHIFTING CHARACTERISTICS CONTROL AREA ir'. ASCENDING MODE DESCENDING MOOE F .and needsto first decelerate then accelerate. Thereare two ascending modeswith different 3rd geardrivingareasaccording the magnitude a gradientstoredin the PCM.". PCMshifts transmission the the from 4thto 2ndearlier than normal copewith upcoming to acceleration. v.achieves smooth driving when the vehicleis descending.Description Electronic ControlSystem(cont'dl .and you are decelerating a gradualhill. DecelerationControl Whenthe vehiclegoes arounda corner. vehicre speod ir'. Fuzzylogic is a form of artificialintelligence that lets computersrespondto changingconditionsmuch like a human m i n dw o u l d . the systemextendsthe engagement area of 2nd gear and 3rd gear to preventthe transmission from frequentlyshiftingbetween2nd and 3rd gears.the transmission downshift 3rd gear. This.ff}". or when you are on applying the brakes a steephill.111.When the vehicleis in 4th gear. AscendingControl When the PCMdetermines that the vehicleis climbinga hill in El position. Thereare two descending modeswith differentdownshift(4 . in combinationwith engine brakingfrom the deceleration lock-up.Whenyou accelerate. PCMsetsthe datafor deceleration and the controlto reduce the numberof timesthe transmission shifts. The PCMmemorycontains shift schedules between2nd and 3rd the vehiclecan run smooth and have more power when needed.the shift-upspeedfrom 3rd to 4th gear when the throttleis closedbecomes fasterthan the set speedfor flat roaddrivingto widenthe 3rd geardrivingarea.3) schedules according the magnitudeof a to gradientstoredin the PCM. transmission on will to the will then returnto 4th gear.hicre3pe€d .


The lock-upcontrol solenoidvalveAy'B assemblyis boltedon the outsideof the torqueconverter housing. and the lock-up controlsolenoid valveA.Fluidfrom the ATF to pump flows throughthe regulator valveto maintainspecified pressure throughthe main valve body to the manualvalve. the linear solenoid.Description Hydraulic Control The hydraulic controlsystemis controlled the ATF pump. electronically by and controlled solenoids. directingpressure each of the clutches.accumulators. The ATF pump is drivenby splineson the end of the torqueconverter which is attached the engine. the servo body. to The valve body includesthe main valve body./B assembly. the lock-upvalve body. SHIFTCONTROL SOLENOID VALVEA/B ASSEMBLY LINEARSOLENOIO VALVE VALVEBODY ATFPUMPGEARS 14-1 8 . the shift control solenoidvalve Ay'B assembly. the regulatorvalve body. The shift controlsolenoid valveA./B assemblv and the linear solenoidare bolted on the outsideof the transmission housing.valves. the secondary valve body.

and the relief valve.The secondary valveand CPCvalve shift valve.4 SHIFTVALVE 2-3 SHIFTVALVE VALVE 4TH EXHAUST CPCVAL CONTBOL 3.the 3-4 the The secondary valvebody is locatedon the main valve body. the 2nd orifice control valve. the servo control valve.Main Valve Body The main valve body houses the manual valve.2 SHIFTVALVE V MOOULATOF VE V RELIEF VE MANUALVALVE MAIN V BODY CONTROL VALVE SecondaryValve Body valvebody houses 2-3 shift valve. the modulator valve.the 4th exhaust 3.c pressure going to the hydraulic control system CONTROL 2NOORIFICE VALVE 1. the CPB valve. the 1-2 shift valve. The primary functions of the main valve body are to switch fluid pressure on and off and to control the hydraul.the 3-4 orificecontrolvalve.4 ORIFICE VALVE VALVE (cont'd) 14-19 .

SHIFTVALVE LOCK-UP TIMINGVALVE BODY 14-20 .the torqueconverter checkvalve.the coolerreliefvalve.and the lock-uocontrolvalve.Description HydraulicControl (cont'd) RegulatorValve Body The regulatorvalve body is locatedon the main valve body.The regulator valve body consistsof the regulator valve.ER VALVE CONTROL Lock-upValve Body The lock-up valvebody with the lock-up shift valveand the lock-up timing valveis located the regulator on valvebody. REGULA VALVE RELIEF VALVE COOI.

direction the illustration on below. the statorarm pushesthe regulator by which is regulated the regulator the line pressure valve movesto increase and tion spring compresses.According the levelof the hydraulic maintaining the This operationis continued.are performedby the regulator Hydraulic springcap. the regulator reaches maximum.-7 3f STATOR SHAFT ATORSHAFTARM {cont'd) 14-21 . ltnepressure.The line Dressure TOROUE CONVERTER VALVE REGULATOR TORSPRING CAP '. fluid to the lubricating systemand torqueconvener. its reaches maximumwhen the statortorque reaction its valve. changesand the amountof the fluid from B' through D and C also changes. statortorque reactionacts on the statorshaft.. the positionof the regulator to valve movesto the left side.and or the vehicleis accelerating climbing(TorqueConverter The statorreacto springcap in the directionof the arrow in proportion the reaction.and this movementof the regulator the A cavity and the reliefvalveand regulator and the reliefvalve.. valve uncovers fluid port the pushesthe regulator valveto the right side."left" or "right" indicates ENGINE NOTRUNNING RUNNING ENGINE CONVERTER Lubrication To TOROUE STATOBSHAFTARM Stator ReactionHydraulicPressureControl valve using the statortorque reaction pressure to increases according torque.The fluid flows out to the torqueconverter.while from the ATF pump to the hydraulic The regulatorvalve maintainsa constanthydraulicpressure The fluid from the ATF pump flows through B and B'.Valve Regulator control system. the Range).This pressure The regulator valve hasa valveorifice. NOTE:When used.. alsofurnishing of The fluid entering from B flows throughthe orificeto the A cavity.When the and its arm end contacts regulator The statorshaft is splinedwith the statorin the torqueconverter._. to the torque converter pressure valve through B.

Description Control(cont'd) Hydraulic Servo Body with the servovalvewhich is integrated valve body.and the accumulators 2ND ACCUMULA SERVO BODY lST ACCUMULATOR 3RDACCUMULATOR SERVO VALVE/SHIFT FORKSHAFT 14-22 .The servo body contains The servo body is locatedon the secondary the reverse shift tork.

e ModulatorPressure l . . OF DESCRIPTION PRESSURE OF 4THCLUTCH MODULATE (SHIFT CONTROL SOLENOID 4 1 VALVE B) MODULATE (LOCK-UP CONTROL SOLENOID VALVE A) LINE LINEAR SOLENOID 1" LINE 6D MODULATE (LOCK-UP CONTROL SOLENOID VALVE B) MODULATE (LOCK-UP CONTROL SOLENOID VALVEB) LINE LINE/CPC LINE 1STCLUTCH 2ND CLUTCH 2ND ACCUMULATOR LINE 3 R DC L U T C H 4TH CLUTCH 90 TOROUE CONVERTER 2 LINE LINE LINE LINE LINE LINE 6D' 7 8 10 91 92 TOROUE CONVERTER TOROUE CONVERTER ATF COOLER TOROUE CONVERTER LUBRICATION TOROUE CONVERTER 93 94 96 97 99 X 20 204 25 30 40 4' LINE TOROUE CONVERTER SUCTION DRAIN cPc MODULATE 6A MODULATE (SHIFT CONTROL SOLENOID VALVEA) (cont'd) 14-23 . .. LinePressure -ModulatorPressure . LClutch Pressure LinearSolenoid l L TorqueConverter Pressure Lubrication Pressure Distribution of Hvdraulic Pr€ssure . Regulator ValveTorqueConvenerPressure Lubrication Pressure f L To requlate LinePressure . OF LINE 6B DESCRIPTION PRESSURE N O . . Il]l l ClutchPressure ClutchPressure Valves Shift ControlSolenoid Valves Lock-up ControlSolenoid LinearSolenoid 1-2 Shift Valve 2-3 Shift Valve 3-4 Shift Valve NO. ManualValve-ModulatorValve To selectLinePressu.J Hydraulic Flow Gen€r8lChart of Hydraulic Pressure ATFPumpRegulator Valve -. '1 DESCRIPTION PRESSURE N O .

hydraulic "|eft" or "right" indicates circuit' on direction the hydraulic NOTE:When used.Then.ATF flowing from the ATF pump becomes through the lock-up (94)of the torque converter {92)enters by t. 14-24 .e regulatorvalve.the ATF pump also startsto operate.Description Flow (cont'dl Hydraulic N Position fluid (ATF)is drawn from (99)and disAutomatictransmission As the engineturns.The torque converterinlet pressure pressure from rising' the checkvalveprevents torque converter The torqueconverter into (90). (1) (1) the line pressure The line pressure is regulated chargedinro (1). shift valveand discharges pressure not appliedto the clutches' is the Underthis condition.

valve. of NOTErWhen used. The 1st clutchpressure no the 1stclutch.However.The line to {20)at the 2-3 shift valve.and changes the modulatorpressure the modulalo. The line pressure(4) passes (10)also flows to throughthe 1-2shift valve and the orifice. line pressure passes through the CPBvalveand the CPCvalve. (cont'd) 14-25 .E Position (1)flows to the manualvalveand the modulatorvalve.The line pressure changes (1) The line pressure the line pressure (4) and (25)at the manualvalve. power is transmitted because the one-wayclutch.The (4) (5).and changes the 1st clutchpressure.and changes the line pressure then flows to the to (5) pressure from the 1-2shift valvechanges the 2nd clutchpressure 1-2shift valve.and the 2nd clutch is engaged. The 2nd clutch pressure(20) is appliedto the 2nd clutch."|eft" or "right" indicates direction the hydraulic on circuit.But the modulatorpresto at sure (6) does not flow to each shift valve because shiit control solenoidvalvesA and B are turned ON by the PCM.

The l-2 shift valve shift controlsolenoid 3-4 shift valvebecause 'lst (4) at to clutchpressure right side. "right" indicates on circuit.The 1st clutchpressure move as the enginepower is transmitted. direction the hydraulic NOTE:When used.The modulatorpressure flows to the left end of the 1-2shiftvalveand the valveA is turnedOFFand B is turnedON by the PCM.The line pressure changes the 110) the 1-2shift valve and the is movedto the ('t0)is appliedto the lst clutchand the 1st accumulator.The line pressure valveand the modulator (6) (4) the line pressure at the manualvalve. vehiclewill orifice. the consquently.Description Flow (cont'd) Hydraulic El or lOi Position 1. The flow of fluid throughthe torque converter (6) valveand to changes the modulatorpressure at the modulator to valve."|eft" or . lst Gear flows to the manual The line pressure circuitis sameas in N position.

2nd Gear As the speedof the vehiclereaches prescribed the value.Line Pressure .When used.CPBValve. power js transmitted no because the one-wayclutch.The 2nd clutchpressure shift valve.shift controlsolenoidvalveA is turned ON by meansof the (64l in the left end of the 1-2 shift valve is released turning shift control solenoid PCM.However.LinePressure .2.LinePressure . Fluid flows bv wav of: .'l-2ShiftValve.and the 2nd clutchis engaged.The modulatorpressure by (5) valveA ON.2-3 ShiftValve (4) (5) (5) .2nd ClutchPressure (20)t 2nd Clutch pressure The hydraulic alsoflows to the 1stclutch."|eft" or "right" indicates directionon the hydraulic circuit. (cont'd) 14-27 .The line pressure changes the 2nd clutchpressure to (20)is appliedto the 2nd clutch. The 1-2 shift valve is moved to the left side and uncovers the pon to allow line pressure to the 2-3 (5) (20)at the 2-3 shift valve. of NOTE.

"left" or \ 14-28 .Linepressure .LinePressure .The line pressure becomes (30)is appliedto the 3rd clutch.Line Pressure .LinePressure + 2-3 Shift Valve (4) (30} . as "right" indicates circuit.Description Flow (cont'd) Hydraulic 3.However.CPBValve.and the 3rd clutchis engaged. The modulatorpressure(6) tlows to the right end of the 1-2shift valve and the left end of the 2-3 shift valve.1-2ShiftValve.The 3rd clutchpressure Fluidflows by way of: (5) (5) . 3rd Gear valve B is turned OFFby meansof the power is transmitted The hydraulic i n 2 n dg e a r .The 2-3 shift valvecoversthe port to stop line pressure to the 2nd clutchand uncovers the 3-4 shift valve (30)at the 3-4 (5) the 3rd clutchpressure as the 2-3 shift valve is moved to the right side.3-4 Shift Valve. Shift control solenoidvalve A remainsON.shift controlsolenoid the As the speedof the vehiclereaches prescribed pCM.The 2-3 shift valve is moved to the right side by the modulatorpressure (5) to {68).3rd ClutchPressure * 3rd Clutch {5) of because the one-wayclutch pressure also flows to the 1st clutch. directionon the hydraulic When used. shiftvalve.

Linepressur€ ."|eft" or "right" indicates direction the hydraulic on circuit.However. Fluidflows by way of: . (5A).The modulatorpressure(6) flows to the left end of the 1-2 shift (64) in the left end of the 1-2shift valveequals valve and the left end of the 3-4 shift valve.LinePressure .CPBValve. 4th G6ar ( qr Positionl Asthe speedofthevehicle reachesthe prescribed value.The modulatorpressure (68) in the right end of the 1-2 shift valve.Shift control solenoidvalv6 B remainsOFF.shiftcontrolsolenoid valveA is turnedOFFby meansof the PCM. power is transmitted no because the one-wayclutch of as in 2nd and 3rd gear.the 1-2shiit valve remainsat left side by the tenthe modulatorpressure sion of the valvespring.2-3 ShiftVarve (4) (5) (5) .4th ClutchPressure (5) (41) (40) + 4th Clutch The hydraulicpressure alsoflows to the 1stclutch.i*.The 3-4 shift valvecoversthe port to the The 3-4 shift valveis movedto the right side by the modulatorpressure port to the 4th clutchas this valveis movedto the right side.The 4th clutch pressure{40} is appliedto the 4th clutch.and the 4th clutchis engaged. (cont'd) 14-29 .LinePressure + l-2 Shift Valve.The 4th clutchpressure (41) 3rd clutchand uncovers the from the 3-4 shift valve becomesthe 4th clutch pressure(40) at the manual valve. NOTE:When used.4th ClutchPressure + ManualValve.LinePressure * 3-4 ShiftValve.

and the 4th clutchpressure {40)is not appliedto the servo valve. shift controlsolenoid 1stspeedsignalto shift controlsolenoid {3') valve B is turned ON.and the 4th clutchpressure {40). The flow of fluid through the torque converter (3') (3) (3) to pressure and flows to the 1-2shift valve.The line pressure from the 1-2shift valveflows throughthe servovalveto allow line pressure (40)is appliedto the 4th clutch."|eft" or 14-3 0 .Description Hydraulic Flow(cont'dl lll Position (1) The line pressure changes the to circuitis the same as in E position.power is not transmitted the reverse "right" indicates on circuit.The line pressure direction.The servovalve is movedto the right side (Reverse (3') (3") to the manualvalve. The 1-2 shift valve is moved to the right side and coversthe port to stop line pressure to the (3') is not appliedto the servovalve. Whenthe E positionis selected shift controlsolenoid valveA is turnedOFF. valvesA and B. direction the hydraulic NOTE:When a result. ReverseInhibitor Control the PCMoutputsthe while the vehicleis movingforwardat speedsover 6 mph (10 km/h). to 4th clutch.The line pressure changes the line pressure at the 1-2shift valve line the rangeposition) and uncovers pon to and flows to the servovalve.The 4th clutchpressure the manualvalve and changes the 4th clutchis engaged.

direction the hydraulic When used. The flow of fluid through the torque converter (3') (3) (3) to line pressure and flows to the 1-2shift valve."left" or "right" indicates 14-31 .The line pressure changes the line pressure at the 1-2shift valve rangeposition) and uncovers port to the and flows to the servovalve. to and the power is not transmitted.E Position (11 The line pressure changes the to circuitis the same as in E position.However. on circuit. hydraulic is the manualvalve. The line pressure allow line pressure pressure not supplied the clutches.The servovalve is movedto the right side {Reverse (3")from the servovalveis intercepted by (3")to the manualvalveas in E position.

and the converter fluid exerts throughthe pistonagainst torqueconverter the cover.and the torque converterlock-upis released. the fluid in the chamber between torqueconverter the coverand the lock-up pressure off.Description Lock-up System Lock-up Clutch 1. (clutchon) Operation pistonis drained With the lockup clutchon. er turbineis locked the converter to cover. a result.the lock-uppiston moves away from the convertercover." As a result. TURBINE Engine TOROUE COVER t Driveplate { Torqueconvenercover t Pump t Turbine To ATF coolel t lvlainshaft MAINSHAFT 14-32 . the fluid flows in the reverseof "clutch on. the thereby the in LOCK-UP PISTON The power flows by way of: Engine TOROUE CONVERTER COVER SPRING DAMPER I plate Drive t Torque convertercover t Lock-uppiston t Damper spring t Turbine I lvlainshaft MAINSHAFT (clutchoff) Operation With the lock-upclutch off. The effectis to bypass converter. convertAs the placing vehicle directdrive.

t h e P C M o p t i m i z e d h e t i m i n g o f t h e l o c k .Lock-up control solenoidvalvesA and B and the linearsolenoid a r e m o u n t e do n t h e o u t s i d eo f t h e t o r q u e c o n v e r t e r by housing. t c o n t r o l .ON High ON IOROUECONVERTER VALVE CHECK LOCK.X. and are controlled the PCM. Under certain conditions.COOLER PRESSURE LINEARSOLENOID ATFPUMP (cont'dl 14-33 .UP TIMING VALVE ". systemcontrolsthe rangeot lock-upaccordThe lock-up ing to lock-upcontrol solenoidvalvesA and B.modulator pressurechanges. <RELIEF VALVE . Half Full Lock-up. Lock-up Conditions/Lock-up Control Solenoid Valves/ Linear Solenoid Pressure Lock-upControl Solenoid Valve A Lock-up OFF Lock-up. 3rd and 4th gear. and the linearsolenoid. LOCX-Up during deceleration MODULATOR PRESSURE RELIEFVAL TOROUE CONVERTER Lock-up Conditions B OFF Linear Solenoid Pressure High OFF ON ON Duty operation OFF. in appliedduring deceleration.ON ON Duty operation OFF. and D3pressurized fluid is drainedfrom the back of the torque causingthe lock-up converterthrough a fluid passage.u p the lock-upclutch is system. Together with the hydraulic as the engine crankshaft.position in 3rd. pistonto be held againstthe torque converter 3rd and 4th. When lock-upcontrol solenoidvalvesA and B activate.As the mainshaft rotates the same speed at this takesplace. In igd position.

. NOTE:When used. the pressures working on both ends of the lock-up shift valve are equal. side of the lock-up clutchto the torque convener."left" and "right" indicates direction circuit. The fluid from the ATF pump will flow through the left that is.Description Lock-upSystem(cont'dl No Lock.up . the lock-uo clutchis in OFFcondition.the lock-upshift valve is moved to the right side by the tension of the valve spring alone. .Underthis condion both ends of the lock-up tion. on the hvdraulic -r TOROUE CONVERTER I CHECK VALVE RELIEF VALVE MOOULATOR PRESSURE LOCK-UP TIMING VALVE LINEARSOLENOID PRESSURE $ I L--r COOLER RELTEF VALVE ATFPUMP . Lock-uo ControlSolenoidValveA: OFF Lock-uo ControlSolenoidValveB: OFF LinearSolenoidPressure: High TOROUE CONVERTER The pressurized fluid regulated the modulatorworks by shift valve.

and modulaulatedbv the torque converter by tor pressure determined the lock-upcontrolsolenoid control solenoid valve B..UP TIMING VALVE . whereas the position of the lock-uptiming and by valve is determined the linearsolenoidpressure tensionof the valvespring.Half lock-up .thus the lock-upshiftvalve is movedto the left side.torque converter checkvalve. Lock-up ValveA: ON ControlSolenoid ValveB: DutyOperation Lock-up ControlSolenoid OFF* ON Low LinearSolenoidPressure: TOROUE CONVERTER LOCK. MODULATOR PRESSURE RELIEF VALVE LOCK. torqueconverter direction NOTE:When used. .UP CONTROL SOLENOID VALVE t TOBOUE CONVERTEF I CHECK VALVE the The PCMswitches solenoidvalveA on to release the modulatorpressurein the left cavity ot the lock-upshift valve. The PCM switchesthe lock-uD undercertain valve B on and off rapidly(duty operation) the backpressure conditions regulate to {F2)to lockthe properly.The modulatorpressure the right cavity of the in lock-upshift valve overcomes the spring force. ^r LINEARSOLENOID PRESSURE RELTEF VALVE r* cooLER ATFPUMP (cont'd) 14-35 .Also the positionof the lockof up control valve is determinedby the back pressure pressure regthe lock-upcontrolvalve."left" and "right" indicates on the hydraulic circuit. . The line pressureis then separatedinto the two passagesto the torque convener: I : T o r q u eC o n v e r t e r n n e r P r e s s u r ee n t e r si n t o r i g h t clutch sideto engagelock-up Torque Converter BackPressure: entersinto left side lock-up clutch to disengage The back pressure(F2)is regulatedby the lock-upcontrol valve.

r' LINEARSOLENOID PRESSURE ATFPUMP 14-36 . LOCK.t h e t o r q u e c o n v e r t e r b a c k p r e s s u r e i s released fully. As this t a k e s p l a c e .. causingthe lock-upclutchto be engaged fully. the modulatorpressure the left in s i d e o f t h e l o c k ."|eft" and "right" indicat€s direction on the hvdraulic circuit. NOTE:When used. by The lock-uptiming valve overcomesth€ spring force and moves to the left side.__.UP CONTROL SOLENOID VAI.Description Lock-up System(cont'd) Full Lock-up . the lock-upcontrol valve is moved to the left side. this valve closesthe fluid port leading to the left side of the lock-up control TOROUE CONVERTER LOCK-UP CONTROL VALVE Under this condition. Lock-upControl Solenoid Valve A: ON Lock-upControl Solenoid Valve B: ON LinearSolenoidPressure: High { When the vehicle speed further inc.u pc o n t r o l v a l v e h a d a l r s a d y b e a n releasedby the lock-up control solenoid valve 8.eases.the linear solenoid pressureis increasedto high in accordance with the linearsolenoid controlled the PCM. Also. . .VE MODULATOR PRESSURE RELIEF VALVE LOCK-UP TIMING VALVE ^ cooLERRELTEF vALvE 1.

o*oua CHECK VALVE MODULATOR PFESSURE RELIEF VAL TIMING LOCK.ON Low LinearSolenoidPressurer The PCM switchessolenoidvalve B on and off rapidly .u pa n d h a l f so lock-upregionsare maintained as to lock the torque properly.UP VALVE PRESSUBE LINEAR SOLENOID s ^r RELIEF VALVE ---r'1 COOLER ATF PUMP 14-37 . . ValveA: ON Lock-up ControlSolenoid ValveB: DutyOperation ControlSolenoid Lock-up OFF."left" and circuit. on the hydraulic LOCK-UP CONTROL VALVE SOLENOIO "otua"rlil . .DecelerationLock-up . converter TOROUE CONVEATER "right" indicates direction NOTE:When used. u n d e r c e r t a i nc o n d i t i o n sT h e s l i g h t l o c k .


41 l40A) N o . f .u. 4 7{ 7 .42 No.PCM Circuit Diagram(A/T ControlSystem) -HOODFUSE/REIAY UNOEfl BOX (80A) No.'98: GRN/BLK G A U GA S S E M E L Y E A/TGEAR POSITION INDICATOR '. 5 ) A ( N o .at BLKETU 38-'cFN/BLK FBIK/BLU |--wHT I-GRN YEL T T T GRN BLU NorE:rf :To 5v T rTo 2V 1 I N D..tro "I wHT . 1 3l 5 A ) UNOER DASH FUSE/RELAY BOX /8tu c10 BtK A10 BLK 423 L ArpNp l o r ^ o ] s L ul n r r n lSlt l6lt lor* 824 l88 I817 YEL96:GRN BLU '96: BLU/RED '97.. I \ 14-40 .


seeseclion11 L PCMCONNECTOR {25PI B TerminalNumber Signal LSLS+ SHA Description Linearsolenoidpower supply negative electrode Linearsolenoidpower supply positiveelectrode Shift control solenoid valve A control Measuring Conditions/Telminal Voltage l g n i t i o n w i t c h N { l l } :P u l s i n g i g n a l s O s l g n i t i o ns w i t c h O N t l l ) :P u l s i n gs i g n a r B1 82 In 2nd gear and 3rd gear in id.PCMTerminal Voltage/Measuring Conditions A/T ControlSystem The PCMterminalvoltageand measuring conditions shown for the connector are terminalsthat relateto the A. and in El. E position: Battery voltage In lst gearand 4th gear in D3l.seesection11- LG2 PG2 IGP2 Ground Ground Powersupplysystem With ignitionswitchON (ll):Battery voltage With ignitionswitchOFF:0V .12 421 ro 422 423 424 A25 to A32 LGl PGl IGPl Ground Ground Powersupplysystem With ignitionswitchON (ll):Battery voltage With ignitionswitchOFF: V 0 .] 0 In otherthan D3lposition: Battery vortage B4 B5 86 to 87 B8 89to 810 LCB LCA Lock-up controlsolenoid valve B control Lock-up controlsolenoidvalveA control Not used ATP D3 gear positionswitch !c posiAy'T tion signalinput Not used 14-42 ./T control system. The other PCN4 terminalvoltageand measuring conditions described section1L are in A l32P)Connector I (25PlConn€crol C (3lPlConnector D {16P)Connector PCMCONNECTOR {32P} A TerminalNumber 41 to A8 Signal Description Measuring Condiiions/Terminal Voltage see section 11 - A9 A't0 411 A.[D. Ei position. position: V Bll O When full lock-up: Battery voltage W h e nh a l fl o c ku p : P u l s i n g i g n a l s When lock-upis ON: Battery voltage With no lock up: 0 V position: V In .

seesectionI I - c7 C8 to C9 c10 Cl 1 to C31 VBU power system Back-up D PCM CONNECTOR (16P) TerminalNumber D1 to D4 Signal Description Measuring Conditions/TerminalVoltage .brakepedal pedalreleased: V 0 and accelerator depressed When ignitionswitchis first turnedON (ll): Battery voltage for two seconds Battery voltage In iDaposition: Always:0 V Depending enginespeed:Pulsingsignal on 0 When engineis stopped: V InEposition:0V Battery voltage In otherthan E position: InEposition:0V Battery voltage In otherthan E position: Always:0 V on Depending vehiclespeed:Pulsingsignal 0 Whenvehicleis stopped: V position:0V In -Drl 5 In otherthan E! position: V 0 In E and El positions: V In other than E and N positions:Batteryvoltage SLU B13 D4IND 814 NMSG NM Mainshaft speedsensorground Mainshaft speedsensorsignal Input A.seesection11Always battery voltage .seesection11- D5 DO o D16 t 14-43 .seesection1 l STOPSW Brakeswitchsignalinput Battery voltage Brakepedaldepressed: 0 Brakeoedalreleased: V . voltage Battery and in E position: 0 In 3rd gearand 4th gear in E. lp! position: V When ignitionswitchis ON (ll)./Tgear position switch @ positionsignalinput A/T gear positionswitchP position signalinput Not used speed sensorground Countershaft speedsensorsignal Countershaft Inpur A/T gear position switch Pj position signalinput A/'f gear positionswitchE and N positionsignalsinput B16 817 ATP R AJP 2 8 1 8t o 8 2 1 B22 B23 824 B25 NCSG NC ATP D4 ATP NP C PCM CONNECTOR {31P) Terminal Number Cl to C6 Signsl Description MeasuringConditions/Terminalvoltage . E position.seesection11 checksignal Service With ignition switch ON (lll and servicecheck open:5 V connector With ignition switch ON (ll) and servicecheck with special tool: 0 V connected connector .B PCMCONNECTOR (25P)(cont'd) Terminal Numbel 811 Signal SHB Description valveB Shift controlsolenoid control lnterlock control D4 Indicator light control Measuring Conditions/TerminalVoltage In 1stgear and 2nd gear in El.

referto the electrical the systemSymptom-to-component chart on pages14-48 and 14-49. NOTE:Seethe OBD ll ScanTool or HondaPGMTesteruser. to Testerto the DLC(l6P).the scantool or testerwill indicate the Diagnostic TroubleCode (DTC) when t h e i g n i t i o n w i t c h s t u r n e dO N I ) .Troubleshooting Procedures Checking Diagnostic the TroubleCode{DTC) with an OBD ll Scan tool or Honds PGM Testel When the PCM sensesan abnormality the input or output systems. Turn the ignitionswitchON {ll). in the ql indicatorlight in the gaugeassemblywill blink When the 16PData Link Connector (DLC)ilocatedunder the dash on the driver'sside) is connected the oBD ll to ScanTool or HondaPGM Testeras shown. s i when the E ] indicator light has been reported connectthe oBD ll scan Tool conforming SAEJ197gor HondapGM on. and observethe DTCon the screenof the OBD ll ScanTool or HondaPGMTester' After determining DTc.smanualfor specific instruction. OBD ll SCANTOOLor HONDAPGM TESTER L (16P} DATA LINKCONNECTOR 14-44 .

..-.Add the long and short blinkstogetherto determine and 14-49' Charton pages14-48 Component systemSymptom-to miningthe code.the lD1indicator tool. \.. itj indicator tool as with the special side) is connected (locatedunderthe dash on the passenger When the ServiceCheckConnector (DTC) when the ignitionswitchis turnedON (ll)..' 'i'' .one long blink equals10 short blinks.- c . light has beenreported connect Service Whenthe @ indicator light the [o! indicator ON (ll)the ignitionswitchand observe Thenturn ASSEMBLY GAUGE . with the special Connector Check the on.-.""r a: ..-.. . CHECK SERVICE CONNECTOR I2P} 07PAZ (x)'10t00 CONNECTOR by short blinks. TroubleCode light will blinkthe Diagnostic shown.=-.referto the electrical Short blink {once} See DTC 1 See DTC2 Long blink Short blinks lfive times) See DTC 15 (cont'd) 14-45 .Checkingthe DiagnosticTroubleCode (DTC) with the ServiceCheckConnestorand SpecialTool will light in the gaugeassembly blink the in an Whenthe pCM senses abnormality the inputor 10 and aboveare indicated a seriesof long and short by codes 1 through9 are indicated individual the code After deterblinks.-.--.-.

the Inspect circuiton the PCMaccording the troubleshooting the llowchartwith the special to tools and a digitalmultimeter as shown. from the wire side until it comesin contact with the terminalend of the wire. How to Use the BackprobeSet Connect the backprobe adapters the stackingpatchcords.and connectthe cords to a multimeter. 2. Remove PCM.Troubleshooting Procedures {cont'd) 1. Remove the kickpanelon the passenger's side (seesection20).and turn the PCMover. L EACKPROAE BACKPROAE SET 07sAz. to Using the wire gently slidethe tip into the connector insulation a guide for the contoured of the backprobe as tip adapter.001000A (tworequired) OIGITAL MULTIMETER (Comm€rcially available) -aHM-32-003 or equivalent 14-46 .

3. tool from or the Disconnect OBD ll ScanTool or HondaPGMTesterfrom the DataLinkConnector. PCM RasetProcadure Turnthe ignitionswitchoff. the Reset PcM. Disconnecting BACKUP fuse also cancels the presets beforeremovingthe tuse so you can resetthem. removethe special CheckConnector. 14-47 .. 2.and set the radiopresets 4. the Service and clocksetting Turn the ignitionswitchON (ll).5A) FUSE . 1. Final Procedurg NOTE:This proceduremust be done after any troubleshooting 1. Turn the ignitionswitchOFF.Make note of the radio . o The PCMmemorycan alsobe clearedby usingthe OBDll ScanTool or HondaPGMTester' BACKUP (7. to box for 10 seconds resetthe PCM' fuse/relay the Remove BACKUP fuse (7 5 A) from the under-hood NOTE: the radio presetstationsand clock setting. 2.

\ 14-48 . Short in Ay'T gear positionswitchwrre . P1758 t2l Blinks 14-52 P1705 (s) Blinks P1706 (6) OFF . Fails shiftotherthan 2nd .4th. Lock-up clutchdoes not engage. . Lock-up clutchdoes not disen gage. .3 r d g e a ro n l y ) . FaultyA4 9"".Symptom-to-Component rt Cha Electrical System Diagnostic TroubleCode El Indicator Light (DTC)* Symptom Lock-up clutchdoes not engage. Oosition switch Disconnected gear positionswitch A/T connector gear positionswilchwire Open in A"/T FaultyAy'T gear positionswitch Disconnected shiftcontrolsolenoid valveA connector Shortor open in shift controlsolenoid FaultyshiftcontrolsolenoidvalveA Failsto shift (stuckin 1stor 4th gears). Blinks Disconnected shiftcontrolsolenoid valveB connector Shon or open in shiftcontrolsolenoid valveB wire Faultyshift controlsolenoid valveB Disconnected countershaft speedsensor connector Shon or open in countershaft speed sensorwrre Faultycountershaft speedsensor Referto Page P1753 (1) Blinks l4-50 Lock-up clutchdoes not engage.4th gears. .3rd to .4th gears. . 14-54 14-s6 P0753 t7I Blinks r4-58 P0758 (8) '14-60 . o r 2 n d. . Lock-up clutchdoes not engage. Failsto shift (between1st. Possible Cause Disconnected lock-up controlsolenoid valveA connector Shortor open in lock-up control solenoid valveA wire Faultylock-up controlsolenoid valveA Disconnected lock-up controlsolenoid valveB connector Shortor open in lock-up control solenoid valveB wire Faultylock-up controlsolenoid valveB . PO1 20 (9) Blinks 14-62 (DTC)*: The DTcs in parentheses the numberof the E indicatorlight blinkswhen the service are checkconnecror conrs nected with the special tool (SCS service connectorl. Lock-up clutchdoes not engage. Failsto shift (stuckin 4th gear). Failsto shiftotherthan 2nd .

tem. Failsto shift (stuckin 1stor 2nd gears). the to the NOTE:lf a customer describes symptomfor code P1706 it will be necessary recreate symptom by test-driving. 1st-3rd 4th or 2nd .znd . 2nd . lem(s)according the DTC(S) to is checkconnector con(DTC)*: light blinkswhen the service are The DTCS parentheses the numberof the E indicator in (SCSservice connector). the 14-49 .3rd. page 14-70 't 4-12 Inspection 14-13 (6).'97 models . Inspection Ref.3rd. Failsto shift (between1st. the scan tool or tester also indicates transmission oroblemon the PGMFl controlsystem.Diagnostic Indicator TroubieCode E Light (Drc). (not blinking) whenever the ignition light is on constantly E indicator switchis ON (ll).2nd . Any automatic transmission probtroubleshoot other automatictransmission the To eliminateDTCP0700. 1st. to according the table below. 14-64 P1 7 6 8 (16) P0740 (40) Blinks 14-66 14-68 P0730 (41) OFF 14-69 P0700 (none) problem. Lock-up clutchdoes not engage.2nd. Transmission jerkshardwhen shifting. Lock-up clutchdoes not engage. '96. indicated. Symptom Possible Cause mainshaft speedsensor Disconnected connector speedsenShortor open in mainshaft sor wtre Faultymainshaft speedsensor linearsolenoid connector Disconnected wire Shortor open in linearsolenoid Faultvlinearsolenoid or Disconnected loosedPGterminal . 1st.4th. .4th.4th.3rd . with the sDecialtool nected controlsysfor transmission the DTC(S) the automatic NOTE:When the OBOll ScanTool or HondaPGMTesterindicate Code P0700meansdetectionof some automatic code P0700simultaneously. Lock-up P07r5 (1 5 ) OFF '98 model Blinks .then recheck DTC. light does not blink. 3rd . Faultvshift controlsystem Referto Page clutchdoes not engage. . Shift levercannotbe movedfrom E positionwith the brakepedal oeoresseo.stuckin 4th gear. Faultylock-up controlsystem .performan inspection lf the self-diagnostic indicator Ei!] Symptom after ignition light does not come on tor two seconds E indicator switchis first turnedON (ll).4th gearsonly).

Sell-diagnosi3 i-tl indicatol light blinks once. Turnthe ignitionswitchOFF. 2.lvo assomblyor PCM and r6chock. PossibleCsuso . Measurethe voltage between the 85 and A9 or A22 terminals. ls the resistance .Electrical Troubleshootin g Troubleshooting Flowchart Lock-up GontrolSolenoidValveA . L Measur€ Lock-upControl Solenoid Valve A R*istanc€: 1. It necossary. Disconnectedlock-up cont.f TERMINALS Ropairshort to power in the wirc betweon the 85 terminal and the lock-upcontrol solenoidvalve A. Disconnect A {32P)and B the ( 2 5 P )c o n n e c t o r sf r o m t h e PCM. WIRESIDEOF FEMAI. Turn the ignitionswitchON (ll). Measure the resistance betweenthe 85 and Ag or A22 terminals. 4. Faulty lock-up control solenoid valvo A PCMCONNECTORS Checkfor e Short to Power: 1.25 0? 12 Check tor loose P1CM connectoJs. Short or opon in lock-upcontrol 3olenoidvalve A wire . Turn the ignitionswitchOFF. To page14-51 \ 14-50 . substituto a knowngood solenoid v. 3. OBD ll ScanTool indicatesCode P1753. 2. .ol solenoid valve A connector .

A (32P) TERMINALS WIRESIDEOF FEMALE Repair3hort to ground in the wire between the 85 t6rminal and the lock-uD conttol solenoid vahre A.25 0? 12 Check for open in the wire b€twe€n the 85 terminel .UP CONNECTOR SOLENOID ls therecontinuity? *T .F ItrTt M6asu. Disconnect the 2P connector from the lock-up controlsolenoid valveassembly. 2. Replece the lock-up control solenoid valve assembly. 2 terminalof the lock-up control solenoid connectorand body ground.e Lock-uo Control Solonoid Valve A Rosistance at lho SolenoidConnector: Measure the resistancebetween the No. 14-51 . CONTROL LOCK. Checkfor continuitybetween the 85 and Ag or A22 terminals.From page14-50 PCMCONNECTORS Check Lock-up Control Solenoid Valve A for a Shon Circuh: 1.nd the lock-upcontrol solenoid valve A. (o) YEL I TERMINAL SIDEOF MALETERMINALS ls the resistance . .

en th. Measurethe voltagg b€tween the 84 and A9 or A22 terminals. PrCi. 4.ol rolgnoid v. 3. To page14. Turn the ignitionswitchON (ll). conn.53 14-52 . lock-upcontrol aolanoidvalva B. Me!!u. 2. It n6ca3t!ry. subttihrta r knowngood rolanoid valvo a$ombly or PCM lnd rcch. A t32P) TENMNALS WIRESIOEOF FEMALE Rapair rhort to powar in tha wirc brftv. Po. Ba tormin.25 O? 12 Ch. F ulty lock-up contol rolanoid valva B FCM CONNECTORS Chockfor a Short to Power: 1. 2. Code P1758.. Selt-disgnolb E indicltor light blinks twice..e Lock-up Conlrol Solenoid Valvo B Rcrictlncc: 1. B connector .iblo C!u& .l rnd th. ls the resistance .Troubleshootig Electrical n Troubleshooting Flowchart Lock-upGontrolSolenoidValveB OBD ll Scan Tool Turnthe ignitionswitchOFF. Diaconnacted lock"up control rolanold valv. Disconnact A (32P)and A the ( 2 5 P )c o n n e c t o r sf r o m t h e PCM. Short oi opon In lock-upcom.lva B wiro .. Measure the resistance b e t w e e nt h e B 4 a n d A g o r A22terminals.c'lor3. Turn thg tor loo.

14-53 .mbly.From page 14-52 PCMCONNECTORS Chack Lock-up Control Solenoid Vslve B to. Disconnect the 2P connector trom the lock-upcontrol solenoid valve assembly.ol solonoid valvc $!. tha lock-up cont. at the SolonoidConnoc{or: Measure the resistancebetween the No. a Short Citcuit: 1. R. 1 terminalof the lock-up control solenoid connectorand bodyground. CONTROL LOCK-UP CONNECTOR SOLENOID Mea3ura lock-up Control Solenoid Vrlvc B Ro3irtrnc. TERMINALS WIRESIDEOF FEMALE Rapair3hort to ground in th€ wir€ betwaen the 84 torminal and th€ lock-up control solenoid valvo B.25 0? Chock for opon in the wir€ botwo€n th. 2. 84 torminal and the lock-up control aolonoidvalva B. IFT'] t- cnNreLxI (o) T I SIDEOF TERMINAL MALETERMINALS 12 ls the resistance .phc. Check for continuity between the 84 and A9 or A22 terminals.

WIRESIDEOF FEMALE TERMINALS E. Shittto all positions otherthan 2. Check tor short in the wire b€tweentho 825 terminal and the A/T goar position indicator. FaultyA/T geal po3ition switch NOTE:Code Pl705 (5) is causedwhen the PCMreceives wo gear position t . Shiftto all positions otherthan O. PCMCONNECTORS MeasureATP R Voltage: 1. o. lf wire is OK. ls thereapprox. damage. check lor loose PCM connectors. Measure voltagebetween the the 816 and Ag or A22 terminals.Electrical Troubleshooting Troubfeshooting Flowchart. Measure voltagebetween the the 824 and A9 or A22 terminals.r position switch. To page14-55 14-54 . SelI-disgno3is indicrror light E blinks tive tim6. substitute a known-good PCM end rechock.AIT GearPositionSwitch (shortl . check lor loose PCM GonnectoE. MeasureATP NP Voltage: 1. ON 2. Measure voltagebetween the the 825 and Ag ot A22 te(mi nals. Check the wile harnessfo. a shon in the wiaes beiween the A/T gear position indicator and the A/T gear posilion switch.. It wires are OK. nd shilt to each a posttlon. check for loose PCM conneclors. It noceasary. Shorl in A/T 96ar position switch .substituto a known-goodPCMand recheck. ff necessary.nputsat the sametime- Observeth6 A/T Gear Po3ition Indicator: 1. OBD ll ScanTool indicatesCode P1?05. Observethe A. 2./Tgear position indicator. V? 5 Check for sho. substitute a known-goodPCMand recheck. Check for short in the wire betweenthe Bl6termineland the A/T gear position swilch or A/T gear position indicator. Do any indicators stayon whenthe shiftleveris not in thosepositions? The system is OK at this time. ls therebattery voltage? MeasureATP 04 Voliage: 1. lf nec€ssarv. Turnthe ignition switch {ll). PossibleCause . Shiftto all positions otherthan Nor@. . lf wire is OK.t in the wiro betweenthe B24terminaland the A/T ge. 2.

It wire i3 OX. position indicator.tsuro ATP D3 Vohage: '1. 14-55 . lf necessary.nd thc A/T goar position switch or A/T gear position indicalo. 3ubsthuto a knowngood PCM tnd r6chock. BRN/BLK Check for sho.t in the wire b€twe€nthe 817 terminal . lf nccossrry. check for loos6 PICMconnecsubstitute a tors. lf neces3ary. ls there batteryvoltage? tr. check for loos6 PCM conneclors. TERMINALS WIBESIDEOF FEMALE Ch6ck for short in tho wire batwe€n tho 88 terminel and the A/T gear position switch ot A/T gea.nd racheck. Shiftto all positions 2. lvleasuro the voltage between the 817 and A9 or 422 termi nats. Shift to all positionsother than 2. BRN/ALK Morsure ATP2vohage: otherthan 1. tf wire is OK.Frompage14-54 PCMCONNECTORS M. Measurethe voltage between the 88 and A9 or A22 terminats. E. substitute a known-good PCMand techeck.. Chockfor loo3o PCMconnGctors. known-goodPCM.

To page14-57 14-56 . Shiftto N orE position. DisconnectodA/T goal po3iilon 3witch connector . Fauhy A/T go. Self-di.gnosisq indicatorlight blinks six iim*. PGsibl. Open in A/l gear position awitch .Electrical Troubleshooting Troubleshooting Flowchart A/T GearPositionSwitch (Openl .r position switch PCMCONNECTORS Me8ure ATP R Voltage: 1. 2. Shiftto E position indicstor oi the A/T gear Dositionswitch. . OBD ll ScanTool indicat$ Code P1706. 3. Ropail open in the wiae betweon the B25torminal and the A/T g. Measure the voltagebetween the 824 and Ag or A22 termi- 8RN/BLK Repairopen in the wire be4wcen the 824 terminal and tho A/T gcrt oosition swhch. BRN/BLK MeasureATP NP Voltage: 1. BRN/BLK BRN/BLK WIRESIDEOF FEMALE TERMINALS Bepair open in the wile bstwaton the 816 torminal and tha A/T goar po3hion switch. ON 2. Turnthe ignition switch (ll). Measure voltagebetween the the 816 and A9 or A22 terminals. Causo . Shiftto E position. Measure voltagebetween the the 825 and Ag or A22 termi nals. 2. BRN/BLK MeasureATP D4 Voltage: 1.

2.rminll snd tha A. Measurethe voltagg betwe€n the 88 and A9 or A22 terminats. Chack tor looaa PCM connactoB. opln in tha wir. Shift to @ position.$ra ATPz Voltaga: 1. tubtihuta ! knowngood FCM . Measurs th€ voltage betwesn th€ Bl7 8nd Ag or A22 Bl7 tlrminrl .nd tho A/T gatr polhion switch. Ma.witcb.twocn Shift to E position.From pag€ 14-56 PCMCONNECTORS Mqllurt ATP D3 Volt gt: 1. TERMINALS WIRESIDEOF FEMALE Rapair opan In th6 wira b3twocn tha 88 t.lT go!1 Dolition .nd r. 2. It nacoaaary. 14-57 . b.

25 O? 12 Chocktor loose PCM connoctors. To page14-59 14-58 - . ls the resistance . Disconngcled shift cont.g Electrical Troubleshootin Troubleshooting Flowchart Shift ControlSolenoidValveA . D. It nace33ary.gno. Short or open in shift control solenoid valve A wire . indicrtor llght blinks 36v6ntimes. 4.minal and tho shift control3olenoid valve A. Turnthe ignitionswitchOFF. 2. substitut€ a knowngood solenoid valve assemblyor PCMand . Measlre the voltagebetween the 83 and Ag orA22 terminals. Sof-di.ol solenoid valve A connoctot . a Short to Powel: 1. OBD ll ScanTool indicatosCode m753. M€ssure Shift Control Solenoid Vrlve A Rosidance: 1. Faulty shift control 3olenoid valve A PCMCONNECTORS BLU/YEL Ch. Turnthe ignition switchON (ll).echeck. Measure the resistance betweenthe 83 and Ag or A22 Iermrnats. Turn the ignitionswitchOFF. BRN/BLK TERMINALS WIRESIDEOF FEMALE Ropairshort to power in the wire between the 83 t6. 3. Disconnect A {32P)and B rhe ( 2 5 P )c o n n e c t o r sf r o m t h e PCM. PossibleCeuse . 2.

BLU/YEL TERMINAL SIDEOF MALETERMINALS ls the resistance . A {32P) WIRESIDEOF FEMALE TERMINALS Ropairlhort to ground in the wire betweon the lIt torminal and lho rhift control solenoid v6lvo A.25 O? 12 Chack lor opon in lhe wire betwoen the 83 termin. 1 terminal oI the shitt control solenoid connectorand body ground.Frompage'14-58 PCMCONNECTORS Chock Shilt Control Sol. Disconnect the 2P connector from the shift control solenoid valve assemblv. Chgck for continuity between the 83 and Ag or A22terminals.sure Shift Control Solonoid Valv. 14-59 .t the Solonoid Connoctor: Measure the resistancebetween the No.l and tho rhift control solenoid valv6 A.noid Velv. SHIFTCONTROL SOLENOID CONNECTOR Me. A R6btanco . A lor a Short Circuit: l. 2.

l and the shift conlrol solenoidvelve B. 2. ls the resistance 25 0? 12 Ch6ckfor looso PCMconnectors. 2. Disconnoctod shift contlol solenoid velve B connector . l32Pl TERMINALS WIRESIDEOF FEMALE Repairshort to power in th6 wire between the 811 termin. 3. Turnthe ignition switch (lli. lf nocessary. 3ubitituta a knowngood sol6noid valvo a$ombly ol PCMand rechock. Measure Shift Control Solenoid Valve B Resistance: 1. Selt-diagnosis indicator ligln Ei blinks oight time6. .g ElectricalTroubleshootin Troubleshooting Flowchart Shift ControlSolenoidValveB . Measure the resistance b e t w e e nt h e 8 1 1 a n d A g o r A22terminals. Turnthe ignitionswitchOFF. a Short to Power: l. Possibl6Cause . Turnthe ignitionswitchOFF. Measure the voltagebetween the 8'11and Ag or A22 termi nals. OBD ll ScanTool indicatosCode P0758. . ON 4. Faulw shift control solenoid valve B PCMCONNECTORS Chockfo. Disconnect A {32P}and B the (25P)connectors from the PCM. Short or ooen in shift control solenoid valve B wire .

Disconnect the 2P connector lrom the shift control solenoid valveassembly. tt I GRN./WHT Measure Shift Control Solenoid Velve B Resistanceat the Solonoid Connec'tor: Measure the resistancebetween the No. 2. BRN/BLK BRN/BLK WIRE SIDE FEMALE OF TERMINALS ls therecontinuity? Repairshort to ground in the wira betweenthe 811 ierminal and the shitt control solenoidvalve B.2 5 0 ? Check for open in the wire between the Bll terminal and the shift control solenoid valve 8. (o) Y I I SIDEOF MALETERMINALS TERMINAL l s t h e r e s i s t a n c el 2 . SOLENOID SHIFTCONTROL CONNECTOR li. Checkfor continuitybetween the 811 and A9 or A22 terminars. 14-61 .2 terminal ofthe shiftcontrol solenoid connector and body oround.From page14 60 PCMCONNECTORS C h € c kS h i f t C o n t r o l S o l e n o i d Valve B tor a Short Circuit: 1.

ft sp6ed sensor wirc .ft Soeed Sensor R6istanc€ al ths Senror Connectot: 1.600 0? PCMCONNECTOR {25P) B Chack Coume6hatt Spo€d Sensor for a Short Circuit: 1. t"a* ".nd c. F ulty count€. Disconnectodcountarshaft soeodson3orconnector . TERMINALS WIRESIDEOF FEMALE Repairshort in the wires belwe€n the 823 and 822 torminals and the countershaft soeed sensor. To page14-63 14-62 . Solt-diagnosis Dj indicator light blinks ninc times. 2.shrft speod 3en- ls the countershaftspeedsensor properly? installed COUNTERSHAFT SPEED SENSOR CONNECTOR Measure Countorsh. 2.u3o . Measure the resistance the oI countershaftsDeedsensor. Checklor continoitybetween the body groundand the 823 t e r mi n aI a n d 8 2 2 t e r m i n a l individually. Short or open in countorsh. .Electrical Troubleshooting Troubleshooting Flowchart Countershaft SpeedSensor I . t*rlty "". Po$ible C. Disconnect the 2P connector from the countershaft sDeed sensofconnector. t'-tt TT 9 ll t L I TERMINAL SIDEOF MALETESMINALS ls the resistance 400.r harnoss . Disconnect e B (25P) on th c nector from the PCM. OBD ll Scrn Tool indicat€s Code PO720."""t1* botwoen the PCM .

600 O? Ropair loose terminal or open in tho wiies bstw66n tho B23 and 822 termin. SIOEOF FEMALE TERMINALS ls the resistance 400. substihJtg a knowngood PCMrnd roch. Check tor loos6 PICMconnectors. M e a s ur e t h e r e s i s t a n c e between the 823 and B22 le'' and tha countorshaft speodsensor. 14-63 .ck. lf necass{ry. Connect the countershaft speedsensor connector.Frompage14-62 PCMCONNECTOR {25PI B Maasure CruntoFhaft Speod Sonsor Rosbtrnce: 1. 2P 2 .

Check mainshaft the and counter' shaftspeed sensorinstallation. TERMINAL SID€OF MALETERMINALS ls the resistance 400.t6 Cod€ 15. OBD ll ScanTool indicatosCode P0715. Are the mainshaft and countershaft properly? speedsensorinstalled MAINSHAFT SPEED SENSOR CONNECTOR MeasureMainshrft SpeedSensor Resistanceat the Sensor Connector: 1. Posible Ceuse ' DI*. Checkfor continuitybetween bodygroundand 815terminal and the 814 terminalindividn- ls therecontinuity? ReDairshort in the wires between the 815 and Blil terminals and lhe meinshrft soeedsensor.d 3en30t conn€ctot . Disconnect B (25Piconnecthe tor from the PCM. Faulty mainshaft speodsensol N O T E : C o d e P 0 7 1 5 ( 1 5 )o n t h e P C M doesn't always mean there's an electrical problem in lhe mainshafl or countershaft ) s p e e d s e n s o r c i r c u i t : c o d e P 0 7 1 5 1 1 5m a t also indicatea mechanicalproblem in the transmtsston. Short or op6n in main3hatt speed sensorwire .*.600 {}? PCMCONNECTOB I25P} 8 Check MainahaftSpeed Sensot for a Short Circuit: 1."1"d -"l".Electrical Troubleshooting Troubleshooting Flowchart MainshaftSpeedSensor . Selt-diagnosis E indicatol light indic. Disconnect the 2P connector from the mainshaft speed sen' sor connector.h"ft . . 2. 2."". TERMINALS WIRESIDEOF FEMALE To page14'65 14-64 . Measure the resistance the of majnshaft speedsensor.

CheckNMSG Wire Continuity: Check continuity for between the 814 terminal and the No. 2 terminal of the mainshaftspeedsensor ls therecontinuity? Bepair op6n in th€ wire between th€ 814 terminal and the main3haft sDeeds€nsor. M e a s ur e t h e r e s i s t a n c e the 8'15and 814 terbetween mt n a l s . substitute a knowngood PCMand recheck. 1 terminal of the mainshaft speedsensorconnector. 14-65 . WIRESIDEOF FEMALE TERMINALS MAINSHAFT SPEED SENSOR CONNECTOR CheckNM Wire Continuity: 1. ls therecontinuity? Repairopen in the wire between the 815 terminal and the main' shaft speedsensor. Connect the mainshaft 2P sensor connector. substitute a knowngood PCMand recheck. 2. Disconnect the 2P connector from the mainshaft speed sensor connector. for Checktor loose PCM connectors.Frompage14-64 PCMCONNECTOR (25PI 8 MeasureMrinshaft SpeedSensor Resistance: speed 1. 2 . It nocessarv. Checkfor continuitybetween the 815terminal and the No. Checklor loos€ PCMconnectors. ls the resistance . It n€cossary.600o? 400 Run iho Elect ical Troubleshooling Flowchart code m720 l9l.

trTt -r-r rdl t_i Y Il t TERMINAL SIDEOF MALE TERMINALS ls the resistance aoorox. 3.noid for a Short Circuit: l Disconnect B (25P)connec. F. RED TERMINALS WIRESIDEOF FEMALE Repairsho.iuie Linoar Solenoid Rcai3tance: 1 .0 PCMCONNECTOR (25P) B WHT Ch6ckLinor.tol light indicatesCode 16.uhy linorr 3olonoid LINEAR SOLENOID CONNECIOR \ Msasure Linoar Solanoid Rosi3tanco at tho SolonoidConnector: 1.Ge .g Electrical Troubleshootin Troubleshooting Flowchart LinearSolenoid .5. ls the resistance approx. To page14-67 14-66 . 2. Short or op6n in linear solonoid . Po$ible C. Me. 2.t in the wire3 bgtwoon tho 81 and 82 termin. 0? 5. Self-diagnosis [d indic. the tor from the PCM. Sol. Checktor continuity between the body ground and the 81 terminaland 82 terminalindividually. Measure tho resistance ofthe linearsolenoid. C o n n e c t h e l i n 6 a rs o l e n o i d connector.0O? Ropair loo3o terminsl or open in tho wirgs bgtween the B1 and 82 torminrl! rnd the linoar sol6noid. OBD ll ScanTool indicat6 Codo P176a. Turnthe ignitionswitchOFF. M€asure the resista ce n between the 81 and 82 terminals. . Oisconnectedlin€ar solonoid .ls rnd th6 lineal solonoid. 2. Disconnect the 2P connector from the linearsolenoidconnector.

. Ropairpoor ground (G1011. . TERMINALS WIRESIDEOF FEMALE Chgckloi loo3a PCMconnecto.s. R6pair loo3o junction connector. n dG 1 0 1 .Frompage14 66 PCMCONNECTOR I32P} A Ch6cktho Ground Cilcuit: Checkfor continuity between the Ag and A10terminals. lf necellrry. . Rgpair open in the wire between tho torminal3 A9 . 3ubstituto a knowngood PCMand rochock. 14-67 .nd A 1 0 .

t.u p C o n t r o l Solenoid Valve Assembly end Recheck: 1 . Turn the ignition switch OFF and resetthe PCM by remov ing the BACKUP {7. necdsrry l3os pago'14-E61. checkto be sure that the enginecoola n t t e m p e r a t u r es i n 1 7 6 " F i {80'C)and above.. tho hydrrulic sy3tom a.Electrical Troubleshooting Troubleshooting Flowchart Lock-up ControlSystem OBD ll Sc{n Tool indicatss Code m740.d Codols).Recheck codeP0740 for \ DoestheOBDll scantool (401? indicate codeP0740 The syltom ii OK at thb timo. Drive the vehicle at 55 mph (88 km/h)constantly more for than one manute.u p o n t r o l t c solenoidvalve A/B assembly (seepage14-74). ls the linepressure withinthe service limit? Repai. Test Lin€ Piessure: M e a s u r eh e l i n e p r e s s u r es e e t { page14-87 and 14-88).5A) tuse in the under-hood fuse/relay box tor more than '10seconds. 4. (40). Using the scan tool. Doesthe OBDllscantoolor the E! indicator l. R e p l a c et h e L o c k . Self'diagnosis ErJ indicdor light indicatB Code /U). NOTE:Do not continuewith this troubleshootino until th€ causes any of other DTCS have beencorrected.up control ryitcm \ Chockfor Another Code: Checkwhether the OBD ll scan t o o l o r t h e E i n d i c a t o ri g h t l indicates another code.rt tor tho indic. \ 14-6 8 . 3. Faulty Lock. 2. Poitible Cru. Rocheck tol codo P0740 l40l after troublG. R e p l a c eh e l o c k .ghtindicate another code? Perform tho Troubla3hooting Flowch.hooting. 5.

Troubleshooting Flowchart Shift GontrolSystem
' OBD ll Scan Tool indic.t6 cod. m730. ' s.lf-di.gno.i. E indicator lig]|t Indicat . Code 41. PorsibleCauso F.ulty shitt contol systom

Chacklor Anoth.r Codo: Checkwhether the OBD ll scan t o o l o r t h e E i n d i c a t o rl i g h t indicateanothercod6.

Doe3the OBD ll scantool or indithe E indicaro.light cste anothercode?

Parform the Troubl.shooting Flowchrrt tor th6 indicatod Codo(s).Rochockfor cod! m730 {41| rft ol troubl.ihooting. until the causesof any NOTE:Do not continu€with this troubleshooting other DTCghave beencorrected.

Tcat 13t, znd, 3rd and 4th Clutch Prctauro: Measurethe lst, 2nd, 3rd and 4th clutch pressure{see page 14-87 thru'14-891.

ls each clutch pressurewithin the servicelimit?

Rcpair tha hvdraulic aystom ra nacaa3ary laaa p.g. 14-88 lnd 1a-891.

Repl.c. Shift Control Sol.noid V.lYe A*rembly, Linorr Solonoid A$.mbly .nd B.check: 1. Replacethe shift control solenoidvalve A/B ass6mblv (seepage14-?5). 2 . R e o l a c e h e l i n o a rs o l e n o i d t assembly(seepage 14-771. 3. Turn the ignirionswitch OFF and rsset th€ PCMmemory by romovingthe BACKUP (7.5A) {use/ fuse in the under-hood r e l a yb o r I o r m o r e t h a n 1 0 seconos. 4. Drive the vehicle at ovgr 12 mph (20 km/h) in lst, 2nd. 3rd and 4th geal,lor more than 30 seconds [8d oosition. at (41). for 5, Recheck code PO73O

Do6sthe OBD ll scantool or the E indicator light indicate code P0730(41)?

Tho sydem b OK rt this time.


Troubleshooting Flowchart
Th6 E indicator light doos not come on when the ignition switch is lirst turned ON lll). {lt should come on Ior about two 36conds.)

D.lndicatorLight DoesNot GomeOn

Checkthe ServiceCheckConnector: Make sure the specialtool (SCS SetuiceConnector) not connectis ed to the service checkconnector.

(SCS ls the specialtool Service Connector) connected the serto vice checkconnector?

Disconnectthe soecial tool from the se.vice chock connoctor and rachock.

Checkth€ E indicator Light: Shiftto E position.

Checkto. loose PCM connectors. lf nec€asary, substitute a known. good PCMend iecheck.

PCMCONNECTOR (32P) A Checklhe Ground Circuit: 1. Turnthe ignitionswitchOFF. 2. Disconnect A (32P) the connec' tor fromthe PCM. 3. Checkfor continuitybetween t h e A g t e r m i n a la n d b o d y ground and the A22 terminal and body ground.

WIRESIDEOF FEMALE TERMINALS Repair opon in the wires botwoen tho A9 or A22terminalsand G101. poor ground(Gl01). Repair

T o p a g e1 4 7 1




Moasure Powo. Supply Circuit Voltage: switchON (ll). 1. Turnthe ignition 2. Measureth€ voltage between A terminals g andA11 and b e t w e e nt e r m i n a l sA 2 2 a n d 424.

ls there bafteryvoltage? open or short in the wire botwoen the A11 tnd lor A2l terminals,the PGM-FImain .elay, aod the fu3e box.


MoasuroD4 IND 1. Turnthe ignitionswitchOFF. 2. Connectthe A (32P)connector to the PCM. 3. Connecta digital multitester to the 813 and A9 or A22 termtnals, switchON (ll) 4. Turnthe ignition and makesure that the vokage for is available t\ivoseconds.


'96: BLU/RED '97, '98: GRN/BLK

Check tor open in the wire between the 813 lermintl and the gauge as3embly.lf wiro is OK, chock for a taulty E indic.tor light bulb or s faulty gsuge r33embly printod circuit board.

Checkfor loo3o PCMconnedots. Checkthe A/T ge.. position switch. ll nec6$ary, substitute a known-good PCMand recheck.


Electrical Troubleshooting
Troubleshooting Flowchart E IndicatorLight On Constantly
The E indic.tor light b on con3lently {not blinking}whenever the ignition switch b ON {lll.

Me.sure Dil IND Voltage: 1. Turnthe ignitionswitchOFF. 2. Disconnect B (25P)connecthe tor from the PCM. 3. Turnthe ignition switch (ll). ON 4. Measure voltagebetween the t h e 8 1 3t e r m i n a a n d b o d y l ground.


WIRESIDEOF FEMALE TERMINALS Repairshort to power in the wire betweon the 813 terminal and the gauge a$embly.

MeasuraATP D{ Voltage; 1. Turnthe ignitionswitchOFF. 2. Connect B (25Piconnector the to the PCM. 3. Turnthe ignition switch {ll). ON 4. Shiftto any position otherthan

5. Measure voltagebetween the t h e 8 2 4 t e r m i n a la n d b o d y ground.

Checkfor a short to ground on the wire. ff wire is OK. ropl.c€ the A/T gearpositionindicator.


Flowchart BrakeSwitch Signal Troubleshooting
Symptom Shift lav6r crnnot be movod liom E porition whh the bt.ko Pedal Brr*. Light Op.r.tion: Oeoress brakepedal. the

Are the brak€lights ON?

Rapairtaulty brake switch circuit l3oor€ction 231.

PCMCONNECTORS M.arur. STOP Sw voh.gc: 1. Turnthe ignitionswitchOFF. 2. Disconnoctth€ A (32P)and D { 1 6 P )c o n n e c t o r sf r o m t h e PCM. 3. Measurethe voltage betw€en the D5 and Ag or A22 terminals with the brake peclal depress€d.


ls there battoryvoltsge? opan in thc wiro b€twcen th. D5 terminal lnd tha brako swit*,

. 8..1. rwitch rign.l i. OK. . Chad( to? looaa PCM connactoB. It nacarlary, aubatituta a known. goodFC .nd t!d|!ck. . Inrp.ct th. brtlr .witch citcuit {t . ..ction 23}.


Lock-upGontrolSolenoidValveA/B Assembly
1. Disconnect 2P connectorfrom the lock-upcon the trol solenoid valveAy'B assembly. TERMINAL OF SIDE MALE TERMINALS

NOTE:Lock-up controlsolenoid valvesA and B must be removed/replaced an assembly. as 1. R e m o v et h e m o u n t i n g b o l t s a n d l o c k - u pc o n t r o l solenoid valveA,/B assembly.

6 x 1.0mm 12 N.m {1 .2 kgt.m, 8.7 lbl.ltl


LOCK.UP CONTROL SOLENOID VALVE A/B ASSEMBLY 2. Measure the resistance betweenthe No. 2 terminal ( s o l e n o i d a l v eA ) o f t h e l o c k - u p o n t r o ls o l e n o i d v c valveconnector and body ground,and betweenthe No. 1 terminal{solenoid valveB} and body ground. STANDARD: - 25 O 12 R e p l a c eh e l o c k - u p o n t r o ls o l e n o i d a l v ea s s e m t c v bly if the resistance out of specification. is lf the resistance within the standard, is connectthe No. 1 terminalof the lock-upcontrolsolenoidvalve connector the bafterypositive to terminal. clickjng A soundshouldbe heard. Connect No.2 terminal the to the batterypositive terminal. clicking A soundshould be heard.Replace lockup controlsolenoid the valve assembly no clicking if soundis heard.

Clean mountingsurface the and fluid passages.

Cleanthe mounting surfaceand fluid passages of t h e l o c k u p c o n t r o ls o l e n o i d a l v e a s s e m b l ya n d v , installa new lock-up controlsolenoid valveA,/B with a new filter/gasket. Checkthe connector rust,dirt or oil, and reconfor nectrt securely.

Shift ControlSolenoidValveA/B Assembly
1. from the shift control the Disconnect 2P connector valveA'lBassembly. solenoid

NOTE: Shift control solenoidvalves A and B must be as removed/replaced an assembly. 1. solenoid the Remove mountingboltsand shiftcontrol valve4!/Bassembly.
6x1.0mm 12 N.m {1.2ksl.m,8.7 lbt'ft}


CONTROL SHIFT A/8 VALVE SOLENOID ASSEMBLY '1 betweenthe No. terminal Measure the resistance (solenoid valve valveA) of the shift controlsolenoid and body ground,and betweenthe No. 2 connector valveB) and body ground terminal(solenoid 12 STANDARD: - 25 O Replace shift controlsolenoidvalve assemblyif the is the resistance out of specification. connectthe is lf the resistance within the standard, v N o . 1 t e r m i n a lo f t h e s h i f t c o n t r o ls o l e n o i d a l v e terminal.A clicking to connector the batterypositive the No. 2 terminal sound should be heard.Connect A t t o t h e b a t t e r yp o s i t i v e e r m i n a l . c l i c k i n gs o u n d the should be heard.Replace shift control solenoid sound is heard. if valveassembly no clicking

FILTER/GASKET the Clean mountingsurface Replace. and fluid passages.



of Cleanthe mounting surfaceand fluid passages t h e s h i f t c o n t r o l s o l e n o i d v a l v e a s s e m b l y ,a n d with a installa new shift controlsolenoidvalveA,/B and new filter/gasket the clamp bracket. for Checkthe connector rust, dirt or oil, and reconnectit securely.



Linear Solenoid Assembly
1. Disconnect linearsolenoid the connector. 6.

lf not, removethe linearsolenoid assembly. Check that the linearsolenoid fluid passage dust for or qrn. C o n n e c t h e N o . 2 t e r m i n a lo f t h e l i n e a rs o l e n o i d connector the batterypositiveterminaland con to nectthe No. 1 terminalto the batterynegative termi, nal.Check that the valvemoves. Disconnect one of the batteryterminalsand check that the valvereleases. NOTE: You can see the valve movement through the fluid passage the mountingsurfaceof the linin ear solenoid assembly.




Measurethe resistance betweenthe No. 1 and the N o .2 t e r m i n a l o f t h e l i n e a r o l e n o i d o n n e c t o r . s s c STANDARD: approx. 5 O lf the resistance out of specification, is replacethe linearsolenoidassembly. Connect No. 2 terminalof the linearsolenoid the connectorto the batterypositiveterminaland connect the No. 1 terminalto the batterynegative terminal. A clicking soundshouldbe heard.




lf the valve binds. or moves sluggishly, or the linear solenoid does not operate, replacethe linear solenoid assemory.


Mainshaft/Countershaft SpeedSensors
1. Remove the mounting bolts and the linear solenoid assemDly.

1. speed Removethe 6 mm bolt and the countershaft sensorfrom the right sidecover
6x1.0mm 12 N.m {1.2kgJ.m, COUNTERSHAFT 8.7 SPEED SENSOF 5x1.0mm 12 N.m (1.2kgf.m, 8.7 tbf.ftl O.RING Replace. MAINSHAFT SPEED SENSOR

the mountingsurface Clean and fluid passages.

@ @
SPEED MAINSHAFT WASHER SENSOE engine) {D16Y7 6x1.0mm 12 N.m 11.2 kgl.m, 8.7 tM.ft)

of and fluid passage the Cleanthe mountingsurface housing. and transmission assembly linearsolenoid Installa new linear solenoidassemblywith a new gasket. the NOTE:Do not pinch the gasketwhen installing is that the gasket installed makesure linearsolenoid; properlyin the mountinggroove of the linearsolenord. 4. for Checkthe linearsolenoidconnector rust,dirt or oil, and connectit securely.

s R e m o v et h e 6 m m b o l t a n d t h e m a i n s h a f t p e e d housing. senso.from the transmission the Repiace O-ringwith a new one beforeinstalling speed or speedsensor the mainshaft the countershaft sensor. washeron speedsensor NOTE:Installthemainshaft the mainshaftspeed sensor.The mainshaftspeed w s e n s o r a s h e ri s u s e d o n m o d e l sw i t h t h e D 1 6 Y 7 engine.


Symptom-to-Component Chart
Hydraulic System
SYMPTOM Engineruns,but vehicledoes not move in any gear. Vehiclemovesin p. E, but not in pel,@, position. Vehiclemovesin E, E, E. but not in E position. Vehiclemovesin E, E, E, but not in E position. Vehiclemovesin E position. Excessive vibration. idle Pooracceleration; flareson starting in ro.. @ position off Stallrpm high in lDl, E, El position. Stallrpm high in E, l,- position. Stallrpm high in E position. i Stallrpm is in specification. Stallrpm low. No shift Failsto shift in @, @ position; from 1stto 3rd gear pl, @ position; Failsto shift in from 'lsrto 4th gear Erratic upshifting. 1-2upshift, upshift.3-4 2-3 upshift 1-2upshift
2-3 uDshift

Check theseitemson the PROBABLE CAUSE LiSt 1,2,3,5,6,'t,36,38 6, 8, 9, 10,30, 54 6,11,12,24 4 , 6 ,1 4 ,1 5 10, 12,13,14,16,29, 33,34. 35 1 , 2 , 1 9 , 3 2 , 3 64 5 ,4 7, 4 8 , 1 , 2 , 3 , 6 , 3 A4 ' l , 6, 8, 10 6,12

Check theseitemson the NOTES List K,L,R,S




17, 32, 45,47. 48 't9,20,40, 48,49 22, 49 22, 23, 4A 58 21, 48 22, 49 23, 48 1 2 ,1 9 ,2 0 , 2 9 , 0 , 5 1 , 5 , 5 8 5 1 13,19,20,24,21,29,50,51,57,58 14, 19,20,25,28,29,50,51. 57,58 1 9 , 2 0 , 2 44 3 ,5 4 , 5 75 8 , , 12,'19,20,25, 43,55,57 58 , 13, 19,20,26, 43,56,57,5A 1 3 ,1 9 ,2 0 , 2 4 , 7 , 5 1 2 14, 19, 20, 25, 2A,5'l 13,19,20,24,27, 43,50,51, 58 14, 19,20,25,28,43,50,51 58 , 1 0 ,3 0 4,14,21,53 2,37 17 6, 39 19,48, 49

_ Harshupshift{1,2). Harshupshift{2-3). Harshupshift(3-4). Harshdownshift(2-1) Harshdownshift(3-2). Harshdownshift(4-3). Flares 2-3 upshift. on Flares 3-4 upshift. on Excessive shockon 2-3 uDshift. Excessive shockon 3-4 upshift. Lateshift from E positionto E or lE! position. Lateshift from E positionto E positron. Noisefrom transmission all shift leverpositions. in Vehicledoes not accelerate morethan 31 mph (50 km/h). Shift leverdoes not operatesmoothly, Failsto shift;stuckin 4th gear.

3-4 upshift


C ,D ,E ,I , L

C,D.E,H C, D, E, I E,L,N E,L,N E.L,N M


Transmission not shiftintoparking will gearin E] position. 6, 18.39 Stallrpm high; all clutchpressures in specification. are 41 Lock-up clutchdoes not disengage. 19, 44,45,46,47,50,51, 58 '19,4't, Lock-up clutchdoes not operate smoothly. 44, 45, 46,47, 50, 51, 58 't9, Lock-up clutchdoes not engage. 41,44,45,46,47,50. 51,57, 58 Vibrationin all positions 36





PROBABLE CAUSE 2 ATF pump worn or binding.
Regulator valve stuck.

42 43

5 6 7 I 10 l1


Servo valve stuck. worn/damaged. Mainshaft of Shiftcablebroken/out adjustment. Finalgearsworn/damaged. clutchworn/damaged. One-way {sprag) (2 1stgearsworn/damaged gears). 1st clutch defective. (2 2nd gearsworn/damaged gears)2nd clutch defective. 3rd clutchdefective. 4th clutch defective. (3 gearsworn/damaged gears). Reverse ATF Excessive one-wayclutchdefective. Torqueconverter defective. Paking mechanism defective. Linearsolenoidassembly CPCvalve stuck. 1-2shiftvalvestuck. 2-3 shiftvalvestuck. 3-4 shift valve stuck. defective. 2nd accumulator defective. 3rd accumulator 4th accumulatordefective. stuck. 2nd orificecontrolvalve 3-4 orificecontrolvalvestuck. Foreignmaterialin main orifice.
Foreign material in 1st orifice.

45 46 47 48 49



16 17 18 19


plate. Foreignmaterialin separator CPBvalvestuck. Lock-up timing valvestuck. Lock-up shift valvestuck. controlvalvestuck. Lock-up pistondefective. Lock-up valveA defective. Shiftcontrolsolenoid valveB defective. Shiftcontrolsolenoid valveA defective. controlsolenoid Lock-uD valveB defective. Lock-uo controlsolenoid Servocontrolvalvestuck. defective. 1staccumulator orifice. Foreignmaterialin 2nd exhaust orifice. Foreignmaterialin 3rd exhaust orifice. Foreignmaterialin 4th exhaust sDeed sensordefective. Mainshaft sensordefective sDeed Countershatt



28 29
30 31




orifice. Foreignmaterialin reverse Engineoutput low, worn/damaged. Needlebearing Thrustwasherworn/damaged. incorrect. Clutchclearance misasplatedefective transmission or Drive sembly. housingor transmlsslon Torqueconverter worn/damaged. housingbearing clogged. ATFstrainer or Joint in shift cableand transmission body valvestuck. Modulator




Symptom-to-Component Ghart
Hydraulic System (cont'dl
The followingsymptomscan be caused by improperrepairor assembly Vehicle creepsin N position. Vehicle does not move in .S or @ position. Transmission locksup in E position Excessive drag in transmission. Excessive vibfation,rDm related,
Noise with wheels moving only.

\ Check these items the on PROBABLE CAUSE DUETO IMPROPER REPAIR List
R 1 ,R 2 R4 R 3 ,R 1 ' 1 R6 R7 R5 R8 R 9 ,R 1 O
Items on the NOTES List


Main sealpops out. Variousshiftingproblems.


PROBABLE CAUSE DUETO IMPROPER REPAIR R1 R2. R3. R4. R5. R6. R7. R8. R9, R10. R11 lmproperclutchclearance.
lmproper gear clearance.

Parking brakeleverinstalled upsidedown. (sprag) One-way clutchinstalled upsidedown. Reverse selector hub installed uDside down. A T Fp u m pb i n d i n g . Torqueconverter fully seatedin ATF pump. not
Main seal improperly installed.

Springsimproperlyinstalled. Valves improperlyinstalled. Shiftfork bolt not installed.


NOTES page14-155 and 156. Seeflushingprocedure, B,
set idle rpm in gear to specified idle speed. lf still no good, adjust motor mounts as outlined in engine section of this manual. lf the large clutch piston O-ring is broken, inspect the piston groove for rough machining'


for the worn, inspect otherclutches wear,and checkthe orifice or lf the clutchpackis seized is excessively lor controlvalves,CPCvalveand linearsolenoid free movement for the lf the linearsolenoidis stuck,inspect clutches wear. has will closed, transmission not upshift lf stuckopen,the transmission the lf the l-2 shift valveis stuck no lst gear. for the lf the 2nd oriticecontrolvalveis stuck,inspect 2nd and 3rd clutchpacks wear. the It the 3-4orificecontrolvalveis stuck,inspect 3rd and 4th clutchpacksfor wear' will closed, transmission not shift out of 1stgear' the controlvalveis stuck lf the clutchDressure The housingmay causeATF pump seizure. or lmproperalignment main valvebody and torqueconverter squeaktickingnoiseor a high-pitched symptomsare mostlyan rpm related
lf the ATF strainer is clogged with particles of steel or aluminum, inspect the ATF pump and differential pinion shaft. lf both are OK and no cause for the contamination is found, replace the torque convener.






l f t h e l s t c l u t c h f e e d p i p e g u i d e i n t h e r i g h t s i d e c o v e r i s s c o r e d b y t h e m a i n s h a f t , i n sbpeeacrtitn g b a l l he The the housing.lf oK, replace right sidecoveras it is dented. movementin the transmission for excessive worn O-ringunderthe guide is probably lf , Replace mainshaft the bushing the 4th feed pipeis looseor damaged. the 4th feedpipeis damfor if the the agedor out of round,replace rightsidecover. . Replace mainshaft the bushing the 1stfeed pipeis looseor damagedll the 1stfeedpipeis dam for if the it. agedor out of round,replace _ while in spragclutchis mostlya resultof shiftingthe transmission iD1or lDaposition A worn or damaged the suchas rocking vehiclein snow. the wheelsrotatein reverse, the Inspect lrame for collisiondamage. for Inspect damageand wear: gearteethchamters selector 1. Reverse gear' 4th oI teethchamlers countershait and reverse 2. Engagement 3. Shifttork for scuffmarksin center. pinionshaftfor wear underpiniongears 4. Differential 5. Bottomof 3rd clutchfor swirl marks grindingor whirringnoise, makesa clicking, lf items1, 2, 3 and 4 if worn or damaged. transmission Replace to 4th idlergear,and countershaft gearin addition 1,2,3 or 4' 4th mainshaft gear,reverse afsorepface and ATFstrainer, thoroughly and replace assembly, differential pinionshaftis worn, overhaul lf differential coolerand lines Ilushtorqueconverter, clean transmission, and the gearnoise, replace countershaft finaldriven makes lf bottomof 3rd clutchis swirledandtransmission gear. You the housingwhen replacing main ball bearing. Be very carefulnot to damagethe torqueconverter pump when you torquedown the main valvebody.This will resultin ATF pump may alsodamagethe ATF Usethe propertools. if seizure not detected. lf housing. you push it into the torqueconverter Install the main sealflush with the torqueconverter and resultin damage' housinguntil it bottomsout, it will blockthe fluid returnpassage





NOTE:Warm up the engineto normaloperating (the radiatorfancomeson). temperature '1. Apply parkingbrake and block the wheels.Start the engine,then shift to E positionwhile depressing the brake pedal.Depress accelerator pedaland release suddenly. the it The engineshouldnot stall. Repeat sametest in E position. Test-drive vehicleon a flat road in the E] position. the Check that the shift pointsoccurat approximate speeos snown on a flat road.Also checkfor abnormalnoiseand clutchslippage. NOTE:Throftlepositionsensorvoltagerepresents throttleopening. the a. Unboltthe PCMfor roadtesting;referto page 14-46. b Set the digital multitester checkvoltagebetweenD1 (+) terminaland A9 {-) or A22 l. l terminalof the pCM for to the throttlepositionsensor.



BACKPROBE SET 07sAz- 001000A Itwo requiredl

DIGITAL MULTIMETER lCommerciallyavailablel KS-AHM-32-003. or equivalent



B {2sP)

c {31P)


&l Position: Dl6Y7 engine Upshift Throttle Opening Throttlepositionsensor voltage: 0.75V Throttlepositionsensor v o l t a g e : 2 . 2V 5 Fullyopenedthrottle Throttlepositionsensor voltage:4.5V Downshift Throttle Opening throttle Fully-closed Throttlepositionsensor voltage:0.5V throttle Fully-opened Throttlepositionsensor voltage:4.5V -9. Position: D16Y8engine Upshift Throttle Opening Throttlepositionsensor voltage:0.75V Throttlepositionsensor voltage: 2.25V throttle Fully-opened Throttlepositionsensor 4.5 voltage: V

Unit of speed
mpn km/h

lsl + 2nd

znd * 3rd
1t _ a'f

3rd -


Lock-upON 2 1- 2 4

9-12 15- 19 21-25 34-40 40-45 65-73

45-52 59-65 9 5- 1 0 4 101- 112 102- 115 163 180

99 - 108 99 - 109 ' t76 159-

mph km/h mph


Unit of sDeed
mpn km/h

Lock-upOFF 19-22 30-35 9 5- 1 0 5 1 5 3- 1 6 9

4th * 3rd 1 7- 2 0

3rd + 2nd

2nd * lst

6-9(3rd-1st) 10- 15 (3rd* 1st)

mph km/h

85-95 137 153

54-61 87-98

25-30 40-48

Unit of speed mph
km/h mph km/h mph

lst * 2nd 9-12 15-l9 34-40

2nd + 3rd

3rd + 'lth


20-23 32-37
40-45 65-73 62-70

28-32 45-52 9 5- 1 0 4 '107 96 155- 172

2't- 24 34-39
62-67 99 - 108 9 5- 1 0 6 1 5 3- 1 7 0



100 113

Throttle Opening Fully-closed throttle Throttlepositionsensor v o l t a g e : 0 .V 5 throttle Fully-opened Throttlepositionsensor voltage:4.5V

Unit of speed


ilth - 3rd

3rd - 2nd

2nd - lst

19-22 30-35
91 101 1 4 7- 1 6 3

1 1- 2 0

6-9(3rd- 1st) ' 1 0 1 5 ( 3 r dlstl

km/h mpn

85-95 1 3 7- 1 5 3

54-61 87-98


NOTE: v o L o c k - u O N : T h el o c k - u p c o n t r s o l e n o i d a l v eA t u r n sO N . ol p va . Lock-uo lock-up controlsolenoid lve A tu rns OFF. OFF:The



Accelerate about 35 mph (57 km/hl so the transmission in 4th, then shift from E to is vehicleshouldimmedistely beginslowingdown from enginebraking. positionto @ position. The

CAUTION: Do not shift trom E or E position to E position at speeds ovcr 6:l mph (100 km/hl; you mly dlmlge the tJansmission. Check abnormalnoiseand clutchslippage the followingpositions for in E (2nd cear) Position a. Accelerate trom a stop at full throttle.Check that there is no abnormalnoiseor clutchslippage. b. Upshifts and downshifts shouldnot occurwith the selector this oosition. in Position E (Reverse) Accelerate from a stop at full throttle,and checktor abnormalnoiseand clutchslippage. Test in E {Parking) Position Parkthe vehicleon slope{approx.16'),applythe ps.kingbrake,and shift into E position. Release brake; vehithe the cle shouldnot move.

Stall Speed
CAUTION: . To prevent transmission dEmage,do nol test stall sPeedtol more than 10 secondgat 8 time. . Do not shift th€ l€ver whils raising th€ sngine spoed. . Bs sure to rsmove ths pressuregauge beforg l€gting stall sPeed. '1. Engage parkingbrake,and blockthe front wheels. the 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. to a Connect tachometer the engine.and startthe engine Makesurethe IVCswitchis OFF. fan temperature {the radiator comeson), shift into E position. Afterthe enginehaswarmed up to normaloperating and noteenginespeed' for the Fullydepress brakepedaland accelerator 6 to 8 seconds, then repeatthe test in E and E positions. Allow two minutesfor cooling, NOTE: purposes only . Stallspeedtestsshouldbe usedfor diagnostic . Stallspeedshouldbe the same in E, E and E positions. Stall Speed RPM: Spocmcation:2,700rpm ServiceLimit: 2,550- 2,850rpm TROUBLE stall rpm high in ld, El and E positions CAUSE PROEABLE Low tluid levelor ATF pump output ATF strainer Clogged valvestuckclosed Pressure regulator Slippingclutch . Slippage 4th clutch of . Slippage 2nd clutch of . Slippag€ lst clutchor 1stgear one-wayclutch of . Engineoutputlow ' Torqueconvenerone-wayclutchslipping

Stallrpm high in E position Stallrpm high in E position Stallrpm high in E position stall rpm low in E, E and E Positions


CAUTION: While checking 8nd changing, bo sure not to allow du3t and other foreign particles to €nter into the transmission.

CAUTION: Keop all of the toreign particles out of the transmiasion, 1. Bringthe transmission to operating up temperature b y d r i v i n g t h e v e h i c l e .P a . k t h e v e h i c l eo n l e v e l g r o u n d . t u r n t h e e n g i n e o J f ,t h e n r e m o v e d r a i n ptug. NOTE:lf a coolerflusheris to be used,seepage 141 5 5a n d 1 5 5 . 2. Reinstall drain plug with a new sealingwasher, the then refill the transmission with the recommended fluid* to the uppermark on the dipstick. Automatic Transmi$ion Fluid Capacity: 2.7 I 12.9 qa,2-1lmp qt) at chang. US 5.9 / {6.2 US $, 5.2 lmp qt} at overhaul RecommendedAutomatic Transmisrion Fluid: Genuine Honda Pr€mium Formula Autometic TransmissionFluid (ATF).. TRANSMISSION RIGHT SIOE COVEF

CAUTION: Keep all of th€ loreign particles out of th€ transmission. NOTE:Checkthe fluid level with the engine at normal operating temperature fan {the radiator comeson}. l. 2. Parkthe vehicleon level ground. Turn off the engrne. Removethe dipstick(yel low loop) from the transmission,and wipe it with s cleancloth.

\ \ \

\\ l V l



3 . Insertthe dipstickinto the transmission.
R e m o v et h e d i p s t i c ka n d c h e c kt h e f l u i d l e v e l ,l t shouldbe between the upperand lower marks. lf the levelis belowthe lower ma.k, pour the recommendedfluid+ into the filler hole to brino it to the uppermarK. Insertthe diDstick back into the trsnsmission the in direction shown. FRONT

DRAIN PLUG 1 8x 1 . 5m m 49 N.m {5.0kgf.m,36lbttr)


* Alwaysuse Genuine HondaPremiumFormula AutomaticTransmission Fluid (ATF). Usinga nonHonda ATF can affect shift qualitv.

Installthe dipstick the extent in ol the direction shown.

Testing Pressure

@ tosting, be careful of the rotating tront wheels . While
. Maks sur€ lifts, iacks, and saloty stands are placed properlY{seesoction 11. CAUTION: . Betoretesting, bs sure the transmissiontluid is tilled to the proper level. . Warm up the engine befote tssting. 1. 2. 3. the Raise vehicle(seesection1). then stop the engineand connecta tachometer. Warm up the engine, gaugesto eachinspection hole. the Connect oil pressure 18 TOROUE: N.m {1.8 kgf'm, 13 lbf'ftl CAUTION: Connect the oil pressuregauges securely;be sure not to allow dust and other foreign particles to €nter th€ inspection holes.


HOSE A/T OIL PRESSURE ADAPTER 07MAJ - PY,(}l20 (4 roquirodl


HOSE A/T OIL PRESSURE 2.10 mm 07MAJ - PYiOllA {{ rsquirodl

pressure follows as the Startthe engine,and measure respective a Line Pressure . 1stClutchPressure . 2nd.3rd and 4th ClutchPressure torque. hole,and tightento the specified Installa new washerand the sealingbolt in the inspection 18 TOROUE: N.m (1.8kgf.m,13 lbf'ft| washers washers; alwaysreplace NOTE:Do not reuseold sealing



Pressure Testing
a Line Pressure/1stClutch PressureMeasurement 1. 2. 3. Setthe parkingbrake, and blockboth rearwheelssecurely. Runthe engineat 2,000rpm. line pressure, Shiftto E or E posltion, then measure may be indicated measurements made in shift leverpositionsotherthan E or fl posiif are NOTE:Higherpressure tion. 4. lst Shiftto E position, then measure clutchpressure.






FLUIDPRESSURE SYMPTOM No {or low) lrnepressure

Standard Torqueconverter, ATF pump, pressure regulator, torqueconverter checkvalve 1 s tC l u t c h 830 - 880 kPa (8.5- 9.0 kgf/cm' , 1 2 0- 1 3 0p s i ) S€rvic€Limit 780 kPa {8.0kgf/cm,,110psi)


'1st Clutch


Noor low 1st pressure


2nd, 3rd rnd 4th Clutch Ptassurc Mclrurcmanl


1 . Set the psrking brake,and block both tear wheels

2. Disconnect linsarsolenoidconnector. the 3. Startthe sngine,and run the engineat 2,000rpm.
4. eachclutchpresShift to E position,and measure sure, Connectbattery voltage and ground lo the linear solenoid connect€rtgrminals,then msasure each clutch pr6ssure. 1THCLUTCH
INSPECTIONHOI.I (M.rkedwith "4")



2nd Clutch


No or low 2nd pressure

Standard 2nd Clutch 800 - 850 kPa (8.2- 8.7 kg7cm', 120- l2il psi) with the linearsolenoid disconnec'ted 0- 150kPa (0-1.5kgflcm' , 0 - 21 psi) with the linearsolenoid connectedto battery voltageand ground 810- 860 kPa (8.3- 8.8 kgflcm', 1 1 8- 1 2 5p s i ) with the linearsolenoid disconnected 0 - 150kPa (0-1.5kgf/cm' , 0 - 21 psi) with the linearsolenoid connectedto battery voltageand ground

ServiceLimit 760 kPa (7.7kgf/cm,,110psil with the linearsolenoid disconnected


Above 150 kPa {1.5kg?cm,,2l psi) with the linearsolenoid connectedto battery vollage and ground 765 kPa (7.8kgf/cm' ,111psi) with the linearsolenoid disconnected

3rd Clutch


No or low 3rd pressure


ilth clurch

No or low 4th pressure

4th clutch


Servo Valve or 4th Clutch

Above 150 kPa (1.5kgf/cm' . psi) 21 with the linearsolenoid connectedto battery voltage and ground



@ suie lifts, Make


iacks and safety stands are placed properly, and hoist bracket are aftached to the colrect positionon the engine(seesection11. Apply paiking brske and block rear wheels so vehicle will not roll off standsand lall on you while working undel it.

groundcable,and disconRemove transmission the nectthe lock up controlsolenoid connector.

CAUTION: Use fender covers to avoid damaging painted surfaces. 1. ( D i s c o n n e c t e b a t t e r yn e g a t i v e - ) t e r m i n a lf r o m th the battery, then removethe positive(+)terminal. Remove intakeair duct. the D16Y7 engine: Remove intakeair duct and resonator. the D16Y8 engine: R e m o v eh e i n t a k e i r d u c ta n dt h e a i r c l e a n e h o u s t a r ing assembly. R e m o v e h e s t a r t e rc a b l e sa n d c a b l eh o l d e rf r o m t the startermotor. 5.


Disconnect vehiclespeedsensor(VSS)connec, the tor and the countershaft speedsensorconnector.




Removethe transmissionhousing mounting bolts and the rearenginemountingbolt.


R e m o v et h e d r a i n p l u g , a n d d r a i n t h e a u t o m a t i c f t r a n s m i s s i o nl u i d ( A T F ) .R e i n s t a ltlh e d r a i n p l u g with a new sealing washer.

DRAINPLUG 1 8x 1 . 5m m 49 N.m (5.0 kgf.m,36 lbf ftl


the Disconnect shift controlsolenoid, linearsolethe sDeed sensorconnectors. noid.and the mainshaft




(cont'dl Removal
10. Removethe cotter pins and castlenuts.then separate the balliointsfrom the lowerarms(see section 18).

16. Remove the shift cablecover,then removethe shift cableby removingthe controllever. CAUTION: Take care not to bend the shift cable.



1 1 . R e m o v e h e r i g h t d a m p e rf o r k b o l t ,t h e n separate t r i g h td a m p e r o r ka n d d a m p e r . f 12. Prythe rightand leftdriveshafts of the differential. out j P u l lo n t h e i n b o a r do i n ta n dt h e r i g h ta n d l e f td r i v e shaftslseesection16). 1 4 . Tie plasticbagsover the driveshaft ends. NOTE:Coatall precision finished surfaces with clean engine il. o Remove exhaustpipeA. the N O T E :D ' 1 6 Y 8 n g i n e i s s h o w n ; D 1 6 Y 7e n g i n ei s e s i mi l ar .


1 1 . Remove the rightfront mount/bracket. 1 8 . R e m o v et h e A T F c o o l e r h o s e sa t t h e A T F c o o l e r lines.Turn the ends of the ATF cooler hosesup to preventATF from flowing out, then plug the ATF coolerhosesand lines. N O T E :C h e c kt o r a n y s i g n o f l e a k a g e t t h e h o s e a joints.

"€): ,





a 1 9 . R e m o v e h e e n g i n es t i f f e n e r n d t h e t o r q u ec o n t vertercover.

and raise the 23. Placea jack under the transmission, just enoughto take weight off of the transmission mount. mounts,lhen removethe transmisslon TRANSMISSION MOUNT BRACKET


20. R e m o v et h e e i g h t d r i v e p l a t eb o l t s o n e a t a t i m e
pulley. while rotating the crankshaft 2 1 . Remove distributor. the to 2 2 . Attacha hoistingbracket the engine.then lift the s engine lightly. 2 4 . R e m o v e h e t r a n s m i s s i o h o u s i n gm o u n t i n gb o l t s t n m b a n dt h e r e a re n g i n e o u n t i n g o l t s . away from the engine until it 25. Pull the transmission the 14 mm dowel pins, then lower it on the clears transmission iack.


removethe torque convener and the 26. lf necessary, stanermotor.


lllustrated lndex
Transmission/Right Cover Side

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TOROUESPECIFICATIONS Bolt/Nut No. 6A 6B 8F 12A' 18D 21M Torque Value 12 N'm (1.2kgim,8.7 lbf.ft) '14 '10 N'm (1.4kgf.m, lbf'ft) 22 N.m (2.2kgim, 16 lbf.ft) 28 N.m (2.9kgf.m,21lbf.ft) 49 N.m (5.0kgf.m,36lbf.ft) 78 N.m (8.0kgim,58 lbf.ft) k l 1 0 3N . m( 1 0 . 5 g n m , 7 5 . 9b f . f t ) Size m 6x 1.0 m 6x1.0mm '1.2mm 5 8x 1 2x 1 . 2 5 m m 1 8x 1 . 5m m m 2 1x 1 . 2 5 m 2 3x 1 . 2 5 m m Remarks

Joint bolt D r a i np l u g Mainshaft locknut: Left-hand threads Countershaft locknut: Left-hand threads


Transmission Housing


I o



l i lll iH t - 14-98 \ .lllustrated Index Body Housing/Valve TorqueConverter '98 mod.


When removingthe right sidecover.Right Side Cover Removal NOTE: . Blowoutall passages. . . drywithcompressed and air.replace following: the O rings .Conical springwashers .Mainshaft and countershaft locknuts . Clean parts all thoroughly solvent carburetor in or cleaner.Rightsidecovergasket Lockwasher Sealing ashers w RIGHTSIDE COVEB ARAKE LEVER WASHER lST GEABOOLLAR JOINT BOLT COUNTERSHAFT SEALING WASHERS 14-100 .

R e m o v e h e p a r k i n gb r a k el e v e rf r o m t h e c o n t r o l t shaft. CHISEL LOCKNUT LOCKTA8 14-101 . Always wear safety glasses.springand shaft.removethe parking Usinga universal 1 g e a r .PFs0'101 PULLER (Commercially availablel PARKII{GGEAR J. then removethe right sidecover. 5. as Slipthe special tool onto the mainshaft shown. then removethe locknuts and conicalspringwashers. two jaw puller. lst 6. '10.'13 1 . Remove 1stclutchand mainshaft gearassem the l bly and mainshaft st gearcollarfrom the mainshaft.w a yc l u t c h a n d c o u n t e r s h a f t s t g e a r assemoty. and countershaft Cut the locktabs of the mainshaft locknutsusing a chisel as shown. 8 . R e m o v e h e n e e d l eb e a r i n ga n d t h e c o u n t e r s h a f t t 1stgearcollarfrom the countershaft. E n g a g et h e p a r k i n gb r a k ep a w l w i t h t h e p a r k i n g gear. HOLDER MAINSHAFT o'GAB. NOTE: . Remove the parkingbrakepawl. o n e . 7 . Removethe bolts securingthe right side cover. Removethe specialtool from the mainshaftafter removingthe locknuts. . CAUTION: Keep all of the chisoled particles out of tho transmiS3ion. 1 1 . Remove the ATF coolerlinesand ATF dipstick. Mainshaftand countershaftlocknutshave lefthandthreads.


Removethe differentialassemblyfrom the torque housing. tool on the transmission lnstallthe special then removethe housingas shown.a s s e m b l y n d t h e together. 2. Removethe transmissionhousing mounting bolts ano nanger.NOTE: r C l e a na l l p a r t st h o r o u g h l yi n s o l v e n to r c a r b u r e t o r air. . 7. a t R e m o v et h e c o u n t e r s h a fs u b .r e p l a c e the following: .O-ring . CAUTION: Make sure the mainshaft speed sensol has been removed trom the transmission housing before removing ihe transmission housing lrom the torqug converter housing. 14-103 . Remove speedsensorfrom the transthe mainshaft missionhousing. Blow out all passages. W h e n r e m o v i n gt h e t r a n s m i s s i o n o u s i n g . Removethe lock bolt securingthe shift fork.Transmission housinggasket * Lockwasher ' t . then removethe fork with the reverseselectorfrom the countershaft. mainshaft sub-assembly MAINSHAFT SUB. Align the spring pin on the control shaft with the housinggrooveby turning the control transmission shaft. h . and dry with compressed cleaner.ASSEMBLY COUNTERSHAFT SU8-ASSEMBLY 8. gear with the colreverse Remove the countershaft lar and needlebearing. converter PULLER HOUSING 07HAC PKa010A housing.


{seven Remove the regulator valvebody {one bolt). oughly with compressed then checkthat it is in good condition. C l e a nt h e i n l e t o p e n i n go f t h e A T F s t r a i n e r h o r air. valvebody and main valvebody. INLETOPENING 1 4 . 1 1 . Test the filter by pouring clean ATF fluid through 7 . cleaner. and the inletopeningis not clogged. Removethe stator shaft and stop shaft. replace O-ring. Removethe servo body and servo separatorplate (seven boltsl. When removingthe valvebody. Remove the ATF strainer and servo detent base (two bolts). secondary 2. Blow out all passages. NOTE:The ATF strainercan be reused if it is not croggeo. secondary separator plate Remove the lock-upvalve body and separator bolts). Remove ATF pump driven gear shaft.NOTE: o Clean all parts thoroughly in solvent o. then the remove the control shaft from the torque converter housing. 1 0 . Remove detentspringfrom the detentarm.R e p l a c eh e A T F s t r a i n e r f i t i s or clogged damaged. carburetor air. 12. shaft stop and Removethe secondary plate(threebolts). and dry with compressed . Remove main valvebody (fivebolts). the 1. valve body. . the NOTE:Do not let the eight checkballsfall outofthe m a i n v a l v e b o d y w h e n r e m o v i n gt h e m a i n v a l v e body. Removethe detentarm and detentarm shaft from the main valvebody.then remove the the ATF pump gears. Removethe main separatorplate and two dowel prns. 14-105 . i t t h e i n l e t o p e n i n g . t 1 3 . 3. Removethe ATF feed pipes from the servo body.

CaDs with notchedends are installed with the notch towardthe insideof the valvebody. GROOVE . Capswith hollow ends are installed with the hollow end awayfrom the insideof the valvebody. . Toward outside of valve bodv.ValveCaps Description Caps with one projected tip and one flat end are i n s t a l l e dw i t h t h e f l a t e n d t o w a r d t h e i n s i d e o f t h e valve body. 14-106 E. Toward insideot valve bodv Toward inside ol valve body.T h e s m a l l t i p i s a s p r i n gg u i d e . Caps with a projected tip on each end are installed with the smaller tiD toward the inside oI the valve b o d y . ---'gJfr Toward outside ol valve body./ \:7 Sectional view. Toward outside of valv6 bodv. Capswith flat ends and a groovearoundthe cap are installed with the groovedside toward the outsideof the valvebodv. Capswith llat ends and a holethroughthe centerare i n s t a l l e d i t h t h e s m a l l e rh o l e t o w a r dt h e i n s i d eo f w the valvebodv. Toward outside of valve bodv. C a p s w i t h o n e p r o j e c t e dt i p a n d h o l l o w e n d a r e installedwith the tip toward the inside of the valve body. Toward inside of valve bodv.The tip is a springguide. EflE Toward inside of valve bodv.

3. 5. S o a k a s h e e t o f # 6 0 0 a b r a s i v ep a p e r i n A T F f o r about30 minutes. t C A U T I O N :l t m a y b e n e c e s s a r y o u s e a s m a l l screwdriver to pry the valve free.then drop it into its bore. v C a r e f u l l ya p t h e v a l v eb o d y s o t h e s t i c k i n g a l v e t dropsout of its bore. then reassemble using ATF as a lubricant.then thoroughlyclean it and the v a l v e b o d y w i t h s o l v e n t .lf not.then wash the valvein solventand dry it with compressed air. 2.and insen Roll up half a sheetof ATF-soaked valve. 1.Use the ATFthe soaked#600 paper to polish off any burrs that are on the valve. it in the valvebore of the sticking Twistthe paperslightly. ATF-so6ked #0OO abrasivo papet 14-107 .then dry it with compressed arr. Coatthe valvewith ATF. Be carelul not to scratchthe bore with the screwdriver. Remove the valve. VALVE EODY ffiFS' 7.Valve Body Repair if NOTE:This repair is only necessary one or more ot the valvesin a valve body do not slidesmoothlyin their to bores. It should drop to the bottom of the bore under its own weight. that it unrollsand fits the so b o r e t i g h t l y . CAUTION: The valve body is aluminumand doesn't require much polishing to remove any burrs. 6. then retest. Removethe #600 paper and thoroughly wash the entire valve body in solvent.t h e n p o l i s ht h e b o r e b y t w i s t i n gt h e paperas you push it in and out. paper.You may use this procedure free the valvesin the valvebodies.D r y a l l p a r t sw i t h c o m pressedair. Insoect valvefor anv scuff marks. repeatstep4.

P u s ht h e s p r i n g i n w i t h a s c r e w d r i v e rt. Set the spring in the valve and i n s t a l i t i n t h e v a l v e l b o d y . ROLLER SPRINGSEAT SPRING VALVE BODY \ VALVE BODY ROLLER VALVE BODY Install valve. . .springand cap in the valvebody. t VALVE SPRING CAP 14-108 .t h e ni n s t a ltlh e c l i p .v a l v es p r i n ga n d c a p i n t h e v a l v e l body and secure with the roller. I n s t a l t h e v a l v e . the P u s h h e c a p .h e n installthe springseat.Valve Assembly NOTE: Coatall partswith ATF beforeassembly.

005in) ATF PumpDrivenGear in) mm (0. Measure of the thrust clearance the ATF pump driven gearto-valvebody.00/t. ATF Pump Geais Side (Radiallclearance: Standard (New): ATF Pump Drive Gear 0. all .03. I n s p e c tt e e t h f o r w e a r a n d d a m a g e - 3.05 mm 10.001 0.0. Lubricate partswith ATF during inspection. Removethe ATF pump driven gear shaft.003 MAIN VALVE BODY 14-109 .1325mm {0. of Measurethe side clearance the ATF pump drive and drivengears.07 mm 10. and chamfered GEAR ATFPUMPDRIVEN s and chamfered cie Grooved 2.0014 0.105. ATF Pump Drive/D ven GoarThrust lAxial)Clearance: Standard (Newl: 0. NOTE: .035 0.002inl in) ServiceLimit: 0.ATFPump lnspection 'L lnstallthe ATF pump gears and ATF pump driven gear shaftin the main valvebody. I n s t a l l t h e A T Fp u m pd r i v e rg e a rw i t h i t s g r o o v e d r sidefacingup as shown.0625 MAIN VALVEEODY ATF PUMP ATF PUMP DRIVEGEAB Inspect teethfor wear and damage.0.0025 0.0.

air.Main Valve Body Disassembly/lnspection/Reassembly NOTE: . 1-2 SHIFTVALVE VALVECAPCLIP {*4 MOOULATOR VALVE 2ND ORIFICE CONTROL VALVE CHECK BALLS. . any fail to slidefreely. and dry with compressed Blow out all passages. SERVOCONTROL VAL VALVECAP 14. Check valvesfor free movement. the if . CHOKE du: VALVE RELIEF VALVE MAIN VALVEBODY Inspect wear. it may magnetizethe balls.8 1STACCUMULATOf. all lf on .seeValveBody Repair page 14-. Coatall pans with ATF duringassembly.1 1 0 .scratches for and scoring. Cleanall partsthoroughlyin solventor carburetor cleaner. Replace valvebody as an assembly any pans are worn or damaged.|07. CAUTION: Do not uss a magnet to remove the check balls.

6 (0.342) 9.LS SPRING SPECIFICATIONS Standard (Newl No.051) No.4 {0. 4 6 1 ) 3 5 .3 1.370) ( 52.035) 0.028) 1. of Coils 13.9(0.0 20. 0( 1 .039) 14-111 .4 10.CHECK BALL CHECK BALLS CH€CKBAI.3 16.7(0.1 0.0(0.055) 0.035) 0.9 18. o. U n i t :m m ( i n ) Springs Reliefvalvespring valvesprang Modulator CPBvalvespring '1-2 shiftvalvespring 2nd orificecontrolvalvespring Servocontrolvalvespring Wire Dia.626) 34.8 o \9/ @ ( 1.1 2.3 22.302) 6.262) 8.374} 8 .043) ( 1.6 (0.9(0. 8.322) FreeLength 3 7 .6 (0. 3 2 2 ) 7. 1( 0 . 3 7 8 ) 47.4 0.1 (0.8(1.D.858) ( 41.2{1.t { 1 .

Replace secondary the valvebody kit. air.6 (0.302) 6.0 \2.305 (Thesecondary valvebody kit includes linearsolenoid the assembly) any partsare worn or damaged.5 24. Coatall partswith ATF duringassembly.242) 6. SECONOARY VALVEBODY Inspect wear. 4( 1 .SecondaryValve Body Disassembly/l nspection/Reassembly NOTE: o Cleanall pans thoroughlyin solventor carburetor cleaner. 4 3 3 ) 3 7 .seeValveBody Repaironpage'14-107. 3-4 shift valvespring 2-3 shift valvespring 4th exhaust valvespring 3-4 orificecontrolvalvespring o. held in placeby the lockbolt.3 SHIFTVAI.6 10.035) 0. and drywith comp.2621 Free Lenglh No.244) 3 6 . P/N27700 P4R.8 19.7(0.essed Blow outall passages. Springs Wire Dia.9(0.9{0.8 26.1 (0.302) 7.6 o 6. 3-4 ORIFICE CONTROL VAL VALVE ROLLER SPRING SPECIFICATIONS Standald lNewl U n i t :m m ( i n ) No. oI Coils 26. 2.6 (0.9(0. Checkallvalvesfor free movement.4 SHIFTVALVE LOCKBOLT CAUTION: Oo not move.035) 0. @ 0. 5( 1 . lf . 4 7 6 ) 14-1 1 2 .D. .0 12. if . 7.035) 0.scratches for and scofing.028) 51. The CPCvalveis installed the secondary in valvebody.VE 3. anyfail to slidefreely. .2441 51.

0(0. STOPBOLT 6x1.7(0.8 1.and tightenthe stoPbolt. of Coils 1' I. cleaner.334) 6. 3 8 1 ) 3 s . 8( 0 . 6( 0 .457) 44. 1.039) 0. 2 VALVEBODY REGULATOR Inspectfor wear. 8( 1 . 1 9 3 ) 33. 4( 1 . Align the hole in the regulator body.0(1. the release sprang springcap in placewhile removingthe stop bolt.8(3.then pressthe springcap into the valve . 8( 0 .4 {0. 1 7 7 ) 1 .ValveBody Regulator Disassembly/lnspection/Reassembly NOTE: air. 1 . m( 1 . scratches and scortng. REGULATOR VALVE SPECIFICATIONS SPRING Standard(New) No.2 14.262) Free Length No. Oncethe stop bolt is removed. 14.2 8. any {ail to slidefreely.9 8.4 (0. 5( 0 .6 (0.584) 9 . CAUTION: Thc regulator spring cap can pop out when the stop bolt is removed' 2. 0 7 1 ) 1 . 0( 0 .D. 0 7 1 ) 4 . springcap with the hole in the valve body. Coatall partswith ATF duringassembly. 3( 1 .0l'1.1 o @ 87.Omm 1 2N .0 1. Replace valvebody as an assembly the on It . .496) 14-113 . Holdthe regulator cap srowry. Cleanall partsthoroughlyin solventor carburetor if any partsare worn or damaged . and dry with compressed Blow out all passages. 4 0 7 ) 8. Springs valvespringA Regulator valvespringB Regulator spring Statorreaction Coolerreliefvalvespring checkvalvespring Torqueconverter controlvalvespring Lock-up Wire Dia.331) { 3 3 .334) 8. 3 3 1 ) 38.7321 3 0 .7 {0. 0 3 9 ) 1. procedure orderof the disassembly is Reassembly the reverse NOTE: . checkall valvesfor free movement.028) U n i t :m m ( i n ) o.seevalve Body Repair page 14-107.

2 14.6 2. 6( 2 .695) 31.5(0.2{0. 1 1 0 ) 2.4(0. 3( 0 .516) 35. .676) 10.358) FreeLength 89.815) o A) lJl No. .8 15. 6( 0 . 0 9 1 ) 2 .535) 20.0{0. Cleanall partsthoroughlyin solventor carburetor cleaner.508) 87.5 0. 16.D.677) 39. Replace valvebody as an assembly any partsare worn or damageo. springA 4th accumulator springB 3rd accumulator springA 3rd accumulator springB 2nd accumulator springC 2nd accumulator springA 2nd accumulator springB Standard (New) o.1(0.2 13.2(0.087) 2.220) { ( 14.0 1. 1 0 2 ) 2 . 1 5 2 ) 9.425) 5 1 .7(0. for and "----.scratches scoring. 8( 0 .382) 68.402) 17.063) 2.083) 2 . air.1(1.0 (0.-'g 2ND AccuMULAroR ==p -^'":::#.2(0. the if .6 0.4 1? O @ o @ 2. of Coils 16.576) 2 9 . 0( 1 . 3RDACCUMULATOR PISTON 4TH ACCUMULATOB PISTON SNAPRINGS g. Coatall partswith ATF duringassembly.0(2.0(':-Y O-BING Beplace. 1staccumulator spring 4th accumulato. 0 3 1 ) 89.0(1.0(3.094) ( 1.3(3.087) 2.ServoBody Disassembly/lnspection/Reassembly NOTE: . and dry with compressed Blow out all passages. Replace O rings.1(3.636) 17. 1STACCUMULATOR PISTON SPRINGSPECIFICATIONS U n i t :m m ( i n ) No.9 14-114 . Springs Wire Dia. the SERVOBOOY lnspect wear.

0 45. Coatall pans with ATF duringassembly..or.8 14-115 . Springs Wire Dia. and dry with compressed Blow out all passages. lf . Cleanall partsthoroughlyin solventor carburetor cleaner. 7.035) 0. . SPRING SPECIFICATIONS Standard (New) No.UP SHIFTVALVE LOCK-UP VALVE BODY Inspect wear.9(0. VALVECAP LOCK.seeValveBody Repair page14-107.9(0. Checkall valvesfor free movement. Replace valvebody as an assembly any partsare worn or damaged. Lock-up shiftvalvespring Lockup timing valvespring U n i t :m m { i n ) o.-.035) 73.1 t3. 3 1 9 ) Free Length No. 1{ 0 . any fail to slidefreeiy.6(0.Lock-upValve Body Disassembly/lnspection/Reassembly NOTE: air.302) 8 . iJ the on . for scratches ano sconng.D. .UP TIMINGVAL \uo.902) 80. LOCK. of Coils o 0.1771 32.*.1|'2..

.Inspectthethrustneedlebearingsandtheneedlebearingsforgallingandroughmovement. 2ND GEAR BEARING NEEDLE BEARING lti 29 mm NEEDLEBEARING SET RING 14-1 1 6 L. 35 mm Inslallthe sealingring matlng faces as shown. Lubricate partswith ATFduring reassembly.t- Mainshaft Disassembly/lnspection/Reassembly NOTE: .m 18.0 kgl. THRUST WASHER THRUST NEEDLE BEARING BEANING . Selective THRUSTNEEDLE BEARING SEALING RINGS.5 r 55 mm part.IST GEAR THRUSTNEEDLE EEARING TRANSMISSION HOUSINGEEARING 4TH GEAR COLLAR 2ND/4TH CLUTCH ASSEMBLY O.BINGS Replace. lST CLUTCH ASSEMBLY THRUST WASHEN THRUSTNE€DLE BEARING 4TH GEAR MAINSHAFT Check splinestor excessive wear and damage. scratches and excessive wear. THBUST WASHER. SNAP RING (FLANGE LOCKNUT NUTI 2 1 | 1. Check bearingsurfacefor scoring.ftl Replace. 36. all . RING. . the . Lelt-hand threads CONICAL SPRINGWASHER Replace. Beforeinstalling O-rings.FINGS Replace. NEEDI-E BEARINGS O.m.58 lbl. 2 5 n f i 78 N. Locknuthas left-hand threads. the wrap the shaftsplineswith tapeto preventdamaging O-rings.

5 x 55 mm Selective part. Removethe mainshaftbearingfrom the transmission housing(seepage l4-142). Measurement Clearance 3. Torquethe mainshaftlocknutto 29 N'm (3.Inspection .002. LOCKNUT WASHER CONICALSPRING . the O-ringsduring inspecNOTE:Do not assemble tion. all 2.ft).IST CLUTCH ASSEMELY Hold 2nd gear againstthe 2nd clutch. NOTE:Lubricate partswith ATF during assembly. the Assemble partsbelow on the mainshaft.0.13 mm {0. in NOTE:Take measurements at leastthree places.005in) STANDARD: THRUST WASHEB 1ST GEABCOLLAR TRANSMISSION BEARING HOUSING THRUSTWASHER 4TH GEAR COLLAR SNAP RING 2ND/4TH CLUTCH ASSEMBLY THRUSTWASHER 36. TI{RUST NEEDLE BEARING 2ND GEAR NEEOLE BEARING THRUSTt{EEDLE BEARING MAINSHAFT (cont'd) 14-117 . threads.0 kgf'm. locknuthas left-hand NOTE:Mainshaft 1.05.0. 22 lbf. 0. as and usethe average the actualclearance.then measure between2nd gear and 3rd gear with a the clearance feelergauge.

1 6 7n ) i 4 . 4 0m m ( 0 . 2 0m m { 0 . 2 5m m ( 0 . 1 5m m ( 0 . then recheck. 3 5m m ( 0 . is 14-1 1 8 . THRUST WASHER 36. 1 5 7 n ) i 2 4 . l f t h e c l e a r a n c e s o u t o f t o l e r a n c e . 1 7 1n ) i 4 . 1 5 9n ) i 4 . Select and installa new washer.m a k e s u r e t h e t clearance within tolerance. 0 5m m ( 0 .Mainshaft (cont'd) Inspection 5.5x 55 mm No. 010 90447-P4P-010 90448-P4P-010 90449-P4P-010 Thickness 4 . 1 6 5n ) i 4 . 1 7 3n ) i 4 . 1 6 3n ) i 4 . 1 7 5n ) i 4 5 6 1 8 10 7. 1 Part Number 9044' . 1 0 m ( 0 . 4 5m m ( 0 . 1 6 i1 ) m n 4 . 3 0m m ( 0 . the 6.r e m o v et h e i thrustwasherand measure thickness.P4P 010 t 90442-P4P-010 90443-P4P-010 90444-P4P-010 90445-P4P-010 90446 P4P. 0 0m m ( 0 . 90450-P4P-000 A f t e r r e p l a c i n g h e t h r u s t w a s h e r . 1 6 9n ) i 4 .

28 mm part. Selective 2ND GEAR THBUSTNEEDLE EEARING 3RD GEAR BEARING ST GEARCOLLAR COUNTERSHAFT Checksplines{or excessive wear and damage. .IEB 3RD CLUTCHASSEMBLY Replace.Gountershaft Disassembly/lnspection/Reassembly NOTE. wear. .9 lbI.Inspectthethrustneedlebearingsandtheneedlebearingsforgallingandroughmovement.m. the wrap the shaitsplineswith tapeto preventdamagingthe O-rings.m {10.25mm 103 N. Left-hand threads SPRING CONICAL WASHER Replace- GEAR REVERSE BEARING NEEDLE SELECTOR HUB 4TH GEAR BEARING NEEDLE DISTANCECOLLAR.ft) Replace. . and excessave scratches BEARING NEEDLE 3RD GEARCOLLAR BEARING THRUSTNEEOLE SPLINEDWASI. NUTI LOCKNUT(FLANGE 23 x 1. Locknuthas left-hand threads. 14-119 . Beforeinstalling O-rings. 75. . Lubricateall parts with ATF before reassembly. Check bearingsurfacefor scoring.5 kgf.

Using a hydraulicpress. as Assemblethe parts on the countershaft shown Delow. 28 mm Selective part.wrap the shaft splines with tapeto preventdamagingthe O-rings. Beforeinstallingthe O-rings. 2ND GEAR THRUST NEEDLEBEARING 3RD GEAR NEEDLEB€ARING 3RDGEARCOI. 2. CAUTION: Do not allow the countershaftto fall and hit the ground when Press€dclear.pressout the countershaft 4th while supporting gear.Gountershaft Disassembly/Reassembly 1. all . NOTE: Placean attachment between the press and to the countershaft preventdamageto the shaft. NOTE: . 4TH GEAR NEEOLE BEARING DISTANCECOLLAR.LAR AEABING TI{RUST NEEDIE SPLINED WASHER ASSEMBLY 3RDCLUTCH 14-120 . Lubricate pans with ATFduring assembly.

28 mm part. Selective 2ND GEAR THRUSTNEEDLE BEARING 3RD GEAR NEEDLE BEARING 3RD GEARCOLLAR BEARING THRUSTNEEDLE SPLINED WASHER 3RD CLUTCHASSEMBLY {cont'd) 14-121 . on the O-ringsduring inspec NOTE:Do not assemble tron. 2. DRIVER 40 mm l. 07746 -OO30tOO REVERSE SELECTOR HUB 4TH GEAR BEARING NEEDLE DISTANCECOLLAR. all 'L Removethe countershaftbearingtrom the transmissionhousing(seepage 14 142). Install the partsbelowon the countershaft usingthe specialtooland a pressas described this page. a Clearance Measurement NOTE:Lubricate partswith ATFduringassembly.lnspection 3.D. lnstallthe reverseselectorhub on the countershaft sub-assembly. and then pressthe reverseselector hub usingthe special tool and a pressas shown.

000 90505 PCg 000 90507-PCg-000 90508-PCg-000 90509-PCg.22blf. e 14-122 .000 90510-PCg-000 90511 PCg 000 90512-PCg-000 width 3 9 . 5 4 3n ) m i 3 9 . DISTANCE COLLAR. 2 0 m ( 1 . is removethe 28 mm distance collarand measure width.] 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1.0. m ( 3 . lf the clearance out of tolerance. t a s s e m b l yt. 6.18mm (0. the S e l e c ta n d i n s t a l la n e w d i s t a n c ec o l l a r . 5 4 7n ) m i 3 9 . 5 3 1n ) m I 3 8 . mm 28 No. 9 5 m ( 1 .007inl 0.Gountershaft Inspection {cont'd) 3. in and usethe average the actualclearance. 5 4i1 ) m n 3 9 . 4. 0 0 m ( 1 . A f t e r s e l e c t i n g n e w d i s t a n c e o l l a r .h e n t o r q u et h e l o c k n u tt o 2 9 N .ft).004 0.r e c h e c kh e a c t c l e a r a n ca n d m a k es u r ei t i s w i t h i nt o l e r a n c e . M e a s u r eh e c l e a r a n c e e t w e e n h e 2 n d g e a ra n d t b t the 28 mm distance collarwith a feelergauge. 5 3 9n ) m i 3 9 . 5 3 3n ) m i .m. 1 0 m ( 1 . PartNumber 90503-PCg-000 90504 PCg.10 Left-hand threads SPRING CONICAL WASHER PARKING GEAR/ONE-WAY CLUTCH/1ST GEAR ASSEMELY NEEDLE EEARING OISTANCE COLLAR. 5 3 7n I m i 3 9 . 3 0 m ( 1 . mm 28 1ST GEAECOLLAR TRANSMISSION HOUSING BEARING \ REVERSE GEAR COLLAR \ COUNTERSHAFT SUB-ASSEMELY 5. 2 5 m i 1 . NOTE:Countershaft locknuthas left-hand threads. 0 kgf. I n s t a l lt h e p a r t s b e l o w o n t h e c o u n t e r s h a fs u b .t h e n recnecK. 1 5 m ( 1 . 0 5 m ( 1 . 5 4 5n ) m i 3 8 . NOTE:Takemeasurements at leastthree places. 5 3 5n ) m i 3 9 . 9 0 m ( 1 . as STANDARD: .

3.WAY CLUTCH NOTE: Install this direction.Also makesurethe parkinggeardoes not turn in the oppositedirection. ONE.One-way Clutch nspection/Reassembly Disassembly/l 1. ONE.I COUNTERSHAFT ST GEAR COUNTERSHAFT GEAR lST SCREWDRIVER 14-123 . S e p a r a t e o u n t e r s h a f1 s t g e a r f r o m t h e p a r k i n g c t g e a r b y t u r n i n gt h e p a r k i n gg e a r i n t h e d i r e c t i o n shown.WAY CLUTCH . Remove the one-wayclutchby prying it up with the end of a screwdriver. COUNTERSHAFT GEAR 1ST 4.IST GEAR Inspectcountershall'l for wear and scoring. PARKING GEAR COUNTERSHAFT lST GEAR ONE-WAYCLUTCH Inspectthe one-way clutch for damageand faultVmovement. Inspect partsas followsl the PARKING GEAR Inspectthe parkinggear for wear and scoring. Afterthe partsare assembled. in . hold countershaft 1st g e a r a n d t u r n t h e p a r k i n gg e a r i n t h e d i r e c t i o n shownto be sure jt turns freely. 2.

076 in) SNAPRING SPRING RETAINER RETURN SPNING DISCSPRING I CLUTCH PLATES Standard thickness: 1. I CLUTCH DRUM CHECK VALVE \ 14-124 .063 in) o-"'"cs !. 0m m ( 0 .94 mm {0. 0 7 i9 ) n CLUTCH END PLATE SNAPRING lST CLUTCH \ END CLUTCH TE cLurcsorscs Standard thickness: '1.Clutch Transmissionl lllustratedIndex(A4RA.L"urlcf tleptace.6mm 10. B4RA 3RDCLUTCH CLUTCH DRUM O-RINGS Replace. C L U T C Hp t S T O N DISC SPRING CLUTCH PLATES Standard thickness: 2 .




PX40100 ol 07HAE. SCREWORIVER 3.Clutch Disassembly 1. as CLUTCHSPRING COMPRESSOR ATTACHMENT 07LAE. NOTE:Except 2nd clutch. then removethe clutch end plate.PX40100 SNAP RING . Install the specialtools shown. CLUTCH CLUTCH SPRING COMPRESSOR ATTACHMENT 07LAE.= _=:_-.PX40100 CLUTCH SPRING COMPRESSOR BOLTASSEMBLY 07GAE.PG40200 OI 07HAE. Remove the discspring.----- 2.PX40100 CLUTCHDRUM t li ll CLUTCH SPRING COMPRESSOR ATTACHMENT 07LAE.P150100 OISCSPRING COMPRESSOR BOLT ASSEMBLY 07GAE PG40200 ol OTGAE PGIO2OA CLUTCHSPRING COMPRESSOR ATTACHMENT 07LAE.clutchdiscsand olates.P150100 _ OTGAE PG4O2OA 14-128 g - . Removethe snap ring.

the tools. the retainer may be damaged. Wrap a shop rag aroundthe clutchdrum. 5. the PISTON 14-129 . OSHA-APPROVED SPRING RETAINER 4. Remove snap ring. Compress returnspring. P l a c e f i n g e rt i p o n t h e o t h e r e n d w h i l e a p p l y i n g a a r rp r e s s u r e . SPECIAL TOOL 6. and apply to to air pressure the ATF passage removethe piston.Thenremove special the springretainer return and spring. Be sure the specialtool is adiusted to have tull contact with the spring retainer.CAUTION:It eitherend of the special tool issetoveran area of the spring retainer which is unsupported by the return spring.

. . 3. Apply pressure and rotateto ensureproperseating.if it's loose. I n s t a l lt h e r e t u r ns p r i n g a n d s p r i n g r e t a i n e r a n d . Clean all parts thoroughly in solvent or carburetor cleaner. Inspect checkvalve. Lubricate partswith ATF beforereassembly. Blow out all passages. Install the pistonin the clutchdrum. all 1. NOTE:Lubricate the piston O-ringwith ATF before installing.ring by installing the piston with too much force. positionthe snap ring on the retainer. and dry them with compressed ajr.Glutch Reassembly NOTE: . CAUTION: Do not pinch th8 O.replace the the piston. Install new O-rings on the clutch piston. \ CLUTCHDRUM CHECK VALVE PISTON 2. O-RINGS SNAP RING SPRINGRETAIN€R RETURNSPRING CLUTCHDRUM PISTON 14-130 .

5. Be sure the specialtool is adiusted to have tull contact with the spring retainsr.PL50'100 Do not s6t hore. OTGAE PG4O2OA SPECIAL TOOL CLUTCHSPRING COMPRESSOR ATTACHMENT oTLAE-PX40100 6. lnstallthe soecial tools as shown. SPRING SPRING CLUTCH COMPRESSOR ATTACHMENT 07LAE.PX40100 CLUTCH SPRING COMPRESSOR BOLTASSEMBLY 07GAE.PX40100 CAUTION:ll either end ot the special tool is set over an ar6a of the spring retainer which is unsupported by the return spring.PG40200 ot OTGAE PG4O2OA 07HAE. the retainer may be damaged.PX40100 ot 07HAE. Compress returnspring.PL50100 (cont'd) 14-131 . CLUTCHSPRING COMPRESSOB ATTACHMENT 07LAE. the SPRING CLUTCH COMPRESSOR ATTACHMENT 07LAE.

Clutch (cont'd) Reassembly 7. alternatelyinstall the clutch platesand discs.Installthe clutch end plate with flat sidetowardthe disc. SNAP RING 8. SCREWDRIVER SNAP RIIIG !tf 14-132 - .except2nd clutch. 9. staning with a clutch plate. Remove special the tools. CLUTCH EI{D PLATE Installin this direction.make sure the insideof the clutch drum is free of din or otherforeignmatter. 1 1 . '10. NOTE:Beforeinstalling the platesand discs. DISC SPRING 12. Install the discspring. Install the snap ring. N O T E : I n s t a l lt h e d i s c s p r i n g i n t h e d i r e c t i o n shown. lnstallthe snap ring. Soak the clutchdiscsthoroughlyin ATF for a minimum of 30 minutes.

1 3 8n i 3 . 7m m ( 0 . 7m m ( 0 .PCg.087 i 2 . 1 1 0n i 2 . 1 3 0n in 2.094 in 2.[RA.1mm (0.003 22561 P4V. 0 9 1n 2 .5 mm (0.026 (0.60 0.083 in in 2. 4m m ( 0 .5mm {0. Measure clearance the between Zero the dial indiand top discwith a dial indicator.003 22562 .2mm (0. 8m m ( 0 . 3m m ( 0 . in NOTE:Takemeasurements at leastthree places.150 DIAL INDICATOR tl E CLUTCHEND PLATE CLUTCHDISC Clearance 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 '13 14 15 16 17 18 i 1 4 . 9m m ( 0 .60mm mm (0. 15.4mm (0. as Clutch End Plate-to-TopDisc Clearanco: Clutch 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 0.082 2. 6m m ( 0 . 1 Part Numbe.650.40Sowico Limit 0. B4RA Transmission: Plste No. 6m m ( 0 . 1 1 4n 2 6 7 8 I 22551 P4R. ' 1 1i 8 3 . 1 2 6n i 3 .026 0.003 22553-P4R-003 22554-P4R-003 22555-P4R-003 22555-P4R-003 22557-P4R-OO3 22558-P4R-003 22559-P4R-003 M4RATransmission: Plaie No.033in) 0. 1 0 6n i 2 .85mm (0.016 0. ' 1 1i 4 n n 3 . 3m m ( 0 . 7m m { 0 .'l mm (0. 1 0 2n i 2 .650. CLUTCHEND PLATE 14-133 . 1 3 4n i 3 . 9m m ( 0 .024in) 0. 1 1 0n i 2 . 8m m ( 0 . 1 2 Part Number 22551.P4V. cator with the clutch end plate lowered and lift it up to the snap ring.086 in in 2.8 mm (0.400. After replacing clutchend plate.033in) 0. NOTE.024inl END CLUTCH PLATE A. 1 4 6n in 3. The distancethat the clutch end olatemovesis the clearance between the clutchend plateand top disc. 4m m { 0 .3 mm (0.2 mm (0. l f t h e c l e a r a n c e s n o t w i t h i n t h e s e r v i c el i m i t s .P4R. and usethe average the actualclearance. 1 4 2n i 3 .1 2 2 n i i 3 . 6m m ( 0 . 5m m ( 0 .000 22552-PCg-000 22553-PCg-000 22554-PCg-000 225ss-PCg-000 22556-PCg-000 22557-PCg-000 22558-PCg-000 22559-PCg-000 22s60-PCg-000 22561 PCg.000 22s62-PCg-000 22563-PCg-000 22574-P4V.O03 22563-P4V-003 22564-P4V-003 Thicknoss in 2. 1m m ( 0 . 0 9 4n i 2.85mm (0.the clutchend plate 13. 1 0 6 I n 2 . 2m m ( 0 . replace but the clearance still over the standard.090 i 3 . Thicknoss 2.098 i 2 .016 0.098 in i 2 . 0m m ( 0 . lf the thickesiclutch end plate is installed. 1 0 2n 2 . select a new clutch end plate from the following table.make sure that the is the clearance within tolerance.003 22552. is the clutchdiscsand clutchDIates.

h.3 kgt. DRIVE SPEEDOMETER GEAR Installin this direction.m (10. Installin this dlrection. 80 mm BOLT 10 x 1.5 lbf. CARRIER DIFFERENTIAL Insoectlor cracks.74.0 mm lol N. lnspectlor taulty movement.ftl Lett-hand threads FIiIIAL DRIVENGEAR Inspectfor excessive wear. 5x 10mm SNAP RING Installin this direcrion.Differential lllustratedlndex SET RING. \ 14-134 . BALL EEARING Inspectfor faulty movement.

usinga bearingpuller.15mm (0 002.006in) replacethe differenis lf backlash out of tolerance. are 1. BearingReplacement NOTE: Checkbearingsfor wear and rough rotation. tial carrier. Removebearings PULLER BEARING (Commercially availablel of Checkbacklash both piniongears. usingthe special Install new bea.Inspection Backlash 1. Placedifferentialassemblyon V-blocksand install both axles.0. removalis not necessary.0. 07746-OO30100 14-135 . 40 DRIVER mm l.O. bearings OK.05. Siandard(Ncwl:0.ings 2. tool as shown.

2.iven gear bolts have left-hand threads. Align the cutout on the bore of the speedometer drive gear with the 5 x lO mm ro er. Prythe snap ring off differential carrier. then remove the speedometer drivegearand 5 x 10 mm roller. SNAP RING Installin this direclion.ft) NOTE: The final d.then tightenthe boltsto the specified torque. NOTE: The final driven gear bolts have left-hand threads.Differential Differential CarrierReplacement 1. OIFFERENTIAL CARRIER 7.5 tbf.m.0 mm 1Oi N'm 11O.5 tbf. Install a new ball bearing (see page'14-'l3S). 14-136 .m 110.m. Frlr tril 4.ttl Left-hand threads SPEEDOMETER DRIVEGEAR Installin this direction. Installthe5 x 10 mm rollerin the differential carrier.3 kgl. Hooked end Align the hookedend of the snap ring with the pinion shaft as shown. 3.3 kgf. BOITS 10 x t. FINAL ORIVEN GEAR Installin this direction. Removethe final driven gear from the differential carner. Installthe speedometerdrive gear with its chamfered side facingthe carrier. 74. SNAP RING PINIONSHAFT SPBING Installthe final drivengear. TOROUE:101 N.then installthe snap ring in the differential carriergroove. 74.

in) Installa 2. Remove differential the housing.80 mm OIL SEAL Replace. bolts(seepage 14-146 TOROUE CONVERTER HOUSING (cont'd) 14-137 . assemblyinto the torque conInstallthe differential tool as shown.80 mm in transmissionhousing.50mm (0. Remove oil sealfrom the transmission the Clearance Oil SealInstallation/Side 1. RING.098 set ring. 2. NOTE:Do not installthe oil sealvet. assemblv.Oil SealRemoval 1. verterhousingusingthe special TOROUE CONVERTER HOUSING h I n s t a l lt h e t r a n s m i s s i o n o u s i n ga n d t i g h r e n t h e and 14-147). TRANSMISSION HOUSING R e m o v et h e o i l s e a l f r o m t h e t o r q u e c o n v e r t e r housing.

mm 80 Part Number 90414 689.006inl 0 DRIVER mm LD. ' 1 1 8 l n NOTE:lf the clearance measuredin step 5 is standard. Remove transmission the housing.Differential (cont'd) Oil Seal Installation/Side Clearance 4.80 m (0.15mm (0 .0.098 80 mm set ring wjth the in) the one of the correct thickness selected step6.000 90415 689 000 90416-689-000 90417 689.50mm ( is not necessary performsteps7 and 8. lf the clearance more than the standard.098n ) 2 . 5.50mm (0.'110) m n 2 . 1 0 6 ) n 2. 8. 9 0m m ( 0 .0. is selecta new set ring from the table. 0 0m m ( 0 . 1 0 2 ) n 2 . 6 0m m ( 0 . 40 \ -0030100 TRANSMISSION HOUSING 6. ' 1 1 4 ) n 3 .and insta : SETRING. STANDARD: . Tap on the transmission housingside of the differentialassemblv with the soecial tool to seatthe differential assembly the torqueconverter in housing.000 90418-689-000 90419 PH8 000 Thickness 2. 7 0m m ( 0 . to 7. Replace 2. Measure the clearance betweenthe 80 mm set ring and outer race of the ball bearingin the transmiss i o nh o u s i n g . in ti{ t \ 14-138 .

lnstallthe new oil seal flush with the transmission tools as shown. 26x30mm 07JAD. l n s t a l lt h e n e w o i l s e a lf l u s h w i t h t h e t o r q u ec o n tools as shown. mm 68 07947 6110501 1 0 . verterhousingusingthe special DRIVER 07749 0010000 14-139 .PH80200 DRIVER ATTACHMENT. housingusing the special ORIVER 0?7/tg.9.00'10000 PILOT.

3/8'-I6 SLIDEHAMMER ( C o m m e r c i a l l ya v a i l a b l e ) DBIVER 07749.25 40 mm 07736 A01000A ATTACHMENT. l.'.0010000 ADJUSTABLE EEARING PULLER. 2.0010500 3. 62x68mm 077{6 . 72 x75 tnm 07746.TorqueGonverter Housing Bearings MainshaftBearing/OilSeal Replacement 1. Install the new oil seal flush with the housinq u s r g n the soecial tools as shown. Drivein the new mainshaftbearinguntil it bottoms in the housingusingthe special tools as shown.0010600 14-140 . R e m o v e h e m a i n s h a t t e a r i n ga n d o i l s e a l u s i n g t b the special tools as shown.r fri ATTACHMENT.

001 ATF GUIDEPLATE 1+141 . bearingusing the special Removethe countershaft tools as shown. HAMMER 3/81T6SLIDE (Commercially available) AOJUSTABLE BEANING PULLER. 3.g Bearin Replacement Countershaft 1.0. 25-40mm 07736. D r i v et h e n e w b e a r i n gi n t o t h e h o u s i n gu s i n gt h e special tools as shown. A I n s t a l l t h e T Fg u i d ep l a t e .A01000A t 2. 0 .03mm in) {0 .0.

NOTE:Coatall parrswith ATF. Installthe bearingwith the groovefacingoutsidethe housing.w a yi n t o t h e h o u s i n gu s i n g the specialtools and a press as shown. The snap ring is seatedin the bearinqand housIng grooves. x 68 mm 62 07745. Release pliers. s necessary cleanthe groovesin the housing. Mainshaft Bearir|gRemovaluse: ATTACHMENT. ENOGAP:0-7mm {0 .then push the bearingdown into the t h e h o u s i n g n t i l t h er i n gs n a p s n p l a c e r o u n di t . .0.00r0000 ATTACHMENT. x 75 mm 72 077'16 0010600 . 62x68mm 07146 - MAINSHAFT BEARING DRIVER 07749.then push the bearingout usingthe special tools and a pressas shown.0010500 SNAPRING 14-142 . to PRESS \ Expandeach snap ring with snap ring pliers.00r0000 ATTACHMENT ATTACHMENT .0010600 . To removethe mainshaft and countershaft bearings from the transmission housing. x 75 mm 72 07745. CountershaftBearing Removal use: ATTACHMENT.insert t h e n e w b e a r i n gp a r t . N O T E rD o n o t r e m o v et h e s n a p r i n g s u n l e s si t .28inl ATTACHMENT . After installing bearing the verilythe following: . x 58 mm 62 07746 0010500 4. u i a \ 07749.expand each snap ring with snap ring pliers. The ring end gap is correct. CountershaftBearing Installation use: ATTACHMENT.Transmission Housing Bearings Mainshaft Bearings /Countershaft Replacement 1. Mainshaft B6aring Installation use: ATTACHMENT.

0 0 m m (0. t b M e a s u r e h e d i s t a n c e e t w e e nt h e p a r k i n gb r a k e pawl shaft and the parkingbrakelever roller pin as 72.0mm 12 N.ftl -.m (1. 4 1 9n l i 10.9.73. 14-143 .30 mm (0.2kgf.433 in) '10.2.then tighten bearinginto the transmission the bolts. make sure is the distance within tolerance. PARKINGBRAKE STOP PARKING BRAKESTOP Mark I Part Number Lr L2 2 3 m 24537-PAg-003 1 1 .m.7 tbf.60 m ( 0 .Reverse ldler Gear Installation 1. 4 1 7n ) i 11 .91 inl STANDARD: '2:\ Measuring idler gear shaft holderand needle Install the reverse housing. Set the parkingbrakeleverin the E posrrron.433 in) 10. 6 x 1.80 mm 24538-PAg-003 ( 0 . 0 0 m (0.65 m m ( 0 . 4 2 5n ) i m 24539-PAg-003 10.selecl and parkingbrakestop from the installthe appropriate table below. Install the reverse ParkingBrakeStop Inspection/Adjustment 1. idler gear. 8.87. 2. BRAK€ PARKING PAWLSHAFT is lf the measurement out of tolerance.406 in) After replacingthe parking brake stop.9 mm (2.


lnstallthe main seoaratorDlateand the two dowel housing. ATF PUMP GEAR DRIVEN / DRIVEN GEAR SHAFT 12.1 . MAIN SEPARATOR PLATE Looselyinstallthe main valve body with five bolts. PLATE SEPARATOR SERVO 7. gear shaft do not move freely. I n s t a l l h e s e r v o b o d y a n d s e p a r a t o p l a t eo n t h e valvebody (sevenbolts). 1 0 . tgrqueconverter 2 . valveand the threeATF feed pipesin the secondary the four ATFfeed pipesin the servobody. ATF PUMP GEAR r t 8. Install the secondaryvalve body. It the ATF pump drive gear and ATF pump driven ATF PUMPDRIVEN GEARSHAFT ATF PUMP DRIVEN Grooved and chafitered side faces separalot plate. pins on the torqueconverter 3 . lnstallthe ATF magnetand suctionpipecollarin the housing. 1 l .m (1.if necessary. checkvalve. Make surethe ATF pump drive gear and ATF pump drivengear shaftmove smoothly.2kgim. then hook the detentarm sprang the detentarm. valveand valvespringsin the regulator r t h e n i n s t a l lt h e r e g u l a t o v a l v e b o d y o n t h e m a i n valvebody (one bolt). DETENTARM SHAFT DETENT AFM SPRING ARM OETENT valve Installthe lock-upvalvebody on the regulator body (sevenbolts). Installthe controlshaft in the housingwith the control shaftand manualvalvetogether. Realign ATF pumpdrivengearshaftand reassemthe the bolts to the then retighten ble the valve bodies. lnstallthe torqueconverter valvebody. specified CAUTION: Failureto slign lhe ATF pump driven gear shaft correctly will result in a seizedATF pump drive gear or ATF pump driven gear shaft. 8. Install the statorshaftand stop shafi 1 3 . secondary L lnstall the servo detent base and the ATF strainer Itwo bolts). ATF pump driven gear and ATF pump driven gear shaft on the torque convenernousrng. and disassemble valve bodies.loosenthe live bolts the on the main valve body.7 lbf. Installthe ATF feed pipes in the main valve body. lnstallthe bolts and the shaftstop on the secondary valvebody. 1 6 . Tightenthe five bolts on the main valve body to l2 N. separatorplate and two dowel pins on the main valvebody. N O T E :I n s t a l lt h e A T F p u m p d r i v e n g e a r w i t h i t s groovedand chamfered sidefacingdown. (cont'd) MANUAL VALVE 14-145 . l n s t a l lt h e d e t e n ta r m a n d a r m s h a f t i n t h e m a i n to valve body. NOTE: Do not installthe bolts.then tightenthe bolts (threebolts).coolerrelief 1 4 . Installthe ATF pump drive gear.ft). torque. smoothly Makesurethe ATF pump drivegearrotates and the ATF pump direction in the normaloperating driven gear shaft moves smoothly in the axial and normaloperating directions.


ft. I n s t a l lt h e r e v e r s ei d l e r g e a r a n d t h e g e a r s h a f t ( p h o l d e r s e e a g e1 4 .m {4.a s s e m b l y n d t h e a th c o u n t e r s h a fs u b .5 kgf. togetherin the torqueconverter 2 1 . 2 2 . SPRING PIN CONTROL SHAFT COUNTERSHAFT SU8-ASSEMBLY Installthe two dowel pins and a new gasketon the housing. I n s t a l lt h e t r a n s m i s s i o n o u s i n gm o u n t i n g b o l t s h a l o n gw i t h t h e t r a n s m i s s i o n a n g e r . 25. countershaft reverse gear and reverse gear collar on the countershaft. h e n t i g h t e n h t the bolts in two or more steps in the sequence as snown. then install the shift fork with the reverseselector. 6 x 1 . Install the needle bearing. torqueconverter 24. 44 TRANSMISSION HANGEB 20.1 4 3 ) .m. Align the spring pin on the control shaft with the transmission housing groove by turning the control shaft.1 7 .4 kgf. '10 lbf'ft) a -&)H@ V G ' Large chamfered hole | "fl: @ -_F o 1+117 . 1 9 . Sendthe locktab against the bolt head.a s s e m b l y . and torque the lock bolt. e n i n s t a l lt h e m t housing. Om m 14 N. 33 lbt. CAUTION: Make sule that the mainshaft speed s€nsor is not installed on the transmission housing before installingthe transmissionhousing on the torque converter housing. 1 8 .m (1. Turn the shift fork so the large chamferedhole is facing the fork bolt hole. Installthe differentialassemblyin the torque convener housrng.m. SHIFTFORK LOCKWASHER Replace. Placethe transmission housingon the torque convener nousrng. A s s e m b l et h e m a i n s h a f ts u b . TOROUE: N.

e n g a g et h e p a r k i n gb r a k ep a w l w i t h t h e p a r k i n g aear. on lSTCLUTCH PARKING ASSEMBLY GEAR PAWL COUNTERSHAFT LOCKNUT Left handrhreads. 34.m. as MAINSHAFT HOLOER . CAUTION: Install ihe conical spring washers in lhe dirsction shown.m {10.thrust needlebearing. Installthe countershaft gear collar.PF50101 ' 3 1 . and pawl stop on the transmission ousingthen h .23).ft} COUNTERSHAFT N. Wrap the shaft splineswith tape to preventthe Orings. pawl. I n s t a l lt h e m a i n s h a f t 1 s tg e a r c o l l a ro n t h e m a i n . 2 7 . 28. spring. Tightenthe locknuts the specified to torque. Assemble the one-wayclutchand the parkinggear with the countershaft gear{seepage 14 '|. 32.Transmission Reassembly(cont'd) 26. NOTE: . D o n o t u s e a n i m p a c t w r e n c h . 1st 29. 14-148 . Mainshaftand countershaftlocknuts have lefthandthreads.0 kgt. lnstallthe parkingbrakeleveron the controlshaft. the n e e d l eb e a r i n g a n d m a i n s h a f 1 s t g e a r i n t h e 1 s t . Installthe parking brake pawl shaft. 75. lnstallnew conicalspring washersand locknutson eachshaft. 58 lbl.5kgt'm. . then installthemon the mainshaft.9 lbt ft) 103 30.A l w a y s u s e a torquewrenchto tightenthe locknut. shaft. Assemble thrust washer. and the countershaft st gear/parking ear g 1 assembly the countershaft. 33. Slip the special tool onto the mainshaft shown. t clutchassembly.m {8.then installnew O-ringson the mainshaft.needlebear 1st ing. MAINSHAFT LOCKNUT Left-hand threads CONICAL SPRING WASHEBS Install thisdirectionin 35. TOROUE: MAINSHAFT 78 N.

7 lbt'ft) RIGHT SIDE COVER 3 7 .5 mm punchas shown. Om m 1 4 ' m 1 1 .ft) 28 Install ATF dipstick. lf the pawl does not engagetully. Installthe right side cover with two dowel pins and bolts). 4k g t . the 6 r 1 .2kgt. brakepawl stop clearance Tightenthe lockbolt and bendthe locktab.m.9 kgt.then verifythat the parkingbrakepawl engages parkthe ing gear. 4 1 . 8. checkthe parking (seepage 14-143). Insrallrhe ATF cooler lineswith new sealingwashers.then stske eachlocknutusinga 3. I new gasket(thirteen TOROUE:12 N'm 11. Set the parkingbrakelever in the E position.36. Removethe special tool from mainshaft. 21 lbf.m. 40. m . 10 lbt'frl PAR(ING BRAKE PAWL 14-149 . TOROUE: N'm (2.

5 kgt.0 mm 74 N.m 17.ftl Torque in a crisscross Dattern.TorqueConverter/Drive Plate \ m 6x 1.m. 54 lbl.O m 12 r 1. / E PLATE lirl 14-150 .

n) Replace.25mm 64 N. 61 rbf. lnstallthe transmission 2.m 18.5kgt'm.ftt 7.then installthe tlvo 14 mm dowel pins in housing. 54 tbf.5kgf. WASHER TRANSMISSION HOUSING MOUNTINGBOLTS 12 x 1. 1a mm DOWELPIN I n s t a l lt h e s t a r t e rm o t o r o n t h e t o r q u e c o n v e r t e r housing.25 mm 47 tbf.Transmission Installation L on Flushthe ATF cooler as described page 14-155 and 14-156.5mm kg 83 N.m (7.and raiseit to the level.then install housingmounting bolts and two two transmission rearenginemountingbolts.25 mm 7il N. 47 lbf. to Aftach the transmission the engine. MOUNT housingmountlnstallthe remainingtransmission rearenginemountingbolt. JACK Remove the transmission iack.5kgf.ftl 64 N. G1lbtft) Replace. 12 x'l. with assemblysecurely Installthe torque converter a new O-ringon the mainshaft. STARTERMOTOR 6.m.5 'm.5kgl. ing boltsand remaining WASHEB REARENGINE MOUNTINGBOLT 14 x 1. the torqueconverter on Placethe transmission a iack. 45 N.m 18. engineassembly 5. {cont'd) 14-151 .m 16.m.5rnm 8i] N.m 14. REAR ENGINE MOUNNNG BOLTS 14x 1.m (6.ftl 8.m. mount bracket.5 ENGINE MOUNTING BRACKET HOUSING MOUNTINGBOLTS 12 x 1.

ATF COOLER LINE J Replace. 8 x 1.m. Installthe control lever with a new lock washerto the controlshaft.m 14. TOROUE:12 N.m {4.m ('1. I n s t a l l h e t o r q u ec o n v e r t e c o v e ra n d t h e e n g i n e t r stiffener. 16lbf.25mm 16 N. 8. 6x1.5kgt. SHIFTCABLE LOCK WASHER Replace.m11. CAUTION: Tako care not to bend the shift cable.m. 47 lbI. After tighteningthe last bolt.m.4 " 44 N.m {6. 40 rbf.25mm 22 N.6 kgf. 12 tbf. 10 x 1.LOCKING Reolace. 17 tbf.D16ft engineis similar.2 kgf'm.25mm 44 N.ftl 10 x 1. 1 0 x 1 . 1 2 .1N.m {2. pulley a crisscross pattern. 8 x 1.25mm 22 N.ft) NUT SELF. Attachthe torque converter the drive plate with to eight drive plateboltsand torqueas follows: Rotate pulleyas necessary tighten the crankshaft to the bolts to 1/2 of the specified torque.LOCKING Replace.ftt COVER 1{ N.f0 RIGHTFRONT 12 x 1.0mm 12 N.2kgt.Tightenthe crankshaft section6).ftl 8 x 1.ftl NUT ReDlace. 8.m.25mm 24 N.m.ftl SHIFTCABLE COVER 6x 1. Connect ATFcoolerhoses the ATFcoolerlines the to (seepage14-160).m.25 mm 5.m.m (2.4kgf.7 lbf.ftt 13. 1 0 . 16lbf.2 ks{. 33 lbf. NUT SELF. NOTE:D16Y8 engineis shown.0mm 8 x 1. Installtherightfront mounvbracket.l kgf.m 15. 33 lbf.ft) GASKET Replace.5kgf.m.25mm MOUNT/BRACKET64 N. 14-152 .5 kgl.2 kg{.7 tbf.m {2. if necessary (see 1 1 .m.5 kgf.then to the finaltorque. 10tbtftt CONVERTER 15.m. Install the exhaustpipeA.m {'1.m (1.Transmission (cont'd) Installation 9.ft) 14.then installthe shiftcablecover. 2 5m m . checkthat the crankshaft rotatesfreely.

ft) CONNECTOR ERACKET MAINSHAFT SPEED SENSOR CONNECTOR 2 ' t .59 N.2kgt'm.m (6.0mm 12 N. 1 2\ 1 .0mm 12Nm(1.7 lbf'ft) COUNTERSHAFT SENSOR SPEED CONNECTOR (cont'd) 14-153 . Turn the right and left steeringknuckle fully outinto the differenward.25mm 6ir N. Cleanthe areaswherethe driveshafts the contact thoroughly with soltransmission(differential) v e n t o r c a r b u r e t oc l e a n e ra n d d r y w i t h c o m r . Install the damperfork.2kgf. NOTE: . VEHICLE SPEED SENSORCONNECTOR VSS \ SELF-LOCKING NUT 12 x 1. 19. DAMPER PINCHBOLT 10 x 1.$ lbtftl Install splashshield. linearsolenoid and the shiftcontrolsolenoid connectors. 2 5 n n 49 .8. Connect countershaft the speedsensorand the vehicle speedsensor(VSS) connectors. 18. 17. lnstall the solash shi the SHIELD 6r1.m.m (5.4 kd.m {4.0 sure not to allow dust and olher foroign particlos to enter into the transmission. and slide eachdriveshaft tial until you teel its set ring clip engagethe side gear.m. (seesection16).m.16.7 rbf. Installtheright and left driveshafts CAUTION:While inslalling the driveshaftsin the difforGntial. Connect mainshait the speedsensor. 32 tbnft) the 20. pr€ssed atr. il7 lbf.6.m. COTTER NUT CASTLE Replace.25mm a3 N. 36 .0.ftl Replace. 8.m (1. . lnstalla new set ring on the end of eachdriveshaft.5 kgf. SHIFT CONTROL SOLENOID CONNECTOR LINEAR SOLENOIO CoNNEcToR 5x1.then installthe right and left ball jointsto the eachlower arm with the castlenuts and new cotteroins.

( 30.7 lbI.three times.ft} STARTER CAALE lllri lltl 14-154 .2 kgtm. Connect startercableson the startermotor. the Stan the engine.0mm 12 N. L e t t h e e n g i n e r e a c ho p e r a t i n g e m p e r a t u r e t h e t cooling fan comes on) with the transmission E in or E position.m.7 lbt. Check the shift cableadjustment {seepage14-158).9 kgf. Installtheintakeair duct. Check front wheelalignment the {seesection181.8. D16Y7 engine: Installtheint6keair duct and the resonator.8. Connect lock-up the controlsolenoid connector. Connectthe positive(+) cablefirst. 27. and shiftthe transmission through all gears. N O T E :W h e n i n s t a l l i n gh e s t a r t e rc a b l et e r m i n a l . t makesurethat the crimpedside of the ring terminal is facingout (seesection23).2 kgtm. 3 1 .Transmission (cont'dl Installation 22.7 lbtftl 24. Check ignitiontiming {seesection23).m 11. D15Y8 engine: Installthe intakeair duct and the air cleanerhousing assembly. Refillthe transmission with ATF (seepage 14-86). and installthe transmission groundcable. the 6xl.m{1.ft) {0.Setthe parkingbrake. 6x1.then turn it off and checkthe fluid levet. and the install cableholder. then the negative {-) cableto the battery. Roadtest as described pages14-82 on thru 14-84.0mm 12N.

Release the trigger.and must is completely be replaced. 1 2 . NOTE:This orocedure shouldbe oerformedbetorereinstallingthe transmission. c u IMPORTANT: Securely clampthe opposite ofthe drainhoseto a end bucketor floor drain. 4.Do not substitute with any other f l u i d .80 . With the water and air valves off.) 3 .then 8 .120psi). (Hot water if available.n d l e a v et h e d r a i n h o s e l a attached the coolerllne. Release trigger.and rinsethe coolerwith water the o n l yf o r o n e m i n u t e . Depress triggerto mix the flushing the fluid into the plugged. always @ wear safety glassesor a face shield when using the transmissionllusher. 120psi) 1 1 . I n s t a l t h e t r a n s m i s s i o n . aftach the water and air suppliesto the tlusher.Attachthe drain hoseto a container.and pressurize tank the the with compressed to between550. to AIR PRESSURE: MAX 845 kpa (8.6air 8. CAUTION: Residualmoisture in the cooler or pipes can damagethe transmission.. 1 4 .45kgf/cm. Turn on the flusherwater valve so water will flow throughthe coolerfor 10 seconds.829 kpa {5. Usethe wire clipto holdthe triggerdown. NOTE:The air line shouldbe equipped with a water trap to ensurea dry air system. Connect drain hoseto the inlet line on the transthe m i s s i o n o o l e r s i n ga c l a m p . F o l l o wt h e h a n d l i n gp r o c e d u r e n t h e f l u i d o container. NOTE:lf water does not flow throughthe cooler. t t Attach the tank's dischargehose to the return line of the transmission coolerusinga clamp. reverse the hosesto the coolerso you can flush in the opposite direction.lf wear or cracks found. {r water TRANSMISSION COOLER FLUSHER (Commercially availablel Kent-MooreJ38405-A or oquivalent Remove the flusherfrom the coolerline. to (cont'dI BUCKET 14-155 .replace are the hoses beforeusing. 1 . 5.CoolerFlushing To prevent iniury to lace and eyes. Usingthe measuring cup. Turnthe watervalveoff. Turn the water valve off. H a n g h et o o l u n d e r h e v e h i c l e .cannotbe flushed. 7. 1 0 .turn the air valve on for five seconds every 15.20 seconds createa surgingaction.45kg?cm' . Turn the air valveon to dry the systemout with air for two full minutesor until no moistureis visible leaving the drain hose. W h i l ef l u s h i n g i t h t h e w a t e ra n d f l u s h i n g l u i df o r w f two minutes. Repeat steps8 through 10. Secure flusherfiller cap.fill the tankwith 21 ounces ( a p p r o x i m a t e l2 / 3 I u l l l o t b i o d e g r a d a b lfeu s h i n g y l fluid {J35944 20). Checktool and hoses for wear and cracksbefore using.andturn offthewatersupply.

Transmission CoolerFlushing(cont'd) 1 1 .8 6 ) .a n d r e c o n n e ctth e c o o l e r s r e t u r n o s et o t h e t r a n s m i s s i o(n e ep a g e' 1 4 ' 1 6 0 ) .a n d r u n t h e e n g i n e n f o r 3 0 s e c o n d s r u n t i la p p r o x i m a t e0y 9 5I ( 1 . 3. ) i sd i s c h a r g e d . 14-156 . reassemble parts.. Makesurethe transmission in the E position. B e m o v et h e d r a i n h o s e .\D O-RING I I -sq I \ ORIFICE I 4. TOOL MAINTENANCE 1.the orificemay be blocked. S e c u r e l y . h '19. 0U S o l.Fillthecanwith water and pressurize can. lf discharge liquiddoes not foam.disconnect plumbingfrom the tank at the thelarge oupling ut. all 5. 1 8 . The fluid orificeis locatedbehindthe filter. Flushthe dischargeline to the ensure that the unit is clean.0 . FILLER CAP FILTER COUPLING I{UT \ \ . q t . is \. p 2. Remove in-linefilterfrom the discharge the side and cleanit necessary. Clean it with the pick stored in the bottom of the t a n k h a n d l e o r b l o w i t c l e a nw i t h a i r .0 . Refillthe transmission with ATF to the proper level ( s e e a g e1 4 . . Emptyand rinseaftereachuse. 8l m p q t . To clean. c n F i l lt h e t r a n s m i s s i ow i t h A T F .

m {1.m.m. Remove shift cablebracket.ftl CONTROL LEVER SHIFTCABLE 7.Takecare not to bend the cablewhen removing/installing it. Remove front console(seesection20). 8 x 1. Makesure lifts are placedproperly(see 5.m (1. Shift to N position.ft) s 10.7 3.0mm 12 N.m kgt.m Install the shift cable in the reverse order of removal. ksf. SHIFTCABLEHOLDER SHIFTCABLE SHIFTCABLE COVER LOCKWASHER Replace.10lbtft) 6x1. Remove shift cableholder.Shift Gable Removal/lnstallation f!!@ 1.ftl section11.m. 12.7 tbt.25mm 22 N.m. the SHIFTCABLE BRACKET 6x1.m.4kgf. the 6.0mm 9. 8. the R e m o v e h e c o n t r o l l e v e r f r o m t h e c o n t r o ls h a f t . 2. then removethe lock pin from the adjuster.2kgf. the Remove shift cablecover.2 16 tbf. lbt.7.0mm 14 N.0 14-157 .2lbf.ft) 11.8N. 8. t then removethe shift cable. 6x1.m kgl. 7 N. Check the cable adjustment on reassembly (see page 14-158).

m. Make sure litts are placed properly (see 3 .7kgf. Remove front console(seesection20).f y o u f e e l t h e lock pin binding as you reinstallit. Tightenthe locknut 7 N.They are positioned90' a p a r tt o a l l o w c a b l ea d j u s t m e n itn 1 / 4 t u r n i n c . 1.and verifythat the follows the automatic transshift positionindicator axle gear positionswitch. Cable Too Shorl Cable Too Long Exact Alignment 4 .loosenthe lock- \ and adjustas required. the cable is still and must be readjusted.m (0.5 lbf. M a k e s u r e t h e l o c k p i n i s s e a t e di n t h e a d j u s t e r securety. 7 5lbtft) Ir t'l 14-158 .refer to (g t t r o u b l e s h o o t i n s e ep a g e1 4 . e ments. h e r ea r e w two holes in the adjuster. C h e c kt h a t t h e h o l e i n t h e a d j u s t e ri s p e r f e c t l y T a l i g n e d i t h t h e h o l e i n t h e s h i f t c a b l e .Shift Cable Adjustment !@ section1). 2.ft). I n s t a l t h e l o c k p i n o n t h e a d j u s t e rl. nul on the adjuster to 5 . l 6 .and verifythat the Aft gear positionindicator shift lockleveris released.a n d c h e c kt h e s h i f t l e v e r i n a l l gears. 1 0 . lf the hole is not perfectly aligned. S t a r t t h e e n g i n e . 7 N m 1 0 . the Shift to E position. out of adjustment 7 .It any gear does not work properly. 8 .m. kgf. Insertthe ignition key into the key cylinderon the panel. then removethe lock pin from the adiuster.7 8h r u 1 4 . Move the shift leverto eachgear.8 1 ) .

m 11.m (0.m.7.* 5x1.ft) GEANPOSITION INDICATOR PANEL COVER BUSHING LAMP SHIFTINDICATOR SHIFTLOCK LEVER SCREW 3 N.Shift Lever PUSHKNOBSPRING LEVERKNOB SCREW N.0mm 9.2 tbt.m {0.h) 14-159 .fr) A/T GEARPOSITION PI-ATE A/T GEARPOSITION SWITCH SHIFTI-EVER ERACKET BASE SHIFTLEVER BASECOLLAR 6x1.m {0.8 N.m. 2 lbI. 2 lbl.2lbf.3 kgnm.m (1.m.@__-----Gar \oo.0kgl. 7.ft) Applynon hardening threadlocksealant.3 -Gt SILICONE GREASE LEVER ASSEMBLY g 2/'o"*"' .rar.0mm 9.3kgf..0 kgf. SILICONE GREASE SCREW 3 N.8 N.

Shift Indicator Panel Adjustment 1 . C h e c k h a t t h e i n d e xm a r k o n t h e i n d i c a t o a l i g n s t r with the E mark on the shift indicatorpanelwhen t h e t r a n s m i s s i oi n i n N E U T R A L . HosEs aoo'itoa 2-4 mm 1 0 .2lbf. TRANSMISSION CLIP 3 N'm (0. NOTE:Whenever shiftindicator panelis removed.3 kgf.ft) PANEL ATF COOLER lf not aligned. Removethe shift indicatorpanel mounting screws and adjustby movingthe panel.removethe front console(seesection 201.0 .m.and securethem with the clips as shown. 1 . the reinstall panel described the as above. 2i n ) f " 14-160 - . Connect ATFcoolerhosesto the ATFcoolerlines the and ATF cooler. s INDEXMARK ATFCoolerHoses Connection l.

. . . . .. . . .. ..2. . ... ...1 4 . . .. . . . . Oil SealRemoval .. . . .. .. . . .2 6 1 .. .4 . . Replacement ControlShaftAssembly . .. . . .. . .. . .. .. .. . . .. . . . .. . . .t8 .. . . . . . . H l n t e r m e d i a t eo u s i n 9 . . . . .. .. ...... Cla r r i eR e p l a c e m e n. . ... . .. .. . . . . . .. . R i n gG e a rB e a r i n g . 1 4 .. ... . . . .. .. . .9 . . . .. 1 4 . . . . Housing Housing/Flywheel Transmission . . . .14'226 System Hydraulic .. . . . .. .. . . .. . .. . . l l l u s t r a t eld d e x . . .1 4 ' 1 8 7 g ElectricalSystem L . . . . . . . 14 194 Troubleshooting Chart Symptom-to-Component 1 .. ..'14-246 . . . . . ... . . . . .2 4 4 Housing/ Transmission LowerValveBodyAssemblY .. . .. . . . .. .. Index lllustrated ValveBody Transmission/Lower 1 .. . . . . . . . . . . .. . .. .. ... . .t. . . C o m p o n e n t o c a t i o n s . . .2 6.1 .. .. . . . .14-236 R e m o v a. . .. . .n s. 1 4 . . 14-173 H y d r a u f iC o n t r o l c . .. .. . . .. Transmission Transmission . . . . .. .. . ..14-223 T e s t. ... . . Gear Pulley/Secondary DrivePulley/Driven ShaftSpeedSensors '14'224 . . . . ... .. .....:. . 4 . . 8 .. . . . . .. . .. . . . .5. ..t ... . .. . .. .14-263 e de O i l S e a ll n s t a l l a t i o n / S iC le a r a n c .. . . ..... . . . . . .. . . . .. . . .. .. .... .. . . . . . . . . .1 4 . Procedures . . . 1. .. . . . .4 . . ... . . . .. . . . . . . ... . . . . .1.. .4 .. . . . . . . . ... . . .3 ..1 6 6 Gear/Pulleys . .4 ...-. ... ... .... . R e m o v a l.. . . .2 4 4 CooleFlushing r Shift Cable . . ... . . . . . 2 lnstattaton . . . . .. . ..1 4 .. . . .. . . .. . .. . . R B e a r i n g e p 1 a c e m e. .. . . ..1 6 2 S p e c i aT o o l s l '14-163 .. . . FluidLevel . ....' .2 .. . 1 4 ' 2 5 6 Reassembly GearShaft Secondary 25 x 35 mm ThrustShim Selection.1 4 . . . . .. ..2 . 4.. . ... R e p l a c e m e . . .. . .. . . .. . . . 1 4 ' 2 3 4 Replacement ATF Filter R e m o v a l / l n s t a l l a t i o n . . . . . .. . ... .. . .2 7 9 vl Transmission .. .4 . . .. . . . .2 6 8 . . . . .. .g. . ... . . . . . .... Description Brake/Planetary Clutches/Reverse .2 6 1 Replacement B H Flywheel ousing earing GearShaftBearing Secondary 1 . . .. .. Fl T r o u b l e s h o o t i n go w c h a r t. . . Adjustment ATFCooler/Hoses . . . . .. .. 1. . .l. . . . . . . .... .. . .. . . . . .2. . . . .14-250 R e m o v a... . . . .. 1. . . . . ..(CVT) Transmission Variable Continuously . . . .. . . . . . . . .1 4 ... . . . .2 8 9 .. O I H F l y w h e e l o u s i n gn p u tS h a f t i l S e a l . . . .. . .. . . . .. . . . . .. . . Disassembly/lnspection/Reassembly 14'252 ForwardClutch n . .14-268 Removal/lnstallation Transmission . . . . . . ..m. ... . . . . . . . .. .. . .. .. . 1 M e a s u r i n g C o n d i t i o. ..l.... . . .' . . . . . ..4 . . . . . . . .. 4 . .. . . . . .2 6 2 . . . . .. . . . . . . .. . . R e p l a c e m e ... .2 4 2 RightSide Cover/ 1... .. . . . . . 8 0 .. . . .6 6.2. C l E l e c t r o n i co n l r oS y s t e m . . .. .. . . . . . M P a r k i nB r a k e e c h a n i s .. .. .. .4 ' 2 4 0 Assembly Housing/ Transmission . Housing RightSideCover/lntermediate ... . . .s .4 . . . .8 s h i f tL e v e r Panel Shift Indicator ... M a n u aV a l v eB o d y l ... .. . . . . . . 14-2aj Adjustment . . .. . GearShaftBearing Secondary .14-261 Inspection Backlash . .. . t .2 1 0 Reassembly 1 F l y w h e e l / D r i Pea t e.n . . . ..14-232 P r e s s u rT e s t i n g e LowerValveBodyAssembly .2 0 0 Solenoid LinearSolenoids/lnhibitor ..2 3 5 . .. .. .4 .. .. . . . .. F l y w h e e l H o u s i n.. . . . .. . ..-. .t..4 1 7 1 . .7 n. ... . . Replacement StartClutchControl Procedure. . . . . .. .. . . 4 T Road est StallSpeed . . . .. . ... . .. . 1. . . . .. . .1.1 9 8 E l e c t r i c a ly s t e m S Troubleshooting Electrical 1. . .4 . . 14-225 Calibration StartClurch System Hydraulic Chart Symptom-to-Component .. . . . . .. . . . .14-244 R e m o v a.1 4. . .. . .. . . . . .-.... . .. . .. . . . . .. . .. . . .2 6 5 Replacement B H T r a n s m i s s i o no u s i n g e a r i n g s DrivenPulleyShaftBearing 1 . . .2 5 4 Disassembly .14'231 Checking/Changing . 9 2 . Power low F .. .... ...... . .. . . . 14-289 ... . . . .. . .. . . .4. . .. . . 1. . . .4.' . . n. .. ... .. . . ..14-246 Removal/lnstallation . .. .2 6 2 r Differentia 14-263 .. . . 14 260 Differential 1 l d l f l u s t r a t en d e x. . . .. . . .. . .. . . ..1 4 . .14'230 T e s t. . . . . 4. .. '. . . . . . . lnstallation .. . t . .. 14-190 t T C MC i r c u iD i a g r a m TCM TerminalVoltage/ .. ... ... ..:. . 14-177 H y d r a u l iF f o w c ... . . . . . .-. . . .1 6 8 .. . 1 4 .1 .. ..... . .. . . .... .. . .'. . .1'4 .

x 72 58 (hy .26 x 30 mm ClutchSpringCompressor Attachment SCSService Connector Backprobe Set Reverse BrakeSpringCompressor Start ClutchRemover Start ClutchInstaller A/T Oil Pressure Hose./T Pressure Oil GaugeSet Wpanel A.D.257 14-254. No.266.2210 mm A.263 't4-265.0010100 07sAz .261 14-262.PY40120 07406 0020400 . 267. 14-265 14-265 o o @ p.32 35 mm x Aftachment.271 14-249 14-274.rIOil Pressure Hose. x 68 mm 62 Attachment.l 1 1 1 I PageReferenco 14-254.25'l 14-195.0070300 07406 07736 A010004 07746 0010100 07746 0010500 07746 0010600 07746 0030100 07749 0010000 07947 611050't 07941 . .PH80200 07LAE PX40'100 07PM. mm 68 DriverAttachment. Driver DriverAttachment. 268 14-267 14-266.275 14-232 14-232 14-232 14-232 14-261 14-265. \ l o @ fi @ o @ @ @ @ @ @ (9 \ @) 14-162 .16 slidehammer.40 mm 25 Attachment. 3/8" I E.SpecialTools \ Ref.!rnt!!---€ g l.225 14-196./T Low Pressure Gaugew/panel Adjustable Bearing Puller. 2 'l 1 1 4 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 '1 o o 6r @ @ @ @- (D @ @ @ @ @ (D I I I *Must be usedwith commercially-available .228 14-251.6340201 Description ClutchSpringCompressor BoltAssembly Pilot. x 75 mm 72 Driver40 mm l. I Tool Number 07GAE PG40200 07JAD.0010004 07TAE P4V0110 07TAE P4V0120 07TAE P4V0130 _ OTMAJ PY4OI lA 07MAJ. Adapter A.

and E.This pressurizes drive pulley pressure the drive pulleyand the driven pulley pressure the driven pulleyand changes the to to pulleyratio. causingthe shift valveto move. and a boltedon the intermediate housing. because drive pulleyshaft and the the d r i v e np u l l e ys h a f t r o t a t et h e s a m e d i r e c t i o nW h e n c e r t a i n o m b i n a t i o n o f p l a n e t a r y e a r si n t h e t r a n s m i s s i o a r e g .the start clutchvalve accumulator and the shift inhibitorvalve.The ring gear hasa hub mountedreverse brakedisc. and a inhibitorsolenoid.the lubrication valveand the pitot regulator valve.The start their effective the clutchcontrolvalveuncovers port.Description (CVT) a electronically The Continuously Variable Transmission is controlled automatic with drive and driven transmission pulleys.the drivenpulleyshaft and the secondary gearshaft. The ATF pump assembly located the transmission is on housing.power is transmitted from the drive pulleyshaftto the driven pulleyshaft to provideE. The inhibitorsolenoidvalve is bolted on the PL regulatorvalve DOOy. The TCM is locatedbelowthe dashboard. E.the drive pulleyshaft.w h i c h i s j o i n e dw i t h t h e s h i f t c o n t r o ll i n e a r t solenoid.the clutch reducingvalve.which is joined with the start clutch controllinearsolenoid. Electronic Control The electronic controlsystemconsists the Transmission of ControlModule (TCM).The input shaft is in linewith the enginecrankshaft. They are positionedon the lower pan of the t r a n s m i s s i oh o u s i n g .The CVTprovidesnon stagespeeds forwardand one reverse.and it is linkedwith the input shaft by the sprockets and the sprocket chain. l c Shift ControlMechanism I n p u tf r o m v a r i o u ss e n s o r sl o c a t e d h r o u g h o u t h e v e h i c l ed e t e r m i n e s h i c h l i n e a rs o l e n o i d h e T C M w i l l a c t i v a t e . The input shaft includes sun gear. behindthe kickoanelon the driver'sside. Transmission Aroundthe outsideof the flywheelis a ring gearwhich mesheswith the staner pinionwhen the engineis being staned. d. The transmission four parallel has shafts: the input shaft.The secondary includes secondary the driven gear which servesto changethe rotationdirection.the Pressure Low (PL)regulator valve body.Activating startclutchcontrollinearsolenoidmovesthe startclutchcontrolvalve. The entireunit is positioned line in w i t ht h e e n g i n e . The linearsolenoids and the inhibitorsolenoidare controlled the TCM. the to (cont'd) 14-163 I . t w t Activating the shift control linearsolenoidchanges the shift controlvalve pressure. Hvdraulic Control The lower valve body assembly includes the main valve body. n The main valvebody contains Pressure the High (PH)controlvalve.the shift valve body. The stan clutchcontrolvalve body contains the start clutchcontrolvalve.The carrierassembly includes piniongearswhich meshwith the sun gear and the ring the gear.The pulleysand the clutchreceive fluid from their respective Ieed pipes.The manualvalvebody by which contains manualvalveand the reverse the inhibitorvalve. the start clutch control valve body. providingpressure the startclutchto engageit. The secondary valve body contains the PH regulatorvalve.The drive pulleyshaft includes torwardclutchwhich mountsthe carrierassemthe the bly on the forwardclutchdrum. c s n engagedby the clutches and the reverse brake. sensors. The driven pulleyshaft includes startclutchand the secondary the drive gear whjch is integralwith the parkinggear.The gear shaft is positioned secondary gear shaft betweenthe secondary drive gear and the final drivengear. and the secondary valve body. drive pulleyshaftand the drivenpulleyshaftconsistof The movableand fixedface pulleys.and the reverse brakereceives f l u i df r o m i n t e r n ah y d r a u l ic i r c u i t . three linearsolenoids. Shjftingis electronically controlled underall conditions.The PL regulatorvalve body containsthe PL regulatorvalve and the PH-PL control valve which is joined with the PH-PL control linearsolenoid. Eoth pulleysare linkedby the steelbelt. T h e s h i f t v a l v eb o d y c o n t a i n s h e s h i f t v a l v ea n d t h e s h i f t c o n t r o lv a l v e .

E LOW. The startclutchand the forwardclutchreleased. startclutchand the forwardclutchreleased. the General driving. neutral-safety switch. For enginebrakingand powerfor climbing.the transmission automatically adjusts keepthe engineat the bestspeedfor to drivingconditions. E F] ANd E E E Position Description Frontwheelslockedj parkingbrakepawl engaged with the parkinggearon the drivenpulleyshait. Reverse. SECOND. For rapidacceleration highwayspeeds. transmission at the shiftsinto a lower rangeof ratiosfor betteracceleration increased and enginebraking. NEUTRAL.Description (cont'd) Gear Sel€ction The shift leverhassix POSitiONS:PARK. Neutral. REVERSE. E PARK E REVERSE E NEUTRAL {d DRrvE E] SECOND E LoW Staningis possible only in @ and N positjons rhroughthe useof a slide-type. 14-164 . DRIVE.the transmission shiftsinto the lowestrangeot the rataos. reverse brakeengaged. Automatic Transaxle{A/T) Gear Position Indicator The A/T gear positionindicatorin the instrument panelshowswhich gear has beenselected without havingto look down at the console.


Pulleys Eachpulley consistsof a movabletace and a fixed face. high hydraulicpressure works on the movableface of the driven pulley and reduces the effective diameterot the drive pulley. the pinion gears don't rotate and revolvewith the sun gear.a n d t h r o u g he n g a g e d i n g g e a rt o p i n i o n t c d r gears. achieve high pulleyratio.The ring gear is only usedfor switching the rotationdirection the pullevshafts. and E positions(forwardrange).high hydraulic the pressure To a works on the movableface of the drive pulleyand reduces effective the diameterof the drivenpulley.Description Clutches/Reverse Brake/Planetary Gear/Pulleys Clutch€s/Reverse Brake T h e C V T u s e st h e h y d r a u l i c a l l y . by ReveFe Brake The reversebrake.The sun gear is connected the Inputshaft to with splines The pinion gearsare mountedto the carrierwhich is mountedto the forward clutch drum. This allowsthe gearto spin independently its on shaft.the clutchpistonand the reverse brakepiston move.a c t u a tce u t c h e s n d b r a k et o e n g a g eo r d i s e n g a g eh e t r a n s m i s s i o n e a r s . so the carrier rotates ln S position(reverse range). power is the t h e n t r a n s m i t t e dh r o u g ht h e e n g a g e d l u t c hp a c kt o i t s h u b . the reversebrakelocksthe ring gear and the sun gear drivesthe prntongearsto rotate. the \ 14-166 . Likewise. The stan clutchis suppliedhydraulic pressure its ATFfeed pipeswithin the drivenpullevshaft. when the hydraulic pressure bledfrom the clutchpackand the reverse is brakepistoncavity. PlanetaryGear gearconsists a sun gear.which is locatedinsidethe intermediate housingaroundthe ring gear.which js located the end of the drivenpulleyshaft. which is located the end of the drive pulleyshaft. The reverse brakeis suppliedhydraulic pressure a circuitconnected the internalhydraulic by to circuit.a carrierassembly. by Forward Clutch The forwardclutch. and the effective pulley ratio changeswith enginespeed.and the carrierrotates with piniongear revolution.The pinion gearsrotateand revolvein the oppositedirectionfrom the rotationdirectlonof the sun gear. at the The forwardclutchis suppliedhydraulic pressure its ATFfeed pipewithin the drive pullevshaft.the prstonreteases the frictiondiscsand the steelplates.and a lower hydraulicpressure works on the movableface of the drive pulleyto eliminate steelbelt slippage.transmitting power. To achievea low pulley ratio. $.W h e n ld a g t pressure introduced hydraulic is into the clutchdrum and the reverse brakepistoncavity.engages/disengages sun gear.engages/disengages secondary at the drive gear. and they are free to slidepast each.and the carrieroutputsthe enginepower. of In @.m o u n t e g e a r .lockingthem so they don.and a lower hydraulic pressure workson the movable faceof the drivenpulleyto eliminate steelbelt slippage. no Start Clutch The stan clutch.This presses frictiondiscsand the steel platestogether.The drive pulleyand the drivenpulleyare linkedby the steelbelt. The sun gear inputsthe enginepower via the input shaftto the planetary gear.locksthe ring gear in @ position The reverse brakediscsare mountedto the ring gear and the reverse brakeplatesare mountedto the intermediate housing.t slip. The planetary of and a ring gear.


Description PowerFlow E Position .Poweris not transmatted the to secondary drive gear. Stan Clutch: released ForwardClutch: released Reverse Brake: released Hydraulic pressure not appliedto the stan clutch. ForwardClutch:released a Reverse Braket released pressure not appliedto the startclutch. the FLYWHEEL FORWARD INPUTSHAFT SUN GEAR STARTCLUTCH DRIVENPULLEY FINAL DRIVE GEAR SECONDARY GEAR SHAFT i{ B$ PARKING GEAR 14-16A FINALORIVEN GEAR .and the reverse is brake.forwardclutch. .forwardclutch. Start Clutch: released . E Position .and the reverse Hydraulic is brake. .power is not transmitted the to secondary drive gear'The secondary drive gear is lockedby the parkingbrakepawl interlocking parkinggear.

which drivesthe final drivengear. 1. 3. drive gear.t clutch.via lhe sta. . on NOTE:The workinghydraulic FLYWHEEL PULLEY DRIVE CLUTCH SUN GEAR START CLUTCH DRIVEN SECONDARY GEAR (cont'd) FINAL DRIVEN GEAR 14-169 .and the sun gear drives the forward clutch. to Poweris transmitted the secondary 2.which drivesthe drivenpulleyshaftlinkedby the steelbelt. on pressure the movablefaceof eachshaftdepends the throttleopeningposition. E. 4. 8nd E PGitions (Forward Range) . The forwardclutchdrivesthe drive pulleyshaft. engaged StartClutch: engaged ForwardClutch: ReverseBrake:released The hydraulicpressureis appliedto the forward clutch and the stan clutch. .E. The drivenpulleyshaftdrivesthe secondary drivengear.

1. .Description Power Flow (cont'd) E Po$ition . 4. of The carrierassemblydrivesthe drive pulleyshaft via the forward clutchdrum. and the drive pullevshaft drivesthe drivenpulleyshaft linkedby the steelbelt. Poweris transmitted the secondary to drivengear. INPUTSHAFT STARTCLUTCH FINAL DRIV€ SECONDARY DRIVEN GEAR !il FINALDRIVEN GEAB 14-170 . DRIVEPULLEY DRIVE PULLEY STEELBELT BEVERSE BRAKE CARRIER ASSEMBLY 2 3. StartClutcht engaged ForwardClutch:released Reverse Brake: engaged pressure appliedto the reverse The hydraulic is brakeand the startclutch. The drivenpulleyshaftdrivesthe secondary drive gearvia the startclutch.and the piniongearsrevolvearoundthe sun gear. .The carrierassembly rotatesin the oppositedirection from tne rotatron direction the sun gear.which drivesthe final drivengear.The sun gear drivesthe pinrongears.

as the result.ry Gelr Sh. pressure basedon the engine'snegative hvdraulic the startclutch = I E z z z S@ond.the TCM increases pulleyratioto the originalratio clutch{if the IVC is on} and the TCM sendsa signalto the ECMto cut off the A. the designed speedand retains the increase pulleyratio.which. ControlModule (TCM). sensors. in pressure memorized the E position. behindthe kickpanelon the driver'sside belowthe dashboard.ControlSystem Electronic and a three ljnearsolenoids. The TCM is located when the vehicleis to The TCM controlsthe transmtsston reduceenginespeedand retainthe engine'scoolingefficiency drivenwith full throttleacceleration p t t t.reduces engine the the the vehiclehasbeendrjvenat a lowerenginespeedfor a while. of controlsystemconsists the Transmission The electronic underall conditions controlled Shiftingis electronically inhibitorsolenoid. let the start clutchfunctionproperly. For smooth starting is increases enginespeedto 900 rpm when the transmission shiftedto the E position the the TCM regulates To The start clutchfunctionsto make smooth (cont'd) 14-171 ./C in the E position. y l f t h e v e h i c l ei s c o n t i n u o u s l d r i v e na t f u l l t h r o t t l ea c c e l e r a t i o nh e T C M r e g u l a t e sh e p u l l e yh y d r a u l i c r e s s u r eo After coolingefficiency.

Description ElectronicControl System (cont'd) Circuit Diagram and Terminal Locations IGNITION SWIICH L]NEANSOLENOIO SIAFTCLUICN CONTsOL LINEAFSOLENOID 3 SC1 6 F TXD/NXD SIlIFTCONTROL L]NEARSOLENOID = I rM8 sNAKE SWIICN l\__ +B 8RA(EL]GHT i\- rcr 2 14 3 16 11 5 1 I I 10 t l 12 23 25 1 12 2 '14 5 6 I I s to 20 20 1 7 l8 \ 14-172 .

the start the main valve body. are solenoidvalveand the linearsolenoids. pressure the drive pulley.Control Hydraulic The ATF pump is drivenby the by controlsystemis controlled the ATF pump.and to valveto maintainspecified ATF pump flows throughthe PH regulator valve. VALVEBODY LOWER ASSEMELY TION VALVE 1+173 .and the solenoids.the PL regulator includes The lower valve bodv assembly valvebody.which also regulates pressure. increases to inhibitor the This shonensthe shift speedby releasing reverse the which increases high (PH)pressure.and the pitot regulator the the The main valvebody contains PHcontrolvalVe. controlledby the TCM.the spring is compressed. Pitot RegulatorValve when the electron with the enginespeed.the valves.The ATF pump and the input shaft are linkedby the ATF pump drive chain and the sprockets. The hydraulic The inhibitor input shaft. valveand opensthe fluid leak This movesthe lubrication sureis too high. controlpressure valve. Fluidfrom the which are locatedon their valve body. the manual valve body. kick-down. {SC)in accordance the valvecontrols startclutchpressure The pitot regulator ic controlsvstemjs faulty. clutchcontrolvalvebody.the shift valve body. pressure from the inhibitorsolenoid lRl) LubricationValve pressure.the driven pulley. and supcontrolpressure (PHC) accordance with the PH-PL in The pH controlvalvesuppliesPHcontrolpressure PH it At PH plies pH control pressure the PH regulatorvalve. Whenthe preslubrication pressure eachshaft and maintains to valvecontrolsthe lubrication The Iubrication passage.and the secondary Main ValveBody valve. valve. lubrication PH Control Valve (HLC).

Description Hydraulic Gontrol(cont'dl SecondaryValve Body The secondary valve body contains valve. valveand the pitot lubrication VALVE STARTCLUTCH \ VALVE SECONDARY BOOY VALVE SHIFTINHIBITOR VALVE REDUCING CLUTCH VAL PH REGULATOR fi 1i 1 alsosuppliesclutchreducingpressure to pipe. .1 7 4 L . the PH regulator and the shift inhibitorvalve. PH Regulatol Valve The PH regulatorvalve maintainshydraulicpressure to suppliedfrom the ATF pump. and suppliesPH pressure the hydraulic is valve by the PH control controlcircuitand the lubrication circuit.and the inhibitorsolenoid Start Clutch Valve Accumulator pressure The startclutchvalveaccumulator stabilizes hydraulic the that is supplied the startclutch. to Shift lnhibitor Valve The shift inhibitorvalveswitches fluid passage switchthe startclutchcontrolfrom electronic the to controlto hydraulic (CR) the pitot regulator controlwhen the electronic controlsystemis faulty.the shift controlvalve.the start ciutchvalve accumulator.the clutchreducingvalve.PH pressure regulated the PH regulator at (PHC) pressure from the PHcontrolvalve. pressure supplies signalpressure the PH-PL valve. Clutch ReducingValve The clutchreducing valve receives pressure PH from the PH regulator valveand regulates clutchreducingpressure the (CR) the manualvalveand the startclutchcontrolvalve.and The clutchredLrcing valvesupplies clutchpressure to lCR). to controlvalve.

The start clutchconThe startclutchcontrolvalvecontrolsstartclutchengagement by which is controlled the TcM. (HLC) the PH controlvalveto regulate pressure PH to by which is controlled the TCM' controllinearsolenoid. . by trol valveis controlled the stan clutchcontrollinearsolenoid. Start Clutch Control Valve Body the The startclutchcontrolvalve body contains start clutchcontrolvalve. Also.the inhibitorsolenoid the reverse The inhibitorsolenoidcontrols (Rl) pressure to the PH controlvalve The inhibitorsolenoidis con(PHC) applyingreverse inhibitor by controlpressure trolledby the TCM. CONTROL STARTCLUTCH LINEARSOLENOID CONIROL STARTCLUTCH VALVE SOLENOID INHIBITOR PL REGULATOR VALVEBODY VALVEBOOY LOWER ASSEMBLY PL REGULATOR VALVE PH.The PH-PL The pH-pLcontrolvalve controlsthe PL regulator conThe PH-PL pH-pLcontrolpressure higherthan PL pressure. controlpressure by is The PL pressure controlled the PH-PL PH-PLControl Valve controlvalve supplies to valve according enginetorque.Both are ioinedto the startclutchcontrollinear solenoid. PL RegulatorValve (PL) the pulleyto eliminate steelbelt slippage' to low pressure valvesupplies The PL regulator (HLC). by trol valveis controlled the PH-PL lnhibitorSolenoid controlsPH inhibitorvalveby turningon and off.which is joined with the PH-PL valve and the PH-PL the PL regulator valve body contains The pL regulator valvebody The inhibitorsolenoidis boltedon the PL regulator controllinearsolenoid. Start Clutch Control Valve to according the throttleopening.PLCONTROL LINEARSOLENOID (cont'd) 14-175 ) .PL RegulatorValve Body controlvalve.

ManualValve The manualvarvemechanicaty uncovers/covers fruid passage the according the shift reverposition. e Shift Valve The shift valve is controlledby shift valve pressure (SV)from the shift control valve.the shift controlvalveswitchesthe shift inhibitor valveto uncoverthe pon leadingthe pitot regulator pressure the startclutch. ho . 6 REVERSE INHIBITOR .Description Hydraulic Control (cont'dl Shift Valve Body The shiftvalvebody contains shift valveand the shift controlvalve.The manualvalvebody is boltedto the intermediate using.The shjft valve distributes pH pressure and PL pressure drive pulleyand the drivenpulley. to ReverseInhibitor Valve The reverseinhibitorvalve is controlledby the reverseinhibitorpressure (Rt).The shift control valve is controlledby the shift control linearsolenoid. to SHIFTCONTROL LOWER VALVEBODY ASSEMBLY CONTROL VALVE VALVEBODY Manual Valve Body The manualvalvebody contains the manualvalveand the reverse shift the transmission.1 7 6 .lt intercepts hydraulic the circuitto the reverse brakewhile the vehicleis movingforwardat speeds over approximately mph (10km/h). MANUALVALVE BODY 14. wnen tne electronic controlsystemis faultv. to . Shift ControtValve The shift controlvalve controlsthe shift valve in accordance with the throftleopeningand vehiclespeed. which is controlledoy tne rcv.Bothare joined the to the shift controllinearsotenoid.


1 4-1 7 A . pressure not appliedto the clutches hydraulic is and reverse brake.and the shift controlvalve. (PH)becomes clutchreducingpressure The high pressure the {CR)at the clutchreducing to the shift valveand the pL reguhigh pressure lator valve.and send.The PH regulator valveregulates (pH).At this time. by Underthis condition.and is intercepted thosevalves.the manualvalve. the pulleyratio remainslow.the PH-PL controlvalve.The low pressure pressure (PL)flows to the movableface of the drive pulleyvia the shift valve.Description Hydraulic Flow (cont'dl llj Position As the engineturns.the ATF pump also startsto operate.The clutchreducingpres_ sure{CR) flows to the startclutchcontfolvalve.The high pressure (PH)flows to the movableface of the driven pulleyvia the shift valve. Fluidfrom the ATF pump flows to the PH regulator valveand the clutchreducing valve.and turns into low (PL)at the PL regulatorvalve.

and the clutchreducing {PL).Start clutchpressure (CC)becomesstart clutch pressure Clutchcontrol pressure clutch the start to aoolied the startclutchto engage (contd 14-179 .E position. (PH). The flow of fluid up to the drive pulley. Also.the drivenpulley. and becomesclutch control (SC)is (SC)at the shift inhibitorvalve. at low speed range The valve is the same as in E position. in" "tut"t reducingpressure The forwardclutchthen drivesthe drive pulleyshaft. low pressure pressure and the drive pulieyreceives high the pulleyratio is low because drivenpulleyreceives (CR)flows throughthe manualvalveto the forwardclutch.then forwardclutchis engaged.which drivesthe drivenpulleyshaft' pressure(CC). clutch reducingpressure(CB)flows to the start clutch control valve.

and uncovers coversthe port to stop high pressure (PL)to the pulleys. this time.the shift controllinearsolenoidis activated the TCM.olvalve.Description HydraulicFlow (cont'dl lll position. NOTE:When used.Shift valvepressure valvebecomes (SV)flows shift valvepressure to the left end of the shift valve.Clutchreducingpressure (CR) shift valve pressure from the clutchreducing (SV)at the shift cont.The shift by controllinearsolenoidcontrolsthe shift controlvalveto activate (SV). the pulleyratiois in the middle.the shift valveto the right side and positioning in the middleof its travel.The shift valve it (PH)to the pulleys. at middle spe€d range As the speedof the vehiclereaches prescribed the value. the port leadinglow pressure (PL). The drive pulleyand the drivenpulleyreceive low pressure At Pressure remainsto applythe forwardclutchand the stan clutch."left" or "right" indicates direction the hydraulic on circuit. $ 14-180 .

The pulleyratio is high low pressure en pulleyreceives Pressure remains applythe forwardclutchand the startclutch.The shift valve uncovers (PH)and the driv(PLlto the driven pulley. at high speed range value. to "|eft" or "right" indicates circuit directionon the hydraulic NOTE:When used.E position.The drive pulleyreceives high pressure uncovers pon leadinglow pressure the (PL).The shift valve movesto the right side compared its to increase shift valvepressure (PH)to the drive pulley and the port leadinghigh pressure positionat the middle pulteyratio. (cont'd) 14-181 .the shift controllinearsolenoidmovesthe shift controlvalveto the As the speedof the vehiclereaches prescribed (SVl at the left end of the shift valve.

and the clutchreducing valve is the same as in E position.Clutchreducingpressure leadsreversebrakepressure (CR)becomesreversebrakepressure to at {RVS) the manualvalve. The reverse brakeis engaged. The pulleyratio is low because drivenpulleyreceives (pH)and the drive pulleyreceives the high pressure (pL).and flows to the reverse brake. low pressure The manualvalve is shiftedinto the E position.The inhibitorsolenoid turns off by meansof the TCM.and uncovers pon that the (RVS) the reversebrake.The reverse inhibitorvalvemovesto the left side.Description HydraulicFlow (cont'dl lll position The flow of fluid up to the drive pulley.and reverse (Rl)is applied inhibitorpressure to the right end of the reverse inhibitorvalve. \ 14-182 .the driven pulley. NOTE:When used. and it locksthe ring gear.and it uncovers the port that leadsreverse (RVS) the brakepressure to reverse inhibitorvalve."1eft"or "right" indicates direction the hvdraulic on circuit.

The reverseinhibitor (RVS) not appliedto is brakepressure (RVS) the reversebrakefrom the manualvalve."left" or (cont'd) 14-183 .the inhibitorsolenoid lf the E positionis selected (Rl) is not appliedto the reverseinhibitorvalve as the inhibitorpressure doesn. on direction the hydraulic NOTE:When used. and Doweris not transmjtted the reverse the reverse "right" indicates circuit.Reverse to reverse brakepressure direction.Lll position FeveBe lnhibitor Control while the vehicleis moving forward at speedsover 6 mph (10 kmlh). to brake. Reverse valve is kept on the right side.tturn off by meansof the TCM. and coversthe port to stop reverseinhibitor solenoidturns on.

and the shift controlvalve.and the clutch reducingvalve is the same as in E position.Description Hydraulic Flow(cont'dl El position The flow of fluid up to the drive pulley.and is Clutchreducingpressure intercepted thosevalves. 14-144 . by Underthis condition. (CR)flows to the stan clutchcontrolvalve.the driven€ manualvalve. pressure not appliedto the clutches hydraulic is and reverse brake.

the manualvalve. the pulley ratio is high.and the shift controlvalve.and uncovers end of the pitot regulator (SC)at the (PR) the shift inhibitorvalve. is usesthe pitot pipe pressure When the electronic controlsystem(linearsolenoids and sensors) faulty.and shift valve pressure ing pressure the left end of the shift valve and the right end of the shift inhibitorvalve.E po3ition.and (PL)to (PH)to the drive pulleyand uncovers the port that leadslow pressure uncovers the port that leadshigh pressure pulley. when the electroniccontrol system is taulty."left" or "right" indicates direction the hydraulic on circuit. appliedto the forwardclutch.the PH-PL controlvalve.The pitot regulator valve movesto the right side.Clutchreduc(SV)is appliedto (CR)becomesshift valve pressure (SV)at the shift controlvalve.The pitot lubrication pipe discharges fluid entersinto the pitot pipe and it is appliedto the left fluid insideof the pitot flange. (cont'd) 14-185 .The start clutch This allowsthe vehicleto drive. The shift inhibitorvalve movesto the left side.The shift valve movesto the right side. NOTE:When used.clutchreducingpressure When all linearsolenoids and sensors off because a faulty electronic are of {CR) flows to the startclutchcontrolvalve. to controlsystem.the transmission (PP) allow the vehicleto drive.Pitot regulatorpressure pressure start clutchpressure regulator to {PR)becomes (FWD)is is engaged.and uncovers the the driven (Sl)to the pitot lubrication port that leadsshift inhibitorpressure pipe and the pitot regulator valve.and discharged the pon that leadspitot valve. The forward clutch pressure shift inhibitorvalve.and the forwardclutchis engaged.At this time.and is appliedto the start clutch.

Reverse (Rl)is appliedto the right end of the reverseinhibitorvalve because inhibitorpressure of a faulty inhibitorsolenoid.Description HydraulicFlow (cont'dl E position. when the electroniccontrol system is faulty.and the startclutchis the sameas in E position.The reverseinhibitorvalve moves to the left side. The flow offluid up to the drive pulley.This allowsthe vehicle to drive in reverse. The reverse brakeis engagedand locksthe ring gear. The manualvalve is shiftedinto the E position.and it uncovers (RVS) the the port that leadsreversebrakepressure to reverse inhibitorvalve. 14-186 . and uncoversthe port that leadsreverse brakepressure(RVS) the reversebrake.the drivenpulley.and flows to the reverse brake.Clutchreducingpressure(CR)becomesreversebrakepressure(RVS) the to at manualvalve."left" or "right" indicates direction the hydraulic on circuit. NOTE:When used.

The secondary integralwith the with the final drivengear. at the parkingcone (installed the end of the parkingbrakerod) to pressthe parkingbrake Shiftingto E positioncauses gear. Even it the end of the parkingbrakepawl rides on the top of the parkinggear teeth.slight pawl onto the parking movementof the vehiclewill causethe parkingbrake pawl and the parkinggear to mesh with each other completely the because parkingbrakecone receives tensionfrom the parkingbrakerod spring.The parkingbrakepawl receives the the the tension(whichactsto separate parkjngbrakepawl from the parkinggear)from the parkingpawl spring. ART CLUTCH PARKING GEAR PARKINGBRAKEROD PARKING BRAKE PAWL PARKING BRAKE RODSPRING 14-187 .Mechanism Brake Parking by locksthe transmission engagingthe parkingbrakepawl with the parkinggear which is The parkingbrakemechanism drivengear which engages with the secondary drive gear engages secondary drive gear.



i.. ?t T l 'lFr 'i Fl --l+--++ . 4 E 7 8 I 10 23 11 ..8l. I 2 13 14 t 5 6 16 7 18 8 9 10 14 1 5 l6 1 7 TCM A {26P)Conn€ctor 20 2 5 26 20 T C M ..^T.T"T 1P 1ts I | | | | I I I t.T T".I.K BRN/BL( | I BRN/BLK I l A 4 l A 1 7l A 1 3 l A 2 6 RED/BLU I T T I J ..*.rr.o. T*t* I *-I*T*^.t.INEAR SOLENOID s0LEN0r0 | t _o : - _o_ : G101 L l G101 Locations TCMTerminal X 1 . wHT I WHT/REDI PNK/8LK I PNK/BLU I GRNTYEL I GRN/BLK t t a L--.1 L---l I BLK I I I I P K/BLK I PNK/8LU I GRNIYEL I G8N/BLK 8RN/BLK BLK SECONDARY PH_PT DNNE PULLEY DRIVEN PUI-LEY CONTROL GEAR SHAFT SPEEO SENSOR SPEED SENSOR SPEED SENSOR LINEAR SOLENOID START CLUTCH CONIROL LINEAR SOLENOID SHIFT CONTROT I.l I i LOJ L C @ @ @ @ l F l .. T .r..Bl 2 2 P ) C o n n e c l o r 14-191 .T.. T T lTI T T T T.

1OV I n L Ep o s i t i o n : 0 V I : I n o t h e rt h a n E p o s i t i o nA p p r o x .0 V posation: Always banery voltage 424 With ignitionswitch ON (ll): Batteryvoltage With ignition switch OFF|0 V 426 14-192 . V 1O gear positionswitchE or E Ay'T I n E o r E p o s i t i o no V r A/Tgearposition switch position lg s i g n a li n p u t gear positionswitch E position A..7 V Enginedling.4 V Engineidling./T In other than N or E position:Approx. 0. p o s i t i o n : E Aoorox. i Enginedling./T switch position I nL l l p o s i t i o n :V E In otherthanE position: Approx.lll positionl Approx. l positionl i E inerunningPulsing ignal : s gear positionswitch L! position Ay'T In i!.1position:0 V In other than E position: 410 411 0 I nE Jp o s i t i o n :V ln otherthanE position: Approx. ADorox. i Aoprox./ I 2 I 26 1 2 14 15 L) TCM-A(26P1 Connoctor TCM CONNECTOR A {26P} TerminalNumbor TCM.5.Bl22PlConnector Measuring Conditions/Terminal Voltage Start clutch control linearsolenoid PH PL control linear solenoidpower Shift control linear solenoidpower E n g i n ei d l i n g .6.0.0 V E n g i n ei d l i n g . 10 V indicatorlight OFF:0 V PH-PL control linearsolenoidDower Shift control linearsolenoidpower Enginedling.TGM TerminalVoltage/Measuring Gonditions --r- TCM Torminal Locations a 6 7 20 10 1 7 l8 1 2 3 4 la 15 16 11 1 I 20 r0i11 12 23.1 OV \ With ignition switch ON 1ll):Batteryvoltage wirh switch OFF|0 V A13 Start clutch control linearsolenoid A15 A16 417 A18 A19 E indicatorlighr control indicatorlight comes on: Approx. V 1O 0 gearposition A.

voltage 820 821 822 14-193 .0V (dependingon s engine peed) With ignitionswitch ON (ll) and throttlefully open: 4 .0.4 . 2 . 5 s With engine idling: Approx. 5 .5.0 oN with ignition I Servicechecksignal With ignition switch ON (ll) and servicecheckcon nectoropen: Approx.{ B TCM CONNECTOR (22P) Terminal Number Me6suring Conditions/Terminal Voltag€ With inhibitorsolenoidONr Batteryvoltage O s W i t h i n h i b i t o r o l e n o i d F F : 0V V W i t h i g n i t i o n w i t c hO N ( l l ) :A p p r o x . 1. 1 4.44.56V With ignitionswitch ON (ll) and rotatingfront wheelsi0-SVcycle With ignition switch ON (ll):Pulsingsignal With ignition switch ON (ll)rPulsingsignal B1 82 B3 B4 (MAP) Manilold AbsolutePressure sensorsignal input Throttle PositionlTP) sensorsignal input B5 B6 B7 B8 Driven pulley speedsensorsignal 810 B tl Drive pulley speedsensorsignal Data communicationwith ECMI control data oLltput Transmission Datacommunicationwith EcM: PGIM-Fl control data input : s I n o t h e rt h a n E a n d E p o s i t i o nP u l s i n g i g n a l ln other than position. 4 2V With ignitionswitch ON (ll) and throttlefully closed:0. S V With ignition switch ON (ll) and servicecheckconwith specialtool: 0 V nectorconnected Depending vehiclespeed:Pulsingsagnal on When vehicleis stopped:0 V 815 816 817 818 819 Secondarygear shaft speedsensor s i g n a li n p u t Secondarygear shaft speedsensor Parkingbrakeswitch signal input p a r k i n g r a k el e v e rp u l l e d : 0V b rkinq brakelever released: A s W i t h i g n i t i o n w i t c hO N ( l l ) : p p r o x .Pulsingsignal 812 813 814 SCS Brakeswitch signal input Batteryvoltage With brakepedal depressedr V released:0 With brake v switch (ll):Approx.

Make note of the beforeremovingthe fuseso you can resetthem. Also checkand note trame data. to fuse/relay for more than 10seconds resetthe box BACKUPfuse (7. Connect the HondaPGM Testeror an OBD ll ScanTool to the 16PData Link Conneclor k i c kp a n e l . 3.Procedures Troubleshooting l.then recheck.5A) in the under-hood the NOTE:Disconnecting BACKUP tuse also cancelsthe radio presetstationsand the clock setting. Turn the ignitionswitchON (ll). use the appropriate proorem. Whenthe E indicator (DLC)locatednearthe left 1.disconnect problemswill also makethe E indicatorlight come on. 2. After repairing Some PGM-Fl TCM memory. operating NOTE:SeetheOBDll ScanToolor HondaPGMTesteruser'sman uals for specific the the PGM-Fl system. o0\-/oo INOICATOR LIGXT instructions. light hascome onl A. the freeze Referto the DiagnosticTrouble Code Chan and begintroubleshooting. radiopresets TOoL or OBDtl SCAN HONDA PGMTESTER I16PI OATALINKCONNECTOR 14-194 . Checkthe DTC and note it. How To Begin Troubleshooting procedurebelow to diagnoseand repairthe When the E indicatorlight has been reportedon.

then recheck.c DTC15 the the PGN4-Fl system.One long blink equals10 short blinks..Codes10 and aboveare indicated a seriesof long and shon Codesl through9 are indicated individual the code.disconnect problemswill also makethe E indicatorlight come on.l S. systemSymptom-to-Component miningthe code.t blinkt {fiv. After repairing Some PGM-Fl to fuse/relav box for more than 10 seconds resetthe TCM memory. DTCS (2P)is located as the SCS serviceconnectorto ServiceCheckConnector shown. BACKUP fuse (7.5A) in the under-hood (cont'd) 14-195 .referto the electrical Shon blink {onc. will be indicated the blinkingof the E indicatorlight with the SCSservice by B.Connect connector connected.c DlC2 Long blink Sho.After deterblinks.Add the long and shon blinkstogetherto determine Charton pages14-198 and 14-199. tim6l S.) underthe dashon the passenger's CONNECTOR I2PI 07PAZ @101tX) CONNECTOR by by short blinks. (The ServiceCheckConnector Turn the ignitionswitchON (ll) side of the vehicle. DYCI S.

from the wire side untilcomesin contact with the terminalend of the wire. How to use the BackprobeSet Connect the backprobe adapters the stackingpatchcords. removethe driver'sside kickpanel. or equivalent ADAPTER CORD 14-196 . BACKPROBE SET 07sAz (x)1000A (two roquiredl DIGITAL MULTIMETER rv. lf the inspection a particularcode requiresvoltageor resistance for checksat the TCM connectors.Turn the ignitionswitchOFF.Unboltthe TCM.and connect the backprobe setsand a digital multimeter described as below.Check systemaccording the procedure the to described the appropriate for code(s) listedon the followingpages. to Usingthe wire insulation a guide for the contoured of the backprobe as gently slidethe tip into the connector tip adapter.and connectthe cordsto a multimeter.ilablol lCommcrcirlly KS-AHM-32-003.Troubleshooting Procedures (cont'd) C.

The TCM can also be cleared usingthe OBDll ScanTool or HondaPGMTester. TCM ResetProcedure 1. 2.and set the radiopresets 14-197 . Reset TCM. Turn the ignitionswitchoff. Disconnecting BACKUP fuse also cancels radio presetstationsand the clocksetting. R e m o v eh e B A C K Pf u s e( 7 . 5 ) f r o m t h e u n d e rh o o df u s e / r e l ab o x f o r l 0 s e c o n d s t or e s e t t h e T C M .5 FUSE A) .Makenote of the radio the the presets beforeremovingthe fuse so you can resetthem BACK UP (7. y A 2 . Disconnect OBD ll ScanTool or HondaPGMTesterfrom the DataLink Connector Connector. 4. t U NOTEI . Turn the ignitionswitchoff. removethe special or tool the 3. Turn the ignitionswitchON (ll). the (16P). FinalProcedure must be done afterany troubleshooting.ll. NOTE:This procedure 1. by OBO ll SCAN TOOL ol PGMTESTER LINK CONNECTOB DATA I16P) lll. from the Service Check and clocksetting.

14-198 . flareson startingoff./T Faulty Aft gear positionswitch Disconnected ignitioncoil connector Shortor open in ignitioncoil wire F a u l t yg n i t i o n o i l i c Disconnected pres. 14 201 Blinks 14 202 OFF 14-204 P0725 (1 ) 1 Blinks Pooracceleration. manitoldabsolute sure(I/AP) sensorconnector Shon or open in MAP sensor wire FaultyMAP sensor Disconnected solenoidharness connecror Shortor open in shift controllinear solenoid wire Faultyshift controllinearsolenoid Disconnected solenoidharness connector S h o no r o p e ni n P H . .Symptom-to-Component Chart ElectricalSystem Diagnostic Indicaror Trouble Code E Lig t h (DTC)* Symptom E n g i n er p m d o e s n o t i n c r e a s e . No specitic symptomappears. 14-200 . flareson staningoff. Pooracceleration. P1791 (4) P'1705 15) P'1706 (6) Blinks . Blinks 't4-209 Pooracceleration. 14-206 P1793 \121 Blinks . flareson startingoft. Transmission shiftssameas E positionin any positions.P L o n t r o l i n e a r c solenoid wire FaultyPH-PL controllinearsolenoid Disconnected solenoidharness con nector Shortor open in startclutchcontrol linearsolenoid wire Faultystartclutchcontrollinear solenoid Disconnected solenoidharness connector Shon or open in inhibitor solenoid wtre F a u l t yn h i b i t os o l e n o i d i r Refer to Page P1790 (3) Blinks Transmission does not change to higher ratio. No specific symptomappears. Transmission shiftssameas @ positionin any positions. P1882 (33) Blinks 't4-2't 1 The DTCS parentheses the numberof the E indicatorlight blinkswhen the service in {DTC)*: are checkconnector conis nected with the special tool (SCSService Connector). P1 8 7 9 (32) Blinks 't4-210 No specific symptomappears. flareson starting off. Transmission does not kick- \ Possible Cause Disconnected throttleposition(TP) sensorconneclor Shortor open in TP sensorwire Faulty sensor TP Disconnected vehiclespeedsensor (VSS) connector Shortor open in VSSwire Faulty VSS Shortin A/T gear positionswitchwire gear positionswitch Faulty A"/T Disconnected gear positionswitch A/T connector gear positionswitchwire Openin A. Blinks 14-207 P1870 (30) 14-208 P1873 (31 ) Pooracceleration.

flares on starting off. P1655 l31l Blinks 14-215 P1890 \421 P1891 (43) Blinks Blinks flareson Pooracceleration. 14-217 14-214 checkconneclorrs con(DTC)*: are in The DTCS parentheses the numberol the E indicatorlight blinkswhen the service Connector).performan inspection lf the self-diagnostic indicator E SymPtom afterignitionswitch light does not come on lor two seconds E indicaror is firstturn on {ll). (not blinking) the ignition whenever light is on constantly @ indicator switchis on (ll). the recheck DTC.F ls y s t e ma c c o r d i n go t h e D T c . will be necessary recreate symptom by test driving. Poor acceleration. 14-199 ) . starting Poor acceleration. Poorcreeping powerwith brake pedalreleased.h o o d t Drivethe vehiclefor severalminutesat a speedover 30 mph (50 km/h). so. repairthe Indicator light and the Malfunction . Inspection Ref. lf lamp (MlL)may come on simultaneously.then fuse/relay box for more than 10 seconds. lhe to the . Sometime E indicator the p G M . t h e n r e s e tt h e m e m o r y b y r e m o v i n gt h e B A C KU P f u s e i n t h e u n d e r . Blinks 14-213 .flares on starting otf. tool (SCSService with the special nected to according the table below lighr does not blink. Faultyshift controlsystem Faultystartclutchcontrolsystem Referto Page P1885 (34) Blinks 14-212 P1886 (35) . flareson starting off. It a customerdescribed symptomfor code P1706 the then recheck DTC. Pooracceleration.Diagnostic E Indicator Trouble Code Light (DTCT Symptom flareson Pooracceleration. P1888 (36) Blinks 14-214 . startingoff. Cause Possible drive pulleyspeedsenDisconnected sor connector speed Shon or open in drive PulleY sensotwire Faultydrive pulleyspeedsensor drivenpulleyspeedsenDisconnected sor connecror speed Shon or open in drivenPUlley wire sensor Faultydrivenpulleyspeedsensor gear shaft secondarY Disconnected connecror speecl sensor gearshaft Shortor open in secondary speedsensorwtre gearshaftspeed Faultysecondary sensor Shortor open in TMA wire between 87 terminaland ECIVI Shon or open in TMB wire between86 t e r m i n aa n d E C M l FaultyECM TCM Faulry . page 14-220 14-222 NOTE: (5).

T u r n t h e i g n i t .Throttle Position (Tp) Sensor . ff necossary. 4. Measu. 3 . Sef-diagnosisE indicaior light blinks threo times. PossibleCause . .6V? Repairopen in the whe betwoen the 84terminal and the TP sensor. Chocklor loos6 TCM connectoB. . Code or MIL Blinking: '1. Turn the ignition switchON (ll). 2. Short or open in TP sensorwire . TCM CONNECTORS l26Pl WHT/RED WIRESIDEOF FEMAI-E TERMINALS ls thereapprox. RED/BLK ls there0.les Code P1790. Disconnoct€dthrottle Dosition (TP)sensorconnecior . MeasureVREFVohage: 'L Turn the ignitionswitchOFF. OBD ll ScanTool indic. o n w i t c hO N s flr). Checkwhetherthe OBD scan tool indicates anothercode or the Malfunction Indicator Lamp (see lMlL)blinks section 11). Doesthe OBDllscan tool indicate anothercode isthe MILblink or ing? Repairthe PGM-Flsystem lse€ section111.e TPS Voltagel Measurethe voltage between the B4 and A13 or A26 terminals. FaultvTP sonsor CheckIor Anothe. Measure the voltagebetween the 820 and A13 or 426 terminals. V? 5 Repair op6n or short in the wir6 betweenthe 820 terminal and the ECM. Disconnect A (26P)and B the P 1 2 2 ) c o n n e c t o r sf r o m l h e TCM.4-0. 2.Electrical Troubleshooting TroubleshootingFlowchart . substitute a knowngood TCM and recheck.

Blockthe otherwheelso it does not turn. lf wire is OK. check rh. Sor-di. Raiso vehicle. Shift the transmissionto E posrt|on.ction 23 tor vehicle spood 3ensor {VSSI t6t. Short or ooan in VSS wile . and B 3. Faulty VSS Refol to s.aubltituto t known' good TcM rnd rechock. . ON switch lll) 4. Set tho pa*ing brake socurgly. 2. Codo P1791. OBD ll Scan Tool indicare. 14-201 . . Rotate the tront wheel and checkfor the voltage between the 85 and A13 or A26 terminals. Disconnectthe A 126P) ( 2 2 P )c o n n e c t o r sf r o m t h e TCM. vss voh.i PossibleCause . Mak6 3ure lifts. Di3connected vehicls sPeed ienaor (VSSIconnectol .and salety stands aro plsced properly lseo section 1l .gnotb E indhttor light blink3lour tim. iacks.go: the 1. chock the VSS (see 3€ction23).and block the rear wh6el3. ll nacaaarry. Chack for loo3o TCM connoctoG.Flowchart VehicleSpeedSensor(VSSI Troubleshooting .and supPort it with salety 3tands' TCM CONNECTORS TERMINALS WIRESIDEOF FEMALE Check lor open in the wiro botwean tho 85 torminal and the vehiclo speod sen30r (vSSl. Turnthe ignition 5. . Jack up the front of the vehicl€.

Selt-diagnosis indicator tight @ blinksfive timos. T u r n t h e i g n i t i o ns w i t c hO N ( ). Measure voltagebetween the the A9 and A13 or 426 rerminals. or a short in tho wires botween th€ A/T gear position indicator and the A/T gear position switch. check for loose TCM connoctors. nals. lf nocessary.Electrical Troubleshootin g Troubleshooting Flowchart A/T GearpositionSwitch (Shortl .r position indicator: 1 . Checkthe wire harnesstor demage.echeck.10V? To page14'203 14-202 . E. lI wires are OK. OBD ll ScanTool indicatesCodo P1705. ll necessary. Shift to all positions other t h a nE o r E . tr. WIRESIOEOF FEMALE TERMINALS ls thereapprox. Check for short in lhe wi. position separately. ll wiro is OK. 2. Shiftto all positions otherthan 2. substilute a known-good TCM and roch€ck. Check for short in the wire bstwoon the Ag terminal and the A/T gear position switch. TCM CONNECTOR I26P} A Mersure ATP R Voltagel 1.Short in A/T gear position switch wire .l0 V? Check for short in th6 wiro between lhe A10 terminal and the A/T g€ar position indicator. FeuttyA/T gear pGition switch NOTE:Code5 is caused when the TCM recerves two gear posilioninputsat the Observethe A/T 9€.than 2. check lor loose TCM connectoG. 2. PossibleCause . ll wire is OK. Shittto all positions othe.10V? Measure ATP NP Voltagei 1. check for loose TCM connectors. substitute a known-goodTCM and .substitute a known-goodTCM and r€check. . Do any indicators stay on when the shift lever is not in that position? The syslem is OK at this tim€. Measure the voltagebetween the Al 1 and A13or 426 terminals.e betwoenthe A11terminal and tho A/T gear position switch or A/T gear position indicator. MeasureATP D Vohago: 1. Observe A/T gear position the a n d i c a t o ra n d s h i f t t o e a c h . ls thereapprox. ls thereapprox. lf neces3ary. Measure voltagebetween the the 410 and A13 or 426 termi.

ls thereapprox.r po3ilion switch or the A/T goar position indicrtor. substitute a known_ good TCM and rechock. TERMINALS WIRESIDEOF FEMALE Check lor sho* in the wire between tho A8 tolminal and the A/T lf wile is OK. Measurethe voltage between the Ag and A13 or A26 termi Check for short in the wile betwoen the A? terminal and the A/T gear po3ition switch or the A/f gear pGition indicttor. lf wirc is OK.10V? Checktor looso TCM connoctors.Frompage14-202 A TCM CONNECTOR (26P} M. check for loose TCM conn€ctors.ry. ls thereapprox.10V? MoasureATP L voltager otherthan 1. Shittto all positions 2. Measurethe voltage between the A7 and A13 or A26 terminats.subditute a known-goodTCM and rc. It neco$ary. ll necessery. lf noc€asi. E. Shjftto all positions 2.substitute a known-goodTcM and roch€ck ts.ssur6 ATP S Vohage: otherthan 1. 14-203 . check for loo3o TCM connectors.

Dositionswitch. Self-diagnosis indicator tight E blinks six times. Measure the voltagebetween t h eA 1 0a n dA 1 3o r 4 2 6 t e r m i nals. Shiftto E position. Measure the voltagebetween t h eA 1 1a n dA 1 3o r 4 2 6 t e r m i nals.AIT Gear positionSwitch (Open) . Faulty A/T gear position switch \ MeasureATP R Voltage: 1. Measure the voltagebetween the Ag and Al3 or 426 termi nals. OBD ll Scan Tool indicatesCode P1706. 2. Shiftto E position. 2. Openin A/T gearpositionswitch . Shiftto E or E position. position switch. Repairopen in tho wire between the Ag torminal and the A/T gea.Electrical Troubleshooting Troubfeshooting Flowchart. ON 2. MeasureATP D Voltage: 1. 3. MeasureATP NP Voltage: 1. . Oisconnected A/T geer position switch connector . PossibleCause . Ii To page14 205 14-204 . WIRE SIDE FEMALE OF TERMINALS Repairopen in the wire botween lhe A11 terminaland the A/T gear position switch. Bepair op6n in the wire between the A10 termineland the A/T gea. Turnthe ignition switch (ll).

Measure voltagebetween the A7 and A13 or A26 termi_ nals. the 2. Shittto E position. MeesureATP L Voltage: 1.Frcm page 14-204 A TCM CONNECTOR {26P} MeasuroATP S Voltage: 1. Repairopen in the wire between the A7 termin. good TCM and recheck. Shiftto E position. Measure the Ag and A13 or A26 termi_ nals. sub3titute a known' lf necessary. the voltagebetween 2.l and th€ A/T goar oosition switch. TERMINALS WIRESIDEOF FEMALE Repairopen in lhe wire between the A8 terminal and the A/T gear oo3iiion swilch. 14-205 . Checkfor loose TCM connectors.

Short or op6n ignition coil wire .lgnition Goil . f wire is OK. Measurethe voltage between the A5 and A13 or 426 termi.. Oisconnectedignition coil conngctor .Electrical Troubleshooting TroubleshootingFlowchart . Faulty ignition coil Maasu. 2. OBD ll ScanTool indicat€sCode P0725. sub3titute a knowngood TCM and recheck. It nec$sary. Chock tor loose TCM connector. 3. WIRESIDEOF FEMALE TERMINALS Repair open or short in the wiro between the A5 torminal and ths ignition coil. PosFibls Cause . chsck the ignhion coil tost {see section 23l. Startthe engine. Ii 14-206 . ' Selt-diagn6is E indicaior tight indicat6sCod6 'l 1.oNE Voltag6: 1. nals. Disconnect the A l26p) connector from the TCM.

diagno. V? Repair open or shon in the wire botween tho 82 terminal and tho MAP s€nsor.rnction (see (MlL) 11). Po$iblo Causo . opon ot short in ths wire botw. MAP (PBlvoltago: Measurethe voltage betweenthe 82 and A13or 426 terminals. . TCM CONNECTORS Mca3uroVREFVohtge: l. Turn the ignitionswitchON (ll). Disconnect A (26P)and B ( 2 2 P )c o n n e c t o r sJ r o m t h e TCM.i3E indicator light indicat* Cods 12. 4. OBOll ScanTool indicat$ Code P1793. V? R6pai.(MAP)Sensor Flowchart ManifoldAbsolutePressure Troubleshooting . Measurethe voltage between the 820 and A13 or A26 terminals. 3 ls thereapprox. Self. 1. MAP s€nsol Check tor Anolhor Coda or MIL Blinking: ON switch (ll). Short or opan in MAP 3on3o. lf n6ce$ary. 3ubstitut6 a known' good TCM and rech6ck. WHT/REO WIRESIOEOF F€MALETERMINALS 5 ls thereapprox. blinks section OBDllscantool indicate Doesthe another codeoristhe MILblinking? Repair PGM-Fl syltem 13663ec' tion 111. Turnthe ignition 2. Ch€cktor loo3eTCM connectors.on the 820 tolminal and rhe ECM. Turnthe ignitionswitchOFF the 2. Moasur. Checkwhetherthe OBOll scan tool indicatesanother code or IndicatorLamP the Malfr. Dilconnoctodmanitold absolute prG3u.a {MAP} sensor connoc_ lol . 3. 14-207 .

Repair loose terminal or open in the wires between the A3 and A16 terminals and the solenoid harnessconnector. Short or op6n in shift cont. 3 and the No.8 Checklor loose TCM connectors.8O? TCM CONNECTOR I26PI A o I GRN/YEL 3 a BLU/YEL 7 8 9 l 0 1 1 12 Check Shift Control Linear Solenoid for a Shon Circuit: 1. OBD ll ScanTool indicatesCode P1870. GRN/YEL M a a s u r eS h i f t C o n t r o l L i n e a r SolenoidR6istance: 1. Faulty shift control linear solcnoid SOLENOID HABNESS 8P CONNECTOR 8LU/WHT Measure Shift ControlLine. Selt-diagnosis indicator light E indicetesCod€ 30. Disconnect 8P connector the fromthe solenoid harness connector.r Solenoid Resistance lhe Solenoid at Harness Connector: 1. Measu e the resistance r beNveen No. Checkfor continuitybetween body ground and the 43 term i n a la n d t h e A 1 6 t e r m i n a l individually. 2.6. Connectthe 8P connectorto the solenoidharness connec tor.8 be'tween the A3 and A16 terminals and the body ground. Disconnect e A (26P) on th c nector from the TCM. 2. GRN/YEL TERMINAL SIDE MALETERMINALS OF ls the resistance 3. substitute a knowngood TCM and recheck.Electrical Troubleshooting TroubleshootingFlowchart . the 7 terminals ofthe solenoid har nessconnector. ll nece$ary. 2.ol linear solonoidwire . Possibl€Cau3e . . '' 11 2 4 5 I I t'Ft 17 BLU/YEL m 1 0 1 t 1 2 13 23 25 26 ls the resistance .8g? 3. 11 l5 16 1 7 20 23 26 o WIBESIDE FEMALE OF TERMINALS ls thereconlinuity? Repairshorl in the wi. Measure the resistance rJetween A3 and A16 terthe mt n a l s . Disconnectedsolenoid harness connector . 14-208 .Shift Control Linear Solenoid .

2. Measure the resastance betweenthe A2 and A15 termanals. FaultyPH-PL control linear sole_ noid Mgasure PH-PLControl Lineet Solenoid Rgsistancaal th6 SoleConn6ctor: noid Harne3s the 8P connector 1. . Measu e the resistance r betweenthe No. Connectthe 8P connectorto connecthe solenoidharness tor.l PNK/BLK t .8 ls the resistance . t .noid tor a Short Circuit: the A (26P)con1. 2.6.8 0? A TCM CONNECTOR (26P) o Check PH-PLControl Linoar Sol. Short or opon in PH_PL contol linear 3olenoidwire . Disconnect confrom the solenoidharness nector. Disconnectedsolonoid hatn8s connectol .8 ls the resistance . It nece$ary. Po$ib16Cau3e .ControlLinearSolenoid Flowchart PH-PL Troubteshooting OBD ll ScanTool indicat€sCodo P1873.80? Ropair loosa terminel or opon in ihe wires between the A2 and A'15torminals and the solonoid conn6ctor. HARNESS SOLENOID 8P CONNECTOR GRN/WHT PNK/BLK TERMINAL SIDE MALETERMINALS OF for loosa TCM connectors. Self-diagnosis indicrtor light E indicat€sCodo 31. 2 and the No. ha. 1 PNK/BLK 1 11 5 8 I 1 0 1 1 12 1 3 11 15 20 23 25 26 o R6pair 3hort in the wires between the A2 and 415 torminals and the body ground. 6 terminals the solenoid of nessconnector.6. substhuto a known_ good ICM and rech€ck. 3 a u1l] 16 1 7 GRN/WHT 20 8 9 t 0 11 12 1 3 25 26 23 3. LGRN/WHr TERMINALS OF WIRE SIDE FEMALE _J()l- Mea3ure PH-PLControl Linear Solsnoid Ro3istance: 1. 2. 14-209 . haJness Ch. Disconnect nectorfrom the TCNI. Checkfor continuitybetween body ground and the A2 ter_ minaland the A15terminal iodividually.

n Tool indicst$ Code P1879. 14-210 . Disconnectodsol. 8 terminals ofthe solenoid harnessconnector. PNK/BLU F Jr 2 3 il 5 a 15 1 6 1 7 7 8 9 10 20 I YEL 23 12 1 3 25 26 ls the resistance .6. . lf necossary.8 Checkfor loos€ TCM connsctors.l or opan in 6tart clutch control lineff solonoidwire .Electrical Troubleshooting Troubleshooting Flowchart Start ClutchControlLinearSolenoid .6 51. Selt-diagnosis indicator light E indicatesCode32. Repair looae tormin. YEL PNK/BLU TERMINAL SIDEOF MALETERMINALS ls the resistance .8 O? 3.noid harno33 connoctot 'Sho.8 O? 3. IYEL WIRESIDEOF FEMALE TERMINALS Measu.l o. Measure the resistance betweenthe A1 and 414 termrnals.6. Connectthe 8P connector to the solenoidharness connector. substitute a knowngood TCM and rechock. o 1 PNK/BLU 2 3 I 1 a t5 1 6 5 7 20 E 9 1 0 1 1 12 1 3 23 25 26 0) R6pair short in the wir6s betwoen th6 Al and A1{ lerminals and the body grcund.8 TCM CONNECTOR I26P) A Check Start Clutch Control Linear Solonoidtor a Shori Circuitr 1. Faulty 3tart clutch control lineat solenoid SOLENOID HARNESS 8P CONNECTOR Measuro Slan Clutch Control Lin€arSolenoidRosistance the at Solenoid Harness Connoqtor: 1. Checkfor continuity between body ground and the A1 terminaland the A14terminal individually. 2. wir6s botwoen th€ Al snd 414 terminals and tho solenoid htanos3connectot. Measure the resistance betweenthe No. OBOll Sc. Disconnect the A (26P)connectorfrom the TCM. PossibleCrule . 2.ol LinoarSolenoidRo3istance: 1. open in ih. 2.n Clutch Cont. Disconnect 8P connector the from the solenoidharness connector. 4 and the No.

Connectthe 8P connectorto connec_ the solenoidharness IOr.sconnect f r o m t h e s o l e n o i dh a r n e s s connector.0A? TERMINAL SIDEOF MALETERMINALS B TCM CoNNECTOR l22p) Check Inhibitor Solenoid for a Short Circuit: th 1 .7 lsthe resistance . Self-diagnosis indicator light E indicatesCode33. 14-211 . Short or open in inhibitor sol. substitute a knowngood TCM and recheck.TroubleshootingFlowchart .ultv inhibhor solenoid HARNESS SOLENOID 8P CONNECTOR M€asureInhibitorSolenoidRe3ist' a n c e a t l h e S o l e n o i dH a r n e s s Connector: the 8P connector 1. F. o. TERMINALS WIRES|OEOF FEMALE Repair3hort in the wire between the B1 and the body ground. nector 2.0{l? ReDairloose terminal or open in the wire between the Bl and the solenoidharnessconnectoa. Measu e the reslstance the between No. Disconnectedsolenoid harn6s3 connectol .' noid wi. 11. lI necessarv. r 2. D i s c o n n e c t e I ( 2 2 P )c o n from the TCM. Po$ible Cause .lnhibitor Solenoid .21. 5 terminalof connec_ the solenoidharness tor and body ground- 11.e . . OBD ll ScanTool indicatesCode P1882. Checkfor continuitybetween t h e B ' 1t e r m i n a la n d b o d y ground. Checktor loose TCM connectors.7 ls the resistance -21. r 2. Measu e the resistance betweenthe B1 and body ground. Measure lnhibhorSolenoidResisl' ance: 1.

nepair shon in th.n in diiv.Electrical Troubleshootin g TroubleshootingFlowchart . Measure the resistance ofthe drivepulleyspeedsensor. Po$iblo Cause . Disconnect B (22p)connecthe torfromtheTCM.rminak .Drive pulley Speed Sensor . wiags botween the B10.y sp. 1. lf necessary. 14-212 . RepaL looro toiminal or open in tha wiro3 betw6on tho Bto rnd 817 t. . 2 4 5 6 . REO/BLU 2 a 5 12 1 3 1 a t5 16 I iTiT. Selt-diagnosis indicator tight El indicat$ Codo3{. Checkfor continlity between body groundand the Bl0 t€r.ElVdVV ls the resistance 350 . t|. 2. sub3titute e knowngood TCM and rechock. m i n a la n d 8 1 7 t e r m i n a i n d i l vidually.cuit: 1. Connect drive pulleyspeed the sensor2P connector.nd the driv6 oullay !p6od a€n3or.nd 817 torminals 6nd the driv6 pulley sp€€d 3onso.nsor for s Short Ci.I.d ronsoa \ ls the drivepulleyspeedsenproperly? sor installed ORIVE PULEY SPEED SENSOR CO NECTOR 2P Measurc D.600 O? TCM CONNECTOR (22P} B Check Driv6 PullGySpood S.f. Measure the resistance between the 810 and 817 terminals. E 9 t0 12 t3 1 1 t5 1 6 1 ' 1 8 m GRN t. Shon or op. 2. pulley tpasd sonaorwire . OBD ll ScanTool indicatosCode P18a5. Disconnect 2P connector the from the drive pulley speed sensor connector.600 0? GRN Chock lor looso TCM connestor. Dbconnectod drivo pulloy lpocd 30n301connectot .Fdz .. WIRESIOEOF FEMALE TERMINALS MeasuroDrivo PulloySpood Sensor R6ktanco.iv6 Pulloy Spe€d Sensor Rasistlnce st the SorBor Conn€ctoJ: 1. Faulty drivr pull.Trl *r-r LJ t9 \ RED/BLU TERMINAL SIDEOF MALE TERMINALS ls the resistance 350 .. 2.

C o n n e c t h e d r i v e nP U l l e Y 2P speedsensor connector.1 l t1 | 2 | lL + SIDEOF MALETERMINALS TERMINAL 350 6000? ls the resistance B TCM CONNECTOR (22P) WHT Check Driven Pulley Speed S€nsor for a Short Citcuit: connec' the 1. . Short or open in driv6n PulleY so6€dson3orwire . Reoairshort in the wir€s bgtween th€ 88 . Solt-diagnosis indicator light E indicatesCode 35. 0 o a 5 6 8 20 10 12 13 14 15 1 6 1 7 1 8 ls therecontinuity? TERMINALS WIRESIDEOF FEMALE MeasuleDrivenPulloySpeodSonsor Resistance: 1 . ls the drivenpulleyspeedsenproperly? sor installed SPEED DRIVENPULLEY 2P SENSOR CONNECTOR tr-_. PossibleCause . Checkfor continuitybetween body ground and the 88 ter minaland 89 terminalindividuaIy. Eepair loose t€rminal or opon in th€ wires botween the 88 and Bg lerminals and the driven Pulley soeedsensoJ. 2. Disconnect B (22P) torfromtheTCM. Faulty driven pulley speed sen_ Checkthe driven Pulley sPeed s e n s o r i n s t al l a ti o n . Measure drivenpulleyspeedsensor.l Measure DrivenPulloySpeedSenat sor Resistance the SensorConnector: 1. 14-213 . M e a s ur e t h e r e s i s t a n c e the 88 and Bg termi between nals. D i s c o n n e c t e dd t i v e n P U l l e y 3pegdsensorconnec'tor .Driven Pulley Speed Sensor ' OBD ll ScanTool indicat€sCode P1846. substitute a known' lf necessarv. -T-r l @ t l t_.nd 89 terminals and the driven pulley spoedsensor. RED/BLUI WHT Al \j/ 1 2 a 6 8 10 12 1 3 1 4 1 5 1 6 1 7 1 8 20 350 600O? ls the resistance Check lor loose TCM connector. good TcM and recheck.Troubleshooting Flowchart . 2 . Disconnect the 2P connectol speed from lhe driven PUlleY sensor connectorof the resistance the 2.

Measure the resistance ofthe secondarygear shaft speed t l l 2 l -T--T- ta L__l TERMINAL SIDEOF MALETERMINALS t l ls the resistance . Disconnecled3econdarygea. 14-214 .Electrical Troubleshooting TroubleshootingFlowchart . Self-diagnosis indicalor light E indicatesCode36. 2. 1 a 5 6 8 9 10 12 1 3 '14 1 5 1 6 1 7 1 8 20 WHT/REDT '1 ORN/BLU o) (o WIRESIOEOF FEMALE TERMINALS ls there continuity? MeasureSeconderyGoar Shaft Sp€edSensorResistance: 1 . 2 1 8 10 12 13 14 15 16 1 7 l8 WHT/REI 20 A I ORN/BLU ls the resistance .T ---1 Measur€SecondaryGear Shaft Speed Sonsor Resistanceat the Sensor Connectoa: 1. Short or open in s€condarygear shaft speedsonsorwire . Disconnect the 2P connector from the secondary gearshaft speeosensor connector. C o n n e ct h e s e c o n d a r y e a r g shaftspeedsensor connec2P tor. Checkfor continuitybetween body groundand the 815 term i n a la n d 8 1 6 t e r m i n a i n d i l vidually. shaft speedsonsorconn€ctot . . 2. Disconnect B (22P)connec. the tor from the TcM. Bepair loose terminal or oDen in the wires b€tween the 815 and 816 terminals and the secondery gearshaft speedsensor. ls the secondary gearshattspeed properly? sensorinstalled SECONDARY GEARSHAFTSPEED SENSOR CONNECTOR 2P lT.600O? 350 Check tor loose TCM connector. PossibleCause . substitute a knowngood TCM and recheck. Faulty secondary 9ea1 3haft Check the secondary gear shatt speed sensor installation. Ropairshort in the wires betwoen the 815 end 816 terminals and the socondary g6ar 3haft speed sensor.SecondaryGear Shaft Speed Sensor . It nocessary. OBD ll ScanTool indicatesCod€ P1884.600O? 350 TCM CONNECTOR (22PI B Ch6ck Count€rsheft Speed Sensor for a Short Circuitl 1. Measure the resistance between the 815 and 816 termtnals. 2.

Short or open in TMA wire between B? terminal and ECM . Short or oDenin TMB wire beiwoen 86 terminal and ECM . R e c o n n e ctth e C { 3 1 P )c o n nectorto the ECM. Turnthe ignition 3.10V? Checkfo. the B (22P)con2. // l2s WIRESIDEOF F€MALETERMINALS GRY ChockTMA wite lor a Shorl Ci. loose ECM connectors. substitute a known' ll necessary. 4. Turnthe ignitionswitchOFF. 2 a 6 t 7 8 10 1 2 't3 1 a 1 5 1 6 1 7 1 8 20 C ECMCONNECTOB 131P) GRY 2 3 1 1 1 12 t 3 t 4 sJs./ I 22 // R€pairopen in the wiro between the TCM and the ECM. Checkfor continuitybetween t h e 8 7 t e r m i n a lo f t h e T c M and the Cg terminalof the ECM. good ECMand r€check. 1 2 I 5 6 7 8 10 11 12 1 3 1 4 t 5 1 7r 8 t/ 4r 30 ls thereapprox.and the B to connector the TCM. 2. D i s c o n n e ctth e C ( 3 1 P )c o n nector from the ECM.Flowchart.ultv TCM I B TCM CONNECTOR I22P) GRY o I CheckTMA Wire ContinuitY: 1. {22P) switchON (ll). Disconnect nector from the TCM. To page14-216 {cont'd) 14-215 . 3 .lI 16 17lle/t. Measurethe voltage between t h e c 9 t e r m i n a lo f t h e E c M and body ground. Po$ible Csuse . I 8 I 1 1 5 7 10 12 13 1 4 1 6 1 7 18 20 C ECMCONNECTOR {31P) ls therecontinuity? GRY Checkthe ECM: 1 . Seff-dirgnosisE indicator light indicstosCod€37.TMA and TMB Signals Troubleshooting .cuiti the lor between Check continuity 87 terminalof the TCM or the Cg t e r m i n a lo f t h e E C M a n d b o d y ground. Faultv ECM ' F. . OBOll ScanTool indicate3Code P1665.

and the B con {22P) neclorfrom the TCM. 14-216 . Turnthe ignitionswitchOFF. 3. ON 3. PNK 4 6 1 8 9 't0 '15 1 6 1 7 l 8 12 1 3 11 20 1 2 ls thereapprox. TCM CONNECTOR I22P} B PNK o I | 9 10 I 2 4 12 1 3 1 4 l 5 17 18 20 ECMCONNECTOR {31P} C 1 2 Repeir open in the wi. and the C (31P) connector the ECM. substituto a knowngood TCM and r€check. to 2.TMA and TMB Signals (cont'dl ftom page 14 215 CheckTMB Wire Continuity: 1. lf nece3sery.Electrical Troubleshooting TroubleshootingFlowchart . 2. Turnthe ignition switch {ll}. Checkfor continuitybetween t h e 8 6 t e r m i n a lo f t h e T C M a n d t h e C 3 0t e r m i n a lo f t h e ECM. PNK o 7 8 2 4 5 10 20 1 2 1 31 a 1 5 1 6 1 7 1 8 ls therecontinuity? check th6 TcM: 1 . Measurethe voltage between t h e 8 6 t e r m i n a lo f t h e T C M and bodyground. V? 5 CheckIor loose TCM connectors. R e c o n n e ctth e B ( 2 2 P )c o n nectorto the TCM. Disconnect C 13'1P) the connec tor from the ECM.o between the TCM and th6 ECM. 4 sl67 16 1 1 I 9 10 1 12 t 3 l 4 ls therecontinuity? LA WU 14+ PNK I 81/r./)/ WIRESIDEOF FEMALE T€RMINALS CheckTMB Wire tor a Short Circuit: Check continuity for between the 8 6 t e r m i n a lo f t h e T C M o r t h e C 3 0t e r m i n a lo f t h e E C M a n d body ground.

sps6d.500rpm? lsthe stallsoeedb€low 2.rt tor thc indicttcd Codolrl.Flowchart Shift ControlSystem Troubleshooting .000rPm? T. the 2. Faulty shitt control rystom Ch6ckfor Anoth. .tG Codo 42.: check wh€ther the E] indicator light indicatessnother code. light indilsthe E indicator cato anothercod6? Parlorm lha Troubl63hooting Flowch.uta . S.ok Engina Spa!d: t.!l-drivo .n Tool indiclt6 Codo P1890.d RPM: M e a g u r et h e s t a l l s p e e d R P M (seepag6 14-230). ls the stall speedover diagno.b E indicator ligl|t indic.nd Ch. OgD ll Sc. Ch. Poasibla C. Driv€ the vehicle at 30 mPh (50 km/h) constantly for several minutes.r Cod. Check engine ls th6 engino speedwithin tho spocification(se6 page 14-228 and 1+229)? 14-217 .ck Stlll Spo.

OBD ll ScanTool indicatesCode P1891. Feulty start clutch control system Checkfor Another Code: C h e c k h e t h e rt h e E i n d i c a t o r w light indicates another code. Turnthe ignitionswitchOFF. Selt-diagn€b E indicator tight indicatesCode43. 4 .Electrical Troubleshooting TroubleshootingFlowchart . . Test Start Clutch Operationl 1. PossiblG Cause . 3 mph (5 km/h)? To page 14-219 14-218 .and shift to E position. tor. 2. Startthe engine. Stan the engine. ing speed. 3.Start Clutch Gontrol System .and checkthe creep. oisconnectthe 8P connector from the solenoid harness con3.assemblv. 2. ooes the vehiclemoveT Replaco stan clutch. Reconnect 8P connector the to the solenoidharness connec. ls the E indicator tightindi cateanother code? P e r l o r mt h e T r o u b l e s h o o t i n g Flowchart for the indicatod Code(sl. C h e c kw h e t h e r t h e v e h i c l e moves. Doesthe vehicle move and is the creeping speed approx.and shift to E position. Turnthe ignitionswitchOFF. the CheckCreepingSpeed: 1. C h e c kw h e t h e r t h e v e h i c i e creeps. 4 .

a 14-219 .Frompage14-218 ChockStall SpeedRPM: Measure stallsooedRPM(see the page14-230). The syst6m k OK rt this time. W a r m u p t h e e n g i n et o n o r mal operating'aemperature fan lthe radiator comeson). ls the stall sDeedover 3.ilure: 1 . whetherthe startclutch 2. Check problemappears again.500rpm? Warm Up Eogine and Roch€ck F.

ff n6cess6ry. Repairpoor ground ic101). Repair opan in the wi. Checkfor continuitybetween t h e A 1 3 t e r m i n a la n d b o d y ground and the 426 terminal and body ground. 2 . Checkth€ E Indicator Light: Shiftto E position. (lt should come on tor about two seconds.l Checkthe ServiceChockConnectot: Make sure the specialtool 1SCS S e r v i c eC o n n e c t o r i)s n o t c o n nectedto the servicecheckconnector. 3ubstituta e knowngood TCM and rachock. Does the E indicator light Chocktor loosc TCM connector3. ls the special tool (SCSService Connector) connected the serto vicecheckconnector? Disconnsctth6 sDecialtool trom the sgrvice chgck connector and recheck. Turnthe ignitionswitchOFF. TCM CONNECTOR (26P) A BLI i r ( [ . D i s c o n n e c t e A ( 2 6 p )c o n th nector from the TCM. . Io page 14 221 . 1 a 20 8 9 1 0 t 1 12 14 15 16 1 7 23 25 a a l- BLK (o WIRE SIDE OF FEMALE TERMINALS ls there continuity? .€s botwean lho A13 or A26 terminalsand G101. 3. Checkthe Ground Circuit: 1.Electrical Troubleshootin g Troubleshooting Flowchart E] IndicatorLight DoesNot ComeOn The E Indicator tight does not come on whon lhe ignition switch is first turned ON (lll.

3. GRN/BLK A TCM CONNECTOR (26P} ls there continuity? TERMINALS WIEESIDEOF FEMALE Checktor loose TCM connectors.d CheckD IND lor an Short Ci. 3. 14-221 . connec' 2. check for a faulty El indicator lighl bulb or a faulty gauge assomblyprinted circuit boa. Measure voltagebetween t e r m i n a l A 1 2a n dA 1 3 a n d s b e t w e e nt e r m i n a l sA 2 5 a n d 426. Checkfor continuitybetween andthe No. C h e c kt h e A / T g e . Turnthe ignition and makesure that the voltage fortwo seconds is available Check tor oDen in the wire b€tween the A20 terminal and lhc gauge assembly. bly connector lseesection Repairopen in the wire between the A20 terminal and the gauge essemblY. BLK ls Ihere banery voltage? MeasureO IND Voltag6: 1. known-good TCM and recheck. TLrrn ignitionswitchOFF. lf the wire is OK. Turnthe ignition the 2. Turnthe ignitionswitchOFF.I the A20terminal terminalof the gaugeassem23).ctlit: 1. Connectthe A 126P) tor to the TCM.From page 14 220 A TCM CONNECTOR (26PI BLK/WHT I BLK Measure Power SuPPIYCircuil Voltege: ON switch (ll). ON switch (ll). (v) Y I 25 26 1 2 I 5 I 9 '10 l t 1 2 23 t a 15 16 1 7 20 ) BLK/WHT TERMINALS WIRESIDEOF FEMALE Repairopen or short in the wiro between the Al2 and/or A25 terfuse minals and the undeFdash box. 1. lf necessary. Disconnect e A (26P) on nector from the TCM. r p o s i t i o n substitute a switch. Connecta digital multilester 10the A20 and A13 or A26ter mrnals. the c th 2.

roplaco the A/T goar pGition indic. 2. rd 14-222 . Turnthe ignitionswitchOFF. 4. Measurethe voltage between t h e 4 2 0 t e r m i n a la n d b o d y ground.3ur6 ATP OVohage: 1.nd lhs gaug€ essombly. Shiftto any position otherthan 5. 3. 1 2 3 { 7 8 9 10 t l 12 13 t4 15 1 5 1 7 20 23 25 26 GRN/8LK WIRESIDEOF FEMALE TERMINALS Repairshort to powsr in the wir. Me.r the ignition switch b ON (ll). It wiro i3 OK. 2. \ TCM CONNECTOR I26PI A Mea3ureD IND Voltag6: 1. ta l5 1 6 1 1 20 E 9 l0 I t 12 1 3 23 E 26 Chock tor a short lo ground on the wire. botwoon tha A20 t6rminal . Connectthe A (26P)connector to the TCM. Turn the ignitionswitch ON (ll).tor.Electrical Troubleshooting Troubleshooting Flowchart El IndicatorLight On Constantly Tho llj indicator light b on constantly {not blinking}whenev. Turn the ignitionswitchON {ll). 1 2 3 I 5 E. 3. Disconnect e A (26P) onth c nector from the TCM. 4. Measurethe voltage between t h e A S t e r m i n a la n d b o d y ground. Turnthe ignitionswitchOFF.

r e p l a c et h e l o w e r valvebody assembly. .7: Battery negative terminal PH-PL control linear solenoid No. {page'1 ATF DIPSTICK 6. 5: Battery terminal Bodyground:Battery negative terminal 3. . l f n o c l i c k i n gs o u n d i s h e a r d . 2 and No.7 7. . lMeasure resistance the PH-PL the of control linear solenoidbetween the No. 6 terminals.6: Battery negative terminal Start clutch control linear solenoid No. 4 and No.2: Bafterv oositive terminal No. see Lower Valve Body Assembly Replacement 4-234).a are c l i c k i n g o u n d s h o u l db e h e a r dw h e n c o n n e c t i n g s the batteryterminalsto the solenoidharnesscon nectorterminalsbelow: .8 M e a s u r e h e r e s i s t a n c e f t h e i n h i b i t o rs o l e n o i d t o between the No. STANDARD: . 7 terminalsof the solenoidharness connector.3: Batterv terminal No. 5 terminaland body ground. HARNESS CONNECTOR SOLENOID SOLENOID HARNESS CONNECTOR TERMINAL SIDEOF MALETERMINALS 8.8 o 3. lf all of the resistances within the standard. Shift control linear solenoid positive No. Replace lowervalve body assembly any of the the if resistance beyondthe standard. N O T E |l f t h e l o w e r v a l v e b o d y a s s e m b l y e p l a c e r ment is required. 8 terminals.00 11. M e a s u r e h e r e s i s t a n c o f t h e s h i f t c o n t r o ll i n e a r t e solenoidbetweenthe No. is solenoids 14-223 . 8: Batterynegative terminal lnhibitorsolenoid positive No. 4: Battervoositive terminal No. 3 and No.Linear Solenoids/lnhibitor Solenoid Test 'L Disconnect 8P connector from the solenoidharthe nessconneclor.21. STANDARD: . 2. Measurethe resistance the start clutch control of linearsolenoidbetweenthe No.6.

the driven pulley. 6x1.m (1. 8. Removethe 6 mm bolt from the transmission housing. 2.m {1.0mm 12 N. 1.m.2kgf. \ .Sensors Drive Pulley/DrivenPulley/Secondary Gear Shaft Speed Replacement CAUTION: While replacingthe speed sensor.and removethe drive pulley.7 tbf fr) \ 14-224 . Disconnect drive pulley. 3.0mm 12 N.ftl DRIVEN PULLEY SPEEO SENSOR 6x1.or the secondary the the gear shaft sDeed sensor.or the secondary the gear shaftspeedsensorconnector. Replace O-ringwith a new one beforereinstalling drive pulley.7 sure not to allow dust and other loreign particles to enter into the ttansmission.the driven pulley.or the secondarygear shaftspeedsensol.the drivenpulley. 8.m.

. a D r i v et h e v e h i c l eu p t o t h e s p e e d3 7 m p h { 6 0 km/h). CAUTION:Do not use this procedure on'97 -'98 mod. With the brake pedal depressed.and warm it up to normal operat (the radiator comeson twice). the TCM memorizes the feedbacksignals when you drive the vehicle. .T o s t o r e t h e e n g i n e negative pressure in memory. els or you will damagethe transmission. release accelerator 5 seconds.Start ClutchControl Start Clutch CalibrationProcedure NOTE:When the following partsare replaced. Connectthe SCS serviceconnectorto the Service C h e c kC o n n e c t o r s s h o w n . the for (2PI CONNECTOR CONNECTOR 07PAZ. a Turn OFFall electrical systems. 1 . 7. o . Fullydepress the brakepedaland accelerator 20 for seconds the E position. is 8.) NOTE: o The TCM will not storethe feedback signalwhen is the CVTfluid temperature below 40'C (104'F) even il the engine coolanttemperaturereaches the normaloperating temperature. A f t e r t h e s p e e d r e a c h e s3 7 m p h ( 6 0 k m / h ) . Wilh the combination light switch OFF. o Shift into E position. . . With the heater fan switch OFF.thin 60 seconds after the radiator Ian goes off. '96 TCM Transmission assembly Startclutchassembly Lowervalvebody assembly Engineassembly overhaul or S h i f t i n t o E o r E p o s i t i o n . Connect the Honda PGM Tester. Turn OFF all other electrical systems. '97 . TCM the must memorizethe teedback signalfor the start clutch control. . ing temperature fan 4.0010100 Start the engine. and let the engine idle lor two minutes to store the feedbacksignal in memory under the same conditions as in step 5. let the engine idle in E or E position for one minute under the following conditionsl . On'97 -'98 models. . a R e p e a t h e s e p r o c e d u r e s n t i l t h e s t a r tc l u t c h u calibration completed. E n g a g e h e p a r k i n gb r a k e . Check that the TCM has completed the start clutch calibration. D i s c o n n e ctth e S C S s e r v i c ec o n n e c t o rf r o m t h e Service Check Connector. With the A.a n d b l o c kt h e f r o n t t wheelssecurely./Cswitch OFF. .'98 Models The TCM memorizes feedback the signalwhen you drivethe vehicleas follows: A f t e r w a r n i n g u p t h e e n g i n e( t h e r a d i a t o rf a n comes n). in 14-225 . Mod€l Only NOTE: Start step 5 w. Shift into E position. 2. ( T h e S e r v i c eC h e c k a ( C o n n e c t o r 2 P )i s l o c a t e du n d e r t h e d a s h o n t h e passenger's side of the vehicle.

*1 in Excessive vibration.38.12. 1 7 .3A 9. 3 . 9.1 9 . 4 1 9. 2 1 2 8 . 4 . in Hunting ngine peed.1 s .1 2 . 9 .2 5 . [.43 Excessive vibrationin @. in Vehiclemovesin N position.Symptom-to-Gomponent Chart HydraulicSystem SYMPTOM Engineruns.21. to Lateshiftfrom N position E position.22. 1 0 .3 4 . 40. 3 6 . Noisefrom transmission E position. Poor acceleration.19. 2 4 . 10.1 5 . 1 0 .3 6 . 2 6 . 18. Vehicle does not move in @. p.3 5 . [.3 5 .1 1 1 a .but vehicledoes not move in anv position.1 4 . 9 . 8 . S positions. Check theseitemson the PROBABLE CAUSE List 1 . 3 5 . 3 7 .1 9 .12.21.31. 2 1 .41 5 .1 9 .2 0 .19. I a. p. 2 0 . 2 1 . Vehicle does not accelerate more than a certainsDeed.36. F l a r e so n m o v i n g .3A.4 1 9 2 10. 20. 1 . 42 20.20. 3 .1 4 . to and from E position @ position. 1 0 .2 4 9. 10.20. 1 0 .22. 1 0 . accelerator Noengine raking. to Excessive shockon staningoff. 3 7. 2 .3A2 4.1 1 . 35.3 8 .20. 1 3 .34. (Shiftcableadjustment proper). @ positions. 9 . is Lateshiftfrom @ positionto D position. 5 .8 . 2 . 3 a 20.35. 3 94 1 . 2 . h Stallspeedlow.37.41 ' t 1 .42 5 .38 10. Flareson acceleratingat low speed. and from @ position E position.35. @ posirions. 3 7 4 0 .25.29. 3 5 . S t a l ls p e e d i g h .1 4 . 2 2 . e s Vibration in all position.38 Excessive shockwhen depressing and releasing pedal.35. 4 0 9.20. 2 0 . 3 . *1: Somegear noiseis normalin the gear actton. 0 .1 6 .1 6 .42 9 . Judder on starting off. 3 8 .31.1 5 . idle Noisefrom transmission E and E positions.. 2 A 16. p. 3 a . 17.1 6 . 2 5 . 26. 1 1 1 8 . 1 3 . No shift to higherratio. Transmission not shift into E positionor transmiswill sion cannotbe removedfrom p position. Low enginespeedin [. E positiondue to planetary 4-226 .35. 18.2 0 .42 20.36. .20.23 10. 2a 11. Engine stopswhen shifted E position to from E position.11. 3 5 .36.1 2 . 3 1 38. 3 8 9 . 2 0 .32. 6 .42 2 0 .21.33 .11. 'l 4 Shift leverdoes not operatesmoothty.2 1.37. 11 29. 3 84 2 . 2 0 .1 A . b Vehicle does not accelerate E position. 35. Vehicle does not move in B position. 38.30. to Enginestopswhen shiftedto @ positlon from N position.21.

ATFteed pipe lstartclutchpressure) brake clearance incorrect. 36 37 38 40 41 (PL defective). worn or damaged. F i n a ld r i v e n g e a r w o r n o r d a m a g e d . Sun gearworn or damaged. brakerod assembly Detentlever/parking Parking gear worn or damaged. 12 t5 M a n u a l e v e rp i nw o r n . defective Lowervalvebodv assemblv linhibitorsolenoid Solenoid harness worn or damaged. Parking filter clogged. Vehicle TCM defective. ATF pump worn.1 2a 29 30 32 34 35 brakepawl shaftworn or damaged. Reverse brakepistonand related P l a n e t a rg e a rw o r n o r d a m a g e d . E n g i n eo u t p u t l o w . Clutch clearance/reverse Reversebrake return spring/retainerworn or damaged- 20 21 22 23 24 Needlebearingon input shaftworn or damaged. 2 3 4 5 1 8 9 10 11 drivengearworn or damaged. pump sprocket worn or damaged. n b Thrustwasheron carrierworn or damaged. ATFstrainer/ATF Lower valve bodv assemblv defective. 25 . Flywheel assembly def ective. y Start clutchdefective. valvebody assembly defective regulator Lowervalvebody assembly defective). worn or damaged. PBfeedback CVTfluid deteriorated. ATFpump chain/ATF I n p u t s h a f tw o r n o r d a m a g e d . AT gearsworn or damaged. Parking brakepawl/parking worn or damaged. 18 19 partsworn or damaged. defeclive Lowervalvebodv assemblv lshiftvalvebody assembly (startclutchcontrolvalvebody assembly defective). o r T h r u s t e e d l e e a r i n g n c a r r i ew o r n o r d a m a g e d . Intermediate Forward clutch defective. ATFfeed pipe (pulleypressure) pulleyspeedsensordefective. 42 systemdelective. 14 17 Reverse brake defective. Shift cable broken/out of adiustment. M a n u a lv a l v e b o d y w o r n o r d a m a g e d . drive gear/secondary Secondary plateworn or damaged. brakepawl springworn or damaged. Flywheel/drive housingassembly worn or damaged. C o n t r o ll e v e rw o r n o r d a m a g e d . detective Lowervalvebodv assemblV defective). Drivepulleyspeedsensor/driven speedsensordefective. 43 .a LIST PROBABLE CAUSE 1 Low CVTfluid tevel Foreignmaterialin ATF pump.

the the vehicleshouldnot move. TCM 84 T6rmin.'!. B.and shift into E position.001000A {two raquirad} DIGITAL MULTIMETER lCommelcielly.ilabl.Release brake. Test-drive vehjcleon a flat road in the positionshown in the table.16").l I I I I ['' BACKPROBE AOAPTER BACKPROBE SET 07sAz. NOTET Throttlepositionsensorvoltagerepresents throttleopening. the and go to the PGM-FI DataList.apply the parkingbrake.v.Depress accelerator pedaland release suddenly.) KS-AHM-32-003 or oquivilont l I 14-228 STACKINGPATCH CORD TCM CONNECTORS TERMINALS WIRESIDEOF FEMALE . Remove kickpanelto exposethe TCM for roadtesting. the 2.useone of the followingmethods: A.Check the that the enginespeedsmeetthe approximatevehiclespeeds shown in the table.To monitorthe throttlepositionsensorvoltthe age. 1. T e s ti n E p o s i t i o n Parkthe vehiclein a slope (approx. Apply the parkingbrakeand block the wheels. 2.referto page 14-194. OBo ll SCANTOOLoI HONOAPGMTESTEB 3. the it The engineshouldnot stall.then shift to the E positionwhile depressing the brakepedal.Start the engine.RoadTest NOTE:Warm up the engineto normaloperating temperature fan {the radiator comeson). Setthedigitalmultitester check voltagebetlveen 84 (+)terminalandA4(-) or A17 (-)terminaloltheTCM to the for throttlepositionsensor. Connect HondaPGMTester.

250 1.550 4.100 4.650 2.25V Throttlepositionsensorvoltage: 4.550 4.2. E position:EngineSpeedrpm 2.100 Vehicle Speed Throttle Opening 2s mph (40 km/h) 1.650 5.900 6.400 5.100 5.300 5.75V Throttlepositionsensorvoltage: 2.850 5.100 4.950 3.500 4. E position: Engine Speedrpm Vehicle Soeed ThrottleOpening 0.4.700 37 mph 160 km/hl 62 mph (100km/hl 3.5 Throttlepositionsensorvoltage: V p Fullthroltleositaon .150 4.500 4. E position:EngineSpeed.200 2.650 5.250 2.250 4.700 62 mph (100km/hl 4.25 V 25 mph (40km/hl 3.r 00 3.250 4.700 Vehicle SDeed Throttle Opening voltage: 0.200 5.950 4.450 5.5 Throttlepositionsensorvoltager V Fullthrottleposition 25 mph (40 km/h) 1.800 37 mph (60km/hl 62 mph 1100 km/hl .200.6s0 3.900 6.75V Throttlepositionsensorvoltage: 2.75V Throttlepositionsensor Throttle position sensor voltage: 2.' l00 3.5 Throttlepositionsensorvoltage: Fullthrottleposition 14-229 .25V Throttlepositionsensorvoltage: 4..050 4.4.800.550 2.700 km/h) 37 moh 160 3.500 0.050.700 3.AOO 3.650 4.100 4.700 3.650 5.250 3.2.500 3.800 5.

and @ positions 14-230 . p. 6.shift into E position. then repeat test in E. To preventtransmission damage.100lDm TROUBLE S t a l lr p m h i g hi n E .2. a to Makesurethe IVC switchis OFF After the enginehaswarmed up to normaloperating (the radiator comeson). temperature fan Fullydepress brakepedaland accelerator 6 to 8 seconds. a n dE p o s i t i o n s PROBABLE CAUSE Low fluid levelor ATF pump output Clogged ATF strainer PH regulator valvestuckclosed Slippage forwardclutch of Faulty stan clutch Slippage reverse of brake Faultystart clutch E n g i n e u t p u tl o w o Faultystart clutch Stuckshift valve S t a l lr p m h i g hi n @ p o s i t i o n Stallrpm low in Dl.and startthe engine. .000rpm Service Limit:2. notteststall speedfor more than 10 seconds a time. Be sure to remove the pressuregauge before testing stall speed. 1 . Allow two minutesfor cooling. Connect tachometer the engine. t 2.800 3. E .Stall Speed Test CAUTION: . t b . and E positions. 3.650rpm Stall SpeedRPMin p. E n g a g eh e p a r k i n g r a k ea n d b l o c k h e f r o n tw h e e l s . Stall speed tests should be used for diagnostic purposesonly. [. Do not shift the lever while raising the engine speed.350. . 5. I and @ positions: Specification: 3. do at . 4.500rpm ServiceLimit: 2. E. the for and note enginespeed. E . the Stall SpeedRPMin @ position: Specilication:2.

36lbfttl WASHER SEALING Replace. Changing 1. 5m m kgI 49 N.9? 14. Insenthe dipstick DIPSTICK {YELLOW LOOPI 2. but if Severe Condition:30. temup Bringthe transmission to normaloperating perature(the radiatorfan comes on) by driving the v e h i c l e P a r kt h e v e h i c l eo n t h e l e v e lg r o u n d . 2.0 m.4 lmp qtl at changing US 6. add fluid rnto t h e f i l l e r h o l e t o b r i n g i t t o t h e u p p e r m a r k .see page14'14-285. shouldbe between Interval: Change kml 30. lf the level is below the lower mark.000 you drive at high speedsin high and abovel temper' t90"F {32"C1 a t u r e s . sure not to while checking CAUTION: allow dust and other foreign particles to enter into the transmission. n N O T E :C h e c kt h e t r a n s m i s s i o f l u i d 6 0 t o 9 0 s e c onds aftershuttingoff the engine.U s e C o G e n u i n e o n d a V TF l u i d n l y . Reinstall drain plug with a new sealingwasher.000miles {48.FluidLevel Checking/Changing be and changing. FluidCapacity: AutomaticTransmission 3.5lmp qtl at overhaul Fluid: AutomaticTransmission Recommended GenuineHondaCVTFluid.5. 3. Insenthe dipstick DRAINPLUG 1 8x 1 .000 5.U s i n go t h e rt l u i d s c a n a f f e c t t r a n s m i s s i o no p e r a t i o na n d m a y life. miles {24. the w t h e n r e f i l l t h e t r a n s m i s s i o n i t h G e n u i n eH o n d a CVTFluidto the uppermarkon the dipstick. Remove drain plug. l 4.000miles(48.8US qt. into the transmission.4{ (6.T u r n o f f t h e engine.and drainthe CVTfluid. 14-231 .m 15. H into the transmission.t h e t r a n s m i s s i o nf l u i d should be changed every 15'000 km).000 NormalCondition: kml.a n d . 3.l t the upperand lower mark. and wipe it with a cleancloth. Removethe dipsrick(yellow loop) from the transmission. turn oif the engine. 284 and 3. R e m o v et h e d i p s t i c ka n d c h e c kt h e f l u i d l e v e l . transmission reduce Checking NOTErCheckthe fluid level with the engine at normal operatingtemperature(the radiatortan comes on iust 1.1 qt. the NOTE:ll a coolerflusheris to be used. H C U s eG e n u i n e o n d a V Tf l u i do n l y . P a r kt h e v e h i c l eo n t h e l e v e lg r o u n d .

Belore testing. be sure the transmissionfluid is lilled to the proper level. j0 mm (071\itAJpy40j 1A). While testing. Allow the front wheelsto rotatefreely. When troubleshooting by the E indicator light indicatesa problem.35. Make sure lifts. be careful of the rotating tront wheels.90MPa. be sure not to allow dust and other foreign particles to enter into the transmission. 711 psil or more when measuringdrive pulley pressureand driven pulley Dressure. 22 A/T OIL PRESSURE GAUGE SETw/PANEL 07406.0kgf/cmr. CAUTION: . fan 5. Connect specialtool each inspection the to hole. and blockboth rearwheelssecurelv. 0k g t c m r . U s e a c o m m e r c i a l la v a i l a b l e i l p r e s s u r e a u g et h a t m e a s u r e s . Drivepulleypressure may be above3.8kgf. Raise front of the vehicle. While testing.43MPa. and safety stands are placed properly {seesection 11. the . 9 0 0k p a ( 4 . 50.then stop and connecta tachometer.0070300 DRIVEPULLEY PRESSURE INSPECTION HOLE with "DR") lMarked A/T PRESSURE HOSE ADAPTER 07MAJ . you must use an oil pressuregauge that mea sures 4. LUBRICATION PRESSUBE DBIVEN PULLEY PRESSURE INSPECTION HOLE INSPECTION HOLE "LUB") ( M a r k ew i t h d (Ma.430kPa(3. Warm up the engine to normal operating temperature before testing. iacks. TOROUE: N.and the A. the and supportitwith safetystands(seesectionI). 3. .13 tbf.0 kgflcnf. 2.900kPa {4. 5 0 . .uge securely.7 1 1 p s i ) y g o 4 or more.0020400 FORWARD CLUTCH PRESSURE INSPECTION (Marked ith "F") w A/T LOW PRESSURE GAUGE W/PANEL 07406. .be sure not to allow dust and other toreign particles to enter the inspection hole.ked with "DN") ATF OIPSTICK STARTCLUTCH PRESSURE INSPECTION HOLE (Marked with "SC") 14-232 . Warm up the engine(the radiator comeson). 1.m. Setthe parkingbrake..PY40120 (4 Requirad) A/T PRESSURE HOSE 2210 rnfi OTMAJ PY4O11A (4 Bequired) REVERSE BRAKEPRESSURE INSPECTION HOLE oJ. NOTE: .Pressure Testing L . 9 0M p a .m (1.ft) 18 CAUTION: ' Connectthe oil pressureg. .498 psi)when there is a transmission problem that causes TCM to go into the fail safemode./T Pressure Oil Hose.

3 17.1 . Install sealingbolt with a new sealing 18 TOROUE: N.Stan the engine. regulator Shiftvalve valve.101psi) E E E Reverse Brake a )a Driven Pulley ATF pump. SHIFTLEVER POStTtON PRESSURE FLUID SYMPTOM No or low forward clutch pressure No or low reverse brake pressure No or low drive pulley pressure Drivepulley pressure too h i gh CAUSE PROBABLE Forward Clutch PRESSURE Forward Clutch Reverse Brake Drive Pulley Standard/ServiceLimit '1.7 MPa (2 . Shiftto E position. 4.28. 203. at the shift leverpositionas in the table. psi) 30 q testing. shift to the respective .Shiftcontrol linearsolenoid valve PH regulator No or low drivenpulley pressure Drivenpulley pressure too h i gh 1 .75MPa (14.8kgf/cm' .334Psi) Lubrication No or low lubrication pressure ATF pump.PL valve.2.2 . 13 lbt'ft) CAUTION: Koep all ol the foroign particles out of the transmission.and measure followingpressures 1.Shift valve.7.253psi) 0.8 kgf'm.0. tool afterpressure the Disconnect special lorque hole.218. . ForwardClutchPressure Reverse BrakePressure DrivePulleyPressure DrivenPulleyPressure pressure. PH regulator valve.3 23. 7 5 P a (14. 3. .Shift controllinear solenoid ATF pump.PH regulatorvalve.3 17.1 kgflcm' .500 7 .8kgtcm' .5kgficm' .4 1. 3M P a (15.253psi) M 1 . 5. valve Lubrication Above0.m (1.and tightento the specified washerin the inspection the 1 0 . 203. ) 14-2?:t .2 MPa (Above2 kgf/cm' . PL regulalor Shiftvalve.PH reg' ulatorvalve.000rpm at the and measure lubrication 8 . . rpm.

Remove right front mounvbracket. 10.5kgt.m.m (5. 1. Remove ATF strainer the R e m o v eh e o n e b o l ts e c u r i n gh e s o l e n o i d a r n e s s t t h connector.m {1.7 tbf. . CAUTION: Keep all of other foreign particles out ot the transmission.1. then plug the ATF cooternoses.m.m (2. ' 1 2 . l f t h e A T F c o o l e r i n l e t p i p e b r a c k e ti s b e n t o r warped. C A U T I O N : h i l e r e m o v i n ga n d i n s t a l l i n gt h e l o w e r W valve body assembly.LowerValveBody Assembly Replacement Make sure lifts. 2l lbf. I n s t a l lt h e n e w l o w e r v a l v e b o d y i n t h e r e v e r s e orderof the removalprocedure CAUTION: Keep all of other toreign particles out of the transmission.ft) / ATF COOLER PIPE ATF PAN 6x1. 20 tbl. SEALING Replace.and block both rear wheels securely. R e m o v et h e d r a i n p l u g . STRAINER 6x1. Set the parkingbrake. Raisethe front of the LOWER VALVE BODYASSEMBLY 6x1.and suoDortit with safetystands{seesection1}.Turn the ends of the ATF cooler hosesup to preventATF from flowing out. CAUTION: Keep all ol other foreign particles out of the transmission.2 kgf. Replace followingparts: the . Remove ATF pan (fourteen the bolts).2kgl.5 kgtm.m (1. 7.r i n g so n t h e s o l e n o i dh a r n e s sc o n n e c t o r and the ATFstrainer . R e i n s t atl h e d r a i np l u g w i t h a n e w s e a l i n g a s h e r l w (seepage14-231).put it backto the originalposition.0mm 12 N. R e m o v et h e A T F c o o l e r h o s e sa t t h e A T F c o o l e r sure not to allow dust and other toreign particlesto enter into the transmission.2 m.ft) l14-234 ATF COOLER HOSE 1 3 .m.25mm x 54 N. 11.8. 3.m.m 11. (two bolts).RING Replace SOLENOID HARNESS CONNECTOR DOWELPIN Disconnect 8P connector the from the solenoidhar nessconnector. ATF COOLER INLET PIPEBRACKET BOLT I x 1.O . jacks. the '10 1. ATF COOLEE OUTLETPIPE JOINT BOLT 28 N.0mm 12 N. 8. 40 tbt. 1 4 . NOTE: . P e r f o r mt h e s t a r t c l u t c hc a l i b r a t i o n r o c e d u r e n p o p a g e1 4 2 2 5 .ft) O. a n d d r a i n t h e C V T f l u i d .ft) C '10 1.7 tbtft) 6.7kgt.25mm x 44 N.2kgf. 8.7 rbtftl DOWELPIN RIGHT FRONT MOUNT/BRACKET ATF PAN GASKET Replace. 4.25mm 26 N. O-RING ATF Replace.m (2.0mm 12 N. 8.m 11.9 kgtm. Remove ATF cooleroutletpipe.ATF pan gasket Sealing ashers w . 9.7 lbl.R e m o v e t h e l o w e r v a l v e b o d y a s s e m b l y ( e i gh t bolts).0mm 12 N. the Remove ATFcoolerDipebracket the bolt. and safety stands !@ are placed properly {seesection 11.m (. 33 lbnftl 6x1. kgt 8.

and block both rear wheels rely. put it back to the original position. then plug the ATF coolerhoses.0mm 12 N'm {1. Check that the ATFfilter is in good condition the 12.7kgt m. 2. 2 5 m 44 N. Remove ATF coolerpipe bracket the the Remove ATF pan (founeenbolts). Replacethe O-rings.2kgf m. Remove ATFfilter. DOWEL Remove rightfront mounvbracket. a n d d r a i n t h e C V T f l u i d . CAUTION: While removing and installing the ATF filter. Remove ATF cooleroutletpipe the bolt. Raisethe front of the vehicle. ATF COOLER OUTLET 'l. 8.and support it with saletystands(seesection1).m (5. . {three the 10. R e m o v et h e A T F c o o l e r h o s e sa t t h e A T F c o o l e r Turn the ends of the ATF cooler hosesup to Di9es. the Reinstall drain plug with a new sealingwasher (seepage'14 231). HOSE ATF COOLER 14-235 . 9.m (4.2 kgl m. 8 7 lbf'ft} 't3. O. 10 x 1. JOINT BOLT kgl 28 N. the m 1 0x 1 . 5.and cleanit.m 12. 1. 3. Remove the ATF coolerinlet pipefrom the ATF pan bolts).0mm 6x 12 N. lf the ATF cooler inlet pipe bracket is bent or warped. iacks. 8.7 tbtft) ATF COOLER INLET PIPEBRACKET BOLT I x 1.5 kgf'm. and safety stands @@ are placedproperly lsee section 11. 7.RING Replace. NOTEI .m (2. the ATF pan gasket and sealing washers. l n s t a l l t h e A T F f i l t e r i n t h e r e v e r s e o r d e r o f t h e removal procedure.ATFFilter Removal/lnstallation Make sure lifts.m (1. CAUTION: Keep all of othet loreign particles out ot the transmission. 6.25mm 54 N. be sure not to allow dust and other foreign particles to enter into the transmission. preventATF from flowing out.9 m. 40 rb{ft1 CAUTION: Keep all foreign particles out of the transmission. secu R e m o v et h e d r a i n p l u g . 11. CAUTION: Keep all of other foreign particles out of the transmission. RIGHTFRONT MOUNT/BRACKET ATF PAN 6x1. Ser the parkingbrake. 2'l lblftl SEALING Replace.25mm 26 N.33lbfftl ATF P GASKET Replace. Replace ATFtilter if it is clogged.5kgt'm.

'L Disconnect the battery negative(-) terminal from lhe battery. the groundcable and terminals. Remove the clip. DRIVEPULLEY SPEED SENSOR CONNECIOR SOLENOIO HARNESS CONNECTOR STARTER MOTON 5.then separate shift cablefrom the the controllever. Apply parking brake and block rear wheels. 3. GROUNDCABLE TERMINAL GROUND CABLE CAUTION:Use fender coversto avoid damaging painted surfaces.Transmission Removal @@ Make 4. Disconnect solenoid the harness connector. R e m o v e h e i n t a k e i r d u c ta n d a i r c l e a n e h o u s i n g t a r assemDty. and hoist bracket are attached to the correct position on the engine (seeseqtion 1). and safety stands are placed pfoperly. drive the pulleyspeedsensor connector. iacks. so the vehicle will not roll off stands and fall on vou while working under it. GAUTION:Take care not to bend the shift cable. SHIFICABLE WASHER WASHER STARTER CABLE Ft 14-236 LEVER CONTROL . R e m o v e h e s t a r t e rc a b l e sa n d c a b l eh o l d e rf r o m t the startermotor. then removethe positive{+)terminal. sure lifts. 2.

fi . housingmountingbolts.36lbt'ft) WASHER SEALING Replace. the driven pulleYspeedsensorconnector. (cont'd) 14-237 . R e m o v et h e s p l a s hs h i e l d . ' . Disconnect vehiclespeedsensor(VSS)connecthe and tor. be sure CAUTION: not to allow dust and other foteign particles to enter into the transmission GEAR SECONDAFY SHAFTSPEED SENSOR F(A -- .1(VSSt SENSOR CONNECTOR DRAINPLUG 18x 1. washer' Reinstall drainplugwith a new sealing the while installingthe drain plug. gear shaftspeedsensorconnector. . a n d d r a i n t h e C V Tf l u i d . the secondary PULLEY DRIVEN SENSOR SPEED CONNECTOR 8. 7.6. Remove transmission the 9.m {5.0kgl m.5mm irg N. R e m o v et h e d r a i n p l u g . . .

then separate r i g h td a m p e r o r ka n d d a m p e r . 't 4. Remove the eight drive plate bolts one at time while rotating the crankshaft pulley. f 1 2 .Transmission Removal(cont'dl 10. Pullon the inboardjoint and the right and left drive. Remove exhaust the pipe A. Removethe right damper fork bolt. 16. then plug the ATFcoolerhosesand pipes. Remove enginestiffeners the flywheel the and cover. TF COOLER PIPE ATFCOOLER HOSE 1 t . EXHAUSTPIPE A ENGINE STIFFENER r9. Tje plasticbagsoverthe driveshaft ends. R e m o v et h e A T F c o o l e r h o s e sa t t h e A T F c o o l e r pipes. Remove cotterpinsand castle the nuts. r") SELF-LOCKING NUT Beplace. 14-238 . SELF-LOCKING NUT Replace.then separate the balljointstrom the lowerarm (seesection 18). Remove the right front mount/bracket. 1 1 . Prythe right and left driveshafts of the differenout tial. o t5. NOTE:Coatall precision finished surfaces with clean engine il. NOTE: Checkfor any sign of leakageat the hose joints.Turn the ends of the ATF cooler hosesup to preventCVT fluid from flowjng out. shafts(seesection16).

just enoughto take weight off of the transmission mountbracket the mounts.WASHER and raise the 22. REAR ENGINE MOUNTING BOLT to Attacha hoistingbracket the engine. t1 h t 2 3 . Pull the transmission clearsthe 14 mm dowel pins. then lower it on the transmission iack.the 20. s HOUSING TRANSMISSION MOUNTINGBOI-T lP. Placea jack under the transmission. 14-239 . R e m o v e h e t r a n s m i s s i o n o u s i n gm o u n t i n gb o l t and rearenginemountingbolts. then remove transmission MOUNT TRANSMISSION away from the engine until it 24.then lift the engine lightly. Remove distributor.

lllustratedIndex Valve Body Assembly Transmission/Lower \ \ \ 14-240 .

m (5.ft) 28 N.m (2. WASHER o SEALING PIPE OUTLET G. 6A 8F 12J 18D Torque Value 12 N m (1.21lbi'ft) 49 N. @ SEALING SPECIFICATIONS TOROUE Boh/Nut No.2kgf.9kgf.0 kgnm. @ O-RING €) ATF STRAINER G} ATF MAGNET @ ATF PAN GASKETReplace.m.20lbf.O) ATF DIPSTICK @ o-RINGReplace. G) ATF PAN (9 DOWELPtN Replace.m.25 m '12 1.7kgf. 5m m Remarks Joint bolt Drainplug 14-241 .m. ATF COOI-ER @ o-RING Replace.ft) Sizs 6x1.m (2. Ci)ATF FILTER @ o-RINGReplace. €) ATF MAGNET @ DRAINPLUG WASHER BepIace. 36 lbf.0mm m 8 x 1.7lbf'ft) 26 N.25mm x 1 8x 1 .8. CONNECTOR HARNESS O SOI-ENOID O LowER vALvE BODYASSEMBI-Y O DowEL PIN O JoINT aoLT SOLT INLETPIPEBRACKET €) ATF COOLER ASSEMBLY INLETPIPE @ A'F COOLER Replace.

lllustratedIndex Transmission Housing/Flywheel Housing 8G \ P I \ \ 14-242 .


lllustratedIndex Right Side Cover/lntermediate Housing 8B tr I g .


replace following: the . . Blow out all passages.BING Replace.0mm BOLT 6 x 1.0mm EOLT ATF PAN GASKET Feplace. When removingthe lowervalvebody.25mm ATF COOLER INLETPIPE 6 x 1. and dry with compressed air. ATF STRAINER ATF COOLER INLETPIPE BRACKET BOLT 8 x 1.Transmission Housing/Lower ValveBodyAssembly Removal NOTE: o Cleanall partsthoroughlyin solventor carburetor cleaner.ATF pan gasket .0mm EOLT ATF PAN 14-246 .Sealing washers O. SOLENOID HARNESS CONNECTOR OOWEL PIN 6 x 1.O-rings .0mm BOLT LOWER VALVEBODY ASSEMBLY 6 x 1. .

Remove ATFstrainer the Remove the one bolt securing the solenoidharness then pushthe connector. and 6. 2. the Remove ATFcooleroutletpipe.1. ATF STRAINES 2 if or Replace ATFstrainer it is clogged damaged. 7. 3. the inletopeningis not clogged. the Remove ATF pan (founeenbolts). Remove ATFcoolerinletpipe bracket bolt. 5. Remove lowervalvebody (eightbolts). 4. then checkthat it is in good condition. the (two bolts). the thoroughly Clean inletopening the ATFstrainer the of with compressed air. connector. the NOTE:The ATF strainercan be reusedif it is not clogged. 14-247 .

.25mm BOLT fl O. Blow out all passages.O-rings . and dry with compressed . . HOUSING GASKET FLYWHEEL Reolace. 25. PARKING BRAKE PAWLSI{AFT PARKING BRAKEPAWL SPRING INPUTSHAFT PARKING BRAKEPAWL TRANSMISSION HOUSING ORIVEN PULLEY SHAFT 14-248 .0 mm BOLT O-RING Replace. Cleanall partsthoroughlyin solventor carburetor air. 25x35mm Selectivepart O-RING Replace. ATF PUMPDRIVECHAIN SNAPRING THRUSTSHIM.RING Replace. ATF PASSAGE PIPE ASSEMBLY 6 x 1. replace followingl the .Housing/Flywheel Housing Transmission Removal NOTE: . When removingthe transmission housingflywheel housing.Secondary drive gear assembl. cleaner.5 mm Selectivepart STARTCLUTCH ASSEMBLY Replace.Flywheel housinggasket ATF PASSAGE PIPE HOLOER ASSEMBLY CONNECTOR BRACKET 8 x 1. THRUSTSHIM.0mm BOLT ATF PUMP DRIVE SPROCKET PITOTFLANGE ATF PUMPDRIVE HUB SPROCKET THRUSTWASHERS SECONDARY GEARSHAFT SECONDARY DRIVE GEARASSEMBLY Replace. B g HOUSING FLYWHEEL fl DOWEL PIN ASSEMBLY OIFFERENTIAL SNAPRING COTTER RETAINER COTTERS.Stan clutchassembly .22 x 28 mm Selectivepart 6 x 1.

the (onebolt). the start clutch guide may be damaged.the ATF pump drive sprockethub and the thrust washers. . and attach the 10. Do not place the pawl ol the special tool on the start clutch guide. START CLUTCH REMOVER 20 07TAE. the secondary the Remove the snap ring securing ATF pump drive sprockethub. then removethe ATF pump drivecharn.and the parkingbrakepawl. Move the pitot flange toward its cutout.P4V0120 STARTCLUTCH ASSEMBLY Replace. Be sure not to allow dust and other toreign particles to enter into the driven pulley shaft. PITOT PIPE d 1 1 . then remove the 22 x. 1 . STARTCLUTCH REMOVER 07TAE. Remove difterential assembly. Remove ATF passage the Remove flywheelhousing(twentybolts). Setthe special tool on the startclutch.the parking brakepawl spring. pipe assembly Remove ATF passage the Remove the ATF pump drive sprocket(threebolts). CAUTION: . lf the pawl of the special tool contacts the slart clutch guide. then remove the pitot flange. R e m o v e h e s t a r t c l u t c ha n d t h e s e c o n d a r y r i v e t gear assemblyusing the specialtool. pawl of the special tool to the parkinggear securely as snown. then Remove snap ring securing startclutch.P4V01 PARKING GEAR 14-249 ) .pipe holderassembly. then remove gearshaft. the Removethe parkingbrake pawl shaft.28 mm thrust shim. 7. the the remove the cotter retainerand the cotters.

S e a l i n gi n g s r . 2 5 x 3 1m m pan Selective RINGGEAR THBUSTWASHER THRUSTNEEOLE BEARING THRUST WASHER CARRIER ASSEMBLY THRUSTWASHER THRUSTNEEDLE SEARING SUN GEAR INPUTSHAFT SNAPRING CLUTCH END PLATE FORWARD CLUTCH ASSEMBLY {u RIGHTSIDECOVER GASKET Replace. SNAPRING SPRING RETAINER/ RETURN SPRINGS DOWELPIN TRANSMISSION HOUSING 14-250 . Elow out all passages.25mm BOLT TRANSMISSION HOUSING GASKET Replace. and dry with compressed .Rightsidecovergasket .replace followingparts: the . When removing the right sidecover/intermediate . RING(BUBBER} SEALING Beplace. housing.25mm BOLT 6 x 1. PIN DOWEL 8 x 1. Cleanall partsin solventor carburetor cleaner.Transmission housinggasket .Sealing ashers w SNAPRING REVERSE BRAKE END PLATE 8 x 1.O rings .0mm BOLT Dtsc PLATE DISCSPRING SNAP THRUSTSHIM.Housing RightSideGover/lntermediate Removal NOTE: air. .

3 . R e m o v e h e f o r w a r dc l u t c ha n d c a r r i e ra s s e m b l y t together. 16. inspection hole to remove to 1 4 . ring.Ekgl. C A U T I O N :l f t h e s p r i n g l e t a i n e r t a b i s o n t h e leverse brake piston. and Dush controlshaftassemthe the housing. Remove manualvalvebody (fivebolts). R e m o v et h e r i g h t s i d e c o v e r ( t h r e e6 m m b o l t s .ftl from the drive pulley 15. Removethe sun gear and the input shaft as a sub assembly pullingir. R e m o v et h e s p e c i a t o o l . I n s t a l lt h e s p e c i a lt o o l t o r e m o v et h e s n a p r i n g the reversebrakereturnspring retaineras securing snown. 9 . Compress returnsprings.m.1 .t h e n secure the carrierwith the snap ring on the forward ciutchend plate. SPECIALTOOL RETAIiIER SPRING TAA l 12. Removethe snap ring securingthe ring gear. Apply air pressure the inspection brakepiston. 7 . 8 x 1. BRAXE REVERSE COMPRESSOR SPRING 07TAE P4V01r0 the then removethe snap 11. sure the spring retainertab is not on the piston. the spring retainer may be Be damaged. 1 0 . bly toward the outsideof the transmission (fourbolts). R e i n s t a ltl h e c a r r i e ro n t h e f o r w a r d c l u t c h . REVERSE BRAXE PRESSUR€ INSPECNON HOIT SEALING WASHER Replace.m {1. 13 lbf. thrustneedlebearing. the reverse SPRNG RETAINER/ SPRING RETURN ASSEMBLY BRAKE REVERSE PISTON o-Rt Gs Replace. the '17 Remove roller. housing then remove the intermediate 14-251 .25 mm 18 N. t h e n r e m o v et h e s p r i n g retainer/return springassembly. the reversebrake Remove the sealingbolt securing pressure hole. Remove manualvalvebody linesA and B. 6 . the 2. Remove the snap ring retainer shaft. eleven8 mm bolts). Remove the carrierwith the thrust washersand the from the forwardclutch. plate.brakediscs.brakeplates. removethe thrustshim and the rang b t R e m o v e h e s n a pr i n g s e c u r i n gh e r e v e r s e r a k e t brakeend then removethe reverse discsand plates.then gear. the and remove snapringsecuring forwardclutch the then remove forwardclutchend plate. by The sun gear is pressfittedtightly into input shaft. 8 . and discspring. the end plate. Removethe snap ring securingthe forward clutch.

and drywith compressed Blowoutall passages.scratches andscoring. Cleanallpartsthoroughlyin solventor carburetor o Coatall partswith CVTFluidduringassembly. . 14-252 . cleaner.ManualValveBody Disassembly/lnspection/Reassembly NOTEI air. SEAT SPRING INHIBITOR R€VERSE VALVESPRING INHIBITOR REVERSE VALVE N' MANUAL VALVE BODY VALVE MANUAL for Inspect wear.

079 DISCSPRING END PLATE CLUTCH PISTON CLUTCH clurcH Dlscs Standardthickness. 9 4m m ( 0 0 7 6 i n ) SNAPRING 14-253 .I ForwardGlutch lllustrated Index ORUM CLUTCH \ \ \ _ SPRING RETURN RETAINER SNAPRING PLATES CLUTCH thickness: Standard in) 2.00mm (0. 1 .

Remove the discspring.IOO 2. then remove the clutch end plate. SPECIAL TOOL SPRING RETAINER 14-254 .ForwardClutch Disassembly 1. 3. Remove the snap ring. Do not s€t h€re. and plates. the retainer may be damaged.PX40100 SNAP RING CLUTCH SPRING COMPRESSOR ATTACHMENT OTHAE PLsO. Be sure the specialtool is adiustedto have full contact with the spring retsiner. clutch discs. CLUTCH SPRING COMPRESSOR ATTACHMENT 07LAE. CLUTCH SPRING COMPRESSOR BOLT ASSEMBLY oTGAE-PG40200 DISC SPRING CAUTION: lf either end ot the specialtool is set over an area ol the spring retainor which is unsupported by the return spring. Install the special tools as shown.

Wrap a shop rag aroundthe clutchdrum. Remove snapring. SPRING RETAINER 14-255 . Compress returnspring. the 6. the tools. to to the Place fingertip on the otherend while applying air a pressure.Then remove special the and springretainer.4. and apply air pressure the fluid passage remove piston. OSHA. returnspring.APPROVED 30 p3i NOZZLE 5.

. Installnew O-ringson the clutchpiston' O.RINGS and l n s t a l lt h e r e t u r ns p r i n g a n d s p r i n g r e t a i n e r ' retainer' positionthe snap ring on the SNAP RING SPRINGRETAINER SPRING RETURN CLUTCHDRUM PISTON 14-256 . the prsthe Inspect checkvalve. pressure lnstallthe pistonin the clutchdrum Apply and rotateto ensureproperseatlng' CVT Fluid NOTE: Lubricatethe piston O-ring with beforeinstalling the CAUTION: Do not pinch the O-ring by installing piston with too much lorce PISTON 2. all . Clean all parts thoroughly in solvent or carburetor alr' and dry them with compressed cleaner. CHECKVALVE 3.i{ it's loose'replace ton.Clutch Forward ReassemblY NOTE: . Blow out all Passages. Lubricate partswith CVTFluidbeforereassemDly' 1.

TOOL SPECIAL Remove special the tools. Compress returnspring. RETAINER (cont'd) 14-257 / . CLUTCHSPRING COMPBESSOR ATTACHMENT OTLAE PX4OlOO 6. Do not set h€re.5. CAUTION: lf either end ot the specialtool is set over an area ol the spring retainor which is unsupported by the return spring. the retainer may be damaged. Installthespecial tools as shown. the CLUTCHSPRING COMPRESSOR ATTACHMENT oTHAE-P150100 CLUTCHSPRING COMPRESSOR EOLTASSEMBLY 07GAE-PG40200 7. SNAP RING 8. Sot here. Be sure the specialtool is adlusted to have full contact with the spring retainer. I n s t a l l t h es n a p r i n g .

r* 1 0 . alternatelyinstall the clutch platesand discs. 1' ]. I n s t a ltlh e d i s cs p r i n g . I n s t a ltlh e s n a pr i n g .Forward Clutch (cont'dl Reassembly 9 . 3 1n ) CLUTCHEND PLATE 14-254 . the platesand discs.Installthe clutch end plate with flat sidetoward the disc. Verifythat the snap ring end gap is correct. Soakthe clutchdiscsthoroughlyin CVT Fluidfor a o minimum f 30minutes. shown. 13. NOTE: Installthe discspringin the direction 1 2 . Starting with a clutch plate.make NOTE:Beforeinstalling sure the insideof the clutch drum is free of dirt or otherforeignmatter. CLUTCH DRUM i 7 M i n i m u m . 9m m { 0 .urr* o. DISC SPRING SNAPRING \ ".

8 mm (0. in NOTE:Takemeasurements at leastthree places.031in) 0. 9m m ( 0 . 1 4 2n ) 2 2 5 6 3 .0 0 3 4 .P 4 V .7 2 . 1 5 0n ) i i 2 2 5 6 5 . is clutchdiscsand clutchplates. Part Numbel Thickness 1or15 2ot16 3or17 4ot18 22561 P4V.The distance that the clutchend plate moves is the clearancebetweenthe clutch end Dlate andtop disc. Measu. OO3 4 . but NOTE:It the thickest clutchend plateis installed replacethe the clearance still over the standard. 5m m ( 0 . 1 7 3n ) i .e clearanc€ the between the clutchend plate andtop discwith a dial indicator.O O 3 . 6 m m ( 0 . 4m m ( 0 .P 4 V . 1m m ( 0 . as Clutch End Plate-to-TopDisc Clearance: STANDARD: . 1 5 7i n ) 22561 -P4V OO3 4 . 2m m ( 0 . 1 8 5i n ) 5 or '19 6or20 7ot21 8ot22 9or23 '10 24 or 1 1o r 2 5 or or After replacing clutchend plate. is select new clutch a end plate from the following table. PLATE I{UM8ER Thicknoss CLUTCH END PI-ATE FORWARD CLUTCHEND PLATE Plale No. 0 m m ( 0 .0 0 34 . 3m m ( 0 .0. 1 3 8n ) i i 22562-P4V-003 3 . 7 m m ( 0 . 5m m ( 0 . 1 6 1n ) i i 2 2 5 6 8 .P A V .P 4 V . thenrecheck. 1 6 9n ) i 22510 P4V OO3 4 .0 0 33 . 1 5 4n ) 2 2 5 6 6 .make surethat the is the clearance within tolerance. 1 7 7n ) 225't1 P4V i 2 2 5 . 1 4 6n ) i 2 2 5 6 4 .0. 8m m ( 0 . 6m m ( 0 .P 4 V .6 15.I i I 14.0 0 3 4 .P4V .P 4 V .and lift it up to the snap ring. and usethe average the actualclearance. 1 6 5n ) 2 2 5 6 9 . lf the clearance out of tolerance. Zerothe dial indicator with the clutch end plate lowered.003 3 .0 0 33 .O O 33 . r' 14-259 .024. 7m m ( 0 .OO3 4 .P 4 V . 1 8 1i n ) 4 22573 .

. 1 1 4n ) i 9 0 5 5 3 .P 4 V .0 0 0 3 . 1 4 2n l i 9 0 5 6 0 . 8m m ( 0 . 3m m ( 0 .P 4 V .020 in) = 3.5 in) ExamDle: Measurement A:32. 1 3 8n ) i 9 0 5 5 9 .1 mm {1. M e a s u r et h e d i s t a n c eb e t w e e nt h e t r a n s m i s s i o n h o u s i n gs u r f a c ea n d t h e t h r u s t w a s h e rm o u n t i n g gear shaft as shown. then note (Measurement the measurement A).0 0 0 3 .287 in) Measurement B:30.7mm 11. 0m m ( 0 .P 4 V .0 0 0 3 .then surfaceof the secondary notethe measurement B).0 0 03 .5 mm (0. 1 1 8n ) i 9 0 s 5 4 . 6m m ( 0 . {Measurement SECONDARY GEARSHAFT B 9 0 5 5 2 .020 0.0 0 0 3 .0 0 0 3 ..25 x 35 mm BALL BEARING FLYWHEEL HOUSING No." I fi-i"r*.P 4 V .r". 1 5 0n ) i J K 14-260 . THRUST SHIM. \ oi. 5m m ( 0 .7mm (1.0 0 0 2 . Part Number P 9 0 5 5 '-1 4 V . 2m m { 0 .P 4 V . 1 2 6n ) i 9 0 5 5 6 .P 4 V .P 4 V . 1 4 6n ) i 90561 P4V.1mm (1. 1 1 0n ) i Installthe secondary gear shaft in the transmission housrng. 1 2 2n ) i 9 0 5 5 5 .000 3 . 1m m ( 0 .Measurement B + Flywheel HousingGasketThickness: mm (0. Calculate x 35 mm thrust shim thickness fol25 bv lowingformula.P 4 V .P 4 V . 1 3 0n ) i c E F 9 0 5 s 7 . FORMULA: 25 x 35 mm Thrust Shim Thickness = Measurement A . 4m m ( 0 . 8m m { 0 .0 0 0 3 .287 -30.Secondary GearShaft 25 x 35 mm Thrust Shim Selection 1. Measure distance the between the flywheelhousing surfaceand the ball bearing as shown. 9m m { 0 .0 0 0 Thickness 2 .185 inl in} + 0. 7m m ( 0 . FLYWHEEL HOUSING --"i<t='' 4.185 in) 25 x 35 mm Thrust Shim Thickn€ss = 32.0 0 0 3 . Selectthe 25 x 35 mm thrust shim from the following the table.122 in) Select 25 x 35 mm Thrust Shim D. 1 3 4n ) i H 9 0 5 5 8 .1 mm 10.g 5.

Place differential the assembly V-blocks.m {10. PINIONGEARS FINALORIVEN GEAR BALLBEARING lf the backlash out of tolerance.5 |bfit) Left'handthreads BacklashInspection 1.15mm {0. Check backlash both piniongears.05. 74. install on and both axles. the of Standard(Newl:0.3kgf.006inl 2. 14-261 .m.0.0mm 101N.Differential lllustratedlndex AOLTS 10 r 1. is replace differthe entialcarrier.002 0.

m {10. 2.0kgf. removalis not necessary. for lf the bearings OK.ftl 98 p 14-262 BALLBEARING . 72 lbf.m.m {10. are 1. DIFFERENTIAL CARRIEN Installthe final driven gear with its chamfered side on the innerborefacingthe differential carrier. TOROUE: N. BOLTS 1 0x 1 .m. Remove ball bearings the usinga bearingpuller. NOTE: The final driven gear bolts have left-hand threads. 72 tbf.ft) Left-hand threads I BEARING BALL Installthe new ball bearingsusing the specialtool with a pressas shown.0kg{. 0m m 98 N. Removethe final driven gear from the differential carrier. DifferentialCarrier Replacement 1. Torquethe boltsto the specified torque in a crisscross panern.Differential BearingReplacement NOTE:Checkthe bearings wear and rough rotation.

SETRING. sion housingusingthe special HOUSING (cont'd) 14-263 . NOTE:Do not installthe oil sealyet. Remove the oil seal from the flywheel housing. 5 0m m { 0 . Remove differential the housing. 0 9 8 n ) t h i c k8 0 m m w i d e s e t a n r i n gi n t h e t r a n s m i s s i oh o u s i n g . OIL SEAL Replace. 2. 80 mm Seleclivepart TRANSIflSStON HOUSING TRANSMISSION HOUSING 3. Installthe difterentialassemblyinto the transmistool as shown.Oil Seal Removal 1. I n s t a l l 2 . Remove oil sealfrom the transmission the Clearance Oil Seal Installation/Side i 1 .l . assembly.

a n d t i g h t e nt h e b o l t s . 0 0m m 1 0 .015 mm (0 . 9 0 m ( 0 . 1 1i4 ) n 3 .80 mm with in selected step5 thickness the one of the correct h 14-264 .0kgtm. 7 0m m 1 0 . l n s t a l l t h ef l y w h e e l h o u s i n g . 80 mm PartNumber 90414-689-000 90415 689 000 90416-689-000 90417-689-000 90418-689-000 90419-PH8-000 Thickness i 2 .25mm 29 N m (3. and install it. the Remove flywheelhousing. 1 0 2n ) n 2 .50mm (0. 1 1 0n ) n m 2 . \ 4. in) the Replace 2.22 lb{ft} u f H s TRANSMISSION HOUSING DIFFERENTIAL ASSEMBLY FLYWHEEL HOUSING FLYWTIEEL GASKET HOUSING lf the clearance is more than the standard.Differential (cont'd) Clearance Oil Seal Installation/Side 3.0 006 inl 8 x 1. betweenthe 80 mm set ring the clearance Measure i r a c eo f t h e b a l l b e a r i n g n t h e t r a n s m i s and outer s i o nh o u s i n g . 5 0m m ( 0 . 1 0i6 ) i 2 . 6 0m m ( 0 . SET RING. 0 STANDARD: . 1 1i8 ) measuredin step 4 is stan NOTE|lf the clearance to dard. select a new set ring from the table.098 set ring. 0 9 8n ) i 2 . 1. 8 0m m ( 0 .it is not necessary performsteps7 and 8 6.

t@ ATTACHMENT. Installrhe oil seal in the flywheelhousingusingthe special tools as shown. housingusing the oil seal in the transmission Install tools as shown. Removethe input shaft oil seal from the flywheel houstng.5E72 mm 079{?.5 mm ."rf fo"rrr'l.FlywheelHousing InputShaftOil Seal Replacement 8. the sDecial DRIVER 07749 0010000 1.ttl.i. 32x35mm 07746.3.5 . q Installthe oil seal in the flywheelhousingusingthe soecial tools as shown. 26r30mm 07JAD.PH80200 Installed depth: 2.6340201 PILOT. FLYWHEEL DRIVER x ATTACHMENT.0010100 14-265 .

insert the new bearing part-way into the housing using the specialtools and a press as shown.0. The snap ring operates properly. x p a n dt h e s n a p r i n g w i t h h e s n a p r i n g p l i e r s . ENDGAP:0-9mm (0.35in) BEARING HOUSING SNAPRING 14-266 .t h e n p u s h t h e b e a r i n go u t u s i n g the specialtools and a pressas shown. . . Expandthe snap ring with snap ring pliers. Installthe bearingwith the groovefacingoutsidethe housing.Transmission Housing Bearings Driven Pulley Shaft Bearing Replacement '1.0010600 4. 72x75mm 07746.then push the bearingdown into the the housinguntil the ring snaps in placearound it.0010600 GBOOVE SNAPRING ATTACHMENT. NOTE:Do not removethe snap ring unlessit's necessaryto cleanthe groovein the housing. The snap ring is seatedin the bearingand housIng gfooves. After installing bearingverifythe following: the . N O T E :C o a ta l l p a n sw i t h C V TF l u i d . Release pliers. 72x75mm 07746 . To removethe driven pulleyshaft bearingfrom the t r a n s m i s s i o n o u s i n g . u s i n g h e s p e c i a l t o o la s s h o w n .0010000 \ BEARING ATTACHMENT. t s 07749. The ring end gap is correct.

10 PULLER. 72 x 75 mrn 07746. 62x68mm 07746.FlywheelHousing Bearing SecondaryGear Shaft Bearing Replacement 1.25 mm 07?36 4010004 SHAFT BEARING ADJUSTABLE BEARING PULLER.usingthe spebottomsin the transmission a cialtools sshown. DRIVER 07749 0010000 ATTACHMENT.. s GearShaft Bearing Secondary Replacement 1. gear shaft bearinguntil it lnstallthe new secondary bottoms in the flywheel housing. gear shaft bearingusingthe Remove the secondary s p e c i a l t o o la s s h o w n . gear shaft bearingusingthe Remove the secondary soecial tool as shown.0010500 14-267 .A01000A gear shaft bearinguntil it Installthe new secondary housing.26 40 mm 07736.16 SLIDE lCommerciallyavailablel GEAR SECONDARY BEARING ADJUSTABLE . HAMMER 3/8" .using the special tools as shown.0010600 ATTACHMENT.

RingGearBearing Replacement 1. Remove the bolt and lock washer. Install the controlleverto the controlshaft.4kgf. ControlShaft Assembly RemovaUlnstallation 1.m (1. CONTROL SHAFT ASSEMBLY TRANSMISSION RING RINGGEAR Installthe new ring gear bearinguntil il bottoms in the ring gear. Remove controlshaftassembly. R e m o v et h e r i n g g e a r b e a r i n g . Remove controlleverfrom the controlshaft.ttl DRIVER 0?749.0010000 CONTROL LEVER LOCKWASHER Replace.m. b 14-268 . the Install controlshaftassembly the transmission the in nousrng. 6x1. Install and tightenthe bolt with a new lockwasher. 6. 5.usingthe special tools as snown.0mm 14 N. the 3. 10 tbf.

0mm 12 N. Coatall partswith CVTFluid.8.7 lbnftl SNAPRING MANUAL VALVE REVERSE ERAKE ENDPLATE RIGHT SIDE COVER DOWEL PIN O.8.22lbtftl kgt INTERMEDIATE HOUSING ASSEMBLY ROLLER ATF FEEDPIPE TRANSMISSION HOUSING GASKET CONTROL SHAFT ASSEMBLY SNAP AING SPRING RETAINER/ RETURN SPRING ASSEMBLY REVERSE BRAKEPISTON O.RINGS RIGHT SIDECOVEBGASKET 6x1.Transmission Reassembly CAUTION: Whilereassembling.2kgf.ftl 12 N m (1.Gaskets .8kgl. Replace followingparts: the .25mm 37 N.RINGS 8 x 1.m 13.m lI.RINGS DOWEL PIN HOUSING SNAPRINGRETAINER ATF FEEDPIPES 14-270 . be to NOTE: .m.7 SNAP RING MANUAL VALVE BODY olsc PLATE DISCSPRING THRUST SHlM.0 .25x 31 mm part Selective RINGGEAR THRUST WASHER THRUST NEEOLE BEABING THRUSTWASHER CARRIER ASSEMBLY THRUST WASHER THRUST NEEOLE BEARING SUN GEAR INPUTSHAFT SNAPRING FORWARD CLUTCH O.S e a l i n gi n g s r . 27 lbt.0mm lbf.O-rings .Stan clutchassembly and Secondary drive gear assembly \ 8 x 1.Sealing ashers w . sure not to allow dust and other foreignparticles enter into the transmission.2 kgf.25mm 29 N.ft) 6x1.m {3.m.

' '.' ir ir / . Measurethe clearance Zero end plateand the top discwith a dial indicator.housInstallthe ATF feed pipe in the transmission ATF feed pipeswith new ing.45 STANDARD: . Install two dowelpinsand newtransmission the housing. the reverse 1..030in) o?TAE. a l t e r n a t e l y brakeplatesand discs lnstallthe installthe reverse brakeend piate. in NOTE:Take measurements at leastthree places. 5 9n ) / RING SNAP .'t /.and lift it up to the snap ring.. Put the controlshaft assemblyback.. REVERSE BRAKE SPRING COMPRESSOE S l a r t i n g w i t h a r e v e r s eb r a k e p l a t e .then installthe housing.r i n g sn t h e t r a n s m i s s i oh o u s i n g . / . :'' 1 1 .75mm (0. \. then installthe manual valve body with the detent spring (fivebolts).. Be sure the spring retainertab is not on the piston. b w i t h a r e v e r s e r a k ee n d p l a t e the dial indicator lowered.then installthe inter(fourbolts).then installthe snap Compress housing above the spring ring in the intermediate retarner.The distance that the reversebrakeand plate moves is the clearance between the reverseend plate. mediatehousingassembly lnstall the manual valve body separatorplate and the two dowel pins on the intermediatehousing. the spring retainer may be damaged.. the return springs.a7 "-. 1 0 .and the snap ring reverse betweenthe reversebrake 1 4 . ing gasketon the transmission ? toward the outside Pushthe controlshaft assembly of the transmissionhousing. and the top disc. as and usethe average the actualclearance 0. S o a k t h e r e v e r s eb r a k e d i s c st h o r o u g h l yi n C V T 3 f Fluidorminimum 0minutes brakepiston. TOOL SPECIAL BRAKE REVERSE (cont'di 14-271 . hous2 . lnstallthe springretainer/retu..018 0. Install the discspringon the reverse t5. on NOTE:Installthereturnsprings the springguides oJthe reversebrake piston securelY the returnsprlng tool to compress Install the special as shown.P4V0110 CAUTION:lf the spring letainer tab is on the reverse brake piston.n brakePaston. Verifythat the snap ring end gap is correct i 1 M i n i m u m 5m m ( 0 . and installthe three i n O . rollerin the intermediate Installthe reversebrake piston in the intermediate housing.0. on spring assembly 7 .

but is replace reverse the brakediscsand plates.P4V 003 3 . REVERSE BRAKE ENDPLATE 22. 1 7 3n ) i 2 2 5 5 6 .0 0 3 5 . 1 8 9n ) i 2 2 5 5 8 . 0 m m ( 0 . SNAP BIT{G THRUST THBUST NEEDLE BEARING O.Transmission (cont'd) Reassembly lf the clearance not withinthe standard. 0m m ( 0 .P 4 V . is remove the reverse brakeend plateand measure thickness. I n s t a l lt h e t h r u s t n e e d l e b e a r i n g a n d t h e t h r u s t washer on the sun gear.0 0 34 . N O T E : l f t h e t h i c k e s tr e v e r s eb r a k ee n d p l a t e j s installed. 2m m 1 01 6 5i n ) . Maximum4l 4 mm 11. Install carrierassembly the forwardclutch.P4V 003 4 . the on \ 14-272 . After replacingthe reversebrake end plate. h e n i n s t a l ln e w O t flngs. 6m m ( 0 . 6m m ( 0 . r e v e r s eb r a k ee n d p l a t e . 2 3 5 6 7 8 22551 . 1 9 .63 in) ""^rr.0 0 3 4 . 8m m ( 0 .P4V 003 3 .then installthe snap ring. dascs.""() PlateNo. 1 5 0n ) 22552 i 22553-P4V OO3 4 . l n s t a l lt h e s n a p r i n g r e t a i n e ro n t h e d r i v e p u l l e y shaft. 2 2 5 5 5 . b then recheck. plates. 1 4 2n ) i . s 1 8 .P 4 V . 20. R e m o v et h e s n a p r i n g . Part Number Thickness 2 3 .P 4 V . Installtheforwardclutchassembly the drive pul on ley shaft. I n s t a l lt h e i n p u t s h a f t a n d t h e s u n g e a r a s a s u b assembly. 1 8 1n ) i 22551-P4V -OO3 4 . the clearance still over the standard. Wrap the drive pulleyshaftsplineswith tapeto prev e n t d a m a g et o t h e O . 4m m ( 0 . 8m m ( 0 .r i n g s . and discspring.RINGS SNAP RING RETAINER 25. Verily that the outside diameter of the snap ring is correct. 1 5 7i n ) 22554. its S e l e c ta n d i n s t a l la n e w r e v e r s e r a k ee n d p l a t e . make s u r et h a tt h e c l e a r a n cie w i t h i nt h e s t a n d a r d . 2 0 0n ) i CARRIER ASSEMBLY 1 7 . 2 4 .

1 9 m ( 0 .0 0 0 1.505 in) mm (0.0 0 0 1.0 0 0 1.785 in) mm {0. make is sure that the clearance within toleranceand the snap ring outsidediameteris correct shown.33mm {0.365 in) mm (0.P 4 V .0593 9 0 4 8 6 . THRUST 2 5 x 3 1m m pa Selective rt removethe 25 x is 30.P 4 V .68mm (0. Install discspringin the direction the 34. S t a r t i n g w i t h a r e v e r s eb r a k e p l a t e .P 4 V . 32.0427 9 0 4 8 0 .26.0482 9 0 4 8 2 .0 0 0 1. Installthe thrust washer.P 4 V .0 0 0 1.055 '1. After replacingthe 25 x 31 mm thrust shim.0 0 0 1. RING GEAB (cont'd) 14-273 .54mm (0.061 in) 9 0 4 5 9 .0620 9 0 4 8 7 .47 in) mm (0. 0 4 i4 ) m n m n 1 .575 in) mm (0.0 0 0 1.40mm (0.715 '1. RINGGEAR Part Number 90451 P4V.P 4 V . 27. 3'|.0 0 0 1.P 4 V . K L M N 28. THRUST SHIM.82mm (0.0703 90490-P4V-000 o P o R /.P 4 V . ' T b 29.000 1.0565 90485 P4V.61mm {0.0510 9 0 4 8 3 .0 0 0 1. STANDARD: 0. as and usethe average the actualclearance.P 4 V .0675 9 0 4 8 9 .P 4 V .050 in) 9 0 4 5 5 .05mm (0.225 in) mm (0. 7 m( 12 1i n ) m m F 1 't'":' /l \ in) mm (0.l n s t a l l selectedreversebrake end plate.066 90461. Verifythat the outsidediameterof the snap ring is correct.069 1. BRAKE REVERSE END PLATE BRAKE REVERSE PLATES Dtscs OISCSPRING in lnstall this direction .P 4 V .011 1 .058 90457-P4V-000 in) 9 0 4 5 8 .000 in} 1.155 in) mm (0. a l t e r n a t e l y a i n s t a l lt h e r e v e r s eb r a k eD l a t e s n d d i s c s .072 in) E F G H J the ring gearand the 25 x 31 mm thrustshim./ \\ rl i\ .085 in) mm 10.P 4 V .000 Thickness in) 1.".052 in) 9 0 4 5 6 .*"ua{t".00/B inl in NOTE:Takemeasurements at leastthree places. Selectand install a new 25 x 3'l mm thrust shim. M e a s u r e h e c l e a r a n c e e t w e e nt h e 2 5 x 3 1 m m t thrustshim and the snap ring.295 mm {0.000 90453 P4V.0 0 0 1.P 4 V .75rnm {0.11 mm 10.26mm (0.0 0 0 1.000 90452 P4V.P 4 V . and the thrustwasheron the carrierassembly.05. lf the clearance out of tolerance. its 31 mm thrustshim and measure thickness.0537 in) 9 0 4 8 4 . SNAPBING SHIM.0 0 0 1.0020 0. then recheck.0 0 0 1.645 in) mm (0.0 0 0 1.P4V 000 90462 P4V.P 4 V . 1 2 m ( 0 .the thrust needlebearang.0454 9 0 4 8 1 . 0 4 i7 ) THRUSTNEEDLE BEANING WASHERS THRUST B c D inl 9 0 4 5 4 .063 in) 9 0 4 6 0 .0648 9 0 4 8 8 .0 0 0 1. '! ttl.0. M a x i m u 3 0 . / l\ r _ . SruEP RING.435 in) mm (0.P 4 V . Install then installthe snap ring.25 x 31 mm No. then install the snapflng.

m.5mm pan Selective . M i n i m u m 8m m ( 0 . 43.RINGS ORIVEN PULLEY SHAFT gear shaft with selected x 25 40.hen movethe control leverto any gearotherthan E position. 25. SNAPRING THRUST SHIM. then install them on the driven oullevshaft. SECONDARY GEABSHAFT COTTER RETAINER COTTERS. 8 x 1. in 42. P u l lt h e h a n d l eo f t h e s p e c i a t o o l u p . E J \ " E P 9>E PARKING BRAKE PAWLSPRING PARKING RIGHT SIDE COVER GASKET DOWEL PINS O.7 tbt.eleven 8 mm bolts). 14-2 7 4 . Verifythat the snap ring end gap is correct. 1r ' t I'J t\ .2kgf.and set the soecial tool on the startclutchCAUTION:While installing the start clutch and the secondarydriv€ gear assemblyusing the special tool. 7 1n ) 1 i -- 39. Installthe parkingbrakepawl.m.. Assemble secondary the drive gear assembly the startclutchassemblv. Installthe right sidecover (three6 mm bolts. be sure not to allow dust and other toreign particlesto enter into the transmission.. MANUAL VALVE BODYPIPEA 4 1 . W r a p t h e d r i v e n p u l l e ys h a f ts p l i n e sw i t h t a p e t o preventdamageto the O-rings. Installthe secondary p 3 5 m m t h r u s ts h i m( s e e a g e1 4 .25mm 37 N. .8kgI. sruapntruc-/ \ ./ l 36.P4V0130 ATF FEEO PIPES MANUAL VALVE BODY 37.ft) 6x1.t h e n i n s t a l l h new O-ringson the ATFleed pipes. I t r . : : .ftl t'tl\ BRAKE PABKING PAWLSHAFT STARTCLUTCH ASSEMBLY SECONDARY DRIVEGEAR ASSEMBLY O-RINGS f. Installthe two dowel pins and new right side cover g a s k e to n t h e i n t e r m e d i a t e o u s i n g .. t h e n i n s t a l l l the tip of it into the driven pulleyshaft hole. STARTCLUTCH INSTALLER 07TAE. then installnew Onngs.and shaft on t h the transmission ousing.1 0 0 ) . 8.m (3.27 lbt.Transmission Reassembly(cont'dl 35. N O T E :I n s t a ltlh e n i n e 8 m m b o l t si n t h e r i g h ts i d e cover (two 8 mm bolts remainin the right side cover)then tightenthe eleven8 mm bolts.\i . 38. spring.n u n a ' " .0mm 12Nm(1. I n s t a l t h e m a n u a lv a l v eb o d y p i p e sA a n d B w i t h new O-rings the manualvalvebody and the interon mediatehousing.

/\--/ n 52. h e A T F p u m p d r i v e l sprocket hub and the 22 x 28 mm thrustshim on the input shaft.0. SNAPRING\ ATF PUMPDRIVE SPNOCXET HUA THRUSTSHIM.remove th the cottersand measure eir thickness.5mm THRUSTWASHENS GAUGE li . 1 2 2n ) i 9 0 4 3 2 .005in) 0 an NOTE|Takemeasurements at leastthfee places. 1 2 6n ) c D 49.P 4 V . I n s t a l t h e t h r u s tw a s h e r s t. Part Numbel Thickness B n 9 0 4 2 9 .P 4 V . 1 1 i4 ) n 3 .0 0 02 . 0m m ( 0 .0. 9m m { 0 .000 3 . and remove the special toolbetween 46.l l) STARTCLUTCH GAUGE lf STARTCLUTCH ( c o n td ) 14-275 .0 0 03 .22 x 28 mm Selectiveoan COTTERS. then recheck.then installthe snap ring. Verifyrhat the outsidediameterof the snap ring is correcI. 1 1i8 ) 90430-P4V-000 i 90431 P4V. Minimum33. and usethe average the actualclearance. as "no"*.tool. Pull the handleof the specialtool up.5mm No. 48. After replacing 25. 1m m { 0 . r r 50.5mm cotters. S?ART CLUTCHINSTALLER is 4't. Pushthe handleof the special nut to seat the secondarydrive gear assemblyon the drivenpulleyshaftsecurely.make surethal the is the the clearance the standard. 2m m { 0 .13mm {0 . then measure clearance the the cottersand the slart clutchguide. then tightenthe 44. Installthecotters. STANDARD: . 25. I n s t a ltlh e c o t t e r e t a i n ea n dt h e s n a pr i n g . It the clearance not within the standard. 25. Select coTTERS.33 in) HANOLE 45.9mm 11. and installnew cotters.

1 5m m ( 0 . is removethe 22 x 28 mm thrustshim and measure thlckness. 3 m { 1 .065 in) E F 9 0 s 7 6 . then recheck.0 0 0 2.0 0 0 1.0.026in) NOTE:Takemeasurements at leastthree places. Measurethe clearancebetween the 22 x 28 mm thrustshim and the snap ring.40mm (0. then lnstall and tighten the bolts (threebolts).Transmission (cont'dl Reassembly 53. 9 0 m ( 0 .P 4 V . STANDARD.P 4 V .055 in) 9 0 5 7 5 . Selectand install a new 22 x 28 mm thrust shim.8. Verifythat the outsidediameterof the snap ring is correct.0 0 0 2 .m (1.37. 0. PUMPORIVE CHAIN 'l.015 0.7 lbtft) ATF PUMP DRIVE SPROCKET PITOTFLANGE THFUSTSHIM.0mm 6x 12 N. its 56. 0 8 5n ) i 9 0 5 7 8 . THRUSTSHIM. INPUT SHAFT 54.65mm (0.m.40mm (0.22 x 28 mm No.P 4 V . 22x28 mm lf the clearance out of tolerance.P 4 V .095 in) INPUTSHAFT H 14-276 . 0 4 5n ) 5 i 9 0 5 7 4 .0 0 0 1. M a x i m u m 6 . ' 1 m m { 0 .P 4 V . After replacingthe 22 x 28 mm thrust shim.and put the ATF pump drive chain on the ATF pump drive and driven sprockets. 0 7 5n ) 1 m i 9 0 5 7 7 .0 0 0 1 . as Eq lnstall the ATF pump drive sprocket. Part Number Thickness ATF PUMP c D 9 0 5 7 3 . Installthe pitot flange using its cutout as shown to clearthe pitot pipes.2kgf. make sure that the clearance within toleranceand the is snap ring outsidediameter correct is 58.0 0 0 .65 mm 10. in and usethe average the actualclearance.P 4 V . 0 4n ) 2 m i r5 5 1 .

m 11.m.):/.2 8. 12 N.PIN 6x1. Install three dowel pins and new flywheelhousinggasketon the transmission the (twentybolts).m (3.25 mm 29 N.m. 61. 8.0k91.assembly.22lbl'ftl PIPE arF PAssAGE I ASSEMBLY HOLDER I \ € I R E {u FLYWHEEL HOUSING \n [tr1 o-RrNG-___\S/ f-{ \A CONNECTOR ERACKET PIPE ATF PASSAGE DOWEI.0mm 12 N. Install ATF passage the housing 62. InstalltheATF passage 6x1. bracket the 63.7 tbtftl DIFFERENTIAL ASSEMBLY DOWEL PIN FLYWHEEL HOUSING GASKET at": DOWELPIN ri-{e .2kgf.7 tbI.ft) 8 x 1. the differential 60.m {1. Install pipe assembly with new O-rings(one bolt). pipe holderassembly 64. Install flywheelhousingand connector I (two bolts).m.0mm kgf.[ TRANSMISSION HOUSING ( c on t ' d) 14-277 .

70.7 tbf. Install ATF pan with the two dowel pins and a new ATF pan gasket(fourteen the bolts).ftl DOWELPINS ATF STRAINER O-RING ATF COOLER OUTLET PIPE OOWEL PINS ATF PAN/ATFFILTER/ ATF COOLER INLET PIPE ASSEMEI-Y SEALING WASHERS O-RING JOTNT BOLT 28 N.0mm 12 N.m 11.m. Install the ATFstrainer with a new O-ring(two bolts).m 11.m 11. 69.7 tbt.ft) HARNESS CONNECTOR 5x1. 66. Install ATFcoolerinlet pipe bracket the bolt.m. the 68.2 kgf.m.ft) ATF COOLEF INLET PIPEERACKET BOLT 8 x 1.25mm 26 N.2kgt.2 m.ftl 6x1.m {1. Installthe solenoidharness connector with a new O-ring{one bolt}.m {2.and the ATF coolerinlet pipe(seepage'14-235). 8.ftl LOWER VALVEBODY ASSEMBLY 6x1.9ksf.0mm 12 N.Transmission (cont'dl Reassembly 65. lnstalltheATFcooleroutletpipe with the joint bolt and new sealing washers. assemble ATF pan.7 tbf.7 tbf. 21 lbf. 67.20 lbf.m. kgt 8.2 m. lf necessary.then installthe lower valve body assembly with threedowel pins (eightboltsl.ttl 14-278 .0mm kgf 12 N.m (2.0mm 12 N.ATFfilter. 8.7kgf. 6x1. 8.

in 6nKn.m {7.m. teethot the ring gearfor excessive a 1 2x 1 . 54lbl.Plate Flywheel/Drive DRIVE PLATE WASHER Install this direction. Torque in 6 crisscross 14-279 .5kgI.ftl pattern. wear. 0m m 74 N.

:_11 UREA GNEASE {P/N 08798.m {6. 41 REARENGINEMOUNTING BOLT Replace. 47 lbl.0 kgf.ft) mount bracket Tightenthe lnstallthe transmission long bolt loosely.5.m.then installthestartermotor on the flywheelhousing.2. '12 1. 4.90021 WASHER SUPER HIGHTEMP . a y Attach the transmission the engine. m b 2.m.5kgl.25mm x 59 N. 7.m. 44 N. 6.andcoatthe fly wheelhub splines with SuperHighTempUreaGrease (P/N08798 9002)as shown.m (4.m. TRANSMISSION HOUSING MOUNTING BOLT 64 N. on lnstallthe flywheelsecurely the input shaft. tightenthe long bolt to the specified 1 2x 1 . 2 5 m m 64 N.5kgt.m (6.5 g (0.5kgf.54lbtft} PIN 14 x 20 mm DOWEL FLYWHEEL 14-280 .T h e n torque. ) r Instala new sealing ing (rubberon the input l shaft.and tighten the nuts and bolt on t t h e m o u n t b r a c k e t o t h e s p e c i f i e d o r q u e .33 lbf. 43 lbtftl SPLINES HIGHTEMP Apply SUPER UREAGREASE {P/N 08798.Transmission Installation l Flushthe ATF cooleras described pages'14-284 on a n d1 4 ' 2 8 5 .ft) INPUT SHAFT STARTER rtl 14x20mm PIN DOWEI- I S E A L I N GR I N G {RUBBER) MOUNT 12 x L25 mm 74 N.90021 1.m. Placethe transmission a jack. 3.5kgl. R e m o v e h e u s e d g r e a s ei n t h e f l y w h e e lh u b c a p t and flywheelsplines.05.m (6.then install on h t h e t r a n s m i s s i o n o u s i n gm o u n t i n gb o l t a n d r e a r engine ounting olts.0. Fillthe inside the flywheel of hub cap.m {7.ogozl 8.and installtwo 14 x 20 mm dowel pins in the llywheelhousing.and raise it to the on engine ssembllevel.

25mm 22 N m {2.25 mm kgf 16 N.ftl 8 x 1.m.ft| FLYWHEEL ENGINE STIFFENER Replace.5 m.25mm 44 N.m (2. c h e c kt h a t t h e rotates freely.5kgt a crisscross A f t e r t i g h t e n i n gt h e l a s t b o l t .zruittt 33 tbt. Install the rightfront mounvbracket.7 tbl.5kgf.14N. then from the engine.m.0mm 12 N. Connect ATF cooler hosesto the ATF cooler pipes the (seepage 14-2891. 8.m {1.m (4.0x14mm 12 N.m 15.m (. A EXHAUSTPIPE DRIVE TE GASKET Replace. Install flywheelcoverand the enginestiffeners. removethe hoist bracket 1 1 . ENGINE STIFFENER .25mm 24 N.ft) ATF COOI.ftt NUT SELF. 8 x 1. 10x 1.25mm 54 N.7 20 rbf.m (4.25 mm 11.16lbtftl 8 x 1.6 kgf. Attach the flywheel to the drive plate with eight boltsand torqueas follows: pulleyas necessary tighten to Rotatethe crankshaft torque. 1 4 .5kgf. Installthe remainingtransmission ing bolts.housingmount9.25mm kgl 4{ N.ftl '10 1.m 10 x 'l .ER HOSE 16. 17 lbt ft) NUT SELF. CAUTION: While connecting the ATF cooler hoses.ft) 10 x 1.1.6 m. Install the exhaust pipe A. 8 x 1. 4r) tbt.2 kotm. if necessary 13. @ oo"*ar-@ DRIVEPLATEBOLT 6x1.n. Tightenthe crankshaft section 6).2kgt m. 12. e.m (5.2kgf.LOCKING Replace. 33 rbtft) SELF. {0 rbf. OXYGENSENSOR PRIMARY (see pulleybolt.25mm x 54 N.25mm 24Nm (2.m.m kgl. 10 x 1. 8 r 1. 17 tbf. 12 tbf.LOCKING Replace. the 6x1.then to the the bolts to half of the specified pattern.ft) (cont'd) \ 14-281 .4 kgf'm.25mm 26 N. final torque.LOCKING Beplace.m. Removethe transmissionjack and the hoist.IRPIPE 1 0 .m 11. crankshaft 1 2 . be sure not to allow dust and other loreign particles to enter ioto the transmission.. 33 lbf ftl RIGHTFRONT MOUNT/EFACKET ATF COOI.5kgf m.

ftl kgl 14-282 .m {1.47 lbf. m . ./*:.0kgf.25mm 43 N. 2 5 m m 64 N.2kgf. Installa new set ring on the end of eachdriveshaft.25nm 1 2x 1 . 0 .2 m.Transmission (cont'd) Installation 1 7 .m.7lbf. 1 8 . 12x 1.m {1.m. Turn the right and left steeringknuckle fully outward. NOTE: I Cleanthe areaswherethe driveshafts contact the ( ) t r a n s m i s s i o nd i f f e r e n t i atl h o r o u g h l y i t h s o l w v e n t o r c a r b u r e t oc l e a n e r . 1 9 . 7 ./ PtN cbr-rER Replace. {6.ftl a'. \ 20.8 N.ftl 4 9. SECONDARY GEAR SHAFTSPEED SENSOR CONNECTOR 6x1.m 11. NUT CASTLE Beplace.6 . be sure not to allow dust and other foreign particlesto enter into the transmission.m (4.m.m.O mm 9.5 9 N m 1 5 .0mm '12N. Install splashshield.0mm 12 N. 0 k g f . VEHICLE SPEEO SENSOR CONNECTOR 6x1. .32 lbf. the (seesection16).7 lbl.4kgf.h e driven pulley speed sensorconnectorand the secondarygear shaftspeedsensor connector. Installtheright and left driveshafts CAUTION:While installing the drivcshalts in the diflerential. SPLASHSHIELD 6 x 'l. Install the damperfork. 8.ft} DRIVEN PULLEY SPEEO SENSOR CONNECTOR NUT SELF-LOCKING . C o n n e c t h e v e h i c l es p e e ds e n s o rc o n n e c t o rt. n d d r y w i t h c o m r a pressed arr.m ks{.2 tbl'ttl 10 x 1.5 36 43 tbf. and slideeach driveshaft into the differential until you {eel its set ring clip engagethe side gear. 8.then installthe right and left b a l l j o i n t st o e a c h l o w e r a r m w j t h t h e c a s t l en u t s and new cotterprns.ftl 2 1 .

and installthe shift cableon the shift cablebracket. e n LOCKNUT 29 N. a ) Startthe engine. then the negative terminalto the battery. I n s t a l l t h c l i pi n t h e d i r e c t i o s h o w n .2 kgl.ftl and clamps. CAUTION:While lilling the CVT Fluid. 2 9 . 22 lbfftl SHIFT CABLE BRACKET 25.2kglm. DRIVEPULLEY SPEED SENSOR CONNECTOR 14-283 .m {1.f0 CABLE GROUND 6x1.7 rbf.m 11. facingout (seesection SHIFTCABLE MOTOR STARTER WASHER IPLASTIC} STARTER B TERMINAL MOUNTING NUT I N. 26. Connect startermotor cableon the startermotor. 2 3 . Check front wheelalignment ( 3 4 .22. 8. {-) the Check ignitiontiming (seesection231. 30. 8.m (3. CAUTIONT Takecarenot to bendthe shift cable. shift cableadjustment (seesection18). P e r f o r mt h e s t a r tc l u t c hc a l i b r a t i o n r o c e d u r e n page sure not to allow dust and other toreign particles to enter into the transmission. n d t h e g r o u n d a c a b l ee r m i n a l s . or E position. 7 lbtft) CONTBOL LEVER the drive 24.0 kgl. h 2 8 . R e f i l l t h e t r a n s m i s s i o nw i t h t h e r e c o m m e n d e d p H C G e n u i n e o n d a W F l u i d( s e e a g el 4 . I n s t a l t h e i n t a k ea i r d u c t a n d a i r c l e a n e r o u s i n g l assemDty. Setthe parkingbrake.7 tbt.C h e c k h (seepage14-287). p o 3 5 .m. Roadtest as described pages14 228 and 14-229.m. Installall removedconnectors 27. Connectthe battervpositive(+) terminalfirst. L e t t h e e n g i n e r e a c ho p e r a t i n g e m p e r a t u r e t h e t n r a d i a t o f a n c o m e so n ) w i t h t h e t r a n s m i s s i oin E r then turn it of{ and checkfluid level. s u r e t h a t t h e c r i m p e ds i d e o f t h e r i n g t e r m i n a li s 23). Connectthe solenoidharnessconnector. make the NOTErWhen installing startermotor cable.m. on 36.0mm TERMTNAL 12 N. t 6x1.2 3 1 ) . the 33.9 kgt.m 10. p u l l e y s p e e d s e n s o rc o n n e c t o r . and shiftthe t r a n s m i s s i otn r o u g ha l l g e a r st h r e et i m e s . Installthe shift cableend on the control lever.0mm 12 N. Inslallthe distributor. the and installthe cableholder.

With the water and air valves off. always !@ wear satety glassesor a face shield when using the transmissionflusher. NOTE:This procedure shouldbe performedbeforereinstallinqthe transmission. 3 .80 120psi). NOTE:The air line shouldbe equipped with a water trap to ensurea dry air system.cannotbe flushed. NOTE:lf water does not flow throughthe cooler.fill the tankwith 21 ounces (approximately tulll ot biodegradable 213 flushing fluid (J35944 20). 120psi) 11. to availablel {Commercially Kent-MooreJ384O5-A or equivalent 14-284 . 6. CAUTION: Residual moisture in the cooler or lines can damagethe transmission. (Hot water if available. Removethe flusherfrom the cooler line.then reverse the hosesto the coolerso you can llush in the opposite direction. 10. 1 4 . Hangthe tool underthe vehicle.and rinsethe coolerwith water the o n l yf o r o n e m i n u t e .Transmission CoolerFlushing To prevent iniury to face and eyes. replace hoses are the be{oreusing.and pressurize tank the the with compressed to between550. 1 5 . and turn off the water supply. to AIR PRESSURE: MAX 845 kpa(8.6air 8. plugged. Release the trigger. F o l l o wt h e h a n d l i n gp r o c e d u r e n t h e f l u i d o container. 5. Usingthe measuring cup. Release trigger.n d l e a v et h e d r a i n h o s e l a attached the coolerline..and must is completely be replaced. 7. attach the water and air suppliesto the flusher. for two full minutesor until no moistureis visible leaving the drain hose. Repeat steps8 through 10.Attachthe drain hoseto a container.829 kpa (5. I n s t a l t h e t r a n s m i s s i o n . IMPORTANT: Securely clampthe oppositeend ol the drain hoseto a bucketor floor drain. Turn the water valveoff. While flushingwith the water and flushingfluid for two minutes. 8.45kgtcm.45kgf/cm. Depress triggerto mix the flushingfluid into the the waterflow.lf wear or cracks found. 9. 1 6 . Attach the tank's discharge hose to the return line of the transmission coolerusinga clamp. Connect drain hoseto the inlet line on the transthe missioncoolerusinga clamp. Turn the water valve off. Turn on the flusher water valve so water will flow throughthe coolerfor 10 seconds. Usethe wire clipto holdthe triggerdown.) \ C h e c kt o o l a n d h o s e sf o r w e a r a n d c r a c k sb e f o r e using.. Secure flusherfiller cap. Turn the air valve on to dry the systemout with air 2.Do not substitute with any other f l u i d .turn the air valve on for five seconds every '15 20 seconds createa surgingaction. 4.

l '18. lf discharge liquiddoes not foam. Flushthe discharge e n s u r eh a tt h e u n i ti s c l e a n . 0U S q t .'t1 Makesurethe transmission in the position. . t 2. TOOL MAINTENANCE '1. Securely reassemble all parts. Refillthe transmission ( 2 l e v e l s e ep a g e ' 1 4 3 1 ) . 8 m p q t . )i s d i s c h a r g e d . is E F i l l t h e t r a n s m i s s i o n i t h C V T F l u i d .a n d r u n t h e w or 0. n thelarge oupling ut. 14-285 . or blow it clean with air. Clean it with the pick stored in the bottom of the tank han dle. 0 .a n d r e c o n n e ctth e c o o l e r t (seepage l4 287). c couPLlf{G NUT 3.95/ enginefor 30 seconds until approximately ( 1 . R e m o v e h e d r a i n h o s e . .the orificemay be blocked. The tluid orifice is located behind the filter.Fillthe canwith water line to the and pressurize can. CAP FILLER I -@q I \ ORIFICE filterfrom the discharge side and Remove in-line the cleanif necessary. Emptyand rinseaftereachuse. returnhoseto the transmission with CVT Fluidto the proper 1 9 . f T o c l e a n d i s c o n n e c h e p l u m b i n g r o m t h e t a n ka t tt .

Shift to ffi position.ft) ! 14-286 1.the shift cablebracket.Take care not to bend the shift cablewhen removing/installing it. Remove front console(seesection the 20).m. 8.2 kgt.0 ksf.7 lbl. Remove air cleanerhousingassembly. Remove the shift cablebracketbolts and nuts. CLIP SHIFT CABLE LOCKNUT 29 N.8.then removethe lock pin from the adiuster. 2.m {3. f t l ADJUSTER {1. and the clamp. 7 k g f .and loosen the locknut. 22 lbtft) WASHER \ Tr (> SHIFI CABLE BRACKET CONTROL LEVER \ Removethe shift cable from the control lever. 3. m . SHIFTCABLEBRACKET ( 0 . 1. the Removethe clip from the control lever. iacks and salety stands ale !@ placed properly (seesection 1).then remove the shift cable. Install shiftcablein the reverse the orderof removal.Shift Cable Removal/lnstallation Make sure lifts.m.5 l b f . Check cableadjustment the . (seepage 14-2871.

a n d c h e c kt h e s h i f t l e v e r i n a l l positions. Check Therearetwo holesin with the holein the shiftcable.loosenthe lockand adjustas required. and verifythat Movethe shift leverto eachposition.Adjustment Make sure lifts. 5 lbf'ftl 7 . the cable is still and must be readjusted. in cableadiustment 1/4turn increments. nut on the adjuster Tightenthe locknut 7 N. to troubleshooting Insen the ignition key into the key cylinderon the panel. out of adjustment SHIFTCABLE 10.7kgf.then removethe lock pin from the adjuster. any gear does not work properly.7 kgf'm. 2. Remove front console(seesection20).m. lf the hole is not perfectlyaligned.5 lbnft}. M a k e s u r e t h e l o c k p i n i s s e a t e di n t h e a d j u s t e r securely. is aligned that the holein the adiuster perfectly 3.lacks and safety stands are @ placed properly {seesestion 11.reier If (seepage14-226 and l4-227J. 1.m {0. to Installthe lock pin on the adjuster. transaxle q S t a r t t h e e n g i n e . the Shift to E position. 14-287 . the shift position indicatorfollows the automatic gear positionswitch.and verifythat the gear positionindicator A//T shift lockleveris released.lf you feel the lock pin binding as you reinstallit. 90" They are positioned apartto allow the adjuster.


0.Panel Shift Indicator Adjustment r 1 .2 inl I 14-289 .0tgl m.3in) &) 6-8mm (0. C o n n e c t h e A T F c o o l e r h o s e st o t h e A T F c o o l e r them with the clips linesand ATF cooler.8 lbf ftl MOUNTING SCREW 3 Nm {0.0mm PIPE ASSEMBLY ATF COOLER HOSE ATF COOLER RADtAfoR /.7.2lbtft} TANEL HOSES ATFCOOLER lf not aligned. 4i n l 2-4mm 10. remove the front console (see section 20). ATFCooler/Hoses lnstallation 1. RADIATOR / I \-6-gmm (0. reinstallthe panel as described above.1 0.0.A T F c o o l e r p i p e a s s e m b l y and the ATFcoolerhoses. 3 1 .rn. C h e c k h a t t h e i n d e xm a r ko n t h e i n d i c a t o a l i g n s t with the E mark on the shift indicatorpanelwhen s t h et r a n s m i s s i oi n i n N E U T R A L .8N.and secure a ss h o w n .3 in) 33-35mm ( 1 . NOTE: Whenever the shift indicatorpanel is removed./' 6xl.0mm 9.2.m (1. I n s t a l lt h e A T F c o o l e r .3kgt. Remove the shift indicator panel mounting screws and adjust by moving the panel. 6x1.2.

.............. Transmission Automatic d ..........Differential seetion .... 13 Transmission Manual section14 ............

".............16-3 16-5 ..."..'.......Driveshafts Tools........'..'.". .'.. Special Driveshafts Inspection Removal Disassembly Reassembly lnstallation """...'. ........."."' 16-2 16-3 .'.'.'....'."....'.." 16-7 ..... 16-11 ..'.

I Tool Number BallJoint Remover.SpecialTools Ref. No. mm 28 o I 16-2 .

replace boot and boot bands Loose Splines by Turn the driveshaft hand and make sure the splines and ioint are not excessivelyloose lf any damage as the found. ReDlace if necessary. (cont'd) 16-7 .Driveshafts Inspection Drivoshafi Boot for cracks. Drainthe transmission R a i s et h e l o c k i n gt a b o n t h e s p i n d l en u t . t h e n removethe nut. the fluid (seesection13 or 14). nut Remove self-locking and flangebolts. safetystandsin the properlocations Remove wheel nuts and front wheels. Twisted or Cracked is Makesurethe driveshaft not twistedor cracked.lf any damageis leakinggreaseand loose boot the found. Remove the damper fork. Loosen wheel nuts slightlY. Checkthe boots on the driveshaft bands.and support it with (seesection1). Raisethe tront of the vehicle.replace inboardjoint.25 Replace. it Removal the 1 . 7.25mm BOOT BANDS a mm 12 x 1.damage. the FLANGE EOLT 10 x 1.

a n d r e m o v et h e d r i v e s h a f t from the differentialcase as an assembly. Remove the cotter pin from the lower arm ball joint castlenut. SCREWDRIVER 13. Usethe special tool as shown in section18. and pull it straightto avoid damagingthe differential oil seal.Use carewhen prying out the assembly. as shown. 1 0 . or the threaded sectionof the ball joint pin might be damagedby the special tool. to force the set ring at the driveshaftend pastthe groove. Pullthe knuckle outward. Pry the driveshaft assemblywith a screwdriver. I n s t a l l 1 2 m m h e x n u t o n t h e b a l l j o i n t .St_00200 9 .to separate the ball ioint and lower arm.Driveshafts Removal {cont'd) 8. 1 2 .Do not pull on the driveshaft.and removethe driveshaft o u t b o a r dj o i n t f r o m t h e f r o n t w h e e l h u b u s i n g a olastichammer. NOTE: lf nece'ssary.5mm ORIVESHAFT 16-4 . 07MAC. SCREWDRIVER 3. apply penetratingtype lubricantto loosenthe bsll joint. 1 1 . and removethe nut.B e s u r e a that the hex nut is flush with the ball joint pin end. P u l l t h e i n b o a r dj o i n t . Be carefulnot to damagethe ball joint boot. the inboardjoint may come apart.

pry up the end of the bandwith a screwdriver. BOOTBAND Replace. lf the boot band is the welded type. Be careful not to drop the rollers when separatang them from the inboard joint. DOUB1I I. Then remove the inboard joint on the shop towel.OOPBAND R6place. Mark each roller and inboard ioint to identify the locations of rollers and grooves in the inboard joint. raise the band bendas shown. Takecarenot to damagethe boot. - It the boot band is double loop type. JOINT INBOARD lor splines wear or damage Check Check insideborefor wear' Inspect{or cracks. Caretullyclamp the driveshaftin a vise with soft jaws.Disassembly 1. Mark3 {cont'd) 16-5 . - lf the boot band is the crimpingtype. cut it off as snown. - SET RING Replace. BOOT BAND Replace. To removethe boot band. pry up the lockingtabs with a screwdriverand raise the end of the band. then remove the set ring from the inboard joint.

for splitting and wear. Removethe boot band and inboardboot. Wrap the splineson the driveshaft preventdamageto the bootsand dynamicdamper.Takecare not to damage the boot. the to Mark the spider and driveshaft identitythe position of the spideron the shaft. 7. 1 0 . 1 1 . Remove stop ring (except the play is felt. lf any roughness excess joint. INBOARD BOOT for Inspect cracking. the Japanproduced). OYNAMICDAMPER for Check damage. 1 3 .if equipped. then removethe vinyltape. Remove spiderusinga bearingremover. with vinyltapeto 9.Driveshafts (cont'dl Disassembly 4. R e p l a c e . R e m o v e h e d y n a m i cd a m p e rb a n d a n d d y n a m i c t damper. 12. Inspect outboardjoint for faulty movementand the Remove circlip. Removethe boot bsnds and outboard boot. of rollerson the sDider. BOOT BAND splitting wear. and DYNAMICOAMPER \ BAND Replace. Mark the rollersand spiderto identifythe locations then removethe rollers.Takecare not to damagethe dynamicdamper. OUTBOARD BOOT Inspect cracking. the outboard JOINT OUTBOARD 16-6 . replace or wear.

. and dry them throughlywith compressed Do not wash the rubberparts . 9 4 .1 3 5g ( 4 .80 g (2. 2o z ) '120 130g {4. -611 (cont'd) 16-7 . -.6l packthe inboardjoint and both joint bootswith the ioint greaseincludedin the new driveshaft : Thoroughly Greasequantity: lnboardJoint Joint Outboard Japan Produced JapanProduced Except JapanProduced JapanProduced Except ' 1 1 0 1 2 0g { 3 .2. partswith solvent. --" B(rcT INBOARD .Reassembly Notetheseitemsduring reassemblyl air.8 oz) 1 1 5. \zn INBOARD JOINT ROLLER STOPRING{ExceptJapan producod} Pack cavitywith grease.4. 0 4 . .2. BOOT OUTBOARD Packcavity wrtn grease.5. DRIVESHAFT BAND DAMPER OYNAMIC Replace.6ozl 70 . Cleanthe disassembled with solvent. DYNAMICDAMPER BOOTBANDS Replace..- &l Packcavity with groase. 8o z ) SCTRING Replace.

4. INAOARD BOOT I n s t a l lt h e o u t b o a r db o o t . Fit the rollersto the spiderwith their high shoulders facingoutward. Greasequantity: Japan Produc€d: 7o.aozl ExceptJapan Produced:115. 16-8 . Installthe spider on the driveshaftby aligningthe markson the spiderand end of the driveshaft.8ozl 7.0 4.h e n r e m o v et h e vinyl tape. \zr|<-C|RCL|P DYNAMIC DAMPER 2. Fit the circlip into the driveshaftgroove. APE OUTBOAROBOOT I n s t a l lt h e s t o p r i n g i n t o t h e d r i v e s h a f tg r o o v e {exceptJapan produced).80g (2.Always rotate the stop ring in its grooveto be sure it is fully seated. .and notetheseitems: . H o l d t h e d r i v e s h a f t o i n t e du D t o prevent the p rollers from tallingoff.Take care not to damagethe boots and dynamicdamper.Driveshafts Reassembly(cont'dl 1. d y n am i c d a m p e r a n d i n b o a r db o o t t o t h e d r i v e s h a f tt. Reinstall rollersin their originalpositionson the the spiderby aligningthe marks. Always rotatethe circlip in its groove to be sure it is fully seated. joint with the joint grease Pack outboard the included in the new driveshaftset.5 2. V.1359 (i1. Wrap the splineswith vinyl tape to preventdamage to the bootsand dvnamicdamoer.

120g (3.6 ozl 10. Holdthe driveshaft the inboardjoint pointsup so to preventit from fallingoff. INBOARD JOINT BAND DYNAMICDAMPER {cont'd) 16-9 .7 0.7 19.7in) Right driveshaft:501. thesertems: by . in the new driveshaft quantity: Grease 110. Reinstall inboardjoint onto the driveshaft the j i n b o a r d o i n rw i t h t h e t a l i g n i n g h e m a r k so n t h e markson the rollers. 1i n l : and note Fit the inboardjoint onto the driveshaft.8.1 in) i 75 t 2 mm 12.4.779 mm 130.1 in) With "SR1" mark: t R i g h t 5 5 1 2 m m ( 2 . Left: t Without "SRl" mark:94 :t 2 mm 13.2ozl Jaoan Produced: ExceptJapan Produced:120.9 4. then adiust the boots to halfway between a f u l l c o m p r e s s i o n n d f u l l e x t e n s i o nT h e e n d s o f and joint.5 30. Packthe inboardioint with the joint greaseincluded set.506 mm 119. Adjust the length of the driveshaftsto the figure below.9in) the 1L Position dynamicdamperas shown below. bootsseatin the grooveof the driveshaft Left driveshaft: 774.130g (4. 2 0 .2. .9 0.

Placea wrenchon the winding mandrslof the boot band tool.6 in) from the clip. Set the doubleloop band onto the boot and dynamic damperwith the band end toward to front of the vehicle. 1 4 . 1 7 .Driveshafts (cont'd) Reassembly 12.4. \ AOOT BAND TOOL (KD-3191equivalent) or Markon band. Mark a positionon the band 10 . the cuP HAiIMER 16-10 . then center-punch clip. and tighten the band until the mark you madeon the bandmeetsthe edgeof the clip.14 mm (0. Pullup the slackin the band by hand. Raiseup the boot band tool to bend the free end of the band90 degrees.0. Threadthe free end of the band through the nose sectionoJ the boot band tool and into the slot on the winding mandrel.

4 in) from the cliP. and cut oft the excess . the outboard Install KNUCKLE Notetheseitemsafter reassembly: with .lnstallation 5 18. o ! R e m o v e n y g r e a s er e m a i n i n g n t h e s u r r o u n d i n g a surtaces. Unwindthe boot bandtool. 2.2 0. Installthe new set ring onto the driveshaft Always use a new set ring wheneverthe driveshaft is beinginstalled.0.4 in) JOINT INBOARD SETRINGGROOVE '19.2.l0 mm 10. 5-10mm (0. JOINT OUTBOARD (cont'd) 1 16-1 . Secure the end of the boot band by tappingit down with a hammer. Make sure the band and clip does not interfere anythingand the band does not move. groove. joint into the knuckle. 1.

9.5 mm 181N. lbf. FLANGE BOLT 10x 1. SELF. then installthe front wheel with the wheel nutS.Do not alignthe nut by loosening. 36 . and dry with compressed air. Apply oil to the seating surface of the new spindle nur.Driveshafts (cont'd) Installation Cleanthe areas where the driveshaftcontact the transmission(differential) thoroughlywith solvent or carburetor cleaner.0.m 15. then tighten it only far enoughto align the slot with the pin NOTE: After tightening.trl 32 aLtGNtNG TAB DIFFERENNAL Installthe knuckleon the lower arm. Insertthe inboardend of the driveshaft into the differentialuntil the set ring locksin the groove. 10. 80lbt ftl CASTLE 12 x 1. 7 .m. it7 lbf'ltl Repiace. Torque the castlenut to the lowertorquespecification. '12.eltlbnment and adjust if nec'il essarv(seesection18). 6. Check the front wh.mla. 11.ail lbl.m.25 mm (3 N.m (6. FRONT WHEEL WHEEL NUT 12 x 1.5mm 108 N.5 kg{. 16-1 2 .5 kgf. Refillthe transmission with recommended fluid (see section13 or 14). INAOARD JOINT 5.25 mm alt .m.0 kg{. the 8.59 N.m 118. On reassembly.ftl COTTER PIN Replace.6.0kgt m.m. Be carefulnot d a m e g et h e b a l l j o i n t b o o t . W i p e o f f t h e g r e a s e before tighteningthe nut at the ball joint. Cleanthe mating surfaces the brakedisc and the of wheel. bend the cotter pin SPINDLE NUT 22 x 1. f. 134lbf.then tightenthe nut. Installa new spindlenut.use a drift to stake spindle shoulder the nut against driveshaft. I n s t a l lt h e d a m p e ri n t h e d a m p e r fork so the aligning ab is aligned ith the stotin t w the damoerfork. Tighten the flange bolts and the new setf-locking nut with the vehicle's weighton the damper.m {11.akgf. Installthe damperfork over the driveshaft and onto t h e l o w e r a r m .25mm fl N.LOCKING NUI 12 x 1. Loosely install the flange bolts and the new selflocking nut.

....... FluidRep|acement 17-5 RackGuideAdjustment. ....................... 17-9 Reassembly ............................................ SteeringGearbox Steering Troubleshooting 17-47 ........ 17-55 Reassembly ...... 17-tlo .................... 17-lt!l ... Steering 17-33 .. Power Assist Check ManualSteering 17-30 With VehicleParked .. Steering ........... Removal 17'7 ........... ComponentLocations 17-31 SteeringLinkageand Gearbox ................ 17-65 17-68 Ball Joint Boot Replacement........................ 17-13 Power Steering Hoses. Disassembly 17-26 Noiseand Vibration............ 17-32 Pump Beft Inspection and Adiustment 17-33 RackGuideAdjustment .............. Removal/lnstallation .17-44 Reassembly 17-20 Gearbox.. .............17-42 fnspection -17 17 Pump ................................................................ 17-15 lndex ... Removaf -22 17 Generaf Troubleshooting.................... 17-41 Disassembly 17-16 FluidFlow Diagram...Steering Tools Speciaf ............ 17-35 lnstallation Steering Gearbox I 7-36 .......................................................................................................... 17-34 PumpPressure Check............... Replacement Component Locations Power SteeringPump .................................. 17'3 fndex ................ Fluid Leakage PowerSteering 17-39 ..... Removal (Seepower steering sectionl ..............Lines lnstallation 17-39 Inspection......17-28 lnstallation Ff uid Leaks ...17-2 Inspestion and Adiustment 17-30 Steering Operation.................. ...... .............. .......... 'Steering Wheel *SteeringWheel (Seepower steering sec'tion) *SteeringColumn 17-35 ........................ Disassembly 17-37 .....38 Inspection ... Removal/lnstallation System Description . 17................................... Disassembly/Reassembly 'Steering Column 17-5 .......................... 17-4 Operation......

D.g l:1 @ o 0 (D @ 7-2 .SR30900 07RAK 5040110 07RAK 5040121 or 07RAK 5040120 07406 0010004 or 07406 00'10001 07725. mm l.SA50500 07974 SA5020A or 07974 SA50200 07974 SA50800 Description Pilot ollar C PistonSealRing PistonSealRingSizingTool BeltTensionGauge B a l lJ o i n tR e m o v e r . 22 Attachment.47 17-51 17-56 17-34 't]-34 17-34 -42.0030000 07746 0010100 07746 0020'100 07746 0030300 07749 0010000 07916 SA50001 07965. 2 m m S Cylinder End SealRemover Attachment PistonSealRingSizingTool P/SJoint Adaptor(Pump) P/SJoint Adaptor(Hose) P/SPressureGauge Universal Holder Attachment.32 35 mm x Driver. mm 40 FrontHub Dis/Assembly Tool Sleeve SealRingSizingTool 1 'l I 1 Oty a aal I PageReferenco 11-54 17-59 17-59 @ o @ ao'r 17-6. 68 @ o @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ EallJoint BootClip Guide * Included the BeltTensionGaugeSet.Special Tools \ Ref. 30 Driver Locknut Wrench.58 l 7 -1 0 't7-44 17-57 17-68 17-51 17-57.D.SR3090A or 07NAG. in g/ @ o (o) =fu* @ .07TGG .001OOOA. No I Tool Number 07GAF PH70100 07GAG SD40l0Aor 07GAG SD40100 07GAG SD40204 or 07GAG SD40200 *07JGG 001010A 07MAC S100200 OTNAD SR3O2OA 07NAG. mm l.46 17 17-57.

5 l page17-7 Disassembly. section SWITCH IGNITION 23 Seesection GEARBOX STEERING Rack GuideAdjustment. 17'36 AIRBAGASSEMBLY DRIVER'S 24 see Bemoval/lnstallation.Locations Component lndex ManualSteering NOTE: or vehicleor has beenfound defective damageddur. shouldbe deployed{seesection wheel and steering removethe driver'sairbagassembly .Reviewthe SRScomponentlocations. 17-35 page Disassembly/Reassembly. Beforeremovingthe gearbox. 17-3 . REEL CABLE 24 see Femoval/lnstallation.a g e ' 1 7 .storageor service. and procedures the SRS are locatedin this area. the wheelalignmentand adjustif necessary. 17 37 Page page'17-38 Inspection. gearbox. page17 13 Installation. page'17 9 Beassembly.ROD page17-68 BallJoint BootFeplacement. ENOBALLJOINT TIE. After installing the in precautions. Page17-5 R e m o v ap. SRScomponents or section {24}beforeperformingrepairs service WHEEL STEERING page Removal/lnstallaiion. lf an intactairbagassemblyhas been removedfrom a scrapped 24)' it ing transit. section COLUMN STEEBING Removal/lnstallation. check .

5kgf. perform rackguide (seepage17'5). adjustment after rack guide adjustment.10 mm (0 . PLAY: . MOUNTING GEARBOX l n s p e c tf o r d e t e r r o r a t l o n GEARBOX ASSEMBLY \ for Inspect loosemountingbolts. BOOT I n s p e c tf o r d a m a g e a n d d e t e r i o r a t r o n JOINTS STEERING for Check looseioint bolts.3 lbfl maximum t l f i t r e a d sm o r e . COLUMN for InsPect loosecolumn mountingboltsand nuts PINIONSHAFTGROMMET for damageand deterioration BALLJOINT BOOT for Inspect damageand deterioration. lf the play is still excessive inspectthe steeringlinkageand gearbox as described BOTATIONAL PLAY \ Steering Eftort Check Raise front wheelsoff the ground. 15 Standard: N {1.0. for Seepage17-68 replacement. p e r f o r mr a c k g u i d e a d j u s t m e n ( s e e page 17-5). I \ -J TJ LOCKNUT TIE.ROD for Check looselocknut. 17 -4 . END BALLJOINT for Inspect faultymovement ano oamage.4 in) ROTATIONAL 0 the lf the play exceeds servicelimit.3.Inspection and Adjustment SteeringOperation SteeringWheel Rotational Play Placethe front wheels in a straightahead positionand the steeringwheel can be turned measure the distance without movingthe front wheels. the wheelwith a springscaleand checkits Turn the steering reao Ing.

then loosen it. the angle. standsin the properlocations Remove front wheels. 1. then backit off to specified 5. 2.SA5000l the Tightenthe rackguidescrewuntil it compresses springand seatsagainstthe rackguide. steering Removethe steeringjoint lower bolt. Retighten rackguide screwto 4 N. Recheck effort (seepage 17-4). then loosenthe rackguidescrew.4kgf'm. Removal NOTE:Using solventand a brush. STEERING JOINT {cont'd) . 1. T i g h t e nt h e l o c k n u tw h i l e h o l d i n gt h e r a c k g u i d e screw.m (0.SteeringGearbox RackGuide Adjustment N O T E : P e r f o r mt h e r a c k g u i d e a d j u s t m e n tw i t h t h e wheelsin the straightaheadposition. SpecitiedReturn Angle: 30' max. Remove steering the Remove steering the ioint cover 2. Blow dry with compressed dirt off the gearbox. 3. Loosenthe rack guide screw locknutwith the specialtool.and support it on safety (seesection1).to wash any oil and air. the wheel (seepage 17-35). 4. STEEBING JOINTCOVER 07916.9lbtft). and disconnect the steeringjoint by moving the joint toward t h ec o l u m n . Checkfor tight or loose steeringthrough the compieteturningtravel. Raisethe front of vehicle.

plate. Install the 10 mm hex nut on the balljoint. Separate tie-rodball joint and knuckle the usingthe specialtool. the ball joint usingthe special R e f e rt o s e c t i o n1 8 f o r h o w t o u s e t h e b a l l j o i n t remover. STEERING GEARBOX 17-6 . Disconnect shift linkage(seesection13 or secthe tion14).then tilt the lelt sidedown to removeit from the car. then slide the rack all the way to the right.SteeringGearbox Removal (cont'dl Remove the cotter pin from the castlenut ('96-'97 model)or nut ('98 model)and removethe nut. Remove stiffener the PINION SHAFT GROMMET 1 4 . Separate exhaustpipeA or TWC (seesection the _9). then removethe pinionshaftgrommet. CAUTION: Avoid damaging lhe ball ioint boot. Be surethat the 10 mm hex nut is flushwith the ball joint pin end. 12. Move the steeringgearboxto right so the left rack end clearsthe rearbeam. 1 0 . 13. 1 1 . Pull the steeringgearboxall the way down to clear the pinionshaftfrom the bulkhead. the PINS COTTER Replace. Remove mountingbracket. 7 .or the threaded section the ball joint of pin mightbe damaged the balljoint remover. by NOTE:Remove tool. Removethe left tie-rod end.

5. spring and rack guide 6. H o l d t h e s t e e r i n gr a c k w i t h o n e w r e n c h . Remove tie-rodend and locknut. Pull the bootsawayfrom the ends of the gearbox.35 mm STEERING PINION Feplace. STEENING RACKENO I I t R e m o v e h e p i n i o nd u s t s e a la n d t h e 3 5 m m s n a p ring. Holdthe pinionshaftwith a visesecurely. 2. Remove the disc washer. SNAPRING. 3. 9. L o o s e nt h e l o c k n u t . Pushthe right end of the rackbackinto the cylinder housing so the smooth surfacethat rides against the sealwon't be damaged. then c l a m p t h e g e a r b o xa t t h e m o u n t b r a c k e to r g e a r noustng. SPRING OISCWASHER LOCKNUT E-ROD L I P C BOOT Replace.Disassembly l. @ 4. CAUTION: Do not tap on the steering rack.a n d r e m o v e t h e r a c k g u i d e screw. 17-7 . a n d unscrew the rackend with anotherwrench. FACK GUIDE SCREW 8. from the gear housing. PINIONOUSTSEAL Repl6ce. NOTE:Do not reusethe removedpinaon. R e m o v e h e p i n i o n b y t a p p i n ge v e n l ya r o u n dl h e t flanged sectionof the gearboxwith a plasticham m er . Placethe gearbox in a vise with a soft jaws. the Removethe boot bands and tie rod clips. 7. CAUTION: Be car€ful not to distort the gear housing by clamping it too tight in the vise incorrectly. CAUTION:Be caretulnot to damagethe rack surface with the wrench.

Replace gearbox the mountingcushionif necessary: To remove cushion.22 mm (0. a sharpknifeand make the use a cut downthe length the cushion. careful of Be not to damage painton the outside the cylinder the of housing. CAUTION: Be caretul not to damagethe bushing in the cylinderhousing.79 0. as N O T E :A f t e r i n s t a l l i n g h e c u s h i o n . o r 1 1 . the Apply weatherstrip adhesive the insideof the to new cushion. R e m o v eh e r a c ke n d b u s h i n g .87in) from the end of the cylinder housing shown.SteeringGearbox (cont'dl Disassembly 10. Remove old cushion. t GEARBOX MOUNTING CUSHION 20 .22 mm 10. Slidethe steeringrackout of the cylinderhousing. 12.87in) RACKENOBUSHING Inspect innerwall for wear or damage 1 7 -A . i p e o f f a n y t w e x c e s sa d h e s i v e h a t m a y h a v e d r i p p e d i n t o t h e t i n s i d e f t h ec y l i n d eh o u s i n g .79 0. Install cushiononto the cylinder the housingand positionit 20.

or otherforeignmaterials enterthe steering RACKENO BUSHING MOUNTINGCUSHIONS GEARBOX -6r PINIONDUSTSEAL Replace."^pR. . -R4 r@ t_ \ M.Reassembly NOTE: air. partswith solvent.dirt. and dry them with compressed Do not dip the rubberpartsin solvent. to . .3smm -$d \ \ DISCWASHER RACKGUIDE RACKGUTDESCREW (cont'd) 17-9 .NG. Do not allow dust. Cleanthe disassembled partswith new ones beforeassembly. Alwaysreplace non-reuseable the gearbox.

mm 35 Vinyltape STEERING PINION 6 . quantity:1 .rlml.3 g (0. 2. Drivein the steeringpinion in the gear housingwith t h es p e c i a l t o o l s .1 oz) Grease CAUTION:Do not fill the slots with greas€. I n s t a ltl h e r a c ke n d b u s h i n gb y a l i g n i n g h e r o u n d t projection the bushingwith the hole in the cylinon d e rh o u s i n g DRIVER. NOTE:Installthe disc washerwith its convex side facingn. G r e a s e h e s l i d i n gs u r f a c eo f t h e r a c k g u i d e . 22 .they must remain open to serve as air passages. Installthe spring. i DISCWASHER SPRING LOCKNUT CYLINDER HOUSING RACKGUIDESCREW '11. 3. o t 9 . '10. SNAPRING.then coat the v i n y l t a p e i t hg r e a s e .SteeringGearbox (cont'd) Reassembly 't. Apply a thin coat of greaseto the insidesurfaceot the rackend bushing. then removethe tape. PINION DUST SEAL Replace.discwasherand rackguide screw o n t h e g e a rh o u s i n g .a n d t i n s t a lilt o n t o t h e g e a rh o u s i n g . 17-1 0 . I n s t a l lt h e 3 5 m m s n a p r i n g s e c u r e l y n t h e g e a r i groove. Install the piniondust sealon the gear housinguntil it seatsproperly. the I n s t a l l h e s t e e r i n g a c k i n t o t h e c y l i n d e rh o u s i n g t r c a r e f u l lty a v o i dd a m a g i n gh e r a c ke n d b u s h i n g . nousrng 1 . 071460020t00 5.04-0. Apply vinyl tape to the pinion shaft.D. Grease steeringrackteeth. 4. w 8. Adjustthe rackguide screw(seepage 17-5).

then set the the lock washer section of the rack end on the wood blocksecurely. to prevent nncxl srrenrruc ELocK woooEN CLIP TIE.5 m.m 15. CAUTION: Be carelul not to damage the rack surtace with the wrench.J"' " . LOCK WASHER Repiace.r o d clrps. 40 lbtftl t. ROLLPIN ORIFT: (Commorcially availablel Snap-OnNo. stakethe four sections of the lock washer with a roll pin drift and a mallet. Press NOTE:This dritt hasa flat punctunng tip. .=-!!!r9i!l SILICONE GREASE RACK END 1 7 . 1 8 . I n s t a l lt h e b o o t s i n t h e r a c k e n d w i t h t h e t i e . . Install the steeringrackend into the rack. After tightening the rack ends. Be sure the tool is alignedwith the flat sections of the steeringrackend beforepressing . Place wood blockon the presstable.ROD (cont'd) 17-11 . i off NOTE:Wipe grease the threadsection. PPR8or equivalent grooveson the rackends. I n s t a l lt h e n e w l o c k w a s h e r i n t h e g r o o v e i n t h e steeringrack. TAB 16. A p p l y a l i g h t c o a t o f s i l i c o n eg r e a s et o t h e b o o t 1 4 Hold the steering rack with a wrench and tighten the rackend with another.12. NOTE: Install the boot band with the rack in the straight ahead position (right and left tie-rods are equaln length). t 5 . Apply grease around the outside of the rack end houstng. S t a k et h e l o c k w a s h e ri n t h e c e n t e ro f t h e f l a t sectionof the steeringrackend. kgif RACKEND 54 N. IJ.

2 1 . CAUTION: Stakethe band lockingtabs firmly. Stakepoints + Front L6ft Boot Band (Viewedfrom the left side) Right Boot Band (Viewed from the right sidei 17-12 . Installthe boot band so that the lockingtabs of the points)are in the rangeshown below.J 22. band (stake (Tabsshouldface up and slightlyforwaro. Bendboth setsof lockingtabs.SteeringGearbox Reassembly(cont'd) 1 9 . Slide the rack right and left to be certainthat the bootsare not deformedor twisted. 20. Lightlytap on the doubled-over portionsto reduce t h e i rh e i g h t .

{kgf. r lf the steeringwheel and rack are not centered. NOTE: .and insertthe pinion shaftup throughthe bulkhead. PLATE STIFFENER PINIONSHAFTGROMMET GEARBOX STEERING MOUNTING BOLTS GEARBOX 43 N.and tightenthe lower bolt. with the two gearbox Installthe mountingbrackets mountingboltson the cushion.m(4.lnstallation 1. 6.0 NOTE:The arrowon the bracket pointtowardthe front. rackwithin its stroke. j B e s u r et h a t t h e l o w e r s t e e r i n go i n t b o l t i s securelyin the groove in the steeringgearbox prn on. lbf. I n s t a l lt h e s t i f f e n e rp l a t e w i t h t h e t w o g e a r b o x plateattaching bolts. Connectthe steeringshaft and pinion with the steering wheel and steeringrackcentered.m 12. 16 lbf. Center steering the joint onto the pinSlip the lower end of the steering ion shaft{line up the bolt hole with the groove aroundthe shaft).2kgt m. t h e n t i g h t e n them securelv. JOINT STEERING LOWER BOLT 22 N. steering JOINT STEERING 3. 2 Slidethe rackall the way to the right.m. 4. kgl.29lbtftl 14. Installthe pinion shaftgrommet.ft) 32 5.m. NOTE:Align the notch in the pinion shaft grommet with the tab on the gear housing.ftl (cont'd) 17-13 . r e p o s i t i o nt h e s e r r a t i o n sa t l o w e r e n d o f t h e joint. mountingboltsand stiffener N O T E rI n s t a l lt h e b o l t s l o o s e l yf i r s t .

JOINT COVER STEERING TIE-ROD '95 . the NOTE:Betoreconnecting tie-rodends. Reconnect tie-rodendsto the steeringknuckles.48 N'm (ir.10. necessary' NOTE:Turn the right and lefttie-rodsequally' 1 7 -1 4 . then tighten the castlenut ('96 -'97 model)or nut torque.Gearbox Steering (cont'dl Installation '1.4. 29 .o.'97 model: PINS COTTER€n tightsn it only fsr enough to Elign th€ slot with the pin hol6. Checkthe steeringwheel spokeangle'Adjust by it turningthe right and lefttie-rods. . the cotterPlnas shown.8 kgt m.5 kgf'm. 33 lbf.1N. 38 model: !=- . bend On reassembly. Connect 14).35 rbl. Reinstall wheel (seepage 17-35).ftl NUT 9)' pipeA or TWC(seesection Install exhaust the the shift linkage(seesection13 or section 1 1 .and installnew {'98 model)to the specified cotter Dins. .wipe off f a n y g r e a s ec o n t a m i n a t i o n r o m t h e b a l l l o i n t taoeredsectionand threads. the 9.m (4. the 12. Adjustthe front toe (seesection18). Do not align the nut by loosoning {'96 -'97 modol only}. Installthe steeringioint cover with the clamps and clros. performthe followingchecks' After installation. Centerthe cable reel by first rotating it clockwise until it stops. Install front wheels. CAUTION:Torquethe csstle nut to the lower torque spocification.Then rotate it counterclockwise (approximately two turns) until the arrow mark on the steering the label points straight up.

page Bemoval/lnstallation. WHEEL STEERING page Removal/lnstallation. checkthe wheelalignmentand adjustif necessary. removethe driver'sairbagassembly and steering . CABLE REEL 24 Removal/lnstallation. page17-49 Disassembly.ROD page17-68 BallJointBootReplacement. page17-32 PumpBeltAdiustment. COLUMN page Removal/lnstallation. in and procedures the SRS SRScomponents are locatedin this area. 17-35 page Disassembly/Reassembly.ComponentLocations lndex Power Steering: NOTE: . the precautions. section see IGNITION SWITCH 23 Seesection POWER STEERING PUMP page17'32 PumpBeltInspection. page17 34 PumpPressure Check. lf an intactairbagassemblyhas been removedfrom a scrapped vehicleor has beenfound detective dsmagedduror 24). 17 36 AIRBAGASSEMBLY DRIVER'S 24 see Removal/lnstallation. 17-15 . VALVEBODYUNIT page17 52 Overhaul. a Betoreremovingthe gearbox.storageor service. or section(24)beforeperformingrepairs service. page17-47 Removal. ing transit.Reviewthe SRScomponentlocations. 17-40 page Disassembly/Reassembly. shouldbe deployed(seesection it wheel. section STEERING GEARBOX page17 33 Rack GuideAdjustment. 17-37 page17-38 Inspection. page17-55 Reassembly. After installing gearbox. page17'65 Installation. 17 41 END BALLJOINT TIE.

The fluid pressure pressure the and changes direcgearbox. cylinder RESERVOIB VALVEBODYUNIT SUB. where rackthrust tion of the flow. The fluid then flows to the to wherethe fluid is "filtered"and supplied the pump again' flows backto the reservoir.The amountof fluid and pressure regulated vane-type vided by a to from the pump is delivered the valvebody unit aroundthe the flow controlvalvebuilt into the pump. The valveinsidethe valvebody unit controlsthe hydraulic pinjonof the steering from the power Fluid returning power cylinder.SystemDescription FluidFlow Diagram is The fluid pressure propower steering.VALVE VALVE FLOWCONTROL GEANBOX STEERING CYLINDER POWER 17-16 . to connected the steeringgearbox. The systemis a compactrotary-valve.type by is pump which is driven by the enginecrankpulley. is generated.

the hydraulicpressure appliedto The belt.driven of the vanechamberof the rotor and the vaneswill rotatewhile beingpushedonto the innercircumference the cam ring.Eachvane performstwo intake/discharge pulsebecomes fluid pressure extremely smallduringdischarge. n a v a n ec h a m b ew i l l c h a n g er. The inner circumference the cam ring has an extendedportionwith respectto the centerof the shaft. f T h e s u c k e d . tion of the rotor.i n l ui d m o v e s pon. r STARTOF FLUIDINTAKE: FLUIDINTAKE: FLUIDMOVEMENT: FLUIDOISCHARGE: T h e v a n e s a r e p u s h e do n t o of the innercircumference the c a mr i n g .This meansthat the hydraulic VALVE FLOWCONTROL ROTOR VANE CAM RING Operation is pulley rotatesthe rotor through the drive shaft. towardthe dascharge As the vanes return to the o t h e i ro r i g i n ap o s i t i o n n t h e l inner side. the volume of the v a n e c h a m b e rd e c r e a s e s o f t h e f l u i d i s d i s c h a r g e dr o m port.As the rotor rotates. The volumeof the vanecham so ber increases that fluid is sucked in. a resultof this roller movement.SteeringPump Construction reliefvalve)and is drivenby a POLY-V-belt The pump is a vane-type incorporating flow controlvalve(with an integrated a for operations every rotafrom the crank the vanes of the internalvolume of the As move downwardin the axialdirectionas the rotor rotates. the discharge (cont'd) 17-17 .The pump features10 vanes.e s u l t i n ig f l u i di n t a k e n dd i s c h a r g e .

In this condition.Aq Bottom //l'. To STEERING GEARBOx SUB-VALVE =K. pressure the differenceapplied to the sub-valve. FLOWCURVE L l" I t r r J . and the fluid pressure that passed throughoil passage is applied A to the bottom of the sub-valve. a pressuredifferenceis createdbetweenthe top and bottom of the valve. the sub-valve does not move.M. and the variableorificestaysfully open. Because fluid volume flowing throughthe fixed the oriticeand variableorificeincreases. pressure a difference is createdbetweenthe ends of these orifices..OY 11\t/. keepingthe dischargevolume conslanl. the fixed orificeand the variableorificeto the steering gearbox.and the variable the orificeis fully openwhen the enginespeedis e)dremely low.} PUMPR. that is the force t h a t p u s h e st h e s u b . w h i c h D u s h e sd o w n t h e f l o w c o n t r o l v a l v e a n d opens the return port. and to decrease when the it . Fluid pressure discharged from the dischargeport is appliedto the top of the sub-valve.s i appliedto the sub-valve. -. and it increases proportionto the engine in speed.part of the fluid discharged from the dischargeport returnsto the pump suction port.v a l v e o w n . which is causedby the resistance passage oil A when the fluid flows throughthe passage. However. the pressuredifferencebetweenthe ends of oil passage A.fluid discharged from the port stans to flow through oil passage discharge A. o When the engine starts.As the lluid pressure that passedthe fixed orificeand variableorificeis directedto the bottom of the flow control valve. When this happens. the return port is closed by the flow control valve.P. that is to increasethe dischargevolume when enginespeed is low.€zRx \ o'./ FLOWCONTROL VALVE To STEERING GEARBOX SUB-VALVE ORIFICE 1 ) l vr- VALVE FLOWCONTROL 17 -1 8 .When the engine speed is extremely low. e n g i n es p e e d i n c r e a s e sT h e a s s i s t a n c t h r u s t o f t h e e w s t e e r i n gg e a r b o xc h a n g e si n c o m p l i a n c e i t h t h e changein the discharge"l^LKq. i s t o o s m a l l t o d overcome springforce.SystemDescription SteeringPump(cont'dl The flow control valve and sub-valvein the pump performs the following stepsO through @ to control the flow of fluid. As a result.

fluid voldischarge as ume flowing to the steeringgearboxdecreases At the engine speed increases.\ LT€J6("4")il o"'ro"iio't?2ia)f 11"QJtYl /X VALVE FLOWCONTROL PressureRelief s P r e s s u r e t t h e d i s c h a r g e i d e o f t h e f i x e d o r i f i c ei s a directedto the bottom of the flow control valve..r e g u l a t i n g h e d i s c h a r g e o l u m e f u r t h e r .the system keepsthe pump discharge pressure (relief pressure)from exceedingthe given level by controlling the volume of the fluid to the pump returnpon.T h i s a l l o w s t h e f l o w c o n t r o l v a l v e t o b e pushed back by the pressuredifference.Whenthis happens.When builds up. v t . the same time.To STEERING GEARBOX O A The fluid volumethat flows thoroughoil passage appliedto the sub-valve difference and the pressure i i n c r e a s e n p r o p o r t i o nt o t h e e n g i n e s p e e d .-lorlo[5o zit)Y -et27 VALVE FLOWCONTROL To STEERING GEARBOX SUB.and the fluid volumeto the pump returnport increases.l RELIEF VALVE (Openl 17-19 .T h e the spring force.and sub-valvelowers overcoming the it startsto closethe variableorificeto regulate the volume.The flow conspeedreaches trol valve functions continuesto control the fluid volumeto the returnDort.VALVE further. the to flow controlvalvecontinues controlthe fluid volume to the returnDort. +/A<Y?il \ \ /z/ffi\\ o'. increases difference the sub-valve at then closesthe variableorificecomThe sub-valve p l e t e l y . As explained above.the pressure @ As the enginespeedincreases furtheras well. the reliefvalve in the flow conthe pressure at the trol valveopensto release pressure the bottom ot t h e v a l v e . W h e n t h i s h a p p e n st h e f l u i d v o l u m e d i s c h a r g e d from the pump to the steeringgearboxis regulated a and maintained t a given leveluntilthe engine the high speed range. VALVE FLOWCONTBOL DAMPINGORIFICE (Decreases excessive vibration in the valve. €TI-p.

and controlsthe steering pump.which is coaxialwith the pinionshaft.Because this construction. The pinion shaft is double.both of which are interconnected the torsionbar. by fluid from the Steering pressure applied. fluid in the other side of the power cylinis The steering where hydraulic der line to the power cylinder.SystemDescription SteeringGearbox fluid with the pinionlo controlthe steering The rackand-pinion type steeringgearboxhas a valve body unit incorporated pump is regulated a rotaryvalve in the valve body unit and is sentthroughthe cylin pressure. to section hold the torsionbar splinesof the shaftsat the pin engagement is regulated the engaged by betlveen shafts the within the setvalue. the input sh8ftand the directionbetween in the valve. and the two cylinderlines with the fluid line from the valve housingis connected to with the input shatt connected the pinion power cylinder. fluid is not pressurtype systemto functionas an ordinaryrack-and-pinion steeringif the steering This allowsthe steering izedbecause a faulty pump.structured from the respective gear. of VALVE Diflerencein angle between the input shaft and pinion shaft PINION SHAFT l -la INPUTSHAFT B INPUTSHAFT 17-20 . to valvebecomeslargeraccording the torsionalstrengthof the pinionor steeringresistance. der returnsthroughthe cylinderline and valvebody unit to the reservoir. Insidethe valve body unit is the valve. wlth this allowsthe pinion shaft to rotatetogetherwith the The pin insertedin the valveand the pinion shaft grooveengage. VALVEBODYUNIT LINE CYLINDER To RESERVOIR + From PUMP ri CYLINDER POWER Valve Body Unit The fluid pressure. difference anglein the circumferential of maximumtorsion However. the returnline to the reservoir.

when the steeringeffort would normallybe low.the of to from the pump is bypassed the reservoir. VALVE From PUMP RETURN PASSAGE lTo RESERVOIR) VALVEBODY UNIT A.when sagesbecomesmallerand power assistdecreases or drivingat high speeds straightahead). A J POWER CYLINDER GEAREOX High assistat lower speeds: When steering resistanceis high.On the otherside of the powercylinder. at each pair of orifices. when driving straightahead. the difference anglecreatedbetweenthe input shaft and the valve opensthe fluid passage one side. The fluid passages the power cylinderautomatically to returnthrough the input shaft to the reservoir. (for example./ A-A SECTION (High lluid pressur€l 17-21 .allowingthe steering wheelto This increased cylinderfed by the largerfluid passage. change in size. on pressure pusheson the rackpiston.the input shaft is N4ost the feed pressure of so nearor in the neutralposition.A SECTION . the passages increasing the steeringresistance as (for example. FLUIDPASSAGE TO POWEB CYLINDER From PUMP ---------\\ r . resulting low or no assist. pressure in both sidesof the power cylinstaysthe same Because this. In becomelargerand power assistincreases increases. and in increases the side of the power The fluid pressure closesthe fluid passage the other side. parkingor making low speedturns).and the paswhen when the steeringeffort would normallybe high. such as when driving at high speeds. in der. there is littleor no flow to any of the power cylinderorifices. fluid to opensallowingthe steering the returnpassage be turnedwith light effort. other words.Pressure Control Low assistat higherspeeds: or is When steeringresistance low. such as when driving at low speeds.or when turning the wheel with the vehicle on in stopped.

kPa 213psi)or below.0 kgf. .) Checkthe pump fluid pressure (seepage17-34).6lbf). Check the valvefor smooth movementin the housing. ls steering fluid reservoirfilled properlevel? to .400kPa165 psi) 75 kgflcm'. Hasthe suspension beenmodifiedin a way that would affectsteering? . Abnormal Iluid pressure {fluidpressure is too high) C h e c kt h e l e e d a n d r e t u r n c i r c u i t l i n e s a n d h o s e b e t w e e nt h e g e a r b o xa n d p u m p f o r c l o g g i n ga n d delormation. varietyand air pressure tire correct? .500 (15kgvcm. page'17-30.920. the see lflhe forceis over 29 N 13. Measuresteadystate fluid pres sure while idling with the both valves fully open. It should be 6.070 Reliefpres- Checkthe tlow control valve (seepage 17-42). It shouldbe 1.2 2 .Precede with this troubleshooting. ls the powersteeringpump belt properlyadjusted? . ls the engineidle speedcorrectand steady? HardSteering(Check powerassist. Are tire sizes.6. ' Check reliefvalvefor leaks. ls the steering wheel originalequipmentorequivalent? .1.400 7.. the Normalreliefpressure Abnormal Go to page17 23 Faultypump assembly Faultyflow control valve (Replace pump as an the assembly) 1 7. M e a s u r ep u mp r e l i e f p r e s s u r e while idling with the pressure control valveIully closed. N o r m a l l i n e n dh o s e a Normal Faulty valvebody unit C h e c kt h e p u m p { l u i d p r e s s u r e {seepage17-34).Troubleshooting Troubleshooting General Check followingbeforeyou begin: the .

7. the Removethe gearbox and measurethe piniontorque. m ( 1 3 k g f . Interference the steeringsystem in Abnormal Adjust the rack guide (see Page t 1 7 . torque. 1 1 . Faulty joint steering . 3l b f i n ) . Normal - rackguide lmproperly adiusted Abnormal Faultygearbox (cont'd) 17 -23 . lmproper column-relatsd rotation ofthe steedng . wheelfully to the Turn the steering right and left while idling wirh the pressurecontrol valvg Iully open. c m 1 1 .2N. Checkthe parts othor than the gearbox-relatedparts lor Drooerrotation. 6 10 lbl. * 0.3 3 )a n d r e c h o c k h e p i n i o n . Checkpump tluid pressure(see page17-34). Thetorqueshouldbe.12 kgf'cm.1. with the steering rack in any other position.m (7 .3kgl.400 psi).in) with the steering rack in th6 straight drivingposition.9 N (0. part(s) . the Startthe engineand measure force required to turn the wheel to the right and left.1. and measurethefruid pressure.lo Checkthe lorce required turn the wheol(seepage17-30). 75 kgflcm.400 kPa(65lr shouldbe 6.7 lbt) Normal Checkfor bent rack shaft. Differenceof t h e f o r c e r e q u i r e dt o t u r n t h e wheel to the right and to the left shouldbe 2. 3 N .920. 0. -7. Adjustment OK Faulty valvebody unit gearbox Faulty Check gearbox. Faulty rackend ie-rodend ballioints ..070 Abnormal - Check rack guide adjustmgnt (see page 17'33).

Checkthe rack guide tor proper (seepage17-33). ' l t s h o u l db e 0 . Rack lf the problom is not correctedby adiusting the rack guide. adjust as needed. . adjustment Adjustthe rackguide. is R e m o v et h e g e a r b o xf r o m t h e frame and measurehe pinion t torqueon the gearbox. 7.replace the gearbox.1 0 l b t . Checkthe belt tor slippageand adjust as necessary(see page 17-321. m ( 7 1 2 k g f . . 2N . checkwheel alignment(see soctionl8). c m . i n ) r o below with the steeringrack in the straightaheaddrivingposition.Troubleshooting GeneralTroubleshooting (cont'd) Assist (excossively light steering)at highspeed. adiustment lf the problem is not correctedby adjustingthe rack guide. g n m e n ti s a b n o r m a l . adjust the lront whe€l alignment (see soction18).1 .cm. 1. Shockor vibration when wheelis turnedto full lock.3 N.replace the gearbox. A a n d I c y l i n d e rl i n e sa r e n o r mal.11. guideis adiusted properly. W h e e l a l . Wheelalignment normal.d j u s t t h e r a c k a gurde.m (13 kgf.inl w i t h t h e s t e e r i n gr a c k i n a n y otherposition. f'' 17-24 lf the problemis not corrected by adjlsting the rackguide.3lbf. 6. Checkthe rack guide for proper (seepage17-33). Steering wheelwill not roturn smoothly. lf the measurements are out of s p e c i f i c a t i o n s .

P!mp belt slippingon pulley {pumpstopsmomentarily).lf the flow control valve is normal. 1 p s i ) o r l e s s .roplace adjusting the gearbox.adjustthe idle speed(seeseclion11). to the sp€cified lf lluid level is OK. chock the level is excessively tor leaks in the system. Replaceparts as wheelkicksback Stoering duringwid€ turns.if necessary page17-321..Replace (see belt. checkpowor fluid level.I or Uneven roughsteering. ldle speed low or erratic. Installthe power steeringpressure gauge. Checkthe flow controlvalve if the needle travel exceeds500 kPa 15 kgt/cm.replacethe pump as an assembly. Mjust the rackguide(seepage17-33). Adlustthe belt tension{seePage 17-32)orreplace beh. steering Checkpower stoeringfluid level.and the P/S pump housing mating surfaces and the pump shaft oil seal for suction leaks. pressure Checkit pump pr€ssureis normal and the gaugeneedletravel is 500 7 k P a( 5 k g f l c m ' . lf the problom is not coftected bY the rackguide. or Air in resgrvoir. lfthe enginestallswhen the wheel is turn€d while car is stoppodor moving at low speed. check O-rings 8 n d s e a l so n b o t h o n d s o f t h e pump inl€t hose. the Adiustthe belttension.lf low. 17 -25 .71 psi).Add fluid level.Closethe pressurocontrol the valvelully and measure pump (seepage 17-34).

Troubleshooting NoiseandVibration NOTE:Pumpnoisein first 2 .This is normal. j H u m mn g Humming due to pulsationof fluid is normal. do not hold the steering wheel 8ll the way to the right or the left.though not loud. or Confirm by temporarily removing the pump belt. tie-rod.3 minutesafterstaningin cold weatheris normal. the Pump noise. the Rattle chattering or Loosesteeringshaft connector. ballioint. or C h e c ka n d t i g h t e n . lf equipped with automatic transr n i s s i o nt. High-pressure line touching the frame. the Checkthe rack guide lor proper (seepage17-33).from the valve body unit can be heardwhen turning the steering wheelright or left. Columnshaftwobbling. adjustment Adjust.h e h ! m c o u l d b e t h e torqueconverter pump noise. o r r e p l a c e parts as necessary. CAUTION: When inspecting. particularlywhen the wheel is turnedwith the vehicle stoooed.if necessary. Replace columnassembly. Repositjon line.This is normal. f'' 17-26 . Rattling soundand feelingwhen turningthe steering wheelright and leftwith the engineOFFis a soundwhen the valvebody unit contacts stoo.

Ou"u. Tighten or r€placeas necessary. Pumpgearnoise NOTE: Pump noise uP to 2 . r e P l a c el h e pump. . ll pump noiseis abnormally the removeand inspect pump tor wear and damage(see page 1741t. temperature simular to loud. Comparepump noiso at operating vehicle. l f s h s f t i s l o o s o .and chockfor leaks.nn Rattle chattering or Tighten or roplacethe pull€y.3 m i n u t e sa f t e r s t a r t i n gi n c o l d weatheris normal.Pumpnoise noise Grating from pump causedby air bubbles Cavitation in the fluid. Checkthe fluid lev€1. 17-27 . t lf low.l . suctionhose for Check a crushed or a loose hose clamp allowing air inlo the suction side ol tho system. fill the reservoiro the propor level. Tightgn or replace8s necessary..

replace lino. replace the line. Replace the valve oil seal from the valvehousing.cylinder th€ or valvehousing unit.Troubleshooting Fluid Leaks . Replace cylinderend sealon the the cylinderend side.Check followingbeforeremovinglhe gearbox the Gearbox Steering Leaking from the oil seal on the top of the valvehousing. the Leaking lrom cylinderline A or B (at connections flarenut). Leaking from the shaftupperend sectionor pin engagemenlsection of the pinionshaft. lI it's still leaking. Tightenthe connector. Oil Checkthe gearboxassemblyfor oil leakscarefully. 17 -28 .joint fitting or valvehousing. it's still lf leaking. Replace cylinderend sealon the the g€arhousing side. can leak out of various points. Leakinglrom cylinder end into left tie rod boot. faultyoil seals/seal rings.dependingon locationof the from the frame. L e a k i n g a u s e db y a d a m a g e d c cylinder lineA or L Replace cylinder lineA or B. Replace valve body unit. Replaco the valve oil seal from the pinionshaft. Leakingfrom cylinder end into right tie-rod boot. from feed line and return Leaking linejoint fittingon the valvebody unit (atflare nut). Tighton th6 connector.

or . Leaking the swsgged at af Pumpinletline (low-pressure) Leakingbecauseof damage. Replace ropairas necessary. lf the housingstill leaks.{ront lem {res€rvoir. Pumpoutletline (high-pressure) Leakingat the lhreadedlitting. Air leak in suctionside ot the sysinlet hose. replaco O-ringor feed line.or improperassombly. It it's still leakin9. Reservoiris ov6rfilled. the joint. pump seal).replace the pump.deterioration. Pull off the hose and drain the reservoirto the proper lev€1.Replace housing the O-rings. Tighten the fining.

w and measure he distancehe steering heelcan be t t turnedwithout movingthe front wheels. 6 . Checkthe power steeringfluid level (see page l733) and pump belttension(seepage 17-32). perform rackguide (seepage 17-33). and turn the steering wheel from lock-to-lock severaltimes to warm up the fluid. c h e c kt h e g e a r b o xa n d oumo. 2. Attacha springscaleto the steering wheel. Startthe engine. 17-30 .allow it to idle. Dull the scaleas shown and read it as soon as the tires beginto turn. 6 l b f ) . 3.39 inl lf the play exceeds the servicelimit. ROTATIONAL PLAY 7 t l The scaleshould read no more than 29 N (3.0 kgf. ROTATIONAL PLAY:0 .10 mm l0 . l f i t r e a d sm o r e . PowerAssistCheckwith Vehicle Parked 1.0. inspectthe steering linkageand gearboxas described on the next page.Inspection and Adjustment Steering Operation Placethe front wheels in the straight ahead position. adjustment lf the play is still excessive after rack guide adjustment.With the engine idling and the vehicleon a clean.dry floor.

BOOT Inspect damage and deterioration.SteeringLinkageand Gearbox TIE. STEERING GEARBOX for Inspect loosemountingbolts. SHAFTGROMMET and deterioration.ROD END BALLJOINT Insoect faultvmovement for and damage. 3ALL JOINT BOOT for Inspect damageand deterioration. See p49e 17-68for replacement.ROD LOCKNUT for looselocknut. Inspect damage for TIE. 17-31 . MOUNTINGCUSHIONS GEABBOX tor lnsoect deterioration. a JOINTS for Check loosejoint bolts.

0mm (0.4kgf.m {2.39inl Start the engine and turn the steeringwheel from lock-to-lock several times.Inspection and Adjustment PumpBelt NOTE:When usinga new belt.first adjustthe deflection or tensionto the valuesfor the new belt. the or Replace beltwith a new one if necessary.110tbt) New Belt: 640 .5.14.780 N {65 . then readjust the deflection tensionto the valuesfor the used belt or a f t e rr u n n i n g n g i n e o r l i v em i n u t e s . Tensionr used Belr: 340.4 m. Followthe manufacturer's instructions the tension for g au g e .41 0. the of 17-32 .10. 77 .then stop the engineand recheck deflection the belt. 17 lbr. 3.m.55in) New Belt: 7. lf thereare cracks any damageevidenton the belt.490N {35. it . f Detlection: UsedBelt: 10.ft) 2.80 kgl. 17 lbffrl kgt Inspection Attachthe specialtool to the belt and measure the ten sion of the belt.5. 143. Adjust the belt tensionby moving the power steering pump with a 1/2" drivebreaker to obtainthe bar p r o p e r b e l t t e n s i o n . the PUMPMOUNTING BOLT 24 N m 12.176 tbfl NOTE: .50 kgf.0mm (0. the Measurement without Belt TensionGauge: Apply a force of 98 N (10 kgl. e f Adiustment 1. Inspect pump beltfor cracks any damage.30 0. BELT TENSION GAUGE _ 07JGG 001010A POWER PUMP PUMPMOUNTINGBOLT 24 N.22 lbt) and measuret h e d e f l e c t i o n e t w e e n h e p o w e r s t e e r i n gp u m p a n d t h e b t c r a n k s h aptu l l e y s . Loosen power steeringpump mountingbolts.t h e n r e t i g h t e n h e m o u n t i n g t bolts. or replace with a new one.

then apply new sealantto the first three threads.ft).then back it off to specifiedangle. Loosely Tightenthe rack guide screwto 25 N'm (2. SpecifiedRetuh Angle: 20" max.and turn the steerk i n g w h e e l f r o m l o c k .l o cs e v e r a lt i m € s . to Fillthe reservoir the uoDerlevelline.4kgf'm. HOSE 4. then loosenthe rackguidascrew. Connecta hose of suitablediameterto the disconnectedreturn hose. the CAUTION: Do not fill the reservoir beYond the upper lovel line. Raise reservoir.and put the hose end in a suitablecontainer.90 at dkassembly RESERVOIR CAPACITY: 0.s h u t o f f t h e the engine.97 model: Loosenthe rack guide screw locknutwith the specialtool.35 lmp. T i g h t e nt h e l o c k n u tw h i l e h o l d i n gt h e r a c k g u i d e screw. (seepage17-30). Recheck fluid leveland add some if necessary. '96 .9 lbf. Retighten rackguidescrewto 3. Powerassist a the then disconnect returnhose the 1 . 7. Startthe engineand run it at fast idle. installtherackguidescrew. followinginspections: Perform .42US.then turn the times to bleed air several steeringfrom lock-to-lock from the system.W h e n f l u i d s t o p s r u n n i n go u t o f t h e h o s e .85 litor 10. .RackGuideAdjustment with the wheels NOTE:Performrack guide adjustment in the straightaheadposition.75 lmp. Checkfor tight or loose steeringthrough the completeturningtravel. CAUTION: Always use Gonuin€ Honda Powsr Steering Fluid-V or S. the Reinstall returnhoseon the reservoir. 18 lbf. Using any oth.5 kgf m. Startthe engine. not to spill tho lluid on tho body and parts.ft).9 N. 1.m (0.Discard fluid.let it run at idle.4 liter {0. FluidReplacement and add fluid as at Check the reservoir regularintervals. Wipe off any spilled fluid at once. necessary. SYSTEMCAPACITY: US. qt. the 2.qtl 0. operation Steering with vehicleparked. 17-33 . qt.t o . 0. CAUTION:Taks car.qt) UPPER LEVELLINE LOWERLEVELLINE tl '98 modol: Removethe old sealantoff of the threadedsection. 0.r type ot pow 3toering fluid or sutomatic lrsnsmis3ion fluid can cause increasedwear and poor steoring in cold woather. then loosenit.

then connectthe outlet hoseto the adaptor.m. Connectthe P/S joint adaptor(hose)to the power steering pressuregauge. Startthe engineand let it idle. Openthe shut-off controlvalvefully. 1. NOTE: First check the power steering fluid level and pump belttension. 6 x 1. low for full assist.1ksf.and Adiustment Inspection Check PumpPressure a C h e c kt h e f l u i d p r e s s u r e s f o l l o w s t o d e t e r m i n e whetherthe troubleis in the pump or gearbox. 10.5040121 6. lf 8. Troubleshooting unit (seeGeneral c 9 .75 kgflcn'. checkthe outlet line or valve body 17-22). CAUTION: Disconnectthe high pressurehose with care so as not to spill the power steering fluid on the ftame and other parts.00'llD0A ot 07RAK S040r20 GAUGE P/SPRESSURE 07405 001 000A ol 07. Turn the steeringwheel from lock-to-lock temperature.h e g a u g es h o u l d readlessthan 1500kPa(15 kgflcm' .106.920 psi).q)l0001 oa lPart of tooll 1 1N .t h e n c l o s et h e shut-off valve gradually until the pressuregauge needleis stable. then jnstallthe P/Sjoint adaptor{pump)on the pump outlet.Readthe pressure.070 or the Repair replace pump. lmmediately openthe pressure CAUTION: Do not k€€p the pressure conlrol valve closed more then 5 seconds or the pump could be damaged by over-heating.m.0mm BOLT OUTLETHOSEFTTNNG P/S JOINTADAPTOR IHOSE) 07MK . I lbt'ft) PRESSURE CONTROL VALVE . timesto warm the fluid to operating fluid pressure while idling. C l o s et h e p r e s s u r e o n t r o l v a l v e .A low readingmeanspump outputis too 1.213psi).400kPa(65 . gaugeto the P/S the power steeringpressure 3. read at least 6. Install joint adaptor{pump)as shown.8lbtft) VALVE SHUT. Openthe pressure 17-34 . controlvalvefully.0mm BOLT (Partot tooll 1 1N m (1. several 7. the gaugeshould lf the pump is in good condition. 2. lf it readshigh. valvefully.400. Measuresteady-state t h e p u m p i s i n g o o d c o n d i t i o nt. m (1.1 ksf. Disconnect outlet line from the pump outlet fitthe ting. GAUGE P/S PRESSURE 07{06 .OFF 5.OFF VALVE PUMPOUTLET FITTING 6 x 1.7.

Remove the steering wheel by rocking it slightly from side to side as you pull steadilywith both hands. columnshaft when installing w t N O T E :B e f o r ei n s t a l l i n gh e s t e e r i n g h e e l . c e n t e rt h e cable reel. 5. th r D i s c o n n e c t e h o r n c o n n e c t o a n d c r u i s ec o n t r o l switches connector. to Attachthe cruisecontrol switchesconnector the s t e e r i n w h e e lc l i P . lnstallation CAUTION: Do not tap on the steering wheel or steering the steeringwheel. CABLEREEL I Remove the steering wheel nut. 2. and procedures SRScomponentlocations.a l i g n t h e front wheelsstraightahead. g the Connect horn connector. 17-35 . 4. w N O T E :B e f o r er e m o v i n gt h e s t e e r i n g h e e l .a l i g n t h e front wheelsstraightahead. 1.R e v i e wt h e precautions. I n s t a l lt h e d r i v e r ' sa i r b a ga s s e m b l y a n d c o n f i r m 24). the cablereel and canceling 3. 3. B e f o r ei n s t a l l i n gt h e s t e e r i n gw h e e l . lnstall the steeringwheel with the steeringwheel nut. steering 2. R e m o v e h e d r i v e r ' sa i r b a ga s s e m b l y r o m t h e f t wheel(seesection24). ' 1 . . propersystemoperation lsee section C h e c kt h e h o r n a n d c r u i s e c o n t r o l s w i t c h e sf o r properoperations. in the SRSsection(24)beforeperformingrepairsor service. Do this by first rotating the cable reel until it stops. The arrow mark on wise approximately the cablereellabelshouldpointsstraightup.Then rotateit counterclockclockwise two turns. w N O T E :B e s u r e t h e s t e e r i n g h e e l s h a f t e n g a g e s sleeve. NUT WHEEL STEERING Replace. 4.SteeringWheel Removal a S R Sc o m p o n e n t s r e l o c a t e di n t h i s a r e a . 6.

SteeringWheel Disassembly/Reassembly \ *@*&*W -:<z<z % 17-36 .

JOINTCOVER CLIP JOINT BOLT Bolt must line up with g. 8 . R e m o v et h e s t e e r i n gc o l u m n b y r e m o v i n gt h e nuts and bolt. R e m o v et h e d r i v e r ' sd a s h b o a r d o w e r c o v e r a n d driver'skneebolster(seesection20). Be sure that the lower joint bolt is securelyin the groovein the pinionshaft. Remove steering the joint bolts. 1. in the SRSsection(24)beforeperformingrepairsor service. the 6. Make sure the wire harnessis routed and fastened properly.2 15lbl tr) JOINT BOLT UPPER Bolt must line up on shaft. 4. . 17-37 . COLUMNCOVER Groove. section wheel (seepage17-35). 22 N. attaching UPPER is of 9. P u l l o n t h e s t e e r i n g o i n t t o m a k es u r e t h a t t h e joint is fully seated. the .R e v i e wt h e precautions.oove around on shaft.2 kgt m. Be sure the wires are not caught or pinchedby any partswhen installing column. Makesurethe connectors properlyconnected.Steering Column Removal/lnstallation a S R Sc o m p o n e n t s r e l o c a t e di n t h i s a r e a . Installation the reverse the removalprocedure. . 16 lbl. D i s c o n n e ct th e s t e e r i n g o i n t b y m o v i n gt h e j o i n t i toward the column. and procedures SRScomponentlocations. are COLUMN STEERING SWITCH COMBINATION ASSEMBLY t COLLAR RETAINING NOTE:Takecarenot to letthe retaining collarfall out of position duringinstallation.a n d l o o s e l yi n s t a l lt h e l o w e r joint bolt. NOTE: joint is connected follows: . Makesurethe steering as a. Remove steering 7 . Disconnect ignitionswitchconnectors.m {2. Thentightenthe joint steering bolts. NOTE: Before removing the steeringcolumn for SRS. Slip the lower end of the steeringjoint onto the pinion shaft (line up the bolt hole with the groove a r o u n dt h e s h a f t ) . j c . and cablereel (see removethe driver'sairbagassembly 24). Remove the steeringcolumn shaft by disconnecting connecrors. b. from the switchassemblv the combination 3. the joint cover 5.ftl BOLTS FLANGE kgl'rn.and looselyinstallthe upperjoint bolt. Insertthe upper end of the steeringjoint onto the steering shaft (lineup the bolt holewith the flat on the shaft). Remove steering the l 2 .m 12.and removeit from the column shaft. JOINT BOLTS STEERING 22 N.

l f t h e m e a s u r e m e ni t o u t o f t h e s p e c i f i c a t i o n . "a" the aboveprocedures through CAUTION: Be calelul not to loosen the tilt level when installing the stop or tightening the 6 mm lock bolt. m{ 1 . Remove 6 mm lock bolt and removethe stop.90 N {7 . the tilt lever. for Replace the steeringcolumn as an assemblyif they are distorted broken. Check the steering column ball bearingand the steering joint bearingsfor play and proper movement. 0 g l m . C h e c kt h e r e t a i n i n g o l l a rf o r d a m a g e . Adjustthe preloadby turningthe tilt lockbolt left or ngnr. s p u t a d j u s t h e p r e l o a d s i n g h ef o l l o w i n g r o c e d u r e s . Loosen in the neutralposition.C h e c k h e p r e l o a d g a i n .then measure he tilt lever t 3 p r e l o a d 0m m ( 0 . 4i n )f r o m t h e e n do f t h e t i l t l e v e r . TILT LOCKBOLT Tighten lockbolt the the tilt leverraised.lf play. "c" to adiust. b. the c.replace retaining the collar.Column Steering Inspection NOTE:The tilt steeringcolumn type is shown. or COLUMN BALLBEARING ABSORBING PLATES PLATEGUIDES ABSORBING RETAINING COLLAR BEARINGS \ IGNITION 23.replace there is noiseor if there is excessive the steering columnas an assembly. position and d. 7 l b l f t ) 17-38 .I kgl. 8N . Checkthe absorbingplates.and set the steeringcolumn a. k 9 .absorbingplate guides and slidingcapsules distonionor breakage.l f t h e l repeat is measurement still out of specitication. '1. Pullup the tilt leverto the uppermost a t i n s t a l t h e s t o p . 15-20 lbf) 2. lMovethe tilt lever from the loose positionto lock position to 5 times. Seesection SLIDING This part is attached to the column bracket with the plastic injections. f i t i s d a m c l aged. the conv e n t i o n as t e e r i n g o l u m n i s s i m i l a re x c e p tf o r t h e t i l t l c mechanism. 1 Preload:70 .

f f_lli 2 . the tqtT-f*r--!-t__1 _tr 2. Slidethe hoseoverthe line until it contacts stop. I n s p e c th o s e sf o r d a m a g e . P o s i t i o nt h e a d j u s t a b l e o s e c l a m p s a t t h e p o i n t s h (a) indicated in the drawingabove.9 lbthl CYLINDER HOUSING-to-CYLINDER LINES 28 N.m.ft) LINES VALVEBODYUNIT-Io-CYLINoER 12 tbf ft. (Double RingType) Replacement NOTE: pipesecurely .5 mm flare nut kgf.ftl BOOT for Check leaks. 0 .5. P o s i t i o n t h h o s ec l a m p s t t h e p o i n t si n d i c a t e{ b ) i n a d e the drawingabove. leplace with the clamps new ones it necessary.4 .01 0. the CAUTION: Check all clamps for deterioration or deformation. . OUTLET HOSE 1 1N .ft) 37 N.m. Inspectfor leaksat hose and line joints and connec trons. .m.7kg{.m (1.5. 27 lbl.8 Rdurn Line Joint: 16 x 1.2ksf. 1 7N . 0m m inl 10.m.i n t e r f e r e n c e r o rwrsI|ng. Install the distance from the or adjustable clamp at the specified hoseend as shown.22in} g- /Z\\\ 17-39 . 7 LINES vALVE BODYUNIT-to-FEED/RETURN Feedline: 14 x 1.rn 13. .5.5mm {0. ADJUSTABLE HOSECLAMP: . Add the power steering levelon fluid to the specified the reservoir and checkfor leaks.m {2. GEARBOX and VALVEBODYUNIT Check leaks the matingsurface for at and flare nut conneclions.08 0.Lines PowerSteeringHoses. HOSECLAMP: .m (2. rustingand leakage. inlet and oudet fittings.22inl @ . m (1. . Slidethe hoseoverthe line until it contacts stop. 20lbf.20 lbf. Connect eachhoseto the corresponding the clamp until it contacts stop on the line.5.01 0.'16 2.5 mm flare nui 28 N. Inspection Fluid Leakage HOSES and LINES .8 C h e c kf o r l e a k s a t t h e p u m p seal.5mm (0. POWER STEERING PRESSURE SWITCH 12 N. . Inspect fluid linesfor damage. m1 1 .1kgf.l e a k s .7kgt m.

a n d p l u gt h e m . Do not turn the steeringwheel with the pump removed. . Looselyinstallthe pump in the pump bracketwith mountingbolts. PUMP MOUNTING EOLT 1? 2il N.m {2.Wipe off any spilledfluid at once. Remove the pump mountingbolts. ./C fluid. PUMPMOUNTINGBOLT 2{ N. Mako suro that the power 3teering belt is properly positioned on the pulleys. Do not get power siesring fluid or gresse in the power steering belt or pulley fac$.m. 17-40 .om the pump.1kgt. NOTE:Takecare not to spill the fluid on the body or parts. lbt. 11 N. to protectit from spilledpower steering Disconnect the inlet hose and the outlet line from t h e p u m p .m{2. 17 lbf ft) 7. Tighten the pump fittingssecurely. Adjustthe pump belt (seepage17-32).ft) with several compressor shop towels Coverthe A. the placea suitable container underthe car.m.4kgf. Install the oump belt. Fill the reservoirto the upper level line (see page 11-33t.m {1. Removethe belt by loosening the pump mounting bolts. CAUTION: . Wrap the opening of the pump with a piece of tape to prevent foreign material from entering I n ep u m p . 8.PowerSteering Pump RemovaUlnstallation NOTE:Beforedisconnecting hosesf.m. Connect the inlet hose and the outlet line. Cleanofl any fluid or grcase before installation. NOTE: .4kgf.then removethe pump. 1.

the .0 kgf.dirt. 47lbt. and FLANGE BOLTS 11 N. (+) . PUMPSEAL Replace. 36 tbtft) PULLEY NUT 64N.ft) seePaselT" PULLEY spnrruc/ d fi '-tlu"i:3. Avoid damaging the componsnG during assembly. FLANGEEOLTS 20 N. a Always replace O-ringsand rubbersealswith new ones beforeassembly.ft) (cont'd) 17-41 .m (2. Replace pump as an assembly the ifthe pans indicated with asterisk are worn or damaged.Disassembly CAUTION: The power steering components are made of aluminum.5 kgt.'n^^o'^''o FLOWCONTROL VALVECAP 4It N.m.m{6.and dry them with compressed Do not dip the rubberparts in a solair. and seepage17-43 a0 mm CIRCLIP *FLOWCONTROL VALVE Insoection Overhaul. Apply recommended power steering procedures. 8 rbf. 3 t .{ mm O-RING Replace.SIDE PLATE SNAPRING 13 x 1. *OUTER PLATE SIDE PUMPCOVER 5 mm ROLLER *PUMP FOTOR . Cleanthe disassembled partswith a solvent.m. steering to system. 14 tbtft) 4. or otherforeignmaterials enterthe powe.0 kgf.m.m. fluid to the partsindicated the assembly in . PUMPSEALSPACER INLETJOINT BALLBEARING Inspection Replacement. 15.4mm O-RING x Beplace.2 2. Do not allow dust. NOTE: .SUB-VALVE 51 x 2.m {1.1kgf.PUMPHOUSING .5mm ROLLEB PUMPCOVER SEAL Replace. vent.9mm O-RING Replace.m {5.

Drainthe fluid from the pump. and remove the pulleynut and pulley.PowerSteeringPump (cont'd) Disassembly 1 . then removethe sub-valve from the pump housing. D Loosen flow controlvalvecap with a hex wrench the and removeit.The flow control valve is not available separately.side plateand O-rings. and other damage to the edges of the grooves in the valve. the 7 . UNIVERSAL HOLDER C h e c kf o r damage to edges. burrs. Checkthe flow control valve for wear.pump cam ring. Slip the valve back in the pump. Remove O-ring. FLOW CONTROL VALVE Hold the steering pump in a vise with soft jaws. and checkthat it movesin and out smoothly. Inspectthe bore the flow control valve for scratches or wear. if not. pump \ rotor. Inspection Flow Control Valve: 1. Removethe outer side plate. replacethe pump as an assembly.flow controlvalveand spring. the Remove pump coverand pump coverseal. then remove the pump drive shaft by tappingthe shaftend with the plastichammer. Removethe snap ring. the Remove inletjoint and O-ring. lf OK. CAUTION: Be carelul not to damage th6 pump housing with thc iaws ot the viso and extension bar. Removethe circlip. VALVE FLOW CONTFOL HOSE 17 -4 2 . Attacha hoseto the end of the valveas shown.pump vanes. go on step 4. 1 0 . Remove the pump sealspacer and pump seal. hold the pulley with the specialtool.

the reliefcheckball. Removeand discardthe ball bearingusing a press as snown. Install the new ball bearingusinga pressas shown. and removeany shims. reliefvalve and reliefvalvespring. replace assembly. the factory by adding shims under the check ball seat. lf any play or roughness felt. t h e n d reassemble and retestthe valve.m. r y t h e m o f f . as lnstallwith the red shieldedside facing down.lf you found shims in your valve. reinstallit in the pump.lf the flow control valve tests OK. .The flow control valve is not available separately.2 Ball Bearing: 1. VALVE FLOWCONTROL 8.5. VALVE RELIEF RELIEFCHECK BALL 2. Ball Bearing Replacement: SEAT 9 N. {1..{ D Unscrewthe seat in the top end of the sure you reinstall manv as vou took out.0kgflcm.14. BALLBEARING <-- POWER STEERING FLUIDor SOLVENT Hold the bottom end of the valve with a open end wrench. lf the flow the pump as an control valve still leaksair. C l e a na l l t h e p a r t s i n s o l v e n t .9kgl.5lbtft) C l a m p h i se n d i n t a openeno wtencn.and blow in the hose. 7.6.repairit as follows.m {0. relief pressureis adjusted at NOTE: It necessary.lf air bubb l e s l e a kt h r o u g h t h e v a l v e a t l e s st h a n 9 8 k P a psi). NOTE:Supponthe innerrace with the toolsecurely- 17-43 . Inspectthe ball bearingby rotatingthe outer race is slowly. Submergethe valve in a containerof power steering tluid or solvent. replacethe ball bearing.

then installthe pump coversealinto the groovein the pump cover. Position the pump drive shaft in the pump housing. NOTE: Insertthe pump seal with its grooved side f a c i n gi n . 40mm CtRCLtp ATTACHMENT. Install the outer side olateoverthe two rollers. Installthe 40 mm circlipwith its radiusedside facIng out. Setthe pump cam ring over the two rollerswith the " " " mark on the cam ring upward.CS H BALLEEARING PUMPSEALSPACER ROLIIRS \ 17-44 . ROLLER SET HOLES OUTER SIDEPLATE 4. Installthe new pump seal in the pump housingby hand.30mm I PUMPCOVER . Align the pin of the sub-valve with the oil passage in pump housing. and push down the sub-valve. OIL PASSAGE Align the pin of sub valve with the oil passage.IR SET HO|'. then drive it in usinga special tool as shown. Coat the pump cover seal and the cover bushing with the power steeringfluid. Installthesnap ring properly.then installthe pump sealspacer. PUMPCAM RING ozzlsoososob q:D PUMPDRIVESHAFT ROLI.PowerSteeringPump Reassembly 1.5 mm ROLLER 5 mm ROLLER PUMPHOUSING SNAPFING 2.rr"."oE \ 7 .

Setthe 10 vanesin the groovesin the rotor. C o a t t h e O . r4 tbf.olvalvecap on the pump housing. 1 6 . 9 . and tighten it.1 mm O-RING Replace. C o a t t h e O . FLOWCONTROL VALVECAP 49 N. I n s t a l lt h e f l o w c o n t r o l v a l v e a n d s p r i n g o n t h e p u m ph o u s i n g . ROU.0kgl.) fluid. 1 5 .2x 2. a n d installit into the groovesin the side plate.ftl PUMP ROTOR aE nn 't4. I fluid. FLANGEBOLTS 20 N.r i n g w i t h p o w e r s t e e r i n gt l u i d .0 kgl. Installthe pump cover assemblyin the pump housIng. Coat the flow control valve with power steering D 1 0 . 36 rbtft) ROU"EBS (cont'd) 17-45 .m. Installthe flow cont.4rnm O-RING Replace.m (5. and posiCoatthe O-ringwith power steering tion it into the pump housing. of PUi'P VANES (10 plrt .€R SET HOll SET HOIf Mv (64 \tbry \ E 15. r SPRING SIDE PLATE E 15-2 | 2. NOTE:Be surethat the round ends of the vanesare in contactwith the slidingsurface the cam ring.m {2.r i n g w i t h p o w e r s t e e r i n gl l u i d .m. 't] .Assemblepump rotor to the pump cover with the " o " markson the rotorfacingdown. Install the side plateon the cam ring by aligningthe rollerset holesin the side platewith the rollers. 1 3 . a n d installit on the flow controlvalvecap. 1 l .

PowerSteeringPump Reassembly(cont'dl 1 8 . and tightenthe 21. Holdthe pulleywith the special pulley ut.4 Beplace. b 2 0 . C o a t t h e O . 8 tbtfr) E Checkthat the pump turns smoothlyby turnrngrne pulley y hand. l n s t a l lt h e D u l l e va s s h o w n b e l o w .1kgl.5 kgtm. 17-46 . n HOLDER UNIVERSAL NUT PULLEY 64 N. 11 N. I n s t a ltlh e i n l e tj o i n to n t h e p u m ph o u s i n g tool. 15.m (1.m. CAUTION:Be carelul not to damagethe pump housing with the iaws of the vise. a n d installit into the groovesin the inletjoint 1 9 .r i n g w i t h p o w e r s t e e r i n gf l u i d . t h e n l o o s e l y p I n s t a l t h e p u l l e yn u t . H o l d t h e s t e e r i n g u m p i n a l visewith softjaws.2x 2.m {6.

standsin the properlocations Remove front wheels. Bemove steering the 7.then slidethe rackall the the way to the right.and support it on satety (seesectionl). Separate exhaustpipeA or TWC (seesection the (seesection13or section Disconnectthe shiftlinkage 141.and the end if the gearair. NOTE:Remove the ball joint usingthe special tool.wash any oil and dirt off the valve body unit its lines. Remove the cotterpin from the castlenut ('96-'97 model)or nut ('98 model)and removethe nut.SteeringGearbox Removal NOTE:Usingsolventand a brush. Remove lefttie-rodend. Raisethe front of vehicle. 9). END TIE. wheel(seepage17-35). box. Removethe steeringjoint lower bolt. Blow dry with compressed 1. R e f e rt o s e c t i o n l 8 f o r h o w t o u s e t h e b a l l j o i n t remover. 6. 1 1 . the Separate tie-rodball joint and knuckleusingthe special tool. 1 0 . CAUTION: Avoid damaging tho ball ioint boot. o r t h e t h r e a d e ds e c t i o no f t h e b a l l joint pin might be damagedby the special tool. (cont'd) 17-47 .ROD D Install the 10 mm hex nut on the balljoint. the and steering Removethe driver'sairbagassembly. Be surethat the 10 mm hex nut is flush with the ball j o i n t p i n e n d .l . fluid as described page on Drainthe power steering 17 33. and disconnect the steeringjoint by moving the joint toward t h ec o l u m n . joint cover.

the NOTE:Some stiffenerplateattaching bolts are also used as gearboxmounting bolts.E CLAMP 17. N O T E : D o n o t l o o s e nt h e c y l i n d e r l i n e A a n d B between valvebody unit and cylinder. Loosenthe 16 mm flare nut and removethe return hose iointfrom the valvebodv unit. Remove the mountingbrackets. pinionshaftgrommet. CAUTION: After disconnecting the hose and line.then tilt the left side down to removeit from the vehicle. the HOSE ADJUSTABI. PLATE STIFFENER ATIACHING BOLTS STEERING GEARBOX 17 -48 . 14 mm FLARE NUT Remove stiffenerplate.The gearboxwill tilt to sidewhen theseboltsare removed. 1 9 . CAUTION:Be careful not to bend or damage the leed line and cylinder linss wh€n r€moving th6 gearbox. 1 4 . Loosenthe adjustablehose clamp and disconnect the returnhose.SteeringGearbox Removal(cont'dl the Loosen the 14 mm flare nut and disconnect feed l ne. 1 8 . Move the steeringgearboxto right so the left rack end clearsthe rearbeam. Pull the steeringgearboxall the way down to clear then removethe the pinion shaftfrom the bulkhead. plug or seal the hose and line with a piece of tape or equivalsnt to prevent foreign materials from entering the valve body unit.

the Remove st€ering Remove tie-rodend and locknut. Beforedisassemble gearbox. 3. RACKEND STEERING RACK STEERING . Do not dip sealsand O-ringsin solvent. CAUTION: Bo caroful not to damage tho rack surfac€ with tho wrench. 7. then remove the rack guide screw('98 model)and O-ring{'96-'97 model only). Holdthe steeringrackwith a wrench{'98 model:left end onlv). 5. 1. Remove springand the rackguidefrom the gear the housrng. the Remove airtube and clips. gearbox(seepage l7-47). Pull bootsawayfrom the endsof the gearbox. . RACKGUIDE scREws BOOT CLIP TIE-ROO (cont'd) 17-49 . and unscrewthe rack end with another wrench. 2. NOTE:'96 -'97 model is shown.Disassembly Steoring Rack Disassombly NOTE: .l Removethe boot bands and tie-rod clips. Loosen the locknut. wash it off with solthe vent and a brush.

c l a m p s shown. CAUTION: . . D r i l la 3 m m { 0 . (See page 17 52 for valve body unit disassemblY. Drain the fluid from the cylinder fittings by slowly moving the steering rack back and forth 10. 2. Do not allow metal shavings to enter the cylin' der housing.0mm {0.3.3 . After removing the cylinder end. 0 m m ( 0 . 1 2i n ) i n d e p t hi n t h e s t a k e d p o i n to n t h e c y l i n d e r . . Remove cylinder lines A and B from the gearbox h i 1 1 . I '96 .5 Deprhr . 5. H o l d t h e s t e e r i n gg e a r b o xu s i n g a C .Gearbox Steering Disassembly(cont'dl 8. 1 2 n ) d i a m e t e r o l ea p p r o x i m a t e l y 2 .10 0. 13.12in) LINEB CYLINDER CYLINDERLINE A CYLINDER 9.'97 model: 32 mm SHIMS '98 modol: WAVE WASHER and removethe cylinderend. 1 0 0 . then remove the valve body unit from the gearbox. remove any burrs at the staked Point.) VALVE BODYUNIT FLANGE BOLT a 1 2 . Remove the two flange bolts. Loosen 17-50 .

on the CAUTION: Be careful not damage to inner surtace of the cylinderhousingwith the specialtool..14. Setthe gearboxin a pressso the gear housingpoint upward. and the cylinder end sealwill remainin the gearbox. . CAUTION: . h will break the backup ring. the cialtool into th cylinder N O T E :M a k ) s e sure that the specialtool is securely positioned n t backupring edges. . Checkthe tool angle.25mm flangenut onto a 12 x 175 a x mm grade 10flangebolt as shown. . NOTE:Holdthe steeringrackto keepit from falling when pressed clear. HOUSING CYLINDER END CYLINDER SEAL Repiace. Do not place your lingers under the steering rack. essary. R e m o v et h e c y l i n d e re n d s e a l f r o m t h e s t e e r i n g rack. tightenthe flangenut against on bearing separator the gearboxhousing Install the as shown. CAUTION: .4112"I (commerciallvavailablel and the spelong. N O T E :W r a p t h e f l a n g e p o r t i o n o f t h e b o l t w i t h the cylinder. then pressthe cylinderend seal and steering rackout of the gearbox. der end sealand backupring from the gearbox. Do not try to remove the seal by striking the tool. ^ r-.SLo. Use a press to rcmove the cylinder end seal. Inserta 24" lol 3/8" drive extension from the gearboxs r d e . a n d the rackby hand. Removethe l2 mm bolt and nut from the steering rack. 1 9 . vinyl tapeto protect '18. Keepthe tool straightto avoid damagingthe cylin' der wall. Set the gearboxin a press. 20. then pressout the cylin21.' r tP/N 90177.' SEPARATOR BEARING o. Press Q)* I o-tfl RACK STEERING CYLINOER END SEAL 24 "LONG 3/8" DRIVEEXTENSIONI available) {Commercially 17. Assemble '12 1. l " \s-.0001 | t I n s t a l t h e f l a n g eb o l t i n t o t h e e n d o f t h e s t e e r i n g l r a c k u n t i l i t b o t t o m s i n t h e h o l e . Be carelul not damage to inner surtace of the cylinderhousingwith the tlangebolt. RING BACKUP ENOSEAL CYLINDER CYLINDER ENOSEAL ATTACHMENT REMOVER 07NAO SB3020A (cont'd) 17-51 . H o l d t h e f l a n g eb o l t . t h e n b a c kt h e f l a n g eb o l t o u t 1 / 4t u r n . '12x 1t5 mm BOLT FLANGE Press I t " .and correctit if necwhen removingthe cylinderend seal.

24. installnew shim(s)on the bearingsurfaceof the housingto adiustthe thickness. NOTE. Separate the valve housingfrom the pinion shaft/ valveusrn9a press. VALVEHOUSING Vinyl tape PINIONSHAFT Replace. e p l a c e R the valvehousingonly if the wall is stepped. When the valve housingis replaced. B e f o r e e m o v i n g t h e a l v eh o u s i n ga p p l y v i n ytla p e r v . to splinesof the pinionshaft.lf there is a step in t h e w a l l . the L t .SteeringGearbox (cont'dl Disassembly pry the pistonseal ring and O-ringoff the 22. CAUTION:Be carefulnot to damagethe inside ot seal ring groove and piston edgeswhen temoving the sealring. 17-52 . l 2 5 Check the innerwall of the valvehousingwherethe seal ring slideswith your finger. T h e r em a y b e t h e s l i d i n gm a r k sf r o m t h e s e a l r i n g o n t h e w a l l o f t h e v a l v eh o u s i n g . Valve Body Unit Disassembly 2 3 . R e p l a c e h e t valvehousing. t h e v a l v e h o u s i n gi s w o r n . Carctully prslonracK. Check insideof valvehousing the whether wall is stepped.

C h e c kf o r w e a r . tool. Using a cutter or an equivalenttool. Cuftingslot Position. the Remove valvesealring and O-ring. SEALRINGS SLEEVE Checklorpeeloffor damage. Removethe circlipand pinion shaft sleevefrom the pinionshaft. (cont'd) 17-5 3 ) . SLEEVE 3 f 27. CAUTION: Be caretul not to damage the odges of the pinion shaft groove and outor 3urfac€when r€moving ths valve seal ring 8nd O-ring. NOTE:The pinion shaft and sleeveare a precision m a t c h e ds e t . Usinga cutteror an equivalent the four sealringsfrom the sleeve.replaceboth parts as a set.2 6 . b u r r s a n d o t h e r d a m a g et o t h e edgesof the groovesin the sleeve. cut the valve seal ring and O-ringat the groovethe pinion shaft. cut and remove 28. CAUTIONTBe careful not to damage the edges of the sleeve groovos and out6r sufaca whon romoving the 3eal rings. l f e i t h e rt h e p i n i o n s h a f t o r s l e e v e must be replaced. VALVESEALRING Replace.

'97 model: PILOTCOLLAR 07GAF.. t.lf there is any excessive play. PILOTCOLLAR 07GAF. NOTE: Inspect ball bearingby rotating outer race the the slowly.SteeringGearbox (cont'd) Disassembly 30. as The pinion shaft and sleeveare a precisefiu do not intermix old and new pinion shaftsand sleeves. N O T E :D o n o t u s e a h a m m e r . replace the pinionshaftand sleeve an assembly.'97 model: BACKUPRING Replace. BALLBEARING '96 . BUSHING Replace. Remove valveoil sealand backupring ('96-'97 the model)or wave washer('98 model)from the pinion shaft.PH70100 VALVEOIL SEAIReplace. ROLLER BEARING Beplace.i t w i l l d a m a g et h e special tool. 3 1 . '96 . 17-54 .PH701(x) VALVEOIL SEAL Replace. Pressthe valve oil seal and roller bearing{'96 -'97 model)or bushing('98 modell out of the valve h o u s i n gu s i n g a h y d r a u l i c r e s sa n d s p e c i a t o o l p l shown below.

RePIace Replace. \ .. Usethe appropriate special tools where necessary.indicated the assembly in ." .RING Replace. Cleanthe disassembled air.ft) 17 N m 11. Apply the recommended fluid to the pans. the procedures." HouslNG CYLINDER GEARHOUSING I \ \ .."*.--.i.T. {cont'd) 17-55 .dirt.7 Replace .".--------... CYLINDERLINE A CYLINDERLINE B VALVEHOUSING VALVEOIL SEAL Replace. or otherforeignmaterials enterthe power steering to system. t t o ' r s " n modolonly: n S.and dry them with compressed Do not dip the rubberparts in a sol..51 lbftll mod6l only: O.S€ .-SLEEVE SEALRINGS VALVEOIL SEAL.P t .'..m...0 kqf.-. CYLINOER ENDSEAL Replace.-. ..Tl"t'.. 12 lbt.----'96-'97 S-32 mm SHIMS '96 . .----. ..m..W . FLARE NUTS kgt. RING valvE ***t.o'S --=-.. Alwaysreplace O-ringsand rubbersealswith new ones beforeassembly. Do not allow dust.Reassembly NOTE: partswith a solvent. vent. power steering . BACKUP Replace. SEAL p -_____ ----_ ll wAvEwASHER itoilJoril.'97 '98 modol: END CYLINDER 63 N'm {7.v > $<-----sueve -.$}-S:"_------. -S-.oi.r"a.-- BEARING ".

17-56 . Makethe valvesealring fit snuglyin the pinion shaftusingthe otherend (smaller diameter end)of the specialtool. VALVESEALRING Replace Do not over-expand.and coat the surfaceof the vinvl taDewith the power steering fluid.and setthe smallerdiameter end of the special tool over the valveseal ring.' 9 7 m o d e l )o r w a v e washer ('98 model)with its taperedside as shown 3. 11. Move the special tool up and down several timesto makethe valvesealring fit in the pinionshaft. C o a tt h e i n s i d es u r f a c eo t t h e n e w v a l v e o i l s e a l with powersteering fluid. Apply vinyl tape to the splinesand steppedportion of the shaft. Turn the special tool over. 4. Then slide the new valve seal ring over the shaft and the groovein on the pinionshaft. I n s t a l lt h e b a c k u pr i n g ( ' 9 6 . Apply vinyl tape to the steppedportion of the pinion shaft. 10. PISTON SEALRING SIZINGTOOL OTNAG SR3G'OA or 07NAG. Move the special tool up and down several times to m a k et h e v a l v e s e a l r i n g f i t s n u g l y i n t h e p i n i o n shaft. in PINION SHAFT S6aling lip '96 . Vinyl tape lStepped ponion) position. Tapered EACKUP RING Grooveside. surethe springis seated the oil seal. Fit the new O-ringin the grooveof the pinion shaft. Slidethe valve oil seal over the pinion shaft. 2 . the (w(ffi Use the larger diameter end of the special tool first to make the valve seal ring fit in the pinion shaft. Apply power steering fluid to the surface of the v a l v e s e a l r i n g t h a t w a s i n s t a l l e do n t h e p i n i o n shaft. Set th€ largerdiameterend of the special tool overthe valvesealring. 12. and coat the surfaceof the vinyl tape with the powersteering fluid. 7. 9.'97 modal: 8.SteeringGearbox (cont'd) Reassembly Valvs Body Unit Rsassembly 1. Remove special the tool. Apply power steeringfluid to the insideof the special tool.being carefulnot to damagethe sealinglip. Remove vinyltapefrom the pinionshaft.SR3o900 mvewAsHERt E t CAUTION: Instsllthe valve oit sealwhh its grooved side facing opposite the bearing.

then installthe seal in the valve housi n g u s i n g a h y d r a u l i cp r e s s a n d s p e c i a lt o o l s a s shown. After installation.Then installthe in new circlipsecurely the pinionshaftgroove. NOTE: o B e c a r e f u l n o t t o d a m a g et h e v a l v e s e a l r i n g the when inserting sleeve.and to the entire insidesurfaceof the specialtool.d) 17-57 . Install the the resin seal rings with care so as not to damagethem. Apply power steering the ion shaft. ATTACHMENT. Apply power steeringfluid ro the seal rings on the sure to contract the seal tool). Setthe special tool in the groovesin the sleeve. 15. M o v e t h e s l e e v ee a c h d i r e c t i o ns e v e r a lt i m e s t o makethe seal ringssnuglyfit in the sleeve.SA5020Aor 07974. There are two types of sleeve seal rings: black and brown. Setthe new sealrings over the special f r o m t h e s m a l l e r d i a m e t e re n d o f t h e t o o l .compressthe seal rings with your fingerstemporarily. ) fluid to the seal ring lip of the 1 9 . spring is in the oit seat. set each ring in eachgroovesecurely. 16. SLEEVE SEALRING SIZINGTOOL 07974. Do not mix the different types of sleevesealringsas they are not compatible. and 1 4 .SA50200 VALVE OIL SEAL Replace. CAUTION:lnstallthe valveoilsoalwith its grooved side facing the tool.Assemble sleeveover the pinionshaft b y a l i g n i n gt h e l o c a t i n gp i n o n t h e i n s i d eo f t h e sleevewith the cutout in the shaft. 32x35mm 07746 0010100 NOTE: surethat the seal rings are not turned Be fr up. fluid to the surfaceof the pin18. NOTE: . a n d expandthe seal rings. Insertthe sleeveinto the special tool slowly. Do two rings at a time from eachend of the sleeve. NOTE: After installation. 1 7 . Apply power steering valveoil seal. . rings usingthe specialtool(sizing .Install the circlipwith its radiused sidetowardthe sleeve.fluid to the surfaceof the speApply power steering tool cialtool. {cont. Do not over-expand sealring.

SteeringGearbox (cont'd) Reassembly 20. 21.' 9 7 m o d e l o n l y ) u p towardsthe valveside. VALVEOIL SEAL VALVEHOUSING PINION r SLEEVE SEALRINGS Replace.'97 model: ROLLER BEARING Letterstampedface upward. N O T E : C h e c kt h a t t h e p i n i o n s h a f t / s l e e v eu r n s t smoothlyby turningthe pinionshaft. then anstall. Sealing lip lace. the 17-58 . E 22. 23. DRIVER Pres3 07749-0010000 2 4 . NOTE:Placethe roller bearing('96 -'97 model)or bushing('98 model) on the valve housingwith the s t a m p e dl e t t e r f a c i n g ( ' 9 6 . Be surethat the searfingsare not turnedup. Remove vinyl tapefrom the pinionshaft. Insertthe pinionshaft into the valvehousing. + ATTACHMENT. Apply vinyl tape to the pinion shaft. P r e s st h e n e w b e a r i n g1 ' 9 6. CAUTION: Bo carotul not to damage the valve seal rin9s.then coat the vinyltapewith power steering fluid. 32x35mm 077i16 0010100 '96 .' 9 7 m o d e l ) o r n e w bushing('98 model) into the valve housingusing a pressand special hydraulic tool as shown. P r e s st h e p i n i o n s h a f t / s l e e v e s i n g a h y d r a u l i c u pressas shown.

NOTE: . Grooved PISTON Replace.big end first the 26. PISTON SEAL RING GUIDE or 07GAG SD. sure to contract ( t t h e s e a lr i n gu s i n gt h e s p e c i a l t o o ls i z i n go o l ) piston'sO-ringand sealring as a set.OloA 07GAG SDIO100 CYLINDER END SEAL I O. 32.RING Replace PISTON SEALRING Replace- 28. Coatthe pistonseal ring guide with power steering fluid. Remove the vinyl tape from the steering rack NOTE| Remove any residue oftape adhesive (cont'd) 17-59 . Position new O-ringand new pistonseal ring on the specialtool. with powersteering 33. PISTON 31. . r E Makesurethe sPringis in the cylinder eno seal 34. Coatthe piston seal ring and the insideof the spefluid cialtool with powersteering 29. Pull the O ring off into the piston groove. be careful nol damago the sealing lip face of the seal with th€ edges or teeth of the steering rack. then slide them down toward the b i g e n do f t h e t o o l . Replace the 27. Coatthe insidesurfaceof the new cylinderend seal fluid. Move the specialtool backand forth severaltimes to makethe pistonsealring fit snuglyin the piston. CAUTION:when inslalling the cylinder ond seal. Do not over expand the resin seal rings.then slideit onto the rack.then pull the pistonsealring off into the pistongrooveon top of the O-ring. 30. srde. After installation. N O T E :M a k e s u r e t h a t t h e v i n y l t a p e i s w r a p p e d so carefullv that there is no steppedportion.then coat the surface of the tape with the powersteering fluid. Installthe cylinderend seal onto the steeringrack with its groovedsidetowardthe piston. Carefullyslide the tool onto the rack and over the pistonsealring. Wrap vinyl tape aroundthe rackteeth and rackend edges.Steering RackRoassembly 25. Install the resin seal rings with care so as not to dambe age them.

W r a p v i n y l t a p e a r o u n dt h e r a c k e n d e d g e s . Greasethe steering rack teeth. Pre33 12 x 175mm FLANGEBOLT (P/N 90177.SteeringGearbox Reassembly(cont'd) 35.t h e n b a c kt h e f l a n g eb o l t o u t 1 / 4 t u r n . then placethe cylinderend sealto piston. CAUTION: Do not push on the boft with sxcessive lorca as it may damagetha cylinder €nd seal. BACKUP RING Installthe flange bolt into the end of the steering r a c k u n t i l i t b o t t o m s i n t h e h o l e . then insert the steering rackinto the gear housing.0001 36. N O T E :M a k e s u r e t h a t t h e v i n y l t a p e i s w r a p p e d carelully that there is no steppedportion. H o l d t h e f l a n g eb o l t a n d tightenthe flangenut against rackby hand. CAUTION: Be careful not to damage to inner surfaco ot tho cylinder housing with tho rack edgB.SLo. a n d c e n t e rt h e s t e e r i n g rack.a n d coatthe surfaceof the tape with the power steering fluid. Install the new backup ring on the steering rack. the Installthe cylinderend seal into the bottom of the c y l i n d e rb y p r e s s i n g n t h e b o l t w i t h a p r e s sa s o shown. 40. 12 mm FLANGE NUT CYLINDER HOUSING R e m o v et h e f l a n g e b o l t . so 17-60 .

5l lbf. Holdthe steering the 32 mm shim(s)('96-'97 model only). 49. 45. point. side Grooved END CYLINOER SEAL 44.then installthe cylinderend by screwingit into the cylinderhousing gearbox. of any residue tape adhesive. 0.n irstalling the cylindsr ond 3eal.of 4 1 .valve housing.16 CYLINDEE END Staked posr!on. Pushin the cvlinder CAUTION:Wh.20mm. Shim set: four 32 mm shims (Thickness: 0.0 kgt m. 0. Coatthe insidesurface the new cylinderend seal fluid. GEARBOX (cont'd) 17-61 . Makesurethe spring end seal is in the cylinder in} mm {0.and gearthe box housingwith new ones. Remove the vinyl tapefrom the steeringrack. Tho four 32 mm shims do not havo thickness identification ma1k3.m {7.ft) Be careful not to damage the bushing when insening the cylinder end. NOTE:Remove gearbox as usinga C-clamp shown. with power steering Installthe cylinderend seal onto the steeringrack with its grooved side toward the piston. Select N O T E :O n l y r e i n s t a ltl h e o r i g i n a l3 2 m m s h i m ( s ) without when the steeringgearboxis reassembled replacing pinion shaft. from the steering 4 7 .Measuro iho thicknass of each shim using a micromster. b6 csreful not damage the sealing face ol th€ seal with the threads and burrs at the stakad position of the cylinder housing.F o r ' 9 8 m o d e l go to step51. inl Deplh: mm 10. l f t h e p i n i o n s h a f t . Shim selestion: a. 46.0{ 1.0 Stake E ENO CYLINOER SEAL Replace. 0. o t a l t h i c k n e s s f t h e t o u r shimsshouldequalno more than 0. Setthe four 32 mm shims on the bearingsurfaceof o T t h e g e a r b o xh o u s i n g . After tighteningthe cylinderend. v a l v e h o u s i n g . end sealwith your finger. lows.a n d g e a r b o x selectthe new shimls)as folhousingare replaced.15mm. CYLINDEB END 69 N.10 mm.and mark the shim for identitication.70mm.25mm respectively) CAUTION. 43. Remove C-cl8mp the 48. C o a t t h e i n s i d es u r f a c eo f t h e c y l i n d e re n d w i t h power steering fluid. NOTE: Stakethe cylinder in the position opposite from where the stakewas removed during disassemblY. stakethe point of h t h e c y l i n d e r o u s i n gs h o w n b e l o w .

0 . l4lbfft} Example: in): is lvleasurement 0. 7 0. 32 50.( c l e a r a n c e ) td i c k n e so f t h e s h i m s h s Require NOTE:Selectthe shims so that the total thickness thickness.SteeringGearbox Reassembly(cont'dl l n s t a l lt h e v a l v e b o d y u n i t o n t h e g e a r b o x . 0 1n ) i T h e s e l e c t e d h i m s s h o u l db e 0 .a n d torque. 0 1 0 n ) a n d s i 0 .the required Installthe valve body unit on the gearboxhousing the by engaging gears. 0 1 1 = 0 . but lessthan. on the valvehousing. b M e a s u r e h e c l e a r a n c e e t w e e nt h e g e a r b o xa n d t valvebody unit usinga feelergaugeas shown. i l f t h e r e q u i r e ds h i m t h i c k n e s s s 0 .n o snrmsare necessary. is closeto. NOTE: Note the valve body unit installationposiof tion (direction line connection).0 . 0 0 6n } i n t h i c k n e s s .RING Replace. 4 2m m ( 0 . torque Tightenrhe flangeboltsto the specified [ .0kgtm.m {2. 2 8 = 0 .28mm (0. Set the selected mm shims on the bearingsurfaceof the gearboxhousing. Apply greaseto the needlebearingin the gearbox housrng. at NOTE: Measurethe clearance the point midway the between two mountingbolts. o D e t e r m i n e h e r e q u i r e dt h i c k n e s s f t h e 3 2 m m t i e h s h i m sb y s u b t r a c t i ntg e c l e a r a n co b t a i n e dn t h e of step "c" from the total thickness the four shims = ( T o t a lt h i c k n e s so f t h e 4 s h i m s ) . 2 5m m ( 0 .011 i7 0 . 1 0 m m o r l e s s . 1 5m m { 0 . d. -61 32 mm SHIMS BEARING NEEDLE --6' fit and carefully it Coatthe new O-ringwith grease. g VE EODYUNIT O. tightenthe flangeboltsto the specified VALVEBODYUNIT BOLT FLANGE 20 N. 0 2 8 . \ 17-62 .

RING Replace. then tighten the fla.then set the the lock washer section of the rack end on the wood blocksecurely.m.m. Holdthe steeringrackwith a wrench('98 model:left end only).m. The joints must be free of foreign material.ft} CYLINOER LINEB LINEA CYLINDER RACK STEERING 56. 63. 20 lbl.55. puncturing to prevent RACK STEERING RACKGUIDE LOCKNUTS scREws WOODENELOCK {cont'd) 17-63 . '97 model: 57. 61.. '95 Apply a thin coat of greaseto the new O-ring.and installit on the rackguide screw. CAUTION: Be careful not to damags tho rack surfacr whh the wrench. '98 model: Remove the old sealant off of the threaded section. NOTE:After adjusting.m {2. 62.7kgl. Place wood blockon the presstable. 40 lbf'ft) 28 N.m 15. stakethe four sections of lockwasherwith a drift and a mallet. Be sure the tool is alignedwith the flat sections of the steering rack end before pressing. nutsto the specified 17 N. 59.12lbtft) i 6 0 . Instaltthe cvlinderlinesA and I by tightingthe flare nuts by hand first.97 model: NOTE:Thisdrift hasa flat. to then apply new sealant the firct threethreads. . l n s t a l lt h e n e w l o c k w a s h e r n t h e g r o o v e i n t h e steeringrack. Greasethe sliding surfaceof the rack guide.and tightenthe rackends.rack guide screw and locknuton the gear housing.5kgf. After tighteningthe rack ends. Adjustthe rackguide screw(seepage 17-33). '96 . . C l e a nt h e j o i n t s o f t h e c y l i n d e rl i n e sA a n d B thoroughly.m {1. Installthe spring. and installit onto the gear housing. InstallthecylinderlinesA and B. NOTE: .-6ll O.?kgf.. Stake the lock washer in the centet of the flat sectionof the steeringrackend. Screweachrackendsinto the rack.e torque. NOTE:'96 -'97 model is shown LOCKWASHER RACKEND STEERING 5il N.checkthat the rack moves smoothlyby slidingthe rackright and left.

LEFTBOOT (Viewedfrom the leftside) RIGHTBOOT from the {Viewed rightside) :!4AEn SILICONE GREASE =_. Slide the rack right and left to be certainthat the bootsare not deformedor twisted. RACKEND 68. portionsto reduce 69. Apply greaseto the circumference the rack end housing.:!!!!t!H SILICONE GREASE a-. 67. Adjust the air hose fitting positionof the boots by turningit as shown below.r o d clrps. CAUTION: Stake the band locking tabs firmly. A p p l y a l i g h t c o a t o f s i l i c o n eg r e a s et o t h e b o o t grooveson the rackends. and bend both setsof lockingtabs. @ \ \ TIE-ROO !' 17-64 . Installnew boot bandson the boot.SteeringGearbox (cont'd) Reassembly ot 64. NOTE:Installthe boots with the rack in the straight ahead position (right and left tie-rodsare equal in length). l n s t a l lt h e b o o t s i n t h e r a c k e n d w i t h t h e t i e . Lightlytap on the doubled-over t h e i rh e i g h t . AI8 HOSEFITTING 65. .

slide the rack all the way to right. C o n n e c tt h e a i r t u b e b e t w e e nt h e r i g h t a n d l e f t boot. Installthe mounting cushion on the steeringgearoox. 2. cushion. MOUNTINGBRACKET N O T E : I n s t a l lt h e b r a c k e t with the arrow pointing {4. Install the clipspn the cylinderlines. 72. Beforeinstallingthe gearbox. 1. CLIP I n s t a l lt h e m o u n t i n g b r a c k e to v e r t h e m o u n t i n g then installtwogearboxmountingbolts. 29 lbl ft) (cont'd) 17-65 . Install the pinionshaftgrommet.then insertthe pinion shaft up throughthe bulkhead.0 kgf.lnstallation 7 1 . CAUTION: Be caletul not to bend or damag€ ths tood line and cylinder linos when insialling tha gearbox.then clampthe air tube with the clips. CYLINDERLINE A 3. NOTE:Align the notch in the pinionshaft grommet with the tab on lhe valvehousing.m.

1.m {2.2 kgf.m.m ({. the 1 0 . t h e n t i g h t e n them securely.28lbl. 1{ mm FLARE NUT 37 N. Connectthe feed ljne and tighten the 14 mm flare 17-66 .SteeringGearbox Installation (cont'd) l n s t a l l t h e s t i f t e n e rp l a t e w i t h t h e t w o g e a r b o x mountingboltsand stiffener plateattaching bolts.the rear beam or any other pans. NOTE: Makesure that there is no interference betweenthe fluid lines. and tighten the a d j u s t a b l e o s e c l a m p f r o m t h e e n g i n ec o m p a r t h ment. r e p o s i t i o nt h e s e r r a t i o n s t l o w e r e n d o f t h e a joint.8kgtm. 32 lbl. and tightenthe lower bolt. Center steeringrackwithin its stroke.m. lf the steeringwheel and rack are not centered. Connectthe steeringshaft and pinion with the cablereeland steeringrackcentered. Slip the lower end of the steering joint onto the pinion shaft(lineup the bolt hole with the groove aroundthe shaft).7 kgf. NOTE: . Connectthe return hose securely.27 lbf.m.4 ksl.9 kg.m.m (3. ADJUSTAELE HOSE CLAMP (seepage17-39i FETURN HOSE 15 mm FLARE NUT 28 N.ft) 16 'I 1. CAUTION: Be sure the air tube is not caught ol pinched by stiftener plate. Reinstall the steering wheel(seepage17-35).ftl GEARBOX MOUNTINGBOLTS .m(2.f.€ N. Centerthe cable reel by first rotating it clockwise until it stops.m (3. joint bolt is securely Besurethatthe lowersteering in the groovein the steering gearbox pinion.20 lbtft) \ 8. steering STIFFENER PLATE STEERING JOINT ATTACHING EOLTS 38 N. lbl.Then rotate it counterclockwise (approximately two turns) until the arrow mark on the label points straight up. STEERING JOINT LOWER BOLT 22N. 9 .fr} Install the returnhosejoint by tightening the l6 mm flare nut. N O T E :I n s t a l lt h e b o l t s l o o s e l yf i r s t .

. necessary.5kgl'm. S t a r tt h e e n g i n e . wipe off from the balljoint tapered any grease contamination and threads. lnstallthe front wheels. Checkthe steeringwheel spokeangle. Install the exhaust the shift linkage{seesectionl3 or section 1 5 . NOTE:Turn the right and lefttie-rodsequslly.8kgt'm. 1 8 . performthe followingchecks.35lbf. NUT CASTLE . Ch€ckthe gearboxfor lesks (seepage17-39). Adjustthe tront toe (seesection18). 29. . pipeA or TWC (seesection 9).+0 . After installation. a n d t u r n t h e times to steeringwheelfrom lock-tolockseveral warm up the tluid. the Reconnect tie-rodendsto the steeringknuckles. tighten the castlenut ('96 -'97 model) or nut {'98 torque.Adjust by if turningthe right and lefttie-rods. bend On reassembly.m (4. Do not align the nut by . the cotterpin as shown.RODENO PINS COTTER Replace. th€n tighten it only far enough to align the slot whh the pin hole. 1 7 .33 lbffrl 17-67 .l N.0 4.a l l o w i t t o i d l e . section CAUTION: Torquethe castlenut to the lower torque specification.joint coverwith the clampsand a 12. . Connect 14). and bleed air from the system(seepage 17-33). 1 4 . Fill the systemwith power steeringfluid. NOTE: Before connectingthe tie-rod ends.97 modd onlyl.and installnew cotter model)to the specified NUT il. looeening('96NE.18N'm 14. Install the steering clip.

. . '98 modol: CAUTION: Do not contaminatetho boot instsllation sec. 2. Remove the boot from the tie-rodend. BOOT INSTALI. CAUTION: .. Install the boot in the grooveof the boot installation section securelv. CAUTION: After installing tho boot. dirt. Keep grsase off th6 boot installation section and the tapered s6stion ot the ball pin. ADJUSTING BOLT Adjustthe depth by turningthe bolt.' . NOTE: The boot must not be a gap at the boot instaf lation sections. 2. tion with grease. -. dirt.SA5o500 .Balljoint BootReplacement '96 . Wipe the greaseoff the sliding surfaceof the ball pin.then packthe lower areawith freshgrease. LIP BALLPIN TAPERED SECTION Wipe off the grease.^' . GAUTION: .. 3. the Packthe interiorof the new boot and liD with fresh grease.i i r Adjust the specialtool with the adjustingbolr until the end of the tool aligns with the groove on the boot. chock the batt pin tap€rod section tor gtsase contamination and wipo il if necess8ry. Ke€p grgaseofftha boot installation soction and lhe tapered soction if the batl pin.SETRING . Pack lowerareaofthe ball pin with freshgrease. Pack the interiorof the boot and lip with grease. FRONTHUB DIS/ASSEMBLY IOOL 0796s ."A sEcnoN Wipe offthe grease. or othor foroign materials to enter ths boot.'97 modol: L Remove the boot set ring and the boot. 3. chock the ball pin taperod sgction for gr€ase contamination. SECTION Wipeoff the grease- BOOTINSTALLATION SECTION Wipeoff the grease. f' 17-68 . and wipo it il nocessary. then bleedthe air from the boot. GAUTION:Do not contaminatethe boot installation section with gtease. Slidethe set ring over the tool and into posiIron. . CAUTION: Aft€r installing the boot. Do nol allow dust. .-. or othar foteign matorials to enter the boot. \ 4. and wioe the old greaseoff the ball pin. Install the new boot usingthe special tool as shown oerow. Do not allow dust. 1.:.

............ Toof s Speciaf ComponentLocations ............'................... 18'3 lndex ......'......... Adiustment 18-6 ...... 18-22 RearDamper t8-23 ..18-15 18-16 Ball Joint Boot Replacement. Reassembly 18-26 ..................................... Wheel Alignment 18'4 .... 1A-17 Disassembly/lnspection 18-18 ...... Removal y/lnspection . 18'24 ".... Installation 1 .......... Removal "....'......... 18-4 .' Replacement Knuckle/Hub Lower Ball Joint Replacement............. Front Damper 18-16 ...'.............."" Bearing ................. Reassembly 18-18 .......18-7 Wheel Runout Front Suspension Arms Replacement...Suspension 18-2 ... Installation RearSuspension Arms Replacement.......18-21 Hub BearingUnit Replacement Upper Arm BushingReplacement..........................................18-20 Suspension ..' Disassembf 18'25 ....... Camber Front Toe Inspection/ 18-5 ....' .. Caster..' TurningAngleInspection Wheel/HubInspection 1a'7 End Play...............18-8 Suspension 18-9 ... Adiustment RearToe Inspection/ 18-5 ......

o @ 6l @ o @ @ @ o o.4 1 18-15 18-14 1e 1R 16 o @ at\ @ !o.4 mm BallJoint Remover Base B a l lJ o i n tR e m o v e r .(} o @. 8 m m 2 Attachment. Tool Number 07GAF SE00200 07GAF SE00401 07GAG SD40700 07JAF SH20110 OTJAF SH2O120 07JAF SH20200 0TiilAC.4 x25.1 2 1 18-13 18-13 18.22.Tools Special Ref.38 mm Hub Dis/Assembly Shatr. No. x 68 mm 62 Driver DriverAttachment BallJoint Remover/lnstaller B a l lJ o i n tl n s t a l l eB a s e r SupportBase B a l lJ o i n tB o o tC l i pGu i d e Oty 1 'I 1 I 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 PageReterence 18-14 18-13 18-16 ' 1 81 3 18-13 18-15 '1.SA50700 Description Hub AssemblyGuideAttachment Hub Dis/Assembly Base B a l l J o i n t o o tC l i pG u i d e B Hub Dis/Assembly Pilot.S100200 07746 0010500 07749 0010000 07947 6340201 07965 S800100 07965 S800200 07965 SD90100 07974.@ @ @ 8-2 . 18.

lnstallation. page18-25 . L o w e r E a l l J o i n t R e p l a c e m e n t . page18 18 . page18-20 18-3 . Replacement. page18 20 TRAILING ARM . page18-16 . page'18'17 . page 18-4 Front SusDension: FRONT DAMPER ' Removal. Disassembly/lnspection. Replacement. page18'18 ARM UPPER .' 1 5 STABILIZER BAR . page18-26 UPPER ARM ' Replacement. Replacement. Replacement. . Replacement. Disassembly/lnspection. page18 23 .13 Replacement. Replacement. page18 9 . Reassembly.p a g e 1 8 . page18-8 ARM LOWER . Reassembly. 18-24 page . Replacement. Installation. page18-8 RearSuspension: REABDAMPER ' Removal. page18-8 KNUCKLE/HUB . page18-20 . WheelBearing page18. page18-20 ARM LOWER .ComponentLocations Index Wheel Alignment.

componenrs. o e . suspensron D=r$* 18-4 . o l l o w instructions.WheelAlignment Caster of NOTE| For proper inspection/adjustment the wheel alignmentcheckand adjustthe following beforechecking the alignment. . . the Check runoutof the wheelsand tires.1 " 1 1 ' : 2. . Check camberangle. Check casterangle. o e . is Check that the suspension not modified. F t m e n t ( c a s t e rc a m b e r . o l l o w instructions.a v a i l a b oe p u t e r i z efd u r w wheel alignment quipment o measure heelaligne . suspension Inspection o cl m N O T E :U s e c o m m e r c i a l l y . the Check tire sizeand tire pressure. checkfor bent or damaged lf out of specification.a v a i l a b oe p u t e r i z efd u r w w h e e l a l i g n m e n te q u i p m e n t o m e a s u r e h e e l a l i g n . (Holda wheel with Checkthe suspension your handsand move it up and down and right and leftto checkfor wobbling. the Camb6rangle: Front: 0'00' I 1' R e a r. checkfor bent or damaged components. the Casterangle:1"40't 1" 2. lf out of specification. the equipmentmanufacturer's 1.) Camber Inspection cl m o N O T E :U s e c o m m e r c i a l l y . . a n d t u r n i n ga n g l e ) . the equipmentmanufacturer's 1. ball joints. F t m e n t ( c a s t e rc a m b e r . a n d t u r n i n ga n g l e ) .

08in) out of the specification. lf the parkingbrakeis engaged. note the locationsof adjusting Beforeadjustment. boltson the right and left compensator Loosenthe adjustingbolts.a v a i l a b oe p u t e r i z efd u r w e wheelalignment quipment o measure adjustthe toe. o e .5 m. go lf adjustment required. F m e n t ( c a s t e rc a m b e r .1 N. on to step 4. - - 18-5 . a n d t u r n i n ga n g l e ) . o l l o w t instructions.m. 2 5 m m 64 N.08in) inwardfrom the positionrecorded beforethe adjustment. Center steering C h e c kt h e t o e w i t h t h e w h e e l s p o i n t e d s t r a i g h t ahead. . parkingbrake. 33 lbtftl kgt Turn both tie-rodsequally until the toe readingon the turning radiusgaugeis correct. the equipmentmanufacturer's 1. 5m m {. IN 4.remove alignment equipment.remove alignment equipment. is lf no adjustmentis required. and slide the compensatorarm in or out. wheelspokes. Release NOTE: . A f t e r t h e r e a r t o e i n s p e c t i o nt h e w h e e l i s 2 m m (0. F m e n t ( c a s t e rc a m b e r . Check tire pressure.m {6. the 2. reading. o e . incorrect Reartoe-in:2 1i mm ttlte:ljl8 int - go lf adjustment required. The distance the adjustingbolt is moved should be equalto the amountout-of-specification. and turn both tie-rods in the same directionuntil the front wheels are in straightaheadposition.ROD LOCKNUT 1 4x 1 . Fronttoe: lN 1 t 2 mm (lN 1/16l: 1/16in) RearToe Inspection/Adjustment cl m o N O T E :U s e c o m m e r c i a l l y . 3. you may get an . After adjusting. the equipmentmanufacturer's '1. as shown.a v a i l a b oe p u t e r i z e fd u r w w h e e l a l i g n m e n te q u i p m e n t o m e a s u r e h e e l a l i g n . BOLT ADJUSTING 1 0x 1 . is lf no adjustmentis required. Loosenthe tie-rod locknuts. 4.FrontToe Inspection/Adjustment cl m o N O T E :U s e c o m m e r c i a l l y . o l l o w t instructions. Example: . arms. tightenthe tie-rodlocknuts. NOTE:Reposition tie-rodboot if it is twisted or the displaced. M e a s u r e i f f e r e n c en t o e m e a s u r e m e n tw i t h i s d the wheelspointedstraightahead. to step2. a n d t u r n i n ga n g l e ) . ARM COMPENSATOR Tightenthe adjusting bolts. 47 lbtftl TIE.m (.1. M o v e t h e a r m s o t h e a d j u s t i n gb o l t m o v e s 2 m m (0.5kgt.

a v a i l a b oe p u t e r i z efd u r cl m wheelalignment quipment o measure heel aligne w . c h e c kf o r b e n t o r d a m a g e ds u s p e n s i o n o m p o c nenrs. o l l o w t the eouiDment manufacturer's instructions. o e . 18-6 . Turn the wheel right and left while applying the brake.and measure the turning angle of both wheels. 1. l f t h e t u r n i n ga n g l eis not within the specifications. a n d t u r n i n ga n g l e ) . Turningangle: lnward wheel: 39"50' Outward wheol lreferencel:33"10' 2. F m e n t ( c a s t e rc a m b e r .WheelAlignment Turning AngleInspection o N O T E :U s e c o m m e r c i a l l y .

Check bent or deformed for Attachthe dial gaugeas shown.0 mm (0 . lf the wheel runout is more than the servicelimit. 5. 4.0 mm 10.0/tinl AluminumWheel:0 . Raise vehicleoff the ground.0/tinl Steel Wheel: wheel: 0 .0. safetystandsin the properlocations wheels. lf the bearing end play measurement is m o r e t h a n t t h e s t a n d a r d .r e p l a c e h e w h e e l b e a r i n g . 2.0mm (0 . the Front and R€arwheel Axial Runout: Stand8rd: 0 .5mm (0.0. lMeasure bearingend play by movingthe disc in the or outward. 3.and supportit with the (seesection1).Inspection Wheel/Hub Bearing EndPlay 1. the Remove wheels. safetystandsin the properlocations then reinstall wheel nuts.03in) Limit: Service 1.1.and suppon it wjth the (seesection1). replace wheel.0. the Aftachthe dial gaugeas shown.1. Measure wheel runoutby turningthe wheel.08 inl i Front and RearWheel RadialRunout' Standard: SteelWheel: 0 .0. the 18-7 I .0. Raise vehicleoff the ground.7 mm (0 .0. WheelRunout 1.002inl 3.0.03in) Aluminum Service Limit: 2.06inl Measure end playat centero{ t h e h u bc a p .0. Front/Rear: Standsrd:0.05mm {0 .7 mm {0 .

m. u v l .m.1kgf. the the . 64 N. . 40 tbf. {7 lbnft} RUBBER BUSHING .m (9.ft) STABILIZER BAR Alignthe stabilizer mark with end of stabilizer bushi ARM UPPER the for and Check bushing deterioration damage. FLANGE BOLT 10 x 1.61 lbtft} 83 N.25 mm Replace.ftl STABILIZER BAR for Check bending and damage. After installing suspension (seepage 18 4).FrontSuspension Suspension ArmsReplacement CAUTION: . C h e c k f o r d e t e r i o r a t i o na n d d a m a g e .adjustthe locationof the link with the susp e n s i o n n d e r e h i c l eo a d . The right and left damper forks are not interchangeable. check front wheelalignment. the and adjustif necessary FLANGE BOLTS 1 0x 1 .m (2. 18-8 .5 m m 103N.25mm NUT 22 N.m 18. 32 rbf ft) SELF-LOCKING NUT 12 x'1. STABILIZER BUSHING STABILIZER END RUBBER BUSHING for Check deterioration ano oamage.5 kgl.4kgl'm. 5m m 89 N. Check deterioration for ano oamage.m 12. Replacetho selt-lockingnuts after removal.2kgl.2 kgt. 5m m Replacekg{.m.66lbf ft) SILICONE GREASE RUBBER BUSHINGS SELF-LOCKING 8 x 1. 1 4x 1 . The vehicle should be on the ground betore any bolts or nuts connectedto rubber mounts or bushings are tightened.m 110.m {5. Beforetightening the upperand lower mountingnuts on the stabilizer link. Wipe off any dirt. When installing radiusarm washers. oil from greaseon the threadsbeforetightening fasteners.m. NOTE: . 16 lbf. .m. . the .ft) Replace. The right and left upper arms are not interchangeable.5 kgtm. 2 5 m m 54 N.25mm 22 N.25mm i|i} N'm 14. the arm.5kgf. LOWER ARM RUBBER BUSHING . w . left damper fork is markedwith "AL" while the right The dampertork is markedwith "AR .5 1 4x 1 . See page 18 16 for boot replacement. Check deterioration damage for and SILICONE GREASE STABILIZER RUBBER END BUSHINGS Notethe direction ot the bushings. 16 tbf. \ 76lbfftl \ FLANGE BOLT 8 x 1. BALLJOINT BOOT . left upperarm is markedwith "SO1-L"while the right arm The is marked ith"SO1-R". "FR" markfacesthe front of the vehicle.m (6. FLANGEBOLT lil x'1.m.

80 lbnftl kgt CASTLE NUT 10 x 1. 29 . 7 lbtft) ksf {cont'd) 18-9 . ERAKEDISC C h e c kf o r w e a r a n d rust.cleanthe matingsurfaces the brakediscand wheel.then tighten it only far enough to slign the slot with the pin hole. 5m m 't08 N. of o Beforeinstalling brakedisc.m 11. Betore installing spindlenut.25mm 108N.5 kgt. . engineoilto the seating .m.25mm 49 .0 m.Do not alignthe nut by loosening. Beforeinstalling wheel.80lbf. .m 118.0 kgf m. page l8-10 CASTLENUT 12 x 1.25mm 39 . NOTE: wheel weightsmay corrodeand damage . . page18 15 Replacement.0 6.Non-genuine wheels.47 N. The vehicle should be on the ground before any bolts or nuts connectedto rubber mounts or bushings are tightened.ft) {11.3.p a g e ' 1 8 ' 1 0 I n s p e c t a o ns e c t i o n 1 9 . NOTE: .8mm 4.5mm 181N.6lb{.0 m. WHEELNUT 1 2x 1 .tt) Replace.ft) SPINDLE NUT 22 x 1.m 14. Wipe off the greasebeforetightening the nut at the balljoint. a driftto stakethe use the spindlenut shoulder against driveshaft.8 N.9N.m (11.m {0. WI{EELBEARING Replace.0 4. R e p l a c e m e n t . 36 . Replacethe selt-lockingnuts after removal.removethe centercapfrom the insideof the wheelafter removingthewheel.35 lbtft) COTTER PIN Replace. GUARO CIRCLIP LOWER BALL for Inspect faulty movement and wear. Aftertightening. CALIPER MOUNTINGBOLT 12x 1. Torque the castle nut to the lower torque specification.0 6 mm BRAKEDISCRETAINING SCREW 9.apply the surface ofthe nut. the .8 kgf. t h ea l u m i n u m . On the aluminumwheels. 134lbf. SET BALLJOINT BOOT Check deterioration for ano oamage. Use only genuineHondawheel weightsfor aluminumwheels.59 N m 15. COTTER PIN Replace.m.Replacement Knuckle/Hub CAUTION: . SCREW 5x0. page18-13 Replacement.5kgtm. the of .m ksf.ftl FRONTHU8 C h e c kf o r d a m a g e 6 n d Replacement.m.iB lbf.cleanthe matingsurfaces the front hub and brakedisc.

8 N.ftl 7.To prevent accidentaldamage to th€ caliper assemblyor brake hose. to CAUTION.80 lbf. 3.ft) 6. then remove the nut.134lbtft) Replace.m.ftl 11. the 9 .0 '+ 18-10 .m.ft) 9. 't1. MOUNTING BOLTS 9.0kgf. Remove wheel nuts and wheel.m ll. the 5.m {1. Remove the brakediscfrom the knuckle.m kgf. NOTE:Beforeinstalling the spindlenut. Check front hub for damageand cracks. the Raisethe front of vehicle. the WHEEL NUT 108N.8N.ft) 8 x 1.5kgf.m (11.m. BMKE HOSEMOUNNNG BOLT 8 x 1.8.25 BOLTS mm 8.80lbl.7lbf.7 lbtftl NOTE:Turn eachbolt two turns at a time to prevent cocking discexcessively.m {r8.m. 7 rbr.m.25mm 108N. Remove the brake hose mounting bolts.fNUT 181N. apply engine to the seating oil surface the nut.2ksI.Atter of tightening. SPINDI. Loosen wheel nuts slightly. 6 mm BRAKEDISC RETAINING SCREWS 9.m 11. 1 0 .8N. Remove 6 mm brakedisc retaining the screws. R e m o v e h e c a l i p e rm o u n t i n gb o l t s a n d h a n g t h e t caliperassemblv one side.25mm bolts into the discto push it awayfrom the hub. 7 lbf. 2. Screwtwo 8 x 1. NOTE:Do not disconnect wheel sensorconnecthe ror.25mm 12 N. Remove (for cars the wheel sensorfrom the knuckle with ABS).m {11kgtm.FrontSuspension Knuckle/Hub Replacement {cont'd} 1. use a short piece ot wire to hang the caliper from the undercarriage. use a dritt to stakethe spindlenut shoulder against driveshaft the Raisethe locking tab on the spindle nut. and support it with safety standsin the properlocations(seesection 1).0 kgf.m. CAI-IPER MOUNTINGBOLTS 12 x 1.0 kgl.

17. a n d r e c h e c k h e t t jaws to makesurethey are still parallel.NOTE: Use the specialtool to separatethe ball ioints from the suspension steering or arm CAUTION: Be careful not to damagethe ball ioint boot. I n s t a l lt h e s p e c i a lt o o l a s s h o w n . I n s e r tt h e j a w s makingsure you do not damagethe ball carefully. The ball ioint @ can break loose suddenly and scatter dirt or other deblis in your eyes.8 kgf.0. Apply grease the special to tool on the areasshown. N O T E :l f n e c e s s a r y . BALLJOINT REMOVER. COTTER. Remove tool. mm 28 07MAC. T h i s w i l l e a s ei n s t a l l a t i o n f t h e t o o l a n d p r e v e n t o damage the pressure threads. to bolt BOLT ADJUSTING PRESSURE BOLT NOTE:After making the adjustmentto the adjusting bolt.SL00200 {cont'd) 18-1 1 .PIN Replace. With a wrench.turn the adjusting bolt as necessary make the jaws parallel. bendthe cotterpin wear eye protection. CASTLE NUT . Cleanany dirt or greaseoff the balljoint. it CASTLE NUT 10 x 1.4.m." 39 . xei ruur Replace.p p l y p e n e t r a t i n gy p e l u b r i a t cantto loosenthe ball joint. to 18.Then to h a n d .tighten the pressurebolt until the balljoint shaft pops loosefrom the steering arm.25mm '.t i g h t e nh e p r e s s u r eb o l t . On reassembly. 1 3 . 1 4 . 1 2 . 19.B e s u r e l that the hex nut is flush with the ball joint pin end to p r e v e n td a m a g et o t h e t h r e a d e de n d o f t h e b a l l Jornt. I n s t a l a 1 0 m m h e x n u t o n t h e b a l l j o i n t .47 N. then removethe nut {rom the end the of the balljoint and pull the balljoint out of the steering/suspension Inspect arm.m (4. be sure the headof the adjustingbolt is in this position the allow the jaw to pivot. the ball joint boot and replace if damaged. A d j u s tt h e j a w s p a c i n gb y t u r n i n gt h e pressure bolt. Removethe cotter pin from the steeringarm and removethe nut. Oncethe specialtool is in place. j o i n t b o o t .

23. 29 .59 N. 2 2 .35 tbtft) 12 mm HEXNUT 24. 36 .5100200 2 1 . Usethe special tool as shown on page 18. bendthe cotterpin CASTLE NUT m 1 2x 1 .25mm 39 .to sep11 aratethe balljoint and lowerarm.47 N.FrontSuspension Replacement Knuckle/Hub {cont'dl 20.0.m {5.m. N O T E :l f n e c e s s a r y . Pullthe knuckle outwardand removethe driveshaft joint from the knuckle tappingthe driveby outboard shaft end with a plastichammer./H lbtftl 12 x 1. or the threaded sectionof the ball joint pin might be damagedby the ball joint remover.8 kgt m. tool as shown on page 18-11 septo Usethe special aratethe ball joint and knuckle. and removethe nut. or the threadedsectionof the ball joint pin might be damagedby the balljoint remover. Be sure that the hex nut is flush with the ball joint pin end. 8 m m 28 BALLJOINT REMOVER.6. I 18-12 . KNUCKLE for Check damage. Remove the cotterpin from the lower arm ball joint castlenut. t 26.m {4.PIN Replace.0 kgf.p p l y p e n e t r a t i n gy p e l u b r i a t c a n tt o l o o s e nh e b a l l j o i n t . Install the 12mm hex nut on the ball joint. NUT CASTI-E 1 2x 1 . Remove the cotterpin from the upperball joint castle nut. NOTE: lf necessary.then removethe knuckle. apply penetratingtype lubricantto loosenthe ball joint. and removethe nut. COTTER.0. On reassembly. 2 5 n 49 .B e s u r e a that the hex nut is flush with the ball joint pin end.4. I n s t a l l 1 2 m m h e x n u t o n t h e b a l l j o i n t . mm 07MAC.

1112in. a bearing separator. and a pressas shown. 3 0 . Take care not lo disto.SH20120 j l l (cont'd) 18-13 . soecialtools DRIVER 07749 00'10000 Press + ATTACHMENT. the usingthe special 27. P r e s st h e w h e e l b e a r i n gi n n e r r a c e f r o m t h e h u b using the specialtools.NOTE: Replace bearingwith a new one after removal.4 25.t the splash guard.4mm 07JAF SH20120 BEABING SEPARATOR 0 . P r e s s t h e w h e e le a r i n g u t o f t h e k n u c k l e s i n g t h e b o and a pressas shown. Hold onto lhe hub to keep it from falling when preised clear. Separate hub from the knuckle the press. make Sure ihe threads are fully engagedbefore pressing. a To prevenl damage to the tool.0010500 KNUCKLE l KNUCKLE I HUBDIS/ASSEMBLY BASE 07GAF SE0040r WHEELBEARING Replace. (Commercially available) Pres3 I HUB DIS/ASSEMBLY PILOT. . tools and a hvdraulic CAUTION: . HU8 DIS/ASSEMELY x SHAFT. HUBDIS/ASSEMBLY PILOT. HUBDIS/ASSEMBLY x SHAFT. Checkfor bending and damage.22.4 25.38 mm 07JAF SH20r 10 u 2 9 . 62x68mm 07746. mm 38 07JAF SH20110 Removethe circlip and the splash guard from the knuckle.22.4mm 07JAF.

with NOTE:Placethe wheel bearingon the knuckle the Dackseal (metal color) toward the inside.cleanthe matingsurthe faceof the brakediscand the insideof the wheel.m(0.5 kgf. the Torque all mounting hardwareto the specified t o r q u ev a l u e s . Torquethe castlenuts to the lower torque specifications. SPLASH GUARD I I I KNUCKLE SUPPORT BASE 07965 SO90100 groove. 33. HUB/ASSEMBLY GUIDE ATTACHMET'rT 07cAF SEqt200 FRONTHUB WHEEL BEARING . 4lbtft) *_l . Beforeinstalling wheel.. Checkthe lront wheqlialignment. scREws 4. in 32.9N. Pressa new wheel bearinginto the knuckleusing the special tools and a pressas shown. and pay particular attention the followingitems: to B e c a r e f u ln o t t o d a m a g et h e b a l l j o i n t b o o t s when installing knuckle. Install as shownand a hvdraulic Dress shown.:1S 18-14 .FrontSuspension (cont'd) Replacement Knuckle/Hub N O T E :W a s h t h e k n u c k l ea n d h u b t h o r o u g h l yi n highflash point solventbeforereassembly. Install new cotter pins on the castle nuts after torquing. Be carefulnot to damagethe sleeveof the packseal. Beforeinstalling the brakedisc.m. Installthecirclipsecurely the knuckle 35. Do not align the castlenut by loosening. Press HANDLE o7749DRIVER ATTACHMENT 58x72mm 07947. lnstallthe knucklein the reverseorder of removal. Avoid twisting the sensorwires when installing the wheelsensor.cleanthe mating surfacesof the front hub and the inside of the brakedisc. and adjustit if necessary {seepage{S0. CAUTION:Takecare not to distort the splashguard.then tighten them only far enoughto align the slot with the pin hole. Installthesplashguardand tightenthe screws.6340201 OOUBLE SEAL LIP IBLACKCOLOR) the hub on the knuckle usingthe specialtools 34.

LowerBallJoint Replacement 1. Placethe ball joint in position by hand. then set the assemblyan a vise. 7. Install the special tools over the ball joint as shown.h e n t i g h t e nt h e m o n l y f a r e n o u g ht o a l i g nt h e s l o tw i t h t h e p i n h o l e . Installthe ball joint boot and set ring usingthe spe c i a lt o o l ( s e ep a g e1 8 . 8.SH20200 6. Install new cotter pins on the castle nuts after torquing. Installthe knucklein the reverseorder of removal.D o n o t a l i g nt h e castlenut by loosening. (seepage 18-4).cleanthe mating Beforeinstalling surfacesof the front hub and the inside of the brakedisc.5800100 9. Avoid twisting the sensorwires when installing the wheelsensor. a C h e c kt h e b o o t f o r d e t e r i o r a t i o n n d d a m a g e . 07965. Torquethe castlenuts to the lower torque specif i c a t i o n st. Remove knuckle the Remove the boot by pryingthe set ring off.5800100 JOINT REMOVER/INSTALLER SALL NUT CASTLE ( . r . h Torque all mounting hardwareto the specified torquevalues. if replace necessary. t h e n p r e s st h e b a l l j o i n t i n . 3. ADJUSTING BOLT Adj!st the depthby turningthe bolt. and adjustit if Checkthe front wheel alignment. SURFACE BALLJOINT HOUSING 18-15 . surBeforeinstalling wheel. 2. .cleanthe matang the faceof the brakediscand the insideof the wheel. aftention the followingitems: to and pay particular . BALLJOINT INSTALLER BASE BALLJOINT REMOVER/ INSTALLER 07965. necessary . (seepage18 10). P o s i t i o nt h e s p e c i a lt o o l s o v e r t h e b a l l j o i n t a s shown. I n s t a ltlh e s p e c i atlo o l so n t h e b a l li o i n t a n dt i g h t e n the castlenut.BASE BALLJOINT REMOVER 07JAF. Pressthe ball joint out of the knuckle.1 6 ) . the brakedisc. B e c a r e f u ln o t t o d a m a g et h e b a l l i o i n t b o o t s w h e n i n s t a l l i ntg e k n u c k l e . . 5.

the LtP BALLPtN TAP€RED SECTTON FrontDamper Removal ' 1 .SDr0700 LOWER BALL JOINT BOOT: 07974. the 5. dirt. then remove damperfork. Pack interiorof the boot and lip with grease. SELF. Slide the set ring over the tool and into position. check rhe batl pin tapered section for greasecontaminationand wipe it il necessary. GAUTION: . Keep greaseoff the boot installation section and the taper€d section of the ball pin. Removethe damper fork bolt and self-locking nut from the bottom of the damper fork. ADJUSNNG BOLT Adiust the depth by turningthe boh.SA50700 CAUTION: Aftei installing the boot. . DAMPER PINCH BOLT 1 0x 1 . 2 5 m m 3. BOOTINSTALLANON SECTION Wipe otf the grease. lnstallthe upper and lower ball joint boot set rlngs usingthe special tools as follows: OAMPER L o w e r b a l l j o i n t : A d j u s tt h e s p e c i a t o o l w i t h t h e l adjustingbolt until the end of the tool aligns with the groove on the boot. the CAUTION:Do not contaminatethe boot installation section with grease. Remove the front wheels(seepage 18-10). R e m o v et h e d a m p e r p i n c h b o l t f r o m t h e t o p o f damperfork. BALLJOINT aooTcLrP GUIOE UPPER BALL JOINT BOOT: 07GAG. then bleedair.FrontSuspension Ball Joint Boot Replacement Remove set ring and the boot. 18-16 . Do not allow dust.LOCKING NUT 12x 1. or other loreign matcrials to enter the boot. Wipe the greaseoff the sliding surfaceof the ball pin and packwith freshgrease. OAMPER FORK DAMPER FORK BOLT Wipe ofl the grease. Remove damperby removingthe two nuts.25mm Replace. lnstallthe boot in the grooveof the boot installation section securely.

a d o l f .22 lbtftl Replace. gas s i s l e a k i n g . or eouivalent OAMPER SPBING for Check weakened compression ano oamage. 29 N m 13. the then disassemble damperas shown in the next column. ""----------------g io'i'i'"?Tllo DAMPER MOUNTINGWASHEB 10 mm SELFLOCKING NUT Replace. t f 3 . and extension. all a y o 2 . P u s h n t h e d a m p e r s s e m b la ss h o w n .m. STRUTSPRING COMPRESSOR: lCommerciallyavailablel T/N 7200. CAUTION: Do not compress the spring more than neceaaeryto remove the nut.exceptthe spring. damage. Compress the damper spring with the spring comi p r e s s o r c c o r d i n g o t h e m a n u f a c t u r e r 'lsn s t r u c t a tions. BUMPSTOP Check weakness for and Release the pressurefrom the spring compressor. DAMPEB UNIT 4. BASE DAMPER MOUNTING RUBBEB C h e c kf o r d e t e r i o r a t i o n and oamage.0 kg{. Inspection 1.58OA.then removethe self lockingnut.Disassembly/lnspection Disassembly 1. both compression N o T E r T h e d a m p e rs h o u l d m o v e s m o o t h l y l f i t the or does not (no compression no extension). Reassemble parts. n dt h e d a m p e r h o u l db e r e p l a c e d . ERANICKo T/N MST. 18-17 . C h e c k o r o i l l e a k sa b n o r m an o i s e s r b i n d i n g u r ing thesetests. C h e c k o r s m o o t ho p e r a t i o nh r o u g ha stroke. MOUNTINGRUBBER SPRING for Check deterioration ano oamage. DUST COVER PLATE BUMPSTOPPLATE DUSTCOVER Check bending for and damage.

0kgf. Install dampermountingrubber. h e n l o o s e l yi n s t a l lt h e t t two flangenuts.FrontDamper Reassembly 1 . 22 lbf.LOCKING NUT 10x 1.58OA.25 mm 29 N.m.m(5. Compress damperspring. or equivalent SPRING LOWER SEAT Position the damper mountingbaseon the damper u n r ta s s n o w n . N O T E :A l i g n t h e b o t t o mo f d a m p e rs p r i n ga n d spnng towerseatas shown. the 5. lnstallthe damperunit on a springcompressor. lbf. Installation L Loosely install the damper on the frame with t h e a l i g n i n g a b f a c i n gi n s i d e .0kgf. SELF. FLANGE NUTS 10x 1. T/N T/N 7200.ft) 36 DAMPER ASSEMBLY STRUTSPRING COMPRESSOR: (Commarcially availablol BRANICKO MST. Hold the dampershaft and tighten the 10 mm selflockingnut.dampermountthe ing washerand a new 10 mm self-locking nut.m. Assemblethe damper in reverseorder of removal exceptthe damper mountingwasherand self locki n gn u t .ft) MOUNTINGWASHER 18-18 . 2.m {3.25 mm 49 N.

Tightenthe damperPinchbolt. 10.4kgf m.m 14. Looselyinstallthe damperfork bolt and a new selflockingnut on the bottom of the damperfork. The floor iack must be securely posi' @ tioned or personal iniury may r€suli. 32 lbf.25mm € N.LOCKING 1 2x 1 . Tightenthe damperfork bolt and self-locking 8 . 47 lbf. 7 .ft) NUT SELF. Raisethe knucklewith a floor jack until the vehicle just liftsoft the safetystand.ft) Replace. nut. 2 5 m m 64 N. Installthe damperfork over the driveshaft t h e l o w e r a r m . ? Looselyinstallthe damper pinch bolt on the top of the damperfork.5 kgt m. 9.and onto 2. lnstallthe brakehose mounts with the brakehose mountingbolts. Tightenthe flangenuts on top of the damper. lnstallthefront wheel. 5. 6. l n s t a l lt h e f r o n t d a m p e r i n t h e damperfork so the aligningtab is alignedwith the tork. slot in the damDer DAMPER FORK BOLT ALIGNING TAB DAMPER PINCH BOLT 10 r 1.m {6. 18-19 .

After installing suspension the arm. in . lnstallso the "l UP" markstampedsidefacesforward.4@] GREASE Check deterioration for ano oamage. NOTEI a Makesurethe toe adjusting boltson the compensator arm are installed the samedirection. TBAILINGARM FI-ANGE BOLT 10 x 1. LOWER ARM EUSHING SILICONE . place additional weight in the trunk before hoisting. .. " t U P L " o r " i U P L H G " o r " l U P L K " o r " t U p L S .m {5. 40 lbt.18-4). t U p R .. .m kgt.25mm sil N. The right and left compensator arm are symmetrical.-- *@l cnense for Check deterioration a n dd a m a g e .o r " t U PR K " " t or U P R S " o n t h e r i g h tu p p e ra r m . Replacethe self-lockingnuts after removal.25mm 54 N.ft) BUSHING C h e c kf o r d e t e r i o r a t i o n ano oamage. CAUTION: .ft) 10 mm FLANGE BOLT N.5kgf m.m.ftl LOWER ARM Check cracks for ano oamage.and adjust if necessa (seepage .m 16. 47 tbf.25mm 64 N. The vehicle should be on the ground before any bolts or nuts connectedto rubber mounts or bushings are tightgn.5 kgt m. t U p R H o G .5 ADJUSTING EOLT (FLANGE BOLT) 10 x 1. the center of gravity may change causing the car to tip forward. . when @ substantial weight is removed from the rear of the vehicle.m 14.0kgf. o r . . 40 lbtftl COMPENSATOR ARM INNER BUSHING S|L|CONE . COMPENSATOR ARM Check bending for ano oamage. kgl rl7 lbf. 40 lbl. FLANGE BOLT 10 x 1. . .- .m.ft) 15. SILICONE -.m.i s s t a m p e d n t h e l e f tu p p e ra r m a n d .m I (5.RearSuspension Suspension Arms Replacement when the suspensionarms are to be removed. FLANGE BOLT 12x 1.m {6. ry FLANGE BOLT 10x 1.25mm x 54 N.5kgf.ft) 18-20 .. 40 lbtft) damage.5kgt m.25mm 54 N.25mm 64 N.5 m.checktherearwheelalignment.d@l cREAsE DAMPER MOUNTINGBOLT BOLT) {FLANGE 10 x 1.m {5. .ft) UPPER ARM Check bending for i FLANGE BOL '10 1.25mm UPPER ARM INNER 47 tbf. .29 lbt.

.5 kgtm.1N. the of .cleanthe matingsurfaces the rear hub and the brakedrum.0 (cont'dl 18-21 . Use only genuineHondawheel weightsfor aluminumwheels. WHEEL NUT 1 2x 1 .80lbtft) 108N.134lbt.m. .l0 lbtft) REARWHEEL UNIT HUBBEABING tor Check cracking and oamage.m (11.5 Replace.5 rnm kgf. the TRAILING ARM for Check cracking ano oamage. Onthe aluminumwheels. Beforeinstalling brakedrum.cleanthe matingsurfaces the brakedrum and wheel.removethe centercap f rom the insideofthewheel after removingthewheel.Unit Replacement HubBearing NOTE: wheel weightsmay corrodeand damage .Non-genuine w t h ea l u m i n u m h e e l s . 5m m kgf'm.ft) 181N. WASHER SPINDLE BACKING PLATE BOLT FLANGE 1 0x 1 .m 118. BNAKE SHOE NUT SPINOLE 22 x 1. of . Beforeinstalling wheel. use NOTE:Aftertightening. BRAKEDRUM for Check wear ano oamage. 2 5 m m 5. a drift punchto lockthe spindlenut shoulder intothe spindle.m (5.

5. 6. 18-22 . Raise locking on the spindlenut.5 ksf.then remove the tab the nut.5mm 181N. Loosen wheel nuts slightly. REARWHEEL HUBCAP Replace. tM.RearSuspension Hub BearingUnit Replacement (cont'dl 1. 7. 5m m 4. the Remove the brakedrum. UPPER ARMINNER BUSHING SPINOLE NUT 22 x 1. WHEELNUT 1 2x 1 . MARK 3. 5. D r i v e h e u p p e r r m b u s h i n gn t ot h e u p p e ra r m . NOTE:Aftertightening. g0 108N. standsin the properlocations Remove wheel nuts and rearwneel.mfi1. the UpperArm BushingReplacement 1. 8. the Raisethe rear of vehicle. NOTE:Takecarenot to damage the hub bearing unit on disassembly. Mark on the upper arm at two points so that they a r e i n l i n e a n d m a k ea r i g h ta n g l ew i t h t h e a r m a s shown.and supportit with safety (seesection1). 2. BOLTMOUNTING SURFACE Drivein the upperarm innerbushingwith the marks aligned. t a i N O T E rD r i v ei n t h e u p p e ra r m b u s h i n ga n d i n n e r bushinguntil their leadingedgesare flush with the HUB BEARING UNIT Checktor cracksand damage BRAKEORUM SPINDLE WASHER 9. REARUPPERARM 2. R e m o v e h e u p p e ra r m b u s h i n g n d i n n e rb u s h i n g t a as shown.0 kgf.m. Installin the reverse orderof removal.134lbth) Replace. a drift to use stake spindlenut shoulder the against the spindle. 3. Release parkingbrakelever. Remove the hub cap.ftl Pullthe parkingbrakeleverup. N 4 a r a s c r i b el i n e o n t h e u p p e ra r m i n n e rb u s h i n g k so that it is in line with the bolt mountinosurface. hub bearingunit and spin d l ew a s h e r .m {18.m.

25mm 6. 4. (Hatchbackl. the FLANGE BOLT 1 0x 1 . 2 5 m the Remove the flangebolt that connects lower arm to the trailingarm. 2 5 m m BOLT FLANGE m 1 0x 1 .RearDamper Removal 1. Remove flangebolt from the damper. removethe damper. coverand speaker Remove speaker the the Sedanand Coupe:Remove trunk side panel(see 20). 18-23 . OAMPER 3. section Remove two flange nuts. and Lowertherearsuspension. Rem ove the rearwheels(seepage 18-22). the NUTS FLANGE 10 x 1. 2.

WOODENBLOCK STRUTSPRING COMPRESSOR: (Commercially availablel BRANICI(@ MST-580A.or equivatent Checkfor smooth operationthrough a full stroke. gas or the asleaking. CAUTION: Do not compress the spring more than necessary remove the selflocking nut.then removethe self-locking nut. both compression extension. Check oil leaks. 2. all Pushon the damperas shown.l f i t does not (no compression no extension). for abnormal noises and bindingduring these tests. and N O T E :T h e d a m p e r s h o u l d m o v e s m o o t h l y . t n tions. then disassemble the damper as shown on page 18- I 18-24 .RearDamper Disassembly/l nspection Disassembly L Compress the damper spring with the spring comp r e s s o ra c c o r d i n g o t h e m a n u f a c t u r e r ' is s t r u c . Reassemble parts. to lnspection 1.exceptthe spring. and the dampershouldbe replaced. T/N T/N 7200. Release the pressure from the spring compressor.

MOUNTING DAMPER COLLAR DAMPER MOUNTINGBASE MOUNTING DAMPER RUBBER for Check deterioration DAMPER SPRING ano oamage.25mm x 22lbfft} 29 N. DUSTCOVERBOOT for Check deterioration a n oo a m a g e .25mm Y 29 N. NOTE:Followthemanufacturer's 2. and SPRING RUBBER for Check deterioration ano oamage. c I n s t a ltlh e d a m p e ru n i to n a s p r i n g o m p r e s s o r ' instructions. 6. T/N BRANICKO 10 x 1.a n d l o o s e l y l nut. the dampermounting base on the damper Position unit as shown.0kgt.m. Replace. 22 lbl.m (3. COMPRESSOR: STRUTSPRING available) MOUNTING(Commercially DAMPER T/N 7200.m {3. the self-locking NUT SELF-LOCKING DAMPER '10 1. 5. for compression damage. orderof disas the Assemble reardamperin reverse s e m b l ye x c e p tt h e d a m p e rm o u n t i n gw a s h e ra n d n s e l fl o c k i n g u t . installa new self-locking Holdthe dampershaftwith a hex wrench and tighten nut.ft) DAMPER MOUNTING WASHER MOUNTING OAMPER RUBBER for Check deterioration ano oamage. I n s t a l t h e d a m p e rm o u n t i n gw a s h e r .0kgf.m. MOUNTING WASHER DAMPER UNIT 18-25 . or equivalent LOWER SEAT SPRING the damper spring with the spring comCompress pressor.Reassembly SELF-LOCKINGNUT--------------. PLATE DUSTCOVER DUSTCOVER for Check bending 1. BUMPSTOP Check weakness for a n oo a m a g e . 3. Check weakness. N O T E rA l i g n t h e b o t t o mo f d a m p e rs p r i n ga n d springlower seatas shown.

. 7.25mm 54 N.m 15.m.m.( r' 54 N. 18-26 .m. damperwith the springstop pointedtoward the left sideof the vehicle. iack must be securely posi@ tioned or personal iniury may result 5. Loosely installthetwo flangeNUIs. FLANGE NUTS 10x 1.m {5.25mm 49 N. SPRING STOP 2.5kgt.ftl I I FLANGE BOLT 10 x 1. .5 kgl. Looselyinstallthe flangebolt.40 lbf.-: a as'.ftl Tighten thesenuts in Step7.RearDamper Installation L L o w e r t h e r e a r s u s p e n s i o n a n d p o s i t i o nt h e . Check the rearwheel alignmentand adjustit necessary (seepage 18-41. The floo. 40 rbf. FLANGE BoLT 10x 1.ft) Raisethe rearsuspension with a floor jack until the vehicleiust liftsoff the safetvstand.i :. 35 lbf.25 mm ' i ' a .m {5 kgl. Tightenthe flangebolt. Tightenthe two flangenuts on top of the damperto the specified torque.

..... Brakes Conventional 19-31 Brake System(ABS).Brakes 19-1 ......... Anti-lock .......

................. 19-23 . 19-16 MasterCylinder/Brake Booster Removal/lnstallation ......19-12 Front BrakeCaliper Disassembly .......... 19-21 lndex ........... 19.........GonventionalBrake Special Tools . 19-25 Inspection and Adiustment BrakeShoe Disassembly ........ ....... 19-7 ParkingBrakeCable Front Brake Pads Inspectionand Replacement........19-22 BrakeBoosterInspection........... 19-6 HoseReplacement ......................... 19-12 DiscThickness and Parallelism fnspection ...... 19-4 BrakeHoses/Lines BrakePedal ...... f 9-26 Brake System Rubber Parts ErakeShoe Reassembly ..................... 19-8 Front BrakeDisc DiscRunoutInspection ........ 19-29 Bleeding ................................... 19-26 and BrakeBooster. 19-5 Inspection/Torque Specffications 19-28 .......... Parking Brake .... 19-21 PushrodClearance Adiustment ..................................................... 19-13 Reassembly ...........30 Inspectionand Replacement.................................... 19-2 Rear Drum Brake ComponentLocations fndex/fnspection ............ 19-3 Inspection ..........

Tools Special Ret. No. I Tool Number 07JAG.SD40100 Description Pushrod Adjustment Gauge Oty 'l I Pag€Retorencs o 't9-22 o 9-2 .

Locations Component

BRAKE PEDAIInspection and page Adjustment, 19-5
BOOSTER MASTER CYLINDER/ARAKE page Removal/lnstallation, 19-21 page19_22 Adiustment, Pushrod Clearance page19'23 Brake Booster Inspection,

BRAKEHOSESLINES page 19-28 specifications, Inspection/Torque page'19-29 HoseReplacement,

BRAKE CABLE PARKING and Inspection RePlacement, page19-36 PARKING BRAKE page19 6 Adjustment, FRONT NOTE: There are two types of front brakecalipers: "5410" by typescan be identitied the The caliper "2056"stamp€d the caliper the body.Check on or type ol the brakecaliperbelore servicing Pads FrontBrake 5410Type:page19-8 2056Type:page19-10 FrontBrake Disc,page'19-12 FrontBrake Caliper 5410Type:page19'13 2056Type:page19-14 REARORUMERAKES page19-25 Inspection, Erake ShoeReplacement, Page19 26


and Inspection Adiustment
BrakeSystemRubberPartsand BrakeBooster
@ BrakeBoostel
the brakes. by Checkbrakeoperation applying lf the brakesdo not work properly,checkthe brake the booster.Replace brakeboosteras an assembly if it does not work properlyor if there are signs of leakage. Brake Hoses Visually checkfor damageor signsof fluid leakage. Replace brakehosewith a new one if it is damthe agedor leaking.


€) Piston Cup and PressureCup Inspeqtion
. by Checkbrakeoperation applyingthe brakes. Visuallycheckfor damageor signs of fluid leakage. i R e p l a c eh e m a s t e rc y l i n d e ra s a n a s s e m b l y f t the pedal does not work properly or if there is damageor signsof fluid leakage. C h e c kf o r a d i f f e r e n c ei n b r a k e p e d a l s t r o k e b e t w e e nq u i c k a n d s l o w b r a k e a p p l i c a t i o n s . Replace the master cylinder if there is a differencein oedalstroke.

Caliper Piston Seal and Piston Boots the brakes, by Checkbrakeoperation applying Visually checkfor damageor signsof fluid leakage. lf the pedal does not operateproperly,the brakes drag. or there is damageor signs of fluid leakage, disassemble and inspectthe brakecaliper.Replsce the boots and sealswith new ones wheneverthe brakecaliperis disassembled,

@ Wheel Cylinder Piston Cup and Du3t Cover
. by the brakes. Checkbrakeoperation applying Visuallycheckfor damageor signsof fluid leakage. It the pedal does not operateproperly,the brakes drag, or there is damageor signs of fluid leakage, and inspectthe wheel cylinder.lf necdisassemble replace wheelcylinderas an assembly. the essary,


Brake Pedal
PedalHeight the brakeswitch connector,loosenthe L Disconnect brake switch locknut, and back off the brake switch until it is no longertouchingthe brakepedal. 2. the At the carpetcutout,measure pedalheightfrom the right sidecenterof the pedalpad. PUSHROD LOCKNUT


Screw in the brake switch until its plunger is fully depressed(threadedend touching the pad on the oedal arm). Then back off the switch 1/4 turn to b m a k e 0 . 3 m m ( 0 . 0 1i n ) o f c l e a r a n c e e t w e e nt h e threadedend and pad. Tightenthe locknutfirmiy. Connect brakeswitchconnector. the CAUTION: Make sure that the brake lights go off when th€ p€dal is relea3ed.



0.3 mm {0.0'lin)

below. Check brakepedalfree play as described the

PedalFreePlay 1. With the engine off, inspectthe play on the pedal pad by pushingthe pedalby hand. FreePlay:1 - 5 mm (l/16 - 3/16 in) 2. adjust lf the pedalfree play is out of specification, the brakeswitch. CAUTION: lf the pedal froe play i3 insufficient, it may result in brake drag.

Standsrd PedalHeight (with carpet removedl: M/T: 156.5 mm (5.15inl A/T, CW: 161mm 16 5/16 inl


and screwthe pushrod Loosenthe pushrodlocknut, in or out with pliers until the standardpedal height After adjustment, tighten from the floor is reached. the locknutfirmly. N O T E : D o n o t a d j u s tt h e p e d a l h e i g h t w i t h t h e oushroddeoressed.


LOCKNUT PUSHROD 15 N.m kg{.m.11 lbf.ftl 11.5


iInspection and Adjustment
Parking Brake
Inspection 1. Pullthe parkingbrakeleverwith 196N (20kgf.44 lbf) force to fully apply the parkingbrake.The parking brake lever should be locked within the sDecified notches. Levsr LockedNotches:6 - I Remove rearconsole the {seesection20), Pullthe parkingbrakeleverup one notch. Tightenthe adiustingnut until the rearwheelsdrag slightlywhen turned.

Pulled with 196 N (20kgf,44 lbf) up




are Adjustthe parkingbrakeif the lever notches out of specification. Release parkingbrakeleveriully, and checkthat the the rear wheelsdo not drag when turned.Readjust if necessary. Make sure that the parkingbrakesare fully applied when the parkingbrakeleveris pulledup fully. 7. Reinstall rearconsole. the

Adiustment loosenthe parkNOTE:After rear brakeshoe servicing, ing brake adjustingnut, $tart the engine, and depress the brake pedal severaltimes to set the self-adjusting brakebeforeadjusting parkingbrake. the 1. Raisethe fear wheels off the ground, and support the vehicleon safetystands. Block th€ tront wheers before iacking @ up the rear ol the vehicl