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Consumer Behavior: Exercise

1. Find two advertisement mechanism and discuses their effectiveness. 2. Find three advertisements that appeal to the needs or power, affiliation and achievement and discuss their effectiveness. 3. Most human needs are dormant much time. What factors cause heir arousal; find two examples of ads that are designed to arouse latent summer needs and discuss their effectiveness. 4. Find add or recent article related to one of the ethical issues explored in the chapter and discuss it.

Defense mechanisms: Defense mechanisms that people sometimes adopt to
protect their egos from feelings of failure when they don¶t attain their goals. Defense mechanisms include- Aggression - Rationalization - Regression - Withdrawal - Projection - Daydreaming - Identification - Repression.

car. Now many of the guardians are now aware of their children¶s teeth. Now a day¶s banks are giving loan on home. Rationalization: people sometimes resolve frustration by inventing plausible reason for being unable to attain their goals or deciding that the goal is not really worth pursuing. . And people can buy the thing which seems to me be frustrating and not worth to seek for. For example a person who want to buy a car. For example: baby paste. The topic rationalization is being solved here. 1# Identification: People Resolve feelings of frustration by subconsciously identifying with other persons or situations that they consider relevant. For that Maril baby gel toothpaste which is produced by Square toiletries comes to market to solve this kinds of problem. bank. But he hasn¶t enough money to do this .In this case he can take a loan from a bank. etc. If parents wants to clean their babies new tooth they can¶t use all types of paste because baby tooth and gums are so soft and delicate that an adult past can do more harms than good.Answer to the Question No. In Bangladesh baby paste are not famous to all.

Like: Singer . A person who is in hot weather may turn up cold in his room and also make a mental note to buy a air condition.Projection: projection is an individual which may redefine frustrating situations by projecting blame for his or her own failures and inabilities o other objects or persons. . Physiological Arousal: It¶s mean bodily need at any one specific moment in time are based on the individual¶s physiological condition at that moment.Walton. For example a drop in blood sugar level or stomach contractions will trigger awareness of hunger need. Answer to the question No. Thus the golfer who misses a stroke may blame his golf clubs or his caddy.2# # Three advertisement given as an example of physiological Arousal. And he may also select the brand of the air condition. Philips etc.

An advertisement that provides reminders of home might trigger instant yearning to speak with one¶s parents.Cognitive Arousal: Sometimes random thoughts can lead to a cognitive awareness of needs. Suppose a person exercise poweroveer BMW . In the basis for many long distance telephone company like Grameen phone campaigns that stress the low cost of international long distance rates which brings one¶s closer to another Power: The power needs relates to an individual¶s desire to control his or her environment. Its includes that need to controll other persons and various objects. in that many individual experiense increase self-esteem when they exercise power over objects or people. This need apears to be closely related to the ego need.

motive that has far-reaching influence on consumer behavior. The affiliation need suggests that behavior is strongly influenced by the desire for friendship and acceptance. Affiliation: Affiliation is a well-known and well-research social . for belonging. people with high affiliation needs tend to be socially depend on others.