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KUBOTA GENERATORS | PRODUCTS | Specifications : J Series : Other 50Hz.


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MODEL Type Frequency Standby Output Prime Output Voltage - Single Phase Phase / Wire Power Factor No. of Poles Insulation Type of Coupling AMPS Single Phase 110V Single Phase 127V Single Phase 220V Single Phase 240V Three Phase 220V Three Phase 380V Three Phase 415V TERMINAL Terminal DIESEL ENGINE Type Model No. of Cylinders Bore x Stroke Displacement Engine Speed Continuous Rated Output Lubricant (API classification) Oil Capacity Coolant Capacity Starting System SET Fuel at Full Load at 3/4 Load at 1/2 Load at 1/4 Load at Full Load at 3/4 Load at 1/2 Load at 1/4 Load

Unit Hz kVA (kW) kVA (kW) V Class A A A A A A A -

J112 Revolving field, AC generator 50 13.2 (13.2) 12.0 (12.0) 220 1/2 1.0 2 Rotor coil; class F, Stator coil; class B Direct coupled N/A N/A 54.5 N/A N/A N/A N/A Available Vertical, water-cooled, 4-cycle diesel engine D1005 3 76.0 x 73.6 1.001 3000 14.4 (19.3) above CD grade 4.3 3.3 Electric - 12 volt DC Diesel fuel No.2 (ASTM D975) 4.6 (1.2) 3.7 (1.0) 3.0 (0.8) 2.4 (0.6) 79.0 (20.9) 17.0 21.2 26.1 33.5 12V (55Ah) 1215 x 611 x 922 340 76.5 In case of abnormal: Oil pressure, water temperature, fan belt broken

These semi-open type generators are powered by either a SUPER MINI or a SUPER 05 Series engine. The series' "easy to use anywhere" design permits operation even in limited space. The larger capacity fuel tank and its exceptional fuel efficiency guarantee longer hours of continual electrical energy on a single tank of fuel.

mm L rpm kW (HP) L L -

L/h (gal./h) L/h (gal./h) L/h (gal./h) L/h (gal./h) L (gal.) h h h h mm kg dB (A) -

Fuel Consumption Fuel Tank Capacity Continous Operation Hours Battery (Ah/5h) Dimensions LxWxH Approx. Net Weight Sound Level (Full Load at 23 ft. [7m])

Emergency Stop System