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Innovation beyond Imagination

Allotment Letter
UNIT NO. ---------

REF. NO. ---------


Stamp Paper Worth Rs. 100/-)

(To be signed by the Developer and Allotteetsj)

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Innovation beyond Imagination



EARTH INFRASTRUCTURES LIMITED, a company registered under the Companies Act, 19S6, having its Registered

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Office at 26, First Floor, Pusa Road, Near Karol Bagh Metro Station, New Delhi-llOOOS (hereinafter "Developer" or "Company"

referred to as the

which expression shall, unless repugnant to the context or meaning thereof, be deemed mentioned hereinafter, allot a

to include its successors and assigns) hereby subject to the terms and conditions residential Unit/Apartment in proposed

Group Housing Complex Known as "Earth Towne" infavourof:

at Plot No. GH - 04,


(A) Shri/Smt/Messers.................................................................................................................................................... Wife/Son/Daughter R/o of . .


(B) Shri/Smt/Messers Wife/Son/Daughter R/o of

. . .


(C) Shri/Smt/Messers.................................................................................................................................................... Wife/Son/Daughter R/o of. . .



severally or jointly

referred to as "Allottee(s)")

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Innovation beyond Imagination



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DEVELOPER'S REPRESENTATIONS:WHEREAS Earth Towne Infrastructures Greater Noida Industrial (hereinafter Development Pvt. Ltd., (hereinafter Authority referred as "ETIPL"), a company registered under the Companies Act, owns Plot from the 73,942 Sq. Meters under the Uttar Pradesh Industrial Area Development approximately

1956, having its Registered Office at 26, 1st Floor, Pusa Road, Near Karol Bagh Metro Station, New Delhi -110005, (GNIDA), a body corporate Act, 1976, on Lease hold basis for development of Group Housing Project on the land admeasuring

called as 'plot') situated at Plot No. GH - 04, Sector -1, Greater Noida, U. P., vide Lease Deed, which is duly registered vide

Document No-20806 in Book No-1, Volume No-7325 at Page Nos. 387-422 on 01-09-2010 in the office of Sub-Registrar, Gautam Budh Nagar (U. P.),and "ETIPL" has taken overthe physical possession of aforesaid plot from 'GNIDA' on 01-09-2010. And whereas pursuant to the said Allotment, Infrastructures Ltd. (hereinafter Earth Towne Infrastructures or "Company") Pvt. Ltd. has entered into an arrangement with Earth of a Group

referred to as "Developer"

to develop the said plot by way of construction

Housing Complex as perthe lease deed referred in the above para. AND WHEREAS the land will be used as per the terms and conditions The whole Group Housing project will be developed in phases. AND WHEREAS "Super Area" allotted to the allottee(s) comprises the covered areas, areas under walls, full area of galleries and other projections whatsoever, together with proportionate interest in the common areas and facilities such as area under staircase, lifts, and installation such as power, light, sewerage etc. and including entrances and the exits ofthe buildings, water supply arrangements all rights attached to the said apartment. AND WHEREAS pursuant to the said arrangement, Group Housing complex known as "Earth Towne" sanctioned/approved building the Developer shall develop the said Plot of the Land by constructing (hereinafter referred to as the "Project" from the concerned or "Complex") authorities. The Developer thereon a to and permissions granted in the Lease Deed mentioned above.

in accordance with the is entitled

plans and necessary permissions

construct, develop, sell, lease, sub-lease and manage the areas/units/apartments Developer has covenanted inter-alia to develop the complex/tower/building

in the proposed project viz. "Earth Towne" and the on the plot of the Land and to deal with all matters

concerning the same. The name of the said Group Housing Project shall always be "Earth Towne". AND WHEREAS the Developer market conditions reserves its right and has discretion to allot the Units/Apartments in the Complex at different as perthe in any manner whatsoever,

prices/rate to the various allottees and also can charge other charges with difference in rates for different units/apartments, and discretion of the Developer. The Allottee(s) shall have no interest/objection/claim in price/rate for the other Units as well as for his Unit, if the Allottee(s) Unit allotted to him and to the other various allottees. AND WHEREAS the performance time to time and subjectto by the Developer of its obligation authorities/local under these presents are contingent, as imposed by these Authorities. and assurances of the Allottee(s) to faithfully letter. finds the difference

as well as in other charges, between the

bound and regulated upon from

approvals to be granted by various statutory


(herein after referred to as "Authorities")

all applicable laws/notifications/conditions

AND WHEREAS the Developer, relying on the confirmation, the terms, conditions and stipulations the said proposed complex to the allottee(s), subjectto


abide by all

contained in this Allotment

letter, has accepted in good faith his/her application to allot a Unit in of the terms and conditions ofthis Allotment subject to the fulfillment

the fulfillment

AND WHEREAS the Developer has allotted the Unit in the said Complex to the allottee(s), conditions of this Allotment letter.

of the terms and

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Innovation beyond Imagination



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ALLOTTEE(S) REPRESENTATIONS:AND WHEREAS the allottee(s) has seen all the documents all the limitations of titles and other relevant papers/documents etc. pertaining to the by the

aforesaid plot and fully satisfied himself about the rights, title and interest of the developer in respect of the aforesaid project on the plot of the land, and has understood Allottee(s) in this respect. AND WHEREAS the Allottee(s) is aware of and has knowledge that the buildings plans are tentative GNIDA, or any other Local Authority and agreed that the Developer overthe said plot of land. as required by him. advertisements, or physical facilities/ and obligations in respect thereof and there will be no objection

may make such changes, modifications,

alterations and additions therein as may be deemed necessary or may be required to be done or havingjurisdiction

by the Developer, the Architect, the Government/

AND WHEREAS the Allottee(s) acknowledges that the Company has readily provided all information, However, he has not relied upon and is not influenced representations, warranties, statements selling agents/brokers/employees physical characteristics thereof, or otherwise by any architect's or estimates of any nature whatsoever whether written


plans, sales plans, sale brochures,

or oral made by the Company, its relating to description or the rooms therein or any other the estimated represented in this allotment

including but not limited to any representations orthe size or dimensions of the Apartment to be provided to the apartment

condition of the property, the building or the Apartment amenities to be made available to the apartment letter and that the apartment allotment of this Allotment Allottee(s)

the services/specifications Allottee(s)


or any other data except as specifically and investigation representations

has relied solely on his own judgment No oral or written

in deciding to enter into this

letter and to purchase the said Apartment. letter and that this Allotment has represented

or statements shall be considered to be part

letter is self contained and complete in itself in all respects. and warranted to the company that he is legally competent and have the power and

AND WHEREAS the Allottee(s) authority

to enter into and after having fully acquainted and satisfied himself with the facts as recorded herein above, the Company

has agreed to allot the aforesaid plot, on the terms agreed and recorded hereinafter. AND WHEREAS the Allottee(s) Environment undertakes to comply with all the requirements and compliances of GNIDA, The Ministry of

& Forest (GOI) Norms, U.P. Pollution Control Board/Water authority.

Commission and any other government

rules and regulations

laid down by state of U. P.or any other competent AND WHEREAS the Allottee(s) all the laws, rules, regulations, contained in this allotment clauses of th is Allotment letter.

has confirmed to the Company that he/she is entering into this Allotment notifications his/her responsibilities,

letter with full knowledge of and the conditions under each and every

etc. applicable to the said Complex "EARTH TOWNE" in particular obligations

letter and that he/she has clearly understood

AND WHEREAS the Allottee(s)

confirms and accepts that the unit allotted to him as per this allotment

letter corresponds

his choice "E"

and is final. The Allottee(s) accepts and confirms that he has seen, verified and compared the new master plan as per ANNEXURE project named "Earth Towne" as perthe new master plan and the Allottee(s) has no objection to the same.

with the old one and found it improved and better in the interest ofthe Allottee(s) and has consented to the developer to develop the




Sq. Mt.)

Super Area

Sq. Ft. (

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Innovation beyond Imagination



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The specifications of the Unit/Apartment

are annexed as per ANNEXURE "F" herewith this Allotment


Payment Plan Chosen (Please tick any one):(1) (2) (3) Down Payment Plan Flexi Payment Plan Construction Linked Payment Plan


Total Consideration:
Basic Cost OfThe Unit! Apartment Rs. _

Other Charges As Per ANNEXURE liB"



Total Cost* (Please See Note 1 & 2 )




Total Amount Paid Till Date (As Per ANNEXURE"C")



Balance Amount



Payment Plan:
*Notel: Service Tax and other Government total cost.

Taxes/Charges as imposed from time to time are payable by the Allottee(s) in addition to

the abovementioned

Note 2 : The payment plan opted by the Allottee(s)

shall stand changed automatically,

if the Allottee(s)

fails to pay the installments any

within 60 days from the due date of payment as per the Down payment plan or Flexi Payment Plan as opted by him. On failure of the payment, the Down Payment Plan and Flexi Payment Plan shall be converted notice/intimation, and the Allottee(s) shall be responsible to pay the installments Plan and the cost ofthe unit shall be increased and charged accordingly. NOW, THEREFORE, THIS ALLOTMENT LETTER WITNESSETH AND IT IS HEREBY AGREED, UNDERSTOOD AND DECLARED BY AND BETWEEN THE DEVELOPERAND ALLOTTEE(S) HERETO AS FOLLOWES: 1. All other Units/ Flats are specifically excluded from the scope of this Allotment provided herein. letter and the Allottee(s) shall not be entitled to letter has into Construction Linked Payment Plan without as per the converted Construction Linked Payment

claim any kind of rights, title or interest etc. in any form or manner whatsoever, except the unit for which this Allotment


It is made clear by the Developer, and the Allottee(s)

agrees that the sale price of the said Apartment/Flat letter the Super Area is tentative

shall be calculated on

the basis of its Super Area. As per the terms of this allotment

and is subject to change till the


Innovation beyond Imagination



ISO 14001:2004 &9001:2008Certified Company


of the said Building is completed. The total price payable for the said Unit shall be recalculated upon confirmation as the case may be, without any interest, at the same initial sale rate per square feet as agreed upon by

by the Developer ofthe final super area of the said Unit and any increase or reduction in the super area of the said Unit shall be payable or refundable, the Developer and Allottee(s). 3. The Allottee(s) construction Developer Occupation Allottee(s) accepts that the Plans are tentative and the area of said unit may be changed/varied during the course of on demand by the of receipt of the due to the Unit by the

to the extent of plus/minus as and when such demand Certificate

ten percent to which the Allottee(s) is intimated to the Unit Allottee(s)

shall not object. If there shall be an increase in by the Developer irrespective amount

super area, the Unit Allottee(s)

agrees and undertakes to pay for the increase in super area immediately in the super area, then the refundable

and if there shall be a reduction

shall be refunded or adjusted by the Developer from the final installment

as the case may be. However, subject to shall be demanded or refunded

the fact, that if the Super Area increases or reduces by three percent, no amount withdraw from this Allotment Letter within sixty(60) days from the date of intimation

Developer as the case may be. The Allottee(s) in case where variation in the super area is more than 10% shall have the option to of the area change and in such an event, the Allottee(s) shall be entitled to refund of his money paid by him without interest or any damages.


(A) The Allottee(s)

has seen, understood

and accepted that the building plans, building designs, facilities and specifications, services' authority/ deletions, for

are tentative. The Allottee(s) agrees that the Developer may make such variations, additions, alterations and modifications etc. (which may include changes in the area of the Unit, Floor, Tower, Number of Units, Tower's/unit's/common location and increase/decrease authorities/ alterations authority architect and modifications in the number of Car parking slots therein as may be directed by any competent and the Allottee(s) hereby gives his consent to such variation, Any additional/better additions, etc. This will however, be subject to any modification during the course of sanction/construction. or otherwise,

that may be made by the sanctioning specifications feasible, for which extra charges reasons/due to popular

or may be necessitated

individual unit requested for by the Allottee(s) well in time may be provided, iftechnically as demanded specifications by the Company will be paid by the Allottee(s). and/or facilities as attached with this allotment letter

That the Company may on its own modify/delete/improve due to technical of the complex/individual unit or for any other reasons

demand/unavailability beyond the control Allottee(s).

of certain materials for overall betterment of the Company. The proportionate

increase in cost due to such changes will be borne by the

(B) The Developer in the better interest of the group housing project change any project consultant, the completion contractors,

"Earth Towne"

can consult / engage / appoint / remove / till

architects, engineers, etc. at any point of time since the project is launched

of the project and the Allottee(s) shall have no objection to the same.

(C) That the area shown in the Brochure, Maps, Plans or any other Document etc. is from brick wall to brick wall basis (not from RCC Column and beam) and is indicative only. The actual final area will be calculated at the time of construction. It is clarified that the initial rate of booking of the Unit will be applicable built up area shall be measured from outer edge of the wall, common. on the changed area. That the Allottee(s) hereby

agrees that the developer will not entertain any request for any change in construction if it is not common,

/ design of any type in the unit. The Similar measurements and

and from the center of the wall, if it is Letter.

The method of calculation of the super area shall be binding upon all the Allottee(s).

calculations will be done for exclusive lawn and terrace areas also wherever applicable as per terms of this Allotment (D) The Preferential Schedule Location Charges (PLC) with regard to the Unit located at preferential herewith. However, the Allottee(s) has specifically

locations like Floor PLC, Park Facing, if due to any change in the

Road Facing and/or Corner Facing shall be charged from the Allottee(s), annexed

if applicable to the same, as per the Payment agreed that


Innovation beyond Imagination



ISO 14001:2004 &9001:2008 Cern~ed Company


plan, the said unit ceases to be preferentially without

located, the Company shall be liable to refund only the amount and such refund shall be adjusted in the last installment located due to the PLCs as shall be liable and agrees to pay additional

of PLC paid by the Allottee(s)

any compensation/damages plan, then the Allottee(s)

as mention in the payment plan. On the other hand, if his/her Unit in the Project becomes preferentially aforesaid changes in the layout/building demanded by the Company. (E) The Applicant(s) understands and agrees that additional

charges, if applicable, shall always be attached to the said unit as

perthe ANNEXURE "B". (F) One time lease rent (at the rate of Rs. 85 per sq. ft.) on super area basis shall be payable by the Allottee(s). Covered Car Parking Space has been allotted together with the flat and the same shall not have independent from the flat. The Allottee(s) shall not sell/transfer Allottee(s) may apply for additional decided by the developer. The Allottee(s) anywhere else in the Complex. (G) That the Developer shall be responsible for providing internal development peripheral within the Complex which inter-alia includes (i) horticulture etc. are to be the Reserved Covered Car Parking Space independent subject to availability parking space, which may be allotted The Reserved entity detached from the flat. The

and as per the condition

undertakes to park his car in the covered parking space allotted to him and not

laying of roads, (ii) laying of water lines, (iii) laying of sewer lines (iv) laying of electrical lines etc. However, the external or services such as trunk water and sewer lines, storm water drains, roads, electricity, up to the periphery of the Complex. time to time. Charges, provided by the Govt. or the concerned authority

(H) Thatthe Allottee(s) agrees to pay all other charges in accordance with the demand raised by the Companyfrom The applicant(s) shall further Infrastructure the Unit. Competent Moreover Development Authority/ be liable to pay any enhanced External Development Charges, all existing Central Government and new statutory Authorities charges and other with retrospective

Charges, Internal Development

levies, rates, taxes such as or imposed by effect) shall be payable

Service Tax, House Tax, Water Tax, Sewerage Tax, Charges, Cess, Water & Electricity Charges etc. demanded (including proportionately by the Allottee(s) from the date of booking as demanded the Common Area Maintenance charges and/or Agency as appointed

by the company on the basis of super area of the to sinking fund is payable at the time of by the Developer. (Rupees _


possession as decided by the Developer/Maintenance


(A) ThattheAllottee(s)haspaidasumofRs.

being part payment towards the cost of the said Unit till date, the receipt of which the Company acknowledge Allottee(s) Allotment shall hereby agree to pay the remaining price of the Unit as prescribed in the Payment Plan annexed letter as ANNEXURE"A" along with other charges as may be demanded by the Developer and the with this

time to time and in the

manner specified therein.

(B) That the Allottee(s) has agreed to pay each installment of the chosen payment plan on the due date (Down Payment Plan /
Flexi Payment Plan / Construction Linked Payment Plan) along with Service Tax (as applicable) and other charges along with by the Government of India, applicable with effect from 01-07-2010. Service Tax (as applicable) as assessed and attributed Moreover, the Allottee(s)

hereby confirms that he will pay the service tax, on payment already made after 01-07-2010, after


Innovation beyond Imagination



ISO 14001:2004 &9001:2008Certified Company

finalization 6.

ofthe allotment. right of the Allottee(s) begins only after the full payment of Basic Sale Price, EEC, FFC, PLC, IFMS, Club Charges etc. to the company, and

The ownership Membership,

One time Lease Rent, other charges (as per the applicability),

and all Government

only after the registration

of the Sub-lease deed of property in favour of the Allottee(s). under payment plan shall be final and binding on the Allottee(s). Time is the essence with security and


That the schedule of the installments respect to the Allottee(s) obligations

to pay the price of the Unit in accordance with the Schedule of Payments as given in letter to be paid on or before due date or as and when demanded by the opts to pay the cost in advance of scheduled time, a suitable discount schedule shall remain unaffected.

ANNEXURE"A" along with other payments such as applicable stamp duty, registration fee, interest free maintenance other charges, deposits stipulated may be allowed by the Developer under this Allotment Developer as the case may be. However, if the Allottee(s)

on its own discretion but the completion


Thatthe following facilities will be provided by the Company: (A) Expenditure on the provisions of common Satellite TV system including cabling, telephone be provided by the Company. system and intercom system or

any other common facilitywill

(B) The stand-by generator for running of lifts, tube well and water pump shall be provided by the Company. The running costs of the power back-up systems to the units shall proportionately maintenance charges. has understood and accepted the condition that out ofthe amounts paid/payable percent of the agreed total sale consideration by the Allottee(s), of the terms and conditions as contained by him/her for the said in the application and be borne by the Allottee(s) over and above the general


(A) That the Allottee(s)

Unit, the Company shall treatTwenty this Allotment letter.

(including Base price & all other charges)

as Earnest Money to ensure fulfillment,

(B) The Allottee(s) hereby authorises the Company to forfeit, out of the amounts paid/payable abovementioned Allottee(s) Application together

by him/her, the Earnest Money as nature including Letter/

with any interest paid, due or payable, any other amount of a non refundable or fulfill any or all the terms and conditions

brokerage paid by the Company to the brokers in case of booking is done through a broker, in the event of the failure of the to perform his/her obligations set out in this Allotment Form executed bytheAllottee(s). shall be made to the Company only through A/c payee Demand drafts / Account Payee Cheques Limited" Payable at Delhi/ New Delhi only. All Cheques are cheque, then makes the payment by an outstation

10. All payments by the Allottee(s)

drawn upon scheduled banks in favour of "Earth Infrastructures

accepted subject to the realization of the same only. In case the Allottee(s) Company by the Bank. Further the Bank Charges for the outstation Allottee(s). outstations If the Allottee(s) makes payment through

his/her payment would be deemed to have been received on the date, the cheque will get credited into the bank account of the clearing and bounced Cheque will be charged from the due to any reason whatsoever, the and charges for Cheque and Cheque is dishonoured

Company shall be entitled to charge Rs.l,OOO/- ( Rupees One Thousand Only) per instance from the Allottee(s), cheque clearance shall be on actual basis. However, in any case, the Allottee(s) requirement and the Allottee(s)

is adamant to make any cash understands that cash will not

payment, the payment will be received only at Registered Office of the Company presently situated at 26, 1st Floor, Pusa Road, Karol Bagh, New Delhi-llOOOS, subject to fulfillment be paid to any other person or representative/manager of statutory /broker/ employee of this company. This payment will be acknowledged

only if a valid and authorized receipt has been issued under the full signature of anyone of the directors ofthe Company. 11. The Allottee(s) authorises the Company to adjust/appropriate all payments made under any head (s) of dues against outstanding,

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Innovation beyond Imagination



ISO 14001:2004 &9001:2008 Cern~ed Company

if any, in his/her name as the Company may in its discretion deem fit and the Allottee(s)

undertakes not to object/demand/direct

the Company to adjust his payments in any manner otherwise than as decided by the Company in its sole discretion. 12. The Company based on its approved complete construction the control / sanction of plans, whichever circumstances plans from GNIDA and estimates and subject to all just exceptions, contemplates to

and hand over the possession of the said Unit within a period of thirty six month from the date of booking is later, which may vary for 6 months, unless there shall be delay or failure due to reasons beyond Rules, Orders, Notifications etc., due to Force Majeure / unforeseen to pay in time the price of the said Unit along with other charges and dues in in abiding any or all of the terms or conditions of this Allotment letter. The

of the Company, due to Government or due to failure of Allottee(s)

accordance with the schedule of payments given in ANNEXURE "A" or as per the demands raised by the Company from time to time or any failure on the part of the Allottee(s) possession period clause is applicable strictly on timely payments made by the Allottee(s).

13. That in case a particular
Allottee(s) acceptability compensation compensation. Further, timely payment Allottee(s), without

unit is omitted

due to change in the plan or the Company is unable to handover the same to the unit of the same type and in the event of nonto any damages or any damages or of alternate unit, the Company shall be liable to refund only the actual amount hereby agrees that in such case, he shall not be entitled In case any preferentially for such preferential located unit ceases to be so located, the location without

for any reason beyond its control, the Company shall offer alternate by the Allottee(s) or non-availability The Allottee(s) of any nature whatsoever

received from the Allottee(s).

from the Company.

Company shall be liable to refund extra charges paid by the Allottee(s)

is the essence of this Allotment.

In case of non-payment/delayed

payment of installments

by the

the company reserves its right to allot the unit/s, which is allotted However later on, if the Allottee(s)

to the Allottee(s),

to any other person/entity of the unit/s

any notice or intimation.

makes the payment with due interest as per the payment subject to the availability

Plan opted by him, the Company may allot any other unit/s to the previous Allottee(s), with the company.

14. The Allottee(s) agrees that if the Company abandon the project or becoming unable to give possession within three years from
the date of execution of this Allotment shall be entitled to terminate the amounts paid by the Allottee(s). letter or such extended periods as permitted letter, and in such a situation under this Allotment letter, the Company this Allotment the Company's liability shall be limited to the refund of

15. The Company and/or "ETIPL" in accordance with the above said arrangement,
deed to convey the title of the said Unit in favour of Allottee(s) payment of the total price of the Unit including to the Company or the Maintenance penal interest time expenses for registration registration

shall prepare and execute a conveyance/Sub-lease only after receiving full Security payable interest, legal

in such manner as may be permissible,

other charges as per ANNEXURE"B", charges for the Reserved Covered Car

Parking space allotted to him/her and payment of all securities including payment of Interest Free Maintenance etc. on delayed installments, Stamp Duty, Registration charges, incidental

Agency, as the case may be, deposits and charges for bulk supply of electricity, letter or as demanded

expenses for registration, fails to deposit

and all other dues as set forth in this Allotment of the Conveyance/Sub-lease

by the Company from time to the Stamp Duty, in the demand

prior to the execution

Deed. In case the Allottee(s)

charges and all other incidental and legal expenses etc. so demanded within the period mentioned the part of sale price paid by the Allottee(s)

letter, the Company shall be free to appropriate expenses and the Allottee(s) shall forthwith of delay in depositing the sale price so appropriated Schedule of payments hereof. If the Allottee(s)

towards the said charges and in the

deposit the shortfall in the sale price so caused together with interest for the period according to payment plan at the rate and in the manner mentioned registration of the Conveyance/Sub-lease is in default of any of the payments as set forth in this Allotment letter, then the

Allottee(s) authorises the Company and/or "ETIPL" to withhold

Deed in his/her favour


Innovation beyond Imagination



ISO 14001:2004 &9001:2008Certified Company

till full and final settlement Conveyance/Sub-lease him/her

of all dues to the Company is made by the Allottee(s). the time stipulated and terminate of interest, this allotment

The Allottee(s)


to execute

Deed within

by the Company in its written any interest

notice failing which the Allottee(s) of a non-

authorises the Company to cancel the allotment the earnest money, delayed payment refundable competent lease deed. The right, title and interest in the Apartment

letter and to forfeit out of the amounts paid by shall be solely responsible and liable penalties imposed by the Lettertill the date of execution of sub-

paid, due or payable, any other amount

nature and to refund the balance amount without authority

any interest. The Allottee(s)

for compliance of the provisions of Indian Stamp Act, 1899 including any actions taken or deficiencies/ (ies) for the period commencing from the execution of this Allotment

shall be transferred

in favour of the Allottee(s) Authority.

by way of a tripartite The sale/transfer



conveyance / Sub-lease deed ("Sub-Lease") on such terms and conditions as specified under the Sub-lease Deed and applicable law, including the Rules and Regulations of Greater Noida Industrial Development terms and extent underneath Afterthe of the ownership of the Apartment/Unit with proportionate the Apartment/Unit. certificate from GNIDA forthe tower in which the Unit/Apartment and other charges and dues to the in favour of shall specify the and impartible rights in the plot of land

grant and receipt by the Company of the completion

is situated, the Company shall, subject to the Allottee(s) the Allottee(s) as per the applicable laws, including

having paid the entire consideration

Company as per the payment plan, execute the sub-lease in favour of the Allottee(s) for Sub-Lease of the Apartment interalia the rules, regulations executed in the form as prescribed or approved by GNIDA. 16. That a written intimation for completion of unit will be sent to the Allottee(s) and a "Fit Out Period" of one quarterwill to communicate

and bye-laws of the GNIDA, and shall be

commence the exact of viz obtaining

from the date of offer of possession. The said "Fit Out Period" is in order to facilitate the Allottee(s) NOC from the Accounts Department sanitary-ware, of the Company, registration of Sub Lease Deed/Conveyance

date by which he will be taking the physical possession of his own unit after complying with the requisite formalities

Deed etc. The installation

wash-basin, kitchen sink, hardware accessories, final touch of paint will be done during said "Fit Out Period" only done in his own presence, if desired so.

and the intending Allottee(s) may get these final installations


However, if there is delay in handing over possession of unit after expiry of said Fit Out Period due to any reason, the Developer will pay the Allottee(s), delayed possession charges @ Rs. Ten per sq. ft. per month in respect of covered area of the unit for from the date of expiry of "Fit Out Period") of Sub Lease Deed/Conveyance Deed etc. from any Financial Institution/Bank by way of at the provided that all due installment from the viz obtaining NOC from the Accounts delayed period only (commencing Department

concerned allottee(s) were received in time and he has complied with requisite formalities of the Company, registration

18. The Allottee(s) hereby authorises and permits the Company to raise finance/loan
mortgage/charge/securitization Building/Complex/Land/Portion time of execution Unit/Portion contractor ofLand of receivables or in any other manner of Land subject to the condition

by charge/mortgage

of the said Apartment/Unit/ on the said as the

that the said Unit shall be free from all encumbrances

of Sub-Lease Deed/Conveyance

Deed. The Company shall always have the first lien/charge

for all their dues and other sums payable by the Allottee(s) or in respect of any loan granted to the Company of the said Unit. It is clarified that the Developer is not constructing / finishing of the apartment and by the execution of sub-lease deed. part of the building shall be insured by the any apartment but on the other hand the Developer is constructing the complex as its own and the sale will be

for the purpose of the construction of the Allottee(s), effected after the actual construction

19. That the fixtures and fittings of each unit along with the connected structural

Allottee(s) at his own cost against the fire, earthquake etc. The Allottee(s) shall not do or permit to be done any act or thing which


Innovation beyond Imagination



ISO 14001:2004 &9001:2008 Cern~ed Company

may render void or voidable insurance of any apartment/unit payable in respect thereof for which the Allottee(s)

or any part of the said building or caused increased premium to be

shall be solely responsible and liable. That the Building shall be earthquake as contained in National Building Code, however, if order or directions on prorata basis. and or additional expenditure

resistant as per the existing codes in force. The Fire Fighting Equipment and/or preventive measures in the common area of the Complex shall be provided as per the existing Fire Fighting Code/Regulations additional fire safety measures are undertaken due to any subsequent legislation/Government after booking of the flat for the reason of any law/byelaw, orders, the Allottee(s) shall payforthe

20. That as per Layout Plan it is envisaged that the units on all floors shall be sold as an independent
undivided share in the land and underneath the Authority, the Allottee(s). carry out construction The Allottee(s) the plot. The allottee(s) shall not be permitted units in the eventuality

unit with impartible

to construct anything on the terrace. has no objection to it.

However the developer shall have the right to explore the terrace in case of any change in the F.A.R./any other Rules/Bye-Laws of offurther of such a change and the Allottee(s) However, as a result thereof, if there is any change in the boundaries or area of the said unit, the same shall be valid & binding on shall have no objection if the Developer gives on lease or hire any part of the top roof/terraces towers etc. on the booking form and or any above the top floor for installation 21. and operation of antennae, satellite dishes, communication

That the company will allow discount offered by broker/ agent to the Allottee(s) other commitment

only if it is mentioned

duly approved by the company. Further the company will not be responsible for any credit note issued to the Allottee(s) whether oral or written solely made by broker/ agent/ any other staff etc.

22. The Allottee(s)

shall not use the said Unit for any purpose other than for residential

use or use in a manner that may cause or illegal or immoral

nuisance or annoyance to occupants of other Units in the said Building/Complex

or for any commercial

purpose orto do or suffer anything to be done in or around the said Unit which tends to cause damage to any flooring or ceiling or services of any Unit over, below, adjacent to the said Unit or anywhere in the said Complex or in any manner interfere with the use thereof or of spaces, passages, corridors or amenities available for common use. The Allottee(s) If the Allottee(s) hereby agrees/indemnifies the Company against any penal action, damages or loss due to misuse for which the Allottee(s) / occupant shall be solely responsible. uses or permits the use of the said Unit for any purpose other than residential, then the Company shall be entitled to treat this Allotment any objection to this. letter as cancelled and to resume the possession of the said Unit and the Allottee(s) shall not have

23. Since it is a large project having number of buildings, the construction
take all possible measures to segregate the developed least inconvenience construction to the Allottee(s). All the major of all the phases. The Allottee(s) is completed. common

will be completed

in phases. However, the Developer shall only after the completion of

and under developed facilities

phases and provide common facilities to ensure will be completed

must take the possession of his/her own unit as soon as it is made available for and will take the possession of his and have no objection to the should not be having any concern/issues

possession to him. Further, the Allottee(s) Unit, if his Building/Tower developer constructing or continuing

hereby agrees that he will not raise any objection The Allottee(s)

with the construction

of the remaining structures of the project or other Buildings/Towers

adjoining the unit sold to the Allottee(s) and whether all the Common Facilities have been completed or not.

24. That the Allottee(s) agreed and understood that if any dues/charges/taxes/fees
Allottee(s) and the same has not been demanded by the Developer, inadvertently ofthe Developer, then the same will be paid by the Allottee(s),

etc., whichever

is applicable on the part of the

or by ignorance and it came later to the notice

as and when noticed and demanded by the Developer. club/recreational facility which shall in due course be transferred to


The Company may construct at its own cost and appropriate a qualified nominated fit at their sole discretion. The Allottee(s)

agency, to own, manage and operate such facility on such terms and conditions as the Company may deem right to use such facility shall at all times be contingent on due and faithful observance


Innovation beyond Imagination



ISO 14001:2004 &9001:2008Certified Company

by the Allottee(s) of all the rules, bye-laws and conditions as may be notified by such third person, transferee or the Company. 26. The Allottee(s) hereby expressly agrees that in case the Allottee(s) fails or neglects to take possession of the said Unit within 90 after the

days (Fit Out Period) of dispatching the notice of offer of possession by the Developer, the Allottee(s) shall be liable to pay holding charges at the rate of Rs. Six. per square feet per month and the said Unit shall lie at the risk and cost of the Allottee(s) expiry of these 90 days as mentioned above. The holding charges shall be in addition to the Maintenance Charges etc. as per the schedule of payment as per for payable by the Allottee(s) as its share of the Government/Municipal 27. (A) The Allottee(s) undertakes to make the payment Charges and the amount

of the Balance amount

ANNEXURE "A". The Allottee(s) agrees that the Developer shall be under no obligation to send/issue demands/reminders the payment of the due amount. The Allottee(s) Developerwithin specifically

accepts that in case any due payment is not received by the notice(due date), the Developer may issue

the stipulated stages/dates indicated in the Payment Plan and/or on the due dates agreed by the Developer to make the payment within

and Allottee(s) and/or advised by the Developer through any reminders/demand a notice to the Allottee(s) rate of twenty-four Allotment

15 days from the due date, the Developer may at its discretion
still fails to make payment even on or before 30 (thirty) giving any further notice, to cancel the

condone the delay and allow the Allottee(s) to make payment till the 30th day from the due date by paying an interest at the percent per annum. In the event the Allottee(s) days from the due date, the Developer shall be entitled in its sole discretion, without

and to forfeit the Earnest Money along with interest on the delayed period. The balance amount, after adjustment without any interest after the said unit is In case of short fall, the developer shall be entitled to recover the same from Allottee(s). is cancelled by the Allottee(s) or the Developer for non-payment Letter/Application of installments, of and

of interest payable on unpaid amount, if any, shall be refunded to the Allottee(s) allotted to some other Allottee(s).

(B) That iffor any reason, the booking ofthe Unit/Apartment any installment other charges of Unit/Apartment will be forfeited

or breach of any terms and conditions of Allotment any interest. of the Different agreement

Form, then 20% of the Basic Price and

along with interest on delayed period/non-payment

balance amount, if any, will be refunded without 28. (A) The Developer maintenance the Allottee(s) shall undertake agency appointed

the Maintenance



by himself and/ or through


by the Developer (hereinafter

referred to as the "Maintenance

Agency"). For this purpose of the

agrees to sign a separate Maintenance

which shall contain the full scope of maintenance

complex and shall pay the maintenance Agency (calculated immediately maintenance outstanding

charges as decided from time to time by the Developers and/ or the Maintenance charges shall commence Security) deposit there-from all

on the super area basis of the Said Unit). The liability to pay maintenance

from the date of offer of possession by the Company to the Allottee(s) irrespective of the actual use or not of the services by the Allottee(s). maintenance Further Allottee(s) agrees to pay IFMS (Interest Free Maintenance may transfer the IFMS to maintenance agency after adjusting

at the time of possession. The Developer

charges or any other dues etc. against the Unit/Apartment. of the complex is handed over to the maintenance agency, only common services shall be

(B) That, in case maintenance transferred

to it. Spaces like Parking, Storage Space, Shopping Complex, Parks, Roofs, Terrace etc., shall not be handed over deem fit. Security) Deposit given by the Allottee(s) to the Developer or

to the Agency and will be owned by the Company and may be developed or sold to any agency or individual as the case may be on any terms as the Companywould

(C) A certain percentage of IFMS (Interest Free Maintenance
nominee of the Developerwill of the "Maintenance (D) Agreement" ortransfer

be refunded to the Allottee(s) / Resident Welfare Association (RWA) at the time of termination of maintenance to the RWA of the Complex. charges within stipulated period, interest at the rate of 24%

In case of failure of Allottee(s) to make payment of maintenance

12 of 28


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ISO 14001:2004 &9001:2008 Cern~ed Company

per annum, shall be charged to the Allottee(s). be discontinued (E) The Allottee(s)

If payment is delayed beyond 3 months then the maintenance

services may

besides of taking of other measures to recover the same. shall pay to the Maintenance Agency three months advance Maintenance charges, prior to taking over the

possession of the Unit/Apartment.

These charges shall be in addition to the IFMS deposit, and the same shall be decided by

the Developer as and when required. (F) The Developer and Allottee(s) agree that the structure of the building(s) may be required to be insured against fire, Agency as a part of the

earthquake and any other natural calamities and disasters, and that the same may be obtained by the Maintenance on the behalf of the Allottee(s) Maintenance Charges). of each Apartment (including (with the costs of such insurance being due and payable by the Allottee(s)

Provided however, that insurance in respect of contents furnishing) shall not be obtained by Maintenance occupant of the Unit) at the Allottee(s), own cost. (G) The Developer and Allottee(s)

but not limited to any fitting by the Allottee(s)


Agency, and shall be obtained


(or any

agree that in addition to the Maintenance or refurbishing of capital/maintenance

Charges, the Allottee(s) equipment

may from time to time be

required (as may be specified by the Company) to contribute object of providing for replacement the machinery and equipment,

to a "Replacement

Fund", which shall be utilized forthe express or for carrying out major repairs to

installed in the Group Housing Project. Agency's employees may break open the door, windows in the flat/Building/Complex and the Allottee(s) undertakes

(H) That in case of urgency or exigency, the Developer's or Maintenance hereby agrees that such actions of the Developer/Maintenance not to raise any objection to such action.

etc. of the flat in order to prevent any further damages to the life/property

Agency is fair and reasonable and the Allottee(s)

29. The Allottee(s) agrees that in case the Allottee(s) intends to transfer/substitution/assignment
whether before or after the completion ofthe Building, in favour of any entity nominated as "Transferee"),

the Said Unit, at any point of time by the Allottee(s) (hereinafter referred

the Allottee(s) would apply to the Developer in the prescribed format of the Developer (available at the office of Transfer Charges as

the Developer) along with all prescribed documents and the Developer will at its sole discretion, transfer the said unit in favour of the Transferee. Such transfer shall be effected by the Developer only after receipt of the Administrative/ prescribed by the Developer from time to time and amount due and payable/unpaid from the Allottee(s) at the time of the transfer. The Developer assignment on such terms and conditions may at its sole discretion Development along with interest till the date of transfer, permit such transfer/substitution/ laws if any, in this regard. It is hereby laws in particular rules and

as the Developer may deem fit and proper, and in accordance with applicable Authority,

including inter alia any guidelines issued by Greater Noida Industrial or otherwise) of the Unit or any rights therein, by the Allottee(s),

agreed that subsequent to the execution of the Sub-Lease, any further transfer (whether by means of a sale, assignment, disposal shall be subject to applicable regulations of Greater Noida Industrial DevelopmentAuthority. The charges for transfer of rights herein amongst family members (Husband, Wife, Children, Father, Mother, Brother, Sister etc.) will be same of the normal Administrative Charges for every transfer. (Rupees Ten Thousand) at present and it may vary from time to time. Any

Note: The prevailing transfer Charges are Rs.I0,000/changes can be made without 30. any prior intimation.

Any change in the name (including additions/deletion) any, between transferor and transferee

with the Developer will be deemed as transfer for this purpose. Claims if reduction/increase in the area or its location etc. will be

as the result of subsequent

settled between themselves i.e. Transferor and transferee, and the Developer will not be a party to this. The transferor takes the

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ISO 14001:2004 &9001:2008Certified Company


on behalf of the transferee, to pay the transfer charges as may be levied by GNIDA at any point of time, in case the

transferee fails to pay the same as and when required to pay.

31. The Allottee(s) agrees that the Company shall have the right to transfer ownership of the said complex in whole or in parts to any
other entity such as any partnership sale/disposal/ firm, body corporate(s) whether incorporated or not, association any intimation, or agency by way of or any other arrangements as may be decided by the Company without written or otherwise to the

allottee(s) and the Allottee(s) shall not raise any objection in this regard. 32. The Company shall not be responsible towards any third party, who has made payments, remittances to the Company on behalf

of the Allottee(s) and such third party shall not have any right and/or claim in the said Unit or towards the company in any manner whatsoever, except as may be specifically consented to by the Company. The Company shall issue the payment receipts only in favour of the Allottee(s). indemnifies However, the third party can not raise his/her/its about the payment or remittances objection after the expiry of 15(fifteen) days of the by the third clearance of the cheque/s to the company on behalf of the Allottee(s). The Allottee(s)

the Developer against all the claims/damages/interest/compensation

etc. in any manner whatsoever,

party on account of payment made by him on behalf the Allottee(s) to the Developer.

33. (A) That in case the Allottee(s) want to avail of a loan facility from any bank/ financial institution/agency
of the Unit applied for, the Company shall facilitate the process subject to the following: (i) The Allottee(s) shall arrange/avail or concessional treatment (ii) the loan facility from Bank/Financial Institution/Agency

to facilitate the purchase

at his own and the Company shall

not be responsible or liable for the same in any manner whatsoever, and the Allottee(s) shall not be entitled to any leverage from the Developer. as stipulated in payment plan has been paid on due dates as per of loan or non-sanction of the loan by the

In such case the Allottee(s) shall ensure that the Installment the payment schedule notwithstanding Bank/Financial Institution/Agency. are not paid on due dates as stipulated anything contrary Institution/Agency.

any delay in reimbursement

(iii) If the installment(s) late payment

above, the Company shall be entitled to recover the interest on in any other agreement among the Developer, the


to this contained

Allottee(s) and the Bank/Financial (iv) In case the Bank/Financial


makes the lump sum payment of the cost of unit, the Company shall not be

liable to pay the interest or any other charges to the Allottee(s) for receiving the payment before due dates. (v) In case of non-sanction of loan, the Allottee(s) shall ensure to pay the installments as per the payment plan, failing which, the letter.

Allottee(s) shall be governed by the provisions of clause 27 above and other clauses of this allotment

(vi) The Developer would not be a party, in any case whatsoever, for any defaults of repayment of above said Loan/funds taken by the Allottee(s) from bankers/Financiers. and/or Allottee(s), In case there is any delay in payment of installments by the bank/financial and the as perthe terms of the institutions/agency allotment (B) letter. agrees that the company shall have the first charge/lien under this Allotment on the said Unit for the recovery of all its dues by the Company from dues out of the sale the loan amount in either case it shall be treated as a default on the part of the Allottee(s), on the delayed installments

Allottee(s) alone shall be liable to pay penalty to the Developer/Company

The Allottee(s)

payable by the Allottee(s)

letter and such other payments as may be demanded

time to time. Further the Allottee(s)

agrees that in the event of his/her failure to pay such dues as aforesaid, the Company by selling the said Unit to recover and receive the outstanding to refund on demand from the bank/financial institution,

will be entitled to enforce the charge/lien

proceeds thereof. The Company undertakes


Innovation beyond Imagination



ISO 14001:2004 &9001:2008 Cern~ed Company

received sanctioned




institutions/agency institution

on behalf

of the Allottee(s)

as the


loan, to the shall not



in the event of Allottee(s)'s

failure to pay the differential

amount between the loan and the Allottee(s)

by the bank/financial

and the actual purchase price of the unit/flat,

object to the same. The abovesaid refund shall be subject to deductions payment/Non-payments of this allotment (e) letter. of installments

of earnest money along with interest on delayed

and any other charges or any other amount etc. as per the terms and conditions

The Allottee(s) agrees that in case the Allottee(s) opts for a loan arrangement for the purchase of the said Unit, the conveyance/ the Allottee(s) registration executed only upon the Company receiving "No Objection Certificate"

with any financial institutions/bank/agency, shall be That and institutions/agency.

Sub-lease deed of the said Unit in favour of the Allottee(s) from such bank/financial

hereby agrees that in case he avails loan facility for the purchase of the said Unit, upon execution

of the Sub-Lease Deed regarding the said Unit, the original Sub-Lease Deed shall be received by the Developer to create equitable mortgage thereon in accordance with the Banking Rules & Regulations and the

on behalf of the Unit Allottee(s) from the Registration Office directly and shall be deposited with the concerned financing institute/banker Undertaking given by the Developer in this regard. (D) The consent of the Allottee(s) shall be deemed to have been granted for creation of charge during the construction complex. (E) That the basis of calculating the proportionate charges payable by any Allottee(s) will be proportion of the super area of of the

the unit to the total super area of all units affected by that charge.

34. (A) That the provisional


under the present document

is only with regard to the inner space of the unit. The further construction by connecting the

Allottee(s) shall have no other right, title or interest in any other part of the property and the Developer shall be free to use the same at its discretion including by letting it out / by raising fund/adding Notwithstanding existing utilities / amenities /services etc. to the such newly added construction to object in any manner whatsoever. the purpose of calculating the saleable Super Area ofthe Unit/Apartment, it is only the inside space in the Unit/Apartment, the computation any commercial to which the Allottee(s) shall have no right

the fact that a portion of the common area has been included for it is repeatedly and specifically made clear that The Allottee(s) shall have no right in

that has been agreed to be sold and the inclusion of the common areas in in the Complex and the Developer shall be free to dispose off

does not give any divisible right and title therein to the Allottee(s). premises, building, shops etc. constructed

the same on such terms and conditions as it may deem fit. (B) That in no event and under no circumstances the maximum liability of the developer on any account whatsoever pursuant to the present document etc. Development Authority due to any shall

exceed the amount received by the developer from the Allottee(s)

or the entitlement

of the Allottee(s) on all the accounts together including refund/interest/damages (e) That in case of cancellation circumstances, forthesame. of sublease deed by the Greater

Noida Industrial

the Developer shall not refund the money paid to it by the Allottee(s)

as the Developer is not responsible

35. (A) That the Allottee(s)
within the tower/

has further

agreed that all rights of ownership

of land(s), facilities and amenities

other than those

building in which the Unit is located and the common areas shall vest solely with the Company, which to deal in any manner with such land(s), facilities and/or amenities. The staircase,

shall have the sole right and authority

connecting the Ground Floor to Terrace, is a common service accessible to all the dwellers of all the Units. The Allottee(s) will not encroach, occupy, alter or block the access to and from the staircases.


Innovation beyond Imagination



ISO 14001:2004 &9001:2008Certified Company

(B) However, all such Common Area and facilities shall remain the property of the Company, which shall be responsible for the maintenance Apartment and upkeep of the Common Area, till such time as the same is transferred/ assigned to any other body or with the provisions of U.P. agency or association or society of residents of the Group Housing Project, in accordance

Ownership Act, 1975 or any other law applicable to the Earth Towne Group Housing Project. (Promotion, Construction and Maintenance) Act, 2010. The right

(C) The Allottee(s) shall be governed by the U. P.Apartments amounts. (D) That in addition to the Built Up Area, if the Allottee(s) be allowed in such areas. The maintenance

to usage of common facilities is subject to observance by Allottee(s) of covenants herein and up to date payment of all dues

gets exclusive usage rights to certain areas (like attached areas with either permanent or temporary, shall of the Allottee(s).

ground floor unit and terrace for certain upper floors), in such a case, no construction,

of these areas shall be the exclusive responsibility

Provided further that any club, swimming pool, open spaces, parking spaces (except to the extent of the parking space that are transferred to any body or association or society of residents), public amenities, business lounges, shopping center, if any, and all other such facilities shall not be transferred ownership of the Company. to such body or association or society and shall remain in the sole

36. The Allottee(s) (in case of Non Resident Indian status or Non Resident Entity) agrees that he shall be responsible for complying with the necessary formalities as laid down in the Foreign Exchange Management Act, 2002 (FEMA), rules and regulation of the
Reserve Bank of India or statutory with such permissions, enactments or amendments thereof and all other applicable laws etc. and provide Company under this Allotment letter. The approvals which would enable the Company to fulfill its obligations

Allottee(s) agrees that in the event of any failure on his part to comply with the applicable guidelines issued by the Reserve Bank of India, the amount paid by the Allottee(s) will be refunded by the company without The company will not be liable in any manner on such account. any interest but after adjusting/forfeiting shall be cancelled forthwith. earnest money along with interest and interest payable on unpaid amount etc. and the allotment

37. The Developer and Allottee(s) agree and acknowledge that where the completion
and/or the handing over of the possession of the Apartment including without limitation the Company and the Allottee(s) Force Majeure, then no claim whatsoever

of the construction

of the Unit/Apartment shall lie against

is delayed by any reason beyond the control of the Company, by way of any damages/compensation

hereby waives all rights and claims in this regard. Further, where there occurs any delay in letter, the Company shall be to the Allottee(s).

handing over the possession to the Allottee(s) on account of reasons specified under this allotment entitled to a reasonable extension oftime for handing over possession ofthe said Apartment

If in the opinion of the Company, Force Majeure continues for a considerable time, then the Company may, in its sole discretion, abandon the project and terminate/ alter/ vary the terms and conditions of this Allotment Letter, in such a case, the Company whatsoever. shall only be liable to refund the amounts received from the applicant(s) without any interest or compensation

38. The Developer may obtain/apply

the building completion


either for the whole project or in phases, i.e. part of the

project, from the Greater Noida Industrial DevelopmentAuthority.

39. The Allottee(s) will have a right to ownership and access, only to his unit, after he has fully paid all the dues, complied with all the
terms and conditions executed compliance construction mentioned in this Allotment letter and also got the Sub-Lease Deed/Conveyance the Allottee(s) shall resolve any complaint Deed, registered and with regard to the in his favour from the Developer. or quality of workmanship, of any designs, specifications, Furthermore,

any item or work in the unit, which may be said not to have been carried out or for nonbuilding material or any other reason whatsoever, prior to taking possession of the


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ISO 14001:2004 &9001:2008 Cern~ed Company

Unit or within 3 months from the date of Offer of Possession, whichever is earlier, after which all claims would be deemed to be waived bytheAllottee(s}.

40. All external walls, windows, passages, common areas, other property etc. shall never be occupied, and no sign age, sign board,
neon light, publicity or advertisement material, hanging of clothes etc. or display board installed, air-conditioning units or generators shall be installed in these areas by the Allottee(s} and or no other activity shall be done which spoils the aesthetics of the building or area, causes noise pollution or in any other way in-conveniences for immoral Allottee(s} shall do it otherwise. to any other party or the developer or is illegal or will make all the provisions and none of the purpose alone and for no other purpose and interest of the collective owners / purposes. For putting names of the various owners, the developer The said unit shall solely be used for residential or contrary to public policy or contrary

further more, the Allottee(s} shall not conduct any illegal or immoral activities from or in the said unit, any activity, which creates nuisance or is illegal, obnoxious to the common occupants of "Earth Towne" Project. The Allottee(s} agrees and undertakes that it shall neither modify any structure or raise any illegal construction may undertake Statutory Authorities. in the said unit, minor internal

nor encroach upon or occupy any area falling outside the said unit. not be allowed to effect any of the following changes/alterations:(A) Changes which may cause damage to the structure adjacent units. his/her/their

However, the Allottee(s}

alterations in his unit only with the prior written approval ofthe Company/Concerned

The Allottee(s} shall

(column, beams, slabs etc.) of the Block or the Unit or to any part ofthe will get the same repaired as

In case damage is caused to adjacent unit or common area, the Allottee(s}

own cost failing which, the Company will get the same repaired at its own expenses and recover the cost

incurred by it from the Allottee(s}. (B) Changes that may affect the facade or common area of the Building, e.g. changes in windows, treatment, Balconies and Terraces with permanent removed at the cost of the Allottee(s}. (C) Making encroachments on the common spaces in the Building. or temporary structure, tampering with external covering of

changing the paint color of Balconies and External Walls, putting Grills on Doors and Windows, unauthorized

hanging or painting of signboards etc. Designated spaces display boards will be

will be allocated for display of signboard etc. In the interest of complex aesthetics,

41. The Allottee(s} agrees and undertakes to co-operate with the Company at all times, and shall, from time to time, sign and execute
all applications, papers, documents, maintenance agreement and all other relevant papers, do all the acts, deeds, and things as letter, and for safeguarding the if not the Company may require for the purposes of giving effect to the terms of this Allotment

interests of the Company and other Units owners, in relation to the Earth Towne. The Allottee(s} agrees to furnish his Permanent Account Number (PAN) or Form 60/61, as the case may be, within 30 days from the date of execution of this allotment, furnished earlier.

42. Allottee(s} or any subsequent owner or lessee shall at all times provide unhindered access to the unit allotted to him for staff and
management of developer or maintenance agency for maintenance, checking proper use of space, to avoid any mishap or for any other reason.

43. (A) The Allottee(s}
Allottee(s}, for the allotment

agrees that the company

shall specify certain

open space as the Open Car Parking Space for all the Company and the Allottee(s} (who paid for the parking spaces,

and the Allottee(s}

agrees to park his car at that space only on first cum first serve basis. A separate Agreement

of the Covered Car Parking will be executed between

Covered Car Parking), at the time of possession. The Developer also reserves its right to allot the un-allotted in future, after handing over maintenance

of said Complex to Residents Welfare Association (RWA) of Allottee(s}/occupiers


Innovation beyond Imagination



ISO 14001:2004 &9001:2008Certified Company

of the Unit/Apartments. allotted parking space.

The RWA or the Allottee(s)/occupiers



shall not have any right over the un-

(B) One Reserved Covered Car Parking (in basement) shall be mandatory Units/ Apartments as applicable to them. Moreover, the Allottee(s)

for all the Allottee(s)


of the sizes of the Letter as and

agrees that he will pay the charges of one Reserved on page nO.5 of this allotment

Covered Car Parking (in basement) in addition to the total cost as mentioned

when decided and demanded by the Developer. The Developer hereby confirms that they will decide the charges for covered car parking on or before 31st December 2012 and inform the Allottee(s) accordingly. 44. The Developer shall get single point electric connection through separate meters to the Allottee(s) through capacity, as opted by him/her/them All expenses towards installation 45. for the Complex from the concerned authority prepaid system. The Allottee(s) and it shall be distributed for the

will get the electric connection

atthe time of booking (Minimum

Five KVA) atthe rate of Rupees Five Thousand only per KVA.

of electric meter and other connected charges will be borne by the Allottee(s). for obtaining service connections to the unit like electricity, telephone, water

That all the charges payable to various departments be payable by the Allottee(s).

etc., including security deposit for sanction and release of such connections

as well as any other charges pertaining thereto will


(A) That any amount paid by the Allottee(s) shall first be adjusted towards earlier outstanding paid installments, (B) The Allottee(s) deed/grant (C) interest or other outstanding amounts, if any.

payments such as unpaid or partly

before taking possession of the unit, must clear all the dues towards the unit and have the conveyance letter. binds himself and

of Sub-lease deed forthe said unit executed in his favour as perthis allotment

That, if at any stage this document absolved and indemnified

requires to be registered under any law or necessity, the Allottee(s)

agrees to register the same through the Developer in his favour at his own cost and expenses and to keep the Developer fully in this connection. of Unit(s) where allotment being obtained through misrepresentation,


The Company reserves the right to cancel the allotment concealment Allottee(s). and/or suppression of material

facts. The Company's decision in this regard shall be final and binding on the

48. 49.

That the Carbon Credit Benefit arisen, if any, in the Group Housing project can be redeemed by the Developer. The Allottee(s) hereby covenants with the Company to pay from time to time and at all times the amounts which the Allottee(s) is letter and to observe and perform all the covenants and conditions contained in this Allotment estate and effects, indemnified and harmless against all by of the said covenants and conditions non-observance letter. The Allottee(s) and also against any loss or damages that the of the said covenants and conditions the above mentioned terms

liable to pay under this Allotment

letter and to keep the Company and its agents and representatives, payments and observance and performance the Allottee(s) as mentioned in this Allotment Company may suffer as a result of non-payment, and conditions and agrees to abide by the same. 50.

or non-performance

has fully read and understood

That the Company shall continue to have, as before, the right to make additions, also to connect the electric, water, sanitary and drainage fittings on the additional water, sanitary and drainage sources at its own cost as may be permitted structures and storey shall be the sole property of the Company. The Allottee(s)

raise storey or put up additional structures/storey Authorities.



with the existing electric, Such additional

by the Competent

hereby gives consent to the same and agrees

that he shall not be entitled to raise any objection or claim at any point of time in respect there of.

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Innovation beyond Imagination



ISO 14001:2004 &9001:2008 Cern~ed Company

51. Any reference in this Allotment

letter to anyone gender, masculine, feminine or neuter includes the other two and the singular requires. The terms "herein", "hereto", hereof or thereof letter. or letter refer to this entire Allotment letter and not to the particular provision in which the term

includes the plural and vice versa, unless the context otherwise similar terms used in this Allotment is used unless the context otherwise 52. The captions/headings matter/clauses

requires. Unless otherwise stated all references herein to clauses ofthis Allotment

in this Allotment

letter are for easy reading and convenience and are of indicative nature only and in no letter or the intent of any provision hereof. The true interpretation of any letter as a whole and not in

way define, limit or describe the scope of this Allotment in this Allotment isolation or in parts or in terms of captions provided.

letter shall be done by reading the various clauses in this Allotment

53. (A) If any provision of this Allotment
unenforceability other provisions difference of this Allotment contained

letter is determined

to be invalid or unenforceable

in whole or in part, such invalidity or or

shall attach only to such provision or part of such provision and the remaining part of such provision and all letter shall continue of the Application to remain in full force and effect. In case of any repugnancy forms submitted by the Allottee(s) and this Allotment Letter, the Any of the of

in the terms and conditions of the application

terms and conditions terms and conditions this allotment

in this allotment

letter shall be binding on both the Developer and Allottee(s). letter.

form, which is not covered, included or superseded by the terms and conditions

letter, shall be valid and enforceable as the terms and conditions of this allotment

(B) That delay or indulgence by the Developer in enforcing the terms of this allotment
to Allottee(s) Developerto terms and conditions of this allotment enforce this allotment letter by the Allottee(s)

letter or any forbearance

or giving oftime of any of the

shall not be construed as a waiver on the part of the Developer of any breach or non-compliance letter.

nor shall the same in any manner prejudice the rights of the

54. The execution of this Allotment
the Company's Head/Registered Company. Hence, this Allotment thereto executed this Allotment

letter will complete only upon its execution by the Company through its Authorised Office in New Delhi after the copies duly executed letter at any place(s) other than New Delhi. by this Allotment by the Allottee(s)

Signatory at has prior

are received by the

letter shall be deemed to have been executed at New Delhi even if the Allottee(s)

55. That all notices to be served on the Allottee(s) and the Company as contemplated
been duly served if sent to the Allottee(s) allotment letter. Moreover, at any point oftime,

letter shall be deemed to have at the start of this in case letter in to all the Allottee(s).

or the Company by Registered Post at the addresses mentioned and served the communication

due to any reason, company corresponds with anyone of the Allottee(s)

of joint applicants, it shall be deemed that the company has communicated the address, mentioned mentioned in the begining,

It shall be the duty of the Allottee(s) to inform the Company of any change subsequent to the execution of this Allotment by Registered Post, failing which, all communications in the begining, shall be deemed to have been received by the Allottee(s).

and letters posted at the address

56. Allor any disputes or differences arising out of or touching upon or in relation to the terms of this Allotment
interpretation and validity of the terms thereof and the respective rights and obligations arbitration. amicably by mutual discussion failing which the same shall be settled through Developer or the Allottee(s}, for adjudication, and binding upon the both. The arbitration statutory arbitration, amendments/modifications to a sole arbitrator, to be appointed

letter including the shall be settled

of the Allottee(s)

The same can be referred by the and Conciliation Act, 1996 or any to

by the Company, whose decision shall be final

proceedings shall be governed by the Arbitration

thereof for the time being in force, and shall take place in Greater Noida. Subject to the to it shall have the exclusive jurisdiction

the High Court of Judicature at Allahabad and the courts subordinate

adjudicate upon any dispute between the Developer and the Allottee(s).


Innovation beyond Imagination



ISO 14001:2004 &9001:2008Certified Company





1. Signature Name _ __ 2. Signature Name _ __

S/W/D of
Address _


Address _









Innovation beyond Imagination



ISO 14001:2004 &9001:2008 Cern~ed Company

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Innovation beyond Imagination



ISO 14001:2004 &9001:2008Certified Company

Floor PLC


Park Facing PLC


Road Facing PLC


Corner PLC



Club Charges


External Electrification



(At the rate of Rs. 40/- per Sq. Ft.)

Fire Fighting Charges
(At the rate of Rs. 40/- per Sq. Ft.)


Electric Connection





5 KVA at the rate of Rs. 5000/- per KVA)

DG Power Back Up
(At the rate of Rs. 15000/- per KVA)



One Time Lease Rent
(At the rate of Rs. 85/- per Sq. Ft.)



Total Other Charges Rs.


In word: Rupees


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Innovation beyond Imagination



ISO 14001:2004 &9001:2008 Cern~ed Company

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Innovation beyond Imagination



ISO 14001:2004 &9001:2008Certified Company

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ISO 14001:20C14 &9001:2008 Certified Company



Innovation beyond Imagination

a- Main entry b- Drop off c- Parking d- Exit e- Club building cum Activity center: * Spa * Nursing rooms & Chemist shop * Commercial promenade * Roof top food court * Entertainment zone * Projector room * Fine dining area ATMs f- Swimming pool g- Party Lawn g 1- Open Lawn h- Kids' play areal Recreation zone i- Tot-lot with sand pit j- Gazebo k- Water feature/ fountains 1- Amphitheater & Arts area m- Reflexology park n- Badminton courts
0- Outdoor exercise station


p- Tennis court q- Cricket academy r- Play school & Creche s- Sit-out u- Trellis v- Waterbody/ lily pool w- Aromatic garden x- Mini golf course
X1- Jogging track

xz Reflection pool y- Basketball court z- Yoga & Aerobics

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Innovation beyond Imagination



ISO 14001:2004 &9001:2008Certified Company

Vitrified tiles in drawing room, kitchen and bedrooms, wooden laminated flooring in master bedroom, anti skid tiles in bathrooms

and balconies.

Walls & Ceiling Finish:
Finished walls & ceiling in OBD with POP finishes in drawing room with pleasing shades.

Designer kitchen described as granite working top with stainless steel sink, RO treated water supply in kitchen, 2'-0" dado designer

ceramic tiles above the working top, stainless steel soap and detergent stand.

Ceramic tiles on walls up to door level, imported accessories like soap dish, towel rack, toothbrush sanitary ware with EWC, CP fittings and mirrors in all the toilets, bathroom

stand etc.

Doors & Windows
Outer doors & windows aluminum powder coated/UPVC, main entry door frame of maranti or equivalent wood with skin moulded

door shutter/ good quality hardware fittings. Lock on main door.

Fancy lights & fans in bedroom & drawing room, 151 copper wiring in P.V.C concealed conduits, provision for adequate light and power points as well as TV outlets with modular switches as per architect design.

TV & Telephone
One land line connection having intercom facilities, provision for DTH connection.

Underground & overhead water tank with pump and 24 hours uninterrupted water supply, provision for lift power backup, mail

delivery box in every tower, external facade of tower in texture paint

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Innovation beyond Imagination



ISO 14001:2004 &9001:2008 Cern~ed Company

Unit No

Floor __

Tower No./Name

Super Area

Sq. Mt. (

Sq. Ft.)

1. First Transfer:
1/ we hereby assign all the rights and Liabilities under this Allotment in favour of: 1/ We hereby accept all the rights and liabilities this Allotment assigned in my / our favour by: under



The above Assignment/Transfer

is hereby confirmed. For Earth Infrastructures Limited


Authorized Signatory

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Innovation beyond Imagination



ISO 14001:2004 &9001:2008Certified Company

Unit NO

Floor __

Tower NO./Name

Super Area

Sq. Mt. (

Sq. Ft.)

2. Second Transfer:

1/ we hereby assign all the rights and Liabilities under this Allotment in favour of:

1/ We hereby accept all the rights and liabilities this Allotment assigned in my / our favour by:




The above Assignment/Transfer is hereby confirmed. For Earth Infrastructures Limited


Authorized Signatory

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Innovation beyond



ISO 14001 :2004 & 9001 :2008 Certified Company

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