Innovallon beyond Imar; MaUoll
ISO f,jIOO1:~QOo;:I 9001 ;2008 Corlirlllld


l~f \W~W'l FE

PearSir/s I/VVe request t~at My/Qur APPlicat}Qrl may be r~gisttred for Booking ofa Resiqef'!tial Unit in ¥0ur 4ptoming Project

~Earth Towr:)~e" being developed anQ COQstructB$ by Y0ur-co\mpany at Plot No. GH·G4, S~ector-i, Gre<a~er 9.ida, U.f. N


[/We 'have clearly unaerstood that the appliGation does not ddhstftute an Agre:gmentto Sell andl/We dono~bec0me . .. entil~a. to the pr~~isi0palarid/QF,~q~I\i!lotrT)erit of Re.sidential Unit notwfthstar.l<jing'ttw fact t[;j~t have Tssu~'d re~e\JPt ackh0wled~~nt a m

tr: cOf~an~may

oftt<ie6frnest. money/part of earnest money tendered the ap~l<!latIOf.l. \

. \

. \.

IJWe,~greeto si~t;j,a n'd.execute, as.,and when desl'red by the CC;l!l'lparw (on eonf rtnatlon of allotment), the Allotment, Bui.lder Buyer Un.derstahdingiGrant of Lease on tRe corrtPany's standard format cont~nts whereof




r~adand I!;lnderst'oo'd by,rrte!us..i(We agree to <\Ibide b~the term's-& eonortlons laJ.ddown irythjs~ppl icatiQn form. !/VVe remith~.rewrth. a sum 0f:Rs .. , '
No. .. .. .


" ,


~ "

>., "."
co ••••••••••



: .. ,



, , dated



-\...•.... ,. .
: •••••

pnly) by 'Bank Draft/cheque
"' ••••••••••••••••••••


/New D.elhi.towards. the booKing,' arnount' earnest m0hlzy er part thereof for residentiaj 'Unit! Un'its. (All dr#fts

cheques t9 'Dedr.e.wnrn favour of" Earth Infrastructures Ltd. 'j






ifNe, further'agree to pay the

i nstanrnents of basic cost and allied' charges as stipwlated/ de)_n"m'ded by the Company

and! or as contained m the payment plan opted b>\me,


pal1icularsas mentioned below m,ay be recorded. for refetence ,and communications , \





AI'S! NamEl

1. Rt§tAppUcant

!Y1r. i Mrs.' Ms. / M/s (to be fi,lle<;lc rO.e:aRs)

DSc{cfo ogoo o'cto
Arsl Name

Middle Name Middle Name






rileD o[jb DODD Q 0
[9 D
"., ,

last Name"


-Applicant. II



3! D~te, of B~rth, Date


IncorpGlr,-tion of Eirrn.

D D Q D D0
D@ M~

!:Jffi Name,

4. Profession (Constitution
5. Occupation(Please ticfs)

' ' ,........• i ..•............, .. ;
Employed Resident" ':"

6. Residential Status (P,lease '-tick).



", .. "

!.",•• ,.,

: •."••,



U '"
:, '

Self Emplqyed,O Non-resitlentlndianD


Foreign National ~ ,.•.,
'•••• :.. •••• \_

'. '.

~ 1. Mailiqg p.\ddress:(Res.) •. ~
"'\ '', '.. ~_ ' , ' -, ,

~.: ..' ,



'\'"" ..~ ..•, N'atiooCllfty


.". ,'
•• ,


.... E:'erm?liilen\_Aadres$ (Res.) ,. ,.•,., " • ., .•.......... "




~ ••••••


,., , ,..,


, '..\



, ,,



;. MObIle

No. 0

I, "

" -d" ~, Offi Ice Ad Jess.."



"I' •• •."."". ,."


9. Mopile. 11. E·mail'





,13. lncome tax PAN.,., .. ,.. ,










\ Fifst'Na me

1. Second Applicant Mr:./ IMr,s. / Ms.

C\ "-'!

14, Passport No.Noter Card rIlodDtivlng- Iicertse No

12. Marital Sta-tus , ~







".: ....•....................

(to be filled in caps)

Middle Na"le

tast Name \



2. Sdg , Wife / Q-al!lgbtEjJ of Mr: , MI'$-(fo p~ filled in 'caps)

4; Profession r~onstituti(:Jn
5'.S"ccupation(Please tick)

GDDDq~8PDDD '8. Elate of Bi!tll / Date of lncorporatlon D'D LJ DOD D0
DO' MM yy

DDI~DDDDD 1, Nam~,



of Fiftn

,. Employed


Residential Status, Wlease'ti"C~). ,., " ., ""


ReSide~t ,.........• ",


Self Emplo'yedD NerHesidantlQdian
" ••••••••••••


'. "., l.

P~ofessjonal Foreign National

0 D
~ ..'"

7" Mailin~ Ad€lress (Res.) ....''''','',.. ,." "

, •••••

P~rmane.nt AdC\~ess(Res •.)


. .



_ "




NationaliW ...•. ~ ,






.Office Address 8. Telefilione



-r ........•,
~ _,

,.,.: .:..''' •.. ,.. "

Phone N~.[]

"~..'''''_''' .'.'~ .-.





, '••
" .,,"




1'1. E-mail



, .. "' .•..•.. ' .. ,'





, .. '.........•.•

12. Marital StatlIs.".: .. ,






1:4. Passport No.)(\Ioter Card N?/DH'l!in.g,Ucense No



is. Payment

Plan OPJion (pfease tick as appliofble)

Qown PaYJl'l8(jt Plan


GonStFuction Link Payment Plan


Flexi Pa~!)1e~t Plan Unit No \FloOI ' , ,.,.".,..,.,. : :v: "',"'"

16. Name of Projeet: Earth TQwne
S(!p~r Area; '(Sg. Ft.) " ,..~.-...,

Tower Number
'•. ,..
-r .\

,., , , ..•,' :



,,=. "

Type 17. sas{dr"al,e Prlce (BSP)' ~ PLC: \
Flo0rPLC Park Fadihg

\ .., ~, .


(e:,g. 2 BJMK + Study,
Rs ; ,..'.. ,

'3BHK) ~

\.>persq. ft.)


\ , , '.'..".\ (per sq. ft;.~



Road FaeingpLC Corner'PLC

Ottt,!?fCharges l(ilal"lY)
IDG Power BaCKUP Required 18. ~-ny dth rRernarks \;. , " _..................•... \-, :;.,

" ~,


,,, ,





Ii We thelilbOfe.appl(cant(sl do lcereliy declane that tile aBove narticejers liNen byrne/us are true-and con'6cl\and nofuing ha,sbeen concealed there from. I/we qgreelhat ~nyallotment based on th is applicallOA-$all 'be'$~~j~ct t¢.fulft 11m of·the basic Ie rrns and con~ilt",~s id do".)n Tnthis applloatlon, ent la
IN{e Sha~labliJe bY llie terms ,and ,oono;l'iti l1,s:':'and' 0 tl\e.,payme/;'t plan~ lai,d down fo this application, '~d which 'Shall i'p(f_O~faoto applicable to (I1y/our le~1 he.i_~and ~ successors,


Rna l.Appr~vil]GiVen



Basic Terms and Cond iti 0~s 'for Booking

of Residential

Unit in "Earth



The <iQlllicant(s) ,~~~'erstands>lod isaware oftha;manner'aGd the extent Dr thll rlgh S, interest.llmd entitlement of 1h,,,,DeverOpSf 6n tile ,!aod 'a!;!rI(,app",ximately thereabouts situated at plot No. GH~04, Sector" 1;G'reater Naida, 'l:},P and the'proposed project is kr10wn as "Earth Towne' , Whiel1i&:brie1Jr rep roduoed herein below; 1.

73,900 sq, mtrs, or

Eartt. Infras rucnrres Ltd. (h..-",,(n rete ned to as the, " DeVeloiier or the. ComDany·) as \l1 e beveloper is entiUed 10COtlS!(U,ct, ,develop I s€'iI, le~se,and rna nage the'er~i\s iOtil'_' propo~ed project 'IiJ:: "E<llth Town~· therein a tso referre<!{o as the • P'rojeCt"J and .the Oevelo,f'Br lias c"""nartted il1\eMlIa to <\evelop thl!JX'mPldite,wer/bJildrng On the Projecllan<j and 10 d~1 WIth all matters concerm ng tl'l e same • T, e a,PP'iCanils)\)fas llilly st,lSliedhir.rSelf.ap, out ttie ri~ts,~~e, h a~tJ fnt'\;,r~st ofthe,~e\I(!IQ!iefln plot of t~Ir,lan(l.", Th~ Pl?ti" allott1;!dlO,' th.!'.oomp~ny by tlJe G'reaterN<?ida"lnd~lriar ... lJevaltl_PJl1ent A:utllorit)i (~I DII~pi1lea¢ehOlti ,b~SlS vide its tease Deeq. wh ICtl~S QUIY regjlAered vide DOCUme/lt'{:l0 2080li, In Book 'No 1 Volume N,h325"L Page Nos 381..4 2.2 on 01· 09·2010 in th~ offlceofSub R~gjstrar, Gautam Bildh NagprW" P.) andt.he Devele~rM'a,s taken over the pl''ISlcal POsseSsijon;.OfaIO~id Piol/tom 'I3NIDA'onOl.;~010. targeted for utilizing the·bui II U P !;p.3~e 101 Reside~tla I Un lfs along.wil/t~ome,partfor'cXlmmercra! ... ~d th e~pplleanl(s) has fflrther u nderstood allirmitabo~ and obltga\f.o'l;ls in ,espE!G1 tIlereol. The. 'IPpIi9 nt(si ha,? apl;ll'eilfb~ allQmtent-?t Re~den1ial.~ nit (herell1afler .re~m:d astr_nlt), P'i:QP05edto bfoor)sUucted c n Pmjeci titled "Earth towne" \_said P'oje,cll.1'ha l'the appljcantY,i Undertak~st6cort\~1y With ~~l.t!1e re() "I~m~nl;!; a nd compliaQ~s.of Ule, G'NI Min l$f.y 01 E'nviron~e"t11!J II mp@,CI Sss%ment(E!A), U.P..l1?"~tlO.1)Control Board/Wale\: co:mrni%i on arid A a ny ,Oth.~r g;",emme)1t f\J IM, .anlri 1\l"gtJ" ,Iatl~n~ '~ih.~own, • by State, Q~ U,"P.,0 r any ~er .competent ~utllQf1,",I.Jll.e ap pllcant(s) sna II oal'u'setlle sal~Uml;i~~ permIt the sa "Ie to be 1.I,S~d{'''''rW, R"rpo$tl"olfterthan the purpose aasaocncnec b~\fIe pres~riQ,*, Authorijy, ,







fie a P"PUoailt{s) 1l~'$IIprnsel1led


speci~~i'llll: undi:dS!~Od and "greed tnai-

A. The. pM"ormance by~the D?\f$!O'P\~ ~ ftsoblfg<llion eund er(ll\ese 'pI"eSM~ .boctuisl departmllrTts (hllrel" 'referred to as 'AuthO"/i11 es") fr'lm'tl·me..lo.tlme

a Ad su8Ject to all a,ppllcabl'llawEtnotifica~on$l;wnd

are ~cn~ingeot


bouncJ, and regul?ted ~pon

\aptlr.ova Is 1,q be

granted by various stil\uioiy l!utho(!tie~ I~ons a;slmP9S'i!Il by !Il,f!seA;uthonU ""S,


B, TM D~I'1.,P<!r has, rea~Hy ~ rovidefl and ti1e]"pplica nllSI, ha\ ~n and Ie<:eived, to ilS sa.tiSfac~on alllnfOlmation and'clarifiQ<lt!o~s a~teqt.tired ~~e apPliEli Ilt(Sl and.theapPllcanttS!{s al:!pl~~ fOlti1e SIll? WIth lull krl~led~~1if an th~ n~ts, titlll.M\Hnterests oFt;he ~QiflPa,nyand !aws, ru!~s~cregula~o,~, nQt;ficatlons., e\c. ~p~llcable.\b t!;e GOmpl~. All the qUene!l related lb unit, proJact etc. have alread~ be.,~ al'lSwered by the Comp<my tQ,the ~omplete sa\l.Sfactlon of the apR!lcant(s) ~nd no further !"Ive5II.g;Jtlon "\ tillS regard 1S teq!,lired by the a~pli cafl:fS), {!1~apPllcam(~r ~onfirrnstllal~'I!s ApPll~aliQn Is ir~abla a nd'!;an not lie wlthdr<i;WII; HOWeVer, ]lf9"ilnY reason; apPli,caht(s). desires, he car. ta ke tn'e:.refllrd of amount Il:~id b.~him Witlll n Firm-en Q1¥i from theda'te oflllal<ingm 'Ii!S firstpaymenVwh ethllrroU Bo,oKin&Amo~nt or ~h~RiStToken paYn)e~l) WlthOl!} any d#i ueuon frpmthe Deve!oper.


C. 1l1epllptment of Ihe'said untt,sh~1I b'eprovislonal anil sh"lLonl)! ooco~flimed upr:ll;i Il;)_e,execution'oft;he propo~ BUilder BlIYet lIni:lerstanding. TIle allotment Qlthellnil ..,eotirelyatlhe djscretioo 0 Flhe Develope!. Ttfeo;.vliel'shlprighLof the "Appllcilnt begins o~· after r~1I payment lsmade;su~h ~s Sasi'tsale plic'll, 'SEC, EiF'C PLC IClub mem~is'hip, any other chafgr,s,' Ir\ny a n1l a II Govemmeht ChargeS-'slb. 8 n'~ registered co~ve~aQce d~Uble8~,eaeed of pwpe!liYis ~ule!l in' hisfa*,u r. ~


c ••

D. The app IleMt(;) a'~epts that 'the Plans are,lentative and the ~a/lool:a.tlon of OltTay be chang,eC!varled;during thecomse of coClstck!"~on to {Il"e e~tent of'p IOS/m[nus tim p,ercellrto. W,hich, the aRplica rfu!;) sn3,II not q~je,ct The ,:aPPlicim,I(S) rU,rth, er agroos 'It,o pa,Y the ~nsl, ,deration fO, ,th,e increasedar,ea; IfaJJY'IDl,d l,f th.earea d,,"creases, tM D~ldp er wn,l;, r , nd, tOO ' amounl oraaJi.lSt the amount in Mumjnst:illimen'ts as !tie ease may be. Hdl'i!!vet.,,\ubjOCI to tile fati, that trlhe area Increases or decreases by three percellt, no amount ~hall be demandedcrretunded Qytne'D""eJoper~slhecasem<lybe. ". ,




That tHe senedalaotthe insU:1Imen~ un;?erpa,,;ne n; pia nshatl

"' nal 11nd bl ndin\

on ~ e i~tindiOg 11lIottee (5), Itis made cilia r thahl)etlmefo~

paymel1llois Ih~ essence M the" lIot';"'m.

That the auotrnent letter issued by tile Compa~ all otting the Unit in the said 18~i!dingshall ~'Odintlo~ the'applicarif(s) tmpll.h:; the 'Same unit and tlJ,e a~plicant(S) will have 10 execute 11 II tt'e recessary documents; affidavits. Includ1ng $landard l8.uilder Buyer U nd~rstanding. within stipulated time from the d'\,te. olaffer ofll'lIotmerrt,,, nd/or frbm the date of eommu nrcatlon by ,th~ Company. It is. speoiflcally,u nderstood :by the appllcant(sj that upon execution, the terms a nd co~o itrons",s set out in ~t!>Bu ff de' Sbyer lInde~stand in,g" II supersede the terms and set 001 I'n lhlsapplloatlon. ,) ,



T~e applica"t(s) uQde $nd' that t~ls Appl icatlon is P urelyon tentative basiS and tile Company ~y atlts;sole dlsc&tlon deci~e not!p euet ';my or ~1Ithe lI_n~ In It,e id toA:iiJie>;ilo anybody o~allOgiHherrorced to abljf)doQthe. proJecl it!;e~r. forwhlcll;the appllcant(sl shall n.ot nave a ~glnto,rai~any dI'spute a,nil clallnan.y ~gh1i!,ti~e! Interest oQ the accePtan?~OItl1e'APPllcatron andrecetpt ofthebooklng"rqount being re<:ei"e~ by the Compao~"With this Application from tile ap~licarrt.(s),.ln such'case,~e appJltant(s) shall be ent~'rd to reltJnd'ofth ...entire amoullt· -pai~ by-him vlli;ho)JI:'lnyinfu,est. :-, , Th~t"~ witten Inti'!laliol', for (;:Ompletion cI ullit win be !;ent 10 the appliC6nt{s) and ~ "f\tGu; Period' e quatterwnl commence fron:rt}le dale 01 offer of possesslon. T1i~ said 'flt,burt Pe~od "Is 1n o~er fu fllcilil~_te tIllI aPrl i~aQt(s) to f~mmu nlc.,te Ih~~ct dill!! by which ~e ~I be t<Mng the phYSIC<lI'lID'{S!l.5~lon 01 h Is own \rnit alter complying, witll ttle regU lsite forrnalltie$ lk obtilir ing.NQC ffom the Mcol!hls Dtwrl:ment Q(th~ som.oo ny, regislnlt(on of S~b Leas.. !Jee\l"etc. The i,!sfu"lIatipn of Silnltory.ware, >,"",sh· ~"sin, kitCh~ ri sin~, ~"rdYr,.", apcessone<>, final touoh 01palot wi n be'done dUl'ln~Sald "f1tOulPerloct· only and the IrnendTngcapp11cant(s) may gel;ihese final Installations don(;!'l~ his own preseitce, il desored so.




'HoWe;ver, irthe~ ~ d~"y inh,andir\gqvelpossessio)1 of unit aflel'~:>;:pir¥o1fit Ol.ft!leriolj dU~tb.arlYf'l"S~n,lhe Devefo.p.erw,ILIRaytl\e applk:a.nt(s), q_el~.e~pos~eSSiOrLCha!geS@ Rs, Ten per .SQ, ~ per mo 11th r[¥llSP'e.c~o'.c:bvere\'l~ ilfil_le u~ltfO ~4e!~~ periOd' onl~ (C!l~men~ihg fi'Oni We Q8le of@lJi.y sf • FltOu~P'er1o~l')· pro'i1ded til", all dU'e !nst3l1ll'eni rreW ihe IJOneeroe.d appllcanl(s) \\'llre reel' I.""" In,t"ne _iI nd ~e ~aS co\{'p~ed ~vrt~JeQl!!SRefOrrna IItles. \Ill Ol]t"'",1 ng ~m the Aq;OlJ~Departm~ntofU1e C.0~pa ny, reg<slnltjpn O~~bl.<lase Ilieed etc. \.:10: fh~ De;tJor!efby It;;elib~",ugl1.itS ~alrllnee{sl may' ~L~e.Ilr:'nce from any !'Ien kI F1nane la Ilns1ttu~onl BOdy C0'llorat", \O"fir,)rC'l' ti1e bu.lding! C6mpl~ 811<;\ tillS P~'l1ose fu Mel fre"ates for a n E'~u,ta,bJ Mortgage! 8igllSl\, Mortgage I~~a~o~ e l~e'R'"01~ct land and' a rea ~0ll.structedl tp' becon,stnJ~Wd ~nd for s,,\oh ary 'act, ti1e amilll<;ilnt{s) ~t;reby glve'%fo[lsent\.nd all,thon the lJel/e~perto ~btl"l~m,e,' TIle Developer, liqwever. assu 'fS l!if~):iPIIC<ln l{s)lhanfi'e S<lld'un It,afl~~ receiprot tti~ MSlc$6le piic~a nd all,lhe other SIII:PS due and payable by lIJe A~pllca~l.



~~all)ltOdkrtlle 11,

applleant(S) unit free 0 f en,leurobranca..crealed'by

the DevelopN..


, frthe)i~tlce or or Near Karol Bagh M'WO , '

Any nWlc',e,leUer or 1!9!'lmUnic,a..~o~lo.'be ma~e. selV~"d 0 ~l<OmQl..~nicated unlo Ihe ReY!l0per shall be deemrt 10'~"dul(milde"s~IV,~ or comn:r~n~ca~onIY communication is.addresiiMlo!th Developer at the [egislered a~ress cI the Dev,eloper, Le. ·~rth Inf(astrucMeS' Ltd." 26, Is! Floo~'\pusa Road, Karo Ba~, S~tion ;rte~ .Delh i 110005, \



'\-: i1P, I[Cab,IW,e ctM!, P e'fle,

::.. 13, 1<1.

T~at ,1irY OCl..m~t'\iqatil]nlCp~ m ilmentr 'made by tile Blo~ r/4gei\~p,loyee,"of tt1,a com~a lOY e~ .• b~re date :~~ Which Ii1!~A~PIIC<lIiO~ rS'signed 'by '!J;I;e Abplical\l (~J wi I:r)O'! ~~. fiJrthllr In ,~n~, Clro,lim,stanc:es,'. Th,.II pevelo, per Win not, be ,-responsi'Ble ,I.n,aQY cltc~mstall00s. fu,.r,~,he._con,S<l!lui!nC"S;(O,1any ria,tu~; whibh m~a"se, fr'¢ri1 tfie co\!'munjootion1cQmmltmen\ mj.deby the B"'I<eT//igerropnlll~ 'iiI Com];lan'y etc, It i'j, ~greed q~q urli!erstoo<!. ~J;it1~ APJ;li,cant that he h~s t~IW.n care qf 'all "tom!'llu;]icatiotl(pmposals before sigfl ingot thiS,ApplioaOo~. ~igri1r)811hls AppllC<lli,on.-'!1I1erms a~d ~Il.dltionsand Payment PI~os elt ,.are "ppllca ble for tile pu'rc~~·Ofthe S!l! d\L1nit by the' l\ppl [Can!..




~a.t Ihe:ttxtu res anl1J\ttin@ oreach U~lt alobg, w~h<the .'f0n ~eettJij structural l~ebW~~l,lt;,sh~ll, be Hl.S~red ,by tile app IiC'!,['t(S) at his'own cast against tile fire, ea!n~;.'qua~eetc; The Developer a!plr han<:(inI~ovet the poss.!!SSion ofa p.; t1fC<J IaI ~ nfl§.haliln Rowa_'" b~'~spo nsiblefo r'sa(e!)l,~ab"ilY el¥fihe .truptU reo '\ That as.per laYout Plan il isenllisaged that the ~nits all !loors shall be sold;a~ an indeJ1e~de"l unit w~h im.P<Jrtable and untl,jlided share!n the'lam;f and underneath tl)e'plol. We .,_apPlicantsls) shall not ba permitted to oonsll"Uf! al))'thlngon1)1e terrace, HOWj;'"~(ti1e,developeJ s.hall have the nghho ex:Jl:lore,th~terrace in",case ofim~ chari~ftn F.A.RJanyotner 'Ruje~)'e.~"f:t~ 0; AUthoni)', c~ny 0,0\ go n~«\tii~~H~rtI1eru,nlts In t~e evenllJal i)yofsuch a~lllmge, H,owev~r, as"llrisv!t Ihereof" ( there Is any ella ngl)lntile b6UJlHl!~es Q rllfea.of thll \ saul ~mt, (hesams shalll:ie valld'4i bllldln~f'U tlieJ'ppllca,otr~. ... •





All rxzymentsby the ~pplIC~Dt(s) shall ~ made ~~. com_p" r:!)'onlY til rough ,demand ~ r.afls! Ac~ount ~,Cheques d raw'n up\n schedu letlll-~1( ~1n fu,VQ<5"r of ·Eartl1l~fra.structl)(eS l,toi· PaYable at DelhV Delll!..gnIY, 1111 cheques jlTe aecePtetl, sT.biect to tile realizatio~ 01 ~e;.ame only; In caselhe applicant(s) "1.ake\~e pa)'n1llnt by an outstatiOn cheque, then hi~er payment IItxJld 00 deemed 10 ha,ve,beell re~eive{l. 0 n the, da te,IM' cheque wi II get credited 1nlO ll"Ie bank account of the Com Mny by the J:laq_k. urther tile Bank Charges for the,,_outstalion F dearing.a'ld1lt;lunoed Chequ~ \"'U be chargw frori\tIleapplica,m(s). ....



That company Will allOw disC?" Q)I bl]lktfrl agent to appll&<i rll(S) on ry'Ifill Is me.Momld In the bookl ng fcrmand duly (lPP:ti)ved I1Y th\:eGiilp~ responsible for any «redit nbte issued to.tIle aPDlica.\t($.l or a lOY ~ther oo,mmitment.whether "ra\ or written solW made by b r3kar/~ntI any otller staff.


rY. I'u Mer IhEl'OOmpany Will hO,t~

TMr:wlll jle pre:ereMi,\ll~a~onCh~rge5 (PI;,G)~ncak allY 10.C<I~n~ prel~rred pythe apPIiS;!iot,(S) in lhe~ld ~~I ay~tIle salil~all be paj)able'b;V ~e-al<p!i9~M(SJ. ,~s ~}\~ deri)ii~d of~~CamP<lny III a m,ann,,{ and qthlnthe ~me·as~tOO'I"U'ie.paymentplan. However. m~·a,p~[farll(sl ~agSP~fi&'IIy;~gr\!ed IMt ff du_!< a,~ychangf"'nl~e'~YO,ufibu\lqlng 10 plan, tile !;,,,d vnl!\1~~s11s 1000 preferenUally to!«'t~d, th.e Cp,mpallJ shallll{! "able t\) ~fu nd Qniy the "m\lun~?tPLC ~idllt,the applIC1lM{M "and sucH ,?~nd shall beia~JUst~ln ~e I~~tall~eflt jls stated In tlW_£ajllTlent plan" Ont~e other hand, If hl_$lher lInlt In th e P!o)ect becomes preferenUa Ily lOCated d~!r{~tll e aIQ1i"~JcI dl@oges In ~e la)'llutll;iulldlng pla~. \tlen the a~pl'ca.nttsl 'shall ~e agr~s 10 pay;asdem$d.edb.ytheC;~m[i,OriYaddtllonal ptes as.~tated iIlllieip'll'meN pian. '0, \ '


The appl icant(s) M~. e>(iJfai ed <lnd ~as ~neer~ood l~ilt all the pawents are tb be made by c,o~'Meh.equ W demst\d Cirt'fts',o.ply,(l¢'weve[. In J!~y case, V)e'a~)lli'i'lntt$) l:raoa m.ont 10 n m akII a ny cash pa~ment, lIle payment wi II 5e re~~d on Iy A t Rero:SI!l~, office of th,e Company PreSeQtly\ltu:!lIed at 2@.,\l~tlf.;1oo~ P~sa Roa~, Kaml Bagh, Illew Deihl. UOIiIQ5 supjecnp ltJifi"ment of stat,UIo'ty req.ui,reme nt.and the App,linai'li. tmdBr$tan dS U(at ca'Sh will mil ~~pal<'l!p a ny other pemonor reptesEmlati~aneger/broi$!lr/e;\l;Ployee olth i~ comB~ Oy. This paymeni" will~e aGkIi<;IWl~ge~h)n ly7f'a valid .an\la,uti1'o';zed ,e~lpt n& oeen issved undef thll si!lf1~1tJre'of" nyooe of tt.;e' Q ireqors.ol \he CQmp,aIlY. Since~tls a large. pr'ojell1~aving ';-UlT)ber"(>1 build in,gs, !!"e const(tlcti,on Will be c9{'1Pf ete,d in phaSes: Ali the,plajo( commq~'{aCllitieswm pe ~!lf!1pleled.only,~ftf!r



rolTi pleHon bfconstruCtion




Inn;;;;~!fOO Mjion<llm<lglnol!og

all the pl1ases.ljs such the applical)~(s) musttske the ~ossession of h Is·own U~ it as-soon aSJ,tis madeaval[a~le for p.ossession, FuMer. the Appiica nt~ereby agrees ,that he will not{a[se any objeclton an'd w.lll take the possessien Of hls Unit, if his BUilllingtTower, is completed. The App)icsnl. should hot b\. Having-any concer:n/issLJe'S.-and have, no objection to the develope, cor.s\l1.Jcbng 01 cohtinuinll with the eonsmrctjon of tli!Hemalni ng,stmClures ofthe -proj ect or other Bu iIding;;,rr9"l'i'ts adjo ininl!the unit so'id to the a ppli'" nr(,.l and: Whether all me Common FaciliUes ~ave beer(eompieled or not. ~ , 20. Applcianl(s) a) p) oj dI el uaderstandsand agrees that following add Iii anal cha rgesstra IIalways be atta~ned to sal d ~ce: _ ,

Iil._O orlr;;:omer/Ro,a_ o d/pa,rk IacingfL~ is payab_ I,e._ p_llJiCilble) '. qla . ._ dub, c~argl_ls - Rs. 750001" shall. be payatl!e at lJle Ii,_~e pos~~~n, On~ "me're~se.:tent.~arges _@ Rs.85!· per Sq. If~r as d.etem"m ed WOereloper, Ele~tIiVg~lion:Clia~s...,Ro. ~; per sq:. n:. Fi~flglitingCMrge~~Rs.4O/· Rer$q,'It. \


<J,noJ' a 'l_~tli~r in a~rdam;e 4h tI1E1\d. ernanc ra ise~ by't~e O'bmp,my l'iofn \tme to Ume'. Th e a ppnea ntts) ~hall be' r~rmelliable to P;ily any\e,nha'lced 8ttemal. fieveloP!,!enl charge.1 Infras~cwre DeV¢llfmeJlt CSarges. ~f ~xlsll[1g !lnd n~w swMory charies 8,M othel le0e~ rate__~1axes' Sl.!C~ a~.,House Tae;, Waler Til;, Sewerage lax, Ch~, t ees;s, seMel! tax, qne,trifle 'Ieas.e rent, wa:le~ el~Otri'<i tycl1argas~lt:, derryan~orimposed b\I ,tI1.~'9?mpe:enl Autha'rtty/ ceq,_tral Goveri1i1)fmt l,)u!l1ormes (includi tJi! wl!l1'retrospectlve . ~ct) shall be p~bll! propo\!i<in~ 1)(1:1)' apph,«,nt($l from theq,ate of booking as demacded P,y ttie compe nXOQ tlJ,e SUDer area of the Uolt., M91'WloEr, the CO,,\mon /;\rna Ma intella n~e-cl1a rglls a n~orCohtri6\,ilioh to sln~i!1gffimj ls pa.yable attne lime ofRossessi onas dedoed bl'the Dev1loper,.. ,,

, q.!1~.



That thea PPIi"nt agrees a nd Uh~rs~~' !.(tat If any du,*"charges.ltaxesl'fe~ etc; whlthrver \s III'PIl cable on til e part.of the applte¢hLtS) and the saJ"Qe has not been -demanded 'I)y \he Dmteloper, iriadvertentiy by m ista~ or by Igno,("nc,," a nd It came la\\lr to I~e 'lotiCe !lHb e Developer, th.e" \he same will bef"iid ox. the aD,Il!IG~nt (s), <>saQ\l. WilG ~ nQt,ced and dema~ded by ti1~.Develope"
< •

The Comp~ny may iis ol'ln costand ap~apn'ate clu~creatio n ai,'racili~ wh i ch 811'1' due' course be tr,ans!~rre~ to a Iiin nomina'led'a~ncy, to own, rna na»!Nmd~pelJlte such facility Ion such Ie. rrns apd .CO'\Q iiion.s a.S Iqe .Ccrn panY'may de.em ~t a l the.if sale diSC.etio n, The" uP.-iea nrs oght to ~"e SlIG!l fa\:QI\Y shal I at all timeS ~e-conUngent on dUI! anMallfi1u I r l observance'by the applk.,mt(s) of all the rules, ;bye -iawsa nd co_ndltlons as msy be nolilied Qy_,sucothird pe.,;on" tfs osferee 0' the Company,


The appl icanl(;) !1greesand u ~dersta nfls thatjhe otat Pricaolthe Sa Id Unil and othe r charges,_are oalculat€Gc'On !11 e basis of !tie su.per area of the Sald Unltwl1iClh Includes ths €OIIered area. 'Of1)1eun,l, the\;,rea under tile p-eriphe<Yiwal'.s, proportionawarea under the common walls, t~e'area utllized Im-oemmon use; seNices-~nd-lacillties.11 is -u nderstoooand made clsarthat the i ncl uston "\.oommon area under Su per A"", does not gille a "y exclusive, tight a" d title to thfrA:ppl icant l1;Ie 811PIean t(5) SMU make aU payments-of the agreed sale P!"tce of the sa:id,Llnlt as per the l!fIYrnentJ'Ja n.(),,\lhe super e rea, !lIong with !I1e other ciharge. as dema~d 'e-dby tile com~n¥, i apPlicant.{s) sh~llurther mal!e pa)i;n'l,rlt of reg;~tratlon cha?g.!s. stam p du ty and otheri ncfdental expeMesi~$'aRdWl1en demanded by!l1e Company to ,mabie ,tlo atlol ihesa1\f V nitjn fal/Our ottne app Il€ant(~. "\\ ~



The.eostoflhe unit~ based-en the eostol.~Oi1S~ction rates applicable o~lhe date '01booking. F1Jrfher. due t~bnormal ma'ke~;':Qriallons in th~costOI const(Uction ('~d ~ rnateri~ls. 'the actu ilil cost 01 the I.:Jn\tmay ~~riBnCe S,~~e~la~Qn; .an~ may ShLJ~ ~my. Tho:llnal e;<pen~it~m made W111 oomp!'~d ~: the SI~~e 01 compl~tlon Of~h8 project arid i.f'ithe increase. or ~ deGreaS.~lfll!he c-ost 01''iQrjS~tIO)n Is W.ii)i,n-th,e·l,mit of FIVe ~rce)it, \llen n9tfilng will fi(!'c1iarged or refunded to ,!lle'a~'lc~~t(s). ~oweverlfthe'lncrease or decre~1'" ll; [[lore th~~ Fwe percent, Ihen th~to1ill'difference ~I be charge1:lorref(iQdedto th\apPIlea.nt($) as the case may be.Es~latloQ.shall ~e ch~ed over bQoking pnc'\ed on cost"indfX>qSfObliSh\:.d by_ CPW[}for tne.f¢~.od.,;lnder .t"ckon ing qIT tQ_e weigh~alJ¥ basts, \' I .',""


same s1'a[I'oo ~t~

In the even.~<irfai-L\!re. OIl the'~ftOf the ~ppl!C<i ilt(s} t6~lake.,.l'IPsse:s'on plth.e Uni,! within fit. out period as me ~tro'ned~. 9Pv;,lro.n the dalll !lrIOHma. tiOh Wlj_ti ng ~y U\7 D~loper, nsi?and-cosl o(lhe ap~lle;antlsJ an~ th~ a,PPiicanI(S) shoH-b_ei,able't,o pay 10 the Djl!'9lope~h01~ng cli~rr,e\ st.,tlJ.era_le.£tfts.,sl_. per sq. n:pe~ ~nth,::





:rI1e.appliQ.~~!js) has seeo u~~ers(oadand ~ooept~dtIla-!.tIle~Uildin~ plans" buIICiing:deSi@S-I facillUes ancl,specfficatiO'{? ~relenfii:~)ld still ~Ij.,mi~ with'thetlma~_r ~qid~ InduSlri;" Dl!Vl!19pme'1t Autn01J}! fOr the pu rpose 91: ~pproval. "tt!~a.pph"ant(s) agr~ !I1~tthe DI!Vl!Ii(perm<l~. ITIa~e suchvanatio ". ~dditiol1$ alt'l",~on$ and m.tidrtic;:r.t(on 5 etc .(whl~h may iric\ude ~hange? in the 'itrea of tile IJn~ ftOli'r. cower, nutnoor of UnitS,Towe~ IOC<l~onilniljncrea~'e!deG.rea~ In'the·number ef rg,tparking SIOt%allo.$to the~pb1iciint(sl') the1ein as may 'l!l' ¢.reG.led'b~,an~ compe.tentaU\hodM ~\lthortti!ls/ ar!?hitect br otherwis'e. a.nd lI]"l.a~CS!l(IS) hereby l!l\Ie~hiscon*,nt tosl\fli V<irj_atlon. addl~oriS ••dele~o~, -alt'!lrat(olis-a~_d modificaUcms et~. Tl].e d.r~lng_S-.h?~to ~~stomer pe~Tni,l"IgWthe.~roJe~Ji~ "uestiO~ndthe fioar P.taP~~re on COllered area ba~S.ThiS will however, be suojeCl m,~y'tnodl~C<ltiO~ !I1at may I:If! mat(e flY the ~a~ctionl~l'uthontyor may be n"",essltat,ed dunngthe,co1;ir$f of That the area "now~ In me S[lIOhure, M~ps, PI~ns orall)i ~her Oocu,:"ent il.t<l. i",from ~aJI cell~rltnes~nd 1S:{MiGathie onlyhne.actu~ljj n al area \?tll be ~Icula\f!d a l.the_ij(l1eal construction.\ I{lsclalified!l1al.th6'lnit'a I rate_OfbaOklng 01ti)e Unit will be ~pPlicable,Ji1 !he changed area. Th'lt the aDhllea. tit hereby agrees that th,e develoP<;!/'WlII~~t enb!r()J in any ,equestlor any change In constructio~ I design of a~ type in the unit. .... 1l)a~he1 w.e~ percent qf ~e a~ed taJar sole eonsioeration (incNdiog prF~ all other c~argesl shall represent the ea mest money 1heo::inafter rere~d to a;> ~mest man~'.l. The applicant{s1 h~~fu 1'lY;nderstood and a~s thalln.'ease the- apPlican\(s) ~lhdrnw,or,gu rrenQer his a~PI ,eation r t~e 'l!lIbtmenllor'any, ~ea~on wtlatsoever at aoy.peJnt oltir;n..8 alte: fifteen days of ,ecel\ll~g (jr ~st To~n Payment, then the Cot!'pany at l(s sale d Iscrebon I1{sy canoeVteiJ"IlI nale tha :~ooklngl, 1\11011\"16 ~ppltcatlon, then the ea. rQa,!): mooe)"S~"1I b\1 l,abJe \Q ClV forfeiture'and tl\e a~~ticanl( ~Iilled to reii,"'Q of the balance ampunt only, il a~y, wil~oul interest aod compensation Whatsoever afl:et the s~"j unli"is atlotted {o sometother applic<mt(s). In case~ SI:1~1t fuII.lhe developer· shall bee,ruUed to 'ecoller the same f'omthe,a ppllcant(s). )..







Thai the appl icant und"rsta nds and1lgrees Uiat alter ~a~i ng the payment oJthe covered'G~r Pa eking €'h a.-ges\ he IS'entitled t6--parkl1is ca r In the 'Comple>(/8asemenl




l\Iotwith.tandlng what isstate<:l he-{ein,\~ e 'appl icant[sl..hereby specmcal ty agree and aeknOwled;:; that the ti m ely paymBi"it of install t'(IenlS as aI~ the other eharges including regiStration charges. ' ntenance c'harges :tanirother!<.Darges eto" is the. essence ~t...'tl!eterms 01 trie. biJokin~ a Ilotr"flent •.The a pplica nt{sL nas agreea that tile DeVeloper shall be unde' nO obligation to IsslIe! $eo.. 1)' demMds/ remin.ders for pa~.q... t IAtereSl.@. Elght. ee.~p,:"cont S.,M.II be'payab.IB. ~.tIleapp.lica.~t~$' ill. case of fa.lIure to 'P,ay tile ;r,.sta~""'A. IS..and'. otqer dues by tile du~ ,aate O[ as . demandwby lI]e{jeveloper. However,1(j)'''¥T"ntlsCl)ot recelved·Wi\llln30 d~~ from the due date-or as dem~ndallby the.deveIOPllr"il~Jn event of breach of ,my t,ilrms and cWlditiOIlS of thiS application fa ml ~e apPliC'; nl{s'~, the al\\ will ca ncelled llt ~he_S~le· d I_e~on otthe' com~ny\;:md 1;!1'iJ. ea.rJ1_"SI oneY Raid to l,h6'compa ny by l~e_app~(iant(s1. sha II stand m fOrfeited, J11&bQ\9'ICe'amo'lmt, !'titer\Jstl1\ll_n~of In terest payable on ~npaid arnount.I(,~ny, shall be refund~; ~ the apPII~~I(s) WltIlO.Ut",1iy Ihl,llfflS\afteoth9 said_un I 1.s ~llotted:to same tlthe r appl ieanit'S). ,In cas:e of short full, th e developer shall be entitledcro reoove p"e same IroiwflPplica ntls) .. .... '\ -~' \.





'lfe De~ope'shall uI'deltake the Ma~!llnance of tile Differj!nt Tower/tom)1lex-eiihe' by himselland/ _orthrQ~gti 6 maT~ienbJ1ce agefic~.appointed by the DeveIOP'~({her~ina~r feferJ"ll_dto as ihe'\. M alhtanli nce'1.lgei1cy"). for ~ is PUI'pe"se ~e 'apPlicaililsJ agrees to sign a se~arate Mainte nanoe t.g)leBmen t whioh~SIl~ II eont&ii1 the lu Ilsh~ 01 m~lntenance bfih~ ~mptEjx ~n~ shalf pay the malnteQance eotlarges as deoided from lirne'to time by tile DevelopelS and! or.!l1e Ma ir1tena nce Agency (calculated on the super area. oosis hI the Said U nit).\Tt!e lia.bility to PilY mainten ~~£,e Ch~rges ~\l.all com. me nEe Immediatelrfl ..)m.lh~ d at.e of offer 01 P01lSe.SSi by. til"'G_Qmpe. in the'-not1ce Of'th.e poSses\l onfort.lle un It the appl icant(s1 itresp~cti~e9rthe l on ·".Y a c\n.J use Qrn (ito the 'I! nten~c~ ~eMces b},t~e apPjicahiIS}. Further I\pplic<I ntis) agrees tq poy I FMS,llnterest Free Malntenar:!ce.Secu rity) deposit at 1tl6 ume of posseSSiOn, S.irn!'a~¥ a separate an,d a~dltional'\gJ:ee!1)en.t shall bel.ighed ~etween Ihe,developerorlts nominee (Ortf1.!l utility ChargeS1tlv,:arGf the s~p'e otfacility a~d.utllities.prO\lided.a!;!_~.cO:';;1 there on. utll!~es agleem.ent Will cover cost OfpC)wer bJGku fater. etc. All th e \elTl1Hnd oondi~il nsol.above agreements alOng wlth Builder Buyer Untlersta Mingsh"llil be binding on the Aevelqper and"'l."ye1 "-




s,ecJ®' r

...:I11e\l ppli cil[lt(s) agrees that case. the a PP[iC.~~l(SJ" nlends to tr:anSf~ t~e. S~ld- U nit at R,ciim~1 WI1ether oelor.\l or af(er the ccmpletion o~lie Bu Iidi fig, In "lavo,ur of anY enllty homin~ted ~ the appl lfant(s) ~ranSle:~), ·t!\,li~RPII cantls; W?Uld applji' to the D~I~~r ll1lh~r.esctj_bed \orrna\ of I!he Develop~r~~~la~1e at th~Ofl\ce;Qr-t~e Develol'e!)a 10nMit. ~ II pre~Gn~ed documents and the Q_'op~rwl'l at ~S-sole, dlscrm)o n, transfei the said u'n!tm f.W" r Of t1W Tra nsferee, Suc~ transfer shall be affected tlylhe q_eveloper o~ IYillti!} tpeelp! 01 tile AdmiQist~t(v.e CharglOS as 'P)esc~bed bylhe Developer from ~me to tima:and amou"t due and payaQIe!u~p;\jd alO'lg y<ltrilnterest-till the date o:rtranSfe~ !Tom-til., appijc;;i,,\is) a1-th,e\ime6f :th~transfer. The applicant shall'not b~nWeii lOsub'divide tile c'@idunit. However te'j'pofJ'<Y intemal ![Iamfloos,ff'r enjtlyrnent regulations·and bye-I aws oWjecon.)!~ned authonti9!l and \tlose ofl~e mainoo_nanee ag9I1cy, a:; and wl1enfQ"'1Ulaled. '33. 91th!> sald lInit shall be Demli$,!;i~e $ubject '




\? tIle!1.pplicable


My chan~ in the name (including additionY~]etlon)'registered as Builder Bllyerunde(Slan~in.g witll th.eSeve)operw.il1 deemed as,'t(ansrerfor\hrs purpose. Claims;! any, between transfe ro, and. traJ;lsferee as feSUIt ,ofsu ~seque[Jt reductiQl1/incrf)ase in tile" rea or Its locaba~ will be settled between themselves I. e. TralJsfe rora Ad -qansfefee and the DlNelo"", wi II not be a party to this, The lTra "sfemr shall a Iso be responsible for payme nt of Ihe.transfer clJarges as may,be levi ed by the G realer Nolda.l'ndustnal Development Authority,




(1)) The appl'IGan!(s) ag~ees that the Gom("'flY sh~11ha'o<etile rig/lU:Q·lrans!&.ownerS~ip

of tne'said: complex in Wh~I"'.ilr in pa.\s.1O any othe~Hntil;y sueh as ahY partnersmp firm, body corporate (s) Whetl1f!o i rICO rporatsd 0' nonassccleuon or agency by way of sale/dispoilM,or any othe r,a rra ngEiruems as ma)'\be ~ec:>idedt.y 1fle Company wi !hom a fly lntl rnanon, wntterror othe""tse to the applies n~(s) a nd the applicanl(S) shall notre lse any objeetioni n th is regerd, ~.'

Ib/'The Comp~'1Y sllall n(ltbe respo(lSible towards anYthifoj patty, WhOhas made palT"~nt!;, (emittao~sto tjle Com~anYQn Mh<ilfotlihe;lp~II~""fltIS) light i'n1l1 is·Appliea.tion wH,nsoever. Ttle~E:ompany sh';!lIissue Ihepayme[JlIeOOipts only InIilVo~ r of the ~ pplip,m\ll,).." o;..'~' ~ •


The·;aQ~IIC:1l.nt(s)may,latl..ts bwil cost'; expen~(an!=l.lisR, a rra,nge My Ida\VfU~ds rrom ~ny ban~rs .or fi~artcial IrlStitlllions'tll; fi nanoe th~ pur'cJ1~,se said unit In the. Ioen is not grante.d or IS.cancelled. o.r'lli_lh. rawn by the barke<rlfinan:ia,1 lnstitution an.)I;gJ:'l.un. wba~ d. r, the appll'SP. llr'r~ be e.".titled l'l."ny leIJe~ge or.·conce~ional treatme. nt e a.. 'Developer. ihe DeveloP:e' woul.d not be 'I p"a!')y, In"my case wllmso~er, foran)\ defaJit;l, rep'!Y~ent & above saId LOarilfurjds taken by the apP,J!,oant from ~~rWFina"Clers. The appHcant(s) agree);'lI1<1\in case. the ilp,plici!n:is)'oPts foj a,rO<l~ <1rrange"'e(lt~ilh'a!lY ~n.anC~E\III1,sIltulionS/bank, for Ihe_pu,d\sS,e ~fthe sa~ Unit, the C(0hlleyanee of\:l1e ~id unttln l'al<!lu; of th\apPuc~n tIs) "hall b't~,Q\lted onlil:J'po~ the Comp~rW re"teiVing·N~ O~J!\cuon Ce .tIncat,,' from'such Ii~anclal inslllu~onsl!1aQks.



and such thlrd p"(tYSh~1Iirot ~avearii .

. a.





. O.sed ~d

The a pJ.'!ii(an,t(~) I att&~

,Unit forButpooes'o

(s) u ntl!'It<lHe. to abia~:by;.a [Jdeo m PlYwith all ~e laws, (\J 1£o5;a bd'relRlfatio,1iS ~p'~lfj;a ble tp the- said un!1 I P(!lject. The i;fIlP1icarl(s) laligttee(sj n Iyas de;fi n,ed by the G reataer t-Jokla Indust~alllevelopment f\uI~erllX Of any sl£li"~WWry aUliio'1,ly, and nqt a nyoiffer pu rpose, \

sl:J,allUSW.01l~Sf'l'o I)e

ittatthe'proViSlo nat a llotment IlYl'def the presentdodJ rnent is orily w!th regard to'the i nn-ef space of Iltecun ft. 'lheapp lib~rl!S). shall MV'*fLO Olh~( r,igil t, hlle all nler€Sfi n any othilf pa ~ oftA" prope'I:Y ~ nd the Oe,jeIIJpll' sl1a'I'~fi'Zta USe th~;~lIle atll$ J~cretion including ~Yletlil1g I t QUII by raisin!, fundl~ddtng ~ lth,ehonstrifc\io[J tzy·~onl:!.e~ting the e,[Sling utilities I amen ilies Ise~iC6$ e19, to tl\e such n ewl1added c.onS1!UC'tlortIcj,whlch tJ, e apprrcant(s) shall ha~ no fightto objec(1n anYma nner wha$pe:ver. , \ . Thal\,neith~ft.he MOll ~lIt~ by the d~bper, il ~ry, of th,e ,said un iii space lnfaVOl,1r?fPi'e app~ca nt(s) nor, any [',ther dorumeni shaJI·be C~(\able .QISpe~~Cp.erfontra m;ll thro~gh court of law)i;J;le a ppltca nt(s) "h.all g"t'\M titte o n IY ~p,)'n.weoutlon 01SUblease O~ed /Sale Deed 1 G(i"",e~ nee Deed In respect of siren ~ni:tlspace tiythe Develope? In mvou[ of the appll cant(s). Untit a $U~ fease'deedis ~eruted(l nd registerep ,lhe..BlJifder/Developer $61~contl~ u e !&ile the owner of 1heAp~J1l11erit a M a lso 111"c;onstr~Jlon thereon and; thiS"allotmentsball oot ~~ \0 th"'ln\end,ng allottee(s): aoy 'rights Or ti~e'o r lnterest therei~ even thCl1il11all p'aymeills have been re¥Mld bYthe Bu iIder/Deve1ope~ The oorl\~ny shal I have tI1 e first IIen and charge On th e said unit ~r all lts d~es"'n. dother~m~ paYllble by thB apPIic<1r))ist. to.thecompa. ny. lOsfuqher ClarlfiOO., <1tthe O".""j.loperlBullder ISn.DI censnu qliijganyAPartment.a.c ~ the,~qlJtraCl.Ora(rh.e ~ .. Intel1d;lng;rlotte~sl ~uton the onTerhp[J\I the·Builder!Oeveloper is.coh.._strlJcting me COrrpl~as its own ~nd,tI1e sa e Will tle effectiVe atlerthecacttiilleon~tnJctjQnlfinis~lng oft~e f\partmefll by 111\ execution o( s.ub lease deed,



That!n Qo.event and unoer no ci rcurnstances th." ma;:<i nurnlla bi Iity .0ftl1~evel r op:r en anracGQunl w't\a~oe""r s~all exe~ too'amo\ nl re<lelved 'by the Develo~r 'from tha,a P..91ica nl(sl pursuant 10 th e.present docu meet nor th<tcentltlementof the- appllcsn\(s) on <ill,th" accounts together ~ ndu cti.-.g reluno:> IInterest / eamsges etc. sha II exceed the amount pal ~ by the, ,.aPPlicant's) to the, llevelo~'. . , . . \ .~ , • Thatlhe applioorlt(s) has (urtherag)t!ell thataj rigtltsofownetshlp 01 land(s), radlities an~enilies olher than thosewfthin, I~e. towel/building In whlGh d,e 8~!t lalocated and; me commorr ~reas sh all vestsol elY With file Campa ny Whieh shsll hE;'" ~he sole light and alltho[ity \'):dealln any rl)a nner with su oh lan~r"y,"fu~tiijevndJor a m~nities. That the staircases con necti ng ,he ....G (ound' Fioor to J:erraC;§lls'I1I. commop ae<:essiJjle toaJi tne dWeller s 01 all the Units. The applicant!?) will not e"croa!;'h,~cclJ py, alteroor blOCHLl:iea..ccei>sto 'lIId from thestairc<lses. \ \ \ \he a~!piiba ritW) (1'1 case of an N R~ PIO) agreesthat he ~l1all b'i:! ~sflOllSible for- complying ~ lh therleces§Eir'l: fQrm"ltl~s.'as laid dOW<\{n the Foreign Ei«'haril:l3" MaM~menl Act, 2002 (ffMAl. rul~ <lI1,d""iitlla~on qf1J:le IRes""'e Sank of IOdis o:rlstatlliory anactments or a]1lendments th¢reol an.d,sll olih"r aPplicable laWs etc a~ p'rov.ide tomp""YI''th suc..hpermissions, approva.IS whlchV;Ou Idenabl e the CompB ny to4ulfi II its'0l(!lgeJions under tliis Applicati QO. The ~pp.lica nt(sX all)'.ees thaNn t. h&~l\t of ~ny faitu'? on pa rt wco.rn~IjI\\'Ift!1lti"e <)ppllcs bl e gUldellnes ,~u~d by the R~r.Ie S., ~k ollnd I a, ttle arno u nt ;paid by lIs) Will lie reIUnded.~ the COI11P<1fYWi1liOUllany Int:ete!'t but after iidJustlliWfqrfe,ting eam'estmon" .. Imerest payable on unpa,d ~mountetc. ondthe allotment.shall be c~ncelled forthWitl1.1,!le cl)mpanyVjiIi no\b'e:llable In any ma.(lnerdn suchac~ourlt.












The aplJ.1 ica-ntts) agreeitl\at the ~ompa ny shall ~oU~e liable to pe rf\lrm a nyor a II of itseblJ.g.,tions dun r!$ the s~bslst~~~ of tl1e Fbrce Majeure condl6ons Which,lnteralla Iilclud'e de'lay ';'1" acl:ou nl of no~ ava Ilabil ilY of ste~1 anQ/,6rceme~1 otmher bultdi~gmat:er1a[s or wa ter 'SQpP,ly 0 eleitrlcl)Ol'iil:r or ~Ow d?Wq $t(i ke 0 due to-,cpns!ruciion age!\q empJo~ed b~ "pm parlji, acute shor1ili!! 'of labour~1l01lu Iron 01ea'lance from u,~~ rd, dijf"rem a PPf9Vl1~ from Govt autholjt!es, >1(Iyi~giSI;j,liQn,OrQf>f~r rule drregulal\on maoe'ar issued ~the \:;'bye mment.or oilier ~uthoriJ.X. if air} matte)', a'RP·rQVaItpermission~IiOtices, n(l~fi~6"S by the;CompelentJ)ulll.oIj'Y lies) bec~"i'le SUbject'ofan~~ltlwrit i;eforea"fumpetent Oourt, oWilc~n1m9tiQ.n, by re~~n or Cdi' e~e.fI;~ actio~~.or qPriS\~~o:~ l:rI' a!1~ct Qwod.and\~'ini.m",~ri ie od~qU Ired for pe'toiman~ ~1Jts9b·llil9.~ons s.~all \tand' ext.ended. If In ~e~o~lnil!.i1 ifuhe , Comp;;ny, ,Force ~~J eure·.con~ n.~~,SIq~coil'\<1e["ble ume, t~ell ~eC!;lmpa"!, .rIliIY In 1", ~ole ojiscre,~on to al)a~do~!lle proJ~ a n~, Ie:", I ~I_t"rf va ~ ih'<.,;te'j'lS an d«pMIil6 ~ 01 th is f\:ppllcaM[J; In ~swftermlnatton of the appll!:iIMn thkomll;my may consider to proVIde an altemate prop"rt,rwtlh!n 06 months t~\he'APpllcant~nd'lt1 caSe offaTIure to do sg;thEl, Gllmpa{,y m3)! cancel ~ allotment9f~ S<l id Unitl n ~iCh c.aset~e Oampa ny sMa'll onl)loo liable 10 refUnd the amot. rl!$ rec~veaf[Omth" applica hils) W1thout any· ini~itfst or COI11P-tnslltJon wh~tsoeve r. ~ \ -..


arty or



The ~PI;~ntjS)

and.·a~cess to onlY hlspnltafter he'has fully paid aHth'e dues. abi(te bY.~11 termsi.~d; c1:lrf~I!fu~men\;Oi,)ed In AppllcatiOb and BUilqera~e{ the lleed/con~)'i!nc~ D~ed,reg;stet"d and exe..c~ted In his f~lIOurfroll1the\Oevelopei, FlJrthermore,the RplicaTljs) shall reSOll;ea~y"'compla1[1t with regaitl tp the constructiar) or Quality of workma.n shIp, ~iior lil til klngpossessi on a!the lJ~itor within,oj jnonths from 1110'1 da\",ofOffe~ of F't;s'~ion,.whlchever\ eartier, after whi th all oJ.a imS would b\deemed 10 1ljew$lIied bYtheappticant(s), .... :-.' ,

u:t:!e'bi-tanll1ngcand aJ:>o gqtlhe:S~blLe~se

wIll ~aVe ~rigl1t toown"rsJp


All ~rerna~ wall~: I'll ndqws. pa.ssa~s. common a'~a.s, 0tt'~r propert:yetc shall ne.Vll( ~eciccup:ed', a nd;'oo slg!)sge. sign ~ rei, lI~OTl liWll.-PUbllclty Oflf.d!le(tlsem~Pt materia I. ~a ngrng o} Clolhe.s ele. or dIsplay board .n51>lIled.; a " •. ond IIIOiling u~its or g~nerato. rs shall be ~nstalled· H'I ltIe.s~ areas· by th"'.. apPI,oa.ntIs) and o.r no p1he, aclll'ltyshall c be tlen~ whl~h "po. IIs the
ae,sth "tICS of the bu tid ingm area, causes noise poilu tio[J QrlQ any otlier-.:tYaY'iUI,onve nlsnces to a ny other parl;y or ;1lega.l or 10f immor~ I pu 'poses. For puttl ng n~ mes o!'the va rious ownecs, the developer wi Ih:nske all th", provisions and.~oneoflhe app~ic<lnt(s) shaJj d,o rt ol!:e rwise •• The apprreanl(s) <Jllrees, a nd lIndertake.. IhaUt shall ncrt rood i!yany stru,ct~e or , raise any IlIega·1construction '10the said u nit, ~(')( upon orocCllwany area, filiI! nil OUtside tne sa id unJt.. The sa '0 unit shall sol~ be used for resld enUal purpsse alone a nd 'for no t')ther:purpose ~ nd 'fu rther ma re, the-applfca nt(sl sbalL not Cbnduct any Illeioi T onl1)mo~ ~a~u,vruesrrom orm the' ~ald un it, a ~ aClivlty, Which creates nuisa n.€e or is III~I, obnMollS or cootrary 10 pubiLe pofibyor.ooRtrary \D ttle co m moni n(eresl olthe coltedLve oW(lersj ace,upants sf Ea rth Towne' Project. l':ppffcant(s) or any .subse<i,~entoWl1e' or lesSee soall s\all,times provide lfohindered main-te~ance, checlllOjproper Lise ofspace-,,,!\av8~d any ,!,ishap o'foranyotheue~sorr.
~. ..'

access to the unflelloned


10];iQ' for SOOff andtnanagement .\

of deL!elope' or m·ainten<lncaagency.for '


(he appli"~nt(s) shall. ""forBt9,l<ingpO~o;:',\I\he 'b Qrt, must Clear the dues towards the 1m]! ~ nd haVe lihe ,,';mveyatice de;ed,l gra 01 (If:S:Ll~'lease deed fa r IIII1 'l<!ld un rtexecut,ed i~ hr> fsvour alter pal'ingregi~t¥,ion f"ef. c~arg\lS, COS\9f sti\mp (JUly, AtIVocate feaal lee, and olh"tlr cl1ar:geO/ e~Pl1rses. " ,~ The~DPli~.ant.l;) !;h1lLltd;Oo[<;.C."Y.menti on (Ii er.. ~rman'!rit.ACCOUn,1 .NUm iJer (PA.N) In.tho e App.IIC{1I.i. to. .. On • power otf\~mey, who wan (s) 10 get the,Unlt ~Ii\der the Project. Slmlla.rly. in th,e case ofCom~anyapprxlng letter/ bo~rd re~1 Lrtion. \






the applicanllsJ

u nd~{"ta nds olle" .Ca~P"!rki



The AP-P!ica. tion, 10. .shiluld be sl&h.edby .th. P'l.Mn(~) ~1oJ hi:<1,er e ~e~ forthe U~It'S), should ""go th'i'bUgn'liutnOfl<ed p.epm,nnel e~cIOSJllg-a~,~'i'rity , IlaSiS.: \ '\



wi1 ich wOuld 'Il.e madeayallable

by Ih" DE!}'ejoper, will b.tQrl first "u n'I first"gelvt


111~pplli:ant( s) agrees~nd unde;stands lMt Inr~GOmpany ~ noi,lfvlng an)!l':arra nly Jigilanintee with reg.a~~o tl;"'<"IUipmen!s?ajpJiances h~talled I~,the Said 'Unl~ g~~tee and warranty, Is of the mari'b!aClll.,retIWPPlier !IS the ti!l'ms' & ~ondiliOn~ rnenlio~e~ .In th"warraiiiy/~ranllle-ISS~ed by the rrl~nulacllJ,er;an~ ~p.~II~r ~1h regard iQ. the equlp:m~~wap. piianoos. !lie guay.:lnleesAvll'j1lntles Issued6ythe sup.p.Ilerstma. lIUfs<;1urers., " a~J: 0:111. equ)~nr~!.< provided l~llle ~ai~ U~'t --:"ll:Ie ~,a!(¥'tll e ih",~pPJfc;a~t\s) at ~'f tl'w...!!': p~sslon. The . ,,~~r, the 3;:pmpany sh.all be ab&plved of all ,ts responSlblll~ and babJ,titi"es WlIl\ regard ,to the (unClEomng, manLJf'\l.Cc\Un~g.1 p,erabpn of tfte o equlpme"!;l>(appl@noosin~wll"d In1he ~d U~I. ~ The Developer shall ge\slrLgle point el~GtriC conrt,~c:tion f6~thl1if~lT1PI~~m concemed authority and i~hall be di~utict ~~Ugl)S~~lale meters to t~.e apPlican.l$~iQ.:lgh prepa,ld Sl'\"tem. The applicant WIll get the ,,1{JCtriceonnm;tlon for the <;:apacily.o~W~ py them·(Mlnlmu[]) Five KVA) <ltthe rate 01 R$•. Five Thousa~d only pkr KVA, The a{l1oUQt lor e1ec"mc'ton"'l!'~on is; reqtllred to,be paid. at. the ti [lJ e Of offer p{ the possession. \,



11le appli,cant(s) shall ge~his{lJer!1ts complete address registered wi\1j me CDmpany,md itsMll'be hls{lJe'r/lts re:lpons'bilil:y to keep theCompanyinfmmed by registered NO Letter about the chahg~ of address, (failing whi"h'all demand n'otioes anttretters postelJ, at thelatest add ress available with tile Ct>mpany will),., dee mad to, haVe been recerve,d bY the' a ppli"ant(s) Within 5 days from)the dlspa}1:h of.~ letten. The ll~.PIica 'l.1{sl will beThlly Ifabje lorany c(.eeffaault pa)'D'ent and! 0 r oiner eon,se~ue nee, that might,s C"C'I1e re IfOrry,TJla,tit Is he reb)' cralifted tbat in tn the case ofJolQI Purchase'ls) ;;:lJ commu~leaUons;>'l:lemMd notices, termlnatior\'l c'anceliatlon'le~r, re!U~d,etc .• shall be Mot by, the Compail).:'Wthe applicant\s), whose name'alld address appearsffrat and Whkl1 "nll"lfforl,1I pUI:poses be considered a~ seM'*' on~11 the ApPU!)<lnt(s) a~d ~D sepa"'teco!"muni()atio~ will be made or sent to ll1e other named applicant{s};,




Thai a~}am~unt<paid a~
That ~lIlh~ ~illitionOf

by the appllcilnU~)

snau fiJt b"~dJI'oted lowards'ea,lier

-.., W \'

..... "





as unpaid or,partly pa'idlnstallments, -'"

Interest or other outstandingamounts.





theBu il\Jer BlIyer Unoe,stlndi

ng lJ;j6'appr ~~t(S) shall,tte trili{tedl: refe rred <\s imendin~ a'llotlee~) , ot U I"\il(~ 1n''f3selAllotmenfbej~g '~)" ?tlialnedJhl"Q~gh m Isre:Mntation
,ll nd '~4ppression

..... pffl~te'lal facts. Th e OOmpanys d~lsjon in



Comp~. )f reserVe.'Stl1e ':tigtit IQCanC~llhe 'iillolment tillS rllll<lrd ~lhl{!lf~aI4 ,), \


TheapPlica~)\erebY ,coveRa nts with ~,e company to, P6¥ from II meto ome and a~all ii"[1',es. the ampunts Whith tile applrcant(s~is~abl.rt toll.aya,s a.greed\,nd to observe a nd~rform all tl;e COllllnanLS and conditfonsof b'9Oklnlpnl:i sale and 10 keep th,e Cprhpany a~d.rts agents aj)d repQ!seQliItlves, estate ~nd :eff'tFts, Iliaer1nlfied an~ harmless agarst all payments, and ti):.seJylnc,e "~d pciUormance.ottne sal~ ~.n.~nts and"orldidons<6~d also a~inst 'a&I<'F Of,d;a"1?ge$ !hat ~e cum'pany rnaY!!u,ffer a~ a Jl!~UIt ~n en- pay~ent, non .ohsel\',3ncegr on" pefformanl'~ the sa Id cove na\!~ijnd ~iti0!1fby ·the appllca nt(s) as me(llloQed In me Application, an~ uilder BU)'llr Und ersta ndlng.:TII e Appll""~\has fu Ily!read ana unpersttl09 Ille , at'O"e mentIoned termsand condt~ons end agreesto abIde I:i:fIhe serne.





TJl~t the gei1eraHerms and C~~ditiO\s 8$ men~~~bO'lJ'! 3,le not "IxhauMfor the purpose 6f frn'al allol:rnen't al'\d\S~b le~se{ll, the Unit tp the a~plicant(s) supple merlteo artd/o{ amended by the termsand comlitio"ns of allbtJrent as m erJtio .i'E!dJ(rthe Allotment I.<ltt\!r "nd:iher'eafte~ln'the ,sub lIiiise D"ea.
> .' , .". ~.. ,.

and may further be

~, \.' f' J \ 'I To oo,~e any,~USlonrega rd I any rnatternerelnor ilnyt~ iQgttelOg not covered f CIWified here n; It Isjt~e.d by the aPP l'flnt(s \\'that reference wi I be made 10 Ihe detailed terms-, of ,'", ,e ng \. .... 1;, ,I, allotm~nt letter andforBuilder BuIiilr Uno e(Staml~g, te rrns and \hereafter in the Sub Lease D!i<'d whereof has been seen, rea.d and understood I aooepteclllY\the app Ilcant(s). 56.
Thai the)eompany ~~aIlCO[jtrnve to ~, as befor~. the rigt,l to make additions, ralse swey 0 r put up I swct1re.:; <Is. als.Q'to connect ttleele"ctT1c}.l¥ater. saniw'Y an~rs rnag~ fitUngs on ttteadditlonalslructuleslsloreJ'~th the e.lslingelec!llc. Witter, sanitary aoi:! drainage soiJrce$,at~'eW!l\costaSlj1ay be. p'erm,tte!I b\lJhe COmpetent Authorl~es. Suchad~[tional strociures 8 n'd sterey shalille me ~ Pl;opelty Mlhe Cornpany, The app.!_icanttS) hereby gives con~nno t~~ sameand,agfees. that he,!;ha II nOI be-antltled to ralse a ny Objection or ellaiITt at anYPGinI9Itimeinre~pedthereof. , 'I Sll1gula r.s~a II mean an(llneJ ude Pillra!~nd mas\uline genUer Jioall me" n and In~Uderlhe femlnloe gender Wheljeverappllca bte, The appli""nt{~l ",eesthatl,.ln the event ot a ny i!lspU'te or ~ ifferem:e'arising out 01 touching upon 'Of In rel~on to Ihe terms ortnls Application ,i~CIOding th~ imerp~iati<m and va I idity 01 the terms tIle,eof". rl~,the res~ectlve .ighR a~d.,~bligaliO~S 0tthe applicant!s) an~'the Corn~ny, r,efeir.~d I)y "'o/pany for adjudication~ to a sole arbltratOrlObe'appoinled by the Oompany. wMose dedtilb!fSMll be final and bindIng ~p:an the'partles, The artwauon prcoeedtngs shall be'conduCted il1:aceordance With the I<l'brtraUon,aird Gonc'llauon 'ACt; 19960' any statu'to,ya(l'€ ndrnel1tS/modiflC~\'lOOS ~ereo ffor-tl"le ~mebeing In fowe. The arbitration Proceedi ngs sh~1I be 'held a t New Defh~eJ1ly, ' '" \ C,'OUIU;in Oelhi Sta,te <!j0ne,shi!!1 h~'<'l the. e>«:lusl",iIjUfis"cU.cbdn In case1ofan.y di~pi.rte arising out ol/lo\whinlj' ",galdless,b.f;bepla,CeO!execu~on oft"sappllcalion\"l1ich iSdeem~i:ltebeatNewDelhl. Bn~r\'l(ncemin.t " Iths appncanon "no/Of BUilder Bin\' ,\ UnderstandiM







1Iwen.av~ fifl!y re:ad, :n\Jur(dersto~d ~e ~bO"e me'ri(ldned ~erms,and~dwonS',an~ a

agree to'pbide by tne.s.ame. IlWe unije~nq t~'atth~:erf:nS and condltlon~~gl\len,a~ove are of IRdlcative nature wltb·a, view to acql'.lalnt'1no/uS\~Uh the terms anq_conditlons'as comprehens1velYse!ClJt In ~b..e Builde!':Sdxer Understandin_g which shall Supgmie'de.tne tefms \nd condltlons set out in this appllcatlon. VWe<are fuily COnscious tl1a.t it is not inlluml'ierlt on the part' of the comRany, to send us remif1de~no.ticesin respect ofll:he obligations as setlOl)tin this' applic?tloll ~nctlm Standa.rd Buildersuyef Ur<l.derStandrng an1:i'<I(Wefi1311 s ,o,efully IIab1efor any Qor:isequencesin respeot of defaul,ts committee by meAus iirrnQ.tabiding by the

"ter~s a~d ~~.d~'bns'contair:lerJ in this ,8P'Pltcatipn atld{'o~ S~n~ard_Builder Buyer .~>ndetstandi~g.~e hal/e,soug':$. fletai~d e\pla~at10rt~ ... an~ Clanli,c.atlonsfi"6n1'tp~ ny and4he co.. n:'pany has read.II)' provided sllcH,explanati~J1s an,d.clanfic.atlOl1.5'and afterglv.l:ngC1lrefulc(')[].s.lde. ,tiOI1~O Ta. all fac~2 terms, ~on.I:j.I~ons and r~pr~senta\ioq.~ ma~e by the co~pa~y, I have now'sl~~d appllcatimn rrrn and pald,the, amoun~:thereoffullY. ~nsCIOUs of'my lrabilitles aMolJlIgatloQs mdJl1dlngf<\rfelture of earnestnJoney as may be Impqsed me. \





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