Earth Infraslructures,Umited:~

-126, 1st Floot, Pusa Road,

" Near Karql 'Bagh ryl.etroIStation, New Delhi~110005. \ DearS!tls

, y/obr A'pplicatio'n may be registered'for



n~ll~S Office Space (he~in after rfferl'ed10 as
\ .....

IfWe'teqltest th@t

bookl.ng af an

"Unle) in yo~ updoming P,roject i'Sapphire Court" being developed and cOQ,strU(!tedby your company at Plot No.. 4'8\ K'nowledge Park.~! Greater NOida"U .P.


VWe have,c early Ull'derstood that the


~ application does I\ot constitute an Agreement to sen and lj,we do not become eotLtled

to the·provisional ,and/or final allotm,eot of Unit notWithstanding the fact tbat the Company may haye issue a receipt in


earnest money/part of earnest,moneytender.edwith thecappllcation.


IjWe agre~Jo sign and execute, asan~ when required by-the Company (on confirmation ofallotment), the All otfn ent Letter/ ,

BuLder Buyer Under.st~ndi n@ Gra,nt of L:J!~se(sub·Leas~on the GompC\"ny's standard form~tcontents.~hereof read and' nd~rstQ_Od me/us, by

1t .







have been


.afulde e'ytheteYmS&.GOnditlons I~iddown in this app.1ication for~':.,
'. , ,.". , , ,.• , •. "••."

~ ~\. ' " " .

I/We· remit l'Ierewi:tha,sum of Rs., ., " _••
................ ., " •••l 1


.f.. (Rupe_es.~ , ,"' ."" Only) by BankDraft/Cheque No
.. ,.•. " " •• ,••.••.••••••••




dated ...........•..:"

drawn on "


towards the booRing amount-It earnest money orpart thereof forthe said Unjt (All d,rafts and 'cheques to be drawn in favpu r of, ~ \


J .. ,

payapJe at Delhi/New Delhi

"Earth Ihfra.structures' Ltd. or)


IjWe further agree to pay the insta,lIments ~fb~sic cost and allied charges assUpulatedi d,en:la~diedbythe Company anQ/ as.co[ltainedin \.the,payment plan opfed by'me a[1d! or as percther clauses ofthis application form ..



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MylOur'particulars as m. ~\ioned be.I,ow may be recorded for reference and communIca ions



1\ ..., :J:...



.. \.. Mr./ Mrs./ ~s. / IWs (to~e fille·din caps)

Middle t'j'"me


Applicant I


Applicant II



I DaU&hfer~0fMr. /'Mrs

(to be filled in tai!ls)


Lt\st (ll.afn~

Middle Name

LastNa[l1e' •

3. Date of Birth / D~

of Inoorporatio,n

\0,0 DO [] 0 0 0

4. DateofM'amage~\iversary



5'. ,f-mfession/ Con$titYii,?no'fFirm 6. ID~cupatioq(Please,tick) 7. Res~Q,ential Status (Please tick) 8. Mai.lin~AddreSS(Res.) ;~



,.. "

, ".", , ,..'''


" :,.,









Self E~p'oY-tdD Non·resident IQdianD , : .' "..,. Forei,gn. National ,




~~;~I:~~~~;~~'~~~~.;;~~:;.::~:~.::: .... .. ::: ::::::::~::::~::::::~.:::: ~:::::::::~:::::~ .. .... ::: ::::::::~:.:::
"".." "" "." ~ " ,., (Off\DbOEJObODDD' " ,. "".. "" ,," .."... , '''' " '''' Mapile No ..
• "" -


,.,...........•. . "

::.~~~i.~~~.i~.~::.~::::::::::~~:~::::~:~::::~:~'.'.; .. ..:


D D D [lJ,D ~ D D EJ D
""" ,.

. 'Office ~ddress





,g ..Te1epjlor\e



'12. \

r .••••.••• "

, "~

, \ : _.,.,

14 In~Q!!letax PAN




15.. P,\ssport NojVoter Card NOJQfivtngLicense NO

First Na)ne

1 •.sec~ d ~p IIcant Mr".j Mrs. ! Ms:../ Mis (to DB flUed in caps)

~iddle. Name

LasJ N~me

. First Na~ ,


!Wife J 'O:augh~J otMr~/MtS (to, be fflled 'in /O~e1?f InCRiROration0

Middle ~ariie \.





3, Date: df Birth

Dc GJ D D.DO 0
00 MM"


~ '\

' .

Self Employed



_ ..,

<,, 0


·5. PIDtesslonI. OQnstrt'utionof Firm
15~ Occupatioll!Please tic~l\

Employed Res[dent.


7. ResitJentialStatus (Please tick)


Nen·resident Inaian



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cLi. Fax

\1qIPa'y;n\ertt Plan·0P._tlon A.. The P~lYmentplap Lsa~~ed , 17. Name ofProjec~: • \


PaY('lent P-Ian


8\ Construction LInked PI~mD


hereto anq marked,as~NNEXU.RE·l

~ndoPted.bYthe intending a\lotte~Js):.

S.apphlre Court

1~. £sic$aI8 FloorpLc




\ 1S. Any Otoer Remarks


.,....•...•. '.'


., ".". ,., ,

"., ".''' ..J;




INJe~l;te above a~licant(S) do herebytleclare that the above partreulars given

been 'concealed there from. Vwe-.agreet~at aIW allotment bared on this appl!ca~ion ~hall be subject-t0 fulfillment, of thel~asiG terms and cOQdftlons I~ld dJ)wli'in thiS'3ppUcation


by me/us

are true and correct and riothing Hps




INJe sha,1I bide a

b¥ ~e'tecms

and c:nditions, ~md~hi§payment plans laiq 'down in this applicat'!0n, and:Which sMJI iP}q~fi;lct0 be


Si~nafwres of all <applk:anls as"acceptance that they have read and u hder.stood and as a token of acceptanc$ot'all specrffed OR page number 01. to

delai!s are RI~nis
-.;: j,


terms and conpltions

are specmed


page tlumber

0'4 to 01 and



S:ignatures of all the AppUcan,s

• ~ .,.••




~ ~ '.' ~.



" 'I' ~.

~ I .'.... ~" 'I' ~ ••••.

~ ••


\ . Name ofthe Bml<erIPr.o:perty ConSlJ It&nt



, ,.....


, ',.
, •• ,.••••••• \ , •• , ,' •••••• , ••••••••


, ,'.

p,.ddte§s.of the Broker/Property Con~l,Jltant.. ..

, ••••••••••

.t.~."\",,",""".......,'_ ~.~ ~

.t ., .. ~t.;,


'•••. , ~'i'"



,,~~ .• ,~.~.

" •••

"",.,\.-I",~~'".'...~,';.~.~.' ...,..~~~;....


.. ~.'~·

••. ,,~

•. ,.


.•.• ,.




't, ~..• ~





~~' ..• ~., .••••.•

Cont8ct Details of the Br.oker/Property Consultant, \ Signatures Qfthe BrokerfProperty Con,sultant




>~ !... ••• ..

\ •••••••••••••••.•••••••••

(PleasEfl:rfffx your Co~pa?iy Stamp/Seal)


Page ~ 3 0 8

Basic 1e rms and CQll,diti 0 nsfor B ooki ng'o! IT/

ITES Office

Space In ..Sap ph ire Co u rt"


The appl1l;<1nt(s) Imderstapds and Is awa,r€ oltlie manner and theS'~tentor the nghls,l(lte~andentitlernent ef the De.elope't on the land'~eaSUrfngaRProJilmateIY Knowledg~,Pilrk-5" Greate ~t.J oida\ U, Pan d th e proposed Project is krttwn as"Sil pphi'reCourt", l'ih'ch is b riel~ ,rep ro~uCed herein belo)Y:, '


sq. rntrs. situated

at 'Plot ~o,




Ell th Iofrll~J'Ucitu res lilt (he~inal:ter refelred to as "DeVelop er or Com parry') as iqe' 0 (fvetoper is e,ntl~Mto i;p nstroct, develop, sell, leas'~, sUb'l~ai~ and manage; the a')'~as In th e proposed PraJ~ et Vlz: r "Sa_Pl1hiie Co u rt" {~ereinalter f«~med to as "Pn:.jeCna n d th e D e.elopel h as covena nted inter,al la to develop tile ProjeQt on the ProIectiJ ~ d a n(l to deal with all matterscon Gem iogth e sam e. , "\ \: Whe(eas M/~, Nistha SoftWare Private Urn ited (herelflafte'qele'!:ed 10 as 'NS PL"J is theJawfu I lessee in respect o(lease.h 0 Id land rneasurin g approxim ately 209Usq. m!rs.s:ituated alPlo! NO.,48, Greater N&{Ila by ~ rtu~. of a,90 y~! lease deed, The plot was a Ilotte'd fo Itbytfle GN IDA Vl.de.~ lettq 0tallotment nb.1 N0/rrj2b 07 /649d a,~,~ 4/5/lWQ1 and th)l,QN IDA suMequ.enUY ~~u,t~d Ihe 90 year.s Lease
Deed 10' IT/ITI'''', Qffi ce SpaceP\Jmose's,in


. \"tI ',"

( fav(>urolthe , NS~Lon ,




'" . •with Sub"Registrar,


vide Registlatlon

SeiiaJ No, 108'39 in Volume 'N~~'5006 on pllg. es 341·

~:~here\s p'u rsul~.tlo 111. eSiI,id AIiOtin"e~I. M/ s •.Nisln a Software .f>riV~~[Jr\)}ted ha s eni!ll]'d.l~tO an arra "gem e nl with M/ ~ tnrrastru etures Urn ite~,(DeVelop er),lodevelOp tilel said plol by way 01 RonstrVclloh o~a M uttis\orie~ 8 utld ing a nc: "til iIi ~g ptaperWfor.I1'/IfES the Qffice 'S pa ce,il nd,0ll1er1a cili~ es as per the lease deed. eto, Th~ a ppHcant{s) has lIy satlsfl ell h Im"el f a bou I r1J!!.1't, tille,.and Intlrestol th e de'll!!1 0 pel~ NSPL i~the p tot"rth e'la nd, Th e app llna nl(s) nasfu rther understood alt Iimjtations an d'obl igationsln respect thi) lent \





,~, ~,

T1ieappHca nf(s) has a p plied fa r alrol~ent 01 IT/ITES 0 lfi ce Spa ee (h,erei n after relerred 10 as'U n 1I"l P'2P 0 sed to be co.nslru eted oli ['raj ect lill ed' S<lpphire Court':< (sa id' Project) ,The apptjca ril(s) yndertakes\\O com~lt wlth allllJ.e'r~'qull!~nt andco,mpllances olthe"GNIO'A, the MinisVI' ,l)liEn~ronmental Impact Assessinent(EJA), 0 p, PoIIU~oli Control 80ard/ Wa!~r cal1)rn~IOn and 3,ny'othei gOltem ment tOles and regu I,alia ns Lai~ ~own !)y,state.ol U,p' or 8 nyothercompele ntautho lily, The\. ppncant(s) sh all not use th e ~ajd h n it or perm itthe_~ me tube use~for a~ypu!poseotMrtha n the pU'l10,se 'iI.S sanctioned bY the prescn b ell:Au,!\onty, The allpl icantjs) has rep resented·thathe
.' ~.


a, ~e pe~rmance bodl es! departments

by OeoeloP.(!~NSPLO' Obllgati~ under, thes'(!p~~nls are cOl\t~ngent ahd bou.nd ~d (h ere In refemed 10 as "Autholities", flO m U~ to 11me and sub] eet 10 a'll a pp h"abte,lawsj.nolificatlOnsl • I I ,




h~~ specific,,!!!



and agreed that-




/e~Jat~~, upo'n ,,fIpp~rals to"te gr~rited, byvarlous con dl~1Qns as Imposed ~y these AUthOfities,



~i,Th e ~~v?1 0 w~as rna dilY P'ow de~~'nd tn a ap pllcant(s) ha s 2een aM race ived, toTts s~Usfactirin,all i nm nr~ti o~ 8Jld cia rifi ca,tio ns a,s~qu ire~by tI1ellPP llca~t(s)~ n~' the apP,1ica"~(s) is a pplyi ng Io!lh~ sa Ill. Un !twlth IU,HRno,wledg,e 01 ~ I th IitJU), !ghts and' l!1.terestofthe Devel,oper" n dlaw~ !;Ules, ',egulatlon,~otiOca~ons,et\app llca ble to Ih e Pra] ~ct. All the quenes related 10 u nit, P'OJecte,tc.llJ!ve al rea ~ bee n ilns,:,,{redoy the Oevelo p e ,t~ th e coht lete satis/aCiIO n 01 the app Ilea nl(s) a 'hd no IIl~ef Investigation ":thl\ regard ·IS re,:!uf "Il by the applies nt(s), The, appllcant(s} confirms thai. ~h SAP~I)il;iI~ a n rs Irrevo ca bill. a~d ~an nnt be wlthdraWQ' H,owever,I{I~r any re~so~;, appllcanl~ deslre$,. hec~n la~ethe ,r~.(undof amountpald byhlm/herwltlim 'Fifteen Days fi,omthe date 01 n;aklngollhls ffi'S1 paymenl (whethe(tu !l8QoRlng Am au nrc r theH~tTQeq. Paym Il{!tl with~u! agy ded ucnon I(om'tha Dave loper, \


e, Th e a Ilotmllntfflh e sal d ,nit s~all ~epravision~tan d s~a lI.only be confirmed up 0 n'lh e execution ~fthe p rapos~d iIder BuyeI IJ.,nderslandl ng. The. allolm entol the Unlt ise,nliielyal:t~ edlseretl on oflh et De,vel opa r. The own ershipright olthe App lica nl sh a II begi n only'afler Ih efu11 payment is m ada lor Basic Sa Ie Price, all olh ereharges and 'statutory duesan d also whe 1l.1'h registered cbnveyance deedl Sub e lea~e'deedOIPrap~i$'exeC\!.ied, d, \ ~ to the <\Xlentol:plus!ml nus twenty il.e~cenlto whicfi tn e


!J1e afPIl

cant(s) acooptS th a the'Pfa nsa ro'te,ptaHve a n the areaj.loeation

'a PP.'I.ican.!(~1~.~aII n otobja cf..,TheappJiC:<J.nl(~) rihw."grees !ulure!n sial 1mants 1I~the Cil SI!\I11 a.y,be, ilow,ever;su bje to lbatthe seha du Ie 01 [-he installmen
\" 'I.



il111 fact,

to pa')'the~~nSideralion. Iq.r Ihe.'i n cre.ased.' area,. ~fany an d il the'a re~ decrea~.es, the Oll_Ve.1 oper wi! I k. fun-!l tile'amo~nt o.r~.dUlI{itllll' a.lJI,ou nf i n th al in~e area Increases or deClea~es by five Petcenl, no a)."o II n! will~e demanded or relu ndad llyth eO eveloper as tMean ma1li~ 'me ".."".\ 10r paym ent is the esse noo ofth e .Hotin e nt.

01 said u n IImay b e clijing:ed/

van ~d duri ng the co Il,(i!e ol~~nlitruction

Is u n de[:pa,ym e~t p 18n chose n'shall be final and bi n d illg 0 n tire appl ica ntis) •.Itis m a de clea rtW\Uhfl'

~a\lh e ~II ~tmenll~~tT~s.$ued by Uie D~el!\P e ra~1otlin~th e U._nllln,th e S~ldc BUIl~i ng sh a If:be bin dl ng 0 ntile app!lc~nt(S) tqpUrc~ase th e sam e! Iii:I tI).\ a PP),IC""nt(S) will have to exe'!;" leall the,necessa~ db~um ert_t1jtaffidav~, /n cI ~(Ilng Stllnd~rdB uilde',B uY~fU n ~"rstall dl·ng •.w~tll in stlp ~ate~ time Iro~,l{1e datE; of oif.e! Q!,all o.ynant a~dj 0 r from the ~ate Qlco rnm~n icoti 0 _reg6r~ ingoffe r~I,!lllotm ent l1yt~ e Devel ~er, It Is sp eefh t@lIyunO'ec.>tood by the ~ppl! caNts) that u poolexecuUo n, the Ie rms'l,nd q:md !lions as seta uti n th eB u IIde' BuyerU n derst",n d! ng-s~ a Itsu p erse~e the'te!11JS a "areon d!t! on s ~s set out I~ th is application, )



The ap pll ca nt(2j, Uflderstand that 1s App ~tion Isp urely'lln tentative basis arrd'iheOeveloper may at ItS'sole d iscretlo n decide not to 'alIOIa ny or a II the Units j n,the S!lra'Pr~jeC[to anybody ~r altogetlj'(or deGid to aba nq a n tim Proje.~ ilse If within ~month5:lrom the d.ale ttf Wlecutio n B~'IIder Buye r~ derst{l n oi ng in lavo u r of the ilppllcant(sj,. far which th e app liea ,nl(s) ~fiall,n lllhave~rigM\o rais~\~ilY ~Is~ ute? no, clai m.,. ~ny[l~h~1i UeY:)nte ,est 0 nlJ, e a~ceptanf'l0l~~ A.p~li ca,tio n a ~d;r~oe ipt the book1ng ~~unl b el ngteceived by t:(!eDe~19pe! wit'h this A,ppli cation m rlieapp lican\(s), In.$uch £as~, the ap ph Ill' ~t(s) sfia II be ent!tled 10 rew 11 d:01 !lie.ent,re a mount pa!t! by film a Il!.['g wlt~ rnle test attherateol Sl~ percent per an"u m,






Tha~a'YIrilten Inti mati 0 n 10 rcompletlo n 01", n itwlll besRnl 0 the appllc,a,n~ts) andlil· FIt. Out PeriOd' 01 one quarter will com mence fromthe dale o~ ollerolp ossesslo n, Th!l;sa iH 'fit Qui 'Pen 0 d" is, i n or,der to lacll !talttheapp lI~n.!.lS) IQ'co mm u ntcate tile exact date bY,vlhfCh he Il'be taking the physl GaI possession 01 h Is'own ~ nit after co mplyl ~g with the req ulslt~ 10rmal,lties vi~ obt(lln IQg NQC from the Accoull.!s Departti! e,nt Of1!fe Develop e~glstratio nplSyb Lease De~ ~tc,' ' \,,,"








H oweoer,


if there

is ,~~~ In~an d in'gllver possllssion


:u n!!a tt'er eXl! i ry 01Ai 0 utPe , od du elo,any reajon; th eDev~ foperWm pay th ea~ pJi c:a I\t(s) ,d~lay~d pllSSessi on cho:):gesilt II)~ ra.te of Rs, Teh.perSq, ,concerned applltan1{sl


onl,h i~rospect of'c~ted ~rtia ~fthe.u.n.,.~ I.or del~~~'1pe ..~.'Od·on.:1Y, (commenfin.g f1'o"1.:~e.da. t.\Ofexplrv of '-At Qut perlod"Jp[O~id~'d tl1~taH du".e.Ins..tanm~nt (rom,the re cep,ed rn ~ me and he·has com phed WIth requls!te 10rmal iIjes V.!l oht,mhngNQ C from the AoxollntsDe pa rtment.oi th e.Oeve loper, re,glstratlon 'of Sub Lease 'Deed etc,

?'Ie ~ppl icant(s) has s'een, und ell''.I,oOd an a.cce pIe d that th eb ulld ing plans~ by (Iding design S]ta~ties'a~d specificalions., lis d eCid$ldby the d~el o~e ~ a Ie tentative and ls'subjeclloapplov~1 of re~u lalory \ a ulr ontles ol:~re~,?r ,Nold a, Theap~lI~nt?S! a~es~~ theDe,v'e~op~r may IT(akesllCh ~,aT1ali0 n s~a~dltlons, !!!WllUMS a n ~ m~d,ifiCatl!ln~e\c.,(WhICh !!lay Incl Ude.c-!Ja ngesll\ :he aria of,!!,e Unit: f!oor, '~mh e( o:W1!1f11 0 clltio n 0,1the bull ding all.d IX;'7ase/ Jlecrease In th~flu,:"ber Of~ I pal~ingS,1 ats aII "~~Io the~ pll!! c~n~s), there Ln ~ s maY Il,~ d! meted lJya ~y CDm petent.a ~tilo 1ItY'1 autl).o~tle~/ archit~Pt orotharw! se, and til e' a ppi!ca rtl(s) .he reb} griIli\H!sconsentt?'SllCn atlOJl, addJf\o os, deletions, a lterati on s .an~ mod!f! catIons etc. Th e draWi itg shown to customer pertaining 1.0 the Project I nquestion, and tfle fh)or pl.nsare on COIiered area basis, This will however, be .subject 10 any modlfitatian thoolllay .lie made by'thesanctioning ail):hq_rltil or may be necessitated.,duling}he course 01 sa n c:tIo n/t:onsiIlJCtlon. That the,a rea shown In Ihei8 roch u Ie. Maps, Plans ora ny olher Docu men t atc, fs from wall centerll n es'and Is In dlcatlve only!lTh fl actual: final alell 1'1111naf culalea at Ihe ti me 01 b construction. That the.8 p~1 icant herebYilgrees t(!al the d~elope r will note ole rtaina ny reque.st WanYi~J)anlle in consltUcti on/ design Qf a nytype 01 e unlt.ltls'Cla [ifie<fth al til e in i6al rale of bQo'l<jng ofth e Unit will"be appll cable th e ~ha oged area in ease bf relu nd 0 rdemanll, ...






The 0 aveloper)' NSP t byllsell 0 r thro u~ Its npminee(s) may r~~e ~ nance from any Ba n~/ A nan cii!l fnstltulilln Body CorPQr~t& fii~nan Qel!!e,bUj Idl n g; Project an,d for th Is pu rpo~e af creates an Equi1abl e M ortfagey Engijsh Mortga.gMcharge 0 n the P.[QJect 18nda a ,ea co nstru oted/tob.e.&nstructed and tor sucl1 an ac;1,j}, e ap plica nt(sjihel'e6Y1li.es h rs COMe"! anti autl!Qritt)sth e D.eveloperlo do Ihe same, The' Develop eJ1'~oweve r"assu res the applicani(~) lhaltha sa id unit; .alta r reee ipt olllie basiosa Ie price and all the other sums due and payable by the App lica nt, shall render the appll Cijr t(s) unit



'freefrom encumbran ",e:; cre.a~ bY,tN e,0 eveloper. . .Any notice, lett~r 0 r com mu n1cati on to b e m~,da. sel"ll!d, mtom a d~resse[! Io'~ e 0eveloper,at registered Qfllce at "~rth'nlr'a;~


.. ..' .. . ._. m u nl cate~ to thQ 0 eve loper shall be'~eemel:l:to be duly 'm~de" served Ql'(:ommunlealed only lithe noUr;e' 0 r lettar'or Gt!Jres L,W,'26; Ist Flo or, Pusa Road} K;'!rcll Bagh, Neal Kalp i'Bagh Metro ~tatlon.,. Nev,: Oelhhl1 00Q5,

. camm u n lcalion Is

That a ny C<imm u n i~tionl com mitm~ n,i regarding booki ng/a iI!itrn~nt olifi~:s. id 'Ynit lil.the Pro) ect"lTI,!ld e by th e Broker/Ilgenl; E~p Ioy~e of the Comp.any eic" bela re the date p n w~li:h this Applicati on is \ signed by lieanl (S), wI! tool5 e'ap pli cable/ ell~ctlve IUl'II\er In ny CiTro msta nces, The Davel opllr.shaH nl>t.be respon~i ble in allY ci'rcll1Jl$tancesforthe con seq ~ert_ce",ol any na\l.lm, will eh m a.yan se out "I the. communication/commitment made ..by the Broker/4genI/Employees Of, the Company etc, If Is agreed and unde,stood by the Ap'plicimt tl!alhe h~s -tahn care ot ,~n com muijlcatlo ~/proposa Is/com rn TI!)1'e ~ti; befOre signing th is Appl icatlo n, i\t\e rs ign iog til is.(\pp licatign,. a.lllei'l'ns Md co n ditj onv nd .Payment ~Ia naetc, mentlo n e,dIn thlsappllcatil!n 10rm are appl rcllbl e fo rtn e p uro~ase 01 the .sa id Uliit by th~ App \Icant \' --




Th.@t~s pet LayoufPlan itl sa ~Vls;ge~ that the; units a n all ~oo'rs sl1a nbesold~ san Ind~pendent unllwlfhlm p~rtable~ nd ~n dlvif(ed s ha;el n the lan'l:! and u ndem Bath th ~ plot. Tht ap plicants,(Sl sh all notb~ perm [tted 10 co nstru ct a nytll! ng {I n til>,: lelT" ce, However the.~ e.eloper &ha II have 'tile i[ght to ·e~plore the terr.c.e 10 case-of a nY,GhaMe In We f:A,~,J any qth er Rule~IB;e.Laws qflh e 0 rill' or a ny olhe, reaso~, carry out constructIon oHurther units'in the eventuality olsuch'a cha!lg", Howeoer as a result there 01. ilthere is anyooange in'the,boundaries·or area of'th·e said unif;the same shall be valid &' bindingon theappllcant(s), '. . .



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All Payments by~ ~pp 1Iei!nIJS) sha! Ibemade to the Develop aronly t1UO{lgh d~l)1a nd drafts! Accou nl Pay,e'ei;,h eques drawnupon.sclilld u.(eo.ba n 1Is'ln ~o u rof~ E~ rtMnh'astl1l clure~ Lid," Payable·.) D ~ h 1/ ttew D_elhlo nit. All che~ue$ a~ a,ccePtedsu ~j~ttlo rea lI.atlori~nll'.) n case'lt(e,aPPTica nl(s) ~akes tl1~ payment by an ~ulSta;uon. on ell u ~~lJlen hl~lh er paym e,nt Wo~r\be ne,emed to h a.ve been. rece [vad on th e date, Ih acheq u e~III:,getcredited' nto tho!b ~ n k ecc unt oflh_e,pe.velop~r by lna'Bank. Fu rthe_rthe Ban k Charges 10'th e outSt3tJon clean n g.and bou neild,Cheque Wlil ijecharged from th e ap plica nt(s) , Jhat the Develope! willa lIow dls~ u ntoffe red 'cy broke 1/ age nt to-applica n*l'onl~ if il is m entlonlfd on th e applleation form and du iy ap,pmved'by th e Oevel~er. fora ~y credit nQlelssOed Ih e appli~a nt~l or allY other com mlti'(l~ntl'ih ether O,lal a r,wnlle n sol elyrnad'e by broker/aganl/a ~l', otnerstatt,



,~urther the Oeve! 0 perwlll net be responslbl



The companl Sh\1I have tl\e nrstlien and charge cnthe said'~it ~O(all itsdue:S"nd'O,thet~ums payable bJ tlie:App)I~~l(s)al~ttee to the'~oriipan~. Iso company J'd.e~flp~'er has full righttO, I.ease the ~pa:ce'li.I suitable te na ntas p'er t~Im and conditions decided by the deV(1 ~er alone wH ich m~y be In Ih e overall be'!,etitO,t th acom pll!{'<1 nd,~lI'lI,)e sta k~ I[olders, l,Iiere shall lie no IibJ !!_,ctionl diSjl ete Iiy th e owner'ab a utrth~ Ie,ase rigl)ls to space ~Vl!led hy She developer. However, il the ·owner wants to, Ieasec ut the unit a n itS own, iiie D eve loper wi II hve no_-objectl on to the sam e, subject:t:o the ownersh a II pmvidelhed~t"lIs0fth rentto theDevelope~, '




J!PH~ant(s).tt~, bee Q expla!ne~ a ndu n d:l;Sto 0, d that all th ep.aym ants a to b made by crosS(i dc~eQuel d~m and dratt~ ~rly, I-iowever,-In anY-case, th~app Ilc;,ant(s)js.ad a mant to~akethe-piument in cash, tI1~,paym. tnlS~. all ,.bere ~elved OnlY. ~I-registere .•. d Offlce·.o..f th.~'tJ ev$lO,pe~'Qr~.en~.l' situ ate. d".at 26,.,t5t Fl o.o.., Pu S8.RO.B Ka ({'.IIBat. n, r d, D~. nl· ao. 0 ns, SU bl.ect to ~. Ifilim. e.nt 01 statutory rnq.1i1. _ l te.m,!!n.t . ,8n d th~ appli~n:\(S) U n ~erstaM~ that th ~ cas~WiH n~tb il:lla lino any otli," r parsa nor repr~entatNe!!IJ a nagerlh rok,erlempl oy~ olth e Oeyll!'o p'eETIl is p~ym enl wlll.b ala ck~owledged, only ii, a val id and a ulh Qnzed receipllla$obeenlssued ~tid erttte signature oj a ny a ne Qlthe dl re etors ofthe C\rmpaTlY.
fIi.!. ~



19 ..' 5i nee'lt lsa Ia rge:~roJe.ctrlh e ~onstm~bn,JIII be completed In~hases.AII th ~ major-eom mon fa cll)He~lII be co mp Ie~edo nlyafter com Ple!!:n of censtmetlon of all the phases. ~ s~ c~ 'Ih e appllea nt~T must l<1kil the~ssessl o'n 01 'h,,/ her /tl! el r own unit as so on as It Is 'mad e aWlllabl e to hIm for possesslon~ The Appl] oam sh 0 u Id n 9tb ~ hay! n_gany conceul/ISSY es ah~have no obi ection to the d""elop ~I .c~Jsl!ucting 0 I ~nllnul ngl'(ith the coi\~Ctlon of th e fe~ a Ini ng struetu res 01 ~. Plojel)t or oitrer Buildings adjoini ng theu n It sold 10 th e a~'l1.!.leant(s) and wheth er a I Ille Com man Facilities' h.ave bee n completed or not ... .". •
'ZG. Appl6iarrt(s} ,a) FlQor uMeIst~n

as a nda~es




pte atthe,tim

e 01 bo.ekiM ofilie





¥ Com ,at Facl!!,.&(LC@10%

• oj tor at'tIl e t{_me 01 possesslan ~

a.d ditional ch{ltges sha II always' be attached to sa i If space» as the case m ay'be, appl ~c.all~, 'lIthe tim eOfomrotP(isses~IO \. , n as pel th 10callo," Qf~ e unit,

fll1 e Bas Ic-Sa! e Price,i!


"If) Com men area l11'a inten a n ee en "'rgas (i, e. CAMl,(fo.rp tpvl di ng com mon services and'facllities i n said space • e) ContribJU 0 n' I) Si ~~ing Fund (ThTs tu nd will be use~Jo~ majorrl\pails 0 rrep lacem ent or purc~,seo n eweq ulp (llenl.'i 10rccmrn~o~ use)
, ",I)' h) \i) Ioteresl'~ree, Mainterrance:Sepu rost$:! ~ns'~erati ~~dditionai 0 nJo! c.arparl<lng shace Wh,!!therlt) p rSq.

0 n e ~ me lease renta.1 charges@Rs,lOq;Prelerehti al Locao El~ctrifi ,tiM Power Backu p InsWllation, Charge~ .

ft Dr 'IS d~terrl1i n ed by.Develo

s op e n ear p

,iii ng or:coveredpr
pe r

pa rili "g.

n Cha rge (W herever A~I icabl a). \ rd~lI.cewitli th e d ~mand >a~pd ~~,(11 eveloperfromtim eD fl;to ti meo lat Illa Ilmeol !lifer ofp '\ the!<a~e



FlreFigh~l1.g Charges and all 0111 al~h a rgell



may bt ,In a dditi

on to e'asic Sa lil' Price.

Tl)e appll cant(sj s~an .bellallie to pay stau,to ry'charges an d Ditter leyies, late~ taxes, Cess,. val u e 'a~d edtax, sefyj cetax, one tim e .Ieasere!lt-etc. ~.emandeauf imposed by Ille C,OIl)pete'nt/ll,lthotlty I Central Govern menl Autho rilles (inelu dingwith retrosp edive effect) shall bepayabl e proportionate I,yby appHcant(s) lrom Ih e date of bookingas de manded by th e Develop elon thesu pe{ ~rea otlhe Unit. Moreover Authorilysha n Im'iiosean>! othetWXes / c.ha.rges the a ppllcan! sh~1I pay th e~am~ e to the Developer, ,itGovem men!!Competenl . ,\lo That ~e ilpplic.ant agree!>a~dunde.rstood that If any dueS/ehi.t~es/~eS!leeS "te., w~'ehlwer is. appli~a_ble on tile part 01 the appqeant (s)-and the samefia~'I1ot'been ..ema'nde'~ by the~I!eveloper, ina._dY~. ~n~yJly m\sta kii 0 r byjg~ 0, rancea ~it cam Itlate r tathe.n alice olth e 0 eye)oper:thenp\esii_m e will beP~ id by the "ppl icant (s), as·~ nd wilen n ollced"bQd dem a n d~dl!Ythe OeVeroll e r: The Oev.1 0 peJ m aYilonstm ct atJts ow~ cos! an app ropTi ate clLlbl recreatio hal lacil it)' wh leh shalljn i1u~cou [Se be tr.1lnsferred 10 a q ualifi ed n omi n aled ag~n"l', 10 ow~, man ~ge'and ope rale su~hlacilily on such tann~ an~cond~uons a~the Oe~e)opel may aeem fit at th e~rso le_d.lsCiTeilon. The appll cant's righllo·use·s.uCh tacll ill' shallatall Iimes be ~ nlln,gentu n due ani:llalthful! o~~el'la~o~:QY the a ppli can (S) ot all them Ill'S,~tt"laWS1l n~' 00" d iti ons ~ 0)' be notijilld by sucH Ih ltd p elson, tr:a~lelee ilrlh e Deve loper. "








The ,il p.pllc.ant~) agreeS and und e"sta.n~. th atthe Total 'Price dfth e; Sal d U~ it andoth erch~rges are ca Iculated on tlie basls'ofthesu

a"rea urlderthe




u_~dethe oommon walls,



u6 IIzed for COlllmon lise; ,seMcesand

per ~rea 01 the S~id Unit whl ch'ln-cludeslhecoie,re d... rlia ~f the ~nlt) ih e lacllfUes.ltlS understop-d. anii. madeclearthat thll',[n'8lll.sion of:OQmmiln area .' ,~.


does nl!.~!.ea,,\eXCluslve



nthe date afb oo~; ng. furthen due to_abnorm atma rketvariatio ns i n tli~,cost of construction ijnd ~aw mateM als,. thie a~tua 1CPs\of th 'l; ~d lture made '\'I1il.be ~m~g' led altha stage of co,mp letioq,ot the P oJect a ~illt the IlJ,crease or de~i'e"Slllnth e ~~stof ~ nstruCUORIS 'With IntheJ 1mit ofrve P~rc.enl\tI1ennofflr~g :wlllbe,c ,arged or ~ nda~.to th ea ppncan~s), HOI'l!Ver,il th~ln crea_se or declease is mo (I! tha\~ve petcent, III en th e lotal diff~ I~ 1l'C\' wi II b~\Ch.arged 0 :refund ed to the applloont(s) as tM c.ase may ~ e'. Es~latlOn s ha II be charged over book, n g pn~e ba.sedo" CasUn de~.a<;p~bl'sh ed by CPWO forlhe pI! MPjJ u nde! recko n, ngo" the Welghled yearly bas!s •.,

The cost of the un it i.based onl\te Cllst Qfcon struelio~te~~{lllcalll\~ Unll may expen en~ so rolescal~tlonia n d maytljli! vary. Th~fi~a

I. ~

:'" \.. 26. • ·~tisk 2.7.

In the event dffll IIure on the part oHhe app Iiea nt(s) ~ take p0',sessi on 01 the unit willJln mOil! period as m e ~onedabove from th & date of ihtimall Dnfn whti ng/1,!' the Oeveloper, then1h e same shall be af lh e nb costOlth~,~ p pll cant(sl and lIle appn~~S).shalibe Ilabl e !Q p~ \0 the Deve loiter holdl ng charges.atlhe tate 01 Rs. TwenlY per sq. ftpelmonth.
That theT~e~ty percent 0 .In ea"tree~ t~tafRJ.e coq~de ratio n ncludin g,B_Sf P.rice\&i" II ot~e r eh ar~es)~~aH representthe eil m eSI~~'n\l~ (herei~a,fter reje(loo\ as • ~a."le~t m? ~et"). TI!~ ajlp li~nt(s) ha~s fully Im-d.i)rSto 0 d and'!igtees that i n. case the applieant{s) wlthd iii,,!: 0 r su ~nder his a ppl! cati 0 n to r any reason whatsoever at a ny POIn~ of time after Fifliie'~ dilys'ol recel.VI ~g iJfflrstToken"f'ayme nt, th en'th e bevelop e r alltssole dlscrellon may tancev terml n ~I#th B Booking! All otmenl/App.ljeatlOr altai forfei~ n!l$he e:a m est m'oney. nfeappli~~ ~1(sl'shaHbe entitied,to refund, oHhe bBlanc~ ampunt,.11 a oy paid, wilhoutin(erest and compensationwhaiS0ll{er and Ihe same shall be r."funded when and .. fterthe,said ~nit is allolled:):o some qtheraplllicanl{s).ln c.aseol~~orl.fall, 'the developer shall be'e~tttled to ["cov'erlhasa'l!. efro m appl icant(s). \




Notwithstanding ~hal !s,s~ed herel~, the ~DpHoont(s)'hereby speclfically.gre'es andaeknowledges t!!}lUhe'tlmely payment fi,f Installments a~ also th_e other cnalges InCIUdlngreils-tm~~ Charg~, mai nle n.a~j;echar~es, a ny:,j\1l,~!ChargeS et~". is th "'"!;lienee 01 th~Wms olth e booking/.all otnnetilTheappl icaht(s) has agreed th at ~he D""elifpp may ,or may -not issue/send de ma~s mi nita{s (OrIN! pa~m e ~~.Interest ~tt~ec:o!l' ot-elgtt\;eltper<:;"f1t shall b e paYl!~le by thea~ p~ca nt(s)1ncase alia i1ure·to.p1i;the i h~tl!lfm entsa n other due.s..~y the ~u.e date_.or a. tlem a n d,ed by the develop er. Hpwever; if paym e ntis nO,t~celVed WIth In ThirtY days fromthedue date o~ as dem<lJldeo, bythe·devel 0, per, or In th e ""ent of breach 01any tems a ~d conditions oftllis ap,p !itallon form by th.e,apj>lIea nt{s)ithe all otm ent Will :be cancell ad .Uh. sol e dlscietlon oflhe Devel?P e I a nd the'earnest money~a Id to~he De~eloperb~ th 1l'8ppl icant(s) shall! stand forle TIed. The baianca-a,~o'unt, alta r adl ustment of Interest paya ble 0 n ,Jnpa id am 0 u nt, I~a ny. shaJrbe refu nded lothe 3pPlicant(~ with 0 ut any i nle rest afle I the sa id un'lt -Isallotted 10 so me other 3PP II(;;1nl(5).ln case-,of shOrt,lall, t",e d(!Velop e I shall be-entiUed 1,0 recp~r th e sa'melrom the " pili iOOf!t(s). ...... I . '\ :29. The 0 e..v~Joper sM11 und e rta!l.e the. m iiinl\inance ofPJ Buildl npPmj eqeltl1erby,hl ~selt a n dJ or~ ljIugl! a'mai nt~ na'nQe' a g~ncy,appo inted by'the'Oeveloper (~~Ie In~fter rorerred ,\0 as<'~al nte na'nce _ Agen cy'),Fo r th is J1U !pQse the appllca,nt(sj agrees to sign a separale Mai htenaQce agreem e nt wh iQh shall co;n?ai II the lu II sCPP!,!ol I'll a iQtenance o(,theLruj eel a~!I shall pa~ 111 m aintenancecharges e ~s d,ecided lro", ti me to time by lI1e '0 evel0ll-ers aolll or the Mainten a n ce A_gency (c'a I.u lated,on the·s UP" r area basis 01 th~ Sai dUnn). :m.e lia b ilft)' to pay main't~nance cb(!rges shaH ro mw ance im medi ataly 1rom'the date of offe!' ot possession by the 0 eveloper i "·the notioec !'th_e possehion for Ih e sa ill u n il,1o the ,app Iic.ant(s)llrespectlveof the actuaJ useor Dolofll1e maintenance services1,Y the applicant(sj. Sim ila~ya sep a rate <ind _ ddJllonal 'agreement' shaH be signed betwee It 'lI1e develope r a IllSn oin ine'e for the utiuty en''; rg,lis towards: th e scope of facll it)' a ndLitili ijes provldiid and cost th e re on, Util iti es 'agreement will cover cosi'o'tP Qwer,bacKup, water: security ~Ic. All the terms a nd ~ ndili 0 ns of abo.~e~gre E!(Ileols along:Wi!h 8u1Ider,B_uyer ndGsfjlnil \!1g'$ha1lbetiinifi ng 0 n ,th,ed.evelo ..et iju~el .. 28.






Theap pll co ntCS)agreeS that in ca.se'lJie ap~1 ifant(~)jntends


Safi! Unit, atan'Jpointoftimew~etherbelole

or _tterll1e




pretia n lifth e B u,!li;iing, In (avo u r;;t ally elttityno ~h81'e~i by lI1e




1r-'Fl~UtTt.lRES LTD. 'nllQvauMh9yond lma,glnar.km

applic.a ntIs) (r-ransfer~e), the ~pplic.a ~t(s) 't'I?Uld'apply to the Develop ar in the p res.rib ed;lorm ~1 of the'D eveloper ?available atlh ~ offille 01 ttle Devtloper) ala ng with a II pre:serl bed doc~nien~ nd the 0 e~~ loper Will 'It Its sol~dlscretiOh, uansf{'r the \a Idu n itlH f~vour<ff the Transfe!~e. S~e h Ira nsler sha II be infected bY'th.,eDeveloper 0), Iy ~fte{.ttlcel pt olltM Administrative Qbarges as p'escH bed:by the De~elope.r. Irom time to time anll amountdue"nd payable/unpaid ala_ngwitll.lnleT~s .tlllthe date oftritnsfer, from thaappHcantjs) at the time ole transfer, Howevertne DQI'elopel confirmsthat the first transfer IS free. :Any change in the na!f1e (inCluding'ldditl2ns/deletion)reg~steled as ~UlldS!Buy~r Urid~rst~nding,~lth IheD>!'velopelwlH be deemed'~~ ti"onsfer lor this purpose. Glairnsif a"y"ijetwe~" tr';j)nSfe{~{!ard' ~tta~e r'~e,wrresultaf.subseq1l e ntre~ euo Inerea.se In til eareanr Its location will be settled betwee n th e mselvest.e, Transfero rand tra1l!Ierel1 a nil the Devel 0 perl)'llinot be a party to this, TU Tran~eror sha11 also' be res~ e ns ible for payment of tile tran,s!er c~arg{s'a's;;a~ be 'levied b~th 'a,!Jreate fNoidal ndusb:ial Davel opm e'~lAutho~ty ,


have t1i" rill t ~a ~Ier own arsh ip of th esai d, ~roiectj n whole or in partsto any other entity s~ ell as any pa rtnership firm.rbodl'~o rpprate(s) whether incor>\onlted omot, assoolatia n or age nC)'byway ol,sal ej,d isposaJ/'tl r any ctherarra ngem ents asrn o,f be deelded by the Devel 0 perwitho utaj'lyilltimatio n,written or·oule,rwise tihfi..e applico ntIs) and the appITcanf(shha I[ not raise any obj eetion in this tega rd. ' ',' \ ' (8) Th,'. i.De)elo,nerShali not-bere, sP,o,n~ioi,e,t,ilW1lldS, n,yth,I,rd,· a pa~who tJ as m,~~epa,ym~, nl&.re,,mi~ilncesto the Devel'aperon,be'ha'lfolthe,ppllcan!{s) andsuch third p.ortyshall not ha.veanYljglit lo,thlsUnlt wh,;ilsotRer~e <Developat shallis~u e the PaYmlInt le~e ipI:; on It{n Ia~ur ot~~eppIlea IJ..tts~ a
tAl TIl e appllca ntIs) agree~ that tM Df.\velopershall



The appli~irt(s) may, at its own cost exp~nse and nsk" arrange any loanYlunJs from any ban~l1rs\or fin,anc1al lnstinrtlcns tu finance the purchase altha said un'li In case the loan Is notgranted or is cancelled orwllhdrawn ilYthe banker(finanClallnstltution an any ground whatsoever, iJ,e apllQcanl(s) shan not be entitled 10 any leverB~ or,concessional treatmentlrom the Developer. The Developer IY?U Id nat be a pa"Y: I~ a ny c.a~eWljptso~r~ f~r a~\' defa y Its of re payment Of above said L,Qan/l\mij~ tlken by l'h e appllcent from banr<e.rs! fl.n~ n ceiS.lJ1e appllc.an!(s) agtees\l1allooase the a PPlleao!{sl opts for a loa 11." rra n~ement w Ith'8(lr"n a\1al~llnstltuU 0 nsf bank, ,for'the pu rch ase,lIf1he Said: U(1Jt,the co nve)"i)nce/ sub lease of th e 5 a I~ U~!tmfavour of the ep ~lIca ntIs) shall. be el\,eltuteil onlyupo~ tile <Developer rec~lving N0 Obre~on'Ceroticate~jrom s,ch finanC'i 0 Iinstitutio nsYbankS, •

~e llpp lica 01(5)/ allottee Is) un d~r\;'!ke\qiblde

by a n,dbolllgiywltll all the lows, rules an\! regulatio nS,applica ble tp, til e said: u nit} project.

Th atthe pmvisio nat allotmentund e~ ep resente 0 eurnent is'~n IYW, regard to' lh.ej n n er spa ce,_ofthetw it. The apl1liCi! ntIs) ~h.all ~ave nll'O.th er '~ght~ tltle orillterescl-n a ny other part, olthe proper~, and, the 'ith De~eloper5hall b,efree to us.e !he same at Its d Is~reUon In clud In lettj n g ;Itout /by r.1I51 g fund(a ddl ng IUi'th!lf constructlon.by con~ eatln( the eXI~~ ng uU II ties/am enl ties / services etc.to the su CI) newly n 'addedfonstructlont~~ieMhe appIICilnt(s) shall'~veno ri ght to o~atln any mpMerWhatsbel(e (. "


The ap~i icant ~all nol bee ntiUed to subl.dlvld e th e Slr\d U nit. H Gwever tem p c ra,.y intefn~r~a ~itibnsfe,r enjoYment: of Uie S;ilid unit sh .lItie,pe'mlls"sib lasubieet to the aplili~ \lIe rules, rejpllilti QIlS andb~elaws QHH \CO ncerned authorities an d th o~e{Jfthe mai ole nance a~e nC)',as an d when 10 rmul ate d. ~::!~~::::~~~~~oUr~~:~~~i~~~Ue~:~~~:~;~li:a:J~~~ ~\~i~~c%~~~t~~~~::I~~,~~rn~Cr~~~~;~~:!~d:~:~~~S~ell~~::e~~~~;;::U~~;~idDb:~~:~:~~~:rf:~\?;~~a:v~~~:~~uanl

\0, thel

Th~tthe appli c~rit(s) has fu rth el aglU,d that alllfgl1ts of awneJ'l)h'lp of landts){ I~~illtles and amen lUes and the co mm 0~~ reas shall v~st SQlelyw"lth Uie b,eval Q pe'rwhl chsf a~lh aveth e?ole Ilghtim d a utho'llzy to deal ina nY man~erwlthSu$ 'I an d(s): IaciJitie-s a n\lf pr~ menities. Th at th e staircases ~onne~ti ngthe G[O" n d Floo rlQ,Terra,(:eis a com me ~ service accasst BI.!\lOa II the Unlt hold e rs, The·appH~antj~)\lii1l not' encroach, occupy, alterorbtock thaaccesstu andfrom the staircases" , \\
" The appllcantjs) (In case of an NRI1PIO) agrees'lllat he sh~1I be lesppnsjble lor complying with the necessary forma!'ties as~ald,dawnLn Ihe Foreign Exchange Man~gem~ntAQI' 2o.,02,~AJ, rutes and regUI~tlon\it!h(R~~rve BaQ\Ollnma~o ~atiltolY eQactm'llrits otii/mendments theritol and allpthet~ppll"able laws eteand:plovi~e Dev,elol!e~~ith such permiSSIO~S, apqrovals whICh wn~ld en'afi)1l. ~he Develop er to fu 11111 ob Ilgalia nli un d efUjis Ap p lic~tibn. :rh e'liRpll c81l1(s) agre es triat in In e eV~l!tof ~ny tallure on his partiO COfPly with lh e ~plli:ab Ie gu Idelll! es iss" ed by1h e ~eserve 8 a 11'11 011ndia, the Its "amount paid by a,llPllcanl(s) will Se refunded b~ th'e DWeIOP~f without,any in!e~st but only after adjus!ing/finteiting eames"mon~ i~te'rest payable on unpaid amount elc. and the II,lIotffi~nt $'11a[lbe cancelledfot\hwllh. TheOeveloperwll1 notbll,llable in anyinanneton SlJch.account. \ '



Th e .3PP,ILcantIs) ~grees tha:! the D"wlopel

sh aU ~~t be Ija~l~ perlo rm anl"o r aU o( i~'ob Ilgatio n$o~yrin~ th e ~ubsi~te nee ~ft1)e F~rClJ MajeY (e cQn~IM)]~ witi~.h illte ra\(:! include d:e lay Ofl'oCcountof,non ava 118b,'111Y steel ,aml/ or cem't"t ?r,othel,b Ulid Ing matenals or w'!,ter supply or e leetnc Rowe ~or slowdown stn ~e 0 r acu~e shortage"of,I,ab. a uf.'.poll Uti,oJ!clearance fW m tile\ bo,ald dlffe fent a ppro,{als from of Govt. A,~thon't1es, any ~~Is~a~an, Older or rule or mgu[jlUofl made,~r Issue~ by tpe;;,Govemmenl .ar any ~ther authority. If any mattel}@pproval, pmmsslon, n'ilU~es,. ~butlCi!~~nS bY tha C9mpeten A,®OriZYQ~Sl. com1su bJect of any suIt! wrilnii!o re a eom p. et~nt Co~ rt, c)VIIOl) mmotioh, arb.,)' niaso nof war a ren.emy action orterro~$tal:llp nor ea rth qU~ke'nh nya~! GotTth~n the!J me perino (!!q " ired ~~ 10' p ~rf0"l!<ln eft of its Qb lig,.tl ons sha IIsl~nde>(le.n (jed. :[1In thaOPJni 0 n olth'~, D~elo.p~r, F~I>P¥.aieu re cO)1tinues fOIa cans! d erabl e ti me, th en the Devald per may in;1b; sol~ dIscretion pu\ the ~onstfuctlon 01 the Projecl.iQ abeyance and terminatesJ,~ltel/ vary th~ teITlls and conditions afthTs Ap,plicalio~ Understlndlng.ln case of,termInation, the Developer may consider to provide, an alternate properzy wit!) in 06 m,on ths \(I theAPpl Ican~and In ease QI,failure 10 do so. !l)t Develo et !l;Iayco neel tho all otmentof the said Unit i n which casethe Dewlopelshafl only be liable lo'remn d th,e~amo unls received from the ~ppII,eaI1,I(s)wf!hOIlta,ny IntereS$,or com pen~atian wha~a eve i.


Th a"tth~:rlXtu"e$ and fittings 0.) eaeh"tmit a long,wlth t~~.!=Qn~eCllidstructu ral. pa rt~f the,blilidlOgsh a IIbel nsutedlly th eap plicants{s}~th is own cost aga'insl fjril;'ealthqua~ etc., 'ljJeQevel ~per after H 0 ndl ng ove I pqssessioti-o(a part] cu lar'unlt shalli~ no waY berespanslbleJorJle)y, t~e st. bilitYetc. fill e structure etc. • 40, n e apPlica nt{s)'WiIIf.ve a.ri}nt t~ownernhi p an d accessfcl:his u nil on Iyafier he ha.sfully p aid all thedu !t5;abide '~yall Ih e Ie rms'and condltio ~s mentioned i~'thTs 'Bui I'der Buyel,(j n d.ll rsta nding an d'~so the Sub'lea.se 'DeedI,Col1.V.wance,De.7d', legJsfer~"d an...~~.~ctrt:d In his favo\rrfron\ the Developer. Fu.It,~'ermbre., I~e, appUcont{s) s~<l1I resolve'aoy oomplaintwilh. ,eIDlrd to ~~.CO~slructio~'cli quantr, of workma nsill P. p riorto tlklng po.sessl a n of the linlt orwli{II", S months from th e date olDffel QI Possess!on, which e~etls eaM ler, alta r w~1Challclal mswo~.1d be d eemel! tofl.ewa Ive~ byth e app lica ~ (~)., AJIe.<te,ma Iwaiisl wi ndl)WS,paSllages, co Wmori .\'rea'S}oth.!!! pro)rertyetc$~ a lI11eve}be occlrPi~ ani:lPQ sign age, Sigj, board, neon IIghl'}p ~blrtl(yW advertisement m~te rialll.tc ..f)f 'iT ispla), board iosta~~ a Ir-can'tl itioning.u n its or genekto rs,shaltbe install ed In'lh ese areas by the applica nt(s) and or /10 oth er'il.ctlVil}',Shall be done whichlSpoi Is ttle aestheticsol'the building or a rea, ca uses no Ise poll UtTOR or'in . any other way in·convenlences to'll"), ot~el p'a~ orthe develope{oris iHe~al,o,l,;for Imrn,ora'lpulll0s.;s.F'orputtingnames 01 the various owners, th e.devetoper will make an: the.provisionsand noneol the 'IIppll cant(sj'sha IJe'o itoth.e 1W.lse.The ap,pllcal1,t(Sj-agrees and und ana ~s that It sb a II n otmQd if)' any SIn] ct~re or<{41se,ail.), iIlegal eon~tru ctl gn in the s'ald,o.n It, nor enCfO ach upon 0; occupy any area t~111 g n OIrl$jde the said,.u ni l .The s,.i d u~it sha U $o)eIX be use~ 10rIl/IT.ES Office ,sp~cep~rpose alone a ~jIfor no ~ther ~po,~ean ~ f~,rthe~ more, the ap~1 lea ~t(S) sM II~ot e~ n~ uc! a n1 Illegal 0 r imm 0 1"31. actililti!S fr,oI!J ~ r In the so Idu" I~ a ny actIVity, whl chcre~ tes nUI$lmCe or is III ~gal; obn o~ 0 u.s ~r contra r1 10 pub lie pollC)' or contra ry to, 1h.E: co n;/mon intefe~tof Ih,e ~olleClive own ersl occupa nts 0'" S,!pph Ire Co urt" Proj~ct ':\


A~pplieantis)or any sUbsequent owner or,lessee sh'all at alllih1es pnlVitfe unhindered eh eckilllw~per'Use or spa ce, to avo id a rzy m ish 0 po rfor anyou. erreason.

access 10 ille unit allotted'to

him 10' staff and~'aQagement

of deveIOperQrJ,ainlenanceagenC)'


Th e app llcant~) / ~lIotte'e(s) shall us-eha use to be used sa Idun ilfor pu~p cses only .S-d iiflil ell .oy;the Greatler purpos~, 43,

No Ida Ind ustrial Develoll mon~Aulh olizy,ot any such slotutory autho~ty, an~ nrjt any'other Sub lease deel( lirr!l!e said unit e:wcllted in hi~favoU( after

Theapplicant(s) snaH, bilipre~klo!fPossess~n ofthe.ufiiJ;must deal all the, dues-towards tile unit and ha~e.lhe conveYlll!oodeedlgranl'of paying ragistration lee/ c:har!f~s, CIlS! of5tam p duty, Advocate leMI fee, and othercharge,slexp enses. '



The Dhel<ter

here by declares that a~~p a.rate agreemeif:l; in add iti I) n \0 the~MDU wlll be w;ecuted,d

II rin(

th e subsistl!irce'ol,this~pp'!

Icati 0 n, Ifrequl red ..

Tn ~ appli I«l Jts) sflQuld cQ,mectlYln e ntio!, H is/her.peJfua~ent \

A.cc:o IIot ~um bef(PAIlI) th e ~pp I.icatlon rl\rm. Th~Appl IE!1ii,onf~rm shJlul c .be sign ad by,tne,p e rs"on(5), ot his~~'e r,regJs~ere<! power of Alto ll1!y, wh 0 wa Qltsj tog~t th e Unit II Il.derUJe l;,oJect.·Slm !IMY,·ln the' case 01 CQmpaM applying fot Ute Un11'[$)"the1p]lllca~on shoul d be slJ!l:led th ro ugfr.a uth Mzed pe r$nnelenCl (ISing an alltllonty letter / !lQa rd resolution, '


The~applicant(s) a~re~sand un ~ersta nds thalth a ,Developei Is not giving any walTa nzy or guara nlee wl\l1 regord to the equi pmeilts/ ap pi Ia nses'insta lied .inthe S ~id Un i~TIle guara ntells/warra niles issyed bYu,'e,sup ~IIers/ man ula eture{!i', if a ny, olth e ~qulpments/appll a nce\ prOvlded In'the Said doll wlli be MOll Mt~ Ih elpllJIWI nus} atthe tim ~ of pli~essIO~. There,~r"~,,Developers~ o'lfbe,{lbSQlved of'311 lIS resp (I ri§1bllitl es and lIabiliti'r;s with reg~ rd 10 the fu nCliooi og"manUlatt~ ring; o~era~lon o(th~ eq uipments/ app Ili:r O!)sinstldl~lkel't1n n the Sai~ Unit, .



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!he ~ppIiFallt(s) shall gelhls/. ~er/ltscOrnplete add ress T~gjslered wllb 1M Deve~o p a ra nd it shanb~ his/ hell I~'esp 0~sibi Iity to keep~ Developer i 010 rIlJea by registered M D Letter~QUlthe change address, (la iHng wIIi en all dem an ~ IIoti~l' s_and rette rs p cste il at :he Iatest add ress avai1abl e with Ih e Developerwi! Ibe deem ed to have be enrec_ei,:"d by the a~ p_licanl(s) W!lhin 5 d 3}'S ~om In e dispatch the'letter), Tnelap phca nt(s) Will be fu lIy Ii aple for any demult In paymel1t 'II~d/ or other 00 nseq u&nces·in at might a ecru,'" tt.~re from: !h at It .15he~by c\anfled that In case of JOlnt Pu rcnaser{sl !l)lm muoieatloo,s;. (l'e m~'-nd.noflees, teR11lna~ 0 n/cjln~ellatlon l~ter. refuod, elG,:. Shall b asent by the Deve Ioperto the appll cant(s) whose,n,!\Ille and a ddr~ss appears 11(51and! whiclfsh a [liar allpu rpases con sidered as setllic~ n all th ~ appli eo nl(s) and,ndsep~rate ~om mUlil ~atio n will bemade a r se tto the ether o-al)' ad ap pll e'imtls), "~, \ '-

01 of


all be


!hatany a rna unt P 0 id by,thea ppllcant(s)sh ~II'Jjrst be. H]ustec towards earlier a utstand ing Pfyments ;uc:tr asun pald


pa l"Ily paid I ns.tallm Inls,lnterest

or\othero utst~n:dl ng a'm au nlS,lf-any.

Car fla ,~jn g will be p wVl d ed at tn e sole disc'elio~ afIne Jevel~~" ion m 0 nlhll\.renta I ba is or 0 n 0 utright~u rch ase presctibed by deve\opar. 48. !hat~H the executlc n ofth e>Bu IIderB uyer Understand IfIg th e a p'plJea if~) ~h a IIbe traated! ril.furred as: ntenCling allCJ;tteeJsl. A.ftllrthe ~~eclitlon shall betreal~d\"tte·!iedaSallo.1;tee(S). TIie pevelo.pe~"rese rvesthe rightto ca nee i th1! a IIbbnenl 01Unit(s) J n case !\llo~~nl shall be final. \ ~..,

~! Builder the

~u~e rUn derstan di nithe lntend Ing a lIotlee(s)

beiog obtaJned t~lough m isrepresentatlonand supp resslen of male.riaI1ahs ...he Develop er' s deoisi~n IIHh lsregard l \ \

The a ~~Hcaht(sl hereby e~\!enalit!;,:"i!t' ~he!Devfloll~rt~ p a_y!ror:"1 ,tim eta Ii'me lmd at all tin~e.~,the iI!pOUOtsw~ich ~e appl i~n*l \Sliabl e to p:ay,a.sa~ed,~n d to observl<i nd perto rill all tile coven ants and don dilions ol,boo rung.,. n d sal e·a ndlo tree~ U. e' Devel 0_Ill'r and.ts\gents a ~drepre~e.ntl~ves, estate and effuGls,.1n d e mmlre6 a nd ~aR11less.~~a fnsfall payments and o~'ervance ii~d perto n1ia noeofthe , ~Id cove na nlS.andcon'dl~ionsand also agalnsp riy loss or dam'lges !hallh?Oevelop er'Trl~ysuffer iljill ~sult of non·pajme nt, non.'c lise f'lan.ce~ non.pl)rfoR11a nee 0"1 said covenaf\ts a;nd cqnditio ns~X the the aplllli;a nt,s} as mentic ned in the AppllcatJon.and B~lIder Buyer Unaerstand iog. l.he.oWp,lrcanl{s) haslu lIyrea~ and un derstc 0 d Ih e above m al1ti on eo telins and CIl nd I,ti0 ns and agre~s toa bid 8 by iIi_~ same.. 'lh~t the-gen. e,.al.WR11sand cond iHo 1l_.It'llSmantio ned a ti uve . re'n.ot.l!.\~au. stive 10r·l.he p u rpqse .Offl.1al, anotm. ent aiid,_5ub Jease of-In ~ a mended by the temis and cone i Hans orallotmenlln the Allojme_nl Lette~'lI~ d Ih ~reafler lnth e Sub LeaslfDeed. \ Un i'-!a _ he.appl i cant(V and may'f",rther b~ sup_p.lemenl.ed@nd/or , \


If d ue to any c.h~n(ll )n tJi~ nllln~/gu i~elrn esl no.tifr~atio nsf Pro~iS"0 n(il) 01 a oy 8ye-Laws of,theGN IDA an d! 0 r any ot1ler coneem~d:il ~Ori~, w'h rch afflicts! delays the er:ecution all ease /.conoeyan a,e/ 5U ~.I ease deed 10rlh e. umtmenllQned In tJiis appli eatia n In favour oj til e,app Ilea nl/ aIIottee/ Investor;' Ii! suena case.the 8pplieantt aliottee!In~IQ[.sh all be bound 10 abldesu eh clianges made b,y GNIDA a ~d/or a ny oths r concerned authority. In suth aelreumstancs, Wllere'the develope rls legally {Orllidden to perform his ohllg.a~ 0 n lowards tl)e e~ecud 0 n ofth e<lea sel convey~nCil! ~Mb·1ease/sale.d eed, the .d'oilleloper sh~H ~ot 're-Iund any· lJlounf"l(ll, theaP_PIiC~iiValiotte~!I!I.eStor, The deoelop~r an~ apll~~lIntl.all(l.tree~Jnv!l'stor shall sho)y dJ\.tegard to and at:l their best In pursuance of the law; rules/lib,d eilnes/tlye lal'/s etc,relat.ed t6 ~eeutJO n of the 00 nveyance!1 ease! sub,leaJe dee~·as a ppl ,cab,le aM ,\foICe,

10 settle aO)lconlu,sion regardl n g any matter Itereinor anrthi ng b~lngnQt covered! cl~tmed .he~1 n, ils agreeiLby thO{a~ plica nl(~·that referen ce sn a II be mad e'i~ !!ie d eta IIed terms,ol II\J~atl~tment.J etter a·n0/ or Bui Ider Buier Und srstand inga nd til ereaft. r,SLlb,Lease deld, terms whereof has,been seen,reaq and under-srood(a cceptl!d I!J U. e app Ilea nl($). S? Thai the Developershall continue to have, as belore, the·~ght 10 make additions, .raise .sloley or put up additional structures as also\o connecl the eler;tric, ,«ater, sa~ltal)' and: l1rai nage fittings. on the' additional st[Uclu ~SI-s1"?ley willl.~e e~lsting el e"ctilc, W~let, sa ni\ary and drainage sou rees allts own cast as m ay be p erm'1hed by theCompete nl Authorities. Suclilldd [ti.onalstruc!ur~an!litorehhall be thesol {pmpepty ofthe'Deoel a per The ~ppIiCa~S) 'he eby givffs co n~nttQ the s ainea n~agNles!h al 'he shall not bee nlm e~· 0 ra ;se?ny abjeclio n or claim. al anylrme:ln r'e$p,eJ!i th ele 01. ~ \ 51ngula rshall reanand incl u dtlp lura! a fld ll!,as&.JIinIi·gendersh a II m e~ari an include In eJem Ininegenderwh erever app Ilea ~le. , The,a ppl i ca,n,Its) ~re, es,.t,u", a,1,1 n,lh,e e~.en,I of any drsll~,le,(ll,''d.l!feren,Ge,3,'riSln,go U,IOfO ",bU chti1gup 0,nOr In rela!i,On I,(I the, .1r.~,Sof hi~A PI~ c~tio nfn dud ngIn:, Inle,1Jltal3liO,n an,dYa,'Iid,lty oftJt ~ ~e~, s ',he(i!Of a;"d liJe resp_ectlv~ riglrtl; and c ~lIfti'I[Onsoftite app I'C~nl(sj'and 1\1 e De~el (I pe' sh~I.1be referreo; by.a ~y pa rty ~or ad] UP~Iro~, I? a sol~ alj),ll"alorto bea pp,omled by th~ll~IQP_ ~I':".~fs,e deps<o~ shall be final and blndl nil;upon the p~ rtles, The ~tbltratlon proceed I~gs shall!,be C<l !fUrled In aCC<lrdance wllh til eArhltril,Ho nand COncl halloo Act,\19~6'Q.r any s!atiltiJ(y.am e~ ~melJts/t.:'~d ~lea~-!l.ns!i1ereol forthe--0 Ilinebaini't~fQrCe ..Th~rh!lfj1Uon pr9ceedlngs~hall bBheld,aINew~elhi only. '< "\ That_lhe P(!ise<it doqU men~ n eitherlantamount to triI osler,Of a;,y Inwre:o.tQI the Developer In lhe'SaTd ~,nitlspae:e in lavou roJ tJlM11otte~ nolth~ d o.urn errt shall be Q(l p.~ble ofspecifi·Oll e rfonnan.e th fl)ug~ Co u rt of Law.!he Allottee sha II,el the title~ nly upon:e~ecu tion ,ofT(ansfer Deed; \ale Deed I Conveya n ce Deed In respect of such un itl spaCjl br ilie Develo per in:favou nil the AJlottee. ~5. Co uTts In ~ el hi Sta~~ (o.nes.~a I In ~ve ~ e e~clu~ve j urlsdl etlan Ino.as e!_of~ d Isp ute jlrislng:o ut ofJ<\:au-chlng a n dl or co noem in gth Is a pplj ca~o n a'hd! 0 r.Bunder lluyerUn~erslandlng ny of exec uti on olth,sapphcalioo W.~lch 1$deemed 0 be al New Del h!. \ \ "I _.
\ \ \

,53, 54.


,ga rd Ie,ssofth e place·



\ fully read aQdll11derstood th.e abBvementlonei:ltenns and conditIons and agree'to abide b-y,the same. IfWe,under.stand ihatthe lemls and COildltionsgfven above ate 0,,", I ndjcaliVe n atu re w1tn a vf ew to aeg uai nl meL ~s with'tl1'e, remls,an d con d ilio nsas co lQ!;Irehens wely set 0 ut In th e ~Bu i1der Buye r Un d'e~sta n·~1~g wh ich ~hall-s u pers(!de ll1.e Ie nmdn d conditio ns set Q ut Inth ~ a,ppJi cati on, 'ljWe a,re,fu IIr consel Q.u s ttlath is n btl ncu mbert! 0 n"tll e'part I!,.' the Develope r to se nd US(!l mi nq.er~f.n otl'bes in.resp.ect O:!lli e blil igatl on sas set out"\ in this apRlication and/orSta_n~ardBqllderB\lyerUn~erstanding.and I{wesnall be fully liable fonny .consequences in respeclal defaults committed by l)le/usl!1not ab'iding by the ~8rms;a nt! ,con d llions c~ ~ta i ne d.in tQ is (lPp'lIcation ~ ~1 or 51a nd~~d B~iI~r B u~r iJ nd~r.st;..,n d i'I1~I/W~ ~ave sou gilt deta iled, expl a natlo ns~n d cl arificaEon s flO ~~h ~D evel~Re r an II t~ Qeveloper has rea~ll}' pro~!ded ~YCh:~planalions ~nd clill1f~ca.!ron'§;and after glvl~g ~reful.co~l~erau~n t~ all. fact~;. te~s, cond.ttlons and reR~sentalions 'mad." by the Developer, I have nowcSlgnedlh is appJr catloll lonm'an d p aid the amo ~ntthereol lOlly conscIOus ofmyJra b~llies a ndo b h.gatlOllS Incl,ud I~g !or;feitU re 01 earn est mQ ney as may bel mpo sed

VWe hav\





Dated: Place:


S;'{lnatures of aU appli~a-.!!ts'as acceptance that they have read and understood paymentplaJl specified an,page number 08. '

a'S 3.·tokencil"@cceptlnce·ofalitellll1sand



011.page nu"\be~04til \

07 and

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At time of Booking At time of Bhoomi Paajan Attime of Excavation of Basement Roof

1:0..00% 15.00% 15.00% 10.00% 10.00% 10.00% 10.00% 10.00% 05.00% 05 .. 0% 0

On Completion an Completion On Completion On Completion On Completion On Completion

of Seoond Floor Roof of Fourth Floor Roof of Sixth Floor Roof of Internal Plaster of .F1ooring


On Offer of Possession

C. PLC Charges (As applicable)


Floor First Floor Second Floor Third Floor


Th'lrtee nth flo or Fourteenth Floor Fllt.eenth Floor

Rate Rs.7S/. per sq. ft..

Rs. 150/- per sq. ft..
Rs. lOll/-per sq..ft.

Rs.,100/- per sq. ft.
IRs., 50! - 'per sq .ft. 1

Rs. 15/ -per sq. ft.

(b) Front facing or CQrnerL.C"'1

1'0% of Basic Sale Price is Payable at'the tlme'of Possession '.



D. Car Parking (for the booking of 450 sq. ft. & 750 sq. ft. area)
Covered - R5.,2,50,000/-

Pa e-80 8


Innovalionbeyona Imagination
ISO 14Q91:2\:104&. 9001 :2008CerU~&d Company

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