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Issue 2 • Summer 2011

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Brand News

Dear Employee,

With this issue of the Personal Care Europe Inside we would like to introduce a new feature: instead of the usual Business Update, I would like to share with you through this editorial, a short review of our business in Q1 including some featured highlights and an outlook for the months ahead. For more details, please visit Essentials or ask your manager to give you an update. The start of 2011 has been difficult with a substantial profit gap versus budget. Except for TENA Retail we also missed out on expected sales volumes. This is only partly due to seasonal patterns. More importantly it’s the escalating raw materials costs and price erosions that are negatively impacting our results. Other factors are the political turmoil in the MiddleEast Africa region. Nevertheless – as you will read in this issue of Inside – there are a lot of good things in the pipeline for this year and we are very proud of the many new launches and ongoing initiatives which will increase our competitiveness and improve our customer and consumer offering going forward. For example, TENA Lady Wings (see page 3) and our thin Libero open diapers (see page 6) are new premium products developed on the basis of valuable consumer insight. In our Feminine business we are re-launching tampons in the Nordic markets and the new tins collection (read more on 7) has been well received by our consumers. As you know, we have an intense efficiency program in product supply and our manufacturing facilities are delivering good results on increasing machine efficiency and steadily decreasing waste levels (read more on page 8). Nevertheless, the business environment will remain extremely challenging with raw material costs continuing to rise. To turn this trend around we therefore need to urgently increase prices to customers and to prioritise our profit targets this year over our long-term growth agenda. We need to demonstrate supreme launch and go-to-market excellence and continue to deliver on all our important change initiatives. At the same time all parts of the organisation have to contribute to our cost containment measures. I am convinced that together we will gear up our performance and become a much more consumer and customerfocused organisation that creates value for all stakeholders, including our employees, in a sustainable way. Together we will make it happen!

Just say it. Period. Hygiene Matters Report launched in social media

This year’s Hygiene Matters report ”Women and Hygiene” was launched at the occasion of International Women’s Day on the 8th of March. The report aims to position SCA as a leading hygiene company – “passionate about everyday life” – and to generate awareness and preference for our solutions and brands with customers and opinion leaders. The launch was supported through a digital campaign on several social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook, focusing on breaking the menstruation taboo by openly talking about it. Just say it. Period. Read more on the Hygiene Matters Report or the Period campaign on

SCA All Employee Survey!
Together for the future!

Now is the

time to spe

During the month of June, the first SCA All Employee Survey is underway. The more of us that comple te the questio more represe nnaire the ntative the results that we receive sure you take will be – so part. make This is your chance to give views about what you see for the future as important success of our company SCA.

ak up!

The survey




Your view

What do you think about SCA?

Yours sincerely

Thomas Wulkan

SCA’s 45,000 employees will have the chance to participate in the first global Employee Survey in June. Please provide your feedback on questions ranging from leadership to innovation to performance to customer-focus to SCA in general. You can complete the Employee Survey online or fill in a paper questionnaire. Whichever way you choose, rest assured that your response will be absolutely anonymous and the results will be reported in a way that no conclusions about the respondents will be possible. Participate and help identify SCA’s strengths as well as areas where we can do better! Contact HR if you have not yet received the Employee Survey questionnaire.




Brand News

New features confirm that TENA Lady is a premium class product
The findings of SCA’s Hygiene Matters Report 2011 confirm a close connection between hygiene and well-being. “For a clear majority of the people we surveyed for the latest Hygiene Matters Report well-being – not health – is the most important aspect of hygiene,” says Ute Bey, European Marketing Manager TENA. “Hygiene ranks above the clothes they wear, the food they consume and the homes they inhabit. And for women – much more than for men – hygiene is closely associated with individual identity and well-being.” The new appealing and feminine range of TENA Lady products with a softer look and feel for an improved wearing experience confirms that TENA understands what women are expecting from a bladder weakness product: Body care instead of a product for a serious illness.
The new TENA Lady Silky Softness is so incredibly soft and gentle – you don’t feel it anymore Insight-driven innovation – TENA Lady Wings

“If you stop exercising for fear of leakage, you are giving up one of the most effective ways to maintain your health,” says Ute. “Stay in place’ is therefore one of the top three features women expect from a towel or pad.“ TENA Lady Wings is now the perfect answer to this expectation, giving our female consumers a feeling of security and confidence throughout the whole day, whatever they want to do, without any compromise. “In Europe, TENA is the first to introduce a pad with wings specifically designed for bladder weakness that reliably stays in place,” explains Ute. Short wings make the product easy to position and keep it in place firmly even when you are very active.
By Michaela Wingefeld, Communications Coordinator Personal Care Europe

The new TENA Lady Silky Softness is so incredibly soft and gentle that you don’t feel it anymore. Due to an improved top sheet TENA Lady Silky Softness is now softer than ever while still providing advanced security.

A dandelion is TENA Lady’s new symbol for softness.




Brand News

A good fit is one of the key parameters for Libero and now the open Libero diapers are getting thinner for even more freedom to move. “Our new Libero Action open and pant diapers are 30% thinner than other Libero diapers,” explains Linus Clausen, Regional Marketing Manager Libero. “Libero Action is built on a totally new technique and uses two cores instead of one for better absorption. And because we use less material for the diaper, it is less bulky and looks more like underwear. This gives the baby more freedom to move.” The Libero marketing team is known for their creative communication ideas. “We use the Rock Climber theme to visualise that a thin diaper gives babies more freedom to move,” comments Linus. “As in previous TV commercials we wanted to do something unexpected and refreshing and put the baby in a very grown-up environment: free-climbing in the Rocky Mountains.” Environmental sustainability is a strong trend in diapers and Libero is constantly working to decrease the carbon footprint of open and pant diapers. Reducing the amount of material that goes in a diaper is a logic consequence as it leads to fewer transports, reduced packaging and less waste after use.

Tunnare för ökad rörelsefrihet.

Libero Action
Linus concludes: “With a market share of 60%, Libero is the clear market leader in the Nordics. And we don’t stop here. Through working a lot with emotions in our communication we will be sure to continue creating a positive image and strengthening our stronghold.” Libero Action is available in the Nordic countries and the Baltics.
By Christina Abrahamsson Communications Support Nordic

– with a freedom to move
“We use less material for Libero Action diapers, which makes them less bulky and gives the baby more freedom to move,” says Regional Marketing Manager Linus Clausen.




Brand News

Thinner softer drier

“Mothers in Russia want a diaper for their baby that is soft, thin and made of natural material which does not cause any irritation to their baby’s skin,” says Tatiana Novoselova, Senior Brand Manager, Libero. The new Libero EcoTech diapers are made of specially selected soft and natural materials. Advanced technologies are used to produce ultra-thin, super-absorbent diapers which have a soft and natural touch. “With new Libero EcoTech mothers can be sure that their baby’s skin will stay dry and healthy,” comments Tatiana.

“We strongly believe in the uniqueness of our new product,” comments Tatiana. “Libero EcoTech diapers have a huge growth potential. The combination of price, unique concept, product quality, marketing support and dedication of the entire team will help us to succeed in the Russian market.”
By Marina Lukanina Communications Manager Russia

Peter Hedenberg (left), Marketing Manager Baby Russia, is giving the launch of Libero EcoTech his utmost support; here with Irina Gutnikova, Commercial Director Retail Russia.

What will my baby look like?
Parents-to-be in Greece no longer need to wonder about this for nine months. They can simply go to the Libero Club Greece, upload a photo of the future Mom and Dad to the Libero Baby Face application and will have the answer within seconds. “Baby Face is our way to engage with our consumers and attract new members to the Greek Libero Club,” says Marketing Manager Amalia Handrinou. “We are promoting Baby Face on a number of baby and pregnancy websites, in newsletters and through other digital activities.” She continues: “The campaign has received a lot of buzz in the internet community and will clearly help us achieve a greater penetration for Libero on the Greek market.”
By Nina Kondylis Communications Coordinator Greece




Brand News

Gender-specific Protective Underwear is one of TENA’s most important innovations this year
“We are the first in Europe to introduce a product for moderate bladder weakness that looks and feels like underwear,” says Katrin Rosenbichler, European Marketing Manager. “Thanks to a unique technology we can put a highly absorbent core inside super-stretchy and cotton-soft pants. The gender-specific products are shaped to perfectly fit a male or female body and the print patterns look modern and attractive.” Katrin continues: “TENA Protective Underwear creates a new segment that is truly different from the current unisex offering,” explains Katrin. “It will change women’s perception of the pants category. And pants that look like men’s underwear make it more natural for men to try and use them instead of female incontinence pads.” TENA will be sure to contribute to the growth of Personal Care Europe this year. Not only are the adult incontinence care products one of the fastest growing segments, but the innovation of genderspecific pants will attract even more consumers.
By Michaela Wingefeld, Communications Coordinator Personal Care Europe

Some things are worn to be noticed.

Some things aren’t.
New TENA Protective Underwear effortlessly protect and absorb. They’re feminine, patterned and because they’re as discreet as normal underwear, you’ll probably forget you’re wearing them. Call xxxx xxxx or visit for your free trial pack.

Designed to disappear.

Client Name: Account Name: Description: Publication: Size:

DLKW Lowe Tena Brand UK 297x210mm + 3mm Bleed

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Brand News

TENA brings the concept of care to a new level
With the launch of the TENA Complete Solutions for Nursing homes, TENA proves again to be the leader in the field of continence care and offers a premium service to its institutional customers, which will significantly contribute to our TENA growth ambition. TENA Complete Solutions is a unique threefold offering for nursing homes and institutions TENA Guidelines: The guidelines assist nursing home managers, head nurses and caregivers at every stage of continence care and explain how to use tools such as assessment forms, individual care plans or bladder diaries. TENA Products: Innovative TENA products, such as the belted TENA Flex, TENA Pants, TENA Lady and TENA Men, supplemented with the full TENA Skincare and Cleansing range. Experienced support: TENA nurses and account managers train the nursing home staff in the efficient use of TENA products and introduce effective new continence care routines.
By Michaela Wingefeld, Communications Coordinator Personal Care Europe
TENA Guidelines for Continence Care in Nursing Homes

The video ‘Our delicate skin’ helps TENA’s institutional customers to understand what happens to our skin as we grow older and how to take care of it, especially when using products for incontinence.

TENA Guidelines for Personal Hygiene Care in Nursing Homes
Modern 3-in-1 skincare and cleansing

Personal Care Europe President Thomas Wulkan receives a first copy of the the TENA Guidelines during the kick-off meeting

New Libresse tin collection
Sales increases of 27% during the last campaigns speak for themselves: Libresse designer tins have become a must-have in our female consumers’ handbags. This year, seven designers have creatively interpreted the classic seven sins on seven different collection tins for our feminine brands Libresse, Nana, Bodyform and Nuvenia. Over 10 million will be distributed throughout this year in 13 European markets.
By Michaela Wingefeld, Communications Coordinator Personal Care Europe











Product Supply

Aligning excellence across our operations
It is not about doing new things; it is about doing the things we already do in a more focused way. With the appointment of Antonio Zanframundo and Kay Czoske as Operational Excellence Directors within the Personal Care Product Supply organisation, Operational Excellence – a vital part of the Compelling Business Needs (also see page 10) – has gained renewed focus. Antonio Zanframundo, responsible for the Falkenberg factory and the factories in the East Region and MEA, explains the new structure: “It is our task to support the people on the shop floor in bringing theory to life. We have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in our manufacturing facilities; we just need to turn this knowledge into concrete actions. He continues: “In practice this means that the main part of our task will be the collaboration with the factory in the implementation.” Kay, responsible for the factories in Hoogezand and Gennep, adds: “Our first focus to achieve maximum productivity and excellence on our lines will be the implementation of the lead line concept; in the next six months, each plant will focus on one line within the factory,
Antonio Zanframundo. Trained as a mechanical engineer, Antonio has worked many years at P&G´s Lucca plant, where he was also working on operational excellence. Antonio will be responsible for operational excellence in the Falkenberg, Gemerska Hôrka, Veniov and MEA plants. Kay Czoske. Kay has been a member of the Manufacturing Excellence Team in Tissue Europe since 2008. In his new role, he will focus on the implementation of Operational Excellence improvements in the Personal Care Europe factories in Hoogezand and Gennep (Netherlands).

bringing it to its excellence, meaning perfect target speed, perfect specification and no waste. If there are any problems with the line, these problems should be tackled at the root and solved for good. In a next phase, the learnings of this line will be taken and implemented on all the other lines in the factory.” The core of this approach is the DDS – the Daily Direction Setting method. This method describes the desired way of working within Operational Excellence. Using the DDS method in the right way will drive the elimination of the real root cause out of the daily operation, it will support the continuous improvement and finally further improve results. In that way it will fully complement with the concepts of Operational Excellence. Kay continues: “We would like all employees to understand that they play an important role in the overall strategy. Team-based works systems are already in place. But we see that further guidance

and presence on the shop floor and on the line are needed from both factory management and us. This is vital to understand the issues, to understand where we can be involved and above all, how can we help,” Antonio adds: “We strongly believe that a culture of teamwork from machine operator to factory management is the source of a unique competitive advantage.” Antonio and Kay are both very enthusiastic and motivated about their new roles and are looking forward to ‘excellent’ cooperation with both the factory employees and management.
By Ottilia von Chrismar, Communications Manager Personal Care Europe




Product Supply

Voices across Europe on Operational Excellence

anager , Plant M and Hedström concepts ke, Hans e Mölnlyc we need th me inced that e to beco “I am conv l Excellenc Operationa of ” methods mpetitive. ient and co more effic

Veniov, A ndrey Kud ryashov, “In Veniov Veniov M we believe ill Manag that Opera advantage er tional Exce for us: It w llence is a ill result in customer clear com increased responsive petitive production ness, and What’s requ flexibility, im a consider ired is lead proved able reduct ership from so importa ion of cost the manag nt, and ho s. ement to ex w the conc support th epts and m plain why e organisa OE is ethods of tion to beco OE can en me more able and efficient, m ore compe titive.”

Falkenberg, Technical Manager Jan Söderström “Improving productivity in a factory is an on-going process. To increase machine efficiency, reduce waste and the number of stops you have to be disciplined. Cleaning, maintenance and a constant control of the machine are needed to reach Operational Excellence.”

Oława, Martien Vos, Operational Excellence Leader “With this new approach, we focus much more on solving problems by looking at the real cause of the problem instead of dealing with the side effects.”

ager rk, Plant Man ection cel van den Hu proach and dir Gennep, Mar out the new ap ings enthusiastic ab of working br “I’m very This new way and clear way. nal Excellence. tical of Operatio in a very prac time cellence alive , waste and Operational Ex cessary stops and underavoiding unne The focus on ms, and keeping ble t really solving pro us and mindse loss every day, s another foc s on the ndards, create d breakthrough nding the sta sta ults an dy see great res s out to the for us. We alrea ll be able roll thi sure that we wi sfully.” lines and I’m lead nt succes s and rest of pla other machine

Hoogezand, Plant Manager Marcel Andela “I see it as very positive that we have Kay and Antonio aligning the way we work in Product Supply. With their experience they are creating fresh views for us to reflect on. That reflection and some new ways of working give us a lot of energy!”

Gemerská Hô rka, Roland Knol, Plant M “I am convinc anager ed that the ac tivities connec the Operationa ted to l Excellence and DDS will us in achievin support g our challen ging targets our machines and bring to the required Compelling Bu Needs targets. siness We’re currentl y running the two of our ma pilots on chines and we are all learning and we see the a lot – first positive sig nals. Once the are finished, we pilots will start to im plement the ne of working on w way all our machine s in Gemerská Hôrka.”




Product Supply

Anette Gustafsson, former manager of project Happiness and now Safety & Quality Manager within Product Supply, explains one of the focus areas within Product Supply: “Now that Happiness has been handed over to the line organisation, Safety & Quality together with the QRESH (Quality, Risk, Environment, Safety & Health) managers in the factories work on further improving safety, complaints handling, Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) as well as measurement criteria for projects.”

The Safety & Quality Team: Margareta Boström, QRESH Manager, Anette Gustafsson and Gunilla Kindberg, Quality Manager. Quality Manager Olivier Moreau (missing from the picture), is also part of the team.

What’s on your mind? Quality!
All Personal Care Europe factories are currently implementing parameters to ensure reliable measurement systems and manufacturing processes that are capable of producing according to specification. “It does make a difference what we measure,” says Anette Gustafsson. “Measurements are key to get the right quality in the end. But the enablers are not only Safety & Quality and QRESH, we also need to work cross-functionally and integrate marketing, technical product managers, product development and laboratory in our efforts.” So what has happened since the implementation of Happiness? “We have created an awareness for the importance of high quality in our organisation,” shares Anette. “We are all working towards overall and individual quality goals which, in the end, will result in achieving our Compelling Business Needs. But what is more important, we will have many happy customers.”
By Christina Abrahamsson Communications Support Nordic

Quality products make consumers happy.

Compelling Business Needs
The Compelling Business Needs (CBN) describe the focus areas and deliverables for each factory in order to reach our overall Personal Care business objectives. The main focus areas within CBN are cost, quality and service.

Cost  Reducing costs through e.g. higher machine efficiency and lower waste Quality  Improving how initiatives and projects are implemented Service  Improving the overall service level to our customers (and consumers)




Product Supply

Working in shifts
– and how to cope with it
To achieve the best possible machine efficiency, production lines in almost all Personal Care Europe factories are running 24 hours every day – and nearly all line operators work in some form of shift pattern to ensure smooth production processes. The first campaign within the Health & Lifestyle project is intended to create awareness for what each shift worker can do to cope with unusual work patterns. Project sponsor Chris Zorn (HR Director Product Supply) comments: “Personal Care Europe Product Supply has the Compelling Business Need to be Best-in-Hygiene-Industry by the year 2015. In order for us to reach this goal we need to increase the efficiency of our production lines while at the same time reducing Lost-Time-Accidents (LTA). Through the various campaigns within the Health & Lifestyle project we aim to ensure that our employees in the Personal Care Europe factories are fit and strong so we can deliver on our challenging goals.”
By Michaela Wingefeld, Communications Coordinator Personal Care Europe

The “Working in Shifts” leaflet gives practical tips for coping with shift patterns. It was distributed in all Personal Care Europe factories. Contact your factory HR management, if you have not received a copy.

Anna Liptáková, packer in the Gemerská Hôrka factory: “I have been working at the Gemerská Hôrka factory for nearly 11 years, but I still find it difficult to cope with the changing work hours, especially when I am on night shift. This is physically strenuous, even more so for my older colleagues. I really appreciate the ‘Working in Shifts’ initiative. It is good to make people understand how important is to take care of their health.”

Arild Bendiksen, shift support in the Falkenberg factory: “The Working in Shift brochure will be very useful particularly for new shift workers in their induction. I have been working in shifts for almost 20 years and still find the time changes between the different shifts difficult to cope with. However, I very much like the free days before my new shift starts.”

Michael Zuidema, machine operator in Hoogezand: “I really like working in shifts because outside working hours I have a lot of time to spend with my family. But now that I am getting older I am starting to notice that shift patterns get more stressful. That is why I want to have a healthier lifestyle from now on and the brochure and information about what to do to stay or become healthy can really help me with this!”

Mårten Hansen, machine operator at Falkenberg since 2008: “For me it is very important to do some physical activities in my free time during shift cycles to have a healthy lifestyle. The brochure is a good guide to staying fit when doing shift work.”

Juraj Siman, forklift driver in in the Gemerská Hôrka factory: “I’m quite used to working in shifts, but as I’m getting older it’s starting to be more difficult for me to adapt to the changes from morning to afternoon shift, or even to the night shift. Actually, for me, the night shift feels the most challenging, so I go to bed immediately after work. It’s good to talk about it and create an awareness among our colleagues about how we can adapt our lifestyle to work patterns.




In Short

This is Essence
Essence, a new branding and communication channel, has been implemented in all Personal Care Europe and Tissue Europe offices and factories in DACH, Benelux, Nordic, and UK during 2010. The roll-out of this project will continue and Essence will now come to the Regions South and East including Russia over summer. Camilla Skaremyr Krook, who is responsible for managing the installation of the information monitors across Europe, says: “The Essence screens rotate important corporate and brand news. However, through local content creators we ensure that the majority of the content is of local or regional relevance and is displayed in the local language.” “Essence is a new information channel for our employees that helps us to reach out in a fast and efficient way to everyone with or without computer access,” explains Stefanie Christmann, Vice President Communications at Personal Care Europe. “But Essence is also an excellent means by which to communicate SCA’s values and achievements to the external world through monitors at receptions and other areas which are frequented by external visitors.” Everybody can contribute to Essence: if you have something important or interesting to share, do not hesitate to speak to your ‘site owner’. They can help you to share your news with the entire company.
By Ottilia von Chrismar, Communications Manager Personal Care Europe

“What I think is good about Essence, is that you can really make your message short and concise. You really need to get to the ‘essence’.”
Christina Abrahamson, Nordic Communications Support

Inside SCA Personal Care Europe Publisher: Stefanie Christmann Terminalstrasse Mitte 18 (MAC) 85356 München Flughafen, Germany Editorial Management Ottilia von Chrismar, Michaela Wingefeld Layout and artwork: Sandberg Trygg AB, Sweden In collaboration with the Personal Care Europe Communications Network: Christina Abrahamsson, Ainhoa Alberto, Sandra Angerer, Rita Baptista, Gertie Eikenaar, Sarah Gilbody, Tomas Hires, Jo Jepson, Aleksandra Karpinska, Mimmi Lagergren, Marina Lukanina, Anna Rabacal, Peggy Saintin, Monika Tokarska, Elisa Ughetto Comments? Ideas? Questions? Please send your e-mail to

“At first, our colleagues were unsure about the benefits of this new communication channel, but now they see that it brings them information they would otherwise not be aware of.”
Brigitte Fojt, Communications Coordinator Austria

”I get a lot of positive reactions; Essence makes people feel part of SCA.”
Claudia Hanke, Communication Coordinator DACH Region

”Many colleagues go and look for more information on Essentials after they have seen a message on Essence. In Hoogezand, for example, we have seen a significant rise in ‘traffic’ on the intranet.”
Gertie Eikenaar, Communications Manager Benelux

”Essence has made a real difference to how accessible information is to our factory-based employees.”
Sarah Gilbody, Communications Controller, Region UK & ROI

Because our products make life easier for you and for millions of people around the world. Because our resources and the way we work are natural parts of the global lifecycle. And because we care.

This edition of Inside is the quarterly employee magazine of SCA Personal Care Europe, a Business Group of SCA. SCA is a global consumer goods and paper company that develops, produces and markets personal care products, tissue, packaging solutions, publication papers and solid-wood products. SCA has about 45,000 employees and conducts sales in some 100 countries.

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