QUALIFICATIONS FOR APPLICATION FOR A SECOND TEAM: • • • At least one team from the city represented the city

in the previous Super Bowl. The last payment of annual membership dues for the city must have been received in full and on time. The city, city’s teams and its representatives must have not knowingly broken any national league rules in the previous 24 months (e.g., knowingly breaking out-of-town or straight rule).

Whatever cities meet these qualifications have the right to request a second team. Each requesting city will be assigned a certain amount of points based on the following system: POINTS ALLOCATED FOR: • 1 point for the first 100 members of the league; 1 point for every 50 members after that (partial 50 OK; so, 101-150 members would net two points; 151-200 would net three, etc…). Maximum of 5 points allowed. 1 point for every referee from the city that worked the previous Super Bowl (this includes the host city), with a maximum of 2 points. 1 point for hosting a tournament of at least four teams from at least three cities in the previous 24 months. This tournament must follow NGFFL Super Bowl rules (however, small modifications can be made if the board is interested in “trying out” new or altered rules). 1 point for having participated in at least the previous three straight Super Bowls, not including the present one. This must be specific participation from the requesting city; joint teams do not count. For cities that have hosted Gay Bowls, the points system will break down as follows: Hosted within 1-2 years: 2.5 points 3-4 years: 2 points 5-6 years: 1.5 points 7-8 years: 1 point 9-10 years: .5 point After 10 years: 0 points The host city automatically gets the first slot if it wishes a second team. The cities that meet the qualifications and have the most points get the remaining second teams. If two or more cities are tied for the final slot we will use a lottery system to draw for the spot.

• •

• •

All cities granted second teams must fulfill these requirements: REQUIREMENTS: • • Must bring at least one referee to work the tournament. Any city with a second team failing to provide a referee is excluded from having a second team the following Gay Super Bowl. Cities with second teams must pay an extra $100 membership fee to the NGFFL.

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