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Cleantech Report June2009

Cleantech Report June2009

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Published by: Eunji Lee on Jun 22, 2011
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The success of Cleantech in the transport sector is likely to

be particularly heavily linked to the evolution of oil prices.

During times of high or volatile oil prices, consumers and

companies become more aware of fuel efficiency levels in

the personal travel and freight transport choices that they

make. However, a sustained period of low oil prices could

undermine the urgency to reduce oil consumption.

Cleantech – The Impact on Key Sectors in Europe – 11

1.3. Cleantech developments over the
next 5−10 years

The Cleantech innovation that would entirely change the

transport sector would be the development of a viable

alternative to the internal combustion engine. This is unlikely

within the next five to ten years, but a variety of measures

could result in the use of Cleantech to improve fuel efficiency

and reduce carbon emissions in the sector.

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