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VOLUME 1(2), AUGUST 2011

1. IIDBE: A Lossless Text Transform for Better Compression Senthil Shanmugasundaram, Robert Lourdusamy 2. Digital Video Watermarking using Discrete WaveletTransform and Principal Component Analysis Sanjana Sinha, Prajnat Bardhan, Swarnali Pramanick, Ankul Jagatramka, Dipak K. Kole, Aruna Chakraborty 3. Dictionary Based Preprocessing Methods in Text Compression - A Survey Rexline S. J, Robert L 4. Implementation of Efficient and Secure Hardware Oriented Binary Additive Stream Ciphers Padmalatha Eddla, R. Ravinder Reddy 5. Exploring the Prospect of Secure Biometric Cryptosystem using RSA for Blind Authentication Dr. Manish Manoria, Ajit Kumar Shrivastava, Satyendra Singh Thakur, Debu Sinha 6. Design of Operational Transconductance Amplifier Using 0.35m Technology Mr. Bhavesh H. Soni, Ms. Rasika N. Dhavse 7. Explicit Rate Multicast Congestion Control R.Ravinder Reddy, E.Padmalatha, Dr. Y. RamaDevi 8. Power Quality Improvement in DC Drives Using Matlab/Simulink P. Gani Raju, Veda Kumar N PAGE 1 7

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9. Scope for performance enhancement of CMU Sphinx by parallelising with OpenCL Harish S C, Balaji D, Vignesh M, Deepan Kumar P, Adinarayanan V 10. Network Security Evaluation Based on Information Security Nayunipatruni Suman 11. A Note on NLP based Search Engines A. Geetha 12. A Note on Document Recognition System K. Priya 13. Classification task by using Matlab Neural Network Tool Box A Beginners View V. Arulmozhi 14. Automated Intelligence Product Review Analysis Anala Pandit, Pranav Anil Bhole 43

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