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Weekly Update 2011.6.23

Weekly Update 2011.6.23

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Published by: uumia on Jun 22, 2011
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Weekly Update
This Issue:
- This Sunday - RE News - Flowers - Caring Committee - Pledge Checks - Thank You - Summer Pastoral Contact - 8 Day Schedule

This Sunday
The Gift Of Forgiveness and Letting Go with Afsaneh Noori Guest speaker, Iranian born, Afsaneh Noori of UUC Tampa will deliver her message of forgiveness. Afsaneh tells her story of childhood abuse and her journey from victimhood to claiming her power through forgiveness. She invites the gathered to explore where in their lives, they see themselves as victims and how they too can begin the process of changing that perception and giving themselves the gift of letting go.

RE News
The Trial Book Club scheduled for this Saturday has been cancelled. !

Change Thrivers: Women’s Circle Workshop The circle discusses life changes and ask questions, and lead to powerful transformations about change. The group discusses change with Afsaneh, an expert with 20 years experience in managing organizational and personal change. Although every person’s circumstances are unique, everyone learns from the discussion and can apply the techniques to their situation as well as having the opportunity to find solutions involving their particular change. Join us in the Emerson Room on June 26th from 2pm-4pm, Cost: $20, RSVP to the office by June 18th. (Minimum of 10 participants is required.)


FLOWERS Have you ever wanted to donate flowers for our sunday services but just couldn’t find the time to arrange it? Please call Iris Massey who is taking donations toward Sunday flowers and she will arrange everything. (305) 661-8482

PLEDGE CHECKS At this time of year the office is still receiving checks that apply to our current fiscal years pledges, running from July 1, 2010-June 30, 2011. On top of that checks are also coming in toward next fiscal years pledges, running from July 1, 2011- June 3o, 2012. In order to avoid confusion in our records CARING COMMITTEE and yours the Office Please sign up for services Administrator asks that when provisions for the Caring submitting checks in the Committee up date- we need everyone who had volunteered offering plate please specify it’s to provide services int eh past designation on the “memo” and all newcomers to add their line:If it is for THIS years names to the most appropriate pledge write: “2010-2011”, If it is for NEXT years pledge write: list which is posted on the “2011-2012” bulletin board next to the kitchen. See Connie Bartels, Caring Committee Chair with THANK YOU any questions. Zoltan Bakos, custodian, and Susie Green, Office Administrator, would like to

express their gratitude to the UU Congregation of Miami for all of their hard work in pitching in to keep the Sanctuary, Kitchen, Meeting Rooms and Grounds beautiful for all of the events held on campus last week while they were away. They are very proud to serve such a caring community. SUMMER PASTORAL CONTACT Reverend Drew begins vacation on June 15th, and Reverend Wendy does not officially begin work here until August 1. Between those days please call the office to relay any pastoral needs. Susie will have a list of nearby ministers who are available and she will assist in making contact as needed.





Thursday 23 7:30pmChoir Practice, S 24 NE

Friday 25


10am- Gentle Yoga, R3

26 9:30am- Spiritual Reality, ER 11am- Worship Service, S 2pm- Change Thrivers Women’s Workshop, ER

27 10am- Gentle Yoga, S 1pm- Worship Committee, R6

28 6am- Miami Dade Special Run-off Election, S 6:30pmBuddhist Reflections, ER

29 10am- Gentle Yoga, R3 12pm- Lunch Bunch, ER

30 7:30pmChoir Practice, S

Legend: ER = Emerson Room S = Sanctuary NE= No Events


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