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NAME: SANKARANARAYANAN KRISHNAN (OOW POST HND) ORAL EXAM CONDUCTED ON 23RD FEB 2011 EXAMINER: FLETCHER RESULT : PASS DURATION : 50 MINS Magnetic compass Explain abt magnetic compass? What is the bowl & wet card made of? Why it is made of it? Why the magnetic compass pointing towards north? Heeling error bucket corrects which magnetism and when? Where wil u find info regarding positioning of magnets? PAB What is it? Uses of it? He ask me to take a reading in it? (Damper was not there,so dont get panic if u didnt find that) SEXTANT What is it? Uses of sextant? Principle of sextant? He set the index arm at some angle and asked me to read it? What is side error and hw wil you correct it? HYDROMETER What is it? Uses of it? He asked me the whole procedure to find the density of water? What is DWA? Then he starts with generals.... What is ISM? Objective of ISM? How does it effects 3/0? What is DOS and when do u exchange? Passage planning apem? Generator blackout actions? Risk assessment? What is hazard? What is risk? Enclosed space entry actions? Fire in a container at sea actions? Where you will refer to putt off fire in dg container? FFA maintainence ? Liferaft requirement? Rescue boat requirement? What is lugless shackle? How many parts in it? Use of it? What type of anchor u had onboard? What is stockless anchor? Running moor? When u wil use? Man over board port side actions? Couldnt find the person what u will do? Which pattern u will use? If 2 ships are involved in SAR , which pattern will u use? Where u will find info abt SAR operations? How wil u help your c/o for loadline survey? EM logs principle? Doppler logs principle? Which radar you will use for collision avoidance while leaving port? BOUYAGE Safe water mark East cardinal bouy Preferred channel to stbd lateral mark Preferred channel to port lateral mark He asked all characteristics and top mark ? asked me to pass through it? SITUATIONS PDV on port side? CBD on port side? Fishing vsl overtaking sailing vsl who keeps clear? Sailing vsl overtakes fishing vsl who keeps clear? Fishing vsl on port side of sailing vsl? Action?

SMARTY BOARD NUC seen from port side? RAM Dredging at anchor? Vsl engaged in trawling shooting nets? Towing vsl length of tow less than 200? Vsl aground? Special thanks to Mr. Vinil gupta for helping me out to clear my orals.

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Here's my questions from my OOW unlimited orals, hope you find them handy!! I wrote them to assist other students at fleetwood. BTW Capt Ian Lewis isn't a regular Liverpool Examiner, i think he's from cardiff but i'm not sure... Christopher Case OOW Orals @ Liverpool MCA 22nd April 2004 1500Hrs Pass 1 Hr 20 Mins Captain Ian Lewis I got to the MCA office at 1430, 30 mins before the exam was due to start, the examiner came to see me and said I?ll be with you in 10mins, which frightened me. Then I was told that he wasn?t a regular Liverpool examiner, they were on a course, which was even worse, but I thought that if I know my stuff which I thought I did, then it didn?t matter who it was. The examiner didn?t look ask to look at my Portfolio or Nav Workbook, so I didn?t volunteer them! First of all he started by looking at my discharge book and said that he?d previously sailed as Master on one of the ships I?ve been on, I was surprised and happy that the only questions he asked about the ship was the names of some of the people on there! He made it clear to me that he would only accept my first answer especially with relation to RoR and Buoyage. He started off with RoR and placed a ship in front of me and said this is your ship and any action you take will be from the aspect of the OOW on board. Daylight Situations All steady ? PDV on PORT side ? actions? It gets closer and you see a black cylinder, what is it and what actions would you take? ? Fishing vessel on PORT side, nets more than 150m ahead What day signal would it show, what fog signal if anchored? ? Actions? ? Same Fishing Vessel PORT side, Nets astern ? Actions? ? Approaching vessel from about 2 pts abaft her STBD beam ? Actions? ? Sailing vessel 4pts abaft STBD beam, who is give way vessel? Why? If you see a cone apex down would the responsibilities change? Sailing vessel overtakes and steady bearing on STBD bow ? actions? ? What does Rule 6 say? (Stopped me before the end) Traffic Separation Scheme ? Own vessel crossing TSS, PDV on Starboard Side following lane ? Actions? At what point would you slow down? If there was a lot of traffic, where would you slow down? ? Own vessel following TSS PDV crossing from Starboard ? actions? ? Own Vessel following TSS PDV crossing from Port ? Actions? Light identification ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Sailing vessel RAM Towing vessel (Astern >200m) see on port side ? actions? Fog Signal? Day Signal? Same as above but now with RAM lights ? Actions? Pilot Vessel ? Fog Signal? Vessel Aground ? fog signal for >100m and <100m? ? Right ahead - actions? Vessel Constrained by Draught ? Fog Signal

Restricted Visibility

? Target on Radar Port Bow 8 Miles, lookout reports Fog signal ahead Actions? Fog signal is 1 long 2 short, what could it be? Actions? On radar 2 miles ahead ? actions? (Examiner wasn?t happy with calling up other vessel, not sure what he wanted, so I just came astern, transverse thrust etc.) ? Target ahead, vessel on same heading as own vessel ? actions? What else could you do? Why? What rule is that? Buoyage ? Put a model vessel down on its side, said it was a wreck, gave me 4 cardinal marks N, E, S, and W and all the topmarks, indicated north and told me to put correct topmarks on and mark the wreck. ? Light on E Cardinal ? Region B Preferred Channel to Port ? Light? ? Where is Region B? ? STBD hand Special Mark? What would it mark? ? What is a Channel within a Channel? ? Isolated Danger Mark ? Light and Topmark? ? Safe Water Mark ? Light and Topmark? Sextant ? Read sextant? ? Correctable errors? ? How to correct error of perpendicularity? Hydrometer ? Showed it to me asked what it is ? Flask of water, find density? (Very High 1.031) ? What would I use figure for? Azimuth Mirror ? What does the arrow signify ? If you wanted to take celestial bearing, how would you do it? Precision Aneroid Barometer ? Read ? is it high or low? (Average 1013 HPa) Stevenson Screen ? ? ? ? What is it? What used for, how does it work? What is inside? If wet and dry bulb the same, what does this signify?

Interaction in narrow channel ? ? ? ? Two vessels approaching each other, what is the danger? (Interaction) Explain interaction? (think I got it wrong but he didn?t say) Explain Squat? What do you do to reduce it?

Manoeuvres ? Single screw, Right handed Fixed, Narrow Channel, Current astern, Turn short round. Passage Planning & Publications ? ? ? ? ? Explain elements of passage planning. What publications would you use in passage planning What is contained in Weekly notices to mariners What is contained in annual summary What is an MIN?

ISM ? ? ? ? ? Explain principle of ISM? What is it used for? What is contained in it? What certification is needed? What validity of the certificates?

LSA & FFA ? What Pyrotechnics on board last ship? How long do they last for? ? Markings on canister of liferaft?

? Interval between services for liferaft? ? Inner and outer diameter of lifebuoy? ? Checks and tests to SCBA Duties of OOW ? In port? ? Preparation of bridge? ? Handing over and taking over bridge watch? ? When would you not take over watch? (Risk of Collision existing) ? Find a fire in galley alongside ? Actions? (Looking for calling fire brigade), how would you assist fire brigade? (International Shore Connection, Fire Wallet) Cargo Work ? On cargo watch discharging JET A1 and IG System pressure drops ? Actions? (I think he was after stopping all cargo and informing Mate, Engineers and Shore, he seemed happy with answer) This is really all I can remember I?m sure that there were a few others but not many, I didn?t see him stamp and sign my NOE I didn?t even hear him say I?d passed I had to ask him again!! Afterwards I thought that he had asked not even a fraction of what I knew, I thought that he should have asked me more, but I wouldn?t have told him that!!! BIG Thanks to all the lecturers at Fleetwood who have helped me over the years, and good luck to all the students who are going up for their orals. If you put the work in then you will pass, stay calm and listen carefully to the questions, the examiners are very fair and are there to pass you not catch you out. GOOD LUCK

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx x I found my orals questions so i thought id stick them on here to. OOW Orals Eilidh Smith Vs Capt Kaisar Ali Company: Maersk Ships: Container Date: 16 June 05 Time: 1 hour Result: PASS I arrived at the gatehouse about half an hour before my appointment and met the previous candidate on his way out having passed. Walking from the gatehouse to the main door was awful. I felt like I was walking the green mile, and to make matters worse, it was raining. I was collected by a very pleasant woman and taken to sit outside the examination room and everyone who walked past just gave me a look that made me feel really uncomfortable. The examiner was about five minutes late but he was very pleasant. He led me into the room and asked to see my ID and he asked me what type of ships I had been on and where in the world I had been. Then he led me into the questions. General ? You are on the bridge of your ship; go through the instruments that you might find there. Listed all the stuff on my last ship, every now and then he stopped me and asked me some details about the equipment such as limitations of GPS and how to set up radar for collision avoidance. ? How do you change from hand steering to the autopilot? Told him you flicked the switch. ? How do you know if the autohelm is working? Alter course by a couple of degrees and check that the autohelm follows. ? Any other switches or buttons on the helm? Gave him the off-course alarm settings, rudder limits and rate of turn. ? What are the inputs into the AIS? Gave him manufacturers settings such as ships name and MMSI number and operational settings such as next port of call and crew onboard. ? What should you be aware of with the AIS? Mentioned not to use it for collision avoidance and how the ships may not have updated information, and that fishing vessels don?t need one. Instruments The only instrument he asked me was the sextant, I picked it up and he asked me to describe how I would correct the errors, then I put it back down and he gave me a wee problem to work out. Given two readings, I had to find the index error and which direction to apply it. I added the errors instead of taking them away but I applied it the right way so he let it slip. General ? You join a ship as third mate, where would you find your job description? I said SMS system and then braced myself for a grilling on ISM, but that didn?t come. ? When you are standing at the bottom of the gangway, what do you expect to see? This confused me for a second, but then I went into how the gangway was rigged with the safety

net, and adequate illumination etc, mentioned COSWOP safe means of access and he seemed happy enough. ? Back on the bridge, when you join as third mate, and you go up to the monkey island to look at the magnetic compass, what are you looking at? All that was going through my head at this point was ?what am I looking at!? You just said I was looking at the magnetic compass!? Obviously I couldn?t say that so I mentioned the magnets, Flinders bar and quadrantal spheres, then mentioned the deviation card ? What is found on the deviation card? Gave him the date and position of last swing, who swung the compass, the deviation graph etc. ? If I was a port state inspector and I came to your ship, how would I know you were complying with the ISPS code? Told him he would be stopped and ID?d at the top of the gangway and possibly searched, he would be escorted round the ship etc. ? But how would I know that these are requirements from the ISPS code and not just your ships general security? Said the ship would have a security certificate and security plan. ? What markings are to be put on the hull from the ISPS code? Told him IMO number in a prominent position outside and inside. ? What are the different security levels? ? If you are at level 1 and the port you are heading for is level 2 can you go in? ? Who sets the security level on your ship? He wanted TRANSEC for this and I got there eventually after describing how the PFSO liases with the CSO who tells the SSO and the SSO changes the security level if necessary. He went on for about twenty minutes on ISPS. ? Who was your last ships safety officer? Told him third engineer is safety officer appointed by the company ? What are his duties and where would you find information on them? COSWOP chapter 3. Duties included safety area inspections, investigating near misses and hazardous occurrences etc ? How do you launch the lifeboat? ? What maintenance did you do on the lifeboat? ? Rig the HRU ? Back to the magnetic compass, what is deviation? Told him it was the amount that the magnetic compass was deflected from magnetic north due to the magnetism in the ships hull. He then gave me a bit of paper with a true heading, compass heading and variation and asked me to work out the deviation and total error. ? How would you conduct a passage plan from the Clyde to Jeddah? Gave him APEM and when I got to planning he stopped me. ? What special notes would you put on the plan for each leg? Said I would note safe speed and cross track errors, and navigational hazards such as heavy traffic or any expected weather conditions ? What areas of heavy traffic would you be likely to encounter on your passage? Irish Sea, end of the English Channel TSS, Gib Straights, Suez Canal and Red Sea. ? Who is responsible for passage planning on your ship? Told him second mate. ? Who can he ask for advice on a passage plan? Said the Mate can give him the draughts for loadline requirements, the Master will have information on specific requirements such as speed or limiting Latitudes etc, the engineers will give an idea of the amount of fuel that may be burned for loadline again and some of the officers or crew may have been there before and they can give any additional information. ? When would you call the Master? Gave a list. Rules ? Rule 6 Safe speed in my own words ? Annex IV list the distress signals Bouyage ? IALA B port hand buoy ? IALA B preferred channel to starboard Smarty board ? Fishing vessel from ahead ? Pilot vessel from astern ? Tug and tow less than 200m port aspect ? NUC starboard aspect underway ? Vessel aground less than 50m in length Situations ? TSS &#61656; You are CBD following the traffic lane with PDV on starboard side &#61656; CBD with fishing vessel on port side ? Tug and tow from port side ? RAM tug and tow from port side ? Fishing vessel overtaking sailing vessel, who gives way? ? Sailing vessel overtaking fishing vessel, who gives way? More questions ? You are on cargo watch on a containership, as well as checking the cargo what are your other duties? Said I would tend the moorings, make safety and security rounds of the ships, make sure all appropriate signals are flying etc ? What would you expect the chief mate to leave in his night orders? Check IMDG cargoes, reefers tended too, ballast operations. He stopped me here and? ? You have loaded a container with dangerous goods and you find that it is leaking, what do you do? Find the foreman to stop cargo ops, raise the alarm, clean up the spill as per the emergency schedule in the IMDG code supplement.

? What is SOLAS chapter 12? Its about safety measures for bulk carriers. ? And? I had no idea so I just said I wasn?t too sure exactly what it said. ? What considerations would you take into account with a cargo of coal? Told him ventilation due to the formation of methane gasses, coal can be prone to liquefaction, and I mentioned there was an M notice about it but I couldn?t remember the number. Finally after what seemed like ages he said ?Well Miss Smith I think you have done enough to pass but make sure to read solas 12.? I though I had been in for ages but only an hour had passed. He went over a couple of mistakes I had made and asked me how I felt I had done. Then he clocked that I was from Lewis and he had been up there surveying a Calmac ferry so he started going on about how brilliant that Hebrides were. I was sitting on the other side of the desk silently willing him to be quiet and hand over my NOE. I eventually escaped about 45 minutes after I had finished the exam! Thank you very much to all the lecturers that helped get me through this, especially Archie Montgomery and John Dickie, Craig Feeney, Elaine Ives, Andy Stevens, Richard Varley and everyone else who taught me along the way. Good luck to all those going up soon and remember if you know your stuff you can?t fail.

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1. How will you take your personal safety on-board 2. Brief particulars on last ship (Bulk Carrier). 3. How cargo was loaded/discharged (Ships Gear). 4. Types & Nos. of Cranes/Grabs and their SWL. 5. What precautions to take for hatch tank top damages from grabs. 6. Details of bridge equipments on-board, can you rely solely on them, how will you for Errors 7. FWA of last ship, what do you understand by FWA. 8. What is DWA & why it is Important 9. How can you find out RD of dock water. 1 0. Hydrometer what precautions to take before taking water sample. 11. Take RD of water sample in bucket and calculate DWA. 12. What can be found in Stevensons Screen. 13. Hygrometer uses & precautions, can you take readings if there is no water in 14. Why ventilation is required for cargo holds. 15.What precautions to take for Coal Cargo. 16. Can you send people inside holds when carrying coal cargo on a passage. 17. Barograph what it gives, what is barometric tendency. 18. Aneroid Barometer what are the errors & corrections 19. You have taken visual compass bearings, what it will be, can you apply this bearing the chart. 20.Where will you find variation and deviation. 21. What is passage planning & why it is so important for the vessel. 22.What you will do in appraisal.


23. How can you tell if a chart is corrected up to date. 24. How will you correct the Chart, where you will make entries. 25. How will you do monitoring, which all equipments you will use. 26. How can you make out that person taking over watch is fatique. 27.What does the STCW-95 regulation says about Rest period. 28..Whre can you find out Rest period timings. 29. Preparations prior entering fogbank. 30 What will you do after entering fogbank. 31. How can you give training to crew for on-board emergencies. 32.Which publications to be consulted for their training. 33. Name the various emergency drills carried out on-board. 34. How frequently all those drills to be carried out. 35.When you should carry out inspections of LSA equipments & how. 36. Steering Gear Failure take action (NFU & Emergency steering). 37.What are the markings on Life Raft cannister. 38.Where else you will find Life Raft launching procedures. 39. Forward Life Raft Capacity & Boarding arrangements. 40. When carrying out a lifeboat muster, what checks do you make. 41 .What you must carry when in UK during winter prior boarding L/B, L/R 42.What personal safety you will take during Aft stations. 43.Man shouting, Fire in the Galley, you are 00W take action.

39) Identify the vessel - Towing vessel more than 50 metres length of tow 200 metres (day signal and fog signal) 39) Towing vessel with R.A.M If you see this vessel on your port side action

40) You see a fishing vessel on your starboard side and her gear extending More than 150 rntrs on her stem collision does not ex 41) Which are all the vessels can use Inshore traffic zone? 42) How you join and leave TSS? 43) In TSS - you see one vessel crossing ahead what is your action? Restricted visibility 44) In Restricted visibility Which are all the give away vessels? 45) How you do look out in R.V? 46) Entering for bank - Action? 47) You see 3 blips on your radar Port bow, collision exist - Action? 48) 3 blips on you radar - Starboard bow, collision exist Action?

49) 3 blips on your right astem collision exist Tell me action for the both vessels 50) Explain what do you understand about rule no. 19?

**************************************************************************************** 1. HOW MUCH IS THE FWA OF UR LAST 5HIP(ISAID 220mm).





************************************************************************************** What cargoes you were use to carry, -I said gasolene,Naphtha,jetAl etc. ,,lf you want to load 2 different grade of cargoes how will you go about it. -I said about blanking the line by turning the spectacle flange and closing the cross over and locking it. iWhat you know about I.S.M.

-Is it good for you as an oow. Avhat is ISPS. -How you keep watch in ports as per ISPS. -What are the L.S.A. have onboard. -Weekly checks on L.S.A. -Where will you log down.(L.S.A.LOG). -How will you check F.F.A. -GMDSS daily,weekly,monthly tests. -How will you check the navtex. -Is It important to keep the navtex printer on when you are in port. -Take reading of aneroid Barometer,Is there any corrections apply to this. -What is appraisal,what publications youll consider when appraising the passage plan. -How will you enter narrow channel. -In narrow channel pilot onboard,who is incharge of the navigation. -If pilot takes your ship very close to another vessel what youll do as a duty off. -Steering failure in narrow channel,action. -Two vessels are passing very close in narrow channel at full ahead speed what will happen, -How can interaction be reduced when passing very close to another vessel. -In narrow channel if the depth is less what will happen if you are going full ahead,how squat effect can be reduced. ) This is yr ship u see this right ahead action --- what will she do?? (HEAD ON) 2) This is yr ship u see this on yr port bow action--- now she is at 2 miles action (CROSSING) 3) This is yr ship u see this on yr stbd bow action (CROSSING / WHICH RULE) 4) This yr ship u see this ship 2.5 points abaft the port beam action and why ?? (OVERTAKING) 5) This yr ship u see this ship 2.5 points abaft the stbd beam action and why ?? (OVERTAKING) 6) This is yr ship and u see this ship (vsl shown with 2 black cones apex together) Fishing vsl action 7) This is yr ship and u see this vsl(sailing vsl) on port side action he then showed the same on stbd side action 8) What is rule 7? Sir , Risk of collisionhow will u determine risk of collision exists or not? 9) Explain rule 8 a and 8 fin yr own words.. 10) What does COLREGS say abt rule 6 ??

11) This is yr ship ... and u see that visibility is restricted because of mist n falling snow . .What will u do as a 00W?? (RESTRICTE Actions) gave a few situations on it like

: Stbd side 12 9 6 action Dead astern action (her speed is 12 kts and yrs 10 kts) + Fog signal heard on port bow + Fog signal heard on stbd quarter 12) Smartie board situations-> Vsl aground as seen from her port side.(identify/day signal/fog signal/action) CBD vsl on port side (identify/day signal/size of cylinder /action)

12) An azimuth mirror is used to take compass error.. .how will u check that it is accurate and if it is not accurate how will u correct 13) What is Stevenson screen?? 14) How is advection fog caused?? 15) Limitations of a radar? 16) He gave me a ship model and asked to perform a turning short round?? 17) How will u take care of synthetic mooring ropes?? 18) What is the relationship btwn breaking strain and SWL?? Can u lift 20 tonnes with a 6t SWL wire? 19) What is 6 x 37 in a wire rope? What is the heart of a wire rope?? 20) What are the pyrotechnics carried on yr ship?? How will u dispose them when expired?? 21) "What are various distress signals?

22) U have a man overboard on stbd side.. what r ur actions??? U said u will perform a Williamson turn ,fine but still no sign of the what ??? sir the master will refer to IAMSAR manual and perform a sector search... 23) What is a MSN?? 24) Contents of SOPEP manual 25) Yr ship is at anchor.. what will u do as a 00W?? 26) SCBA checks prior donning?? 27) He then gave a ship model again and started with ROR-ROR VSL AGROUND MORE THAN 50M,DAY/FOG SIGNAL FISHING VSL GEAR EXTD.150M OR MORE ON STBD BOW PILOT VSL 2 PTS ON PORT BOW P/D VSL 50 M OR MORE ENGAGED TN TOWING .LENGTH OF TOW MORE THAN 200M, 3PTS ON UR PORT BOW. CBD VSL ON PORT BOW STEDY BEARING RANGE REDUCING ON CLEAR DAY TIME WEATHER ,ACTION .



Identify,colour,rhythm of light,which side safe to pass. -Region A port hand lateral mark. -Region A preferred channel to port. -Safe water mark. -Isolated danger mark.where is the danger. -South cardinal mark,heading south,action. -Symbol for general direction of buoyage. -One way,two way reporting symbols. -Meaning of flag A,B,G,H,Q. SITUATIONS. -Open sea vessel right ahead.action. -P.d.vessel crossing from stbd to port,steady bearing, action. -P.d.vessel crossing from port to stbd,steady bmg,action. -You are overtaking other vessel,action. -In T.S.S.Tug n tow crossing from port to stbd.steady bearing not taking action,action. -Can you leave T.S.S.which are vessels youll find in inshore traffic zone,How will you join back T.S.S. -Can a vessel cross T.S.S.,how. ON SMARTY BOARD. Identify,day signal n fog signal, action.(all steady bearing). -P.d.vessel probably 50 mtrs.or more length engaged in towing crossing from port to stbd. -Normal p.d.vesssel probably 50mtrs or more seen from stbd side. -Sailing vessel as seen from stbd. -Sailing vessel as seen from port. -Pilot vessel. -Fishing vessel seen from stem making way,gear extending 150 mtrs.or more. -Vessel R A M seen from stem. -V/L engaged in dredging or U.W.operation seen from her safeside. -V/L C.B.D.seen from port side,steady bearing. RESTRICTED VISIBILITY -A blip on the port bow at 12 miles range.

-I said Ill start systematic plot.He asked me what is systematic plot means explain.action as per rule 19 d(i). quote the rule for me p -Blip on stbd bow,action.

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1) What Are The Safety Precautions On A Tanker ( Safety And Pollutin Prevention)? 2) What Do You Find On A I.G Panel? 3) How Do U Do Stripping On A Framo Pump?(I Hal) Framo Pumps) 4) Enclosed Space Entry( Ballast Pump Room, We Didnt Have A Normal Pump Room) 5) Tell Me Something About Tank Cleaning? 6) Tanker Check List? 7) What Is The Use Of A Deck Seal? Passage Planning 1) Passage Planning And Its Stages? 2) What Is Appraisal? 3) Is Passage Planning Important On Even Short Voyages? 4) How Do U Corrrect Charts? 5) How Will U Find Compass Error On Short Voyages When No Celestial Bodies Are Present ?( Transit Bearings) 6) What Is The Use Of Compass Error? Instruments 1) The Only Instrument He Asked Me Was Aneroid Barometer? 2) What Its Use? 3) Does Corrections Apply To This? 4) What Is The Latest Unit For Pressure? Lsa- Ffa 1. What Were The Lsa -Ffa Equipment On Board Your Ship?

How Will U Carry Out Maintainence Of Lifeboat ?( First Point Will Be I Will Follow As Per Pms Ant) Then Ur Points Also Dont Forget To Log It In The Lsa-Ffa Log) 2) How Will U Launch Fully Enclosed Life Boat? 3) Maintainence Of Ffa Equipments? 4) Fixed Fire Fighting On Board Ijr Last Ship (Foam And C02)

5) Maintainence On Foam System( Foam Lines To Be Drained Ant) Sample Checked For Strength Of Foam And Yearly Sample Se

For Labortory Analysis) 6) Precautions When Injecting C02 In Engine Room? 7) How Will You Charge Scba Bottles( Scba Generator On Tankers)? 8) Checks You Will Do When Charging Scba Bottles( Do Mention That The Moisture From The Atmosphere Gets Drained) 9) How Were Drills Conducted On Your Last Ship? How Do You Know Which Drills Are Pending? 10) H .R.U Rigging?( Mark Of Confirmity) General

1) Action When U Receive Adistress Message? (Dont Forget Calling The Master And Plotting The Distress And Logging It In The Log) 2) Monthly Test For Gmdss? 3) Pilot On Board / Whos In Charge? And Actions? 4) Preparation For Sea?( Bridge Procedure Guide) 5) Pilot Boarding Preparation? 6) M.O.B Action? 7) What Is I.S.M? Is It Good Or Bad? 8) What Is Lamsar? Search Patterns? 9) Isps? And What Did Your Company Do To Implement It? 10) Weather? Where Will You Find Information? 11) Contents Of Weather Routeing Chart? R.O.R

1) C.B.D On Your Port Side In T.S.S ?( Reduce Speed In Ample Time) Any Other Action ( Alter Course To Stbd And Enter Inshor Zone) 2) Which All Vessels Can Enter Inshore Traffic Zone? 3) How Will You Join Back Traffic Lane? 4) How Will A Vessel Cross T.S.S? Bouys (Identify,Topmark, Colour, Rhythm) 1) North Cardinal Mark? Heading North You See It Right Ahead, Action? 2) Safe Water Mark? 3) Special Mark?

4) Showed Me Red/Green! Red Spar (When He Shows This Dont Forget To Ask Him For Which Region Or The Top Mark, He Sa (Preferred Channel To Stbd) 5) Which Is Region B? Situations (Identify, Day Signal, Fog Signal And Action) Most Of The Vessels Will Be On Your Port Side

1) Towing Vessel 50m Or More In Length With Tow More Than 200m On Your Port Bow? 2) Arc Of Visibility Of Towing Light? 3) Fishing Vessel With Nets More Than 150m On Your Port Bow? 4) One White Light Right Ahead? 5) One Green Lght On Your Port Side? 6) Vessel Aground Right Ahead? 7) N.U.C Making Way Seen From Astern! Or Avesel Less Than 50m In Length Aground? Friends Have Confidence And Faith In Your Own Self .Also When Answering Dont Lead Him To Questions For Which You Dont Have Answers. He Will Not Fail You Unless You Dig Your Own Grave. I Am Thani(Full To Mr Ward, Mr Hayes, Mr Hashmi, Mr Finch, Mr

Garrett, Mr Finch, Mr Saeed, Mr Hope And My Seniors Who Made My Stay In Fleetwood Wom)Erfull. See You Soon Friends In T Time. May Peace Be With You All-So Far So Good Now He Started Ror . He Said As U Has Sailed In Big Tankers. Assume That U R 00w Of This Tanker (He Gave A Model) And Said U R In Tss N U R Cbd. How Can U Let Other Vessel Know That U R Cbd . He Wanted Day, Night N Fog Signals. Then He Said This Is Tss N This Is Land Then What Is In Between? Itz. Which Vessel Can Enter Itz? Now He Showed Me A Ferry Crossing Stbd To Port And Asked My Act Ion? So I Started From That I Will Take A Series Of Compass Bearing At Short Interval N I Will Determine If A Risk Of Collision Exist. He Said Risk Of Collision Exist. I Said I M Cbd N She Is Pdv So She Shall Avoid Impeding My Safe Passage So I Will Still )Iltain My Co N Speed With Extreme Caution. He Said She Is Still Not Taking Any Action N Now U Will Give 5 Or More Short N Rapid Blast N She Is Still Not Taking Any Action. Now What? I Said I Will Slow Down N Ctmufpac. Ok Now U R Not Cbd.

And A Pdv Crossing From Port To Stbd And Just Tell Me Yr Practical Action. I Said One Short Blast, Leave Tss N Enter Itz N Ctmufpac N Thn Decide Next Best Course Of Action. Next Question How U Will Leave Or Join Traffic Lane? Tss Finish

He Came To Buoys (All Buoys In Region A Only) N Said Tell Me Whatever U Knw About Buoys And Action If U See Right Ahe Preffered Channel To Stbd. And Ur Last Two Vessels Were Bp Tankers. Is Tht Correct? Yes Sir. So I Believe U Will Be Very Much Familier With British Rules N Regulations Regard Ing Tankers. I Didnt Say Anything Just A Positive Smile. So How Big Was Yr Tanker? I Said Arnd 100,000 Tonner. And What Was The Fwa? 335 Vfl4. Do U Have A Calculater? Yes Sir. So Can U Just Take The Density From Hydrometer N Calculate The Dwa? Yes Sir (And In Neat Hand Writing I Showed Him All My Working On A Plain Paper And I Calculated Dwa ) Density Was 1. 012. N What Equipment U Had In Yr Bridge? I Started Sextant, Compass, Barometer Etc What Is The Use Of Barometer N Any Corrections. I Answered. Can U Give Me A Reading? Why Did U Tap It? Any Other Way To Predict Weather? I Said Weather Chart, Weather Fax. N Also By Looking At Sea State N Clouds. So U Said Clouds. Can U Tell Me What Type Of Weather Will U Predict By Looking At These Clouds And He Pointed Towards

Window? That Was A Nice N Sunny Day. I Said Weather Will Be Good Today. Where Can U Find The Infornation About Predicting Weather By Looking At Clouds? The Mariners Hand Book. Then He Jumped On Tankers... What Ffa You Had On Yr Last Vessel. (Dont Forget To Say Isc, Fire Wallet, Fire Blanket, Fire Wire, Fire Plan) Purpose Of Fire Wallet. How To Test Fixed Foam Fire Fighting System? How Often U Used To Send Foam Sample Ashore For Checking? I Said Every 6 Months. N What Is The Regulation? I Said Every Year. What Lifeboat U Had In Last Vessel? I Said Freefall. How Do U Launch It N How Often? How Yr Liferaft Was Secured? By Means Of Hru? Can U Show Me How To Rig An Hru? Now Hru Capt Anam Got Is A Typical One. U Have To Tie Painter Not To Weak Link But To A Black Ring Which Is Attached To Weak Link. Just Be Careful. How U Will Enter Pumproom? He Wants To Listen Risk Assessment, Entry To Permit, Ventilation, Co1unication And Company Checklist. Then How Will U Prepare Bridge For Sailing? The Momont U Will Say Try Out Steering Gear N Main Engine. His Next Question Is How U Will Conduct A Steering Test? Tell Him First Of All I Will Hand Over My Deck Watch Or Cargo Watch To Other Certified Officer N Then Go To Bridge N Dont Forget To Put A Lookout In The Aft And On Jetty. Next Question - What Prevents Fire In Cargo Tanks? I Said Ig?

Can U Tell Me Something More About Ig? So It Was Like My Fav Question So I Started From Burning Of Fuel In Boilers To Ventilation Of Ig Through Mast Riser. He Doesnt Want Answers In Detail But He Was Quite Happy With This Detailed Answer. Then He Closed The Topic Of Tankers N Asked Me About Passage Planning? Then He Asked What Publication U Will Refer For Appraisal Part. I Said 11 Mandatory Publications N 10 Extra N Also I Will Go Through My Company Checklist. What Are The Contents Of Weather Chart? Isolated Danger Mark (Action In This Case For 2nd Mates Is Jtjst Alter Co To Stbd N Pass Well Clear) (Action In Same Case For Chief Mates Is Stop, Take All Way Off, Put Yr Posn N Put Buoy Posn N Thn Decide Next Best Course Of Action) Capt Anam Wants 2nd Mates Answer N Not C/Mate Level Answer. Safe Water Mark West Cardinal Mark (U R Heading 090 Action?) (Now U R Heading 270 Action?) Now He Started Rv. If U Guys R Going Without Naras (0) For Yr Orals Like I Went. Please Prepare Oaw Triangle Very Very Well Specially Oa Line Purpose. U R Entering Fog Bank. Action? He Gave 3 Situations In Rv 3 Blips On Port Bow 3 Blips On Port Quarter 3 Blips On Stbd Bow (I Was Overtaking Her) Through These Situation He Wanted To Hear Rule 19 D (I) N 19d (Ii) So Now He Picked His Stamps (For Pass Or Fail) N Smarty Board At The Same Time. First He Showed Ram Engaged In Underwater Operation Seen Frm Astern. Then He Took Out Stern Light And Where It Is Seen From Now? I Said Could Be End On, Could Be Stern. These Vsls Seen Right Ahead. Vessel At Anchor.

Vessel Aground. 4 Points On My Port Bow. Fishing Vsl Length Of Gear Extending More Than 150 Mtrs. Pilot Vsl Seen From Port Side. Next Was Tug N Tow Seen Frm Port Side Length Of Tow Exceeding 200 Mtrs On 4 Points On My Stbd Bow. When U Say Action Say- I Will Pass Very Well Clear Of Stern Of Last Vessel Being Towed N Ofcourse Ctmufpac. Also The Arc Of Visibility Of Frwd Masthead Light. His Last Question Was U Said Tug N Tow Was Underway. Can They Be Making Way? I Said Yes Sir They Can Be Making Way. How U Will Find Out She Is Making Way? By Her Wake During Daytime N By Taking Visual Bearing N By Ploting Tht Vsl In My Radar. And He Said Mr Balhara U Are Passed... And I Was So Happy That I Forgot Even To Say Thanks To Him. So Friends That S How My Orals Was. Capt Anam Is A Really Good Examiner.As Per My Personal Experience Certain Things He Want For Sure Is1) Safety Matters. Key Line Is "Safety Of Navigation, Safety Of Life And Safety Of Marine Environment" 2) Rule 19 C In And Out) 3) Oaw Triangle.

Back To *************************************************************************************** 1) CHANNEL He begins with a buoyed channel of 9 buoys on the table & told me identify it, light, rhythm & which side U will pass. (SAFE WATER mrk, PRT hand mrk. STBD hand mrk, SPECIAL mrk a CONE & ISOLA TA TED danger without top mrk) 2) MAGNETIC COMPASS Q: what is it & a) wot Isfittecton top & b) y u use It & c) how?

A: magnetic compass. A) Azimuth mirror, b) bearings of terrestrial & celestial objects c) ARROW UP: celestial object explain how

B) ARROW DWN: terrestrial object & explain him how Q: a) What Is there in magnetic compass, b) errors affecting, c) explain & cause and where you get it? A: magnetic card. B) VAR & DEV, c) remember C-IJ-M-V-T, DEV: Diff between compass & magnetic north. Caused due to the ships mag,cl4_2evc

VAR: Difference between magnetic north & true north , qausedj,ieto the earths magnetic field and is different a t different places g chart on compass rose. Q: what info d we get from the clev ca A: ship name. Call sign, DEV for various heading, ate of installation & last adjusted with the initials of the adjuste. Q: when dose the compass has to be adjusted?

A: when in dry dock after major (steel) constructional changes, due to heavy hammering & welding, & If any electrical equipment c magnetic corn.

4) 3-le gave me a upside clown shp & assuming It as wreck he askeclme to put the cardinal buoys with the hep of compass also pu topmrks which were lying o th table & teit him the colour of light anccrhythnt 5) INSTRUMENT: I) SEXTANT Q: wot is it, andy is It useclon shzp, pick it up only f he tells you to take,pick Up with left & take It in righthand andwait for his question, puts the shade Out. Q: types of adjustable errors, and how to correct them? Q: Wot me non-adjustable errors? J4nd iww ufinlilt A: its given in the calibration card as instrument error by the manufacturer many ways to correct Index error? A: Horizon, star & sun Q: lmncite with building as the horizon A: ON Sub & OFF add. Q:put it back into the case carefully A: put the shades inn & clamp the arm at the mid arc & put it back 7) GENERAL SEAMENSHIP:

Q: ou are In ballast condition & pt. Orcferedyou to do arrangement for pilot boarding arrangement? (he wants to hear ffreebt1more use combination luldr) Q: Tlectronic LN4V aids on your last sp? A: RADAR with ARPA, VHF sets, GMDSS eqmpts, GPS, echo sounder (still he was not happy) then I said AIS. Q: 7?J4DJ4R, wot is the prcaittion & limitations

A: heading marker aligned with ships head, scanner aligned with the ships head, tuning, gain & sea clutters control. Limitations: sm boats, ce or partially submerged objects may not be detected. Q: J4IS, what info, which frequency, range anccclangers?

A: ships name. Call sign, port of regst. Last & nxt prt of call, Nay status, cargo, no. Of crew, position & range. Wrks on VHF frqcy. Limitations may be switched off in an event of piracy attaks, not updated & all ships donst carry AIS. Q: Restricted Visibility encountered take actions? (notes from John miller or bt)


B4 goin ahead remember that no surveyor gives k e in ROR, so dont take a chance be firm in rules from 5 to 19. And the best way identify the vessel and say "I will tk series of comp brgs and find if risk of colisn exist and wait him to tell you to take action if exis ans by quoting only the rule no. And the take action if you this he wont ask you to quote the whole rule. . - . I) FLAGS A,B.F,T.Z,G,H,Q & D (he rsked me only 3bt these were with him) SITUATIONS: Quote rule 7. Q) T.D. vslon S7BV bow & wot you expect the other vslto do A: say the first lines. Tke a series of brgs a per rule 15, 1 shrt blst alter Co to stbd. Other vsl maintain Co & spd Q: T.D. vslright aheacl& wot u expect the other vslto db? A: no need to say series of comp.brg.jus say as pei Rule 14,1 wil give lshrt blst alter Co to Stbd. Other vsl will do the same. Q: P.V. slonprt bow?

A: tk series of comp brg If not taking any action give 5 shrt rapid bist if still nt tkin any action I as per Rule 17 action by stnd on vsl alter to stbd & pass by stern. LIGHTS: JUST identil and dont say making or underway, and side seen from tk a series of brg determine risk of Colsn exist, and wait for him to ask you wot action. Q: S.V seen on fine port, I couldsee both her side lights & more then 20 mtrs A: as per Rule 18 (resp. Bten vsl) I shall give 2 shrt hist wide alteration to port which is apparent to the vsl. Q: S."V. Right ahead your action & wot J expect from the other vsl A: in accordance with rule 14, give I shrt bist alter Co to Stbd, other vsl also do the same. Q: CBV vsl onprt bow, A: series of comp brg as per rule 18 (resp btwn vsl) 1 shrt bist alter Co to stbd & pass by stern, he Asked me any other action? I said reduce speed or take all way off, Q: CBV vslp miles on port bow? A: I was confused I gave him the same answers as above still he was insisting on one more, finally I said 2 shrt bist and broad alteration to port apparent to her. He said right action and explained me went she is Far enough its better to go to port then to go round the stern. Q: seen from stern & action & expect ation from the other vsl? NUC vsl as seen astern (identify 2 poss/action /fog signal in case she is NUC) Small towing with yellow and white light as seen fm astern (only identify)

> Fishing vsl with gear more than l5Om 4 pts on port side (only action, when I said the action he then I have a shoal on my stbd sid what is yr action??) > Sailing vsl (identify / day signal / when can she be a PD vsl) > Pilot vsl on 2 pts on port side (action and fog signal) > Simple RAM vsl on stbd side(all topicsidentify/day sig/fog sig/action) Towing vsl 4 pts on port bow (action! What is the arc of visibility of white lights)

Vsls not to impede passage in a TSS. > What is the effect that wud take place in a narrow channel?? > Fog signal of a vessel at anchor..?? What does rule 9 say abt narrow channels? 13)Buoys-- What does IALA stand for?? Name 2 places where u have region B buoyage system? Safe water mark ( all identify/top mark/light colour and characteristic/action when seen right ahead) Port hand special mark (top mark only) West cardinal mark/south cardinal mark (light colour and characteristic) Preferred channel to port region A (identify/action when against buoyage) East cardinal mark (only action on steering 090) What is isolated danger mark? What is the top mark? Why balls on an isolated Danger? Lastly he said , Mr. Barretto , u have done quite well. . .1 dont see any signs or reasons that I should fail u ... Ii have passed . .Congraulations.Wish u a very happy and safe career ahead!! I would like to thank all my class tutors / friends whose names are mentioned below For their strong support and help in times that I really needed them. Lecturers Capt.John Finch, Mr.Johnathan Ward. Ch.mates -- Cheiston Pinto, Alex dsouza and Clive pinherio. 00W Azeem Juvale, Neilkanth Bhide, Prakash Shetty , Ranjit Manjunath,

Suraj , Shrinivasa Rao, Kittu and many many thanks to the 2 lovely ladies Mrs.Mittal Bhide and Reena Manjunath for making th happen!!!!! Wish u all a very good luck for yr future and exams ... And yes what ever u prepare for ur orals do not forget MGN69.Remember 1 fluency in yr answer can cut short and put u thru another question as in my case in most of the questions. Ii)BAROGRAPH: Q: wot it give.syou? J4: atmospheric pressure over aperiocc of time Q how you hnow that bacflvx is expected? A: by the falling pressure i.e. Barometric tendency over a period of 3hrs. Read MARINERS I-land BOOK about the TRS. Q: how to change the paper, precaution &purpose of Damping oit

A: Damping oil & Damping cap have the same purpose of restricting the instrument form responding to the sudden changes in press Q: some questions on synoptic charts as how tofindthe wind speedz2 nd where to expect bad whether. A: spacing between isobars & bad Wx in low presuie areas Iii) PAB: / Q: wot it gives? A: atmospheric pressure at give time Q: Ie 11 him how much is the pressure & can you apply this directly?

A: carefully check the press and tell him youre required to apply index error (from the calibration card) & height of eye corrections Iv) HYDROMETER: Q: what It is andy ii use It & wot you do with the data?

A: relative density of liquid. To calculate DWA, so hat the ship may be loaded to the appropriate load line. Q: which type of ships it is important to calculate dwjk? A: ships loading timber on deck & ships loading heavy cargo like iron ore. Y)1ASSONS HYGROMETER: Q: wot it is & wot it gives & how tofincit?

A: relative humidity & dew point also to check temp and know when to ventilate the cargo spaces when moving from warm ports to ports, Q: ,f both are equal level? A: 100% humidity and fog can be expected ormushn cloth may be dry. (Also remember to learn about care & maintenance of the entire instruments) (be prepared ith the chart abbreviations) 1 ,L ,o Q: What 2 things in this chart tel u cdi,it use the chart for navigation? A: not corrected upto date & the addition no. Q: where will youfintlthis info, how often publishetl& content of.N7M? A: weekly notices to mariners (wklv NTM) & cumuiative ntm, published weekly & twice a year, content of ntm all 6 points. Q: what are the green shadedareas, blue regions, blue contour lines & white areas? Q: tulalcliamonclwot info we get from i, how often Sp & N)J tides are caused?

A: tidal info at that place with respect to standard port, Sp: twice a month at F.moon & N.moon. Np: twice a month wen moon at 1 s 3rd quarter. (Tide rips, wrecks, tide streams) Q: where will you get the Info about the hght house & wot info dbes It gives it?

A: Admiralty list of light & fog signals, gives approx position, characteristics, pictorial view, also table to calculate geographical & ranges. Q: remember the 4LKS vols and basic content of it (6 vols).

Back To ****************************************************************************************


1) Have u seen this instrument on board??? Yes sir??? what is it and what is it used for ?? Sextant used for he then set the sextant to altitude nd cisked to read it.. it-was 56 22.2 on the-arc ... he then_also, asked all the errors on it ??? adjustable and non-adjustable e they are caused , methods to check it and also how to correct it... he then said that if I had an index error of 2.2 off the arc what wil Twill add it to the sext alt and get the corrected sext alt which is .... After u have corrected for index error and now ready to take yr what will check??? Sir, if side error has developed during this process.

2) U are a 3 mate and ur watch is from 8-12 , prior to yr watch is the chief officer who keeps his watch from 4-8 , how will u take o him??? 3) What do u know about ISM??

4) Next to the sextant , u see another instrument?? What is it?? What is it used for?? Sir, Hydrometer used for take a reading( he had filled with water) sir 1.016 ,what will u do with this reading, sir give it to the who then will calculate the DWA.What will he

it ??he said the FWA of yr ship is 10 cm, can u calculate it for me, yes sir 5) What preparations will u do to receive a pilot?? 6) What are the GMDSS daily and monthly test?? 7) How will u distinguish between a SART n EPIRB , w/out looking at it?? 8) What do u know about COSWP? 9) What does a flag state do? 10) Contents of Solas training manual 11) What do u know abt annex 6 of marpol?? Something peculiar recently??


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