Grades 1-3

Updated March 31, 2011

Lansdowne Public Library Scavenger Hunt
or How Much Do You Really Know About Your Library?
Names __________________________________________________________________

1. Politely introduce yourself to one of the librarians at the desk. What is their name?

What is the name of the library? Can you find something with the name printed on it?


Find a chapter book with an author whose last name begins with “C”. What is the title
of the book?


Find an Early Reader book on your grade level. Who is the author? (Hint, easy reader
call numbers start with J-R)


Does the Children’s area have books on CDs? Can you find a book on CD you would
like to check out? Write down the title.


What is the title of your favorite book? Who is the author?



What is your favorite magazine in the library?

Grades 1-3

Updated March 31, 2011

What magazine has an animal on the cover?


How many computers are there in the children’s department?


What is the name of the dog next to Miss Rachée’s desk?


What is hanging from the ceiling in the Family Room?


Find a picture book by an author whose name starts with “S”. Write down the author’s
last name.


Find 2 things besides books that you can check out of the library:



Find a book. It has a special sticker on its spine that tells us where the book lives on
the shelf. Do you know what this sticker is called?

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